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Title: Tales of Adimos RP [OOC]
Post by: Kaizer on April 05, 2008, 01:30:21 pm
Yea thatís right I'm gunna try and host a RP. Ya gots a problem with that?

In a land far from earth lies a place known as Adimos. It is named Adimos after the first true king, Peron Adimos I. The large continent of Adimos is inhabited by creatures of all aspects, the three main kingdoms on Adimos are, The Tyronites: Vicious barbarians from the north whom accept bodily mutations as a gift from the true king. The Tyronites races span from Humans to Kobolds, and mutants. The second great kingdom that inhabits Adimos is the Ash'tyla: A near extinct race of elves that have been trying to form a peace with the other kingdoms for generations. The Ash'tyla hate fighting but are known as some of the fiercest guerrilla warriors to ever be seen. The last Kingdom is the Halafas. The Halafas are the humans that still believe in the one true king Adimos.

The kingdoms may fight over dominance of land to spread the word of the one true king but their are some that do not care for these matters. These people are all grouped into an area known as the nonbelievers. They are shunned from all cities and are forced to live in the wilds. They hope to one day retake a city so they may live in peace away from the dangerous wilds.

THE WILDS) the kingdoms dot the outer territory of Adimos but the epicenter of all the evil on the land comes from the center in the wilds. It is there that evil warlocks, rogues, and monstrosities live waiting to slaughter all that stand in their way. Not much is known of how they live, but they are shunned by the nonbelievers.

NOTABLE PLACES) Many places on Adimos hold powers or are special to people that inhabit the land. Few of these places have been found but the few people know of include, the Fountain of Mana, and the False Tomb of the True King.

THE DARK WIZARD LUDIK) before the kingdoms their was a man named Ludik who wielded immense power. It was said he knew the true king before he disappeared. Sadly Ludik fell into insanity and tried to take over all of the lands, he was foiled by the 3 kingdoms when they finally allied together to stop Ludiks advances.

THE SEPERATION OF THE KINGDOMS) after Ludik was destroyed the kingdoms tried to hold their peace together. It was to no avail and war broke out once more this time between the men who battled to save the lands. The war continues to this day and shapes the fates of many adventurers.

This is just base info as the rp progresses the story will unfold as we act.

NAME: Chase Saryu
Age: 24
Kingdom: Nonbelievers
Mental description: A solemn man who only cares about himself and money
Physical description: He wears a brown cloak which hides his body and he carries a large bastard sword on his back. He also has a light scar running down his left eye. His eyes are a deep azure blue and his mussed up hair is dirt brown.
Job/ability/etc: A swordsman who is unrivaled in strength, what he lacks in magic he makes up for with strength
Background info: Even though he is known as a Nonbeliever he is one of the few men allowed into the kingdoms, Rumors say it is because Chase is actually the reincarnation of Adimos. These rumors were put to death by Chase himself though.

I'll make the rp thread when we have enough people going to actually rp