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Title: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: emmet on December 27, 2007, 01:14:14 pm
The year is 2079. Humanity is at the beginning of a great scientific golden age which has the potential to make life better for every man, woman, and child. The island nation of Obano, the creation of which marked the start of this golden age, is now the site of scientific advancements that boggle the mind. Unlimited free energy, flying cars, and beam weaponry are only a few of the things that have come out of the last sixty years and there is much more to come. However with this great prosperity there is also great poverty; events that nearly destroyed Obano over half a century ago have ravaged the land and turned most of the country's lush forests and open plains into waste. Chaos has spread across the nation and it has been divided up: The posh Green zones are where the wealthy movers and shakers of Obano reside, Yellow zones are home to much of the country's working class and conditions are barely livable, Red zones are places that have been condemned and the law is all but absent. 'Mankind's greatest treasure, the clean new world' as it was once known is now the cradle for humanity's future, as well as the breeding ground for humanity's downfall.

It is up to YOU to decide how humanity will fare in this troubled, yet hopeful time. Will you be a beacon of hope, helping those who can't help themselves? Or will you take on a different guise and attempt to rule them all with an iron fist? The choice is yours and yours alone, welcome to Obano.

RP Specific Rules:

1. Players may drop in and out whenever they want. Just try and avoid leving if your in the middle of an arc.

2. One main character at a time, if you have two you will be removed, no exceptions.

3. Try and keep your posts easy and understandable.

4. If you are gone for a long time and the plot is depending on you, it will be moved on.

5. New rules are open for suggestions.

Universal rules:

GamingSteve Forum Story-Based RP Rules.
Written by Samog, PatMan33, and Krakow Sam. Last Edited 2/25/07

The object of the game is to play a character in a fantasy world of your design. You will tell the story from your character's point of view until the story ends, you die, or something along those lines...(If you do die you could always come back as a ghost or clone or pull a "never really killed" kind of thing. Anything works, it's totally up to you) These games are very fun when you have a dedicated group of players that can write good stories. Remember! The point is not to win, the point is to write an interesting story that people want to read!

Rules You Should Follow (Unless you want Pat to come after you)
-Don't speak for anyone else and don't play as another person's character. Let the other people playing the game respond to anything your character says and does to them. In other words don't do this:

Poster Four: I said no, but "Poster Three" said yes. Then he shot at me.
**This rule is not set in stone so use your own discretion. If you are posting during a drought and want to move the story along you may speak for others, also you may allow other characters to say simple things if it's really not story related.

-If you want to enter the story you can create a new person (In the Out of Character [OoC] thread) and introduce that person; also you can take over for an NPC. If your character has partners in their story, feel free to let us know if there are any open positions that you might like to see filled.

-Any created roles not filled by people (like a bus driver, shop keeper, etc...) can be taken over at any point in the story. Until then it is fair game to write what they do and say and such.

-You are always allowed to leave the story but be careful; if you do this, it's possible you may not have your original character to go back to later on should it be "bumped off" or something. To keep them safe you can make them ride off into the sunset, if you will, and reintroduce them later. If you do not the other players are allowed to do what they want to them.

-Nicknames are allowed.

-If someone's prolonged silence is interfering with a plot line's continuance other players may treat their character as an NPC until the controlling poster returns. You can NOT kill that character though.

-Use spellcheck and proper punctuation or I will kill you. (I think you know who added this rule.)

-Try to stick with the basic rules of the world. No flying monkeys in a world with no magic.

-The RP is a game, but you must be a decent writer if you wish to participate. Posts are expected to have detail and well thought out dialog. You are not allowed to make single sentence posts. We strive to make a story, not a topic full of stage direction.

-Don't be afraid to ask for help or to coordinate plot sequences. Conferring with your fellow players is the key in making a good RP, however don't give up your whole plot or become reliant on other player's ideas. Part of the fun of the RP is trying to "out write" your rivals. It makes for a good time.

-An RP usually follows a set point of view. Generally RPs are written in third person limited omniscient. It is not unheard of to have an RP written in first-person but it is generally seen as more rigid.
**Note that whichever form you write in, be it these two or another, your writing should be heavily influenced by your character's knowledge of the situation.

-Posting rules are simple, don't post unless there is at least one other post by another person after your most recent post. Also you should post regularly!

-Finally, if you feel inclined to join an RP that is in progress make sure you are not jumping in during a scene that is pivotal to the plot or at the climax of a story-arc. This can ruin an RP.

What different fonts denote:
Normal Text: Denotes plot development and character actions. The bulk of the RP is made of this.
"Text in quotations": Denotes speech. A large part of the RP is usually made of up speech.
~"Text in quotations preceded by a tilde": Denotes a translation. If your character speaks another language and you wish to write what they say in English, put a tilde (~) before the first quotation. This kind of speech is rarely used, but it adds to the atmosphere.
Italics: Denotes thought and inner monologue. Also is used for flashbacks, dreams, books, and computer readouts.
** There is no need to use Italics for books if the entire post is an excerpt from a book. Just make mention that it is an excerpt from a book and Italicize that one line. (Ex: Excerpt from A History of Obano...)

Here's an example of how the game works: (Written in first person)
Poster One: Well, it was Monday again and yet another day of school was coming; I was waiting lazily at the bus stop. When the bus came I got on to find it empty save for the bus driver and myself.
That's weird. I thought to myself I'm like, the fourth to last stop... There are usually no seats left when I get on.

Poster Two: I got on the bus and saw 'poster one', but no one else.
"Where is everyone?" I asked.

Poster One: "I don't know" I said back to her "Maybe they're all out sick."

Poster Two: "I don't think everyone could be out sick..." I replied.

Poster Three: I silently agreed with her in my head. I had been driving this bus for 3 years, and usually only 1 or 2, if any kids were out sick. I didn't say anything at that point though because i was just there to do my job and drive the bus. Still i couldn't help but wonder where everyone else could be.

And the story would basically go on until the problem is resolved or at least the current conflict ends. Sub plots are very likely to lead into another RP where it becomes the main plot.

Your character

Be original with your origins and powers, and remember, the OOC thrad is the same as it always was. I have some quick words of advice for new RPers too -

1. Mean or handicapped charcters are likely to just get you excluded from the action. You want to blend.

2. Remember your settings AT ALL TIMES. Likewise with your side, if you are bad, be bad.

3. Ulterior motives confuse things. Only let your character haveone if you are an experienced writer.

Finally, sorry for my spelling, I am using a laptop and the keyboard is weird. (History has a funny way of repeating itself)

All content in this thread is copyright the respective poster.

Now, let's get this show on the road!


Just another day on the job for Darius Miyan. Then again, another day on the job wasn't exactly as boring for most as it was for him. The Vigil dealt with all kinds of things, from fires to robberies. There was nothing they couldn't do! There only difficulty was having to cope with living in the shadow of the OEI. Darius - or Vice - was in a sweet spot on his career ladder. High enough to not have to deal with petty robberies and arson, but low enough to still get a taste of the action.

"Vice - Wake up! Hostage situation on Greenbury!"

Okay, so not exactly.

Vice pulled on his visor and jumpsuit -  a combination of Kevlar an Spndex, emblazoned with the Vigil Logo - a large V behind two scarlet eyes.

"But isn't Greenbury in the Green Zone?" He shouted back to his colleague.

"D'you really think the OEI has time to deal with a pair of maniacs who got hold of some guns?"

They hopped into  car and went vertical - meaning they were driving on one of the gravity defying car only roads.

"We're gonna need to go faster, our friend has been threatening to shoot if we don't answer his demands. Although I guess that's what you'd expect him to say..."

Luckily enough Greenbury wasn't too far away. It was a pretty street, with perfectly symmetrical trees and tall red townhouses. The street was empty, and the only people were gathered around one of the houses. A man was sitting on indowsill and barking out demands.

"Get inside!"

Vice and his partner split up and he started to climb the stairs. He had counted the floors to climb from outside, and he wasn't unfit, so he made it up in a minute. The door was open and one of the armed men was guarding. The minut he saw Vice he drew his gun.

"Oh, come on, you're daling with a trained proffesional wearing bulletproof armour. Just admit you've been defeated and we'll try and get you a shorter sentence."

Everything that happened was a blur. The man made a break for it but Vice remained still. His partner was still downstairs and would make short work of him. Inside there were three people, two hostages and the criminal. He had heard the commotion outside and was holding a gun to a woman's head.

"If you move any closer she'll die!"

Vice didn't blink. The amount of times he'd run into this situation had given him plent of time to hone his hostage negotiations.

"And then what? I'll shoot you and if you don't die you'll go to jail injured and with blood on your hands."

"I'll shoot her!" The woman was crying, and in his panic the man turned and punched her in the face. This gave Vice plenty of time to draw his gun and shoot him in the leg.  He fell to the floor and Vice sprang forward an tagged him. He instantly dissapared. He had been teleported out of the building.

The woman was lying on the floor, unconscious. Her head was covered in bruises. The other hosae, a man, stood up and put a hand on Darius' shoulder.

"Thanks you sir, I owe you my life." But Vice was distracted. The woman's bruises were clearing away, and in turn the man beside him crumpled to the ground. The injuries had transferred bodes.

"Well... That's interesting..." Darius gasped.
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: PatMan33 on December 27, 2007, 01:17:03 pm
Three figures sat in a lavish office at the top of a tall tower. At the foot of the tower was a large patch of greenery which gave way to a sprawling city. The buildings closest to the tower seemed to glow in the light of the morning sun and a gentle haze made the entire scene look oversaturated and euphoric, the people walking within it reflected this. Past this urban paradise was a sharp divide beyond which the scenery took a somewhat unfortunate turn; a gray haze hung over this place, the people within it moved sluggishly and their eyes seemed glued to the ground. Even further out the landscape took on a bleak and hopeless look, steel skeletons stretched into the sky where buildings used to stand prominently; the streets were nearly bare, and what people could be seen were always running from something. A bright light rose up from the desolate landscape and a column of smoke made it's way into the sky. Back in the lavish office on top of the tall tower one of the figures sprang up, leaning heavily on a cane, and pointed at one of the other figures who appeared to be sitting at a desk.

“You've got to break this cycle!” the figure with the cane yelled “Look out there and tell me everything is okay. You, like your predecessors, took an oath to protect these people and do what is best for them!”

“Please return to your seat.” the figure at the desk said coldly “And refrain from telling me how to do my job... how can you possibly understand what it is that I've been tasked with?”

“I was working for this organization before you were born, you'd be doing your job to listen to some of my advice.” the figure with the cane retorted.

“Your advice?” the figure at the desk said, moving in close to the person he was arguing with “Why in the hell would I want to take the advice of a criminal? That's why you love those ignorant fools in the Red and Yellow Zones so much! They're scum, just like you!”

The third figure, who was sitting next to the first figure, extended a rather large hand and whispered something.

“Very well.” the figure with the cane said, returning to the seat “Keep pushing the same policies of your predecessors... and know that in a year's time you'll be in a box. This is our sixth counsel for the sixth new Chief Executive in the last five years. Shoot... Johansen didn't even last three weeks in office.”

“Is that a threat, Mr. Likely?” the figure at the desk spat.

“It's not a threat, it's a promise.” the man with the cane, Mr. (Richard) Likely, spat back “You keep running this country and this organization into the ground and I won't have to come up here and wring your neck. The people will be more than happy to do it for me. That silly metal suit isn't going to protect you.”

“Get out of my office this instant!” the figure at the desk yelled “Get out now and don't you dare set foot in here again! Mother f-”

“Chief Executive Noel.” the figure that was seated spoke firmly “With all due respect, it would be nice, for a change, to have a Chief Executive who makes it to the one year mark unscathed. Unless there is a shift in policy, no progress will ever be made.”

“Agent One...” the figure at the desk, Chief Executive (Walter) Noel, said slowly “While your feedback is appreciated, it really is not appropriate. You have your place, as I have mine, and it would make my job easier if you minded your own business.”

“Very well.” the figure sitting down, Agent One, replied “Have a pleasant day, sir.”

Agent One saluted to Chief Executive Noel who looked at him for a moment before rolling his eyes and spinning his chair around. Richard Likely looked over his shoulder and eyed a man standing off in the corner.

“Let's get a move on, Theodore.” Richard said “Looks like we're done here.”

The man in the corner nodded and stood behind Richard, he saluted to Agent One.

“At ease, Theodore.” Agent One replied.

Richard moved his hand onto the armrest of his chair and pressed a button. The chair vibrated slightly and began to move towards the door, Theodore followed close behind with the hulking form of Agent One taking up the rear. They all piled into an extravagant elevator and headed for the lobby.

“Well?” Agent One asked.

“It's like dealing with Sam Smith all over again.” Richard said curtly “I don't know why I still cling to this organization... it's barely a shell of what it once was. Remember when we had people like Mantar Yasipolitz and Jenny Godwin? They were the real deal, competent Agents with a good spirit backing their actions. Nowadays it's just a team of goons out there bullying people into submission. We're the last two left and what good are we?”

“I can not disagree with you, Richard.” Agent One said “But you know my sins better than anyone, I am unable to amend this sad turn of events.”

“You're doing what you can, the Agents that you still control uphold the traditions that the OPF stands for... oh right, sorry, I mean the OEI ” Richard said “Just look at Theodore here, he's a shining example of what an Agent should be.”

“I do what I can.” Theodore said with an embarrassed smile “Ah, here's our floor.”

The elevator doors opened and the three exited from the car, Agent One and Theodore exchanged salutes. Richard pulled Agent One close and whispered something to him.

“You going to be good for eleven thirty?” Richard whispered “Can you get in under the radar?”

Agent One nodded, then turned and disappeared into the crowd of people milling about the lobby. Richard and Theodore took another elevator down a few floors into one of the basements that contained a teleport back to Power City, Richard's research and development center. Along the way Richard and Theodore discussed the events of the day.

“Making friends quickly as usual.” Theodore said sarcastically.

“These Chief Executives are a dime a dozen... they've been scraping the bottom of the barrel for decades now. All of the good people are too scared to take the job.” Richard said.

“Still, it's his first day. He hasn't been in office an hour and you're at his throat.” Theodore said “It's not fair... the poor guy is scared to death of being killed.”

“You were poking around?” Richard asked.

“It's what I get paid to do, it isn't my fault if I happen to pick up what some important people are thinking, is it?” Theodore said jokingly.

“Not at all.” Richard said “Getting anything from me right now?”

“I've tried, believe me.” Theodore said “But your mind is so full of clutter and junk that it's like diving in a sea of pea soup filled with molasses.”

“Good thing you're not me then.” Richard said with a laugh.

“Hm... incoming.” Theodore mumbled somewhat dejectedly.

A door on the side of the hallway they were in opened and a sinister looking man garbed in a black robe stepped out. He spotted Richard and Theodore and walked over to them.

“Richard Likely, just the man I was looking for...” the sinister man said in a deep and haunting voice “It would appear that the time has come...”

The sinister man reached into his robes and removed a long golden knife with several strange symbols carved into it's surface. He moved the golden knife toward Richard with lightning speed and stopped it just short of his nose. Richard, unflinching, looked at the blade and smiled.

“You're returning it already?” Richard asked.

“Yes... my research yielded nothing of interest.” the sinister man said sadly “However the ring is next on my list.”

“Ah wonderful!” Richard said “With any luck we'll be able to patch this hole in the family tree. Jason, I don't know what I'd do without you.”

“Your praise means much to me, Richard.” the sinister man, Jason, replied “I will do my best to assist you. If my theory is correct, this missing link in your tree could prove to be a fantastic discovery. If in fact this person is who you believe it to be, the history books may have to be rewritten.”

“One step at a time Jason, one step at a time.” Richard said with a smile “By the way, how is the Concentration Enhancer working out?”

“Wonderfully, it was because of it that I was able to study the blade so quickly.” Jason said, tapping a silvery device on his right ear “I pity my peers who feel that science is a fools endeavor.”

“It would seem that our kinds can do great things together.” Richard said “As it were, I must be off to add a third group of people to this lovely conglomerate.”

“Ah yes, you will have to tell me more of Project Vigor some time.” Jason said, glancing up at Theodore for a moment “I will keep you updated on my progress, farewell.”

Richard and Jason shook hands and then parted ways, Theodore watched Jason return to his office in a cold silence. The pair resumed walking down the long hall.

“Why so quiet all of the sudden?” Richard asked “You never seem to have anything to say to Jason.”

“Well why should I...?” Theodore said in a low tone “He's a Necromancer, one of those forbidden magic types from the old world. You know what they do...”

Richard's chair came to a stop and he turned around to address Theodore.

“Now that really isn't fair.” Richard said, somewhat annoyed “You can't condemn a person based solely on one part of their life. Jason Wyomissing is a good man, a little different, perhaps, but at his core he is a very honorable person. It is a shame that people are not willing to give him a chance just because of what they hear about him.”

“Perhaps... but it's just tha-” Theodore was cut off.

“No.” Richard interrupted “You can't pass proper judgment on anyone if you don't know them. I know that as well as anyone. Ah... come on, we're on a tight schedule. Our eleven thirty appointment is going to be pissed if we’re late.”

They continued down the hall in silence until they arrived at a large blast door. After an ID Scan and a weapon check (A check that Richard always seemed to fail for one reason or another) they were escorted into a room that had a large blue dot painted on the floor. The two stood on the dot and after a few moments they vanished. They appeared in a similar room located in a vastly different facility that was miles and miles away, clear on the other side of the country.

“Good morning, Mr. Likely.” a receptionist said with a smile “The team has assembled in the lab.”

“Great!” Richard said “Let's hurry then.”

After a few minutes of traveling through a myriad of fantastic and strange rooms, Richard and Theodore arrived in an enormous warehouse. The perimeter of the warehouse was lined with large work rooms and observations areas, computers dotted the floor and wires were running everywhere. In the room's center and situated up against the far wall was a raised steel platform. On the platform was a cylinder with a large power cord entering it's side, the top of the cylinder had flat panel connected to it and it was tilted at a forty five degree angle. Beyond the strange device was an enormous window that took up the entire remaining wall, the view beyond it was of a large empty field pocked with scars and burn marks.

The rooms along the warehouse's perimeter were buzzing with activity, however the main room was empty save for two people. A man and a woman, no older than twenty, were making out behind a large bank of computers. Richard rolled into the room and looked around inquisitively. He made his way to a large workstation situated on the same raised platform as the strange machine. Four metal fingers and a metal thumb tapped across the workstation's polished finish; Richard rolled up his sleeve, revealing one of his many abnormalities. Starting at the shoulder, instead of flesh and bone, was a silvery metallic device in the shape of a human arm. Richard concentrated for just a moment and began to speak, his voice now carried throughout the entire warehouse via the personal address system.

“Mr. Pimsty, how many times must I ask you to remove yourself from Miss. Vales?” Richard said with a grin “Get yourselves out here, our guest is going to be here soon and he does not appreciate delays.”

The man and woman walked out from behind the bank of computers and, slightly embarrassed, headed toward Richard.

“Mr. Pimsty...” Richard said dully “Keep your Focusing Visor on please. Must I remind you that your unfocused powers play hell with the equipment here?”

“Sorry about that, sir.” the man, (Ren) Pimsty answered “But it just gets in the way sometimes.”

“Shut up!” the woman, (Happy) Vales whispered, hitting Ren in the back of the head with her hand.

“Nicely done, Ren.” Richard said with a chuckle “However I would take Happy's advice. Please shut up.”

Next to Richard was a large blue dot, identical to the one that he and Theodore were on when they teleported over.

“Right, it looks like he's here.” Richard said loudly as a green light began flashing “And on time too, what a shock!”

The green light stopped flashing and remained on, there was a faint flash and Agent One appeared.

“Likely...” Agent One said as he looked around the room “Glad to see everything is on order… the test ready yet?”

“Yup, let’s get this thing going.” Richard replied “If everyone will take their positions we can begin shortly.”

The atmosphere in the warehouse changed as everyone began taking up their positions. The technicians in the booths along the sides turned to their screens and issued commands to their subordinates. Richard pressed a few buttons on the console in front of him and looked toward the strange device on the raised platform. Ren walked over to a station that had a couple dozen clear tubes that each contained different substances, he flipped his visor over his eyes and began scanning each tube. Happy climbed up onto the raised platform and approached the strange device in it's center. She stood before the device and placed both of her hands onto the panel, Richard in turn flipped a switch and the panel lit up. Agent One watched what Richard and Happy were doing with extreme interest. Happy closed her eyes and relaxed herself as Richard's machine did it's work, after about a minute the light on the panel faded and she stepped away.

“Right.” Richard said, double checking that the recording systems were on “This is test number three hundred thirty three of the PV-001 Synthesis Device, also known as Project Vigor. With any luck this will be our final test. We've spent the last few weeks recalibrating the containment fields and the memory matrix inside the PV-001 has been modified slightly to eliminate an anomaly that caused an unexpected loss of data. We are running the system on a one terawatt Class III Xeno Reactor. Alright... now that we've got the pleasantries out of the way, let's give this a go... cross your fingers, folks! Happy, give us a few shots.”

“Alright...” Happy said vacantly.

She approached the large window and looked out at the broken landscape beyond it. A massive storm cloud swirled into view, seemingly from nowhere, and rain poured down. Some bolts of lightning criss-crossed the sky and back down on the ground a massive chasm opened.

“Very good.” Richard said “You can ease off now, let's see if this works.”

Happy took a step back and the excitement beyond the window stopped as quickly as it had started. Agent One took a few steps forward as Richard gave the order to begin the actual test, he had produced a datapad to take notes on and he was also recording the scene through his ocular visor. The room was filled with a loud humming sound as the machine began to operate, Richard's console suddenly lit up and he looked it over.

“Moment of truth time... again!” Richard said “How about some rain?”

He pressed a button on the console and the sound coming from the machine died. Richard jumped out of his chair and leaned over the console to get a better view. Outside the massive window a storm cloud formed, exactly as it had for Happy, and within moments fresh rain was pouring down from the sky.

“Yes!!” Richard yelled, jumping high into the air “We've done it! We've done it!!”

He jumped clean over his console and ran up to Happy, her feet left the ground as Richard gave her a big bear hug.

“Happy! Look at it...” Richard said, mesmerized by the scene outside “Look at what you've done... it's one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.”

“Well shoot… Richard it looks like you actually did it!” Agent One said, walking toward Richard “Good work, I guess the standard practices will apply here?”

“Yeah.”  Richard replied. “Not a word to anyone… at least not yet.”

Agent One nodded and looked around a bit, he replaced the datapad and cleared his throat.

“Well then, I’ve got to run. I’m supposed to be eliminating a small mom & pop operation…” Agent One said “They authorized lethal force for a bunch of software pirates…”

“Times sure have changed…” Richard said, patting Agent One on the shoulder “You’ll make the right choice, I’m sure.”

“…” Agent One said nothing and returned to the blue dot, he vanished.

“Richard!” Theodore said, approaching with a cane in hand “Forgetting anything?”

“Oh right...” Richard said, grabbing the cane “Don't know why I use it here, the whole 'crippled old man' act is for the people at the OEI. But whatever, let's end the celebration for now and get back to work.”

The room quickly returned to normal and everyone began writing their daily reports. It was business as usual in Power City, Project Vigor's success would remain a secret for quite some time so the celebration would have to be short.
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: PatMan33 on December 27, 2007, 01:17:50 pm
Later that evening...

Richard sat in his office at the top of JLR Tower, the office took up the entire upper floor and was separated into a few different rooms. Most of the rooms had tools and papers strewn all over in a magnificent display of ordered chaos that only Richard seemed to comprehend. However there was one room that was tidy, it was Richard's meeting room which was where he was during business hours. It was nine thirty, office hours ended at ten, and Richard was writing up a final report on Project Vigor. He was grinning from ear to ear, it was one of the best days of his life; the only events that could rival it were his wedding day, the birth of his son, and the day he and his colleagues first made sense of Xeno Theory.

There was a bit of a ruckus in the reception room, it was the room directly before Richard's office; the doors were very thick, however, and so none of the sounds came through. The heavy doors to Richard's office opened slowly and Happy entered.

“Happy?” Richard stammered, somewhat surprised “What brings you here at this hour? Security didn't notify me of your visit, is the intercom out?”

Richard tapped the intercom button a bit and got static.

“Guess so... something else for me to fix!” he said with a smile “Anyway, what can I do for you tonight, Happy?”

Happy approached Richard's desk slowly, she glanced out the large floor to ceiling window off to her left and stood rigid; her expression was one of fanatical determination and she seemed to be trembling with excitement.

“Project Vigor...” she said in a surly voice “It’s not going to work.”

“How so?” Richard asked curiously.

“The reactor... one terawatt of power is not enough.” Happy said “We need more power. With it the PV-001 will not be restricted to Obano and we can stretch it's influence across the entire world!”

“Happy, you know it’s not our mission to do that.” Richard said, looking somewhat concerned “Our primary goal is to help the people of Obano, they are the most desperate right now.”

“No!” Happy said, her volume increasing “No it isn't enough! It would only take a quick fix... and then we can control it all!”

“A quick fix? Control it all?” Richard asked, now somewhat confused “Happy? Happy is everything alright?”

“Everything is fine! All of the pieces we need are here, you are the key! Your arm... the reactor in your arm… it's a Class I Reactor with an output of fifty terawatts! It's perfect!” Happy said, taking a step toward the desk.

“What? Where did you find out that information?” Richard said, getting to his feet and glaring at Happy “What is going on here? The things you are talking about boarder on the insane. Tell me that this is just some kind of joke because you know I can’t allow you to do what you’re thinking.”

A few floors down from Richard's office was the dormitory level, Theodore was standing outside of Happy's room with a team of armed guards.

“The room sensors are indicating an unknown emergency situation.” one of the guards told Theodore “We'll have to risk a breach, her protection is our highest priority aside from Richard.”

“Very well, breach the door.” Theodore said, rubbing his head “This just doesn't feel right.”

A team assembled around the door and raised their weapons, the team leader counted down.


“Sir, I can't reach the security desk outside of Richard's office...” another guard reported to Theodore.


“What?” Theodore exclaimed, surprised.

He reached out with his mind and searched the reception room outside of Richard's office, there were no signs of life and Happy's presence in the main office was overwhelming.


“Damn...” Theodore said dryly, turning to face the door.

Before anyone could say anything the team breached the door to Happy's room. A sea of flames erupted from the open doorway and flooded out into the hall; Theodore and his team were consumed by the unstoppable mass of fire and debris.

“It's no joke! Imagine what we'll be able to do!” Happy yelled “We will have total control of this planet! We can shape the world in any way that we wish! The world will literally be ours!”

“Happy!” Richard yelled back “What has gotten into you? This is not the Happy that I know!”

“You never knew me!” Happy yelled, the atmosphere in the room growing more tense “You have no idea what I've got planned and what I’m capable of!”

“Happy, I can get you help for whatever is wrong.” Richard said, calming down a bit “Let me call for help.”

A loud laugh filled the room and Happy spat at Richard.

“Help?” Happy said “There is  no help anymore.”

The entire building trembled and a roaring sound filled the air, the large window in Richard's office shattered and a bright ball of flame soared past. All sorts of alarms began ringing and the entire compound lit up.

“What have you done?” Richard asked, raising his mechanical arm “What have you done!?”

“I did what I had to do to get what I want.” Happy said bluntly “Now... give me what I came here for.”

“I am at a loss for words.” Richard said “You've broken my heart, Happy.”

