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Title: They Who Cannot Be Named: The Battle for Origin
Post by: Yuu on August 28, 2010, 03:37:37 am
And so it begins.

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Title: Re: They Who Cannot Be Named: The Battle for Origin
Post by: Yuu on August 28, 2010, 03:38:19 am

The Dark Before the Storm

     The ominously silent visage of a colossal tattered shadow blanketed the obsidian hallways as a spine-wrenching aura traveled across the passage. The vaguely skeletal figure marched along its path as several other shadows gradually followed course. Their nakedness wrapped in varying levels of fabric, their garments preyed upon the surrounding vestiges of light while paradoxically giving off their own sickening radiance. The cold embrace of nothingness further accented their dark persona as a vast stretch of ebony beckoned them from all four corners.

     Not far beyond the converging mass of enigmas, a large monolithic frame can be seen floating amidst the void as its verse-form spasmodic linings irradiated the infinite hall with its own essence of clearly malevolent light. As if a vivid sense of mortality began to settle in, the group of shrouded phantoms briefly cringed in a reluctant display of fear as they carefully took their step across the massive threshold before them and into the blackness within.

     "It is truly a very unfortunate occurrence, for all of us, here in this sacred hall...", a voice that was one of lament resounded across the dark chamber as the massive projection serving as the centerpiece of the room began to flicker to life. "... losing Lord Usuzimenheimer during his last known expedition to the vastly uncharted other side."

     "He was pathetic to begin with!", a comparatively minuscule, yet surprisingly more powerful presence quickly spoke up. Opening his left hand, a massive burst of light suddenly flew out from of its obsidian palm, promptly condensing into a cloud of radiant lightning, which in turn solidified into a massive blade which crackled like a thousand thunders as its wielder swung it from his right and all the way to the other. "You don't need to be a genius to realize tha-"

     "AHEM.", the first one quickly cut in as he took a stern look at anyone else who was planning on inserting another snide remark. Truth be told, the late elder was hardly ever the popular one. Still, having to accommodate a bunch of unruly children was not on Elder Gurukhenheimer's list of duties, having to deal with a dozen separate uprisings before being called in to officiate the current meeting, he was more than not willing to waste any time with another one of Zantetsunheimer's unbearably passionate arguments.

     "As I was saying...", with a flick of his wrist, the vast image of the universe conveniently standing amidst them began to zoom down to a very small point, quite a distance away from the Nameless Empire's nearest charted holdings. With another flick of his wrist, the map zoomed even further, revealing a very distinct clump of relatively average galaxies. Or so they seemed to be, until a plethora of overlaid markers began to pop into view.

     "Despite this great loss.", he motioned to one of the galaxies, revealing a very hazy projection which looked suspiciously like one of their kind. One that was currently in the process of directly being stabbed by a single, clearly  robotic entity. "There is, one, very valuable gift which the late chief of xenobiology has graciously delivered towards us.", Gurukhenheimer's eyes gained a sharper aura than usual, eying the seemingly insignificant challenger depicted in the violent image.


     Or at least it would have been if the Vara Orealyianis was currently docked on the ground.

     It has been several weeks since the latest galactic incident, and the colossal variable fortress was currently undergoing repairs as it lazily glided in a stable outer orbit around the city of Shudariadne. It has also been scheduled to promptly receive some much needed upgrading after the relatively short arms race that occurred during the recent conflicts.

     The nation was finally enjoying a moment of much needed reprieve.

     "Well, if it isn't Kiyavi!", a very familiar Orealyianis kindly waved at another, visibly younger one as both slowly approached each other and shared a quick salute in the middle of the massive hallway. "What brings you to the Vara Orealyianis captain, or should I say Admiral Kiyavi?"

     "Just wanted to take a quick tour of the place during my short leave.", the other promptly smiled as the other answered in kind. "It has been quite a while since I last set foot in this hunk of meta-", he added, but not before his sights wandered to a nearby surveillance camera and an exceedingly cold shiver ran down his spine. "... err, in this very awesome ship. Please don't kill me..."

     The other one can't help but chuckle at the young one's reaction. "Relax, I already told her not to do that anymore.", he told him reassuringly as he gently patted his shoulder while giving off a somewhat mischievous smile. "Just don't do it on the bridge.", he added with a clearly nervous smile.
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Post by: GroxGlitch on August 28, 2010, 06:54:45 am
Commander Val'ones was somewhat thrilled to get off leave. Currently, he and the task force accompanying him were out near the edge of the galaxy. In fact, technically, there weren't even in the galaxy anymore, having left the perimeter of the arm.
"Come on, stay there long enough to get a fix..." The sensor operator said, frustrated.
"What is it, Lieutennate?" Val'ones asked.
"Um....Ah....You'd need to see for yourself." He said, motioning him over. Val'ones slid over the rail, dropping into the lowered area where the bridge crews were.
"Man, I love being able to do that again!" He proclaimed, walking over to the troubled operator.
"So, what am I lookin' for here?" Val'ones said.
"The two good-sized energy signatures here. See em? They've been trailing us for a couple days now. The pair keeps alternatively phasing out, so neither of them is there long enough to get a fix on, so I have zilch info on what they are." The operator explained.
"Yeah, I see what you mean. Creepy. Mark em as potential hostiles, do nothing else unless I give the order." Val'ones said, walking up the stairs and back onto the walkway. He started staring out into space like he always did when there was nothing going on. His thoughts trailed off to the Zeront. Communication had been good at first, but then the whole empire went dark. Most thought it adopted an isolationist policy, but that fell apart when they contacted the GPA, looking to join the organisation. Val'ones hadn't seen much of the Zeront; most of the Photos/Zeront interaction took place during his predecessor's command. What an unlikely alliance, two races that were trying to kill each other ending up being in a close alliance. Val'ones' deep thought was interrupted by a rumble from his stomach.
"Well, better go get something to eat. Any of you guys hungry? I'll pick you guys up some grub in the mess hall." Val'ones said. Two of the operators on the bridge raised their hands. He grinned and started walking for the elevator.
Title: Re: They Who Cannot Be Named: The Battle for Origin
Post by: Galactic-Warrior on August 28, 2010, 08:11:48 am
The large form of Admiral Turov quietly watched the large fleet that was Task Force Alpha. The Stellar Republic's High Council had ordered them to begin exploring new regions of the galaxy that would otherwise take weeks or months for survey vessels to reach, but with the wormhole drive, just a short jump away. But before they could do that, the High Command ordered them to wait for more vessels that were going to join them from the Hell-An Empire.

The Hell-An Empire and the then Galdeen Coalition met about five Galieen years ago. The first contact was tense at first, but after a cultural data exchange, they got along quickly. Now, the Hell-An Empire was one of their greatest and most trusted allies and the Republic's High Command and the Empire's Military Council conducted a personnel exchange recently.

Turov's chain of thought was interrupted when a ensign ran up to him and saluted. He turned to the ensign and said, "At ease." The ensign broke the salute. "Report."

"Sir, sensors detect inbound hyperspace signatures numbering 55 vessels of varying sizes," The ensign reported.

"Must be the Hell-An ships we were waiting for. Anything else?"

"No sir."

"Then your dismissed, ensign," The ensign headed back to his station.

Fleet Commander Kem looked over the cavern of a bridge aboard the massive 2 kilometer long Titan-class vessel Tal'man's Pride. The Military Council back on the homeworld had ordered him to rendezvous with a large Galdeen fleet named Task Force Alpha under the command of the Galdeen admiral Turov. Comparing Galdeen and Hell-An ranks, Fleet Commander and Admiral was the same.

He then saw a small furry form run by his legs. He just got a split second glance at it as it entered a maintenance tunnel nearby. He remembered that they were a Republic race called Tilk, small warm blooded lemurs that were intensely interested with any kind of technology. They made very good engineers.

His train of thought was broken when the loud speakers declared they were leaving hyperspace and that a Galdeen fleet was detected. Once they identified themselves and Kem did the same, he ordered the fleet to take up formation with the Task Force. Once the fleet was fully prepared, The Galdeen Mark 3 Type 1 ship S.R.N.S Titan would open up a wormhole and they would proceed to explore the unknown reaches of the galaxy.
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Post by: SimplyNecro on August 28, 2010, 09:54:31 am
In the outer regions of space, far from most “civilized” races the Core Combine was running like a well oiled machine. The most current events where the exploration of uncharted space and the current campaigns against many bordering empires they had encountered, having been emboldened by the galactic conflict where attention was shifted away from the Core, allowing them to move unsupervised.

Most of said campaigns were coming to a close, the Combine simply rounding up the last batches of potential slaves. In times like these the Core had a very short respite to plan out its next move…

Felron, War hall

It was that time again, another randomly decided meeting between the highest ranks in the Core Combine. The war hall meeting room was absolutely massive, yet somewhat empty, with a only a certain number Skrall floating on gravitic platforms in the air, or in battle armor on certain ledges at the side. (Think of the meeting room as like the Coruscant senate arena.) While there where quite a few living flesh and blood Skrall, many others where holograms to represent themselves, typically the only Skrall who actually attended a meeting themselves where the ones who happen to find themselves close to Felron and could come without going out of their way. There was nothing wrong with this, it all depended on preference.

Actual seating location depended on rank, with the warlords, sub-commander and other related positions lower, High Warlords and their ilk located in the middle, and on the top was a simple ledge where the Supreme Commander, the Overlord appointed dictator of the Core, watched the exchange, ready to intervene in their name.

Scourge of course had long arrived at the War hall before anyone, as Supreme Commander Felron was usually where he was stationed. However he was listening with only 2% of his actual attention span as his cybernetic brain was occupied with some troubling news from the Overlords

meanwhile, down below…

If Scourge was listening with only two percent of his attention span then High warlord Ragaran was only listening with one. He could sense the feeling of unease on the Supreme Commanders mind, and if the Supreme Commander was troubled than that meant that Overlords where troubled, and if they were troubled then it could only mean…

“High Warlord Ragaran, the conquest of the Zerk, Naraksha, and Zer’Got’Aram, civilizations are near completion, the last of their populations are being shipped towards the nearest bio-factories.”

Ragaran snapped out of his trance as he was addressed. “Very good” He replied, but with little enthusiasm, not that any non Skrall would be able to really tell, and even they had a hard time figuring out whether Ragaran was angered or pleased, the Skralls state of mind tended to be hard to read.

“Currently, we have been planning conquest towards these sectors of near our borders; there appears to be a large number of exploitable resources there.” Another Skrall chimed in, a large hologram appearing at the center of the war hall displaying the galaxy, several newly enslaved species, and other points of data that had some form of relevance.

“There is also this newly arisen “Space Union” that has been expanding near DH56 and E12 quadrants, I believe a major conquest could be made towards these sectors and many slaves and resources can be taken and put to Combine use to fuel nearby conquest.” Yet another Skrall said.

“No.” A voice from above suddenly said, causing every Skrall, hologram or no to turn to the Supreme Commander, who had been silent during the meeting. “The Overlords have given us direct order to postpone all major offensives into the inner rims.”

“What?! It has been a very long time since the First Contact War Supreme Commander, Felron is repaired and even improved! I am shure we have the-“

“You know better than to question the Supreme Commanders judgment.” Ragaran bluntly stated. “The other races were busy butchering one another during the galactic conflict but now those flames are dying down and we will no longer be able to use the smoke as cover.”

“I have no doubt in our ability to easily conquer any of the vermin in the inner quadrants.” Scourge stated pridefully. “The new devastator class gravictic bombs have been a huge success.” He continued as a hologram of a planets surface being torn apart by powerful gravity forces created by the aforementioned weapons played on. “Our technology improves just like the others, and unlike them we have given ourselves time to prepare but nevertheless the Overlords orders are clear.”

“Have you received any information on why they have requested this delay?” Ragaran questioned, just as curious as everyone else as to why the Overlords where being so cautious now.

“Only snippets High Warlord.” Scourge paused for a moment before finishing. “I believe they see a powerful storm coming…. and we must prepare ourselves…”
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Post by: Gnoll on August 28, 2010, 12:16:19 pm
Deep within a star cluster lay Kuuruk, a lonely planet. However, recent events had made the nation of Kabalu a part of the Space Union. Now, as the war to unify the planet continued, other issues needed to be dealt with. Sent to represent Kabalu was the Commanding General of the Army of Kabalu, Drukl Ta'rmalths III. He and his crew stewarded the mighty K.B.S. Lone Gazer, the flagship of Kabalu's small stellar navy. It was the most powerful ship that Kuuruk, and indeed, perhaps the entirety of Cluster 4173, had ever seen. Inside, there was also a small contigent from Baluvar, sent by their president, Dorum Falthus. President Dorum opposed the war with Kabalu, especially since the current king was his half-brother. Dorum was the son of the previous king and an unknown concubine, whereas his younger brother, Irbili, was the son of Narakkuka's main wife. As such, the crown passed to the second son.

On the bridge...
"Status report?"
"Yes, General. The communications system is online!"
"Good. Contact the following parties: The Tal'man's Pride, Shudariadne, and FLRX."
"Right away, sir!"
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Meanwhile, in an undisclosed system in the inner-rim...

"I am reydasjk-readls-readly...{READY}" The mangled voice of COEAD said firmly to the group gathered before its System Display Monitor aboard Emancipator. "I will not fail you like my predecessors. I can do this."

  He was currently in an argument with several leaders of the Technology Union on his fitness to perform his first primary Higher Function Test, which was to command a contingent led by the Emancipator to fight a simulated war with a group of Bino warships. Not a very balanced battle, but a special objective was given: Protect all parties involved, and attempt to capture valuable information and property from the planet below. It would take very smooth thinking to keep the amount of death to an absolute zero.

"A spsdhjekach-Chpeech-{SPEECH} Impairment is not a handicap when coordination is going on primary on the subconscious laoval---Level."

"We know that, COEAD. We are merely concerned that the glitch may be penetrating deeper into your systems that it first seems." The leader of the small group said, after consulting with the group. "We DO hope you can succeed in this mission, because it will mean that you will help accomplish a very important thing in the history of war: Win a battle without a drop of blood spilled on either side."

"I--I can." He stuttered, though through his somewhat debilitating speech degradation, he remained as confident and plucky as ever.

And would you really want to backtalk a computer who's in charge of a probable several thousand teratons of firepower that could possibly be pointed at you?

"Okay. Everyone call in." The delegate said to a console situated near him." A Chorus of "readies" was called in through the entire field, signifying the game was about to begin.

A flare was fired, the game started.
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"Haven't tried one of these in quite a while...", Kiyavi couldn't help but remember his last time on the Vara Orealyinis' food court as he bit down on the long piece of bread he was currently enjoying with his much older companion. "Choro Deidalus sure make the best bread in the galaxy!", he added rather cheerfully before noticing the other orealyianis promptly let out a very weak sigh as he stared blankly across the expansive and hectic hall.

"Hey, gramps, why the long face?", Kiyavi asked him with a very concerned look.

Reacting rather quickly, he was pulled out of his trance by the young one's question. "Thinking...", he murmured in reply, "... about him."


Shifting his eye back to Kiyavi, the old orealyianis sighed yet again. "Your granduncle, I mean."

Realizing what he meant, the young orealyianis reacted accordingly, solemnly bowing down his head before slowly speaking up again.

"I'm sure he's doing well. He probably has his reasons.", he said reassuringly. "At least, that's what the Nine Star Admiral Shanara Kazamadariya that I know of would say.", he appended with a smile as he thoughtfully stared back at the older orealyianis.

"You're right."

Darkness defined the small cylindrical hall as the soft rays of the nearby moons illuminated the chamber as they passed through the stained glass windows of what seemed to be a small, long abandoned temple. As the light struck the opposite end of the wall, several cloaked forms can be easily made out as they stood quite steadily amidst the multitude ceramic pillars which grew out of the bottomless waters below. Upon closer inspection, the individual figures contained very distinct forms which easily told them apart from their equally enigmatic companions.

"Exactly...", one of them said in a vaguely mechanical tone, motioning his rather thin, and vaguely feathery hand as it moved from left to right.

"I see.", another quickly responded, artistically clenching its talon-like fist while taking a slight nod. "That leaves us with a smaller body of suspects."

There was a very weak noise as the figure beside the latter promptly lifted off the ground, aided by the pair of machines which shot off of the small being's back. "Still...", it rather stated worryingly. "For us to cover so much..."

"And at such little time...", the first one added rather reluctantly as its own pair of mechanical wings began to light up slightly as its other pair of, clearly natural wings curled up in seeming resentment.


The collection of unknowns quickly faced the hooded figure which gave out the call. "We have to believe in ourselves.", it raised its arms to reveal a pair of tightly clenched nippers, "Or at the very least, believe in him."

A very obvious chuckle came from the second figure as its beak protruded from its somewhat small hood and revealed an honest smile. "He is correct.", he calmly said to no one in particular, "We can do this. We always have."

"Thank you.", the last one replied in gratitude. "In any case...", it said as it looked towards yet another hooded entity standing silently behind everyone. "How are things on your end..."

"Mister Hiraoto?"
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Post by: Galactic-Warrior on August 31, 2010, 10:13:09 pm
As Fleet Commander Kem watched his fleet get into formation with the Galdeen fleet, a scorpion fitted for messager duties skittered up to him and waited for the Commander to acknowledge it's presence, which was immediately.

"What is it?" He asked.

"Sub space communication incoming, master Fleet Commander. Caller identified themselves as the K.B.S. Lone Gazer. Data given to you from the Stellar Republic identifies these creatures as Pentekonterus which hail from a world known as Kuuruk." The scorpion responded in a robotic voice. No one was sure why the scorpions called them their masters, they just did.

"Alright then, hail them." The scorpion emitted several beeps, then a 2-D hologram appeared above the scorpion's head, showing the connection was open and the receiver has yet to begin video contact. "This is Fleet Commander Kem of the Hell-An War Vessel Tal'man's Pride. To whom am I speaking to?"
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Post by: Lush City on September 01, 2010, 09:22:40 am
Patching in to the feed via FLRX's diplomatic filters the recently promoted Fleet Admiral was all mouth. //Ey! Wassup cool kats, you just got feedjacked by the leetest fleet admiral their ever was! Syke! But back to the dip, you guys need escorts to the big galatic sock hop on Olosis? It's in SPA territory so expect some trippy digs.//
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Post by: Gnoll on September 01, 2010, 02:20:07 pm
Drukl responded,
//I am Drukl Ta'rmalths III, Commanding General of the Army of Kabalu. We would indeed like directions to Olosis. But there is another matter I called to discuss. It seems that news of the Tri-Wexxian Empire's announcement has even reached Baluvar. The people of Kuuruk are in an uproar, but it has given us the opening we need to hit Nirbalu hard. All is going as it should be.//
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Post by: Lush City on September 01, 2010, 03:53:26 pm
"Rockin brother I thought we put those player-haters down three years ago back in that "crisis" aw well we can always go smack 'em up a bit later, eh? But back to the barby, I'm patching you into the Fleet coms. Just sit back, sip some blue and lay back for the riiide."
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Post by: GroxGlitch on September 01, 2010, 05:00:07 pm
Val'ones nearly dropped the three trays of food he was carrying when the elevator to the bridge lurched vertically. When it came to a stop and the proximity-sensor-controlled doors slid open, he regained his composure and walked out into the bridge area, down into the crew area to distribute the two trays that were requested by the two bridge crewmembers. Protocols said that they were to be let off duty and replaced long enough to eat and get back, but Val'ones figured that there wasn't much harm in letting them eat where they were if they wanted. And even if someone did feel lucky and want to give him a citation on it, so what? He was the Commander General, the odds of some sucker being stupid or ballsy enough to even attempt it was low. If they did, unlikely it would be approved. Enough soldiers liked him for the message to have an "accident" during processing. He took his usual place on the catwalk and sat down in the Captain's Chair, extending the folding table attachment. He sat the tray down and picked up the sandwich with one hand, and brought up the Starmap with the other, taking a decent bite out of one corner of the sandwich. The locations of every Photos colony was highlighted on this map, as well as the location of Photise. Their current location was also marked. It still amazed him how farspread the empire was, having colonies in every arm of the galaxy, and the arm their homeworld was in was practically owned by the Photos there were so many colonies. Well, that's what happens when you're as old as we are, and have the technology we do, he concluded. He sipped his drink, looking out across the black, open space, dotted with distant galaxies. He sighed.
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Felron: Unknown Location

Scourge had retired from the meeting; frankly his presence was hardly even required there now, so he opted to enter Felrons deepest levels, his and some of the highest of the Skralls “Private quarters” so to speak. Inside the simple circular room the Supreme Commanders battle armor was connected to countless systems, allowing him to monitor the Core’s status at a level only a supercomputer was capable of. It was something he sometimes did out of boredom.

“Interesting” He idly commented as a robed soldier creature of the Core appeared behind him, as far as Scourge was concerned there was only one type of soldier who wore that type of get up.

"When was the last time the Overlords mobilized the Wraiths?" The Supreme Commander barely even turned his head.

"Irrelevant" the soldier replied neutrally

"As much as I despise those automatons like any vermin, they are right not to completely ignore the Tri-Wexxians warnings… if not for paranoia’s sake."

"We will not be fighting on the frontlines should the situation prove true. If the events stated truly do come to pass… our targets will be far more specific."

Scourge simply gave a short nod before the soldier disappeared. Having the Wraiths mobilized obviously meant that the situation was truly dire; it may be soon be time to mobilize the Core’s countless fleets for war…
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A new voice entered the channel between Kem and Drukl.

//This is Fleet Admiral Turov of Task Force Alpha, we just received orders to head to Olosis also. If you want, I can send a Mark 3 to pick you up if you want to travel with us.//
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Meanwhile, on Olosis proper...

Sekira stood in front of the clear glass wall which, in its sheer immensity, presented the bustling street and skyscrapers of surrounding Silesa City, Olosis' central metropolis. As agreed upon during the previously held summit between the SU and SPA, the small, and relatively unknown homeworld of the Os would serve as the backdrop for the current meeting of the two organizations. As one of the many inconspicuous members of the Agency, it was only natural for the Os to suspect a meeting or two to be held at their nation's capital. However, to think that such a high-profile moment will be conducted on their soil, was truly a pleasant surprise to everyone who considered worlds such as Tanariadne, Shudariadne, Aguilaria or even the extra-dimensional FLRX as to be more fitting to the large occasion.

Turning around him, the colonel turned general scanned the plethora of peoples which were now standing before him. He was always quite fond of meeting with other cultures, which was probably why he opted joining the military in the first place. Still, to foresee the many trans-cultural functions which he has experienced since that one fateful day on a certain Arcadian anomaly...

"And to think I would be in the helm of it.", he chuckled at the thought, before giving a slight frown as he remembered what transpired during the previous galactic incident. Donning a more solemn, yet still somewhat cheerful face, he slowly approached the others as he, like everyone else, waited for the other participants to arrive from their respective places amongst the sea of stars.
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Post by: Gnoll on September 06, 2010, 08:16:15 am
The Lone Gazer had arrived at Olosis, and Drukl was ready to start the talks.
//This is the K.B.S. Lone Gazer requesting permission to land on Olosis. Please respond.//
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Post by: Galactic-Warrior on September 06, 2010, 08:33:59 am
A massive time space anomaly was suddenly detected next to Olosis' single moon. It shifted into the visible spectrum of most races, what they saw was a massive swirling vortex. The hundreds of ships that makes up Task Force Alpha appeared out of it, and when the last destroyer accelerated out, the wormhole disappeared.

