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Title: graid introduction (rp type thing)
Post by: Crazen on December 19, 2009, 11:07:36 pm
four explorations caravels of the graidient senatorial were deployed to search the stars for habitable worlds. with the graid's low requirements to survive, this was easily accomplished by three of the crafts, within the (relatively) short period of 219 standard years. however, one ship had more difficulties.

the crew of The Efficient Cause had heard of its sister vessels's exploits. captain of the ship, lesser Magistrate Nauphuskeh (longer name= more respect) was distraught upon this news. they had not been equipped for a return journey; it was decided they would gather the necessary resources on the planet they colonized. even if they could turn back, the failure would be a mark of shame.

"if I could just find something out here..." then, an idea struck him. so outlandish, he at first was discouraged to suggest it.

" Dehsa" he called to his communication servant. "ready the message relay"
"at once sir" Dehsa replied "what shall we tell the senatorial?"
"its not them I want you to send it too" the magistrate said "send out a basic every direction"
Title: Re: graid introduction (rp type thing)
Post by: SimplyNecro on December 20, 2009, 09:24:59 pm
The Graid sent their signal into space.... and something had indeed listened, something had heard them, though they may not like exactly what it was, The signal was not detected by the entire Core Combine invasion fleet, but it did get the attention of one ship, who reported it to the others and was then sent to investigate, two battleships would be enough two investigate such a signal... after a few minutes of the Graid broadcasting their signal a distortion in space appeared and out of it appeared two strange looking vessels that looked like large grey armored cuddlefish, Core Combine battleships.

On one of the battle ships a minor Skrall commander named Vokonar was aboard one of the battleships, the ship did not look very well armed, easy pickings though instead of outright destroying it, boarding it would be more profitable then they could figure out where it came from, giving them the location of a new world to invade and a new race to enslave.

The Graid soon where receiving a strange alien signal though it was broadcasting in an alien language making it incomprehensible.

((Darn this is possibly one of the shortest posts I have ever typed....))
Title: Re: graid introduction (rp type thing)
Post by: Crazen on December 20, 2009, 09:58:07 pm
"magistrate. we have a communication. I do not understand it. it is not of us" exclaimed the clearly unsettled communicator

"what do you mean of that?" said a puzzled Nauph.

"look out the viewport"

he peered out. a large piece of metal. but then he looked closer.

"its another craft! within the offworld(their name for space)!"

he paused to look more carefully.

"and it is approaching our broadside..."

(wow. almost all dialogue. that shouldnt happen long)
Title: Re: graid introduction (rp type thing)
Post by: Yuu on December 20, 2009, 11:48:25 pm
Unbeknown to the two parties, another observer has taken notice of the nondescript signal.

"Hey, Taluim, I think I'm picking something up.", Sari said to his co-pilot. "Strange. There isn't supposed to be any traffic going through this part of space..."

"Open a line to HQ.", Taluim replied. "Let's check it out."

//HQ this is Tesa-12 reporting a signal originating from area 15-23-67.

Requesting back-up, we are on our way to investigate, over.//

//Tesa-12 this is HQ, sending Tesa-15 and Tesa-2 to your location, over.//

//Roger that.//

Unknown to Taluim and Sari, they were about to face their largest challenge since joining the GPA-Attachment of the 125th Luzonian Fighter Wing.
Title: Re: graid introduction (rp type thing)
Post by: SimplyNecro on December 21, 2009, 06:06:18 am
The transmission simply kept repeating to the Graid ship and each time it was said the tone seemed to get more hostile and maybe frustrated, and the fact that those to battle ships where turning most of their weapons towards the Graid ship as well as powering them up pretty much meant that these guys where NOT here to have tea and crumpets Vokonar was REALLY losing patience... not like he had much from the start.

though the message was still incomprehensible to the Graid it could basically be translated as such...