A clicking sound came from within Richard's mechanical arm and Happy's face contorted into a look of rage. Outside the window a massive black cloud formed, by then Richard's arm had transformed into a gun-like shape and something could be heard charging. At once a bolt of lightning flew out of the black cloud and struck Richard in the chest, a red beam of light shot out of the end of Richard's arm and tore through the side of Happy's face. Richard flew backwards into a bookshelf and slumped up against it, by some amazing stroke of luck he was still fully conscious.

“Damn my horrible aim.” Richard mumbled, sliding his hand across the wall “I'm getting too old for this...”

“What did you say!?” Happy yelled, her hand clutching the gaping wound on the side of her head.

The section of wall that Richard's hand was on looked like a bookcase, he ran his fingers across a red ‘book’ that had the OEI seal emblazoned on it’s spine.

“Your little tricks won't work.” Happy said as a bolt of lightning hit the ‘book’, chunks of plastic and wiring flew everywhere as the panic mechanism was destroyed. “Who knew you would still put up such a fight? I guess that's why you made it this far in life.”

“This course of action will only lead to your downfall Happy!” Richard pleaded, discreetly moving his mechanical arm into a position so that his palm was aimed directly at Happy “Stop now while you still have a chance.”

“Pleading for your life? How pitiful...” Happy mocked Richard “Why should I stop when I've already beaten you?”

A beeping sound seeped out of Richard's mechanical arm and filled the air, Richard looked away from Happy.

“What?” she yelled “NO!”

An unseen force washed over Happy and the exposed skin on her face and arms was ripped backwards. She fell to the ground, screaming in agony and clutching her ears which were bleeding uncontrollably. Happy fell onto her back, her face had been all but torn off and her clothes were in tatters. She wore a look of utter shock as if she had just woken up from a bad dream. A sick laugh escaped from her throat and she rolled to the side, her eyes were blood red and she had the appearance of a walking corpse. Richard stopped his assault and looked at Happy, he gasped in horror, it was a wonder she was still alive. A grin crept across what remained of Happy's face and her eyes stared straight through Richard. Another bolt struck Richard and he fell forward onto his desk, he was bleeding from the head and struggled to keep Happy in his view. She got to her feet and slowly limped toward the desk.

“Why are you doing this?” Richard gasped, unable to keep an even tone.

“Because nobody, not even you, can stop me.” Happy said, gurgling up blood with each word “Now lie down and die old man!”

A third bolt of lightning leapt through the window and hit Richard square in the head, he fell to the ground with a crash and was silent. Happy approached Richard warily, unsure if he was really finished. She reached under his shirt and pressed two concealed buttons at the top of his mechanical arm, it disconnected itself and ceased operation. Hefting the heavy arm onto the desk, Happy began entering a long string of numbers that only Richard was supposed to know. Within a minute the reactor that powered the arm was released and Happy slipped the small cube that contained it into her pocket.

“You old fool...” Happy mumbled to Richard “Why even bother to stand up against me?”

A thunderous crash rose up from the reception room and footsteps began approaching the office. The thick door was blown apart and Theodore staggered in, he was covered in blood (None of it was his) and looked as if he’d just been blown up (which he had).

“Too late!” Happy sneered, already being carried away by a torrent of air.

Theodore swiftly made his way to the window and watched helplessly as Happy disappeared into Obano, he was leaning heavily onto the window frame to keep himself upright. After regaining his composure he turned and knelt down next to Richard's body, reaching into one of Richard's pockets Theodore produced an old communicator. He entered a number into the device and waited for a moment.

“What the hell did you do, Likely?” came the voice of Agent One “The screens are all lit up!”

“Sir…” Theodore said, his vision becoming blurry “We… we need your help…”

Theodore dropped the old communicator and fell into a sitting position.

“If only I had gotten here… sooner…” Theodore slurred “S-sorry…”

Theodore fell onto his side and blacked out; it would be another five minutes before a team would arrive to find the pair.
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Ernie rode his old motorcycle around the city looking for any members of the local gangs to rough up. He had been doing this for a while now and times were good, the police had neither the power nor good will to deal with the problems. The fact that he and his friend Lukas had put away twice as many people than the OEI or Vigil was not much of a surprise. The gangs had their methods of avoiding the police, of course Ernie was not  the police. He touched his helmet and turned on the police scanner

"We have gun fire in alpha quadrant "

The report meant that  it would be at least a half hour before anyone actually showed up, plenty of time for him to take care of business.

"Luke I’m going to check out that fire fight" Ernie said as he speed off toward the alpha quadrant.
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Teller Utopia allowed a little swagger to seep into his walk as he entered the bar. It was a standard Yellow Dive, menial workers hunched over drinks. What time of day it was didn't matter. Since the new labour laws had been enacted , antisocial hours weren't something that had to be taken in to consideration, and it was always evening for someone. A young man with a mouthful of studs and rings was thrashing out some old post-punk song on a guitar, Teller raised his wraparound shades to get a better look. Image search turned it up as a Stratocaster... one of the old school instruments with strings instead of buttons and a paddle. Teller sat down on one of the greasy plastic barstools and waved for the barman.
"Whatdyerwant?" grunted the man, he was a short fat man with a bad combover, like every barman in a place like this.
"Seventeen double Vodka and cokes please" said Teller, unbuttoning his trenchcoat. The scientists had run a movie night every week back at the Ice Station, and Teller had picked up pretty quickly that Trenchcoat equals Badass.
The Barman looked taken aback for a second, but bustled off to fetch more glasses when Teller stuck his card into the bartop reader. A perfect credit rating went a long way to getting you what you wanted, no matter how crazy.
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It was cold on the rooftop. The people underneath didn't know she was there, and she didn't get the feeling that they'd be happy it if they did. But they were inevitably going to catch on when she started feeding, and she'd have to be light on her feet if she didn't want to catch a bullet when they figured out what was happening.

With her human eyes, she found a route of escape - across the rooftops, down the fire escape and into a murky pond connected to the Red Zone sewer - while her mind's eye kept track of the people around. This wasn't going to be fun, but she was tired and hungry and didn't want to go looking for another building with power. If she had to go much longer without recharging, she'd end up relying on that rusty little lasgun to defend herself - a stun gun at best, exploding in her hand at worst. For a moment she worried that her clothes would slow her swimming down: the bulky hooded robe wasn't designed for swimming, and the brown material absorbed water a bit to readily. But she was a faster swimmer than any human, even with a dead weight dragging her down. They wouldn't catch her.

Go time. Sparky carefully wedged one of her webbed hands into a crack in the side of the fusebox and, with a yank, pulled the rusty metal apart in splinters - her hand came out holding a bundle of wires torn free. Down in the building, the lights went off. Pulling out the surge protector and clutching the bare connections underneath, Sparky let the electric current flow into her while listening closely to the feelings of those underneath her.

She'd drained the current for around a minute before the image of the roof drifted up to her out of the misasma of consciousness, and that was her cue to leave. It wasn't nearly enough, but it would have to do for now. Pulling her hands out of the fusebox, she sprinted away and leapt to the next rooftop before anyone made it to the roof. They yelled something incoherent and drew a gun as she jumped down the fire escape, before completely losing sight of her as she finished her escape: a swan dive into the polluted water of the Red Zone.

She was nowhere near full. Perhaps it was time to make an excursion to the Yellow Zone - they always had electricity there... but then they always payed closer attention to who was clambering around on their rooftops, too...
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"I predict a riot! I predict a riot?"
The guitarist's voice suddenly became very small as the power went from the building and his mike went dead.
Teller drained his last drink and glanced around the room. The mood was more one of general disgruntlement than panic.
"Looks like the primary ducts are behind in the maintenance again!"
"That old bastard in Powertown better get his ass in gear!"
"Hey! Someone stole my wallet! NOONE LEAVES UNTIL I FIND MY WALLET!"
Teller's brow furrowed. According to the Power Authority website the maintenance on the power ducts in this neighborhood had been undertaken earlier that morning, they were functioning perfectly, apparently.
Putting down his glass, Teller strolled out of the bar and looked around the filthy street. Spotting a small waiflike figure in a filthy hooded robe out of the corner of his eye he looked up at the roof.
"Hey! What are you doing up there?"
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Ah. That was bad. How could she have been spotted before she finished feeding? How did this guy sneak up on her? Sparky glanced down, there was only one of him - but this time there wasn't a convenient body of water in which to make her escape. She was going to have to leg it, and webbed feet weren't the best for that.

She let go of the power terminal, took one last look at the man in the trenchcoat, and made a break for the other side of the building. If she ran hard, it wouldn't take too long to make it back to the Red Zone - but this guy had spooked her. She didn't know if he was following her or not, and that was a frightening sensation for her.
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Hmm, whoever it was hand't even bothered to make up an excuse for what they were doing up there. They were clearly guilty, and guilty of denying power to machines which needed it, no less!
Teller broke into a run, entering the alley adjacent to the bar and leaping between the adjacent walls to boost himself up to the roof, the miscreant was just ahead.
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Daren was lurking through the local Red Zone.  Lurking?  He thought, no, that's hardly right...  Creeping?  Stalking?  Sleuthing, that was it.  Whatever mode of locomotion he was using, it was important.  Since he'd arrived a few weeks back he'd decided to take his grandfathers route and tackle the problems no one else could.  As it turned out, there were very few such problems when there were two law enforcement agencies in residence who employed meta humans and high end tech.  He'd found only one, a gang which no one seemed capable of tracking down.  They would show up, do what they had planned according to some larger and apparently inscrutable design, and then disappear down some dark alley, unseen until the next strike.  So far he'd puzzled out that it was a lot larger than most gangs, almost every strike contained completely different members than the others.  And that's where the trail ran cold.

His train of thought was derailed as the lights in one of the bars across the street flickered and died.  There was some commotion on the roof and in the street outside.  He reached over his shoulder and loosened his Tesla Blade in its sheath.  After a moment he ran across to the bar.  He had to deal with at least one crime in his first month, on principal.
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A dark figure moved through the Taraq Red Zone, the air around it was heavy with anticipation. A short distance away was the crossing into the nearby Yellow Zone and just beyond the crossing was a large fortified structure with the word 'VIGIL' printed on the side. Happy's plan was almost complete, all that remained was the acquisition of a Xeno Power Coupler which was safely stored in the building's reactor room. All of the large and important government buildings were equipped with their own power source so that they could remain functional in case of an emergency; this precaution proved invaluable in the past and had been credited with saving many lives. Happy stepped into the light to reveal a black robe that stretched from head to toe, her face was covered by a dark veil and the overall appearance was of a woman in a burqa.

Without pause Happy raised her right hand and looked at the Vigil building, the night sky became even darker as a black cloud appeared. In the immediate area the wind began to pick up and flickers of lightning lit up the ground. One of the bolts hit the Vigil building and the lights turned off, a moment later they popped back on as the backup power supply kicked in.

"Die..." Happy whispered to herself.

All at once a series of lightning bolts struck the building blowing out windows and doing minor structural damage. Alarms began to blare and floodlights came to life, they scanned the area before settling on Happy's dark outline. Hailstones the size of tires condensed in the air and hurtled down into the building, screams could be heard from inside and somewhere a fire had started. Happy smiled to herself and concentrated harder, the air seemed to be sucked away as the pressure levels around the structure changed. A funnel descended from the black cloud and settled on the building's roof, the structure defiantly held for a few moments before being ripped asunder by the immense force.

"Open fire!" came a voice as a small detachment of Vigil personnel ran toward Happy.

A gust of wind caught the group before they could fire and blew them down the street like toys. Another gust caught a wayward vehicle and slammed it into the security personnel who were still moving. There was a loud pop and a massive ball of flame erupted from the Vigil building, sending the last portion of the structure crashing to the ground. Happy closed her hand into a fist and brought it down to her side, the freak display of nature's fury stopped almost immediately and there was silence. A biting cold gripped the area and within seconds the temperature was well below freezing. Cries rose up from what remained of the Vigil building but they died down soon enough, Happy waited for a moment before releasing the area from the cold. She looked around and laughed out loud, things had gone much smoother than she had expected; the forces of Vigil appeared to be no match for her superior strength.

Happy walked toward the rubble and began searching for the missing component, it would not be too hard to find.
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Kim made her way past a few trees and on to a relatively unused path. Following a route she learned from her father, Kim eventually was surrounded by a collection of derelict buildings. The location no longer officially had a name, and it was classified into a larger "Yellow Zone" by the OEI. Unofficially however, this location was almost as safe as any true "Green Zone", and it had a name; Century's Rest, though few knew of those truths anymore. Coming to a clearing in the middle of the buildings, Kim stands in front of two crosses, one made of metal and bearing the former symbol of the OEI from 60 years prior, known as the OPF back then, the other made of wood and bore only a single word: "Aei". The wooden cross in particular generated many rumors of Century's Rest, ghost stories, as once a year, a fresh bouquet of flowers would appear there, no one ever knowing where they came from, or how or why they got there. Stories ranged from the ghost of Aei planting them thereto spite her murderer, her final lover; to the flowers themselves being Aei manifesting herself as such on the anniversary of her death; others claim to actually have seen the "ghost", saying it was a dark, transparent figure, however none of them ever stuck around long enough to see it close enough to see any features. Kim knew better, as she was told part of the story behind the cross, she still didn't know the whole truth, but she was told to avoid Century's Rest on one specific date. The metal cross, however, she knew much better, as it was made and planted by her father himself.

Opening a large pouch she keeps with her at all times, a small robot with two smaller robots docked on it flies out and hovers in a cricle around her head. She runs her hand across the metal cross and sighs.

"EncycloHub, are there any new offers from Vigil?" she asked the robot as she pulls out a flower from her bag and places it on the ground infront of the metal cross.

"Negative." the robot replied.

"I see... that's unfortunate."

Standing back up, she turns back on to the path and walks along with the robot close behind her. Following the path for a few hours, she eventually arrives at the city of Taraq.
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Ernie arrived at the location where the fire fight had been reported. He grabbed his shotgun and approached the building cautiously but without fear. As it was his ‘job’ to take care of these criminals he knew not to just rush in or to reveal his identity. He also had a reputation with his enemies, the smart ones knew not to fight back, the stupid ones tried to run, and the crazy ones tried to kill him. A few quick shots rang out and two gang members fell to the ground, dead. Ernie kept a count of how many he killed, over time he picked up on patterns and the group he was tracking always sent the same number of people on jobs. At least one of them would have to live so that they could be pumped for information.
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After that strange occurence in the apartment Vice had to be taken to a counselor. She was in a beautiful office full to the brim with potted plants.

"Is he dead?"

The counselor smiled as Vice walked through the door. "No, he just has some major bruising on his face and stomach. You may be happy to hear that Helen, the other hostage, got out without a scratch on her."

This wasn't the first time something had happened to Vice. He remembered the time he had healed another kid in his orphanage but spent 4 days in hospital afterwards wth the exact same injuries.

"Darius, you're shaking I really think you need some sick leave. Does two weeks sound like long enough to you?"

"Well, I guess s-"


Suddenly alarms were blaring and red lights were flashing. //We are under attack. All personell assume offensive stance.//

Darius didn't need telling twice. He grabbed the counsellors arm and shot a nearby window a few times.

"I guess it's lucky I'm still technically on duty!" He shouted, with a slight smirk. They climbed through the window frame.

"Get to one of the bunkers!" He told her and then started running. Whatever it was it was coming from around the other side of the HQ.

Suddenly the building started to get struck by lightening. Once... Twice... It wasn't stopping; That had to be unnatural !After ten or more strikes the building gave way and imploded. Lucily Vice was a safe distance away, but he was sure several people had just died.

And then he saw him... Her... It. Whatever gender the person was. It looked like it should already be dead. Meaning it would probably go down after a shot or two. Darius drew his gun.

"You! Step away from the building and put your arms on the ground!"
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Down in the R&D section of the HQ beside a series of test tubes was Alan Trilby. After mixing a few chemicals he brought the tranquilizing mixture over to a gas converter to test it on some lab rats. If the mixture works Vigil will have a way to knock out everyone in a building without any negative side effects.Just as he reached the conversion machine there was a loud crash followed by the alarm, that cause Alan to drop the test tube. We are under attack. All personnel assume offensive stance. Hearing the alarm he dashed off to the bunker, where all the non-dispensable personnel would be.
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Sparky heard a noise behind her, and realised that she was still being chased. She turned her head to look behind her, but this was a mistake - she glanced away as she reached the the edge of the rooftop, and she fell into a narrow alleyway. But she wouldn't be a victim of of her own fear; spinning around in mid-air, she caught on to a narrow ledge with both hands and, with all her strength, hurled herself up onto the next rooftop. From here, she vaulted the pair of air conditioning vents and banked sharply left.

This was a risky maneuver. After a single somersault to the next building, it led her to the main street - mostly empty at this time of day, but still surely too far to jump across. She hurled herself from the rooftop nonetheless, leaping as far as she could, putting her feet together and flipping over once - and then stuck in midair. Eyes closed in concentration, the crackle of static electricity was all around her, pushing her away from the ground. Sparks of electricity leapt from her to nearby lamp-posts as she ascended to the rooftop on the other side of the street.

She landed and breathed deeply through the holes in her back - that trick always took a lot out of her. Turning back, she looked across the shop hoarding to regard her follower with all three eyes.
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Teller allowed his mouth to gape as he ran... of course, it served no purpose, but it was good to let these things become a habit in case he ever had to outright lie about his nature.
Jumping between the buildings he accellerated as he neared the main street... damn, too far to jump in one go. Hurling himself off the edge nontheless, he caught onto the horizontal bar of a lamp post and swung himself around like a gymnast, letting go at the crucial point and sailing across the remaining distance. Midway through his flight, a sudden explosion ripped through the air, and flashes of lightning illuminated the near distance. Distracted, Teller fudged the landing and rolled across the roof in a tangle of flailing limbs. He quickly got to his feet and looked between the power-tampering miscreant and the flashes of lightning in the distance... decisions, decisions.
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Sparky was impressed by the sheer tenaciousness of this... man, but much more interested by the illumination on the distance. That was lightning, and that was what just what she needed right now. It was in a part of the city that she'd never been to before, but the risk would be worth it - if she could catch that storm, she wouldn't have to tamper with electrical sockets for weeks.

She gave her follower a quick sign before departing, sprinting along the rooftops and leaping the gaps.

[Goodbye, *******.]
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"Oh! You've got a nerve!" yelled Teller, following the figure. Looks like she was headed in the direction of the storm anyway. Well that suited him just fine.
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Daren spun in the direction of the sudden storm.  A quick glance to the roof tops confirmed that whoever had been making trouble at the bar was going that way.  He started running towards the clearly artificial storm, following his grandfather's advice to assume that coincidences involving crime were entirely on purpose.  As he passed n intersection he glanced up again and saw someone trying to swing over the gap via a lamp post.  It had looked like they were going to make it, too, up until the last bit.

A cloaked figure sat at a bench in a room which, despite his best efforts, looked entirely modern.  The lights had been shaded and dimmed in a half hearted attempt to instill a sense of gloom and the work bench was made entirely out of worn wood and covered with scorch marks, but the effect only held up if one ignored the tiled floors, smooth white walls, and array of clearly advanced tools spread over the bench.  Some of them even had lights blinking on them.  Currently he was using one to solder a wire onto a circuit board in a long cylinder.  He had just finished and was fitting a panel over the opening when there was a knock on the door.  He finished inserting the panel before answering, you didn't live as long as he had without being careful.  "Come in then."

A man entered, decked out in the full uniform, including a breast plate with the letters "TC" emblazoned on its shoulder.  He must have been new, nobody wore the the breastplate outside of emergencies or drills after their first few weeks.  He saluted smartly before carrying on.  "Sir, we have reports coming in from Taraq that the resident Vigil building has been attacked."

The man stood still as the cloaked figure reached into a drawer and took out a data pad.  One report was blinking red and he quickly tapped through and skimmed through it.  They always kept an Alley open near Vigil buildings, it made getting this kind of information faster.  At the moment the Alley hadn't been damaged, meaning it wasn't their problem.  It might become so however, meaning it was pertinent to monitor the situation from closer to the access points.  He stood and slid the data pad into a pocket in his cloak.  "I'm going to the Bar, all information is to be forwarded to my pad as soon as it comes in."

The recruit saluted sharply again.  "Yes, sir.  Should we inform-"

"Oh, no," the cloaked man cut him off, "I expect he'll beat me there, and she's always off on her own errands."  He pushed past the man and out the door before the recruit could answer, tapping a spot on the wall as he left.  The recruit hurried out as well, before the auto guns which had emerged decided to take his head off.
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Teller looked over his shoulder and spotted a young man following him. He looked keen.
His curiosity piqued, Teller jacked into the lad's cellphone as he ran. Marstems... interesting.

"Ah!" Teller stopped running. A courier on early morning deliveries had left their motorcycle just leaning against the wall outside an office building. Motorcycle equals Badass. Most thieves would have been deterred by the password locked security system that delivered an extremely painful electric shock to anyone who touched the vehicle. Teller simply sat on the seat and let the battery drain. The ignition key was still obligingly in the lock.
Teller revved the cycle a few times. Badass.
"Daren Marstems! Get on duh bike if joo vant to live!"

Teller had always loved movie night.
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Happy closed her eyes and concentrated for a moment, the wind picked up and began swirling around the area as if to create a wall between her and the outside. The man who had confronted her was blindsided by a large gust and sent spinning in the other direction.

Theodore looked up at the ceiling and blinked, he was in a medical ward. A nurse was standing next to him checking on his vitals.

"Oh, you're awake." she said, looking him over.

"How long was I out?" Theodore asked.

"Not long, just a couple hours... it's almost one in the morning." the nurse responded as she ticked a few boxes on Theodore's chart.

"Ah... oh Richard!" Theodore jumped, suddenly remembering "Where is he? What's his status?"

The nurse looked off to the side and frowned, Theodore glimpsed into her mind for a moment and knew. He rolled over and looked at the bed next to him, in it laying perfectly still was Richard.

"Coma?" Theodore asked.

"Yes..." the nurse said sadly "Severe internal burns and a few broken bones. It should all heal but his higher brain functions have ceased. We tried to jump start everything but for some reason he just isn't responding. It's so sad to see him here like this..."

"..." Theodore stared for a few moments before turning back to the nurse "Don't worry, we'll get him back. He's been through worse."

Agent One stepped in and scanned the room, he looked at Theodore and saluted.

"Theodore, get your things." Agent One ordered "We need you to take care of something."

"Excuse me, but he's just regained consciousness... he can't possib-" the nurse began.

"The Vigil building in Taraq has been attacked, reports say that the building has been leveled by a freak tornado." Agent One continued.

Theodore looked up at Agent One as the pieces began to fall into place.

"What could she be doing there?" he asked.

"That is what you are going to find out." Agent One said "Whatever it is, the situation seems dire..."

Agent One moved in close to Theodore and removed his voice modulator so that he could properly whisper.

"She took Richard's prototype..." Agent One said softly "She took the reactor from Richard's arm..."

Without another word Theodore jumped out of bed and dashed down the hall. It took a moment for him to realize that he was in the OEI HQ and not in Power City, adjusting for the change Theodore took a left. He arrived in the armory in short order and quickly got into his body armor; It was top of the line, and had a look that oozed authority. The other parts of Theodore's loadout included a silenced pistol, telescoping baton, and of course his communication implant. With his equipment at the ready Theodore activated the emergency teleport system to get him right into the thick of the action, much to his surprise though he went nowhere.

"Teleports are offline for the time being, we need to make sure everything is secure." came the voice of a technician in the teleport control center "We got word of your mission, we're securing a transport for you."

Theodore grinned to himself, he loved the transports. While they were not as fast as the teleport, they were impressive pieces of machinery and one of the many things that Richard had given to the world. He made his way to the hanger and looked around, a group of Agents flagged him down and escorted him to his transport. The machine was a mass of silvery metal with menacing looking guns and turrets all across it's surface. It hovered silently above the hanger floor and gently bobbed up and down. Theodore stepped in and within a minute he was in the air and on the way to the site of the disturbance.
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Kim stopped at the edge of Taraq City, her eyes fixed on a large, fast moving cloud of wind rising from the location where a Vigil building once stood.

"Hub, I want all the information you can find." Kim said as she started running towards the site.

"All the reports have one thing in common; rogue tornado."

"I can see that, is there anything in those reports I don't already know?"


A few blocks from the area, Kim comes to a stop and takes a better look at the situation before getting too close.
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Daren, who despite his grandfather's efforts had never gotten into 2d cinema, naturally assumed the man was insane.  It wouldn't be unusual in the red zones.  On the other hand, the guy seemed to know him, and...  He glanced at the chaos at the Vigil building.  He needed to move fast.  He swung himself onto the back of the cycle and unsheathed his Tesla blade in one fluid motion, flicking the magnetic field to stun.  "Alright, just as long as you go fast.  Oh, and I'll stab you if you try anything funny."
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Vice was knocked to the ground, but not injured. He got up and primed his weapon. He flipped his visor down over his eyes and turned on the heat sensor, so he cold clearly make out the person through the swirling winds.

"Cease your attack!" He shouted, "And drop... you're... Um, weapons"
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Happy reached into the rubble and wrapped her fingers around something, she tugged at it slightly but it was pinned. With another wave of her hand the air around the man with the gun became increasingly hot.
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Vice couldn't help but laugh. I mean, he was in terrible pain but it was still funny that the makers of his suit had decided to add in that warning. Vice crumpled to the ground.

"Need... reinforcements..." No-one had heard him say that, but he was going delirious from the temperature.

And then something miraculous happened. Vice suddenly went from hot to uncomfortable cold - Meanwhile, Happy herself suffered her own wrath.
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The pain shot through happy like a thousand needles, she jerked backwards in pain, inadvertently ripping the thing in her hands from the rubble. A loud and agonizing scream filled the area and the storm clouds vanished. Happy fell to one knee and cried out in pain once more, through her incomprehensible pain she looked around for the person who had done this to her.
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"What the hell?"

Darius clumsily stood up, and shivered.

"When did it get so cold?"

Then he noticed the storm clouds had vanished, and, picking his gun off from the ground, he started towards the glowing red human outline among the rubble.
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Sparky stopped. Looked like Chaser Guy - now Motorcycle Guy - wasn't really that interested in her after all. But he still heading for the storm, which... had abruptly stopped. She stopped for a moment and threw her hands in the air - what a waste of time this had been!

Still, she'd been having fun in that chase, and, thinking it over, she was curious about how an electrical storm could start and stop so quickly. So now she was the one doing the chasing - she didn't want to get there too far behind Motorcylce Guy. This was a new kind of excitement compared to the trials of simply surviving in the Red Zone.
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Twelve deaths were enough to send a message. Ernie pulled his hand gun out, it was specially modified to shoot a quickly acting sedative that could last for hours. Though he was not a very good shoot, the laser site made sure he didn’t miss too much.  Three more guards found darts on them he kept moving forward, taking out guards as he saw them. Never before had the leaders of these groups turned down a fight and he was depending that this group’s leader would do the same. After all, that was going to be his source of information.
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"Fast it is! You might want to put that knife away and hold on, meatbag."

Teller put his foot down and the buildings on either side became a blur as the cycle shot forward, leaning precariously as Teller swerved to avoid oncoming traffic and the occasional terrified pedestrian or stray dog.
The storm abruptly stopped. Odd.
"That storm was above the vigil building" said Teller as he continued toward the site. "Know anything about the Vigil that wouldn't be on their website?"
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"Time to wake up."  Nothing.

