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Title: The Podunkville Files - The Pulp RP
Post by: Krakow Sam on May 17, 2013, 05:03:13 pm

*Crackly audio begins* (

Narrator: "The year is 1997. IT IS THE FUTURE. Premier Zlobni's USSR holds the world hostage with its arsenal of deadly doomsday weapons. President Steel says: "Come at me Comrade!". His challenge of a bare knuckle fight to decide the outcome of the war has thus far been ignored. America lands a man on Mercury. The Disputed Zone Mercenaries win the Superbowl. The hard working scientists at the Real Institute of Tobacco and Firearm studies create a cigarette with EVEN MORE great taste.

The town of Podunkville KS. We can clearly see the carnage from these declassified aerial photographs.

*Black and white slides click into place*

What happened here?


 Who was responsible?


 Does anyone even care? To answer these questions and more, let us once again delve into...


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Post by: PatMan33 on May 17, 2013, 05:49:47 pm
Anton Knight firmly smacked the back of a small radio as the weekly lottery drawing faded in and out of coherence. It was somewhat dark around him and he had to squint to see the dial clearly. What little light came in through the grimy windows only served as mood enhancement. Behind him the sound of glass on wood rang out loud and clear, causing him to lose the station just as the first number was announced.

"Hey man! You gotta pay for that!!" Anton yelled at the back of a drunk patron, "Yo meathead! You paying??"

An older, grayer fellow poked his head out from the kitchen with a fistful of lottery tickets and glared at Anton who nodded toward the drunk. Rummaging through his pockets, the drunk managed to grab a few coins and haphazardly tossed them onto the floor before throwing Anton a bird in the air. He left the bar.

"Right... do your thing, boy." the older man grumbled to Anton and stepped in to cover the bar. Meanwhile, Anton had wandered around to the front of the bar and was examining the spare change. "Canadian..." he mumbled, his rage coming to a head. Outside a motorcycle roared to life and Anton was off. With a running start he burst out the front door and dove at the freeloader who was trying to put his helmet on.

It was a Tuesday.
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Post by: Haseri on May 18, 2013, 04:45:02 am
Nigel sighed. Feathers again. He wondered how much it cost to bury the fake fossils at the right layer then make it look like the ground hadn't been disturbed. All so one palaeontologist could get back at another. Everybody knows dinosaurs had scales. Poor Professor Green...

Putting down the cleaning tools, Nigel went to stretch his legs. He wondered around the small room, absent-mindedly checking the other workstations for dust. He sat back down and was about to pull out the next fossil to clean when Mister Smith cleared his throat.

After comically not-quite-dropping the rock, he turned around to see the serious-looking man. "Mister Smith. I didn't hear you come in."

"Sorry about that." It wasn't a supernatural power, Mister Smith just moved very quietly. So he says. "We have a new assignment for you. How did you find America?"

8 months ago, deep in the Pacific North West, hunting a hungry sasquatch that had already mauled one family and was getting dangerously close to a small town. 'Bear' just wouldn't cut it this time. There was a lot of rain and the local he had been paired with had a twitchy-trigger finger and awful eyesight. "It was alright."

"Good. Ever been to Kansas?"

"I've flown over it."

"Well, now you get visit it. Something happened in the town of Podunkville." Mister Smith handed him the photographs. "You've been selected to investigate. Your plane leaves in an hour."

"Wouldn't it be better to ask someone from the Simthso-" When Nigel looked up, Mister Smith was gone. He looked back at the photographs. What was he looking at? Something to figure out on the plane, he supposed.
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Post by: Neoadept on May 18, 2013, 09:46:21 am
MIC waited in the bar parking lot, as it did so often of a night, trying to while away the hours between between cases.  None of the local stations were reporting anything of interest, and all of its HAM radio contacts had signed off for the night.  Lacking a fleetingly fascinating mystery to focus it's mighty intellect upon, it started calculating burn trajectories to bring various orbiting satellites down on the bar.

Purely as a hypothetical exercise, of course.

Just as it was sorting out a hypothetical algorithm to access the hypothetical thruster controls for a hypothetical spy satellite that was in the right orbit, it noted Jonathan stumble out of the bar.  No hanger on this time, at least.  They always got suspicious when the motorcycle started driving itself (MIC wasn't about to entrust it's well being to a barely ambulatory mooch).

A moment later, as its erstwhile owner struggled into his helmet, someone ran out the door and threw themselves at the bike.  Strange, MIC considered, running the numbers on their savings even as the man was in flight, we should still have funds left from Studebaker job back in Toronto...  Ah, Canadian, of course.  Silly me.

As much as it was sure Jonathan deserved whatever thrashing was on the way, MIC's hardcoding was very clear about allowing harm to befall its creator's heir.  It rolled back seventeen and a half inches and allowed the attacker to fall squarely on its handlebars.
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Post by: PatMan33 on May 18, 2013, 10:07:09 am
He wasn't sure whether his target moved or the motorcycle had moved, but Anton couldn't help but think he saw the bike moving. Either way he crashed into the bike and bashed his head on the headlight hard enough to give a man a concussion. Anton slumped to the ground and groaned. Uneasily, he got back up to his feet using the motorcycle as a makeshift ladder. A small bit of blood trickled down the bartender's face from somewhere near his hairline. He turned toward the biker and pointed at him menacingly.

"Time to pay up, buddy. You had four beers, that's 70 bucks! American." Anton lowered his pointer and laid his hand instead on the motorcycle's handlebars. "If you don't pay I'm taking the bike. Let's go."
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Post by: Neoadept on May 18, 2013, 05:22:38 pm
MIC revved it's motor warningly.  They were not going to be running the pawn shop scheme if it could be avoid.  Motorcycles breaking themselves out of garages attracted far more attention than they wanted.

Jonathan, meanwhile, shook himself into a state that roughly approximated sobriety.  Someone was asking for money that he didn't have, which meant it was time to turn on the charm.

"Okay, right off the bat, that beer was way overpriced," he began, because even if it didn't put him in the guy's good graces it was true, "and sure as hell wasn't worth as much as this bike.  And uh..."  Inspiration struck him and he groped at his wrist for a moment before coming away with a strip of gold.

"I don't suppose you'd take a Rolex?"  Or at least he thought it was a Rolex.  The vendor had been very convincing.
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Post by: Oviraptor on May 19, 2013, 06:17:42 am
It was a cool night—at least that's how SB-5 guessed a human would have interpreted the reading on his thermometer. The junkyard was closed for the evening and all of his robots were either stored for the night or patrolling the perimeter. So, he sat in the office alone. It wasn't a big office, just a single desk and chair, with a couple of seats opposite for visitors to sit in. Three of the office's four wall had windows—shades drawn—with the front one also containing a glass door reading "Bob's Junk & Scrap Yard" in cracked navy blue paint.

The fluorescent glow of the desk lamp cast his flickering silhouette on the wall behind him. His detached right forearm lay on the desk before him. With his left hand, he expertly removed the outer casing and set it aside. Carefully, he soldered in a new piece of hardware he had repurposed from an old electronic scale. When he was satisfied with his handiwork, he set about reattaching the casing and fastened the arm back into his elbow.

After he finished, he reached over and grabbed a drafting compass from the pen-laden coffee mug to his left. He brought the sharp tip down onto the end of his right index finger. He let out a sharp robotic gasp. I can feel, he thought.

Then, he did the same thing to his left arm.
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Post by: eropS on May 19, 2013, 09:34:11 am
An average sized, mild skinned and balding gentleman finished off his cigarette with a final, deep puff. His brown leather jacket and blue jeans were dirty with soot and dust from a days work out in a local mine. Most of his finger tips were black and numb, small to large burn scars dotting his visible hand and neck. Pushing himself off from the wall of the bar he'd been leaning on, he approached the two disputing men. His red eyes took a quick glance at the watch and his eyebrows peaked.

With a raspy voice, he motioned to the bartender, "Say Anton, what say you just let me settle this? I give you sixty, and he gives me the watch." Not really caring for a response James poached the watch from the drunken stranger and handed the part time bartender three twenties. Stepping back, James slapped the blue-green watch onto his wrist and smiled wryly.

Stroking his brown goatee-mustache combo, James gave a quick look at the chopper the drunk rode in on and warned, "Hey, you know your bike sure is running hot for being off. It's like nothing I've ever seen, honestly. You might want to get that looked into..." He then extended his hand, "I could look into it for you, James Redman."
Title: Re: The Podunkville Files - The Pulp RP
Post by: PatMan33 on May 19, 2013, 12:05:37 pm
Anton reached down and grabbed James' wrist.

"The dial is all wrong." he mumbled, tapping the clear glass crystal. "I'm a bartender at night and a used car salesman by day... I've seen my share of fakes. Usually people trying to skip out on the bill..." Anton cleared his throat and looked at the biker.

"But it's a good fake. As long as you're okay with it, Jim. It's probably worth about fifty-sixty bucks anyway."

Reaching into his back pocket, Anton grabbed his washrag and wiped the blood from his face. "So..."
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Post by: eropS on May 19, 2013, 03:16:38 pm
Scrunching his face a bit, James retracted his hand from the drunken biker as Anton finished his appraisal.

"I see, well this should at the least make a nice timer should a situation call for it." Looking back down at his wrist he cocked his head slightly and shrugged, adding with a chuckle, "I'm just more or less pleased there's a wrist watch I can actually make out the time."

Crossing his arms now, James turned back to the drunken swindler, "I'm still willing to take a look at that bike of yours, I wouldn't recommend taking such a hot piece of machinery home just like that; who's to say what being off at that temp is doing to those parts."

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Post by: PatMan33 on May 19, 2013, 03:23:32 pm
"Right, well... have fun guys. It's been a pleasure."

