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Spore: General / Re: The Release Date Thread *Official date - Sept 7, 2008*
« on: February 12, 2008, 03:08:06 pm »
Who HOO!
A sign from above. Spore is real :D

Thanks guys ;D
I'm glad you like it because i'v seen signs of slight predjudice toward island states  ;D ::)

Ok thanks ;D
i don't mind where on the map you put it, but since theyr'e tropical islands, i recomend relativly on the equator. And these islands don't have to be isolates, so they can be close to the continent.
The Kallikum Archipelago

(More info to come)
The Kallikum Archipelago is a group of islands that have been recently united into one kingdom by the Kallak people(situated on the Romayas island). These tropical islands are primarly distinguised by their remarkable biodiversity. There are uncounted numbers of species of birds, mammles, reptiles and marinelife that inhabit them. The most destinguished of these is the Pontaj-kin. The Pontaj-Kin species is the cousin of our Orangutan. They share much in common, except that the Pontaj-Kin's orange hair is much more dark in color, typically weighs up to 350 lb., and survives on a diet made up on almost exclusivly meat. The Kallak people revere this animal, and depict it on their national seal (soon to come). Pontaj-Kin are associated with the power, elegance, and danger of the jungle. This is because of their unique stalking technique of silently swinging through the trees to ambush their prey. Prey, that has all-to-often included lone human hunters.

The Kallikum Archipelago was originally a collection of several hundred small waring tribes. Thes Tribes where diverse, and maintain their uniqness to this day. Their ethnicity is what we would consider to be that of Central Africa. But one tribe, the Kallak trbe, located on Romayas began agresivly conquring and asimilating their neiboring tribes. After several centuries, Romayas was theirs, and thus marked the begining of the Kallak civilization.

Hey guy's. i know i'm a newb, but could i participate?
I'd like to reserve a plot that,s 500x660. (sorry if it's not even) :-\

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