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Title: They Who Cannot be Named: Demons against Devils
Post by: SimplyNecro on November 08, 2010, 02:43:35 pm

"Truly is it not better to use demons to fight devils?"
                                                                -Chairman of Oslosis

Open Space: En route to intercept Assault Node approaching Talsenreave: Super Dreadnaught Aracknash

The Aracknash… the flagship of Supreme Commander Scourge, the Overlord appointed dictator of the Core Combines ship absolutely outsized and out armed every other ship in the Combine armada, armed with enough weapons to arm a small alien empire, and enough size and armor to dissuade anyone from so much as even looking at it funny, it was a sight to behold... sadly the enemies ships where still bigger, and perhaps even more heavily armed.

"Finally" The Supreme Commander thought in contrast to many odds, finally, the Core Combine could fight these Nameless head on. Talsenreave was a valuable and irresistible target; one whose importance the rest of the galaxy possibly failed to realize. It was a piece of technology that scratched, perhaps even broke into the boundaries of type-4 tech, something the Nameless would definitely wish to secure… not if the Core had anything to say about it.

Today, unlike their other battles with Origin, the Nameless would fight an enemy of which the concepts of fear and mercy where completely alien to them, an enemy that simply did not give up, one that would continue to fight until either they or "Them" where all dead…

As of now, the fleet was on the move to intercept an Assault Node reported to be heading straight for the Talsenreave station as predicted, there was no way the Core could allow it to reach the station first.

Among them however, where not only Combine ships, but a group of certain GPA vessels, flying alongside the Combine fleet, these craft along with some of there own where carrying a very specific and unique payload.

A new channel opened and a transmission was sent. "Approaching Nameless Assault Node, ETA: 5 minutes." The harsh grating cybernetic voice of one of many Skrall on the fleet spoke. "The experimental weapons are operational?"
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Post by: Yuu on November 09, 2010, 12:32:49 am
"Primed and ready!", a rather jovial voice quickly answered back, the sound of countless Choro echoed across the background.

As the fleet swiftly cruised towards their intended targets, the several GPA ships which seemed to be of Choro Deidalus origin began to change formation, preparing themselves for the coming battle ahead.

The Choro Deidalus Technocracy Super Experimental Weapons Fleet...

The crown jewel of the experimental branch of the Choro Stellar Navy. Tasked with the deployment of some of the most advanced technological marvels of the civilized galaxy, it has seen much experience in every major war that the Choro have come across.

Despite its humble size, even by the Technocracy's own conservative standards, the small, seemingly ragtag group of vessels, composed mostly of bare bones weapons platforms, have proven themselves time and time again to be an effective component in any military formation. From behind the relative safety of larger allied fleets, to the very front lines of the bloodiest of stellar battles, the vast array of freshly built hardware decked across the fleet's many platforms have more than usually proven to let them hold their own, even against the most trying of adversaries.

But will such steel will ever be enough against an enemy so vastly stronger, and undoubtedly more advanced than even their own?

Only time can tell.

And so, as they await the final answer, the Super Experimental Weapons Platform 01, flagship of the SEWF, begins its final preparations for the much anticipated reveal ahead.
Title: Re: They Who Cannot be Named: Demons against Devils
Post by: SimplyNecro on November 09, 2010, 05:08:37 pm
"Affirmative." The simple confirmation rang as everything became slightly more tense, the fleet was now approaching the assault node, and they would have to fight with everything they had...

As the gargantuan bulk of the Assault node made its way towards Talsenreave new signatures began to appear... lots of them. A massive fleet of strange organic looking craft appeared from the abyss in great numbers, as well as the smaller but no less significant in its role experimental weapons fleet. Both of them appeared directly in front of the Assault Nodes path, stating very clearly that this was as far as the Nameless would go...

"Assault Node in sight Supreme Commander!"

"All systems locked and primed!"

"Assault Fleet in battle formation!"

Supreme Commander Scourge looked upon his armored bunker of a bridge hidden deep within the super dreadnaughts armored hull, inspecting multiple readouts in split seconds before turning his attention to the Assault node. It was a large craft no doubt, but strangely... he had actually expected worse...

A slight pause filled the hive network before Scourge gave the oh so long awaited order...

"Exterminate them..."

In seconds the entire Combine fleet was upon the assault node, unleashing every bit of gravitic hell it had, and launching swarms of smaller craft towards the enemy. Massive clouds of gravity missiles flew towards the adversary, followed by chunks of shells hurled by the gravitic railguns, followed by the devastator class gravitic bombs... the types that were used to turn moons and small planets into asteroid fields with repeated bombardment. All the while, several of the Combines own experimental weapons craft, armed with unique payload they planned to test in this battle, got into formation with the Choro experimental weapons fleet to maximize their effectiveness when they unleashed their "cargo".
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Post by: Yuu on November 12, 2010, 09:21:04 pm
On the other side of the field, the Nameless Assault Node began to summon what seemed to be a vast veil of distorted space which then began to spread all across the vessel's surface. As the Combine's wrath bombarded the gargantuan fortress, numerous flashes of light trickled along the barrier, the myriad gravitational punishments trying to rip the massive shield apart.

Elsewhere on the ship, fields upon fields of portals began to reveal their presence, the obsidian construct swiftly unloading its burden.

As the enemy vessel pushed against the current of fire, an indeterminably cloud of constantly darting figures sprang from within its bowels and began to charge and engage the Combine fleet. Unleashing a storm of assorted offensive programs, actinic beams of energy formed an expansive phalanx which doused the Combine fighters in an unimaginable torrent of heat.

Super Experimental Weapons Platform 01

"Professor...", one of the bridge's hands called the fleet's captain, who seemed to be enjoying the marvelous, albeit violent display of technology currently unfolding before them.

Without as much as a word, the visibly ecstatic captain responded with a simple nod as a large and knowing grin was confidently painted on his face. The superior officer's face contrasted with the chamber's sleek, white interior, which released a clean and sophisticated aura, a far and distant cry from the former's seemingly malevolent appearance, driven not by evil, but simply due to a morbid sense of curiosity.

Smiling in turn and understanding the superior's tendencies, the subordinate officer jovially faced the comms network and began issuing orders all across the fleet.

Moments later, a small, conical, floating, ivory podium descended from the bridge's ceiling, its top, dome-like portion dissolving into the air to reveal what seemed to be a large, circular button.

"Preparations for Experiment Number Six-Two-Seven-", the Choro carried on as all the other ships confirmed their respective targets for the coming exercise.

Starting in Six...






A massive display of radiance raced across the vastness of space, making their way to the very center of the fray.

The effectiveness of the myriad measures against the hostile presence would soon be finally seen.
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Post by: SimplyNecro on November 13, 2010, 08:56:03 pm
Battle reports where immediately filing in to Scourge’s senses, analyzing every single reaction of the Nameless and the effect the Cores weapons where having on them, so far the results were not exactly satisfactory, but they were getting a reaction.

"Weapons are having minimal effects Supreme Commander, the ship appears to be shielded by some sort of shifting spacial shield… though we are indeed putting strain on it, repeated bombardment may lead to a breach."

"Enemy craft launched, fighters suffering casualties, third and second arms suffering casualties."

It was almost humorous, casualties were hardly a worry to Scourge, where ever a slave died ten more took its place, and fleets could easily be replaced. However, attrition and brute force (sadly) had their limits, and against a foe like this, one needed to think outside the box.

With missiles…

"Have the experimental weapons group follow the Coro formations” Scourged ordered "Let’s see how they react to this…"

With each utterly punishing barrage the Combine unleashed, the Nameless went ahead and launched a more destructive one right after, followed by another devastating barrage from the Combine, which was returned in kind by the Nameless, to put it simply, it was an utter hell hole. Few times had the galaxy seen such brutal ship to ship combat.

Swarm upon swarm of Combine craft descended upon the Nameless phalanx, easily replacing whatever was destroyed, and never relenting in their assault no matter what type of punishment the Nameless unleashed. Now, the Core’s own raider class mech armors began to enter the fray, first utilizing their GWSS’s to interfere with the Nameless crafts communications and targeting systems then attacking the confused forces en mass with their fighters, all while the rest of the assault fleet continued to batter the shielded vessel.