//Unknown vessel, power down your systems and prepare to be boarded Skrallification and interrogation procedures will proceed shortly// It was said in a harsh staccato tone (Kinda like if you put a Dalek and a Grox together) that hardly said "Hey we want to be friends mind letting us in?"

The battleships where moving closer and closer to the Efficient Cause and if they got aboard that ship, no Graid would be spared they would either be killed or Skrallified, or have their brain probed for information THEN Skrallified or killed, the whole reason they where even making the effort to board the ship was to once again get the information from the Graids data files as to where the ship came from and with that data locate a new planet or planets to expand to, such was the Skrall instinct to do so.
Title: Re: graid introduction (rp type thing)
Post by: Yuu on December 21, 2009, 06:31:10 am
"The signal's getting stronger and stronger.", Sari said. "We're on the right track."

"Good.", Taluim replied. "Found anything solid yet?"

Sari looked at his scanners and still saw no signs of any spacecraft.

"None so far...", he said while flipping through several sensor readings. His scanning was interrupted, however, when he saw two small spacecraft flash on the very edge of their variable armor's scanner readouts.

//Tesa-12 this is Tesa-2 redirected to area 15-23-67 as ordered. Do you copy?//

It was the reinforcements Taluim requested from HQ.

Soon after, another variable armor joined the pair and the three made their way to intercept the signal.
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Post by: Crazen on December 21, 2009, 12:13:54 pm
"magistrate, the craft will soon be where we are. is it going to ram us?"

"no... I don't thing so" said Nauph, slowly.

"but I am uneasy. these signals are disturbing. see too it the guardians are on full alert. and open the  hanger. if this turns volatile, I would rather 'it' go through the entrance."

the boarding area is a small hanger, capable of letting in a five man craft, at best.

the ships guardians, half a dozen 15 foot (about 5 meters?) tall graidient elite, trained in peacekeeping should a graid go irrational, are well honed warriors. with personal shields, foot-long superheated blades, they are a formidable foe amongs graid.  

the gaurds equip their facemasks, and head to the entryway.
Title: Re: graid introduction (rp type thing)
Post by: SimplyNecro on December 21, 2009, 05:41:54 pm
Unfortunately the Graid had somewhat miscalculated, they where dead wrong in their expectancy for the Core Combine to just waltz in through their hanger with a shuttle... the Core Combine was not a really a "waltz through the door type" they where more like a "go around the door and break down the wall type" the ships did not bother to release a shuttle to board the hanger, they where going to just flat out board it using a battle ship.

The first battle ship turned some of its weaponry towards the Graid ship, most specifically the engines, basically to make sure the Graid did not try to escape once they realized what was going on, once the engines where targeted, Vokonar gave the order to fire, a combination of heatray burst, and gravity missiles hit the side of the Graid ship, but most of them targeted the engines, the battleship surprisingly did not use its railguns.

The second battleship was closing in on the other side of the Graid ship, intending to use its Dorvans to drill through its hole.


Dorvan- A wormlike creature designed by the Core Combine that lives inside certain cavities of all ships, usually frigates, it is used to pierce the hull of an enemy ship then allow boarding parties to enter.

Title: Re: graid introduction (rp type thing)
Post by: Crazen on December 21, 2009, 06:25:10 pm
"they mean to destroy us? what kind of challenger would do such a heinous move?"

"few, and far between , in my experience. but we must retaliate."

" ready our armaments"(environmental suits) and release the galling (a fuel. gaseous substance that disintigrates the softer bits of creatures. your guys cant know this, btw) ; just let it through our entire craft"
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Post by: Yuu on December 21, 2009, 09:03:22 pm
"Taluim!", Sari spat as he almost jumped off his seat. "We're getting a very powerful signal! And it's coming from the exact same location!"

Sensors went wild as the energy signal generated by the weapons reached the ship's sensors, which were currently calibrated to detect extremely weak signals.

"Everyone scramble!", Taluim yelled through the communicator as he swiveled his craft away from his current position, anticipating the chance that they might be the ones being targeted by the hypothetical weapon strike.

