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Title: [KSM] To Switch a Pirate
Post by: Josasa on June 19, 2011, 11:11:13 pm
Source High Circuit – Planet Fons
256 PC

Conduit Phara stood in front of the assembled Program, scanning the faces of each and every alien that sat before her. These were all the best of the best when it came to their respective races. Some were excellent with weapons, some were intelligent, some were devout zealots, while others were just very well connected. Whatever the reason, they were sitting in this room, waiting for her to begin the briefing.

“Some of you may have heard of this name,” Phara clicked a button and the wall behind her flickered to life. A large portrait of a Forthi was presented. There didn’t seem to be anything special about this particular individual, except for a massive scar that ran down the right side of his face. The wound started from the top of his skull and stretched down and out of the frame of the photograph, suggesting that it continued down a good portion of the upper body. This wasn’t really saying much, though, as the Forthi were smaller creatures.

“He goes by the name of Sigma Suul, and pirating is his profession of choice,” Phara continued as the group stared at the hardened face of their new foe. “The reason that you’ve been called here, is that Suul recently attacked a Source ship that was travelling between Octanus I and Reeva IV.” Phara clicked another button, and the picture behind her changed to show these two solar systems and the highlighted planets.

“Our ship was following protocol, although it was on high alert, as the areas surrounding Reeva IV are known for pirate activity. The standard distress signal was reported shortly after leaving warp, as the Source ship had to exit early due to the asteroid field that sits relatively close to Reeva IV. This is also the reason for increased pirate activity, as the asteroid field gives them somewhere to hide. Not much information was gleaned from this distress signal, except that it was sent one hour and thirty two minutes after exiting warp and that three pirate ships were spotted. The identity and actual number of these ships are unknown, since that information was not broadcast, although we are assuming that they were all frigates. These are the ships that are known to be under the command of Sigma Suul.

“Now we know that these ships were under the command of Sigma Suul, since the crew members of the abducted Source ship were released planet side several days later. Alongside this, we have a number of sources in the pirate community. All but Suul claimed no involvement in this attack on the Source. It seems that many people realize the power of the Source, and understand that we are not to be trifled with.” Phara smiled as she said these words, as did most of the people in the room. It was no secret that the Source was nearly everywhere in the civilized galaxy. Several different governments officially sanctioned the religious organization, and the number of Links within the Source numbered in the billions. This made for a very lucrative collection pool, which made sure that the Source always had capital to ensure its spread.

“Further probing of our contacts in the pirate community turned up where Suul frequents and where he could most likely be found. Using this information, we are sending you out on a search and destroy mission. Sigma Suul himself is to be apprehended and brought in alive. His entire crew is to be eradicated as are his ships and equipment. Suul has strayed and he must be switched. He has lost his way, and it is up to the Source to right his wrongs. Let our brother’s energy be purified.”
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Post by: Raz on June 25, 2011, 06:20:14 pm
As Conduit Phara finished her speech, a small figure stirred in one of the great shadows of the room, created by the light of the wall. As it moved into the light, those present could make out a rather small, almost miniature Daeluush, covered from toe to neck in armor that looked like a charred black, with hundreds of small medallions, trinkets, and chains of various metals strewn across its chest, legs, and shoulders.

As it moved, no one heard it breath or heard its feet stepping on the floor, but the metal adorning it created quite a commotion as metal hit metal and chains rattled. It looked at no one, and carried a helmet just large enough to fit on its head. The armor was obviously powered, and very high-tech, if not the absolute cutting-edge of Daeluush, or perhaps Source, technology. Most within the crowd probably assumed such a small figure needed the strength augmenting effects of the armor to be any use in battle, let alone carry a high-powered weapon. Of its weapons, it carried none, save for a sheathed dagger on its belt.

The Daeluush's brown exoskeleton was painted a base color of black, with intricate red tribal paints that eventually led to a red symbol on its forehead: the Daeluush word for Kingslayer.

At the front of the room, it made an about turn, took the button from Conduit Phara, bowed slightly, and motioned for her to sit down. He paused for a moment, considering the group seated in front of him. An unusual group, for sure, very multiracial, but the Source pays no attention to race, he thought, A blessing and curse, I suppose.

He clicked the button, and the wall changed to show a star map, with a central circle of stars outlined, "This is the Sigma System of Forthi Delegation space, the northernmost, or closest to the core of the galaxy, colonies of the Forthi. Suul is known to operate in this area, and it is here we shall hunt our prey. Suul is not a pirate of incredible power, but his fleet still poses a threat to our frigate. The good pirates are far from easy prey, knowing when and where to hide, when and where to run, and when and where to fight.

"I do not expect this hunt to be the easiest, nor do I expect it to be the hardest. We must maintain the element of surprise against an enemy who is also trained to maintain this same element. In the best case scenario, we ambush Suul planet- or station-side, easily kill his entourage, capture Suul, and return home with zero casualties. In the worst case, Suul's fleet ambushes our frigate and tears it apart before the crew has time to react, and we all end up frozen corpses drifting through Forthi space.

"But I've been through far worse than whatever Suul can throw at us, and been through situations where almost everyone around me ultimately perished. As your leader, I intend to get this job done as quickly as possible, as quietly as possible, and with as few friendly deaths as possible. I am Dantares the Kingslayer, and I promise to bring Suul and as many of you as possible home, alive, and uninjured. Are there any questions?" Dantares looked around the room.
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Post by: GroxGlitch on June 25, 2011, 08:41:01 pm
Krag rose his hand a moment to get the Daeluush's attention.
"What class of Frigate are we taking, exactly?" He asked. He figured, with the right type of frigate, getting detected might not even bee the issue. He had spent most of this meeting just quietly drumming on the table with his sheathed, deactivated Plasma Claw, able to record every bit of the speech word-for-word and not pay an ounce of attention doing so.
He was a rather experienced Krin, his left shoulder adorned with an intricate paulderon instead of the typical covering. Standing 7 feet (2.1336 Meters) tall, some might find his size and bulk intimidating. He guessed, however, that the Daeluush that was their squad leader didn't feel that way. Krag found him rather impressive, despite his small stature.
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Post by: Raz on June 25, 2011, 08:56:29 pm
Dantares looked at Krag for a moment, and then decided the information wasn't too dangerous to give out, "We're flying what the Source calls the 'Trojan' class of frigate. Designed with every stealth measure currently available, it's a heavily modified frigate built by various contractors and races. Technically, Trojans means any frigate repurposed for stealth operation, in Source terms. In space, there will be appear to be hardly any visual, electromagnetic, or heat signature on any known sensors. Our goal for this mission is to take care of Suul as quietly as possible, with the least people possible knowing this operation even occurred, and the frigate has been chosen specifically for this mission. I can't say anything else about the frigate beyond what I've told you, and that it has no name and isn't present on any roster of ships except the Source's list."

Dantares looked around the room again, "Anymore questions?"
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Post by: Cyst on June 25, 2011, 09:09:12 pm
Ketser stood and began to speak, his gloved hands moving around the air above his head idly. "I have less of a question and more a proposal. Our original plan of action was killing the target's entourage, but I would propose we capture as many alive as possible so that they get additional opportunities to see the truth. Surely that would be a better task, no?" He sat down once more and pulled his hood back over his face.
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Post by: Raz on June 25, 2011, 09:18:16 pm
Dantares would've raised an eyebrow at Ketser's proposal, but he had none, "Our mission is to switch Suul's people, destroy his ships utterly, and remove almost all traces of him, while acquiring the Forthi himself. We do not have the time or the resources to go around capturing pirates who will likely pretend to change their beliefs at a moment's notice if it means saving their skins. In any case, we need as few witnesses as possible, who know as little as possible. Suul's crew will know too much about us if we capture them. It is far more difficult to keep the mouths of a hundred men shut than a single man in chains. The Source does not want such a burden, and killing these pirates allows them to obtain the clean slate of their next lives, so that they might be more productive members of society and the Universe. Anything else, unless the Seeonsurm would like to debate what we is we've been told to do?"
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Post by: Yuu on June 26, 2011, 01:13:14 am
In one of the far corners of the assembly, a silent yet observant Furen Tze listened to the ongoing briefing. He was perfectly content noting the other more active participants, refraining from stepping up himself after having heard all that he needed from their designated leader.

The revelation that the Kingslayer himself would lead the operation was a pleasant surprise for the Furen Tze, having never collaborated with the exceptionally talented Dantares in all his years in the Source.

An interesting assignment this will be, eh, Zuron Ziel?, he mused while thinking of the mission ahead.
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Post by: Josasa on June 26, 2011, 09:13:55 pm
Navor Narri sat at the front of the group, slightly irked at all of the questions. Those that were relevant he had accepted, but when the Seeonsurm had suggested a change in plans, that had annoyed Navor enough that it had actually registered on his face. He knew this because Phara had seen the reaction and closed her eyes in response. But this display of emotion lasted only for a moment. It was very unlike Navor to show his emotions so openly.

Once it looked like everyone had gotten their questions out of the way, Conduit Phara left her seat and stood next to Dantares.

"Now that everything has been cleared up, Dantares is going to lead you to the docking stations to board your ship. I will admit that I do not know much about ships, but I have heard from reliable sources that the ones placed under your control are state of the art." Phara smiled at this. "I wish you the best of luck on your mission, and ask for a moment of contemplation before I depart your company." With that said, everyone in the room did their racial equivalent of staying silent for a short moment. The two Forthi closed their eyes and lowered their heads to the ground.

"Thank you."

When it was over, Phara looked up at the group and smiled before exiting the room. As she exited the screen flickered as it lost power. The last image seen was that of Suul staring out at the Source members, a look of grim determination on his face.
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Post by: Raz on June 26, 2011, 10:00:31 pm
When Phara was done, Dantares motioned for the crew to follow him, "Come on then, let's get to the ship. We're wasting time sitting here, and every second means Suul gets farther away." He strode out of the room, not looking back to see if anyone was following him. If someone was left behind, that was too bad, he didn't need anyone slow on this mission.

