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Title: [AC]The Vantry
Post by: Raz on December 31, 2009, 05:31:39 pm
The Vantry; "The Kin"

Ahm, the Vantry Homeworld

I’m describing the Vantry homeworld before I even describe the Vantry themselves, because it’s the root cause of why the Vantry are the way they are, and because it’s so mysteriously weird. Ahm has been described as everything from a God, to a near-impossible coincidence, to a sentient creature, but the Vantry have never merely known it as “Home.”

Their homeworld is known by many names, most of which are different based on what the Vantry talking’s religion is, but the blanket term “Ahm” has existed since the moment the various races of the Vantry could think. The “Ah” is the syllable for awe, combined with the “Om” of thought, resulting in “Awe-Thought,” as a rough translation into English. This is quite literal, as the first stage of seeing Ahm is pure amazement, and once the shock settles down, though it actually never truly does, comes the second stage of thought as to how it exists.

Ahm from space is a glittering diamond jewel, sparkling with the intensity of all Earth’s beauty multiplied by near-infinity. One of the first Vantry astronauts in space literally died of a heart attack upon seeing it, as he was blinded by its brilliance, utterly only, “I think I found Heaven!” (Heaven being the English translation of the astronaut’s religious belief that you went to Yalgo when you died. The non-translated version is, “Dun trak dun te Yalgo!”) Some Vantry scientists have even posited that Ahm could be mistaken for a tiny, abnormal companion star orbiting their main star, “Tapnam,” due to how intensely bright it is. (A cookie to anyone who figures out where the name comes from. Yeah, I was feeling humorous.) You see, this is because Ahm is covered in a crystalline “Geo-Organism,” as Vantry scientists call it, but not on the surface. Instead, it holds up a crystalline “ceiling” that literally blocks out the normal sky.

The Geo-Organism of Ahm is the only thing separating the surface from becoming molten lava. The “Pre-Crystalline” Core of Ahm had long since been dead when it’s thought that the Geo-Organism either evolved or arrived on Ahm, with its mantle having totally solidified into solid rock layers. The Geo-Organism eventually brought it back to life, reheating the rock surrounding the iron-nickel core until it once more became magma, at which point the Geo-Organism, or Ahm itself, started it rotating again, returning the protective magnetic field to Ahm. (You have probably already noticed the difficulty in separating the “planet” Ahm, from the “Geo-Organism” Ahm, a difficulty founded in the fact that the two are literally one and the same. To put it simply, in the Vantry’s eyes, the planet itself is “alive,” but not in the carbon-based organism sense of the word.) After Ahm returned “its” magnetic field to working order, the geological record says that it spread further into the sky using its “Support Trunks” to begin constructing the current sky-shield that is the “ceiling” of Ahm.

The reasoning behind this was simple, because the planet itself was orbiting as close to Tapnam as Mercury does to the Sun, with Tapnam almost a twin of the Sun, the surface was scorching hot, to use an understatement. Life couldn’t possibly thrive in such heats. So, Ahm grew into the sky, until it covered the world with a protective crystal shield that not only reflected most of the light, it stopped any left over harmful amounts of UV and cosmic rays, as well as perfectly distributing what light it did absorb all over Ahm’s surface evenly. The result, no place on Ahm’s surface has ever seen darkness since.

But Ahm discovered something it had overlooked; it had no atmosphere, nor oceans. The atmosphere and oceans had been blown off by the vicious whips of plasma that regularly issued out of the young Tapnam. Though to Ahm, this was only a minor setback. Somehow, it managed to attract the nearby ice comets in the system, guiding them into prepared openings in the sky-shield that closed soon after. Within a few millennia, Ahm had its atmosphere and oceans.

However, it hit the second setback; the lack of volcanic activity in the planet itself meant that many of the elements needed for amino-acids and such were in short supply. So Ahm spent another couple of millennia super-heating the mantle until volcanic activity started again, providing the necessary “primordial soup” for early life. Apparently feeling impatient, Ahm gave life a boost by forming the first basic bacteria days after conditions were perfect.

It then waited, for billions of years, giving evolution a push here and there, until it finally decided to give five species sapience; The Ragta, a race of strange electricity-conducting creatures notable for their ability to directly communicate with Ahm; The Milute, a race of flying hive-mind insectoids; The Jergo, a race that dug beneath the ground in burrows and held a resemblance to worms, if Earth worms had tentacles coming out of their front end; The Dar’Gra, a race of jungle-dwellers that lived in the trees, six-limbed and able to change color at will; and finally, The Li’Gra, the “Light” Gra, who lived on the plains of Ahm, taming great beasts, similarly six-limbed creatures, but unable to shift their skin color at will, though they held a kind of connection to the Ragta, able to “speak” not to Ahm, but to the non-sapient creatures that lived on her.

Basic Physical Descriptions


(Rough draft)

The Ragta could be summed up as such; Electro-Crystal Slugs. Their shell is a crystalline symbiote that split off Ahm, and binded to the “slug”. The slug is mostly nothing more than a creature to transport the symbiotic Crystalline Ahm-offspring, the real brain is the crystal. However, the crystalline creature has integrated and manipulated the DNA of its “host”, growing electrical tentacles out of the shell that can manipulate objects with both physical force and electromagnetic forces. Exactly why the first symbiote split off from Ahm is unexplained, perhaps Ahm had some great plan in mind, but since then, all other symbiotes have split off the original and its descendents, which lends itself to the thought; What happens when such a complex organism as Ahm reproduces? Generally recluses, the Ragta tried to keep their heads out of the Species Wars.


(Rough draft)

The Milute. A strange “hive-mind.” The interesting thing about the Milute is this; take an individual from the Hive, and it’ll continue to function normally, starting a new Hive, as if all memory of the old faded immediately. In general, they’re like overgrown insects, except they have only four limbs, two arms and two legs purely for stopping to rest. An old Dar’Gra saying goes, “Shoot off a Milute’s legs, and you weaken it. Shoot off all its damn wings, and it’s basically dead.” Deadly buggers, Milute are. They can easily reach speeds of over a hundred miles per hour, far faster in a dive straight down. At that speed, especially with such a massive creature as a Milute,(3 meters from head to tail) if you get hit by one, you’d be mush in a few milliseconds. Milute have often taken advantage of this, using their light-yet-super-tough wings to act like enormous knives. An old tactic was to reach their top speed, stop their wings suddenly, and just swoop through a crowd of the enemy sentients, as if the Milute were some kind of automatic slicer. Often times, a Milute attack was the bloodiest of them all when the Vantry used to war within themselves. Strangely, they’ve never had warfare between individual Hive Cities.


(Rough draft)

Jergo. Nasty little worm creatures, liked to dig tunnels under the other sentients’ cities until the entire city came falling down, then they swooped in and ate the remains. The Jergo are the only one of the Vantry known to eat the other species, and just about anything else they can get their grubby little tentacles on. While small(a half meter from front to end), they like to swarm, like piranha. Even today, the Vantry Assembly has trouble keeping the Jergo from attempting to consume the other representatives. Every few years, another horror story of a hungry Jergo and a defenseless Li’Gra cub flashes across the news, but things have slowly gotten better. And the Jergo Hunts have generally ended, though these hunts usually ended up with the hunters becoming the hunted. Jergo generally tear up the soil, building massive communal cities underground, like rodents. It’s unsurprising that many Li’ and Dar’Gra generally feel they should all be exterminated like the pests they often are. Their blood is also acidic, making it a pain to kill one.

