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Title: Jessica Jones
Post by: Mr. Wizard on October 24, 2015, 05:50:51 am

Marvel's next Netflix series. Daredevil was neato, let us see if this is good.

It's the true life story of David Tenant  interacting with Doctor Who fans, who naturally do whatever he says. It follows Jessica Jones, a disillusioned Doctor Who fan who seeks to bring Tenant down.

Title: Re: Jessica Jones
Post by: /lurk on October 24, 2015, 08:33:39 am
Edgy Hamlet seems way more interesting than the actual protagonist, but I guess Gisnep's got to leverage that IP somehow.
Title: Re: Jessica Jones
Post by: Mr. Wizard on November 29, 2015, 08:07:19 pm
The entire season is available on Netflix now. I recommend giving it a watch.

It's great for different reasons than Daredevil. Daredevil had a charismatic lead, great fight choreography, and although it flirted with moral ambiguity, the show was still basically "Good v. Evil". Jessica Jones rests comfortably in a moral gray area. She sometimes acts selfishly, sometimes selflessly, and like jerk all the time. The fighting style in this show is basically throwing chunks of the set at the bad guys, and then throwing them through the set. The protagonist is someone I would never seek to be friends with, a thoroughly unlikable misanthrope that tries to do the Benedict Cucumberbatch "Sherlock" thing my deducing the background of a person from details and fails because American writers just can't pull that off (Thankfully they realized that and stopped).

There are no spoilers ahead. I just think it is better to watch the series before reading the thoughts of other people.

The hero is exceptionally normal and perfectly flawed. Krysten Ritter plays Jessica Jones, who inhabits a Film Noir detective story and has character traits that reflect that. She gives in to temptation, she makes mistakes, gets frustrated, and is usually outmaneuvered by her enemies. There are legions of people in the world more competent and able than she is, and she knows it. She doesn't quite fit into the traditional mold of a detective. I would compare her with Deckard from Bladerunner. They both were normal people with extraordinary jobs. With Deckard, much of what defines him as normal is physical. He isn't particularly strong, or quick, or as hardy as the replicants he is tasked with pursuing. Jessica is superhuman, a literal ubermensch. She can lift small cars and can kill a man with one punch. What defines her as normal is mental. She is as cynical, flawed, and tormented by her conscience as anyone. She is normal, she would live and act normally (like a normal jerk at least) if allowed to do so. She would probably not seek to do anything that would fill her with guilt or angst.

The villain is normal. David Tenant is playing Kilgrave a.k.a The Purple Man, a run of the mill narcissistic entitled wanker. He isn't smarter than Jessica, he isn't stronger, he definitely isn't wiser. What elevates him, and prevents him from being a boring villain, another Game of Thrones Joffrey, is how casual David Tenant plays him. What makes him a good villain is how he can ruin a persons life without the intent to do so. People are left behind in good health and state of mind, but still irreparably damaged and violated. He is a bad dude who will never check his privilege.

Kilgrave's power is that all people will immediately follow any direct suggestion he gives them. A lesser writing staff might have focused on the terrible acts that he has people perform. It is very true that it he makes people do terrible things. The brilliance of the writers was to mainly focus on the complete loss of control. It doesn't matter if he just told you to untie your shoes, it was that you could not act against his suggestion that is the terrible thing. In focusing on this, it demonstrates that no one with this power could ever truly be considered a hero. The wielder of this power cannot do good because good acts will always be filtered through an evil act, the complete deprivation of a persons ability to make a choice.

What makes Jessica Jones great is how thorough it is exploring the characters and the consequences of their actions. All the characters are interesting in their own way, and we get plenty of time with each of them, even the irritating neighbor with the shrill voice. It is satisfying to see a great deal of it play out logically. It's not 100%, of course. Some of what the characters get away with will stretch credulity, but after watching the whole season I feel that it ends up hanging together nicely. I don't yet see a permanently gaping plot hole, but there are temporary plot holes, in the sense that it's bizarre that something didn't happen earlier. The writers eventually let the characters catch up to the audience, but you may spend a few episodes yelling at Jessica for missing obvious things.

The plot is the quest of one person to prove that another person was abusive when most people think that is impossible. I will leave it to you to imagine the myriad other interpretations of that plot currently chewing through Tumblr. The story is good, and it doesn't get too heavy handed or clumsy.

I think this is the most interesting show yet in the MCU.

Title: Re: Jessica Jones
Post by: emmet on November 30, 2015, 01:01:27 am
Totally agree. Possibly the only MCU thing I've truly enjoyed.
Title: Re: Jessica Jones
Post by: Inkling on November 30, 2015, 08:37:14 pm
I'll definitely be watching this.  After I finish Daredevil.  And catch up on every other show I try to watch.
Title: Re: Jessica Jones
Post by: Krakow Sam on January 10, 2016, 03:44:00 pm
Just finished this. Really enjoyed it. Season 2 or whatever is really going to suffer for not having a villain as cool and well matched to the protagonist as Kilgrave. I should probably give the writers more credit but I forsee it being a rather run of the mill romp with Jessica beating up Dr Koslov's goons and Cool 2 Do Drugs Low Budget Captain America.
Title: Re: Jessica Jones
Post by: emmet on February 06, 2016, 11:35:28 am
Nope, same universe as all the Marvel stuff. Lucky Man isn't Marvel it's just "Stan Lee."