And with that, Anton turned and headed back toward the front door.
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Post by: Krakow Sam on May 19, 2013, 03:29:03 pm
Narrator: "Reaching forward to open the door to his place of work, Anton's ears fill with a menacing roar from above as a decommissioned soviet satellite, mysteriously torn from its orbit, strikes the bar square on! Blown back by an almighty wave of pressurised air, bar rubble, and shards of old liquor bottles Anton falls head over heels!"
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Post by: eropS on May 19, 2013, 03:40:54 pm
James could hardly react as he heard a whistling sound rapidly become a screech as the satellite raced towards the bar.

With a sudden motion, James dove to the ground pulling Jonathan with him as debris shot out from the impact site. The sound of a shattered glass echoed throughout the area. Looking down James cursed, the watch face too, had been cracked and made untenable. Able to make out a lump of red and orange, James called out "Anton? Anton you still with us?!"
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Post by: PatMan33 on May 19, 2013, 04:04:07 pm
Anton was sitting at a small desk in his room. From down the hallway he could hear his sister singing along to the newest Ronnie Reagan single on her record player. Bobbing his head to the beat, Anton grabbed a big box of crayons. It was one of those ones that came with the sharpener in the back. Not only was it one of his favorite things in the world, Anton was the coolest kid in his class when he brought it with him. He grabbed red (though it was actually more of a salmon) and began to color in the apples on the tree in his picture. He was standing under it along with his parents and sister and they were smiling. As he went to put the finishing touches on his picture a sneeze welled up in his throat and everything went dark.

Now he was standing by the hallway window with his big sister. Her record was still spinning away but she wasn't singing any longer. Instead they were both staring at a small trail of black smoke in the distance.

"What is it?" he asked. His sister did not answer. Suddenly a white flash engulfed the smoke trail and grew rapidly until their whole town was lost to sight. Continuing to watch, Anton grabbed his sister around the waist and held her. Their shadows were stark against the wall behind them, though neither ever noticed. And then all in an instant he heard himself and his sister screaming and the sound of glass, wood, and everything else shattering.

Anton bolted upright with wide eyes and tried to get his bearings. He was holding a door handle. A hot door handle. "****!!"

Tossing the handle away, Anton's memory began to come back to him. He was at the bar. There was a drunk. The bike. Jim was there. The lottery numbers were being drawn. The old man!! He had been in the bar. Anton clawed at the ground and pulled himself out from under a piece of sheet metal that had once been the roof, then clamored to his feet and promptly fell back down. Something hurt. That wasn't normal. He looked down at his leg and spied a small golden shimmer from just below his knee. It was the dial of a Timex watch. Anton grabbed it with his thumb and index finger and slowly tugged on it. There was more.

Gritting his teeth the bartender yanked the shrapnel out of his leg and looked at it. It wasn't a Timex. It was a fake Rolex.

"Anton? Anton you still with us?!"

"H-hey! Jim is that you? You alright?" Anton yelled hoarsely, looking around for movement. His body was pocked with bits of glass and metal but Anton didn't seem to notice, though it was doubtful that anyone else would miss it. He was bleeding pretty badly. "I found your watch... I uh... I don't think the old man got out of this one."
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Post by: Oviraptor on May 19, 2013, 05:41:21 pm
SB-5 had just finished reattaching his left forearm when he heard what sounded like a distant explosion. That was odd, he thought.

He calmly reached over and turned off the lamp. The incandescent glow of the junkyard light poles created thin strips of light where it passed through the gaps between the shades and the windows. He stood up, walked quietly over to the leftmost window, and peered discreetly outside. He didn't know what could have caused that explosion, but he wasn't going to let it surprise him.

He stood there watching, listening.
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Post by: Neoadept on May 19, 2013, 05:42:39 pm
"That was a hypothetical!"  MIC exclaimed as it ran a diagnostic, confirming that it had never sent the satellite any actual thruster commands.  Still, it had been requesting data and prodding at security, its digital fingerprints would be all over the device's logs for the past few minutes.


It would have to acquire the black box before anyone else could.

"Johnathan," it hissed, "case!"

Jonathan snapped out of the slack jawed awe he'd been staring at the smoldering building with and gave a shaky nod.  Climbing off the agitated motorcycle, he strode towards the wreckage and next to Anton.

"We won't know that until we look," he said, whipping out a business card in a move so practiced it wasn't touched by his inebriation.  "Jonathan Dai, world class detective.  We'll figure this out, don't you worry."
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Post by: PatMan33 on May 19, 2013, 10:59:36 pm
"I uh... thanks." Anton checked the business card then pocketed it so he could pick bits of glass out of his arm hair. "Hey who were you talking to just now? Was it Jim? Is he alright?"
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Post by: eropS on May 20, 2013, 08:53:57 am
Calling out as he rose from the ground, James responded, "Yeah, I'm doing alright." He then looked over Anton with a curious glance and whispered, "Though how you seem to be..." However, his line of thought was cut short as his eager eyes began to scan across the wreckage, the melted alloys, the twisted metal, the smell of charred wood in the air.

James could still make out the dancing light of the small embers that dotted the remains of the building, the rest various shades of orange to white, much of the crater smoldering still. "I don't think anyone got out of this one..."
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After wandering around aimlessly for a few minutes and picking bits of junk out of his skin, Anton came across an unopened (and uncombusted) bottle of Everclear. He popped the top off and took a few generous gulps, then began to pour the rest onto his wounds. It looked worse than it actually was, most of the cuts and scrapes were cosmetic and only a few things had managed to go very deep. Either way he'd been lucky. Very lucky. Again.

"Hey you know... this almost hurts." Anton joked loudly so the others could hear him. It actually hurt quite a bit and the jet fuel he was pouring onto the wounds wasn't helping, at least not in that department. "You guys seen my car? It's the blue one with the... uh... the... damn."

A short distance away in the debris-strewn parking lot was Anton's car. The dark blue finish gleamed bright in the glow from the fires that still remained. Sadly the soft top had been blown clean off and it didn't look like it was being put back on any time soon. It wasn't all bad, Anton still had the hard top back in his garage but that was miles away. Of more pressing concern was the giant hunk of steel in the passenger seat and the large dent in the hood. He wandered over with a frown and wiped a thin layer of dusty ash from the finish. Anton slurped down what was left in the bottle and tossed it aside before calling out over his shoulder to the others.

"Hey guys! What's uh... ... ... this."

Across the hood was an imprint of whatever had landed there prior. Four letters were there. They weren't deep but they were fairly clear and the exposed finish of the car glowed red in the light.

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Post by: /lurk on May 20, 2013, 03:34:15 pm

Robot Cop rolled down the road with treads at max speed, flashing his lights and "woo"-ing as loud as his speakers could go. Arriving at the bar, he pulled up near the onlookers.

"Is.everybody All Right? That.was quite a Gas Explosion. The Fire Department will arrive soon."

He pulled a fire helmet out of his chest compartment and replaced his police hat.

"Stand.back everyone, the fire department will control the Fire"

Producing a fire extinguisher, Robot Fire Chief started to put out the smouldering parts of the bar.
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Post by: Krakow Sam on May 20, 2013, 03:42:28 pm
Another roar fills the air as a glowing line of light streaks across the night sky overhead and impacts somewhere in the Podunkville suburbs, landing with a muted "Crump". The hair of our heroes ruffles as a gentle blast of warm breeze whooshes past them from the epicentre of the fresh impact.
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Post by: Gorman Conall on May 20, 2013, 05:45:44 pm
David had just been passing through the streets of Podunkville as he often had, it had been more or less a vacation for him. Such a town had no real use for a rogue agent gone vigilante so he simply was using the time to kick back and relax for a bit. Then he saw it, a hooded individual had entered a convenience store. David knew what was coming, he had seen it a hundred times before, it was always the same.

he slowly and smoothly pushed open the glass doors of the small corner shop, he watched the hooded fellow coolly as he browsed each of the isles in order. He followed with silent steps, he was a ghost in even in the bright light of the store, the crook would never see him coming.

After a few minutes of looking around without even picking up an item, the moment David had been waiting for, the hooded thug made for the candy bar shelf and sangged one, quickly shoving it in the pocket of his hoodie, he briskly made his way to the door. David adjusted his tie, cracked his neck to one side and shadowed the mans steps until he turned the corner just out of sight of the shops owner.

In a flash David grabbed the thief hand and wrenched it to the side, the man let out a yelp and his hood fell down revealing a face that couldn't be older then seventeen. *You seem to have a severe case of sticky fingers, easy fix no worries* and with a single twist he broke the kids pinky finger, the bone protruded to the outside and the kid squealed in a pitch that could nearly shatter glass.

*The bone can be set and will heal, but the scar will remain forever, whenever you look it it I want you to remember the lesson you learned today*  David said coolly

" was just a candy bar" The hoodlum squeaked through ragged tears.

"Precisely" David replied.

As he left the boy to nurse his wound David saw a bright flash followed by a ground shaking boom. He adjusted his tie once more and calmly strode in its direction.
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Post by: Neoadept on May 20, 2013, 07:36:16 pm
"Um," Jonathan said, turning to where James was watching the burning building with downright disturbing interest, "I don't suppose this is one of those towns that still has bomb shelters, is it?  The sky's startin' to look real dangerous."
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Post by: PatMan33 on May 20, 2013, 10:25:51 pm
"Right... well, for reasons I'd rather not be here when the public servants show up." Anton called out as he braced his back against the inside of the driver-side door. He put his feet onto the hunk of metal and the gave a hard push. The scrap slid out of Anton's car and crashed to the pavement along with the passenger door. "Hey Jim! It's gonna be dark soon. Why don't you let me give you ride into town and we see what's going on?"

While Jim thought it over, Anton got out of the car and hefted the broken door into the trunk. Glancing to the side toward the robotic policeman, Anton mumbled, "I oughta stuff you in here too, Robber."
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Post by: eropS on May 21, 2013, 08:12:47 am
Breaking his glance from the sky, James nodded. Looking around, he remembered that he had parked his chopper around back in what used to be the alley way but was now a part of ground zero, muttering, "****." He turned back to Anton and called.