Li’ and Dar’Gra

(Rough draft)

Gra are odd creatures, six-limbed, but any limb can function as both an arm and a leg at different times. Four eyed and with a thin exoskeleton, one would think they could be classified as insectoid, but they also contain an inner skeleton. Realistically, they’re more a mutt brand of mammal reptile and insectoid. Dar’ means Dark, and Li’ means Light, and the two types of Gra would normally be quite happy to stay far away from each other, being of two vastly different viewpoints. The only real difference between Dark and Light is that Dark lives in jungles and can change color(and are also amazing acrobats and climbers), while Light can’t change color(They have varied skin color), but can tame Ahm’s non-sentient fauna in nanoseconds. Some would argue either side as the better side, but it is likely a debate without an end.

P.S. Don't follow my example and not have images  :-\ I'm in London without a scanner, what can I do?  :P

Vantry Biologies (

Vantry Home System Data (

Vantry History: Day 0 to the First Li'Gra Record of History (

Vanty History: The Brother War and the Worm War (

Vantry History: Death From Above, Below, Everywhere (

Vantry History: The Rise of the Dar'Gra Dominion and the Fall of both Empire and Dominion (

Vantry History: The "Dark" Times (

Maps of Ahm (

Vantry History: The Vantry-Milute War (

Vantry History: The Long Peace and the Vantry-Jergo War (

The Vantry System of Time (

Ahm's Retribution and Message (

Vantry History: True Peace (

Vantry Cities on Ahm (
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Post by: Kitkat on December 31, 2009, 05:36:55 pm

Don't look!
No, Really!
it's PatMan!

EDIT: In all seriousness, I quite like this idea. Very cool 8). I look forward to learning more!
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Post by: Raz on December 31, 2009, 05:38:23 pm
Ahm smacks your crystalline entities in the face.  :P

And you just posted that for the heck of it, before finishing your read through?  ???
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I just finished reading it >.>

Look up a post
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Sneaky post editer.

Yeah... I didn't get to flesh out Ahm yet like I wanted, but I suspose that's how it goes. And so far I've finished the rough(extremely rough) drafts of the Ragta(LOVE how they look), Milute(still pretty kick-ass), and Jergo(It's basicly a worm, not much to it). The Gra are harder though, they're the more prominent of the five species(Li' and Dar').
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Post by: Kitkat on December 31, 2009, 05:59:02 pm
I also quite like the collective name of them all. Vantry has a neat ring to it
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Post by: UFO King on December 31, 2009, 06:27:00 pm
I absolutely love the idea of Ahm, and I can just imagine how it looks. You really have this whole thing thought out.
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Post by: Kitkat on December 31, 2009, 06:28:13 pm
A big crystalline greenhouse

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The astronaut was right.

Ahm is teh awesome.
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Post by: Raz on January 01, 2010, 06:50:09 am
Vantry Biologies

Alien sheet:  Ragta

(Section 1 -- Biology)
Type                 :  Terrestrial
Appearance           :  Otherworld
Gravity preferences  : 1.0 – 2.0  g
Temperature pref.    : Temperate
Atmosphere breathed  : Nitrogen/Oxygen
Body cover           :  Slimy, Crystalline Shell
Body color           : Purple, Pulsing Electric Blue Shell and Tentacles
Hair                 : None
Hair color           : None
Eyes                 : None
Eyes color           : None
Body characteristics : Tentacles coming out of Crystalline Shell, Slug Body
Diet                 : Solar Energy and Direct Electrical Energy Intake
Sexual reproduction  : Asexual
Reproduction method  : Budding
Limbs pair n° 1 : Unknown amount of electrical tentacles.
Mass :  ~50 kg
Size :  Constantly changing

(Section 2 -- Culture)
  Militancy       : 1
  Determination   : 15
  Racial tolerance: 20
  Progressiveness  : 10
  Loyalty         : 18
  Social cohesion : 18
  Art             : 0
  Individualism   : 2
  Body            : ?
  Mind            : 20
  Speed           : ?
  Lifespan        : ~100 Earth Years
  Tech level      : 7

(Section 3 -- Government and Religion)
Government type   : Republic
Religion          : Ahmism
Devotion          : Complete

(Section 4 -- Extra things you should know)
Special abilities:
-360 “Vision”
-Dampen (Can hinder the operation of electronics)
-Eidetic Memory (Perfect or near-perfect memory)
-EM imaging (Can “see” Electromagnetic fields generated by magnets, electronics, etc.)
-Field sense (Race can detect and orient itself to electromagnetic fields. Like a bird's internal compass)
-Lightning calculator (Race has a knack for mathematics)
-Racial memory (Members of this race have memories of their genetic ancestors.)
-Radiation Tolerance
-Radioactive sensing (can detect radioactivity)
-Radio hearing (Who needs a Walkman?)
-Regeneration (Able to regrow lost body parts.)
-Spectrum “Vision” (Able to “see” radio waves, gamma rays, and X-rays,)
-Time Sense (Race always knows what time it is.)
-(Special Addition by Myself)RADAR

Alien sheet:  Milute

(Section 1 -- Biology)
Type                 :  Flying
Appearance           : Insectoid
Gravity preferences  : 1.0 – 2.0 g
Temperature pref.    : Cool High Atmosphere
Atmosphere breathed  : Nitrogen/Oxygen
Body cover           : Exoskeleton
Body color           : Electric Blue and White
Hair                 : None
Hair color           : None
Eyes                 : 2, Bug-eyed
Eyes color           : Electric Blue
Body characteristics : Wings
Diet                 : Herbivore(Milute Syrup)
Sexual reproduction  : Sexual
Reproduction method  : Eggs
Limbs pair n° 1 : Arms
Limbs pair n° 2,3,4,5 : Wings
Limbs pair n° 6: Legs
Limbs pair n° 7: Delta-Tail-Wings
Mass :  ~200 kg
Size :  ~3 m from head to tail

(Section 2 -- Culture)
  Militancy       : 19
  Determination   : 19
  Racial tolerance: 2
  Progressiveness  : 10
  Loyalty         : 19
  Social cohesion : 19
  Art             : 0
  Individualism   : 0
  Body            : 17
  Mind            : 9
  Speed           : 20+
  Lifespan        : 80 Earth Years
  Tech level      : 7

(Section 3 -- Government and Religion)
Government type   : Monarchy
Religion          : Royalism, Ahmism
Devotion          : Highly devoted to Royalism if in a Hive City, generally devoted to Ahmism if the Milute is a Free-Thinker.

(Section 4 -- Extra things you should know)
Special abilities:
-Acute Vision
-Bonus Skills
-Cold Tolerance
-Heat Sensitivity
-High Fecundity(High birthrate)
-Hive Mind
-Infrared Vision
-Night Vision
-Ultraviolet Vision(added myself)
-Polarized sense (Not what you'd think. Sense of the race can quickly adjust to changing conditions)
-Quick Maturity
-Toughness (It... Won't... DIE!)
-Winged Flight

Alien sheet:  Jergo

(Section 1 -- Biology)
Type                 : Terrestrial
Appearance           : Worm-like
Gravity preferences  : 0.0 – 5.0 g
Temperature pref.    : Anything between the cold of space and the heat of space
Atmosphere breathed  : Nitrogen/Oxygen
Body cover           : Exoskeleton
Body color           : Brown
Hair                 : Millions of tiny vibration-feeling hairs.
Hair color           : Brown
Eyes                 : Vibration Sense
Eyes color           : None
Body characteristics : Worm-like
Diet                 : Omnivore, Lithovore
Sexual reproduction  : Sexual
Reproduction method  : Live Birth
Limbs pair n° 1 : Unknown number of tentacles coming from mouth.
Mass :  ~25 kg
Size :  ~50 cm from front to end