Ten standard minutes later, two shuttles along with four escort fighters appeared out of two of the largest ships and flew toward toward Olosis.

"This is the transport shuttles carrying Fleet Commander Kem representing the Hell-An Empire and Admiral Turov representing the Stellar Republic to Olosis Flight Control, requesting landing coordinates. Over." A computerized voice said over the subspace comm channel.
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Post by: Yuu on September 07, 2010, 05:59:44 am
//K.B.S. Lone Gazer, this is Tower One.

Permission granted.

Proceed to coordinates...//

The operator carried on while another officer catered to the shuttles from Task Force Alpha.

Back on the meeting hall, Sekira, along with some of the other representatives, looked out the window once again, seeing the whirl of distorted space just above the planet's lone moon.

"Everyone's almost here, I see...", said Professor Salisarius from behind the orealyianis. Walking towards him, the Choro stood beside the officer while soliciting a drink from one of the nearby waiters. "Looks like this is going to be a lively one, eh general?"

"Seems so, professor.", the orealyianis turned to face him. "Seems so."
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Post by: Kitkat on September 07, 2010, 12:28:58 pm
//This is the Head of the Valtarendai Institutes of Mathematics, contacting for the Ni'Callss Technology Union.// Sails a transmission to the control center on Olosis. //It has come to our attention that there is a summit occuring on Olosis at this time. While we have limited oportunity at the moment for our Heads of Office to appear in person, we may be sending a few representatives to observe the conference. For those whocare engaged in other activities, but would otherwise very much desire to come, would you be so kind as to open a video and audio feed to and from the line? Thank you for your time, and good bye.//
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Post by: GroxGlitch on September 10, 2010, 07:58:31 pm
Several Photos ships dropped out of warp in orbit of Olosis, and proceeded to land on the planet. Val'ones made his way to the conference hall and took the seat with PHOTOS labeled on it, waiting. Not even the Orealyanis were here yet.
"Must be on the formalities..." Val'ones said to himself.
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Post by: Galactic-Warrior on September 10, 2010, 08:03:22 pm
Commander Kem and Admiral Turov entered the hall, taking the seats labeled HELL-AN and GALDEEN respectfully.
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Post by: Gnoll on September 10, 2010, 08:15:13 pm
It was then that S.C.O.T.A.O.K. Drukl entered the hall. His stature, being 15 feet long, but no more than three feet tall, made finding his seat a challenge. He finally found the seat marked, "PENTEKONTERUS" and sat down.
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//Valtarendai Institutes of Mathematics, this is Silesa City.// came an answer from one of the city's communications officers while a bright flash of light enveloped the window just beside his station, revealing an Atomna flying over the city as the giant sphere made its way to the coming summit's venue. The operator was stunned for a moment after seeing such a colossal being floating right beside the comms tower. Snapping back to work, it carried on with its recently interrupted reply.

//Thank you for informing us of your representatives' arrival. We will relay the data to the organizers and request a live stream to be patched onto the Institute's line. Again, thank you for your time. Over and out...//

Back at the hall, everyone was starting to fall in to their respective seats.

Just behind the plethora of representatives which physically attended the summit, a vast array of sensors and holographic projections consumed what seemed to be an entire section of the relatively massive hall. The extremely vivid images which sprang from the devices accurately depicted the form of officials and representatives from all across the sector, and beyond.

One of those projections was that of the Atomna from before, who was simply unable to attend the summit in person due to the sheer size of its massive spherical frame.

General Sekira of the Orealyianis Monarchy, along with Professor Salisarius of the Choro Deidalus Technocracy and Sir Zaelious of the Luzonian Knighthood, synchronously sat down on their respectively labeled line of consecutive seats, waiting for the officiator to officially start the summit.
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"What's the status of our little followers, Captain?" Val'ones said, his words getting transmitted through the comm link.
"They're still tailing us, sir. Sitting on the outskirts of the system, Mark 218.6 from our position in orbit."
"Again, keep an eye on them. Should they begin acting in a hostile or suspicious manner, you have clearance to open fire." Val'ones said, cutting the link. He shifted in his seat. He sat for a moment, than unsealed his helmet, removing it. He opened the compartment on the bottom of the chair and slid the helmet in, shutting it with his foot. He reached into the pack he had brought and removed a portable comms earset, just for safety's sake. He slid it onto his ear, turning it on.

After a few minutes, the rest of the delagates arrived, and a GPA-employed Photos official came.
"Alright, the talks are clear to begin on the subject of the potentially pending Nameless Empire invasion. May a positive ending be reached." She said, leaving the room as abruptly as she came.
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Post by: Lush City on September 12, 2010, 09:28:20 am
"Thank you anouncer" spoke the small silver toad-like hobbit that was the Chairman of Os. "I belive it is time for the issue at hand." "Greetings, greetings members of the various races of the galaxy! Ever since the great Wolf-Father sated himself upon the warm bosom of the universe and spawned the galaxy, the ravages of War have marked us all." He paused, adding a bit of religion in the opener always worked on large crowds. "From the records gleamed from the SPA Archives, we have witnessed what horrors a sparse milineum can bring, a thousand years of blood." As he spoke a slideshow detailing the most gruseum battles of various galactic wars apeared, changing to a new image at each juncture in the speach. "Tangled alliances bringing entire arms to conflict, mad machines waging assualts, marruading mostera gutting innocents, a virus corrupting the eldest of races, an unprovoked invasion spiraling into the crippling of a once great nation, a political philosphy heralded by a madman sweeping entire races like a plauge, interdimensional demi-gods creating near-apocolypses, geentic barbarians enslaving innocents and what may have been the horror of life itself." He said the last one with an air of utmost solemnity. "Our scientists have postulated that all of the casualties of the past thousand years could create an entire planet of corpses, complete with massive oceans of blood." The image shown puntuacted this. "Truly, war is a spectre of utmost hate." And Truly!" He spoke with a booming voice, "It hangs upun us like a guilotine of pure evil." Finally the main object fo malaise apeared on the slideshow. "The Nameless Empire!" The gasps of the visiers of several minor races was audible. "First alerted to the common galaxy some years ago with the reemergence of the now Imperial Wexxians these are beings of near omnipotent power scene only twice before in this realm." "The only way to ensure that they are not the ones to consume us like so many others we must FORGE!" With an almost religous fervor usually reserved to over zealosu ministers, the chairman began a speil to his multi-special ministry of martial matters. " We must come here and create a unilateral military defense treaty so that this! "He gestured to a much larger holo image, now showing the destruction of a planet, the recorded largest yield death act known to the galaxy. "Does not happen again." He shed a single tear, drank an entire glass of methane in a single gulp, and sat down. "Thank you." The applause was defening.
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"He is right," Commander Kem said, standing up. "If we don't come together as allies, 'They' will slaughter us all one by one." He sat down.
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Val'ones sighed. It was about time to reveal his trumph card.
"Guards, leave the room. I want all non-necessary vid feeds turned off, and the necessary ones routed to a high security channel." He said. The guards did as they were told.
"You'll see why I did that in a second." He said, reaching into his pack. He fumbled about in it for a second, then found what he was looking for: a flash drive. He leaned back up, sliding it into the proper slot on the table's input. A small panel slid back to reveal a monitor and keyboard. He ran the contents of the flash drive. The holographic display in the middle of the table kicked on, whirring while it warmed up. Within a couple seconds, a perfect holographic 3D blueprint was up. The contents were mind bendingly titanic. More than one person gasped, or made variations thereof.
"My fellow GPA Project Endgame. Mind you, all of this is top secret. It does not leave this room. Project Endgame is our work on what is perhaps the biggest ship ever built. This thing packs an unimaginable amount of firepower. And it's due to be complete, to my utter excitement, within the hour. If these "Them"-or any other cocky upstarts- feel like waging war on us, let them come. Let them come." Val'ones said, leaning back in his chair.
"I show you this as but a reminder of what can be done. This has been a project that we Photos have done on our own, in total secret. Not even GPA Command knows about it. If my race can do this on our own, imagine what we can accomplish together!" Val'ones said, hinting back at that old Talsenreave Station project.
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"By Al-Akhair! It would take at least seventy  SARAF-Classes to take down that thing!" Gasped the Nymedian diplomat. "Surely it is to be handed over to common militray authority. A weapon of this power should not be in the hands of one race."
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"No disrespect intended, but this was made with our time, our money, our resources. It would be wrong if we spent all that building the ship, just to hand it over, would it not?"
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Post by: Galactic-Warrior on September 12, 2010, 11:07:59 am
Admiral Turov looked at the images displayed thoughtfully. "Your leviathan ship is no doubt impressive, but I have heard from religious cults on minor worlds and ruins on dead worlds that a long-dead race called the Nauceans had vessels as large as a moon. What makes you think this ship will be bigger than theirs?"
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Post by: GroxGlitch on September 12, 2010, 11:10:33 am
"Uh, lemme think about that, oh yeah, LOOK AT THE SCHEMATICS. It's larger than a moon. Well, in all honesty, "moon" isn't a very good vague size, given that moons can be tiny or almost as big as the planet they orbit. Just look at the length, width, and hight data on the blueprints, that should tell you." Val'ones explained.
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"I'm guessing your ship is armed with enough anti-matter weaponry to destroy a world, quite literally. But we have no idea about the shield and hull strength of Nameless ships. It could take star-destroying firepower for all we know. The only people that I can think of that knows the Nameless ship strength best is the Wexxians," Kem said.
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"If I may interrupt," Drukl growled, "I notice all of you have sent fleets. We, however, have only been able to bring a single ship. As a representative of the race with the least to lose, I must ask: how do you plan to defeat this 'Nameless Empire,' and how can we be of use, exactly? I do want to be able to do something instead of being the Ukuril in the room, pardon my saying."
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"Perhaps a law in this treaty to be signed that would alocate Class-Z weapons such as this one to Interstellar authority in times of war?" Replied the gel. "As for your ship, the concept is intriguing but it seems it could be made cheaper.
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"Does it matter that it has to be cheap? No, all that matters is that if it works," Kem yelled, he turned to Drukl. "The Hell-An Empire shall give your race access to the recently completed Tai'gan shipyards so that you can construct more warships."

"The Stellar Republic will gladly assist our Kabalu allies. We have many mineral rich worlds to call upon and shall give you the necessary resources in order to build your fleet," Admiral Turov also said.
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"Thak you. Now, I have brought these blueprints with me," Drukl said, holding out schematics for what looked like some sort of personal armor,"and you may wonder what it is supposed to do. Its intended purpose was an armor for xenobiologists. However, I believe that with a few modifications, it can make a valuable arsenal for our soldiers. Do you think we should add flamethrowers or stun guns?" he asked with a wink.
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Val'ones interrupted on that one.
"No disrespect intended, but I think we have superior skills in that area. If you would allow us to look over the blueprints, I am certain we could improve them." Valo'ones said.
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"Because if it was cheaper you could make more of them, don't be foolish, those are your taxpayers credits you're wasting!" The diplomat yelled back.
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Drukl handed Va'lones the blueprints, then returned to his seat. He fired a transmission to the Engineering Corps back on Kuuruk.
//Listen, everyone, we've got a fleet to build, so find the nearest transport you can and get to the Tai'gan shipyards. I'll send you the coordinates now.//
Meanwhile, in a laboratory underneath Nirulimuka...
It was dark, and besides the sparks flying, nothing could be seen. A maniacal cackling rang throughout the bunker, accompanied by the sound of welding.
"Just you wait, your highness," a mysterious voice said. "This 'Nameless Empire' won't know what hit it once my invention is complete. Muaha, WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"
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"Erh, If I may interject on your heated debate," One of the Ni'Calls representatives said slightly sarcastically. "I am speaking on behalf of Professor Sarelka Karlan Talsenreave."

"All the brute force in the world still has no chance of comparing to carefully planned out, cunning sapping operations."

"Consider this. You have a very large ship that is literally impenetrable. There is absolutely no way that you can blast your way in from the outside. However, try to think outside the box. We will assume that this ship is amere battleship not fielding advanced or experimental weaponry. Presumably, there is absolutely nothing stopping sufficient technological systems from transporting, say, an antimatter bomb, into the reactor, shield generator, or bridge... Or all of the former simultaneously. It takes very little antimatter to do very large amounts of damage. Consider what a careful target-and-transport bomb attack could do to even the largest or most powerful of battleships. Just a little food for thought." The representative sat down, and giving somewhat of a wind and a nod to Val'Ones.
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"You speak of the Talsenreave's Alpha Waves do you not?" Spoke Diplomat RaLLo. " Does this mean you've found a way to produce them without megalithic structures such as the T-Station?"
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Post by: Kitkat on September 12, 2010, 06:35:27 pm
"Technically, no."

"However, range is a null point when concerning Talsenreave Station, you merely have to take into account the energy required for wave modulation and irradiation of the target object involved. You should technically be able to send several objects to different corners of the universe simultaneously, all from any given point in the usniverse. Say, four small bombs will be extremely quick to irradiate, and fairly simple to individually modulate to close-to-the-same frequencies. So, technically, you don't need smaller apparatus than the current station, as you theoretically never have to move it again after it's built."

"As a side note, it actually is possible to produce Alpha Waves on a smaller scale than Talsenreave Station, though the process requires an extremely high-energy nuclear explosion that would only be able to be created by means of an unrestrained meltdown of a battleship's reactor if it runs on antimatter. And then, there's only a comparatively small amount of particle/waves, and they're all spreading out in different direction. Not to mention the fact that the innumerable different values produced would send bits and pieces of a caught target to the far reaches of the universe; we'd have no idea of what went where, and be unable to get it all back together again in one piece."
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"That sounds like a more potent weapon than simply porting bombs in. A few "suicide ships" hooked up that way could wipe out an entire fleet if close enough."
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"Question is, where are we going to get the said ships? We won't exactly be able to afford several vessels to be used as suicide vessels when the Nameless Empire arrives," Turov called out.
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"Uh..." Interjected the representative of perhaps the newest race of the GPA, the Zeront. "We might be able to grow them. We could generate a genetic code for a new class of kamakazi Hiveship that could be mass produced. It would be faster than building them, and they could be created in greater quantities." He offered.
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"Does this violate Galactic Animal Cruelty laws?"
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"I don't think so, considering it's neither a natural nor an intelligent species," Drukl added, "but I may not be up-to-date on the matter."
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"Very well, perhaps the king would like to speak?"
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♪ (

As the meeting between the grand conglomerates of races went on a new ship began to enter Olosis’s atmosphere, a strange ship, organic in its appearance, almost fish like. The second the ship entered the atmosphere several other ships of similar appearance appeared as well, orbiting Olosis. There was barely enough time to give docking permission as the ship pretty much forced its way into the nearest available hangar. The ship was also heavily armed…despite it being the size of a small exploration ship…

The second the ship landed, in a hangar near the meeting area, the last race to ever be expected to attend a summit, uninvited no doubt, appeared, multiple reports of a strange party of visitors where heading towards the meeting room as a slight beeping came from the door.

“Excuse me sirs, I will fetch that.” A servitor said as he approached the door to let in what was likely a very late representative of an obscure species. Disappearing to greet whoever it was the servitor soon came back in, his face placid as he look like he’d seen death it’s self.

“Sirs….this…..this…. it… this is-” The servitor was interrupted as the last sight anyone expected to see entered the room… A Skrall… a Skrall in mechanized, quadruped, battle armor, granted the armor did not appear to have any heavy weapons, but anything made by the Core Combine was made to look fearsome, even if it did not have a full function in battle. Needless to say after seeing the very picture of them in the slideshow and heard all of the gruesome war stories about the Core Combine, several species representatives began to gasp, yell out, or panic, some even checked their personal computer devices to make sure there wasn’t some type of sudden invasion on Olosis.

Supreme Commander Scourge sighed inside. This was not his place, unarmed (for the most part, the armor did not have full offensive capabilities but it was still tough) surrounded by all these vermin, and in a political room….negotiating. This was indeed not his place, his place was on the field of battle, commanding soldiers, giving out orders and applying the right amount of brute force and then some on the enemy and leaving them in ruins.

“WHY!” he thought to himself as he walked into the meeting area, followed by two robed soldiers, allowing everyone to see just what had walked in. “Why could they not have sent Taragan for this…”

It did not matter now though, as of now the galaxy and the Core Combine had a common enemy. Scourge glared at the picture of the Nameless before turning to the representatives… hopefully they would give him time to explain.
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"What is the meaning of this!" Cried Space Union Vice President AnOLd ToY. "You know we coulkd have The Coalition glassed for less?! Barging in here, no doubt to..." "Stop! Brother ToY" uttered the Chairman. " I invited these 'men' myself." A gasp of utter shock aroused from the collected board, many who had seen family ripped to shreds by these monsters. "Fear not! For this is no betryal, rather an alliance. To achieve true unity against foreign threats all members must unite to face together. Though they are evil, truly is it not better to use demons to fight devils? Truly the Combine are the lesser of two evils, are they not?" While seeing the reactions, he continued. " I knew that, as host, if I announced their arrival many of you would boycott in protest, thus fracturing the Galaxy at an all so crucial vantage point. The Combine Militray is one of the best in the Galaxy and any who wish to ignore such an asset are surely fools."
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Kem and Turov warily watched Scourge. Both the Hell-An and the Galdeen had heard the stories told about them and this was the first time meeting a member of the Core Combine.

"The Hell-An Empire and the Stellar Republic agrees, we will need their help in the war ahead. Also, will the Wexxians attend this meeting?" Kem asked.
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"NO. Just NO." Val'ones said at the new visitor, his hand hovering over his pistol sidearm. "I absolutely REFUSE to have political negotiations with that...THING." Val'ones spat. "You're insane. This borders on treason." Val'ones added.
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"Excuse me but I don't think Os is in any union with you." The Chairman responded. "Besides, we might not have much of a choice if we wait longer."
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"Plus, I do not see this Combine representative attempting violence of any kind, do you?" Said a representative.

"It is hardly treason if no criminal act has been committed."
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Drukl cringed in his seat, a look of pure terror in his eyes.
"You! You're the one from the Vision... the Vision, which was recounted in the Tomes! Please don't destroy us all..."
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Post by: SimplyNecro on September 14, 2010, 06:13:31 pm
Scourge's head made a motion that could be the equivalent of a species rolling it's eyes as accusations, threats, and outbursts flew out in the room. It was to be expected though.

"As of now..." Scourge began "We have a common enemy, if this Nameless incursion is to be stopped it will require the maximum amount of fire power we all have to offer, and then some!"

"But..." Scourge continued, his tone slightly harsher "As the Chairmen implied....this is an alliance of mere convenience. The Nameless are a threat too large for any one empire of the galaxy to take on, it is only logical we put aside are current conflicts temporarily to defeat this incursion."
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"Right and then it's right back to killing you again." Said the robotic Opsomnis Per. He had lost many families in the war with the combine. He took even more. He certainly wasn't going to let them get away from this one, and as the SABER Centurion of the planet Os, as well as 49 others he'd make sure they were on the up and up.
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"hehehe... AHAHAHAHAH" Scourge laughed, his harsh staccato cybernetic voice making it sound completely unnatural. "I wouldn't have it any other way!"
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"Good, your head would be the figurestone of my collection" looking into the Skrall's cool evil eyes mutual flashbaccks arced between them... But that's a tale for another day. "Right next to the head of these so-called 'Them.'" He pounded his staff into the ground to puntuate this.
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Drukl, who seemed to be coming to his senses after realizing that the prophecy wasn't coming true simply remarked,
"You two certainly seem serious."
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Garezz made his way to the meeting room. Verys; his First Knight followed closely. The air in the corridor was tense. Today’s meeting was the result of years of political maneuvering of the Orealyian Monarchy.

It had been five years since they lost contact with Meridian. The day that Void was attacked, a traitor was revealed in their midst… a man who had handed the Wexxian capital to the Nameless, by giving them the 47’Th RRF’s identification codes; allowing the Dark Ones to bypass Voids outer defenses.

Furiosus. One of the Knights of Vengeance... one of their trusted commanders. Betrayed them!

When he was discovered, he fired his destroyer’s TOW Cannons at the city of Hatia, where a peaceful demonstration against the annexing of the planet by the Knights was underway. Many thousands died when the barrage hit the city from orbit.

In the ensuing chaos, Furiosus escaped to hyperspace and had ever since evaded capture.

The fires died down and the city was rebuilt, but the trust of the Hatians was lost. No amount of reasoning could make them forget that a Wexxian ship was responsible for the deaths of so many civilians.

After the Rebuilding, the Knights relocated to the Orealyian territory. Taking refuge in another nation was not standard protocol, but these where dire times…


Five years of not knowing what was happening outside Origin. Uncertainties gnawing at them like worms. The Wexxian Empire could have fallen by now, for all they knew… but they had to believe!

The door to the great conference hall slid open and Garezz En Razza; Head of the Soahc Razza Clan, Captain of the Lord of the Infinite and Commander of the 47’th Imperial Rapid Response Fleet; ‘The Knights of Vengeance’ , walked into the auditorium.

“Greetings everyone,

For presenting yourselves here, I give you my thanks.

If you have questions before we start, I shall endeavor to answer as good as I can.”

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Post by: SimplyNecro on September 17, 2010, 05:18:11 pm
"About time you got here!" Scourge said as he turned to view Garezz "I was beginning to think this would be a waste of time." With that out of his systems he began to calm down, letting the more logical and strategic side of his brain take over.

"Our primary issue right now is a lack of data. I believe we should start by hearing exactly what where up against, from beings that have experience fighting the Nameless."
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"Greetings, Wexxian," Kem said to Garezz. "You honor us with your presence. But the Skrall is right, we require answers. I'll shall ask first, will any of our fleets and armies have a chance against "Them" when they arrive to our galaxy?
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"I doubt so, stated Opsomis," With so much of our military still in disarray, and the advanced tech they have, the only way we could survive would be to form a temporary  common military, one that could stand up to this threat with the strength of trillions."
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"I didn't mean ours as in the Hell-An Empire's, Nymeidian! I meant ours as in the galaxy's combined military forces!" Kem yelled at Opsomis.
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"Than we must, or perish." he said grimly.
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“Hah, you will forgive me for being late. I’m an old Soahc, the legs aren’t as fast as they used to be.” The old Soahc growled with a slight smile.

“Anyhow, my age does come with experience. I’ve been in over 549 official skirmishes with Nameless slave fleets in Meridian.

As the 47’th RRF originally where a Meridian defense fleet, I have never myself been in combat with True Nameless, only their slaves. My Knight Verys here however was part of the third Advance Attack Fleet until seven years ago and knows their tactics well.

Let me make one thing very clear.

We not only CAN win… we WILL WIN!

This is your instructions to for combatting Nameless:

True Nameless Vessels are to be left to the Knights and the Orealyians. Hopefully there will be none, or few of those… but in any case. Their level in power and technology is too great to take on for most of you.