"Two of these things in a night? You bet your ass I want to see what's going on." Walking past Jonathan once again he gave the detective a hard pat on the shoulder as he passed, "Cmon, dick, if you're world class maybe you'll solve it before we even get there, eh?" With a chuckle he continued towards Antons car, noting the heavy piece of machinery that had to come off it first. Sliding right in to the passenger seat, James noticed the red and blue approaching and called back, "Hey, I'm not sitting in this open air carriage ride just so I can be questioned later, lets get to that other fireball!"
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"No shelter, I guess," Jon muttered as he made his way back to MIC.  "Get us out of here," he hissed as he threw a leg over the bike's seat and gripped the handlebars.

"I'm afraid not, Jonathan," MIC replied coolly as it turned away from the destroyed building and made for Anton's car.  "I've calculated the spread of the debris field, and the object's main component most likely went this way."

"And we care because...?"  Jon asked as they passed the car headed for the back of the parking lot, following a trail of broken glass and cratered pavement.

"Because we're broke," the bike lied.  It was curious about the satellite phenomena, but more to the point it had to scrub all the evidence of it's involvement from the affair.  "Pick it up," it commanded as they came upon the surprisingly small core of the downed orbiter.

With most of the casing and numerous components stripped away, it was no larger than a beach ball and, despite his grumbling, Jon had little trouble picking it up.
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Post by: PatMan33 on May 21, 2013, 12:20:52 pm
"You coming along, Detective?" Anton called out to Jon, spying the hunk of tech in his hands. "You can play with that later, let's put your skills to the test. Town is just down this way." He pointed off down a long flat road toward the glimmering fires over in town. Evening was in full swing by this point and it would be dark soon. "Bring a flashlight!"

With a roar, Anton's car came to life and after a few backfires it was rolling down the road at high speed. Everything seemed more or less fine, though the ride was definitely more wobbly than it had been. James was buckled in tight and leaned away from the space where his door should have been. Anton's driving was, truthfully, not for the faint of heart... or anyone really.
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Post by: Oviraptor on May 21, 2013, 02:54:18 pm
SB-5 was about to assume the explosion was an isolated incident when a bright line cut through the air like a bullet. For the briefest moment there was a brilliant flash where it intersected the horizon, followed half a second later by a thunderous boom. That one was closer, he thought.

Uncertain, SB-5 quickly and fluidly unlocked the door, stepped outside, closed the door, and locked it again. He paused a for a millisecond or two, contemplating what action to take to best ensure his survival. Deciding to prepare for the worst, he walked calmly over to an old fifties-era fridge. He pulled on the rusted handle. The ground shook slightly as the sound of one massive hunk of metal hitting another permeated the air. The white door now opened, with a slight creak befitting of its age. He stepped inside, bending over in the tight space, and the door closed behind him. It would have been pitch black had he been limited to the narrow range of wavelengths humans were. Another metallic thud and the floor began descending beneath him.

A third thud later and the decent stopped. A row of old, noisy light bulbs turned on in succession, illuminating the small bunker. There were shelves lining both sides of a narrow walkway. On them were various mechanical parts and pieces, haphazardly filling up all the available space. At the end of the walkway sat a terminal with a single display. On the screen, displayed the whereabouts and a few key statistics on each of his robots.

Now, he thought, what is the best way to defend against objects falling from the sky?
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Post by: Haseri on May 22, 2013, 02:04:53 pm
One of the many, many problems that came with working for Dee Wing is that, ever so occasionally, reports would come in before anything actually happened. There were stories from other agents that they were sent into the field years before what they were investigating even happened.

Podunkville was fine. Nothing out of the ordinary, as ordinary as a small town in a fly-over state can be. Now he'd have to go through the awkward conversation that this man with the accent was, in fact, with Homeland Security and was here investigating something, no we can't tell you what, need to know basis, etc. etc.

That said, he thought as watched the sparse landscape go past the taxi window, it would be nice to have a few days off.

But that comforting thought evaporated when the taxi driver said "Wouldja look at that?" It looked like a shooting star to begin with, but became brighter. It hit somewhere just behind the horizon. Even this far away, the explosion could be heard. "Holy ****!"

Well, there was the explanation. "Keep going."

"You crazy? That was probably the rooskies firing the first shot!"

"Trust me, if that was a nuke, we'd be dead."

"Well, I ain't becoming a mutant. You can walk."

"Like hell I am. Keep going, if you like your job." He produced his not-technically-fake badge.

A few moments later, another bright light fell and hit the ground, this time much closer. Nigel was getting worried. Coming from space usually meant a Lovecraft-style anomaly, which he was not trained to deal with. He was very close to calling home, getting experts in, when he remembered the driver. "Did you see where that fell?"

"Yeah, it was close, I think."

"Get as close as you want. I want to see what that was."

The driver dropped him off several streets away, before speeding off in the opposite direction. When he got there, there was already a large crowd of people, murmuring amongst themselves. Thankfully, nobody seems to have approached the object. Gibbering fish-men were never fun to deal with, especially child-sized ones. Just as thankfully, it had hit a shop - what did they call them? A general store - that was closed for the night.

Standing on top of some rubble, he brought out the badge. "Ladies and gentlemen, please return to your homes. The authorities are dealing with this. Please remain calm." The crowd thinned, but there were still some people about. But the object didn't seem to be doing anything. If it continued to do that, the stragglers would just wonder away out of boredom.

He turned to face the glowing rubble. Dust was still settling, so he covered his mouth with his coat collar. Behind him he heard a car pull up. Somewhere deep inside himself he doubted it was the police. They don't usually backfire.
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Post by: /lurk on May 22, 2013, 03:23:04 pm
"Beep.beep fire extinguished!" Robot Cop rotated his hands and span his head around in triumph. "Now I-"

For the first time he caught a glimpse of the other crates and fires areound the town. With a slump, he started rolling his treads down the road towards them.

"Wee-woo... weeee-woooo... "
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Post by: Neoadept on May 22, 2013, 07:30:12 pm
Jonathan, who had stayed behind to tie the satellite's remains to the back of MIC's seat, passed Robot Cop in the street as the mechanical officer headed for the second crash site.

He frowned at its flashing lights in the rear view mirrors, hoping that it wouldn't set MIC off.  Other robots tended to put the bike in a mood for days.  If they were free, it would be momentarily optimistic before falling into a series maudlin rants about it's lot in life.  If they were as trapped by their programming as it was it would be tirades on the inequity of the universe right from the start.

Someday, he swore he'd instal a mute button.
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Anton sped through the streets of the small town and zigged and zagged out of pedestrians on their way home. There were an awful lot of people out. They were probably looking at the crash. Rounding another corner, Anton spied the telltale signs of the impact and slowed down. He switched off the lights and put the car in park, and as his eyes adjusted he saw the last few stragglers leaving the site. Only one person remained and he looked as if he had a reason to be there.

Stepping out of the car with Jim, the pair wandered up alongside the stranger and stared at the wreckage. "Wish I could say this was the first time we'd seen something like this today..."
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Exiting the car with Anton, James stood along the edge of the impact zone and called out, "Yeah, wonder what's bringing them down all at once like this!" With that, he began to tread into the impact site, this one having much less debris in comparison to the bar scene.

His eyes guiding him along the coolest path, he maneuvered his way closer to a few notable objects, another piece sheet of metal read CCCP as it rested in the rubble. "Looks like this one's Russian, too! Who says God doesn't pick sides, eh?"

Winding his way through the wreckage James stopped and his eyes rested upon a notable cool object, "Got somethin here!" Calling out to the pair above, he continued, "Kind of a heavier object, cold for dropping in from space! Can't really move it myself."
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SB-5 scanned the shelves for useful items. He spotted some armor plating. I doubt any amount of armor would be able to stop an object falling at reentry speeds, he thought. He kept looking; Tesla coil, no, theremin, no, rail gun, no—hold on a second, what's this?

He reached out and picked it up. It was an old radar unit from rusted out fishing boat that had come into the scrapyard one time. If I can get this working, he thought, maybe I can see them before they touch down.

He quickly grabbed various other tools and parts he thought would be useful. When he had gathered everything he needed, he headed back to the elevator. He took one last look at the monitor—nothing new—and hit the button to return to the surface.
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"Gentlemen, please return to your homes. Everything is under con-" And he just walked straight past Nigel. Typical. The badge worked on large crowds of non-pla people, but the law of the conservation of ninjutsu applied here.

Oh well, locals were usually listened to more than some government agent.

"First time? That other one was just like this?" He wondered over to the crash site, hoping to get a better look at this cold object. "Do excuse me, where are my manners. Special Agent Keen." He held out his hand.
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As our heroes investigate the second crater, a firework display of falling objects fills the sky, falling all around Sleepy Podunkville. Satellites of all nationalities and descriptions, pieces of space shuttle and common space junk like meteors, oh my!
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"Yeah you guys have fun in the crater. I'll hang out up here for a while. By the way, I'm Anton." He then went on to tell the special agent about the bar and the satellite and everything else he could remember about it. "So yeah, like I said, almost got hit by one of those things earlier today. I'm gonna keep looking up for a bit longer before I start digging in the dirt."
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"Well, at least that seems to be it..." The universe decided he had spoken too soon, and started raining down more debris. It looked like a meteor shower he had seen once, but brighter and louder. He couldn't even guess where they had landed, and hoped that not too many people got hurt.

"Tell me when the police get here," he told Anton, before jumping down into the crater to help this other gentleman. "Where's this cold object?"
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SB-5 laid out all parts and pieces on the ground. Working quickly, he disassembled the marine radar unit. Once he figured out how it worked, he began constructing a new, more compact version. When he was finished, he picked it up. It was much smaller then the original had been. He flipped his arm and head around backwards, and fastened it to the top center of his back. With one last connection, he powered on the new unit. He was instantly aware of a cacophony of cosmic hail.