(Section 2 -- Culture)
  Militancy       : 20
  Determination   : 20
  Racial tolerance: 0
  Progressivness  : 10
  Loyalty         : 0
  Social cohesion : 16
  Art             : 0
  Individualism   : 18
  Body            : 15
  Mind            : 8
  Speed           : 5(Aboveground), 15(Belowground)
  Lifespan        : 40 Earth Years
  Tech level      : 7

(Section 3 -- Government and Religion)
Government type   : Anarchy
Religion          : Varied
Devotion          : Varied

(Section 4 -- Extra things you should know)
Special abilities:
-Acid Secretion/Blood
-No Sense of Smell or Taste
-Cold Tolerance
-Heat Tolerance
-Disease Tolerance
-Fast Healing
-High Fecundity(High Birthrate)
-Odious Racial Habit(Cannibalism, Eating other Sentients)
-Pressure Support(Not enough for the vacuum of space)
-Quick Maturity
-Toughness (It... Won't... DIE!)
-Ultrasonic communication
-Ultrasonic hearing
-Vibration sense (Race is very sensitive to vibrations)
-Vibrolocation (Echolocation turned up to 11! Able to echolocate by only using ambient noise)

Alien sheet:  Gra(Both Varieties)

(Section 1 -- Biology)
Type                 : Terrestrial
Appearance           :  Reptilian
Gravity preferences  : 1.0 – 2.0 g
Temperature pref.    : Temperate
Atmosphere breathed  : Nitrogen/Oxygen
Body cover           : Scales
Body color           : Shifts if Dar’, is Varied if Li’
Hair                 : None
Hair color           : None
Eyes                 : Four
Eyes color           : Black
Body characteristics : A long “tongue” coming out of their mouth, used to control animals if Li’, cut off from birth if Dar’.
Diet                 : Omnivore
Sexual reproduction  : Sexual
Reproduction method  : Eggs
Limbs pair n° 1,2,3 : Arm-Legs
Mass :  ~100 kg
Size : 2 m from head to tail

(Section 2 -- Culture)
Attributes: The first is Li’, the second is Dar’
  Militancy       :  8,15
  Determination   : 16,19
  Racial tolerance: 18,8
  Progressiveness  : 10,10
  Loyalty         : 10,10
  Social cohesion : 10,10
  Art             : 8,12
  Individualism   : 10,10
  Body            : 12,16
  Mind            : 11,11
  Speed           : 15,15
  Lifespan        : ~100 Years
  Tech level      : 7

(Section 3 -- Government and Religion)
Government type   : Republic
Religion          : , Ahmism
Devotion          : Varied

(Section 4 -- Extra things you should know)
Special abilities:
-Bonus Skills
-(Dar’)Chameleon Skin
-(Li’)Non-sentient Ahm-Life control
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Post by: Raz on January 01, 2010, 07:40:59 am
Vantry Home System Data

(Section 1 -- System)
Star: Tapnam
Star Type: Medium Yellow(Sun-Twin)
Planet #1: Ahm
Planet #2: A massive ring of asteroids, failed planets, stretching for dozens of AU from Ahm’s orbit. Why they failed to form is a mystery.

(Section 2 -- Terrain and Atmosphere)
Size: 1.5 Earths
Gravity: 1.8g
Average Temperature: Mild
Liquid: Oceans of Water
Land-Liquid Ratio: 50%-50% (Ahm’s doing, of course)
Average Terrain: Tropical
Continents: 1
Density: Dense
Composition: Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Water Vapor, Other Trace Elements
Length of Day: Based on rotation, the “Day” is 31 Hours, but the actual Day never ends.
Length of Year: 80 Earth Days, ~62 Vantry Days

(Section 3 -- Life)
Main Species: Vantry(Li’ and Dar’Gra, Milute, Ragta, Jergo)
Native Animals: Varied and Plentiful Fauna
Imported Animals: None
Native Plants: Varied and Plentiful Flora
Imported Plants: None

(Section 4 -- Development)
Structures: Complex Buildings
% Urban: 100% of Land, 10% of Ahm
Spaceports: Orbital(To be built eventually)
Imports: Refined and Manufactured Materials(Obvious damage to Ahm’s ecology has long been outlawed)
Exports: Food, Raw Materials, “Rare” Jems(Practically an enormous unlimited supply due to Ahm’s ability to produce diamonds and other crystals as if they were nothing.), Advanced Technology
Capital: Vantry Prime, a “floating” city on the sky-shield, suspended only by robust connections to the sky-shield.
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Vantry History: Day 0 to the Li’Gra First Record of History

   “Vantry history can be explained back to Day 0 purely because of the Ragta. Without them, we would only be able to guess at what occurred before we Li’Gra could record history. The only peculiar thing about the Ragta stories is how all-knowing they often are. How could what is essentially a slug with a crystalline shell know everything that was going on beneath the sky-shield? The only answer is that their supposed ability to “speak” to Ahm has enabled them to know things that only a God could know. The logical connection is that Ahm is God.” – The Book of Ahm, Chapter 1: Arguments for Ahm’s Godhood, Verse 1

The only reason the Vantry can say “Look upon our history…,” is because of the Ragta. History requires the passage of time, but when the passage of time cannot be physically tracked, history falls apart, as it does on Ahm. There is no sunrise or sunset, no night sky, and consequently, no visible stars, nor is there a passage of seasons. To the Vantry, for thousands of years, there was only Ahm, their world, and no evidence to the contrary. Sitting in their crystalline bubble, the Vantry likely would’ve been content to remain within its heavenly, perfect confines, believing there wasn’t a world beyond the sky-shield, if it weren’t for the Ragta. From the moment the first Ragta recieved the Voice of Ahm, they knew that time existed. The Ragta, only, could speak to Ahm and see beyond the sky-shield, peer into the depths of space, see the burning Tapnam star for what it was. But they never became egotistical with their knowledge, like a species such as the Milute or Dar’Gra might, and so they set out to record History, as Ahm saw it.

At Ahm’s request, the Ragta never speak of the Before-Time, the period before sentient life existed on Ahm, though they know of it. But they have carefully documented, in the physical realm, everything since. Though, the exact location of the Archive is unknown to non-Ragta, and they guard its location as if it were more important than anything else in the universe. But there are those who doubt its existence, believing that with all the knowledge of Ahm at their disposal the moment they connect to Ahm, there would be no need for a physical archive. This is possible because they say that the period between the first Li’Gra historical record and Day 0 can be summed up in one word, “Boring.” Nothing much happened besides the spread of the five races, though each kept their distance from each other, wary of the other.
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Vantry History: The Brother War and the Worm War

   "The damn worms are all around and beneath us here at Fort Regulin, and it's only a matter of time before they sink the entire fort. The fearless scouts keep listening to the ground, reporting that they can hear the worms digging like mad. No ****. The ground itself is shaking like some kind of unbalanced rock trying to keep itself from falling off a pen point, and every time one of my men falls, a few worms come up out of the ground suddenly, ripping him apart until there's nothing left. But that's not the worst thing about this position. The worst thing is that we got sent out here to fight an enemy we can't see, can't attack, can't even defend ourselves against. The damn King's Engineers told us that we'd be building the fort on granite, that the worms couldn't break through solid granite. So much for that idea.

   "Why the hell are we out here? To be bait? Food for the worms? I would've never thought that saying could apply to the living, until I came here. There's nothing to be gained by holding this position, which will just mean we'll die eventually. All we learned is that they can break through any rock, and no place is safe. Damn worms. We've got to try to run." - Li'Gra Lieutenant Marshan, report found on mangled body just south of Fort Regulin, then a gaint hole in the ground, Year 108 Li.

