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Title: 'Tis The Season: Twelve Days of Vengeance RP
Post by: Neoadept on December 15, 2009, 07:24:43 pm
December 16th, 9 Days To Christmas

A troupe of carolers strolled merrily (of course) along the side walk, picking up speed fractionally as they passed Elf headquarters.  Only the best of veteran carolers attempted that imposing, if jolly, structure.  Someone on an upper floor might hear (or think they hear) a wrong note, and that could end quite badly for all involved.

Behind them they left a trail of crisp footprints in the fresh snow, a perfect inch deep.  In twenty minutes or so a squad would come around and scrape it back into the hulking mobile snow machine, which would lay down another perfect inch in it's place.  Nature could hardly be trusted in something so important.  At the moment such measures were only taken in December, but a proposal was being made to extend it to all winter months.  There was even talk of clouding the atmosphere to allow snow year round.

This was the picturesque scene that would have been seen through the main doors of Elf headquarters, had said door not just been thrown open to frame an imperious figure all in black.  To be fair, it was a very neat, shiny black.  Boots shone with a bright polish and the wind tugged on the edges of his waist length cape, the high collar held with a modest gold clasp.  The only acceptance of color was a small sprig of holly tucked into the band of his top hat.

As Yule strode in, but before the door could close, an announcement played in the street.

"Running out of wrapping paper?  Try the Jolly Paper Merchant on fifth street!  Afraid you might run out next year?  Give some to yourself this year and save the hassle!  Remember folks, improperly wrapped presents can lead to peeking, so save you children the temptation and double wrap!"

Yule allowed himself a smile as he marched towards his office.  It was, as always, going to be a nice Christmas.
Title: Re: 'Tis The Season: Twelve Days of Vengeance RP
Post by: Gorman Conall on December 15, 2009, 07:42:37 pm
Father Alexander stood in his church finishing up his sermon to the bible thumpers, his church was not the most beautiful one as it was of course a shanty hastily put together underground. Such a group would not be tolerated under the ever watching eyes of SANTA. There were churches on the surface but they were run in a much jollier way then Alexanders. As he finished up his sermon he snapped shut his bible and seen everyone out.

He then grabbed his cross and revolver and headed out the door and in to a sewer passage, he had business he had to finish up, after walking for a number of minutes he opened the door to a maintenance room. Inside was a man tied to a chair beaten and bloody, the wires had been pulled from the fuse box as if they had been used recently. The man still sported burn marks on his bare chest.

Alexander pulled the mans head up and pointed the revolver in his face. "Last chance, tell me what you know about the new weapon that SANTA is planning to employ this year?" He said coldly.

The man was shaking and tears flowed down his face. "I told you everything..all I its some kind of..cyborg..its code name is R.U.D.O.L.F" he stuttered as he spoke.

Alexander pulled back the latch on his gun causing the man to sob more profusely."May God have mercy upon your soul." Alex mumbled.

 "Your a priest!..I don't understand..doesn't God forgive everybody?" The man sputtered.

"Indeed, but I'm not God" Alex replied without missing a beat as he pulled the trigger blowing the mans blood and brain matter all over the nearby wall.
Title: Re: 'Tis The Season: Twelve Days of Vengeance RP
Post by: Zolinn on December 15, 2009, 08:13:07 pm
Nolan wasn't very big on Christmas. As per usual, he sat inside his home in a stereotypical, clean cut neighborhood. His neighbors houses were gleaming with light. Several of their bushes and trees were covered with Christmas lights and lawn ornaments were piled around the lawns near him. Meanwhile, Nolan's equally identical yard had nothing. He had originally intended to put a headless Santa up but that was quickly wheeled away before Christmas decorations had even shown up.

He walked over to his window and stared at the neighbors across the street. They happily sat in their living rooms, a tree near their fireplace and stockings piled nearby. Meanwhile, Nolan's house was empty... aside from the occasional mouse. Nolan quickly glared across the street and headed back towards the center of his room. He flipped over a moose head on his wall, revealing a secret keypad. He quickly entered the numbers 1134 and the wall clicked. It pulled itself back, revealing a secret door into the basement.

