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Title: Noblar Universe Sporecast - My way of playing the game.
Post by: BioCat on November 16, 2008, 12:50:24 pm
Hi all, I'm BioCat as some of you know, and my main usage of this forum was for a long time RPing in the spore OG RPs that were once common here. I've got to say that with no connection to the actual game I enjoyed spore a lot in the 2.5 years I waited for it to come out.

And now that I finally got the game I enjoyed it for a while but soon found the actual gameplay rather lacking. I found myself spending about 75% of the time in the editors instead of in the game and barely got the spore addict badge just today. Than I remembered what Will Wright once said: "Spore lets you be the George Lucas of your own movie". So I started to form my own little story a while back. I created my race called the Noblar and played the game as usuall through all the stages to space. On the way I tried to use all available game-features to actually make my experience personal an suiting to the story I wanted to tell, while trying to explain experiences I had in game (like being almost defeated in civ stage :)... ) with in-story content. Personally I found it a lot of fun.

And now I come here hoping to share it with you guys if you are interested. I have opened a sporecast called the Noblar Universe that contains all the content relavant to my Noblar game. In the descriptions you could find the story behind my creations and bring the pieces of the puzzle together and learn about the story of the Noblars and keep up to date with it. If I'll see enough people are interested I might even write short stories that will tell this history, though as things are going in this forum I doubt it will happen...

Anyway first here's the link:

And here are a few examples like the races:

Delegon: ( Miners Guild: ( Grallo: (

And spaceships:
Delegon Shuriken: ( Grallo Destroyer: ( Acenar (Noblar Spaceship): (

So first and most important Enjoy :)! I would love some comments and requests if there are any.

Next: A look behind the scenes. Which in play races I met and inspired the races I actually post the sporecast, What game actions lead to some of the stories in the descriptions (like the crimson empire and the rebel-punks), and anything else you want to know!