The small battle group of experimental platforms soon followed the Choro formations, making last minute preparations; the launch was announced as the Skrall analyzers readied themselves to observe the resounding effect of their new weapon. Seconds later when the Choro unloaded their ordinance, the Core’s fleet did the same, finally revealing exactly what type of weapon they had been preparing against the Nameless foes…

SPAM missiles…

Brilliant white streaks, similar to those fired by the Choro Deidalus, raced towards the Nameless craft, upon detonation they unleashed utter cybernetic warfare hell, bombarding the Nameless with add, viruses, worms, and all manners of….spam…
Title: Re: They Who Cannot be Named: Demons against Devils
Post by: Yuu on November 16, 2010, 02:44:58 am
As the maelstrom of knowledge drowned the horde of Nameless, the vast fabric of distorted space which surrounded the assault node began to fade from existence as the vessel's myriad processors began to go blind, if not completely falter from the sheer blast of information received from the coalition's strike.

Slowly, but surely, the Core's atempts at penetrating the dark construct began to yield results as the dark fortress's surface finalyy began to deform from the constant bombardment of intense gravitational punishment.

"Predictable, their action...", a small, lone voice said to himself confidently as numerous readings of the node's internal damage began to crop up around him. As the being raised his arms and flicked several projections which were low enough to be within his reach, the mosquito-like silhouette began to take to the air as what seemed to be a portal opened up from beneath him.

"Yet, for me to be the first...", he mused as he slowly descened to the recently conjured gateway. "... it is, verily unforeseen indeed."

All across the field of battle, the swarm of Nameless fighters suddenly found themselves unable to use their programs, much to their scorn.

With what can only be considered an act of stubborn resistance, the greatly handicapped forces began to engage the Combine in a more traditional manner, using conventional weapons, and if possible, engaging the coalition in close quarter combat.
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Post by: SimplyNecro on November 17, 2010, 06:36:32 pm
It was time to end this…

"Experimental weapons group, give me a report!" Scourge spat, not so much angry but simply eager to get an update.

"The SPAM missiles are working marvelously Supreme Commander!" One of the commanders on the aformentioned battle group replied confidently. "Just like we predicted, the enemy craft are currently confused."

"It appears the spatial shield is also dissipating!" Another Skrall next to Scourged chimed in. Good news.

"Good… very good." Scourge stated to no one in particular. "Set gravitic generators to maximum; charge all weapons… eradicate these vermin…"

The Core continued to engage the now confused and disoriented Nameless. While they continued their classic ‘rush the front’ tactic, they where now doing it even more furiously, now that the Nameless were vulnerable they were basically going berserk. Frigates charged in and punched their way into the fray, fighters swarmed their prey from every directions, even the raider mech armors also seemed to be able to go toe to toe with the Nameless larger craft, and needless to say, the Combine never ceased their brutal bombardment.

If most Skrall could collectively feel joy, they would be cheering. But Skrall were not like that with most emotions accept those useful for war deadened and replace with cold, calculating ruthlessness. Slowly they watched with utter scrutiny the effect of their damage, always on guard for the possibility of another Nameless trick.
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Post by: Yuu on November 18, 2010, 06:39:22 am
As a torrent of gravitational punishment ripped across the battlefield, droves of upon droves of Nameless were swiftly extinguished by the attack. All the while, their fellow dampened minions were starting to be outmaneuvered, and outgunned, by the superior Combine fleet.

The battle seemed lost for the Nameless as a long chain of blinding explosions raced across the assault node's surface, only to be followed by several more all over the vast obsidian sphere. The incessant flurry of intense gravitic strikes ultimately sealed the fortress's fate as the construct's massive shell slowly began to crack.

"Quite burdensome...", the mosquito-like figure remarked as he stood in what seemed to be a completely identical chamber as before. He watched from one of the room's many holographic projections as his original vessel slowly give in to its own colossal weight.

It appears that programming ... at least ones as primitive as this ... equally contains its flaws.

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Post by: SimplyNecro on November 20, 2010, 01:34:32 pm
The assault fleets occupants watched as the fortress slowly cracked open like an egg, and reports were now coming in that the Nameless minions where now being wiped out... a clean victory it seemed as the bombardment continued until the ship began to come apart.

"The Nameless vessel has taken critical damage and appears to be breaking apart!" one of officers reported the obvious "It appears victory is ours..."

Every Skrall, slave, and soldier turned towards the quiet Supreme Commander, who did not look as satisfied as the others. Hooked up to the ships systems motionless made it difficult for any non-Combine being to understand what Scourge may have been thinking, but the they themselves could easily sense that he was not through yet...

"No..." Scourge's voice broke the silence. "This battle is only beginning..." He said as he focused intensely at the projection of the dying Assault Node in front of him.
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Post by: Yuu on November 20, 2010, 07:50:24 pm
"Something's not right here, but I just don't know what...", the SEWP-01's captain said as he ran his fingers along his mandibles, a part-inquisitive part-anxious stare evident in his eyes.

Turning towards one of his aides, he wasted no time in giving out his order, "Contact the Aracknash, now."

//You felt it too, didn't you?//, came the Choro captain's voice as he called out to Scourge.

//That encounter was just, too easy.//, the Choro carried on. //I'm pretty sure you already know what I mean by that...//
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"Transmission from the Technocracy sir." one of the slugs said while turning it's head slightly in it's "seat" (Basically a large tangle of wires and cables that connected it to the ships systems like the other stations)

"Put it through." Scourge replied, still contenplating their "easy" victory... and a small spark of his temper was starting to show.

//You felt it too, didn't you?//

//That encounter was just, too easy. I'm pretty sure you already know what I mean by that...//

//Laughably easy.// Scourge replied out in a similar tone //...this is not over.// he continued, his tone showing a slight hint of anger.

"Their just mocking us..." Scourge finally snapped a bit. Inside the tactical part of his cybernetic mind began to cycle through data at an increased rate, considering every scenario, best and worst case. Watching the Nameless craft tear it's self to pieces from the torrent of destruction, Scourge, and by extension every Skrall on the fleet continued to look for any sign of a trick... there would be no relenting until they confirmed their kill.
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Post by: Yuu on November 25, 2010, 04:45:39 am
A blinding cacophony of light showered the field of battle as the dying Nameless warship finished its final throes. All around the fray, the menagerie of hostile shapes that plagued the Combine forces quickly began to falter after the core of their force finally met its fate.

The Assault Node had truly, and without a doubt, fallen.



The sound of grinding metal was heard for but a fraction of a second before one of the Choro's ships suddenly fell silent. Soon enough, another, much smaller blast of light echoed across space, this time coming from behind the mass of vessels which composed the coalition fleet.

Not long after, several more explosions sprang up from the fringes of the combined fleets as it soon became apparent what had recently transpired before them.

Without warning, a sudden string of completely identical signals coming from all directions suddenly bombarded the Aracknash with but a single, synchronized message.

//Greetings, Supreme commander Scourge...//, came a cold, almost monotone voice. Several seconds after the message began, the SEWP-01 managed to steal one of the transmissions, opening it in their system as well. Yet, just as the crew started activating the hijacked message, the mysterious figure behind the sudden call began to speak again.

//... as well as, Professor Sforza.//

The SEWP's captain was more than slightly put aback by the sudden, and totally unexpected response.

H-how... H-how did he know...

//... that the message would be stolen and read by none else than you, professor?//, the voice answered again, seemingly aware of what the captain was about to say.

I was certain that that message was only directed at the Aracknash!
//'I was certain that that message was only directed at the Aracknash!'

You willed to say?//

Sforza staggered for a moment at the being's seemingly psychic parroting before carrying on with his thoughts.

Then, this could only mean...
//Then, this could only mean...//

That if we're to calculate the probability, of one of them joining the Nameless' side...
//That if we're to calculate the probability, of one of them joining the Nameless' side...//

... the number of those among them who possess the level of skill required to do this...
//... the number of those creatures who possess the level of skill required to do this...//

... and finally, the chance of us being the ones to encounter him.
//... and finally, the chance of us being the ones to encounter him.//

I see...
//I see...//

It all makes sense now...
//It all makes sense now...//

//How nice of you to drop by, then...//, echoed deep within the mosquito-like figure's chamber. //... Galactic Protection Agency's six most wanted fugitive! Or should I say...//

//Top Assassin, Haraia Hiraoto!//
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"I thought so…" Scourge thought to himself as multiple explosions began to appear among the fridges of the coalition fleets, yet another Nameless trick as he had suspected, first things first though, locate exactly were the shots where coming from.

"All craft, engage sweeper maneuvers, launch all probes and scan the area, locate this scum and-"

//Greetings, Supreme commander Scourge...//


"How did he get into our secure channels?" Scourged growled at one of his other officers.

"Unknown." The officer replied rather bluntly

"Well find a way to lock the parasite out!"

"Sir, we are intercepting a transmission!" Another Skrall said as he began to send the intercepted transmission through the network. Scourge listened intently, dissecting the message with his mind; something did not seem to connect here…

//Then, this could only mean...// The stolen transmission played.