They made their way to the Source hangar relatively quickly, with the sleek Trojan frigate coming into view through windows in the walls of the hangar. There appeared to be almost no straight lines, no windows of any kind, and the engines were of an unusual design that was obviously very new. The frigate must've been incredibly expensive, but the Source had its ways and money to obtain such a thing, and more.

Dantares led the group across the extended walkway to the hatch of the frigate, easily gliding past technicians and crew walking back and forth with various tools, boxes, and other assorted objects. Inside, along the main corridor which ran like a central spine from one end of the ship to the other, Dantares stopped and turned around. Once everyone caught up, he began to talk, while pointing to his right, "The bridge and most of the crew quarters are located towards the front of the ship," he then pointed to his left down the corridor, "while most of the engineering and combat decks are located to the center and rear of the ship." Suddenly, his voice grew very grim, "None of you are allowed anywhere you aren't authorized to be. Every door to a different section is locked by keycards and visual scans. Know only what you need to know, and restrain your curiosity. The vast majority of you belong only in your quarters, in the recreation area, or with me so long as I authorize you to accompany me wherever I go. If you are found snooping around somewhere you shouldn't be, you will be punished appropriately."

Dantares eyed them all carefully. He believed there were no traitors among them, but one could never be completely sure, "Now, we shall make our way to the bridge. We have to examine our course, and consider our next actions." He turned on a dime to his right, and walked briskly towards the front of the ship, and the bridge. They passed crew quarters on the way, but it didn't talk long to reach the bridge.

The bridge was contained near the front of the ship, but located far from the outer hull. In order to enter the bridge, the group walked through a number of very thick blast doors, indicating that the bridge was encased in a very solid shell of metal, to those knowledgeable about such things. Inside, dozens of terminals and holographic displays flickered in the dim light of the bridge, which was primarily lit up by a massive display positioned in the center of the bridge, in front of a fair number of chairs, one of which was larger than the others. Dantares took his seat in this chair, and despite his small stature, seemed as confident as ever. The front of the chair soon turned into holographic controls for the main display, and Dantares began manipulating it, zooming out until the Sigma System was shown in relation to the one they currently resided in, "Obviously, we'll make full warp towards the Sigma System, but we have to think about what Suul will do. Chances are, he knows or will soon realize that the Source is coming after him. Are there any thoughts on what he might do first?"
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Post by: Crazen on June 26, 2011, 11:29:02 pm
"Run." said Taca Zotle. "Vermin run. which is why we need him surrounded, which is nearly impossible in the void,at least with insufficient numbers. The Flock could block out an entire system with their wings, shred the wretched and grimelings, and cut out the fat for the 17 Wings-" he seemed to catch himself.  "...with your blessings, of course."

Taca spoke with the ridiculously furious tone of his kind. always angry, always livid. it was an inescapable part of their minds.

"In fact, I think this is a fine opportunity for the Flock to contribute to the Source directly, if you so wish. each time I have suggested their use, I have been denied. 'disciplinary issues' I have heard (apparently we only have one method of conflict solution that we refuse to deviate from). at your discretion, Dantares."
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Dantares couldn't help but smile a bit, inwardly laughing at Taca, "I'm sorry, but you'll have to add another negative to your list. We don't want to call down a fleet on Suul, we want to take care of him quietly, I'm sure you understand. If the Source should ever wish to ride through Forthi lands with their banners held high in conquest, we'll be sure to call your people to our side. You'd probably love a good conquest. Though you are right that he is probably running, or getting ready to." He looked around at the others, looking for more suggestions.
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Post by: GroxGlitch on June 27, 2011, 08:28:59 am
"Sorry to, again, inquire about the ship, but what weaponry is this craft outfitted with? If it has an EMP weapon of some form, we could immobilize his ship and not have to worry about him trying to escape." Krag said, stating the obvious with the latter sentence. He was impressed with this ship; it reminded him of his own race's craft, which were mostly smooth.
"If there isn't an EMP weapon, I'd suggest slipping in past any escorts, if possible, and boarding. Either way, once we're onboard, I can get to one of the ship's computer hubs and link up, getting the schematics and other things such as engines and weapons, depending on how many ship functions are routed to the ship's computer, which can make our job much simpler." He added.
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Dantares began to wonder at what point Krag's curiosity ended, "I am not at liberty to discuss the weapons on this ship. Know simply that they are state of the art, and most ships try to be insulated against EMPs, I would expect Suul's ships to be insulated as well. As for boarding, chances are we're going to have to at some point in order to capture Suul, but slipping past any escorts is a death wish, seeing as how we'd likely be sitting ducks while we board his ship. Learning the different hallways and such would be useful from schematics, but we don't need to know what his engines or weapons are. After all, we're going to be obliterating all of his people and ships eventually."

Dantares rubbed the exoskeleton that formed his chin, "I'll keep your link idea in mind, for when it becomes pertinent to the mission. Maybe at some point you can hack the ship itself, seal off the ship except for our exit path, once we have Suul, and make our escape cleaner. Then we can annihilate his ship. First though, we'd have to disable it, destroy the engines, destroy the weapons. An annoying task to be sure. Perhaps though, a little deception could go a long way with regards to capturing Suul..." Dantares inwardly considered this notion, things to leverage against Suul, bargains to be made, "Anyone else have any particularly bright ideas they'd like to share? Any considerations on the direction he's go in, what he'd do first?"
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"I am no expert when it comes to weapons," Navor said, stepping forward from the group and standing next to the, "or military tactics for that matter, but the Source has strictly informed me that this mission is to be conducted in as quiet a manner as possible. I know Dantares has said as much, but I must reiterate that point yet again." Here Navor looked at the crewmembers around him. While he wasn't completely knowledgeable on every race present, he was able to recognize some small ticks that he knew each race. This was very helpful when trying to read what the others were thinking.

"But as for where he's most likely heading, that is more tricky. Seeing as I'm from the Forthi Delegation and both he and I are from the same species, I would say that I know how he thinks." Navor said this somewhat pompously, and no doubt annoyed some of the other people present. Somehow, Navor managed to remain completely oblivious to this and continued talking in much the same vein. "There are many hotspots for illegal activity in the Sigma system, which makes our jobs that much harder. However, I have been studying this case extensively, and it has not been entirely fruitless. There are several planets and stations that Suul frequents. Along with this, higher ups in the Source have informed me that we have many spies positioned throughout the system to alert us if Suul is spotted. If that is the case, we will be notified immediately of his whereabouts. But as of now, we still have several areas to choose from. I'm sure you all would choose a better option than I would."
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Post by: Yuu on June 29, 2011, 07:28:42 am
"And what would these options be, exactly?", a guttural-metallic voice added from somewhere at the back of the group. The source promptly advanced towards the front, stopping just as his Furen Tze form emerged from the rest of the crowd. "I trust sir Navor's familiarity with the case, combined with our leader's firsthand experience, would be enough to narrow the selection down further?", Zuron's frontmost hand motioned towards both Navor and Dantares with a mix of inquisitiveness and courtesy. "Barring any unforeseen third party intervention, we have the distinct advantage of having minds from both sides of the trade working for us."
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Post by: Raz on June 29, 2011, 11:24:08 am
Dantares was leaning on the arm of the chair as Zuron spoke, and looked at Navor when the Furen Tze finished, "If I were him, I'd head to the area with the most traffic to pick up supplies for a long run, and to be as quiet and unseen as possible in the process... Do you agree, Navor, and which area would that be?"
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"I would agree that a supply run would be most likely. Now, whether or not he is intelligent enough to have stockpiles away from civilization is another matter..." Here Navor paused for a moment, thinking. "Now that you mention it, there are several hotspots for pirate activity in the Sigma system, specifically areas where pirate ships are known to dock for certain periods of time." Navor quickly took control of the holographic display and zoomed in on the areas he was talking about. He had seen these charts so many times that he knew them like the back of his hand. "Really, these are the only times that Suul would be able to take on supplies from an actual port. Since that is the case, starting here would be the best option." Navor looked up at the crew, as the holographic display showed three highlighted areas that had been selected by Navor.
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Dantares nodded to himself, we shall make haste there at once, as soon as the ship leaves port. All of you can go ahead on your quarters or the recreational area. The Source has done its best to accommodate your different tastes in sleeping space, or lack of, if you don't sleep. Try to get to know each other or something, just don't kill each other. The flight won't be long." Dantares waved them out of the bridge, to leave him to his mind, crew, and getting ready to leave.
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Post by: Yuu on June 30, 2011, 11:24:09 am
Back in his quarters, Zuron busied himself preparing for the operation.

Despite his preference for "standard" firearms, primarily for their ease of use, Zuron always made it a point to include some manner of traditional armament in any of his loadouts. "Never hurts to have some spares...", he mused while examining the small selection of traditional weapons which he spread across his desk. On their own, the tools were not of particular note, just a small assortment of daggers, a pair of crossbows, and a generous number of bolts for use on the latter.

After a close inspection of each, Zuron leaned back as he gradually fell into his bunk, his mind drifting back towards the mission and how this team would ultimately manage to go about it.
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Post by: Crazen on June 30, 2011, 04:23:12 pm
on entering his section, taca's first observation was that they had neglected a fire pit. he labourously fashioned one out the the furniture. not ideal, but it got the job done. he lit it, after smashing the fire alarm, surprising not triggering it.

    things could be better. no Flock meant no tribute to the 17. he would have to make up his debt at a later date, which required a much more envolved ceremony. it couldn't be helped.
     and his damned assistant, Hozai-Peche, had failed to arrive on time. he would help provide for the aformentioned tribute.
    but not until after this task.

Taca scanned his gear. of course, the ceremonial pike, a mandatory armament of a priest. a pair of shard throwers*  and most notably, a fletchet slagger, of Hiraaian origin: one of their infamous magma cannons.