He calmly walked down the staircase. Slowly as he progressed downwards, it seemed to change from a suburban house to a high-tech laboratory. As he stepped to the bottom floor, he was quickly greeted with bright, white lights and high tech weaponry stacked along the walls. he strolled past the weaponry, casually running his finger along them, before stumbling across the farthest table from the staircase. A large candy cane sat on the table. He smiled and casually unscrewed the top of the metal dud, revealing a large bomb inside of it. He inspected the bomb, poking at it a few times, before re-screwing the cap.

He smiled, taking the candy cane with him, and headed into a side room. After several minutes, he came out dressed in a very convincing Santa costume. He headed back up the stairs, candy cane in one hand and a bell in another. He quickly headed off towards center city, preparing to raise money for charities.
Title: Re: 'Tis The Season: Twelve Days of Vengeance RP
Post by: Yossitaru on December 15, 2009, 08:16:40 pm
Garland stood at the window and snorted as the caroling group passed on the street below. Taking the large log from the corner, he lights it then hefts in onto his shoulders. Pushing open his door, he steps out and is immediately surrounded by a group of singing elves. Snapping his fingers, they quiet themselves and turn towards Garland.

"Find the trainee caroler elves. Their first assignment will be to upstage those out of tune bellowers on the street. They should really know better than to time their urgh.... signing... so close to my patrol."

One of the group saluted and ran off into the compound while the rest turned back and returned their singing. As he made his way down the hall, he stopped as Yule came up.

"Everything merry this day I hope, Yule." Garland said as his moved the log a little closer to Yule to bathe him in the fire's warmth, "Anything I should be aware of as I walk the town?"
Title: Re: 'Tis The Season: Twelve Days of Vengeance RP
Post by: Raz on December 15, 2009, 08:30:09 pm
Oly Smilo made his way down the street, humming a jolly tune to himself as he bounded along the sidewalk, practically skipping as he smiled beneath his red and green painted mask that had a big smile and eyes that looked happy cut out of the mask's material so that he could see and talk. Underneath this, he had on a green ski-mask of sorts, with the words 'MERRY CHRISTMAS' in red repeating over and over in the weave. His coat was also red and green, but almost haphazardly so, as it tried to create a pattern but failed miserably, often putting a streak of green in the middle of red, and vice versa. Atop his head was a stove-pipe hat(Think Abraham Lincoln's if you don't know what a stove-pipe hat is) that was also green, once again, with the words 'MERRY CHRISTMAS' in red written across the front. Normally, someone like Oly would stand out, the only problem was that everyone else seemed to also dress as 'Christmasy' as he.

As he bounded along, a great red bag slung over his shoulder clapped noisily, hinting at the oh-so-special surprise presents within that were labeled, " From SANTA, with Love. " He stopped suddenly at the boundary of a local school, and swiveled his head slightly, ever smiling, and looked at his watch. It was time to let out, and it would only be seconds before the bell to let out school tolled. He immediately changed course, and began bounding towards the school's main doors, reaching them just in time to see them swing open, hordes of rotten children marching out.

He waved, smiling, and declared, rhyming badly as always, " Presents for all of you from SANTA! Each of you gets one, trust me when I say that this is no trick, today you've won, something far greater than some boring ol' brick! Take 'em home to your parents, they're not on lent!" Almost immediately, he was swarmed by the young schoolchildren, each one trying to get their grubby, greedy fingers on their " present. "
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Post by: Neoadept on December 15, 2009, 08:48:21 pm
"I shouldn't think so, Garland," Yule answered in good spirit, "Past tells me there's a twelve percent increase in dissident behavior leading up to Christmas, but none of my...  Sources have anything to say on the matter.  There used to be a problem with peeking, but your, aha," he grinned sharply, "presents have cut down on that quite well.  Should I learn anything from today's interviews, I'll be sure to tell you."

He tipped his hat to Garland and continued happily on his way.  Past was quite right on the increase, he always enjoyed how his little visits picked up over the holidays.  It just wasn't Christmas if someone wasn't asking you why they'd been arrested.
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Post by: martyk on December 15, 2009, 08:59:48 pm
Chris strode quickly down the hallway towards Past department, humming "Silver Bells" as he went.  He couldn't help but be in good spirits.  Despite being in this den of deceit and injustice, and having the threat of detection constantly looming over his head, it was still only a week until Christmas, and regardless of the circumstances, that was a reason to be jolly.