//That if we're to calculate the probability, of one of them joining the Nameless' side...//

"One of them?" Scourge thought "Who are them?" Did he mean the galaxies top criminals? Seemed a little out of their league.

//... the number of those creatures who possess the level of skill required to do this...//

//... and finally, the chance of us being the ones to encounter him.//

//I see...//

//It all makes sense now...//

//How nice of you to drop by, then...//

//... Galactic Protection Agency's six most wanted fugitive! Or should I say...//

//Top Assassin, Haraia Hiraoto!//

"Haraia Hiroto…" Scourge mused, he had heard of the top assassin who was on the top ten on the GPA’s hit list, but for him to join the Nameless… and these people the Choro referred to as "Them"...

Scourged turned a small portion of his senses towards the Coro fleet, a small spark of distrust emerging in his mind (Well technically there was always distrust considering the Core and the galaxies past, but now there was more…). He always suspected that the GPA knew more about this threat than anyone else, but the amount of how much the Skrall were out of the loop was disturbing.
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Post by: Yuu on November 28, 2010, 09:02:40 pm
A channel re-opened on the bridge of the Aracknash.

It was the SEWP-01.

//The Jyunkichi... ever heard of them?//, Captain Sforza asked Scourge in a rather inquisitive tone. //Though, considering that none of them operate in Core territory as far we know, probably not much.//

There was a light yet somewhat sinister chuckle followed by a relatively long sigh before the Choro carried on.

//Well, since we've already fallen for his trap, there's really no point in not trying to tell you what we know about them.//, Sforza paused for a second as he cleared his throat.

//The Jyunkichi are a race of highly secretive warriors known for their seemingly prescient level of tactical skill. They are few in number and most, if not all that we know of, work as freelance mercenaries all across the galaxy.

Naturally, we'd end up going after them. And since Core territory is, let's just say, not very conductive to their activities, they're essentially a non-matter in that region, which is why we considered them a low priority in the negotiations.

In any case, we've just probably unwittingly did what he planned for us to, aside from taking his bait.

Doubt each other...

He probably made me respond in an unwittingly suspicious manner, from your perspective, just to break our sync.

Then again, maybe he didn't and I'm just making stuff up out of paranoia.

Well, that's exactly how these people work.

Don't fall for anything that first comes to your mind.//, the Captain stressed.

//That said, never, ever be predictable in your habits when you have a Jyunkichi as an opponent.

Even the more predictable ones can single-handedly demolish an entire army, from the inside out, given enough planning.

The best Jyunkichi will always have countless layers of misdirection, and rarely refrain from taking everything into account.

And this particular one, is one of, if not the best...

... in his entire race.

For all we know, this conversation might even be part of his plan...//

Moments later, several powerful signatures graced the coalition's sensors from all known directions.

It didn't take long for the probes to deduce that these were none other than the recent assailants.

Several medium-sized vessels, probably classified as destroyers, appeared in both flagships' visual, slowly charging their cannons as they aimed for the ambushed fleet.
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“Where Surrounded…” Scourge said calmly. "Now we don't have to try too hard looking for them..."

The Coro’s never got a response from the war fleet, either now distracted by the presence of new enemies or the Skrall simply did not respond as they usually did.

The fleet began to form up, quickly trying patch up all their openings, which they did so by placing a massive bulk of metal and biological parts that where the Combine craft in front of the enemy as a type moving barricade. Smaller ships such as frigates and destroyers spread themselves out and charged, probing the Nameless lines for weaknesses and perhaps trying force the enemy craft to spread themselves thin while stronger strike groups of battleships and the occasional dreadnaught dished out death from behind the "meat shield" of swarming ships, other battle groups where using similar stratagems across different fronts on the warzone, though they were more focused on simply keeping the Nameless off their flanks and their reserves unharmed.

All the while inside the Aracknash and other key ships, the officers worked franticly to see if they could lock out the Jyunkichi presence that had somehow infiltrated the network. The creature seemed to be capable of almost reading surface thoughts, but it was still too early to tell just how much information he could gleam from such powers.
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The first rounds from the fleets began to reach the hostile vessels, sending several of them ablaze as entire sections began to break off. The hail of destruction continued as the enemy's vessels seemed to refrain from firing despite the weapons seemingly reaching capacity.

As promptly as the coalition rained death upon the apparent foe, an unexpected event would soon shatter the forces' current momentum.

♪ (

Massive waves of light, energy and mildly distorted space burst forth from the enemy vessels before finally succumbing to the attacks, jamming all sensors which were aimed at the former targets.

Flash weapons?!, Sforza slightly grunted while covering his eyes amidst the sudden glare. Quickly regaining his composure, he got hold of the comms system and began to call on the entire Choro fleet.



However, before he could finish his words, an all too familiar sound came within earshot of his person.


The massive tug of negative pressure began to pull wildly at the Professor's shaken form as a rip in the vessel's bridge swiftly came to his notice.

"Wha-", the professor grabbed hold of a nearby chair as several other bridgehands managed to do the same. The rest of the officers weren't so fortunate.

Moments later, a rather unwelcome voice rang across the network as the hole in the compromised chamber slowly began to mend itself.

//Leaving post-haste, Professor?//, Hiraoto remarked, anticipating Sforza's plan to switch to a different ship in an attempt to avoid decapitation of the fleet's command structure, namely himself. //Unfortunately, you might find such an endeavor rather ... difficult.//

Dusting himself off, Sforza hailed the fleet again as several personnel ran into the bridge to replace the ones who were lost to the recent attack.

"Four left...", Sforza muttered as he received word from the fleet's only surviving, albeit vastly damaged ships.

As luck would have it, the hostile ships were nothing but glorified decoys, a trap to lure the coalition's attention as volleys of precise strikes from multiple directions managed to pierce the interior of the Choro fleet amidst the resulting flash-induced confusion.


What exactly are you planning?!

//You will witness, soon enough...//, the Jyunkichi promptly retorted through the coalition's communications link. //You will witness, soon enough...//
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The collective Skrall on the Aracknash suddenly gasped in pain as swarms of ships where suddenly blinded by the flashes of light, the only defences they now had left where on their flanks while the offensive line was attempting to repair their blinded sensors.

A hint of frustration entered Scourge's mind, this was the type of battle he had wished to avoid. Sheer numbers and fire power alone where not going to be enough against this highly mobile and strategic enemy, if the Core kept using their usual tactics, they would simply keep getting lured into mindless and useless charges like this...

"Why didn't they fi-" Scourge was suddenly interrupted by the ships secondary sensors coming back online, giving him a full view of what just happened to the Coro fleet... it was devastated, only four ships remaining, and they seemed to be in pretty bad shape.

Scourge did not even haft to order the fleet to begin repairing their primary sensors as soon as possible, with them blind the Jyunkishi could continue striking like that without abandon, and he would likely aim at them next.

Meanwhile, the ships that where previously engaging the decoy targets where attempting to form up again while repairing their damaged primary sensors as soon as possible.
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Post by: Yuu on December 20, 2010, 05:58:13 am
One by one, the sound of metal meeting metal trickled across the hive network as the blinded portion of the fleet began to fall under the same string of attacks.

Oddly, the collective's senses did not detect any loss in the numbers of their larger craft. They did, however, notice a very peculiar development.

They were boarding them.

In the face.

Or at least what seemed to be the Core vessels' faces. Their primary sensors, to be exact.

//The moment of reckoning has come.//, Hiraoto's voice came over the coalition's network. His words filled with a mocking, yet thoroughly lifeless tone. //Speaking of such terms...//

Soon, another transmission reached the Aracknash. An urgent message coming straight from the SEWP-1.

//Scourge!//, Sforza called out across the link. //We're detecting a large presence of hostile signatures from your main force's general orientation!//

With their primary eyes compromised and under heavy fire, the Core in the front were forced to make a choice.
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Post by: SimplyNecro on December 29, 2010, 07:45:13 pm
What choice was there to make? Any Combine commander worth his ounce in biomass knew what to do in the event of an enemy boarding operation: Fight like dogs until the boarders where eliminated or ensure that any sort of gain they could ever get from the ships was eliminated, through any manner deemed necessary.

The inside of a Combine ship was a strange mess of organic and machine mixed together, and at every corner the Nameless boarders encountered incredibly fierce resistance. Especially inside such a crucial target such as a battleship or a carrier, there would be no retreat, no surrender, and for every inch of ground the Nameless attempted to take inside the Core’s vessels, the Combines fanatical soldiers and slave troops made sure that "They" would pay for it, tenfold, and if there was an absolute certainty that the Nameless would have a chance at taking over the vessel and somehow using it for their own gain...

