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Title: "Blunty"
Post by: ElemenoP on May 09, 2006, 06:55:46 pm
This is my first yeah...

Ok, i actually wanna see if anyone can draw this close to the picture i have in my head, for two reasons, A). i have the artistic skills of a squirrel, and B). yeah...

So, the Blunty, a Massive Omnivore, that preys on small animals like a whale. To get food, it finds a nest or colony, and defends it, taking one or two creatures for food when nescicary. It also donates the corspes of the animals who try and attack the nest, to the nest.

The Blunty has a unique Skeltal system, with both a normal skeleton and an exoskeleton.


Brown, scaly skin

Has Large, bouldar shaped lumps, in 1 big stripe down the center of it's back.

Has a Pale pink belly, covered by a hard, transparent plate(part of the Exoskeleton). Bluntys often have disputes over nests, if a blunty has this plate cracked in a fight with another, it must give up the nest, it's some bizarre instinct imbedded in the bluntys mind.

It has two massive arms, with huge bouldar like fists.

The legs of a Blunty are fairly small in comparison to the rest of it's body, it actually walks using mostly it's arms, the feet are there more for support.

It's head is somewhat lizard like, although it has three eyes.

The blunty also has two graspers, located on the shouldars behind the arms. These are used to lift and move objects, as the hands are specialized as weapons.

The Bluntys tail is massive, it comes out of the middle of the shouldars, and has a huge solid ball on the end, this ball can expand or contract depending on the damage the blunty wishes to inflict.