The Li'Gra were the first to form a semblance of civilization beyond the tribal, and they took advantage of this to expand across all the plains of Ahm within a century. While the Li'Gra expanded, the Dar'Gra carefully watched, wary, waiting for the possible enemy to come to them so that they might strike it. The Dar'Gra disregarded the similarities between them and the Li'Gra, mostly because of their jealously of the Li'Gra' technologies. But the Li'Gra cannot also be called the innocent victims in the bloodshed that ensued between the two races, because their greed for wood drove them to push into the forests;the outer realm of the Dar'Gra tribes. Which race struck first is unknown, but they both retaliated in kind, sparking the first Brother War. But the Dar'Gra were not the most dangerous threat to the Li'Gra Kingdom, no, that threat was not above in the trees, it laid below, in the very dirt the Li'Gra once thought solid and stable.

The Jergo originally existed only in the Archian Desert that is the only point on Ahm to not recieve rain in any good amount, and, consequently, if no rain fell in one year, there would be a sudden constricting of the land's ability to feed its inhabitants. This is what happened in 107 Li. Driven out of the desert by a lack of food, the Jergo suddenly found a feast in the plains, forests, and jungles of Ahm. The first recorded attack is on a Li'Gra village, by a medicine doctor who managed to barely escape with five limbs still attached to his body, "The ground shook suddenly. It was like nothing I'd ever felt before, and I am old;nearly sixty-two at the time. None of the oral histories spoke of the ground shaking, so we all assumed it was the end of the world, and gathered around the village center, holding hands and waiting. In a way, we forced it to be the end of our world by being so stupid.

"They, the worms, came up out of the ground all around us, between us, under us. Some were dragged down still alive, kicking and screaming. This fate generally befell the children. I witnessed one of the beasts swallow four eggs whole, and then retreat back into the ground from... I... I don't wish to describe the other deaths... Manglings... My own child ripped in half before my eyes. I'll never forget those sights, even when my own sight is gone. One of them took one of my arms off seconds after they attacked. I didn't feel the pain;too in shock. I just started running, sprinting, as fast as I could to get the hell away. Others ran. I saw the worms devour them too.

"I guess I got lucky... But if there's one thing I'll never let go after that, never forgive myself for, it was for leaving a youngling to bleed to death on the ground, all his arms ripped off. I guess the worms had their fill of him. Maybe they thought it was funny to watch us slowly die. I'll never know. I just know I kept running." From then on, it was war between the Li'Gra and Jergo, even if it was somewhat of a one-sided affair. The Li'Gra Kingdom struggled to hold back the Jergo, and was forced to give up on the wood of the forests in order to prevent a two-front war, although technicially, a war with the Jergo is a war with the front everywhere.

The Li'Gra tried everything they could to stop the Jergo, walls, special weaponry that failed, building on supposedly safe rock. None of it worked. The Jergo dug under and collapsed the walls, their acidic blood melted the Li'Gra bronze weapons, and they still managed to break through the harder rock layers, though they did so slowly. The Li'Gra searched in desperation for some metal which the Jergo couldn't melt, and found their savior in iron. Iron working gave the Kingdom a chance to fight back, armoring its soldiers with iron armor that the Jergo were also unable to bite through, on their arms, as arms had always been the most targeted feature in Li'Gra-Jergo fights. For a weapon, the Li'Gra invented the Bai'Chan, or "Wind Snapper", a spear that got its name from the snapping sound of the air being "cut" when a Li'Gra warrior struck with it. The main difference between the Wind Snapper and a regular spear was that the Wind Snapper was entirely metal, and had a spearhead shaped like a flattened pick-axe.

Ultimately, things settled into a kind of stalemate, with the Jergo making attacks every now and then in Kingdom territory, and the Dar'Gra keeping to themselves in the trees. At least, it lasted until the Milute decided to bring their sharp wings into the equation.
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Oh, I can't wait for the next installment of their history. I always did love history, have I ever mentioned that? You do a great job of describing the wars in such a way that I actually connect with the characters emotionally. Fantastic job, and keep up the good work!
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I love this topic. I absolutely love it.
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Vantry History: Death From Above, Below, Everywhere

   "Sometimes I silently worry to myself that something is against my Kingdom. Something wants to bring it down. Maybe it's simple paranoia. But what else can explain a three-front war erupting within a decade? The Corrupted (at that time, most Li'Gra held the belief that the Dar'Gra were in fact Li'Gra who had become twisted by some demonic force) from the trees, the worms from below, and now, those buzzing beasts in the sky, striking from nowhere and returning to nowhere. The buzzers strange. They never eat any of our dead, and they never take any valuables. It's as if they just come for amusement about tearing apart the helpless land-walkers. One of the insane survivors thought he heard them counting their kills, trying to outdo one another. But to do so is to be intelligent, and to be intelligent is to work together, like Li'Gra... it's impossible for these buzzers to think beyond murder.

   "Then again... we've tried taming the buzzers and the worms, both failures. Nothing that is mere animal has ever resisted our control. The obvious conclusion is that they are, in fact, intelligent... but it's an impossibility. I cannot call something which kills for fun or eats anything that moves 'intelligent'. They are undeserving of the term. Moving onto my main journal entry's point... Flyers have discovered one of the buzzer Hives. Apparently they live on the great crystal trees, high above the ground. General Fran wants to strike them immediately with as many Flyer platoons as we have remaining, hoping to drive the Hive out of the area long enough to reinforce our position on the ground. It's suicidal, but Fran always did want a glorious death. Maybe he'll get one. I approved his proposal. As my Kingdom burns around me, what reason is there to prolong the pain?" - Li'Gra King Erie's Journal, 3-7-109.

General Fran is perhaps one of the most infamous characters of Li'Gra history. Known for leading charges against Jergo "Quake Waves" and soaring directly into Milute Swarms, his glory is overshadowed by the fact that he was always envious of the Crown, and by later discoveries that he had been heavily involved in illegal services within the Kingdom. Conspiracy theories abound that Fran someone lured both the Jergo and Milute to the Kingdom, in order to take his eventual place as Emperor, but such theories are unfounded. The Jergo themselves admit to simply thinking the Li'Gra tasted nice, while the Milute have never spoken about their reasons for razing Li'Gran city after Li'Gran city. The only known truth about the Milute during the second century is that they first attacked at the beginning of 109 Li, and maintained a strict hit-and-run doctrine of warfare. Or, to be more accurate, slash-and-fly.

With so many pressures from the outside world, it was only a matter of time before the Kingdom dissolved into chaos, a chaos which only one Li'Gra could possibly think to take advantage of; Fran. General Fran succeeded in his mad attack on the Milute Hive, catching the entire Hive off-guard;they had never been attacked in their own territory. With the pure element of surprise, Fran managed to scramble a Hive mind into terror, eventually managing to force the Milute to collectively agree that they needed to haul ass as far away from this lunatic land-walker as their wings would take them. But it must be said that Fran did have some serious courage, or foolishness, as he landed within the Hive itself, dismounted from his Scrah, and proceeded to hunt down and kill the Hive Queen with his bare hands. He brought her head back on a stake, declaring, " Kill the Queen; Kill the Hive! " Unfortunately, many of the confused Milute decided that the best place to run was towards the Kingdom capital, and returned amid flames and bodies. From there, history becomes sketchy. Some say he discovered King Erie dead, others say he offed him while he was injured, and still others say that Erie committed suicide, unable to watch his Kingdom burn around him. The important thing is that General Fran was quickly promoted to Iron-Fisted Emperor Fran, and he laid down the laws that saved the "Kingdom", really an Empire,(what was left of it) from all three species.

