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Title: Cunae Testing RP
Post by: Josasa on July 06, 2010, 03:17:00 pm
Nikos Verdo looked out over his balcony and into the inner city of Cunae. It was a beautiful day, all the more pretty because of the festival that would be going on later tonight. There would be music, dancing, good food, drinking, but most importantly, the other noble families of Cunae. This was the reason that Nikos was going to attend. For the past several years he had dreamed about starting his own family. In some of the dreams he led a simple life, but in others he was the father of a burgeoning family that had influence throughout Cunae. Verdo was a powerful name, and the mere mention of it could get things done. But it was only a dream, no matter how badly Nikos wished it to be true.

But tonight could be different. Tonight was the night that he was going to make his entrance into the social life of Cunae, and hopefully secure a position among their elite. It wouldn't be easy, but the fact that he was a distinguished man of the military and a well known war hero would help. That and the fact that his great aunt had somewhat paved the way by knowing people in higher places. Now Nikos just had to connect the two in order to make his name more well known.

Nikos stepped back into his villa. It was a nice establishment, although far from the nicest in Cunae. It was something that he could afford without spending all of his inheritance on land. But it suited his needs perfectly. Nikos made his way over to his dresser, going through the robes he had acquired over the years. Royal blue or military red? he asked himself. After a few seconds of indecision he settled on military red, thinking that this would make him more recognizable to the people at the festival.

"This should be interesting," Nikos mumbled to himself as he slipped out of his toga and into the red robe.
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Post by: Little on July 06, 2010, 05:05:42 pm
Brutus grunted as he swept a back-handed blow towards his foe, his foe taking a step back on the hard wood floor. His foe blocks the strike deftly, both grinning. Although Brutus has graduated from the 'marching ranks', as Bourgeois liked to call his troops, he always enjoyed a spar with his friends. Just because one had risen farther up in station didn't mean he was negligent with fitness and fighting, after all. The heated battle continued for a few moments before winding down, both tired and sweaty from their exercise. As the pair walked back to put their training blades, the creak of a wooden door alerted them to a new presence, and both spun around in surprise, instinctively reaching for their sheathed, wooden, blades. Bourgeois, the patriarch of the family, chuckled as he said, "Easy, boys. I'm not here to fight anyone. There's a social event tonight, Brutus, and you're coming. The man with the brimming energy of youth grinned, nodded, and unsheathed his sword, launching a surprise attack on his sparring partner as Bourgeois  chuckled quietly to himself and strode out the door.

"Margret, could you be a dear and inform the ladies that we have a social engagement tonight, and I expect that the ladies of our family shall be attending."
"Yes, Father. Does this include Amelia?"
"Margret, I know your feelings towards your brother's wife, but please, try not to aggravate her. I am fond of her, and she is a member of the family, so be nice, or we'll have to do something about your allowance."
"Yes, Father."
Door closing.
"Manipulative old bastard, lording his money over me. One day, when I have money, I'll reclaim my place as the Anucdian lady that the public envies, and I'll have the life Amelia could only dream of. Maid!"
Sound of soft steps on the floor.
"Yes, Lady Margaret?"
"Tell the servants to prepare me a bath, and send messages to the other 'women' in this household that tonight there is a festival being thrown. Tell them Bourgeois expects them to be at their finest.
"Yes, mi`lady."

The Anucdian clan proudly walked down the torch-lit cobblestones leading to the Verdo villa, the males and their retinues proudly marching behind Bourgeois in full dress, dark blue robes bearing the family crest. Brutus was, as usual, the exception to the rule, marching in the front with a gold-filigree armour plate strapped onto his front and a ceremonial sword hanging within easy reach, a small cordon of close friends from his regiment days serving as bodyguards. The ladies walked gracefully behind the men, positively glowing in their sapphire dresses due to the pampering and preparation that had taken place earlier that day, in anticipation for this event. Some tongues wagged outside the walls that the Anucdian ladies were a bit too concerned with appearance, but as Thery enjoyed saying, 'One should always look better than everyone else.' The group was stopped at the gate by a guard, and after a moment of scanning a list, the group was let in.
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Post by: Huckbuck on July 06, 2010, 05:21:30 pm
Ikares almost tripped as he hurried between the majestic marble houses. The wine amphorae he was carrying fell for a fragment of a second before he caught it with both of his arms, his heart beating like a marching drum. He had been a slave of the Verdo household for 2 months now and was still scared to death every time his master trusted him an important task. The brusque stoic tendencies of Nikos Verdo sent shivers down Ikares spine. This particular wine came from pater Jermens wine yard, a reputable winery. It had been ordered by his master in the last second as what seemed to be a pure impulse. Nikos had acted quite tense the last few days Nikos had noticed, meaning he's got all the more of a reason to be anxious himself.