The Slave Fleets are the bulk of the enemy’s forces. They are powerful and they are many, but if you work together you can take them. Just don’t underestimate them. They are resourceful, cunning, adaptable and unpredictable.

If you see a Luminary Assault Carrier. Then run the hell away! As we are now it would take all of our efforts to take down a single one… and that is not counting the support units!

If one appears, then we will modify our tactics accordingly and find a way to take it out. “
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Val'ones stood.
"With all due respect, wise one, I was thinking that we Photos could meet the Nameless slave fleets head on with the combined might of every ship we have, which I assure you numbers in at least the millions. Plus the Hyvez, plus Project Endgame, as spearhead assault ships. As one of the, if not THE, most militaristically powerful empire in the galaxy, I would wager we have the highest odds of being able to sucessfully draw their slave fleets. That leaves the True ships as your prey. While yes, this idea may result in a high casualty rate for us, if that's what it takes to bring down the nameless, so be it. And the more of us that can focus on their True ships, the better. Again, this is up to the leading generals, but I highly reccomend letting us take the brunt of the beating from the slaves." Val'ones said.
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"I agree with the previously stated idea" with the Monarchy and the Knights able to focused on the Luminaries" the combined GPA Fleets should be able to take out the slaves?" He stood up and tok a drink? "Are we in agreement? Ayes and Nays."
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Post by: Galactic-Warrior on September 17, 2010, 09:07:54 pm
Admiral Turov thought about what the Soahc said. "This will require the use of our new Doomsday-class near-light impactors. I doubt it will defeat their slave fleet's larger vessels, but their smaller ones will likely be more vulnerable."

"Also, we can't really plan a defense or even offensive strategies if we don't know where they will come from. They could come the galactic North, South, East, or West of the galaxy or even come down from the top of the galaxy. We just don't know. I could order one of our Mark 3s to place observation probes around the galaxy, but they may have some sort of cloak that will hide their fleets from the probe's sensors."
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Post by: Lush City on September 17, 2010, 11:08:03 pm
"The best we can do is put all nations on watch; prepare our men, garrison our planets and wait for the worst."
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"As much as it pains me to say it... He is correct.", Zaelious quickly added with a pinch of frustration. He, like Sekira and Salisarius, had kept to themselves all this time while everyone went about debating each other concerning their respective merits. After sensing that it was time for him to stand up, he rose from his place and began to speak. "As of now, we have data from the SU, GPA, the 47'th, USSS, and several members of the LU, among other galactic bodies, regarding their current combat readiness in relation to a Nameless Invasion. So far, any confirmations of a Nameless sighting have yet to be reported by reconnaissance units currently patrolling the galaxy's outer perimeter..."

"However...", he raised his hand in emphasis of his coming statement. "If what our data suggests is correct, we can infer that these creatures exist in a scale of time far greater than that of most of our own. Perhaps our kind Graidient representative would be most successful in relating to such a predicament, if such is even possible."

"Their" forces could attack in the next decade, the next century, even the next millennium!", he gravely pointed out while turning his raised hand into a fist right after his latest statement. "Alternatively, they can more than easily attack today...", he added rather ominously as he slowly lowered his hand.

As the voice of countless peoples echoed across the hall, the night carried on as representatives of every kind brought out their respective matters. All was quite smooth, barring Scourge's unlikely interruption. Discussions seemed to be going well as the subject shifted from the sudden arrival and back to what was originally planned.

That is, until...


A stream of blinding light drowned the entire chamber as a massive explosion rang across everyone's ears. The representatives' collective attention suddenly turned to face the now gaping hole which formerly served as the chamber's right atrium. Instantly, the room erupted into a fit of utter chaos as less combat-oriented representatives quickly scrambled for cover amidst the cloud of dust which swiftly spread across the seats.

Getting up after a not-so-well executed fall, Sekira scanned his surroundings as he called out to the attending Centurion. "Opsomnis!", he yelled across the room amidst the crowd of people now shuffling to the nearest exit.

Outside, the atomna in attendance quickly swiveled to his right as he scrambled to identify the source of the sudden attack. His eyes widened vividly after seeing the increasingly ominous sight floating in Olosis' orbit.

"Yes?", Shanara answered his communicator.

Kiyavi stared inquisitively at first, and the worringly at the old orealyianis as the latter's face slowly turned sour.

"What is it?", Kiyavi asked his grandfather before seeing him whisper several words into the communicator and promptly putting it down.

"There was an attack.", Shanara plainly stated to the other. "Olosis is-"

However, just as he was about to finish, a massive announcement flashed across the Vara's many screens. Displayed on the screens was live footage coming straight from Olosis.

Silesa City was completely drenched in flames, the sky above it lit with a thousand lights from the constant crossfire between the attending parties and a swarm of violent intruders.

A swarm of violent, Orealyianis intruders.

"PATCH ME TO INTEL, NOW!", Shanara yelled across his communicator while eying the video feeds around him.

Before Kiyavi could properly react, his communicator also began to ring, only to hear of a similar case unfolding back at his current post.

Elsewhere in the galaxy, similar swarms of seemingly GPA-operated vessels began attacking politically vital areas all across civilized space.

As the dust slowly cleared, Sekira's eye widened in utter confusion at the shocking presence floating in the sky above him.

What in the world?!
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"Why in the name of Galieen is the GPA attacking?!" Captain Cregly yelled. The bridge of the S.R.N.S. Titan was in a state of confusing as the supposedly friendly Orealyianis ships started attacking every other ship within 1.5 light seconds of Olosis.

"We don't know, captain! They just started firing on us for no reason!" A crew member yelled over the din.

"Curses to the ancient enemy of old! Bring particle cannons and plasma weaponry online! Begin charge up of the main cannon! Tell the fleet to initiate defensive formation alpha three!"

The robotic voice of the Titan's AI then spoke. "Roger. Particle and plasma weapons online. Charging spinal magnetic accelerator cannon. Charge at 14% and rising. Defensive railguns and laser projectors are online and firing at Galactic Protection Agency starships that is now identified as enemy vessels."

The sky around Task Force Alpha lit up as lasers and railguns defenses fired upon the attacking GPA ships. Slowly, the Task Force repositioned themselves so that their larger ships were in groups of four with several smaller ships defending them. Fighters and gunships flew in between the massive vessels, fighters attacking the smaller enemy craft while the gunships attacked the larger ones.

Crimson and blue-ish-white beams lashed out of the capital ships, hitting yet more ships that were moving at attack speed toward the Task Force.
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As representatives of other species panicked Scourge, as was fitting of a Skrall, did not panic at the surprise of sudden attack, he would, perhaps, be somewhat surprised by the perpetrators though.

“Report!” He yelled into his battle suits com, connecting with the contingent of soldiers he left in the hangar.

“Hostile targets have identified themselves!” The soldier replied the sound of gunfire and explosions could be heard over his voice. “There Orealyianis, and GPA ships appear to be attacking the planet!”

“What!? Confirm that soldier!”

“Yes Supreme Commander.” Scourge began to receive a video feed from the soldier's cybernetic eyes and indeed he was not malfunctioning.

“Tell the warlord I left in charge to bring in the battle fleet, I’ll be up there shortly!”

Above Olosis, space began to warp as a large Core battle fleet emerged out of anomaly, weapons primed and obviously looking for blood, any blood. Data ran through the hive network as Skrall made last minute preparation to unleash hell.

“Enemy ships sighted!”

“Combine Fleet in battle formation!”

“All weapons systems locked and primed!”

“All systems online! ALL BATTERIES OPEN FIRE!”

The blast could be heard all over as the battle fleet unleashed barrage after barrage of their weapons. Gravitic rail guns whirred and blasted, clouds of gravity missiles streaked leaving blue trails as they hunted their targets, swarms of graviton bolts blasted anything that got within range. Core fighters, bombers, and mech armor spilled out of their carriers, making their way across the dark void to harass enemy ships. The massive Core dreadnaught loomed in its own defensive nest, unleashing its own barrage every now and again.
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Drukl was FURIOUS. His only ship was barely holding up against this assault, and without it, he was doomed. Meanwhile. the Baluvar contingent emerged from the Lone Gazer and started firing their grenade launchers at the ships. It didn't appear to be working, but they thought that if they fired enough, they could bring down at least one.
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Garezz took only a moment to recover from the initial shock before his mind when to combat mode.

//All knights, intercept the attackers, protect the planet! I will begin evacuation of the delegates!// He growled into his com-devise.

He turned to his First Knight.

"Commander Verys, release combat restrictions and defend this city!"

"Yes Sir!" The Zero-Point powered robot replied with an almost manic grin, as his great metallic claws burst into blue flames.

The Robot rose into the air and soared out of the now broken roof.

"Everyone calm down NOW! We'll evacuate to the nearest hangar bay and get the hell out of here, is that clear!" The old Soahc clan-leader barked at the panicking crowd.
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"Get them out of here!" Val'ones said over his shoulder, opening up with his pistol on the unfriendlies pouring in through the hole in the wall.
"Sir, what's going on down there!?! Shots are flying like mad up here!" Val'ones heard in his communicator.
"There's some form of uprising going on down here! Drop troops immidiately! Get Waratica mechs in here on the double, let's get this mess contained!" Val'ones said, still firing at the intruders.
"Wait, sir! Large signatures detected! Core Combine battle fleet has appeared, and is opening fire! Moving to intercept! Those rienforcements will be there any second now!" Val'ones heard, the line going dead. Within less than a minute, the distinctive red glow of re-entering drop pods was seen, countless among the air. They slammed into open spots of ground, which mind you were hard to find, and quite scattered. Pretty quickly, fighting was rampant throughout the damaged city. Luckily, one of the drop pods landed near the building the delagates were in, and the soldiers moved in to secure it.
"Commander Val'ones! What in the name of the Creator is going on?" The lieutennate asked, to which Val'ones bluntly answered "We don't know!" Which was all very true. Not a single Photos knew what was happening, they were in the dark just like everyone else. In orbit, though a second fleet arrived, nobody had any idea WHO to shoot at and who not to, so for the most part, the Photos were holding fire, only returning fire at ships that shot at them. It was, for lack of a better word, absolute pandamonium.
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Ducking under the reach of an attacking soldier is pretty easy when most races are at least twice as tall as you. Drukl took advantage of this, biting his attackers' legs and knocking them down with his tail. He knew it wouldn't do much, but it gave him enough time to escape with the other delegates.

The Baluvar contingent wasn't doing nearly as well. Almost half of them were dead, and most of the living were wounded. They had run out of ammo and began to concentrate on the intruders on the ground.
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Turov and Kem stood quietly amid their section filled with panicking representatives, none of the surrounding representatives knew why or wanted to know, they just kept panicking. That was when a very agitated Kem yelled, "SILENCE!"

Quickly, every representative in at least their section quieted down. That was when they realized the Commander and Admiral were listening to personal communicators since their heads were cocked to the side and Turov had a hand to his right ear.

That was when Turov yelled out, "It would be suicide to fly back our ships. Its a ancestors damned maelstrom in orbit. Every ship within 1.5 light seconds of Olosis is being attacked by the GPA." He then faced Garezz. "Why in the name of Maleeno is the Orealyianis attacking us?!"

"Alright, target the nearest enemy formation and bring us about! We're going to give them a full broadside!" Captain Cregly yelled.

"Turning..." The Titan's AI said.

Slowly, turned 90 degrees to it's right with the rest of the fleet's battleships and titans following. Once done with their turn, they unleashed broadside after broadside into the nearest enemy formation.
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"I haven't a BLOODY CLUE!" Garezz faced Turov. "Somebody is going to pay for this!"


In orbit, the few of the Knights of Vengeance who where at Olosis had begun fighting the Orealyian ships.

//This is the Wexxian Battle Cruiser  'Lord of the Infinite' surrender or be destroyed! This is your only warning! //
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Above Olosis the Core Combine continued its offensive without pause, as swarms of frigates and destroyers swamped their unlikely GPA enemies, and the dreadnaught and its battleship entourage continued their barrage.

//Photos ships! Hold you fire! Our enemies are these rogue GPA!//

"Utter chaos and disorganization" Scourge thought quietly to himself. "They" had to be behind this, "They" must have, the timing is just too coincidental, but what these Orealyanis had to do with it he only had a few theories.

"Soldiers!" He once again spoke into his com "Status!"

"Were holding the hangar Supreme Commander!"

"Good! Hold the line for as long as possible."

"This is exactly what "They" want…" Scourge said out loud to no one in particular.
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Upon hearing the Orealyianis command Opsomnis immediately lept out of the tower and crashed to a nearby roof below. The modifications the Century gave to his body severing to protect him as he dashed across the rooftops  of the burning metropolis at breakneck speeds, he patched in to the feeds of DEXTA, gave him a complete breakdown of the situation across the galaxy at large.

//Warning:  Centurion-56 Century Section 56 is experiencing abnormal attacks. \\
//Warning:  Centurion-37 Century Section 37 is experiencing abnormal attacks.\\
//Warning:  Centurion-22 Century Section 22 is experiencing abnormal attacks. \\

Opsomis cursed in frustration as he heard the message repeated across several sections of space and immediately switched to local mode, allowing a personal connection to DEXTA.

“Centurion-56 Planet 56.2, Common Name Olosis is under attack.”

“I can see that DEXTA” replied Opsomis as he dodged an orbital laser shot from above. “Any word on reinforcements?”

“Belayed, all free Centurions were tasked with defending Praetoria.”
“Praetoria was hit?!”

“Affirmative. All other centurions are managing local events related to the one currently occurring.”
“Damn! Lock me on to the planetary escape routes, I need to confirm this."

DEXTA, patching the necessary data through Opsomnis’ CPU, highlighted the correct areas, as well as taking over any still functioning audio equipment to broadcast emergency directions.


Opsomnis leaped down, and after drawing his swords cut through an obstruction that was going to fall on some evacuees. Just as he was going to herd the rest into the bunkers he noticed that a heavily damaged bridged was on the verge of collapsing on the meeting chamber...

“Son of a –“


“MTCH!” Screamed Supreme Admiral TonQUIFF. The SUDF-DUNA had just been broadsided by what was supposed to be a peaceful GPA ship and they were charging up for another attack.

“Sir Yes sir!" replied the young intern. He had just signed up for this gig to pay for college, and now he was stuck in the middle of an intergalactic war!

“What in the name of Sejjin is going on here?’

"Sir, preliminary reports suggest that GPA ships under Orealyianis control have committed treachery, orbital bombardment has been detected by sensors on Silesia City!"

“What? This whole blasted conference was their idea in the first place!” Taking out another cigar, for he had lost his last one in his shock, he hurriedly replied to their comm Net.

“All hands, this is a class-4 situation! Immediate request for Centurion aide is demanded!”

As he sat nervously watching as the Red- Alert maneuvers were done his computer gave an irritating tone and a clear streak.

“We’re sorry, but all local Centurion officers are busy with higher priorities, please make a request and we’ll kindly-“

“Arggyh!" roared the admiral as he threw a nearby chair at the screen, cutting the denial short.

“This is an observation fleet, there’s no way we’ll hold out in a full invasion, patch us through to all allied ships requesting immediate aid."

If they are still allies at all he thought.

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Drukl had gotten his head together, but his full bowels had gotten the better of him. He was attacked in the nearest lavatory by five hostiles. He wasn't sure what to do, so he called the Baluvar contingent, his hands still lathered with soap.
//This is Drukl! You guys OK out there? I need help, now!//
//Drukl? I'm glad you're alive.//
//Kemys? What happened to the others?//
//All dead, sir. They managed to take down one hostile ship with the guns, but the Lone Gazer is toast. I'm on my way to your location as we speak.//
//Well, grrgh, hurry up! I can't hold these guys off forever!//
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     The Ni'Calls representatives panicked unusually less than the others, after the immediate scare. They knew they had to keep it together to survive, and they knew what they should do. One of them immediately contacted the Ni'Calls commanding forces, with a message: //WE ARE UNDER ATTACK, REPEAT, WE ARE UNDER ATTACK AT OLOSIS. FRIEDLIES ARE IN CONFUSION, WE'RE ALL KILLING EACH OTHER. TRY TO ESTABLISH CONTACT WITH ALL MISTAKEN HOSTILE G.P.A. FORCES AT ONCE, AND ATTEMPT TO DISSUADE FROM FURTHER ATTACK. DO NOT APPROACH ATTACKED AREAS. DIPLOMATIC PARTY OUT.//

     As soon as this odd and dire message was heard, the command quickly jumped to their proverbial feet and began assembling in order to contact the hostile forces. They patched into every single ship and outpost that they could in the entire galaxy, and gave one message: "ATTENTION G.P.A. FORCES AND OTHER ASSAILED FORCES: PLEASE REPORT IN WITH YOUR STATUS AND CURRENT PROVOCATION FOR ATTACK. YOU ARE BEING INCREDIBLY STUPID, KILLING EACH OTHER LIKE THAT, AT A DIPLOMATIC SESSION NO LESS. WE WILL TRY NOT TO USE FORCE, JUST TRY NOT TO KILL EVERYONE. JUST TALK IT OUT.// The messages were urgent, and at such a high priority and power that it would likely reach almost all the ships involved. Hopefully.
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"No use, Ni'calls. I would bet quite a bit they're a slave race of the Them. Also that they played us all from the start." Val'ones said into his headset, which was linked into the channel system, shooting the Orealyanis representatives an untrusting glance. One of the Photos soldiers tossed him a spare rifle, which he gladly took over his pistol. By the time they had it down to one intruder, he jumped the overturned table, charging the last intruder. He pinned the Orealyanis against the wall with the wide bore of his sholder paulderon, two soldiers grabbing it's arms. Val'ones brought his food down on the tail mouth, pinning it against the floor. He brought his rifle against the pinned traitor's head.
"I want anwsers. Start talking or I scatter your brains all over this pretty little wall." Val'ones said, dispite the fact that the wall was already covered with debris and blood.
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Commander Kem walked behind him, turning on his shock pistol and tossing it to Val'ones. "Use it if you need to, Photo. Its set on a low power setting, so it will give the betrayer a good shock." He turned on his communicator, calling Task Force Alpha. "All ships, you are to regain orbital control of Olosis! That is a order!" He switched it off.

Activity was then heard down a nearby hall. "You might want to hurry, Photo. We have more incoming." He pulled out his massive axe and a shock rifle, duel-wielding both. He walked toward the hallway and roared, "Come face me traitors, I shall kill you all for the cowardly betrayal you have done!" Kem charged, his personnel plasma shield activating.
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"How did it all come down to this...", Sekira's mind raced wildly as he saw a fellow Orealyianis get swiftly pinned down by a very furious Val'ones. Gathering his strength, he marched towards the Photos, failing to take in regard any stray, or intentional, rounds which might come his way. "Look Val'ones! I'm as clueless about this as the next-"

However, before he could finish his sentence, a resounding feral shriek echoed across the hall as the incapacitated Orealyianis' form began to shake erratically. Moments later, another bout of exceedingly otherworldly cries came from the  fallen soldier's heavily frothing mouths as the stench of noxious vapor began to fill the air. Without warning, a fountain of caustic fluid burst forth from the creature's stomach, spraying across the area and melting the flesh off of anyone who was gravely ill protected from the blast.

As the cloud of corrosive material began to fade away, there was nothing left of the once struggling combatant but the very distinct outline of a horribly charred Orealyianis soldier.

"-person...", Sekira stood in shock at what transpired before him.

He wasn't quite affected by the struggling soldier itself, however. But rather, by the unnervingly grim reflection portrayed in its mirror-like eye, before it instantly ceased to be.

What... did I just... see?!

A wave of synchronized salutes welcomed Prince Shanara as he quickly marched his way into the Vara's central bridge.

Landing in the captain's chair, a large holographic map appeared in the center of the bridge. Scanning through the stars, the Nine Star Admiral identified the primary locations. It seemed the sudden betrayal wasn't limited to Orealyianis alone.

All across the galaxy, he was receiving numerous reports of GPA soldiers, or almost every flag and color, turning against their allies, and even their own forces. Any attempts to contact the aggressors was met with nothing but total silence and an endless stream of fire.

It was, complete and utter chaos.

Chaos that he, and all the others who were also unaffected, must manage to overcome if the Monarchy was to survive this unprecedented catastrophe.

Just as the Vara Orealyianis finished a most rudimentary routine of repair and rearmament, the Orealyianis Prince quickly disengaged the massive fortress from the safety of its home dock. Despite the vessel's currently incomplete state, it was the best they could do given the set of events. They would protect Tanariadne for now, while remotely coordinating what was left of the fractured Stellar Navy.

Hopefully they'll be able to put an end to the rampant chain of madness before further hostilities further expose the threatened alliance's weakness.

Kiyavi sat anxiously in his seat as a contingent of assorted Orealyianis vessels followed him on his way to his post.

The Talsenreave station was, at its current state, a very fragile, and not to mention expensive, piece of high-end equipment. Who knew what would happen if the site's massive compressors suddenly chose to fail.

His forces would have to move fast, however, as a flotilla of rogue Luzonian and Chivi warvessels were purportedly on their way to destroy the massive facility and everyone who happened to be in and around it.

Professor Karlan was only one of many great minds who were still on board the station, both the Union and the Agency would never allow the loss of such vital personalities.

However, that wasn't the only reason why Kiyavi was unnaturally tense about the interception. There was a more personal reason behind his current effort. One that involved a certain Orealyianis scientist who was also on board the station.

Back on Tanariadne, King Foriza Kazamadariya sat motionless on the royal throne as multiple scenarios flashed across his mind.

Which one would ring true, even he was not completely certain.

Regardless, he knew deep in his heart that what everyone needed the most right now was to fervently believe.

If everyone would do as such, only time would tell.

"This is only the beginning..."

"This is only the beginning...", the largest cloaked figure said to his fellow enigmas as images of current events hovered amongst their robed forms. "It will only worsen as time goes on.", he nodded, further accenting the two large antennae protruding from the top of his hood.

"Then we must act swiftly!", the largest of all the winged beings responded quite readily.

"Indeed.", the first one confirmed him before facing. "We don't have much time, however...", he added somewhat begrudgingly as he clenched all of his three nippers.

As the figure finished its words, another one, one which stood mostly silent for all this time, began to raise its stance, eliciting everyone's attention.

"Mister Hiraoto?", The smallest of the winged figures asked as the being in question swiftly faced its way.

"I am sensing something...", the one named Hiraoto said in an eerily calm manner, somewhat unbefitting of the situation.

"What is it?", the largest of the figures quickly inquired.

"A disturbance. One of otherworldly scale.", it responded to the largest figure as a small holographic sphere began to manifest on its raised left hand. "It is, as if, a thousand, thousand souls... Have been gravely defiled in unison."

There was a moment of silence as they took in the cloaked being's words as the image of a very familiar group of stars projected from the small sphere on its hand. "I cannot determine wholly, the very source of this imbalance. However...", it began to slide its other, opposite hand into the sphere itself, zooming the small projection until a certain familiar world came into the figures' view.

"No...", the largest one said, shocked at the revelation of the cataclysm's true source. "It couldn't be..."