*(basicaly smg's with with a cone of AOE. just detailing. really, I dont give a crap)
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Navor didn't feel like retiring to his quarters just yet, there would be plenty of time for that later. Instead, he decided to head to the galley of the ship, where he fixed himself a drink. It was nonalcoholic, at least to a Forthi, seeing as he was a Source member about to set out on an important mission. Drinking was out of the question, even if there was going to be some time before the ship actually disembarked.

Navor set the drink down on the dining table, which was surprisingly clean. In Navor's past experiences, the dining table in a galley, no matter who the ship belonged to, tended to be dirty and stained with pass usage. Since this was not the case, Navor inferred that the ship was relatively new, or at least the table was.

He decided to sit down, which was really his first chance to rest this day. It had been hectic, what with the mission and team being assembled. But now that it was mostly underway, Navor had time to think. And of course, given the circumstance, his thoughts drifted to Sigma Suul. The case was pretty cut and dry, with very little explanation needed, but there were a few blips that had appeared on Navor's radar after going through the guidelines of the mission.

Suul followed a very specific pattern of attack. The pirate's targets always tended to be merchant ships, or what appeared to be merchant ships. There were several instances where the pirate had attacked Forthi Delegation vessels when he had the upper hand, but besides that, Suul refrained from making contact with other ships. Specifically, in the case of the Source, there had been no attacks made on their ships.

Navor had done some digging and found a number of instances where Source vessels had sighted unmarked ships that bore a resemblence to those under Suul's command. And yet, he had refrained from attacking them. So why had Suul changed his mind? That was the thought that couldn't escape Navor's mind as he stared at his drink.
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Krag approached Navor from behind. He wanted to get to know at least on of his teammates better before setting out.
"I've noticed you organic creatures tend to flock around these places." He said, sitting in a chair on the end of the table opposite Navor. "So," He continued. "Why are they sending a small group like us at this pirate? Why not just send a fleet, wipe him out, and be done with it? Come to think of it, why is it so secretive? I can understand keeping some secrets, but this level seems detrimental to unit cohesion." He asked, leaning back.
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Navor looked up at Krag as he sat down. Of all the team members, this sentient machine had been the most vocal. This could be both good and bad, depending on the situation, but Krag has asked intelligent and useful questions. That gave Navor a good idea of his character, or at least a glimpse at it.

"I've been thinking along the same lines as you," Navor said, although he hastily added, "somewhat." Navor looked back down at his drink before continuing. "They keep telling us that they want to be stealthy, mainly because we will be infringing on Forthi Delegation territory. Even though Suul is a pirate, the FD doesn't believe in extradition, and they especially don't like foreign ships in their territory. Especially foreign ships with guns." Navor paused for a moment as he took a drink. "At least, that's what they keep telling me. But I think there's something more to this. Not sure what though."

There was a silence for a few moments as Navor let this information sink in.

"But what's your story?" Navor asked, looking at Krag.
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Navor's question took Krab by surprise. He blinked.
"Well." He said. "There's not much to me. I was "born" on our homeworld, Beshir. We Krin, being machines, are not "born" in the way you organic beings are. Our AI develops inside that of our parents in a partition of their hard drive. When we're fully matured, we are transferred into a full body as adults. As such, we don't have a childhood or such things. Not long after I was "born", I joined the military, and much around the same time, adopted the Source as my religion. I'm not a very close follower; I barely even practice. Inherently I was picked for this for my skill, not my belief." He chuckled. "Anyway," He continued. "In the military, we don't go through a training like you organics do, all the skills and tactics we need are simply uploaded into our hard drive. One of the things they upload is with is to gain as much knowledge as possible about any battle or operation we're going into, hence all my questions. That's why all the secrecy bothers me a bit, inside our military info is pretty open. Spies are a nearly impossible thing among our kind, as trying to hack or reprogram us is nearly, and I mean nearly, impossible." He looked around.
"It's amazing how different we are from you guys. Among ourselves, we simply use an identification number. Mine, for example, is VWT-02175. Most organic creatures find these numbers cumbersome when dealing with many of us. So, we adapted the practice of taking a name so interacting with non-Krin lifeforms would be easier. So far it has worked pretty well. Anyway, what's your story? I've spent my time rambling, now I want to hear about you." He said, sitting upright.
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Post by: Josasa on July 01, 2011, 02:16:57 pm
Navor inwardly cringed when Krag mentioned he wasn't very devout, although no one could tell. Navor had managed to mask that emotion from welling up, and instead continued to stare at his glass and Krag alternatively. When Krag mentioned how different the Krin were from the other organics on the ship, all Navor could do was nod his head in agreement.

In more ways than one, he thought to himself.

"Well," Navor said, tossing the question around in his head, "there really wasn't anything special about my upbringing. Middle-class family, decent education, all of that good stuff. Eventually, I decided that the Source was my true calling, and I've devoted my life to their causes ever since. It has truly opened my eyes, and I hope to someday be able to spread its message to other races throughout the galaxy. Maybe then we would all be able to live in peace and harmony." Navor said this with such conviction that it was impossible to doubt his beliefs. This was also the reason why he had been selected for this mission, and it showed.
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As the two continued their conversation, another figure entered the room.

Zuron promptly whipped up a sparkling glass of lightly flavored water, dunking in a straw before heading towards the tables. He spotted the seemingly engrossed pair not long after. Having nothing better to do while hanging in the galley, he decided to approach the two and try to jump in on the talk.

"Care to add another person in your conversation?", Zuron politely inquired as he placed his hand on the back of a chair directly beside the two.
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"Feel free," Navor said, motioning for Zuron to sit down. "We were just telling our own personal tales, I guess you could say. So far, we've got a machine bred for war, and an organic bred to preach. Couldn't be more different if we tried," Navor said with a chuckle. "What's your story, if you'd be inclined to tell us?"
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"My story?", Zuron spoke softly while settling into his seat, his eyes briefly glancing skyward. Looking back at Navor, he continued, trying to find the right phrase for what he was going to say. "You can probably call it..."

"A warrior bred to protect...", Zuron's voice rose slightly and with spirit, before suddenly lowering his tone as he added the other half of the statement. "... yet prevented from actually doing it." He took a quick sip and began to clear his throat.

"Even as a child, I've always been interested in other worlds, worlds beyond my home in Furen. I spent almost as much time studying the foreign as I did about my own. Basically, I'm what other Furen Tze might call, odd.", a slight chuckle came out of Zuron as he took another sip. "Since foreigners aren't allowed anywhere near the planet, I never really got the chance to meet one while growing up. The first time I would meet one would be when I joined the military, where I slowly climbed the ladder while hopping from star to star. More importantly...", he paused for a moment after giving a brief sigh.

"That's when I saw it.", he continued, his voice having a slightly different, more somber air to it than before. "The true state of Furen."

"Everywhere I went, I saw in foreign worlds progress, advancement, a thirst for something new, for something that could improve the way people lived. If only the same could be said of Furen.", Zuron paused, his grip on the glass tightened. "We were getting left behind, and I knew that if Furen was ever to be kept safe, we simply couldn't go on like that."

"Or so I thought. I tried everything I could to awaken the same sentiment in others. In the end, eons of tradition proved far too strong to overcome, and I failed my mission. Following that, I decided to leave Furen and make a new life for myself somewhere else.", Zuron took one last sip before placing an empty glass on the table and clearing his throat again.

"One thing led to another and that somewhere else eventually became the Source."
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Navor could only nod at Zuron's tale.

"I've heard of your race, but I must admit, I don't know much about them. Perhaps you can fill me in on them as this mission progresses." Navor looked back down at his cup. A sudden wave of exhaustion washed over him, as if only now the days events had finally caught up with him. The fact that his cup was empty only served to magnify the effect.

"Well, gentlemen, I'm afraid to say that I'm going to retire to my quarters. This day has been hard on me, and I'm going to need all my energy for the trials ahead. I wish you the best of nights." Navor rose from his seat, executed a slight bow to both beings, set his cup in a nearby receptacle, and exited the room.
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Dantares had been giving out the occasional order as they prepared to take off, but mostly spent his time staring at the hologram, considering the mission. It was understandable that the Source was going after Suul for striking, but the troubling thing was the intensity of the Source's retribution, and Navor's revealing that Suul had never attacked a Source ship before. Something simply didn't sit right with Dantares.

He'd quickly come to a conclusion, but he wasn't going to go telling the crew or the team. If he was right, it'd be best to not let anyone else know that didn't need to know. The level of secrecy on this mission warranted it. Besides, if whatever Suul had taken was particularly important, it might be beneficial to say it'd been destroyed with the ship, while quietly moving it to one of Dantares' storages. An ace up his sleeve would be useful if the Source ever turned on him.

He turned on the ship's com as one of the technicians informed him they were about to leave, "Taking off in five minutes. We'll be on our way shortly." He got up to leave the bridge, the crew nodding to him in salute as he went to his quarters.

The Captain's Quarters were separate from the others, contained within the reinforced shell that protected the bridge, and also a fair bit larger. Dantares kept it pretty bare though. No sense in constantly moving stuff from ship to ship. He set his helmet on a shelf, and began to remove his armor, "Send a message to the Resonator, tell him we'll soon be on our way." The computer beeped an affirmative.

Dantares sat on the bed, his skeleton no longer clothed. He held a hand to his chin in contemplation, This mission is definitely going to be eventful... He laid on the bed, drifting off to sleep as the ship began to leave port, accelerating into space.
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Somewhere in the Sigma System, Forthi Delegation Outer Colonies

Sadres 'Sigma' Suul stood amidst a massive warehouse, surrounded by both goods and bads. The goods were actual material goods that ranged from food to ammunition. They were the reason he was currently in the warehouse, and really the only reason he wasn't sitting in the captain's seat of his frigate, floating deep in space. The bads, on the other hand, were a group of assorted criminals from various walks of life. Some of these were his own crewmembers, while the others were the warehouse owner and his body guards. Everyone in the room was on the run from the law in some form. But when the size of the warehouse was taken into consideration, along with all of the materials inside of it, it didn't seem like the law was looking especially hard for these specific criminals.

