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Title: e-Readers
Post by: ilikesanta on May 21, 2010, 06:39:01 am
I just picked up a kindle and was surprised there wasn't a topic on e-readers so here we go.

I picked up Kindle because I've red about 1 1/2 books in the last 6 years, and wanted to start reading again. I thought a nice piece of tech would make me feel fancy and I would keep up on the reading. So far I love it. E-ink is pretty nifty and easy on the eyes. I can hold it and turn pages with only one hand, lazy-ness FTW. Able to download books from anywhere is the radest. Can download the first chapter of a book for free. $250 is a little more then I would have liked to have spent, but oh well I'm reading regularly again so I'm happy.

Thoughts on other E-readers:

ipad - It's too big and awkward for reading and not great battery life. Reflective screen would make it impossible to read in sunlight. ipad can do a ton of other stuff but will wait at least until 2nd gen or another pad comes out before considering getting one.

Nook - I played with one a bit. I liked the little color touch screen but I had problems understanding how operate the darn thing. Also it's refresh and load times seemed sluggish. It can play games now!

Sony e-reader - It seemed nice and it has a touch screen, but it has no wireless. Boo wires, especially in this day and age.

Boarders e-reader (forgot it's real name) - It's not out yet but the big thing for it that it's only $150. No wireless, but at that price it's a reasonable sacrifice.

Any one else have an e-reader?
Title: Re: e-Readers
Post by: Clarke on May 21, 2010, 01:27:53 pm
I bought a nook, I personally love it. Mainly I bought it because I live in a pretty small town in the South East united states, and as such there isn't a book store or library that's within reasonable distance. When I first bought it it was sort of clumsy like everyone says, but they've released a few updates lately and it runs really smoothly. The only games are Sudoku and Chess(although as the OS is android-based, I expect some more games like checkers and crosswords soon), but they both run really smoothly and are surprisingly fun. There's also a web browser, but its in beta and it's pretty clunky.

One of my personal favorite things is the ability to download for free books out of copyright. I've already read all of Jule's Verne's stuff that I hadn't, re-read flatland, and downloaded some non-sci-fi classics. The prices for books are also generally a bit cheaper than physical books(this can vary anywhere from one dollar to seven off the normal book price) which I'm guessing would probably make up for the price of the reader in the long run. Barne's and Noble also has an excellent selection compared to Amazon.

The nook's touch screen is really nifty too, and avoids that mass of buttons that the kindle has. You can also turn pages by swiping the touch screen, and it allows fast browsing through the store.

About the IPad: if I remember correctly, the nook and kindle use for their main screen actuall ink, moved around somehow with electricity. This means it reads like a book, and uses far less electricity(I can generally go for a week of reading an hour or two a day on my nook before recharging). Personally it also avoids the eye strain headaches that I get from looking at a screen for extended periods of time. Oh, and as mentioned it also allows you to read outdoors, and not have to hold up a large metal tablet.
Title: Re: e-Readers
Post by: emmet on May 21, 2010, 03:41:44 pm
It's funny. E-Readers became popular because of their e-ink technology that takes all the strain out of reading on a screen. When the iPad came out people were giving glowing reviews of it and mentioning how it was the Kindle's biggest competition as an E-Reader. They were saying it was a really good one, as if they'd forgotten the whole point of them in the first place. It was really irritating.
Title: Re: e-Readers
Post by: emmet on February 07, 2011, 04:58:00 pm
Yupyup double post.

Got a kindle today. I really like it. :)
Title: Re: e-Readers
Post by: Clarke on February 07, 2011, 05:04:37 pm
Title: Re: e-Readers
Post by: 762 on August 14, 2011, 02:58:08 pm
I wandered into barnes and noble the other day and left with a nook. It cost $130 with tax, and it's already paid itself off. I've been reading a lot of public domain stuff, which is alright if you find something good. Turns out Portrait of the Artist is not for me.

The advantage of the nook is that it's slightly cheaper, has in-store B&N promotions (free book fridays, read free in store, etc), allows you to get library books on it, and has much lower DRM protection.

The only advantage that I can see for the kindle is that their bookstore is a bit cheaper on most items.