Perhaps the most important thing Emperor Fran did was establish contact with the Ragta, when all other Li'Gra would've dismissed them as a electrical idiots. With the Ragta's assistance, Fran managed to decipher the most effective method of Milute destruction; Magnetic Disorientation. The Ragta passively knew that the Milute and their ancestors had relied upon the unique magnetic fields generated around Ahm's sky-shield supports to know how to return home. Fran managed to convince the Ragta to manipulate the magnetic crystals within the supports to disband entire Milute Hives, their individuals sent wandering confused through the atmosphere, in the first display of Ahmical Warfare;Warfare based on manipulation of Ahm. (What Fran didn't realize what that the Ragta had actually requested Ahm change its magnetic crystals in the supports, with a kind of irony;Milute individuals eventually found Hives of their own. Fran was in fact multiplying the strength of the Milute, though he had moved their forces farther away from the Empire's borders. As with all Ahmical Warfare, there's always that bite-you-in-the-ass catch that Ahm manages to get into every agreement between itself and Ragta, though the Ragta care not what happens to the outer world. Whether or not this catch is one Ahm engineered itself, or a natural byproduct of the ecosystem of Ahm, doesn't matter. In reality, Ahm has never assisted either species to gain an advantage over the others.)

Peaceful at last, the Empire grew slowly, reclaiming lost land, until it returned to its former glory.(Constant skirmishes with the "Corrupted", Worms, and Buzzers excluded.) Though, their time as the only "superpower" on Ahm was soon to end, as one Dar'Gra was on a quest to unite the various clans under one banner.
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Rough drafts uploaded on first post.
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They look even better than I imagined! I'm really looking forward to more history.
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Vantry History: The Rise of the Dar'Gra Dominion and the Fall of both Empire and Dominion

   "Grak likes to crush the puny Stillskins. More so than any other Dar'Gra, and that makes him especially well equipped in our ongoing war with the Stillskins. Their ability to command beasts is only more confirmation that they are against the Forests and Nature, and their Voice must be silenced. We already made our Covenant with Nature when the first Dar'Gra cut off his tongue, so that no beast may lose its Voice to obey him. Nature affirms our Crusade against the Stillskins by the hordes of the Worms that attack the Stillskins from below, and the swarms of the Buzzers that attack them from above. Therefore, Nature wants us to attack as well, and her Will must be done. Grak seeks to unify the Tribes into a fighting force, to finally finish the Stillskins, but we can only do so together. Together, they have held out against us, but if we are together, we will finish the job. Join Grak, join us, join the Dominion, brothers and sisters, and Nature's Will will finally be done!" - A Dominion Propaganda Speaker

The Dar'Gra known only as "Grak" is a mysterious figure in their history. For every realistic portrayal of Grak, there are ten unrealistic ones. Sorting the truth from the myth is a difficult job. The only certainty is that Grak was born in the Southern Jungles, to a powerful Dar'Gra chief who, when he died, gave his power to Grak. Grak then systematically led the tribe to diplomatically assimilate or conquer every other tribe in the Southern Forests and Jungles. From there, he spread his territory through the Empire-controlled plains separating the Northern Forests and Jungles from the Southern, and then assimilated all the tribes there. In a great pincer movement, Grak used the combined force of North and South to hammer the Empire's walls.

Even with Fran's leadership, the Empire fell from power, withdrawing to a few Fortress Cities, whose walls rose extremely high into the air. Imprisoned by both their own defensive walls and the Dar'Gra waiting outside, the Empire became nothing more than a few city-states. Ironically, this caused the Jergo and Milute to shift focus to the Dar'Gra, but the Dar'Gra were much more accustomed to actually fighting "stupid" animals. They used their immense ability to shift color quickly to confuse and disorient the Milute, while setting up ambushes for the Jergo by using bait animals. With time, Grak effectively conquered Ahm's surface, his Dominion spreading across every acre of land on the Continent, leaving only a few islands outside of the Dominion's control by 187 Li.

However, like all empires, the Dominion would crumble eventually, as the Dar'Gra, not caring about advancing technology, would be beaten again by the "Stillskins" in the technological arms race between the two cousin species. By 301 Li, the combined effort of Ragta and Li'Gra(The Ragta's extensive crystalline tunnels protected them from the Jergo, and allowed them to stay in contact with the Fortress Cities) led to the discovery of both Rifling and Gunpowder. With their weapons, far advanced beyond their time, their warriors trained until they could fire their firearms blind and still hit a target. However, the rifles weren't repeating, and they still needed minutes to be reloaded, so the Li'Gra resorted to column tactics to stage attacks, and melee training was still a priority for the troops. But the Flyer Brigades became godly, able to attack from the sky at a distance, remain safe to reload, and simple continue to attack, even continue additional pre-loaded rifles. But when the Fortress Cities pushed out and met each other's forces, instead of patting each other on the back, they exchanged lead in the first internal fights of the Li'Gra. The same occurred for the Dominion, which fell apart without Grak, who had died of old age decades before, to lead them in this time of adversity, splintering into dozens of smaller nations. It's no surprise that the Jergo ate well for many years afterwords.
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Vantry History: The "Dark" Times

   "The buzzers, they're everywhere now. The Ragta say that old Emperor Fran did this. That by separating their hives, he merely increased their numbers tenfold. They also say it's heavily straining Ahm's ecosystem, pushing it to the limit, but they just keep reproducing. So many of them... Most families hide beneath the ground now, not daring to leave our shoddy tunnels. In order to keep the worms out, we've had to line the tunnels and burrows with thick iron plating... Thankfully though, the buzzers seem to return home en masse at some point to sleep, at all once, so we can run out and harvest any food we can find. But, if we try to plant fields, the damned things land and slice up the soil with their wings. I don't know why they do it, it's almost intelligent, as if they know we use the fields for growing food, and just want to make our life harder. Messengers(brave Li' and Dar'Gra who run messages between the various Burrow Cities when the Milute return to their Hive Cities to sleep, an incredibly dangerous profession) tell us that it's the same everywhere; Li' and Dar'Gra hiding beneath the ground. Thankfully though, we've finally dropped our old superstitions about the Dar'Gra being some kind of corrupted demon, and they've mostly dropped their hate of us, due to our shared enemy which patrols the skies of both forest and grassland. Ahm... life is hard. Do something to crush these beasts, I beg you!" - Journal Entry of an unknown Li'Gra, 308 Li

305 was an extremely fateful year for the Vantry as a whole, showcasing the sudden growth of the already heavily expanded Hive Cities, resulting in the wholesale slaughter of every other sentient by the Milute Ultra-Swarms. Called the "Dark" Times, the Ultra-Swarms would often block out the light of Ahm as the descended on city after city. Even with gunpowder and rifles, the Li'Gra fell almost immediately, reduced to huddling around fires in deep burrows, along with their Dar'Gra brethren, while they continuously fought after Jergo invasion after Jergo invasion into the Burrow Cities. Life expectancy for the Li' and Dar'Gra was just long enough to reproduce and raise cubs for a few years, then usually die via Milute or Jergo. Consequently, many young Li' and Dar'Gra found themselves taking care of the orphans of their fallen relatives, stretching close familial bonds out across multiple cousins and removed cousins. The shared terror and harsh life of the Li' and Dar'Gra forced them to put to rest their old blood feuds, and actually give cooperation between the two cousin races a chance.

After a decade of this punishment, one could say that the Li'Gra's prayer above was answered, as Ahm scrambled the minds of many of the Milute Hive Cities, using such intense electro-magnetic fields to cause the mass death of most of the Hives, the Milute simply falling over onto the ground or out of the sky. However, in return, Ahm also decided to jump start the Milute' technology progression, as they were severely far behind in comparison to the Li'Gra, putting thoughts into the Hive Minds about new technologies with the same fields. At the same time, the Jergo, unable to feast as they once had, reduced in numbers. With Milute and Jergo populations lowered, the stage was set for a Golden Age of 'Gra progressiveness.
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( (
(Click to view the full-size image.)

