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Title: Childhood's End [Syfy Mini Series]
Post by: Hydromancerx on December 17, 2015, 03:11:45 pm
Did anyone catch the 3 part mini series of Childhood's End on Syfy channel over the last few days? If you have not you should. There are lots of spoilers so I won't go into too much other than its based on the scifi novel of the same name by Arthur C. Clarke. You know the guy who wrote "2001: A Space Odyssey". And despite them changing some stuff to update it to modern day I think it was great. It seems to be available on the syfy channels website to watch but I warn you it spoils it with all the images they show. Here are links to direct episodes so not to spoil things..

Childhood's End Part 1 (
Childhood's End Part 2 (
Childhood's End Part 3 (

Enjoy!  ;D
Title: Re: Childhood's End [Syfy Mini Series]
Post by: Rysworld on December 17, 2015, 05:26:29 pm
I've watched the first episode, the second screwed up recording and is all glitchy so we're waiting until the second broadcast of it, Sunday, to continue watching.

I will say, though, out of all the things I expected Krillin to look like... that was not one of them.
Title: Re: Childhood's End [Syfy Mini Series]
Post by: Neoadept on December 17, 2015, 05:28:16 pm
It was a very well made adaptation of story that I really don't like.  The first half is a well made study of a benevolent alien invasion, and then it diverges into Clarke's obsession with space babies.

Space Satan doesn't really get the whole friendship thing, does he?  Disassemble a guy's house, force him to be the spokesperson for an alien invasion, arbitrarily insist on hosting their meetings in a simulation of the honey moon suite the guy spent with his dead wife.  And then keeps sending hallucinations of said dead wife.  And then fire him immediately after a kidnapping/assassination attempt.  And then poisons (accidental) and sterilizes(on purpose) him.

Space Satan, I get that you're trying to help.  But you don't gotta be this much of an ******* about it.

And then he goes and feeds humanity to a soul devouring elder god.  Don't give me anything about ascension.  Ascension is bull****.  It's never defined in a way that's attractive, especially when all individuality is subsumed in the process.   The Overmind is never seen doing anything but devouring species.  There is no evidence that it's anything but a macro-scale psychic parasite.

And even if being subsumed were an objectively good thing, there's no reason to let the human race die so completely.  Nothing to stop them from preserving adults from transcendent species.  But, fine, say that they don't have easy life extension (bull****, they can fix bullet wounds from orbit, age is nothing), surely over the course of observing humanity for decades they'll record all our cultural accomplishments so that humanity will be more than a snack?  Nope, it takes an impassioned plea from the last human to make them save a single song.

Which they leave in orbit for "whoever finds it."

When they seem to be explicitly preventing any other species from achieving space flight.

I cringe to call it science fiction, because it spends so much time **** talking science.  As though curiosity and discovery and the labor of generations is unimportant in the face of pretty lights.

I hate it so much.

But the Space Satan makeup was really well done, and he was voiced by Tywin Lannister.  So that was nice.

Title: Re: Childhood's End [Syfy Mini Series]
Post by: emmet on December 17, 2015, 06:01:20 pm
^Agree with Neo completely. I laughed out loud when they just left the song there.
Title: Re: Childhood's End [Syfy Mini Series]
Post by: Rysworld on December 17, 2015, 06:55:01 pm
So no, turns out the second episode was not corrupted. My family's just bad at working the box.

Stopped watching halfway through it though.

It got really boring and preachy really fast.

First episode was pretty enjoyable though!

Choice entertaining moments from what I saw:

"Why do they look like our exact idea of demons?"

A person who is completely untrained for the situation trying to quell a mental break like that. Seriously, JesusLady, as soon as he describes hallucinations and delusions, you ****ing hand the case over to a real psychologist.

JesusLady holding out the necklace and really, really expecting it to change their minds

Krillin's flubbing and mumbling of the "Earth has a new destiny" line. Even with the volume at like fifty, neither my mom nor I could understand it until it was repeated by Mr. "Max Ranks in Diplomacy" Farmerboy.
Title: Re: Childhood's End [Syfy Mini Series]
Post by: Hydromancerx on December 18, 2015, 03:05:57 pm
Yeah me too. I though that was the best surprise of the show.

Great points there. I agree. The Overlords should have developed a better way to do things. its not like Human are the first species they have met.

Never read the book, but I thought it was better than their normal syfy channel crap like "Sharknado". Also the "Expanse" looks interesting too.

I like the part where they used the Saudi oil pipes to irrigate northern Africa. However the dust from Northern Africa blows over to the Amazon to give it the nutrients it needs since rainforests have poor soil. So I expect the Amazon rainforest to die as a result of "greening" Africa.