Pulling up the sleve of his white suit, he glanced down at his bright gold watch, looking up again just in time to avoid running into Yule as he rounded a corner.

"Ah, sorry about that Yule.  I'm afraid my mind is elsewhere.  Exciting time of the year, lots to do!  How are you on this fine December's morning?" he said exuberently with a wide smile on his face.  Chris really disliked Christmas Future officers, especially those like Yule.  Didn't trust them in the slightest, but he wouldn't let anyone know that.
Title: Re: 'Tis The Season: Twelve Days of Vengeance RP
Post by: SerenityGrace on December 15, 2009, 09:00:39 pm
Today had been a jolly day, of course every day was jolly for Joy. She had done her weekly walk through of the present Christams division today to make sure that everyone cubicles were properly displaying holiday spirit. This week everything was in order, probably thanks to the caning that took place the week before. SANTA's workers were the best, and they were held to every code very strictly. The worker's miniature tree on his desk had a light bulb blown, this of course called for ten stripes with the cane as a warning. It was his first offence thus his simple punishment. Thankfully this week everything was in order, just the way Joy liked it.

Joy was on her way home, but she first had to stop at the store to get some supplies for her famous fruitcake and mistletoe cookies. The HO HO HO's party would be coming up soon and she had to make sure she was ready with the sweets. She was still in her uniform but that was a good thing because it was very festive. She had on the standard elfin green cap that rested on her picture perfect blond hair with its perfect flip. Her dress was made of fine red velvet with white fur trim on the bottom sleeves and on the plunging neckline, on her feet were the regulation thigh high black boots. She might be getting up there in age but she still kept her body in perfect condition to fill out her uniform.

Once she had gotten her supplies she went to the mall to get some more Christmas presents. She had already bought and wrapped the recommended amount of presents for her family six months ago, but she always did love the mall right before the big day. Besides more peresnets only meant more joy.
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Post by: Yossitaru on December 15, 2009, 09:17:06 pm
Garland couldn't help the smile Yule's comment put on his face. Punishing the naughty were almost like a present all in itself. Re-balancing his log, he makes his way outside. As he did, the singing elves increased heir volume. Looking around at the pristine beauty of the city as the Most Important Day drew ever closer, his smile just continued to grow.

"'Tis the season to be jolly..." he joined with elves with a jolly sigh.

Turning towards the Christmas Tree Farm, he decided to start his patrol with the area that should be the most quiet this time of year.
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Post by: Gorman Conall on December 15, 2009, 10:16:19 pm
Alex holstered his revolver under his robes and went up the sewer passage opposite of the path he last walked. He reached the bottom of a sewer access tunnel and waited while checking his watch, once the hands hit a specific time he climbed the ladder, pushed open the man hole and climbed out. On the surface Alexander had to tread carefully for the large wooden cross on his back attracted unwanted attention. Most of the time he was just passed off as a rambling zealot but with Christmas nearing SANTA would be on high alert.

Right on time Alexander seen a man in a Santa costume and casually walked up beside him keeping perfect pace with him as if he was there the whole time.

"Its robotic, code named R.U.D.O.L.F...Its all he knew" Alexander whispered causally to Nolan.
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Post by: Neoadept on December 16, 2009, 08:37:58 am
"Merry, but of course..."  Yule paused as he cycled through the people important enough to address him but not important enough for him to know personally, trying to put a name to the face.  "Mr. Noel.  Have a nice day."  As he went on he reviewed the way Noel had looked at him.  Far too Jolly.  Of curse, Yule intimidated people enough that most tried to look extra jolly when tey saw him.  Nevertheless, Noel was shuttled a few spots up his mental list of people Yule suspected of hiding something.  Nothing would probably come of it.  It was a very long list.

