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so I guess this is no 100% solution, it worked for me and that other user (and i assume for some others too). There must be a factor in the equasion that makes it not work.

if you have an EA account, it seems to have several internal switches for games, and you can login the main site with that account.

BTW, can't you also reset your password? Sometimes these things don't work,

You know: I've even seen sometimes that I get a completely different email adress pre-filled in the email field :) (something I couldn't come up with).. You can sometimes get annoying and unexplainable login failers from the EA site, while it will work again in a few hours if you leave the site allone.

I tried to get the Spore login to have my resend my password, but that failed as well. It's weird. When I enter spore, I am seemingly logged in under my real name (don't ask me). Then it wants to log me in under my account name, which fails. I order to log out of my real name account, I have to first log in to the malfunctioning one.....

Funny update: In a hopeless attempt to make anything at all work, I tried logging on the Belgian Spore site (which is my actual nationality, though I have a profound hatred against translations, since I prefer my games in English). Funnily, that site somehow does not have the option to resend a validation mail...

I registered on this forum, because it was seemingly the only page about the problem that Google could provide me with and I was hoping to find an answer in cooperation with other people. The problem for me is getting more than troublesome.

I first registered this tuesday through the Creature Creator trial. The validation mail did not come for over a day, but I decided to give it some more time. Meanwhile, I was excited enough to overcome my skittishness to download software from a big company like EA. After going through a confusing plethora of registering screens, I finally managed to get the game downloaded and somewhere along the way, I apparently also managed to get myself an EA account along the way. (Hooray, I suppose.)

Until this day, I have received no e-mail. I have clicked the 'resend validation button' a couple of times every day. After reading this topic, I followed the link to EA and asked to have it resend from there, again to no avail. Meanwhile, I can no longer login to this account (I used to be able!?) I worked on a creature for over an hour yesterday, only to somehow find it deleted when I couldn't log in anymore.

All in all, I am very confused and growing increasingly more frustrating. The Creature Creator's intuitive gameplay makes for a shrill contrast with an obtuse and malfunctioning account system. It is as if I have paid EA money and then given them my name, birthdate, birthplace, social security number, criminal record and shoe size only to be kicked in the shins by a faceless corporation that can not keep its records straight.

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