As he rushed around the corner to the backdoor of the Verdo estate he recognized pater Anucdian, Bourgeois himself, and what seemed to be his family, as they were greeted by one of the household slaves. He placed the amphorae in an iron stand and discretely moved himself through the house to avoid disturbing the early guests as he approached Nikos room to inform him about the arrival of the wine and his first guests.
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Post by: Josasa on July 06, 2010, 06:33:40 pm
Nikos was a bit startled when Ikares announced that the Anucdian family had arrived. He quickly regained his composure though and fired off several questions.

"Is the food ready?"
"Yes, lord," Ikares replied.
"And the torches are lit in the courtyard?"
"Yes, lord."
"And did that wine arrive?"
"Yes, lord. It has already been placed out with the rest of the spread," Ikares reported.
"Well done, Ikares. Now go make sure that everything else is set. I have guests to great."

With that Nikos glided out of his room, doing his best to mask the smile that came to his face. He was excited and nervous, but the way things were starting off it wasn't so bad. The food and wine were ready to be consumed, and if the weather held then it would make for a beautiful night. And that would allow him to show off his courtyard. What his villa lacked in size and eminence, it very nearly made up for with its courtyard. A large cobblestone pathway extended from the house to the gate, and in the middle of this was a large wading pool. Many smaller trails drifted off from the pathway and led into the gardens. Various flowers accompanied the walkway while trees provided a nice cover from the sky. Several large rows of bushes divided the courtyard so that guests could afford some privacy if they were so inclined.

Nikos made his way to the steps that led to the cobblestone pathway and stood their waiting as the Anucdian family was led towards him by one of his house slaves.
"Greetings Anucdian family and welcome to the Verdo household!" Nikos said with a large smile.
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Post by: Little on July 06, 2010, 07:05:59 pm
Bourgeois Anucdian confidently steps forward, giving a subtle gesture for Bertrandu and Brutus to accompany him. He pauses for a moment as his son and favourite grandson step to his side, and then breaks into a wide smile. Brutus regards Nikos with a gaze filled with something close to worship, while Bertrandu just grins and tries to figure out what to say. Bourgeois offers his hand and says, "My clan greatly appreciates being invited. May prosperity and luck watch your clan for a thousand years!"

Brutus interjects immediately following the Anucdian formal greeting, "I've read a lot about the Battle of Stillicidum, sir! I wrote a case study on the tactics you used to secure the bridge and position, and I hate writing case studies! Hell, I even got my brother to locate a transcript of the little mid-battle speech you made! I think it's great-" A cough from Bourgeois. Brutus pauses for a second, grins sheepishly and continues with a more formal approach as he offers his hand, "Most honoured to meet you, sir."

Bourgeois smiles indulgently, "I apologize for that little outburst. My eldest grandson is a military man true and through, and he hasn't quite mastered formal protocol yet. Needless to say, he's happy to see you. Bertrandu, stop being a bore and greet the man with your lovely wife."

Bertrandu awkwardly smiles as he and Ameila walk up to Nikos, Bertrandu quickly offering a few token pleasantries before heading off in search of some good wine. He hated these occasions, yet his status forced him to attend them. He usually got through these events by drinking copious amounts of good wine and eating the finest foods he could sample, and he figured the earlier he started this quest, the better.

Ameila smiles pleasantly, well aware that her husband's view on these things was well known in the upper circles, and if not exactly liked by many aristocrats, it was tolerated. She wasn't sure if Nikos was a tolerant man, however, so she stayed silent, letting Bourgeois handle the formal talking. She'd have plenty of time to talk later and see how she could turn tonight into an advantage while having some fun.
Title: Re: Cunae Testing RP
Post by: Raz on July 06, 2010, 08:39:13 pm
The Blacks didn't arrive immediately, preferring to give the excuse that their distance from Cunae often caused them to arrive later to parties. In truth, few of them had a taste for such wastes of time and resources, and always tried to arrive late. The only reason they attended such things was, as Regulus had explained to Anyah before entering the city walls, "It's our generational, familial, and martial duty to meet with the nobility regularly. A duty is a duty, even if one despises it."