The sheer amount of new input was overwhelming. He found it difficult to focus on any single object. As his brain worked out a way to interpret the constant stream of data, a large object suddenly exploded on the ground next to him. The shock wave threw him back into a junk pile. As he picked himself up, the area around him gradual came into focus. He could see a three-dimensional image of everything in all directions, albeit at a much reduced resolution compared to his eyes.

He turned his attention to the large crater before him. So, he thought, what are these things?
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MIC was starting to get worried, which was something of a novel state for the hyper intelligent motorcycle.  Even in the worst of their cases, when bullets flew and Jonathan whimpered in the corner, the worst that MIC could expect to receive was a flat tire and some scratched paint.  Even the occasional punctured gas tank wasn't particularly concerning.

Dozens of objects impacting at barely sub-orbital velocities in its immediate vicinity was another matter entirely.  It couldn't even try to counter whatever was going on, most of the debris seemed to be inert space junk that couldn't move under it's own power, completely immune to any hacking attempt MIC might make.  Something was pushing this stuff at them.

Or, it considered as it detected a powerful radar ping on the order of what the navy used to detect long range missile attacks, pulling it towards us.

"Uh, guys," Jon said as MIC whispered instructions, "this is way bigger than an isolated accident, something has to be aiming for this town.  And I think there's a heavy duty radar that started up about the same time this did."  He shrugged at the questioning looks sent his way, "feel it in my fillings.  Like I said, heavy duty."
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As Jon finished relaying MIC's message, a bright light streaked across the horizon and the ground began to tremble. The pulsing light darted back and forth, covering several miles with each pass. Anton, still looking up into the air at the falling debris, watched the new light and glanced down into the crater.

"Hey uh... I don't suppose that's the cops?" He said loudly, backing toward an alleyway alongside the street. "Don't really want to be around for this."

He kneeled down behind a dumpster and peered out from one side. The bright light was moving closer in what seemed like a rhythmic pattern. Had Anton been paying better attention to the conversation, he would have noticed that the strange light moved every time the distant radar that MIC had detected sent out a ping. Whatever the case, time was short and with the latest ping the light was on top of the group. Nearly everyone had rushed to some sort of cover as the light approached, not that it was doing much good.

The source of the light roared like a monster and caused the very bricks of Podunkville to tremble. Anton and the others looked up at the strange flying object and for the first time were able to spy four large jet engines and a myriad of lights and sensors of all types. The machine itself was the size of a small house and it leveled out over the crater in downtown Podunkville before emitting a series of clicking noises. With another bright flash the light of the jet engines lessened and the contraption began to descend. Three large legs folded out from the side and it carefully touched down in the middle of a nearby four-way intersection.

A final loud snap echoed throughout town and the jet engines went silent. Anton looked around at the others in their hiding places and then back to the machine. A tall door had opened up in the side and a ramp was lowered. What could best be described as a grayish light poured out from the opening and a human-like silhouette appeared. It walked down the long ramp accompanied by several others and when they had all arrived on street level the door closed, extinguishing the bright gray light. As Anton's eyes adjusted to the darkness of late-evening he could see that the occupants of the flying machine were absolutely human.

The human in front was an older man in red-tinted goggles. He wore a plain sky blue flight suit and a black beret on his head. The others around him were dressed in similar uniforms, though they also had large, imposing weapons in their hands. Details were hard to come by in the low light. None of them were locals, Anton and the others knew that for sure.

"It's around here somewhere. There were at least three alive on the scanner in the immediate area." the older man spoke in what sounded like an Indian accent. "Find the source of that radar and shut it off, then deal with the witnesses. I don't want this town to become a problem."

Giving their commander a salute, the contingent of six soldiers marched off down Main Street heading directly towards the most recent impact site. Anton watched them in silence as they passed but ducked down suddenly. As the soldiers passed into the distance he could still see their commander standing at the end of his ramp. The commander pulled his radio close and spoke to his men once again. Anton could hear the distant echo from the soldiers' radios.

"Sensors are picking up something else. It's faint and masked and messing with the accuracy of our scans. Possibly some kind of advanced prototype. Be on guard, this one might be intelligent. If you see it, shut it down like the others. That radar takes priority, though. We need ALL bands silent. Over and out."

The commander turned on his heel and stalked back up his ramp. Unlike last time, the door simply slid open and shut as the man walked through, no light or show. Even though it was only for an instant, Anton thought he saw something else moving inside the ship.

Meanwhile, at the soldiers' destination, SB-5 was just pulling himself out of a junk pile and getting his bearings.
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James ducked behind some debris as the large craft landed in their vicinity. Watching carefully as one of the men began to bark orders and disperse his companions, he turned to his companion, Nigel, who he had pulled into his hiding spot, "Police are here." A small smirk followed, whether or not these men were actually police was suspect, but they seemed like an authority all the same.

As the commander turned and began to enter the ship, James made his move and began to maneuver his way out of the crater so that he might be reunited with his ride. Stealthily, he made his way over to the alley Anton had backed in to. As he turned to catch another look at the ship to see if he was still unnoticed, he watched as the commander entered the UFO. Curiously, James saw colors that indicated multiple parties still on board and close to the entrance of the ship.

"Anton," he whispered as he rolled into the alley. "Anton, you manage to catch that?" Peering out, he scanned the vicinity once more and noted that Jons bike was still glowing. "I think I might have an idea of where we can at least start asking questions." He motioned towards the motorcycle, "That thing has been running hotter than any bike I have ever seen, and it's not even idling. That thing is doing something that does not involve turning those two wheels, I think this Jon guy owes us some answers."

Shrugging, he then turned his attention back to the ship, "Though, there are multiple parties aboard that ship besides the commander that just went in, if you don't want to stick around I understand." Reaching into his jacket he removed a small lighter and a vial of blue liquid and casually swirled it around, "But if you do... we should act soon."
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This was just getting better and better. Not only was the military involved - not that he could recognise the uniform - but whoever was in charge had uttered the immortal lines 'deal with the witnesses'.

He ineptly snuck over to Anton and... the other one. "So, that complicates things." What's the situation? Two normal men, one with a suspicious knack for detecting radar and a ship possibly filled with a roving death squad. OK, suboptimal, but things could be worse.

"That's an excellent point..." Crap, didn't get his name. Now he can never ask. He motioned for, Jon was it?, to come over to them. He looked back at - nope, no idea - who was now holding a lighter and a vial. "Wait, what's that?"
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"Yeah, hey Jim... I'm not so sure about this." Anton was getting a bit nervous. He loved adventure but UFOs and wannabe members of the Non-Aligned Movement didn't exactly put him in his comfort zone. "These guys have a giant flying... thing. I mean, the car is right there. A-and those big guys are gone! I'm thinking California? You know... greet the sunrise with a nice drink and all that."

Anton fumbled through his pockets and produced his car keys. He looked out of the alleyway and across the cracked pavement to where his car was sitting. It was parked behind the Podunkville Rod & Gun Club building and Anton could just barely see the rear end of the vehicle. That was going to be a long walk in front of a menacing and disturbingly quiet airplane thing. Then again they could probably just chase the car down anyway. Nigel brought Anton back to the present.

"Wait, what's that?"

"What's what? I don't know what anyth- oh..." Anton finally noticed the vial.

Several blocks away and approaching the outskirts of the small Ville, six armed men passed underneath an aging sign that read "Bob's Junk & Scrap Yard". They broke off into three pairs and each flipped a small switch on the side of the rifle. A loud charging sound filled the immediate vicinity and the street lamps overhead flickered uncomfortably.
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Jon skulked over to the group, staying low and leaving MIC behind.  The bike couldn't participate in conversation and would just listen in or read their lips or whatever it was it did in any case.

"I'm with...  The bartender," he said, realizing he'd never gotten any of their names.  "This is way above my paygrade."
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Pointing up momentarily, James shook his head, "California's a long way to go when the sky's falling." Swirling the vial around further, he continued, "The way I see it, those satellites are going to start crashing down in the next few minutes, and when that happens I don't intend to be driving through the middle of a suburb in Kansas hoping to not get pegged."

He then pointed to the ship, "They seem to know what's going on. I think we should rattle the cage and see what response we get."

Smiling, he winked at Nigel, "You want to see what this is? It's a compound I've created. Take an unstable gas, a neutral combustible material, seal it in a vial," flicking open his lighter, the small flame burned low, highlighting the spark in James' eyes as he lit a small cloth on the edge of the vial. He continued, his voice a bit more hurried with excitement, "Listen up, this is about to get real, feel free to bail if you'd like but I would rather take a flying machine than a car to get out of here." The small flame began to exhaust the cloth, "I'm running to that Gun club, I suggest you guys follow."

With that, James stood up and hurled the small vial towards the ships door. Upon collision, a small burst of smoke appeared followed by a vwoosh as the door became coated in a sticky blue fire, melting the door slowly but effectively. With the ship dealt with for the time being, James emerged from their alley and made a b line towards the club.
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"No no no no don't" And he threw it. Well bugger. At least he had a name. Jim. God, it would have been so awkward to ask.

All of Nigel's training kicked in as the vial broke on impact. A sharp intake of breath, getting in position to run and then bolting it before one gets hit. Most people who do heroic things tend to end up dead - it's the statistical outliers that become heroes.

This time, there was some extra baggage. Jon was the only lead, apart from whatever was in the crater, and Nigel wasn't about to let him die. So Nigel grabbed Jon by the wrist and pulled him behind as he ran. The pair reached the gun club just as James did, crashing through the door and jumping behind the front desk.

"Unfortunately, it's not above mine. Now I've seen fillings that pick up radio, although they weren't strictly fillings and they weren't actually put in by a dentist- that's not important. But I've never even heard of something that can pick up radar. Unless this is some wild coincidence, I want to know how you knew it was a 'heavy duty radar'."
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Rummaging through the club James grinned as he found himself in a room surrounded by gun racks, each with a placard indicating ownership.