Outside, the craft the Nameless did not board where either finished or near finished repairing their primary sensors, slowly but surely the rest of the fleet was beginning to rouse from it's flash induced stupor.

//Slave Fleet SF56 is reporting boarders on their assault craft, your orders?//

//All commanders, sub-commanders, and warlord minors, you know the proper procedures should your ships threatened to be captured.// Scourge stated matter-of-factly, it was not a question as he already knew what the answer should be, nothing less than fighting to the death, and utter destruction of anything that could aid the enemy and that was assuming the Nameless had the tenacity to match the Combine’s savage fighters.

"The Slave fleet is to be considered expendable." Scourge remarked towards the ships that where currently being boarded. "We have reserves ((hehe Tvtropes)), all units prepare for the incoming ships approaching from sector 4A." With that, a brand new wave of Combine craft began to show themselves, displaying the Core militaries ability to absorb casualties and deploy in numbers that would make Communicants blush. The new craft quickly began to set up a new offensive line against the incoming ships, and it was not to much of a stretch to say that there were probably more where they came from.
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Post by: Yuu on December 31, 2010, 11:48:17 pm
Flesh clashed with flesh and metal clashed with metal as the Nameless boarders and Combine defenders fought over every inch of the latter's ships. As the Nameless tried to commandeer the vessels one by one, something which can only be considered a surgically precise chain of self-inflicted sabotage was seen on the Core's part as they destroyed any possible means of letting their opponents have the crafts for themselves.

While at first the numbers claimed by the assault seemed like a heavy toll, the sudden inflow of Combine reinforcements swiftly took care of the matter.

Yet, for some reason, despite the battle tipping into the coalition's favor, something fundamentally important seemed to be lacking from the latest bout.

//I witness your timely and pragmatic response against my advances, Supreme Commander.//, Harao remarked through the coalition's communications link, seemingly unfazed of recent developments. //Your resolve, admirable as expected.//

//Congratulations on your most recent tactical victory. However...//, he quickly followed, a different aura, one of disappointment, radiating through the network.

Back on the front, the previously large signatures of energy began to dissipate one by one, leaving behind cold and relatively lifeless shells on the coalition's sensors. At the same time, a series of visual distortions ran through the majority of the enemy fleet, revealing that most were, in fact, merely a collection of relatively primitive decoys.

On the SEWP-01's bridge...

//Farewell, Professor Sforza...//, the Jyunkichi said in a recently received prerecorded message sent personally to Sforza's vessel. //It was, mildly fascinating, this masquerade...//

//Worry not.//, he continued as the Professor visible clenched his fist as an ambivalent grin fell on his face. //I shall personally send Professor Talsenreave your regards.//

//After I reveal to him how I stealthily bypassed your defenses.//

Supreme commander Scourge received a similar message.

Both basically read the same way.

Thank you for getting distracted... I am now on my way to the station...
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The resulting clang of metal hitting an organic hulls originated from Scourge slamming a nearby console in frustration to this devious trick. "Sacrificing an ship of that a distraction..."  Scourge did not know whether to call Horao brilliant or just plain wasteful, still, plain fact of the matter was that it worked...

"Redirect any nearby War Fleets towards the Talsenreave!" Scourge bellowed across the Hive Network, the urgency of the task was obvious. "I care not how many craft, machines, or slaves you must throw at them, you will hold them off!" He finished as he closed up his connection to the network.

"It should be obvious where we need to go, redirect the war fleet towards the Talsenreave..." He continued as his rage began to subside and his voice slowly became more monotone as the cybernetic sections of his brain began to calculate new strategies an organize new data. There was no way in hell that the Core would allow the Nameless to control the station, or perhaps they simply wanted to destroy it? No matter, Scourge already knew what to do in either situation, if they wished to destroy it, then he would allocate all the resources necessary to protect that station until it was unfeasible to do so, and if the Nameless wanted to gain control of it, and there where signs that they would succeed in doing so....

I'll destroy it myself...

The Supreme Commanders War Fleet began to redirect their course as fast as they could, they left the dead and dying ships behind, knowing full well that they would be of little use in the next battle. Salvage ships soon arrived to pick them up, waste not want not after all. Meanwhile, other smaller fleets where being redirected towards the Talsenreave, they would arrive before the mainfleet to hopefully stall Horao before he managed to gain another tactical advantage.
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//Meaningless, your effort.//, the blank yet equally taunting voice of Hiraoto flatly berated Scourge even throughout the coalition's mad sprint towards the apparently endangered station. //Your very actions seal your struggle's fate.//

//Go forth, likewise, the lot of you.//, the Jyunkichi turned its attention to the trailing remnants of the demolished Experimental Fleet.

//Verily, Professor. Enact the self-fulfilling loss which you so blindly seek to make haste.//

"Detecting an urgent transmission from the Choro Deidalus Super Experimental Weapons Fleet!", one of the comms officers manning Talesnreave's defensive forces exclaimed. "Opening now...", it added as the message began to play amidst the superiors currently present.

It didn't take long before the gravity of the situation was completely realized. All across the station, section upon section began to lock down as guards scrambled to secure the labyrinthine matrices of the station's unfinished portions.

Outside, whatever there was of the coalition's defending fleet, began to shift formation in anticipation of the expected attack.

The heightened security surrounding the colossal structure eventually reached the notice of everyone within the station. Those sheltered within the bunkers were no exceptions.

Lazora grasped tighter onto the small necklace dangling beneath his neck. Slowly, he began to hum, to steady his uneasy consciousness.

Gradually, the voice grew in strength as the humming gave way to a solemn, lyrical melody.


Kiyavi slammed his nippers against the bridge's desk as his vessel, along with the rest of his command, received Sforza's message.

Fresh from dispatching a flotilla of Corrupted forces, the Orealyianis vessels set out once again. This time, directly toward the ensangered station itself.

"To think he'd really work for the Nameless...", Kiyavi thought of the sly Jyunkichi as he ran through the battle records relayed by Sforza's fleet. Composing himself, he set his eye towards the small dot in the sky which showed the Talesnreave's location. Rising from his seat, he opens the comms netork and announces to his entire force.

//All units, advance at full speed! We have to get to the station as soon as possible!//

There was a resounding cascade of affirmatives as everyone received the order.

Self-fulfilling ... loss?, Sforza wondered as he reviewed the battle that had transpired mere moments ago, searching for any signs which might lead him to decipher his insidious opponent's taunts.

I'll prove you wrong, Harao!, he exclaimed in his mind, a slight ambivalent grin forming in his face. Even if not completely...

Even if...

Barely just enough...

To finally...

Bring you

As myriad points of light trickled around the Talsenreave, Sforza braced his soul for the TRUE battle ahead.

In hindsight, everything before the upcoming struggle seemed naught but a prelude to the intense battle of wits that would soon unfold amidst the station itself.
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The organic doors of the Supreme Commanders quarters melted open, allowing the behemoth of a battle armored Skrall through. All throughout the assault fleet, his assault fleet, preparation where being made, gravitic missile ports where being reloaded, calibrators checked, and gravitic generators calibrated to produce their full output, and it was all being done like a well oiled machine.

Scourge wandered through the dark quarters until he approached another mass of organic looking tendrils, a hive port like that which was found on almost every Combine ships bridge.

"Integrate" The Skrall spoke, and on cue the mass of bionic tendrils began to twitch and search all over the Scourge’s armor, their sensors looking for points to integrate themselves in. "Integration complete: Initialize connection: Priority: Supreme Commanders Report: Connection request with Central Hive Command: Request Accepted: Standby." Scourged felt billions upon billions of communication blocks, firewalls, spy detectors, and all manners computerized defenses open up for his connection alone, indeed, only he was ever allowed to use this line.

"Your Supreme Commander reports…

My lords…"

There was only one group of beings Scourged called his lords…

Wordless garble that would have instantly confused the most sophisticated translation systems in the galaxy filled through the Supreme Commander Com network. To any other sentient, it would have been as if some strange combination of random screaming, digital screeching, and bestial howling had suddenly assaulted their ears, but not to a Skrall, not to Scourge, what he was hearing was not the rantings of a mad sentient, he was hearing Gospel.

"Yes, the Talsenreave will fall under assault. Yes, affirmative."

More of the cacophonous blasting filled the Commanders senses, but he hung upon each alien word, committing them to a personal file within his mind to review later.

"I understand my lords, but I tire of working with these vermin, when do we-" Scourge argument was cut off by the "things" reply on the other end, he immediately mentally reprimanded himself for even questioning the Overlords.