Stepping into his office, he shrugged off his cape and hung it and his hat up, reaching for the traditional black cloak used by agents of Future during interrogation.  It was looking to be a delightfully full day.
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Post by: Zolinn on December 16, 2009, 08:51:01 am
Nolan nodded to Alex and smiled. "I'm sure we'll figure out more... just give it some time." He walked towards the mall, ringing his bell as he walked towards the other Santa's. He casually placed the candy cane near the wall. He stood a good distance away, ringing his bell along with the other Santa's as the bomb quietly ticked away. "Two minutes. I'll give the bomb two minutes" He thought to himself.
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Post by: Yossitaru on December 16, 2009, 09:06:11 am
In the quiet tree farm a few young trouble makers were carving things into the bark of young Christmas Trees that would not be ready for several years yet. In the distance, they started to hear the sound of quickly approaching, perfectly sung Christmas Carols.

"Oh jingle bells! It's the singing elf corps. I knew this was a bad idea!" one of them cried as he dropped his knife and ran.

"The what?" the youngest of the group asked, tears already starting to form in his eyes.

"I'll explain as we go come on!" the third one panicked as he tried to pull the youngest who seemed frozen in place.

Quickly, Garland came to stand over the two children. First noticing the knives in their hands, his eyes narrowed and turned towards the trees to see the carvings.

"Naughty behavior, and so close to the big day... I hope you don't mind being away from family this year." Garland said with a cheery scowl as he took a full grip of the Yule Log.

Swinging it around, he hits the older trouble maker right in the ribs, sending him flying into a tree and knocking him out. Two elves quickly move to collect the two and take them away to one of the re-education centers. Garland Turns his attention back to the defaced trees and sets them on fire with his log to deny the troublemakers recognition for their misdeeds. Pulling out a communication device he reports the incident, and continues back towards the town proper.
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Post by: Gorman Conall on December 16, 2009, 10:28:45 am
After Nolan sat the candy cane near the wall Alexander continued keeping perfect pace beside him. "I hope you had this well planned Nolan, there are many innocent people around!" He whispered through gritted teeth. Collateral damage was not something Alexander was willing to tolerate from anybody, GRINCH or not. He adjusted his akruba hat and continued walking beside him.
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Post by: Raz on December 16, 2009, 05:10:05 pm
After Oly finished giving out the special presents to the children, he wandered off, and chucked the now empty red bag into the first random dumpster he saw. Once done, he ceased to bound along, and slowed down to a normal pace, as he quietly checked the multiple digital and mechanical watches hidden beneath his coat, each one containing a different time, many of them counting down. One digital watch counted the days, hours, minutes, and seconds to the " Most Important Day, " while another digital watch counted down the time to the Big Surprise Party, as he called the moment when the presents were set to explode. His smile grew larger, almost impossible considering how much he was already smiling, at the thought of the chaos that would ensue, as whatever fire departments SANTA, or some other organization, had would likely be overwhelmed.

His eyes traveled further down his arm to two digitals, which recorded how long it had been since he was born, and how long since he had disappeared from NOT. These, however, counted only the years, months, and days, but that was enough for Oly. Beneath, or to be more accurate, closer to this body was a strange mechanical watch he had finished the moment he had finally cracked, which was so complex and odd that he was the only one who held the secret to what time it gave. What this was, he had never revealed to anyone. Though, why someone as mad as Oly would care so greatly about time is unknown.

He found himself mindlessly wandering off to the mall to watch Nolan's handiwork unfold, finding a nice secluded spot in an alleyway so that he could lean against a wall and casually watch.
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Post by: Zolinn on December 16, 2009, 05:26:09 pm
Nolan glanced down at at his watch and said quietly "10." He slowly started to walk away, hoping that the priest would follow him. "No need to worry, my friend. I've used more complex components than this before... it should be cake. A nice little warning sign at best. A few frightened people, but can you blame them." He trotted along, holding up his hand. He slowly began to lower his fingers until he got to his thumb. "One." He lowered his finger.

On cue, the bomb detonated, sending people around the base several feet forward. One of the columns had a large chunk of stone taken out of it. While the people around it were panicked, there was little to no real harm that it was capable of doing. A small explosive, a small warning. Written on the side of what's left of the candy cane was written "SANTA is coming for you."

Nolan turned to the priest and smiled. "Now then, you had a plan?"
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Post by: SerenityGrace on December 16, 2009, 05:46:03 pm
Joy was picking out a more festive table cloth when she heard the explosion. She ran out to see what happened, her uniform giving her a way through the crowds. Once she got to the scene she saw the message, "SANTA is coming for you." "This will just not do." Joy said to herself. She was the only Elf agent on the scene at the time so she pulled out her caramel apple H-phone, and called for a clean and cover crew. They got there almost instantly and began to close off the section, spreading a story about how a fuse box blew out.

