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Title: They Who Cannot Be Named - The Ancients.
Post by: GroxGlitch on November 06, 2010, 09:42:28 pm
"Agh, let the sweeper units find that little rachet in the works. For now we have an invasion to cripple." Ryo'lis said, peering out at the mass collection of ships that had collected at his command; he had given order for every Photos ship in the galaxy to gather at this location, and the armada numbered in the millions.
"Sir, all units accounted for. What now?" Said the tactical officer, over his shoulder.
"Hmmm...." Ryo'lis thought. There were a number of juicy targets to hit. In the end, he decided that, with all the firepower it took to bring down ONE, the Atomna homeworld was the target. "Have the fleet jump to the Atomna homeworld. If we're going to end this, they're going to need to be out of the way." The tactical officer acknowledged this, and within a minute, the entire armada was on route to the Atomna homeworld. When they emerged, there was an utter silence. Countless of the beasts cluttered the space around that accursed planet.
"Sweet mother of-" Ryo'lis said. "Did we BRING enough firepower!?!" Ryo'lis cried. In reality, the two groups were just about scraping equal. Without hesitation, the Photos armada opened fire. Unfathomable amounts of plasma and antimatter were sent at the collection of awakened Atomna. The casualties were surprisingly low. Just as they were preparing to launch another volley, a familiar little blip appeared on the Photos sensors.
"Sir, it's another one of those unknown signatures that were following us earlier!" The sensor operator said. Ryo'lis shot him a look of confusion. Then it struck the sensor operator: Val'ones was in charge at that time. She sighed. "Earlier, a pair of blips were following us. They were alternately phasing out so we couldn't get a bead on them, but this one isn't." She explained, showing Ryo'lis the blip that had shown up-right behind one of the Atomna. Ryo'lis shot a look out towards the swarm of Atomna, and suddenly, a bolt of glowing white light penetrated out from behind one, raking up, slicing the glowing golden orb nearly in half. Even more surprising was the explosion that sent the bisected Atomna scattering into deep space. Then a fleet of the blips appeared, a shining fleet appearing a split second later. The ships were a golden colour. Then, that first blip became visible. It was a mecha of some sort, with two long, glowing blades, one emitted from each arm. A channel opened on the bridge.
"Well, at last we get to meet the results of our handiwork." Echoed an almost lyrical voice.
"I'll bite; who is this?" Ryo'lis spat into the open link suspiciously.
"Why, only the race your's is descended from! We are the Phitire." The lyrical voice answered, but in a more cheery sounding tone.
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Post by: Yuu on November 12, 2010, 04:14:39 am
En-route to Verog; Vara Orealyianis

"Your majesty!", called out one of the Vara's bridge officers. "Detecting large-scale fold anomaly in the vicinity of Verog!"

"Atomna?", the King's voice rang across the vessel's speakers as an image of the monarch boarding his variable armor appeared in the bridge's central projector.

"Uncertain.", the officer replied. "The disturbance appears to be centered around Verog, however."

As soon as he finished his statement, a vast holographic projection sprang from the center of the chamber, showing what appeared to be a map of Verog's system, along with the massive anomaly which appeared to have been produced by the Atomna's sheer presence.

Shanara's eye glanced at the image in front of him before a dreaded sense of scale came over his senses. Springing from his chair, he quickly called out to the Vara's AI, "Vara, run a crosscheck between the anomalies' apparent magnitude and that of an average Awakened Atomna."

//Initiating crosscheck...//

Verog High Orbit; Advanced Reconnaissance Unit

A small blip in the fabric of existence greeted the opposing forces as the First Fleet's advanced recon force jumped back to normal space.

Scanning the distant horizon, several massive signatures quickly bombarded their sensors.

There was something else, however. Something which one of the unit's officers quickly put to light.

"Captain, it appears we're picking up another group of signals!", said the pilot of a Scanner-modified Armor. "I'll bring up a visual shortly!"


En-route to Verog; Vara Orealyianis

//Crosscheck complete...

Atomna presence, estimated at, six to seven billion individual units...//

Shanara, as well as everyone on the bridge, were speechless. All Atomna population estimates merely numbered in the millions, not the billions that he was currently hearing from the ship.

"Vara, repeat crosscheck between the anomalies' apparent magnitude and that of an average Awakened Atomna."

The Admiral could not believe it. There must have been an error in the system. Lest the AI's calculations be correct and the enemy outnumber the First Fleet by up to half-a-million to one.

A dreaded silence filled the chamber as everyone awaited the AI's answer which more or less decided their fate.

However, before the vessel could finish recalculating the findings, a short transmission came from the fleet's advanced reconnaissance unit, informing the Orealyianis force of the groups startling discovery.

Verog High Orbit

A large shower of allied signatures plastered nearby sensors as the Orealyianis Interstellar Navy's First Fleet arrived at the field of battle.

The Vara Orealyianis' two massive SEACESSV cannons, which were large enough to be considered capital ships in their own right, lead the way as the entire body of the flagship pulled itself back into normal space. Frigates, destroyers and all other manners of vessels of every class imaginable quickly followed suit, adding to the bulk of the already gargantuan presence.

Taking their place right beside the Photos fleet, a new channel opened in Ryo'lis's bridge.

A direct line straight from the Vara Orealyianis.

//This is King Foriza Kazamadariya speaking.

We have come in an attempt to uncover the truth behind the Atomna's recent transformation.

Requesting permission to speak with the officer in charge of the Photos presence.//
Title: Re: They Who Cannot Be Named - The Ancients.
Post by: GroxGlitch on November 12, 2010, 03:42:34 pm
A channel beeped open on the Leviathan's bridge, carrying the message from the Orealyanis.
"I am Acting Commander Ryo'lis, and I'm in charge while Val'ones is, shall we say, indesposed? We're attempting to bring down the Atomna, because so far, the few encountered have been utter bitches to take down, pardon my language. And, quite unexpectedly, some, ah, relatives have made their presence well known to the Atomna, to put it politely." Ryo'lis said, pointing to the gleaming fleet hailing on the Atomna, as well as the mech that was zipping and teleporting around, slicing entire Atomna in half with one swipe of it's gleaming energy blades.
Title: Re: They Who Cannot Be Named - The Ancients.
Post by: Yuu on November 13, 2010, 12:48:45 am
"I see...", the Monarch replied as he put the pieces together and discerned the mysterious fleet's nature.

Back on the bridge, everyone was busy scanning the battlefield, primarily in an attempt to get a wider picture of the entire crossfire, but also to get a hold of what these strange new combatants were capable of, and in turn how the First Fleet fits into the grand scheme of the conflict.

"The Photos' precursors...", Shanara wondered as footage of the vaguely ethereal vessels began to pour in.

"Commander...", King Foriza called Ryo'lis attention once again as the Vara Orealyianis main cannons began to build up charge. Just as this was happening, several subspacer warships began to join the fray, though primarily through the sidelines to avoid excessive damage.

"Is there any possibility that we can contact their commanding officer?", the Monarch continued as the massive variable fortress began to raise its arms and lock onto the mass of enemies.
Title: Re: They Who Cannot Be Named - The Ancients.
Post by: GroxGlitch on November 13, 2010, 04:36:54 pm
In response to said request, Ryo'lis forwarded the channel information the Vara Orealyanis.
The Photos started another volley up. They were worried about hitting the little mecha buzzing around, but it was far agile enough to get out of the way. They concentrated fire on one Atomna at a time, and while it wasn't as impressive or fancy as the little mecha, it did the job, taking the Atomna down. And if that wasn't enough, the Phitire fleet began unleashing a hailstorm of dull grey bolts. While not very impressive looking, these blasts seemed to have much the same effect as the blades of the mecha; they penetrated clean through the Atomna as if they were so much paper.

Vara Orealyanis: Bridge
A tall, impressively dressed figure silently materialized out of sight on the bridge of the Vara Orealyanis.
"Your Majesty, if you wish to speek with us, you need only ask." The Phitire grinned, getting the attention of the majority of the bridge crew.
Title: Re: They Who Cannot Be Named - The Ancients.
Post by: Yuu on November 15, 2010, 11:54:54 pm
"Wha-", Shanara was unable to finish his statement before turning around and seeing what all the commotion was about.

I see.

Up in the bridge's hangar, Foriza just finished repositioning the Vara's arms for the next strike as a small screen popped up to his right. In it, Shanara stared knowingly at the king, swiftly soliciting his attention as the prince began to speak.

"Brother!", Shanara called out, putting his hands behind his back and straightening his stance. "It seems we have a rather special visitor here on the bridge!"

"Visitor?", the king wondered as he transferred control of the vessel to the onboard AI and briskly walking towards the nearest of the hangar's elevators.

"Greetings and welcome, kind visitor!", a familiar voice called out from behind the Phitire. It was the King, descending from the chamber above.

Stepping off the platform and onto the floor, the king let out a pair of smiles as he walked towards the visitor and greeted with a slight bow. Raising his head, he began to speak. "Greetings!", Foriza began. "I am King Foriza Kazamadariya of the Orealyianis Monarchy, close friends of the Photos. Maybe you have heard of us from your 'relatives?'", the monarch winked, trying to confirm his hunch regarding the Phitire civilization's nature.
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Post by: GroxGlitch on November 16, 2010, 03:14:30 pm
"I need not speek with, as it has been put, our "relatives". I've seen much of the past already, and seen my race's planted genetic code grew up perfectly, as it was intended. I am Praetor Kae'shaz, Phitire commanding officer of this little detachment you've seen. As you can see, these "Atomna", as you call them, stand no match against our Guardian. However, I offer a better, faster solution. We can simply freeze the entire system in temporal staisis. This would cause time to come to a standstill, effectively eliminating this threat. So what say you?" The Phitire asked, turning to peer out the bridge.
"Oh, and by the way, as I can see your curiousity upon the matter, my race did craft the Photos, milennia ago. I would be more than happy to fill you in on the matter, if you'd be so inclined." He added, over his shoulder.
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Post by: Yuu on November 19, 2010, 03:37:38 am
"Much obliged, dear Praetor!", Foriza answered heartily at hearing Kae'shaz's proposition, something which greatly eased his consciousness, showing just how much faith he still possessed for the Atomna despite everything that had recently transpired. The king was quite set on uncovering the true reason behind the seemingly apparent betrayal, naturally coming to agree with the praetor's convenient suggestion. "Indeed, peacefully neutralizing the threat would appear to be best, considering the current situation."

Walking towards the lone Phitire, the monarch stopped right beside the benevolent visitor as he watched the raging conflict which lit the distant horizon, finally setting his eyes on a certain obsidian ball on the other side of the field. "If it is not too much to ask of you, dear Praetor...", Foriza began, turning towards the Phitire. "... is it possible to spare Verog, the Atomna homeworld, from the system-wide stasis? There's something, we need to find out, about that world..."
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"I daresay that can be arranged." Kae'shaz said, bringing his right wrist level with his chest, a slight beep heard, aparently establishing a link.
"Captain, prepare to carry out Action KB275-2, Variable A, Sub-variable D." Staisis, entire system, keep the planets out of the staisis, for those not learned in Phitire commands.
"Oh, and keep the Photos and Orealyanis out of the staisis." He added. From the largest ship in the little fleet, several glimmering, golden  beams shot out, containing the entire system in a golden framework. Transparent energy linked these, and as soon as this bubble was complete, everything except for the Phitire, Photos, Orealyanis, and the planets in the system, faded to black and white, frozen in that previous second.
"There you go."
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Post by: Yuu on November 21, 2010, 03:45:43 am
"Amazing...", Shanara said reflexively after seeing the process in action. "Not unlike the tales regarding the Terran-Morians. To think that I'd see something of such scale in person ... and in action, at that.", the prince continued as his sights hovered over the distinctly altered horizon.