"Yes, I know our mission…"

To send the Nameless a message…

The organic doors of the Aracknash’s bridge melted open as the Supreme Commander stepped inside, not a single organism had moved from their spot since he had left, just as he ordered. Stepping into the middle of the circular room, hundreds of control modules in the form of tendrils tethered themselves onto his armor, linking him back up to the cybernetic world and returning him to his command position.

Scourged took a nanosecond to search the channels for a frequency to connect to the Talsenreave, he needed a status report ten minutes ago. Skrall transmissions that did not involve the threats and declaration that your species would be enslaved or destroyed where always forceful, blunt, and to the point, no formalities and such. "Contact them."

//Searching: Frequency Found: Channel Connected: Contacting Talsenreave defense forces…//

//Talsenreave defense force, this is Core Combine Assault fleet 0000001 "Overlords Wrath". We require a status report of any current damages or Nameless assaults….

Also the handing over of any available non-vital personnel (civilians, prisoners, ect) for Skrallification would likely aid the current war effort…//

Hey? It couldn't hurt to ask…


A brutal number of spacial disturbances began to appear on every ship near the Talsenreave, and for that matter, Beyon. Soon after, the Core Combine assault fleet bursted through the void in all it's glory and horror, indeed, under normal circumstances this situation would have been a lot more violent. Of course indeed, the space around the Talsenreave and the skies of Beyon would soon be filled with destruction and carnage, but the most unlikely allies would be causing it to the most unlikely enemies.
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Somewhere within the station itself, the familiar hiss of depressurizing gas emanated from one of the station's terminals, the swift shuffling of an air-locked gate following soon after.

Solid footsteps reverberated across the docks as a brief gust of wind preceded the sudden influx of a dozen winged figures. The sound of priming weapons greeted the brief vicinity as the beings from the gate readied their respective armaments.

Clad in short, pitch-black robes, they scanned the immediate area through their dull gray masks. As their garments swept the floor with every dash they took, their previously thunderous steps became less and less apparent, while physically still pronounced.

Moments later, another set of figures exited the open portal. Wielding higher calibers compared to the former party, the latter group of soldiers encircled a central entity.

"Is it clear?", a familiar voice inquired from within the formation.

A swift "Affirmative." went from one of the escorts as everyone in the chamber finished probing their surroundings.

None but a slight nod returned to the answering officer as his superior seemed to approved of the statement while viewing the terminal through his thick red lens.

Turning towards his subordinate, the higher officer gave a slight nod as the other responded with a brief yet firm salute.

"All units are to proceed to their assigned rendezvous points!", a voice containing an eerie mixture of fear, anger and excitement announced to the rest of the unit. "All forces, move out!"

With that, the company divided and went their separate ways.

Another spectacle of lights appeared over Talsenreave as a sizable complement of Orealyianis vessels resurfaced to normal space.

"Looks like we made it...", Kiyavi sighed in relief as his ship took its place amongst the other defensive forces, the rest of his unit quickly following suit.

Slumping into his chair, he turned his eye towards one of the many projections which showed the massive station. Instantly, the young admiral snapped back to form as he cleared his throats before uttering his next order.

"Contact our garrison.", he commanded, to which the bridge's comms officers promptly set themselves to work. "Inform them that I am officially reassuming command of the Stellar Naval garrison.", he added, before composing himself once more.

Something deeply bothered the young admiral, however. And yet, it was not clear to him exactly what was exceedingly troubling about his thoughts.

Little did he know that another, equally troubled person was finally starting to form the exact same conclusion.

The Choro officers' combat suits became less and less in contrast with the palette of their immediate surroundings as they went deeper and deeper into the as of yet incomplete portions of the sprawling construct.

Taking the main route would be far too obvious..., Sforza thought to himself as he and his unit carried on their way, zigzagging across the structure's complex web of backdoor passages, all in an attempt to lose a hypothetical opponent which can potentially be tracking their movements right then and there.

Not long after they arrive in the vicinity of the station, he was greatly disturbed by a certain, unusual fact which seemed vastly out of place for someone who had purportedly ran to the station long before they began to give chase, namely...

The lack of enemy presence.

It was, for Sforza, far too quiet for comfort.

While he did not certainly like the alternative, it was becoming more and more real by the instance, as his mind plunged into a mad race to out-predict his insidious adversary.

Harao..., Sforza thought to himself as he tried to make sense of it all. The sly Jyunkichi was never shy of compounding deception after deception. The trick was to find out which actions were merely meant as distractions and which ones were the actual, real deal. Then again, he could just as simply be complicating the matter entirely, obscuring his view of a scheme which might already be blatantly obvious.

There was practically little way to distinguish which way the Jyunkichi's current plan rolled, especially as it was compounded by its somewhat ambiguous objective.

At worst, he will have to wait for the opponent's next move.

For now he could only hope that it was yet the coup de grace, as he raced to the location of a certain valuable Professor.

♪ (

Meanwhile, outside the station...

The outer defensive lines of the coalition garrison are starting to pick up signs of unnatural spatial distortions.

Slowly, one by one, blip by every blip, the defenders' multitude scanners are picking up more and more anomalies as each second passed.

It took several more moments as the scanners began to compare the signatures to the garrison's signature database.

Their findings...

It seemed as if Sforza, Scourge, as well as the rest of the coalition, need not wait any longer...
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"So are verminous foe friend has arrived?" Scourge mused as he read the new readouts. Multiple signals appeared to be converging on the Talsenreave.

The commanders’ mental commands filled the network instantly as the fleet began to arrange it’s self in defensive formations. Meanwhile, smaller sweeper fleets began to probe suspicious areas of space, their purpose being to draw their hidden foes reserves into firing, which would allow the rest of the fleet to smother them.

First blood was soon spilled.

Gravity distorted and twisted metal and biological hulls where flayed as the Core and the Nameless fleet began to square off against each other around the Talsenreave, hopefully the Core’s stubborn defense would be enough to hold off the ambushes.
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The intense blaring of the station's countless sirens and the sudden change of the hallways' normally dull hue alerted Sforza and his unit of the fierce battle that had erupted beyond the megastructure's outer hull. Picking up the pace, the Captain bolted across the last set of suspended walkways that led to a service pipe headed directly for Talsenreave's personal bunker.

Reaching the small shaft, Sforza paused for a moment before slowly lifting the thick metallic plate which concealed the exceedingly narrow entrance. The circular hole was just small enough for an average Choro to walk through, perfect for the Captain and his companions.

"Before we drop in...", Sforza called his unit's attention, plate still in hand and sights dead set on the descending passage ahead. "... I'd like to share something, interesting, that I realized just these past few moments..."

"Permission to speak, Captain.", one of his subordinates asked while slowly approaching him.

"Permission granted.", Sforza quickly replied.

"I don't think now's the best ti-", the Choro said before being promptly interrupted by a large disc of metal barely missing slicing her upper body clean off her waist.

"AHA!", Sforza yelled triumphantly as the apparently hollowed out husk of a Choro made a resounding thud as it fell on the cold steel floor.

The Captain's voice changed to that of frustration, however, as he realized the gruesome deception was already free of its former occupant.

"Harao...", he cursed under his breath while tightening his grip on his weapon, his head growing even hotter as he saw the rest of the team's corpses scattered and pinned by their own weapons all across the massive chamber.

Outside, the battle had intensified, the fleet of Corrupted relentless in its push against the equally adamant defenders.

Some distance away from the crossfire, multiple thresholds of icteric light protruded from the silent void, bringing with them a small collection of Awakened Atomna.

Soon enough, one of the Combine's sweeper fleets chanced upon the sudden interdiction, bearing their arms against the obsidian behemoths, the assembly of Awakened experienced the full brunt of the patrol fleet's arsenal, bringing them to a halt as their sights were shifted from the station and into the assortment of ships currently stalling their advance. A sudden flash of yellow consumed one of the monsters, escaping the fleet's sights for but a fleeting moment before appearing right behind them and unleashing a concentrated lance of particles which quickly swept across the fleet.

The Atmona continued their advance toward the station as one of them were left behind to contend with the harassing fleet.

Back on the Orealyianis' command within the station itself, officers buzzed across the crowded chamber as they raced to compensate for the Atomna's presence.

Most everyone did likewise as large chunks of the coalition's defensive fleet were redirected to deal with the Atomna threat.

"Admiral! Our forces defe-", one of the officers turned around to alert Kiyavi, only to find him missing from the command room.

"I will be reassuming command of this garrison...", said an Orealyianis officer as he strode into the chamber. "... until Admiral Kiyavi's return."

"Shield: ON!", Sforza whispered, a thin film of particles sprang from his wing armor and wrapped across his entire body. It wouldn't last for long against small arms concentrated fire, just enough to locate the Assassin's position before needing actual cover.