There would be no bombings reported in the News only the one of the malfunction. But she would get to the bottom of this before they had any more chances to ruin the spirit. She knew who she had to call. "Yule there was a bomb set off in the Holly mall. You know what to do."
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Post by: Neoadept on December 16, 2009, 06:13:36 pm
Yule hung up his cloak as the day ended and retrieved his hat and cape.  Walking out into the street, it began to snow, light fluffy natural snow as opposed to the rough ice chips the machines produced.  No matter how far they pushed, the artificial never quite measured up and he enjoyed the moment for what it was.

Later, he would have dinner with his regulation wife and his two regulation children and sit around the regulation fire.  He wouldn't enjoy it nearly as much as this moment, mostly because the family was just another trimming to his position, but partly because he was turning things over in his head.  The bombing had been bad enough, but other things were tugging at his head.  Present had informed him of eleven calls reporting unauthorized gifts brought home by children.  Doubtless there were more that hadn't been reported.  Something was happening, and he wasn't sure whether to be excited or apprehensive.

December 17th, Eight Days to Christmas

Yule woke to the sounds of explosions, and the feeling didn't go away.  Things were getting interesting.
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Post by: SerenityGrace on December 16, 2009, 07:18:19 pm
Joy woke up at at precisely at six am. It had been a late night after the bombing, she still had to bake the fruit cake and other sweets that night. She smelled the perfect smell of mauled cider brewing and of course hot chocolate for the little ones. She knew from a young age that she would never be able to have kids of her own, but thanks to her postion she was able to adopt two of her own. Most of the time when parents are found to be naughty and sent to camps their children are given to Elf officers. They are the best suited to take care of children, and since she already had the children there was no need for a mate.

She made her way downstairs and turned on the Holly Jolly News network while she poured herself a cup of cider. Eight more days until Christmas. Her mother and children woke up precisely at seven with breakfast ready and waiting. Joy smiled while her family sat down and ate breakfast togeather. It worked like perfect clockwork, just the way she liked it. At seven thirty the bombs went off. 

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Post by: martyk on December 16, 2009, 07:41:35 pm
Chris jumped as the explosions a short distance away rattled his windows.  Letting out a sigh, he adjusted his snow white tie and headed out to work.  "Who was the bomber today?" he wondered.  Yesterday's debacle was almost without a doubt the work of Nolan, he could tell that much from what he had heard.  Others in the department would surely notice as well, so Chris had no choice but to reveal his findings.  After all, it'd be suspicious if one of the leading officers of Christmas Past suddenly was unable to gather any information on GRINCH's work.  Of course, as far as his report or anyone else was concerned, it was just the work of one of their many unnamed serial bombers, identified by their MO but without a face or a name.

But today's bombing was different.  It was unusual for Nolan to hit this many targets in such a short time frame.  Then again, 'tis the season, and Chris new that he was probably not the only one who was keeping busy.  But still, he had his doubts.  It would require furthur investigation once he got to the office.

Shaking snow off his boots as a resurfacing machine passed by replacing the trodden snow behind him, he let out a long sigh and stode chipperly into Spirit Headquarters.
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Post by: Gorman Conall on December 16, 2009, 08:15:48 pm
Alexander got up early to deliver his sermon in his current makeshift church, he did so every morning not just Sundays, church is really all some people had anymore and many counted on it to get them through the day. Once he he finished he once again dawned his cross, revolver and akruba and headed out. For the past week he had been capturing and torturing SANTA agents in hopes of obtaining important information. However the grunts only held small pieces of information and GRINCH would need more intelligence on the rumored new weapon SANTA were planning to employ.

That day Alexander had a new plan, he would need to obtain information from a higher ranked official. They of course should hold valuable information but Alexander knew it was going to be a risky job. First up he would need to find and identify a higher ranked SANTA agent to capture. And so he headed in to town.
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Post by: Raz on December 16, 2009, 08:31:18 pm
Oly sat in his " home" , a few rooms of abandoned sewer that were deep below the surface, suitable enough to avoid the prying eyes of SANTA, or atleast, the SANTA agents that didn't know where to look. He'd rigged cameras throughout the nearby sewer system so that he'd recieve warning if anything larger than a dog moved so much as an inch too close to his hidden home, " too close " being nearly a half-mile in all directions from his home. Today though, he was woken up by the sound of a new seismic sensor's alarm he had installed going off. Well, that and the ground shaking, of course.