However, before he could speak any further, a bright flash of light engulfed the entire chamber as a new cloaked entity entered the shadowy hall. "Tough luck, kid...", came a booming voice from the equally massive new entity. With the largest one barely being half of the new arrival, it was quit clear that the new cloaked persona was vastly more foreboding than any of the previous figures. "I'm afraid he's right, your highness...", he added somewhat teasingly.

Hovering above the waters below before slowly making its way onto one of the wider ceramic pillars, it possessed a vaguely familiar form, one which the galaxy at large has yet to see again for the past hundred years. Raising its three hands up into the air, several large patches all across its body began to emit a very powerful light as a vibrant tinge of crimson consumed the immediate area.

As the light died down, an extremely crisp image of a large obsidian planet came into everyone's sight. All around it, multiple smaller projections also came into view, showing a variety of different shots of the hostile GPA craft all across the galaxy. All shared one very important important fact.

"Traces of programming...", everyone else said, save for Hiraoto who was seemingly unfazed by the matter.

"Bingo...", the new figure confirmed everyone's assumption regarding the set of projections before finally turning them off and setting himself about in weaving a different program. "In any case, we're wasting our time here...", it reminded everyone as a very sizable portal, one that could easily accommodate all of them, began to materialize above him. "We'll figure this out later..."

Seeing the newly formed hyperlink, Hiraoto took the opportunity and quickly opened his wings before suddenly darting straight into the portal. All the other figures, including the one who personally created the portal, swiftly followed suit.

"BEHIND YOU!", a resounding thud met Sekira, Val'ones and everyone else around them as Zaelious collided with them at high speed, scattering them across the broken floor as a very powerful explosion consumed their previous location.

"It seems they've summoned reinforcements.", Zaelious warned everyone as he throttled down his pair of mechanical wings, landing just a few feet from where Val'ones currently was. Seconds later, several hostile Chivi assault armor suddenly entered the scene. Armed with a plethora of high-powered weaponry, they began to rain havoc on the representatives left in the hall.

"This meeting is not quite like what I imagined it to be!", Professor Salisarius came into view as he slid past the crossfire and towards Sekira, a pair of large pistols wrapped in his hands.

"Same here!", Zaelious agreed wholeheartedly as he began to prime his plasma rifle while tossing Sekira the same type of weapon.

Outside, the crossfire between the two group of ships continued unabated.

Watching them was the lone Atomna from the summit, seemingly entering a trance as it stared more and more intently at the battle raging above in Olosis' inner orbit.
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"Thanks." Val'ones said, hefting him off the ground. He grabbed his plasma rifle off of the floor, which went with him when he got tackled. He looked down. He had taken the brunt of that acidic "blast"-thankfuly his armour took the brunt of it, and was relatively resistant to corrosion. He looked around. The room was in shambles. He walked over to where his seat used to be, and retrieved the portable drive which was, luckily, missed by the chunk of debris that smashed his chair and pack. He slid it into his belt's carrying pouch and returned to the group.
"Well, this is just great. This confusion is just what the Them need if they are going to invade." Val'ones' brain was spiraling. Without any intel on what was going on, it made it that much more difficult to decide what to do.
"Dre'kas, sit rep. What's going on up there?" Val'ones said into his earpiece.
"Well, sir, there's a Core Combine fleet attempting to, surprisingly, maintain order. We're assisting them, but it's complete mayhem out here. The only noticable rebels are the Orealyanis, Luzonians, and Chivi. We've remained with plasma weapons, the antimatter weapons are charged. Do I have authorization to activate them?"
Val'ones thought for a second.
"Yes. Annhilate those little traitors." Val'ones said into the earipiece.
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Drukl returned from the bathroom, covered in welts and bruises. He noticed the debris scattered across the room, and was powerless to stop an attacker from clubbing him over the back. However, he retaliated quickly, smashing its legs with his tail club.
"Ok, what did I miss?"
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"The Photo Val'ones captured a Orealyanis traitor, and theres a possible chance of Nameless ships attacking the galaxy since we're all now in turmoil," Turov answered as he took out a Type-2 plasma pistol.
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"A traitor that soon committed suicide after..." Scourge corrected. "We must find a way back to our respective forces and take command, this turmoil only makes us more vulnerable to the enemy!" Turning away from the others Scourge accessed the hive network and contacted the battle fleet above.

"Battle Fleet! Whats your status?"

"Engaging Hostiles! Photos "allies" are aiding us, they appear to be using full extermination procedures!" The Skrall warlord answered back.

"Then we shall to, continue the barrage, use of devastator class gravitic bombs are also authorized. Show those vermin no mercy!"

"Yes Supreme Commander!"

With that, Scourge's battle armors left arm began to morph into a plasma rifle like weapon. "We must vacate the area now! This position is becoming more and more vulnerable!" Scourge yelled as he opened fire on the Chivi assault armors.
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"Agreed. Task Force Alpha, use of near c impactors and fusion weapons is authorized! Work with the Photo and Combine fleets to regain orbital control!" Turov yelled into his communicator, he then turned to Scourge. "We must retake control of the starport. Our shuttles are there."
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//Drukl! The first batch of Arrow-Class ships are ready! The shipyards are just what we needed to finish construction!//
"Excellent. Send them to Olosis immediately. We need to help the Photos and Core Combine fleets as much as possible. They're the only ones keeping order in the atmosphere."
With that, Drukl turned to Va'lones.
"I have an idea. Theoretically, I could transport several of the delegates at a time, simply by carrying them. I am fifteen feet long, after all."
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"And you're also sniper bait." Val'ones said. "Here's the plan. I'll call for an evac shuttle; If you've got a gun;us it. If you don't, then keep your head down and for the love of life, don't do anything stupid!" Val'ones continued, hefting his rifle up to chest hight. He looked out the gaping hole and the outside. He activated his optics, zooming in on a relatively undamaged building.
"There." He said pointing at it. "That's our extract point." Val'ones said, forwarding the coordinates to the fleet in orbit. He led the way, out of the hole. About two steps out some moron thought it a good idea to take a potshot. He was quickly riddled with plasma bolts.
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Drukl followed, his back-mounted gatling dealing with the next sucker. It was a good thing Drukl had taken the time to load his magazine on his way back from the bathroom.
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A spectacular explosion echoed across the chamber as one of the Chivi battle armors caught several of Scourge's attacks, igniting the creature's ammunition stores and swiftly taking it down.

"Good enough for me!", Zaelious quickly took off while unleashing a salvo or two at several hostile entities blocking their extraction route.

"Sekira!", Salisarius hopped onto the Orealyianis' shoulder as both representatives began to open fire as well while sprinting away from the recent rain of plasma fire.

Outside, the lone Atomna sank deeper into its trance, shifting its eyes towards a certain Olosian centurion as the latter struggled to reach the quickly collapsing bridge above the group of representatives.
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In orbit, the Photos fleet commander got but one transmission from home:
"It's on it's way."
He was puzzled for a second, but that was all cleared up when a gigantic wormhole opened a short hop from the intense fighting. And out came a levithan in the truest sense of the word. It finished materializing, the wormhole shutting behind it. The ship dwarfed all before it.
Project Endgame had been completed right on schedule, and the P.S. Levithan (yes, they did christen it the Levithan) already had it's antimatter weapons online, as well as it's plasme weapons. It unleashed a punishing volley of golden antimatter bolts at the rebel ships, decimating the vast majority of them. As for the ground, the ship was large enough and close enough to be clearly seen from the ground. It also dropped a vertable army of drop pods, lighting up the Olosis sky like a meteor shower. There were what appeared to be thousands of pods. The Photos had just pulled out all the stops.
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"Move, people! We must hurry before a fighter decides to strafe us!" Yelled Kem, who was right behind Val'ones. Turov bringing up the rear.

Task Force Alpha took up formation around the Photos leviathan ship, using it to assist in their efforts to retake Olosis' orbit. Once close enough, the fleet launched landers toward the besieged city with Luur and Hell-An fightercraft dogfighting with the enemy fighters.
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There was a clearing between the group and the entrance to the building. However when Val'ones peeked around the corner, what's sitting there, but a Variable Armour in the "land mode".

"Damnit." Val'ones hissed, turning back from around the corner. "Variable armour. No way through." Val'ones said, thinking. However, he heard a clunk he knew all too well. He looked up at the debris blocking the right side of the clearing, and up came an ABU. Worse, it had a Rotary Autocannon. It warmed up the barrels, and before the VA pilot could even react, the ABU mangled the VA with several dozen autocannon shells.
"GO!" It said, waving them across with the other arm, which was a normal hand. It kept firing in bursts, laying down a suppressive field of fire on the rebels attempting to cross the clearing. Val'ones and the rest of the group bolted across the opening, making it into the building. The ABU slid down the rubble wall, continuing to fire. It made it's way to the entrance, using a piece of rubble to block the opeing.
"Are you all OK?" It asked.
"Wait, I recognize that voice! It's my younger brother!" Val'ones said to the rest of the group.
"That's right, the High Council assigned me to specifically see to it you and the rest of the delagates made it off world ok. Even you." He said, pointing at the Skrall. "Shuttle's up top. We'd best hurry." He said, beconing the group toward the large freight elevator.
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"Move people! Hurry before any more enemy walkers show up!" Kem yelled as he watched for anything as the group ran into freight elevator, then entered once everybody was in. Turov pressed the button for the hanger level and they felt it move.

Republic ground units aided the Photo forces as they attacked every pocket of enemy resistance in the city and surrounding area, the commanders glad that they can finally test out their new plasma weaponry. In their primary landing zone, a command post was quickly set up as the Type-4 MCV sits itself down with tiny pre-fab buildings being constructed around it to manage the forces on the ground.
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Scourge brought up the rear with Turov, laying down suppressive fire with his plasma arm cannon at any rebels who where attempting to pursue them as they headed towards the freight elevator. He merely grunted somewhat at the ABU's statement, he disliked the idea of going on a Photos shuttle but for now he did not have any other planned escape route.

"Lets get off this rock." He said as they entered the elevator.

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"YES!" Drukl shouted as he entered the elevator. He wasn't supposed to be last, but his size meant he had to make adjustments to fit. Everyone was most likely struggling to breathe with him stuffed in there.
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Val'ones and his brother were the first to make it to the shuttle when the elevator doors opened.
"Prepare for liftoff!" Val'ones barked, his brother, taking up a firing positon nearby incase any more VA's decided to move in. However, the group made it in without a hitch, and Val'ones pressed the CLOSE HATCH button once his brother was inside. The shuttle shot off into orbit, dodging this way and that, avoiding the battle in any way possible. It deposited the group in the main hanger of the Levithan.
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//WARNING Centurion-56 Mortal Threat detected to UnNomenclated Coalition forces\\

“If by that you mean the giant bridge about to crash on the capital spire, than I think I know what you’re talking about.” With that, the Robotic Sentinel jumped off, lurching across several bounds.

//WARNING Centurion-56 Unknown dimensional rift detected in proximity of UnNomenclated Coalition forces \\

“God Damn!” Making a back turn he lurched through a patch of invading forces; deflecting there energy blasts with his swords as he coasted own, he crushed the heads of two with the soles of his feet, and a circular lash removed the heads of the rest. Taking no time to tarry, he launched himself further westward to the Bunker District.

//WARNING Centurion-56 Mortal UnNomenclated Coalition forces are in a direction lateral to your own\\
“I know. There’s no way I’m abandoning those people.” He replied, defiantly.  “Can’t the ground forces save them?”

//Negative Centurion-56 Improper sources for retainment of large scale construct. Union of both forces would be required for adequate-\\
“Sod it then!” Opsomnis interrupted; using the connection in his armor he sent a broadcast wave to all ground forces.

That done with, the metallic mightyman lurched towards the spire and came above it, just as a large laser blast made its way down.


In deep space a large ship of unknown origin and design came about. Belaying the need of neither nay rhyme nor reason for shape in the cold depths of space, the vehicle was elongated, with various spires of black lazing about. A hint to its use of artificial gravity, the great globs of ichors and ooze radiated about in irregular arcs arching and breaking away, but the vileness of this vessel was not unknown to the interior , for within a corrupted force lay.

“Standan Rewitanan!” screeched an abominable beast, in a language unknown to mortal ears, tainted with essence of utmost evil. The vile being, upon first glance would seem to be Orealyianis in nature, though at the second view this was much corrupted. Being three legs arranged in a triangular position at the bottom as well as a large stalk rather than an abdomen the creature tapered into a point of an Orealyianis face, black and burgundy and dripping with rapid fraoth.

Around him stood several undersuperiors each one bowing to it in there infernal praise.

“Hails  Kuningaz-Fuorenizon!” Spoke the demonic beasts in their worship of their dark master. Goaded to response they said thus:

“ÞaOs-aamonatioa arun alnazmasta atnihiled minaz hlaibhward.”

“NEAIWI!” raged the leader, while lurching a lethal slap cross the face of his subordinate.

“Thai. Mōtanan. Dawjanan. Nū!"Each word punctuated with the murder of yet another of his subordinates until he was left in a field of bodies, fraught with incredible furor he yelled to all bellows of the ship.

“Bren them Alanz!”

Back at the charred corpse of Silesia, Opsomnis was rushing to the peak of the spire waiting to grasps hold, when a large burst of energy came down, ending one of the bearings of the structure.


//WARNING CENTURION-56 If current tract appointed is continued the termination of life function within Host-56 will cease, back-up tracts are currently inoperable due to current  situation, I remind you LETHALITY IS ENSURED!\\

“Damn it all then!”

Opening up a tract Opsomnis gave signal to the amassed delegates

“Delegates this is Centurion Opsomnis Per of the Planet Nershari-Werald, this is my final transmission, currently an unknown dimensional rift was detected in your vicinity I hope you remain in duty. Unfortunately a bridge above you has suffered significant damage and I sent the ground forces to cover the civilians, I will be bale to hold it up long enough for you to escape, but regrettably I will not survive. To all delegates, you are the trustees of the universe, and I hope your successors and mine shape us through this storm and to the Skrall, I hope to kill you in Hell. This Opsomnis, signing off.”

And with than he leaped to the edge of the Capital Spires and took the full brunt of the bridge’s weight.

//WARNING CENTURION-56: Optimal position for gravity nullification has been reached, giving full megaton-nullification field NOW! \\

As the bleu glow of his armor lighted the load long enough or it to be lifted it creaked hard on the metallic form of Opsomnis, the delegates would have to hurry if they wanted to get out alive.  
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As the Centurion's armor slowly gave way, any remaining delegates that were separated from Val'ones' group quickly rushed out of the threatened structure in their own separate paths, shuffling to the myriad bunkers below or to the few remaining space ports spread across the falling city. Obviously enough, those who chose to take refuge in the latter quickly met their end as droves of seemingly maddened GPA soldiers began to storm the facilities, slaughtering everyone inside.

For now, it seemed the only way to survive the frantic crossfire was to make one's way to beneath the city's surface. Little did they know that they were only delaying their fate.

In orbit, the battle raged on between the coalition and their unexpected assailants.

Squadrons of variable armors strafed Photos battleships as the latter's weapons bore their arms against opposing Orealyianis warvessels. Chivi assault armors ravaged the Combine's swarm of fighters as the other party swiftly returned the favor. Even the Ni'Calls' ships weren't spared from the fray, receiving a healthy dose of violence courtesy of several other rogue GPA forces.

From the defenders' perspective, it seemed that such a setting would define the remainder of the chaotic battle. The hostile Orealyianis were now starting to thin, not unlike the other rebellious forces. Everything seemed to be coming to a close, as far as the fight on Olosis was concerned.

That is, until...


A sudden massive explosion shook Silesa's barely standing foundations as a tumultuous cacophony of light engulfed the metropolis' surface.

Suddenly, all across the planet, an ominous, yet somewhat relieving visage came upon everyone's sights as the rebel forces, in a sudden act of seeming defeat, began to disengage from battle and crashed to the ground in droves.

As the light from Silesa bathed the forces in orbit, an equally, if not more stunning turn of events began to unfold within the rebel fleets' formations.

From the greatest battleships to the most lowly of variable armors. Every single ship, fighter, power armor and soldier.

Every single one...

... simply ground to a halt.

Back on the surface, the mass of light which consumed Silesa City seemed to linger still, effectively making any visual observation of the area a practically impossible feat.
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The entire bridge of the Titan, as well as every other ship in the fleet, was silent. No one knew why the rogue GPA stopped.

"Does anyone what the hell just happened?" Cregly yelled, both to the bridge and to the rest of the Coalition fleets. "Whatever, I want fighter patrols set up! The Nameless may decide to attack any minute!"

Kem, on the bridge of the Photos leviathan, watched the tactical display of orbital space as every GPA fightercraft, frigate, cruiser, and battleship ground to a halt.

"Why did they stop?" He asked as he turned to Val'ones, the plating he walked on creaking because of the Hell-An's enormous weight.
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"I don't know, but now is the time to finish this." Val'ones said, opening a fleet-wide channel.
"Fellow GPA Loyalists, now is the time! We must press the offensive, and end this upstart massacre!" Val'ones cut the channel,
"All auxillary power to weapons, let's end this!" Val'ones ordered.
They started decimating the idle rebel ships. This little one way firefight went for a few minutes, when suddenly the entire Photos fleet got one transmission they had been dreading for the last chunk of time.
"Sir! Incoming sensor data, from a fringe colony! Large-scale unknown energy signatures detected, most likely....Nameless in origin. What do we do?" The communications officer asked.
"Reposition the Levithan for warp to those coordinates. The rest of the fleet can handle clean-up here." Val'ones said.
"And get these boys off and back to their respective ships in the meantime." He added, pointing at the rest of the group.
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Kem quickly turned to Turov, who nodded and opened a channel to the Titan. "You heard him, Captain, activate warp drives and follow the Leviathan. I'll get coordinates from the Photos." The admiral turned to Val'ones. "Our fleet can reach the colony faster with the wormhole drives if you give us the coordinates for it."

"Pull all of our troops back up! The admiral ordered us to move NOW, so leave the transports here. They'll catch up," Cregly yelled as the entire fleet moved into position to jump, the Mark 3s haven't done a warp jump ever since they tested their drives to make sure they work. Once the fleet was in position, they jumped into warp. After another fifteen minutes, the now fully loaded transports followed.
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As the bridge creaked and cracked and Opsomnis’s armor slowly began to give way to the pressure, even his robotic body wasn’t designed to take this sort of stress, all the while DEXTA was pretty much having a panic attack.

//Warning- Centurion 56- Motor sytems clritically damaged

//Warning- Centurion 56- Support systems taking critical damage

//Warning- Centurion 56- If you continue to push your systems beyond your current limits you will-

However all the computers ranting eventually dissolved into a mindless animal droning, sad… perhaps Opsomis only regret is he would not be able to get the chance to kill that bastard…

Gerixon: Years ago

“Opsomis! Pull back! Pull back now!

“What?!” Why the hell did they need to pull back? He just managed to hold off several waves of slave divisions, so far things -BOOM- Opsomis looked up to see a massive invader pod had just crashed straight through a building, landing in the middle of city his garrison was stationed at.

“****! They just landed right behind us!”

“Opsomis the northern flank just fell where nearly surrounded!” A frantic operator was yelling. Things had gotten worse… they just came out of nowhere, granted all on the planet had heard of stories of the Core Combine but they had practically considered them a ghost story. A ghost story at least until a massive invasion fleet was knocking on their door step.

“SCREEEEEEEEEEEEE!” Opsomis looked towards the source of the piercing screech to see a massive hoard of slaves, soldiers, and all manners of genetically engineered monstrosities charging his front line without any abandon.

 “Give ‘em hell…” Opsomis said grimly to the beings under his command before drawing his sword and gutting the first abomination that got close. His pistol was next, delivering several clean headshots to some soldiers.

The bridge continued to crack and crunch Opsomnis systems… it would seem that it really would be the end for him….until for some reason the bridge started to get lighter, at Opsomnis sides two robed soldiers had appeared where there were none, though they wore strange robes they gave off the look and feel of Core. Each soldier’s hands gave of a distinct purplelish glow, manipulating energies few truly understood.

Before Opsomnis even realized what was going on, the bridge had collapsed, but he was strangely not dead, everything was a blur, spinning, his entire world seemingly twisted before rearranging it’s self. When he regained his bearings, he was….safe…strangely…asdie from the bit of damage he suffered, he was safe…as to who saved him though…

Nah….couldn’t have been….
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When the Levithan dropped out of warp, Val'ones saw his deathly error.
"DAMN, THAT'S AN ASSAULT NODE!" Val'ones hissed. "Target that thing, Focus shields to the front! Prepare for possibly the heaviest combat we've ever been in! Prepare drop pods for the planet, I'm going with." Val'ones ordered, going down the lift elevator to the main hull of the ship. He quickly made it to the drop bay, and entered a drop pod. Locked in, he waited for the drop. As the Levithan moved into drop position on the colony, it opened fire on the Assault Node. Doubtless the antimatter shots it fired got their attention. Once in drop position, it launched the drop pods. On the surface, after a short fight, the Photos managed to set up a small base.
"Right, let's see just how tough these Nameless folks are." Val'ones commented to himself.

Nameless Assault Node
"Ha. I see the Photos wasted no time on plesantries." A dark figure scoffed. It turned to a servant nearby.
"Deploy the reserve troops. Kill all the Photos except for their commander; knock him out and bring him back here. ALIVE." It continued.
"Right away" The servant replied.

