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Podcasts / Re: Episode 66 - Another Podcast!
« on: January 25, 2008, 04:42:41 pm »
Got to take issue with what was said about the OrangeBox GS.  I think using NPD numbers when talking about PC games is not giving the whole picture.   NPD numbers do not count online sales, corrrect?  Orangebox was a game that was pushed by Valve for online purchase.  Yes some did go old school and get the real box version from the store but I would say a lot more used steam to purchase it.  Just a guess on my part but even though I had issues with buying download games online at one time, I am doing it now quite a bit.  Why I am posting this now, well NPD released new numbers and people once again are talking about gaming companies switching to consoles.  As a PC only person I find companies like NPD dangerous to my hobby/fun.  They are not a good source for getting numbers on PC gaming.  They have PC sales at around 900 million.  I would bet that it is a lot higher then that.  If you include WoW subscriptions alone, because it is a PC game and you are paying for it, then that would add about 2 billion.  I know that Steam is pretty private about their numbers but from the amount of games that I and my friends have bought off of it, not to mention all the companies switching to it or developing a similar model, I would have to say that it is doing better then just OK. 

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