Not long after, the first volley was fired, with Sforza barely evading while shooting back at the enemy that was now zipping all across the upper walkways.

Sforza settled behind a stack of nearby crates as he continued to scan the area for Harao's presence.

Back outside, the Atomna began to part ways as they charge towards the station at different angles in an attempt to spread the defenders thin.

One of the Atomna quickly took hold of an outlying Orealyianis destroyer, subsequently turning one of its hands into a drill-like implement which it then drove deep into the vessel. A massive burst of light followed as a barrage of distorted space pelted the defensive line, ripping apart several off-guard ships which underestimated the beams' individually wider beam radii.
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As the corrupted made their push they were met with the seemingly inexhaustible supply of Combine fodder. The entire battle field was screened with the Core’s countless ships and where many where destroyed; even more simply took their place. To the Combine, such ships where expendable. A lot of things where expendable to the Combine.

"Commander, special distortion detected in the sector, its signature matches that of the awakened Atmona on Olosis, they have crippled one the sweeper fleets and are on the approach!"

Scourge inspected the signal and indeed, the sensors weren’t incorrect. "Send another slave fleet towards them. We can’t let them exploit a gap in our defenses!"

As the Atmona made their way to the station they too were engaged by nearby patrol fleets. The sweepers themselves where not expected to do that much damage, they were meant to be a nuisance if anything. The real unit to act as a roadblock was the engaging slave fleet. As the Atmona made their approach they where swarmed by countless raider armors, fighters, and even frigates charging into the close combat, and countless other expendable ships also proceeded to engage the Atmona, caring not for their own losses, they cared only for the enemies death.
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With open arms did the Atomna welcome the advancing wall of steel and flesh of which there seemed no limit. Tensing up, the obsidian colossi rammed their way through the first wave of defenders as an endless stream of concentrated fire pelted their resilient form. The beasts were quick to strike back, conjuring countless runes in the void which spewed forth an intense hail of icteric beams, effortlessly running through entire files of densely packed ships. Conjuring another set of symbols, a second salvo collided with the Combine's diversionary fleets.

It was then that the true defenses were fully brought to bear. The sheer collective force of the Combine slave fleet smashed over the Atomna's heads like a monstrous torrent of solid neutronium bricks, pinning them in place for the ever increasing volume of fire. However adamant, even the Atomna's seemingly unyielding shells were starting to show signs of wear. Microscopic dents were stacking over one another all across the battered surface, the infinitesimal fractures collecting over time becoming visible to the naked eye.

The sound of weapons fire consumed the station's otherwise silent interior as Sforza and Harao continued exchanging shots while hopping from platform to platform. A perpetual stalemate, neither individual could gain the upper hand for long.

Finally, a string of precise suppressive fire backed Sforza to a corner, bringing the draw to a close but at the Captain's disadvantage.

Harao..., Sforza's sights constantly jumped between the many possible locations of the lone Jyunkichi Assassin. Suddenly, the sound of bouncing metal graced the Captain's senses, alerting him of a grenade recently thrown his direction. With no time to lose, he burst into the open, inadvertently exposing himself. Cursing under his breath, he leaped just in time to avoid the ensuing blast. Raising his weapon against Harao's most likely location, Sforza peppered the area shortly before realizing the enemy's true location.

Harao lined his sights against Sforza as his finger slowly tightened on the trigger.

However, before he could finish the act, a flash of light entered from the side of his eyes. Less than a second later, several rounds of plasma had barely flown past his mortal frame. Receding, he melds into the shadows once again to hide from the sudden armed intrusion.

Sforza crashed into one of the many suspended platforms, slightly dazed but alive. Scanning his surroundings, he searched for the source of the unexpected intervention while dashing towards proper cover.

Another set of flashes lit the chamber as the battle's focus shifted towards Harao and the sudden intruder.

Outside, the Orealyianis forces were suffering heavy losses from the Atomna which recently fused itself with a fully armed destroyer. The resulting hybrid construct possessed all the standard power as well as amplified versions of a destroyer's full arsenal.

Already, a massive chunk of the fleet has succumbed to the Atomna's relentless barrage of SEACESSV fire.

Elsewhere inside the station, in one of the many safe bunkers located within the colossal structure, Lazora and his colleagues huddled together as the siege outside only increased in ferocity.

The group observed the battle outside intently from a small screen hanging on the chamber's ceiling.

The defenders, despite considerable losses, were so far capable of holding the line. Despite the seemingly endless stream of enemies, the battle seemed to be mostly at a standstill thanks to the coalition's own source of bottomless reinforcements.

Regardless, all Lazora could think was that Kiyavi's force was finally here, and by extension, the young admiral himself.

The melody in Lazora's voice only became more confident, his solemn whispers becoming actual words as he continued to sing as before to calm his uneasy thoughts.
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The Atmona where graciously welcomed to the Talsenreave, with guns. The Combine showered beautiful presents of shattering gravitic death over and over again. No matter how many Combine ships were gunned down by their formidable foes they always seem to have plenty of replacements and the many the small cracks that began to appear on the Atmona’s seemingly impenetrable armor only seem to spur the Core to increase the viciousness and persistence of its attacks, seeing as they were now having an effect.

Elsewhere, across the battlelines the Combine began to up its ruthlessness. The battle was practically at a stalemate as the attackers and the defenders continued to draw upon their endless supplies of reinforcements. Across the battlefield the Core began to unleash its most devastating gravitic weapons, no longer caring whether or not Beyon would be harmed or not in the ensuing carnage. Indiscriminate bombing and devastating suicide runs using kamikaze attacks were starting to appear as the Core began to cast aside any notion of lowering collateral damage. In the end the victor of this battle was going to be the more ruthless one. Even the arrival of reinforcements from the Orealyanis did not seem to calm them.

In the sense slowly the Skrall’s battle lust was starting to get to them, and the Combine was starting to go a bit… Berserk
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The Photos task fleet G-129 had returned to orbit around Photise to get new instructions when the High Command recieved word of the assault on Talsenreave Station. The task force was ordered to move in and assist the defenders.
"Ok, listen up. Here's the plan," said Kar'shes, the task force's commander. "The defenders are stationed outside Talsenreave, firing at the Nameless, who are pressing in towards the station. We're going to come in from behind and trap the Nameless in a kill zone. Focus antimatter fire on the Atomna, they're the hardest to take down. Fire the plasma guns and Plasma Projectors at the slave ships."
Behind the Nameless fleet appeared 25 large, noticeable energy signatures, a split second warning as to what was coming. Regardless, by the time they could react, it was too late: A fleet of 25 dreadnoughts had materialized as if from nowhere, divulging volley after volley of plasma shots while the antimatter reactors spun up. They were trapped. They were flanked by the unstoppable force and the immovable object.
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Nonetheless, the Photos' cavalry were met with a considerable amount of resistance. Everything within reach of the dreadnoughts' cannons promptly swiveled to engage them, with every ship in sight unleashing a maelstrom of beams and ordinance as swarms of fighters moved in to engage them. Still, the sudden intervention was not without its merits. The Combine and others became substantially more efficient at trying to crack the Atomna, with a fraction of the Nameless force diverted to intercept the Photos reinforcements.

On the Orealyianis side of the field, an unexpected development caught the defenders' attention as the Atomna-Destroyer Hybrid shifted its attention away from the force in front of it and towards its brethren. The creature then began to emanate a subtle prismatic aura which quickly built up, followed by a sudden torrent of lights arcing all across its body. Moments later, the arcs of light collapsed into the being's form as the body itself began to phase from existence.

The next instant revealed that the beast had already migrated to the other side of the field, directly above the other members of its kind. Nearby Combine units sought to engage the behemoth preemptively, sighting a cloud of partially formed programs already above its form.

The goal was never met.

As the first volley of fire reached the lone Atomna, the array of programs promptly set off, unleashing a hail of distorted space at the intense battle below. As the first beams hit their mark, it was quickly apparent what the obsidian menace was doing. One by one, the force of the beams dislodged the frozen Atomna that were immobilized by the Combine's attacks. Hurled in all directions, the Atomna took the opportunity to hyperlink away from the thick, emerging in less defended positions where they promptly restarted their assault.


The commanding officer of the Orealyianis garrison snapped his nippers shut after seeing the speed at which the lone Atomna formulated the array of programs.

"Sir, it appears that the enemy didn't use programming to perform the jump!", one of the personnel alerted him as a projection in front of the commanding officer's desk produced footage of the Atomna overlapped with energy readings of the assimilated destroyer's components.

The commanding officer's eye glared at the video as energy signatures spiked within specific parts of the consumed vessel just before the Atomna transported itself across the field.