Everything really did grind to a halt, down to the very particles which sustained Verog's star.

Everything, save for the select group of beings spared as per Kae'shaz' command.

"Indeed.", Foriza added as a pair of pleasant smiles greatly showed his relief at the current battle's rather peaceful conclusion.

"We'd best continue with our mission, then.", he looked quite gratefully at Kae'shaz before turning his sights towards the rest of the bridge. "Prepare the First Fleet for planet-side operations.", the monarch ordered, to which the rest complied as they prepared the units necessary for the descent to Verog's surface.

"And contact Commander Ryo'lis, and ask him if they'd like to conduct a joint planet-side operation with us.", the king added before turning back to Kae'shaz.

"I, personally, could never thank you enough for vastly helping to bring this battle to a peaceful conclusion.", Foriza thanked the Phitire as he quickly bowed towards him. "And I'm more than certain that all of us here in the First Fleet thinks likewise."

"We will now be sending planetary forces to investigate Verog's inner workings. Hopefully, we will be able to get to the bottom of this conflict after probing the world's purportedly artificial interior.", the king carried on as he nodded towards Shanara, the latter quickly making his way up to the bridge's hangar. "It will be our first time to enter the deepest bowels of Verog. And it would truly be quite an honor if you were to accompany us, even if just to tour the body's internal structure."

"What do you think?", the monarch smiled at Kae'shaz for some time before continuing. "And on a related note, concerning your people's story. Indeed, I would be quite inclined, especially after my recent tour to Photise with Commander Val-"

The monarch stopped what he was saying in line with the aforementioned individual's current situation. He was certain Kae'shaz would understand why, he thought.
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"I would certainly say yes to a planet side operation, and I'll get around to the story behind the Photos, just give me a moment to contact my fleet." Kae'shaz said, activating his wrist comms unit again. "Prepare a battalion for combat, and get me a surface-scale Guardian, we're going to be executing a joint exercise with the Orealyanis and I believe the Photos as well." Kae'shaz said, cutting the channel and returning to the Orealyanis.
"Now then. Onto the story of the Photos. Alot of the races I'll be talking about are long sense dead and berried, so doubtful you'll know of them. My race was a peaceful, yet powerful one, much like the Photos are. Corruption, power mongering, these were things that happened once every, perhaps, ten generations. And mind you, given our lifespan, that's quite a while, but anyway. We got along well with the other races of the galaxy, trading and building alliances. Things were peaceful. But, there were the Shadow, tucked away off in their little secluded section of the outer part of the galaxy. They built their armies, and for reasons unknown to this day, decided to launch an invasion on the rest of the galaxy, Their weapons were quite advanced, and they quickly conquered most of the galaxy. We and a few other races stuck together and managed to beat back the Shadow quite a respectable distance. Meanwhile, our scientists were working like crazy. The better our technologies got, the farther back we pushed them. Eventually, we wound up with the technologies the Photos found on that frigate we left for them. Antimatter technologies, as well as limited trans-dimensional technology. We used our trans-dimensional tech to build the Splitter Cannon; which created a localized portal with an insanely high gravitational pull. We defeated the Shadow throughout the galaxy, and it came down to just their homeworld. Facing eminent defeat, they moved the planet's population onto transports and attempted to flee while their warships distracted us. The plan would have work, except for when the Splitter Cannon fired, the transports were too close and got pulled through. So the Shadow were kicked out of our universe, but we looked at ourselves as well. We had the technologies to oppress the entire galaxy, faster and more brutally than the Shadow had before! With the irony screaming, we loaded the population of our empire onto massive worldships, gathered the fleet, and left for deep space between here and the Novus Cluster, where we have sat for years beyond count. But before we did, we modified our genetic code into what you know as a Photos, and with a little terraforming, planted this genetic code, and planted it on the Shadow homeworld. They wan't their homeworld back, and they ain't gonna get it. We've been observing the events of this galaxy, learning, anticipating. I can distinctly remember watching the Nauceans during the height of their empire. I've been around for quite a while myself, I'm around 2,115 in your Standard Galactic Years. I said we had long lifespans, remember? And the real mind blower is, I'm actually quite young. And we've had run-ins with the Nameless, as well. I'll let you in on a little secret; You know Lakis Duavon, the Photos that joined the Nameless?" He got a nod. "Well, he's on our side, he's a double agent. He's just waiting for the opportunity to exploit said fact. And that bit with Val'ones and the nanites? Same deal. It's a feint, to earn the trust of the Nameless. As soon as they have their trust, Lakis will deactivate Val'ones' nanites and fill him in." Kae'shaz smiled, and took a deep breath from saying such a long speech. And it came back: the Photos accept too.
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A feeling of relief swept King Foriza after hearing what truly happened to Val'ones, "Quite a relief!" The king chuckled as he scratched the back of his head with one of his nippers. All this time he was worrying far too much concerning a matter that was, apparently, under the Phitire's control. "That is extremely wonderful news, Praetor Kae'shaz!", the monarch added with delight while offering his other, smiling hand to the visitor in front of him. "The others would be greatly relieved to hear of this, once this conflict is over."

"As for the story of Origin's past...", Foriza continued, his hand still hovering between him and his new acquaintance. "... then it seems that the Shadow actually were telling the truth when they spoke about their past. Even the parts concerning their encounters with your civilization."

At that moment, a strange mixture of deep pity and ironic comeuppance played within the monarch's mind as he recalled Kae'shaz' exposition regarding the events behind Kari and his people's current state.

The Shadow really did get set back by quite a lot, it seems...

"I'll be sure to keep it in mind the next time the Shadow call for discussions.", his other hand also began to smile.

Up in the bridge's hangar, Shanara was getting ready for the upcoming descent as he hopped into his royal variable armor and slowly closed the canopy.

He wasn't alone, however. Several other royals who were also in the fleet were likewise readying for descent alongside their non-royal brethren.

The mission was one of infiltration, utilizing variable armor technology in anticipation of Verog's purportedly lethal surface. Long ago, in the conflict that came to be known as the Fold War, no SPA force managed to even merely enter the dreaded world's atmosphere, let alone set foot on it.

The Orealyianis can only wonder what sort of traps the Nameless have set up for them this time around, on this exceedingly effective death planet.

Regardless, the king knew that had to uncover the truth despite of the massive risks. Stray strands of doubt stubbornly still lingered in the monarch's head regarding the Atomna's affiliations.

Several minutes past until everyone was ready and the coalition's vanguard headed to the planet's surface.

Meanwhile, the Vara Orealyianis and all other ships within the First Fleet were to remain in Verog's orbit to await further orders, providing fire support if it ever came to it.
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The Photos were rapidly scrambling to throw everything they had at the planet. Everything from Waratica warmachines to the best-trained infantry in their arsenal. And if THAT wasn't bad enough, some of the Dreadnoughts had prepared for high atmospheric entry. The carriers launched their stockpile of aircraft.
It was truly going to be an utter Force of Arms.

Meanwhile, the Phitire had already launched their attack force for the planet, on which teleported the Praetor. He geared up in a variant of the Guardian mecha, designed more like a suit of powered armour for planetside excursions. It was going to be hell for whatever Atomna were still unfrozen on the planet.

Ryo'lis opened a channel to all the ships.
"All units, it is time to strike a serious blow against those who dare invade our galaxy. By eliminating the Atomna here and now, it takes one variable out of the equation. Our combined forces should crush all the Atomna, and given our allies' time stop, they shouldn't even see it coming. Let's show these Nameless just what a mess they've gotten themselves into. Let's show they who cannot be named the folly of INVADING US!" Ryo'lis cut the channel, his motavatonal speech over.
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"While I don't completely agree with Ryo'lis... he makes a very valid point.", Shanara whispered to himself as he and his wing of vanguard variable armors descended into the atmosphere alongside a Photos dreadnought. When the Photos mentioned the destruction of the Atomna, the thought of meeting the Valgu bureau chiefs flashed into his mind. He had frequently met the two in the past decade, speaking with them personally whenever they crossed paths with each other during the monarchy's many joint operations with the agency.

To think that I might meet them here., the prince thought, a slight chill running across his body. And in such an unfortunate arrangement.

After confirming their destination for the last time, Shanara's group moved into assault formation and braced for combat, some transforming halfway to increase their maneuverability for the upcoming battle below.

Brother, I sincerely hope you're right.

That there really is another way to eliminate the Atomna from this war.

Another, more peaceful way...

Nearing the world's surface, the combined arms of the Photos, Phitire and Orealyianis split into multiple mixed groups to cover the vast face of the planet. Expecting intense resistance from their planet-borne adversary, the three prepared their forces for a massive planet-wide spearhead to safeguard further landings.

Thus, it was only quite natural to feel a slight sense of shock when, upon reaching the drop sites, there was no such hostility to be found.


Such could be used to describe the seemingly lifeless stretch of pitch black plain which welcomed the arriving troops as they scanned the apparently inert surface. The closest semblance of life on the world, the mountainous similarly shaded half-sunken gears which sprinkled the horizon, eerily watched in silence while the deafeningly serene sky blanketed the surface-bound soldiers in a barely noticeable light-orange haze.

Yet, despite the clearly inactive state of the seemingly lifeless sphere, the forces' multitude sensors, much to the wonder of their users, continued to prove otherwise.

All across the system, a clear and living presence showed on any vessel's scanners whenever they managed to even barely glance at the world's purportedly thriving surface.

Something was terribly, terribly amiss.

Shanara's wing safely set up a landing beacon on the base of one of the nearby gears. Securing their point of entry, the prince opened up his communicator to contact other surface-based forces.

//Admiral Shanara to Praetor Kae'shaz.

Rally point secured without any noticeable resistance.

How are things on your end?//

Unfortunately, before the Phitire could even answer back, a rather unexpected development began to solicit the attention of Shanara's unit.

//Admiral, we're detecting extremely minor seismic activity all across the perimeter.//, one of the prince's wingmen promptly pointed out as a slight rumbling sensation registered in everyone's armor.

//Admiral, we're detecting low-level geological anomalies all over our area.//, another nearby Orealyianis wing quickly reported as the minute vibrations from the land beneath them quickly increased in intensity.

As reports elsewhere on the planet began to pour in, a veil of unbridled tension surrounded the ground forces.

Scrambling to get an idea on what was going on, Shanara hailed the Vara for data all over the planet.

Upon hearing the Vara's response, a very mortal sensation rand down his spine.

After hearing from above that the strange were simultaneously occurring all over the planet, and that every single one of them were completely shallow and lacked any epicenter, it soon became apparent what was actually underway...

//Everyone! To the mountains!//


Came the sound from a nearby variable armor as a phalanx of light bombarded the vessel's fuselage, causing the generator within to go critical and blasting the unit to pieces. Narrowly escaping death, the pilot within managed to eject his seat just before the shockwave raced across the field.

Using the atmosphere within the armor's cockpit, the Orealyianis soldier rocketed towards Shanara partially transformed armor as the prince's canopy opened to receive the survivor. Clamping down the cockpit, the two soldiers sped to top of the mountain, where the enormous cogs would protect them from the attackers.

Managing to regroup in the mountains, Shanara's surviving units peeked slightly beyond the cogs' safety to look down into the endless fields and witness an utterly harrowing sight.