Despite their late arrival, they were noticeable in that they always entered the parties in a formation, and marching to a cadence set by Regulus before entering Cunae itself. This was purposefully designed to intimidate the snobby nobles. This time, Regulus was leading a kind of house-shaped formation, Gangri and Darian marching side by side behind him, and Marcus at the rear with Anyah, whom had begged Regulus to let her come to the party. All four of the men were dressed in their military armor, with Marcus even pulling out his old armor for the occasion. Anyah was dressed in light clothing, more akin to a young boy's cloths than a young girl's dress.

As the black-haired, blue-eyed group advanced into the party, nobles quickly made way, some showing the usual signs of disgust for the Blacks, despite the long history of the Clan's defense of Cunae. Some of the female nobles, however, found Darian particularly interesting. Darian tried to ignore such looks, but he knew full well that he needed a wife already, still a bachelor at the age of 27. The group paused and disassembled their formation a few yards from Nikos, trying not to intrude on the man's conversation with the Anucdians, but also making their presence distinctly known.

As Anyah seemed to constantly look around, highly observant of the nobles, swiveling her head like mad back and forth, causing Regulus to finally say, "Take in the 'noble' way, Anyah. See their wastefulness for what it is. I suppose it is about time you witnessed it for yourself." Anyah made a thoughtful sound before saying, "They don't seem to be very wasteful and frivolous yet, sir." Regulus smiled and chuckled a little before saying, "Oh, they're never bad at first. Just wait for the party to go on, when they all get drunk. Then they become entertaining." Anyah nodded to indicate she understood.

Meanwhile, Gangri and Marcus were poking fun at Darian again, pointing at various noblewomen and daring him to approach them. He refused each by flatly saying, "No, brothers. Stop already." Gangri laughed and looked around the place before finally teasingly saying, "I'm three years younger than you, brother, and yet I have a one year old already. Three years younger, and I have a greater chance of becoming Clan Patriarch than you!" Marcus lightly punched the 24 year old in the arm, "Shut it Gangri, you know I've already got three children. You better start giving your wife more children or else those dreams of Patriarch will never materialize. Of course, you have to beat Perith and I. I'm betting she'll be pregnant again soon." Gangri rolled his eyes, but he and Marcus soon returned to picking on Darian together.
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Post by: Josasa on July 06, 2010, 11:02:03 pm
Nikos grabbed Bourgeois's hand and gave it a solid pump as his way of greeting. "It is an honor to meet you Mr. Anucdian," Nikos said, looking Bourgeois right in the eye. When Brutus flared up, Nikos broke into a wide grin. It was always nice to be noticed, but Nikos found his enthusiasm for the Battle of Stillicidum somewhat comical.

"It's always nice to have an admirer," Nikos said, directing the comment at Brutus. "We'll have to sit down and talk some time. If you are truly interested in the military, perhaps I can assist you with getting in. I've still got connections, which are always nice to have." When Bertrandu and Ameila made their way up to Nikos, he quickly shook with Bertrandu and kissed Ameila's hand.

"It is a pleasure meeting you both," Nikos said, "but please, enjoy my food and drink my wine! It has been specially imported so have your fill. And then have some more!" With that Nikos edged away from the Anucdian family and made his way to the newly arrived Black family. There was something a little bit different about this clan. They were very organized, almost like a military group and the fact that they preferred to have their land outside the walls of Cunae was different. They were slightly unsettling the way they stared at everything. Either way, they were nobles and had to be treated as such. And because they had decided to show up to Nikos' party, he had to welcome them.

"Greetings Black clan, glad to see you could make it," Nikos walked straight up to Regulus and looked him in the eyes as he gave the man's hand a quick pump. Nikos had met some of the Black family members on several occasions because of their standing with the military. This wasn't the first time that he had crossed paths with them.
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Post by: martyk on July 07, 2010, 07:12:32 am
Lyra and Teran arrived just moments after the clan Black.  Quickly surveying the scene, Lyra made her way in the direction of the host, long brown hair and lavender gown flowing behind her as her bright green eyes shone in the torchlight.  Her younger brother followed closely behind her.  She was always more confident than him in environments such as these and he was happy to let her lead.

