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PC Games / Re: Heroes of Newerth (Now FREE!)
« on: July 29, 2011, 09:20:13 am »
Yep, I'm not concerned about the other stuff, new players play their own games anyway and we have our own leagues, but Early Access is retarded. Heck I had to pay for Monkey King >.>

PC Games / Re: Heroes of Newerth (Now FREE!)
« on: July 29, 2011, 07:03:46 am »
Ok, this came as a shocker to me, but I thought I'd inform you all, HoN has gone free to play. Now I guess you have another reason to at least try it :|

PC Games / Re: Heroes of Newerth (on sale)
« on: July 28, 2011, 07:41:05 am », causal gamers would not enjoy LoL, dota or anything even close to it, peggle is a casual game, kirby's epic yarn is a casual game. A casual gamer is not going to enjoy a game that takes hours of practice and intense competition where they will get crushed 10 times before standing a chance. Competitive games and casual gamers do not mix.

Untrue. I have at least a dozen friends who aren't hardcore gamers, yet they still play LoL. They play in newbie leagues to be sure, but they still play without getting serious.

By grinding you mean..playing? so what else were you going to do? stare at the menu screen? Fact is you can unlock every hero by simply PLAYING THE GAME, the fact that I can enjoy everything the game has to offer except optional aesthetic skins for free is a very good positive, not a negative.

A single champ takes, what, 20 games to earn? Lets say you get 200 IP per win (not usual), lets say you win every single game (not usual); champs cost usually between 3150 to 6300. To get every champ you'll need about 1600 wins (greatly underestimated of course, could easily be double that). Dunno about you but I don't exactly have the patience to mindlessly play a thousand games to get all the champs I want. I can't imagine playing HoN with only a few of my preferred heroes available every game.

Killing your own soldiers to deny gold from the enemy has got to be the stupidest thing I have ever seen in a game that try's to take itself seriously. Not to mention one of the rules of Game Design is to make sure that your players are able to understand the game, and pick it up quickly.

Having game design mechanics that don't make sense ("What? I'm supposed to kill my own guys? I thought I was supposed to kill my enemies!") is counter-intuitive to the aforementioned game design rule.

Regardless of whether it is "unintuitive" or not (that's not even the main argument Riot has against denying), it's still a good game mechanic that gives players greater control over the game's economy and adds greater depth and strategy. "Killing your own troops" sounds bad, how about "destroying your resources before the enemy can get them"? In the old days nations often burned down buildings with their resources or set fire to farmland because the enemy was going to take over them and use them for themselves. It's the same deal here. And it's not like there aren't other unintuitive things in the game. I mean, hiding in a patch of grass makes you invisible? Killing neutral monsters somehow gets you gold?

Gold loss on death =very swingy games that are decided within minutes of playing. I'm sorry but I would like to not spend forty minutes twiddling my thumbs because I got killed once or twice, how are new people supposed to get in to the game? learn to enjoy losing?

It also means people can die with far more impunity. In HoN feeding is greatly frowned upon. In LoL it's not a good thing but it's far less detrimental, especially for carry heroes, because they can just bounce right back. Essentially you're making the game safer i.e. more casual and less skill-intensive.

You then go on to say that the champions are unoriginal (75 and counting) as opposed to..HoNs reskinned DOTA champs? right (You said this yourself in the opening post)

I never said unoriginal, and if I implied that then that was my mistake. I simply meant the champions were boring and poorly designed compared to DotA heroes and S2's own original heroes. I mean, take for example the Monkey Kings. Coincidentally both HoN and LoL are releasing a Monkey King hero at the same time. I won't bother going into the details, but basically as it stands HoN's Monkey King is a much better designed hero than LoL's. Even hardcore LoL fanboys have admitted this. I'll leave the two spotlights here for you to judge yourself.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Anyways, I'm done arguing. Neither of us is going to convince the other either way, it's a rule between HoN and LoL players. However, suggesting that Riot has, in 2 years, made a "far superior game" than Icefrog and Guinsoo have over 8 years is not only laughable but also ignorant. And yes I'm talking about DotA, because HoN and Dota's core gameplay is basically identical.

By level 30 you usually will have enough to get 6-8 champions, which is all you really need for ranked.

Anyone can carry? Not really, maybe in low games but higher level when people know how to itemize, that LeBlance aint carrying anything.

I prefer our jungle and buff system actually.

I respectfully disagree and fully believe that LoL is a more fun game, perhaps not as technical but it is more fun.

I will disagree that LoL is more fun, but I respect your opinion as you are a reasonable person :)

PC Games / Re: Heroes of Newerth (on sale)
« on: July 27, 2011, 07:26:59 pm »
Well I've played a fair bit of LoL, and I rarely see enough action. Most of the time players are too afraid to try and get kills because of the strength of turrets. Early game is mostly just zoning and getting creep kills. In HoN (at least on my level) I see more roaming, ganking. Plus the jungling, pulling mechanics make laning much more interesting. I also dislike the lack of proper roles in LoL. Pretty much everyone can carry, what with the AP stat introduced. There's no real warding or supporting. Dunno, maybe in higher level LoL games things get more interesting, but I rarely see much variety other than far too frequent teamfights, which results in easy pushed of a tower or more. Not having every hero available also means you can't even draft properly. I guess these aren't real problems for newbies, but as an experienced MOBA player I find it rather frustrating. 

Also, runes definitely make a significant different. I have friends who are both level 30, going into ranked matches, and newbies, they are of comparable skill, and yet the level 30 is constantly outdoing the newbie, in jungling, ganks, etc. A 9% decrease or w/e in respawn timing might not be much, but when you combine the effects of all the runes and masteries, it's pretty hefty >.>

PC Games / Re: Heroes of Newerth (on sale)
« on: July 27, 2011, 06:36:30 pm »
League of Legends is definitely not the superior game. It's a devolved version of DotA that appeals to casual gamers. It also requires a ton of grinding to get every hero (unless you pay exorbitant amounts of cash) as well as proper runes.