Suul and the warehouse owner, a Cuuth-Guri, stood surrounded by their subordinates. Everyone was lightly armed, as was customary. Indeed, it would have been rather strange, and quite awkward, if someone had shown up to the meeting unarmed. That was the unspoken rule for any Black Market deal, and was actually a simple way of finding out if there were any greenhorn undercover agents in their midst. Needless to say, that mistake didn't happen twice.

The first couple of times that Suul had dealt with the Cuuth-Guri, he had been uneasy. The appearance of this creature was somewhat appalling, but Suul had grown accustomed to the appearance due to frequent transactions. Along with the familiarization came quick deals. The Cuuth-Guri knew what Suul regularly needed and the deal was just getting wrapped up when the Cuuth-Guri spoke up.

"I'm sure you've heard the rumors?"

"I hear a lot of things," Suul said, unwilling to jump forward into the inevitable conversation.

"The rumor that you've got high profile organizations chasing after you. That you pissed someone off, and they're coming out to get you..." Here the Cuuth-Guri trailed off, leaving the statement open for Suul to finish. But Suul didn't oblige the warehouse owner. "So am I going to be losing one of my more important customers?"

"Not if I can help it," Suul absentmindedly brushed some dust off of his jacket. "I may have some people chasing me, but I doubt they'll be able to find me."

"Some people?" the Cuuth-Guri said incredulously, "that is quite an understatement!"

"Well, maybe if you enlighten me, I'll know what I'm dealing with. Better prepared and all of that bull****," Suul was playing dumb, and everyone in the room knew it. Word had spread quickly through the Black Market, as it always did, and anyone that was involved with them knew what was happening, including Suul. Yet, in a way, the Cuuth-Guri had committed a faux pas by mentioning this at all. This allowed Suul to play the idiot and neglect to mention certain things. Besides, the Cuuth-Guri was the one that wanted to talk about, not Suul.

"Namely, the Source. Their converts have been asking around, trying to be quiet about the whole ordeal, but everyone knows that they're looking for you. And because of this sudden interest, any number of bounty hunters and other organizations are jumping in on the chase. They think that they might be able to make some money off you if they get to you first."

"Yeah, but anyone with a brain would realize that the Source doesn't work that way," Suul cut in.

"True. I'm just wondering what all the fuss is about. I know you attacked a ship of theirs, but that happens all the time, even though it's not your style," The Cuuth-Guri paused, trying to add some effect to his statement. "This is more than just a revenge mission. What was on that ship that was so important?"

Suul didn't answer for a moment as he inspected a rather large piece of dirt that had come off of his jacket. He flicked it away after a few moments, and then focused on the warehouse owner.

"That's the million dollar question."
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Somewhere within the Sigma System

The Trojan dropped out of warp as Dantares watched the technicians working, and looked at the assembled team. Very subtly, one of the technicians nodded slightly, confirming that the other ships had dropped out as well. They would be a good distance behind them, just as stealthy, but always watching, Dantares knew. He calmly stood, "Keep scanning for every ship you can find. As for the team, arm and armor up, we're getting on the dropship in thirty minutes, with planetfall an hour after."

Once everyone was taken care of, and packed into the dropship, Dantares kneeled at the front for a moment, his head down, before he pulled on his helmet, his armor now devoid of all the metal trinkets from earlier. It seemed not to change on the outside, still as solid black as ever, but within, Dantares saw his vision change multiple times as the in-suit computer checked every function to make sure everything was working properly. A moment later, Dantares saw normally again. He opened his suited hand, which displayed a fairly large holograph between the seated occupants of the planet, which quickly zoomed in to show a fairly large collection of buildings, "This is the primary colony on this backwater world. We have reason to believe Suul is likely somewhere here, probably getting ready to leave."

As he spoke, various buildings were highlighted, speckled throughout the city, "These are considered key areas, one of which is the starport. The dropship will keep an eye on that, but the others are the ones we're going to inspect. Most of them are black markets or dens or anyplace where supplies might be stored. Truly, there are too many to go after as one team, so we've got the others here," he motioned to the at least two dozen other Daeluush, far larger than him and armored in similar but lower tech versions of his suit, colored in urban camouflage, "They will our eyes in many areas. Five of them are snipers, who will distributed throughout the city in a star pattern, to watch over us. The rest will be searching buildings just as we do, and asking questions of the owners. We, however, are going to hit the primary market and distribution area. Remember Suul's face, especially the scar. Shoot only if you've got clear confirmation it's Suul, and make sure you don't kill him, or someone starts shooting at us."

Dantares turned off the holograph and closed his hand, still kneeling, "If, somehow, Suul manages to turn a significant number of people against us, and things look grim, take to the roofs. The dropship will come for you. The same thing applies if we lose contact somehow. Our goal is to capture Suul, but if he's here and untouchable, then we're going back to orbit and waiting for him to try to leave." The dropship began to shake violently, as the pilot called out, "Planetfall in five!"

Soon, the shaking stopped, and Dantares got up and went to the back. He punched a button and the rear door descended. Over the next few minutes, Dantares ordered the various teams of Daeluush off the dropship, diving off the ship to perform high altitude jumps that would end with boosters slowing them down until they finally landed. Then finally, it came time for the team to jump as well, strapping on whatever method of descent they preferred instead of the boosters that Dantares and the Daeluush used, "If any of you have never performed a jump before, just try to land safely, somewhere. We'll link up afterwards if we lose you." After that, Dantares ran out first, followed by the others. They were supposed to be aiming for the fairly large roof of a building near the starport and black market. Dantares landed and rolled a few meters before coming to a stop and throwing off the heavy and clunky boosters.

He knelt and looked up to watch the others coming down as he checked to make sure all his weapons where there; the two combat knives stored in the sides of his suit's shins, the tactical and explosive grenades held in a removable belt around his armor, the large rifle slung over his back, the much smaller carbine for close quarters combat slung over the rifle, ammo for both stored around his waist and within another removable belt beneath the grenade belt, and finally, the pistols attached to his armor's thighs.

As the others touched down, Dantares pulled the rifle off his back and looked through the adjusting electronic telescopic scope, which, combined with his suit's built-in telescopic sights and other sensors, allowed Dantares to carefully inspect the market. He did this as he quietly hoped the team landed properly on the roofs, but it wasn't unheard of for a sudden gust of wind to knock someone off course.
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Krag hit the ground hard and rolled a few feet before stopping against a retaining wall. When he jumped one of his impact chutes failed to deploy. While the gravity-hampering field from the one slowed the impact to survivable levels, he came down on his left shoulder hard.
"Agh.....ouch." He stood and checked his shoulder. Damage was pretty bad, the entire shell and support was broken apart and the servo was cracked badly. While the regenerative metal that comprised his body would heal this up in about an hour, it was still a bad position to be in, considering the operation in question. He realized that he was, as he feared, quite off course.
While Krin Impact Chutes were an effective drop device, they were, due to their method of function, highly susceptible to being thrown off course by wind. Not only that, if one of the pair failed, while the individual would survive the drop, they would be injured without a doubt.
"This is Krag reporting in. I was blown off course and, on top of that, one of my damned Impact Chutes failed. My left arm's pretty busted up, but I'm otherwise no worse for wear. I'm on-route to the designated drop zone, over." He said into the secure communications channel set a side for the operation. He got his bearings for a moment, using his onboard system to get a GPS fix on his location. He was, luckily, close enough to make it on foot within the hour.
He walked into town holding his arm. While most people paid no attention to him, too wrapped up in their own business to care, Krag couldn't help but notice one particular figure that eyed him from a distance. While he walked towards the drop zone, he rounded several corners, but still the figure in question kept following him. At one point, he had to cross a narrow alley to get to where he needed to go. Fearing a confrontation, he powered up his Plasma Claw. With his left arm the way it was, he'd be lucky even to be able to swing at all, but if it was just some lowly robber, it might scare him off. As he walked, he turned around. There the figure was. A single, piercing violet eye shone from a cloaked figure with a strangely familiar profile. Before Krag could even say anything, the figure lept upon him. The figure pinned him to the ground. The hood was blown back, revealing the head and upper neck of a Krin.
"Hrumph..." The Krin took in Krag a moment, before slamming a fisted hand into Krag's left shoulder. A bolt of pain raced through the machine as the figure lept off trying to make an escape. Not one to go down quietly, Krag rolled onto his stomach, the pain already present in his arm overriding any that came from rolling. He let loose a storm of particle bolts, one clipping the back chest of the assailant Krin. Nonetheless, the Krin lept it's way up onto a few roofs and out of site. Krag stood again, his shoulder freshly re-damaged.
"Damnit!" He hissed in agony, kicking an adjacent dumpster. He walked the last few blocks to the drop point, where the rest of the team was already assembled.
"Sorry I'm late," He said, leaning against a wall, holding his shoulder. "Got ambushed by one of my own kind. When I find that little prick there's a face full of particle shots with his name on them..." He winced. While his claw arm was pretty much out for now, his gun arm was still perfectly fine, barring a few superficial scratches that would repair themselves quickly.
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(I feel the need to pad my posts with meaningless details now to make it look bigger)

Taca never landed. he detached from his gear a hundred meters from landfall and launched himself free into the air. it was good to be outside: priests didn't have as much opportunity for open air as soldiers and the rabble. he zoomed in on his fellows before perching on a nearby post.

"I will not investigate. The Flock of Ash is not friendly here. I will keep to the skies, for quick response* should there be complications.

*140 MPH
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"Ambushed?", Zuron asked Krag in a somewhat enthusiastic yet clearly serious tone. "Did the attacker happen to take a whiff of your general direction?", he continued, this time just loud enough for both of them to hear.