As they approached Nikos, they waited for him to finish with the Black clan before introducing themselves.  Seeing the opportunity, Lyra stepped forward as Teran awaited his turn with his hands clasped calmly behind his back.  "Good evening to you mi'lord Verdo." Lyra said softly with a curtsey.  "I am Lyra Kraetus, and wish to thank you for your invitations to this lovely party.  My mother and father regretfully are out of the city currently dealing with affairs at one of our estates and send their regards."

Her own introduction complete, she stepped aside and gestured for her brother to step forward.  "May I introduce to you my brother, Teran.  He is currently in line to succeed our father as the patriarch of house Kraetus."  Taking his cue, Teran approached their host.  "It is a pleasure to meet you good sir." he said with a wide smile and short bow before offering his hand forward.  "I've heard a great deal about your work in the military.  I must say I am honoured to meet one with such a reputation as yourself."
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It didn't happen often, but every once and a while Nikos was caught off guard and lost the ability to speak. This just so happened to be the case when Lyra Kraetus walked up to him. He couldn't help but stare at her as she introduced her brother.

"Pleasure meeting you," he finally managed to say, bowing in the direction of Lyra and giving Teran a quick handshake. "I am sorry to hear that your parents could not make it, but I am glad that you were able to. Make yourself at home. There is plenty of food and wine available for everyone!" Nikos said with a laugh. "And if I'm not mistaken, the music should start shortly. There will be plenty of dancing and singing. It should make for a fun night."
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As Nikos approached, Regulus returned Verdo's greeting and then all of the Blacks immediately performed the customary Cuneaic salute. However, before Regulus could say particularly anything, the Kraeti approached Nikos. Regulus motioned that Gangri, Darian, and Marcus may do as they wish, since they'd been slowing moving away from Regulus and Anyah. Gangri and Marcus shortly hauled Darian away to flaunt him to some of the noblewomen, and continue to tease the man.

Regulus eyed Teran and Lyra, then carefully watched Nikos to see the man's reaction to this other nobles. The older man smiled lightly when he noticed Nikos' inability to speak for a moment, and let Verdo finish talking before he approached and decided to have a bit of fun with Nikos, "Quite the celebrity, Verdo. I might even say you attract some people towards you. Or maybe other people pull you towards them. In any case, it has been good to meet you. I hope you do well in the military, Darian and Gangri will probably get to know you well." Anyah quietly approached from Regulus' side and looked at Lyra. She sighed slightly and accidentally said what she was thinking, "She's very pretty, wish I was pretty like that..." Regulus rolled his eyes, "Self-confidence, Anyah. You've still got a few years before you become more womanly." Anyah shrugged but her mood seemed lightened by what Regulus said.
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"I should hope that I draw people towards me. This is my party after all," Nikos said with a smile as Regulus made his way over to him. "But I must play the gracious host and greet everyone as they approach. I must apologize for cutting our discussion short, and I must warn you that I may have to do so again soon. I sent out many invites to this party, but I am still unsure of who exactly will show up and when," Nikos eyed Regulus as he said this.

"And Darian, yes I have met him on several occasions. He seems to be doing well for himself. He is quite popular among the military folk that I deal with. But I have not had the honor of meeting Gangri. Did you say that he was in the military? I am just assuming this because your family seems to devote itself to combat." Nikos looked at Anyah as she approached, smiling slightly at the comment she made. "You'll be a beautiful lady, no doubt," he said to the girl, but as he did so he turned to look back at Lyra.
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Regulus nodded, "We devote ourselves to many things, mostly the art of defending Cunae and conquering its enemies. Gangri is just a few ranks below Darian, you'll meet him soon enough, he was here a few minutes ago. In any case, suppose it's best to you leave you be then. Enjoy the stress of being a host." Regulus looked over at Teran for a moment, "I heard you're a good swordsman. You're free to stop by our little 'fort' anytime and train or spar or eat with any of us, assuming we're not doing anything else. Come along Anyah, we have little else to do here." Anyah followed Regulus away towards the edge of the party, where Regulus began pointing out the various nobles by memory so that she could begin to understand the political situation of Cunae.