The entire world's flatlands, every single span of it, was now covered, if not composed of, an ocean of Nameless assault drones.
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"Oh, this is gonna be good. Fire up the main bombardment guns. Blow that thing wide open!' Ryo'lis said. The plasma guns on the underside of the ship, the part facing the planet, switched online and targeted the area the forces were dropped in, and began firing in bombardment profile, careful not to hit any surviving drops. Progress was going to be slow, however.

Lakis and Val'ones had been summoned to one of the LAC's to meet up with one of the leading Atheim Nameless. Lakis had received an update about Verog, and had concocted a way to remotely cripple the planet's defenses, if only temporarily. While Val'ones was genuinely on the side of the Nameless, the Phitire nanites having seen to that, Lakis' was but an act.
"This entire game can only go on for so long...." He thought to himself, looking around the grand hallway en-route to the command chamber where their meeting lie.
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Back on the surface, Shanara's team couldn't do anything other hold their ground against the torrent of Nameless minions which were slowly claiming foothold on the survivors' sole refuge. Watching the coalition's punishment pour down onto the planet's surface, the admiral wondered if they can manage to outlive the onslaught.

♪ (

As Lakis and Val'ones marched towards the chamber's entrance, it was truly only then that the colossal obsidian structure firmly solidified its presence.

Artificial Planet...

Such words described the sheer size of the Nameless carrier's bridge, whose dimensions were largely no different from the Orealyianis' Grand Hall-turned-homeworld of Tanariadne.

Boarding one of the many mobile platforms lying in wait across the structure's perimeter, the pair of Photos were suddenly blasted with a sudden and overwhelming sensation of primordial terror. Approaching the threshold only intensified the incorporeal presence, the invisible mist of subconscious  slowly gnawing at their thoughts.

For the most part, Val'ones, to the credit of the Phitire machines currently coursing through his body, was largely unaffected and spared from the harrowing experience. Lakis, while not as fortunate, was also capable of crossing the psychological quagmire by enduring it head-on.

Truly, such an aura would have easily overcome any lesser Photos.

Or any lesser sentient, for that matter.

"He has been expecting you, Photos!", came a rather familiar call as the visage of a certain Weaver zipped past them on their way through the massive gate.

Before the two Photos could respond, another otherworldly sensation seeped into their minds. This time however, it was all the more physical.


A field of distorted space as far as the eye can see.

This was what welcomed the two Photos as they took in a somewhat unnerving view of the dark chamber's constantly shifting form.

And in the center of this maelstrom of warped existence lay a truly abominable aura, whose magnitude can only be expressed by the sheer fact of its own gravitational presence.

"I see you've finally arrived...", came a thunderous yet surprisingly soothing voice from the very center of the great mass. Moments later, the central distortion slowly gave way, revealing the colossal presence of a True Nameless. "It's good to see you're on time."

"Though, of course, still not as prompt as yours truly!", the being chortled, his sleeves which almost graced the floor suddenly rising to the sky before a sudden storm of blinding icteric light consumed the entire chamber. As the light died down, the distortions across the chamber finally ceased to be as Lakis and Val'ones' platform slowly approached the Nameless.
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"And humble too..." Lakis muttered out of audible volume.
"As I am quite sure you have wondered post our last meeting, the assimilation of the Photos commander went flawlessly. However, I am equally sure you will be angered with me when I tell you that the Photos did not have the reaction I expected. They merely appointed a new commander and moved on." An irritated grumble from the Pure Nameless confirmed his worries.
"Right. And I'm not done with the bad news yet. Furthermore, a combined group of Photos and Orealyanis, with the aid of some ancient and powerful race, were able to defeat our orbital defenses around Verog, after which the group proceeded to launch a combined arms assault against the planet." Lakis projected a small holovid recording from a small device hidden under the robe he was provided over his armour.
"They have proved more powerful than anticipated, and with the combined ground troops and orbital bombardment, our forces won't last indefinitely." Another, louder grumble, sounding more like a growl. Lakis launched three more vidscreens with recordings of the unknown forces helping the Photos and Orealyanis.
"Though we don't have any info on them, this race could prove troublesome. They possess temporal manipulation technology: something that, as far as I know, WE don't even have a full grasp of yet. They also appear to have some superunit equipped with some form of morphing weapon: incredibly unpredictable, and combined with it's teleporting, makes it nearly invincible. I authorized information gathering on this race, but nothing seems to be available as of yet." He noted the angry stare from the Nameless.
"I'm finished." Lakis finished, wincing at the coming vocal, if not physical punishment he would likely receive.
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There was a long, almost awkward stretch of silence as the Photos braced for the more than expected backlash that would come from the apparently fuming True Nameless.

Lakis..., a disgruntled, telepathic whisper entered Lakis' notice.

Soon came a dark, seemingly ethereal, burning sensation which crept its way up from the Photos' legs.

"Lakis...", a loud and thunderous voice echoed across the vast chamber, this time lacking the distinctively calming aura which masked the being's previous words. "Tell me...", the dark entity added as he lowered his head to meet with the commanders' platform, the resulting exponential increase in apparent scale blocking the the Photos' view of the dark and featureless sky.

Moments later, the being's eyes, which was by now literally burning with pent up rage, slowly shifted to the left as an utterly realistic scale model of a Nameless Luminary Assault Carrier was conjured out of the being's thoughts.

"What. Exactly. Is. This?", the Nameless glared, each word filled with an overbearingly vast amount of negative emotions which seemed to try and influence anyone who as much as heard it.

Before Lakis could answer back, the being pulled back as the model faded from existence as fast as it appeared. His arms spreadeagled, the Nameless began to laugh in what seemed to be an unsettling, if not outright unhinged sense of relief.

"YES! THAT'S CORRECT! A LUMINARY ASSAULT CARRIER!", the being announced in rejoice as towers of yellow flame erupted from the floor in unison. Slowly, the flames began to branch in all directions as several of them, jumped across the chamber and splashed directly into the Nameless' form.

... and not just ANY luminary, mind you...

Suddenly, all the flames ceased to exist before an instance of silence returned to the chamber.

"MY LUMINARY ASSAULT CARRIER!", a massive torrent of flame erupted from the Nameless as the entire chamber was consumed in an ocean of corrupted light.

"GO!", the True Nameless yelled, as the platform began to draw away from the flames and make its way out of the infernal chamber.





For the particular Nameless Elder, this was, for a lack of a better word...

Very, very...

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"Oh, I'll show them, all right. Show em' the door right in...." Lakis said, again too quiet for anyone to hear. When the platform returned to it's starting point, the duo of Photos disembarked, Val'ones not having said anything the entire meeting.
"So, what now?" Val'ones finally spoke up.
"We do just what we were ordered. We move out and head for the bridge. From there we can point this behemoth at Verog, and you can fill in the rest, buddy." Lakis said, walking off towards the bridge.
I've got to find a way to cripple this thing from the inside...Lakis thought to himself. It had long ago struck him that for all their intelligence, these Nameless were just as gullible as anyone else, though much more irritable. He did feel somewhat bad for deceiving Val'ones; though it was for his own good, there was no real supervision; Lakis could have pulled that initial meeting off much friendlier. He decided it was time to pull the plug on his mind control and bring him back to the situation: two heads would be better than one in the coming battle.
"Val'ones, may I speak to you for a moment in private?" Lakis asked, leading Val'ones into one of the storage rooms of the great hall. Val'ones nodded. Lakis went in first, and the instant Val'ones shut the door, Lakis hit the proper button on the gauntlet provided to him to by the Phitire. However, it beeped back red. Something was wrong! Val'ones heard this, snapping back.
"You-!" Val'ones cut off, charging Lakis head on. Lakis effortlessly flipped him, using his own momentum. He slammed into the metal floor, his back hitting first and his head smacking not soon after. This appeared to knock him back to reality.
" hea-YOU!" Val'ones said upon seeing Lakis, sweeping his legs out from underneath. Lakis plummeted to the floor. Val'ones pinned him against the floor, chocking him.
"Val'ones, please- give me a chance to explain!" Lakis said inbetween guttural chocking sounds.
"EXPLAIN WHAT, YOU TRAITOROUS SON OF A-" Lakis kicked him off, pinning him by the neck.
"I'm undercover." He whispered. Val'ones calmed a bit.
"Explain yourself. Now." Val'ones said.
"Not long ago, I was contacted by the Phitire, our ancestor race. You haven't met them yet, you've been here the entire time. They knew about the Nameless invasion ahead of time, and saw those of us trapped in the Novus Cluster as the perfect infiltrators. They had a perfect plan-pretend to have a major grudge against those in Origin for "abandoning us", and earn the trust of the Pure Nameless. Then, when the time is right, wreak all sorts of hell. I don't expect you to trust me, but either way, we're needed in the bridge, and you should have all the memories and knowledge from when you were under the control of the nanites, which you will be glad to know are of Phitire manufacture, something the Nameless don't know. In fact, they know none of this, and until the time is right, it stays that way, clear?" Lakis explained, standing and offering Val'ones a hand up. Val'ones shot him a dirty look, but accepted anyway.
"Now then....."
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"All units, sustain fire!", King Foriza ordered the entire fleet. "Concentrate bombardment around confirmed surviving drop sites! Decimate the massed dronels and prepare troops for a second ground offensive!"

With a swift affirmative from the rest of the fleet's officers, the Orealyianis forces continued their offensive, saturating Verog's sky with a myriad high-yield weapons.

While this was happening, a familiar voice began to speak up within the vessel's bridge.

It was the on-board AI.

//Your Majesty, if I may.//, it said, calling the Monarch's attention. Receiving a satisfactory nod, the AI carried on with its inquiry.

Soon, the Vara Orealyianis began to shift its thrusters, turning its massive form away from away from the center of the planet and unto the nearby horizon. Soon after, a deep and steady hum began to fill nearby space as the fortress' main cannons slowly began to charge.

Back on the world itself, Shanara's forces were starting to get some headway, though clearly not enough to warrant them from leaving the mountains.

All across the surface, a distinctly fiery glow filled the burning skies as the intensely scorched ocean of dronels stubbornly resisted the fury of orbital bombardment.

"Just a while longer...", Shanara said to himself as he and his team gradually pushed back the enemy off of the base of their holdout.

//Praetor Kae'shaz!//, the Admiral began to call out across the comms network. //Praetor Kae'shaz, what's your status?//

As the Orealyianis Prince waited for the Phitire's response, a distinct pair of flickering lights began to form slightly above the horizon.

moments later, a vast curtain of white completely consumed the battlefield from Shanara's point of view as a very noticeable quake swept the sea of dronels and onto where he stood. At the same time, an almost deafening roar pierced his variable armor's sensors while communications with the outside all but completely ceased.

"Main cannons successful, your Majesty!", one of the Vara's operators announced as the fortress' main cannons promptly began charging for the next round of attack.

"Good!", the King noted, opening a small projection which revealed the result of the strike. "Prepare for the next attack!"

"Thank you, Vara.", Shanara remarked as he saw the aftermath of the Vara's intervention.

Still, there was much work to be done.

Clearly, beyond the horizon, the ocean of dronels were already beginning to regroup in order to bury once again the planet's true surface.

In fact, while the attack might have taken down the enemy around Shanara, it was still quite insignificant compared to the planet as a whole.