On the surface of the colony, all around their little base, thousands of small, spherical robots unburrowed. The only one that survived was Val'ones, per orders.
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Task Force Alpha quickly appeared out of a wormhole and flew at near light speed toward the colony and completely overshot the Assault Node. Once on the other side of the planet, the fleet quickly slowed down and the destroyers and transport ships flew into the atmosphere and established a base of operation there. The Task Force then attempted to blast away the Assault Node at long-range via fusion missiles, impactors, magnetic accelerator cannons, and EM emitters.
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When Val'ones came too, all he knew of that particular moment was he was lightheaded, he was having double vision, and the backside of his head hurt real bad. He shook his head, looking around. It was dark, there were two armed people outside the bars across from him, and that he was pinned in place by his arms and legs, with small energy beams from emitters in the walls, ending in cuffs on his ankles and wrists.
"Figures." He said to himself. He must have gotten knocked out and imprisoned by the Nameless ambushers. One of the guards turned upon hearing Val'ones say "Figures". He yelled down the hall to the cell's right.
"He's awake!"
Val'ones didn't like the sound of the situation. What was worse was when he saw his interrogator come strolling down the hallway. He looked at him, a scarlet artificial eye peaking out from underneath a hood. A strangely familiar scarlet artificial eye.
"Well," the figured snarled. "Took you long enough to regain consciousness. And a pity, I've been utterly dying to get on with this."
"Woah, wait a second...I recognize that voice......" Val'ones said, still to himself.
"The elders sent me ahead, to ensure your kind WON'T be a problem in this invasion." The figure continued.
"Well. You're obviously one of the Nameless. I'll tell you this. Imprisoning me? Slaughtering my men? That won't stop us. We have many more troops, and can appoint another commander. You've only delayed the inevitable, fool." Val'ones said with all the guts he could muster at the moment. The figure only laughed manically.
"Slaughter? Your men were overrun so fast I would hardly even categorize it as slaughter!" The figure mocked. Val'ones grunted.
"Your command style. Your voice. I think it's starting to come to me. Given your figure and shape, I can tell you're a Photos." That sent off one red flag on it's own. "And I slightly recognize your voice from somewhere. You were pretty high up. You were a...let me think for a moment here, ah...." Then it hit him.
"No, it isn't possible. It simply isn't possible..."
"Oh, but sadly, your recollection is right on the money." The figure said, drawing back the hood, revealing an old-style Photos helmet, one of the older models with only one pseudo-eye camera. It wasn't the normal silver-white anymore, black and twisted like it's wearer. The figure released the helmet and removed the helmet, revealing-though Val'ones still couldn't believe it, dispite having come to the conclusion much earlier.
"COMMANDER LAKIS DUAVON!?! I don't believe it! How!?! A better question: WHY!?!
"Why?" The traitorous commander asked nonchalantly. However, his demeanor quickly changed, pinning Val'ones against the wall by the throat.
"Do you know what it's like to be abandoned? Millions of lightyears away from home? From your family? To have your own race, which you served for a vast majority of your life, discard you like yesterday's TRASH?" Lakis released his grip on his prisoner's throat, taking a step back.
"About a year after that wormhole shut, keeping us trapped in that damned Novus Cluster, a Nameless exploratory fleet came upon our meager holdings. We were all furious at the main empire; and the Nameless offered us a host of things we would never have achieved otherwise: Power, security, and the best of all, revenge."
"This is turning into an melodramatic stereotypical drama with staggering speed." Val'ones said sarcastically. Lakis' eyes narrowed to slits.
"Yes, well you're about to become a main character in that, how did you word it? 'melodramatic, stereotypical drama'.
"Oh, what? You gonna kill me? Keep me locked up in this dark little cell for some undisclosed period of time?" Val'ones scoffed.
"Much, much worse than that, you little bastard. You're going to help us destroy this galaxy."
"Really? Because I was actually one of the main people TRYING TO STOP YOU!" Val'ones roared, extending the maximum length of his chains, into Lakis' face.
"It matters not. After I'm done with you, you'll want to help us, weather you like it or not." Lakis said, walking away, making a motion with his hand down the left corridor.
"Apart from the fact that the last sentence just canceled itself out..." Val'ones muttered. Much to his surprise, two servants rolled in what looked like a large re-breather pump on a hover trolley, with a mouthpiece on it, attached to a long, flexible hose. On of them slid it over his face with surprising speed. Withing a few seconds, he began to pass out.
'They must have laced it with sedatives' was his last thought as he passed out for the second time.
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Drukl was not having fun. The only Pentekonterus ship for lightyears was completely destroyed, the Leviathan was under attack, and the only two beings from Kuuruk that were out there would most likely die within an hour. On top of that, the Arrow-class ships had been diverted to Kuuruk to help barricade the planet. If Drukl died here, wherever here was, then no one would know.
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The little operations hub on the Emancipator was a cramped little cubicle when not full, and now it was host to a staggering number of both real and holographic diplomats from several civilizations, namely the Ni'Calls and Bino. They filled the room so much that they were all standing around the table, as even benches would have taken up far too much space.

"Sirs and Ladies... There is something greatly disturbing that's cropped up after the recent events... Look at this." A communications officer said from his station. Projected onto the holographic display screen on top of the cubicle (which essentially would look like a big window on the ceiling), was a shot of the Nameless Assault Node, caught from a transmission from the Photos, before they were taken out.

There was a resounding hushed gasp from the diplomats and crew present, as  such a coincidental event was far too amazing to quietly observe.

"It seems that delusional Photos was right... The Nameless are here..." A Bino diplomat said quietly, barely above the hum of the equipment around the room.

"What does this mean? Can we defend oursevles? Do we stand a chance against them? Who are they after?" sounded a chorus of questions around the table.

"It means that we need to be ready." Said a faintly mechanical voice. It was that of Dr. Karlan Talsenreave, still on his station, and speaking through a hologram.
"It appears that we are too late..." He said quietly, to himself.

"If I may interject," Said a much more mechanical sounding voice, coming directly from the ship console, "I think that we should make preparations just in case the Nameless DO decide to attack." The voice was that of CoEAD, the mechanical mainframe that was piloting the ship at the time.

"Defense networks around the areas of Khuris and Calla are substandard, as each are... or were... mostly neutral." Someone said.
"We need to add more defenses, as well as refuge areas such as bunkers or stations."

"We have to get on it, if we are to build everything on time."

"I think that I may be able to assist in production of the defenses," Said CoEAD, "My currrrrrr-entturaent {CURRENT} current abilities would allow me to coordinate the manufacturing process quickly and efficiently."

"Thank you, CoEAD, we need all the help we can get, and fast." Said Talsenreave. "It's the only way to be ready in time." He added gravely.
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A massive ground force of combined Stellar Republic and Hell-An Empire units with Galdeen destroyers overhead slowly advanced on the Photos colony. If they were about to enter combat with the most dangerous enemy the galaxy had ever seen, the sight would have been glorious. When they were 2 1/2 kilometers away, the Galdeen commander tapped his communicator.

"Have received any communications from the Photo base?" He asked.

"Negative," A Tilk responded. "We haven't received anything from them for a hour now."

"Hmm... Captain Cregly, I need orbital imaging on the Photos base and colony."

"Roger. Imaging shows no activity from either the base or the colony."

"WHAT!? Thats not possible! There was a full Photos army there! A army just doesn't disappear!."

"Yet. It has. Sensors did detect some strange thermal signatures just before they dropped out of contact. I assumed they were shuttles."

The ground commander thought about it. The Photos has one of the most powerful militarys in the galaxy. In a stand up fight, a attacker would be hard pressed to defeat them, and it would take hours, not seconds, for a fully defended Photos base to drop out of contact. Unless...

"ALL UNITS! FULL STOP!" The commander quickly yelled. "The Photos were ambushed! Thats why we can't contact them. They've been completely wiped out!"

"Must have been some ambush..." A nearby Galdeen soldier said.

"Indeed." A Hell-An grunt responded.

"I want recon units to scout out the colony and Photos base. I'm not letting this army get destroyed because we fell for a trap." The commander yelled into his communicator.

Several Galdeen Centaurs and Hell-An Crawlers speeded toward the colony with a few heading toward the Photos base. When the scouts reached the colony. There was nothing, the colony looked like a ghost town. At the base, there was also nothing except a few burnt holes in a building or two.

"Definitely caused by Photo weapons..." A soldier said as he examined the marks. "Sir, theres nothing at the base except a few weapon burns caused by Photos infantry weapons. Looks like they were over-whelmed so quickly, they didn't even have time to mount a defense."

"Nothing at the colony, commander. Looks like a ghost town over here." Another soldier reported.

The commander stared at the distant colony silently, then said: "All units, return to base. If the Photos got wiped out so easily, then we don't have a chance. We're pulling off this rock."

Slowly, the the army turned around to head back to their landing area.
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The golden chance presented to the coalition by the sudden cease in hostilities was quickly taken up by everyone up in orbit. Rebel forces slowly continued to falter as defenders from all directions pelted them with all their might.

Below, on Olosis' glittering surface, a world lit up by the flame of a thousand burning cities, the lone magnificent spark continued to announce its presence to everyone who chanced upon looking at the strange anomaly.

One of those, was Sekira.

"To think things would spiral into madness this fast...", the general clenched his nippers, barely managing to contain the many conflicting thoughts echoing on the back of his mind. Looking down on the anomaly surrounding Silesa from the safety of an allied ship, he felt an uneasy sense of tension consume his somewhat shaken form. The only sane Orealyianis left within lightyears of where he was, he couldn't help but feel an eerily vindictive stare pierce his very soul as his sight came to settle on the center of the massive light.

If only Sekira knew how close he was from the truth.

Back on Olosis proper, the storm of blinding light which covered Silesa City began to slightly falter as sensors across the board began to pick up the myriad friendly signals that were lost during the blast.

That is, the ones that were still left.


Suddenly, without warning, another, more massive sphere of light consumed the entire metropolis.

This time, however, it possessed a more vivid tinge of yellow compared to the previously blinding white.

Amidst the maelstrom of brightness, a certain Commander Verys felt a swift and searing sensation barely graze his back as a powerful sonic boom rocked the air around him.

As the second light from Silesa reached the forces in orbit, another turn of unexpected events began to unfold within the rebel fleets' disturbingly docile formations.

Everything began to move once again, as fast as they once ground to a halt.

But that wasn't the only thing that bothered the defending forces.

Despite their renewed activity, the assailants, it seemed, were not heavily concerned with preserving their own existence. Coalition forces continuously kept their pressure on their reanimated adversaries, not receiving even a single round in expected retaliation.

Instead, the "rebel" fleets began to busy themselves in synchronizing their movements, moving in unison as they started facing a single, unified direction.


Olosis' only natural moon.
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Olosis: Dreadnaught Bridge

"All enemy forces have resumed their attack!"

"As expected…"  The warlord was about to give his next set of orders until the organic door opened and a very heavily armed battle armored Skrall stepped through, his customized armor allowed everyone to recognize who he was.

"Supreme Commander on the bridge!"

"Status?" Scourge ordered.

"All rebel forces have resumed their assault; they appear to be heading towards Olosis’s single moon."

Scourge did not answer immediately, instead trying to figure out why the hell they would do that… But in the end whatever it was it could not have been good.

"Press the assault; do not let them get near that moon!"

With that the Core decided they were going to finish these rebels down to the last man.

Felron: Dreadnaught Bridge

Back at Felron, High Warlord Ragaren had returned to his bridge, he knew what was going on, and he knew the Overlords orders would come through the Supreme Commander at any second.

A slight beeping later confirmed that...

Opening up nearly every channel on the hive network he proceeded to give the entire Core Combine the news they where waiting for... full mobilization, the entire Combine armada...

It was time for war...

Olosis: Dreadnaught bridge

"Good..." Scourge thought silently.

"If the Nameless want a war... we will give them one..."
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Val'ones regained consciousness in what appeared to be a dedicated quarters. He looked around in more detail. At first, his half-awake mind thought he was back on the Leviathan, and the last event had been but a nightmare caused by all this anxiety. However, this was abruptly dispelled after leaving; he was still on that damned Assault Node. Then it came back to him all the way:
The gas. What that traitor, Lakis, had said.
He bolted off towards the bridge, which he now somehow knew the location of. He barged in, and before Lakis could even react, pinned him against the wall.
"Tell me, and tell me honestly, you damned traitor, what did you do to me!?!" Val'ones roared. Lakis pushed him off.
"Hrmph. You're conscious sooner than I expected. Very well. You inhaled normal air, with sedatives laced in, as well as a couple hundred nanobots, that are probably swirling around," Lakis said, poking the side of Val'ones' head. "And they're just ticking away at their job, reformatting your brain to make you want to help us. I was expecting you to be out longer, to where you would have regained consciousness just as they finished their job. But no matter. It will be much more of a torture, watching your own thoughts betray you more and more by the second." Lakis finished.
*"You....bastard..." Val'ones said, aghast. He bolted off the bridge, towards the comm center. He waited for it to vacate, and entered it. He already started feeling the effects of those nanobots. He typed in the general GPA channel, as well as one to the Leviathan and one to the Emancipator.
"Attention all who are receiving this. This is a general warning. I got captured, and the Nameless injected me with nanobots that are messing with my brain. I'll likely be on their side before the end of the hour. Again, general warning. I'll try to fight it all I can, but just note, whatever I may do, it isn't me. Val'ones....out." He cut the transmission. As he was about to walk out the door, it slid open before he got to it, and standing on the other side of the open door was Lakis.
"Calling your little friends? They can't help you." He mocked. Lakis brushed past him.
"We'll see about that, you arrogant little....." Val'ones muttered.
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Kuuruk, Kabalu, Nirulimuka, War Hall
Irbilika was curious as to why he had not recieved a report from Drukl yet. He had a bad feeling that something had gone wrong on Olosis. When the military leaders arrived at the meeting, there were few words spoken... save for his.
"Ladies and gentlemen," he said, "a disturbing revelation has dawned upon me. The Baluvar contingent and Drukl seem to have gone missing. Now, does one of you know why your Supreme Commander is missing? I have a theory. That theory is that he has been killed by these 'Nameless' I have heard so much about. And so, esteemed colleagues, I ask you to MOBILIZE EVERYTHING! GET THE SHIPYARDS WORKING AT FULL CAPACITY! This is for them... those ten brave souls who gave their lives to ensure our future... Begin construction of the Hammer and Siege-class ships, as well as production of smaller rammming ships and transports! Finally, is the construction of the Gallbarika finished?"
"Yes, your majesty." replied an admiral.
"Then makes sure it's crewed and ready by the time I get to it. That is all."
The leaders were still jarred by Irbilika's final lines.
The Leviathan
Drukl had never felt fear like this before. He'd feared for his life, but now? Now his sanity was threatened. It felt unnatural, hiding from the Nameless while everyone fought so hard against them. Unfortunately, he had no ships of his own, so what the Photos said went.
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He put it on the holography screen:
//Attention all who are receiving this. This is a general warning. I got captured, and the Nameless injected me with nanobots that are messing with my brain. I'll likely be on their side before the end of the hour. Again, general warning. I'll try to fight it all I can, but just note, whatever I may do, it isn't me. Val'ones....out.//
"So they're out for assimilation, then?" Talsenreave pondered.
"Assimilation of a being's person and knowledge can have a reverse of the intended effect, if handled right." He said again. "I once helped a colleague of mine with an experiment with mental sapping, and an unforeseen effect allowed the transmission of knowledge and influence to go both ways, It was astounding." He said.
"We could spy on them." A Bino official said.
"But how, we would have to send something... or someONE to assimilate."
"Unlikely that they would see a need to assimilate anyone we could send..."
"We could use Val-Ones!" Said CoEAD. "If we get to him in time, then we could possibly get him to cooperate in order to monitor his mind! We could spy on the spy who spies on us!" He added rather confusingly.

The discussion raged, and finally came to the conclusion. CoEAD, because he was a robot and could control a seeminly automated craft, would send a minuscule probe to the Assault Node. The probe would attempt to get inside the Node, and Val'Ones would implant the little probe into his brain, giving access to the Nameless' ideas and plans.

They sent the probe out within 30 minutes, cobbled together from a tiny missile, a fuel canister, transmitter, and surgical equipment. It was hasty, but the best they could do, and in theory, it would work...

In theory.
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In orbit above the now resistant home of the Os, the dark enforcer was in his chamber of skulls, feasting on his sweet müllerian fruit of toxin he gained pure rage at was he was seeing!
HWA!” he roared, the pieces of his diabolical meal raining upon the mutilated faces of the skulls of his parents. "“Hwi xaƀēnan ne that umbikwikwa kunteoz biunan múrþraned unda līkam uzwalthamed!
Ǥuþá-kuningaz, thair grunþa þurpaoz arun wiðstandananunga arun-ACK!” Was all one of his unfortunate aides could say before he was dissembled from the bottom up and slurped into nothing but hollow skin.

And with that, the infernal hell beast began their work, deep within the vile engine of pain the flesh and souls of a billion worlds was burned, there dying screams and smoldering flesh providing the fuel for this rapture of unholiness. These ungodly abominations, nay, these demons of wrath, which insult the universe itself relinquished there blast, and with the force of a thousand dying suns the young moon of the OS was obliterated. In the vacuum of space, no sound escaped from its silent death, but by the time the wave of fore reached the Os the impact was, intense.
Instantaneously, 25 percent of the atmosphere was wiped into space. the sudden gravitation shift, caused tidal backlashes; entire nations being swept aside by the giant waves, the creaking upon  sweet raped merciless flesh of Olosis gave way and her primal lifeblood fled into the wounds of the people; incinerating millions, the death throes of her virgin soil sent quakes of great  force; and the tears spread out upon these waves drowned out anyone to away from the inland , the hurricane forces made by the impact wiped away entire races as if they were files, and the dust went up; grinding entire continents to powder. Aside from those lucky enough to escape or the people in severely guarded, inland cities such as Silesia, the planet would be sterilized in half an hour.
//Operations: Artificial Lifeform taken significant damage begin repair and rebooting\\
//loading loading loading\\
//DUH DUN DUH DUHN!      दो हज़ार तिरानबे नेटवर्क के लिए उपयोगकर्ता आपका स्वागत है. हम वर्तमान में हमारे सर्वर से संपर्क करें, तो कृपया हमारे साथ पकड़ पर प्रतीक्षा करनेमें असमर्थ रहे हैं! धन्यवाद!\\
As the tone and boot-up menu of Opsomnis’ programming went up, DEXTA ignored the annoying Customer support that existed as an archive of his people corporate origins and chose existed to reboot his hard memories.
It was then that DEXTA was overwhelmed, in all her time being in various species, never had she had to actually PULL emotions and what could be called "soul" from a being, this experience left DEXAT changed and how this would impact her would be unknown.
//Operating procedures activate, all systems online,//
As the blue glow of DEXTA here divided power awaking; rejuvenating the injuries to his frame he awoke.
 // रिबूट पूरा! आप शोगुन उपयोग करने के लिए धन्यवाद .\\
“Damn customer severe beacons.” Per crawled out of his stupor and awoke in  a strange unknown chamber.
“God, DEXTA where am I , last thing I remembered was the bridge…”
Of course this was not the last thing remember and (unbeknownst to him)  DEXTA now knew that, but he doubted a soulless machine could understand that, he the caught his hypocrisy and quickly got to work.
“The attackers! The PEOPLE!-URK” Opsomnis found himself unable to move.
//Warning Centurian-56 Catastrophic damage has been implemented entered recovery mode\\
Then he saw two orbed figures, unknown to him, but they bore the worst mage in his life; the great Sigil of the  Core Combine.
“DIE!-urk” A failed attempt to draw his word, lead him to be collapsed, with his head propped against his knee.
//What part of “Warning Centurian-56 Catastrophic damage has been implemented entered recovery mode” did you not get?!\\
“Whoa, calm down DEXTA. Since when did you get a personality?.
//Unknown Query\\ replied DEXTA in a much more robotic tone.
“Whatever, the self-heal will protect me from anything those atrocities can out at me right?
//AFFIRMATIVE: Most attacks will not penetrate emergency barrier.\\
“Most?! Damn, how long will I be out?”
//ETA FOR FULL PROCEDURE: Ninety-five hours\\
“What?! Ninety hours, they could feed me to their blood-god pr something by that time.!”
At least the people were okay, Opsomnis  thought with resignation. Had already lost one planet, he wouldn’t want to lose another…
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As Task Force Alpha attacked the Assault Node, the Mark 3 Type 2 gateship Galieen's Reach opened it's stargate. The only thing that went through was a message saying that the Nameless has arrived and data they collected. The Task Force then opened a wormhole and left the system, there was nothing else they could do there.

When the message reached Galieen, the Council ordered for the first time in history for all production to be diverted to constructing new warships, especially the Mark 3s. Immense amounts of money was funneled into R&D, so that they could discover new technology that could be used against the Nameless. All colonization efforts were canceled or put on hold and fortification of every colony was ordered.

When the message reached Tal'man... Well, they has anticipated they would get involved in a major war. The Empire has built large numbers of forges and factories on barren moons, asteroid belts, and supposedly ignored colony worlds, so they could easily produce large amounts of war machines and weaponry without the Tai'gan Shipyards which was being used by Kabalu. The problem was getting the materials to the factories, but that was solved by the Stellar Republic's stargate network. Within a week, the first weapons and warships were coming off the production lines.

Both races, however, sent a fleet to Kuuruk to protect it until they managed to get their fleet fully up and running.

The Task Force had returned to Olosis and they were alarmed when they saw Olosis in it's completely destroyed state.
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Drukl's current state of panic was not unjustified. He, too, had heard Va'lones' message, and knew all to well the implications of it. The fact that the Tai'gan shipyards were pumping out more ships by the second was not helping as much as it should have been. As a matter of fact, it meant things really were as bad as the others said they were. Drukl had never seen a situation of this magnitude on Kuuruk, and so to be in this mess now was equal to every horror he had witnessed combined, and then some. The Pentekonterus, as a race, were just a bit mad. Thousands of years of isolation, combined with the dearth of planets in proximity to Kuuruk and the inherent dangers of the planet itself, drove them to a twisted claustrophobia. For 2,000 years, they slaughtered each other over both the greatest of atrocities and the most minor of slights. The arrival of the Space Union mitigated, but did not erase, this. With all of this in mind, Drukl felt that he could snap at any moment.
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The graidient had not attended the meeting. In fact, they hadn't bothered to check if they were invited. They had, however,
 taken  all information known on the "nameless", and devised a strategy of their own. They had taken the liberty of giving them a name, seeing how calling them nameless didn't accurately reflect their personality, They name them Estherabrak

They did not attend the meeting, just in the event of the place being attacked (the graid are a paranoid bunch).
On learning of the attack, however, they were set in motion at once.

Near oslosis
Keataus, Most honored commanding magistrate, supreme general and master in chief, to quote a phrase, did not f*** around.

A large super-capital ship, with a multitude of enormous weapons and redundant defenses, warped (or whatever those people called it) into outer orbit.

"Keataus speaking. This is Most fastidious of Orators  this is a message to all allied forces. We regret we could not signal earlier, for I feared the communications may not be secure. Regardless. We examined the situation in complete detail, and decided action was necessary. So we came to offer assistance. All of us."

A multitude of ships of various shapes and sizes began appearing above the quickly dying planet. Within moments, thousands of graid warships had arrived, all equipped with layer upon layer of shields and armor, holding literally millions of graid, with more ships arriving by the second. Most fastidious of orators, and Lesser known consonance of silence, the two mightiest ships in their fleet, flew side by side.

Keataus did not f*** around.

He gave an order to his fleet:
" Engage any remaining murderers. Avoid the largest of ships. take prisoners if you can. remove their heads and...hmm?"

He got a message on his headpiece

 "That kills most of them? Strange. Then I suppose just execute them. And decend down on the planet and any damaged ships. Their are still may be a handfull of survivors.

" Afterword I will see if we can organize a meeting with the Core Combine Skrall. I know they were here. I want to cut the limbs off of at least one murderer today."

He returned to his communicator
"We are here.  Tell us what you need us to do."
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The charred world's skies were suddenly cast asunder by the hail of celestial malice that was Voronos' shattered remnants, the fate of many a people sealed in the vast catacombs of Olosis' swiftly fading existence.

As the select few who did survive the great catastrophe scrambled to escape the now tumultuous surface, another wave of mountainous ice and rock speedily headed towards the planet's visibly boiling landscape, seemingly teasing the survivors in their, mostly feeble attempts at escape.

Yet, despite all that has transpired, the vast maelstrom of destruction was only one of many worries for the remnants of Silesa City...

As the second light from Silesa hastily engulfed the shards which sought to smite the great city, another startling event was already beginning to unfold within the sphere of light, unbeknown to anyone watching from the world outside.

