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Spore: Creation Corner / Re: My Creature Drawing
« on: March 18, 2006, 05:51:34 am »
nope can't think of one, all i have decided is that it's a dragon that lives on a coastal cliff.

Spore: Creation Corner / Re: My Creature Drawing
« on: March 17, 2006, 08:03:58 pm »
ok i confess the only part i've copied from the Wyvern is how the legs are drawn.... that's all. oh and the eye.

Hydro I have just read the info on the Kurare and it seems that you have based it's hunting skills and a fair bit of it on a Velociraptor and have added some of the Velociraptor features on the drawing...

Just thought I'd say. I liked Dinosaurs at a young age and got abit of info on them.

Spore: Creation Corner / Re: My Creature Drawing
« on: March 17, 2006, 02:01:09 pm »
it will live on a coastal cliff, so it's a water dragon type.

Spore: Creation Corner / My Creature Drawing
« on: March 17, 2006, 11:39:31 am »
Well here is my Creature:

only problem is I have no info on the beast (lol)....

No name, no nothing... all I know is that it's a carnivore. :)

Anybody able to think of some info to come up with?

just make a quick drawing of it, it doesn't have to be excellent or neat just rougly draw it so i can then transfer it into alot more neater and more detailed (hopefully)

p.s. *sorry to go off topic* but if i can find the digital camera then ill be posting my creature picture :D just need a name etc for it

if i could draw it for you i would i just can't vision it at the moment. need more details

has it got a tail has it got claws on it's webbed feet, body shape etc?

right Im confused what are these adventures about, what do you do after the creatures have been chosen?

Spore: Creation Corner / Re: Naucean - My New Creature
« on: March 15, 2006, 03:57:00 am »
Yeah I have had a look at the different head sizing and shapes of different tribal Nauceans, and I can tell that you have re-shaped them because of the habitat that they live in Im guessing.

Any more pics to come today?

Spore: Creation Corner / Re: Naucean - My New Creature
« on: March 15, 2006, 03:45:38 am »
Hydro I'm fascinated with your art work it's just too good to be true, wish I could draw like that...

Keep up the great work...

Also will there be any changes to how the Nauceans look after each generation? Like will they have four legs instead of two after a certain amount of generations?

*They look abit like Velociraptors without the front arms and the deadly sharp teeth*

*IDEA* Going to watch dinosaur video's and combine dinosaurs to make a creature :D*

Thanks Hydro!!!

Spore: Creation Corner / Re: Quillaran- My new creature
« on: March 15, 2006, 03:45:18 am »
Amazing Areku,

if I'm not mistaken, it looks like you have combined a Sloth and a Giant Ant Eater togeather to make a very creative creature, that I ver much like!!! :D

Keep posting great pics man!!!

Will you and your creatures be joining up with other creatures from creators on this forum?

If that is possible I know who I wouold like to join up with: Hydromancerx and Areku, then we would build the most hidden and safest city in the galaxy... there would be rivers for Hydro's River Tribe Nauceans and Glacial Areas for Areku's Quillaran and tropical jungles for my Anthanus.

I will get a picture of my Anthanus later....

Who would you like to join up with and make a huge city?

(that's if we can)


well there's my first creature made on artpad, and my first real drawing on artpad in a long time...

Name: hmm Undecided (it will probably be a spanish translation for an english word)
Planet: isla sagrada (sacred island in spanish)
Max Size: 10 feet long (6 feet long for females)
Weight: Unknown
Type: Carnivore
Food: Small Crabs, and other small fish.
Defense Mechanism: Speed
Offence Mechanism: Sharp Pincers at front of creature

that's all the info
more to come soon...

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