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Title: Loom 2 fan project in the works
Post by: Fade2gray on December 16, 2006, 08:15:11 pm
Hey y'all,

I know that a lot of you are big fans of classic games so when I stumbled upon this site I knew that at least a few of you would want to hear about it.  (

*Spoiler alert for original LOOM and unmade sequels*

Apparently they've been give the original writer's blessings. It's completely non-legal obviously, as the game's rights belong to Lucas Arts not the writer, but it is interesting to hear what his plans had been for the game and why the sequels where never made. According to a letter posted on the site's message board, The writer had planed two sequels. The first was to be about Nailbender, the boy who Bobbin inadvertently gets killed and then resurrects. The Second sequel was aparently going to star a member of the Shepherd's guild and end with some climactic battle involving Bobbin, Naibender and the shepherd. Too bad they were never made. Apparently the only reason they weren't was because the writer simply didn't feel like making another Loom and nobody at Lucas Arts felt like doing them either.

*End spoilers*

In any case. The people behind this fan made sequel have decided to throw all that out the window and set their game 500 years after the events of Loom. And yes, the game will star Bobbin. Here's to hoping the the games development doesn't hit any more speed bump!

Oh, and I almost forgot. They seem to be looking for anyone with skills related to game making who would be interested in helping them finish the game.