Regardless, the number of dronels really were gradually decreasing, thanks to the tenacity of the coalition forces.
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The Photos were bound in a perimeter, slowly backing up to one of the large gears. There was one ABU, and it was armed with a Rotary Autocannon. The fearsome weapon utterly annihilated the somewhat frail little balls of evil.
"We're almost there!" The squad leader, Ve'kal, announced. The problem wasn't that the little buggers were tough; the problem was there were so damn many of the things! All around, Photos guns were going nonstop. Were it any other army, they wouldn't have had a chance against the Photos. A Phitire shuttle flew past and one Praetor Kae'shaz jumped out, fully armoured. The weapon nodes on the ends of his arms transformed into one linked cannon, and he activated the flight unit, flying high over the mass of Dronels assailing the Photos. He aimed straight down and fired. A massive, shining ray penetrated the Dronels and pulsed, smashing and frying almost the entire group of assailants, who were picked off by the Photos. Without a word of thanks, he sped off for the Orealyanis location.
"This is Praetor Kae'shaz, I just entered the battle, I'm onroute to you now, Admiral."
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//Affirmative, Praetor Kae'shaz.//, Shanara said through the comms network before switching the frequency back to his unit.

//You heard that, everyone?//, the Admiral called out to his team which, by then, had already established a defensive line at the base of the mountain. //Praetor Kae'shaz is on his way! Stay sharp and don't let those Dronels in close!//

As the fighting continued on the plain around the mountain, something quickly caught the attention of one of the Orealyianis soldiers as his eyes chanced to look at the valley gouged out by the Vara's main cannons.

//Admiral!//, the officer said as he moved his Variable Armor closer to where the Prince's was. //I think you might wanna look at that...//

Pointing with one of his armor's claws, the soldier guided Shanara's eye to a certain formation that was uncovered by the recent SEACESSV strike.

A tunnel?

//Everyone! It looks like we just found our way in!//, he announced to his unit before swiftly switching channels to relay the news to the Phitire Praetor.

//Praetor Kae'shaz, this is Admiral Shanara. It looks like we just found our way in. I'll be sending you the coordinates shortly.//

Changing frequencies again, Shanara called on to the Vara Orealyianis to announce the recent find. Reinforcements would be sent in short order to secure the newly established extraction point.
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On the edge of the system, a gigantic spatial distortion began to materialize, emitting incredible amounts of energy. Every ship in the sector could have noticed it blind.
"Sir, large incoming energy signature, class and layout unknown, but the sucker is HUGE." The sensor operator said. Ryo'lis' body knew what it was, before his mind did. A few seconds later, the monolithic vessel that lay before them had materialized fully.
"OH. MY. GOD." Ryo'lis said, taken completely aback by the enormous vessel, a reaction shared with 90% of the fleet. The Photos had expected Luminary Assault Carriers big, but not THAT big! "Will our guns even damage that thing!?!" Ryo'lis exclaimed. All the Photos ships started firing at the Carrier, but to no avail. Even the Godhammer merely dented the colossal ship's shields. Not even the Phitire's mighty weapons were effective, eliminated by the shields. Sadly, the LAC's weapons were quite effective against the defenders of Origin: many of the Photos' dreadnoughts were lost in the primary salvo alone. The Leviathan shook from several heavy impacts, knocking Ryo'lis off his feet and across the room.
"Agh, damnit!" He said, picking himself up with his left arm. His right arm hurt like hell and hurt worse to move. A medical officer ran to his aid. "I'm fine, just a broken arm. I should get it taken care of, though. Commander O'shaj, you're in charge while I'm in the med bay." He said, calling out his high ranking subordinate.

On the planet's surface, the Phitire were able to annihilate the frail dronels. Kae'shaz hovered next to the Prince's cockpit.
"Want me to clear the opening first?" He asked.
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//Much obliged, Praetor Kae'shaz!//, Shanara's armor nodded as he flew to the vicinity of the hole. Switching his unit's channel, he signals a part of his team to mobilize and gather around the depression.

//Units three, four, six, eight, nine and eleven, follow me! Provide cover to the Praetor as he clears out the entry point!//, he ordered while firing off several shots to take down a small swarm of Dronels. //Everyone else, stand your ground!//

A resounding "Affirmative!" filled the channel as everyone moved out.

Descending into the perimeter of the passage's mouth, the Admiral's communicator suddenly begin to ring as the device automatically switched to First Fleet's universal channel.

"Admiral Shanara speaking..."


"A WHAT?!"

"What do you think?", Vanretzerheimer asked the defenders rhetorically from the safety of his chamber as he began to compliment himself. The dark being's eyes shifted slightly to the side as a lone Terran-Vesfian suddenly appeared from behind him. "Amazing isn't it? A marvel of Imperial engineering!", he solicited the creature's reply, which tended to be more of an act of ritualized praising considering his policy with regard to such things.

"Then again, this is just what can be expected from an Elder, no, the Greatest Elder!", he lauded himself again as the comparatively minuscule messenger begin to orbit around him.

"My lord...", the Vesfian spoke with a dark and lifeless tone. "We have received message from Lord Gurukherheimer."

"Yes?", the Nameless responded with feigned interest. This news couldn't possibly be more satisfying than seeing himself winning, which was the only thing on the Elder's mind when the creature started to speak.

//Vanretzerheimer...//, the messenger began. //The preparations are almost complete. We have identified, and procured, the specimens, and are now preparing to conduct the next stage of our operations. You are to pull back immediately from your current engagement above Verog and support our advance into Union space. He will be the one to handle Verog from here on out.//


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Praetor Kae'shaz switched weapons again, to the large energy cannon used a matter of minutes earlier. He took careful aim, charging the weapon as he did so. He fired, and the powerful beam of energy blew open the armoured cover, as well as clearing the hole's preliminary space with a respectable fireball of an explosion. When the fireworks settled down, Kae'shaz landed for a closer look. However, he waited for the Orealyanis to take the lead before truely investigating.

Grand Chamber: Vanretzerheimer's Luminary Assault Carrier
"Mmmm, don't shoot the messenger there, Vanretzerheimer." Val'ones scoffed, riding a platform over. "The ship's already pulling out, the computer was remotely transfered the order from higher up." Val'ones explained, much more somber this time. If I know my men, they're THINKING about a way through. Though probably Lakis already has something planned. Val'ones thought to himself. "Furthermore, the defenders have discovered one of the entrances planetside." Val'ones finished.
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A face full of barely contained fury was what greeted Val'one's statement as the dark being turned around to meet the commander in masquerade.

"Is... That... So?", Vanretzerheimer spoke each word vehemently while a chorus of thunderous flames erupted from the floor to accompany the clouds of swirling darkness that manifested themselves solely through the being's rage. The entity then centered its sights straight at the Photos' own. For what seemed to be hours, yet only a fleeting second, the Elder Nameless shot an apparently knowing glare at Val'ones before promptly resuming his words.

"Something, seems, a bit off...", Vanretzerheimer coldly remarked at the Photos. The maelstrom and fire continued to intensify as the dark being leaned closer and closer towards Val'ones, analyzing, laying his eyes upon him, as if something of great significant had been realized by the being's conscience.

And then...

"I see.", Vanretzerheimer's eyes became more slitted than ever as he swiftly straightened his form, his eyes not leaving that of Val'one's.

"Val'ones?", the Nameless called out as it turned its sights back towards the battle. "It seems that those nanites of yours aren't working like they're supposed to ... is that correct?"

"The life support systems, are terribly off!", Vanretzerheimer exploded in a fit of rage as the entire hall began to burst in flames. Turning back to Val'one's the Nameless' left hand barely hit the Photos' platform as it suddenly swung to the side before pointing at the commander's face. "I may not be Usizimenheimer, then again, who would ever want to be that disgusting freak? But I do, of course, in my infinite wisdom know perfectly when a soft creature's minute and fleshy reactions are rising in spontaneity even when they're not supposed to! Don't you just love to agree?"

"What a primitive design!", he threw his hands into the air which caused the flame and darkness to swiftly cease to exist. "Once this entire thing is over, I will have a word with the excrement eating imbeciles who designed that rundown obsolete disgrace to my very presence!"

"You!", Vanretzerheimer shifted to the Terran-Vesfian, whose form was utterly neutral throughout the entire deal. "Go tell that dampener, Gurukherheimer, that I'm already on my way!"

A polite nod came from the Vesfian as it promptly opened a portal and left the two behind.

"That Elder always sucks the joy in things...", Vanretzerheimer murmured once the messenger was out of earshot.

"You are dismissed.", he followed apathetically, motioning for Val'ones to leave.

I'm going to have one last shot before I pull back...

It would be a total waste if I didn't...

Not to mention missing a chance induce some
terrible irony...

Back on the Vara Orealyianis, everyone was scrambling on the bridge. Even the main SEACESSV cannons weren't working as spectacularly against the Nameless warship.

That was but the least of their concerns, however, as they were certainly soon find out.


An ominous spherical aura bathed the entire battlefield as the previously static Atomna showed hints of what seemed to be movement. At the same instance, the coalition of ships, most notably that of the Photos and Orealyianis, began to wind down their pace as the progression of time itself was slowly fell into slumber.

The Nameless' power was by no means absolute, however, as the Phitire's own technology seemed to be actively opposing it.

But then...


The sound of crumpled metal echoed across space as a large, molten crater appeared on the surface of a Phitire battleship. Yet that was not what shook the thought of the Orealyianis. But the one who actually created it.

Vanretzerheimer himself.


The Nameless went on as he continued to pound the vessel with a pair of clenched fists right in the middle of the battle. Then suddenly, a flash of icteric light replaced Varetzerheimer's presence as he promptly reappeared above the battered vessel, a massive ball which appeared to be made of Dronels fully materialized between his hands. Grasping onto the sphere, his form, in Orealyianis and Photos eyes, became that of a sudden blur as he hurled the colossal projectile straight at the Phitire warship.


As the entire First Fleet shifted to aim at the Nameless, the dark being's eyes began to show signs of that of a mischievous grin.

"What-", King Foriza wondered at Vanretzerheimer's expression before it quickly dawned upon him.

He's staring...


at me?!

He didn't have time to react, however, before an unexpected development befell the main bridge.


The vacuum of space began to pull at the crew before the atmosphere of nanomachines promptly reacted to counter the negative pressure and the bridge's canopy itself began to mend its frame.

It was too late.

"So this, is what you had in mind...", the King remarked bitterly as he struggled to free himself from the massive mechanical claw which now held his body.

//What do you think you're doing?//, the Vara's AI called out to the aggressor in a calm yet menacing manner as everyone on the bridge pulled out their weapons and aimed them at the claw. Outside, countless defensive turrets and salvos upon salvos of up-sized MLMs turned towards the assailant, which appeared to be some form of customized variable armor, as evidenced by the many icteric programs which flowed along its obsidian frame as well as the larger than usual arm which it used to grab hold of Foriza.

Get out of my way..., a slow, dull yet highly threatening voice from within the variable armor answered back at the Vara. Without warning, a sudden tugging motion welcomed king Foriza as his body was dragged into the void as the armor pulled out its claw. At that instance, a large number of the Vara's bridge's defenses unleashed itself upon the assailant, taking care not to harm the King that was dangling from its claw.

A spectacle of light appeared over the main bridge as a multitude of high-powered weapons rained across nearby space. The variable armor began to move in a seemingly erratic pattern as it zigzagged through the void and effortlessly dodged almost all of the Vara's attacks, with the few ones that hit swiftly absorbed by its armor.

"Excellent work!", Vanretzerheimer noted regarding the abduction as he began to pull out from the center of the fray. "Though, of course, I could have done it infinitely better myself!"

Converging with the Nameless, the variable armor quickly went behind its back as the both of them promptly disappeared in another flash of light.