Until now...


Another savage cacophony greeted the now crimson skies.

Sudden and without notice, the expansive ball of brightness seated at Silesa City quickly began to fade into the turbulent darkness around it, the telltale signs of an increasingly ominous presence quickly became apparent.

There, within the maelstrom of swirling clouds and rapidly falling sky, stood a clearly malevolent existence.

Floating amidst the shower of cosmic debris as it readied itself for battle against a certain Wexxian commander, was the avatar of evil itself...

An Atomna...

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The Photos soldiers were taking cover from the maelstrom of pure hell unwrapping around them. They witnessed the transformation of the Atomna. The field commander, Ty'cen, was quick to engage the Atomna, his ABU possibly bringing him at least able to keep the creature occupied. It was somewhat even; both were landing good blows on each other. Not long into this, both of the combatants were beat up: the commander's left arm was held on only by a few wires and the servo, and he had cracked the golden orb-ish thing that looked like the Atomna's "head".

Lakis stood on the bridge, counting the seconds down until his calculated time the nanites would be done tweaking Val'ones' brain. His mental clock hit zero; about a minute later, Val'ones walked onto the bridge.
"So. What are our orders?" Val'ones asked.
"Ah, I see the nanites finished working. Right on time, my calculations were accurate down to the second." Lakis said. "We were sent ahead by the elders to ensure any...ah, possible hitches, shall we say, were wrapped up before the main invasion was to start. And you, were one of those poetential hitches. But with you on our side, that makes a powerful foe a potent ally." Lakis answered.
"I see, makes enough sence. So, what now?"
"This." Lakis said, activating a pre-programmed channel.
"Elder Gurukhenheimer, you're all clear to begin." Lakis said, closing the channel at that.
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The situation at Olosis was to put it simply, a massive bacchanal. Left and right the Core Combine fleets where trying to dissuade friend and foe, something you weren't to used to doing when every species you where working with was generally your foe.

"Supreme Commander we need orders!" One of the Skrall called out, confused by the chaos.

"Let the other vermin handle the rescue of the "civilians"." AKA useless pieces of trash in Combine terms "Have the rest of the fleet focus purely on the enemy!"

Olosis Surface

Several shots from some heavy graviton bolts soon hit the awakened Atomna as soon as Ty'cen finished his little beat down, said shots came from a trio of Raider class mecha armors that had descended to aid Ty.
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"Well, I never thought I'd be happy to see you guys, of all people." Ty'cen commented. That's when one of them noticed he was making a shape with his good hand's fingers. No, not a shape....a non-vocal order! A split second later a few glowing white bolts came firing out of a gaping hole in a good sized building.  Then out jumped a squad of Shock Troopers, complete with Rotary Plasma Cannons and Mass-Reactive Cannons. The MCR shots made contact with the injured Atomna, enveloping it in several small-scale nuclear fission blasts. Not wasting any time, they began lighting it up with the RPR's and their shoulder-mounted Railguns. Ty'cen spotted an opening, and extended a pair of missile racks from his shoulders. He launched them at the cracked spot on the Atomna. They made contact; all they needed to do was wait for the smoke to clear to see the damage they did.
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"Send shuttles down to assist in evacuate civilians, NOW! Weapons, designate target as Nameless One! Target particle beam and ion cannons on it and launch gunships to bomb it!" Turov yelled out.

"Targeting particle beam cannons... All Stellar Republic Mark 2 and Mark 3 ships report target lock on target Nameless 1. Hell-An Empire ion cruisers and titans report they have a target lock on target Nameless 1. Carrier vessels report successful launch of gunship squadrons." The AI called out.

"Fire all beam cannons! Make sure that thing is dead!"

Dozens of crimson and blue beams lashed out of Task Force Alpha, stabbing onto and all around where the Atomna was. Gunships made strafing run after strafing run, plasma and penetrator missiles saturating the ground around it. The last gunship shot a low-yield fusion missile at it, causing a 5 megaton explosion. Thankfully, the Photos and Combine ground forces found cover just as the blast wave reached their positions. All waited anxiously waiting to see if the combined firepower of the Photos, Combine, and Union forces had managed to kill it.
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"Another one...", the smallest robed persona alerted the other figures, soliciting a slight falter on their march across the long, dark chamber riddled with an ominous, yellow light.

"Olosis, huh?", the largest, leading figure confirmed the former's statement as it began to increase its pace.


The being's last statement seemingly struck a nerve on the second-largest figure, causing him to slightly fall back from the briskly marching group.

"I understand.", the largest winged one comforted him with a strong pat as he looked at him through the hood and straight into the eye. "However, do not blame yourself alone."

"We are all at fault, my friend.", he patted him again. "One way, or another."

"Less talking, more marching...", one of the smaller winged figures said with a mechanical voice.

"Ah, yes, yes...", the largest winged one responded as he pulled the second-largest along.

"Thank you."

"No need to mention it, my friend. No need to mention it."

"Keep your guard up, everyone...", the largest one reminded everyone behind him, waving one of its arms across the air to ensure everyone was listening. "Wouldn't wanna end up in a spit after going all this way, now would we?", it half-jokingly added as it planted its foot firmly against the cold metallic floor, signaling everyone to stop. "Heheh... Spit..."

"Erm, yes...", one of the smaller winged figures slighted the other's last statement as it followed his command.

"This is it, then?", the largest winged figure stopped along with the rest as they began to raise their heads in unison to take in the sight in front of them.

A massive obsidian gate fuming with the yellow light, it gave off a noticeably foul aura as the largest robed figure began to walk towards it and fashion with his own three hands an intricate web of light. Moments later, a sound like that of an open lock echoed across the chamber as everyone braced their souls for the coming encounter ahead.

"The time to finally set things right..."

"To correct one's mistake..."

"To right... what we once made wrong..."

"Seems such."

"Can we really do it?"

"Only if you think you can...", the foremost one replied with a surprisingly sincere tone of voice. Pushing open the gates it began to step forward, and into the brightness beyond. "Well, everyone?"

"Let's do this..."

Back on the Vara Orealyianis, Shanara stood valiantly amidst the chaos spiraling around him.

He was receiving startling reports from all across the galaxy of massive numbers of Atomna suddenly running amok.

What's worse, it seemed that Atomna had entered a previously unknown state, displaying capabilities inherent to only a handful of known beings, specifically the Nameless themselves.

Shanara can't help but doubt the dreaded implications.

It also wasn't helping that the Galactic Protection Agency itself has since had no contact with any of the two Valgu.

Something was greatly amiss on Verog.

He was sure of it.

As the swirling clouds of destruction began to settle down, a vaguely familiar silhouette quickly formed within it. Sensors from all factions swiftly took action, scanning the thick mist for any signs of movement.

There was none.



... came the sound of grinding metal as an extremely blinding explosion erupted from the Hell-An's direction. A long, obsidian spike protruding from the clouded presence had pierced one of the vessels, consequently blowing it apart as a massive sphere of energy appeared from within the ship itself.

Several seconds later, the lance-like weapon retreated into the cloud as the silhouette within simply ceased to exist. A fountain of light erupted from behind the group of Combine Raiders as the kilometer tall Atomna quickly took hold of two of them, sending both flying at supersonic speeds, one towards Ty'cen and the other to the Shock Troopers.

Without waiting for the impromptu projectiles to connect, it took off once again, another sonic boom echoing across the quickly thinning atmosphere as its limbs fused into a drill-like mechanism and impacted a Graidient warship. An intricate web of light crawled across the vessel's surface as the hails of the doomed crew were muffled by the ship's implosion. The glowing network of symbols erupted in a blinding flash, blocking everyone's view before quickly dying out.

In the aftermath of the luminous explosion was a very disconcerting sight.

The Atomna, awakened, and completely healed of injuries. Its head protruding slightly in an exceedingly foreboding manner from the massive hulk of metal which had turned into a colossal, mechanized armor.

As the being stood motionless amidst the increasingly chaotic environment, a dozen or so discs of light began to manifest all around it, each swiftly engraved with increasingly complex symbols as if to reach a certain objective. That objective became apparent as one reached its completion, unleashing a powerful beam of energy which grazed one of Silesa's neighboring cities, erasing it from existence under a massive burst of light.
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"Get us away from the planet! Get every shuttle back here and send one to pick up the Photos and Combine forces before they get hit! All ships, weapons free on target Nameless One! Use of impactors and fusion missiles is given!" Turov yelled as the bridge went into a state of confusion.

"Can it even die?" A Tilk said quietly. Turov looked at the small creature and saw it was in a barely-controlled state of terror.

"Anything can die. Nothing lives forever," The admiral replied. "Those ground teams were shooting at it's core... Maybe thats it's weakness... All ships, aim for Nameless One's core!"

Space above Olosis lit up as Task Force Alpha opened up with everything they had. The massive amounts of EMP disabled anything that wasn't shielded in the hemisphere as fusion missiles detonated. Battleships unleashed broadside after broadside at it. Swarms of missiles were released from missile destroyers. Impactors shot from destroyers moving at near light speed. All were aimed at the Atomna's glowing core.

All this was seen from the Photos and Combine assault team. Then they started hearing a whining coming from the east. When they looked, they saw a Hell-An cargo shuttle approaching their position. When it reached their position, it swung about and opened it's cargo ramp, revealing its large interior where a few terrified civilians sat in a corner.

"Get in if you want to live!" A Hell-An's voice called out over speakers. "Theres a hulk of a wrecked ship incoming and it'll reduced everything here into atoms when it hits!"
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In the broken sky above the planet, Verys hovered… observing the Atomna with awe.

In the Wexxians mind an old feeling reemerged from years of slumber… fear!

This was a foe that he might not be able to beat… fantastic!

“Hah ha ha… HA HA HA HA HAA!”

Laughter rang across the stormy sky as excitement replaced fear in Verys.


The Zero-Point powered Wexxian Knight roared at the Atomna, as the blue flames around his hands expanded to encompass the whole body of the Wexxian.


‘This is how it should be… a worthy opponent. Demon versus Demon!’
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"Oh dear"
 said Keataus, with thinly veiled horror. he had known many of the crew of the destroyed ship for thousands of years.

"those ships were built to withstand large amounts ofl conventional weapons, but they cant handle something such as this. pull out"

the graid ships, already with several warp points perpared to engage at any monment, b evacuated at top speed.
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As salvo upon salvo met with the Atomna's presence, a large explosion of light consumed the creature's core. As the radiance swiftly faded, a seemingly unfazed demon came into everyone's view.



A somewhat small, yet very visible streak of broken face graced the creature's cheek, eliciting a slight grunt as it consequently registered the pain inflicted on its spherical core.

Turning its attention to Verys, a slight slitting of its eyes became evident to the Wexxian's senses, a sign of solemn aggression by the twisted Atomna's conscience. Clasping its hands together, its arms began to vibrate in a seemingly precise manner, as strings of malevolent light entered the visible spectrum.

Then suddenly, a massive fountain of light, just like the one before, blossomed miles above the ecstatic Wexxian Commander. Emerging from the very center of the recently formed portal, the obsidian demonic figure spread its thorn-like arms as the fabric of light within embraced the vastness of space. With a quick enclosing motion, the entire net of brightness receded to a central dot, which grew to a massive sphere in the span of several microseconds. A great and colossal heave erupted from the dark Atomna as it hurled the ball of destruction straight at a certain Verys.

As the sphere flew off of the malevolent being's arms, the Awakened Atomna entered a familiar, drill-like stance, charging at the the First Knight with the force of a falling star.

While all of this was happening, several intense beams of light were now soaring in all directions as the previously forming programs were finally set into motion. All across Olosis' surface, several new valleys were cut into the solid bedrock where entire living cities once firmly stood. Elsewhere, in orbit, the damage wrought by the prismatic lances were less conspicuous than usual as the cacophony of several Hell-An, Combine, and other coalition ships erupting in balls of plasma were muffled by the partial vacuum.

One of the many vessels which barely strafed from the strike was the one that housed Sekira, Salisarius and a visibly enraged Zaelious.

They knew what they had to do.
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"Ironshaper, lost. Unforgiving, lost. Tal'kon's Might, lost. Dauntless..." The AI said as it began calling out the names of every destroyed ship, all eleven of them. Turov grimaced at that. How much could this thing take? He thought. "Keep firing at it's core! Don't let up!" He yelled through the fleet-wide comm.
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Screamed the general, a stray shot of moon-rock had depressurized the cabin and they crewmen were slowly dying off. The only people fly in the main bridge were the comms officers and the dyeing young intern.

“Ugh. *slurgle* the comms got shot, no extrastellar contact is possible.’

“Sejin damn it all to hell!” The captain swore letting the intern die in his seedpods.

‘Those accursed rocks are-wait, that’s it1’

“Comms station officer RaLLyotheP, I’ll give four capitals if you can follow my orders!”

“Sir Yes sir!”

“Open a broadcast to all physical handles it’s time I give an idea.’

With the comms up he told his speech...

“now listen up maggots and general’s this is a tough time, the planet just got ****  halfway to hell and now we got the top brass of half the civilized galaxy in the middle of a fight between a giant robot and a fallen angel.” He paused at the incredibility.

“But I have an idea. Right now the debris from the moon are slowly being pulled into Os’ gravity in larger and larger chunks, we have also been launching our collative energy based WMDs at him with no affect.’

“this is a being of energy, and as the battle below, shows only physical stack seem to work, thus the obvious solution!.”

“By redirecting the power from our megalasers into our ships' various tractorbeams, we can form a multi pronged kinetic strike, and if my calculus is right, between the lot of us, we can accelerate of those moon chunks to nig-relativistic speeds.”

He let the computer point out the right moon chunk.

“Problem is the strike will wipe out the city, with everyone in it. We’ll have to wait until the evacuees are out, and the citizens flee before we can press the big button, we may have lost this battle but we can still make those sons of bitches bleed.”

Rallying tot the damaged floor, he stated,

The result was unanimous.

The Warp Bunker, set up for all the SPA member nations as a gift from DEXTA, Os’ relative neutrality caused them to only contract one, in their capital of Silesia , however that bunker know held the last couple million members of the Os race, as well as three unknown guests.

Radiating through warp space at a ratio of .00009654281:1 the bunker secreted an air of virtual intangibly, allowing the investments there to hold out through literally anything as long as the supplies lasted. Of course with such overuse those supplies would last no more than a month.

In the area of the bunker right above the main area, where the wraiths dragged Opsomnis sin his slowly restoring was constantly healing; slowly counting the down the time until he could raise up and cut down those Combine who had taken so much for  him.

96 hours and 45 minuets... 96 hours and 48 minuets…
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Three small lights shot across silent space as a trio of variable armors, all of Luzonian make, slowly came to view. While they all bore a single form, each carried a different being representing their respective nations: Sekira of the Orealyianis, Salisarius of the Choro Deidalus, and Zaelious of the Luzonians.

"This is harder than I expected.", Sekira remarked after taking a shot at the armor's manual controls.

"You'll get used to it.", answered Zaelious as he spoke through the comms line.

As the trio of crafts reached the relative safety of a nearby allied fleet, they quickly unloaded their weapons while preparing to dodge away at the slightest sign of the enemy's retaliation.

"Salisarius, how's that call going?", Sekira asked the Choro while keeping his eye on the enemy.

There was no response, however, only the sound of hastened breath...

"Salisarius?", he asked him again, wondering what was wrong.

"I can't...", the Choro answered back with a preoccupied tone of voice. "I can't seem to contact TIER. Or call for back-up from even a single SABER for that matter."

"What?", Sekira reflexively stopped firing after hearing the Choro say this.

"They seem to be receiving countless similar reports.", Salisarius stopped for a moment to give the statement some time to completely sink in. "All across the galaxy."

"You can't mean..."

"Yes.", the Choro responded reluctantly. "The Atomna have-"

"-betrayed us, en masse!"

Shanara couldn't believe it.

But he had to.

The skeptics were, actually right..., the prince thought to himself, a seemingly mortal blow dealt to his trembling conscience.

There was nothing he could do about it, unfortunately, as reports of malevolent, program-capable Atomna continued to flood the military's central intelligence.

There have also been reports of strange happenings on Verog, the Atomna's enigmatic planet, before the units that were observing it began to lose their signal.

"So, this is what they really wanted from the beginning.", the Nine Star Admiral swiftly snapped his nippers as his eyes scanned the bridge that was littered with myriad distress calls from all across the galaxy. "We're left with no other choice..."

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Photise; High Command; High Council's Chambers
"Given the circumstances, I don't see much of a choice here." Said Councilman Jas'nier. The others nodded.
"Very well, Ry'olis. Preceed with the plan you outlined to us." He continued.
"Understood, Councilman. We shall have the bomb built soon." Ry'olis said.
'Well, I'm in charge for the second time this year. Val'ones, old boy, what have you gotten yourself into this time?' Ry'olis thought.
The plan Ry'olis had outlined was the construction of a massive antimatter bomb that could be used to utterly annhilate a Luminary Assault Carrier. And if the Them opened a wormhole to their homeworld, just drop one in there too. Hopefully they could build more than one of the things. They had been getting alerts from all across the galaxy. Things were going to hell fast.

"So...the elders should be coming...what now?" Val'ones asked. Lakis pulled a galaxy map up on the interface, zooming down to a single system.
"This system should prove to be an optimal staging ground for our attack. I want you to take a force there and claim it." Lakis told him.
"Are you sure that's smart? That's a relatively well defended Photos colony. An attack there could draw unwanted attention and a premature defeat if things go badly." Val'ones asked.
"It's a gamble that's well worth taking. Now head down to the armoury and get fit up: I want you there by the end of the hour." Lakis ordered. Val'ones headed off towards the armoury. He got there and switched into some Nameless powered armour, which he had to admit, was much more flexible than the Photos variety, and probably provided much better protection. He then made his way to the dock and borded a command vessel, taking a small fleet with him; they opened a wormhole and emerged in the system mentioned earlier. They proceeded to open fire.
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Verys instinctively reached for the dark orb hurling at him with his left claw.

With a resounding crack of thunder. The Dark energy collided with his burning fist and everything went white for a microsecond. The sky was broken once again.

Pain… incredible pain…

His shields where screaming in agony and whatever remained of his left hand were rapidly corroding.

Malevolent Weaponry? Tech-4!’

Verys riped off the remains of the arm before the corroding could spread to his central systems.

‘Then try this!’

Verys faced against the Atomna plummeting towards him. He focused all his energy… and released it!

The front of his chassis burst open in the middle as he unleashed a burst of his Zero-Point Energy directly from his power core.

Great golden arcs of energy spiraled out of the Wexxian Knight's chest from the hole in Subspace that powered him. The celestial power roared in the high atmosphere as it arched towards the Atomna.

One again taming the violent gate to hell in his hearth. Verys hurled himself at the Enemy with all his might.

Pain, anger, fear and doubt, circled inside his mind. One more attack like that and he would be finished. Crumbling dust in the wind… But a voice in the deepest parts of his programing kept solemnly reminding him.

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A brief, yet tumultuous wave of incorporeal power echoed across the skies as sensors all about were wrought with fervent intensity from the sudden deafening outburst which sprang from the cosmic lance that was the valiant hero's strike.

With the power of a thousand suns, the manifestation of burning soul met with an equally imposing force as the malevolent phantom's heart came under a seemingly impregnable ward of protection. The actinic veil of brightness fell to an ecstatic, and otherwordly chorus as the daemonic wall of fortitude trembled in sheer magnanimity of the warrior's radiant spirit.

The thunderous song of a thousand, thousand worlds, united and burning in zeal, rang through mortal and non-mortal ears alike as the prismatic beam of energy ultimately pierced, and conquered the fallen creature's armor, dealing a just and majestic blow to the corrupted being's essence.

As the creature's shattered form incessantly clung to battle, its spiraling, drill-like stance connected with resounding force as its currently tattered state met with an outstanding plethora of corporeal and aethereal powers alike.

The weakening manifestation's lone remaining eye anchored itself instantly to the frame of its greatest adversary, a startling revelation evident in the maelstrom of emotions reflected in the faultless mirror of its visibly fading soul.

Anger, fear, guilt...

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A squadron of bombers was launched by the last few Photos ships that hadn't pulled back yet. They came down on the Atomna unexpectedly.
"Wexxian, you shall not face this abomination alone! Keep his focus while we bust his armour open with a few antimatter torpedos, that should give you enough opening to land the killing blow." The leader said over the comms channel. The squadron pelted the Atomna with the anti-ship torpedos. They didn't do an overall impressive amount of damage, but they made the growing crack that much larger. Now it was just a matter of getting the antimatter to strike their target.

The Photos fleet dropped out of warp soon after receiving the distress signal from the system. They were met with a sizable Nameless fleet, presumably a slave fleet.
"All ships, engage the Nameless! Not another colony is to fall to their attacks!" Ry'olis ordered. The Photos dreadnoughts opened fire on the slave fleets, golden bolts of antimatter hitting precisely and hard. Smaller ships were destroyed in seconds.
"No time was wasted in responding, I see." Came a familiar voice over the intercom.
"Well, well, if it isn't the Nameless' newest lackey. I expected much better of you, Val'ones." Ry'olis said.
"Please, save it. I'm not much in the mood for such an earful."
"Mmm. Than I'll be quick. When I beat your sorry ass back, you tell whoever is in charge of you now that so long as The Photos Empire is around, the Nameless are going to have to fight inch by bloody inch for this galaxy!" Ry'olis said, cutting the channel. He turned to the tactical officer.
"Prepare all ground units for immediate drop, we're going to secure that colony." Ry'olis said, and within a few minutes, units had been dropped onto the surface of Arkenese I.

"They're coming in hard!" Screamed the Field Commander in charge of the colony's defense. The soldiers were huddled in the colony's central plaza, the statues that had decorated the area on the ground and positioned as cover. The civilians were relatively safe inside a dropped bunker in the center, and there were four Autocannon turrets lighting up the entrances to the area. Still, the attackers were pressing them hard, and the Photos infantry were doing all they could to hold them back. An ABU mounted with a pair of Heavy Autocannons were taking out the harder targets, and another with a pair of Heavy Lances was taking out the heavier infantry and squads of lighter infantry. A few units made it close; big mistake. A third ABU was right on top of them with a pair of good ol' arms. It grabbed one of them, crushing the hapless Nameless slave to death in it's cold, metallic hands. It then proceeded to hurl the body into it's former squadmates with such velocity it broke bones. It was not a pretty battlefield.
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Olosis Orbit

Gunship Squadron Omega III

In all the chaos of the space battle that raged above the shattered world of Olosis, the gunship squadron leader of Squadron Omega III noticed on how the Photos were aiming for a crack in the Atomna's core. Signaling his squadron, they dived toward the Atomna, Hell-An made electro magnetic (EM) cannons blazing.

Luckily the squadron had a anti-battleship loadout, meaning a large number of high-yield fusion missiles, the most powerful railguns and plasma cannons that could be mounted. They fired all of their remaining missiles, railgun ammo, and plasma cannon energy into the crack or at least next to it. All they managed to do though was further widening the crack, but that was enough for starship-grade weaponry to get in.

