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Anyone else realize that Will talked about space battles?

Spore: General / Re: Sporabee Game
« on: March 26, 2006, 02:47:16 pm »
I downloaded the aquatic version; after adding lots of lines to a triangle with base up, I got two points in special attack that deals quite a bit of damage. Similarly, when I added a line and a circle to my creature I gained two points in special speed that let me teleport. Is it based on number of points in each sector? And does area/shape have anything to do with anything?

Spore: General / Re: Questions for the Devs.
« on: March 24, 2006, 04:38:13 pm »
Is it possible for animals to bite as an attack?

Does the amount of meat you put on the animal (making it wider) actually affect it other than looks?

Is there anything else functional to the animal other than physical aspects? (i.e. venom, quills, scent)

Do the number of eyes affect anything?

How do you make your creature faster? (what specifically do you need to do to the legs, or streamline)

Is there jumping?

Can you specify muscle vs. just meat? (so the same creature shape but one having lots of fat and the other having lots of muscle would move differently)

Can you manipulate the environment including plants and ground on the single-creature control stage?

Can you drink? Do you need to drink?

Are there different types of atmospheres/oceans? So a thicker atmosphere of say methane wouldn't work for my nitrogen-based creature? Oceans of benzene?

Rings on planets? Atmosphere so thick almost liquid? Inhabitable rings? (so putting creatures on the larger chunks of stuff in the rings)

Ice/desert? Terrain that actually affects movement/can interact with? (so digging in sand would actually have sand flowing back down, and running on ice with creatures that don't have pads would cause them to slip)

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