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Title: Inside Out
Post by: pfellah on July 07, 2015, 07:50:39 am
It's probably in my Top 3 for Pixar movies. Finding Nemo will always be #1 -- it came out the year my son was born, so it resonated in a way that will be hard to beat -- but Inside Out is neck-in-neck with The Incredibles for second place. Though I admit the reason I liked it so much had a lot to do with mushy parenting stuff that might not resonate with younger viewers that don't have kids.

Here's the thing. On one level, they did their standard Pixar thing where they took something ordinary (cars, toys, etc.) and anthropomorphized it into something new and interesting. And that certainly works as a pretty good movie. It's neat to see how the characters on the inside translate to actions in the outside world and they created a model of that world that holds together really well. You can tell they put a lot of thought into it. By that kinda traditional Pixar definition, Anger gets most of the best lines. Certainly anyone can get two hours of enjoyment out of that movie.

On the other hand... and here, the Captain is turning on the "mushy parent" sign... there's this second movie within the movie that's for the parents, and it works you over in a mostly good way. If you tweak the perspective and treat it as a movie about Joy as the parent (instead of the external parents) and Riley as her child, it becomes something really beautiful about the struggle parents go through as their kids grow older and change into someone else. It's about trying to control and guide something that is ultimately uncontrollable, and Joy represents the idea that love and optimism are the only lens you can see your child through, the only tool in your toolbox. And you want to be open to those changes, but you're also stuck holding on to the person they used to be. There's a scene where Joy is literally clinging to memories that are fading away, and damned if it didn't get a little dusty in that theater.

Freakin' Pixar, man...
Title: Re: Inside Out
Post by: sgore on July 08, 2015, 12:47:25 am
My family wants to see either this or Jurassic World. Thanks for the review!
I'm with you on Finding Nemo being #1 for Pixar btw.

Also, where have you been for the last seven years because that is how long ago your last post was.

To summarize, in case it was a coma:

We have a new president.
There was an oil spill.
Glenn Beck became relevant and then not so much.
Same thing with the show Glee.
Same thing with the Mayan calendar.
Also Lost ended. And the Office. And Parks And Recreation. And 30 Rock. And any semblance of security or stability in Iraq.
And a plane disappeared.
And people couldn't tell what color a dress was.
Also gay people can get married now, which is good, but there's still racism and sexism, which is bad.

And something in there about Charlie Sheen and Tiger Blood, but I forget exactly when that was.

Also, I graduated high school and then college.
Also Spore came out and so did I.
Title: Re: Inside Out
Post by: eropS on July 08, 2015, 09:35:24 am
youre gay ?
Title: Re: Inside Out
Post by: Krakow Sam on July 08, 2015, 10:42:01 am
He's bi. Man pay attention erops.
Title: Re: Inside Out
Post by: sgore on July 08, 2015, 10:43:12 am
eropS you were there:

Cool good for you sgore go sex it up with whoever you're attracted to haha

For goodness sakes man.
Title: Re: Inside Out
Post by: Gunner on August 01, 2015, 11:06:00 am
Disregarding all that mess, Inside Out was definitely one of my top Pixar films. I really thought the basic premise was too gimicky to put something fantastic on the table, but Inside Out is definitely up on the top of the Pixar pile, so I would suggest it to anyone with feelings and the ability to go see it.
Title: Re: Inside Out
Post by: Krakow Sam on August 03, 2015, 04:43:18 pm
I saw this today, was gud! Agree with Gunner actually, definitely one of the better Pixars of recent years.

One silly continuity nitpick:

When Girl (I forget her name already) decides to run away back to Minnesota she leaves the house in the morning as if to go to school and starts walking to the bus station. When her parents get back to the house expecting her to be there she's STILL walking to the bus station. Unless school in San Francisco is very short indeed that's like six hours of walking. Then when she gets her SAD back and goes back home she walks all the way back and it seems to take no time at all.