But this was no earthquake. Instead, the reverberations in the Earth were a result of the simultaneous explosions of hundreds of explosive presents on the surface. Oly quickly jumped out of bed, looking over the seismic sensor eagerily despite the fact that he had felt the explosions himself, and suddenly felt like singing to himself a mockery of a famous Christmas song;

" Have a horrid, torrid Christmas,
It's the worst time of the year!
I don't know, but somethin' tells me,
there's gotta be bodies up there!
Have a horrid, torrid Christmas,
And when you walk down the street,
Say hello to all the friends you knew,
and everyone else too.

Oh ho,
the bombs blow,
Hung from the gallows;
You'll need a lotta barrows!
Have a horrid, torrid Christmas,
and in case you didn't hear,
thanks to Oly,
it's a horrid,
torrid Christmas this year!

He sung this to himself as he danced around the room, imaging the carnage on the surface, all of it caused by his nefarious schemes, and dressed in his usual garb, preparing to witness it all firsthand. " Damn... I should've put up cameras to record it! " Oly thought to himself, annoyed that the idea hadn't come to him sooner.
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Post by: Gorman Conall on December 16, 2009, 08:47:55 pm
As Alexander made his way in to town he heard the massive explosions and even stumbled slightly from the shaking ground beneath his feet. He readjusted his hat and a grimace swept over him. He knew the explosion had to of been a bombing and he knew it had to of been an out of line GRINCH agent. SANTA was harsh but they would never do something so massive publicly.

He marched on slightly distracted from his original goal but he had to see the devastation for himself. He dreaded the thought however as people were surely killed. But he knew he may be able to take advantage of the situation and capture whatever fool comes jollying over to investigate.
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Post by: Neoadept on December 16, 2009, 08:56:22 pm
Yule stood outside a gaping hole in the side of a house, his caped form cutting an imposing figure among the throng of green Elves.  Presently he was examining a strip of paper believe to have come off the culprit package, it's edges frayed and singed.  SANTA was written across it in almost convincing type face.

"Think Garland's team is moving up to in house peek trapping?"  Asked a junior Future agent by his side.  The lad still wore green he was so new to the division.

"No," Yule answered, holding the strip to the light to show him, "there's no watermark, and the lettering is off.  Observe the way the 'N' is crooked over to the right.  It's probably from the same machine that made the counterfeit gifts we collected yesterday."

"They had the same offset?"

"I haven't the slightest.  But the evidence locker exploded this morning, which certainly tells us something."  He turned and started back towards headquarters, "come along."

"Aren't we going to check for-"

"The weapons man was never here and all evidence in the package was destroyed with it.  As usual, the answer lies in the hearts and minds of our citizens, and we must pry it out of them..."  He slammed his cane across his subordinate's path to halt him, his eyes falling upon a man with a large cross on his back.  "An excellent start, I should think," he murmured, holding a nutcracker shaped camera aloft and sending the man's picture to Past.  He would receive everything there was on the man before long.
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Post by: SerenityGrace on December 16, 2009, 09:16:42 pm
When Joy made it to the head courters the building was a blur with activity. While the HO HO HO's main job is internal affairs, they also deal with public announcements. She walked into briefing room, as head of her department she would give the official message about the bomb. She sat down for her touch ups, while her assistant Holly prepped her for her speech and the cameras and snow was getting set in place. There about one hundred bombs went off that morning thanks to what some described as a strange man gave out presents to children coming out of school. Some had reported the strange behavior the evening before and sent in the packages.

When the cameras were ready Joy stepped up to the podium, a beautifully decorated Santa's workshop stood behind her. She looked directly into the cameras with a sad look upon her face, when the cameras started to broadcast.