Meanwhile, Marcus and Gangri continued to mock Darian, constantly trying to introduce him to various noblewomen who often found their antics "below" the noblewomen. Eventually, the trio settled down and stood together near a wall, mostly away from the party, as Marcus said, "Brother, you'll never get a woman if you don't ante up." Darian growled a little before sighing, "True. I'm supposed to be a stone-cold killer and yet I'm uncomfortable approaching these women." Gangri patted Darian's shoulder, "Don't worry, brother, we're just messing with you. You'll meet the right one eventually... maybe when you're sixty." Marcus and Gangri immediately chuckled to themselves, while Darian merely rolled his eyes and crossed his arms, looking out into the party.
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Nikos slowly drifted towards the steps, leaving his guests to mull around the wading pool where the food and drinks were setup. He stopped by the wine table and took a glass. Making sure that no one was looking he downed it in one gulp and left the glass to be cleaned by his slaves.

"One and done," he mumbled to himself. It was good wine though, and his body ached for more. Nikos moved away from the table before he could grab another glass and headed over to where the band of musicians had setup. He got the attention of their leader and nodded his head to signal that they could begin playing. Within several minutes there was a nice melody wafting across the courtyard, giving the guests something to listen to if they weren't in the middle of a conversation with others.

The sun was slowly setting, but to counter this Nikos had ordered that a large number of paper lanterns be strung around the courtyard to provide some dim illumination. It created a relaxed mood that allowed the guests to ease into the party. When Nikos was sure that all of the lanterns had been lit and that the food was plentiful, he made his way back into the crowd to mingle with those present.
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Brutus eases his way through the crowd, easily joking and conversing with the nobles he passed as he slowly made his way towards Nikos. Finding Nikos on the rim of the part and beginning to work his way back in, he smiles. People were always so nervous about these things. Nikos looked like he should have a drink or two and relax a bit, but he looked pretty tense. Maybe he didn't need questioning about bloodshed right now, killing men was never a pleasant buisness, even if it was for the good of Cunae. He wasn't squeamish or anything, it just didn't feel appropriate to bring up the tactics he had used to lead their enemies to screaming, bloody, deaths. Noticing a group of Blacks slouching at the rim of the party, keeping to themselves, he grins. Brutus turns his head for a moment as he says to his small circle of armed friends, "Somebody go grab a bottle or two of wine, already! Isn't a party without some wine!"

Brutus waits for a moment as liquor was retrieved, then sets off toward the three figures with a bottle of wine in his hand. As he gets close, he says with a smile, "Hello, fellow sirs! Looking for a bit of company?"
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Post by: Raz on July 07, 2010, 02:01:55 pm
Darian noticed Brutus coming and muttered to Marcus and Gangri, "Don't look now but the Anutdian approaches." Almost immediately, they all put on fake smiles, somewhat tolerant of the belligerent man but wary of him and his friends. They all shrugged as Brutus approached, Gangri saying, "Doesn't matter to us." Inwardly, however, they all were thinking they'd prefer to be left alone than converse Brutus. Though, the man could be entertaining at times, so they held their tongues.
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Post by: martyk on July 07, 2010, 02:15:09 pm
Lyra, noticing Nikos' gaze smiled softly as he greeted them.  He seemed an interesting character, far from the battle-hardened soldier she had expected.  She'd have to talk to him more when the opportunity presented itself.  As he turned again to talk with the Blacks, Lyra once again curtseyed lightly before she and Teran moved off to mingle with other guests.

Later, as Teran chatted up various aquaintances of his around the party, Lyra found the opportunity she was looking for.  Walking up from behind Nikos with wine glass in hand, she spoke, her voice gentle yet at the same time bearing a certain presence behind it.  "A fine wine you chose for the evening.  It compliments the warm night well.  Jermens isn't it?  A fine vineyard they have.  My father has expressed desires to purchase it for some time now."

