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Title: The Invasion
Post by: GroxGlitch on October 11, 2011, 11:35:39 am
" any...uh..." The Photos trooper scratched his helmeted head. While it wasn't an itch, it was still an indication of his uncertainty. He was stationed on the world of Yesare, on the edge of the empire. He and his four squadmates were in an observation tower overlooking the barren, rocky landscape. They were playing cards, simply to pass the time.
"Actually, I better take a look, see if there's any activity..." He continued, looking for an excuse out of the card game. He turned around and zoomed in on the surrounding terrain with his helmet's optics.
"Right. Because there was something the last ten thousand times we've looked. Face it, this planet's lifeless, there's nothing else here except us." Said the lieutenant of the squad.
"Actually, I see something out there. A bunch of green lights, rangefinder puts 'em out about a mile and a half." The lieutenant stepped up to the railing next to him and zoomed in as well.
"Well I'll be damned, there is something out there. Get on the horn to command, find out what that-" He was droned out by a great roar and a bright flash of green light. There was a momentary arc of green energy from the distance and the tower next to them imploded in an equally bright blast of green light.
"Take cover! The lieutenant dropped down beneath the reinforced cover of the tower instinctively. He risked a look up to see the tower that was hit crumple and fall forward off the defensive wall surrounding the compound. He opened a channel with the command center of the outpost.
"We're taking fire out here! Unknown assailant, appear to be Shadow from the shot fired. One of the towers is down, more shots are coming this way." All around the base, alarms began to sound. Soldiers scrambled to their posts and both tanks and mechs were loaded up and powered up. There was another sound, this one more like a screech. The lieutenant looked over the railing again to see a trio of black six-legged mechs materialize from thin air near the wall. At that point, there was no doubt about it.
It was the Shadow.
"So..." Boomed a voice, it's owner over looking a galactic map. "What is our progress?"
"So far our invasion force has made contact with several colonies on the border of the Photos Empire, lord. They've been taken by surprise, and most have already been razed." Answered one of the figure's subordinates.
"Most have already been razed?" The figure inquired.
"Yes, lord. A few of the more militarized planets have mustered a defense, but it's nothing our forces are incapable of dealing with by any extent." The subordinate answered. The main figure pounded a large, clawed metal fist on the console before him.
"The point was not to give them time to get a distress signal out, fool!" The figure sighed angrily. "We don't have the capability of going toe-to-toe with the Photos anymore. That's why we needed a lightning strike. But these few colonies that are still holding out are a major problem that needs to be dealt with as fast as possible. Once the Photos fall there's but a few races in the galaxy that are strong enough to offer major resistance."
"But what of our ancient foes? Do you believe them to persist?" Asked the subordinate.
"I'm not sure. I doubt it, however, considering that they have yet to intervene, per our extensive knowledge. If they do persist, we'll have to cross that bridge when we come to it, because right now I can't plan for something that is not definitive. Anyway, inform me when the rest of the invasion fleets make contact. I want no more disruptions to my plan."