//Tesa-2, Tesa-15, what's your status?!//

//Tesa-12, this is Tesa-2, damage negative.//

//Tesa-12, this is Tesa-15, damage negative.//

"Good.", Taluim slighted as he kept himself vigilant.

The attack on them was thankfully a false alarm. However, moments later, he heard another message from one of the other fighters, and it was very far from being pretty.

//Tesa-12, this is Tesa-15 reporting one, no, TWO vessels at 1'o'clock! Medium sized and ARMED! I repeat, ARMED, over!//

Taluim let off a big sigh as he contacted HQ.

"We're gonna need more back-up."

//HQ, this is Tesa-12 detecting two medium vessels in area 15-23-67! Both are armed and attacking an unidentified target!

Requesting further back-up!

I repeat! Requesting further back-up!//

"Sari, ready the directional communicator.", Taluim said to his copilot. "Well, here goes nothing..."

Attention unidentified vessels! This is the 242nd Galactic Protection Agency Patrol Wing!

Requesting clarification on your current situation!

Noncompliance will result in physical intervention!

I repeat!

This is the 242nd Galactic Protection Agency Patrol Wing!

Requesting clarification on your current situation!

Noncompliance will result in physical intervention!

//Everyone, be on your guard...//
Title: Re: graid introduction (rp type thing)
Post by: SimplyNecro on December 21, 2009, 10:13:54 pm
Vokonar did not give a very noticeable outward responce from his gravity throne, a Skrall never did give to much of an emotional responce, the only noticeable emotions the Skrall possessed or at least acted upon was pride and or hate and as for the responce Vokonar did not even bother to draft one as far as he was concerned he had nothing to say and certainly no reason to explain himself to some meddlesome "lesser creature"

The first battleship continued towards the Graid ship, preparing to board it as planned the second one had disengaged and was now heading towards the Luzonian fighters, it soon put its self between them and the Graid ship but still kept its distance, but something else was coming out... multiple circular hanger ports opened up on the battleship, unleashing a small swarm of Core Combine fighters, the lobster like craft then charged the fighters with frightening speed and agility and engaged them, either trying to tear them up with laser fire or even actually going in melee style.

On the Graid's ships, several bangs could be heard as the Dorvans began to cling on to the ship, then something that sounded like a combination of drilling and chewing as the Dorvans dug through the ships hull could be heard.... and then they where in... the Core Combine however did not expect the inside of the Graid ship to be practicly acidic due to the galling the Graid had released, however luckily for them, both slaves and soldiers where armed with bionic armor which acted as something of an environmental suit its self, of course some the lesser armored slaves and soldiers insides practically melted a good amount of them where protected due to the bionic armor, but even then their was a great stinging sensation that would drive a man insane, however that was fixed by the slaves using their Skallvark devices and shutting down their pain receptors. Once the situation was ascertained the slaves and soldiers began to move throughout the ship any Graid they found they either subdued with sedatives, or similar chemicals or simply killed when they where too tough, the larger Graid guardians where a challenge, however the Core Combine had enslaved many different races all in different shapes forms and sizes, among the groups of soldiers and slaves some of them where actually quite large, matching the guardians size and strength.
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Post by: Crazen on December 21, 2009, 10:48:41 pm
the graid could not believe it. strange organisms, crawling about, killing their people. this could not do.

nauph emerged "hold your directive. I am the magistrate of this ship. you have committed a crime against nature, and shall be judged accordingly. lacking a proper consulate, this duty falls to me. I decree, you must be forcibly removed."

nauph cracked his claw together, opening it to reveal a special tool. the weapon moved like cable. he hooked it to the nearest enemies face equivalent, where it pierced into it with half a doezen hooks. then he pulled back, ripping it's head off. he drew his cable back, then repeated with the next closest hostile
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Post by: Yuu on December 22, 2009, 03:14:29 am

The three Luzonian fighters managed to evade the Combine's preliminary assault by the breath of a hair. Taluim's two accompanying units swiftly gave back the favor, transforming into their Luzonian forms and engaged several fighters, taking a couple down with their blades.