Anyone who's played DotA knows that LoL's gameplay is far less intricate. No denying, no gold loss on death, increased tower strength make the early laning phase incredibly boring. The champions in LoL are also rather uncreative and bland, most of them having a stun or a snare and some gimmicky skill. The focus on proper runes/masteries greatly detracts from the value of actual skill of a player.

I'm not saying it's a bad game. It definitely has some things done right. But if you're looking for a game that's closer to the original DotA then HoN is right up your alley.

PC Games / Heroes of Newerth (Now FREE!)
« on: July 27, 2011, 01:54:11 pm »

HoN is a DotA clone (literally a clone, half the hero pool is the same, same maps and items etc.), but with improved graphics and UI and all that good stuff. New heroes are added constantly (right now the rate is about one every two weeks), and the company communicates very effectively with the community. It has a rather large competitive following, as well. There are about 40,000 players online at a single time, so joining games doesn't take too long. I recommend trying it out (I mean, $10, it's a steal). I've personally played this since beta, approaching two years now, and I've had a LOT of fun. I pre ordered it for $30, half the price of a regular game, and have spent almost a thousand hours playing it.

For those new to the MOBA genre, the game basically revolves around a player choosing a "hero" character and teaming up with 4 other players to fight an enemy team of 5 players. The game takes place on a certain map. The goal of the game is to slowly push your way into the enemy's base and destroy their buildings, finally destroying their "Shrine".

The game plays like an RTS except you only control 1 character (some heroes can summon pets or w/e). Heroes level up by killing NPC soldiers that spawn regularly from a team's base and travel to the enemy's base. Heroes also gain gold, which can be used to buy items to strengthen their hero. Eventually heroes fight against each other, attempting to kill the enemy hero. A kill results in experience and gold for the killer, and any teammates who assisted him. A dead hero respawns after a while, a higher level hero taking longer than a lower level hero.

The main idea is that players level up their hero and get items and then try and push into the enemy's base. Each hero has 4 unique skills that they use. As of now there are around 80 heroes in the game. Games last about half an hour to an hour. Each game is like a match in an RTS i.e. the levelling up and gaining gold is temporary; each hero starts at level 1 at the start of each game. The only long term effect of a game comes with stats; HoN offers excellent stat tracking, and kills, deaths, assists, gold gained etc. are all recorded. Additionally, there is a ranking system where each player gains points with a win or loses points with a loss, and this contributes to their total rating.

Be warned though that the game has a very large learning curve (the MOBA genre is often said to be the hardest type of mainstream video game to learn), and due to the competitive nature of the game the community can sometimes be harsh, but it is well worth the effort in the end.

If you're a DotA player, or a fan of the MOBA genre, definitely give this game a try.

I've included some screenshots as well.

Movies / Re: James Cameron's Avatar
« on: December 15, 2009, 05:10:53 pm »
Well, it's out this week. Should also mention it seems to be doing well with the critics, 89 on Metacritic, 85 on RT(89 top critics)

Movies / Re: Moon
« on: December 15, 2009, 04:14:29 pm »
Great movie, especially like the music.

PC Games / Re: Torchlight
« on: October 31, 2009, 05:43:44 am »
Damn double post....the download is really messing with my internet  ;D

PC Games / Re: Torchlight
« on: October 31, 2009, 05:41:47 am »
Heard good things about this......demo download 30% complete......

Spore: General / Re: installing the game today!
« on: October 28, 2009, 05:27:27 am »
Dunno if you have the Galactic Adventures expansion pack too.

PC Games / Re: League Of Legends.
« on: October 28, 2009, 05:24:22 am »
As an avid spore player I have to say I have nothing against cartoony graphics, but LoL is just plain ugly to me......

PC Games / Re: Scratch Game Creator
« on: October 28, 2009, 05:21:54 am »
Ha, I remember this. I was gonna try it but the quality of the user creations made me think you couldn't do much :/ But I'll try to get another look....

PC Games / Re: League Of Legends.
« on: October 19, 2009, 03:24:16 pm »
I don't know about that, Preseason starts the 27th, Its quite a competitive game. Its just easy to learn.

Now saying the graphics are bad, Cartoony yes but nowhere near bad, I actually can run HoN max but i am forced to run LoL on medium. Actually..i believe a separate artist DID design the heroes.

Anyway a new patch is rolling out today, Its going tow wipe everybody and make the game closer to what the final product will be. You will have to earn in game money to buy runes and champions and such now, They are also adding two more heroes today.

Once its ready ill probably be on later today.

Eh, I just don't like it :p By less competitive, I meant the game isn't as, well, deep. Granted, that is an advantage since it makes it easier for people to get into, but I don't see it being played on the same professional level as HoN.

As for running the game, that's another thing. LoL is much more computer intensive than HoN but looks nowhere near as good......I even have trouble running it even though I can run plenty of other high end games(Demigod, Bioshock, Prototype, Fallout 3) on max settings with zero problems.

Just compare:




PC Games / Re: League Of Legends.
« on: October 15, 2009, 05:19:05 am »
Eh, I'm not that big of a fan of LoL. It seems geared more to younger/casual gamers and thus is less competitive. I'm not a graphics whore but the graphics in
LoL.....are really bad. I know it's free, but still. The art style, too, is pretty inconsistent, as if a separate artist drew each hero themselves.

That said, it can still be fun and unlike HoN/DotA is very easy to get into. And it's FREE

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