This is the physical map of Ahm.
The brown is mountains, the lighter brown is higher mountains.
The light green is grassland/plains, while the darker green is jungle/forest.
The blue is deep water, the light blue is shallow water.
The darkish sand is higher desert, while the lighter sand is lower desert/dunes.

-Labeled map to come later.
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Very interesting. I'm hoping to see the labeled map soon.
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I spent about seven hours on that one, making it mostly by "hand" on computer, and several other hours drawing it up literally by hand. The labeled shouldn't be too hard, it's just a matter of placing high-contrast names over stuff.
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Vantry History: The Vantry-Milute War

   "315 was only a temporary end to the Dark Times. This is a fact that I realized, so I always pressed the government to expand, expand, expand the military. See, my family had certain amounts of dirt on the various council members that bound them around my little finger. But we were prepared for the War that I knew was coming, the big one. It was going to make the dark times look like a tiny bug in comparison. Before it happened though, the Industrial Revolution happened, and soon we were building watermill-factories everywhere, assembling weapons for no obvious reason at the time. One of the journalists coined the term 'Military-Industrial-Governmental' complex. I kind of liked this idea, it made me feel like I was doing something. But when all hell broke out, this particular journalist disappeared. Had him thrown in the river with cement on his body. We didn't need dissenters then, and we certainly don't need them now.

   "The Milute came down like a vibrating hammer, wielding actual technology instead of just their useless wings. I made them useless. I went down to the Ragta Tunnels, and reasoned with them. They knew what the Milute were up to, but wouldn't say what, just that it was going to be bad for the 'Gra. They said some stupid crap like 'Ahm sees your point, and grants you some of its flesh.' Stupid. But the Ragta paid up with Ragtan Alloy, some crystalline stuff that looks like the crystalline trunks supporting the sky. Super hard, super light. Perfect for armor. Perfect for stopping Milute wings and just about anything else they could throw at us. Ultimately, they had to get lucky with their puny arrows, and later, guns, by hitting the joints that weren't covered with armor. But for each one of us they take down, we killed a few hundred of them. There just happened to be a hell of lot more of them. But, by Ahm, we tore each and every Milute we could find apart.
" - General Jag Fran, descendant of Emperor Fran, 401 Li

The V-M War, or the 'War to End All Wars,' as some Vantry called it. The Vantry had been officially formed at the end of the Dark Times in 315 Li under the Vantry Council, a well-meaning but thoroughly controlled false government. The Frans were the ones who actually ran the show, particularly Jag. Jag was a perfect case of paranoia, always alert and aware, as well as a serious xenophobe. But as a Li'-Dar'Gra hybrid, he only hated the Jergo and Milute, like most 'Gra, though he often struggled with his Li'Gra heritage, unable to shift his skin color at will, but also unable to command non-sentients, he was left with the worst of both species. Perhaps his exclusion in childhood from most activities led to his near-insanity.

When the V-M War broke up, Jag was right at the front lines, blowing Milute out of the sky, and then sticking grenades in the corpses. And no one could do anything about what the General wanted to do. The Milute did what they could with their primitive technology, but they advanced quickly, even taking the Ragtan Armor from 'Gra corpses when they got the chance. They also became much craftier and diabolic in their planning, instead of Swarm Rushing the front.

Jag was also the General who first instituted the Patriot Act, which was really the exact opposite of what it would seem to mean. If you spoke out against the government, you either got killed, thrown in jail until the end of war, or given a rifle and a clip and told to serve as cannon fodder. Before Jag, the military was comparatively a bunch of sissies. After him, they were all bloodthirsty grizzled veterans looking to kill as many Xenos as they could. Boot Camp's kill rate, and it was a kill rate, was approximately 25%. Every fourth 'Gra died in Boot Camp, but they had no choice in whether or not to fight. However, every 'Gra that lived through it was changed forever. They were hardly even 'Gra anymore, more like terrifying demons with superior weaponry and armor, as well as strategic and tactical training. From then on, there were no true 'officers' in the Vantry military, only the current leaders, and every soldier was trained to replace their leader if, usually when, he had to.

The V-M War lasted 85 years, ending with the surrender of the Milute to the Vantry. This became known as the 'Great Shock,' because before it, no 'Gra believed the Milute to be truely intelligent. It was one thing to throw some stones or fire a gun, any animal with training could do that. It was quite another thing to surrender, something no animal did. Jag didn't want to accept the surrender, but he died late in 401, before the terms of surrender were finished. With Jag out of the way, only his young son Yag could do anything, but he was too young to understand the concept of blackmail, so the councilors were free to integrate the Milute into the Vantry.

However, the supposed thousand-year peace after the V-M War was not to be, as the mysteriously absent Jergo hid below the ground, being greatly influenced by the Roots of Ahm.
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Wow, this is detailed. It'll take me a while to read.
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Vantry History: The Long Peace and the Vantry-Jergo War

((For those who haven't realized it yet, I'm trying to complete their history before moving onto other things.))

   "We Frans have always anticipated the eventual war with the Jergo. It was inevitable. Our two species could not permanently exist without one subjugating the other. And so, we maintained the military, standing at the ready for what we knew would come. Whether it would be tommorow, the next year, or the next decade, didn't matter, only the fact that it was going to occur eventually, and we silently realized how devastating it would be. The Milute were one thing. You can see Milute coming from miles away. You can't see the Jergo right under your foot in the dirt.

   "What we didn't anticipate though, was that the Jergo were intelligent. That was the one thing we never saw coming, besides the fact that they somehow advanced to building complex machines during the Long Peace. Well. Not just any complex machines, F'in robotic war suits. How in Ahm's name they ever pulled that stunt off, I'll never know. I just know they build up their little suits, and we tear them down, though at a much higher cost to our own people. The old kill ratio was 1:100 in the V-M War. In the V-J War, it has dropped to 1:2. Most of the Generals constantly have hissy fits about the low ratio compared to the V-M War, but what do you expect? We were fighting bows and arrows during V-M. In the V-J, we're fighting an enemy that both tunnels beneath us, rolls over us in armored vehicles, and stomps on our skulls with their mecha suits. All the way, taking the time to eat our dead for food. For everyone of us they kill, we feed dozens of them. They even integrated our ammunition into their weapons. In short, we are their supplies. Cutting their supply lines doesn't accomplish anything, with all the underground warfare we go through, all the tunnels we collapse, we never realize how futile it all is to attempt to starve an enemy which runs on our flesh and ammo." - General Yag Fran, State of the Vantry Address, 492 Li.

In truth, the 'Long Peace' wasn't very long at all. The Vantry had expected a millenia of peace. They got less than a century.

In 489, the Jergo executed their 'Blitzkrieg of Extermination' on the Vantry cities, tunneling up from beneath in a sweeping lightning strike that wiped out almost 10% of the Vantry population in hours. The old horror stories of people being dragged into holes from the old days of the Jergo attacks quickly resurfaced, in greater numbers. The general Vantry populance remembered that the Jergo existed, and they were terrified once more. Millions were made off 'suicide pills' to be taken if a Jergo got hold of a Vantry, so they wouldn't have to endure the horrible death of being eaten alive. The Jergo took as many prisoners as they could, but no Vantry prisoner ever returned to normal life. So, the Vantry Military responded in kind; 'No Mercy' they spouted at the Jergo mechanized infantry that made its inevitable way to the 'front,' as more infantry and tanks drilled their way to the surface in 'home' territory.