"Come on my friend, wake up." He prodded the man on the ground with his staff.  The man on the ground groaned a bit, but didn't move.

"I said... WAKE UP!!" He shouted as he smacked the man in the chest.  The man on the ground sputtered as he tried to get his bearings.  As his head slowly stopped spinning, his eyes focused on the figure before him, a tall black man in a grey sports jacket, holding a wooden staff in one hand.

"Ah, good morning!  Well my friend, I have some bad news.  It seems things were not working out, and we're going to have to let you go" He chuckled to himself.  "I don't know if it's possible to put your situation more mildly.  As you know-well, as you used to know, the standard policy for letting someone go is a simple memory wipe of their time with us.  When a person really fouls things up, we wipe their whole memory.  In your case...  You are in a back alley on Obano, in a place called..." The man pulled a small device out of his pocket. "New Wayward.  You are on the border of what they call a Red Zone and a Yellow Zone.  You have nothing on your person except for those clothes, and nothing in your head beyond this conversation."

The man in the sports jacket leaned forward and looked the man on the ground in the eyes.  "You are one step up from being shot in the back of the head and being dumped in the nearest body of water.  It takes a lot to **** things up that badly, I'm quite impressed that you had it in you.  I should be angry at you.  I should want to rip your throat out.  But..." An odd expression came over the man's face.  "But I don't get angry anymore.  I haven't felt that in years... But back to you.  I don't know what your odds of survival are, but they aren't good.  If I were you, I would-"

He stopped short and stood back up.  Something felt wrong.  Even from the other side of Obano, he felt the disturbance.  Someone was wreaking havoc with the air currents.  And whoever it was, they seemed to be more powerful than him.

"I... I must cut myself short.  I always hated coming to this country, one never knows what will happen.  Goodbye, John."

He looked down to see the man grab at his leg, only to miss completely and land on his face.  The man in the sports jacket chuckled.  "You still don't know when to quit.  We can't have you laying face down here, no telling what you'd inhale."  With a slight movement of his staff, the man on the ground was sent spinning through the air and landed hard, hitting the back of his head. "As I was saying.  Goodbye, John."

The last thing the man on the ground saw before he blacked out again was a dark figure floating above him, then shooting out of sight.

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The storm and wall of wind just... stopped in front of Kim's eyes.

"Peculiar atmospheric anomalies... I require further..."

"Quiet." Kim replied as she grabs the robot out of the air and stuffs it back into her bag.

Making her way out of the alley, she gets back to a road and follows it to the former building. Among the rubble, she could make out two characters interacting. Looking with a little more intent, Kim could make out one person.

Isn't that Mr. Vice!

Reaching into her bag again, she pulls out one of the smaller robots and it activates itself as she tosses it up next to herself. She watches the two a little longer before making any move herself.
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An eerie, bright light - overwhelming at first, then merely oppressive as the world drifted lazily back into focus.

The glare of the light strips threw the figures looming above the bed into sharp relief. One, in tight white scrubs, ran a hand through his short grizzled hair as he entered something into a hand-held keypad. The other, an ageing brunette in a suit, looked on with a tired expression.

"Patient... M-70. Ha, we're calling him "John Doe" for now." The man put down the keypad and turned to the wall, on which was a large display screen. "We don't know his name, but of course you know that. Why else would you be here, eh?" He chuckled to himself before continuing, "Ah yes, "John Doe". It was written on his head, strangely enough. 'Hi, my name is John'. One of the Emer crew thought it was pretty witty, I suppose, and it's stuck."

Moving his hands across the screen with a practised gesture, a chart expanded on the screen filled with rows of data. On tapping an entry, the chart shifted and new detail filled the screen.

"Doctor, please let's get on with this. I don't have all day." The woman shifted her jacket uncomfortably and then fiddled with an aural implant. "I have to record this for OEI records, you understand."

"Yes, I thought you might. Don't worry, I don't mind."

"Just as well;" came the terse reply, "please continue."

"Well, as you can see we brought him in two days ago, on the 33rd. We found him unconscious with head trauma, and he's stayed out ever since. No real mystery there, we figure he just wandered down the wrong alley and found himself in poor company. But there is something puzzling and this is why we had to call someone in."

He walked to the bed and drew back the covers.

"First thing we do when we get someone through the door is scan their implants. It's standard, it allows us to access their records and so forth. But we had nothing on this guy, or rather, he had nothing on him. He actually doesn't have any implants, not even a sub-dermal identifier chip." He furrowed his brow.

"And you did DNA test him, I suppose."

"Of course. Again, standard procedure, even if it is an unusual situation. But this is the strange part - he wasn't in the database. As in, nothing at all. No match. He may as well have dropped out of the sky."

"So what? This happens occasionally. There are still primitives out there who don't want to be on the databases. Not that the OEI can't round them up, of course, but they're just too expensive to track down - it's not worth it. We have more important criminals to worry about. Just add him to the database and then we'll set him on the community service programs like the rest of them." She cleared her throat.

"We would have. But something's wrong here - look at his arms."

"What am I looking at?"

"Those scars. Those are implant removal scars. And they've mostly healed over - they can't have been taken from him in the mugging, if that was what it was. And the clothes we found him in, those are designer garments. He's better dressed than you! He can't be a Luddite; otherwise, why the implants and fancy clothes? You can't get those without at least being on the consumer database - they're not exactly free. Not only that, but we found him in a yellow zone - not the easiest place to be if you're trying to avoid being ID-ed."

There was a pause as the woman gazed downwards thoughtfully. The doctor turned back to the screen and flipped quickly through sets of medical information with an arc of his fingertip.

"Puzzling." The woman put her hands to her hips and turned. "Have all your data on him sent to me at the OEI. I'll consider this further - let me know if his condition changes. I'd like to interrogate him as soon as possible. Thanks for your help, Doctor."

With a quick glance to the man on the bed, she span and stalked imperiously out of the ward, tapping busily away at a datapad produced from a pocket. The doctor watched her leave, then held his hand to his temple. He muttered quietly to himself. "Damn it, where did this headache come from?" Sweeping across the partition and tapping off the light strips, he left the room in peaceful darkness.
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The Blackscope Sniper surveyed the commotion in the Vigil building through the sight of his rifle. He trainined the laser dot onto a few heads as he took in the whole scene, but none of the targets really took his fancy. All salarymen and other vermin, they'd kill themselves soon enough, drink themselves to death in some squalid roachhole. Stupid bastards. He toyed for a while with shooting the Vales girl, but she'd come to a sticky end on her own the way she was tearing around, no regard for subtlety. Vapid bitch.
Losing interest in the proceedings he looked over the other locations in his vantage point. Oh, the OEI had dispatched a truck, what a surprise. Swinging round his rifle he fired a few shots and neatly blew out both tires on one side. BANG. BANG. Morons should have switched to run on flats like the rest of the world had... oh... about HALF A CENTURY AGO. If they still wanted to use pneumatic tires then they deserved to rot in hell. Bunch of jackasses.
The van lost control and span into a wall, the driver's head slammed against the steering wheel, THEN the airbag deployed.
"Oops" said the gunman, quietly smirking.
The people in the back opened the doors and stepped out into the street, rubbing their heads and looking around. A few of the smarter ones had drawn their weapons. BANG. BANG. BANG. If they were so smart they wouldn't have blood gushing out of massive head wounds. Cretins.
The remaining enforcers were now in a state of panic, they must have heard about the first truck he had wiped out. BANG. BANG. BANG. BANG. BANG.
Now there was only one left. Frozen in terror, his back against the wall, probably pissed himself too.
The man screamed and sank to the ground as his kneecaps were blown away.
The sniper checked the clip... one bullet left. Better make it count.
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"Sir, we've got shots fired at the ground crew." came the voice of a dispatcher "Watch yourself out there Sir."

"Don't worry... I'm almost back to my old self, we'll be fine." Theodore said.

The massive silver craft rocketed over the city, it was not an odd sight although it was flying much much lower than normal. A column of smoke came into view and people could be seen scurrying about, unsure if it was safe enough for them to begin looting the ruins of the Vigil building. Theodore scanned the scene using his ocular implants to increase magnification, the OEI ground team was all dead; some had their weapons drawn but it looked as if they barely made it out of their transport.

"Possible sniper situation down on the ground." Theodore reported "Await further instructions."

"Aye Sir." the dispatcher responded.

A large cloud of dust and debris flew up from the ground as the silver craft landed, it's guns and turrets sprang to life and checked for threats to eliminate. Theodore jumped out of the craft and looked around.

"I'm sending the ship back." Theodore said "No reason to risk it... HQ would be pissed if we destroyed another one of those damn AIs."

Roger. Good luck sir." the dispatcher replied.

The transport lifted off and flew back into the sky, it entered into a holding pattern around the area. Since it was all computer controlled it would not mind flying in circles for a while. Theodore walked over to the OEI ground transport and began doing a quick check of the former occupants.
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Two guards remained, Ernie reloaded and moved down a corridor, there was also the leader to take care of as well. The two remaining guards appeared to be in a room with another man Ernie assumed was their leader.  A pair of darts found their marks and the guards crumpled to the ground, the leader spun around and glared at Ernie, a small bead from the laser was on his forehead. Ernie noticed a katana on the leader’s person and spoke softly.

"Let’s finish like men, little sword man." He said.

"Let me know what to write on your headstone, helmet man." The leader responded.

"Just call me strong arm boy" Ernie responded, the leader swallowed hard at his words.

"You realize that I have a sword and you don't…correct?" The leader said defiantly.

Ernie pulled a small tube out and pressed a button, it became a huge  club about half the length of his arm with an enormous weight on the end.

 "I have this…" Ernie said smartly.

Fear does strange things to people, even the best warriors are susceptible to its powerful effects. The gang leader rushed at Ernie and took a high swing. Ernie used this to his advantage and hit the man in his chest which was unguarded. The gang leader fell do the ground and a loud snap could be heard as his arm broke. Taking a step back Ernie composed himself, sometimes he forgot how powerful his punches could be.

“I think you’re done, little sword man.” Ernie scoffed.

The leader tried to get up but Ernie made sure that he didn’t with a swing of his fist the leader’s legs were broken.

“Now… you’re going to tell me what I want to know.” Ernie said firmly “Who set this up?”
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Theodore took a quick headcount of the Agents who had been killed, ten shots had been fired and thirteen people were dead. Whoever was doing the shooting was better than your average gunman, only a well-trained marksman would be able to pull of such a feat. The Agent's ID cards flew from their pockets and hovered around Theodore's hand, he grabbed them all and placed them in a side pocket. He gave the area a quick mental scan trying to find his sniper but picked up nothing, instead he locked in on Happy and began running to the scene.

It only took about thirty seconds to arrive at the ruins of the Vigil building and Happy was plain as day in the center of the mess. There was another man approaching and Theodore drew his weapon just in case.

"Halt." Theodore called to the man "This is official OEI business, all civilians are ordered to stand down until further notice. Do not make any sudden movements or I will  mess you up."

Happy glared at Theodore and grinned to herself.

"Here to avenge daddy?" she called.

"Richard is still alive... if your intent was to kill him then you failed Happy." Theodore said loudly, keeping an eye on her and the man.

"I guess I'll have to finish him off later then..." Happy said.

A dark cloud had formed in the sky above the ruins if the Vigil building and Happy quietly concentrated on Theodore. There was a loud clap and a bolt of lightning fell down from the sky, anticipating the attack Theodore pulled a chunk of rubble out of the ground and blocked. The chunk of concrete exploded everywhere as the attack landed, Happy laughed mockingly at Theodore.

"It's fine... you can have that one." Happy said, holding up the Xeno Couplet in her hand "I've gotten what I came here for anyway."

"Not so fast!" Theodore yelled, Happy flew backwards as the force of Theodore's mind hit her.

"Bastard!" She screamed, wincing in pain as her body hit the ground.

The wind once again pickes up and a massive downpour began, water ran wildly across the area like a flood. Theodore held a hand up to his forehead to block the intense flow of water; another blot of lightning flew down and hit the ground right next to him, Theodore was knocked across the rubble and landed at the man's feet. More stray bolts of lightning began to fly, striking anything that attracted it.
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“If I told you that I would end up dead!" the gang leader said.

“There are worse things than death my friend, and I’m well versed in many of them.” Ernie said with a grin; he pulled out his knife and sliced off one of the man’s fingers.

“I can be as nice or as mean as you want me to be… really I can be quite a monster.” Ernie mocked the man “Your nose… eyes… toes… you can keep the ears though, I want you to be able to hear of the horror’s you’ve caused.”

“Trident is behind it… it’s a cocaine deal, nothing more!” the gang leader spat out.

Ernie smiled and picked up the man’s sword, it was made of a strange metal that was similar to many other odd weapons he’d been finding lately. He removed his ‘business card’ and placed it on the man’s chest. Without another word Ernie left the room and went down the hall, he head some cries and checked one of the side areas. Inside were a few people, bound and gagged like hostages. He freed one of them, a woman, then handed her a knife.

“Let the rest go and wait for the police.” He said, jumping out of a window and landing near his motorcycle.

There were loud sirens in the distance and strange flashes were illuminating a part of the city. He contacted his friend Lukas.

“Anything happening?” he asked.

“Something is going down at Vigil… the lines are all jammed. OEI is blockading the area, they are reporting a lot of bodies.” Lukas reported "I don't know... OEI business is heavy stuff and they're actually sending people to help Vigil. Sounds like something a bit more serious than some drug ring."

“Great.” Ernie responded.

He rode off toward the Vigil building, he wasn’t exactly a fan of helping out the Vigil people but they always had good information and information is what put bread on Ernie’s table.
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With the return on the storm clouds and the downpour, Kim moves her hair out of her face, and takes the arrival of the new person as her signal to go. Reaching over to the small robot, she taps a button on it and it positions itself over Kim's head and starts making whiring noise. Rushing out to the rubble , she recites a phrase that would sound like gibberish to most people and a red ball of flame appears in her hand and vaporizes any rain that comes close to it. Keeping her distance from Happy, Kim prepares to throw it, but a lightning bolt comes down and strikes her small robot. Interrupted, the fireball disappears and she grabs the robot in her hand. Putting it away into her pouch, she pulls out a small metal sphere and throws it at Happy, which proceeds to explode at Happy's feet.
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"Only that they're very persistent in recruiting vigilantes," Daren replied, briefly recalling the number of offers he'd gotten and the number his grandfather had gotten before once again asking himself why he'd gotten on a bike with a mad man who, apparently, referred to people as meatbags.  Before he could complete this particular reflection he saw lightning arc out of the cloud and destroy the bike, killing him instantly.  Precognition was definitely useful, even if it was only short term.  Before the lightning even left the clouds he lifted the Tesla blade above his head, push its power to the maximum setting, and swung across the area the lightning was due to strike just as it reached them.  The blade's magnetic field was just strong enough to repel the lightning's charge and deflect it into a nearby trashcan, which exploded accordingly.  "And I think I should hold onto the knife, don't you?"
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Having been freed by the strange man in the bike helmet, Alexandra went about freeing the other hostages. After making sure everyone was okay she slipped out the window. She felt inside one of her pockets, there was a letter which contained the only hint as to the location of her only living relative. It was her first night in town and she had no idea where things were, all she knew was that some idiot had knocked her out and tied her up in that room.

Alexandra pulled a knife from her belt and looked around; if only her hands hadn’t been tied, then she’d have been able to use her powers. It didn’t matter though, she was free now although she had no idea where to go or what to do. Off in the distance she saw a large commotion, maybe there was some kind of clue down that way.
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The explosion knocked Happy back and once more the storm around her disappeared, she got to her feet and cursed.

"There are too many of you here..." Happy said "It's time to end this."

A mighty rumbling sound filled the air and the ground beneath Happy's feet began to shake. What remained of the Vigil building crumbled and a large chasm opened up, massive steel beams and masonry fell into the gaping hole; one of the Vigil safety bunkers that was sitting over the chasm broke open and scores of screaming people fell to their death. The sky above took on a sickly look and the air began to rush towards Happy, another cyclone started to form however this one was different. In it's center, suspended high in the sky, was Happy who looked down at the scene with contempt.

Theodore was laying on his back as the scene began to unfold, he gave the man next to him a telekinetic shove and knocked him out of the way of the ever growing chasm. With a burst of energy Theodore was thrown to his feet and he yelled to Happy.

"Don't think that this is over!" he said "We will stop you!"

"Oh..." Happy said, tossing her prize a few times "It's over."

The cyclone began to move about the scene throwing debris and bodies everywhere; rain and lightning poured down making it hazardous to be out in the open. Theodore threw himself out of the way of an oncoming boulder and landed hard in a nearby street. Happy could be heard laughing as she tore the area apart.
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With a muffled scream, Kim falls backward from the force of the powered wind and rain. Starting with a crawl that eventually turns into a run away from the site, she dares not to look back. Only once in the relative safety of an alley a block away she turns to look at the result of the carnage.
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Damn. Damn damn damn.

Freak storms. Collapsing buildings. Shots, bullets, killing, death. Utter chaos.

Why today?

The organisation was disorganised, panic among the staff. Someone had killed the dispatched agents, and it wasn't them. Well, it wasn't them this time. They would check the staff identification. They would find out that he wasn't actually one of them. They would flush him out, and destroy all of the work that got him here. He had been just one small step away.

Michael sighed. Life was like that. He could recover from this, it just meant a little effort.
But that was then, and this was now.

Taking care not to be noticed, Michael walked to the back of the room and turned to face the entrance. Three steps forwards and he jumped, diving forwards and kicking against the air. He shot through the 23 floors of the building and landed softly in front of the reception.

There was too much lightning; it couldn't be a natural storm. He needed to find out what was causing it.

"Right then," he said to himself, "I probably ought to be going."
Michael Kyler ran towards the source of the lightning, barely paying attention to what he was running through.

As he got close, a cyclone formed around the area, and cracks began to form in the ground in front of him. He stopped abruptly; it was no longer safe to continue.

There was a sudden thud, as a man in OEI uniform landed in front of him. Michael quickly dashed forwards and held out a hand to the man. "Are you okay?"
A stray bolt of lightening hit nearby, causing him to flinch. Michael exhaled and resumed helping the man up.
"What the hell is causing that?"
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Theodore got to his feet and looked around, he spoke into his communicator.

"This is Apprehension Manager Theodore Century reporting, I am going to need a complete lock down of sectors twenty seven, thirty, and thirty three. Contact Vigil and alert them of our presence, I want a total media blackout as of this moment. Nobody else comes near my location until I give the okay. Out." Theodore ordered.

He turned to the man standing next to him and smiled.

"Thanks for the hand." Theodore said "We can do introductions later, for now try to stay alive."

A large rock flew at the pair but stopped short, Theodore held it in place and used it as a shield so that he could move closer. Debris of all shapes and sizes pelted him but the rock took the brunt of the damage. After moving forward only a few feet the rock was hit by a car and broke apart, Theodore ducked down and retreated back to his prior position. He pulled out his pistol and tried to line up a shot at Happy, she was just barely visible in the center of the cyclone. Theodore fired three rounds but they either hit debris or were blown off course, he sighed and replaced his weapon.

"Follow me, we're going to fall back to that brick building and wait this out." Theodore said, heading towards the large brick apartment building across the street.

Meanwhile, Happy watched everything unfold below her. She planned on staying for a little bit, the plan was to draw as much attention as possible in order to sir some discontent amongst the general population; if the people were scared it would cause more chaos than normal and this would apply significantly more pressure to the security agencies. With that in mind she flung an old school bus into the air, it soared clear across the adjacent Yellow Zone and smashed into the side of a condominium complex in a nearby Green Zone.
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Vice was backing away from the chasm slowly, but couldn't keep his eyes off the woman in the cyclone. Then a bus soared overhead and Darius snapped into it. He noticed a couple of people retreating to an apartment building. His apartment building. One of them was the OEI man. Vice jogged over to them, then glanced back at Happy to make sure he was safe.

"You're running away?"
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Ernie sped around the site where the Vigil building once stood and looked around.

“You think there’s anything?” Ernie asked.

”Scanner’s  picking up a report, there’s a few people in there. The OEI sent in a single soldier… one? That’s odd.” Lukas told him.

Ernie grabbed his mace and parked his bike, he could see some shapes moving about inside the storm; without a second thought Ernie walked into the mess. He was hoping his guess was right, if he didn’t attack perhaps whatever was causing the destruction would see him as a friend. If the person could cause this much trouble maybe it could help Ernie’s out somewhere down the road. Otherwise Ernie would be in a prime position to destroy it.
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"Unfortunately yes." Theodore said "I plan on fighting another day, it's suicide to be out there right now. Until you've been cleared I can not provide any details about this situation as it is highly classified."

He glanced out of the apartment door, it was pretty hard to miss what was happening.

"Although I don't know how the guys in the spin department are going to deal with this." Theodore added "Her thoughts indicate that she's not gunning for us, she's only trying to draw attention to things... looks like we might be here for a while. I guess an introduction is in order, I'm Apprehension Manager Theodore Century of the Obano Enforcement Initiative."
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Alexandra reached the strange storm and saw someone talking nearby.

"Excuse me, can you tell me what’s going on here?" she asked.

Being so new she was mostly trying to not get in trouble and she had a distinct feeling that she shouldn't be anywhere near here.
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"The OEI, huh? Not for me, I figure the Green Zones have enough protection." He said, slightly sneering.

Vice climbed one set of stairs and unlocked an apartment door. The entire main room of his flat was flooded with potted plants.

"I have food here, if you're hungry." Vice laughed a little. "This is so innappropriate."
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"I think you are underestimating the seriousness of this situation." Theodore said, glancing outside.

The storm had only intensified and more hunks of debris were being flung across the city; Happy's laughter was more than audible, the wind seemed to carry it everywhere.

"We need to disrupt her somehow... if she escapes and activates the..." Theodore mumbled to himself "... the death tolls could be in the millions... damnit, Richard would know how to get out of this..."

Theodore slammed his fist down and sighed while he tried to think of a plan.
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: Daxx on December 29, 2007, 04:03:57 am
"Look, I TOLD you! I don't know! I DON'T KNOW!" The man's voice was bordering on the hysterical as he struggled in his chair against the magnets glueing his cuffed hands to the steel table in front of him. Opposite him, through a large plate window were the impassive faces of two OEI agents.

"As was pointed out to me by the medical staff at NW General, you're no Luddite," the sound of the woman's voice reverberating from the tinny speakers grated. She put a hand to the pane in front of her. "If I accept your story, I'm supposed to believe there's a shadowy organisation going around wiping people's minds. Alternatively, if you're lying to me and you're just another washed up breeze addict who got involved with the wrong score, that's a lot more believable."

"I told you, I keep telling you," came the man's response in protest, "I have no idea who I am, or why I'm here. You got to believe me! I need you to help me, tell me who I am!"

There was a pause as the woman turned to her colleague, who nodded.

"As far as I'm concerned, you're just another wash-out who needs to stop with the breeze and get back into society. I'm sure no-one would censure me if I just dumped you straight on the ComServ programme. However, I've been advised that you're not fully recovered from your injuries and are to be returned to NW General. Meanwhile, I've been assigned to investigate your claims - but I warn you, you're not far from cleaning graffiti for the next year."

She touched a panel and added in a softer tone, "John, I don't think you're going to get anywhere with this. I don't want to see you on ComServ either, but I've not really got any other option." A door opened seamlessly from the wall and two burly guards entered. One took him under his arms whilst the other tapped a code into the table, deactivating the magnets. John was manhandled from the room, propelled by the guards into the darkened corridor beyond. As he stole a glimpse back into the room, the woman frowned and touched a second button on the panel, mirroring the window.
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Post by: Krakow Sam on December 29, 2007, 04:38:59 am
Teller threw himself off the bike and rolled as the ground ahead of him simply split apart, pulling Daren off with him. The bike carried on in a straight line and plunged straight into the gaping hole in the ground.
"Holy ****"
Teller watched as the cloaked figure at the centre of the maelstrom retreated. Too late. He raised his voice over the howling wind and the insane laughter.
"Who else is trying to stop the crazy storm summoner?!"
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: emmet on December 29, 2007, 05:11:40 am
"Look, all I know is a crazy superhuman just attacked my workplace, and I guess I'm expecting to wake up any second now. It would help if you told me why this is more serious than it looks."

"Who else is trying to stop the crazy storm summoner?!"

Vice opened the window a tiny bit, and the wind rushed inside. "Come inside! It's not safe out there!"
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: Krakow Sam on December 29, 2007, 05:56:16 am
"Right you are meatbag!" yelled back Teller, running for shelter and dragging Daren behind him. A hunk of masonry careered through the air toward him, he swatted it out of the air and ducked through the remains of a caved-in doorway. The wind was less intense here, but still pretty deafening.
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Post by: Neoadept on December 29, 2007, 07:47:19 am
"Thanks for the lift!"  Daren shouted over the wind, shaking the man off, "but I think I'm going to try and find someone less crazy!"  He glanced around and, seeing that the apartment building was only a little ways away, made his way in that direction.
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Post by: PatMan33 on December 29, 2007, 09:40:28 am
"Unfortunately we do not know everything as this events is only a few hours old." Theodore said "In a few days time you'll be sick of hearing about this though. Roughly five to six hours ago Happy Vales, the woman who is causing this mess, attacked and almost killed Richard Likely in his office. I'm sure you know who he is... anyway, she stole a prototype that he had been working on. It's important to know that she was also a part of his research team, the project they were working on was aimed at replicating her powers and using them to restore the decayed parts of the country to a livable state. Whatever the case she has the prototype as well as a very strong reactor, it seems as if she stole a means to connect the two devices from the Vigil building's reactor room and if her plan is as simple as it appears she will use the prototype device to wreak havoc across Obano and the rest of the world remotely."

Theodore frowned and watched as another man came up, he wasn't certain he he'd heard what he just said but it didn't really matter at this point.

"As I am in charge of Mr. Likely's security detail as well as second down the line at OEI's Apprehension Department it is my job to make sure that Happy is stopped and that the prototype is recovered." Theodore finished "Needless to say this information is highly classified, I can ensure your silence by doing things the hard way if necessary but you seem reasonable. Most of this will be public knowledge in a week's time anyway. Any other questions?"
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: emmet on December 29, 2007, 09:52:49 am
"Yeah." He said, staring at the cyclone outside. "Does she ever get tired?"
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: PatMan33 on December 29, 2007, 09:57:03 am
"In testing she's been able to keep something like this up for hours." Theodore replied "Her powers are based on her level of concentration, that is why we need to break it..."
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: emmet on December 29, 2007, 10:05:27 am
"Well I'm not going outside! Say, you couldn't distract her by throwing some rocks around or something?"
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: Yossitaru on December 29, 2007, 10:18:32 am
Kim had made a mistake, an alley only a block away was not safe at all. As the wind continued to increase, she found herself quickly boxed in by debris. Luckily, none of it landed on her and it did seem to protect her from the wind somewhat, but debris continued to scrape against the walls and appear as if they could come loose again at any moment. Turning around and looking at the debris on the far side from the source of the storm, Kim climbs up the debris as best as she can to a small opening in the clutter. After trying to opening it up a little wider, she starts to squeeze herself through, and just in time, as another large rock crashes into the side of the building causing the debris and building chunks to collapse in the empty space. Breaking back into a run, she makes her way to the closest undamaged brick building and enters it.

"Damnit..." she mutters with a heaved breath.

Turning around from the door she sees a man looking out from another door.

