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Title: Elemental war
Post by: a14gt on December 05, 2006, 03:03:03 pm
*some where is middle Asia*
Scientist"general Deon, we have come to tell you of the progress of the newly developed technology"
Deon"hmm..oh yes, the Advance combat soldier"
Scientist"all preparations are completly for the first one but..."
Scientist"we are missing the most importent piece to finish of the project"
Deon"and what would this piece be?"
Scientist"we require one of the Dark matter genarators"
Deon"...*sigh* of all things"
Scientist" i see you remembered that the Americans took them all"
Deon"you might as well call of the project"
Scientist"SIR! but all we need is one,if we can just snatch it, it will be the first step to getting back in th war"
Deon" now are you cirtain this will work, it will surely be heavily gaurded"
Scientist"I'm sure you could think of something"
Deon".........hmm, where is the closest one"
Scientist"we've located it in italy, 50 miles south of the Alps"
Deon"we'll need our best men, call for Lionel and TJ, tell them to meet me in the Eastern Base"
Title: Re: Elemental war
Post by: a14gt on December 06, 2006, 12:12:25 pm
* the next day, In the Eastern base*

Lionel"Commander Lionel Reporting"
TJ"commander Tj Reporting"
Deon"At ease, now i've called you here to anounce a mssion to retrieve a genarator, now i know it is next to suicide under present conditions but if we succeed it will give us an advantage"
Lionel"would this advantage be the New program the scientist keep talking about?"
Deon"correct, now the closest one is as i've been informed is in Italy, another profit is tha if we can also destroy the enemy base there, we can recapture the land they took from us"
Tj"when do we start"
Deon" I want you to head to Greece and Pick up your men there, next you will fly over the sea into Italy from the east. Your mission is to Retrieve the genarator and destroy the enemy base there. You must return with the generator..This is our last shot, the EAA is in your hands, dismiss"
*Lionel and TJ salute and walk off*

*Three days later*
Lionel"Tj are you ready, get armed and prepare your men, we leave soon"

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Title: Re: Elemental war
Post by: emmet on December 06, 2006, 12:17:08 pm
TJ flicks through a notepad and as he walks he struggles to write in it.

Lionel raises an eyebrow. "What...?"

"I never did get to writing a will."
Title: Re: Elemental war
Post by: a14gt on December 06, 2006, 03:22:25 pm
Lionel"...Well make it fast*grabs a gun and loads* we attack in 6 hours,don't worry, i'm Lead Commander, nothing can go wrong*cocks gun*
"troops! get in you crafts!"
*Lionel get in one of the Larger Aircrafts and soon after TJ gets in
Title: Re: Elemental war
Post by: a14gt on December 09, 2006, 09:28:58 am
The big ships lift off high in the sky and head towards Italy.
Lionel"now we wait.."

*at the American Italian base*
Soldier"hey whats that"
Soldier 2" hmm i don't..hey wait those are EAA ships sound the alarm, ready the troops for attack, fire the fighters"
All over the base an emergency alarm goes off//this is not a drill we are nuder attack, i repeat, this is not a drill we are under attack"

*in the EAA ships*

Lionel"damn it seems they are on to us, well i guess that is expected with this fleet, every get in your fighters!"
Lionel's ship spills out fighter who then blast off ahead to the base.