Further away, the Luminary Assault Carrier was visibly pulling back as the effects of the Nameless' power gradually began to wane. The Orealyianis and Photos' perceptions finally returned to normal as the swarm of Atomna once again froze in place.

"They're... leaving?", Shanara wondered as he glanced at the Nameless vessel in space, which was now drastically smaller compared to how he formerly spotted it.
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By the time the platform returned to it's starting position, Val'ones was barely able to stand up he was so badly in hysterics.
"Don't you just love to agree? Why yes, I DO agree you're so full of crap it leaks out yer pores! Val'ones said to himself, laughing even harder.
And no, they're working just fine, just turned off, thank you for asking. He thought to himself. He sighed. He just laughed the hardest he had laughed in years. The level of overreaction by these loathsome beings was downright funny. He set back off for the bridge. He turned his helmet back to broadcast so people could hear what he was saying. He had turned it off when he had started laughing so nobody heard and got curious. If only he had taken off his helmet when meeting with that Nameless, he could have seen the unintimidated look on Val'ones' face through all that.

"Not for long it isn't." Kae'shaz said, looking up at the retreating vessel. "Bridge, execute command 156-12A. Tell them to block the ship's excape route." He ordered into his link with his command ship.

In front of the Luminary Assault Carrier, two colossal ships materialized. They were Phitire Battleships, and wasted no time opening up with their gigantic main guns. 120 tons of antimatter hit the LAC from the combined duo. It just stood to see the damage done.
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Which was, by all accounts, absolutely none.

The colossal vessel cruised onwards, despite the Phitire bombardment, shrugging off the strike like a wayward speck of dust. The sheer scale of the structure was enough to make any damage all but superficial.


The sound echoed again, though in this particular instance, it did not influence the flow of time. Instead, a howling ethereal wind swept the Nameless vessel's front, pushing the two battleships aside as the Nameless went their way.

As expected from a Luminary..., Shanara thought, remarking on the vessel's seeming impregnability.

Soon after, his communicator began to ring as an urgent message came from the Vara Orealyianis.

"WHAT?!", Shanara began to fall flaccid against the cockpit's side as he heard news of the King's abduction.

Foriza..., the Admiral wondered as he looked at the distant sky.

Why would the Nameless abduct the Monarch instead of outright eliminating him?

Why didn't they just try and kill off everyone around Verog, for that matter?

Were they really that confident in their own abilities to postpone victory for the purpose of entertainment?

No, not was not the time to merely speculate about all these things. The reason why they were here was to not just ask questions, but to answer them once and for all.

Getting back on his feet, the royal variable armor flew into the cleared entrance as he signaled the Praetor as well as half of his unit to cautiously follow suit.

the Vara Orealyianis kept firing on its own accord against the Nameless assault carrier as it continued to chase it down. Unfortunately, the vessel was unbelievably tougher than expected, almost to a suspicious degree.

For all intents and purposes, its main SEACESSVs should have at least pierced the outermost shell, according to hull data from known Luminary Assault Carriers.

Yet it didn't.

//Advanced defense programs...//, the Vara hypothesized as it analyzed the meager damage its combined arsenal has dealt.

//Incompatible....//, it answered after running through its database and comparing it to current results.

//No matches found... An unknown type of defense... Possibly a program...//

"Unknown type of defense?", Shanara was puzzled at the study's findings.

Manipulating time, that he could understand. But summoning a planet's worth of Dronels practically out of nowhere, not to mention toning down the main SEACESSVs' damage in a way it seemed that its shots didn't even hit, despite ample evidence that would say that it did.

It was as if the Nameless in charge was manipulating reality itself, and not in a way any program he's seen before.

This was, quite different.

"What kind of program was that?", the Prince thought as he, his group and the Praetor secured another checkpoint on their descent into Verog.

"I sense something very, very wrong about all of this..."
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"No damage at all? IMPOSSIBLE!" The Praetor said into his comms unit. "That bombardment could have destroyed a medium-sized planet a hundred times over!" The Praetor continued, dumbfounded. He shook himself: no time for distractions. The group was coming to a large entrance hall, wide, tall, and ornately decorated. There was a dais in the center, with a large red crystaline orb sitting in it. He signaled the rest of the group to hold. "This could be a trap, I'll check it out." He said, stepping out into the hallway. He made it about half way to the dais. The pillars in the corners of the hall opened, and black goop-looking material shot out, forming around the crystaline structure, shattering the dais. It took form and somewhat solidified, towering over the Praetor. It wasted no time in launching an attack, it's offending arm transforming into a long whip and attempting to take the Praetors feet out from under him. This was no good, as the elite warrior easily avoided it, transforming his left arm into an energy cannon. He opened up on the creature mid air, unleashing a torrent of golden energy bolts at the creature. However, the damage done healed right before his very eyes! It attacked again, this time higher up. He rolled under this one, letting go with both arms. Sadly, still it had little effect past stunning the creature for a few moments. He transformed his left arm into a higher-power energy cannon, and fired at the creature's right leg. The creature toppled over. However, it's leg quite literally re-attached itself and the creature stood right back up. It charged at him with unbelievable speed. It grabbed the Praetor, slamming him into a wall. It went face to face with him, Kae'shaz looking right into the glowing red eye.
"Try as oft as you like, death shall I never taste." A dark, bass tone resonated from the creature. This show of sentience, of intelligence, surprised Kae'shaz more than anything. It tossed him across the room. He picked himself back up.
"You're intelligent?"
"Intelligent? That's so beneath me, that's an insult." The creature resonated, attempting yet again to crush the Praetor with a tentacle, only to have it severed by an energy blade swipe. It healed and he retracted it, it forming back into the default claw.
"So long as I live, you shall never gain access to this place!" It warned. At that moment, it hit Kae'shaz. The eye. The only part he hadn't attacked yet. It was crystaline; not organic like the rest. That had to be it. He switched to the high-energy cannon again.
"Then let me end your sentence!" The Praetor said, firing at the eye. It cracked, the creature reeling and screaming in agony. Yet it was still alive. It uncovered the eye only to catch a glimpse of Kae'shaz coming at it full speed, energy blade activated and flight unit roaring. He impaled the glowing gem-like construct, and the creature let out one last scream before falling dead. The goop dissolved into the cracks of the floor. The crystal gem remained, no longer glowing. Kae'shaz waited a moment.
"It's clear. You're safe to come out." He said to his allies.
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"What ... was that thing?", Shanara asked as he scanned the broken core. "The material on it. It seems, extremely familiar, somehow..."

His mind quickly raced back to the past.

"So, you've managed to culture samples without triggering its adaptation mechanism?", Shanara inquired to the group of professors watching alongside him in the laboratory's central exposition chamber, a large transparent vat stood silently at the very center.

Could "They" have-?!

"We have to hurry.", Shanara spoke with a stern yet somewhat shaken urgency. "All units, let's move."

"Judging by the planet's radius, we're about eighth of the way to the core. If we keep our current pace, we can reach it in a couple of hours."

I have a very bad feeling about this...

The Vara Orealyianis charged its main SEACESSVs yet again to see if its attacks will work on a different angle of the Nameless vessel.

However, before it could fire, a strange ethereal cacophony shook the very fabric of space itself. The fortress' sensors began to act wildly as the Vara's AI struggled to keep its grip on the situation.

Moments later, the Vara literally vanished from the coalition's sensors.
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"....repeat that.....WHAT?" Kae'shaz cut his comunicator's channel.
"It appears your flagship, the Vara Orealyanis, has, for lack of a better term.....disapeared." Kae'shaz said to Shanara, leading the group. He noted the look on the Orealyanis' face.
"You recognized that beast too." He inquired.

"All ships except for my taskforce, break off and hit other targets. This is just mop-up duty." Ryo'lis ordered. That was when the Nameless would truely meet the Photos head on on the battlefront. The vast majority of the Photos fleet broke off and went for other targets. Only 51 ships remained in orbit of Verog.
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"That lifeform...", Shanara remarked as he finished sending commands to the first Fleet above.

Remembering Kae'shaz's words, his mind flashed back once again.

♪ (

"Indeed, your Highness." One of the scientists promptly answered the Prince as they all gazed cautiously at the small clump of frozen alien matter floating motionlessly within its container. "Article #7418965-741895623-987456321-85279-852-987456321, also known as the Infection, is an extremely fascinating substance, indeed. All our tests show that, given enough time, the material can adapt to almost every situation we can throw at it."

"Except for extreme cold, that is, of course.", another professor quickly added in an ambivalent tone.

"I see.", the Prince remarked as he stepped closer towards the substance. "And I hear some members of your department are proposing that we, domesticate it?"

"That is correct, your Excellency.", a voice echoed from one of the hall's many entrances. "The Infection communicates via manipulating the fabric of space-time to produce certain minute frequencies that form a complex web that includes every single unit in existence. Well, at least that's what we think they do, there's still much to study about it."

"Oh, Professor Ceramoleious!", one of the other scientists greeted the Choro Professor.

"Professor Ceramoleious...", Shanara said as he promptly approached the person enthusiastically. "We finally meet!", he added as he bowed towards the Choro.

"Likewise, your Excellency.", Ceramoleious bowed in turn.

"I've heard quite a lot about your family through my mother.", the Prince continued. "Your great grandfather was one of the leaders in reverse-engineering Terran-Ixian nanotechnology, correct? Not to mention a pivotal member in developing the stealth technology which gave us the victory back in the Fold War."

"That is correct.", the Choro replied. "Thank you for the compliments, your Excellency. But I'd rather focus on the subject at hand."

"You're right.", the Prince agreed, motioning for the professor to follow him back towards the specimen.

"Are you sure we can actually tame this substance, though?", Shanara looked back at the alien pathogen, somewhat dubious of its ability to be domesticated.

"I can assure you, your Excellency.", Ceramoleious assured him as he stood beside the Prince, smiling. "We will use everything in our power to make domestication of the Infection a reality."

"Kari... once told us...", Shanra began, parts of his words slowly coming together. "About how they were... driven back...", the Prince's armor looked at the Praetor's unit. "What was that... thing?"


//You heard the Admiral!//, an Orealyianis officer called across the network as he rallied a chunk of the First Fleet. //Chase down that Luminary! Flank it from multiple sides!//

Soon enough, a large number of Orealyianis ships turned towards deep space as they joined the desperate pursuit.

"Are these nuisances persistent or what!", Vanretzerheimer scoffed at the oncoming wave of ships. "Regardless..."

Moments later, the units orbiting Verog lost contact with the ships well.
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"Ah yes. He may have referred to us as Pok'thuj. That is their derogatory name for us. But yes, that was certainly some variation of KV-237, though that thing was modified beyond any level I had comprehended from that particular weapon. Hopefully it is still affected by cryo and electronic weaponry." Kae'shaz said. "One think I can say of Kari'u'Sadow; Though a dastardly bastard if there ever was one, in a situation he tends to be brutally honest and straightforward. A pity, a race of such technological grace, yet so corrupt. The technologies you've seen in their possession as of recent are mere child's play compared to what they possessed when we waged war with them. They had technological terrors that bent the laws of physics so, even our best scientists today cannot fully comprehend just how they functioned. They amassed their technology quickly. Ours has been developed and designed over countless eons to where it stands today. My race's brain is more geared towards the psychometric; we possess psysic powers that come naturally. For example:" Kae'shaz said, lifting a trio of small round stones out infront of the group as they walked, spinning them around each other, before casting them against the wall again. "And that was nothing. Some examples other than that are pyroknesis, foresight, and-"
"Psysic suggestion." Shanara blurted out, hurriedly covering his mouth, accompanied by a chuckle from Kae'shaz.
"Allows me to project a thought into another being, in essence a very simple, limited form of mind control." Kae'shaz explained.
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"Very fascinating!", the Prince chuckled as they approached what appeared to be a massive threshold. "I guess the Shadow also did their fair share of trying to abduct some citizens, then?", the Prince asked curiously as the light from the passage glistened off his variable armor.

