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So theres this contest going on in Canada ran by Ciniplex, where you have to make a short video involing thier "Card."

We shot three. This is one of them. What does GS think? Do you get it? Is there anything glaringly wrong that I missed in editing? If there is I would love to catch it before uploading it.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Ok so production of the next chapter segment has gone slowly. This is largely due to the size in terms of demands that this next few pictures require. I'm not the final stages of character overlaying and hope to be done by the early morning. So far my dream of the fastest running RP story on GS is not going well. So I at least hope this will be the fastest running quality RP story on GS. From now on I will hope to post the decisions of the posts everyday by the end of the day. This is a deadline I believe I can follow.

But anyhoo... as for now I will simply post the map and layout of the city of Falador. As well as the current situation as Frollen knows it.

Second part will be up soon.

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Re: affliction
« on: July 28, 2009, 12:12:00 pm »
I demand pictures (even crappy MS paint ones) to show the transformation thus far. Also you should try and communicate with the humans and show them you mean no harm. Try and show them that you are intelligent.

On a whim Frollen took off and left the temporary safety the shelter and took off across the courtyard to the place he knew he could find something at least somewhat effective against the goblin mass. He ran as fast has he could without damaging his torso any more than it was. He ran swiftly to the wooden lumber pile along the sides of the high walls. There he hoped he could find something sturdy enough to fashion as a club until he found a more suitable weapon.

Sprinting across the court in the crisp night air he began to remember the events that had taken place before. He remembered that he was ordered to go with the mining caravan and escort them to the dangerous mountain side. There they could get to work on carving out more stone slabs to be used for construction or repairing of the great walls.

It was nearing late evening when they were walking past the edge of Forest Darkwind. It was there, on route home, that they were ambushed by a pack of goblins that had been waiting for them on the forest edge.

Although well trained and with other soldiers, one of whom being a good friend, Frollen and the other defenders were overpowered.

Stabbed once in the side with a goblin dagger, Frollen was ran back to the castle on the shoulder of his friend Raggen. Once at the castle Frollen can remember no more. He must have been brought to the room of healing before the attack began.

Frollen arrived at the wood cart and looked over all the wooden shapes.

His look for a usable piece was interrupted as he heard the shrieks of two goblins sprinting across the filed running at him swords up high.

He turn back and franticly began to look again. The goblins were at full speed and were only moments away. He yearned to find something  to use, anything he could pick up with two hands. The first goblin ran up to Frollen and poised his sickly smelted sword to strike. The goblin threw himself at Frollen.

It was  then that Frollen grabbed a hold of a long wooden pole and drew it out with immense force. In the same moment he spun around with pole in hand and used the momentum to drive the wood hard into the goblins face.

His body became limp mid lunge and collapsed on the floor behind Frollen, its blade just a meter in front of the exhausted dwarf.

The second goblin is just a moment away, long sword raised over its head. In an instant, Frollen lunges forward, and picks up the fallen goblins sword.

In a single motion, Frollen rises back up and drives the sickly blade into the charging goblins chest. Its once lethal swing becomes a weak suggestion, and its attack harmlessly hits up against the dwarfs body.

Frollen throws off the slay goblin and gathers himself.

He picks up the heavy iron sword and says aloud “This will do well for now…”

Frollen looks around the area. He sees that the main gates are open and that goblins are still pouring through at a steady rate. He looks over at the city which is still burning. "I hope the other half of the city isn't as bad," he voices. The main fighting seems to be happening at the entrance to the kings keep. a large number of heavily armored soldiers appear to be preventing the goblins from entering. His hearts beating fast as he wonders where the most useful place to apply his aid to would be. "There also may be other places that need me that I cant even see from here," he worries to himself.

So what happens next GS?
(The part where I explained what he sees isn't supposed to tell you what your options are. That was more meant to tell you what the situation is. At least from what Frollen can see.)

Ok, so this is my first RP Storytelling game. This game will run as realistically as possible. even the crazy suggestions will be treated fairly and realistically in the game world. This is a choose your own adventure game done right! This is due to the fact that the entire world has already being richly created in the mind and writings done by myself. Every part of this world is not made up as the game progresses. everything in this games world is already there and waiting to be interacted with. Its a game where you get to make up the paths you choose.

The first 3 (maybe 6, depending on the audience size) suggestions will be chosen by a roll of the dice. The chosen action will happen and will be played out in the next post.  I envision this game being an epic that spans some time and having an epic climax. So ill start off the story and everyone try to maintain the realm of realism and have fun.