The hardest fought war of the Vantry is also the most difficult to describe. Times were hectic, even for the Ragta historians. So many deaths, so many stories, all occurring in one relatively short amount of time confused even the Ragta. In the chaos, most events were lost. Even the Military doesn't remember exactly how they fought the Jergo, as most of their papers and records were burned as the Jergo laid siege to the military headquarters that constantly moved. What is definitive though, is that the Military gave up on trying to maintain either a ground or air-based headquarters, as the Jergo burned the ground attempts, and shot the air attempts out of the sky. So, they settled for the construction of Sanctuary, later to named as the capitol, Vantry Prime, on the sky-shield's underside. Sanctuary, or Vantry Prime, became the seat of power of the government very quickly, as well as the residence of every Vantry who could afford its safety, even if it wasn't very roomy at the time. 'Find Safety on the Sky' was its advertising slogan.

Somehow, the Vantry managed to defeat the Jergo through a combination of sheer determination and will, tactics, strategy, and nuclear weapons. Mostly nuclear weapons. They constructed them in Sanctuary, and delivered them by Drill-Missile deep into the Jergo Foundries, irradiating much of the underground, but also ripping out the hearts of the Jergo. Once the first nuke hit its target, it was a downhill slide for the Jergo, culminating in their surrender to the Vantry, and assimilation as well, in 699 Li.
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The Vantry System of Time

The Vantry, in all their wisdom, realized that their year was incredibly short compared to many other planets'. Their year, lasting only ~62 of their 'days', 80 of our's, was over very quickly. They knew that it would be almost pointless to count the years individually, as they would just pile up into some rather large numbers, rather quickly. So, a 'Li Year' is equivalent to five 'regular' years, ~310 of their 'days', 400 of our's. So, when counting their regular years, they say 1.4 Li Years, the equivalent of 7 regular Vantry years.

Interestingly, the Vantry have no months, only a count of the days from the last New Year's. So, for instance, they would write 76-234.8 to be read as, 'The 76th day of 234 Li, plus 4 regular years.'

For example, the V-J War lasted from 489 Li to 699 Li, 210 Li years. In actuality, it lasted 1050 regular Vantry years.

Building up from Li Years, they count the rest of time normally, centuries, millennia, etc.
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Interesting! I'm hooked on your histories so far, can't wait for more!
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Vantry History: Ahm's Retribution and Message

   "What is God? God is hard to quantify. Some say its omnipotence. Others think it's the ability to manipulate anything in the universe. We have used the word 'God' to describe many things, the fastest computer, the fastest runner, the best anything. But when I say God, I mean the synonym, 'Creator.' Ahm is our Creator, our Parent. But all Parents must occasionally punish their Children. So it was with the Retribution. We had to be shown the error of our ways, but nothing less than the Retribution would've awakened us to the Truth; That Ahm is God." - The Book of Ahm, Chapter 1: Arguments for Ahm's Godhood, Verse 2

After the surrender of the Jergo, the Vantry thought they had it made. They'd officially conquered the world and every intelligent species on it, what could be left?

The first sign of trouble was when the Ragta suddenly disappeared, like animals running away before an earthquake or tsunami occurs. Curious Vantry investigated the entrances to their tunnels, only to find them sealed, and not sealed lightly, sealed with many meters of Ragtan Alloy. Sonic readings taken of the ground revealed the tunnels had multiple seals, and the Ragta had assembled in the deepest parts of the tunnels. Readings of Ahm's electrical 'heart beats' were oddly high, and increasing. Vantry scientists warned that something big was going to happen, it was obvious, the signs were everywhere. Alarmists said that Sanctuary needed to be evacuated, immediately. The government scoffed at this idea, despite some scans indicating the crystal above it was cracking. Ahm's crystal never cracks, except on purpose or if the Vantry drill into it.

Perhaps on purpose, Ahm chose 700 Li for its retribution, the year that would forever be known as the 'End of N.B.C. Warfare'. On New Years,' the sky-shield opened up and unleashed hell, figuratively. All across Ahm, over the Vantry cities, the shy-shield, which stopped the heat of Tapnam from turning the surface into a molten sea, decided to stop doing its job. New Years parties everywhere were burned to a cinder, irradiated, and turned into plasma as the sky-shield metaphorically said "Burn baby burn," as it let the full force of Tapnam's light shine onto the cities. Within moments, the cities were showered with gamma and UV rays, and the searing brightness of 100% of Tapnam's light. Within minutes, entire cities melted and even exploded under the punishing glare, as solids suddenly converted to plasma in a matter of seconds. The searing hot wind from these blasts propagated across the surface of Ahm, killing millions more in the rural areas. As those in Sanctuary watched this all happen, the cracks above them suddenly connected, and they fell from the top of the world to the ground. After exactly three minutes, it was all over, and the Vantry had had their population reduced by ~75%.

It took weeks for the ground where the cities once were to cool, eventually solidifying into a glassy black surface similar to obsidian. But survivors later found that at the center of the once-largest city of Tarpur stood a massive crystalline square pyramid that seemed to be decorated with wavy lines. However, when a ballsier survivor thought he'd walk up to the pyramid instead of cower in fear, he discovered that each side contained the same message, but in different languages. One was in 'Gra, one in Milute, one in Jergo, and another in a language unlike anything he'd seen before. This survivor, a Li'Gra previously known by the name 'Davin Jule', became known as the 'Prophet'. He spent the remainder of his lifetime spreading Ahm's Message, as part of the self-written Book of Ahm. Boiled down, the Message's most important saying is, "Life is sacred. When you destroy life with your mechanical montrosities and factory-abominations and your weapons of mass destruction, you destroy me. When you try to destroy me, I will destroy you. I made you. I can end you. Fix yourselves or suffer the consequences." Suffice to say, the Message is actually incredibly long, thus the need for a gaint crystalline square pyramid.

Skeptics exist to this day, but Ahm's Message remains in the center of the obsidian wasteland once known as Tarpur, read by pilgrims every hour of every day, as a reminder of what happens when you destroy Ahm's ecosystem. From that day onward, the Vantry were as environmental as possible, growing their very cities from Ahm's 'flesh'.
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Damn, that's pretty harsh. Well, at least this forced them into becoming eco-friendly. It's kind of like Earth unleashing earthquakes and tsunamis on New York, Tokyo, Beijing, etc. and shining heavenly light on Copenhagen, then spelling out "BE NICE TO ME OR I WILL KILL YOU ALL" in the ground.
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They had had it coming for a while. I didn't mention how much smog there had been due to the weapons factories and such, and contamination of the water supply, etc. Living conditions once being horrible. It had even started a kind of climate change affect, because they have less atmosphere to influence(only a troposphere), even a small amount of greenhouse gas production can be major. On Earth, we have a huge amount of atmosphere to distill the gases. The only difference on Ahm was that Ahm could regulate the temperature despite the gases, though it was difficult, and didn't always go as planned because of the chaos of gas 'fluid dynamics'.
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Kinda like The Flood, eh?

Man, this reminds me of Captain Planet.

Still, serves them right for being such dirty freeloaders.
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Except 'The Flood' wiped out the entire planet. Ahm just melted most of the city, preserving the ecosystem(or what was left of it).

It's one thing to screw with a planet that's naturally habitable. It's quite another to screw with a planet that is alive and lets you live on it. It just took the Vantry a large slap in the face to realize this.  :P

Anyway, I think there will be one more history update, and then their history is mostly finished, and I can move onto other things.
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Vantry History: True Peace

   "Vantry Prime, the Juggernaught has broken through... Agh, my eyes!" - Astronaut/Engineer Roger Tearins, on the Juggernaut as it drilled through the sky-shield.