Zuron left the assembled agents and approached Krag halfway, the eyes on his arms stealthily glancing in all directions. The Furen wore a shock-resistant helmet in front of a relatively thin yet mobile vest, a full set of light protective pads covered all of his limbs. His eyes were protected by hard bullet-resistant visors capable of shrugging off debris and smaller shrapnel, as well providing basic sensors for redundancy with his own personal senses.

As Zuron asked Krag, his lower hands began to feel for the trio of spreadshots strapped onto his chest while his three upper arms did the same with the lone canister launcher and pair of long range rifles slung over his back. A pair of traditional crossbows, including a generous amount of bolts, also hung from his back while spare ammunition were strapped all over protected parts of his body. Zuron was also prepared to pull them out if he sees the need for them.

He continued to glance cautiously at the surroundings, primarily at the rooftops as he waited for Krag's reply.
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"No," He said. "I took the long route, cutting along streets and turning several blocks away from my direction to throw him off. Thankfully I have an on-board GPS system. Unfortunately, the Krin that attacked me could have one too, so that may not have made a bit of difference. I let off a burst at him as he tried to escape. I was low and two the right, but put one shot in the back side of his right chest. He re-broke my left arm, so that'll need about another hour before it's back to full operation, but I should have at least limited movement within 15 minutes."
He looked across the rooftops. He didn't see him, but he was still worried.
"You guys know that if he was one of Suul's lackies, he very well be waiting for us, or at least have people out looking out for intruders like us. If he reports to Suul, we could loose the whole operation..." He said, stating the obvious. He ran a GPS-based sensor scan, looking for the assailant Krin. To Krag's pleasure, the scan found the assailant looking at them from a far window.
"Gotcha..." He said quietly, Zuron being the only one close enough to hear. He spun up the barrels on his Repeater and turned around, opening fire on a far window. The distinct shell of a Krin fell out. Krag sprinted over. The Krin was groaning, his sniper rifle landing next to him when he fell out. His chest was riddled with holes, courtesy of Krag's Repeater. He was groaning. Krag put his repeater in his back harness for it and grabbed the disabled Krin by the neck with his good arm.
"You're going to tell me right now who you're working for, or I swear I'll end you right here, right now." Krag growled, his severely sore arm not helping his mood.
"Never!" The Krin responded. "I only answer the Master!" It was as if a ton of bricks hit him. He recognized the latter phrase. He dropped the Krin back onto the ground and rolled him over. Sure enough, on the back of the head, was a little cylindrical device. Krag stood upright, pulling it off.
"DAMNIT!" He yelled, throwing the device on the ground and smashing it to pieces beneath his foot. The Krin on the ground rolled over onto his back.
"Oooh....what happened..." It looked down at his chest. "And why am I all shot up!?!" He said, looking up at Krag.
"A Control Unit. That's what happened." Krag looked down and shook his head. "I thought every last one of these damned things had been destroyed."
"A Control Unit? That explains alot. I was walking along the street, and the next thing I know, I'm here, on the ground and full of holes. Please tell me I didn't hurt anyone?" Said the Krin on the ground.
"Well, let's see, you busted up my left arm, and were about to blow someone's head off, so yeah, I think it qualifies." Krag said somewhat sarcastically.
"I'm going to find whoever did this to me and..." The Krin didn't finish his sentence, more focused on standing up.
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"Great shot, Krag.", Zuron thanked him as he continued to scan the rooftops, most of the team probably doing the latter as well. "Though I'm not exactly certain how much longer we can stay here after that little incident...", he added, his grip on his weapons tightened even more, feet ready to bolt at a moment's notice.

"Sir?", Zuron turned to Dantares, waiting for his order.
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Not too far away from the Source team, were Suul and his group of bodyguards. They were quick to notice the commotion as the sounds of it wafted through the air. Even those this planet was generally known for it's underground criminal activities and other nefarious organizations, it was orderly and normally lacking in the sounds of combat. So it was kind of hard to miss the fact that something was going on several blocks over.

In a much more quiet manner, one of the Source spies, placed around areas that Suul was known to visit, stood watching the infamous pirate's group from the shadows of an alleyway. It had taken him several seconds, but after that time the spy was sure that the person in question was Suul. The sound of a quiet chirp from his facial recognition scanner confirmed that the Source's target had been located.

Within several seconds, a message was being beamed up to the orbiting satellites and being relayed to the Source ships that sat further out into space. It was a simple message that confirmed the identification of Suul and his general location in relation to the team. Navor was standing on the bridge of the ship, choosing to watch the operation from the vantage point that the Trojan provided him.

He too, was quick to respond, and didn't hesitate to transfer the information from the ship to the team members that had landed planetside.

"Heads up guys. Suul and his group have been positively identified and is close to your position. Exact coordinates are being sent to you now. Be wary, these guys are heavily armed and probably know you're coming."
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Dantares saw the coordinates on his HUD, quickly noticing that the man had most likely heard the shots, "Create a converging circle around his position, jump along the roofs preferably." He slung his rifle over his back, "And for the Source's sake, don't shoot without authorization, we don't want to give ourselves away." He sprinted, moving even faster along the roof with the assistance of his suit than he normally would have. He leaped across the road, "Follow me Taca! Don't fly too high!"

As he said 'high,' Dantares crashed down a few stories, landed on the lower roof across the road, fell through the roof, rolled, and started running past stunned occupants. One fool started to get in his way, beginning to raise a pistol, but Dantares brought his forearm around, likely breaking the creature's arm, then spun around it and kept running before bursting through a window.

He landed on another slightly lower roof, but kept making his way to Suul, "Sniper teams, get in position. I want as many eyes on his as possible. Ideally you will all fire in unison, and remove the bodyguards," Dantares leaped a small gap, and then another road, "Everyone else, keep converging, keep your eyes open, do not let him pass you!"

Dantares could see other armored Daeluush moving across the rooftops, doing their best to maintain a secure circle in an urban environment. Unfortunately, many of the Daeluush would be spread across it, "Everyone too far from Suul, get to the roofs, call for pick up. The dropship will come for you, then make its way to us." Dantares leaped one final road, rolled, slung his rifle out, and laid prone against the roof. He scanned the area, his HUD showing his soldiers coming near, and at least one sniper with a good view of the area, "Hold, identify him. Do not fire until my mark." He looked through his scope, trying to identify Suul, while quietly hoping the other team members had kept up.
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Suul and his cronies were not the only ones to notice the commotion that the Source agents had wrought on the planet. A number of various criminal organizations had headquarters or outposts on this planet, and with them an associated guard to protect their holdings. It wasn't long for these forces to come into play, or for them to realize who or what was causing the commotion.

Word spread like wildfire, and although it had probably been less than a minute, several of these guards had gotten to the rooftops to act as snipers. They were quite surprised to see several heavily armed Daeluush soldiers, but they were quick to respond. Before the Source agents even had a chance to recognize the threat, a hail of fire was focused on the individuals.

Suul, on the other hand, was leading his crew through the streets at a sprint towards their nearest evacuation point. Weapons had appeared on all of their bodies from various hiding spots that had been very close to the warehouse. Now they were very much like a light scout force: mobile yet carrying some heavy firepower to take out anything that got in their way.
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Taca tried to follow orders. he stuck near Danteres while he ran. he even ignored the gunfire overhead. Then he spotted the thugs.
" Dantares, I think our location is already... compromised, as you would say"

What followed was a textbook case of why Machy where not often employed for activities of discretion.

he killed one of them on impact: the force snapped it's spine. it's partner guard swung it's gun around, but not before Taca began to to systematical eviscerate him with his shivs. the sounds almost worse than the sight.

"Skulking grimeling cowards" he thought, thinking of both his teamates and his prey, while he removed their stomachs "not even enough spirit to join my attack""
his grizzly display attracted a large amount of attention. he took off before the shots impacted. he landed on a windowframe, drawing his fletchet. he fired twice.

the result was not only that a rooftop was now clear of guards, but almost completely melted to slag.

Taca took of again, smashing hostiles and passerby alike.

he almost made it to the third rooftop before being brought down in a hail of gunfire.
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Zuron hopped from roof to roof keeping as low a profile as possible. He drew the weapons on his chests and raised them in all directions, though he refrained from pulling the trigger until absolutely necessary or Dantares gave his signal, whichever came first.

He landed on another rooftop, a gun standing watch about to turn towards him, rifle in hand. A single swipe to the leg came from one of Zuron's free arms, followed by a quick shove with another. The latter failed to connect, but only on purpose, a sudden gravitational presence pulled the thug from the rooftops shortly thereafter.

A sudden stream of automatic gunfire welcomed Zuron before he could leap again. The rounds suddenly lost speed as they approached the Furen, allowing him to dodge most of the deadly hail as his armor caught the rest. He promptly went low, diving into an open window and running through a set of rooms, bursting through another window and straight down an alleyway.

Nearing an open street, Zuron launch himself against a wall and anchored himself using sufficient gravitic force. He sprinted along the wall as he scanned the path ahead. He sprang from the dark backstreet and onto the side of a building which he hastily scaled to the top.

"I appear to have visual a on the target.", Zuron called in to the rest as he spotted a heavily armed group racing through the streets. "Confirming...", he added as his sights quickly narrowed onto each of the Forthi gunmen.
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Dantares could see the battle now apparently starting to rage on the map of his HUD, almost all of his soldiers now declaring they were being fired upon, That damn machine. Blew our cover almost immediately. Well, hell, might as well turn that into an advantage. He quickly switched his comms to speak only to the Trojan, and Navor, "Open the broadsides, activate the guns. Fire to disable any ship that Suul approaches, or that tries to leave the city. Suul isn't getting out of here."