"All allied ships, this is Omega III gunship squadron leader of the Stellar Republic's Interstellar Navy! The Atomna has a large crack in it's core, fire everything into it!"

S.R.N.S Titan

Turov noted what the gunship leader said and brought up it up on a nearby viewscreen. What he said was indeed true, there was a relatively wide crack in the Atomna's core.

"Tell the fleet to bring all weapons to bear on that crack. Tell the remianing Photos' ships to do the same and let all fightercraft and the Wexxian to get away from it." Turov ordered.

"Acknowledged, bringing primary weapons to bear," The AI reported. "Fleet reports they are reorienting... All allied fightercraft are moving away from target Nameless 1. Reorientation finished. Firing in 3... 2... 1... Firing."

Task Force Alpha fired every weapon they could being to bear, fusion and nuclear missiles, plasma bolts, plasma torpedoes, railgun spikes, ion beams, EM beams, shock bolts, gauss cannons, laser beams, even a few impactors from the Mark 3 MACs. All aimed at the chink in the Atomna's armor, all hoping that this would finally destroy it.

Galieen Outer Orbit, Xando System

The new fleet was finally completed, the last ships had either finished construction above the Monkli shipyards or had arrived via stargate. All ships have been fully supplied, the last transport shuttles were leaving the fleet back to the space stations dotting the Galdeen homeworld's orbit. The new fleet was just barely as big as Task Force Alpha.

The newly-dubbed Task Force Delta was ready to go. Every Galdeen, Hell-An, Luur, and Tlik ready to lay down their lives in order to prevent the Nameless Empire from conquering the galaxy. The flagship vessel, the Hell-An Titan Unconquerable ordered the fleet to jump. A wormhole quickly formed and the entire fleet jumped into the hole in space and time and the wormhole closed behind them.
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The heavens where ablaze with fire, but only the Atomna existed in the eyes of Verys.

With the force of a nuclear cataclysm, the two demons collided.

“TELL ME, MY ENEMY… WHY DO YOU FIGHT?”  Verys’ voice boomed over the uproar of the elements.
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The only reply the robotic champion got was a blast of radiation in the face.

Back in the Capital Spire...

As the battle between the giant intergalactic robot knight and the living black hole waged on through the city, the representatives looked on. One of these was Colonel BaDuS who had been here as a military consultant.

"Okay, I'm not about to be some damsel in distress that the bad dudes have to rescue. Right now, I'm looking at representatives from the eight most powerful organizations in the Galaxy, plus Kuuruk." He looked on. "And right now, their are six million evacuees in that Super-Shuttle that won't see another sunrise unless we take down that invulnerable abomination against whatever gods are still left right now."

"So we have a choice, we can wait it out, let those people die and hold out for a shuttle to escape. With our collective influence, we could easily spin this as "acceptable losses" get out of here and live a ripe old age sipping Mojitoes and writing memoirs at a retirement home on Orgasmos."

"OR we can be heroes, we can order the ships to fire the secton that ship leaves and blast that thing back to hell before it can lift a finger, and us along within

He paced around the amassed delegates.

" So let's vote. By show of hands shall we be gods? Or HEROES!"
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"Now that I know what I'm up against, I've had time to think. Well, if I'm gonna go down, the people might as well know how it happened," said Drukl, "so forget being gods! We'll fight to the death! Somebody get me my gatling."
The Baluvar soldier simply nodded in agreement, then got the gun that the commander had requested.
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Battle of Olosis

“DAMN IT ALL TO THE BLACK ABYSS!” Scourged yelled out loud “Why won’t that thing DIE!”

It was hard to tell whether the enemy was winning or losing, so far nothing seemed to have changed until the awakened Atonma appeared on the field, and since then everything when to hell. All over the space over the Combine had been engaging the enemy on every front on Olosis, throwing nearly every weapon they had the enemy. When the Atomna’s head cracked however, Scourge saw a chance…

"Commander, energy reading are beginning to fluctuate on the Atomna!"

"Now the time to strike! FIRE EVERYTHING!"

And then the Combine started shooting...

Down at the bunker the wraiths had mostly kept to themselves…and everyone pretty much let them, but they did occasionally glare at Opmonsis through their hoods, indeed they wanted to make sure he realized that the feeling was mutual.
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From all around, the daemonic menace began to suffer the full, and insurmountable brunt of everyone's combined courage, poured into a one, final, and ultimate display of unimaginable strength.

A sudden tumultuous explosion rocked Verys' form as a cacophonous torrent of golden radiance engulfed the glistening sea of darkness surrounding nearby space.

Without warning, all across the slowly fading skies, a grim, and almost solemn hymn of despair rang within everyone's soul as the previously yellow glow which consumed the field of battle turned an immaculate white, condensing into drops of manna which began to shower the surface.

As the battle died down and the chaos of the former battle was replaced by a deafening silence, a swift realization suddenly formed from the aftermath.

The battle, it seems, has finally been won.

Verys, however, was nowhere to be found...

A cold, dark and infinitely empty void...

Such was the face of this endless ocean of nothingness...

Within it, there was nothing...

Not even the smallest shimmer of life...



A string of familiar words echoed with great intensity across all corners of the seemingly infinite void, awakening the presence of a sudden, yet barely perpetuating consciousness.


The voice called out once again.

This time, promptly met with an answer.


Verys' thoughts were shaken to a wildly vivid state by the realization of exactly what, or who, responded to the one, and most vital question of all.

Why do I fight?

The Wexxian hero awaited.

However, the words that he would soon come to bear, was not as he once expected them to actually be.

Even I don't know...

Another, much smaller flash of light welcomed everyone in orbit as the tattered, barely sustaining form of Verys appeared before everyone's presence. Plunging towards the charred and violent surface below, a pair of saving hands grasped the Wexxian's improbably injured lower frame.

Or so it seemed...


It was the demon...

Shattered from all sides and seemingly on the verge of breaking...

But it was the demon, no less...

Raising its other arm against the First Knight, the abominable being's drill-like appendage savagely met with an equal, if not greater amount of force as it was swiftly, and decisively countered by the hero's struggling fist.
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An idea crossed Ty'cen's mind. That Wexxian used zero-point energies. Those, focussed through the large main antimatter gun, might be able to propel shuttles. Though, in his current state, it could possibly kill him, from what Ty'cen understood of Wexxians and zero-point energy, which the former was near nil and the latter wasn't so great-but better than most. He sent the idea to the Wexxian.
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Turov thought about how he was going to kill the Atomna. The Task Force was currently throwing out enough firepower to destroy a fleet several times over or make a large portion of a planet uninhabitable for quite awhile and all they managed to do, with the assistance of a Wexxian and several Combine and Photos ships, to make a chink in it's core. Maybe a full Hellfire nuclear and fusion missile bombardment...

"If I may make a suggestion Admiral," The Titan's AI suddenly said, interrupting Turov's chain of thought.

"Go ahead." The admiral responded, looking up from the tactical holo tank he was watching.

"Your aware on how dangerous shattered fragments from a destroyed celestial body is, correct?" Turov nods. The Tenth and Sixth Combat Fleets cut it really close with destroying the Nemesis rogue planet and it's fragments after a full impactor bombardment.

"Olosis' moon has shattered and I have located a fragment we could use. Based on the data I currently can access, no known ship can stop a multi-billion ton moon fragment by itself, it may include the target Nameless One, but I can't be sure."

"Alright then. Make it so, use what you think is best to ram the fragment into the Atomna." Turov ordered, then returned to watching the holo tank.

The fleet instantly followed the admiral's orders. The Task Force repositioned itself around the targeted moon fragment and started shooting nukes, fusion missiles, and impactors into one side of it. Slowly, the fragment started moving toward the Atomna, gaining speed in the process. When the fleet started moving away, the moon fragment was moving at over 5 standard (Earth) gravities toward the Atomna.

In order to prevent the Atomna from somehow escaping or destroying the fragment, Turov ordered a Hellfire missile bombardment at the Atomna. Hundreds of nuclear and fusion missiles were launched and just as they hit the Atomna, the fragment was just seconds away.

A new sun shone for barely a moment before it was blotted out by a massive hunk of moon rock.

The rogue GPA troops charged, weapons blazing. The Republic troopers along with Empire grunts and scorpions defended the last delegates that were still remaining on the shattered world that was Olosis. The defenders were doing well, but they were being overwhelmed. They were ready to make their last stand and meet their ancestors in the afterlife.

"For our ancestors!" A Hell-An grunt yelled.

"FOR OUR ANCESTORS!" The rest of the defenders responded. The next wave of enemy troops attacked and the defenders responded with equal force, with railguns firing and axes swung.
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On Arkenese I, Val'ones' Nameless units and the Photos soldiers that were trying to stop them had come up pretty much equal so far. Val'ones grew impacient, and was angered that the battle in orbit wasn't exactly going his way. On the ground, the advanced technology of the slave units under his command may have given them an advantage against the Photos infantry, something unseen for a long time, but in orbit, the antimatter weaponry of the Photos far outpowered the slave fleet's. In fact, they were so unmatched, it was almost onesided.

"What is this? I expected results, not this pathetic excuse for an attack!" Val'ones snapped. While his ground troops were on the verge of breaking the Photos, things in space weren't going nearly as clean and quick as Val'ones would have liked.
"Sir, we're doing the best we can, but...but our best abilities lie in ground battle, we are not very good at space battles...sir....." The slave fleet commander said, puttering out for lack of any better answer.
"Graah..." Val'ones groaned, pulling up the assault node on the channel.
"Lakism this hasn't gone my way in orbit, any odds of coming in for support?" Val'ones asked.
"We ourselves can't come, the Assault Node is pretty shot up after that conflict with the Photos worldship, but we can send another slave fleet that specializes in orbital combat to support you." Lakis answered him.
"Perfect." Val'ones acknowledged.
"Consider it done." Lakis cut the channel, dispatching the rienforcements. Within a minute, another fleet had dropped into the system to support Val'ones' dwindling numbers.

"Damnit, they called in rienforcements. And these guys look more powerful, exponentially so." Ry'olis commented as the new fleet already destroyed two of the dreadnoughts he had. "I think we aught to call some more in too." Ry'olis said, pressing a button on the command console. A few minutes later, a repaired P.S. Leviathan warped into the system. The massive ship singlehandedly decimated even the new fleet. Within seconds, Val'ones' command ship was all that remained of the fleet.
Without the Photos ships seeing, Val'ones recalled his ground troops.
"No ships left to hide behind, Val'ones. Time to die." Ry'olis said.
"Not today, my little friend." Val'ones quipped, his ship vanishing out of nowhere.
"What the-where the flying frack did he go?"
"Localized teleport, sir. He teleported from the system." The sensor operator told Ry'olis, who's only response was to slam his fist down on the command console.
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”OH No You Don’t!”

Verys summoned what was left of his spirit and punched the crumbling entity with his burning hand. 

The Atomna was halted long enough for the battered knight to tear off the raged remains of his chest plates.

The Zero Point Core glowed brightly as he pulled it from its place. The bluish white flames that had engulfed Verys since the beginning of the battle died out.

//Commander, what are you doing? Withdraw, withdraw! You can’t fight in that condition. This is an order! // Garezz’s voice crackled on the com-line.

Verys allowed himself a microsecond’s glance at the Core that had served him so well. It couldn’t help him anymore anyway; the strain of the power levels had reduced most of his high powered devises, to little more than molten slag… but there where others that could use its power.

“Get this to the Photos. Ty'cen will know what to do with it!” He called as he threw the glowing core to his rescuer.

//Verys! //

//Lord Garezz, forgive me, but...
There is no choice!
We are who we are, we do what we do!
With all the might his backup power generator could muster, the Wexxian Knight tackled the Atomna and plunged them towards the heavens and the falling pieces of the moon.

“You, my enemy... my brother in arms!  You fight without knowing why… that’s why you will lose!”

The howling winds silenced, as the struggling pair broke out of the atmosphere.

“I fight... because I choose to! Because I have people I want to protect! “

Fighting tooth and nail the two combatants hurled towards the broken pieces of the moon.

“For the future of my wife and daughter, I CANNOT allow myself to lose to you!”

The sky was alive with silent fire as the Allied Fleets gave their opinion on the matter.

“This is the answer, the reason we fight! Because… THERE’S NO FREAKING WAY WERE LOSING!”
The battered knight roared into both subspace and the empty void as the two battered and broken demons collided with a large moon fragment.
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Even after the increase in alert status, there were still pockets of fighting errupting throughout the galaxy, and there was little the Photos could do to stop it. As large and powerful as they were, they were still just one empire, and all the other empires were in disarray. Indeed, even the Photos were in disarray to some extent, dispite their organized and methodical-appearing response. The High Council was up to it's neck in big decisions needing immidiate responses, and the situation was, overall, quite dire. And what happened to Val'ones was quite disturbing, and they had their empire's best neuralmechanists on it, trying to figure out how to bypass or otherwise disable the nanites.
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"VERYS!", Sekira yelled as he tried in vain to dash towards the blinding explosion only to be swept back by the massive wave of distorted space produced by the clashing of energies. Cast asunder by the, the Orealyianis struggled to maneuver his armor to the safety of a nearby ship, which was itself starting to get swept away by the exceedingly powerful blast.


... a beam of icteric light raced across the chamber as the echo of frantic footsteps rang through the dark field of haze. The flash of actinic lances gave an intermittent glow which revealed the faint silhouettes of the beings behind the fracas.

"Watch your back!", the largest figure hurriedly conjured a web of crimson symbols as he leaped across the hall and landed just behind another, far smaller cloaked persona. Unleashing the program's true form, several rays of energy fanned across the blackness, seemingly hitting nothing until a small string of explosions quickly came to view.

"One of them...", the other robed persona whispered to his companion while casting a luminous barrier of particles which covered their forms. Hopping onto the other's back, the two began to summon an increasingly ornate, disc-like projection on the larger one's hands as a massive shadow began to loom above them. "... has fallen."

"The one on Olosis?", the larger one added, as he tilted his stem-like arms toward the above presence.


A large pillar of light bellowed forth from the glowing disc as a large, obsidian spherical briefly became visible before disintegrating amidst the intensity of the great light.

"Well, that's several dronels down!", the large one remarked as he began to weave a portal, while the other gave cover.

"We must make haste...", the small one answered back, jumping into the air before swiftly spiraling downwards while brandishing a pair of long, actinic blades, cutting down a pack of dronels which frantically tried to swarm them.

"Got it!", the other one pushed against the newly formed gateway, the two f them vanishing in a brief flash of light.

Elsewhere in the chamber, the other cloaked entities were in their own respective engagements, all of them staving off the almost literal sea of dronels as they each made their way deeper into the expansive hall.

On the other side of the chamber, an infinitesimally faint glimmer of light began to announce its presence.

The crew of the Vara Orealyianis gave a synchronous salute as Shanara once again set foot on the vessel's bridge. This time, however, he had in his company another, far more important figure than he himself...

//Greetings, your majesty...//, the Vara's AI greeted the Orealyianis Monarch to which it replied with a slight nod before marching towards the captain's seat. Following after him, Shanara took a station just behind the King himself.

Elsewhere aboard the vessel, and in the Orealyianis First Fleet as a whole, the comms network quickly came alive as an announcement from the Vara Orealyianis' bridge echoed across the fleet.

//Attention all units!

This is Nine Star Admiral Shanara Kazamadariya speaking.

I hereby transfer command of OMS Vara Orealyianis to His Majesty Foriza Kazamadariya under standard protocol under CODE GREY.//

//This is King Foriza Kazamadariya speaking.

As everyone knows by this time, the Orealyianis Monarchy has officially entered CODE GREY mere hours ago following a galaxy-spanning chain of attacks perpetrated by what seems to be none other than the Atomna Semi-Singularity and several rogue GPA fleets.

As such, I hereby command the Orealyianis Stellar Navy First Fleet to conduct a full-scale assault on the Atomna homeworld of Verog...//

The Monarch carried on with his speech as ships upon ships began to launch from their ports and swiftly fly into their respective formations within the fleet.

The King knew that if something far more sinister was hidden behind the Atomna's actions, that the only way to unravel it was to head for Verog itself.

Back on Olosis...

The light has finally died down as fleets returned to formation and scans poured in from the epicenter of the massive blast.

Several successive readings showed an absence of energy signals that would entail of the demon's presence.

And as more and more scanners recovered from the blinding explosion, a reassuring image slowly came to view.

A colossal tattered husk, completely devoid any movement or light.

The Awakened Atomna, has finally been vanquished...

Yet it seems, it wasn't the only one that had fallen...
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Drukl was finally at peace. He had come to terms with the fact that he was most likely going to die within the next galactic standard hour. The last member of the Baluvar continget, however, was restless.
"We really should get back to Kuuruk. Who knows what's going to happen if we stay out here?"
"We have no ships here yet. We must rely on the charity of our allies."
"You... you aren't yourself."
"Hehehe... You noticed..."
With that, the soldier darted away down the hall to send a transmission back home.
//What is it, soldier?//
//It's Drukl. I think he's dead! The Nameless have replaced him with someone!//
//This is certainly troubling. ...You know, we never did find the High Priest of Nirbalu's body...//
//Of course! The Nameless recruited him! It's got to be! Send a message to-//
//Respond! Soldier? RESPOND!//
//Oh, don't worry about him. He won't be needing this communicator anymore...//
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"Commander Ry'olis, unauthorized burst communication from inside the ship. To Kurruk. Appears to have been interrupted forcefully from our camera feed." The Levithan's comms officer said. Ry'olis had just transfered onto the ship from the Devastator.
"Greeaat. Emergency lockdown protocol 2541-19A." Ry'olis commanded. With the press of a few buttons, the bridge and other sensitive sections of the ship were locked down with 4 1/2 inch titanium alloy blast doors, and the auto-turret defense grid was brought online, ready to get a command. Whoever this little traitor was, they weren't going anywhere. A clean-up squad was mobilized to search the ship, and keep an eye out for anyone suspicious. When they got to the Communications Node the signal came from, they found one unconscious Pentekonterus and the interrupted comms feed. The leader played it back, revealing what happened.
"Commander, we have our traitors. Set the grid to kill Drukl and that High Priest of Nirbalu person. Uploading our evidence now." The captain said, transferring the files to the bridge. "Alright, that Pentekonterus couldn't have gotten far, let's hunt him down." The captain said.
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"Enemy unit destroyed supreme commander! Victory is ours!"

"…" Scourge could not really count this as any sort of victory, at least not a glorious one, what had they done? Get ambushed by what was obviously a vanguard to the Nameless invasion? Let an entire galaxy get disorganized by said ambush? Fight with everything they had on hand to put down one target that was was not even a true Nameless?

"Have all units scan the wreckage, and salvage what can be repurposed and assimilated into our arsenal. Make sure there’s no enemy survivors…"

Scourge opened up a new channel on the hive network as he made a call to a certain high warlord fighting on another front of the galaxy…

High Warlord Ragaran was in command of another Combine battlefleet, one of many who were travelling the galaxy, eliminating any presence of rogue GPA ships systematically, yet it seemed whenever they drove off or destroyed one rogue fleet, another soon appeared, it was like trying to kill a Voka-roach infestation, whenever you think you kill the little bastards they suddenly just pop out again. His thoughts were interrupted by a notification of a transmission from the supreme commander, something you do not ignore.

"High Warlord Ragaran reporting supreme commander. What’s the status on the battle of Olosis?"

"Victory was ours in the end." The supreme commander replied without the usual enthusiasm that followed a victory. "The rogue fleet was destroyed and the Nameless agent exterminated. What of your assignment on destroying the rogue fleets spawning in the galaxy?"

"Well enough, we have been hunting down and systematically eliminating each one, though were are essentially dealing with a galaxy under siege…"

"Then continue, and show no quarter high warlord, if anything gets in your way, friend or foe….exterminate it." The supreme commander closed the channel, leaving Ragaran to his duties
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Cheering filled the Titan's bridge with the Atomna's defeat. They didn't think they be able to kill, yet they did!

"Quiet down! All of you!" Turov yelled. The bridge quieted down. "This is only the beginning! The Nameless will be coming here in force soon and we still have rogue GPA fleets prowling the galaxy. We have received new orders from Command that when we defeat the Atomna, we are to begin search and destroy operations to prevent the rogue fleets from damaging our future supply lines once the location of the main Nameless invasion force is confirmed.

Task Force Delta and once completed, Task Force Omega will assist us in this mission. But, before we do anything. Olosis must be fully evacuated. Call back all gunships and have them refitted for search and rescue, destroyers will assist in the search."

His orders were quickly followed, all the fleet's remaining gunships returned to their carriers and within thirty galactic standard minutes, all of them were speeding to Olosis with destroyers right behind them.
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The Lord of the Infinite’s bridge was deadly silent as the crew gazed upon the final result of the fighting.

“Knights, Stand Firm!” the growling voice of old captain Garezz barked.

“We no carry our fallen brother in our hearts and on our backs. He gave his life, so we could carry on his legacy!

Regroup the fleet, eradicate the remaining enemy forces and prepare for coordinated hyperspace jump.
Burn these bastards off every world spinning. Tear the trespassers from our skies“

”Sir, we also lost the Destroyers ‘Dauntless’ and ‘Leviticus’. The captains survived but, combined with the loss of our First Knight… our estimated combat strength is now at 65 %!” His Executive Officer reported.

“That changes nothing, we have our orders. Deliver Vengeance on the nameless and those who follow them… And we will!”

“There is also the matter of Verys’ Zero Point Core. It appears that he passed it on to the Photos. Military Protocol prohibits the distribution of artifacts above Tech 3, 5… as such I would deem it prudent to retrieve the Core from the Photos quickly!” the XO continued.

“These are extreme circumstances; The Photos might be able to use that Core better than we can. I will not regain on the last whish of my First Knight. The Photos will keep the Core for now… and we survive this, then they will have earned the right to it!”

“Sir, protocol requires…”
“My Decision Is Final!” Garezz turned on the spot and walked to the black obsidian monolith at the far back of the bridge. The Memory of Fallen Knights.

As the crew carried out his orders, the Lord of Vengeance carved the remembrance of his knight into the black volcanic glass.

1’Th Knight; Commander Verys Deleros-Enerva-02-3

‘I fight because I choose to. Because I have people I want to protect ‘

Garezz looked at the inscription he had wrought.

"I will take your dreams and hopes… and carry them with me into tomorrow and beyond. This I swear!

You will pay for the lives you have stolen Nameless, this is still only the Beginning!”
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Dispite what Garezz had said, the Photos had every intent of giving the Zero-Point Core back. Ty'cen borded a shuttle, which already had the Zero-Point Core loaded on. It launched and docked with the Lord of the Infinite. Ty'cen went to the bridge, and announced when he arrived;
"I am very sorry for your loss, great Wexxian. I have come to return Verys' Zero-Point Energy Core; we have no need for it. We were going to use it to propel the moon fragment, but as that situation handled itself, the point for it is pretty much nil now. Again, sorry for your loss, Verys was one heck of a fighter." Ty'cen thought for a moment.
"I have noticed your fleet is astoundingly small. Where are the rest of your people?" Ty'cen asked Garezz.
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Garezz accepted the Core from Ty’cen. The golden glow from it reflected in his graying scales.