Returning to the companions that followed, he laid down a reasonable stack of hunting rifles, shotguns, and ammo. "Got to love Kansas." Slinging a rifle over his shoulder he agreed with Nigel, adding, "Probably has something to do with that bike of his using energy when its 'off'"

Loading the rifle, James continued, "I'd hurry, too. Antifreeze burns pretty damn hot and that door isn't going to be there forever."
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Anton ran off as well. He zipped straight past Nigel and the biker, past the window that Jim had tumbled through, around to the back of the building and up into the open passenger side of his car. With a relieved sigh, Anton plopped into the driver's seat. He rammed the key into the ignition and with a screech flew off down a side street in a Westerly direction. The gun club vanished behind a pair of small boutique shops and Anton made a hard right back onto Main Street. He reached into the passenger seat and held up his rear-view mirror. The UFO was ablaze and lights were beginning to flash all across its surface. A deep bass sound filled his ears and he pushed the gas a little harder against the floor.

Something small and shiny shot out of the UFO and darted down Main Street toward Anton. Meanwhile, the air around the ship itself began to cool rapidly and MICs sensors started to go haywire. A bubble of cold seemed to be forming around the ship; and the motorcycle, while very warm, decided to casually roll a few feet outside of its range. There was a strange noise like rubber rubbing against rubber and everything in the immediate vicinity of the UFO looked as if it had been flash frozen. The only thing that hadn't changed was Jim's firebomb, which was still burning amidst the frigid temperatures.

Anton hadn't noticed any of this though. He was driving frantically down Main Street with some strange missile in pursuit. With another hard right, Anton was once more off of the main drag. The Podunkville Police Station passed him by on his left and a few moments and about one block later, Anton turned around to see the entire building go up in flames. Apparently the UFO had fired a missile at him.

"So much for the cops..." he mumbled as he sped out of the town proper. In the distance he could see the faint glow of the junkyard's flood lights and the large pile they protected. It was the last vestige of Podunkville and, if things went well, the last thing he'd have to see of that forsaken town. Up above him streaks of red and orange marred what was otherwise a perfect moonlit night.
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"Okay, number one, radar uses radio waves, it's what the R stands for," Jon began, quietly proud that he'd remembered that from one of MIC's smug lectures and getting into the flow of blatant lies that had gotten him this far.

"Two, funny story, dealt with something like it up in canada a couple weeks back when some guys used it for night flying to fake a UFO as part of a kidnapping scheme.  Check the papers if you want."  God, give him a weirdo in a mask with bizarrely expensive equipment any day, this was all too real.  "That was a gentle tingling, this felt like I chugged ice water over a cavity, so I figured it's gotta be way stronger."

"Finally, I have a seat warmer that I sometimes leave on so I don't freeze my ass off first thing in the morning.  I know it's not good for the battery, but It's my money so I don't see how it's your business."
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SB-5 stood at the edge of the crater and peer in. Although the wreckage was mangled, he could clearly recognize it as a satellite. As he contemplated going down into the crater to salvage parts, an emergency signal fired off from one of his robots. It only lasted a fraction of a second, which means something destroyed it rather quickly. He had not detected a satellite crash nearby, though they seemed to still be falling elsewhere around the town. No, something else was responsible.

Another one went off. SB-5 stood still, scanned the horizon with his new found sense. Unfortunately, radar bounces off metal, and junkyards contain a lot of it.

And another. This is not good, he thought. Spurred into action, he raced back to the office, running straight through the door, glass shattering onto the floor. He turned to the desk and threw it against the wall. Where it had been, was a small metal door. He flung the door open, inside was a small arrangement of firearms—it's amazing what people throw out. After scanning the selection for a moment, he singled out a M1903 Springfield. He grabbed the appropriate ammunition and loaded the rifle, putting the rest in a small bag which he flung over his shoulder.

He turned around to see two armed men entering the clearing near the crater. Without a second thought, he brought the rifle up and fired a shot through glassless door, landing dead center on the left one's skull. As his body fell lifelessly to the grounds, the right one shouted into his radio, "Shots fired! Hostile is inside the building!" and trained his rifle at the door. But it was too late, SB-5 had already reloaded and fired another shot through the second man's head.

So, there are more of them, he thought. Just then, he heard a loud pop. Turning left to face the sound, there was a loud crash of glass fragmenting and as a small canister landed on the floor. It began spewing out smoke of some kind. Tear gas, probably. Silly humans, he thought. Using his new found cover, he peered though the window shade—which was still drawn—using his radar and spotted another pair of armed men. He raised his rifle and fired another shot. This time, the man let off a yelp as he collapsed to the ground. The radar was simply not intended to track such a small target.

"Man down!" yelled the other as he began to open fire into the office. SB-5 quickly jumped headlong through the door, using the growing cloud of gas as cover, and landed on the ground prone. He raised his rifle again and fired. This time he connected with the head, and his assailant fell over, his gun still firing for a brief moment before he landed in a lump.

I've got to get out of here, he thought. He jumped up onto his feet and ran full-tilt towards the entrance of the junkyard. He heard a few shots go off behind him as he rounded the last corner, but he kept running. He ran through the gate, left ajar—no doubt from his attackers—and out onto the street, where he was immediately aware of a car, which came to a screeching halt a few feet to his right.

"What the ****!" yelled the man in the car.
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"We've got the target!"

Anton could hear voices screaming in the distance. It was the first thing he heard after slamming on the brakes to avoid some mouth breather that had run out into the street. Before he knew it, he was yelling too.

"What the hell do you think you're doing!" and "Do you have any idea what's going on tonight!?" amongst other profanity-laced exclamations.

The next thing Anton knew, the person had climbed into his car and was trying to push its foot against the pedal. He struggled with the intruder for a moment before he realized that it wasn't human. Then he yelped and jumped back, knocking the weakened driver-side door to the pavement. Getting to his feet and using the door as a shield, Anton began to negotiate with the villain.

"Hey man, take the car, it's cool. I'm just trying to stay out of your business. Don't mind me... you and your friends there can just go on about whatever it is you're doing and leave me alone." Anton looked over the robot's shoulder at the three armed men racing toward them. Then he noticed that the robot was trying to drive the car away. "They are your friends... right?"

The masked man leading the trio of armed thugs placed his pistol back on his belt and hefted a large black cannon over his shoulder. It made a loud charging sound, sending Anton's car radio into a panic. The bartender backed away, holding the car door up as best he could as he tried to think of something. "I'm gonna take that as a no..."

A loud zap erupted from the soldier's cannon and a beam of purple light connected with the car door in Anton's hand. It shot out of his grip and went spiraling across the rocky wastes before exploding into a thousand little bits.

That was all Anton needed. He dove into the passenger side of his own car as it drove past him and back towards town. Before Anton could open his mouth to tell the robot that it was driving in the wrong direction another pair of purple beams whizzed past, evaporating a cactus and the "Welcome to Podunkville" sign.
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With several Fires extinguished, Robot Cop finally arrives at the UFO site. He pauses for a moment, and takes off his Fire Chief helmet to restore his police cap to its rightful place.



With the clunking sound of a dot matrix printer, a roll of paper starts to come out of his mouth-port. He tears it off and tucks it into a protusion of the UFO:



Your vehicle has been found parked illegally. Errors found:

Your fine is: $59017.00. It must be payed within one month.
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"Hmph," James shook his head, "You can keep your secrets for now, but no seat warmer I've ever seen has run that hot. I'd like to take a look at it after if you don't mind," He then grinned, "have to get a new bike an-"

Looking up he noticed that the ship had begun to give off multiple sirens and shot off a rocket; hurriedly, he pulled the two men down behind the checkout counter; it seemed that the ships fire extinguishing system had run its course. Emerging from their cover he smiled as a lone police robot pulled up and began issuing a ticket to the icy vehicle. "Woah, I have to get me one of these..." James muttered as he surveyed the blast scene. Everything was dark, save for the robot and the door. "Interesting."

Checking his ammo, James looked to his two companions and nodded, "You're still free to run, b-" another rumble shook as if a building had exploded near by. "I'm getting some answers."

He then approached the side of the ship as the fire continued, boring a hole in the ship about the size of a globe. The blue heat leaving metallic droplets as the pieces melted bit by bit. Removing a glass flask, James opened the container and took a swig of the contents. Then, with a sigh he inserted a piece of cloth and covered it with the liquor. Igniting the makeshift molotov he tossed it into the hole and quickly returned to cover.

Holding his rifle steady, his attention was caught by the sound of a car racing towards the icy covered streets. He looked and caught a glimpse of a glowing red object in the distance, closing the gap rapidly. 'Oh. ****.' James thought, 'They're going to hit this ice.'
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"No no no this is the wrong way!! We're heading right toward that thing again."

SB-5 did his best to ignore the frantic human in the passenger seat, though the large ship up ahead gave him pause. As they approached another door rolled open and a larger version of the cannon that the soldier was carrying poked out to survey the scene. Turning the wheel sharply, SB-5 tried to evade as the weapon charged. Fortunately he had failed to notice the sheet of ice that had formed on the road and the car began to spin wildly, allowing it to narrowly avoid being blasted by the UFO's cannon.

The car rammed into the curb and bounced up into a butcher's shop, launching both passengers. Anton landed on top of a folding table and rolled across the floor into the far wall. He was unconscious. Meanwhile, SB-5 careened through an open freezer that swung shut behind him and his radar signature dropped off of the map entirely.
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SB-5 was trapped. Try as he might, he could not get the door of the freezer to budge. It must open from the outside, he thought. Worst of all, the thick metal walls blocked his radar. All he could see was himself.

He looked down at his rifle. He didn't have enough space to reload it. I have on shot left, he thought. I've got to make it count...

So, as he remained motionless in the extreme silence of his metal sarcophagus, his brain computed the trajectory of his gun in all the places he could fire it.
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A shot rings out loud and true from inside the refrigerator and in a one in a million chance finds its target in a soft part of the UFO as it bears down on the Butcher's shop. Alarms sound and the metallic monstrosity lists sharply and takes the top story off Podunkville Kosher Deli, smoke belching from its ravaged propulsion system.