The technicians went to work immediately, the port gun bays opening to space. Three computer-aimed magnetically-accelerated-rod rifles slid out, and began to take aim at the city, their controllers watching carefully for any targets to designate and decimate with the rifles. They weren't the size or design to create what the Daeluush termed "kinetic explosions" as a specialized orbital bombardment weapon would, but they could easily rip a small ship in half, especially with the planet's gravity increasing their velocity.

Planetside, Dantares saw the group approaching an intersection, his HUD showing that two other snipers would have clear lines of sight on the area, "When Suul's group approaches the intersection, fire at will. Kill every guard you see, but do not touch Suul. Everyone else, return fire on anyone shooting at you. Disregard them if the dropship comes for you, getting on it is the first priority. We need those men over here ASAP." His voice was incredibly calm, his finger sliding towards the trigger. Dantares' sights were on Suul specifically, I wonder how well a Forthi can stop bleeding. The suit and rifle together were already automatically accounting for wind, gravity, drag, time to target, even his own breathing, leaving Dantares to aim the sight at the Forthi's knee. Dantares had no doubt that the round would probably blow off Suul's lower leg, making his escape that much harder, as he, the other snipers, and Zuron opened fire.
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Two..., Zuron mentally counted his kills while laying sniper fire on Suul's escorts. Three..., another of Suul's men dropped dead on the streets as a solid slug of accelerated metal punched through his head and dug itself into the wall. Confirming the kill, he swiftly moved his sights to his next target.

Fou-, Zuron locked on to another bodyguard and was ready to open fire, but before he could pull the trigger, a lone round flew past his upper arms, barely missing his eyes. Zuron dropped to the floor as he evaded another close shot.

"Counter-sniper.", he alerted the others as he raised his rifles again and scanned the rooftops for the enemy. Multiple figures stood out from the bland artificial roofscape. Eliminating the unlikely ones, Zuron centered his attention on those armed with rifles, analyzing each one's approximate model and stance to confirm his mark. Moving his twin rifles at the counter-snipe, he locked onto different, yet equally lethal locations in the body before finally squeezing the trigger.


"Counter-sniper neutralized.", Zuron turned his attention back on Suul's escorts, but before he could get his weapons into position, another pair of bullets zipped past him, this time from wildly different angles.
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Suul and his crew were running down one of the main streets, making good time and encountering very little resistance. Which was strange, because the pirate was almost sure that the commotion was caused by people looking for him.

But if they're looking for me, why haven't they fou- Suul's thought was interrupted as he missed the next step that he was taking. The pavement was rushing up to meet his face before he even realized it, which was strange because he was almost sure that he had taken the next step. After smashing into the street, Suul realized that he had lost the entire bottom half of his left leg which was bleeding profusely. That's when the pain hit him. It overwhelmed all of his thoughts and seized control of his body as his lungs emptied in an incoherent scream.

The next few moments seemed to stretch on forever, but in reality it only lasted several seconds. Within that span of time, Suul managed to regain some control of his brain, or at least enough to gather his surroundings. Right next to him was one of his guards who had taken a bullet through the head. Everyone else was on the ground, either because they had been shot or because they had realized that snipers had them in their sights. Fortunately this actually worked in their favor as it hid them from the view of both Dantares and Zuron. Unfortunately they were still in view of the other two snipers from the Source team, who proceeded to fire on the remaining crew members. For the moment, Suul was untouched, which he was quick to take advantage of.

His leg was still screaming at him, but he brushed that thought aside as his deep concentration took over. The dead crew member next to him had been carrying the heavy weapon of the team, a High Energy Laser. It was loaded and primed to fire off, which Suul was quick to realize. He dragged himself over to the weapon and grabbed a hold on it, bringing it around to bear on the position of the snipers. There were only three shots per battery, so he would have to make each one count if he was going to survive this ordeal.

Suul opened up the aiming mechanism, pointed the HEL in the direction of the first sniper, and pulled the trigger. Fortunately for Suul, the sniper was too busy picking off the remaining crew members that he didn't realize that someone was able to return fire. The HEL screeched as a large beam of blue light stretched across the distance and completely obliterated the Source sniper and everything around him. Suul attempted to grin at this small success, but this quickly turned into a grimace as his leg reminded him that it's bottom half was missing.

Suul swung the weapon towards the position of the second sniper. This time, the Source sniper was aware that someone was returning fire. It was kinda hard to miss a giant beam of light flashing through the sky and melting a comrade. Suul pulled the trigger too soon and the shot smashed into the building several stories below where the sniper was positioned.

The sniper ducked behind cover and disappeared from Suul's view, moving to a new position. However, Suul, based on some instinct, managed to follow the track of the Source sniper. Just as the sniper was peeking up from his new sniping position, his head, and subsequently his upper body, disappeared as the third and final shot from the HEL hit its target.

Suul's crew moved quickly once they realized that the threat had been neutralized. Suul had dropped the HEL and pulled out his service pistol as the energy was quickly draining from his body. Ugal, a large Monan, moved his assault rifle to his left hand and used his right to scoop Suul over his shoulder. With that, the team moved into the alleyways to cover the last bit of their journey. This would provide better protection from the snipers than the open road had.
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As soon as Zuron saw the bright azure streak, he quickly slid down the roof and into the back alleys below.

A high intensity LASER?, Zuron thought, using his gravitationally attractive feet to maneuver through the tight paths in an effort to flank the fugitive, as well as bypass the snipers. There was no telling just how many of the things the pirate had at his disposal. He knew all too well that he'd be at a disadvantage from an attack with practically instant velocity. His best bet was to take them on close. However, he was also quite aware that he couldn't get too close or suffer getting mobbed by the numerically superior pirates.

"Flanking.", Zuron reported as he continued his approach.

Nearing his intended position, he draws and loads his canister launcher and prepares to reengage the enemy.
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The sounds of fighting caused by Dantares' men had died down completely as Suul ran off. His HUD registered on his visor that the dropship was circling overhead, "Men wounded, lost?" The reply came back quickly, "Lost a small few. The rest's armor is damaged in various amounts. We extracted the dead like you said to." Dantares nodded, he didn't want anyone left behind that might signal their involvement. Even if they did find part of a Daeluush, the Daeluush were known to be a greatly fragmented people. He quietly hoped anyone who knew about Suul would proceed to quickly seal their mouths shut once word got out of this attack.

He slung the rifle over his back and took off again across the rooftops. Dantares didn't care that the would-be snipers took shots at him, he relied on his speed, agility, small size, armor, and computer to protect him. And the occasional pistol round to anyone on the roof in front of him. As he ran, he contacted the Trojan frigate again, "Fire a round in front of them, where they can see. Show them just how serious we are. But make damn sure it's not close enough to harm them!" The controller in charge rogered to the technicians who confirmed the round would soon be on target, a good distance in front of Suul's group, the controller made sure of that, but possibly close enough that the shockwave might knock them off their feet.

The round came screaming through the atmosphere at at least hypersonic speeds, tearing a hole through the air, a tail of fire following the metal rod. It quickly made impact with the ground, blowing apart the buildings around it, causing a minor earthquake, and kicking up a great plume of dirt and debris. However, it lacked the shape of the ever-feared mushroom cloud that the Daeluush had sworn never to create again. Doubtless, many would have died in the blast if it'd landed in a residential area. Dantares sighed and hoped it had been nothing but warehouses blown apart.

"Zuron, do your best to slow them down. I will be there shortly." He lunged up a few stairs to another roof after crashing through a window and disabling a few more aggressive spectators, and then jumped over the side. The dropship was waiting as he landed atop it, and swung down into its hold. They took off towards Suul's men, low and fast, hoping to drop Dantares and the other Daeluush off in front of them, surrounding the roofs of the buildings that created the alleyways they attempted to escape through.
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The orbital shot slammed into the city several blocks ahead of Suul's group, yet the blast was enough to knock some of the smaller creatures off of their feet. This wasn't the case with Ugal, who kept moving forward with Suul slung over his shoulder.

"These guys came prepared!" Suul screamed over the ringing of his ears. Meanwhile, he was busy searching through a satchel that Ugal had on his person, looking for something to help ease the pain. Lucky for him, Ugal had a painkiller addiction that he hadn't shaken off. Suul grabbed a small needle, ripped off the protective covering, and jabbed it into his injured leg after squirming around on the Monan's shoulder. A small dose of relief washed over him, although there was still a dull throbbing. Anything that was bright instantly became that much brighter, while the dark spots in his vision turned completely black. A grin floated across Suul's face, but he quickly forgot about it as he gazed at everything behind him.

"Someone get on the comm and alert the Raptor of our situation. See if they can't help us," Suul yelled out after he regained some of his focus.

At the first sign of commotion on planet, Suul had alerted his corvette, known as Raptor, that something was going on planetside. This had thrown the crew into action, preparing them for a 'hot jump' which was the scenario of a quick exit from the system. They had drilled this a couple of times, and ever since the attack on the Source ship, Suul had instilled in his men the importance of always being prepared.

It turned out that this was one of those times. Since Raptor had been alerted, the crew had quickly manned their stations and the ship's weapons were brought online. It had been floating on the opposite side of the planet, keeping a low profile. Suul's two frigates were out in deeper space, since Suul didn't want to attract any attention if he didn't have to. That plan had failed utterly. Now it was just a matter of actually getting to those frigates to take out the Source ship that had been sent after him.

Raptor crested the horizon of the planet, bringing it within view of Trojan and subsequently, within firing range. The corvette was traveling at tremendous speeds, one of the few benefits of having a ship so small. It's lone mass driver had been charged to full capacity for some time, and had been aching to unleash the large round of condensed metal.