However, Taluim soon realized that this battle was currently not in their favor. They needed reinforcements if they were ever going to engage such vast numbers, and a couple of battleships to boot.

He rallies together the three variable armors in an attempt to engage the Combine fighters, but only when they were separated from the main swarm. As much as he hated it, he could only stall them for now.

But just as Taluim was about to unleash a volley of plasma upon a couple of bogeys, Sari caught a whiff of hope in the form of a very familiar voice message.

"Taluim!", Sari said as he opened a new comms lobby. "They're here!"

//Tesa-12, this is Tesa-3, the cavalry has arrived, over.//

"Finally...", Taluim sighed in relief.

The 242nd Galactic Protection Agency Patrol Wing.

A combined force made up of several stellar naval groups from the GPA's member civilizations.

Though a majorly composed of Luzonian variable armors, the fifty or so strong wing does contain several Orealyianis VA-1-022s, along with a couple of Marakiri fighters and Chivi power armors.

With their arrival, the tide finally turned. Though, not completely.

It clearly still wasn't enough to take out an entire battleship. Let alone two.


As the battle raged on, Sari caught glimpse of a smaller, unidentified craft which seemed to have been infiltrated by one of the two Core battleships.

"Taluim, I think I found the source of the signal!", Sari said. "Over there!", he added as he pointed out the location of The Efficient Cause.

"Okay!", Taluim said as their armor switched to Luzonian form to cut down a twelve o'clock bogey before switching back into a fighter. "We're heading out!"

//HQ, this is Tesa-12 we are currently engaging hostiles! I repeat! We are currently engaging hostiles!

Hostiles are more capable than previously expected! Requesting heavy back-up on our location, now!

We've also detected one, smaller craft of as of yet neutral status! Do you copy? Over!//

//Roger that. We are redirecting OMS Kitona, Gasara and Kazarata to your location.

ETA in three minutes, they're heading there as fast as they can.

Do you copy? Over.//


"Sit tight! We're going to have to hold these guys off a little longer..."

//Listen, everyone!

Reinforcements are on their way! We just have to hold them off a little longer!

Tesa-2 to 20, follow me!

The rest of you, hold them off!//

Of all the days Tesa-1 could call in sick... He just had to pick this one...
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Post by: SimplyNecro on December 22, 2009, 08:31:37 am
//Engage enemy fighters... maximum extermination procedures//

The entire swarm of Combine fighters engaged the Luzonian reinforcements the usual strategy they used was to simply swarm them, attack from every direction like piranhas however they where no where near as threatening as the battleship, which was now heading towards them intending to take care of the pests by itsself. Vokanar also sent a message to the main invasion fleet that unknown creatures had been engaged, reinforcements would be at his call if he needed them but not right now, dealing with this did not require the movement of an entire fleet.

the large ship was soon in range and began to unleash most of its anti-fighter weaponry, heat rays, gravity missiles, plasma turrets and the like, it also occasionally unleashed a new wave of fighters to aid it when their numbers began to dwindle, whoever these creatures where Vokonar was going to make them regret ever interfering... On a last note though.... salvaging some of those strange transforming ships would be profitable.....

Inside the Graid ship the Core Combine soldiers and slaves where encountering a particularly tough Graid... so they did what they did whenever they encountered something particularly tough, they swarmed it , they soon surrounded him and attacked him with suicidal zeal from everywhere, from the front the left the right from behind and sometimes one would climb up to the ceiling and try to jump him from above surprisingly the weapons they used where primarily the chemicals used to subdue other creatures delivered via very large needles meaning their goal was to capture him not kill, though if it proved to difficult killing was always an option.