"In any case, let's hope "They" really haven't removed the Infection's cold tolerance.", Shanara sighed as he looked at the massive door in front of them. "We only managed to contain it back then using cryo-weapons. I fear what would happen if that thing adapts to all of our weapons..."

"A Hyperlink?", he looked at it more intensely as he tried to decipher the superficial markings. Then it dawned upon him.

"Wait... Something's not right...", Shanara spat in surprise. "This signature... It's clearly not .th or any other hostile code, for that matter..."

"This is...", he stopped, certain that Kae'shaz already knew what he would say next. With a silent nod, he approached the massive Hyperlink until his armor's claw eventually touched its surface.

He didn't know how, or even exactly why. What he did know was that this program was set up only quite recently, and by someone far from the Nameless' alignment.

It was, from a Terran-Ixian.

Up in orbit, the Orealyianis scrambled to make contact with outside.

It was the extragalactic communications blackout all over again.

Nothing was coming in.

Nor was there anything coming out.

For all intents and purposes, the force above Verog was all but completely stranded, with anyone sent towards the fringes vanishing without a trace.

"What in the world...", an Orealyianis captain can only wonder as to what was actually happening. Regardless, they'll have to inform the Admiral some time soon.

His reaction to all of this would be anyone's guess.
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"Damnit!" Ryo'lis pounded the console. There was nothing to do now but wait for an answer.
"You might want to save the console pounding for a few days. The injection into the arm should have it healed within the next few days, but it'll still take a while." The medical drone said. It walked back over to it's desk and retrieved a small bottle of caplets. It tossed it to Ryo'lis, who caught it with his good arm.
"If the pain get's too bad, take one of those. But only one, the're very concentrated, more than one could kill you." The drone said, returning the display console to the terminal on the wall. It went back to tapping away on the keyboard, going about it's daily business. Ryo'lis returned to the bridge.
"So, what happened in my absence?" Ryo'lis asked.
"Well, the Orealyanis fleet got decimated, the Vara disappeared, and the Orealyanis monarch was kidnapped." The stand-in commander said uninterestedly.
"You don't sound too active in these current events." Ryo'lis said, a sence of irritation growing in his voice.
"We couldn't have gotten involved anyway. The minute our ships left, a powerful Nameless being came out. I'd assume it's a Pure Nameless, it was able to counter the Phitire's timestop. It did a number on those Phitire ships; they barely scratched him, if that. Nothing can enter or exit the system; probably the Nameless countering anyone daring to chase them." The stand-in said.

"Feed this image through the database, see if we get any matches." Kae'shaz said, forwarding a scan of the inscription to the Phitire command ship in orbit.
"Let's hold here for a moment. If my people can get any info on this, it could be invaluable." Kae'shaz announced.
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"Alright.", Shanara's armor nodded as it motioned for everyone else to secure the current location. "Just tell us when the scan's ready."

Looking around the chamber, the he searched for any other sign that would help him build a picture of what happened in the area.

"I have a bad feeling about this.", the Prince said to no one in particular. "There aren't supposed to be any Terran-Ixians on Origin, yet-"


His thoughts were interrupted, however, when the sound of solid metal came pounding down on his armor's head. Quick inspection of the fallen object revealed a rather uncomfortable predicament.

"ALL UNITS! HEADS UP!", Shanara ordered just as the others instinctively trained their weapons at the ceiling at the sight of the fallen Dronel. Rapid bursts of plasma suddenly lit the passage as an endless stream of Dronels trickled down on the soldiers. The troops were quick to control their intensity of fire, however, in order to prevent the tunnel from collapsing upon itself and burying them along with it.

"Don't mind us, we can handle this.", he added while shooting down a small pack of Dronels that was headed for the Hyperlink. "Just tell us when you're finished, Praetor Kae'shaz. Rest assured, I've already called for backup to secure this area once we come through that Hyperlink."
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"Finished.....curses, no match. I'm afraid I can't tell us anything. My armour has recorded it, it may be of use later." Kae'shaz looked up.
"Would you like me to handle that?" He asked.
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"Alright then!", Shanara nodded to the Praetor as several bays opened on his craft's shoulders. Moments later, several strings of intensely bright light emitted from the devices within, as the photonic rays danced across the chamber and cut down a half-dozen clumps of Dronels. He then shifted his attention back to the Terran-Ixian portal, motioning for several armors to scout the other side. Soon after, a pair of variable armors, both clad in the Orealyianis' standard scanner upgrade, pushed against the glowing inscriptions, prompting the Hyperlink's sudden reactivation and transporting the two armors instantly to the other side.

"All units, move out!", the Admiral returned to firing at the endless influx of enemies as the other Orealyianis armors began to jump into the Hyperlink. His communicator then began to ring as a string of friendly signals announced their imminent arrival.

From some distance away, the sound of plasma fire echoed across the passage. Several moments later, a friendly silhouette finally came to the group's view as the team of reinforcements finally entered the scene.

"Time to pull out.", Shanara nodded again as he motioned for the Praetor before waiting for both of them to jump through the portal together.

"Well, here we go..."

Beams of icteric light flew across the passage as the barely audible sound of a small zooming presence cut through the stale mist and blinding lack of consistent illumination. The only constant source of barely considerable light was the palely glowing figure from which the sounds originated as well.

"They're here, aren't the-", a voice emanated from the center of the glowing presence as it hopped from spot to spot, avoiding the constant trial of the incoming beams of light.

"Do not speak.", another voice suddenly interrupted as his words seemingly hushed the former. "Spare your words, you are yet unfit to converse."

The glowing entity landed at the center of the passage as it turned from side to side. "They are here...", the latter voice noted as moved on yet again.

Shanara's armor landed on the other side of Heyperlink as he began to assess the condition of their destination.

"Cold, as always, but far more damp than before...",  he noted to himself as his vessel's sensors familiarized itself with the surroundings. "Far more massive interior as well.", he added after gauging the approximate size of their new location.

Everyone else was more or less doing the same, scouring the chamber as each of their movements echoed throughout the eerily silent area.

Unbeknown to anyone, a silent and vigilant eye was watching every bit of the unwitting explorers' moves.

Soon enough, it finally made its move.

♪ (

"What-", Shanara turned to his rear as the wall where the Hyperlink was clinging to suddenly sprouted several additional portals. This time, there was no mistaking the owner of the Hyperlinks in question.

"Nameless...", he slighted as he locked on to the icteric glowing portals. Not long after, several other Hyperlinks sprang forth all around the group, encircling them.

The air within the passage suddenly began to crack as several dark blurs sprang from the malevolent gateways. A hail of assorted weapons fire greeted the hostile presence as the Prince's forces quickly took to the air and battled the figures in what can possibly be considered the sky.

The enemies responded in kind as they revealed their true forms: giant mechanisms of a very familiar form, altering in appearance primarily through its obsidian and neon yellow color scheme. A shower of particle beams soon filled the sky while the sound of particle barriers casually absorbing plasma fire echoed across the chamber.

"Variable Armors...", Shanara thought, and true enough, they were. His craft's engines began to rev up as he positioned himself to engage the enemies as well.
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Kae'shaz was quick to open a hailstorm of fire on the last portal open, hitting two of the corrupt VA's. Flame billowed out from the impact locations. He activated his jump pack, getting a momentary height advantage on the enemy. He switched one arm to an energy blade and followed up, bisecting one of the VA's. He continued the slashing momentum, bringing the gun arm around and launching another volley of golden energy bolts. He dropped lower and landed, a worrying energy low warning appearing on his HUD.
"Uh-oh. It looks like running that Program pretty much tapped me out." He announced on Shanara's channel.
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"I'll cover you.", Shanara trailed one of the zooming assailants with a shower of plasma before hitting it dead straight with volley of MLMs. One of the enemy's leg thrusters was quickly engulfed in flames while another volley of MLMs, this time from one of Shanara's subordinates, subsequently took down another.

Trying to balance on two, the compromised opponent shifted its weight rearward, changing to Orealyian form and putting down its remaining two thrusters straight against the ground. Gaining altitude, it released its own salvo of MLMs to amputate its damaged limbs while using the rest of its armaments to retaliate against the Prince.

Quick on his feet, Shanara changed halfway and boosted strafed towards his side, firing off several rounds of plasma which collided with the attacker's own. Less than a second later, a slight boost in one of the rear thrusters shifted his armor to a side as he intercepted another hostile armor, just as it maneuvered itself to right behind Kae'shaz' unit. Another volley of plasma let out from Shanara's arms as his target went out in a powerful blast generated by its damaged core.

"That's one down...", Shanara remarked before turning back to his other adversary and finishing it off with a salvo of MLMs in conjunction with an ally's supportive fire. Another bright explosion plastered the cavern with light before swiftly returning to intermittent darkness.

And that makes two..., he made a mental note as he reverted to a full Orealyian.

The group couldn't celebrate for long, however, as they began to get readings on another set of Hyperlinks opening just above them.

"Dear Praetor, how's your status?", the Prince went back to Kae-shaz, waiting for his answer while calling for additional support to be sent to their current location. "You guys aren't the only ones who can summon reinforcements.", his armor began to lift off the ground and transform halfway once again.

A muddled yet slightly glowing silhouette zoomed across the passage, headed for the ongoing battle.

"There they are...", a rough yet fleeting voice emanating from the center of the glowing mass chuckled at the spectacle of lights coming from the crossfire.

"Those VAs are in... quite a pinch... though...", it added what it thought to be a witty statement, to which another, more collected voice simply grunted in slight frustration.

This doesn't look too good..., Shanara thought bluntly as he began to detect additional portals forming in all directions. Just as he centered his sights on one of the hostile armors which appeared through the gateways, he began to detect another enemy presence just behind his armor.

Time began to stretch as the Prince realized the nature of his predicament. Seconds became minutes as minutes became hours while the Royal Orealyianis' lightning calculator of a mind reflexively studied the options that he currently had at his disposal.

He perfectly knew that there was no getting away from the corrupted armor without sacrificing his own. The enemy, emerging less than a meter behind his backward facing unit, revealed signs that it had already locked onto his engine with a salvo of MLMs.

He could easily turn his machine around and hope to fire back at it with a relatively high chance of success. That would, however, reduce his chance of survival as his cockpit now faced the enemy, not to mention ejecting then would lead him straight into enemy hands.

Alternatively, he could more than easily bail, saving himself at the total expense of the craft. However, such action would regardless leave him stranded for several seconds without any serious protection against armor-level weaponry. The closes allied VA was quite a distance away, far enough for the enemy to have a frighteningly high chance of firing a bolt of plasma straight through any hypothetical path.

This is definitely not good, at all...


Suddenly, just as the Prince had exhausted all the options which lingered in his mind, an unexpected event registered in his sensors.

A thin yet visibly intense beam of vermilion neon light, stemming from the haze-filled blackness before him, shot right past his armor's side and straight to the core of his would-be attacker. It didn't take long for Shanara to realize that this was the chance that he was waiting for. The Royal Variable Armor quickly transformed into a fighter and sped across the chamber as his foiled assailant was engulfed in its own magnificent explosion.