"Down here, quick!" the man said waving her over.

Following the man down the stairs, she makes her way to a corner away from the door and windows, as well as the other people.

"Thank you for allowing me to stay here until the storm passes. I'll stay out of your way."

Sitting down she pulls out the small robot that was struck by lightning. Pulling it apart, she starts removing and making a mental list of the fried parts.
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Post by: /lurk on December 29, 2007, 11:23:58 am
Sparky arrived, and stopped abruptly at the edge of a rooftop. She windmilled her arms wildly to regain her balance on the edge and looked out into the centre of the storm. Looked like there was someone floating there - probably the one responsible for the tempest she was about to enter. The motorcycle guy and friend had bailed out and hidden in a building, but Sparky had to stay outside if she was going to catch the lightning.

Getting closer, it was obvious that whoever was directing the storm was doing it with destruction on their mind - you didn't need to be psychic to figure that out, the insane laughter was a dead giveaway. Still, as long as Sparky could dodge the flying masonry, this was an electrical storm like any other. So she headed further in, wrapping her cloak around her and bracing herself against the wind and rain. It was partly her hunger for electricity that drove her, and partly her sense of curiosity - she wanted to know what was going on, and it looked like there was only one person who really knew.
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Post by: Daxx on December 29, 2007, 01:14:29 pm
There was a bustle about New Wayward General that was somewhat unusual at this time of day. Rumours circulated about patients being teleported in from elsewhere, something to do with an unusual electrical storm. No-one could really substantiate anything, as the news channels were quiet on the matter.
John was sitting on his bed, playing absently with a gamepad that he'd been left by some kind nurse. There was a knock on the partition, and John looked up to see a now-familiar face slide back the wall and walk in.

"Hello, John. How are you feeling?"

"A lot better now, thanks, Dr. Yates."

Yates smiled. Running his hand habitually through his grizzled hair, he walked over and sat on the end of John's bed.

"John, you know I like you. You're a good kid. And I don't think you're an addict, you don't have the psyche profile."

"Yeah, I know. Thanks." John smiled back. "I don't know how I'm going to convince them of that, though. They just think I'm lying, I don't have a way to prove that I can't remember anything."

He placed the gamepad on the bedside table.

With a sigh, Yates dropped his smile and furrowed his brow. Something was clearly on his mind, and he seemed about to speak. Nervously, he stood again and faced John squarely. "Look, John..."

He stopped, and cast his gaze to the floor. Then, carefully, he continued. "... I don't have jurisdiction here. The OEI do, this is their business. Mine is to make sure you don't drop dead. Beyond that, my opinion isn't worth anything. If it were up to me, I'd keep you in a little longer whilst they work on your case, but that's all I'd be able to do. You're on your own, kid, and I wish that you weren't."

"Thanks, Dr. Yates," replied John. "I understand."

Yates stepped over to the console at the wall and tapped a few buttons. The screen flashed with figures and diagrams. Finally, he settled on one entry and tapped out a code. A confirmation dialog box appeared, glowing brightly.

"That's why I'm sorry I have to do this. It's just a little sedative-"

"Wait, what?"

"-to keep you under. The OEI don't have the manpower for your case, John-"

"Hold on now..."

"-so they've asked me to help them out."


As John rose up in anger and tugged at the IV running from the wall to his arm, Yates reached to press the confirm button. However as he did so he stumbled, and slowly folded up. Limply, he collapsed to the floor. There was the sound of a crash outside of a gurney hitting what sounded like expensive medical equipment, and a quiet but brief exclamation from the next partition over. John stood, horrified, staring at the collapsed form of Dr. Yates and wondering what had just happened.
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Post by: Krakow Sam on December 29, 2007, 01:22:45 pm
Teller looked at the two men he was sheltering with.
Theodore Century. OEI goon. Hmmm, none of the usual rumours going around about him... could be the fabled 'straight cop'. Telekinetic, fun stuff.
Darius Miyan. Vigil. Not famous enough to have accrued much info on either of the unrestricted internets. No known superhuman abilities.
"Break her concentration? How hard can it be, she doesn't look very old." said Teller. "I'm Teller Utopia, by the way" he said, extending his hand.
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: emmet on December 29, 2007, 01:28:25 pm
"Nice to meet you." Darius smiled, and reached out to shake his hand. Once he had took it however he yanked it back with a gasp.

"Excuse me... I don't know what happened just there." Vice apologized, but didn't offer his hand again.

"So, is anyone willing to catch her attention? Not that it'll do much good. She's already destroyed half a block."
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: Krakow Sam on December 29, 2007, 01:34:14 pm
"I'll get the girlie's attention." said Teller "You just tell me what you two lawmen are going to be doing while I'm risking my shiny metal ass out there."
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: PatMan33 on December 29, 2007, 01:37:48 pm
"Honestly I've got nothing..." Theodore replied "And nice to meet you. I guess I'll cover you... but what's your plan?"
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: emmet on December 29, 2007, 01:43:15 pm
"I've got a gun too, so I'll tag along with Theodore."
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: Krakow Sam on December 29, 2007, 01:57:57 pm
Teller ran out into the howling wind and looked around for something he could use as a weapon. A large metal signpost was lying nearby, a little concrete still stuck to the edge like lollypop that was almost finished. Badass.
Grabbing the post with both arms and hefting it like a baseball bat, the android ran out into the storm and toward the figure of Happy.
"Hey girlie, gimme your best pitch!"
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Post by: Neoadept on December 29, 2007, 02:09:15 pm
Daren watched Teller run out into the storm before glancing at the others in the room, sliding the sword back into its sheath for a moment.  "I'm Daren Marstems, please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks that guy is a little weird.  And I mean more than the usual meta human weird."
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: emmet on December 29, 2007, 02:11:38 pm
"Yeah... Weird..." Vice said, staring at his hand.
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Post by: PatMan33 on December 29, 2007, 02:14:38 pm
Theodore laughed a bit and smiled, he checked for his pistol and baton and then cracked his knuckles.

"Let's get this over with." he said, rushing out the door.

Happy looked down at the twerp with the sign and grinned, she was getting ready to leave soon but one more fight couldn't hurt. Without a word a trio of lightning bolts ripped through the air and struck the sign.
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Post by: Krakow Sam on December 29, 2007, 02:22:10 pm
The signpost exploded and showered Teller in little droplets of molten metal. The little hunk of concrete fell to the ground with a thump.
"You'll regret that missy!"
Teller grabbed the concrete chunk from the ground and hurled it at Happy overarm.
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Post by: shadowlord18 on December 29, 2007, 02:26:56 pm
Ernie finally reached the maelstrom, lucky for him his bet was right and the debris was falling near the Vigil operatives.

“Lovely day for stroll isn't it? There seems to be this lovely breeze around here!"  he called to the figure in the center of the storm "Would you care to come with me because it is only going to take them so long to figure you out. I mean look how easy it was for me, Vigil may be stupid but they’re not completely brainless."
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: emmet on December 29, 2007, 02:28:31 pm
Vice primed his gun and ran out the door after Theodore. He took cover behind a car and then shot at Happy a few times.
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Post by: PatMan33 on December 29, 2007, 02:30:31 pm
The hunk of concrete was picked up by the wind and just to make a point Happy sent it hurtling into the Green Zone. She laughed at the little twerp and sent another bolt of lightning at it. Theodore yanked Teller away, he had spent so much time around Happy that he knew some of her mental cues for launching certain weather phenomena. The bolt struck the ground where Teller had been standing not a moment earlier. A few rounds flew towards Happy from Darius' gun but were sent off course by the wind; growing tired of all of the fighting Happy pulled up a large gust of wind and slammed it into the brick apartment building which began to fall toward the group of heroes.
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Post by: emmy on December 29, 2007, 02:40:36 pm
"Will someone please tell me what was going on around here!?" Alexandra shouted, causing at least a few people to look at her accusingly "Oops…"
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Post by: Krakow Sam on December 29, 2007, 02:44:57 pm
Teller tumbled over on the ground but quickly sprang back to his feet.

"Hey! psychic boy, toss me at her!"
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: PatMan33 on December 29, 2007, 02:48:16 pm
"Eh..." Theodore went to say something but decided not to.

Teller hovered into the air and Theodore moved him into position, with a push he sent Teller flying towards Happy. At the same time Theodore turned around to see the massive brick building tumbling towards him. Theodore ran to the side to avoid being crushed and inadvertently moved himself much closer to Happy than he would have liked.
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: Krakow Sam on December 29, 2007, 02:53:17 pm
Teller leapt through the air, propelled by Theodore's telekinesis. Buffeted off course by the wind, he grabbed Happy's foot as he sailed past her and hung on as hard as he could as he flapped around in the cyclone.
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Post by: PatMan33 on December 29, 2007, 02:56:13 pm
"Ahhh!" Happy screamed as Teller grabbed onto her leg.

The storm wavered for a moment but picked up again. Happy kicked to try to knock the visitor off of her but it seemed to have a lot more strength than it should.

"Get off you bastard!" she yelled, sending a few gusts of wind into herself.
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Post by: Neoteric on December 29, 2007, 03:04:02 pm
Michael leaned against the window, watching the circling rubble. He frowned as a particularly large chunk of concrete flew threw his field of vision. He wasn't sure whether the debris had too much kinetic energy for him to phase through it, and didn't particularly want to find out. So, it was decided. He'd go with the others and supply backup.

He turned back to the others in the room and smiled. "Daren Marstems, that guy is indeed weird."
Michael loaded his pistol and ran towards the exit. He swore as the building began to collapse, turned, and ran outside through the side wall of the apartment.

Looking up at the figure suspended in the air, he carefully adjusted his aim as to not hit the madman that was now clinging to her leg, and fired 6 shots.
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Post by: shadowlord18 on December 29, 2007, 03:04:24 pm
"You know, if you're going to do stuff like that I may just change my mind. Especially since you have yet to tell me if you are coming with me or not." he really hoped the life form could be reasoned with.
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Post by: emmy on December 29, 2007, 03:05:20 pm
Why wasn't anyone paying attention to her? Alexandra hated that, she jumped behind the car near the man and shouted.

"Whats going on around here?"
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Post by: Neoadept on December 29, 2007, 03:09:50 pm
Daren felt the floor shake under his feet and ran for a section of wall just before the building began to crumble around him.  He reached the wall just as it buckled outward, just as he'd known it would, and dove out through the opening just before a shower of bricks fell through it.  He rolled as he hit the ground before springing up and running for the floating figure, who seemed to have less attention for attackers now that Teller was hanging off of her.  As he ran he unsheathed the Tesla blade and adjusted it to a lower setting to knock aside what debris was still flying.
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Post by: Krakow Sam on December 29, 2007, 03:23:20 pm
Teller swung around wildly as he tried to maintain his grip. Swinging his whole body upward he delivered a blow to Happy's face with his free hand.
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: emmet on December 29, 2007, 03:24:13 pm
"She's distracted!" Vice loosed a few more shots at Happy.
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: PatMan33 on December 29, 2007, 03:33:18 pm
The shot in the face nearly caused Happy to black out, her nerves were screaming and she felt as if she were going to explode. Around her the storm began to weaken and the debris that was in the air crashed to the ground, Happy fell with it. A flurry of bullets flew through the space she had been occupying a few moments earlier, Happy looked around to see a number of people advancing on her position.

"That's enough of this!" she screamed.

There was a massive burst of air that sounded like an explosion, everyone nearby was thrown backwards and the rubble was blown outward forming a crater of sorts. Happy landed on the ground and fell to one knee, the man who had grabbed her leg was the closest to her and she did not want to bother with him right now.

"You're all going to pay for this... each and every one of you!!" she yelled.

With a grunt Happy brought back the cyclone and was lifted high into the sky where she was lost amongst the darkness.
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Post by: shadowlord18 on December 29, 2007, 04:23:23 pm
Ernie turned on his speaker to the Vigil channel and spoke.

"Fire enough at her and she’ll do the rest for us."

He turned it off and returned to his bike, putting his club away as he sped towards a falling building.
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Post by: /lurk on December 29, 2007, 06:49:39 pm
Sparky finally made it to the others, leaping over the rubble as Happy ascended into the sky. She'd been distracted by the events unfolding in front of her. Waving an arm to get Teller's attention, she signed at him:

[That was awesome, jackass ! ]
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Post by: Neoadept on December 29, 2007, 06:52:28 pm
Daren staggered to his feet, rubbing his head.  He glanced up at where the strange woman had vanished into the clouds before turning his attention to a shallow gash in his arm.  There wasn't a lot of blood, but it hurt like hell.  Sometimes he wished his grandfather hadn't had invulnerable skin for most of his vigilante career, it had led to an enormous blind spot in his training.  "So," he said to anyone conscious, not bothering to look around on the principle that they'd answer if they could, "any ideas on where she might have gone?"
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Post by: PatMan33 on December 29, 2007, 06:58:49 pm
Theodore lay on the ground with his hands out in front of him, there was a rather large half of a car hovering a few inches from his body. He gently slid it to the side and dropped it to the ground with a crash.

"No idea where she's going." Theodore replied, getting to his feet "However I am calling in a transport, all of you are coming with me back to HQ for a debriefing."

The massive silver craft appeared overhead and moved in for a landing, Theodore paced around while he waited and tried to figure out the situation.
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Post by: Krakow Sam on December 30, 2007, 09:00:15 am
[Thanks freakish saboteur] signed back Teller, winking. Turning to look at the landing craft his face lit up and he ran toward it and patted one of its gleaming silver flanks in the manner of one petting a dog.
"Oh! You're a beauty" he said before moving toward the entrance with a spring in his step.
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Post by: emmet on December 30, 2007, 09:34:18 am
Meh... Thought Vce, lookin at the ruins of the Vigil HQ. Looks like I'm out of a job anyway.

Vice boarded the craft.
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Post by: Neoadept on December 30, 2007, 10:37:26 am
Daren shrugged as he climbed onto the ship.  "I suppose if you were going to arrest me for vigilantism, I'd have a gun to my head by now."
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Post by: Yossitaru on December 30, 2007, 10:43:26 am
"I think the storm has cleared up." the man said as he decsended the stairs.

Kim puts the small robot back together and into her bag then walks over to the stairs.

"Thank you for allowing me to wait out the storm here." she said as she goes up the stairs.

Exiting the building, the signs of the unnatural storm's destruction were very clear. Finding a clear path back to the rubble of the Vigil building, she arrives to the sight of a large silver craft as well as Vice entering it and the man who was fighting Happy earlier.

"So, it appears you've survived, OEI agent." she called out to Theodore with a slight hint of disgust in her voice, a mannerism instilled in her by her father's dislike of the directioon the OEI took, "Miss Storm must be something big if someone like you are here."
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Post by: Yuu on December 30, 2007, 10:59:27 am
"What a wreck... Though I have to admit, they were quite awesome." Maji said to himself after seeing the devastation brought forth by the catastrophic encounter.

"Finally, something interesting to include in my weekly report. I better brush up on my techniques, this could be a rough one."

Maji drew from his pocket a couple of smoke bombs and threw it where his feet stood. The bombs ignited, followed by a thick wall of smoke. When the haze finally cleared, Maji was never to be seen.
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Post by: shadowlord18 on December 30, 2007, 01:54:30 pm
Ernie landed near the transport and looked at Daren

"Don't worry!" he said with a laugh "The only vigilante they want behind bars is me. Looks like you're gonna need some help what with Vigil down."

He boarded the craft and saw Vice.

"Nice to meet you, I like your style."
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Post by: PatMan33 on December 30, 2007, 02:13:20 pm
Theodore glanced over as a plume of smoke appeared, it was not the first time he had seen such a thing but he'd never been able to find the source. He was brought back to reality by a woman who seemed to be spiting him.

"A little harsh don't you think?" Theodore said as he stepped into the craft "You remind me of someone that works with an associate of mine... what is your name?"

While Theodore waited for an answer he walked into the cabin and assumed manual control of the craft, he found that flying was a good way to unwind after a stressful mission.
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Post by: /lurk on December 30, 2007, 04:49:30 pm
Sparky looked up at the... thing. There was no way she was getting on that - there'd be no way off until it landed. That was a scary enough prospect on its own, so she certainly wasn't going to follow a Government Man into a prison like that.

Instead, she was going to get a new mode of transport and track down Miss Stormy on her own. And conveniently, that other guy had left a motorcycle parked nearby. It took a mild electric shock to jump-start the engine, a twist of the wrist and she was on her way.

She reached twenty miles per hour before she realised that riding a motorcycle was harder than it looked. But she as a fast learner.
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Post by: PatMan33 on December 30, 2007, 05:10:56 pm
After getting no immediate response Theodore decided it was best to get a move on. The craft lifted into the air and sped toward the OEI HQ; since it was still night and traffic was light Theodore flew amongst the buildings, darting between skyscrapers at high speed.
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: Krakow Sam on December 30, 2007, 05:16:44 pm
"I don't know why you insist on flying yourself..." said Teller "She gets bored just being told what to do"
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Post by: PatMan33 on December 30, 2007, 05:29:21 pm
"I have had a very bad couple of hours..." Theodore said "You will all be filled in as soon as we arrive at HQ."

He turned off all of the communication devices in the craft and turned around to address everyone.

"You're all going to help me deal with Happy, I don't trust the OEI to do an adequate job, too many of their Agents are under-trained and over-paid." Theodore said.
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: shadowlord18 on December 30, 2007, 05:34:21 pm
Ernie hated to leave the Red Zone in such disarray but he had no choice now.

"Alright, so we'll find out more when we get there..." he said suspiciously, removing some beef jerky from a side pocket "What kind of firepower do you all have? Oh... beef jerky anyone?"
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Post by: Krakow Sam on December 30, 2007, 05:43:01 pm
"I was under the impression we were helping that guy stop Happy" said Teller, pointing to Vice
"And to answer your question Mister Ernie the Vigilante, we have a man who can move things with his brain, a beautiful silver aircraft and these babies" he finished, kissing his fists and grinning.
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Post by: PatMan33 on December 30, 2007, 06:02:25 pm
"No, Vice was in the wrong place at the wrong time unfortunately. I apologize if none of you wish to be involved in this..." Theodore said "All I know is that Happy now has the capability to attack any city on Obano and probably a few cities elsewhere, she could kill millions."

The OEI HQ came into view on the horizon, it's massive tower dominated everything else in sight. Several massive gun batteries followed the craft as it moved closer and Theodore flipped the radio on quickly.

"-dentify yourself now or we will destroy you." came a air traffic controller's voice.

"This is OEITC-0237 reporting, sorry about that. I am Apprehension Department Manager Theodore Century requesting priority clearance to land in Hanger A. I've got several passengers with me who witnessed and helped combat the situation in sector thirty." Theodore reported.

"Roger that, you've been given clearance to land." the air traffic controller said "Hang on, I'm patching you through to Agent One."

Theodore was somewhat surprised that his boss wanted to speak with him, he turned around and motioned for everyone to be quiet.

"Century..." Agent One said "Chief Executive Noel wishes to speak with you, he'll be waiting in the hanger. Make sure those people you have with you are on good behavior. That is all."

With a sigh Theodore leaned back in the pilot's chair and stared at the ceiling. He put the craft on autopilot and walked back into the passenger compartment.

"Well it looks like today is your lucky day..." Theodore said dryly "The Chief Executive is going to meet us in the hanger, don't make him mad..."
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The flyer doors opened and the group was treated to the sight of the silver-suited chief executive flanked by an honour guard of imposing heavies clad in black combat armour. A tall man with light blonde hair, perhaps in his late twenties or early thirties, was standing just behind the CE and half smiling in a smug sort of way.
"I don't care who you all are!" spat Noel "Century here was wrong to get you involved and as such you will all follow Beuro Leiutenant Myrmer for debreifing and signing of nondisclosure documents. That goes for you too Century, you're on a tight leash from now on, this whole messy incident should have been over before it began."

Noel left the room with half his honour guard, leaving the blonde man, leiutenant Myrmer, and two guards.
"Follow me gentlemen" said Myrmer, curtly leading the group out of the hangar.
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Theodore blinked and looked around, Noel was there and gone before he knew. He went to follow the group but was pulled aside by Agent One who was holding a file folder.

"Century." Agent One said as Theodore saluted "Chief Executive Noel has told me to give this to you."

"What is this?" Theodore asked, taking the folder.

"It's a signed document saying that this mess is your responsibility and that it is therefore your duty to rectify it." Agent One said, he moved closer "The OEI doesn't much care what has happened to Richard, they'd have done it themselves if he was around any longer. You're on your own on this one, no OEI forces will be given to you unless this matter becomes much  worse and if that happens you will be out of the job. They have no problem vilifying you if it means public support will increase."

"What?" Theodore exclaimed in surprise.

"I know it's unfair but that is how things work, you know this." Agent One said "Given your rank you will still be allowed free use of the teleport network and your clearances have not been touched. Go deal with Happy so we can get things back to normal, I don't need to lose my best Agent to something this silly."

Theodore and Agent One exchanged saluted and Theodore went off to the debriefing.
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"Doesn't sound like much... we're going after this girl? Maybe we can make a pit stop, I've got enough weapons to arm us all." he said walking out of ship and overhearing Theodore's conversation with Agent One "The least noticeable we are the better we'll fare."

He pressed his speaker to speak to Lukas.

"Send out a wire and shake the trees to see if we can't find our new friend before she goes off the grid." he said.
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"You need to stop talking." Theodore said to Ernie "We don't take kindly to people bragging about how often they've broken the law. I'll personally throw you in a cell if you keep it up."

He opened up the file folder and looked it's contents over.

"I am only barred from using Agents, me and the team that I will assemble are going to have full access to the armory."
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As the silver craft sped off, Kim looked back at the rubble.

It's probably the best I don't get involved with the OEI affairs... Well, since I'm here anyway...

With a heavy breath, she leaves the site and makes her way through the city. Finally reaching a modest house on the other side of town, she knocks on the door. An old lady opens the door.

"Ah, Kimmy, how nice to see you!" the old woman said.

"Hi Mother." she replied as they hugged.

"If I had known you were coming, I would have had a bed ready, and maybe some extra food."

"No, it's ok Mom, I wasn't planning on staying long, and with the OEI skulking about with the freak storm and all, I know you and Dad don't want me getting involved with them."

"Oh, well come in, come in." Sarah replied as she steps back and allows Kim to step in, "Help yourself to the fridge if you're hungry, otherwise, you can take a seat in the dining room and I'll go fetch your father."

"Still in the workshop?" Kim said with a little laugh as she walked to the other room.

Kim finds herself a snack and takes it over to the table and starts eating as Sarah walks in.

"He says he'll be up soon, and I hope so this time, I have to tell that man so many times it's a wonder he remembers anything." she said as she sits down, "So, how have you been? I do hope you weren't at that storm."

"Unfortunately I was."

Kim and Sarah talked about the storm and OEI's apparent involved for several minutes until an old man emerges from the basement door. The man's hands were extremely scarred and blistered, and his face was wrinkled by looked plesant. He was crutching a cane and walking with a very severe limp.

"Hah, she was telling the truth this time. It's great to see you Kim, it's been too long. And your mother saying you were here as a way to pull me away from my projects was just making me sad inside. Come on over, give me a hug!" Mantar said with a distinct sound of joy in his voice.

Kim stands up and walks over to Mantar to give him a hug and a kiss on the cheek then helps him over to a chair. After he sits, Kim takes her seat again and the three start talking.
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Amongst the towering structures of Obano, a shadowy figure can be seen traversing the urban skyline. It's movements were quite agile, being able to avoid the numerous cameras scattered throughout the urban center. It was almost like the wind itself.

The figure silently made it's way into the suburbs and landed at the roof of a small blue house. It then made it's way to an open window and jumped into it, landing on a mat embroidered with the phrase "Welcome Home." The figure, illuminated by the night sky, was revealed to be none other than Maji. He quickly stood up and walked out into a tiny hallway, littered with what seems to be junk covered in a very thick layer of dust. He walked straight across the corridor and into a dark staircase. Just as when he lit up a candle, it seemed that he had arrived at a dead end, only to touch a part of the wall and reveal a small panel containing numbers.

"Let's see...  Here we go. three seven one, good."

Suddenly, the entire wall moved to the side to reveal a stash of exotic weapons.

"Let's get busy..."
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Alarms blared, lights flashed, and John was panicking. Almost within the minute, a team of doctors and security staff burst into the partition. He found himself on the wrong end of not a few weapons, and the doctors immediately rushed to Yates.

"...his brain function flatlined, what happened..."

"...he seems to be fine, everything's fine - this makes no sense..."

"'s like he died for a few seconds, but I have a pulse now..."

"DON'T YOU EVEN THINK OF MOVING!" One of the security guards screamed in John's face. "If you take ONE step, we'll blow your head off!" John was incapable of moving, even if he wanted to. Paralysed by shock and fear, he could do nothing except gape.

"What did you do to him?" Asked one of the doctors forcefully. "The building sensors registered him as dead for a few seconds. Not just him, everyone around you."

"I... I... don't know..." John stammered, looking blankly. "I was standing over here, he was over there... it... I didn't do anything."

On the floor, the body of Dr. Yates began to stir. Rolling over onto his front, he groaned painfully. "Don't move, Jack. You're fine, you just collapsed," one of the other doctors advised, putting his hand on Yates' shoulder to stop him trying to sit up. Taking out a data pad, he keyed in a number and scrutinised the display intensely. "He's fine, no damage aside from some bruising on his arm, where he fell."

"You damn well better tell us what just happened, lad." The security guard had calmed somewhat but his tone was still aggressive.

"I really don't know," came the reply, "I didn't do anything. Can't the sensors tell you that?"

"We'll review those later." He turned to one of the doctors, who stood by the console. "Put him under."

The doctor hit the confirm button which had been glowing all this time, and within seconds John fell weakly onto his bed and passed out.
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Darryl Montana was bored. Ever since his promotion, all he did was fill in boring reports, and the occasional debriefing of the few Agents under his command. Darryl's boss was considerably more happy with Darryl's current function, as he finished the reports considerably faster than his predecessors.

When rumours of the destruction of the Vigil headquarters trickled in, Darryl's face lit up. Finally, some excitement! While Darryl was using every way he knew to get more information about the incident, his boss came out of his office, and announced over the entire floor, irritated: "Ladies and gentlemen, I'm sure by now all of you have heard the rumours! Until any of this is confirmed by the top floor, I don't want anybody talking about this! Now get back to work!!". He then returned to his office, slamming his door.
Darryl ignored his boss's little outburst, like he usually did. The details he could find about the incident were sparse and vague, but at least they confirmed there had been an attack. While he was reading, the screen suddenly turned black, and the words "Access denied. Higher clearance level required" popped up. I hate it when they do this!, Darryl thought angrily. He got back to his usual, boring work, and decided he'd look further into this when his shift ended.
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Vice removed his helmet and leaned over to quietly speak to Theodore.

"Excuse me, but we're not receiving any kind of compensation for helping you, are we?"
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Ernie found nothing but static from his com system.
"Unauthorised transmissions from our facilities are strictly forbidden" explained Myrmer as he led them down a series of corridors and past guarded checkpoints. "Your transmission is being jammed for your own convenience and safety."

