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Title: Collapse RP - OoC/Recruiting Thread
Post by: Cyst on August 11, 2013, 09:13:34 pm
The last World Order Meeting occurs. Vladimir Putin, found dead with 30 shots to his chest. Media tells the populace of the unfortunate death by heart attack of the Russian President.
Ben Bernanke, found dead, suffocated in his sleep. Attributed to an overdose of cocaine by the media.
The White House explodes. The death count includes all government officials of the Obama Administration. 2 hours later, all of congress is found dead in the capital building, all missing their heads. A provisional government of the US Military's branches is formed at 22:00 EST. Joseph Pillman Hart appointed General of the Armies. 23:59 EST, dirty bombs detonate in every major city in the USA.
Millions die in the disaster. The provisional government moves to respond, declaring martial law in all US territories. Citizens are advised to stay indoors and assist troops in the search of their homes for materials and/or evidence of materials used in the dirty bombs. Any who refuse are shot.
The Provisional Government collapses after a chain of assassinations and coups. The troops are left relatively leaderless, but follow orders, unaware of the collapsing bureaucracy behind them.
Word of the collapse has diffused amongst all the people of the fallen nation. Soldiers try to make their ways home to help their families, but there is no way to return for most. Many commit suicide. Even more separate into factions, with different ideas on how to advance. A few psychopaths run off with their armaments, never to be seen again.
Most factions have begun acting on their ideals, with many bloody conflicts occurring between select groups. The city of Los Angeles breaks into gang-ruled territories, and many soldiers are killed by those with higher dedication to their "families" in the gangs. Military weaponry is spread amongst the fascist Bloods, Crips, Juggalos, and Latin Kings.
Detroit, New York, Seattle, San Francisco, and Compton follow the path of L.A. Pittsburgh, Chicago, and Washington D.C. are claimed by para-military groups. Most cities revolt against the occupying soldiers.
The City-States of Old America are formed. Many squads of roaming raiders, composed of outcasts and crazed soldiers spread.
Across the globe, all countries follow the fall of the USA. Within years, the world has collapsed to the government sizes of the Iron Ages.
Sightings of dragons occur across the world. In Central America, tales are told of tall, pale men, averaging 4 metres in height. Several towns vanish off the map, no trace of their existence being left.
Televisions and Radios around the world turn on suddenly. Garbled nonsense is spoken for an hour, and looped for several weeks. The devices would not turn off.
Sightings of mythical creatures, ranging from those of antiquity, to those of modern hoaxes, to those from prehistory, increase. Outside the walled cities of the world, there is nothing but chaos and danger.

It is February 17th, 2015. The players are in the ruins of Seattle. I will, of course, be the GM. I will also place NPC groups across the world, that will stumble upon you, along with stationary NPC groups that can be interacted with, and they will likely have randomized traits. This is hyper-dystopia, meaning things are more likely to kill you than help you. I have many plot points, villains, allies, and others, set up.

Character sheets are standard for you guys. If there are too many problems with a character, I'll help to keep the original concept in tact while helping you make it workable for the world.


For an Idea of the world, think Shadowrun+Fallout+Alpha Protocol+Aliens.

Any questions? Any takers?
Title: Re: Collapse RP - OoC/Recruiting Thread
Post by: PatMan33 on August 12, 2013, 09:03:14 am
Well... there's some suspension of disbelief but are we dealing with supernatural elements? How'd all of Congress (535 people) get killed around the same time in what was apparently a Joint Session, one of the most secure events in Washington? Furthermore what about the literally thousands of staffers? How did they not notice? Were they all killed too? Wouldn't it have been easier to just blow them up?
Title: Re: Collapse RP - OoC/Recruiting Thread
Post by: Cyst on August 12, 2013, 01:38:35 pm
Yes, there are supernatural things. Lots of them. Demons, Angels, Magic, "Gods", Aliens, Cryptids, Dragons, Griffins, etc.

Just grittier than normally envisioned.

Anyone that witnessed the occurrence was also killed, but those who stumbled unto it found it as expected. It was a different group, different motifs, different abilities, that killed Congress.