Entering the fray once again, Shanara took one short glance at the location of his apparent savior.

What he found was, unfortunately, not as comforting as he originally imagined.

"What?!", Shanara was put aback by what he saw through the thick mist.

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"Oh no, that isn't good." Kae'shaz said, a scan analyzing all enemies in his field of view. His armor locked onto them and he switched to a pair of missile launchers, firing a salvo of missiles at the offending Variable Armors.
A large group of Photos had taken up refuge on a gear near the entrance to the catacombs, but were under heavy fire from thousands of Dronels. A Nura fired both missile launchers. The rain of missiles sadly did not appear to do much of anything to the oncoming horde. The infantry were holding the Dronels back, but they were inching closer and closer. Not even the duo of Rotary Autocannon-equipped ABU's could really hold them back, raking the streams of autocannon shells back and forth across the oncoming army. Casualties were beginning to mount. If they fell, the Nameless could flood the catacombs, and then it would be a disaster.
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"Verily...", the figure answered briefly as another beam of light ran through an attacking armor, illuminating the chamber and revealing the form of Shanara's unexpected savior.

"... your Highness."

With these words, the figure finally stepped out of the shadows as it approached the Prince's armor.

The Prince, in turn, swiftly faced the figure, his armor ready to unleash hell upon the cloaked being at a moment's notice.

Back on the surface, the endless ocean of adversaries were visibly taking its toll on the defending forces.

Individually, they were but mere nuisances to the coalition's combined armor. However, much to the fighters' dismay, the limitless stream of Dronels were inevitably, if albeit slowly, gnawing away at their forces.

One by one, the coalition soldiers were succumbing to the unending onslaught.

Their brethren in orbit can only help so much as well, as they themselves were facing their own dire problems above the war wracked surface.

And then it went dark.

What in the world?!

An Orealyianis officer froze in his place as the light which showered over Verog suddenly ceased to exist, plunging the entire world into a single permanent darkness.

It didn't take long before half the remaining fleet were scrambling to figure out what happened.

However, despite all attempts to search for the missing body, it was all but in vain.

Light, gravity, anything that could determine its presence, all but instantly vanished along with the star itself, as if the massive sphere of plasma was extinguished before their very eyes.

It didn't help as well that another unsettling development was beginning to unfold upon their very eyes.

The stars were going out.

"Harao...", Shanara called under his breath towards the .

However, before either could mention anything more, an unexpected presence attracted the Prince's sight.

A Terran-Ixian?!

Shanara's armor assumed a more defensive stance at the sight of the disembodied being held tightly beneath one of Harao's arms. "I have no time for one of your tricks, Harao. I need answers and I need them now!"
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Once contact was lost, the situation on Verog's surface got much worse. With no reinforcements and their current forces dwindling, things looked grim. They had run out of grenades, ammunition-based weapons were empty, and most plasma weapons were beginning to overheat. Not only that, they were surrounded, so a way out was nonexistent.
However, the Phitire were just getting started.
Quite unexpectedly, a Phitire gunship did a strafing run around the Photos encampment with a plethora of varied weapons, and chewed apart the Dronels by the hundreds.
Kae'shaz met with Shanara, engaging a large shield and a blaster of some form, ready to fire at the first sign of an issue.
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"Agreed...", Harao raised up the disembodied creature, as if offering it to the two skeptics warriors before him. An air of seriousness emanated from his eyes as he began to disclose his purpose.

"Our task is but one, your Highness.", the Jyunkichi sought the Prince's eye as his frigid, unflinching stare pierced the armor's canopy. "To witness the truth for ourselves."

"... and end it."

Shanara felt a mix of assurance and doubt from the dubious being's statement, his ambivalent thoughts expressing itself in a question, as well as a tightening trigger on all of his weapons. "I don't quite understand what you're trying to say, unfortunately."

"You journeyed to unravel it, did you not?", Harao, in a cold yet slightly rushed tone, swiftly asked him back, seemingly unfazed by the rising tension which he most certainly was aware of. "The snell and vile acts, of the Atomna."

"Uugh...", a weak and slightly grating voice interrupted the current build-up as the disembodied Terran-Ixian tried to say a word. Unfortunately his weakened state has rendered it an all but impossible task.

"What did you do to that Terran-Ixian?", Shanara grew even more skeptic at Harao as his mind shifted to the critically injured being suspended on the latter's hands. "More importantly, why is there a Terran-Ixian in this galaxy in the first place?"

"It is wiser to advise that you see things for yourself.", Harao promptly replied, aware of the Prince's reaction if he was ever to reveal the truth. "Follow me, if you seek to comprehend.", at which he turned around and began to walk back into the darkness.

"Regardless of your choice...", Harao added as he conjured a small vermillion disk where he placed the severed head. Pushing it back, it floated towards Kae'shaz, as if Harao wanted for the Praetor to accept it. "... send this one to safety."

"He will rid of your doubts, once recovered."

Shanara contemplated, weighing in the risks of following or ignoring the Jyunkichi's words.

However, time was a luxury they currently did not possess.

He will have to decide the path he would take, then and there.

I'll find out the truth behind all of this.

"Prateor Kae'shaz.", Shanara called to his companion before slowly stepping forward and into the impenetrable darkness. "I'm going in."

"I'm not in any position to put you in any greater harm than what we've already went through.", he added before stopping briefly and turning his head around, a pair of subtle smiles visible in his nippers. "Still, if you still wish to fight alongside us..."

"... we'll be quite obliged."
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Kae'shaz normalized his weapon nodes, grabbing the disc from the air and storing it in a containment unit that popped open on the armor's chest.
"Are you joking? This is the most excitement I've had in 2,000 years! I did not come this far just to walk off now." He engaged a pair of floodlights, scanning the tunnel as he proceeded.
"Shanara, we may have a problem. Verog was composed, at least as far as I know, entirely of those Dronel things. This area isn't, the walls and floor are, like, concrete or something. I don't think we're in Verog anymore. Let me try....." Kae'shaz tried his communicator. "Crap. Nothing, can't get a signal. Either we're too far away or there's a jammer around..."
It looks like the duo were on their own.
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"Same here...", Shanara nodded.

The cold, damp mist which lingered over the partially frozen passage did much to add to the isolated environment, making the enemy's presence even harder to distinguish.

"Verily...", Harao remarked as he lead the way, his pace slowly rising. "It muddles one's senses..."

Before they could advance further, one of his arms extended to his side, signaling the pair to halt.

"Charge swiftly...", the Jyunkichi called out to them, his sight not wavering from the path ahead which was now emanating a vastly unsavory aura, more so than the corridor itself. "Upon my hail...",


The trio advanced through the dark corridor as flashes of icteric light fly past them from all manner of directions.

Their focus was pointed elsewhere, however, as they run across the obsidian tunnel with only one objective in mind.

"Make haste!", Harao called out to the others, leading the way while hurdling through a column of hostile Dronels. The others were not much different, likewise plagued by assailants from all corners, barely grazing past the thick lines of fire.

As the group approached the end of the obscure passage, an intense flash of light greeted them in their advance through the dark corridor's threshold.

Slowly, the light died down, promptly replaced by an incessant barrage of ethereal cacophonies vastly intensified by equally powerful bursts of light.

"Folizi...", Harao murmured as he leaped forward and into the violent, all consuming maelstrom before them.

Folizi?!, was Shanara's last thought as he finally saw a glimpse of the reality of the Verog's conflict.

♪ (




Standing, right before them, an incomprehensible blackness which seems to stretch to no discernible end.

Yet that was not what drove Shanara to his current rection.

It was the ever frantic battle that was waging deep within it.

More precisely, the combatants therein.

He could not make them out exactly from the speeds that all of them were displaying, but he was certain of one warrior who towered over them all.

A Pure Nameless...

An Elder Pure Nameless...

The Violator himself...

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Kae'shaz didn't know what the towering monstrosity was, but whatever it was, his armor recognized a power signature that was off the charts, especially for a living being. He switched one arm to a multi-barrel cannon and the other to an energy blade and triggered the flight unit, speeding off at whatever the huge being was. It was quick, granted; what would have landed right dab in the center of it's back barely glanced it's elbow.
"What the-?" Kae'shaz said, taken slightly aback by the speed of something so large.
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The massive being became a blur in Kae'shaz' eyes as its colossal frame vanished from his sensors, only to be replaced by a thick veil of swirling, pitch black fabric. The dark mantles shone an eerily icteric aura as a swarm of writhing obsidian forms emerged from the materials' surface. Moments later, the Praetor found himself surrounded by an army of miniature Pure Nameless identical to the one before. One by one, the doppelgangers charged at him with speed similar to the larger Nameless, flailing their ragged cloaks about in a manner similar to a weapon.

At the sight of this development, Shanara hastily let loose his MLMs. With no time to spare, the Prince's armor converted for optimal flight and bolted full speed towards the Praetor.


Back outside, an increasingly unsettling development was taking over Verog's orbit. Starting from the edge of remaining space, the Atomna in stasis slowly collapsed into the impenetrable abyss. Other vessels were starting to fall pray as well to the sphere of silent oblivion as it gradually made its descent towards the planet proper.


However, just before the ball of Nameless finally collapsed into the Praetor, a blade of intense light pierced the dark swarm, taking out several of the clones which stood along its path. This was soon followed by another, then another, until the area was covered in razorsharp lights, scattering the army of miniature Nameless across the empty void.

Shanara reached the Praetor just as the immediate threat was neutralized by the attack, at least momentarily. The Prince's armor then switched rapidly into its other form before trailing one of the assailants with a salvo of MLMs.

Just as his attack connected and took out one of the clones, an audible thud rang through his armor. Looking towards the back of his canopy from where the impact was made, a very familiar figure welcomed the Prince's sights.

A figure which could only belong to a certain Orealyianis Prince.



"Hehhh... Hehhh... Hehhh...", a lethargic, snake-like voice called to the pair of Orealyianis. "Whhhat a hearrrtwarrrming reunnnionnn..."

As Folizi's companions regrouped around the newcomers, the massive Nameless finally emerged from the shadows.

Slowly, the being's head rose from the abyss, revealing a massive, half-shattered obsidian sphere. Encasing it like a cocoon, the equally dark fabric writhed over what remained of his face like a veil of swirling maggots as his single slit of an eye gleamed a deathly pale yellow light. His likewise incomplete and vastly distorted body was clad in an even larger string of fabrics as it exuded an otherworldly gut-churning aura that lingered over the field. The being's slithering, contorted posture was further aided by his lack of an arm and leg on opposing sides of his body, and in their place a pair of stumps excreting a vile icteric mist which promoted a sensation of repulsion merely from the sight of its presence. This loathsome amalgamation was further accentuated by the unnatural tree of obsidian tentacular fabrics which stretched far into the space around him, carrying his foul emanation further across the darkness.

A monument to abhorrence, the Nameless' form was nothing short of a towering abomination.

"Hmmm...", the being set its eyes straight through Kae'shaz armor and firmly towards the Praetor himself.

"I'lll ennnjoy tearrring you aparrrt..."
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"Then come at me!" The praetor goaded, firing up the flight mechanism. The Nameless did not disappoint. The pair struck out, but both missed as well. Kae'shaz switched to the "beehive" cannon again and fired off a storm of bolts at the ground below him. Though most missed, smacking chunks of debris from the ground, a few managed to connect, knocking the Nameless a touch off balance. He flew down to even height temporarily.
"So, you're one of the true Nameless beings, I take it?" He soared back up before the Nameless recovered.
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An ecstatic gaze appeared on Usuzimenheimer's eye as his opponent's armor quickly rose into the air.

