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Title: Aetherspace lore (WIP)
Post by: Yokto on October 18, 2015, 03:43:24 pm
In the beginning there was the Multiverse. Or should I say. There was no beginning. There was and has always just been the Multiverse. And we are just a small part of it.

What we see is just the tip of the Iceberg. A small little realm of existence. A small forgotten corner in a multitude of infinities. But today your going to take a dip in to the cold waters and see how big it really is. Today your going to learn about the Aether.
~John Grey

So this is one of my long little nasty dream project that I have yet to get the ball running on. A RP setting which takes place in our reality, of sorts, and beyond. This setting has it core in what I would like to actually see out of a MMO. A game where I can mix fantasy and Sci-fi as well as the modern world and still keeping some coherence I hope.

I post this both to actually get to ball running rather then just keep it all lock up in my little head, and so that other could join in if they wish. I hope to build a large living world with a lot of history to it. One which would be fun to RP in. And hopefully construct a nice system to support it. So I invite you all in to my little creation.

So what is about? Well form the intro you can see it about the multiverse. The idea that what we live in is just a small little bubble in a larger whole. In this multiverse our plant, Earth is just a small part. Earth is actually not actually that special. Life, even humans exist on lots of worlds. Is this due to convergent evolution? No. Earth was once and still is to some degree linked to a lot of worlds and species did wander between these world colonizing worlds smiler to earth. Life might not even have originated here but rather have come from some other part of the multiverse. Transdientional panspermia hypothesis you could say. But no one is really sure.

What seem to be the case however is that Earth of today has very few gateways to other realms of existences. This might be a reason why Earth actually have developed to the degree it has in is relative isolation. The last centuries have had a exponetial growth in population, technology and industrial output. Something that seems rare in the rest of the multiverse. But the ruins of other great civilizations like our own paints a dark picture of where we might be heading.

A lot the back story of meant to be in the dark. Alternative idea on what has happen. It is part of the theme of this great world. To explore alternatives. Both in different potential worlds, but also in is own past.  The full truth behind matters should be in the dark. But speculation is something that should be encuraged. Leaving more for player and especially, game master interperation. 

Well I will add more to this later on. Now I will have to snooze. But I hope to get back soon to it. And please feel free to post questions and suggestions.
Title: Re: Aetherspace (WIP)
Post by: Yokto on October 18, 2015, 03:50:06 pm
Title: Re: Aetherspace lore (WIP)
Post by: Yokto on October 19, 2015, 02:49:58 pm

High Men: A other name for Homo Sapience used in some realms

Mankind: Several species of Hominids that includes Homo Sapience, Homo Cobalorum and Homo Neanderthals

Telepath: A group of individuals that can send mental messages between each other.

Wurm: A race of ancient sentient serpentine beings. Far older then mankind.

Inspired: People that has been telepahticly influenced by a other realm. Culture has been known to spread between realms via this phenomena.
Title: Re: Aetherspace lore (WIP)
Post by: Yokto on October 26, 2015, 02:23:28 pm
Subject: Telepaths, Aether callers or Callers

Some people seem to develop the ability to have telepathic communication with other telepathy. What is even more extraordinary is that these individuals can communicate even between the realms of the multiverse. Sending complex taught faster then any other known form of communication.

As such the Telepaths are indispensable in our operations. Only a fool would neglect the potential benefits of those being able to call though the Aether.

It was long believe that this ability ran in families. That it was something one inherited. But closer studying about this subject has show this is not the case. At least not the only factor playing in. There seem to be a environmental component we do not understand. And it could be quite possible that anyone could develop this ability.
~ John Grey

Telepaths can communicate with other willing Telapaths. But they can not in general invade the thoughts of unwilling subject. Or for that matter project there thoughts in those not gifted with telepathy. Even with these limitations Telepaths are of great use. There near instant ability to send complex taught over vast distances to willing targets means there is no better way to sent short message. A skill set of telepath can easily organize armies on a huge scale.

Telepaths are however rare. Certain unknown environmental factors plays a role in developing telepathy. And some only master it on the most rudimentary level.

Creators notes: More should be added to this topic. Telepaths came to being as a way to simply explain away a huge issue in MMOs. The ablity to instant message people. So rather then try to prevent it I choice to embrace it and weave it in to the lore. Make something fun off it. This will also be able to explain "respawing". If this ever becomes a MMO then everyone will be a telepath. Or least be considered to have rudimentary level of telepathy. This also highlight a very important idea here. Not not feel confined by the limitations but use them as something interesting. And note it will all have conquecens to on the world at larger. Telepaths are important if just as messages.

Also moved this down a bit. Rather have the lexicon on top.
Title: Re: Aetherspace lore (WIP)
Post by: Yokto on December 15, 2015, 05:21:37 am

Aerden is one of the more highly develop worlds in Multiverse. This likely due to it's isolated nature just like earth. The technology level of Aerden is comparable to earth. But Aerden has taken a slightly different path. While earth has split the atom and started to master quantum physics, Aerden has yet start researching these fields. As such is behind in nuclear physics and to some degree computer development. Though where Earth have developed in physics Aerden have developed in medical and biotech. This is not so strange considering the catalyst for Aerdens path.

