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Spore: General / the inevitable is out in force.
« on: June 13, 2008, 11:59:41 pm »
on my last search of the word penis in sporepedia (I had to check), there are already three creatures that have made their way onto the 'pedia.  I expected it, but I figured at this point only real fans would have it, not just stupid troublemakers.  I'd post the pictures just to prove my point, but some are actually realistic enough to get me banned.

Spore: General / Re: An alternative to risky torrents
« on: June 13, 2008, 11:32:23 pm »
Anyone up to the task?

Spore: General / Re: Fan Sites have received the Creature Creator!
« on: June 13, 2008, 11:28:39 pm »
I, like the rest of us, have been waitong years for this.  I'll have to admit, I've pulled the trigger, and the torrent for the CC demo is downloading right now.  I'm not at all proud of it, but after these years, 3 days is too long a wait.  at 2:25 AM, i'm waiting the requisite 45 minutes for my crappy comp to DL it, and the likley second wait of some time to install to see if it even runs.  This will be a good test since my computer is complete junk.  It is filled with the crap of many years of limewire music downloads, and wasn't particularly great to begin with.  The only game I run on it is Diablo II LOD, which works fine, but 2D to 3D is a big jump, and were soon to find out how bad of a computer will run this.  (If it doesn't work, I will literally murder someone.)

Anyone yet registered for sporepedia with a less than legal copy yet?

Spore: Creation Corner / Re: Drawing Creatures
« on: May 08, 2008, 08:01:02 pm »
Ugh! I feel I have to stress this that people need to design their creatures with simplicity and practicality. I know you might be trying to make something no one could imagine, but there are limits on how far it can go and whether people just get fed up with looking at it.

But that's just me. :-\

I actually really like the Haggstrohm. It's simpler than you think at first, the symmetry is very well thought-out.

wow, I think thats the best compliment I've recieved on the haggstrohm, thanks a lot.  But to not get off topic, I fell like the really simple creatures can be the best ones.  Its easier to get your mind around just a few legs a torso and a head, and its also more feasable.  For example, the haggstrohm could never exist on earth just due to its large size, I imagined it to have an exoskeleton similar in texture and strength to a grubs, and in earths gravity field, it would not be able to support itself, and would explode due to its own internal pressure even if it were just lying down.  And I also mentioned the stubby and inneffective hands, I would need to go back and redesign those too for myself to be happy with it.

Spore: Creation Corner / Re: Drawing Creatures
« on: May 05, 2008, 09:15:56 pm »
No Iím still here lol Iím just really busy at work and canít spend all my time drawing. Durgon Iím sorry but I feel that unless I or you alter your ideas alot I feel that your creature would turn out to much like mine so I am sorry but Iím going to postpone your request sorry once again, also with the strange creature OpdDay2001 posted i think that it is really are to come up with something that looks any good I will keep on trying but no promises. And Scottyspore I donít know how your creature works it is incredibly confusing so I will attempt at drawing it but I donít know how it will turn out, lastly to Scottyspore if you provide more information and more angles of your creature my drawing will defiantly look better. I am pleased with everyoneís comments and enjoy drawing for all of you. PEACE OUT  ;)

actually, don't worry about mine, I've sort of abandoned that creature.  I've decided to start a new creature thread, and I'm working on them right now.  I'll maybe reseurrect the haggstrohm later, but these guys seem like more fun to me.  I actually dropped the haggstrohm because of one reason, I don't like there hands, they're too stubby, and I couldn't live without anatomical perfection. 

Anyways, to put it short, you don't need to draw them anymore.

Spore: General / Re: What power's your vehicles / spacecraft?
« on: May 05, 2008, 09:10:34 pm »
Like I said in my CC thread, my creatures highly combustible fecal matter.

Needless to say, their cars are pretty crappy.  ;)

Spore: Creation Corner / Re: Drawing Creatures
« on: May 05, 2008, 12:37:15 pm »
sorry, I should have probably linked to the thread rather than just putting in a picture.  heres the link

Spore: Creation Corner / Re: Drawing Creatures
« on: May 04, 2008, 07:11:39 pm »
Hey, I sent you a PM, but I'm not sure if you got it, so I'll ask here too, but it would be absolutley fantastic if you could draw a Haggstrohm (my creatures) for me.  I really like your drawing style, and I feel like it fits my creatures well.  Heres a picture.

Spore: Creation Corner / Re: Phish--My New Creature
« on: April 03, 2008, 08:34:34 pm »
its neat, but I infinitley prefer the awesome jam band Phish.

Spore: General / Re: Name Limit
« on: February 25, 2008, 08:03:36 pm »
I figure that I wont NEED a really long name cutoff, but would utalize it from time to time.

I really plan on taking common names and spelling them ridiculously:
pskaught (scott)
geopharie (jeffry)
dainnoepsouar (dinosaur)

Spore: Creation Corner / My new creature(s) - the genus Haggstrohm
« on: February 23, 2008, 04:52:39 am »
Creature name : Haggstrohm auditorus, Haggstrohm visuolus

Evolutionary history:  Genus Haggstrohm consists of two closley related species.  Both evolved living in caves on their home planet of Gachough (more on the planet later).  The two species diverged however when it came to sensory adaptations.  The auditorus lost all sight in exchange for incredible hearing.  Its only ways of navigating its environment are through echolocation, touch, and to a lesser extent, smell.  On the complete other side of the spectrum, the visuolus lost much of its auditory sense in exchange for superb eyesight.  It also adapted a diminutive size, in order to be less easy to detect by the auditorus.