"I am very sorry to say that over three dozen families life's were lost today. The families that died failed to replace old outdated Christmas tree lights. After being left on the recommend whole night the old non-regulation lights exploded. This could and will happen to any of those still out there with non-regulation lights. This is a great tragedy, but also let it be a reminder that all the rule are there for a reason. With that said Merry Christmas and remember to be nice!."
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Post by: martyk on December 16, 2009, 09:50:05 pm
The bombing was far larger than Chris origionaly suspected, and definetly not the work of Nolan.  He had sent in his report on his findings for yesterday's bombing already and was in the process of sifting though the profiles on past bombings when the call came in from Yule.  Looking over the picture, he immediatley recognized the subject.  The cross, the black hat, it was Father Alexander Burton.  As far as the records went he was an normal, if somewhat mysterious, citizen, though Chris of course knew better.  He made a point of knowing most of the prominent GRINCH operatives, even those like Burton who he had not yet met.  Still, regardless of his connection, Chris had to send out the report, lest he look suspicious himself.

Chris sifted though photographs of citizens who matched the profile of the image sent in by Yule, standard procedure for IDing unknown subjects.  After all, why would Chris know off the top of his head who was in the picture?  After eventually locating a match, he called up Yule with the intel.

//Yule.// he said once the other end of the phone had been picked up,  //It's Noel, Christmas Past.  I've got the intel on the photograph you sent us.  Subject is a Father Alexander Burton, a preacher.  As I'm sure you've gathered, he's a devoutly religious man.  Our info on him is a bit sparce.  He's kept fairly quiet and has managed to remain off our radar for the most part.  I don't imagine he'll be any trouble.//  Chris paused for a moment before delivering a last piece of information.  While it may be damning for Burton, Chris would not be able to overlook it unnoticed.  //That said though,// he continued, //Images from the bombing yesterday place him in the area nearby when the attack happend.//
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Post by: Gorman Conall on December 16, 2009, 10:01:18 pm
As Alexander walked the street gazing upon some of the devastation he walked by some SANTA agents investigating one of the blown up houses. One man in particular looked very intimidating, Alexander knew he had to be a higher up, no one else could get away with wearing such dark clothing. There were far to many people around to even attempt to capture him as many others were also investigating the house.

Alexander knew he looked suspicious, faking jolliness was in no way his forte. So he continued as innocent looking as possible, he knelt down and said a small prayer for those who had been killed before standing up and resuming his walk.
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Garland slept roughly the previous night. The events of the previous day and had him unable to sleep to the point where he actually requested his guard to not sing him to sleep. The explosions of the morning broke him out of the uncomfortable sleep to a much worse feeling. The explosions sounded like nothing of his work, almost causing him to be sick right there in his bed. After checking in at his office, he sent a message to the Ho Ho Ho department.

Joy, next time there is a suspicious incident of gifting, please alert me immediately. We can not afford to be so lax as to wait even one day this close to the Day. Sure, we have been lucky in previous years, but the events of Christmas Past are no guarantee of a safe Christmas Future.
Joyous Blessings to you,
Garland Wassail, Caroling Special Presents Squad.

With that finished, he immediately left to see one of the bombing sites for himself. With him were a few additional elves.

"These marks, the scorching pattern and splintering... Surely these were powerful explosives, but they were not a quality bomb."

The elves that were not singing started taking some notes.
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After Oly finished dressing in his traditional jolly coat and hat, etc, he made his way up to the surface, going over Phase 2 in his mind repeatedly, even though he could practically recite the entire plan verbatim. Shock and Awe, respectively Phase 1 and Phase 2. Climbing out of the sewer after looking around to make sure no saw him coming out of the manhole, he resumed his usual joyous behavior, skipping to see Nolan, his smile bigger than ever as he passed the sites of the explosions, making sure to keep his distance, well aware of the principle that criminals like to visit the site of the crime after the act. Just because someone is insane, doesn't mean they're not logical... well... occasionally yes in Oly's case.

