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I don't like to talk about cracks, but its sad that these things are tempting me...

I personally think there is only one or two copy protection that works. Just use or mmo systems. CD Key or User account would work very well, rather than doing this. Everyone who want to crack it to play offline or outside the main server will get the cracked version anyway. Because, as we know, every games or software that are worth cracking will get cracked.

I wonder. If it's any other game, and not spore, I wouldn't even bother asking this and just not buy it. I really hate companies that seem to be fighting  their customers from my view point. ^^

You all seem nice in this forum. I'm actually a game and simulation programming student, and my dream is in the simulation field. I'm working hard so that some day I'll be the one making A game like Spore. ^^

That's interesting. So I guess the limit might be that if I upgrade my computer twice or more times, I won't be able to play with the same disc anymore. Although by that time, spore might be so cheap that it will only cost $10 to buy a new copy.


That's interesting. I'll still keep the character creator order and decide if I want to buy the game or not.

I just feel that the company is purposefully being unpleasant toward the customer. It'll get cracked anyway for at least offline play, so I feel that the company is purposefully trying to hurt the real customers.

I already pre-ordered the character creator, and going to buy the full game too later.... But That "# You'll still be able to install and play on multiple computers." might still mean that I can only install it several times, and I'm really against that. When I buy a game, I feel that I am buying the game. Right now I feel like the company is holding a very hot metal prong, waiting to stab me as soon as I reformat my computer or change my hardware several times. It's completely against my principles to buy it if that's the case. I might as well not buy it and make my own simulation game some day. Can anyone clarify if the 'limited install' still in effect?

Please do tell me if someone know about it, I want to cancel my character creator preorder if that is the case. Thanks a lot! ^^

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