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Title: Prometheus
Post by: Krakow Sam on June 28, 2012, 11:06:42 am
Saw this yesterday, good film, not GREAT, but good.

Some good performances, especially from Michael Fassbender. Fun if you've seen any of the Alien films. In fact if I had a criticism its that its TOO similar to the Alien series.

Anyway, thats my brief review over, onto the fun part. I want to play a game. If you have seen Prometheus, you can play too.

I want to play a game. The game is called, which trope did a character fall foul of, and then die? Lets play a game.

Geologist guy said he was only on the mission for money. He died. How ironic that he can't take his money with him because he is dead.

Biologist guy poked the alien snake that he didn't know what he was. He died. Earlier in the film he said something about Darwinism, and then he died because of survival of the fittest, how ironic.

Main scientist man was mean to the robot. Nasty death. You should know better than to be mean to the robot.

The robot was the robot. He was torn in half. Robots always get torn in half. Silly robots.

Mr Weyland thought the big aliens could help him. Deeaaaaad. What would god want with a starship?

Some random soldier just up and walked up to the geologist guy who was obviously a monster by that point. So dead.

The black captain sacrificed himself in a blaze of glory. And there I thought they were bucking the tropes when he didn't die first. How ironic that the spaceship captain died to bring down a spaceship.

The lady from arrested development tried to run longways away from a rolling object. That never works. Dead.

The last Engineer thought he could take down a lone surviving woman from a doomed expedition. You better believe that guy is basically the deadest.

Anybody spot any more?

Title: Re: Prometheus
Post by: ilikesanta on July 02, 2012, 10:29:43 pm
Well... The Engineers make a super weapon to kill us pesky human but ends up killing a lot of them. We are the ultimate super weapon. Go Humans!
Title: Re: Prometheus
Post by: Legodragonxp on July 06, 2012, 07:18:50 pm
It was a 'good movie', but both too long and too short. Too long to get around to the action points, too short because you really don't give a flying **** about any of the characters due to lack of development. Theron's only real lines were those that filled out the flight suit.

Not sure about other tropes or are they cliches:
Nobody gives a damn about quarantine procedures until they are covered in foreign matter, then it is too late.

Aliens killed by microscopic organisms.


Title: Re: Prometheus
Post by: Uroboros on July 19, 2012, 03:02:46 pm
That wasn't confirmed to be the case. There were corpses, but the cause of their deaths were not confirmed. Also consider the complete lack of bio-weapons or any alien corpses upon arrival. The only bio-weapon exposure was due to humans 'breaking the seal', though a vital element (the common annelids) were already in place, that seems just as much a security measure with a timer, as anything else. It helps if you don't view the engineers as a species with a singular unified goal, and also consider that we don't know what Bob Android said to the survivor. That individual may have been a religious zealot that viewed humanity as something that needed to be wiped out, and dissenters as deserving death. He may have just been a psychopath, with no species-specific target, just targetting whatever he felt like. The android may have effectively directed/sparked the killing, because while he was under employ of humans, he showed initiative in following his own whims. Humankind may have also just been a 'material' they intended to harvest like crops, as a vital element required to further the creation of the xenomorph, but without complete extinction in mind. If simply destroying us was the objective, why would the remaining crewman put himself into cryo when the ship was already capable of travel (and had our location stored)? Assuming there was an outbreak, and he used the cryo-pod as a method to sustain himself, presumably while the bio-weapons died of natural causes/age (assuming that wouldn't just let them further their lifecycle and grow more potent), why didn't he set a timer?

There are so many variables and loose ends, that we really cannot say much for certain. Well, other than the proto-alien designs were kind of crap. I mean, I get they needed distance from the famous full xenomorph design but... really? The bio-mechanical look, even in slight, was a key element. The meta-fluid infected annelid design worked well though, a bit simple but at least it didn't just look exactly like some common terrestrial creature.

I did enjoy the film, though. The first half was incredible. The tension. The set-up. It was great. Then it just kinda flopped into some kind of minor creature-feature with overly familiar designs. Wasted potential, I think. Especially the med-pod scene. Suddenly her heavily drugged haze vanished and it turned into gorn with loud screaming. It would have been far more effective if it was just severe discomfort made apparent despite her drugged state. That would have also made her wriggling exit more powerful, as all her muscles refuse to operate properly, being limp, emphasising the powerlessness while mere inches from the proto-hugger. Hell, if that interfered with the storyboard progression too much, the pod could have just administered a system-flushing purgative drug that caused the sedative effect to quickly diminish after she got out. I think that scene had some incredible set-up but was wasted on screamy-time gorn. Then again, I think they mishandled the body-horror too. The reliance on shoving things in peoples mouths cheapened it, as the quick and easy squick. The original facehuggers were so unnerving because they didn't show precisely what they were doing in graphic detail; all you knew was that they rendered the victim powerless, and that removal was impractical and incredibly dangerous to the host, and that alone was creepy enough. Obscurity when done right, is a poweful thing. If you needed the squick factor, a revelation of what it was really doing later on would have been better. The latest trend with them is to show the implantation proboscis in full at nearly all the times during an lunge/attack, and to couple a successful grab with overstated horrible wretching noises to substitute fine horror with basic squick. That's the equivalent of taking any horror movie and inserting an obligatory nightvision first-person vidcam scene, or a typical "nothing in the medicine cabinet mirror, until you close it", or littering the movie with screamer moments. It's not only facepalm inducing, but it also diminishes events that could be so much more effective. Yeah, I get that there has to be some continuity for even the vague cross-story deal, but despite them saying it isn't canon, it seems like it is trying to be a pretty close-cut alternate canon.

I liked the movie, don't get me wrong. Many things can be overlooked if the central threads keep a consistent good quality.
I just think they fumbled with a great set-up on some key aspects. Here's looking forward to a "Prometheus 2", and hopefully some actual closure or better hints. We realise that explaining everything can ruin the mystique, but consider the first Alien. That managed to vaguely explain the lifecycle without ever hand-holding us or throwing us curve-balls. Sure, that was just following a single entity rather than a whole complex bunch of things, but maybe that's where Prometheus failed the most. It tracked too many things at once, without resolving them, and it ultimately just blurred the timeline and event sequences to obscurity by having too many little mysteries running parallel? P2 may include the makers of the engineers. Brace for potential clusterduck, but hope for closure and redemption~
Title: Re: Prometheus
Post by: Krakow Sam on July 20, 2012, 12:26:33 am
we don't know what Bob Android said to the survivor

That language apparently has a translation (it was made for the film by some linguistics professors from SOAS)
Neo told me in IRC that David says something like "This man is dying, he thinks you can give him more life". No sauce on that I'm afraid.
Title: Re: Prometheus
Post by: Neoadept on July 20, 2012, 07:00:52 am

Apparently there was a longer conversation that was cut?

The problem with this movie was that it couldn't make up it's mind on whether it wanted to be a Big Question Sci-Fi movie or a horror flick, leaving it in a weird middle ground where we got neither.