Comming up along side him, she turned, her deep eyes studying his face.  "What of you?  What aspirations does the great Commander Verdo hold for himself?"
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Ikares was standing the the door opening connecting the kitchen to the courtyard. His face was grave as he saw Nikos being approached numerous time, appearing to become more and more constraint. "Ammon protect those musicians if they aren't ready soon." he snapped at a young slave who passed by through the door. The poor girl jumped from his sudden comment and said that she would make sure that they hurried as much as possible, jetting of through the kitchen. Ikares carefully made his way through the kitchen into the corridor connecting to the slaves quarters when he bumped into the musicians. He scolded them as he led them to the kitchen door. "Wait here" he whispered and slipped through the drapery. He cleared his throat as he approached Nikos from behind to get his attention and bowed. Just then he noticed that he had interupted Nikos in the middle of a discussion with a charming young woman. Ikares blushed and hesitated for a second, bowed again, apologized for interupting and informed Nikos that the bards were finally ready.
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"Now, gentlemen, I've heard your family has some damn fine military men in it, if you excuse the bit of gutter slang. Now, my beloved grandfather, who doles out money for the family, is looking for me to write a case study because 'my education requires it'. Do you boys know what a case study is?"

Brutus smirks as he pulls the cork off the wine bottle in his hand and takes a long swig, jutting back in conversation before the Blacks could reply. His friends grin and chuckle.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to be patronizing. Please forgive my lack of manners." A smile before he continues, a tone of sarcasm and mockery in his voice, "Now, you're little estate is quite a defensive position, and people in the city are quite aware of how much in your debt the city is. Now, I don't suppose the common people know how you treat their leaders like dirt and with such contempt it practically boils off your skin, huddled together, muttering about how lazy and wasteful and such we all are and how we should get off our high horses, but I digress. The point is, I was hoping to stage a little wargame. My forces against your defenses, lasting for a week. We win if we take your little defensive spot and we lose if we can't. The wager shall be..."

A glint comes into his eye.

"Isn't Darian having some troubles obtaining a wife? He's ten years older than I am! Here's this then, if you lose, Darian spends a night out on the town with us. We'll cure his shyness...Now, if we lose, you propose something for that. Any suggestions? Excuse me for a moment."

The circle of friends all grin wider, thinking of the fun that could be had with the bachelor Black. Brutus turns, takes a large gulp of wine, and moves into the crowd, looking for Teran or Kylis Kraetus. After a moment of searching, he finds Teran, and after another gulp of wine slides down his throat he asks, "Hey, Teran! How are you? How is Lyra? Is Kylis here?"
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Once Brutus had walked away, it took all of the trio's willpower not to break out in laughter. They turned around and whispered to each other, Marcus saying, "Ridiculous. He really thinks it's appropriate to challenge us?" Gangri shrugged, "Maybe we should let Regulus join this wargame and 'accidentally' put an arrow through the boy's mouth, maybe that would shut him up." Darian looked over at Brutus before turning back to the group and chuckling, "I wonder if he realizes he's a perfect representation of why we don't like the nobles; drunk, useless, wasteful, and, more often than not, idiots." Marcus nodded, "So we're all realize this challenge is pathetic?" The other two nodded their agreement, so Marcus continued, "Then we tell Brutus off as lightly as possible. Don't want to have to draw any of our swords at this party, Verdo and the others wouldn't appreciate us crashing it."

They then turned back around, waiting for the wine-lover to return to spout more nonsense at them.
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Nikos was pleasantly surprised to be interrupted by Lyra.

"Why yes, it is Jermens. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that a Kraetus would recognize the wine. In fact, I should probably be thanking you for your compliment, especially on the subject of vineyards." Nikos eyed Lyra as she walked up to his side, smiling at her. This was interrupted for a moment as Ikares chose this moment to break in with news of the bards. Normally Nikos would have been annoyed, but he was especially happy at this particular moment, and the news that Ikares brought was good.

"Good!" Nikos said, patting Ikares on the back, "tell them to play away. That's what I'm paying them for after all!" he said with a laugh before turning back to Lyra.

"Aspirations?" Nikos asked, repeating the question Lyra had presented. "That is a tough one. I have many aspirations, some of which conflict with others. I think every man would enjoy a little power, and I am no different. But at the same time I wish to start a family. That is why I turned down my position in the military and chose to settle in Cunae." Nikos was looking right at Lyra to see her reaction. "But that's just me talking. Does a women of your stature have any aspirations? I'm sure you could achieve much in your lifetime. You are young and beautiful..."
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Post by: martyk on July 08, 2010, 08:27:54 am
"Brutus!" Teran said enthusiasticaly as he turned to greet him.  "It's good to see you my friend.  My sister and I are well, thank you.  What of your family?  As for Kylis, I havn't seen him, but he may yet show.  I know he is fond of these sorts of assemblies."