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Post by: Crazen on December 22, 2009, 11:09:30 am
naugh went down slowly. toxins and chemicals would have difficulty getting to him, seeing as he didnt have blood coursing through his body. but eventualy, a smaller core soldier managed to peirce through his under-shell, straight into his body. he colapsed with a shudder. some of the graid still standing scrambled outside. their only escape was to get out of the ship. others couldnt leave. they had stood by their commrades for too long to watch them die. they took a front around their commander, and fought as one iron shell.

back at the bridge. the young communicator was panicking. they where dying. he finally calmed down enought to check the realay. another craft! and it was challanging the aggresive one! he got back to his terminal. their had to be something he could do. he sent a breif message:

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Post by: Yuu on December 22, 2009, 08:50:14 pm
Taluim and his group were now making their way to The Efficient Cause when their group was further split in half to engage the other Core battleship which was also starting to engage them.

On the other side of the battle, whoever were still left of the wing were further split in half as they tried to engage the battleship itself.

Claws clashed and blades slashed all across the battle as several officers opted to engage the Core fighters using their blades and fists, seeing as they were more versed in that form of combat.

"Taluim, we're getting a signal from the small craft!", Sari said as he juggled between keeping the communications lines open and initiating repair procedures for their variable armor.

"I can't translate it with this equipment, but from the sound of it, it seems to be very urgent!", he added.

Taluim had a plan. If it would work was anyone's guess.

"Sari.", he said as he looked at his copilot. "Formulate a route towards the craft."


"We're going in."

//Tesa-4, 6, 7 and 8! This is Tesa-12!

I hear those VA-1-022s of yours have pretty good regenerative armor...

Wanna try it on that small craft? Over.//

//W-WHAT?! Tesa-12, this is Tesa-4, what are you thinking?!//

//Well, can you?//

//Sure, but.//

//Okay, do it.

Everyone else on my team, head to the hangar!

Except for the power armors, go join Tesa-4...//

Soon enough the Orealyianis variable armors made their way to what seems to be the corridors leading to the bridge.

And rammed The Efficient Cause head on using their cockpits.

The vacuum generated by the holes in the vessel made swift work of the lesser Combine soldiers as they were sucked into the blackness of space. As this was happening, the Chivi armors flew through the same gaps and shot their way to the remaining Gradients. When the holes were finally sealed using the Orealyianis armors' regenerative abilities, their pilots jumped into the corridor and also joined in the fighting, some employing guns while others preferred to split their enemies in half using their mandibles or melt them thoroughly using their naturally secreted acids.

"Everyone secure the bridge!", the officer in charge hailed everyone as the force spread out and positioned themselves in fortified positions. "Anyone have a translator?", he added as he tried to communicate with the crew of The Efficient Cause.


Taluim and his officers just landed on the hangar when they encountered Core units stationed in the area.

Quick work was made of the guards, however, when a Luzonian armor waved it's blade across the walkways, disintegrating the first wave of enemies.

This was short-lived, however, as the enemies simply kept shuffling in.

Taluim and his officers were going to save as many of the crew as they can. And they weren't going to just let any swarm of enemy soldiers get in the way of what they were planning on doing.

Back in the other side of the battle, the wing was slowly losing their grip over the situation as the enemy simply kept replacing anything that they just took out.

Things, however, were about to change.

Suddenly, one... No, two... No, three, energy spikes were detected from different points in space. This was soon followed by several large abnormalities which visibly shook the sensors in the area. Without much warning, massive vibrations began reverberating all across the combine battleships, shattering some vital equipment and many more weapons systems in the process.

Reinforcements have arrived.

//242nd, this is the destroyer OMS Kitona, reporting for duty.//

//Destroyer OMS Gasara, at your service.//

//This is Destroyer OMS Kazarata loaded and ready.//

"Taluim!", Sari said enthusiastically. "The reinforcements are here!"