The group was led through what looked like an extremely high-tech airport scanner as they proceeded deeper into the facility.
"You will surrender all your weapons" said the operator, in between swigs of coffee and mouthful's of danish. "You, mmph, will have them returned to you when you leave"
"Hey! You!" yelled a second operator as Teller stepped through the scanner gate "By the looks of things you got a prosthetic arm there..." he said, pointing at the scorched holes in Teller's skin. "But its not showing up on the scan."
"Oh dear" said Teller "I am sorry officer. Perhaps you had better take the scan again" said Teller, innocuously stepping through the scanner again.
"Oh... its ok now" said the operator, kicking the instrument panel he was sitting at "Piece of crap."
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"I will work out some kind of plan for compensation, you will be satisfied I'm sure." Theodore replied to Vice.

A small beeping sound went off on in Theodore's ear and he stopped, something was going on in the medical center. He shook his head and stepped up to the weapon counter, the Agent behind it saluted awkwardly.

"At ease..." Theodore said as his weapons floated onto the counter "How's the family?"

"Decent, they're getting worried about living so close to the Red Zone though... what can I do though?" the Agent at the counter replied.

"Dunno... keep your head up." Theodore replied "Things will get better."

Theodore took his weapons back after the check, unlike the others he was authorized to carry weapons in the HQ and his job description more or less required him to be armed at all times.
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Daren carefully unstrapped the sheath from his back and set it on the counter, taking every precaution to ensure that no one could mistake him for activating it.  The last thing he needed was to be shot by a jumpy guard.  He stepped through the scanner.
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"You don't want do that." Ernie said "Trust me, after all you need some who knows how to beat her and i could of done it with my first attack"

Ernie turned around and looked at the group.

"Look it's simple.. You tell me where she's going and I'll tell you how to kill her."
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Another beep came through Theodore's ear piece, between it and Ernie's ramblings his patience was running short.

"Pardon me for disagreeing with you." Theodore said to Ernie "But you just met Happy, I've known her for years... I would not consider you an authority on the subject."

He clenched his fist as another beep sounded.

"Myrmer I have to go take care of this situation down in medical." Theodore said "Send the NDA to my data pad and I'll sign it on the way, I'll do a debriefing some other time. Forgive me for being so short with you all, It's been a very bad day... Myrmer is going to fill you in on that soon enough I'm sure."

With that Theodore hurriedly walked away from the group and toward the medical wing, he pulled out his data pad as the NDA appeared and quickly scrawled his signature down at the bottom. Another Agent was waiting at what looked like an elevator, she saluted to Theodore and followed him through the doors. The car beyond the doors was large enough to fit a good sized group of people and the sides were transparent.

"Medical." the Agent said.

A gentle ping sounded and the entire room began moving sideways, beyond the transparent sides of the car the OEI's main courtyard could be seen in all of it's splendor. The female Agent began filling Theodore in on the situation in medical while they were in transit.

"The report said that all life signs around the patient's room abruptly ceased." she was saying "As soon as the alert went out though everything was back to normal. The man in question is an odd case, we have no trace of him in the system, he has had all of his augmentations removed, no tracking chip, and he seems to be suffering from severe amnesia."

"Amnesia? Really?"  Theodore said "Quite a coincidence."

"That is why medical has requested your help." she said.

Another ping sounded and the car stopped, the doors opened both Theodore and the female Agent stepped out. They walked down a gleaming white corridor and through several security points before arriving at the patient's room. The Agents who were guarding the door saluted to Theodore and asked him to wait for the doctor to arrive.
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Ernie shrugged, maybe he would have better luck with the other side.

"Well in that case I will take my leave of you." he walked over to the man who had confiscated his weapons and asked for his katana back, while he waited he addressed Vice and Daren "Word to the wise, the vigilantes who play by the rules die with in a month."
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"Word to the wiser," Daren replied, "I doubt the OEI is going to let you leave until sign some confidentiality agreements.  And now that they know about you I'm willing to bet they're going to keep an eye on you, and not playing by the rules will get you killed a lot sooner than a month."
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Sparky was really starting to get the hang of this motorcycle stuff. She leaned back and pulled a wheelie as she sped down the road, cloak and head-flaps futtering in the wind behind her. Good thing she was going too fast for anyone to get a good look at her, and that no-one cared about speed limits in the Yellow Zone.

She was going in the direction that she thought Storm Girl had headed in. She didn't know where the Government Man had taken That Guy and the others in that airboat, and she wasn't really interested. She was interested in electricity and satisfying her curiosity - and maybe saving a few lives while she was at it, if she had Storm Girl's mental state figured correctly.

In the meantime, motorbikes = Fun.
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A mass of grey clouds silently rolled over the OEI HQ and the massive city of Neros which sat nearby. The forecast had called for patchy clouds in the early morning so nobody thought anything of it, a gentle rain shower began and in a few minutes everything was dripping wet. Thunder rumbled in the distance but barely anyone heard it.
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"Smokebombs, check. Ozutsu, check. Metsubushi, there we go. Landmines, check. Suntetsu, already here, as well as kunai." Maji said to himself while reading a list. "And last but not the least, that thing over there."

After saying this, he placed the list he was holding in his right hand on a dusty table right beside him and walked a few feet from it before stopping in front of an old painting. He then lifted up his left arm and placed it on the dusty portrait. And in moments it started to slowly move to the right and revealed a small compartment hidden beneath it. Maji inserted his arm into the compartment and dragged a small red box from within.

Maji placed the box on the table and opened it slowly. The open container revealed a stick-like object with two folded blades attached to both ends, the entire thing was made of optimum quality alloy. He picked the object up with his right hand and threw it into the air to catch it completely unfolded, it was a double-edged scythe that reflected an eerie glow. With a strong and flexible body that was about ten feet long and razor sharp blades that were roughly two feet in length, it was a good weapon for both offensive and defensive measures. Add to that the fact that it was quite aerodynamic and you've now got a very well rounded weapon.

"Well, I better get working on my weekly report. I am a few minutes late on my schedule." Maji said with a sigh of relief. "The next time I see those people on my patrol..."

With that, Maji quickly went out and closed the entrance to the hidden quarters. He then made his way up into the silent dust-filled hallway and went inside his room to finish his report while drinking a cup of coffee. It was all about Obano's current status, or more accurately, it's offensive capabilities.
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Darryl got up from his desk and walked to the window. Great, he thought, now it's raining, just as my shift is almost over. And of course I didn't bring an umbrella... Oh well, I'll just have to walk fast then. Just then a faint rumble was heard. Strange, the weather predictions are quite accurate nowadays, they wouldn't miss a thunderstorm.... He walked back to his desk and checked the weather forecast. It maintained there would only be a few clouds. Odd, he thought, before getting back to his report.
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Several hours later, Kim was down in her father's lab finishing the last of a series of orbs. Moving them all into her bag, she turns around and addresses her robot.

"Synchronization complete?"

"Affrimative, unit 'Bookworm' returned to full function." the robot replied.

Leaving from the basement workshop, Kim makes her way out of the house. Having already said her goodbyes, she locks the door and makes her way back through the city. Leaving the city, she makes her way through the countryside in the direction of Neros.
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I'm hearing something. Sounds like...


Maji paused for a moment before carrying on with his report. The weather didn't quite feel right for him.

"Oh well, nobody can predict the weather that accurately. But still, I just... Don't feel good. I'd better check it out."

Maji stopped what he was doing, quickly grabbed his cloak and sped off to the city center. The smooth white fabric of his cloak blended well with the misty atmosphere of the area. He quickly ran up to the top of a tall building and sat there silently, waiting for any signs of unusual activity.
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"storms huh there shouldn't be storms today" Ernie walked out of the building far enough to get his speaker "bah oei was never any fun i think i will get coffee near by while i wait for the bike ok" lukas "yeah no problem just keep you head down" he took his helmet and went in to a small coffee shop ordered a drink and sat in corner and pressed a button on his watch and relaxed.
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Thunder rumbled, and Jason looked up to the sky. He had been wandering around this Yellow Zone for hours, getting himself completely lost despite frequent directions.

"Figures. First lost, then rain." He muttered to himself. He turned as he heard the sound of a motorbike aproaching. Hoping it's driver knew the area well, he waved it down.
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Spraky slowed down. There was some guy waving. At her! She obligingly stopped in front of him and lifted her hood, giving him an eyeful of freak. He didn't -feel- threatening, so she figured this was a safe move - but she kept her hand on the accelerator, just in case.

Waiting for him to say something, she looked at him with her two, human eyes.
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Jason was a bit startled by the rider's appearance, but remembered that Obano was, as his father had once said, "A regular magnet for the unusual."

"Uh... yes..." he coughed, doing his best not to stare, "Do you happen to know the way to OEI Headquarters? I think I got turned around somewhere."
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[O E I ] Sparky shrugged.

[I am heading for the storm], she signed. It was always fun, creeping people out like this. The guy probably didn't even know sign language. But she pointed to the storm, so that he knew where she was going.
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Jason had picked up some Sign Language several years ago, before his device had even been thought possible, but he was hardly fluent in it. He caught the basic meaning, though.

"I guess I'll go with you then. I might be able to find someone there who can point me in the right direction."
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Sparky shrugged, motioned to the back of the bike and revved the engine.
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Jason climbed on, and briefly wondered what he was getting himself into. All he had wanted to do was locate his grandfather, who's records would most likely be at the OEI HQ.

Amazing how quickly plans can go awry... he thought.
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And they were off. Sparky pumped her fist in the air when the spedometer reached 100 mph.
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Footsteps echoed from around the corner, signalling the arrival of the doctor and a third armed agent. He hailed Theodore as he approached.

"Greetings, Agent Century. I see they finally called in someone who can help us deal with this man."

He reached into a pocket and took out a row of foil-covered pills. Removing one and popping it in his mouth, he continued.

"Our patient says his name is John but claims to have no other knowledge of himself or Obano in general. Hospital records have him down, wittily enough, as "John Doe". The physical evidence seems to match his story somewhat, and it's certainly mysterious that we have no records of him. We know we must have had them at some point, because he has clearly been the owner of an ID chip at some point which seems to have been removed."

He opened the door, and they stepped through into an observation room in which a desk rested in front of a large, thick window. Through the window, they could see the prone figure of John sitting on his bed, toying absently with a rubber ball.

"We can't observe him for too long - it seems that everyone in the vicinity of the patient starts to develop headaches and nausea after a period of time. This is what really puzzles us. We think perhaps he may be a meta-human, but we're not sure of exactly what he's capable. So far, medical tests haven't revealed anything unusual but we haven't had time to give him a proper brain scan."

He stopped, hands on the desk, and watched John carefully. "There's a door at the end of the room if you would care to examine him yourself. I presume that's why they sent you here, anyway."
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"Let's take a look." Theodore said.

Theodore opened the door that led into John Doe's room and walked in, he stopped almost immediately and looked around. An odd sensation emanated from the man in the room, he wasn't quite sure what it was exactly but there was something  abnormal in the air.

"Good morning." Theodore said as he approached John "I've been sent here to take a look at your brain, we're going to try to see where you've been and who did this to you. Are you okay with me doing this?"

While he waited for an answer Theodore pulled a chair across the room and took a seat near John.
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"Mr Marstems is entirely correct." said Myrmer to Ernie, his face remaining perfectly impassive except for a slight smirk "You will not be leaving until you are debriefed and sign the NDA. I've seen people like you before. The have-a-go tough guys, too undisciplined for the OEI too 'good' for Vigil. If you have a problem with the way we do things then you're welcome to spend the next three decades in a force-shielded cell."

Strolling over to a wall, Myrmer activated the built in display and called up a variety of statistics and excerpts from files on Happy Vales. When the briefing was over, a number of datapads holding the Non-disclosure documents was tossed onto the table for the assembled group to sign. Teller took one and provided a large looping signiture before sliding the pad back across.
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"Uh, I guess so. It's not like I have a choice anyway," John responded. "What are you going to do? Can you help me find out what happened to me?"
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"Hopefully!" Theodore said with a smile "Now this is only going to take a moment, you're not going to feel a thing. At least you shouldn't."

Theodore continued to smile, he had begun examining the man's mind the moment he'd walked into the room. A few seconds passed and Theodore turned toward a one way window that the doctors were standing behind. He looked back at John and furrowed his brow.

"When a person is suffering amnesia there are usually blocks set up keeping portions of the mind locked up. These locks can be opened by the aid of a key, usually some kind of sign or reminder. Self-imposed amnesia works on the same principle although is a tad different... if you fell into either of these categories I'd say that we could have you back out there in no time." Theodore said, pointing to a simulated window.

He paused for a second and watched the rain pour down, was it supposed to rain today?

"Uh... anyway..." Theodore continued, pulling himself away from the rain "Anyway, your mind is virtually blank... it's quite nice to explore as there are no bad things lurking around. Of course this isn't so good for you, it seems that your memories have been erased entirely which is no simple feat and requires quite a lot of time and energy. As for the effects that the medical team has been experiencing in your presence it would seem that your brain emits a field that seems to interrupt brain function. Quite a powerful ability and one that I assume you used to have some control over. Don't worry about me, I'm able to counter it because of my years of training... this ability of yours provides a good starting point though, we can search for people with abilities similar to yours and see if they know anything about you. If there's one thing I've learned in the past it's that people with similar abilities always find each other."

Theodore stood up and stuck out his hand, the chair slid itself back across the room and stopped under a small table.

"For the time being I think we can find you accommodation here in the HQ, you are not here to do us harm and with any luck our trainers will be able to help you get a handle on how to use your abilities." Theodore said "I am sure that we will cross path's again, until tha-"

No something was definitely wrong with the weather. The rain had slowed up a bit, well not so much slowed up as it had turned into a sleet. Theodore walked up to the simulated window looked out at the cityscape.

"Bring up a temperature map for the entire Neros area." Theodore said.

"OEI employee recognized as Theodore Century - Apprehension Department Manager." a sooting voice said.

The map Theodore had requested appeared in place of the window and showed something quite odd. All across the Neros-metropolitan area temperatures were much lower than normal. Of course that was nothing compared to what would happen in a few seconds; without warning the temperatures in the south of the city dropped off to some obscene number far below freezing. The biting cold seemed to spread rapidly across the city, it was so cold that all of the rain water would have surely froze instantaneously. Theodore switched back to the window view and looked around, a white wall was racing across the city and towards the HQ. In a moment it had overtaken the OEI and the scene before Theodore changed from a wet-subtropical city to a frozen tundra. The lights in the HQ flickered for a moment and a loud groaning sound filled the air as the building was put under all sorts of odd stresses. An emergency alarm began to blare and Theodore's communicator exploded with activity.

"John..." Theodore began "How much of a handle do you have on that ability of yours?"

Outside it began to rain once more, this time it froze on contact with the thin sheet of ice that was already on everything. Within five minutes the ice had become so thick that it was a chore to actually open the doors to get outside. One positive thing was that the storm had happened in the early morning so most people were either asleep or inside, anyone who was outside would have surely been killed by the extreme cold.
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As Kim came within seeing distance of Neros, she came to a sudden stop as the city turned a pure white. As she stared at the site, she felt a freezing wind blow past. From a combined shock of the white and the freezing cold, she collapses to her knees shivering. Pushing herself back to her feet, she retreats from the city.

"Weather report."

"Temperature readings are out of acceptable ranges. All readings indicate wet tundra climate."

Keeping her distance, Kim makes her way around the perimeter of the city looking for any area not covered by the ice.
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Daren signed the pad and slid it back across just as the lights flickered.  Glancing up at them he said, "anyone have any idea what that was?"
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Post by: Krakow Sam on January 01, 2008, 11:08:02 am
Myrmer listened to something through his earpiece.
"Something just made the temperature tank across the entire city." he spat. "Sign those tablets and get out there!"
Myrmer grabbed his uniform longcoat off a chair and pulled it on, striding out of the room in an urgent manner. The guards remained behind, watching the remaining people carefully.

"Looks like we have orders." said Teller, smiling. "I suppose we'd better get out there and stop happy girl."
Breaking into a slight jog he ran back through the doorway they had been led in through and headed for the nearest exit.
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John was starting to panic. He was really out of his depth, and wasn't sure he understood what was happening. Days of being kept in a hospital and a guarded cell, interrogated and questioned, and he still didn't know who he was or what was going on. Being told that he had some sort of power was even more disconcerting.

Toying with the ball in his hands as he watched Theodore talk, he wondered what was going to happen to him next after all this.

His gaze wandered to the "window" out of which Theodore was gazing.

"Is it... supposed to be snowing?"
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"No." Theodore said bluntly "I need to go take care of this situation... your ability may be of some use though."

Theodore hailed the female Agent and she entered the room.

"Sir!" she addressed Theodore and saluted.

"I want you to take John down to the armory and suit him up. Let him pick whatever weapon he wants and put a psionic focuser on him." Theodore said, he turned to John "This is Agent Mallory, she is going to get you equipped. You're coming along to help us stop the person who is causing this chaos. Trust me when I say we'll probably learn a lot more about your abilities out in the field than we would in the lab. Plus you look like you need a bit of fresh air. Have John meet me in Hanger C when he's equipped."

Theodore rushed out of the room and headed into the hanger bay, he would wait there for John and anyone else who was coming. In the meantime he checked the security network in order to find Happy's location; while Theodore was certain that the larger storm was not her doing and instead was the machine's, he had a suspicion that Happy would show up anyway to gloat.
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Sparky's eyes widened in shock. The city had turned to ice in seconds! Storm Girl was a lot more impressive than she had thought. It was as she was thinking at the motorcycle started to wobble - just a little...

She had a split-second to grap Jason and leap from the back of the moving bike before it flipped over, careened into a building and exploded in a fireball. The two of them slid for some distance along the ice-slicked street before Sparky managed to stand up again. She took a look at Jason, then started skating away.
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Mallory led John through corridors and to a lift, which ascended for a number of floors before slowing and eventually opening to a short corridor flanked by armed guards. Two automated guns trained on their position and followed them as they advanced. John flinched, but Mallory waved him forwards.

After pressing her palm to a reader on the door frame and waiting, the heavy door opened with a grind, revealing a second behind it. A code tapped into a pad opened this second door, which revealed a large room which seemed to go on forever, the far end of the room lost in the strange lighting. Filling the room were racks upon racks of weapons, armour, explosives and countless other objects which John couldn't identify. In short order a small robot on caterpillar tracks and bearing an impressive armament of its own sped its way to meet them.

Scans complete, negative alert. Greetings, Agent Mallory. Please identify this individual.

"This man is... John Doe. We both are to be outfitted with OEI equipment, level 9 restriction, on the authorisation of Agent Century."

Authorisation confirmed. Please proceed.

"Well, John, what takes your fancy?"

It was some minutes before the two returned to the armoury entrance. The robot stood at the door, and Mallory approached it.

The equipment you have selected has been logged. The summary is as follows:

"I do so love this part," said Mallory to John conspiratorially.

Two liquid kevlar-carbon fiber composite armour suits including tactical computing systems and user-assist musculature, sizes Medium and Large. Two sets of combat webbing, sizes Medium and Large. Two AEGIS personal forcefield generators. Two emergency transporters, "Kangaroo" type. Four grenades, two high explosive and two EMP. Two XC-50 7.62mm handguns. One OEI-modified General Systems "Huntsman" automatic rifle. One computer assisted stock General Systems carbine. Twenty-eight standard clips of General Systems 7.62 mm APHP ammunition. One stock psionic amplifier. All items are equal or below level 9 clearance, authorisation Agent Theodore Century. These items to be signed by Agent Jennifer Mallory and civilian John Doe.

The robot held out a data pad which Mallory casually signed with a flick of her finger across the touchpad. John hesitated, then simply made an X.

"Let's get going, John!" Mallory said with excitement in her voice. The two headed back to the lift. Not feeling much more safe despite the armour and weapons, John simply followed the agent in silence as they headed towards the hangar bays.
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Happy had been quite busy over the last few hours, she had rewired Richard's prototype to operate remotely and outfitted herself with her training uniform which was a standard OEI armorsuit except that it lacked any weapon integration systems. Happy stood atop an old housing project in one of the Yellow Zones, the prototype was safely stored in another facility far far away. She held a small remote device in her hand and tapped a few buttons, the weather became deathly cold once more and another layer of ice formed.

Theodore looked over the security grid trying to find any patterns or signals. An unauthorized remote signal appeared in one of the Yellow Zones and he honed in on it, Happy could be seen atop the roof of a building.

"Found you." Theodore said, he relayed the image to the security center.

In the security room the data was relayed to the people Theodore had selected to be on his team and they were granted priority teleport clearance. Without wasting any time Theodore signed out a transport and powered it up, John and Mallory appeared in the hanger a few moments later and they quickly hopped aboard. The transport craft flew out of the hanger and sped toward Happy's last location.
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Teller read the wireless signals being sent around him. The encypted ones were beyond his abilities to decode without serious application of time and processor power, but he picked up on Theodore's transmission and headed toward a teleport station. The automated systems scanned him, confirming a match to the scans taken earlier when he had  passed the checkpoint.
"Destination?" asked the computer.
Teller wordlessly input Theodore's coordinates and the teleporter flashed into life.
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As Daren recollected his sword from the check point he was informed that Happy had been found and that he'd been granted teleport access.  On the way to the teleport station he swung by an armory and hurriedly put on an armor suit and slotted in a thermal pack.  Normally used to power flameless welding systems or heat based weapons, it could stop him from freezing to death for six hours.  And if Happy couldn't be stopped in that time, he doubted there'd be much left to save.  With that out of the way he hurried to the closest teleport station and punched the location he'd been given.
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Michael signed the tablet that had been shoved under his nose by the agents, recollected his gun from the checkpoint and ran down to the armoury. Strapping on the suit that was apparently going to keep him safe from the extreme conditions, he ran a mental check to see if he was forgetting something vital.

Teleporter. Check.
Communicator. Check.
Weapon. Check. He'd use his own. He wasn't great with weapons and figured that using an unfamiliar one wasn't a good idea.
Ammo. Check. He had enough for a sustained firefight.
Explosives. Check, and lots of them too.
Knives. Check. Both of the metal and thermal bladed variety. He noted that the thermal knife had an abysmal battery life, it would only last a few minutes before needing to recharge itself. It would be enough, though.

That just left one thing. He tightened the helmet, took a breath and phased his head into the wall.
He flicked through the different visor settings, until he found one that allowed him to see through to the other side of the wall. He withdrew his head and smiled. If he made it out of this alive, he wanted one of these.

He quickly signed out his equipment and rushed to the teleporter station.
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"Persistant weather anomolies. Another layer of instant freeze ice reported."

"This is insane!" Kim exclaimed aloud, "How are the sewer conditions?"

"The ground temerature is still mostly normal. Only areas open to the outside air has been frozen."

Taking a deep breath and rubbing her arms, she runs into the city and towards the nearest manhole. Pulling an orb from her pouch, she throws it at the ground and the patch of ice is blown and melted away enough to reveal the manhole cover. Prying it open enough for her robot, then herself to fit through, she drops down into the relative warmth of the sewer system and starts navigating her way through.
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Jason slipped several times while trying to get back up. By the time he was uprigt again, he'd lost sight of Sparky. The tempurature didn't bother him much, but the ice made the going tough for him.

"Might as well carry on the family name..." He muttered as he skated towards the center of the disturbance.
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Ernie's bike parked quietly in front of shop and he jumped on it. "lukas tell me where oei friends are  they may not want my help but the certainly need it" lukas sent him some the information he needed it was in the yellow zone "any ideas of what your going to do Ernie" he said rather coldly "i have no choice but to destroy her"
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"What the... This is insane!" Maji said to himself when he saw the towering wall of snow headed towards him. "Ok, time to dive. One, two, three, here I come!"

Maji jumped straight off the the roof and dove straight down into a freezing river, just before the top layer completely froze over. He knew that lakes have a liquid layer beneath the thick ice above, which is the reason why fish can survive the cold winter months. For a few minutes, he tried to find a way out of the water while doing his best to hold his breath. Finally, he found an entrance to the city's sewer system, but it was blocked by a thick titanium filter. Maji drew something shiny from his pocket, it was his scythe. He quickly unfolded it to reveal a long weapon with which he struck the obstacle in front of him. In a single swipe, the barrier separating him from his way out was cut in half. It was a clean cut. Maji then proceeded to enter the sewers. It was quite warm, as he had expected. He sat on a long steel pipe and started to mull over the past events.

"Okay. First, I was on my room drinking coffee while finishing my work. And then, I went to the city center because it was raining quite strong, even though it wasn't supposed to be that way. Suddenly, there's this huge wall of white death headed towards me. Makes sense?"

Maji, dripping wet, stood straight up, took off his long white cloak and hanged it on a fence to dry.

"Good thing all of my advanced equipment is water proof." Maji whispered while adding a smile to his face.

"Come to think of it, this bad weather is coming from that Yellow Zone. I'll just go through the sewers then. It's not that heavily guarded. I think..."
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A figure walked through the frozen city seemingly undaunted by the conditions around it. The mysterious man wore a brilliant white robe with a purple trim and a hood that seemed to shroud his face in an unfathomable darkness. Something had gotten his attention and it was not the snow and ice around him, there was something far more sinister going on and he aimed to figure out what it was. Happy was nearby, the man could sense her presence permeating everything; his form became hazy and he vanished from sight, he was still there however. The man was propelled upward, high into the air and stepped cleanly off onto the roof of a nearby building.

From this perch high above the city he watched and waited.

"Alright we're coming up on the housing structure that Happy is on." Theodore said "John, when we get there I want you to try as hard as you can to disrupt her mind. If you can't do it that's fine, but try, it'll make things much easier for us."

The craft neared Happy's position and the wind began to pick up, it seemed that any hopes for a surprise attack were gone.
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Ernie sped to the limits of the ice storm and looked around.

"Bugger... time to set up the sled." Ernie sighed.

He got out his tools and replaced the front wheel of the bike with a sled runner.

"That should do it." he said to himself, repacking his tools and continuing into the city.
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The lights flickered. Darryl looked up, surprised, and then noticed the ice outside. Confused, he walked over to the window to get a better look. Just then, a transport left a hangar, speeding away in the direction of a Yellow Zone. Hmm, that can't be a coincidence, he thought, they must be going after whoever's causing this! Because his shift was over anyway, and he wasn't particularly tired or hungry, he decided to go help.

He submitted his now finished report, and reserved some armour and weaponry. Too bad he couldn't get the really awesome stuff, he'd need a much higher clearance level for that. He reserved a basic armour suit with helmet and Temperature Control Unit (TEC), special 'Low Traction Environment' footgear, and an XC-30 5.7mm pistol with eight extra magazines, since you never know what you can run into. When he had to enter the reason for taking out the equipment, he pondered for a moment, before entering "Weather Anomalies", and hoped nobody would ask questions. He checked the box "Urgent", so he could go pick it up immediately, submitted his request to the armoury, and immediately made his way to it.

When he arrived at the armoury, his request was just being processed, and the different items were being collected. He had to sign the release form before he could take the equipment though, and he briefly wondered if he could get in trouble for this, but brushed the thought aside quickly and resolutely put down his signature.

He then swiftly put the armour on, checked and loaded the pistol, and jogged to the exit of the OEI building. There he put on his traction boots, and turned the TEC on. Stepping outside, he checked how well his boots compensated for the slippery layer of ice, and when they proved to almost fully make up for it, Darryl ran of as fast as he could in the direction he saw the transport leave. Finally, some action!, he thought cheerfully.
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The craft flew over the rooftop that Happy was standing on sending up a large cloud of ice dust. Theodore opened up the side door of the craft and looked out, the autopilot was struggling to stay on track in the strong winds.

"We're going now." Theodore said, grabbing John and Jennifer.