"The enemy, used the ship's own FTL systems to minimize, processing consumption...", he said out loud as he ran the idea again through his mind.

"... allowing it to devote more resources to programming than usual.", one of his subordinates continued his train of thought.

"Exactly.", the commanding officer concurred. "Relay this finding to all coalition forces, as well HQ!", he ordered with haste. "The Atomna can use assimilated pieces of technology not just a resource for mass, but also as fully functioning tools and weaponry!"

Outside, the news quickly reached all allied vessels, just as the Atomna once again picked up their pace.

Rushing headlong into the defensive forces, one of the Atomna stops its advance in front of an unfortunate frigate. Turning its hands into a pair of drill-like implements, it prepares to plunge them inside the doomed vessel.

♪ (

The Atomna, for reason unknown, stops its assault on the frigate.

A rain of fire promptly pelts the Atomna from all directions as the vessel narrowly slips away from its gruesome fate.

Unlike former engagements, the Atomna appeared to be markedly slower than usual.

It was not alone.

The same event was unfolding all around the station. Both Atomna and Corrupted forces were exhibiting inexplicably poorer performance. Though the effect was greatest on the Atomna, the sudden gap in aptitude was reshaping the lines of battle, slowly pushing the invaders away from the station's presence.
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Noticing the slowing of their enemies, the Photos switched their antimatter guns on the Corrupted; this way, the three fleets could focus their entire firepower on the Atomna.
Inside the hulls of the dreadnoughts, large circular turbines were spinning, a golden bolt of energy arcing down the center. Finally, with an arguing roar, the beam reached full intensity. The antimatter reactors were spun up all the way.
"Fire for effect!"
From the numerous barrels of the Antimatter guns on the dreadnoughts, golden bolts of energy shot forth. When they made contact, brilliant explosions ripped apart smaller ships and did very noticeable damage to larger ones. Onboard Kar'shez' ship, the targeting computer read almost 25%  of the remaining hostile ships damaged beyond fighting capability, if not outright destroyed. Kar'shez couldn't help but grin. He doubted they expected a fleet to pop in behind them, much less something packing antimatter weaponry. Nevertheless, there was still the problem of the incoming fighters to deal with.
"All ships, prepare to launch Liberators." He ordered.
Within the hangar bays, the launch rails were spewing out fighters as fast as they could be operated. Once away from the dreadnoughts, they flew into formation, firing at the oncoming fighters. Much like their larger brethren, the fighters were pathetically sluggish, and easy prey for the well-trained Photos pilots.
Kar'shez opened a channel with the Orealyanis and Combine forces.
//"Push them back towards us, we'll rip them apart."// He said, leaving the channel open.
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"You heard the commander!", a small grin in both nippers of the Orealyianis commanding officer after witnessing the sudden development. "Push these hostiles back into those dreadnoughts!"

The sound of weapons fire echoed across the chamber as the duel between Sforza and Harao was interrupted by the new contender. Countless walkways became dotted with massive scorch marks from salvo after salvo of rapid plasma fire, the Assassin barely dodging each time as he scrambled to the next piece of cover.

"I know you're out there...", the unkown marksman muttered after suddenly losing sight of Harao. Seemingly unknown to him, the Jyunkichi had already positioned himself behind him, weapon locked and moments from opening fire.

However, before he could finish the act, a powerful light from above consumes his immediate surroundings as a massive round of plasma explodes upon his location.

"Fell for it!", the unknown marksman smiled as a Royal Variable Armor descended from above and into Sforza's view.

"Royal Variable Armor... Then the one who was firing at Harao was-", Sforza pondered before he was cut by someone calling from his communicator.

//Captain Sforza... This is Admiral Kiyavi of the Orealyianis garrison, are you alright?//, came his communicator after opening the channel.

//You sure took your time...//, Sforza replied somewhat jokingly. //Still...//

//I know. I'll take care of him from here on out.//, Kiyavi replied. //Now go. Rendezvous with the rest of my unit. They should be in the Professor's bunker by now.//

Sforza nodded before closing the line and jumping into the service shaft which lead to the Professor's bunker.

Kiyavi continued his hunt for Harao on foot as his Armor hovered some distance above him.

Back outside, the Corrupted were continually getting routed by the coalition as the defenders around the station relentlessly pushed them back towards the lethal wall of Photos dreadnoughts.
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Multiple alerts rang out through the Combine fleets as multiple clusters of slave ships where being destroyed rapidly by the Atmona’s new offensive.

"Commander, it appears to be-"

"Programing…"  Scourge observed, he had seen similar readings from the previous Nameless vessel they had destroyed "Ready a SPAM missile volley…"

"We can’t focus fire, the Atmona have spread out and are attacking undefended positions!"

"Then refocus the swarm! Block up the holes and divert the experimental weapons fleets fire to them"

Another reorganizing of Combine formations began to occur as the massive fleet redirected its fodder to the Atmona that had sprung up in the less defensible positions. The Combine was forced to maneuver in ways they were usually not used to in order to engage the enemy on so many fronts, and rapidly shifts its bulk in so many directions.

Several of the fleets formations opened up in many different areas, allowing the split elements of the experimental weapons ships that were used in the previous battle through to do some damage. Although it’s strength was diverted towards different targets those targets already appeared to be moving sluggishly, the new array of information bombardment may immobilize them. In theory.

All over the battlefield, the Combine continued to push the Corrupted forces, refusing to give an inch without making them pay for it in blood, theirs or the enemies. Between the bulk of Combine ships and the Photos’s barrage, the enemy seemed to being beat…
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The meatgrinder continued to take its toll on the Corrupted as Coalition forces relentlessly push them back, driving them into Photos' dreadnoughts which unleashed their own maelstrom of havoc. The resulting sandwich drove the invading armada near to the brink of collapsing, the only credible threat that remained being the Atomna themselves.

All across the battlefield, the weakened Atomna continued to lash out against the station's defenders as the violent beasts fell deeper and deeper into their own stage of bloodlust. A level of fierceness not unlike the Combine's presented itself to the Coalition despite, or perhaps because, of the shifting tide of conflict. Yet even this rash display of aggression could only, at best, delay the battle's inevitable conclusion. It did, however, send a very stern message to whoever they were facing, that they were never to go down without taking a massive chunk along with them.

Back inside the station, Kiyavi searched feverishly across the endless corridors for the elusive Jyunkichi Assassin.

So far, to no avail.

He was not alone in his search, however.

The news of enemy presence within the station itself was slowly getting around the Coalition's more secure networks. The other garrisons were already starting to deploy their own interception units, all of this on top of the already heightened electronic security which mainly aimed to delay the Jyunkichi's next strike.

So far, news of the incident has not yet reached the forces outside the station proper. However, it was only a matter of time before the dire revelation finally makes its rounds through the Coalition's entire network.


The brief sound of weapons fire echoes across the long, darkened and constricted corridor before finally being silenced by a final string of fire.

As silence engulfs the scene, a lone bloodied Orealyianis figure walks across the tunnel and past the varied corpses strewn across the floor.

Reaching the small gate located at the end of the passage, the Orealyianis reaches for a nearby holographic console as it types a set of keys, followed thereafter by a series of optical scans which verified its identity.

Slowly, a gap forms in the middle of the gate as light from the other side floods the dark hallway.

The sound of blade cleaving flesh suddenly fills the air as the Orealyianis doubles over and another living form bursts forth from its lifeless body.

Rising from the gruesome event, the wearer of flesh picks up his host's weapon before entering the succeeding chamber.


Professor Talsenreave.
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"Drop your weapon. You're not here to kill me I can tell that already."
"So what is it you DO want? My mind? This station? What is it? It would have been far simpler if you just came in like this as an assistant without making such a ruckus."
Talsenreave was biding his time. He knew that people would be converging on their location very soon, and if he could delay the inevitable, maybe he could activate the security in the bunker...
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"Eager to inquire, are you not, Professor Talsenreave?", Harao complied, releasing his grip on the weapon as it fell beside his feet with a solid thud. Slowly, he began to close in on Talsenreave, taking one step at a time as if to deliberately delay his approach. Focusing his sights straight on the still biding Professor, he took one last step before stopping from where he stood. "Regrettably..."

"Your, efforts, to summon further aid-", he continued, his words hitting precisely at Talsenreave's line of thought. "- is naught, but a fruitless endeavor."

As Harao finished his statement, a small bead of crimson light landed on the back of his head, the sound of rapid steps becoming stronger and stronger behind him.

"Would you not agree...", Harao added, a slight grunt can be heard in the direction of the bunker's entrance. "... Professor Sforza?"

