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Title: Robocraft
Post by: Detoxicated on December 28, 2016, 04:52:00 am
Robocraft is a game of battle drones fighting for domination. You play as one of these robots, and you design them beforehand.
In creation mode you build a robot in a fashion similar to the mechanics of minecraft as you use the mouse to set the mostly cubic blocks.
There is several different modes to play. You can test your bot fight against AI or engage in a team deathmatch. Besides that you also have
the brawl events, which I see with some criticism. The heartpiece mode is the battle mode. Two teams of ten fight against each other and try to
conquer towers to increase their power. If you have gained a tower your base gets shielded, hence if you gain all three towers or manage to hinder
the capture of a tower by the enemy you down their shield. Goal of the game is the destruction of the motherbase of the enemy's team.

That is that, I love this game as it is absolutely free to play. You can buy premium for some days where you gain double in battle, but all weapons and relevant
pieces can be gained in regular game. This is where it gets interesting. You get to choose if you want tank rails, wheels, hoverblades, jet engines + wings, helicopter parts,
spiderwalker and athletic walkers.
Then you choose your weapons of which you can attach any kind on one bot, though I'd advise against it unless you are very skilled and the bot is well planned.
The weapons are SMG, Rail Gun (Sniper), Distortion Blaster (Shotgun), Plasma (Grenade launcher), Homing SMG Homing Missiles, Blades, Nano Particles (Healing).
There is many auxilary parts like shields and engines and helium, as well as auxillary systems like radar detection and radar distortion, stealth, jumping, plateshield that protects an area, emp bursts... Alot.

Gameplay is very chaotic due to varying teams and classes, as you can choose to build any class you like. I find the strategic aproach to this game appealing as it forces the player to follow
certain rules and apply them to their specific bot case. If you manage to learn your own bot you will eventually see the flaws and then you can upgrade it as you have gained
the parts already or you can make some dough by cashing in parts you earned. Recently I started playing a mean armour plated shotgun hover. My model is slower and bigger than others of its type but has some special extras. From the front it looks like an old dude with a mustache. The funny thing is I always had some CPU left (CPU means MAX building parts) until I got another hoverblade to put on the front. This stabilized my bot. Still had some CPU left so I build a nose to protect the new hover blade...

You also see beautiful bots in this game. From Sailing ships to asian witches on sweeps, anything. Once I saw a tentacle monster eating a house. Fun shooting that thing!!! (
Title: Re: Robocraft
Post by: Yokto on December 28, 2016, 11:35:28 am
It can be a fun game. But is not a bit chaotic yes.

Btw fix you link.
Title: Re: Robocraft
Post by: Detoxicated on December 29, 2016, 07:08:45 pm
thanks you still play, if so wanna play sometime?
Title: Re: Robocraft
Post by: Yokto on December 30, 2016, 08:25:42 am
Yeah we can play sometime. I am Cythil on Steam.