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Title: Aethernautica - A extradimentional adventure
Post by: Yokto on March 27, 2017, 04:26:58 pm
Aethernautica (WIP)

At the dawn of time there was only chaos. A pool of shifting energy stretching filling up all existence. A time before the light was separated from the darkness. A time when the first rifts in reality was created.

What is know in the popular mind as the big bang was nothing more then a early state of the universe. From as far as we can tell the universe expanded from a singular point of infinite density to what it is today. And it is continuing to expand, never stopping. But that is not what I am here to talk to you about today. What I am going to talk about is that a specific feature that existed in this early part of the universe. Some of you might have heard of primordial black holes or the term wormhole being thrown about. Well the early part of the universe was indeed fertile grounds now only for these primordial singularities, but also for primordial Einstein-Rosen bridges that where created though the interactions of some of these black holes. Most of those, as well as the primordial singularities, have destabilized and disappeared from our universe. But not all. Some. Some are in fact every stable and as we all know is not that hard to cross them. But the hard part is finding them. But what if I tell you all that we do not have to any more. Not track down these tears in reality like we have done before. What if I told you all we have found a way to access the Aether, a realm of metaspace that lets use have pluck the very strings of reality and travel between countless worlds and not just a few!
- Dr. Kim Young at a lecture at the Institute for Transdimensional Exploration

The setting of Aethernautica is something I have been thinking off for a while. A sort of "everything and the kitchen sink" setting which may not be appealing to everyone but I hope to make it far less crazy then something like Rifts or even DnD. We have to see how well I manage. The setting is made both to be use for compelling storytelling in computer game world and it own RP setting orginally. The idea actually was what I would want out of a MMORPG and how to make a more sensible MMORPG world. That being said the table top RPG which this will mainly be focus on will not use traditional MMO tropes with the holy trinity (Tank, Healer, DPS) like for example 4th edition DnD tried to implement.  No this is more about lore of the setting and making rules that fit well for a table top setting then anything else.

(There is not much to see here right now as I need snooze right now. But I figure I need to get this posting or I will never get started. Hook me up for questions if you see me on Steam or something. ;) )
Title: Re: Aethernautica - A extradimentional adventure
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Title: Re: Aethernautica - A extradimentional adventure
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