Elsewhere within the station, Kiyavi continued searching for the elusive Jyunkichi, oblivious as to what had already transpired within the bunkers.

"Don't even think of moving.", Sforza tightened his grip on his weapon as he slowly approached the formerly stolen gun on the floor, picking it up while still keeping a lock at Harao.

"Have you not learned from your mistake?", Harao questioned him, the Assassin still motionless under the Captain's threat. "Your, meddling, will merely delay the inevitable."

Without prior warning, Harao turned into a sudden blur as he vanished from where he stood, reappearing shortly thereafter right in front of Sforza. Moving quickly, the Captain managed to bring his guns to bear against Harao, but not before he did so as well using a pair of concealed blades which promptly revealed their presence.

"Professor Talsenreave.", Harao continued, seemingly unfazed by the rapid turn of actions. "The answers, lay not within me..."


... within you.

At that moment, Professor Talsenreave felt a sudden surge of energy race down his spine as the entire bunker was flooded by a potent crimson light. Whatever noise there were of the ensuing battle between Harao and Sforza were immediately drowned out by a powerful wave of static.

Outside the station, a pinpoint red light can be seen piercing the station's outer walls.

Whatever remained of the broken enemy forces began to shift their course, converging on the new light.
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"They're actually clumping together." Kar'shez noted. "Eh, easier pickings from the Antimatter guns. Target the clumps." He said, walking off the bridge and going down the elevator. He made his best time to the armory. He swapped his normal powered armor for a suit of Shock Armor, loading it with a RC and rotary Plasma Rifle. He returned to the bridge.
"What's with the Shock Armor, sir?" One of the bridge aids asked.
"I have a bad feeling they're culminating on that red dot because they're going to board we're going to board first."
"Boarding pods? That's awful risky considering how many hostile ships remain." The aid responded.
"Well, the most decisive battles of history were not won with simple, danger-free tactics, unfortunately." He said, opening a ship-wide channel. "All hands prepare to board Talsenreave. We're going to be using the Boarding Pods, brace yourself." He left again, and made his way to the Boarding Pod bay.
The dreadnought diverted all non-essential power to the engines, and within a minute or so, was within range of the station. It lined up as well as it could, and began launching boarding pods. They slammed into the outer hull of Talsenreave, penetrating to the nearest breathable hallway or chamber before establishing a more secure air-tight seal. Troops began to disembark before moving to sensitive areas of the station. Kar'shez made his way to the bunker. He looked through the gaping entrance to see Professor Talsenreave taking cover behind a control console while two figures were locked in combat. He made his way over to Talsenreave.
"Professor, are you injured? Nevermind that, we need to get you out of here." He rushed the Professor out of the bunker before blowing a large pipe to pieces with a shot from his Mass-Reactive Cannon. The large parts of the pipe blocked the entrance, and while not a permanent seal, they would stall the assassin a few minutes.
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"Hmph...", Harao slighted, seeing Talsenreave get whisked away by an unexpected Kar'shez. The assassin took surprisingly small heed of this act, preferring to engage Sforza while the commander carried the Professor to safety, or so the Photos thought.

Flee as you will, Professor..., Harao thought as he dodged another point-blank shot from his opponent and letting out a pair of lunging blades soon thereafter. It is all but a meaningless effort...

The converging Nameless force began to writhe at the wave of SPAMs which suddenly met their way. The programs which constituted the Atomna's sustained biology began to come under siege from the tumultuous cloud of interference. Other, more mundane components of the force found themselves at a distinct disadvantage as their enhancements ceased to function and their thoughts bombarded relentlessly.

By this point in time, the remaining enemy forces were being attacked from all known angles, being swept away like a mist by the coalition's united fire.

The coalition's apparent impending victory over Talsenreave space heightened the once wavering hopes of the civilians huddled in the bunkers.

Lazura began to smile, ever so slightly, at reports of the current situation. His singing grew even stronger as news of the Nameless forces concurrently growing weaker played across the comms network.


Came a tumultuous sound from all sides of the Talsenreave. A sudden, seemingly mild, force of motion began to affect everyone within the station as they found themselves pushed in a uniform direction towards one of the structure's side.

The vessel was apparently keeling over from an as of yet unidentified force.

Lazura was shaken out of his singing after feeling a minor force nudging him towards the bunker's wall.

"What's... happening?", Lazura wondered, promptly standing up to keep himself in place.

Thoughts began to circulate with regards to what the force was, filling the room with a mix of worry and curiosity.

"It is time...", Harao murmured as a sudden push of his palm sent Sforza flying into the impromptu barricade set up by Kar'shez from before, and destroying the barrier and knocking the air out of the Professor turned battering ram.

Zipping past the incapacitated Sforza, Harao rushed towards the bunker's exit and into the station's corridors. Oddly, he continued to disregard the fleeing Talsenreave and chose to pursue another path, conjuring a chain of Hyperlinks and using it to hop across the station.

Kiyavi continued to scour the vicinity for any signs of additional enemy breaching. Fortunately, he found none, though another equally ominous sign did run across his path.

"A light?", Kiyavi thought to himself as he saw the vermillion streak pierce the station corridor. "Judging by the beam's source, it most likely came from..."

"... Compressor Number Six.", a sudden realization came upon Kiyavi as he hopped onto his armor and raced towards the structure.

Back in space, a strange occurrence began to plague the coalition defenders as they contacted their respective nations to report on recent events.

"We can't seem to patch through, Sir!", came a worried Luzonian comms officer as the Luzonians post's commander was about to deliver an update back to central command.

The case was the same for everyone else in the coalition. No one seemed to be capable of sending messages beyond the system.

It didn't take long before someone tried to jump out of the system, to completely no effect.

At the same time, the station began keeling over even faster as coalition forces closer to the station proper began to feel the same effect befall their respective ships.
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♪ (

Several systems away from where the station lay, the TSS Illumination, one of TIER's Athanatsu-Class warships, sensed a tremendous surge of energy hurtling across the sector. The wave came with such intensity that it caused a momentary loss of function to the ship's sensors.

"Another one?", Captain Ceramoleious, the officer in command of the vessel calmly raised a brow as the sensors recovered from the shock. Shortly thereafter, the crew managed to lock onto the epicenter of the massive burst of energy...

Talsenreave itself.

Back at the station, Harao can be seen standing under the entrance of one of the staion's many bunker's, bathed in both blood and a familiar crimson light. Watching apathetically at the being in front of him who was currently emitting the unusual light, he closed his eyes and began to walk the other way.

My task...

He continued across the dark and cramped corridor, past several lifeless or otherwise incapacitated armed persons, with one unfortunate soul cleanly sliced in half and partially carved out from within. Harao sighed, but only slightly, returning to his cold and ineffectual image shortly after. He eventually made his way to the doorway leading to the section's main hallway.

... is done.

Looking up to the sky, Harao saw nothing but the tightly clenched fist of a royal variable armor. Milliseconds before impact, the Jyunkichi was replaced by a sudden blur, the being reappearing just above the mech's arm, at which point several bolts of plasma flew past him, some almost managing to connect. This was swiftly followed by an Orealyianis shaped figure hurtling towards his position, which he equally dodged with little effort.

Harao disappeared again, reappearing on top of the armor's wings and staring down at his assailant.

"Harao!", Kiyavi leaped again towards Harao, firing another salvo at him, to which the Jyunkichi graciously replied by vanishing in a cloud of light.

With a grunt, Kiyavi leaped down onto the platform which lead to the bunker's entrance.

Making his way through the passage, he could only mourn for the fate of those that fall to the Assassin. Seeing the light, he raced towards the bunker proper. However, before he could reach the entrance, another, more powerful tremor rocked the entire structure. Along with it came a massive gust of wind which emanated for the bunker, sweeping Kiyavi and anyone else who happened to be in the corridor out into the main hallway.

The sky around the station has all but been extinguished, either figuratively or literally, depending on one's perspective. For those stuck within the ever encroaching darkness which appeared with no discernable warning, it might as well have been the latter.

One by every single one, the fleets around Talsenreave, friend and foe alike, sank into the void, never to be seen again.

The station itself was next to come under siege as ships began to dock into the station to avoid, or at the very least delay, their inevitable demise.

Every zone, every section, every single piece of the massive superstructure was swallowed by the growing void.

Nothing was spared.

A massive portal opened to Talsenreave's location, through it emerged the TSS Illumination which frantically made its way to the area after sensing the massive disturbance.

"Were too late.", Captain Ceramoleious said to himself as he looked across the horizon. A sense of dread and disappointment present in his voice.

The station, along with system which contained it, was nowhere to be seen.

Ultimately consumed by the void.