When he reached Nolan's home(or apartment?) he knocked on the door loudly, singing, " Have a Holly, Jolly, Oly Christmas, Nolan! You better show yourself and be a man! Fear not, for it is I, the greatest of the great, the best of the best, yet the worst of the worst and the most belittled of the belittled, Oly! "
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Nolan strapped on his remaining tools under his repair-man uniform and quickly glanced at the door. He quickly went over to the door and opened it. He smiled after hearing Oly's rhyme and nodded. "Oh I'll be there, don't you worry. In fact I'm getting prepared as we speak."
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Switching his usual words as he patted, grabbed, and then shook Nolan's shoulder lightly, " What you do today, comrade, is most glorious for ze revolution! For you are the Awe, and Oly was the Shock. Today, comrade, we rally more of the hearts and minds of the innocent to our Great Cause! " He then looked around slyly, and to make sure no one got the wrong idea, " The Great Cause, being of course, to uphold the greatest, holliest, jolliest, Christmas values! "

He then stood back, releasing Nolans shoulder, produced a tiny electronic box, and handed to Nolan. Speaking softly, his smile subsiding a bit, " Remember. Hook it up, get it running, and get out of there. We don't know how fast the Elves will be there to ruin the party. You know what happens to those that get caught... " With that, he gave Nolan a nod, placed his smile back on his face, and strolled off to return down into the sewers and into his home.
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Nolan secured a small gun under his backpack and nodded after looking over the box. He slid the box casually in with his backpack and headed towards SANTA's main base of operation. Avoiding the center of town, he went around the back. He opened up a map of the building, revealing a window he noticed was open on a regular basis. After securing a grappling hook, he climbed  his way into the building.

He carefully made his way through the building, hiding when necessary, until making his way to the buildings communication system. He grinned and pulled open the panel and gazed at the complex formation of wires. After playing with several wires and fooling with the box, he managed to securely hook it up to the system. After checking to make sure everything was working properly, he secured the lid and jumped into a nearby closet. He calmly moved his watch up and tapped it. A light illuminated the dark closet. The communication system's main door flung open as Nolan said "Right on time."

The elf continued with his normal broadcast as Nolan calmly remained inside the closet. "Well that's all for now. Pleasant dreams and happy holidays." Nolan gagged as the elf shut off the system and walked towards the door. Before the elf could open the door he looked down, noticing an arm wrapped around his neck. He calmly looked back and hesitantly smiled. "W...who are you?"

"One of the men who will once again bring joy to the world. This time, Christmas isn't going to be so jolly. Your employers are likely going to be throwing a fit... but that wont matter for you. You'll keep your mouth shut or I'll ensure you'll have a silent night... do you understand?" The man casually nodded as Nolan smiled. "Great! Let's make sure of that." He squeezed his neck for several seconds before the mans body went limp. Purposely knocking the man temporarily out, he took out a second pack from his backpack.

Several hours later, the man awoke with a paper attached to his forehead.

Dear Announcer,
I'm sorry to do this to you, but I can't quite trust your word. I've attached five golden rings, one on each family member of yours, to their ring finger. If you speak of our little conversation to anyone, I'll deck your halls in blood. If you follow my orders and remain loyal, the explosives in the rings will deactivate after the New Year, leaving you to take them off... or keep them. Think of them as a Christmas present from me to you!
Happy Holidays,

He gulped deeply, stuffed the note in his pocket, and quickly ran home to comfort his family.
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A timer in the box kept it from playing immediately, instead, waiting for an hour before it ran its message in the afternoon. Oly's voice suddenly controlled the PA system, but first, the usual announcer's voice, badly pieced together from recordings, said, " Attention, this is urgent news! " After this extremely off-pitch voice finished, Oly's took over, strangely lacking his usual attempted rhymes and speaking quickly, " Greetings, Oppressed Peoples. We are here to tell you the truth behind the bombings today. SANTA planted those bombs to inspire fear in you, the Oppressed Peoples, in order to more easily control you, by creating a false enemy, GRINCH. GRINCH is here to Liberate you from Oppression underneath SANTA, but SANTA doesn't want to let go of control over you.

" Everything you believe is false. SANTA is not the good guy. Christmas isn't holly and jolly anymore. It's all fake, an illusion. An illusion which you need to WAKE UP FROM. Look around you. Life isn't what it seems. SANTA aren't who they seem. You may not have even known of GRINCH before now, but now you do, and you can use this newfound knowledge to assist us in our operations, of course, at your own risk. Assist us. Join us. Only Together can we throw off the SANTA tyrants. We Started the Revolution, but We can't Finish it without You! "

The recording finished, and Oly wanted inside his bunker to see the results.