Little over a century ago a great global conflict erupted. In many ways mirroring world war 1 on earth. But the great war of Aerden (just know as the great war in Aerden) would be far more devastating and long lasting. At the start of the war the conflict was very similar to earths great war. Massive armies moving to engage each other. Each side expecting a fast victory only to have the warfare bogged down in to protracted trench warfare. This however is just considered the first part of the war and would last for about decade without the front moving much at all. But as the resource started to dwindle and social upheaval started to topple one of the 3 major sides in the conflict something unexpected happened.

In desperation the Neland Empire started to use not only it chemical weapons against civilians but also it store of newly developed biological weapons. None of the 3 sides would be prepared for the consequences. The biological agents would kill indiscriminate on all fronts and beyond. Far more devastating then the Spanish flu ever was on Earth.  And this was just a prelude to what to come. Suddenly out of nowhere the Neland empire was overrun by a Alien invader. Later investigations in to the war would find that the whole war was in large part orchestrated in larger part by these Alien invaders who had mange to infiltrate lager parts political structures of Aerdens major powers.

What would follow would be a long war against the extra dimensional invaders. At first it was a losing war as there bio-mechanical war machines where far superior to anything Aerden had ever produced. And while at first having the numeral advantage, the man made plagues where killing off countless millions of people all over the world. The situation looked very bleak for Aerden.

Knowing what was at stake all nations of Aerden united to fight again the invaders, from bitter rivals to nations that had until this point been neutral in the global conflict. But the alliance of necessity would not alone be enough fight the invaders. Still the people of Aerden where losing the battle at every front while the invaders consolidated there new holdings and prepared to make a final push to take over the rest of the planet.

However this would change. First step towards this change was that a small group of the remnants of the Neland empire mange to fight a decent guerrillas was against the invaders. While still losing most engagements they manage to capture some damaged bio-mechanical war machines. It was not the first time some of there machines where captures but it would be the first time someone figured out how to use them against the invaders. A team lead by the healer/doctor Annel  and her nurses got a chance to study the bio-mechs and she realised they worked a lot more like biological systems rather then traditional machinery. And though process know as linking someone could potentially gain control of the machine.

This was however a very risky process. In fact it was considered such a insane endeavour that no solider did volunteer for it, nor did it gain much support the higher military leaders. Not in the Neland remnant army or in the Great Alliance. But Annel and her team knew what was at stake and put them self in risk volunteering them self to integrate with the bio-mechs. While quite a few of the volunteers would die or become insane they gain enough knowledge to be able to control the captured machines. And with that Annel and her team went again the wishes of the leadership and attacked the invaders in there newly captured bio-mechs.

This alone would not actually have change much. But unknown the the Great Alliance the invaders had actually been fighting at several fronts in over the muliverse. And while they have had a easy time for the most part with great successes, conquering several world and laying them to waste, that success would come with a price. Overextension, War fatigue and most of all, the selfish interest of there leaders had lead to poor communication and great paranoia in a race that was already very paranoid to being with. So when Annel team attacked with there ragtag bio-mechs this was misinterpreted as mutiny by of one of the overlords. After all these simple apes could impossibly figure out how to use there own weapons against them.

Thing quickly went out of hand in the invasion force as infighting broke lose. This would be the turning point needed for Aerden to win the war against the invaders. Though the fighting would be long and had still the great alliance would capture more and more bio-mechs and become a force to be recorded with.

After fighting long and hard The Great Alliance Aerden won with the invaders retreating most of the forces beyond the veil of reality. They dispersed very quickly when they decided to pull out leaving very little behind. What little that was left behind would shape the world of Aerden.

to be continued...
Title: Re: Aetherspace lore (WIP)
Post by: Yokto on December 25, 2015, 11:06:47 am
The Post Great War of Aerfen era

In the post Great War of Aerden era intergovernmental organization was form. The Concord of Nations or simply The Concord (known as The Aerden Concord by world outsiders). The Concords mission was became to primary to work towards peace, but also help rebuild after the war and also to work towards future defence against a potential future invader.

Distrust between the nations primary victors in the war however would lower the effectiveness of The Concord. While The Concord still exist today and still plays a vital role there have been several small wars that The Concords have not been able to stop. Still The Concord has gained more power as of late as Nations have moved more towards each other.

A other side effect is the development of biotechnology. After a lot of funding whet in to research in to the technology left behind by the invaders. At first a lot of the interest was in developing new weaponry. The distrust between nations coupled with the fear that the invaders might come back again mean that whatever hesitations there was before against the technology dispersed.

With time other areas such as communications technology, robotics and medicine would also benefit. Today all this focus on reverse engineering and lead to quite remarkable machinery. Bio-mechanical robots able to easily be instructed to do simple tasks. Computers using bio-circuitry. Longer and healthier lives. And the energy sector have had a remarkable boom thanks to a robust algae like substance that can easily be converted to fuel or be used to run the bio-machinery.

Even though all this dependences of reversed engineered technology there is a great cultural distaste for the aesthetic style of the invaders. As such you will almost only find military equipment that has a organic look to it. And even then it not that common. Instead it has become very popular to hide bio-technology behind very non-organic looking casings. Strong, bold and simple geometric shapes are preferred. Everything to distance them self from the true origin of the technology. It has also shaped how buildings looks. While more Baroque like styles where popular in the pre-war era, now most people prefer the simple. And considering a lot of the pre-war cities had to be abandon or totally rebuild most cities have this very modern look to them.