No sooner had he spoke the words that Kylis emerged from the crowd nearby, having just arrived minutes ago.  A gathering like this was a powerful opportunity to expand his connections and influence, an opportunity he had no attention to let pass.  Still, he would let himself enjoy the night if the option presented itself.

Spying Brutus speaking with Teran, he quickly approached the pair.  "Brutus my friend!  How are you on this fine evening." he said brightly with a smile before turning to Teran, and continuing, much colder, "Evening cousin."

Lyra smiled and blushed slightly at Nikos' compliments.  "I thank you for your kind words.  Of course I have my aspirations." she began, taking another sip from her wine glass.  "But my duty to my family is to guide and facilitate the next patriarch, my brother."

"Of course," she continued, raising her eyebrows with a slight smirk, "That's not to say that my duties and my goals are mutually exclusive."
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"It is nice to finally meet a woman with aspirations. I have talked to many people, some of which were women, who voice no concern about the future. I am glad to see you breaking the mold!" Nikos smiled again as he looked at Lyra. In the background the music finally started to play, creating a nice and relaxing mood for those at the Verdo Villa.

"Sorry if this seems forward," Nikos said, turning to Lyra, "but would you like to dance? I do have a party to attend to and, in many ways, this means I must guide people into doing things. Dancing is one of these things, and it would look foolish if I were to dance by myself."
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"It would be my pleasure to assit our gracious host in this matter then." Lyra beamed with a soft laugh.  Offering her hand to Nikos, she let him lead her to the dancefloor.
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Brutus smiles and holds up the half-empty bottle of wine, "Good, and getting better with every sip! My dad is doing what he normally does at these sorts of affairs, my sister is probably yelling at some poor servant, and my mother is probably attempting to find me a wife. Speaking of getting myself a wife, how is Lyra?

Brutus laughs breifly, takes another swig of wine, then continues, "I jest, I jest. Now, I've challenged the Blacks 'gentlemen' to a little wargame of sorts focusing on their defenses, and since we have experience working together on these sorts of things, care to join me in thoroughly destroying them?"

Brutus grins, a mischievous glint in his eye, "If we win, we get to take Darian out for a night on the town. If we lose...well, that's the Blacks decision. My grandfather requires me to do another case study for my tactics education, so I figured, why not try to humble the Blacks a little while I'm at it. Up for it, my good friend Kylis? Teran, how about you? You have some skill fighting, and two friends at my side in battle is better than one when facing arrogant snobs who hold a decent defensive position."
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Nikos led Lyra to a clear spot in front of the wading pool which happened to be very close to the musicians. Nikos considered making an announcement that people could start dancing, but then went against that. The crowd would figure it out soon enough. Nikos turned to Lyra and flashed one of his smiles.

"Now, lets see if I remember how to do this..." Nikos started moving in one of the more common dances that he had learned as a child. He wasn't the best at it, but he wasn't bad either. Besides, the dance he had chosen had the woman moving more than the man.
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The Skandalon family arrives fashionably late. Being the divas that they are they make a great entrance, Scorpius of course being carried on a chair held by servants. Aries and Sagittaron quickly go to the food being served at the party and start eating like pigs. Virgus quickly goes to hit on the ladies of the party with suave pick up lines. Leonis and Aquaria are quickly surrounded by guests due to their popularity. Leonis cannot help but gloat about himself.

Meanwhile Tauron and Libra are having a horrible time since they hate these kinds of events. Someone bumps into Tauron and he immediately yells at them. Libra gets him to calm down, however he is still pissed off that he has to be here. Gemenon and Ophiuchia start socializing but end up trying to swindle people into betting money. Picon and Caprica on the other hand are having a great time with small talk and chatting with whomever they meet at the party. Caprica brags about her sons saying how wonderful they are, however the party guests know better.