And that's exactly what it did when it came within view. The slug ripped across space, covering the distance between the two ships in a manner of seconds. The round slammed into Trojan, while several of the smaller guns aboard Raptor fired off scrambling mechanisms. Raptor could not hope to win a one-on-one fight against the larger Source frigate, and had to rely on a hit-and-run tactic until Suul was able to get off of the planet. It would be a short amount of time before either of the ships could recharge their guns, which worked in favor of the pirates, giving Suul a small window in which to get to his shuttle.
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Dantares' HUD and the technicians aboard the Trojan frigate notified him of what was going on, giving the simple order to the frigate, "Fire missiles if the guns won't recharge fast enough, and turn the others off, focus the energy on just one. All we need is one shot to neutralize that corvette. Clip its wings." He surveyed the city from above. A fair bit of damage had been done, but nothing incredibly harsh. The denizens will speak of the unusual and swift battle, likely making up stories, but the only ones who might connect the dots were those close to Suul, and the words of pirates and brigands were hardly trustworthy, considered Dantares. He smiled to himself at the irony.

"Prepare to evacuate," he said over the comms, "Anyone not already on the dropship will be picked up. Krag and Zuron, that means you. Find Taca's body as well, I'll give the pilot the last known coordinates of the flyer. I'd rather not upset these flock lords or whatever they're called by leaving one of their own behind. Then come back for me." The dropship passed over Suul's group, and Dantares casually stepped off the lowered door, falling with the crack of pavement as he landed. He reached for no weapons, his suit magnifying his calm word, "Suul."
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Krag got a GPS lock on Dantares.
"Aagh. He's facing down Suul alone." He moved his arm pretty far. Not exactly 100% but it was operating decently. "I don't know about you, but I don't fancy the thought of having him get shot to pieces by whatever else this pirate has up his sleeve... I think I'll go after him. Screw orders, if there's one thing I know about the military it's that the officers are just as capable of screwing up as the grunts are. You might want to board the shuttle, if you're thinking about helping too, Zuron. No need for both our asses to get chewed out, metaphorically speaking." He said, breaking off in a sprint towards Dantares' and Suul's location.
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Suul's group halted in their tracks as the armored creature fell from the sky. They would have shot him on impact, but the sheer surprise of the move, and the simple fact that he wasn't reaching for a weapon caused them to halt. When the creature called for Suul by name, it confirmed their suspicion that this person was here to talk rather than fight, even if the past few minutes didn't seem to point in that direction.

"Huh?" Suul said, turning himself around on Ugal's shoulder to see what had happened. The scene would have been comical with Suul slung over the shoulder, his ass facing in the direction of Dantares. It was quite an odd first introduction, although no one would think of it that way. Suul tapped Ugal on the back, motioning for him to set Suul down, which he did.

It was odd, not having two legs to stand on, and Suul had to stand with his arm resting on the Monan for balance. His left leg was still throbbing although the pain medication helped. Suul took a moment, and rubbed his head with his free hand as the blood rushed from his head and left him momentarily dizzy.

"Whaddya want?" he finally managed to say, after a short moment. "This all seems a bit extreme, doesn't it? Just for one man? Never knew I was so important..."

Suul was cut off as what looked like a large machine burst onto the scene, taking up a position next to Dantares. The pirates continued to train their weapons on the two intruders, waiting for a reply.
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Dantares pointed at Krag, "I told you to get on that dropship, Krin. Your being here is enough for me to blow your head off. I'll not have any more insubordination, Taca should've taught you that lesson." His voice calmed considerably, "Pirate to pirate, Suul," he took his helmet off, it disconnecting for a few seconds before finally letting go, "I'm going to let you off this planet. Partially because I like a good chase, and partially because I've already done enough damage to this rock. I'd prefer you surrender now to save your men, but I doubt you will. In the end, it matters not, I will catch you Suul, make no mistake." The face of the Kingslayer observed Suul's crew before returning its gaze to Suul, "Get on that damn dropship Krin, our words are not for your sensors. You'll have your fight later."

Above, the Trojan class frigate opened it missile bays above and below the gun bays, and let loose six missiles that screamed across space and zigzagged and moved almost randomly, controlled by computers. When they began to get halfway to the Raptor, they broke apart into six more missiles. Thirty-two missiles now descended on the corvette in a fairly wide circle, and at odd angles, from every direction but towards and away from the Trojan frigate. The concentrated energy lit up the gun, as it waited for the missiles to pin the corvette, waiting for the right moment to unleash its rod.
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What on Furen?!, summed up Zuron's thoughts after hearing what happened through the comms. Shrugging it off, he landed beside Taca, or at least the largest portion that remained of the late flock lord. A sudden thud fell on Zuron's back, Taca's dead weight piling onto his back. "So much for weapons hold...", he sighed, his face giving off an air of exasperation. Zuron began recovering the rest of the agent's body, his only relief being the lack of curious minds rearing their problematic heads at the unpleasant landscape sculpted by the Machy's recent commotion. He knew that that reprieve was never going to last, however, so he had to move quick.

Grabbing hold of the last piece of incriminating evidence, he dashed towards the rendezvous point and regrouped back at the dropship.

"Recovery complete, heading there now.", Zuron called in, putting down the body.
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"How very considerate of you," Suul said, waving his left arm through the air in an attempt to feign appreciation. It didn't fool anyone. "You know, no one has ever shown me such kindness before..." Here Suul trailed off for a moment and turned his head skyward, as if he were deep in thought. "When I was a child-" Suul tried to continue, but Ugal cleared his throat rather loudly and brought Suul back to his senses. "Sorry about that, yes, thank you Ugal." The Monan merely nodded his head.

"Anyway, I will tell you this, Daeluush," for Suul had recognized Dantares' race after he removed his helmet, "I have been caught before. In fact, I've been in prison before. It's actually quite an interesting-"

"Sir," Ugal said, cutting Suul off yet again. He knew when his boss was about to ramble and knew this wasn't the time, place, or even the correct person to ramble to.

"Yes, anyway," Suul said, glaring at Ugal, "I do believe we have both over stayed our welcome here." With that, Suul patted Ugal on the back. This triggered a series of events that followed roughly in this order:

First: Ugal fired off a phosphorous smoke grenade from the grenade launcher attached to his assault rifle. The projectile arced towards Dantares and Krag. The path could barely be called a parabola, given the short distance it had to travel, but due to its heavy weight, gravity did manage to act on it somewhat. However, this was almost completely irrelevant, for even though Ugal was holding his weapon with one arm, his aim was true.

The grenade impacted directly into Dantares' armored midsection, knocking him on his ass. The shot was far from fatal, however. The grenade threw phosphorous all over the place, illuminating everything in a pale and eerie light, which, when coupled with the smoke the grenade started to spew, immediately blocked the two Source agents from seeing anything.

Second: After firing the shot, Ugal stooped to pick Suul up, and the entire group began to haul ass to their shuttle.

Third: The phosphorous began to catch fire after mixing with the outside air, forcing the Source agents to cover their own ass before they could even consider pursuing the pirates.

Fourth: Around this time, far up in the atmosphere were the Raptor and the Trojan. A large number of missiles were converging on the Raptor. Fortunately, the scrambling mechanisms did their job, and they did it well. They had been expensive pieces of hardware, and many of Suul's crew had wondered why their captain had wasted money on such things. Because of their high value, Suul had stressed the order that they were only to be used in extreme situations. This happened to be one of those situations.

A majority of the missiles either exploded harmlessly away from the ship, or fizzled out and floated away into space. The few that managed to break thorugh the scrambling devices were easily mopped up by the Raptor's point defense systems and autocannons.

Navor, who was watching everything from the bridge of the Trojan, muttered under his breath.

"What an ass..."

Roughly a minute after these events, Suul and his crew were in a shuttle that was hurtling towards the Raptor.
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Dantares quietly got up, but was inwardly seething with rage, I attempted to talk to that son of a bitch! The damn over-reacting fool! He should've listened to my words. He looked to Krag, "Let's just get on the damn dropship." He put his helmet back on as it came to hover over them, Dantares running up to a roof and jumping onto it. As his HUD came back online, he looked up at the reports that flitted across his screen and across the sky, I could call the rest of the fleet in, and finish this. Right here, right now. I may yet have a chance to talk though... He calmly watched the situation unfold, not surprised Suul had come prepared.

In space, the missiles had never been intended to hit the Raptor, merely to distract it, to keep the enemy corvette as steady as possible. The Trojan frigate fired its one charged rifle at the Raptor as the missiles came close and exploded. It began to recharge the broadside closest to the Raptor, while three more rifles extended into space on its other broadside, already fully charged by the separate batteries that connected to them, yet hidden from the gaze of the Raptor, as the Trojan vessel kept its one flank towards the corvette.
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The Raptor was moving at quite a clip, but the shuttle managed to match it's velocity and began to maneuver into the small docking bay, that was just barely large enough for the transport to enter. Suul was strapped into his seat as one of his crew members was wrapping up his leg to stop the bleeding. It wasn't the greatest job, and Suul was actually becoming a little bit dizzy from the combined forces of losing blood and the painkillers he had taken.

He was staring out the window, gazing at the Raptor when the slug from the Trojan made contact. It was a glancing blow the scraped through the outer armor of the Raptor and managed to alter it's course a bit. There wasn't any serious structural damage, which Suul could tell immediately. The sense of danger cut through the druggy haze and the loss of blood.

"Get us on the ship!" he yelled at the pilots, who went pressed the engines for more power as they adjusted their course to get into the docking bay.

As soon as the shuttle was locked in, the Raptor went to full power, diverting everything it had into it's engines. Suul's crew now had to haul their captain off the shuttle, as he had finally blacked out due to the blood loss. They too had to deal with almost pitch black corridors as all of the lights on the ship went out to fully charge their engines. It didn't matter much, though, as they all knew the layout of the Raptor by heart, and were able to navigate it blindfolded, if they had to.