Across town, the indian man and his entourage interrupt their search for robots as they listen to the mayday from their UFO.

"Aw ****" one swears "Must have got winged by a satellite."

"I knew that thing wasn't ready for field testing. Now the containment is probably damaged and we all know what happens when it fails"

The suited men shiver slightly and give each other silent glances before breaking into a run, away from their failing spacecraft.
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MIC's sensors were screaming with the sudden bombardment of radiation the UFO was suddenly emitting, and the immediate panic of the soldiers made it fairly obvious what was about to happen.

Well, no other option now, every level of it's programming was in agreement.

Revving it's engine, MIC shot off at the gun store, screeching to a halt just in front of the door and blaring it's horn.  Jonathan, knowing a getaway when he heard one, vaulted over the counter and ran at the door.  Nigel was hot on his heels, determined to hold onto the only lead he had, and they reached the bike at about the same time.

MIC, used to such situations and having already decided that subtlety was useless, pumped it's hydraulic shocks to send it's front wheel bouncing upwards into the curator's jaw.  The man flew back as Jon swung a leg over the seat and MIC, unable able to resist the allure of a parting shot, swung it's headlight on the two men.

"The heat signature is the heat sink from my processor, in case you were still wondering."  It wasn't like either of them would survive to tell.

Not bothering to wait for a response, the bike rushed off down the street, trying to get as far from the UFO as possible.

"Nitrous boosters engaged," it drawled.

The street lamps became streaks of light as they topped one fifty, swerving around obstacles and falling debris with precision far beyond human reaction time.
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As MIC speeds towards the perimeter of Podunkville, the damaged Neutral Faction flying machine goes into overload!

Strange energies escape in all directions as its experimental space-warping reactor goes into overdrive!

To people watching from outside the town, it looks as though the whole of Podunkville turns in on itself, leaving only an empty tract of land.

Up ahead MIC's sensors pick up a sign by the side of the road

"Now Entering Podunkville
Pop- 2602"

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OK, talking vehicle... wasn't new, but the first time he'd ever been assaulted by one. As Nigel got up, he felt his jaw. Sore, but nothing broken. He watched the bike speed off, then turned his attention to the UFO.

It appeared to be falling out the sky. Which was, of course, worrying. Who knows what the impact might do?

There was then the taste of nothing as the universe folded in on itself. He looked back in the opposite direction the bike had gone and smiled. "Jim," he yelled back into the shop, "I'm thinking we catch ourselves a talking bike. Have you got any metal cord?"

Yes, the UFO was a worry, but Nigel needed more information, and it was quite possible that hunk of scrap knew just how to get it.
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"What is it?" Anton could hear his younger self asking his older sister a question. He was having the dream again. Something was different though, he wasn't a child. He could see himself as a child but Anton himself, his point of entry into the dream, was his adult self. That was new. He kept watching.

The child held his sister's hand as they stared out the window at the plant that was about to explode, killing everyone the boy knew. A brilliant light flashed across the horizon right on cue and the world was washed away. Anton waited to hear him and his sister screaming and for the sudden jolt of consciousness but it never came. Instead the light became marred with a darkness and his head began to throb. With a swirling burst of activity the murky light faded and Anton was sitting in his room, watching himself draw at his desk. From down the hall his sister's music blared and it pained his aching brain.

Anton had a moment of clarity and realized that his dream was happening in reverse. He had no recollection of that day prior to drawing at his desk and found it intriguing. Moreover he thought back to the UFO. He had been closer to it than anybody, at least he thought so. Had something happened? Anton began to wonder if he was okay.

After filling in a few salmon-colored apples, young Anton let out a loud sneeze and seemed to fall into a daze. Down the hallway Anton heard his older sister yelp in shock. The child snapped back to reality and hurried to her, leaving his drawing unfinished upon the desk. Anton approached it and smiled as his fingers ran across the stick figure representations of his family under an apple tree. The colors on the page began to run and smudge and Anton panicked. He had ruined the picture!

Before Anton could reason with himself the room filled with a bright white light and he could hear screaming from down the hall. The darkness came more quickly this time and swirled about him. Anton looked around as his room fell away and the garage came into view. He was there at his Dad's work bench with some of his Mom's work equipment. There were a few beakers and odds and ends strewn across the table. Anton watched as his younger self looked at the different colored liquids, unaware of how potentially dangerous they were. Then Anton saw it.

The child poured two of the chemicals together and swirled them around. They bubbled for a bit but seemed mostly inert. From the kitchen Anton could hear his big sister calling him to dinner. It must have been the night before the explosion. Young Anton hurriedly put the chemicals back into their sleeves in his Mom's work bag and ran inside. Anton stood there staring at the concoction through the open zipper as it slowly changed colors and became dark red. A volatile mixture for sure. Probably enough to clear a small room if it went off. But if it went off in a laboratory around other chemicals...

"You finally remembered, Anton. It sure took you long enough!" A dark presence filled the garage in Anton's dream. He turned and was shocked to find himself face to face with... himself. "That's right. You caused the explosion at the plant. It was you who killed your family and everyone in your town. Now, I think that's pretty swell. I should know, it was my idea. But I guess I couldn't have known just how big that explosion would have been. A child's retaliation for being scolded by a parent. Who knew you had it in you?"

Anton backed away from his sinister self but found he had nowhere to run. The garage was gone and he was alone in the darkness with himself.

"Truthfully, I had hoped to have more time with you. But that darn explosion trapped me in a deep, dark place. Thankfully you're such a trigger happy fellow and walked right into the kind of danger that could bring me back out. One giant explosion later and a few decades and here I am. Here we are. So..."

Anton felt himself being drawn toward his repressed self. He could not run. He could not speak. He could not do anything except watch. The two beings merged into one and the darkness fizzled away. Anton looked up at the collapsing void. "Let's get this show on the road."


An alarm clock was blaring in a motel on the west side of Podunkville, near the police station. With a groan, Anton rolled himself onto his side and slammed the "off" button. It was the morning, 8:31 to be exact. Pulling on a T-shirt, the bartender walked out of his motel room and leaned on the second floor balcony. One room over, Anton's neighbor was enjoying a cup of coffee from a beach chair strategically situated so that he could see the YMCA pool across the street. Taking a deep breath of warm, dry air, Anton stretched a bit and collected his thoughts.

Today he had to pick up a bunch of lottery tickets for the Old Man. That was Anton's boss down at the bar he worked at during the evening. He had found the place, Scott's Great Spirits, in the paper when he came to Podunkville a few months earlier. It was the latest stop on Anton's tour of the Midwest and was becoming a favorite of his. The Old Man wasn't half bad either, though he always had Anton going here and there for lottery tickets. He had a particular fondness for scratch-offs so Anton always made sure to get a few extras.

As Anton thought about his plans for the day he spied a strange motorcycle rolling down the main drag. He'd never seen anything quite like it and he'd seen a lot, being a bartender at biker bars and all kinds of houses of ill-repute. He watched it go by and was a little startled as the rider seemed to turn and look directly at him. Anton tried to make out the man's face but he couldn't really see it, though he felt it looked a bit familiar. Probably just a customer he'd seen some night while at work. The rider vanished down main street and Anton returned to his thoughts on the day. He took another deep breaths of air and turned back into his motel room for a shower. It was going to be a day, he had one of those feelings.

Elsewhere in town, a group of very confused individuals (and a few robots) were reeling from an explosion that had occurred in a place not unlike Podunkville. In fact most of them were pretty sure it had happened exactly where they were standing; though a simple glance at their surroundings told them that something had gone horribly right. The town appeared normal again. Citizens were starting their days and the streets were dotted with a few cars, none of which were on fire. The UFO was nowhere to be seen and the sky was crystal clear. It was a normal day in Podunkville. And it was a day that all of them had already experienced once before.

The countdown to destruction had begun.
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Hours Earlier, In The Past

Jon was on the verge of dozing as MIC carted him along the highway, letting the bike do the driving.  They'd been going non stop since Saskatchewan and all he wanted now was a place to bed down for the night.

Finally, after hours of empty road, he spotted a sign ahead.

"Now Entering Podunkville
Pop- 2602"

A few moments later the bike suddenly slowed of it's own accord, pulling to a stop just in front of a metal cable that'd been strung across the road.

"Uh," Jon said sleepily, flipping open his helmet's visor and blinking owlishly at the men on either side of the road, "there a problem?"

Hours Earlier, In The Future

MIC calculated frantically as it tore through the town, running simulation after simulation of the current situation and becoming increasingly frustrated at the nonsensical results.  Divide by zero it could have handled, non-euclidean geometry would have been a marvelous challenge.  But readings of infinity minus one on a heretofore undocumented 'zorth' axis?  What gibberish was that?!

It deactivated it's nitrous boosters and coasted to a halt just outside the city limits and the projected limits of the blast (at least that was sensible).  Normally it would have poured on the speed until it was well away from any possible danger, but at the moment it didn't quite trust its own driving.  Its processor was returning gibberish, which was never a good sign.

It booted up a diagnostic and almost instantly received an error.  It's system clock, which normally updated via satellite uplink every hour, was twenty four hours off from it's source.  Disconcerting, but not exactly a root system fault.

Idly, as the diagnostic continued, MIC pinged the atomic clock to see if that particular flaw might be an external error.  All readings seemed normal on their end, except...

The satellite it was linked to was one of the ones that had gone down in the night.  A phenomenon it suddenly realized had ceased entirely.

Suddenly, a great many things made sense.

"Oh my.  This has become rather complicated."