(It will help if you imagine an old Englishman, sitting in a red leather chair smoking a pipe, reading the text.)

Frollen had woken up violently into a crisis.

Blurry eyed and head spinning, he tried to remember the events that took place that had landed him into a bed in the healing rooms of the castle.

As he wearily slid to the edge of the bed the screaming that had been going on ever since his awakening had finally registered with his mind.

“A goblin raid!” he exclaimed to himself. Next that he became aware of was the large gashing wound across his side.

The moment his eyes received the image of his injury, his body quickly replied with a dull throbbing pain that he would  now have to endure. He carefully got to his feet and staggered to the side of the doorway, leaning on it as a support.

He peered out past the door opening and looked out at the chaos that had found a way into the kingdoms city.

There were so many homes burning that it lit up the low lying clouds above the city with a hellish deep orange.

“I should  get out there and help,” he thought to himself. Frollen twisted around so that his body was facing back into the room, his frame still leaning heavily on the wall. Scanning the room, he found nothing he concluded that could reasonably be use to combat the goblins.

Turning into himself, he thought aloud to “ I need a weapon, of any kind… where is my axe?”

What happens next GS?

Post soon and Ill reply soon. (This is going to be the fastes running RP Story ever.)

Forum Games / Re: So last I heard...
« on: June 29, 2009, 01:35:17 pm »
Yes, and the guards were courteous enough to not attack me all at the same time, but instead took turns.

So last I heard you were a theoretical physics graduate that had an a aptitude for firearms and a detest for inter dimensional space beings...

Forum Games / So last I heard...
« on: June 25, 2009, 08:06:24 am »
This is a fun game I sometimes play with a friend in my social class. You make a statement as if you were meeting someone you haven't seen for a while and in that statement give clues as to who they are. The person responds by saying "I'm not [person you claim they are]."

So last I heard you were a immigrant plumber that had recently been involved in an incident involving an obnoxious green dinosaur, a fruit named princess and the consumption of a variety of fungal growth...

(Next person)
No I'm not Mario.
No I don't like to ride awkwardly cute mini dinosaurs and have a uncomfortably enthusiastic outlook on cosplay...

And then they continue onwards with a new statement.

Ill start it off:
So last I heard you were invited to an extremely private school, at the age of 10, that completely disregards the normal school curriculum of the 4 core subjects and instead focuses on obscure practices that involve waving a small stick through the air and has an odd school sport involving brooms, hoops and a large variety of different sized balls...

Forum Games / Re: Type your Username with your elbows!
« on: June 25, 2009, 07:41:17 am »

Art / Re: New comic? (Internet culture reference)
« on: April 03, 2009, 01:48:55 pm »
Thanks for the constructive feedback. And this wont be a "internet culture" Comic at all! This particular reference is only used as a device plot to get Sgt. Vanzin into a special army unit for later on in the story.

Art / New comic? (Internet culture reference)
« on: April 02, 2009, 11:47:44 pm »
Heres a very rough first draft of the new comic Mae and I are working on.

Its of course not all pretty yet (we have an artist for that) but besides that, what do you guys think?

Were having are first real meeting to get it the ball rolling today.

Art / Re: Doodle Your Post!
« on: March 05, 2009, 03:42:31 am »

Everything Else / Re: News for your Blues
« on: February 26, 2009, 10:26:41 pm »
I see.

It's big news up here so I just assumed it was a Canadian story.

Forum Games / Re: Corrupt a wish
« on: February 26, 2009, 10:24:49 pm »
Wish Granted, unfortunately there are newer ones being created every other day and you will never be able to catch em all. EVER.

I wish I had a kool magic green hat was incredibly racist and growled at minorities as they walked by.

Everything Else / Re: News for your Blues
« on: February 26, 2009, 10:14:36 pm »
(Sorry if I'm jumping the gun on a new news story or something, but here goes.)

So up here in Canada there's a woman who has gotten herself artificially impregnated and birthed 14 kids so far. Shes unemployed and living on welfare... She claims shes doing this because shes always wanted a big family. Also shes a single mother... And recently shes been offered a deal for a million dollars to make a Porno.

Forum Games / Re: The Avatar Above Me
« on: February 26, 2009, 07:46:43 pm »

I'm all for Andrew Ryan, but if it wasn't for your user name I wouldn't have know it was him :(

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