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Spore: General / Re: Planet editor before starting a game?
« on: May 14, 2006, 04:49:49 am »
I'm positive that you'll be able to play through the game as many times as you want all the way through. You'll just have the option of starting off at any stage once you open the sandbox mode. Will actually says that you will be able to create worlds, prolly after the sandbox mode is open is my guess, here's the quote " fact some point the player can even create these worlds", it's from the video with Robin Williams at E3 2006 right when he goes to the planet that is completely devoid of life. I also have been wondering how your initial world will be chosen. I'm thinking that there'll be three possibilities they could use. You could have a choice of worlds such as arid, lush, wacky, random, etc. Or it'll just be a random world that you start off on and you won't have a choice. What I'm hoping for is that you'll be able to choose things by using a slider system. Of course then there's always the "starter world" and that would be where everyone has a single world that they always start on, but I see this being highly unlikley as it would take away from the diversity which is kinda one of Will's goals with the game. We should be able to spend as much time in each stage as we'd like, i mean if you don't want to progress yet just don't upgrade. I can't wait to see what other forms of terraforming there are, and how in depth you can get with the diplomacy.

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