"Trrrue Namelesss?"

Suddenly, a strong gust of wind swept across the nearby air as the Nameless purposely forewent its balance, falling backwards spreadeagled into the writhing carpet of fabric that had swiftly built up below.

"Elllder, to be exxxact!"

Usuzimenheimer's lone arm stretched towards the sky before a swift downward swipe planted it firmly into the ground.

The force of impact shook the nearby surface, sending fountains of debris high into the air.

No time was spared from the sudden shower of dust before a barrage of lance-like fabrics pierced the thick cloud and sprang towards the Praetor.


"Kae'shaz!", Shanara called out as he quickly flew out to intercept the Praetor's assailants.

The rest of the team followed suit as they each took position parrying the string of attacks.

Evvven thhhat title...

As the first few strikes were finally intercepted, the obsidian fabrics began to glow once more, transforming the dark strands into an army of miniature adversaries.

Beam and blade continued to clash in the air as the clouded ground beneath slowly began to clear.

Willl neverrr be ennnough...

The settling dusts finally revealed the Nameless form recently obscured from sight.

The fighters were greeted by a vastly contorted Usuzimenheimer whose form can only be described as a tightly wound spring, ready to lunge at the fighters at a moment's release of force.

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"Enough trickery!" Kae'shaz exclaimed, charging a pulse of energy momentarily before releasing it. A blue wave of energy consumed most of the room, cracking and breaking stone and tossing debris everywhere. All of the duplicates were destroyed; only the original Usuzimenheimer remained. Kae'shaz dropped down mere feet from the ground, switching both nodes to the honeycomb cannons; he proceeded to pound the Nameless' form with as many bolts of golden energy as the guns would spew forth at one time. The elder was not quite as lucky this time; the bulk of the Praetor's bolts hit him. Finally the guns went silent, overheated. Kae'shaz flew higher again. The elder was clearly still standing, though his form was smoking from the hundreds of blasts his body took. Kae'shaz shook the guns, trying to cool them down faster for another barrage.
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The rest of the team spread across all directions, anticipating retaliation for the Praetor's recent assault.

They found none.

In it's place, an uneasy stare emanated from King Harous.

"Something is not right here...", he spoke in a deep cautioning voice as he eyed the prone Nameless.

Overlord Ragansa's armor immediately began to scan the surrounding field as soon as he caught on to the Luzonian King's exact thoughts.

Everyone tightened their senses as a worrying realization suddenly welcomed all of them.

"FOLIZI! BEHIND YOU!", the Choro alerted the group as a vast pillar of energy appeared from behind the Orealyianis Prince, the halo of energy diffusing from the beam barely grazing him as a large blur snatched him from the line of fire.

"Shanara!", the Prince turned towards his savior and saw the dire state of the now smoldering Armor.

"Go!", Shanara's Armor swung its arm skyward as it released its grip on Folizi, hurling him upwards as the other Orealyianis ejected from the cockpit to catch up with him mid ascent.

The rest of the team quickly let out their fury at the source of the sudden attack, only to receive no response from the enemy.

In the background, the massive Nameless body began to dissolve and reveal its original nature.

"He used the smoke...", Shanara noted, staring at the charred pile of fabric that served as the enemy's decoy. The two touched down on Kae'shaz' armor as they stood back to back, peering into the darkness. "He's out there, somewhere."

"Kae'shaz.", Shanara checked on the Praetor below. "Anything in your si-"

However, the Prince's question was suddenly interrupted as the sound of a low, hissing laughter echoed across the chamber from an indistinct direction.

"Thisss, litttle encounnnter, hasss been, innnteresssing..."

"Sssadly, it ssseems that I can't stay annny longer..."

"I havvve, let's sssay, grrreater thhhings to attennnd to..."

"Unnntilll next time, belovvved ones..."

The ground beneath the heroes slowly began to shake, the intensity doubling with every passing moment. Soon, the group found themselves dodging a rain of falling debris as the quake began to crack open the vast ceiling above.

Not a ways far, a large wave of ever increasing debris submerged the path out of the chamber, essentially trapping the team indefinitely as the hail of rocks pummels them incessantly.

"Try not to die on me..."

"Hehhh... Hehhh... Hehhh..."

Outside, the entire sky has all but been consumed by the darkness.

Verog's mighty peaks were the next to succumb to the void as everyone rushed to the planet's network of tunnels.

But even then...

Kanenatsu saw the frantic struggle happening all around him, everyone trying to find a way to resist the expanding nothingness.

Resigning things to fate, he looked across the medical bay to see an Orealyianis soldier deep in his own bubble of thought.

"All or nothing, amirite?", Kanenatsu sighed jovially before his expression was replaced with a vastly stern look.

"The best we could do now is hope, I guess...", a series of vivid memories from his relatively recent past flashed across the Terran-Ixian's mind.

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"Don't count on it, gruesome." Kae'shaz scoffed as he engaged the hyperlink program his armor had saved, teleporting everyone back to the relative safety of the Phitire main fleet. They reappeared in the hangar of one of the Phitire's colossal battleships.
"Everyone ok?" The Praetor asked.
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"It seems such.", the Choro looked around, counting the party while unmistakably hovering his sights over the varied artifacts around them.

His little tour for the eyes was cut short, however, when Harous suddenly cleared his throat to garner everyone's attention.

"Sir Kae'shaz, I presume?", the Luzonian King asked the Praetor, his head turned briefly towards Shanara, seeking confirmation.

"Praetor Kae'shaz, your Majesty.", Shanara promptly responded before quickly shifting his attention to the chiming of his communicator.

"Is that so?", he nodded in reply before returning his sights to the Praetor. "Very well, then."

"You have our thanks, Praetor Kae'shaz...", he continued, bowing to Kae'shaz in a sign of gratitude. "... your timely intervention back there saved us."

Harous cleared his throat once again before carrying on.

"Now, before anything else, I would like to-"

However, before he could carry on, a massive shock rolled through the titanic vessel's interior.

♪ (

A powerful surge of distorted space rammed the combined fleets, wreaking havoc across the now tightly knit formation.

This proved most perilous to the mass collection of vessels as they were sandwiched between Verog's hostile surface and the approaching darkness above.

"I just received word from our units underground. It looks li-", Shanara alerted everyone as another surge ran through the colossal ship's corridors. "... like they just finished evacuating the lower levels."

"But more importantly..."


Most of the group collectively spat after hearing what had transpired until now.

"So, does this mean...", the Choro asked Shanara, implying his apparent conclusion.

"Unfortunately, yes.", he reluctantly confirmed the Choro's thoughts. "Another void opened up on the interior of the planet itself."

"We're trapped, then...", the Marakiri from the group stepped in and further cemented the dire situation. "Without any chance of escape."

"Most likely, Minister Kurefa."


"Don't give up.", Folizi called out as he inadvertantly rallied the others' attention towards him. "We can't give up."

"At least, not until we've tried everything, and even then..."

"Brother.", Shanara acknowledged his brother before turning towards Kae'shaz and giving him a nod.
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Kae'shaz re-engaged his communicator.
"All ships, Emergency plan delta." He turned to the rest of the surviving party.
"Emergency Plan Delta involves overloading the main antimatter guns on the Battleships and firing. When it hits the distortion, it should, provided the mass of energy involved, rip a hole in space. Or, in short, we're going to make a wormhole out of here. I hope." Kae'shaz said, for the first time a sense of unsureness in his voice.
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Outside, the thunderous hum of the fleet's collective antimatter guns filled whatever space remained between the two colossal, all consuming voids. In short time, the same force will unleash its full might against the surface of the expanding abyss in a bid to tear open a passage to the safety of the world outside.

On the surface of the obsidian planet, countless troops can be seen pouring into shuttles while coalition mechs scramble back to their carriers. The sound of intense crossfire echoes through the massive network of underground corridors, soldiers fighting their way back to the surface to escape from the rising darkness below. Powerful gusts of wind rage across the war shattered plains, caused by grounded battleships rising one by one, ascending into the relative safety of orbit in preparation for the mass exodus ahead.

The humming of the Photise fleet continued as the sound rapidly grew in strength. The weapons were mere moments from exceeding their maximum regular output, the time was now at hand to test whether or not it would work.

Please..., Shanara silently hoped, though he was quite certain that Kae'shaz heard it through his mind.

A massive surge of energy flooded the space around Verog as the Photise antimatter weapons as the colossal machines were finally pushed to their limit. The hum became a deafening roar as the guns prepared to engage the oncoming void.


For a fraction of a fleeting moment, it was all the everyone could see as the mass from the collective antimatter collided with distorted abyss.

And then, another light.


This new, icteric light was vastly different from the one which came before it.

An unsteady aura surrounded this second light.

An aura quickly felt by the more mentally receptive heroes.

"I see..."

Harao glanced towards Kae'shaz, certain that the Praetor also felt the sensation.

And with it, a very harrowing conclusion.

"It failed..."

♪ (


To thhhink thhhat...

... lllittle prince's friennnd...

... could do thisss, to my, beautiffful body.

A loud grunt reverberates across a cold, damp and impenetrably dark chamber. A familiar voice lets out what can be thought of as an intense fit of pain.

Slowly, colossal footsteps rock the surface one by one, an air of weariness apparent in the lone voice.




Another, stronger grunt can be heard as a slow and heavy hum rises from the distance.


... trrrue beauty...

... shalll finallly...

... be mine!

Eight Star Admiral Prince Meriza Kazamadariya sat on his desk, uneasiness painted all over his form as he scanned the latest reports regarding enemy activity within the Local Sector. As head of the Athanatsu Department of Defense, it was his sworn duty to protect, at all costs, the heart of Orealyianis civilization. There was no room in his field for things such as personal concerns.

Yet, he could not help but feel troubled as he glanced back at a recent report detailing the abrupt loss of contact with the OSN's First Fleet hours after reaching Verog.

Just as he was lost in thought, a familiar voice suddenly echoed within his mind, calling.

It was Shanara.

Meriza rose from his seat, turning towards the large pane which showcased the evening sky. Steadying his sights, he fixes it upon a certain star. The very star which hosted Verog itself.


Elsewhere in the Local Sector, the TSS Illumination, one of TIER's Athanatsu-Class warships was on its way to support the Talsenreave's defenses when a massive wave of energy rocked the vessel's sensors.

"We're getting a MASSIVE spatial distortion from area !", one of the ship's bridge officers alerted the crew.

"Verog...", the captain murmured, somewhat coldly, as he listened to the officer's report.

"According to our calculations, this one is order's of magnitude more powerful than the ones that brought in the LACs!", another officer added, at which point the captain rose from his seat and promptly cleared his throat.

"Captain Ceramoleious...", one of his aides approached, anticipating his superior's command.

"Prepare a basic scouting force and launch two forward recon probes to the source of the distortion.", Ceramoleious faced his aide, an air of calmness evident in the Choro's otherwise stern commands. Looking back towards the bridge, he forwards another set of orders as the ship carriers on its way towards the currently besieged Talsenreave.



Shanara's thoughts drifted to his son and grandson as he looked towards the absent stars. The abyssal prison continued to shrink by the instant, Verog's surface having been completely consumed by the darkness not long ago.

Looking at Kae'shaz, the Orealyianis Prince thought to himself whether the Praetor might harbor the same feelings as well. For the Photos that were outside, who were still battling the Nameless alongside the many allies which they've found amongst the stars.

One of which, were the Orealyianis themselves.


... just maybe.

That's just...

... how it feels to be...

... an Ancient.