"Good.", Taluim said as he sniped a Core soldier off a small balcony. "Let's get this show on the road!"
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Post by: Crazen on December 22, 2009, 10:09:40 pm
Reacha, captain of the guard, was on the front line when the fight began and the other five guards where torn down. any that the core soldiers atempted to stun would get back up, only to be killed. he realized his enemies where trying to capture them, so when they 'stuned' him, he stayed down. now, the enemies where scattered, but still storming in through the opening. he knew what to do.

 he charged the opening his enemies had made, stomping the few soldiers in front of him. he charged into where they had emerged, cracked his claw together, and exploded in a rain of fire.

the blast blew a gap between the battleship and the Effecient cause.

the weary magistrate rose back up, his insides hardly keeping in. he looked about, and saw the action.
the enemies were, thankfully, wearing thin, with their boarding temporarily cut off. strange that it had taken so many to defeat him. he fancied they must be weak individualy, and must work in packs, like the cowardly creakta.

he gaze at a variable armor.

"what are you?" asked naugh, wearily
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Post by: Yuu on December 23, 2009, 02:56:22 am
One of the Orealyianis officers pulled out a portable translator from his fold bracelet, letting it slide to the officer in charge, which was now being asked by Daugh in a very weary manner.

The officer activated the device and listened to the rough translation of the Gradient's words...

What you?

"I see.", the officer said as he took his turn in speaking through the translator...

"We're the Galactic Protection Agency. Guarding the neighborhood from the scum of the universe."

Or on the Gradient's end...

"Us Many Stars Guard People. Protect comrade distance the toxic of totality worlds."

The officer waited for Daugh to reply.


Taluims group slowly made their way to the bowels of The Efficient Cause, taking out any Core hostiles that they come across while securing the safety of the survivors that were trapped in the more remote regions of the ship.

The intel that the group gathered from the crew came in quite handy when it came to clearing out the more complex areas of the vessel. The fact that the Core battleship was dislodged from the craft also helped the rescue effort, in the form of reduced enemy numbers.

Outside, the turning of the tide was finally near it's completion as the three destroyers continued to apply tremendous pressure on the enemy's primary main vessels.

The change was most visibly felt by the fighter pilots who were currently engaging the Core's fighters. As the three destroyers unleashed several salvos of Micro Laser Missiles, the pressure the pilots were bearing slowly started to lighten, allowing them to finally go on the offensive.
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Post by: SimplyNecro on December 23, 2009, 02:19:25 pm
Outside the Efficient cause, things had just flipped upsidedown for the Core Combine, three new ships had entered the battle and now they where completely tearing Vokonar's battleship to pieces... but he was no coward he would not give these lesser creatures the taste of victory, that was reserved only for the Skrall...

//Requesting assistance from invasion fleet 22, hostile military force engaged... requesting fleet relocation.//

He actually growled outwardly as his request for the entire invasion fleet was apparently denied...

//Warlord Ragaran, by the Overlords send in the whole fleet! We could easily crush these creatures, we must show our true strength and...//

His little rant was interupped apparently by the warlords very.... unamused responce...

//Yes Warlord... current reinforcements accepted...//

//Target first enemy ship... FIRE ALL BATTERIES!//

The Battleship had enough of just being pushed around, it opened up with everything it had all of the many weapons it had fired at once, gravity rail guns, gravity missiles, heatrays, all of them impacted one destroyer, in a brilliant display of sheer power, infact it may have been overkill...

Surprisingly the ship then made a complete U-turn instead of staying and fighting it was retreating away from the the three destroyers, mainly to get out of range until the reinforcements arrived.

The battleship that was connected to the Graid ship suddenly let go even after it was forcefully removed, it was retreating to meet up with the reinforcements that where on the way as well.

if their was one thing Vokonar did not want, it was the enemy to get ahold of any technology or even dead or live specimens, so to the remaining soldiers and slaves on the ship (there where only a few left) he gave the order to self terminate the remaining slaves and soldiers bio-nanites that coursed through their bodies activated reducing them to strange green goop, this was even the same for dead soldiers and slaves... except for the few who's neurocytes had bin damaged beyond repair... and another unlucky one...

