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Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / Re: A Voice in the Void...
« on: March 23, 2007, 11:11:03 am »
On Triumph

"Our best estimates give it anywhere from 5 to 50 years from now," said Fur'Nack'Thrown. "We believe it to be in our best interests to try to stop them before it completely breaks free from the dialation field."

High General Hi'Tick'Call nodded. "Yes, shortly before they were to break free I was going to lead several fleets into the field to try to combat them and push them back... But at this moment we do not have many time dialation devices to counteract the effect of the planet's field."

Fur'Nack'Thrown whispered to Axon, "I am surprised the General is so willing to help you... I would take this opportunity to get as many of his soldiers or equipment as possible for this mission. I am not a soldier, but I am still willing to go in with you, so at the very least you have me at your side."

High General Hi'Tick'Call looked at the two blankly. "We can continue planning here or move on over to the Jang Vector Highship you'll be naming soon. I can have the personell teleported over there. The weapons are ready for incursion, it just needs its crew. I am sure such a fine Wexxian like yourself can give it a name that will not embarrass my troops. It's unlucky to leave without a name..."

Some of the irritation of the General escaped in his last few sentences...

OOC: Triumph's location is only known to the Jang at this moment and is hidden in Unreal space. You could head to Refuge with your concerns, I think this time they will spring into action with a second confirmation that the Catalyst is out.

Forum Games / Re: Name game
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Storytelling and Roleplaying / Re: Gamingsteve Productions
« on: March 23, 2007, 11:00:53 am »
Ah well, if you decide you can add me just base it vaguely on my avatar  :P If not I'll read the thread anyway

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Storytelling and Roleplaying / Re: Gamingsteve Productions
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Dibs on bumbling side-kick for buddy films and comedies  :P

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Forum Games / Re: Name game
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Forum Games / Re: What do you think?
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Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / Re: A Voice in the Void...
« on: March 23, 2007, 10:46:24 am »
On Triumph

There was a thunderous murmur from the crowd, but the representative stayed forward and nodded. "Then we will accept your help in this matter. We only hope that this attempt is not in vain, both for your sake and the rest of our people's."

The room went dark, then was white once more. Fur'Nack'Thrown looked at him in relief.

"That turned out much better than I had ever hoped. It seemed there were more people thinking as I did then I realized, they must have been waiting for someone to speak out," said Fur'Nack'Thrown as he led Axon to the teleporter. "Now we will begin our preparations in earnest..."

They went through the teleporter and were suddenly in a large control room. High General Hi'Tick'Call was standing before them and shot Axon a quick salute. Behind him were dozens of Jang working on different consoles. Babblish was being spoken throughout the room at a rapid pace as each Jang worked quickly at each job.

"Welcome gentlemen. Due to your success at the Debate I have been assigned as your laison officer for your operation. I have been instructed to give you the materials necessary for your operation against the Catalyst. This applies to men, technology, weapons, and transportation. Lord Axon, we are up to date with the latest Wexxian weapons specs, along with most other major alien civilizations. We also have a variety of other weaponry, both infantry based and ship based that has been designed with Catalyst as a target."

He stepped back and a hologram appeared between them. It depicted a long blade-like vessel studded with weapons blisters and other protrustions. "This is to be the operation's command vessel, it is a Jang Vector Highship. It is slightly longer than the usual model at 750 miles, with the ability to seperate into a dozen smaller and more agile vessels if the situation calls for it. It is equipped with a time dialation device that will counteract the time dialation field within the Catalyst infected area. It hasn't been commissioned yet, but the Community feels fit to put it into your hands. I have also been instructed that it is up to you to come up with a designation for it."

He bowed before Axon and then stood back up. "I will obey your commands in this operation despite my feelings. I will do them to the letter. I just hope you utilize my information and my own ideas within this operation. Now Lord Axon, what is it do you think you will need for this? We have a small amount of time dialation units for infantry and for several other vessels if necessary. What is your wish?"

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Forum Games / Re: Name game
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Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / Re: A Voice in the Void...
« on: March 23, 2007, 10:08:32 am »
On the scout ship

Catalyst finished its work of assimilating the K'jal ship into the scout ship. Since it had encountered the neural device it had decided to forgo controlling and absorbing the alien systems, instead it broke them down and converted them into raw materials as it made its own complex circuitry. Once the new ship was finished, now in the shape of a jagged blade covered in rippling energy, one of the new ports in the side of the vessel opened.

Two tiny shards of metal, each a foot in diameter shot out and made a microjump in hyperspace. Each one started to emit distress signals, one posing as the K'jal vessel, the other as the Rak'tol vessel. Both played the sounds of the crew screaming in pain, asking for help...

The Catalyst vessel then tore a hole in real space and sped through it having found a new destination: the new capital of this new Alliance. It was content with going after a new target while the original kidnapped ship grew on the remnants of that ruined star system...

On Triumph

It was hushed for a moment in the Debate while the Community listened to Axon's short speech. Then through some unspoken conscencus, a Jang stepped forward and spoke out to him.

"We know much of your history Axon, as we know much of you Wexxians. Thousands of years ago our species came into contact with your precursors: the mining robots of an asteroid field. We even have several of these models in storage from that time, it was the time after the Catalyst and any artificial technology was considered potentially dangerous. It was said at that time that they were too primitive to progress. Then much later when you Wexxians came about several of us thought our ancestors made the wrong decision about leaving those robots alone. It was our policy of non-interference that stopped our extremists from trying to wipe out your race in its infacy... I am happy to say I believe that this was the correct decision."

There was a pause while voices rang out, but eventually the Jang continued. "We know of your drive to protect life and many other than Fur'Nack'Thrown have said you could be saviors to many because of that. But we also are not in the habit of letting sentients rush to their deaths. We do not want others hurt when we might need to be the only ones destroyed by the menace. On the whole we would rather die out than let other innocent species."

There was another pause as the Community chimed in and agreed with that sentiment. "That being said we shall show you our enemy, the Catalyst, and let you make the final decision whether you want to face this monster. If you agree then we will assist you..."

Suddenly the Community was replaced by holographic videos of the Catalyst. The videos went on for hours showing the Catalyst ships rip through the Jang navy, destroy entire worlds, and engulf others. It showed the drones of Catalyst torturing Jang and other aliens, flaying the skin from their bodies while making them scream out. It showed them inserting pieces of themselves into the innocent and turning them into killing machines before the eyes of their families before ultimately killing them as well. It showed the Catalyst laughing all the while, adapting quickly to every weapon that seemed effective against it and turning it into strength. Entire worlds became part of Catalyst, all powered by their very nature of quasi-ascendance. It showed the final battle between the Catalyst and the Jang, how the last Jang sacrificed themselves to trap their ancient enemies in the time bubble, and how they sacrificed their very home world. After a while the screaming and the pictures faded, replaced once more by the Community.

"We ask you now Axon, would you face them after what we have shown you?"

Wow, if you read about the London launch you can see that people there got free 46" HD tv's with their purchase and a free taxi ride home... That's... Well, sounds a bit desperate...

Forum Games / Re: Things not to say when
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Meh, I've met bigger queens than you...

Things not to say to George W. Bush.

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Re: Sim Caveman - Episode 43
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Well then they definitely need to check that fishing trap... Though I still am a proponent of making more babies while they have the time  :P

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