Lastly Canceron stands in a corner of the room with no one to talk to. He wishes he as as social as the rest of his family, however he is too shy to go to talk to anyone.
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Yama Yamino had finally arrived. He explained that the family had found a lead on the whereabouts of his errant son, Hareta, and that an exhaustive search had been launched. Unfortunately, the boy had not been found. The effort left Yama seeming run-down and grimy. He was sweating profusely, and his clothes were somewhat stained from the deluge of perspiration. He briefly inspected the family that had just arrived before him, and they all seemed to be well-mannered folk. As Shino, Markus, and Mushi arrived behind him, Yama could not help but wonder what Hareta was doing right now. Shino interrupted his thoughts.
"Yama... perhaps we should make conversation with some of the others?"
With this, Shino took Mushi and went to chat with Caprica. Markus headed off to find the refreshments, and Yama turned to speak with Canceron.
"How are you?"
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Caprica happily greets Shino took Mushi "Hello, I am Caprica and is is my husband Picon." She starts pointing out all of her 7 sons and their wives plus her grand son, then Picon interrupts her and says "And you are ?" raising his one good eye.

Meanwhile Virgus goes up to Lyra and Nikos. "May I cut in?" he rudly pushes Nikos to the side, "Well hello there. It hot in here or is it just you?" he says charismatically as he begins to dance.
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Nikos was both shocked and appalled, but he quickly regained his composure. He immediately went straight back up to Virgus and tapped on his shoulder.

"Actually, yes I do mind," and with that he placed both of his hands on Virgus' shoulders and pulled him backwards, sticking out his right foot so that he would fall onto his back. The music stopped and shocked laughter came out of the crowd at seeing a noble fall on their ass. Nikos bent down next to him and whispered so that only Virgus could hear.

"Bad form my friend, bad form." Nikos then stood up and started talking in a much louder voice so that everyone who was paying attention could hear. "Normally I wouldn't react in such a way towards a cut-in during a dance, but when it is the first dance to the first song played during my own party at my own house, well, that's where I make an exception." He paused for a moment looking at the crowd and then back down at Virgus. "Thank you for attending my party Virgus, but you have outstayed your welcome. You know where the gate is, but in case you forgot I'll have some of my slaves escort you out." At that Nikos signaled to the two nearest slaves.

"Get him out of here," he said under his breath as they passed him. Nikos turned back towards the bards. "Play on my friends, play on!" and with that the music started back up and the party somewhat returned to normal although there was the obvious awkwardness. However, Nikos had only one thing on his mind so he quickly sought out Lyra.

"I apologize for what happened there, and I'm sorry for the scene I caused."
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After being humiliated at the party Virgus got up and was about to swing at Nikos, however his brother Gemenon stepped in and held him back. "Pardon my brother. His love of beautiful women blinds him sometimes." Gemenon then bowed to Nikos and Lyra. "Thank you again for your wonderful party. My brother sometimes forgets that he is a guest." Gemenon said nudging Virgus to back away from the couple. Gemenon looked at Virgus " What $%!% do you think you were doing?! Best you go home brother, before you get us all kicked out of here." Virgus stormed out of the party pushing the slaves to the side "I know the way out!"
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"I am Shino Yamino. This is my daughter, Mushi."
Shino was eager to speak with Capricia.
"Now, I'm dying to know how you got ahold of that dress! I've never been able to find anything like that!"

Meanwhile, Markus was stuffing his face full of tiny but delicious foods.
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Capricia blushed at Shino's complement. "Its been passed down for generations from my mothers side of the family. You two look great as well." Picon perked up at the name of Yamino. "Yamino you say? That doesn't sound Cunaeian at all. Where is your family from?" Picon said raising up his one good eye.

Meanwhile Aries and Sagittaron bumped into Markus while reaching for food. "This is great food eh?" Aries said with his mouth full of food. "Too bad they were not bigger portions." Sagittaron laughed at his uncle's comment with food still in his mouth, almost choking. "Hello I am Sagittaron and his is my uncle Aries." Sagittaron said to Markus while swallowing the last bit of food in his mouth so he could talk clearly.
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Shino responded frankly.
"Our ancestors lived far to the east, and our founder, Sakana, came across the ocean to make a fortune. She succeeded, and we have prospered ever since."

Meanwhile, Markus, still swallowing, mumbled "It's delicious! I'm Markus, by the way. It's nice to meet you!"