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PC Games / Re: Children Of Cyrodiil [WIP]
« on: August 20, 2008, 05:27:24 pm »
Uh... hey great.

A lot of this seems to be stuff for DaMuncha... why don't you tell it to him instead of publicly trying to tan his hide? :-\
What you say is true, but I deemed it necessary since I would also like the mods to understand what's going on so the necessary administrative actions can be taken, and for the community to understand since mostly everyone who visits this thread regularly is probably going "WTF IS GOING ON" right now, especially when it comes to DaMuncha's role in the Children of Cyrodiil project.

Nevertheless, I'll trim the message down, add some new sections, and forward anything personal to DaMuncha himself.

My name is Takeru Yamamoto, and I am here on behalf of the Children of Cyrodiil project. I am here because I feel that justification is necessary for our presence, with hopes that everyone that has been following this thread may be able to understand the current state of affairs. As a representative of Esplin, the current project lead developer, and the rest of the team, I would like to address several issues that have risen.

But first, a little context to clear up some misconceptions.

The Children of Cyrodiil project is a large-scale modification for Oblivion, originally established by Koutetsu, who desired to include children in the world of Cyrodiil, starting initially with playable races, and later as fully integrated elements of the game world. He was later joined by Esplin (who authored Improved Child Races), Helvetti (who developed child-proportioned vanilla clothing), and DaMuncha (who created the first active in-game child NPC's). They all shared a similar vision and had dabbled much in the field of modding, specifically child-related mods. The project's vital status was constantly going on and off, since its origins were a thread in a relatively small and restrictive modding resource forum owned by other members of the Oblivion modding community. Its status as a fully operating project had not truly been clarified, due to some difficulties outside of our control that involved several members of the team and fanbase getting banned, including your fellow Gaming Steve community member DaMuncha, with whom development was planned to continue without, and the original project lead, Koutetsu.

Team Children of Cyrodiil is now officially established, and the newest release of Improved Child Races (Esplin's work, and the flagship mod that made this possible) has been merged into the CoC project. We are a team comprised of several members, and a mod of the same name now has a planned release, with several promised features included. The team members, Helvetti, Esplin, and I, in my own indirect way, are all contributing to the mod; only just a few minutes ago, Koutetsu (who was out of contact for a short but worrisome period of time) also very gracefully accepted our offer to officially become a part of the team once again. Children of Cyrodiil will be an official compilation of several mods, including Helvetti's fixed clothing meshes and, with hope, a few of Koutetsu's wonderful second- and soon to be first-party works. Its development will also be based in a completely new forum and site designed by me with the help of some of my friends, specifically with the Children of Cyrodiil project in mind.

This thread was not created with our consent. DeMuncha, with what appears to be only good intentions at heart, decided that due to the large-scale emigration from our original development headquarters, he would come here and create a thread to continue the project and name it Children of Cyrodiil, portraying it as the true representative and the new development headquarters of the CoC project, as if the entire team were behind it. It was posted without our knowing, and more importantly, it emphasizes his contribution to the project rather than the contributions by the rest of the team as a whole. To be more precise, the mod emphasized here is an extension based on Esplin's Improved Child Races, a related resource freely available to other modders, a resource that will soon be merged into the CoC project, making it obsolete.

We will have to request that either this thread be renamed more appropriately to better suit its true nature (suggestion: "Improved Child NPC's for Esplin's Improved Child Races 1.6 [WIP]"), or that it be locked and taken down entirely, for it is not representative of Team CoC's current activities or any related future plans. To be concise, it's what I can only describe as a renegade post.

We hope that we will be able to cooperate with the site administrators and moderators in dealing with this issue as smoothly and as soundly as possible, and apologize to all members of the Gaming Steve community for any misconceptions that may have come out of this situation.

UPDATE: I am unable to contact DaMuncha directly, due to board permissions restricting me from being able to access the My Messages section of the forum. Unfortunately, since this is quite a time-sensitive matter, I will have to post it once more, but I will take any precautions available to me so as to not disturb the rest of the community. All text past the first paragraph will be converted to a color that will be near-indistinguishable from the table background so as to remain private. Please be courteous and do not highlight the hidden text beyond this point if you are not DaMuncha, as the following is only addressed to him. Mods, I'd greatly appreciate it if the following text could be forwarded to DaMuncha and removed from this post.

- - - - - - - - - -


As the newly appointed web administrator and chief copy editor of the Children of Cyrodiil project, I would like to address you directly so you may be more up to date with the many events that have conspired since your initial departure. Also, as a representative of Esplin, the current project lead developer, and the rest of the team, I would also like to address some complaints that have risen.

Highlight the text below to continue reading.

I feel that while you may have had good intentions and wanted very much to keep the project alive, you went about it in an unnecessary way and chose the wrong path. Much of this entire thread here showcases mostly only your work on the mod, much of which is based on obsolete resources compared to the progress we've made so far. Due to your banning from our initial development base, you also fell out of sync with much of the progress that the newly revived and officially established Children of Cyrodiil team has made, as well as our plans for the future. For example, you might have missed the fact that I was now on the team until I stated so a paragraph earlier.

Let me state clearly that we are not against you having posted this thread. Our problem is that you have chosen to name this thread Children of Cyrodiil, portraying it as the true representative of the CoC project, as if the entire team were behind this. You posted without our permission, and more importantly, you implied that it was based on CoC, which is NOT a modder's resource and hasn't even been released. To be more precise, your mod is officially based on ICR, but soon ICR will be obsolete since it will be updated and merged with Helvetti's work for CoC. If you had named this thread Improved Child NPC's, which is its true nature, everything would be fine.

We were never informed of this thread's creation until far too late after it had been established, and after much progress had been made on our side. You effectively hijacked the mod and attempted to steer it in a direction that none of the team was aware of or had even agreed to. You still did it without the consent of the rest of the team, regardless of whether you credited us or not. We cannot be considered a team if our team members are to go renegade and do things of their own volition.

What also bothers us is the way you present yourself as well as the project. Your chosen method of dialog, your general conjecture, and the attitude you assume is, for lack of a better explanation, rather aggressive and hostile at times. It becomes increasingly difficult to communicate with you the further a conversation gets. Case in point: much of the response to this thread has generally been negative. Your responses to those responses also didn't help things much.

Your mind is also closed to outside influence. You stated yourself that you did not feel there was any CoC team to begin with, which is what eventually led to Esplin and Helvetti continuing development without you. As stated before, there was very little wiggle room when it came to your contribution to the mod. Your lack of flexibility during the creation of ICNPC made it impossible for the team to develop the project in tandem with yours. That was enough for them to say, "okay, we'll just work on it ourselves and maintain the status quo." The team is already working on adding NPC's into the mod, doing so in tune with their original vision.

However, we as a team do not have any personal feelings against you. If our differences can be settled, and if you wish to rejoin as an official developing member of the team, one who is flexible, open-minded, and ready to cooperate with everyone as a creative powerhouse dedicated towards the creation of a wonderful mod, you are more than welcome to join us at our new home once it has been established. 

Here's to hoping we can look forward to working together in the future.

Best regards,
Takeru Yamamoto and the rest of Team Children of Cyrodiil.

- - - - - - - - - -

PC Games / Re: Children Of Cyrodiil [WIP]
« on: August 20, 2008, 04:37:59 pm »
(This is the location of the original message to the community and to DaMuncha. It has been removed by me, the author, and replaced with a much shorter and much more impersonal message further below, aimed at regular visitors to this thread. Its purpose is to hopefully resolve any possible confusion there may have been concerning the ownership and current status of the Children of Cyrodiil project.)

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