Just as they were connecting Suul to a mobile gurney, the Raptor jumped out of orbit and deeper into the system, just outside one of the many asteroid belts.
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The dropship picked up everyone else and scurried back to the frigate. Dantares strode off the dropship as what was left of Taca was placed in a box, fists clenched. He beckoned the team to follow and led them to the bridge, where a technician reported, "They jumped to an asteroid field, sir. Shall we chase them?" Dantares nodded and ordered, "Yes, at full speed." He sat in his chair, knowing full well they were walking into a trap, and that an asteroid field could easily tip the odds towards any defender, as Dantares had done years ago. His fingers thrummed on arms of the captain's chair, as he considered the situation mentally. Finally, he gave another order, "Tell the Superconductor and her escorts to move towards the other side of the field." The technician replied, "Yes, sir," as Dantares looked at the team.

He said to them, "Certain knowledge has been withheld from you. Chief among this knowledge is that we have not been alone. The Source battlecruiser Superconductor has been following us, along with two more frigate escorts similar to this one. Currently we are walking directly into a trap, against an enemy who believes we are the only hunters. If they fight, they will be taken in the rear by Superconductor's escorts. If they flee, they will flee right into Superconductor itself. I intend to have those escorts combine with our own ship, and drive them through the asteroid field, right into the stealth battlecruiser, a hammer against an anvil. We will disable Suul's ship, board it, kill his crew and anyone standing in our way, and capture Suul. I want you all to go back to the armory and restock in preparation, then return to the bridge to watch the carnage." Dantares returned his attention to his ship, preparing to wage a battle as attacker instead of defender in an asteroid field.
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By the time the Source ships had exited warp, the Raptor was already amidst the asteroid field and had rendezvoused with Suul's two frigates. In fact, Suul had already been transferred to his flagship, the Destruction and was still unconscious. He had been hooked up to a number of machines, and was under the care of the only doctor the pirate group had, who was quite skilled in the area of xenobiology.

Suul's bleeding had been halted, and his body was being pumped full of antiobiotics. If it had been a proper hospital with state of the art machinery, Suul would have had nanobots flowing through his bloodstream, attacking anything that was foreign to a Forthi body. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case and Suul's life was not guaranteed.

Ugal, on the other hand, was fine. Adrenaline was still pumping through his body, although that was almost always true. He had stayed by his captain's side through most of the surgery, and had no real idea what was going on outside of the ship. That was true until the Destruction shuddered after being hit by something. Ugal decided that he could no longer stay in the surgery room. He left, just as the doctor began to cauterize Suul's leg to seal up the gaping wound.

Instead of heading towards the bridge of the ship, Ugal made his way to the rear. The Monan was no captain, and would not have been much help there. Besides, he had other things that needed taking care of.
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The Source ships seemed to fall on them from out of nowhere, using asteroids as visual shields, while their signals were hidden by their stealth, even harder to discern within the field of rocks. Three Trojan frigates came at them from their front, left, and right, rifles bared. The Raptor was ripped apart almost immediately by the barrage of metal rods. The Source ships spun quickly,  bringing their parallel broadsides to bear, unleashing careful rounds in an attempt to disable the frigates.

On board one of the frigates, Dantares took no pleasure from the destruction of the Raptor. Victory was almost assured. The enemy was outgunned, outnumbered, and outmaneuvered on their own defensive field. To fight was to die. To run was to die. Deep down, Dantares wished to face another foe as he had at Kanax. Suul had certainly put up an interesting fight on the ground, but the only thing keeping him alive now was his value. He'd given orders to disable, not destroy, but the Raptor had the unfortunate luck of being small. He quietly hoped Suul had not been fool enough to stay on the ship.
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Suul's ships were taking some damage. The disappearance of the Raptor was demoralizing, to say the least, but the pirates still had a few tricks up their sleeves. Although the Source ships had been using the asteroids as effective shields, this turned out to be their downfall. Several years ago, Suul had luckily stumbled upon a cargo ship devoted entirely to explosives. This had seemed like the perfect cargo to steal, until they realized that they had no real use for it. Their weapons required specific ammunitions, and the explosives were designed to be used in mining operations. Since Suul and his crew weren't in that kind of business, and because the market wasn't entirely receptive to explosives from criminal groups, Suul had ordered that the goods be stashed. And that's when he had realized that they served a defensive purpose as well.

Three massive explosions erupted amidst the battlefield. It seemed as if three suns were being born as fire burst forth, consuming the small amounts of air that had been hidden deep within pockets. And just like that, the explosions disappeared, as all of the air disappeared. But the flying debris remained. The first Source ship struck was one of the Trojan frigates. The ship was able to withstand several of the chunks of rock, but one rather large piece struck the smaller ship with such force that it was bent. Something ruptured within the ship itself and it disappeared in its own fireball.

The second Source ship was the Superconductor. Even all of the latest stealth technology couldn't protect the ship from hurtling space debris. The ship was punctured in numerous areas by several small rocks traveling at astounding speeds. Atmosphere within the ship started to vent into the void of space, along with some unlucky crew members. The impacts were so sudden and so powerful that most of the ship was uninhabitable and was reduced to a floating carcass on the battlefield.

The third Source ship was crushed by a massive chunk of asteroid that had failed to separate into smaller pieces of debris. However, it had gained a lot of velocity, and smashed into the Source ship, carrying it away from the battlefield.

The Trojan herself was relatively unharmed, given her position on the battlefield, and the same was true of the Destruction. The other pirate frigate, Guul, didn't fare so well. She had been peppered by smaller rocks, until a rather large chunk with a craggy edge cut came along and cut her in two. Crew members that had been working in the middle of the ship were surprised to be suddenly sucked into space and the void.
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Dantares was seething with anger. He felt like calling 'bull ****' on the fact that apparently some small rocks just nullified the Source's flagship battlecruiser, but Dantares continued on. The Resonator was going to be pissed when he found out what it had taken to capture a simple pirate. His fingers dug into his chair as he barked orders, "Blow off their damn guns! Disable their engines! I want that ship shredded as much as possible without killing Suul!" The Trojan frigate's crew obeyed, and unleashed careful shots, ripping across the Destruction's hull to destroy the weapons, and one shot slicing through the rear. Soon, the Destruction was practically helpless, as Dantares stood and stomped towards the shuttle bay, "We're boarding the bastards. Team, to the shuttle. Make sure you put on your space suits."

Within minutes, Dantares, the team, and twenty Daeluush soldiers were flying towards the Destruction. The dropship approached the ship's rear, spun about, and opened its shielded door to keep the gravity on and air in. The group launched themselves from the dropship, and made their way into the Destruction through holes and breaks created by the engine-disabling round. The soldiers split into two teams of seven each, with six devoted to Dantares's team. They quickly began to push forward, shoving bodies and metal out of their way, before making their way into pressurized section of the Destruction.
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Ugal removed the painkiller needle from his arm. It had only taken a matter of seconds to get his quick fix, but in that small window of time, a lot of things had happened. Several shots had ripped through the Destruction and then the boarding alarm had sounded. At first, Ugal had someone had mistakenly assumed that an enemy was onboard until he saw unfamiliar figures moving down one of the hallways. He ducked away, unseen, taking a different path to his objective. He couldn't be bothered by them at this moment in time.

Ugal continued down another hallway, his weapon ready just in case the boarders showed up around one of the corners. Things were a bit hectic, and more than once he had to change his course due to unforeseen obstacles. Eventually Ugal arrived where he needed to be, a small room that was dark and cool. This was the computer center, located at the center of the ship for maximum protection. If the bridge was the brain and the engine the legs, then this room was definitely the heart of the ship. It kept everything in working condition so that the crew could go about their daily business without having to worry about whether or not they'd have air to breath.

Now Ugal was no real expert when it came to computers, but he knew what he was doing in this case. The information that Suul had acquired from the nondescript Source ship had been placed in a special place where only a few members of the crew knew about it. Ugal was one of those few. On Suul's orders no copies had been made for fear that this would tamper with the evidence and therefore nullify the value of the contents. And for that reason, this single small data tablet was very valuable, and probably the reason the Source were after them right now. That, or they just really hated pirates.

Either way, Ugal went about the short process of retrieving the data from the mainframe system.

At the other end of the ship, Suul was just coming out of surgery, and it wasn't a very pleasant experience. The Destruction continued to shudder after several more shots ripped into the hull, eliminating various important parts of the ship. That never felt good to a captain. And so no one looked down on Suul when he vomited over the side of his bed after sitting up.

"Things aren't good, are they?" he asked the nearest pirate, who simply shook his head no. "How bad?"

"We're the only ones left and there are apparently enemies aboard ship," the same pirate replied, handing Suul a small rag which he used to wipe his mouth clean.

"Damn..." Suul trailed off, closing his eyes as he did so. "Looks like this is the end then." Suul swung his legs over the side of the bed getting ready to stand up. That's when he remembered that one of his legs had been blown off. Looking down he saw a metal peg in place of his leg. Suul marveled at it for a moment. "You don't see that everyday... I like it." And with that he was standing up, albeit a bit unsteadily as he got used to his new appendage.

"Boys, you've done well," Suul said, looking to everyone in the room. "But now I think it's about time that we got off this ship. I sure will miss her."
Title: Re: [KSM] To Switch a Pirate
Post by: Yuu on July 26, 2011, 06:10:35 am
The Source teams' boarding procedures primarily went as expected elsewhere across the ship. The few hold outs remaining have mostly been taken out, both from the team's personal efforts as well as the extensive internal damage caused by the Source ships' incessant bombardment of the Destruction.

Zuron and the rest pushed further into the bowels of the ship, gunning down any obstacles which tried to hinder their advance. The lighter forms of resistance were dealt with swift and sudden strikes which proved effective in the tight corridors which ran through the entire vessel. The hardier ones, on the other hand, succumbed to a stream of focused fire supported by the heavier guns of the boarding team.

They were well on their way to Suul's current location, though it still wasn't as clear cut as one would desire. Navigating through the half-wasted Destruction was a challenge in and of itself as various obstacles appeared in the form of fallen supports and components. Several times the team took to blasting their way through walls of smoldering debris to cross the vessel quicker. They had to if they wanted to catch their mark before he got off the burning ship.