Deep within the bowels of the Graid ship, a Core Combine soldier sat slumped across the wall, he was wounded, and his neurocyte was heavily damaged because of this his connection to the hive network was lost, this did not free him, his programing was instinct, but he never received the order to self terminate, and he was too weak right now to follow the prime directive (to kill and die for the cause) the only good thing though was that the Bio-nanites inside his body where slowing repairing him, including the neurocyte, but for a while he would be useless... so he waited for death...or to be captured but he would have preferred the former
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Post by: Crazen on December 23, 2009, 02:37:39 pm
on the graid ship's bridge, the communicator was ecstatic. he broadcasted a message across the entire ship.

"the challenger has fallen back"

back on the deck, the magistrate had regained his composure. he spoke to his saviors

"we revear your swift retribution on these aggressors. when we have the proper time, we can thank you properly. but for now, we need some assistance in removing ourselves from our mutual foes proximity"
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Post by: Yuu on December 23, 2009, 04:18:25 pm
"Affirmative.", the officer replied.

//To all units. This is Ensign Savo Charuka of the 242nd Patrol Wing.

We are currently on board a friendly vessel, requesting immediate evac.

I repeat. We are currently on board a friendly vessel, requesting immediate evac.//

Another officer then activated a tracking beacon on his fighter, signaling the destroyers to come pick them up.


Sari split off a while ago from Taluim's group in order to search the very interior of The Efficient Cause.

What they would find in those corridors was quite to their surprise.

"This place is pretty intact considering what just happened.", one of the officers said as they searched through the vessel's relatively unfazed passages. The Core attack didn't wreak as much havoc in the interior compared to the more affected peripheral sections of the vessel. Still, everyone was at high alert, just in case an enemy was lurking just around the corner.

"Sir!", one of the officers hailed Sari. He must have found something interesting amidst the pool of green goo that now covered the walkways of the entire craft.

//Taluim, this is Sari.

You know how all the hostiles in this craft just melted themselves for some reason?

Well, you might want to take a look at this...//

Outside, the 242nd were starting to regroup while the crew of the three destroyers were busyrepairing the damage caused by that last Core salvo.

"That was something alright.", one of the chief engineers of OMS Kitona thought to himself. "What's the status on the anterior?"

"Eh, not so good.", one of his assistants replied, explaining how the last attack pretty much rendered the ship's frontal weapons not suitable for further combat. "So yeah, we're gonna have to go back to the docks to fix this baby up."

"Uh-huh...", the chief engineer answered back, thinking of how he was going to say this to the captain. "Contact the bridge."

The Kitona would have to fall back for now, along with the 242nd and The Efficient Cause.

The other two destroyers were going to intercept the Core battleships while meeting up with the rest of the GPA fleet stationed in the area.

Suffice to say things were finally under control, as far as the people in The Efficient Cause were concerned.

But for the people who always put their lives at harm's way to protect the denizens of this galaxy...

The workday just got started.
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Post by: SimplyNecro on December 23, 2009, 05:13:00 pm
The Core Combine battleships had long retreated... Vokonar was PISSED, first he was now denied reinforcements.... but now he was being told to REATREAT!?!?!?!? The Skrall where not supposed to fear any foe... they where never to backdown from ANY fight... how dare warlord Ragaran... he hoped the Overlords would take notice to this.... fear in a warlord? He hoped they would recycle him or at least demote him big time...  and with those last thoughts the battleships soon disappeared into the blackness of space.... going who knows where...

On the Graid ship the Core Combine soldier knew very well he was very likely left behind... but something confused him, why was he not given the order to self terminate? maybe his neurocyte was malfunctioning... if that was the case maybe he should terminate himself... but he was never ordered to, the soldier had never had the knowledge to think for himself. But when the strange creature spotted him he immediately decided to follow the prime directive, he tried to use the wall nearbye to lift himself up... and bring his bio-rifle up to the strange alien to fire, even in his weakened state the soldier was STILL trying to kill... if that was not determination what was? But his muscles would not allow it and he fell back onto wall in his slumped state.
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Post by: Yuu on December 23, 2009, 07:45:11 pm
"There is no need for further engagement.", Taluim said to the wounded adversary, though it probably didn't understand the words themselves. Still, the Luzonian pilot's tone of voice and outward composure was already enough of a message for any sufficiently attentive person, Luzonian or alien. "This particular battle has already been decided.", he added.