The three fell through towards the roof at high speed, Theodore focused on a small chimney below and used it to steady their descent. Happy threw a gust of wind at them and Theodore inadvertently ripped the makeshift anchor from the rooftop.

"Alright hang on." Theodore called, their descent began to slow rapidly.

There was hardly a sound as the group landed on the roof, they were positioned behind the small structure that housed the stairs leading down. Theodore looked around the corner and tried to size up the situation.

"Right... we need to stay behind cover or else she'll just throw us off of the roof." Theodore said "Agent Mallory, you stay with John and keep him covered. I'm going to head around and see if I can't slow her down."

Theodore rushed out from behind the relative safety of the stairway door and rolled behind an ancient looking air compressor.
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Teller appeared a few hundred meters from Theodore's craft and slid a little way on the slick ice before regaining his balance. Starting a sort of controlled slide he made his way over to the building the craft had landed on, trying to avoid being seen by Happy, and opened the frozen door with a couple of extremely powerful kicks. A fine powder of ice crystals settled on him as he walked into the building and headed for the others.
"Whats the plan?" he said "Do you want me to try to hit her with a sign post again?"
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"I've got someone who should be able to disrupt her." Theodore said "But anything you can do to soften her up will be helpful. She's got that suit on now so her body is well protected."

Rain began to pour down again and only served to make the ice even more slick. Happy looked across the rooftop at the stairwell where John and Agent Mallory were stationed, a strong blast of air hit the area in an attempt to send them over the edge.
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Teller hauled himself up onto the roof and looked around for something he could use as a weapon.
Hmm, there. The freezing rain combined with the howling wind had lead to the formation of long, almost horizontal icicles on a protruding section of pipe on the ceiling. Teller slid over to them, trying to keep out of the worst of the wind buffeting Theodore and the new guy, and tapped one of them firmly with his hand.
Solid enough.
Breaking off one of the shards, he hurled it javelin style at Happy. Sure, it probably wouldn't hurt her in that suit... but there didn't seem to be any alternatives. Teller broke off another shard of ice in preparation for the girl's retaliation.
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The shard of ice caught the wind and flew past Happy at an odd angle. She looked in the direction it had come from and smiled, she recognized the man as the one who had been hanging off of her.

"Back for more?" she laughed.

A glut of hot air flew down from the sky and surrounded Teller raising the temperature around him to something like what would be found in a desert.

"Careful..." Happy warned "You don't want to get too warm and cozy, remember the first rule of traveling about in the cold: if you sweat you die."
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Teller thought quickly and fell to his knees.
"Eurgh! So... hot!" he gasped, turning away from Happy and winking at Theodore.
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Darryl was running as fast as he could, which was pretty fast. In open terrain he could've gone even faster, but the slippery ice, the rain, and the traffic, however sparse, held him back a bit, as did the fact he was on the lookout for something that could indicate where the transport had landed. Suddenly he saw it on top of a building not too far away. He slowed down to a jog, and made his way to the building. Just as he was wondering how he could get to the roof, he noticed the building had no door. At least, not anymore. It appeared to be kicked down, and with quite some strength too; the door lay halfway down the hall. Darryl, on his toes now, pulled out his pistol, and carefully made his way up the stairs. When he arrived at the door to the roof, he slowly and carefully opened it, and peered through.

" the cold: if you sweat you die."

Darryl didn't recognise the lady that said that, and even though it was a good warning, it sounded more as a threat than as advice.
Suddenly the man she was apparently addressing fell to his knees, and appeared to be quite warm. But when he winked at another man, hiding behind some sort of air compressor, it was clear he was just acting. Darryl put his gun away, took a few steps back to have some space to make speed, and then ran towards the door, jumping when he exited the door, and finishing with a nice roll to end up behind the air compressor, next to the hiding man.

"So, need any help?", Darryl whispered, so as to not give away the fact the man was there to whomever he was hiding from, while getting his pistol out again.
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"Nice try." Happy said "Now you die."

She pressed a button on the remote and the rain turned to snow, with a wave of her hand a strong torrent of air came careening through the streets and toward the apartment building. Massive chunks of ice were ripped from the nearby buildings and they were blown along like bullets. The stream of air rose into the air and headed directly at Teller.

"I'll take all the help I can get." Theodore said as he watched Happy twirl the remote in her hand "She's the target, try to get that device in her hand."
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Teller rolled his eyes and quickly grabbed onto the frozen pipe as the deadly gust of wind hit him. Several shards of ice tore at his skin as he clung on, his legs trailing behind him. A huge hunk of ice hit the pipe and it broke at one end, briefly releasing a torrent of lukewarm water which rapidly froze into a long frozen arc.
"Are you guy going to do something or what!?" he yelled to Theodore and the two newcomers.
Teller grabbed ahold of the slick piece of ice and swung himself around, using the momentum imparted by the howling wind to fling himself at Happy.

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"Not this time!" Happy called as she was thrown up into the sky by a gust.

Teller flew through the air and over the side of the roof, Theodore jumped up and pulled him back making sure to set him down somewhere safe.

"Right..." Theodore said "Let's get on with this then."

He walked out into the center of the roof and waited for Happy to come back down from her flight. As she did Theodore ripped the air compressor from the ground and hurled it upwards. The mammoth machine hit Happy's side and sent her into a spin, the air suddenly returned to a normal temperature and the winds receded.

"Go now!" Theodore called.
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Teller ran over to where Happy had landed, pausing to wrench the broken pipe away from the roof.
Sprinting lightly acorss the still-slick surface of the roof he swung the pipe over his head and brought it down across the prone girl's back. Shards of ice broke off the still-freezing pipe as it hit and scattered across the rooftop.
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Darryl was slightly taken aback by the sudden display of strength, but he quickly recovered and immediately sprinted towards the girl and snatched the device from her hands, before she had a chance to get up again. He then walked to the apparently very strong man, and offered him the device.
"My name is Darryl Montana by the way. Nice to meet you, mister...?"
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John raised his head meekly above the parapet of the building, grimly clinging on to the edge which was still covered with a thick layer of ice rapidly melting under the radiant heat from the suit. Wiping snow from his helmet visor with his free hand, he turned to Agent Mallory and spoke.

"Was that it? It all happened so fast, I'm not sure I helped at all."

"You never know with some of these people. Hurry, let's get down there." She responded, signalling him over to a fire escape on the side of the building. She shouldered her weapon as she dropped to its top level, and John realised to his shame that he hadn't even taken his off.

Climbing down was made swifter with the suit's aid, but distinctly more treacherous with the ice. They reached the ice-slicked stone paving slabs at the bottom and rounded the corner, before dodging overturned cars and wrecked architecture as they headed over towards the group surrounding Happy.
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Arriving at a certain manhold, Kim pulled out another orb. Getting through the sewers was easy as the OEI was disracted by Happy's actions outside. Throwing up the orb, the explosion causes the ice to loosen enough to allow the manhole to become slightly dislodged from it's place. Cold air rushes in from the outside. Quickly making her way up and out, she replaces the manhole cover and makes her way over to a building. Making her way in, she closes the door behind her and walks up to her appartment, shivering. Quickly changing her clothes she puts on a much wamer outfit. Pacing about the room, Kim's mind was racing.

Can I really trust the OEI to successfully take care of that weather manipulator?


Exiting from the appartment, Kim looks out at the frozen city.

"Further weather anomoly, isolated area of intense heat." the robot pipes in.


Quickly making her way along the ice, Kim heads towards Happy's location.
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Daren materialized in an alley down the street from the fight and stuck his head around the corner to check the situation.  Seeing that the woman was down for the moment he darted out and started running towards the group, taking advantage of the weathers relative calm.  He had gone so quickly he hadn't even seen the solitary figure watching the fight from the alley way across from his, or the three in the building next to it doing likewise.
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"Some people never learn." Happy laughed.

There was an immense blast of air and everyone around her was knocked to the edge of the roof, a huge cloud of snow and ice enveloped the area. Happy pushed the cloud away and looked around, the remote was laying a few feet away on the ice. She reached out to grab it but it jumped away from her.

"What?" she exclaimed, slightly confused.

Theodore was on his stomach but trying to get to his feet, he slipped as he pulled himself up. The remote lifted off of the ground and landed in his hand.

"Oh no you don't!" Happy yelled as a storm cloud formed overhead.

"Darryl!" Theodore called out the name of the person nearest to him "Catch!"

He tossed the remote to Darryl, a moment later a bolt of lightning came down and hit Theodore in the chest. The suit absorbed much of the impact but Theodore still staggered about, another bolt came down but this time he was prepared and managed to block it with a small chunk of ice. Unfortunately a third bolt came in quick succession and Theodore went flying off of the roof and disappeared amongst the nearby buildings.

"That was too easy, they rest of you should be a piece of cake compared to him." Happy scoffed.

Happy pressed a button and he building began to shake as the ground beneath it turned to putty. She laughed at the group and was lifted into the air as the building fell away beneath her.
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John and Mallory, sprinting towards the ruined remains of the building which Happy had reduced to rubble, stopped heavily up against a broken plasti-crete wall. Clutching their guns like talismans, the pair tried to catch their breath. The temporary shelter proved barely effective against the wind and airborne debris which was steadily increasing in ferocity, however, and a number of broken roofing tiles came pinwheeling dangerously close. Pressing their backs to the wall, Mallory turned to John.

"This is it! John, you have to help us now!"

"But I don't know how! I don't even know what I can do!"

"She'll kill us if you don't try!" Her voice barely came across the howling winds, even amplified by her helmet's vox unit. "Try to remember how you did it before, in the hospital!"

Shaking, John dropped his gun to the floor and crouched, hand on knee. As the storm raged, he tried desperately to shut it out and concentrated.
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Kim sees more lightning bolts streak the the sky, and uses the ice to her advantage to change her direction towards the lightning without losing any of her speed. Wrapping the scarf tighter, to guard against the wind, she pulls out a few orbs and uses the to destroy some debris that were heading in her direction. Seeing several other people aside from Happy around, Kim stops short and watches how the people already there try to approach the storm manipulator before moving in herself. As she does, a mild feeling of nausea washes over her.
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Teller jumped to his feet as the building fell away beneath him. He cursed his inability to fly as he saught around him for some way to reach Happy. His eye fell on the transport Theodore had taken. It had half fallen into the building as it collapsed, but was still in standby.
Teller ran up to it and linked with the onboard AI... hopefully it was intelligent enough to be reasoned with.

[Craft, activate engines and take off] he commanded in the ship's code language.
[Clearance no good]
[Craft, if you do not take off within the next few seconds you will be destroyed by falling masonry, as will OEI employees and civilians. Is it not one of your directives to safeguard the lives of said groups?]
Teller's mind raced. It was probably too much to expect an AI designed by the OEI to care about the safety of others... only completing the mission. Ah!
[Craft. If you do not take off immediately and make your weapon systems available, subject Doe (John) will die. Subject Doe (John) is a mission critical individual required to neutralise priority target Vales (Happy). Failure to protect mission critical resources is counterindicated by the OEI Artificial Intelligence standardised codex.]
"Good girl!"
The craft's engines roared into life and it stayed level as the building collapsed around it, with Teller hanging off one of the rear tailfins. The Autocannon mounted on the side of the sleek flyer quickly aimed and blew away the chunks of debris heading for John as he tried to summon up his power.

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Enie speed towards happy and grabbed his new kantana and pressed the button on the side. the only major problem with the stuff these things where made from is it liked to change. his irises turned black and the metal warped into a large saber with spikes running down the back "ready or not here i come"
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Sparky soared through the air. It had taken her a while to make it here - skating on the soles of her bare feet had been slower and harder than she expected. She had somersaulted from the roof of the building next to this one expecting to land on the roof of the building, but instead this building was rubble and she was flailing her arms to balance on the ice-slick top of the aircraft.

She didn't fall until a crippling headache came to her out of nowhere. A psychic attack! Screwing her two eyes shut and opening her third, mouth eye, she tried to search for the source and block it out. She was surprised when she found it; he felt more afraid than anything else, even with all his power - not to mention that he wasn't explicitly aiming for her, which was sometimes a bit of a novelty. Suppressing her sensitivities, her pain eased and she could open her real eyes again.

They opened wider in the surprise of seeing Teller hanging from the back of the aircraft. She'd jumped over him without even noticing! Easing herself along the slippery top of the craft, balancing carefully against the wind, she held out a hand to help him up.
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Happy grabbed her head with a gasp, the pain she felt was unimaginable. With a sigh the wind current keeping her aloft disappeared, as did the rest of the weather, and she fell to the ground with a crash. She looked up at the sky and tried to move her legs but nothing worked anymore, a look of pure shock was on her face as the situation around her was not what she had expected. Happy grunted and tried to move once more but only succeeded in hurting herself further, she let out a pained whimper and closed her eyes. Another dark cloud began to form above the group, however it seemed to me forming much slower than normal.
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"Thanks, strange kid" said Teller, climbing on top of the craft as it landed gently in the street.
"Anyone know what that's all about?" he said, pointing to the new clouds that were gathering. "Because it would be a bit of a kick in the balls if she had already pressed the big red button on her doomsday weather machine."
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Jennifer was practically dragging John towards the craft as it touched down in her hurry to get aboard. John, barely aware of his surroundings, did all he could to keep on his feet across the ice. Exhausted, he collapsed through the open side door of the transport and onto its deck. The temperature change caused his visor to steam up and he opened it weakly. Jennifer stowed her webbing on a rack and immediately set the on-board screen to display an external view.
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"Looks like the party started without me!" Maji whispered while standing on top of a tall chrome building almost completely covered in a thick layer of snow. "Class-5 Type-3 technology. Molecular Level.  Weather manipulation... Now I understand... That's why the weather's been kinda cranky."

Maji was lucky. The sewers were free, the OEI were too busy taking care of the weather above. Using this to his advantage, he quickly made his way to where he is now. He stood there amidst the bleak merciless weather, undaunted by the strong turbulent winds caused by Happy. He was used to it. Hanging on sheer cliffs for long durations of time while being shot by snipers have given him a strong sense of balance and grip. However, the cold was slowly seeping into his body, but it was not yet time. He needed to know more about this troublemaker before he could strike. He clenched his fists and hugged himself tight, trying to keep warm in the cold unforgiving weather.

"Just show me your cues already so I could show you your worst nightmare!" Maji said to himself while trying to survive in the cold harsh weather.
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Ernie jumped off his bike and sat beside happy "move and you will be a head shorter ". he grabbed his old slave collar and placed it on her neck "this is to make sure you don't try to blow me away" he rested his sword on his shoulder.
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"Oh, well played" said Teller sarcastically "You've managed to shackle an unconcious teenager. Where exactly were you when the building collapsed?"
Grabbing the collar in both hands, Teller wrenched it until it broke open.
"Where I come from we don't treat people like cattle, even homicidal ones." he said, lifting the unconcious girl carefully and carrying her to the landing craft.
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"bikes can only go so fast" Ernie shrugged "you can keep the slave ring i don't even know if the thing even works any more" he deactivated the sword. "take this to i can't stand the stuff it does" he hopped back on the bike "lets see its gotta be around 7 am which means i have half an hour before the gang finds out vigil is gone and starts a full scale riot and burns the place to the ground" he sighed  and started his bike "have fun" he took off
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That seemed too easy, even for OEI thugs.

Kim stuffs her robot away into the bag after pressing a few buttons and looks up at the sky. The clouds continued to grow despite Happy's containment. She steps out from the alley and reveals herself fully.

"Well done, agents, but do you have a plan for that?" she addressed the group as a whole while pointing at the sky.
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A small note fell from above. In the note, this was written: Class-5 Type-3 technology. Molecular Level.  Weather manipulation. Maybe that girl can reverse it. After all, she started it.

Maji wasn't about to reveal himself just to make a comment, so he kept to the shadows to avoid being seen and tossed a note instead. Revealing himself now would be quite unnecessary.
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Daren, whose training from his grandfather had included a great deal of "noticing the little things," saw the note and snatched it out of the air.  He read it over quickly.  "It would seem we have an unseen benefactor," he said, glancing at the rooftops as he handed the note to Theodore, "what do you make of it, would it be any use to try?"
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Theodore had only just clambered out from behind an overturned car when Daren addressed him. He brushed himself off and looked the note over.

"Seems like everyone has dropped in to join the fun. The only man who truly knows how Happy's powers and the prototype work is in a coma... for now we need to secure the scene and get Happy back to HQ." he said aloud "Where is the remote control for the prototype?"

Turning to Darryl, Theodore raised his hand and plucked the remote from his grasp. He looked it over and pressed a large button with the word 'off' scrawled underneath it in permanent marker. Unfortunately it seemed that the dark cloud above was still being caused by Happy's influence, before anyone could do anything though an intense ringing filled everyone's head.

"Wonderful work! " said a strange voice "You've preformed gloriously! "

A dark figure appeared in the center of the group, it's form fell into place like smoke and a heavy mist seemed to permeate everything. Without a word a dark hand reached out and snatched the remote control from Theodore, he tried to stop the mysterious visitor but found that he was being held in place by a powerful force.

"Yes..." the visitor said "Thank you for your assistance Miss Vales, unfortunately though your services are no longer required. Do not worry, I've taken the prototype to a very safe place."

Happy let out a loud gasp and burst back into conciousness, her eyes were bulging out of her head and she breathed heavily for a moment. The visitor closed his hand into a fist and Happy went limp in Teller's hands, dead.

"Until we meet again... heroes." the visitor said, vanishing in a flash.

The group was released from the visitor's grasp immediately; Theodore fell to his knees in pain, his mind felt as if it were on fire but it vanished almost instantly. The city looked as if it were returning to normal, the ice was melting rapidly and the sky had taken on a calming blue hue. It seemed that for the time being everything was as it should be.

A few yards away on a nearby rooftop there was a grunt of confusion, the man in white appeared and surveyed the scene. Things had definitely taken an interesting turn, the power of the dark visitor was surprising but more research would need to be done before an appropriate course of action could be taken. The man in white turned and walked towards a wall, a strange image appeared on it's surface and he stepped through it, disappearing into the void beyond.
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Sparky spun to where the mysterious person been. He had come and gone too quickly for her to do anything - and he'd taken the Weather-Machine Thingy! AND he'd killed Storm Girl! Suffice to say, the empty space where he'd been standing was subjected to the full wrath of Sparky's Angry Face, and the receiving end of a one-finger salute.

She slid down the side of the parked aircraft and hopped off. Deciding that the Government Man had bigger problems than a freaky electricity bandit right now, she tapped Theodore on the shoulder, pointed to the space where the stranger had been and mimed strangling someone. Just so that he knew she was on his side.
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Down the street the man who'd been watching from the alley jotted a last note on his data pad before stretching slightly and adjusting his breast plate, idly brushing a bit of accumulated frost off the TC symbol emblazoned on the shoulder.  He walked towards the back of the alley and, halfway through, removed a small card from his pocket and swiped it through the air.  There was a brief look of the other end of the alley extending to the far distance, and he vanished.

Three stories above and a little to the right the three men who had been watching from the window nodded to each other and made their way to the stairs, carefully adjusting their mirrored masks.  The master would stand for neither tardiness nor untidiness, as was entirely appropriate in their view.

Daren stared at where the apparition had appeared.  "Does anyone have any idea what the hell that was?"
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As soon as the dark figure disappeared, Kim took that as her sign to leave. No one else seemed to notice her, so all the better the OEI didn't know she attempted to get involved. Quickly making her way through the back alleys, she eventually arrived back at her apartment. Getting out of the now exceedingly hot clothes, she lounges on a chair and turns on a TV as she makes a another look into her robots.
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Theodore looked at the strange person strangling the air and smiled.

"Not a fan of talking? " Theodore said mentally before turning to Darren "No idea... I'm sure HQ will want to know about this. You've all got clearance to teleport back to HQ if you wish, you may opt to keep the equipment you've borrowed as payment or we can work out a cash settlement. For the time being I've got to run, John I expect you'll be returning eventually with Agent Mallory, yes? I have a feeling our paths will cross again. By the way, the OEI is sending a large force here to secure everything, if you don't want to deal with them now is the time to make yourself scarce."

With that Theodore took Happy from Teller and stepped away from everyone, he vanished.
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Sparky nodded to the air. Government Man seemed like a Good Man - which was a bit unusual for someone like him - and he had telepathy figured out. It was a trick that she'd heard of, but had never been able to use herself... perhaps it would be worth meeting him again. Just one more thing that she had to be curious about, on top of all of the other events of today.

But now wasn't the time for curiosity, not with The Government descending on her. After giving a goodbye wave to those assembled Sparky made herself scarce, travelling in her usual manner. Up the emergency staircase, over the air conditioning vents, somersault the gap...
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"I guess I'll be going now." Maji said to himself while walking towards the very edge of the roof "Ive got all the info I need. Now I'll just have to submit it. The people back at HQ will probably go crazy when they hear this."

Smiling at the group down below, Maji climbed up the fence and jumped off the building and let loose some smoke bombs. He was gone in an instant, just like before.
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Darryl almost slipped off the roof with Happy's first blast of air, and could only just catch the remote thrown at him while keeping his balance on the icy surface. When the man that threw it was blasted of the roof with what appeared to be lightning, it distracted him just enough to disrupt his precarious balance, and he fell on his face and almost off the roof, only barely holding on to the apparently very important device. When the building started to rumble and collapse, Darryl raced to the staircase and down the stairs. He had barely made it out when the building came down, and just when he sighed in relief and started wondering about how the others would get away, the rain gutter, with all the icicles that had formed on it, came down and hit him on the back of the head. While his helmet took most of the force, it didn't stop all of it. The force was just enough to knock him out. Stupid low-clearance equipment, he though weakly, while falling to the ground.

He came to just as the remote was being pulled from his hands by... something. As he was wondering about who did that and how, his head filled with an awful ringing, aggravating the headache from the blow to his head. He was vaguely aware of somebody saying something, but because he was trying his best not to pass out again, he only caught a few words.

When the man disappeared as quickly as he had appeared, the ringing disappeared as well, and Darryl started getting back on his feet. That went a bit easier than he expected, and when he took a quick look around, he noticed the ice was melting. The temperature was increasing too, and Darryl turned off the Temperature Control Unit in his suit.

The man that appeared to be the leader said some parting words, took the limp body of the girl they were attacking from another man, and disappeared as well.
"All that vanishing.. What's wrong with ordinary walking?", Darryl muttered to himself quietly, before setting of in the direction of the OEI headquarters. Best to return this equipment before heading home, he though while running, I'll deal with my undoubtedly angry boss on my next shift.

After making up vague, but apparently convincing, excuses for the dent in the helmet, the equipment was accepted back, and Darryl headed home. Arriving in his rather small apartment in a relatively wealthy Yellow Zone, he took a quick bite to eat, brushed his teeth and went to bed. Finally, some excitement, he thought contently, before falling asleep.
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"Well, that was fun." Vice said semi-sarcastically.

"Now, about that cmpensation, I'm unemployed you know..."
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"Ship, please can you perform a medscan on civilian John Doe," Jennifer requested.

Its mission complete, the transport's AI was far more cooperative. Medical Scan Complete, read the readout on the display. No Anomalies Detected. Not that she was going to trust the scanners of a transport, but it was enough to satisfy her that John's unconscious form was just that and in no real danger.

Watching the others leave, she sighed and stepped through the door onto the melting ice. A quick look around suggested that things were returning to normal. She wandered over to where John had dropped his gun and picked it up casually.

"I suppose I'm going to have to deal with the clean-up crew. Thanks, Theodore," she said. Squinting and covering her eyes from the bright sunshine that had started to return through the dispersing clouds, she stepped back towards the transport and awaited the arrival of further OEI forces.

It wasn't long before three shining transports touched down on the plaza nearby. The only evidence of the ice, now fully disappeared, was the rapidly evaporating melt-water. Subtropical temperatures had again returned to the city.

A tall man in an impressively smart and well-fitting OEI uniform dismounted from the lead transport along with a number of suited-up agents. His strident gait quickly bore him to Jennifer's position where he surveyed the damage around him. Jennifer gave him a perfunctory salute, which he returned absently.

"Agent Mallory, please tell me you didn't level half this city block."

"Ah, no sir. That was the work of Miss Vales, sir. She has been returned to OEI HQ by Agent Century."

"Who left us to deal with the aftermath."

"It's not his job, sir."

"That it isn't, but I wish sometimes people would have some consideration for the actual people who live in this city. That building was someone's warehouse, and we're going to have to pay to rebuild it and replace the stock. I can't even count the number of times the OEI's been sued for destruction of property."

He paced back to his transports, Jennifer in tow.

"You two," he snapped, pointing at some junior agents. "Take a survey of the structural damage to the area." A third wearing a medical band stepped from the transport ahead. "Ah, Joffe, you can check the area for injured and dead." He stepped back and placed his foot on a collapsed wall. "The rest of you, secure the area. Double time!"

The agents filed out with practised precision and assumed their various roles. Jennifer turned to the man and saluted again.

"May I have permission to return subject John Doe to OEI HQ? I imagine they will be demanding my report in short order, as well."

"Very well, Mallory. You may go."
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"... and you lost it?" yelled Chief Executive Noel "What the hell kind of two bit Agent are you?"

"Sir, with all due respect this person was able to incapacitate the entire group. It's like we're seeing a resurgen-" Theodore was saying.

"Shut up, don't you say that." Noel snapped back "We're not seeing a resurgence of anything, not on my watch. Is that clear?"

"Yes sir." Theodore replied.

"While you did stop Happy this... 'prototype' has been lost." Noel continued "Why was I not informed of this project anyway?"

"Sir, I can not speak for the inventor." Theodore said, careful not to mention Richard's name around Noel "He was wary of any OEI intervention."

"Indeed..." Noel said, cracking a proud smile "Well I guess you've completed your mission, however you are still going to have to get that prototype back. And until that time you are being reassigned."

"Sir?" Theodore questioned.

"I've decided that in light of certain events you will be removed from your position as Department Manager and Agent One will be demoted to take your position. I will personally head the Apprehension Department from now on." Noel replied.

"..." Theodore withheld what he wanted to say "Understood Sir."

"Instead you are going to be working alone, or at least without the aid of OEI forces. Your new job entails making sure any further threats are quashed quickly and quietly and also to ensure that no harm comes to Richard Likely, apparently there are some parties that wish to see him recover." Noel said "Your primary target is this rogue figure that you claim was controlling Happy... he seems to be the source of this mess. Are we clear?"

"Yes Sir." Theodore replied with a salute.

"Good, now get out of my office." Noel spat.

Theodore left the Chief Executive's office and headed back down to the room where they were keeping Richard. He wasn't quite sure what was going to happen now that Agent One was no longer in charge of Apprehension, whatever the case it was bad news for Obano as things could only get worse from here. The demotion didn't bother him, working alone was more fun, kind of like the old days, but he was still upset that some bureaucrat thought they knew the job better than he did. Theodore stopped in one of the cafeterias and grabbed a bite to eat, he looked over the daily news, it seemed that the OEI had finally released info regarding the attack on Richard. Needless to say the public outcry was great what with one of the most prominent people fighting for the rights of the people in the Red and Yellow Zones effectively gone. Of course the OEI didn't care, and in fact the article they released ended up being extremely negative; the author was almost certain to have gotten a promotion.

With something in his stomach, Theodore finally returned to Richard's room. The armed guard had long since been returned to standard duty and so the door was bare. He stepped into the room and was almost immediately faced with the large form of another man.

