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I used to have Super Mario 64 Ds, but ít was not my type of game, so I sold it.

I like RPG's (I love Golden Sun for GBA) but any other game will do too. Only games like mario, platformers, I don't like those.
Trauma Center sounds the best so far, and most fun.

Portable Games / Wich game to buy for the Summer vacation?? (NDS)
« on: May 23, 2006, 06:03:41 am »
I'm really busy with my exams, but let's face it Europe, Just 2 more weeks!
Summer is closing in, soon school is over!!

This year I'll go an vacation with my family to some random country. I bet some of you guys will go on vacation to.
Before I go, I want to buy a nice game for my NDS to fill up some time when I'm bored.

Now my question is: wich game should I buy??

Spore: General / Re: A Little Bit of Info About You...
« on: May 19, 2006, 04:50:25 am »
Yet another one who falls in love with Spore.
I'm here to discuss and chat about Spore but mainly to get new info and to kill the time untill Spore will release me form my suffering.  ;D
I saw some video's and I absolutely love it! Great consept, great style, very, very charming game!

Something about me: I'm 17 years young, I live in the Netherlands. Currently having my final exams. Next year I'll start as a student in Artschool (for the dutchies: it's Avans Hogeschool, AKV St. Joost in Den Bosch) My dream is to become a Concept Artist for beautifull games like Spore.
Hobby's: Drawing, (good) movies and of course gaming (otherwise I wouldn't be here  ;))
I'm currently into TESIV: Oblivion. Really like the game but I have to admit, after seeing Spore it feels kind of dumbed down, still great game though.
Anyways, that's basicly it.   :D *applause*  :D

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