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Title: Episode 20 chapters!
Post by: Toshipaine on September 01, 2005, 01:30:04 am
Continuing Steve's request from episode 18 here's episode 20's time markers. Enjoy!

0:02:30   Game Boy Micro coming September 19th ... how many more can they make?!
0:05:23   Zelda: Twilight Princess delayed, of course.
0:07:08   Xbox $399.
0:08:07   All hail! Caesar returns to the PC!
0:11:34   Madden 2006 tackles sale charts.
0:14:58   Star Wars Galaxies causes a great disturbance in the Force.
0:16:42   Halo goes Hollywood.
0:20:42   China gets serious with online gaming addicts.
0:25:18   Come on, buy the Xbox 360 Omega bundle for $2000 ... I dare you!
0:28:06   Auto Assault applies the brakes.
0:30:22   Asheron's Call 2 goes dark. [a side comment on WOW]
0:33:25   Nintendo buys itself.
0:34:33   We Love Katamari, oh yes we do!
0:37:50   Another week, another million people join WOW.
0:39:18   Xbox Live 2.0 priced.

0:40:20   GameTalk: What on earth was Microsoft thinking when they priced the Xbox 360?
0:57:30   SporeTalk: No news is good news?

0:59:09   [QuickTake: Dungeon Siege II rating change to 9/10 from 8/10]
1:01:50   QuickTake: Advance Wars Dual Strike for the Nintendo DS [quasi rating ... 8.5/10]
1:13:55   QuickTake: Nintendogs for the Nintendo DS for the Nintendo DS [quasi rating ... interface: 9.5/10, gameplay: 7/10]
1:20:33   RetroReview: Military Madness for the TurboGrafx-16.
1:26:49   RetroReview: The Little Computer People Discovery Kit for the PC.

1:32:00   "Name That Game!" contest winner from last week, a new clip, and a new prize!

1:34:32   Show mail! [Q1. Why is Blizzard continuing to releases patches for StarCraft and Diablo? and Q2. What's the future of SimCity?]

1:39:10   Plus some very quick random thoughts.

[] my additions based on show comments not mentioned in the notes
Title: Re: Episode 20 chapters!
Post by: 762 on September 01, 2005, 06:21:53 am
Thanks, that's great.