In the background, Sari could clearly be heard calling for a medic to treat the downed Core soldier.

At the same time, several soldiers were making preparations to carry the captive to a secure location, where it couldn't harm any of them, and hopefully, itself as well.

"Everyone prepare for debriefing when we get back to base.", said Taluim as he made his way to the other parts of the vessel.
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Post by: Crazen on December 23, 2009, 09:52:18 pm
"what do I sense? one last aggressor aboard my vessel?"

naugh had come up upon taluim. a thin band of leathery substance was strapped across his injury.

"I suspected as such. the sound of those brutes is quite distinct." he said, trying to find taluim's face.

"you may take the violator for now; I will see to it later, but now, I must understand what you, and this, is. do you have a leader of some sort?"

meanwile, several shallow craftsmen where scouring the ship, repairing and damage, and cleaning up the remains. the dead graid where unceremoniously striped of their gear, and dumped out the airlock. The graid don't have funerals.

up on the bridge, the communicator was busy with a long and intracite message to the homeworld. to briefly sum it up:

their are other lifeforms in space. some are peacekeeping. some are aggressive. we need weapons.
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The Core Combine soldier merely sat their waiting for the medics and soldiers to take him captive, though they would be quite surprised to see most of the outer wounds had already healed as if he was regenerating! Only the most grevious of wounds where not healed and even they where in the process of doing so, his neurocyte sadly was one of the things that was still too damaged to repair quickly, he really wished that would hurry up so he could connect to the hive network and recieve further orders, it was very strange to be in this position so long without the chatter of his comrades and the orders from the Skrall, it was strange and very unpleasant....

When the Luzonian spoke to him, he practicly let out a growl, he did not need this creatures pity, or a lecture as that was the tone the Luzonian seemed to be taking, the second he could move again... even if it cost his life... he would follow the prime directive.
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After Taluim was finished with the lone Core soldier, he quickly faced Dauph in order to answer his inquiries.

"Indeed, we do have a leader of sorts in our organization. And the title goes by the words "Chief Director.", Taluim replied with honorific gestures, seeing as Dauph was the vessel's chief representative. "However, since our organization is formed between a pact involving numerous independent civilizations, our Chief Director merely acts as a mediator of sorts."

"There is, however, an organization which has which possess characteristics which are more akin to a true circle of leadership...", Taluim carried on. "The Galactic Senate."

"We could arrange a meeting with both our Chief Director and the Galactic Senate, at your request.", Taluim said with an inviting smile.

"Sir! All units prepared for evac!", an officer in the background said as he hailed everyone to prepare for the imminent FTL transit to the nearest GPA hub-world.

"Hostile secured and ready for transportation!", Sari announced as several medics carried the downed soldier to a stretcher for transfer to the nearest containment area. "Though, I really gotta say, it almost seems like you're from Pakwi! What with the level of regenerative ability that you possess.", Sari said enthusiastically. "Taluim! Catch you later during debriefing!"
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"yes, a meeting with your director would be be appreciated. I can firsthand endorse your organization. however, we request you can bring us there, as we are nary incappable of the speeds you attain."

meanwhile the magistrate returned to the bridge.

"commander magistrate. I have just received word from the senatorial. they are sending a consulate"

"that will be good. what of the aggressors?"

they shall make preparation for craft-born weapons, and should begin building within the next [100 years]"

"we will need them sooner than that. did you neglect to tell them these foes can move with greater speed and guile than previously thought possible? foolish. they would be able to reach us in one [year]. remind them of this"