Behavior (pre sentience):  Before it evolved to sentience, the auditorus was mainly a solitary predator, hunting through caves for small reptiles, fish, and when it could come across them, the visuolus.  It's hunting style is to sneak up on its prey, rear up, exposing the venomous spines on its underbelly (these were once small hairs used to feel the terrain, but evolved into a weapon).  When it got close enough, it simply had to fall on the prey to kill it.  It would then stand over it, and move all the food up to its mouth.  To create the tones necessary for echolocation, the auditorus developed a way to expell air out of its breathing slits located along its flanks, creating a bagpipe like tone.  It would send out a tone ahead of it about once every second in order to see its environment.  Because of this form of sound creation, it was also able to produce different pitches and timbres depending on how much pressure was behind the blast of air, as well as varying the size of the slits through muscle contractions in the vicinity.  This combined with the clicking of its spines against the cave floor made a very distinctive sound, which would eventually become language. 

The visuolus was mainly a scavenger, rather than a predator, and would follow behind an auditorus closley enough so that the sound from the auditorus' echolocation would pass over its head, leaving it undetected.  Whenever an auditorus made a kill, all it had to do was wait a few minutes for the auditorus to finish eating, and sneak up again and steal the leftovers.  On the chance that a visuolus was detected by an auditorus, it developed a genius method to escape.  It was able to reproduce the tones made by the visuolus and confuse it.  It eventually became so proficient at this that it was able to produce specific tones for specific situations to match the auditorus' language.

Tribal : Having evolved sentience, the auditorus had long since discovered the trickery of the visuolus.  The auditorus was able to distinguish between its language and the copy of it because of the lack of spine clicks.  though it still let the visuolus scavenge off the remains of its meals, the auditorus would still eat a visuolus if given the chance.  The auditorus now lived in loose tribes of up to about twenty based on family groups, with the oldest male leading the group.  In these tribes, the males would stay at the nesting site and take care of the eggs and larva, while the females, being small in size, and therefore more stealthy, would hunt.  Over the next few thousand generations, there was minimal evolution, but the auditorus was able to domesticate the Quyhgar, a large carplike fish.  These were most often kept for food, but also sometimes bred for entertainment, because the splashing sounds they made were very musical to the auditorus.

Technologically Advanced : The auditorus' now lived in underground cities of up to 5 million members.  They had also developed automotive technology, using their highly flammable fecal matter as fuel.  Eventually, the auditorus developed flight technologies for transit above ground between cities.  When the auditorus found out that their echolocation would not work in open air, they decided they needed to find some way of navigation.  The breakthrough was in the visuolus, who had continued to mimick the auditorus, continually updating to its languages.  The auditorus would train the visuolus to speak what it saw from the air in exchange for food.  This would form a symiotic bond that would last for the rest of the species' existance.  From that point on, all auditorus would be accompanied by a visuolus at all times.


Haggstrohm size: Haggstrohm auditorus, Haggstrohm visuolus  A: 8-12ft, 250-300lbs.  V: .5-2ft, 5-10 lbs
Reproduction: Out of body egg fertalization (think salmon or frog)
Life stages:
            Egg: Conception - ~13 months
         Larval: ~13 months - ~3 years  (the larva is essentially the same as an adult, but smaller and without the arch)
  Adolesence: ~3 years - ~10 years
          Adult: ~10 years - ~18 years
    Old age (infertility): ~18 years - ~25 years
Government: Monarchic democracy
Racial population (pre space era): ~4 billion
Haggstrohm planet: Gachough, mountainous planet, with very little water on surface, but with extensive underground lakes and streams.


Thanks for reading!  There will definatley be more to come (but im tired and am going to go to sleep) (im thinking about designing some ships/putting together the space stage)!
(if any of the good artists out there would like to make a picture of the to creatures that would be great, I'm not really satisfied with the one I made)

Spore: General / Symbiosis in spore?
« on: February 20, 2008, 08:23:27 pm »
I'm not sure if this topic has been covered or not (probably has).  Anyways, do you think any sort of symbiosis will be includeed in the creature stage?  I think it would be great if you could not invest points into weaponry/speed/senses etc.  because your creature could be partners with some other race.  Like having one race kill food and the other stay at nests and raise the young.

Also, if this was possible, do you think it would continue on into tribal and onwards, with the two races almost merging into one race (not literally, just the two do everything together)

Spore: General / Re: The Center of the Galaxy
« on: February 15, 2008, 04:44:08 pm »
If anyone has read the "Vacuum Diagrams" series of short stories (really good, i suggest them), I imagine it will be somewhat like that end of that, where there is two ultra race type dealys at war, with the 'good' one losing.  they give you one last chance to escape to a different galaxy/dimension/universe to save yourself before the inevitable doom of the galaxy, or you choose to stay behind and do the impossible (nearly literally I would hope) and save the galaxy.

after reading that book, i felt really insignificant (in a good way), I really do suggest it to any sci-fi fans out there.  and no, i didn't just ruuin it for everyone, there is so much more to the end of that book than what I said.

PC Games / Re: What Was Your First Online Gaming Experience?
« on: September 30, 2007, 06:36:05 pm »
Diablo II, I playet open Bnet and begged for hacks when i was like 10.  Im now the ripe age of 15, and dont need that crap.

Music / Re: What's your theme song?
« on: April 20, 2007, 08:44:19 pm »
I changed my mind, mines pebbles and marbles by phish.

i chose it because its mainly about how easily you can forget and lose stuff, and it has lots of ride cymbal.

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