"You visiting or here to cause trouble?" the unknown person said "They may not have let me bring my weapons up here but I'll still kick your ass."

"Ah... I..." Theodore was taken aback and surprised, he hadn't expected anyone to be in the room, at least not anyone conscious "Vincent?"

The large man stepped back and took a look at Theodore, his face melted into a smile.

"Theodore Century, I should have recognized you." Vincent said, giving Theodore a big bear hug "How've you been?"

"Just... fine." Theodore said as the air was squeezed out of him "What brings you here Vincent?"

"I came to visit my grandfather, but when I saw that there was nobody watching his room I thought I'd stay and keep an eye out." Vincent answered "Damn guards took away my things and they were incredibly rude, seems they have a grudge against the whole family. No offense to you."

"None taken." Theodore said, grabbing a seat and sitting down "Anyway, what have you been up to? I haven't seen you in years!"

"Ah you know, been working for myself." Vincent said proudly "Got my own business going in Taraq and things have been good!"

"That's good to hear!" Theodore said "How did you find out about Richard?"

"Can you believe that they didn't even bother to tell us?" Vincent said "I mean we're his family and we have to find out by reading the press release. Bunch of pigs... err, sorry."

"Don't worry, I know what you mean." Theodore said "Anyway I'm sorry that you weren't notified sooner."

"It's alright, I'm here now." Vincent replied "Can you tell me what happened exactly?"

The two sat there discussing what had happened and just catching up on the things that they'd missed. They had both entered the OEI at the same time many years ago but differences in opinion led to Vincent leaving the organization mere days before being declared a full Agent. Since that time Theodore and Vincent had not spoken and while they reveled in finally seeing each other once more, neither were certain of the other man's motives.
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Teller shook his head at the memory of the overly mysterious figure in black. As he teleported back the signal was suddenly redirected and boosted by some huge degree. A technician at the OEI began tracing the source, but found all his equipment suddenly malfunctioning when he tried.

Teller found himself standing in a high vaulted corridor with a bronze coloured metal floor and matching walls. The light was dim and ambient, and the sound of distant howling wind could be heard. A keen listener would also have heard the faint sounds of humming machinary and strange mechanical chitterings coming from all directions.

"Hello father" said Teller, smiling "missing me already?"
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Excerpt from Republic of the Philippines Intelligence Agency Report RPIA-ACI-OBN-072:

          It has been a few weeks since the last anomaly. Six days, three hours, forty minutes and fifty six seconds to be exact. It seems to be below the Danger Line. However, unlike previous anomalies, the latest one was beyond class 4. The disturbance belongs to the Class-5 Type-3 Molecular Weather manipulation category. Method of activation, a small remote control like device, probably made of some sort of synthesized material and capable of high-level calculations. According to SOP, further investigation of such high level technology is to be highest priority. Unfortunately, there seems to be another anomaly, far greater than the current subject. With latest database in possession, it is near impossible to find any matches for it. Requesting file update from HQ in order to further investigation on both subjects.

Report Summary:

Visibility: Gamma-1
Arsenal:  Alpha-4
Supplies: Alpha-3

Danger Level: Gamma-5
Alert Level: Gamma-2

(1) Weather Device
(2) Unknown Phenomena

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .     .     .     .     .     .     .
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Two figures sat at the back of the Bar, data pads set out in front of them.  One, wearing a dark cloak which concealed his face, grumbled under his breath and slammed a fist onto the table.  The other glanced up at him, "what, are you getting something I haven't on your pad?"

"No," the cloaked man replied, slumping forwards, "from the latest report it wasn't just a weather manipulating meta-human, it was a device.  I spent a decade on the W-MACs, and they're suddenly outmoded."  He sighed, "serves me right for trying to out pace Likely I suppose, speaking of which, apparently he's in a coma.  Pity, I'd hoped to meet him."

"Don't give up on Richard quite yet, he's tough as that arm of his, which I understand can tear nails apart.  And I think you've done well for yourself.  Hell, no one else has come as close as you have to figuring out those blueprints, New World wouldn't be possible without you."  He glanced at his watch and stood, slipping the data pad under his arm.  "Speaking of which, we're due for a meeting with the engineers in a few minutes."  The other figure nodded glumly and stood to follow.  The W-MACs really had been a lot of trouble.

Daren had headed away from the site before the ships arrived, he figured the suit would come in handy once he managed to pry the OEI logo off.  As he passed an alley he spotted three figures moving down it, one glancing back at him.  He froze, those were mirrored masks they were wearing, masks you only saw on members of the gang he'd been chasing for weeks.  This might be his big break.  He tore the Tesla blade out of its sheath and ran after them, getting close just as one waved an arm through the air and space started acting strange.  Suddenly he was no longer standing in the same alley, but a slightly cleaner one which opened onto a street he'd never seen before.  And the light was somehow off, the same shade and intensity as he was used to, but somehow fuzzy around the edges, leaving shadows indistinct.  Ah, that explained it, he thought, glancing upwards.  The sun was fuzzy around the edges.  He shook himself out of his reverie and looked down the alley, but his quarry was already exiting, slipping their masks into their jackets and plunging into the crowd.

Daren darted after them, but stopped when there were shouts as soon as he was out of the alley.  A space cleared around him and he found himself staring down the barrel of a gun, held by a man in a gleaming white breast plate holding a walkie talky with his other hand.  "Headquarters, we have an OEI exiting alley 17, requesting instructions."  He released the call button and gestured at the sword, "drop it, now!"

Daren carefully switched the blade off and set it down, raising his hands.  "Hold on, I'm not OEI, I've just got one of their suits."

"Ha, I'll believe that when-"

"I wonder," said a voice behind the man, "if you've scanned his implant.  As much as I don't like it, they serve their purpose well enough.  And no, he didn't change it for under cover purposes, because that's a lot of trouble to go through if you're going to barge in using a suit anyway."

The man, obviously a little put off by the voice, fumbled out a scanner and swiped it over Daren's wrist.  "Daren Marstems, civilian, right you are sir."  He pulled up his walkie again, "cancel that, HQ, DS has given the ok."  He hurriedly stepped aside and saluted sharply.

A pair of men were standing behind him, one in a concealing cloak, the other in...  Were trench coats suddenly coming back?  This was the second he'd seen in a day.  "Well, well, well," said the man in the trench coat, "a Marstems...  How, exactly, did you get here?"

"I...  I'm not sure," Daren said, this whole was too strange, and right after the fight.  "I was following members of the mirror gang, and they did something, and I got here just in time to see them run away."

"I see.  You there," he called, pointing to the man who had nearly shot Daren.  "Issue him a card and give him the tour.  It's an honor to have a Marstems here."  He picked up the sword and handed it to Daren, "yours, I presume?  Never quite liked Tesla's myself, don't quite feel right.  I hope you enjoy your time here, but I have business to attend to."  As a befuddled Daren was led away, Stranger walked on and whispered to the cloaked man, "have the Grey Guard look into this, there are two things we can't have here of all places:  Gangs, and people sloppy enough to be followed."

The master sat at his desk, reading over the report.  It was on paper, because that fit the idea.  He wore an impeccably clean suit and the desk was spotless, because that fit the idea as well.  He also wore a steel mask carved with intricate patterns that danced and changed in the light and had snow white hair which crested the mask, but those fit almost every idea if you played them right.  The report was good, with this much catastrophe he could safely advance the plan by several months.  It was almost enough to make him smile.  Almost
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Arc II
One month later...

The rain pattered gently on the windowpane behind the heavy curtains of the hospital room. Well, not hospital, since that implied some prospect of the patients getting better at some point in the future. No, this was where the movers and shakers of Obano came to die.
Harold pushed the door open carefully and walked a little way across the thick red carpet, his leather boots squeaking quietly. The muted sounds of an old Edith Piaf song rang out through the room… something about no regrets, it got on Harold’s nerves immensely. It was exactly the sort of thing that old bitch would say.
“Hello Harold” said the figure on the bed icily. She was tall woman, so much was evident from the way she sat up in her bed, her back propped up against a barricade of soft pillows. She was perhaps in her late eighties or early nineties, and her face was one that had aged gracefully. However, it also bore a pallor which could not be attributed to age alone. Her skin was almost as white as the hair tied in a neat bun on top of her head, and in a few places was traced with extremely faint green lines, following the lines of the blood vessels below the skin. “How nice to see you”
There was no pleasure in the statement, the malice was barely disguised.
Harold smiled like a lizard and insinuated himself into the room, closing the dark mahogany door behind him carefully.
“Hello grandmother” he said, barely able to stop himself from grinning. “The doctors say you don’t have much longer… what a shame.”
“Yes, I can see how distraught you must be to finally see the end of me” said the woman, sneering. “I can appreciate how much inconvenience I must have put you to by hanging on for so long.”
The room was silent again, except for the rain and the haunting sound of the sparrow singing.
“You know,” said the woman “You always were an intolerable little bastard, right from the start.”
The smirk disappeared from Harold’s face abruptly… he hadn’t expected the old battleaxe to still be so alert, especially after he had personally requested the doctors increase her sedative dosage.
“You started out knocking over your sister’s alphabet blocks.” She said. “Oh, I know all kids do that, but you never seemed to grow out of it, and in all the times I visited I never once saw you build anything yourself.”
Harold frowned. What was she talking about now? Alphabet blocks? The bitch had obviously gone senile.
“Of course, that was just the start” she continued “It really sounds like something out of a bad movie” she smiled dryly “pulling the wings off flies, ants under the magnifying glass. Ever wonder why your parents never got your sister a cat like she wanted?”
Of course he hadn’t! Why wonder anything about his worthless sister, all she ever seemed to do was get in the way. Of course, after the fire she had spent all her time moping and had run off to one of those European hell-holes where they ate cheese and urinated in the streets. What the hell did she have to be upset about anyway? Its not like any of her possessions had been burned. The funeral was the worst bit, Harold had had to stand next to her through the whole thing and she just would not stop sobbing. It was ridiculous.
“Its because they were afraid of what you would do to it if they did” said the woman, fed up of waiting for a reply. “And of course things didn’t get better as you got older. Oh! The things they had to do to make sure you stayed out of trouble. All those heartfelt apologies and out of court settlements for those girls, and how do you repay them?”
She coughed in the manner of one with few coughs left and leaned back a little in her bed.  “With fire, Harold. With ashes and death. Your own parents, Harold. My daughter.”
“It was an accident” said Harold flatly, his expression settling back into a faint smile. “I was exonerated, cleared of all charges.”
The woman laughed a little “Yes, you were always good at weaselling out of things, I’ll give you that. Its what distinguished you from the run of the mill monsters.”
“Why do you have to say these things grandmother?” said Harold walking to her bedside, his coat swishing gently where it trailed on the carpet. “Why do you have to dredge up such painful memories?”
The woman laughed again. It was humourless.
“Painful memories? For everyone else involved, yes. But for you? No. You just waltzed through it all with that smug little smile on your face.”
Harold said nothing, choosing instead to continue smiling smugly as he picked up one of the pillows from the bed.
“Oh, a smothering is it?” said the woman, without fear or surprise. She could at least have had the decency to try to call for help. “I suppose there are much worse ways to go”
Harold frowned and wrinkled his nose. Damn her. What sort of person embraced death so readily. It was pathetic. He moved to place the pillow over her face, she wouldn’t last long.
“Oh, but before you kill me, I want you to have, THIS.”
Harold let out a shrill little scream as the syringe jabbed into his thigh. The bitch had moved like lightning. Oh well, he would worry about the searing pain spreading through his leg later.
He held the pillow down for longer than seemed necessary. Best to be sure, the crone was tenacious after all.
There was something about the atmosphere when he lifted that pillow that wouldn’t cease to irritate him for a long time. Maybe it was the sudden flash of lightning from outside, sending jagged shadows up the walls. Maybe it was the sudden climax of that god-awful song. But most of all it was the smug little smile on that old witch’s face.
Harold limped out of the building as fast as he could manage, his teeth gritted in a mixture of anger and pain. He ignored the questions about whether ‘everything was alright, sir’ from the desk staff and let the now pouring rain stream down his unkempt blonde hair as he entered his limo.
As it pulled away from the hospice, he just couldn’t shake the feeling that Grandma Jennifer had got the better of him.
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Daren entered the Bar, which, like most places here, had been named matter-of-factly on the basis that the word was easier to translate into multiple languages than a name would have been.  Shortly after the "tour" he'd discovered that his benefactor on the streets that day had been the Dark Stranger, a criminal who quite possibly had the longest rap sheet on the planet and the villain of more than half of his grandfathers stories.  And he'd him slip through his fingers.  He'd come back here once or twice a day, learning the Alley system and checking for Stranger at the Bar, where all information in the town eventually trickled down to, but somehow he always "just missed him."  He walked up to the counter and tapped to signal the barkeep.  "Harold, any word on the boss?"  That was apparently how people referred to Stranger here.

"You're in luck," the barkeep grinned, "he's down at city hall, fixing up some kind of radio."

"Really?"  Daren asked, arching an eyebrow.  The barkeep had the type of personality which thought adding "just messing with you" to the end of every sentence was hilarious.  At the man's nod Daren darted out the door, slowing down to marvel once again at the place he'd come to by accident.  It had the atmosphere of a green zone, but no mansions or huge estates, and the people seemed more like yellow zoners.  It was also the reason he hadn't told anyone about this place or Stranger, if the OEI caught wind of it he doubted it would end well for anyone.
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An old man with a cane walks up to the front doors and enters the building. Limping over to the front desk he gets the attention of the young lady working there. Behind the desk the letters JLR were glowing brightly. If any of the long-term employees were near-by, they would have recognized the old man almost immediately.

"Another new desk worker... how difficult is it for a company to keep their greeting staff for a few years? I'll save you the breath; I am Mantar Yasipolitz and my business is to see Richard Likely."
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Just five days after the Happy Vales incident, the joint surveillance operation of the ASEAN went back to full swing after receiving Maji's latest report. It has been a while since something of this magnitude has occurred, let alone the appearance of a new enigmatic figure. After further analysis of the aftermath by other operatives, a certain weather device has become the main suspect for causing the disaster.

In line with this, Maji's superiors ordered him to infiltrate a top-secret OEI bunker that he accidentally discovered only a few days prior to the incident, in hopes of obtaining any information that may help locate the device. The bunker in particular was quite well defended so any frontal assault would be no different from suicide. But such conditions were not enough to deter him from getting what he needs. He had a plan.

About two weeks later, a certain Agent Skies working for the OEI went missing during an operation. Two days later, he was found unconscious in front of the OEI headquarters. He had no signs of injury, physical nor mental. He was completely unharmed, or so it seemed. Three days passed since then and the suspect was still at large. No skin cells, no fingerprints, no anything. The person who did this was obviously not any average Joe, it was without a doubt, a well orchestrated assault on an OEI agent.

After that incident, OEI officials who handled the agent all showed signs of extreme Euphoria. And as such, they were all admitted into deep psychological analysis. Yet surprisingly, no abnormal signs showed up in almost all of the subjects, except for the ones who already had psychological conditions prior to the incident. Due to this mysterious incident, the local alert level was increased substantially and admittance into the local top-secret OEI facilities became somewhat stricter. It was all going according to plan.

Maji was just staying inside his house playing on his laptop and drinking hot coffee during the entire event. It would be wise not to go out at such times, lest he get caught and blow up the entire operation, which will obviously end in him being put down by the government in a very undesirable fashion. Besides, he was waiting for something.

"Finally!" Maji said aloud with a smile. "Let's take a peek, shall we?"

And with that, he pressed a couple of keys on his computer. Within seconds, hundreds of magnetic readings, thermal scans, UV images and the like popped up on the bright LED monitor of Maji's high-end computer. After verifying the authenticity of the documents, he forwarded the files to HQ for analysis and replied to the sender with the following message:

Good boy! Now listen to me. At the sound of a passing car, you will forget everything that you know about me and this incident. You will also delete all your files that might lead to me getting caught and losing my job, not to mention my six-figure salary. Now go! And oh yeah, bake me another pie.

A few days later, all the OEI agents who were admitted to psychological observation suddenly returned to their regular state of mind. They have no recollection of how or what happened to them. All they knew was that they were... dreaming...
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The Blackscope Sniper was not happy. He carefully assembled his rifle as the rain, still continuing from earlier in the day, ran in rivulets off his light blonde hair and down his long coat, the occasional rumble of thunder accompanying his mental tirades.
Who did he think he was? Little Philipino worm. Thought he could just figuratively stride into an OEI installation and do as he pleased? Thought no-one was wise to him and his little games? Apparently he didn't realise that psych inhibiting drugs were standard issue for OEI personelle in all but the most basic positions.
The OEI had been playing Mister Secret Agent Man like a harp, carefully collecting intelligence they could use against him and his tinpot island nation. Shame their long game would be cut abruptly short. The Sniper grinned to himself as he stuck a clip full of bullets used almost exclusively by the OEI into his rifle. Think of the international brew-haha when a Philpino agent is found with an OEI bullet in his brain. Of course, he wouldn't be killing him straight away, may as well toy with him first. The Sniper settled a little further into his perch between two large ventilation pipes on the side of a tall apartment building and trained his sights onto Maji's head through the window of his oh so well appointed green zone residence. Keeping his rifle steady... superhumanly steady, with his right hand he dialled Maji's house with his left on a small black phone...

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"Ah..." the person at the desk looked around "Unfortunately I can't do that. Haven't you heard the news?"

The desk attendant pushed aside a large group of flower arrangements and found a datapad, he handed it to Mantar.

"There was an attack, they've got him in the OEI HQ." he said gravely "If you would like I can try to get you a viewing but the list is long and they're charging through the nose to let people in."
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Stranger was crouched in front of a wooden cabinet, carefully arranging a complicated mass of thin steel tubes along the top.  The whole mass was a foot square at the base and two feet high.  Presently he shifted a needle thin tube a few millimeters to the right, and grinned as an entire section of the mass seemed to vanish.  Trans-dimensional antennas were tricky, but oh so fun to get right.  Then he felt someone approaching from behind with, yes, with murder on their mind.  He stood carefully, adjusting his trench coat and straightening his fedora, both of which were recent additions to his wardrobe which he was trying out.  For him, that meant he'd been wearing them regularly for a decade and was getting ready to decide whether or not to keep them.  He realized it was outdated, but the nineteen twenties had had a style that no decade since had managed to match for him.

Without turning he felt the shape of the mind behind him, which was apparently trying to stand dramatically in the doorway.  It was probably best to keep him waiting, but acknowledge him so that he knew he was being kept waiting.  "Could you wait just a minute?"  Stranger said, carefully lowering a glass case over the antenna.  He turned a knob on the cabinet's front and music swelled up into the hall.  "It's from the most musically inclined race I could find out about, whose name I cannot pronounce without the use of a trombone and drum kit.  Their entire language is composed of instrumental music, and from what I understand this is a weather report six centuries out of date due to the distance it traveled.  Try not to tell anyone that, I would prefer that people just think it's pretty music."

That was long enough, he turned, signature "I know more than you" grin plastered across his face.  "Ah, the Marstems lad come for a go, eh?"  He unsheathed his machete and casually tossed it from hand to hand, nearly juggling it.  "Well, come on then, I could use the practice."
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Mantar looks at the data for only a moment before turning back on the attendant.

"You expect me to beleive he was not only attacked, but that much injured? Even under Op... I mean OEI watch, he isn't able to oprerate. I demand to be taken to him immediately, and I refuse to pay a single credit."

Kim looked out the window before returning her attention to the television.

Another rainy day...

"Today's top stories on the twelve noon news: Five more arrests related to the HAMMER gang made by Vigil last night; Airlines still in trouble, fewer people traveling by air than ever before, find out what the airline companies have to say; this and more now on the noon news."

Switching off the television, Kim stands up and takes an umbrella from the closet before exiting her appartment. As she steps out into the city, Bookworm opens its top to reveal its own miniature umbrella to keep itself and the other two dry.
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The attendant glanced over his shoulder and looked at someone in a back room, they peered out of the door and saw Mantar. A quick nod verified that Mantar was someone worth taking the time to talk to.

"Right... give me a moment." the attendant said as he picked up a telephone "Yes, Theodore Century's office please."

"What's happening?" Theodore asked.

"Some man named Mantar Yasi...Yasipo..." the attendant at the front desk was saying.

"Okay thanks." Theodore cut off the attendant "I'll be down in a moment."

Theodore got up from his desk and put on his jacket; since he wasn't at the OEI HQ and had no plans to return for a few weeks he was wearing the uniform that Richard wanted him to wear. As the Head of Security for JLR Enterprise, Richard insisted that Theodore come off as non-threatening when in non-threatening situations. Of course Theodore had his high-tech OEI body armor on but he wore a smart looking business suit over top of it. All in all he looked very good, somewhat larger than he actually was, but on the whole he pulled the look off flawlessly. The only spot on the otherwise perfect outfit was a visor covering his left eye. Theodore had gotten the visor installed shortly before it's internal counterpart was put into use and seeing as the internal implant had some reliability issues he never switched over.

The minor details aside though, Theodore made his way down to the lobby quickly and greeted Mantar with a smile.

"Mr. Yasipolitz, how are you doing today?" he asked warmly, shaking Mantar's hand "I'm not certain if you remember me; I'm Theodore Century, head of security here at JLR. I hear you are looking for Richard?"

In one of the basements at the OEI HQ a man sat in darkness, he was concentrating on a small object before him. A ringing sound filled the room and he clutched his head.

"What is this?" he gasped "You're going to have to try harder than that to get at me..."

The man fell backwards off of his stool and began rolling around on the floor.

"Come on! Is that all you've got?" he yelled "I've been around too long for someone to just waltz on in and tak-"

"Silence." said a booming voice "Stand and return to work."

Silently the man got up and looked around for a moment; he could have sworn he'd heard a strange sound but couldn't see anything and just shrugged it off. The man returned to work as if nothing had happened.
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A climbing frame rusted quietly in an abandonded playground. The Red Zone was no place to be raising children, so only one person ever played on it these days. She was hanging upisde-down from it right now, in fact. With a sudden jerk of her back, she swung upright, clutched a higher bar and propelled herself away, flipping over once and making a perfect landing on the sand. Sparky had played here for a long time before she learned how to do that.

Most of the buldings nearby were subsiding and crumbling, and one of them - or at least part of it -  she called home. The way that parts of the building had collapsed in on itself meant that Sparky's particular nook could only be accessed by some inventive gymnastics utilising the wall of the adjacent building, which was just the way she liked it. On entering, she was confronted with the accumulated treasure of her lifetime; her toolkit, scattered all across the dirty floor in the a pile of the discarded husks of spent batteries, lying all around a broken chunk of machinery, perhaps a cubic foot in size.

Despite being obviously ruined, this was Sparky's most valuable treasure. She had no idea of its origin or its purpose, but it had been there when she was born. And no matter how long she had kept it with her, its chrome finish never dulled, and she had never managed to damage it at all. Even her largest boltcutters and her crowbar hadn't dented it one bit. It was a mystery to her, and probably always would be.

She looked at it as she passed by. The reason that she had chosen this particular hole to be her hiding place was a floor down, in the subsided basement of the bulding. It had sunk right into a water main - but this was the Red Zone. No-one seemed to care. The result was an underground pond, where mostly clean water swirled around on its way in and out of the pipe. Today, Sparky was taking a bath.
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"Well, that's done. I better wash the dishes, it's been piling up since last week."

Maji put down his laptop and placed it on his desk. Before he could leave his room, the phone rang. He went to answer the phone, it was his CO, Agent-X35 a.k.a. Christopher Sentinel.

"Maji, there's something you have to know." His CO whispered through the phone. "The big news, or the small news? Which first."

"The big one." Maji quickly replied.

"Those documents you've sent, they're how should I put it... corrupted? They're infecting the system but luckily, we isolated it before it could cause too much damage. We're pulling out for now. And we-"

"Okay..." Maji said in a faint dragged voice. "What's the small news, chief?"

"You're on your own now. You were le-"

Maji suddenly slammed his left fist into the dusty wall, almost shattering it. "What?! That can't be! I... I used anti-psych drugs on them! Plus, my style is near-invisible to high-end sensors! This... is Insanity!"

"Two things. First, stop interrupting me, and second, deal with it! Personally, I feel sorry for you. But I really can't do anything. You failed the test. We're pulling out for now. Sorry. DISCUSSION OVER."

Maji couldn't believe what was happening to him. It was just so... silly, the whole thing. "My previous attempts worked flawlessly. It even works on ants for goodness sake! No... How could I fail? Was my knowledge... not enough? I gained the power to manipulate others through sheer effort! Not with some mad experiment! All those years, wasted... I'm just so... confused."

Maji put down the phone and looked at the mirror right beside him. He used his hands to wipe the layer of dust covering the mirror. He stared at his blood red eyes, whispering. "What... am I? Top student? Master ninja? Doctor of Psychology? No... What I want to know is my true self. Who were my real parents? I don't even have the slightest clue. Why was I always called a prodigy? Because I was smart? Because I could easily memorize stuff at the academy? Because I quickly rose through the ranks? I just don't know anymore! My greatest treasure, useless... That call sure ruined my life... Thanks Chief!"

Maji's face was filled with disappointment, that he fell short of excellence. Somehow, he has to move on.

"Another call?"

The phone rang again. The number was new, he hasn't seen seen it yet.

"Who is it? Oh great..."
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Mantar leaned forward on his cane and looked Theodore over.

"Your words imply that not only have you been working here for a number of years, but remember me being here before." Mantar pausesas he notices Theodore's visor, "It does seem you are very familiar with my work it appears, but that is not an issue now. Surely, you should remember that a few years ago on this date I last visted Richard. Your staff here at the front have stories of him being severely beaten in some conflict, but knowing Richard, I am skeptical of the validity despite his advanced age."
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"I think you should come with me Mr. Yasipolitz." Theodore said, leading Mantar down a hallway.

They stepped into a room with a blue dot on the floor and in a moment they vanished. Now in the OEI HQ, Theodore lead Mantar through the building; he got a few odd looks from other Agents in the hall as they were not used to seeing him in business wear. While they walked Theodore got Mantar up to speed with the attack and the events that followed it. The door leading to Richard's room drew near and Theodore stopped. He opened the door slowly and glanced at Richard's still form, just beyond it he noticed Vincent sleeping in a chair.

"The man sleeping over here is Richard's grandson Vincent, he has been visiting his grandfather every day since he found out about the attack. Mainly to keep a guard up, the OEI doesn't see why it is important to guard him... anyway, that's the situation. Feel free to take as much time as you need. If I might ask though, why was it that you decided to visit?"
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Mantar leaned forward on his cane and looked over Richard inert being.

"Well, I have no reason to doubt your explanation now. And it does put that Vales girl into a new perspective." Mantar pauses to lean back and look at Theodore, "As for my reasons; I would have thought you would have had better association skills. I visit him every few years, we now it's a few years. When I was roughly your age, yeah, it was every year, but age hurts mobility and such." Mantar stops as Theodore's face shows an indication of annoyance, "Right, right, Richard may be classified as a number one priority or threat or whatever those bastards in the OPF... I mean OEI, consider him now, you really think he has no friends whatsoever?"
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"I apologize, I only wished to know if this was for business or not." Theodore replied.
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"I guess the security doesn't keep good records. No matter, but it's not like Richard to be so careless with his employees How long did you say that girl worked for him before this little incident?"
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Vice was in one of the new Vigil buildings. The attack on the HQ had smashed the organization up completely; and several new HQs had formed. It wasn't as big a deal as it sounded, seeing as the Vigil never really had a leader. And it was still one organization, just a lot safer as it was more spread out. All it meant to him was work was a little further away, and contained less people.