Jon cradled his head in his arms and whimpered slightly.  It was never a good sign when the hyper-intelligent super-bike said things like that.
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Anton, fresh from his shower, donned a blue T-shirt and a pair of black denim jeans and headed out into town. His first stop was the convenience store across town. It was located near some smaller boutique shops on the other side of town near the Podunkville Rod & Gun Club. He walked for about fifteen minutes, meandering here and there and taking in the sights. This was his time. No work, no nothing. And he liked to spend it just kind of wandering. The air was fresh and a breeze was blowing.

He arrived at the convenience store a short while later and picked up a paper as well as an assortment of lottery tickets. The Old Man always played the same numbers and Anton knew better than to deviate from that, but he decided to pick up an extra one just for himself. Unsure as to what numbers he should pick, he randomly threw together the numbers 5, 12, 31, and 7. He also picked up a small bag of Bugles and a Coke. The breakfast of champions.

With that in order, Anton left the store and decided to wander for a bit longer. He hurried across the street and ducked into a back alleyway. It was nice to take the scenic route some days, especially when there was a breeze. He wandered back behind a local restaurant and continued down the small street, heading in the direction of the butcher shop. A truck was waiting out back and the driver was wheeling a delivery of frozen meat for the day's business. Anton smiled and pulled a trash can out of the driver's way so he could get through. Nodding in thanks, the driver pushed his car up to the large freezer door and unlocked it.

"What the heck!?" Anton heard the driver exclaim before the man stepped away from the door.

Approaching the opening, both Anton and the driver cautiously peered inside at the strange machine inside. It looked like some kind of robot and was covered from head to toe in black soot that looked like it had been painted on in some sort of esoteric pattern. Whatever the thing was it didn't appear to be on. At least not at first. But as the pair opened the door further and light began to filter in the robot jerked back to life with what must have been a scream. The driver immediately bolted but Anton stayed and watched the machine as it attempted to calibrate itself to its surroundings.

After a brief series of clicks the robot stood up, looked straight at Anton, and, much to the bartender's surprise, exclaimed, "It's you!!"
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SB-5 fired his rifle. The shot pierced the door right at the latch and it jolted ajar slightly. He lifted his arm to open it far enough to exit. It wouldn't budge. He looked back down at the latch. The door was shut and latched again—there wasn't even a bullet hole. "What is this ****?" he questioned the door.

It was then that he noticed that the freezer was running again. And it was cold. His thermometer was reading only 255K. He was not sealed for this low a temperature. He had no choice but to go into standby mode and wait for someone to open the door.

Hours passed.

Suddenly, the door opened. The warm air, alerted his system and he started to boot up. His generator whirred loudly back to life. His systems began coming online, one by one. He woke up. As he moved his actuators, bits of ice cracked and popped off from where they had frozen. He looked into the wide open door and saw a man. He instantly recognized the man as the one who's car he had stolen.

"It's you!!" he exclaimed. "What the **** just happened?"

The man stared dumbfounded at SB-5 as he stepped out into the daylight. He could feel his body start to warm back up. I can feel, he thought.

"Well, at least nothing seems to be falling from the sky anymore," he said as he powered down his radar. He returned his gaze to the man and started reloading his rifle, "Well?"
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"Whoa man! Er... robot... talking robot... with a gun." Anton stuttered a bit and backed away. "I don't want any trouble. Whatever's going on I have nothing to do with it, I'm just out for my morning walk."

He paused against the wall on the opposite side of the alley, a paltry distance for a robot with a gun to make a move. But the robot didn't seem that hostile, in fact it seemed a bit confused. And why had it been locked in a freezer with a gun anyway?

"So do we uh... know each other or something?"

Elsewhere a man with a thick Indian accent was cursing loudly at a large screen. He had a smoldering beret on his head and his broken red-tinted goggles revealed one of his deep blue eyes. His sky blue flight suit was torn and covered in soot and the remnants of some sort of foam. He slammed his fist down against the metal console and glared at the distorted figure on screen.

"I do not know how it happened. It was a one in a million shot!" he replied angrily. "All I know is that the ship's reactor went critical and caused an Event."

"You were sent to stop the Event from happening in the first place!" The response from the screen was cold and very clearly irritated. "Instead you caused it!! You should have known better, this is sloppy work! You messed up, Kincaid. You have to face the consequences."

"What about you!? You're supposed to be able to see this stuff ahead of time. Why didn't you know that we caused the Event? Give me what I've asked for, I can fix it!!"

"..." Though he couldn't see it, Kincaid could tell that the Overseer was torn. That was a very good sign and infinitely better than the alternative. "Very well. You'll get your replacements. But know this... I'll be watching you. We will be watching you. And if we discover anything ANYTHING that is not on the level, you and you alone will face the consequences. You have one chance to set this right."

The screen went dark and Kincaid stepped back. He breathed a sigh of relief and turned toward a small door that had opened to his right. Stepping through the gap he arrived in an entirely different room in an entirely different place. Sitting before him was a ship that was identical to the one he had been piloting before. He hurried inside, a fresh detachment of soldiers filing in behind, and shut the door. The ship's engines roared to life and the contraption fizzled out of sight, en route to Podunkville.

Kincaid turned to his men and began giving them orders, though he was mindful to watch his tongue. There was one small detail that he'd neglected to tell the Overseer, an Aberration. Before the Event and before he had bailed out of his previous ship and returned to base, he had gotten a few strange readings from his instruments. There had been several living and synthetic beings in the vicinity of the explosion. And while he wasn't certain about what exactly had happened, he suspected that they were still close. It wasn't entirely unheard of, a person being tossed forward or backward through time. Though such an occurrence was considered a worst case scenario.

All Kincaid knew was that he had to find these people. Most of them had been far enough away that the effects of the Event wouldn't have had a terrible impact on them. The likely outcome was that they had been thrown maybe a day or two forward or backward in time. Forward was one thing, but backward was very bad. Backward meant that those people had effectively overwritten their past selves and now had knowledge of the future. They would have to be located and scrubbed. But worse still were the Aberrations. Kincaid only caught a glimpse of the readout before he left the ship, but he knew what he saw. Two, potentially three Aberrations.

Even the Overseer could not predict the outcome of an Aberration.
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Robot Cop flailed his arms around in the Sheriff's office. He did this (for giggles) every time he reset his chronometer.

It was now 10am.

"HA-HA. Time for CSI: Miami Z-Cars!"
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Nigel face split into a disconcerting smile. "Problem?" He walked up and down the street, peering into windows. Full of people, going about their ordinary lives. Oh how he envied them. "So this is what it feels like." He smacked his lips. "You know, I do taste a hint of apple."

Carefully, he unwound the wire from across the road. Wouldn't want it hurting anyone. "No... no problem at all." He looked at Jim then back to John. "This is going to sound like a weird question, but do you remember just now?" He pointed looked at the bike. "Any of you. It could have been later on tonight."
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"If you're hoping for a sudden bout of amnesia on the whole 'obstructing a public roadway' thing," Jon began, not really seeing what else the odd man could be talking about, "I guess no harm no foul.  Just, like, set up some flares or something next time you wanna do roadwork in the middle of the night?"

An unmarked cable stretched out like that would've been pretty messy if MIC hadn't been the one driving.  Jon doubted he could've caught it even after a full knight's sleep.

Meanwhile, On The Edge Of Town

"So," MIC lectured, having finally sorted through its calculations (a number of which he'd had to invent from scratch), "By passing through the effect's event horizon at the moment of temporal cascade with sufficient velocity to cause tachyon interaction we were able to escape chronological realignment, resulting in the present unprecedented instance of an unprecedented event."

Jon blinked slowly as he stared down at the handlebars.  "I understood exactly none of that."

MIC gave an exaggerated sigh as it trundled around to face the town.  "Of course you don't."  What it wouldn't give for some intelligent conversation.

With that, the pair set off to return to town.  As much as it would prefer to drive as fast and far away as possible, MIC couldn't afford to leave behind loose ends.
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James found himself in a small construction site within Podunkville, his orange and neon yellow vest reflecting the morning sunlight. "What, the, f..." He muttered, looking around in awe at the lack of any of the previous nights remnants. Shaking his head in disbelief, he began to walk towards the lot where he had parked his motorcycle, marveling at its current existence. His supervisor angrily began to call out, "Redman! Where the **** do you think you're going? These charges h-"

The voice began to fade as James hurriedly mounted his bike and began to drive into the town. It was not long until he noticed a curious gentleman coiling up a wire in the middle of the main street, where the 'previous' nights events had taken place. He parked as Nigel looked to him and asked him if he too, remembered. He did, and he knew if they did then others might as well.

"One minute I'm prone watching a car come speeding by and a projectile flying out of it, next thing I know I'm back in my orange vest working in a construction zone I had worked in yest- this mor-." He shrugs, "I guess I didn't work on anything. Get on." He motioned for the scrawny man to hop on the back of his crotch rocket.

The drive towards the bar was quick and silent, save for the engine of the motorcycle as it raced down the streets of Podunkville. Turning down the alley where he would once again park his bike, James slowed as he noticed a big fellow standing opposite a freezer truck as another man ran by.

"Anton?" He turned to look at what Antone was facing as a large automaton emerged loading a rifle. "Woah. What did you get in to last ni-" He stopped his thought short, not sure how to approach the question.

"You guys see a UFO?"
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Before the robot could answer Anton's question, someone else was calling out his name from behind. The bartender spun on his heel and spied two strange men walking toward him. One was dressed like a crossing guard and the other was just plain ridiculous looking. They seemed to have a purpose as well, and like the robot they were clued into something that he was not.

"I... UFO? Do I know you people??" Anton said in a startled tone as the robot replied simultaneously and excitedly with: "Yes! The UFO!!"
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James was taken aback by the Antons' seemingly new case of amnesia. Grimacing at the thought that Anton might have lost a lot more than last night, James shook his head slightly and turned to face the rifle wielding machine.

"Yes, the UFO." James repeated, approaching the pair slowly. Nigel chimed in adding, "Not to mention the talking motorcycle and now..." He motioned his head towards SB-5.

