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Podcasts / Re: What program do you use to download the podcast?
« on: December 11, 2007, 03:47:58 am »
In case you were still looking for data on this, and in case anyone else hasn't mentioned it (I didn't read all the pages), I use Mozilla Thunderbird for all my RSS and email needs (though it doesn't do Flash, which is kind of annoying). It's a great thing to open up your email program and discover that your only new emails are spam, but oh look! There is a new Gaming Steve article on the RSS feed, or a new White Ninja or XKCD comic to possibly titter over.

My scroll wheel gets a good workout in Thunderbird, I <3 RSS - thanks Steve for making your feed links so obvious and accessible, and in many different formats. Syndication is great, and it's the only way I will ever visit a site again... I don't manually surf to sites, or use Bookmarks religiously... in fact, I detest when I find a great webcomic that doesn't have an RSS feed, because it means, practically, that I will never see it again.

Oh, and as far as what I play it on, I use my Creative Zen Vision:M. I love the bookmarks feature for those long podcasts you can't listen to in just one sitting (or one train ride, etc).

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