   "300 Li years of peace, a monumental accomplishment for the Vantry, considering their bloody tendencies. 900 regular years. Considered to be the de facto period of peace, it is only called 'True Peace' by those who think about it. But those who think of it are now few and far between, and the Vantry have forgotten the old pains of War. They maintain their Military as if ready to fight some unseen menace, but they are no longer real Military men. The old veterans are long dead; turned to dust in their graves. The Vantry have forgotten War, have forgotten what it means to be soldiers, to fight, and die, for survival. I hold my issue with the Vantry by the old adage;'He who doesn't remember history, is doomed to repeat it.' Si via no Ragta, 'Ragta Never Forget' If only this applied to the Vantry as a whole. They do not realize what approaches, slowly, crawling through the streets of their minds and collective subconscious, because they cannot recognize the enemy for what is truly is; War." - Ragtan Supreme Elder Ma'Kai Zuma, speaking to his brethren.

   "Greed? Hah, you accuse me of Greed when you yourselves sit comfortably within your homes, play your games, hardly work, and lounge around? I think you are the ones guilty of Greed; Greed for Comfort. I am out searching for new ores and minerals so that you may sit within your homes. I am out digging beneath Ahm's surface. My life is full of work, 31 hours a day, every day. I am merely the Provider; you are the Demander. When you get to the root of the problem, the problem is you people, with your petty demands. The Corporations exist because you demand them to. Don't bite the hand that feeds you. " - Altcom Inc. CEO Claudin III

The period of 700 Li to ~950 Li is perhaps the most tumultuous in all Vantry history, despite the lack of wars. After the survivors of Ahm's Retribution began to reestablish themselves with the novel concept of asking Ahm to grow cities for them, out of its own flesh, they realized just how grateful they should be. As the beginning of the Eco-Balance Revolution, thousands of new ideas emerged in a massive Golden Age. Or Crystalline Age, as many of the inventions created involved some use of crystalline substances.

Sudden, massive growth and expansion resurrected the Corporations, bringing them to greater power than ever before. The tendrils of their control stretched across all the conventional products that a population demanded;food, fuel, and family. They planted the fields in the sections of city designated as agriculture by Ahm, they expanded on Ahm's solar powered external walls with windmills and other 'eco-balance' power sources, and they built the schools that reeducated the survivors, as well as the universities and grants given to researchers to produce new technology. The Corporations literally rebuilt society, from the foundation up. And, eventually, some Vantry had problems with the Corporations' amount of control over their lives.

Led by leaders such as Motanda Guhluk and Mandan Lutana, the 'Civil Disobedience' Movement brought out the hidden evils in the Corporations, bringing the reclusive police that once merely made sure things ran smoothly, to make sure things ran smoothly. The police's logic was simple, these people were disrupting the way of things, stopping traffic, and blockading the malls that kept the people happy. They had to be removed. But, like fighting terrorism in some other country with terrorism of your own, the police brutality only made more Resistance members. Soon, the Corporations were seen less as 'Big Brother,' and more as 'Big Bully'.

The process was slow, as the media were specifically told not to refer to the Resistance as anything other than 'Traitors to Our Way of Life', so information had to travel by letter and verbally. But with the invention of the CrystalNet, information spreading like a 'disease,' as the CEOs jokingly called it. They did their best to clamp down on the servers sending out this information, but for every server disconnected, two more popped up across the world.

After nearly 150 Li years of a tug-of-war between the Resistance and the Corporations, the Corporations eventually had to cave in, as they realized that their entire population was now rallied against them. The Corporations themselves couldn't function without their workers. So they signed the Vantry Constitution, bringing about the Council and the current Vantry government. Sanctuary was rebuilt, and christened Vantry Prime, to house the government.

With victory obtained, the Resistance naturally shifted back into the old way of life, leaving the main issues to the Council. With their newfound sense of empowerment, the rate of technological increase nearly doubled. After a year of advancement, life in the previous year seemed old and outdated (both in Li and regular years). Having lost essentially all sense of xenophobia, the Vantry began to listen to the stories of their Ragtan brethren;stories of the Stars. When asked if the Vantry could break through the sky-shield, the Ragta merely replied, "To do so is to go into the unknown. To go into the unknown, is to commit suicide." Most interpreted the Ragtan words literally, but the more intelligent scientists related 'suicide' to a suicide of the current way of life. So, they forged ahead, trying to figure out how to break on through to the other side.

It took 50 Li years of dedication, but the final result was the Juggernaut; A massive diamond drill that would literally crawl upwards with a huge number of mechanical legs, eventually breaking through into space by creating a corkscrew shape within the sky-shield that would still allow Ahm to block harmful radiation. Crewed by a plethora of engineers that donned primitive exosuits, it eventually rolled onto the top of the sky-shield. The only issue was that the engineers weren't prepared for the blinding light that is the reflectiveness of the sky-shields' surface. They quickly pushed their darkened visors down, and had to wait a few minutes for their eyesight to return before looking around. Even the mecha suit sensors of the Jergo were severely disrupted by the sheer brightness.

Over the course of a few more years, Vantry Beta was built on top of the corkscrew-tunnel dug by the Juggernaught, primarily as a scientific outpost, but later to become the center of space exploration. Dozens of telescopes were built on Vantry Beta, though they only worked when Ahm was facing away from Tapnam, they worked exquisitely. Without any atmosphere interference, and with some blinders to stop excess light, they peered into the depths of the universe. The only issue with Vantry Beta was the intense heat and light of Tapnam, that forced half the day to be utterly useless for the Vantry scientists that wished to look outward. So the solution of space stations in orbit of Tapnam was proposed, and immediately jumped upon by the scientific community. Dozens of Li years later, many Tapnam-Orbiter telescopes were deployed deeper into space.

The telescopes were quickly followed by manned space stations, and deep space research stations after them. Without other planets to explore, the Vantry could only expand outward through asteroid-filled space. Spurred by the issues of spaceflight and survival, they developed shields and sophisticated ways of using Ragtan Alloy(slap some panels on a ship and you're set for radiation, real sophisticated). The only problem with spaceflight was that the Corporations found no use for it; there wasn't anything valuable in space, as the asteroids belts were devoid of anything useful. So, the only development was scientific in nature.

With a greatly built up research department in space, it was only a matter of time before the secret to FTL was discovered. In 937 Li, Warp Theory was proved, and was almost immediately applied practically. It took a few mishaps(explosions and other assorted fun stuff such as sudden black holes that lived long enough to punch a sizable hole in the research stations' walls) involving precautionary Tapnam-Orbiter stations, but the final result was a working drive in 942 Li. Almost immediately, massive construction on prototype scout ships began, ushering in the Age of Galactic Exploration.
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Vantry Cities on Ahm

Vantry cities on Ahm can be likened to blue, crystalline trees that grow into the sky, getting larger and larger, until they finally end up becoming like the Sky-Shield Supports, stretching from Sky-Shield to the surface. This is a pretty good metaphor for the most part, especially since the cities are in fact the 'flesh' of Ahm which naturally grows and adds more rooms. Within the tree-cities, it can be thought as if the tree is hollowed out, with hundreds of levels connected by a central shaft that the Vantry usually build lifts on and within. Within the hollowed out levels, roadways and such are laid, farms are constructed, etc, with each level receiving different classifications. Beyond that, Vantry designs can be likened to 'modern' and 'industrial' designs, sometimes 'classic' designs are used simply for that sense of the old, as most ancient Vantry cities no longer exist, the Milute Hives excepted. Beyond the 'bark' of the tree-cities, the natural wildlife and land grows without Vantry intervention.
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That. Is. Beautiful.

Giant termite-like megalopolises for the win!
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I finally got around to making a more accurate depiction of the 'Gra as I now envision them... Though I don't quite remember how to resize images in the forum code itself... just HTML.
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[img width=500][/img]

Glad to see you guys are back! :)
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I've still been 'here', the Economic Issues thread an obvious sign, but I've been distracted by other things lately.