"You should at least know me," he started as he looked to Anton, his red eyes squinting to make sure it was indeed the bartender he'd come to be familiar with throughout the duration of his time working in Podunkville. "Who are you?" He asked SB.
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Anton narrowed his eyes at the man in the reflective vest and it came back to him.

"Right... Jim. Sorry I didn't recognize you underneath all that shiny gift wrap. Anyway what are you talking about?? Between talk of UFOs and confused, armed robots I'm feeling like I should have stayed in bed this morning."
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"So what you're saying," Jon said as MIC pulled up in front of a 24-hour convenience store, "is that we've gone back in time."

"Yes," the bike answered in a long suffering sigh.

"And we're gonna cheat the lotto?"

"Although the number of moral restraints Professor Dai placed upon me are numerous and myriad, respect for the sanctity of gambling is not among them," MIC replied.  "As such, remedying our chronic lack of funds is only natural."

"Ha, yeah, it'll be nice to have some scratch for once.  Just kinda surprised you listened to the reading."

"I listen to every broadcast," the bike stated coolly, "just remember:  64-76-22-13-65-72."

"Yeah, yeah, I got it."  Years of relying on MIC to solve cases and having to relay his exact words in explanation had given Jon an excellent short term memory.

Jon entered the store, purchased a soon to be winning lottery ticket, and left without incident.  What he failed to spot was the person in front of him in line pausing on his way out, freezing just as Jon finished reading out his numbers.

Anton retreated to a corner of the shop and watched as the deadbeat from last night (or was it tonight, now?) exited the store.  He glanced don at his own ticket, which had an identical string of numbers, and tapped his chin thoughtfully.

"Now, if we both win, that's still over a hundred mil each.  Not too shabby, but over two hundred is even better," he contemplated aloud, and then frowned as a thought hit him.  "And if anyone else tries the same thing, the split will be even smaller.  Yeah, better take care of this."

Humming an old tune under his breath, he swept through an aisle, gathering a plethora of cleaning agents into his arms, and set them on the front counter.  "Completely slipped my mind," he grinned as the cashier rang him up.  While it might have looked like he was about to get some late night spring cleaning done, Anton knew from experience that in the right ratio his purchases would supply a wide variety of deadly surprises.

It was going to be a fun day.

Meanwhile, With Past Jon

Across town, a biker and intelligent motorcycle with no conception of the temporal shenanigans at play parked themselves in front of a motel.

"Think that guy could be a paycheck?"  Jon asked, using the term that had come to mean 'bad guy' between the two of them.  "Late night roadwork, no warning lights.  Definitely fishy."

"Perhaps," MIC answered, "there's nothing on the air, but perhaps there will be something in the paper tomorrow."

"Yeah," Jon yawned, "I'll be sure to check it first thing."

Wandering into the lobby to get a room, this particular iteration of Jonathan would not awaken until the afternoon.
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The man seemed confused. "Whoa man! Er... robot... talking robot... with a gun." he stammered as he stepped back. "I don't want any trouble. Whatever's going on I have nothing to do with it, I'm just out for my morning walk."

SB-5 contemplated the man's nonrecognition of him. Did he injure his head in the crash? he thought. He didn't seem injured though.

"So do we uh... know each other or something?" the man said.

Just as SB-5 was about to answer, another two men he didn't recognize materialized from around the corner. "Anton?" the first man said. So the man I met last night is named Anton. "Whoa. What did you get in to last ni-" he stopped short, seemingly noticing SB-5 for the first time. After a brief moment he continued, "You guys see a UFO?"

"Yes! The UFO!!" SB-5 blurted out. Only after did he realize the man, Anton, had also spoken. "I... UFO? Do I know you people??" he had said. He shut up.

"Yes, the UFO." the first man said with slight trepidation.

For the first time, the second man spoke. "Not to mention the talking motorcycle and now..." he said, looking at SB-5. It was then that SB-5 remembered he was holding a gun. Robots aren't supposed to have guns. For now, he remained silent.

"You should at least know me," the first man said looking at Anton. He then turned to SB-5, "Who are you?"

Before he could answer, Anton, who didn't seem to hear the question aimed at SB-5, said, "Right... Jim. Sorry I didn't recognize you underneath all that shiny gift wrap. Anyway what are you talking about?? Between talk of UFOs and confused, armed robots I'm feeling like I should have stayed in bed this morning."

It was then that SB-5 spoke. "Well, Jim, Anton here was interested in selling this firearm to my owner at the junkyard. I was just inspecting it."

Anton, unsure of how to react, kept quiet.

"Now, let's get in that car of yours and see if we can't get you a deal." Without giving him much time to think, SB-5 shepherded Anton into the driver's seat. After getting into the passengers seat he leaned over and added softly, "I'll explain everything on the way, but I'm going to need your help."

Anton wasn't sure what to think. First he randomly find a robot in a ice box, with a gun, no less, and now suddenly he's driving him—it?—to a junkyard.

"As I was saying," the robot continued, "I believe there was a temporal event that cast myself and others backwards in time, which means there is probably a you somewhere who does remember the UFO."

"You mean... time travel...?" He had a sick feeling in his stomach. Another me?

"Yes! Which is why I need your help. See, this other me, he won't know I exist. And there can't be two of me if I'm to resume me life." The robot then rambled on talking a bunch of technical details that were lost on Anton. "So that's why I have to shut him down, the other me."

"So... you're... uh... going to kill yourself?"


"So why do you need me again?"

SB-5 had to repeat the plan a couple times. Anton seemed capable, but unsure as to why he was agreeing to do this. "So basically, you drop me off a few hundred yards before the entrance and—"

"And go in there asking for parts for my car, I get it. Not sure why I'm helping you, though."

SB-5 thought about this for a second. "Tell you what, you do this for me and I'll give you free use of my junkyard for life, anything you need, just ask. You'd be surprised what people throw away." Anton nodded. SB-5 chose to interpret that as agreement.

"Pull over here," he said. SB-5 jumped out of the car and ran over to the junkyard wall. He pause and watched Anton drive in through the entrance. Good, he thought. Turning his attention to his wall, he ran his hand along the surface of the cracked cinder-blocks. He could feel the rough unevenness of it. Securing his digit within one fissures, he began to climb.

SB-5 sat at his desk, looking over the figures from last month. This place might just be his cover, but he still needed to keep it in the green. His concentration was broken when a man opened the door to his office and walked in.

"May I help you?" SB-5 asked.

The man froze for a split second, then said, "uh.. I was wondering if you had any parts for my... uh... for that car outside." He looked over his shoulder.

Something fishy is going on, SB-5 thought. "I can take a look. Please, have a seat." The man reluctantly took his seat and looked over his other shoulder, not toward the car. "Something wrong?"

"Uh... no... nothing." his eye were now fixed on SB-5. The man almost seem to recognize him. SB-5's eyes narrowed, or at least that would have been his expression if he had movable eyelids. Somethings... off, he thought, but what?

Just then, one of his patrol robots fired off a warning signal. SB-5 stiffened. "Uh, excuse me," he said to the man. He grabbed the edge of his desk and shoved it to one side of the room. The man jumped up and back to the wall behind him. SB-5 opened the door in the floor and selected his M1903 Springfield from inside. As the man inched along the front window toward the door, a shot rang out. The bullet shattered the door on its way  toward the center of SB-5's forehead. But SB-5 had already moved, and the bullet his harmlessly on the wall behind him.

****! He moved! thought SB-5. He immediately reloaded as he got up from his position. He began running full tilt toward the office. He could see Anton passing though the shattered door, covered in broken glass, though seemingly oblivious to it. He slowed to a walk and raised his rifle. Another shot, not from his gun. With all the speed of robotic mind, he twisted his body out of the way of the bullet—almost. The bullet grazed his left arm, piercing a vital actuator just below his shoulder. His arm went limp. "****!" he exclaimed out load. His gun fired, but not where he aimed it. It struck the driver''s side door of Anton's car.

Soon he was at the door of the office. His other self had no doubt fortified himself inside. Another shot, out the side window. That's now where I am... he began, but before he could finish his thought, his other self burst through the door and rammed the butt of his rifle square into SB-5's face. His right eye was gone, dangling uselessly as he fell backwards. He caught himself with his right foot. Using the momentum from his fall, he brought his left foot up and knocked the gun clean out of his other self's hands. I landed hard on the side of the building, and bent the barrel slightly. In reaction, to his gun being gone,the other SB-5 brought his right arm in for a punch straight into his other eye.

It shattered. He stumbled back blindly. He expected to feel his other self kill him immediately, but instead he said, "Now that your blind, you best tell me who you are and why you're here."

SB-5 stood silently for a moment. "I'm... you from the future."

"Bull****. Tell me the truth."

SB-5 contemplated his options. Then he remembered his radar. He powered it on. His other self was about two body lengths away. He raised his rifle discreetly and fired. His other self fell limply to the ground. SB-5 dropped the gun and fell to his knees. That was the closest he had ever come to dying.
Title: Re: The Podunkville Files - The Pulp RP
Post by: Krakow Sam on July 11, 2013, 01:54:33 pm

"Exciting stuff eh? Make sure to tune in to next week's Podunkville Files for the thrilling conclusion. Good night America, and keep watching the skies."


*Crackly audio begins* (

Narrator: "The year is 1989. IT IS THE FUTURE. Premier Nabukov's USSR holds the world hostage with its arsenal of deadly doomsday weapons. President Flint says: "Nuts to you, see?!". His challenge of a revolver duel to decide the outcome of the war has thus far been ignored. America lands a man on Jupiter's moon Europa. The New Lancaster Tigers win the Superbowl. The hard working scientists at the Lucky Strike Institute of Tobacco and Household Poison Studies create a cigarette with EVEN MORE great taste.

The town of Podunkville KY. We can clearly see the carnage from these declassified aerial photographs.

*Black and white slides click into place*

What happened here?


 Who was responsible?

 Does anyone even care? To answer these questions and more, let us once again delve into...