“This is what remains of the 47’th Rapid Response Fleet.  Our ships can go toe to toe with the best of the Nameless Slaves, but our numbers are… as you said, few.

Things where not supposed to have gone this way!

We where only here as a show of the Wexxian Empires patronage of Origin. If the Nameless attacked then a fully equipped, Galactic Defense Fleet would have been dispatched to deal with it. But we can’t contact them anymore and the last thing we heard was that our Capital had fallen.”

The grizzled Soahc looked earnestly at the Photos.

“I will not give up hope on Meridian, but I will not lie to you… we should assume that there are no reinforcements coming from either the Tri-Wexxian Empire or the Terran Resistance. But I do promise you one thing! “

The Lord of Vengeance held out his clawed hand at Ty’cen.

“We won’t give up!

We’ll keep shooting them till our ships are wrecked and our guns broken.

Then we’ll stab and slice them till our blades are sundered.

Then we’ll punch and kick till our arms and legs are gone.

Then we’ll bite their ugly faces of.

And we will laugh like madmen as we do it!

That’s who the **** we are. And we are with you until the end!”
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The echo of frantic steps reverberated across the hall as a group of hooded figures broke the thin sheet of ice that coated the obsidian surface. A thick icteric mist sprang from the personas' wake, mixing with the seemingly impenetrable haze which had likewise consumed the chamber amidst a dimly cast shower of light.

"He had already went forth! We must make haste!", one of the smallest ones called out to his equally hurried companions.

The group's swift advance to the end of the dark tunnel was momentarily hindered as a brilliant flash of light obscured the path beyond. As the light died down, several smaller sparks ran across the horizon as a preview to the coming encounter revealed itself to the hooded warriors.

"Typical of him to charge alone like that!", the second largest figure staggered for a moment due to the flash, but soon regained his pace.

"... quite similar to a certain other someone that I know of.", another figure, one of the smaller ones, added somewhat cheerfully. "Truthfully, however, I did enjoy that little speech of yours back then."

"Speech?", the other asked in response.

"The one from the Milika-Suparan War, of course.", the small one answered back before a powerful crimson glow began to emanate from the sleeves of his cloaked form. "Let's hope we get to last long enough for you to do another one.", a slight smile appeared on his shadowed face as he look straight towards the battle beyond the passage.

"Let's finish this...", the largest one solemnly whispered as he slowly took the lead and an equally, if not more powerful crimson aura radiated from within his robed appearance.

As the beings sprang past the dark tunnel's threshold, a comforting lack of fog dominated their senses as the image of the chamber beyond completely came into view.

Not everything was to their liking...


Soaked in vivid, actinic ichor, and strewn across the dark floor, in different corners of the expansive chamber's eerily silent horizons, were what seemed to be the remains of a robed Terran-Ixian warrior.

"Kanenatsu!", a small grey cloak flew into the windless void as the figure within it leaped across the dark and lustrous surface, his true appearance reflected vividly upon the floor. Placing his hands on Kanenatsu's barely sustaining core, a ring of red light formed around the mosquito-like figure before a quick and sudden flash transported the two beings to behind a wall-like defensive formation created by the other figures.

"Then I guess, we'll leave Kanenatsu to you, Hiraoto!", the second largest of the remaining figures remarked with renewed vigor before turning back his attention to the other members of the group.

Nodding in unison, all the hooded figures grasped onto their cloaks as they synchronously tossed them aside, revealing their true nature...

Minister Kurefa of the Marakiri!

Overlord Ragansa of the Choro Deidalus!

King Harous of the Luzonians!

Crown Prince Folizi of the Orealyianis!

"SHOW YOURSELF!", Folizi's call echoed across the seemingly infinite void.

Suddenly, a slight and continuous tremor shook the ground beneath the warriors' feet as a lone, and seemingly distant light appeared above the distant horizon. Before anyone could properly react, an ominous voice invaded the group's collective senses.

It's tone, insidious, it's form, utterly corrupted...

A single being alone, in all of the Nameless Empire, could harbor an aura so twisted that even the Nameless themselves are moved by its very presence...

♪ (

The Violator...


"Your majesty!", came a frantic call by one of Vara Orealyianis' operators. "You'll have to see this..."

"Put it on screen.", Foriza promptly ordered as the entire bridge looked at the figures projected in the center of the ship's bridge.

"Virtually ALL of our outposts are picking up an insane amount of signals from above the galactic disk!"

"What is this I don't even-", a bridge operator on one of TIER's Athanatsu-Class warships blathered out as energy a hail of high-intensity signatures bombarded the craft's myriad sensors.

"What in the name of...", another one reacted in a similar manner, gaping in utter shock at what he had just witnessed before him.

"What is it?", a Choro Deidalus sitting on what appeared to be the captain's chair called out to the stunned TIER officer.

"Captain, we're getting MASSIVE energy readings from four distinct points across the galaxy!", another one pointed out before the first one could answer.

"Please elaborate.", the captain

"We're running secondary checks on it right now, captain, but if what we're gettting is true...", the officer carried on after a slight pause, still trying to let it sink in himself. "... then the gravitational fluctuations within the affected regions really are pointing out to objects the size of which, we have never encountered before..."

"Yes?", the captain raised his head slightly, waiting for the officer's ultimate supposition.

"A full-scale star system, captain...", the officer answered back, dread showing vividly in his small pair of clearly mortal eyes.

A full-scale star system...

Colossal rifts in the fabric of existence itself, the scale of which rivaled even the worlds themselves, dotted the war-torn horizon of Origin as a seemingly endless menagerie of various alien forms bellowed forth from the great portals, raining down from the heavens itself, drowning the ocean of stars in an ominous fabric of exceedingly corrupted light.

Scattered amongst the vast cloud of distorted steel and flesh which defined the dark army, were four thresholds of ruin which hovered above the celestial firmament of Origin itself. Massive rings of icteric light open their gaping mouths across the endless void, the cacophony of burning souls ceaselessly singing in unison as the malevolent manifestations' disturbingly spasmodic surfaces began to give birth to the twisted cosmic horrors that will soon come to be.

Just as it has on Meridian, now upon Origin, the multitude gates of hell have opened their gaping passage as the cradle, Origin, finally begins its greatest struggle yet for victory...

... and survival.

Torpalian Space

A slight change in the distant cosmic horizon soon became apparent through the numerous sensors stationed on Cardotyrannus IV, among other instruments positioned across Torpalian space. A small obsidian dot, obscuring the field of stars which previously laid behind it. Soon, however, this seemingly harmless point in the great sphere of heaven revealed its true and sinister nature...

Swiftly, several allied signals vanished from existence, all of which conveniently placed along the dark manifestation's vastly ominous trajectory.

Deep within the bowels of the massive obsidian structure, the workings of a great and catastrophic battle was slowly, but surely coming to fruition.

A large, obsidian figure sat wearily on his shadowed throne, a terrifying, burning aura emanating from his icterically glowing form.

Free Union Space

The relative peace of Free Union space was shattered with great intensity by the new, mammoth presence which reared its malevolent head against the united nations.

As forces in the Free Union swiftly began to engage, the colossal spherical structure limbered along its path to a very certain planet.

Vii Deux

Talsenreave Station

Another Luminary sprang from beyond the void as sensors around Talsenreave quickly announced its presence, just several systems away from the famed station itself.

Local Sector

Tanariadne, Aguilaria, and all other nations within the Local Sector quickly gained knowledge of the sudden emergence of yet another Luminary Assault Carrier.

Olosis was no exception.

But perhaps, the one world which is most aware of the great structure's presence is none other than Verog itself. All across its surface, massive and wildly shifting gears of corrupted, yellow light raced across its pitch black surface as the entirety of the planet itself began to converge with the Nameless' capital vessel.
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 "Admiral! We're getting reports that a gigantic object has appeared in the sector!" A crewman reported.

"What do you mean?" Turov responded, hoping to his ancestors that what he is thinking about is wrong.

"A object the size of a standard star system has appeared using a unknown method of FTL."

"Can we get a image it?"

"Yes, a survey probe from one of the local empires is near the object. I am now downloading information from the probe." The Titan's AI told him.

A image appeared on one of the primary view screens. Turov's blood then ran cold. No distinguishing features on it's surface, or anywhere else. All it is was a massive dark orb with a seemingly golden glow. But the sheer size of it sparked fear and he knew that what he was looking at was one of the Nameless' Luminary Assault Carriers.

"Send a general signal out to any Wexxian and Orealyians vessel in the quadrant, tell them a Nameless vessel has appeared in the local sector. And tell the rescue teams on the surface to get back up into the fleet. Have the wormhole drive warmed up, we may need to get out of here real quick."
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The Senatorial fleet had regrouped in friendly territory. though friendly territory was less a sign of safe refuge and more a priority target at this point. the ships carried eight million indiviuals, totaled; every experienced (800 or more) fighter they had was there.

"improbable. improbable to exist."
said Duealies (physicist), aboard the vessel fourth symphony of the Ascetic

"But not completely impossible. The scale of it is unnatural. The resources and cycles to have made such a thing-"

"I don't care Duealies, I want to know how to break it"  interrupted said Keataus, from the bridge of his capital ship.

"Nothing short of a spacial singularity could end such a craft, from what I can calculate, and even then, I do not know"

Keataus showed no sign of distress

"So, two hundred thousand of their years learning to counter any threat, and it is valued null.
The choices are various, but few are euphonic. Our world should be safe for a time.  its location is not know. barring unforseen circumstances, they should be able to leave the 'galaxy' before discovery."

he paused, his voice turning guttural.

" as for us, we gather amongst with the other peoples. We wil make an insignificant and failed effort protect them until we cannot. then we end."
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Kiyavi could not believe the myriad vivid truths which clearly stood before him. Everywhere he looked within the vessel's frantic bridge, from the many holographic readings flying about the chamber to all the varied images flowing in from nearby allies.

All told the exact, dark revelation.

That the Talsenreave Station, possibly one of the galaxy's most prized technological marvels, was one of the Imperial Luminary Assault Carrier's primary targets.

Clenching his nippers, he stared at the large blankness of space which vastly lay in front of him, struggling to endure the locked up tension spurring from within his soul.

I'm coming for you...

I promise!

"Detecting medium-scale energy signals from within fifty light years of our current galactic coordinates, sir.", came a warning from one of the few military officers permanently stationed within the massive Talsenreave's perimeter.

The officer's superior could only but grunt slightly at his subordinate's report. There was nothing they could do but wait for reinforcements, if there ever were any, considering the situation.

Elsewhere in the ship, Lazora, along with a small group of colleagues, were moved to one of many safe bunkers within the colossal structure, hoping for the best for the coming siege ahead.

Grasping onto a small fold necklace hanging around his neck, Lazora looks up to a small screen which showed the events unfolding outside. Closing her eye, he drifts into a light sleep, thinking, believing, that help would soon come for the deeply endangered station.


"Your majesty!", called one of the Vara's navigators. "Approaching short-distance warp range of Atomna homeworld Verog!"

"Brother...", Shanara's eye pinned itself to the monarch, who was then deep in thought, in fact, more than ever.

There was a short bout of silence as everyone waited for the Orealyianis Monarch's orders.

"Deploy advance recons units at highest level of precaution.", Foriza finally broke the silence as he stood up from his post and walked towards the rear of the main bridge. "All other units prepare for full-scale assault."

"I will personally lead the attack."

"So this was what they wanted...", Sekira clenched his nippers, his Luzonian variable armor replicating his arms movements.

"So this is the full brunt of the Nameless...", Zaelious couldn't help but despise the situation, despite the rush of alien adrenaline which almost overwhelmed his now furious system, as was common with most all Luzonians given the current predicament.

"I'm afraid ... yes.", Sekira answered reluctantly as both of them, along with Salisarius, headed for the nearest surviving Luzonian capital ship. "What we saw ... what we felt ... what we struggled against mere moments ago ... was merely..."

The Dark Before the Storm

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Into the Night

     Captain's Log.

          This is Captain Ceramoleious of the TSS Illumination reporting.

          It has been approximately 13 Standard Days after the first wave of Nameless were detected in Galactic Space. The Nameless presence continues its push across the galaxy using momentum gathered from the initial attacks.

          Utilizing data gathered from our engagements with the enemy, we have divided their forces into four distinct categories...

          The Slave Fleets, which are the most varied of the four, seem to be a mishmash of multiple coerced and subjugated races. The weakest and most numerous of the four, these fleets are where the majority of our power have been focused, primarily due to the endless string of attacks these forces have been directing at civilian and strategic centers in the Local Sector.

          The forces nicknamed the "Corrupted" are similar to the Slave Fleets, but appear to be composed of locally commandeered military assets and personnel. Despite this, they have displayed an unusually high proficiency with programming, as displayed by the weapon deployed on Olosis. We have encountered eleven "Corrupted" scouting parties thus far, but have yet to engage any major forces.

          The True Nameless appear to be our primary concern with regards to TIER's overall operations. While the Illumination has yet to engage them, four Luminary Assault Carriers have been detected in the galaxy, thus far, any of which could strike without a moment's notice.

          The fourth, and perhaps most unexpected category, would be the Atomna themselves. These "Awakened" Atomna have thus exemplified a level of programming on the same level as a Terran, if not more so. The illumination has so far engaged and eliminated a single team of three Atomna, though more encounters are to be expected.

          The TSS Illumination was recently tasked to reinforce the defensive forces stationed around the Talsenreave Station. However, by the time of our arrival, any and all traces of the station, its defenders, as well as its attackers, have apparently, for lack of a better word, utterly vanished. The system which contained the station seems to have vanished as well, as comparisons between our skymaps and the galactic coordinate system clearly indicate.

          Likewise, the Luminary Assault Carrier previously headed for the station appears to have vanished as well, shortly before the Talsenreave. Scouts are continuing to probe both real and alternate spaces to confirm the enemy vessel's disappearance.

          The same phenomenon occurred on Verog, where we've received word that a massive Photos fleet, as well as the Orealyianis First Fleet, commanded by Acting Commander Ryo'lis and King Folizi, respectively, were conducting a planetary siege operation against the "Awakened" Atomna.

          If these phenomena continue to arise here and elsewhere, we may be staring at a new Nameless superweapon.

          May it not be so.

     A mild sense of disorientation hovered over Shanara's mind as he slowly pushed himself off the floor. Looking around him, he saw everyone doing the same. Activating his communicator, he quickly opened a channel to the rest of the Orealyianis fleet.

     "Status report!", Shanara called into his communicator, before promptly being answered by a deluge of reports from the fleet's different task forces. One particular report stuck him more than the others.

     Dusting himself off, Harous cleared his throat before inquiring about the enthusiastic expression painted on Shanara. "What is it, Shanara?"

     "The Vara.", Shanara replied, a pair of mild smirks on his arms.

     "We've found it."

     Turning around, Shanara then inquired about the other third of the combined fleets. "Kae'shaz?"

     "Ugh...", Kiyavi woke up inside his armor after apparently losing consciousness. "What, just, happened?"

     Opening his communicator, he quickly contacted the garrison.

     "Garrison, this is Admiral Kiyavi.",  "What's the status out there?"

     However, before he could receive an answer, an ominous sign entered the edge of his sight.

     "A... Dronel?"


     A refreshing sight enjoyed every morning by the GPA personnel stationed on the small, barren rock of Aum, the sole planet of the relatively obscure Hemnael star system.

     They weren't able to enjoy that particular event today, however, as everyone was busy repacking the lone outpost and shipping it off system.

     Above the skies of Aum lay another, different sight. This one, however, was filled with the aura of war.

     The bridge of the CFIS Airuno glowed a pale cyan shade as the circular chamber was additionally lit by multiple rings of sonic monitors. The Chivi officers manning the array of controls simply lay in their chairs, controlling the entire system merely through their thoughts.

     "How is the evacuation proceeding?", a centrally seated Chivi clad in smaller than usual armor inquired of one of her subordinates.

     "Ninety-two percent complete, Captain.", one of them answered, a sonographic projection of the lone garrison appeared before the Captain.

     "Excellent!", the Chivi Captain smiled before inquiring of another development. "What of the recently procured 'equipment?'"

     "Recalibration proceeding normally, mam.", another officer answered.

     "Splendid!", her smile widened, transforming into a grin. "Contact the other fleets!"

     "Those Nameless lackeys will never know what hit them!"
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"The sensors are going berserk," Kae'shaz responded. "Can't get a vocational reading. My guess is too much feedback. " The fleet, while intact, was disoriented and cut off. "We're going to try to get our bearings and get our eyes and ears back on-line. We can go from there." He added.
"Same here." Chimed in Ryo'lis. "Sensors offline, but otherwise we're ok, just shaken up. Whatever the Nameless have, it's beyond us."
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"Agreed.", Shanara nodded to Kae'shaz.

"Nice to hear everyone's safe.", Shanara replied to Ryo'lis before turning towards the Vara. "Vara, this is Command. Regroup with the rest of the fleet, stand by for further orders." Switching channels, he then called for the rest of the First Fleet to reorganize as well.

Another line opened up in Shanara's communicator, this time from the task forces nearest Verog. Several files were then sent by the task force to Shanara's necklace as holographic images began to project from it.

"It appears Verog got transported elsewhere.", Shanara remarked at the planet's sudden absence. "Same case for its star."

Shanara's communicator began to ring as the device showed the Vara send an urgent transmission.

"You found what?"

"The enemy managed to breach my location!", Kiyavi called out to the garrison as he made short work of the Dronel, only to see dozens more take its place all around him. Taking them out as well, the Admiral saw dozens more replacing each one. On his communicator, the sound of gunfire began to ring out. "Garrison, respond! What's happening out there?!"

Kiyavi took to the air as he unleashed salve after salvo of MLMs, taking great care to minimize the damage to the station's internal structure. Zipping back and forth to avoid the enemies' barrage of particle beams, several figures caught the very edge of his sight. Sneaking a glance, he quickly realized they were scientists from the bunker. They were currently being swarmed by the horde of attack drones, the advance  barely being delayed by a rifle one of the scientists happened to have chanced upon. Kiyavi turned towards the survivors, sweeping the threats around them aside with a salvo of MLMs before promptly swooping in and lifting them into the cockpit.

"You guys okay back there?", Kiyavi asked, to which they merely nodded. "Don't worry, you're safe now."

Slowly, the enemy's presence began to recede, eventually reduced to a trickle as Kiyavi took the time to contact the garrison once more.

Composing himself, the Luzonian within the group began to speak. "Sir, if it's not against orders, can you fill us in on the current situation?"

"Been getting to that, actually.", Kiyavi replied, still waiting for the other end of the line. "I've been trying to contact the garrison for some time now, but it seems they've been breached as we-"

Words finally came through the communicator as the sound of weapons fire finally died down, prompting everyone to tune in.

//Admiral.//, it said. //It seems we're suffering multiple breaches all across the station. We've only detected minor forces, but it seems their starting to reorganize into larger groups at select locations across the structure. Sending the data now.//

Several images flashed inside the cockpit, showing the areas where the enemy were beginning to pool in. The VIP block, the Compressors Units and the Generator Blocks all showed signs of high enemy activity.

"Concentrate forces on those locations, coordinate with the other internal units if you can.", Kiyavi ordered as he ran through the images again. "Perform strict identification procedures on any forces you might come across. I repeat, perform strict identification procedures on any forces you might come across."


"Good. What about the outside?", Kiyavi added. "Any info from the fleets?"

//All signs of the enemy fleet are gone, sir.//, the garrison answered, a sense of relief apparent in his words. //However, it seems that spatial disturbance transported us into an alternate location, completely off of any known chart. We're still trying to contact headquarters as we speak.//

Apparently, they've pulled a complete retreat..., Kiyavi thought. "Have our scouts establish and observe the outer perimeter. Hold and inspect any vessel that attempt to approach it, from either side."

Kiyavi's armor touched down near the bunker's entrance, the cockpit opened up and Kiyavi jumped onto the platform below. He made his way through the passage once again as the bunker proper slowly came to his sight.

"Lazura...", Kiyavi hurriedly went to the unconscious Lazura's side, promptly checking him for any major injuries, of which thankfully there were none. Promptly lifting him up, Kiyavi ran back to the outside and climbed into his armor. He quickly placed Lazura in the other scientists' care before resuming control of the armor.

Kiyavi's communicator began to ring as he received a sudden transmission from the garrison.

"It really is the Talsenreave.", Shanara told to Kae'shaz and the rest. "It looks like we're not the only ones."
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Meanwhile, in orbit around Kuuruk...

"I'm bored. Anybody got that new board game from last week?" A young Pentekonterus groaned.
"Ok, seriously, Belvik?" Mlirku, captain of the Heavy Heart, bellowed. "This is no time for games. The universe is literally at stake here!"
"Alright, Captain, we're ready!" another crew member buzzed.
"Finally," sighed Mlirku. "We can rendezvous with the fleet."
When they arrived at the staging ground near Kiivck, the various ships in the fleet under Admiral Hirgolths were brimming with concerned soldiers and crew. The fleet was supposed to head for the spacelanes leading to Beyon. However, many who had witnessed the Nameless assault earlier were utterly terrified. However, they knew they would have help. And so, the fleet set off towards a battle the results of which would be yet unknown.
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Suddenly, a massive burst of energy rocked the space surrounding the fleet.

In the bridge, people were knocked off their posts as a powerful wave emanating from the blast slammed the vessel's hull, hitting it with near rending force.

It was then that Mlirku was hurled off his station before hearing a loud explosion, a sudden thud to the head following soon after.

Amidst the madness currently ruling the bridge, Mlirku struggles to collect himself and find order through the chaos blanketing his senses.

Blackness... His sight yet to recover from the sudden blow, he is left to grope the floor in search of his path.

Yet the Captain is undeterred...

Heat... With searing agony he moves every inch of his muscle, crawling across the now smoldering deck.

The Captain is undeterred.

Oblivion... As the last of the bridge's hull surrenders to the multitude punishments sustained from the event, the soulless vacuum of the beyond sweeps the room of air, numbering the Captain's last breath.

The Captain is UNDETERRED!

With the last of his breath, a surge of energy burst forth from his core, replenishing his strength, enough to at last hold on to his station.

Exhausted, he lays on his post, weakened, ready to surrender to what is soon to come.

He stays his heart, undeterred, living the final moments of his and his vessel's life.

Standing in the precipice of oblivion, his eyes open to reveal... (

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Dimikos Talin stared with an intense rage at his screen.

"So first they turn against me, and now this ridiculousness? Did the game designers put this in deliberately for me?"

The new galactic simulation game was promised to be able to "revolutionize the way we look at war," but the entire thing had been building up in a steady stream of silliness, culminating in that damn cartoon.

"They're making fun of me, I just know it! Those damned designers are purposefully insulting me! And to think I could take some time off from my books to have some fun - But no, they never give it a rest even here! I'm the laughingstock of the whole galaxy, and they've made me into a meme! A joke!"

He went to bed feeling sour.


A week later, the offending programmers received a friendly bowl of moldy casserole.

"What an uptight jerk. No wonder the GPA invaded."
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Nice wrap!

We were in IRC wondering what happened here. Anyone wanna dish?