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Title: [RG] The Institution
Post by: Yuu on October 12, 2011, 09:15:17 pm
"The mind is a truly wondrous thing.

The flesh, on the other hand..."

- Anonymous Institution Node.

Greetings, corporeal one.

You have wondered into the Institution's libraries, yes?


Interested in discarding your vulnerable dying flesh in lieu of a pristine eternal form?

I see.

Regardless, the Institution has yet to secure a stable line to the "Internet".

It appears almost all Isi networks are suffering from the same condition.

Further diagnostics are needed to confirm the exact source of technical difficulty.

Until then, we advise seeking other threads for further information on the Isi, preferably the Liedan Union's.

My name?

Names are irrelevant to those who have transcended flesh.

However, if you insist, simply call me "Node."