He had to admit, though, the Vigil worked fast. Already they had converted several Yellow Zone apartments into "Vigil 9." A building taking up the whole 5th floor of an apartment block.

"Hey Vice." Said the secretary. "It's upgraded armour day."

Vice grinned. "My favourite."
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"Hello Maji" Said a voice across the phone. It *really* didn't seem friendly. "Before we start, take a look at your reflection".
Maji's reflection in a nearby mirror revealed a small green dot trained on his forehead.
"No, don't think about moving" said the unfriendly voice "I seriously doubt you can duck before I pull the trigger" the voice chuckled in a fit of gleeful malice.
There was silence for a few moments.
"Haven't you seen this movie?" said the voice "This is the part where you ask me what I want"
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Good Morning, Mr. Doe! The security door's greeting was just on the wrong side of cheerful at this time in the morning. John grimaced, and then stepped through into the rear of a wide plaza-like lobby. Luckily the bio-scanners and weapons detectors inside the building were less obtrusive; he gave the girl operating the detector a brief wave which she returned with a smile.

The lobby was more empty than usual, the bustle of agents running to and fro lowered somewhat from its usual loud clamour. Why was that? Oh, right, remembered John. The big game's on today.
Striding out past the centrepiece, a large fountain fed by water falling from the high vaults of the ceiling, he ignored the reception desk at the entrance proper and went for the stairs. Leaning back against the side rail of the up-escalator, he looked up at the galleries above and spotted his destination - a set of offices containing the Citizen Inquiry Services. Shiny and sparkling in the sunlight, a masterpiece of polished plasticrete and glass, the building stretched up like an old-world cathedral, a temple to bureaucracy. That was of course only the public face of the OEI HQ buildings. A vast complex stretched underground, John knew, like the invisible part of an iceberg. Access most definitely was not for the general public. Further behind the building stretched what was essentially a military base containing the OEI barracks and other facilities, occupying a sizeable area at the tip of the Neros headland.

Stepping past a group of suited men talking on communicators onto the moving walkway, he reflected that his training hadn't gone too badly thus far. Granted, it had only been a few weeks but he was beginning to get used to his training and the lifestyle (though he could never get used to the food). He only wished that he'd been able to experiment more fully with his "ability" but the OEI Chief of Medicine had forbidden him to use it outside complete and restrictive supervision. Adjusting his uniform absently, he gazed out over the floor below as the walkway brought him round to a lift.

Just as he was about to reach for the button to call it down, the doors opened with a ding. An elderly gentleman with a stoop and a hacking cough hobbled out, leering up at John who stepped out of his way hurriedly. Diving in before the doors closed, he spoke to the lift, "Floor Seven, please." The doors closed with another ding.

"Why do you say that?"

John was startled, turning round revealed that beside him stood a young woman whom he hadn't noticed as he had entered. Her short black hair and frayed green overalls marked her as one of the OEI's technicians, presumably in charge of maintaining the building.

"Say what?" John asked.

"Please. Why do you say please to it? It's a machine, it doesn't care." Her reedy voice resonated inside the confined space.

Unable to think of a response which didn't sound ridiculous in his head, he settled for an uncommital "I don't know". She laughed, quietly. "I guess you're just used to thinking of them as people. They talk to you, after all."

He smiled, uneasily, caught entirely off guard by the situation. Suddenly the lift slowed.

Floor Five.

The doors opened, and the girl stepped through. "My name's Debbie. Debbie Overmann," she said over her shoulder, just before the doors closed and the lift was again borne upwards, its occupant dumbstruck.
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"Well..." Theodore walked over to the door and closed it, he switched off his communicator and looked at Mantar "This is highly classified but I know you can be trusted. It seems that Happy was being controlled remotely by an unknown assailant. That means that somebody wanted Richard out of the picture, a prototype was also stolen during the attack and this third party has taken that as well. The situation is very hairy and we are at a loss as to who could have done it and what their goal is. Whatever the case the whole attack on Richard and theft of the prototype seems to have bee a carefully laid plan... we are dealing with someone not unlike what you and Richard used to deal with back in the old days... as powerful as the OEI has become I don't think they are capable of handling such an advanced enemy any more..."
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Mantar shifted his weight on the cane as his face showed the signs of a slight smile.

"Nostalgic case indeed. And it appears Richard's luck is the same as ever, each invention of his seems to make him a new enemy." the smile quickly faded, "But it is something for this generation's heroes. Well, one secret calls for another, I myself have a project in the works, not the OEI, any government and not even my own wife knows about it, though she naturally doesn't take much interest in such things anymore. But I digress, once this project is done, group tactics shall never be the same. Keep it to yourself, last thing I need is the OEI at my front door, but in a few years time, you should find your job a lot easier." Mantar ends with a wink then looks back over at Richard.
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A loud snore came from Vincent's direction and he jumped up out of his seat. He looked around the room blearily and set his sights on Mantar.

"Hey who're you?" He asked in a groggy tone "Theodore, this guy allowed to be here?"

Theodore laughed to himself and nodded, Vincent sat back down in the chair and watched Mantar.
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Mantar responds with only a smile to Vincent.

Kim returns to her appartment with several bags of groceries.

"Any new work from Vigil?" she asked as she started unpacking.


"Odd, they've had quite a few jobs posted up til this week. Oh well, I should be able to get by until a new job pops up."
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Daren was surprised by Stranger's easy going reply.  Sure, every story he'd heard about the man referred to the almost casual way he went about combat, but he'd always assumed there was some exaggeration involved.  If anything they had understated, he acted like they were good friends chatting about who would win the big game.  It was unnerving.  He leveled the Tesla blade at Stranger and spoke, "Dark Stranger, I have come to reap vengeance for your countless crimes against humanity, your-"

"It's very nice," Stranger said, the infuriating grin still across his face, "did you rehearse it?  It sounds like you rehearsed it."

Daren, who had spent days coming up with something properly dramatic, moved into an attack stance, "shut up, you're about to die and all you-"

"If you're not going to be pleasant about this, I won't speak with you," Stranger replied, a trace of irritation in his voice.  "Just because we're about to enter mortal combat against each other is no reason to be rude."

Daren snarled and rushed forwards.
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The Sniper blinked in irritation behind his mask, just a strip of black cloth with two eyeholes cut in it, but it served well enough.
He was just standing there! He was supposed to be a super-spy and he was just standing there with his mouth open. That was no fun!
Oh well, he'd just have to make it interesting some other way.
Training his rifle downward, the sniper squeezed the trigger. Maji collapsed in agony as his kneecap was blown away, spattering the carpet with blood. The Sniper smiled and brought his palm hard against a circular device strapped to his chest, about the size of a salad plate. A dial around the edge of it glowed with a soft greenish light and it emmited a piercing soud which suddenly grew higher as the teleport kicked in.
Materialising in the room, the sniper towered above the covering secret agent and drew a vicious looking bowie knife, its edge caught the light in the unusual way that monomolecular blades do.
"Sweet dreams, secret agent man"


The next morning a number of packages were delivered by the morning mail to six of the largest media organisations on Obano. None of them bore a return address, all were neatly wrapped, and each one contained a piece of a Philipino secret agent.
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"What is this?" asked Chief Executive Noel, rhetorically, pointing to the morning edition of The Obano Tribune. The headline "Serial Killer Strikes" was accompanied by a picture of a severed head staring up from a plastic shipping box, surrounded by bloodstained packing peanuts. A note stuck onto the forehead read "More pie please".
Albert Pine, the head of the OEI department for public relations remained blank faced, he knew it would be better in the long run. There was no arguing with that reflective helmet. The head of Prevention, standing next to him, opened her mouth to say something, but then quickly closed it and began examining her shoes with great interest.
The CE picked up a few more newspapers from his desk and threw them at Pine's feet. They all bore the same cover story, more or less. A tv screen set into the wall displayed an ONN report on the same subject, one on the opposite wall displayed the OBC coverage.
"SOMEONE F***** UP BIG TIME!!!" roared Noel, purple in the face behind his visor. "Every two bit rag and idiot box network is covered with stories about how the OEI not only failed to apprehend a dangerous spy ourselves, but also that we failed to stop an even more dangerous MURDERER from doing it for us!"
Noel stopped to catch his breath for a moment. The two underlings in front of him remained silent and rigid... even moving could be a bad career move at this point.
"You know what I'm going to do about it?" asked Noel.
"Uh.. uh... what *are* you going to do about it sir?" stuttered Pine, eventually.
"Well, first of all, both of you clowns are demoted to the lowest paying desk monkey work. Which, oh boy, I'm sure you know is pretty low paid. Then I'm going to merge your two sorry departments and put Leutenant, oh, I'm sorry *Captain* Myrmer in charge of it."
The two opened their mouths to protest, but shut them immediately.
"THEN, since apparently highly trained and expertly equipped OEI agents aren't good enough to catch ONE MAN with a popgun and an expensive pocketknife, I'm going to take your old salaries and offer them up as a bounty on this 'Blackscope Sniper' asshat. Now get out of my sight and get Myrmer in him, I have a promotion for him."
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"There is a new bounty. Large reward... however, it is offered by OEI."


"'The Blackscope Sniper' Wanted for assassinating a Philipino spy and being a threat to society."

"Pfft, threat to society, more like threat to the organization coming from OEI. Well, get me as much information as you can, a bounty's a bounty after all."
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Stranger knocked Daren's first strike aside with ease, the lad was angry and angry people make mistakes.  People were always surprised when he claimed to win many fights on that grin alone, but there you had it.  He launched a quick counter attack, but Daren's blade arrived to block before he should have known where to put it.  Stranger's brow wrinkled, the boy hadn't shown anything like skill in his first attack, but the block had been far enough in advance to seem masterful even though it was clumsy.  After they traded attacks several more times Stranger's grin widened, "so, you've got precognition then?  Impressive, I think that may be a first in the Marstems line."

Daren blinked in surprise, "how did you know?"

Stranger chuckled, he'd gotten the boy into a conversation, always a good sign.  "First off," he replied without skipping a beat in his almost casual strikes and blocks, "you've blocked my every attack in the perfect place to ensure I can neither strike nor disarm you, but you don't seem to have any actual skill.  Dead give away, really."

Daren put more effort into controlling his strikes, dead set against being called unskilled in the midst of a fight.  "As long as we're on abilities, I thought you were a mage?  Why no magic?"

"I have a philosophy about abilities," Stranger replied, "to use it is admirable, to rely on it is foolish.  For instance, you are relying on your ability, while I" he said, dropping low and with a motion extending a staff from the base of his machete in a gout of flame, "am using mine."  He swept the staff at Daren's legs and toppled him before straightening up and moving towards the door.  "Ah, that was fun, lets do it again some time."

"Wait," Daren called as he stumbled to his feet and took up his blade from where it had fallen, "aren't you going to kill me?"

"Boy," Stranger said, pausing in the door but not turning, "I keep my business life and my personal life separate, and I only kill on business.  This was personal.  Tell you what though," he said, reaching into a pocket and dropping a card by the door, "that's a pass to my base, one use only.  Stop by any time."  He walked out and turned up the street.
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Vincent was sitting in the OEI cafeteria getting ready to begin his lunch; while he wasn't exactly on level ground with the organization he had to concede that they made a mean Chicken Cosmo. As he moved in to take the flavorful first bite a jazz melody blared in his ear, there was a moment of decision as he contemplated ignoring the call and eating his sandwich but in the end he decided to pick up.

"Yes darling?" he asked smoothly.

"Can the 'darling' crap, Vincent." said an aggravated female voice "The OEI just put a huge bounty out on some guy called the 'Blackscope Sniper' and you're going to get it."

"I am?" he asked playfully.

"Get off your ass and go to it!" she yelled "I know you're in the belly of the beast right now so you can probably find out more info than anyone else. This will be great for our reputation."

"But we already have a good reputation... and I was just sitting down to a sandwich." Vincent said in a mock serious tone.

"Drop the God damned Chicken Cosmo, grab a gun, and get that behind of yours into the streets." she ordered.

"I'll think about it." Vincent said through a mouth full of Chicken Cosmo.

"Good, I'm sending you the data file now." the woman said in a calmer tone "And how about buying me something nice while you're out there?"

"Yeah if you want something nice then you can fall off that chair of yours and come help..." Vincent said as the woman hung up "... me out... ah damn."

He stood up and walked out of the cafeteria still eating the sandwich, in the hallway amongst the mass of OEI employees Vincent stood out. It wasn't that he looked funny, but he was a big man; not fat by any sense of the word, just large, and generally speaking he took up the amount of space that two average sized people would. Much of it had to do with the fact that he spent untold hours in the gym, in his line of work it helped to look like you could crush someone; the large amount of body armor he wore also added to the effect. The weapons lockup came into view just as Vincent finished the last bit of his sandwich, he walked up to the counter and smile at the attendant.

"How's things?" Vincent asked.

"Decent." the attendant responded "Got a ticket?"

"Yup." Vincent said as a remote scanner checked his datapad for the deposit ticket.

"Ah, you're the guy who brought all this stuff in." the attendant responded "You licensed to carry this stuff?"

"Of course." Vincent answered.

"Don't worry, I'm just messing with you." the attendant said with a smile "I'll admit I'm jealous of some of this stuff."

"Yeah? What caught your eye?" Vincent asked.

"Well I know what all of this stuff is." the attendant replied as a bot carrying a heavy lock box appeared from the back room.

Vincent reached in and removed his equipment; one precision rifle which he slung over his back, one machine pistol which was placed in a holster on his waist, a small revolver which fit snugly into an ankle holster, a sawn-off shotgun which was concealed in a special holster sewn to the inside of his jacket, and of course a few ammo belts.

"This one though..." the attendant said "I've never seen anything like this one..."

He pointed into the only thing remaining in the box, it looked like a standard pistol in the sense that it had a long barrel and a grip. The similarities ended there though, there was no bored out channel for a projectile to travel through and no mechanical firing mechanisms could be seen. Instead there was a trigger, a dial, and at the end was a small glass lens.

"My grandfather made this for me." Vincent said "It's a prototype, don't worry I'm allowed to carry it."

"What's it do?" the attendant asked.

"It fires a beam of concentrated light, a laser gun to be blunt. You know, like in the Star Wars trilogy." Vincent said.

"The first, second, or third trilogy?" he asked "Sorry... I'm a bit of a fan and will go off when prompted."

"I'm the same way, I love those movies." Vincent said "Anyway, I've got to get going. There are bounties to collect."

"Good luck out there, and take care of that thing." the attendant said.

"Will do!" Vincent said, he placed the prototype into a shoulder holster, turned towards the door, and left the building.
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As Vincent stepped out of the building his phone once again rang. It wasn't the same voice as last time.

"Hello Vince" said the voice. "It really wounds me to hear you've taken up the OEI's offer. Although I'm sure nothing I can do will make you reconsider... how is your grandfather, by the way? Vitals stable? It would be a shame if something were to.. ha ha... happen, to him."
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"Crap, late again!", Darryl muttered angrily while hitting his alarm clock, "Why do alarm clocks have a snooze button anyway, they should just keep making noise until you get out of bed!". He jumped out, and quickly showered and dressed. Taking a quick look at the clock, he thought, No time for breakfast. Too bad, now I'll have to take an early, big lunch in the cafeteria. But first I'll have get to the office, and try not to make it too late!
He ran to the office as fast as he could, and punched in only fifteen minutes late. Luckily his boss was usually late too, but Darryl didn't like to bet on that.
He quickly went to work, hoping nobody would notice he was late.
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Vincent continued walking as if nothing was happening.

"I see you read the news. I'm just heading down to JLR Tower now to see him, actually." Vincent lied "Would you like to come along? Just tell me where you are and I'll come find you."

He hung up the phone and slipped it back into his jacket; Vincent loved his job.
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The phone rang again.
"Manners Vincent. You can't make a request of me and then hang up the phone." said the sniper, unphased "and theres no need for me to go with you, I'm already here with him. I wonder what this IV is for?" The sniper chuckled in a calculatedly sinsiter manner.
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"Could you hold on for a second, I've got something important to deal with." Vincent put the caller on hold, his holding music was the Flash Gordon soundtrack.

Vincent dialed another number into the phone and casually leaned up against one of those decorative trees that townships liked to put in the middle of the sidewalk.

"Theodore, hey how're you doing? It's Vincent!" He said cheerfully "I've had something on my mind for a while now and was wondering if you could help..."

While he waited for Theodore to respond Vincent gave an arbitrary thumbs up at the nearby buildings.

"Right, okay I got it." Theodore said "Thanks again, give my regards to Diandra."

"Will do, thanks again man." Vincent said, he closed the line and also dropped the other man's call.

Theodore strolled into Richard's room and looked around, he pulled a chair up to the window and sat down in front of it.
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Richard was lying unharmed in his bed, however, the word LOSER had been written on his forehead in black marker, tucked into the old man's hands was a transcript of his famous trial.
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"Really?" Vincent said, he was talking to Theodore on the phone "On his head? Well wash it off and make sure he doesn't find out, God knows he'd vaporize half the city just to catch the guy who wrote it."

"I'll make sure it's done." Theodore said "How did someone manage to get in here though? I didn't even detect any strange presence."

"Come on Theodore, you've been in there too long and you're losing your touch. Think about it." Vincent said "How does someone get that far into the OEI HQ without getting caught?"

"What? I don't know..." Theodore responded "Maybe they came in through the window or something."

"You need to quit that job and come back out onto the streets with me..." Vincent said "This person was obviously using some kind of psychic suppressor, otherwise he'd probably have been caught years ago. So how does he get inside the building, because a psychic suppressor doesn't make you invisible."

"What? You mean like..." Theodore said "Well unless he bypassed everything, but the vents and whatnot are monitored all of the time and he could never have escaped fast enough."

"Seriously?" Vincent said dryly "You haven't figured it out yet?"

"I guess not..." Theodore trailed off "Wait are you suggesting a teleporter or something? The personal models are still in testing, everything else is the size of a small house."

"It makes perfect sense." Vincent said "I mean really, this place is a fortress. Nobody is going to break in, at least not through the front; and the only people who have the technology to do that are the ones in charge and what do they care about writing stuff on a comatose scientist's head? Check your records and look for any reports of stolen goods... maybe it will turn up some clues."

"What a shame that you aren't working for us." Theodore said.

"Hey I thought we already talked about that." Vincent answered "Besides it's not like we can't ever work together on anything. We have different ways of getting the same answers. You check the OEI's resources and I'll ask around on the street, one of us is bound to find something."
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Sparky walked slowly up a yellow zone fire escape. Today she was going to the auto-repair yard that always threw out half-filled batteries and put in new ones, adding a few hundred credits to the bill for it. It was a jump over some apartment blocks - fun to run across the roof, less fun to climb the bloody things in the first place.

She climbed onto the roof and stopped for a moment, looking across the city to plan her route. She'd jump to a lower building and spring off a streetlamp, landing in an alleyway behind the repair yard. She squinted - one of the windows down there had a television going in it. Well, she was in no rush, she could hang outside and watch for a while.

Literally hanging outside was what she had, unfortunately, expected. She had her legs wrapped around one of the lights in that alleyway and watched the television upside-down. It wasn't really worth it: Upside-down Celebrity Robot Challenge, upside-down informertial on letting the Sanguine Church into your life, upside-down advert for mineral water, upside-down quiz show, upside-down news - apparently there was a reward for catching a mysterious man in black, as if there weren't enough of those - and an upside-down ultratennis match. She had the strange feeling that watching deadly bacteria under a microscope would be more interesting.

Extricating herself, she went and jumped into a skip full of half-spent car batteries. Now that was fun.
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Vincent's phone rang once again.
"I do so very much hope you'll be taking me seriously now I've shown you how easily I could end Grampa's life" said the sniper "I'm sure you're an intelligent man, so I'll be straight with you. I'm planning to ambush you. I was thinking of something in the yellow zone sort of area. Don't hesitate to make some recommendations as to exactly where. You know those roach pits better than I do, after all."
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"You couldn't hurt Richard even if you tried, the man's got a lucky streak that would make a leprechaun jealous." Vincent said "Anyway how about we have a little change in scenery because I don't really feel like seeing you at the moment... my lunch was interrupted and I'm still quite hungry. I'll see you in Taraq at what's left of the old Throne building. In the meantime get yourself a bit to eat."

Vincent hung up and walked over to a vending machine to get a few snacks.
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The Throne building. That would do well enough.
The sniper put his phone away and headed for the yellow zone neighborhood affectionately, and realistically known as "Hell's Latrine". He had been lying when he told Vincent he didn't know the yellow zones, he knew them just fine, and he knew exactly the sorts that hung around in them. Climbing carefully up the side of a building opposite a particularly nasty bar, he settled down to wait.
A quarter of an hour later he saw who he was waiting for, a huge bald man in a fur coat. His appearence and gait just yelled out 'gang leader', and so he was, one that the OEI hadn't quite been able to get rid of due to their incessant use of alpha-metatropin, known on the streets as alpha smack, the superpower drug par excellence. Alpha smackers had been known to be able to throw cars and bite through sheet metal. Well, that wasn't going to help him much and nor were the two so called bodyguards flanking him.
The sniper squeezed off two perfectly excecuted shots, and the guards were dead, Williams threw himself flat up against the wall. The Sniper picked up his phone again and dialled the gang leader's number. Time for some Blackmail.
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Daren straightened up and walked to the door, picking up the card on the way and examining it in the doorway.  It was similar to the Alley passes, same shape and size, but instead of the bright red "A" he was used to there was the TransCorp "TC" logo.  He glanced towards the islands center, silently acknowledging the glittering tower at its highest point.  Stranger didn't even try to hide his base here, he made it stand out like a beacon.  The trouble was, as Daren had discovered, any time you tried to get to it without a pass you tended to find yourself walking back into town after half an hour of forest.

He pocketed the card and moved towards the Alley which came out nearest his apartment.  He had an invitation, but it was clearly a trap.  He would have to prepare himself before he dove headlong into things.  He stepped into the Alley and waved the card through the air in front of him.  There was the still unnerving sensation of glimpsing something that three dimensional space had never planned on, and then he was walking out of an alley in the yellow zone.

Fifteen minutes later he was home and learning of a bounty on one "Black Scope Sniper."  It was a large bounty and, on reflection, the money he'd taken from the family account couldn't last forever.
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Rumours spread fast, and no faster than when there's money involved.

A murderous criminal, wanted. A sizeable reward. Nothing unusual there.

The Blackscope Sniper. The name intrigued him. A sniper had taken out several people at the Vigil HQ. Nobody knew who he was or how he managed to get to his vantage point undetected. Whoever the bastard was, he was good. This Blackscope guy could be him, and he could help take him down. If it wasn't him, then he'd still have removed a dangerous criminal from the streets, and the bounty was appealing...

That was how he'd ended up back here, at the OEI Headquarters, trying to get as much information on the Sniper as possible. A fruitless effort, mind, the staff didn't seem to want to reveal much information.

After being told for the third time that there was no more information available for him, he gave up. He would have to uncover what he needed a different way.

Leaving the OEI building, Michael noticed a familiar face and smiled. He walked over to the vending machine and stood behind the man.
"It's been a while, Vincent."
He quickly shot his hand through Vincent's torso, pulling the snacks out from inside the vending machine.
Withdrawing his arm, Michael took a step backwards and chuckled.
"Looking for these?"
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"Michael Kyler..." Vincent said, turning around slowly "You do know that the minimum sentence for petty theft is ninety days in an OEI correctional facility... why are you here?"
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Michael simply smiled and shrugged.
"Ninety days? I did not know that. I actually assumed it was longer, but..."
Michael inhaled deeply, held out the snacks to Vincent, and frowned.
"I would assume I'm here for the same reason you are." Michael said, his voice taking on a more serious tone. "The Sniper."
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"He's ready for you now, Mr. Doe."

Eurgh. John rubbed his face as he sat up, bleary eyed, and swung his legs off the row of chairs. The reception area of the offices was otherwise empty save for some discarded food packaging and a carelessly forgotten pair of gloves. The receptionist, casually leaning back in his chair, waved him towards a door at the end of the room.

"Office on the end."

"Took your bloody time," muttered John to himself as he opened the door, before trudging down the corridor. The door of the office on the end was open, revealing a sunny windowed room with more filing cabinets than actual free space. Sitting at the centre in a paper-covered desk like a spider brooding over its web sat an oldish-looking bald man, hunched over and peering at the display in front of him.

The sound of John's entry caused him to look up and greet him. "Good morning, Mr., aha, Doe. I trust you are well?"

"I am indeed," John sulked and took a seat unbidden.

"And how can we help you?"

"Well, this is Citizen Inquiry Services, is it not?"

"That it is, yes. I presume you require some information."

"Yes. I'd like you to tell me who I am."

The man frowned, and pushed his antique glasses up his nose. There was an awkward silence.

"I'm sorry, what?"

"I'd like you to tell me who I am."

"Are you being funny?" he exhaled sharply and started rearranging the papers on his desk nervously. "Because I don't have time for funny."

John merely stared at him. Disconcerted, the man continued. "You realise that you can access all of your personal information from any terminal? You are after all authorised to view your own files-"

"No," John interrupted. "I know that. But I doubt you've even skimmed my file, that is the parts of it you'd be allowed to access." He took the display from the startled bureaucrat and spun it around, before calling up his records. "These are them."

"Aha, yes - what's the problem?"

"The problem is that there's barely anything here."

"I assumed that was because it was classified; you do work for the OEI, don't you Mr. Doe. I have a very low clearance rating, I must tell you."

"It's not classified, it simply doesn't exist. I have no records dating back over six months ago. Someone erased them, and no-one can tell me who I am or what happened. Either that or no-one will tell me. They barely let me out a few days ago."

"Erased the records? But that's not..." he trailed off, coming to a realisation. "John Doe, oh yes, I get it now. This is... bizarre."

"I want you to find out who I am."

"With my clearance? You're probably higher than I am. In fact, you are - look at this." He pointed to a set of dashed numbers indicating John's various security clearances. "Look, I don't know why you're here for help. If you don't know, then I certainly don't know."

John frowned. This was not going how he had imagined it. He had assumed that the OEI was a sprawling omniscient overseer, with a way to access any information.

"Look, if it's as you say, then I can't help you. The records have been erased, and there's nothing I can do about it. However, I can put you in touch with a man who might know something." John perked up at this news. "I'll refer you on to the Head of the Records Department, here's his card. If anyone knows anything, he'll know."

John took the card sullenly, and stood.

"My apologies, I have another appointment. I'm sorry I can't do more for you."

"So am I."
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"Very good." Vincent said "The sniper is luring me into a trap as we speak. Wanna come along?"
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Daren's phone rang.
"Hello Daren" said the Sniper... wow, this hello <insert name here> schtick had got boring faster than he had expected. "Trying to make the family proud eh? Think you can relive old gramps' glory days by bringing me to justice? I have an ambush prepared for you and a couple of other old money, ha, *heroes*" the Sniper spat the word distastefully. "I'll be waiting at the old Throne building in Taraq. I'm sure you remember it from old Gregory's stories."
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"Luring you into a trap?" Michael replied "That sounds like fun. I'm in."
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"Good." Vincent said "Follow me and make sure you brought a weapon."

They took a cab across the Green Zone and got off at a Teleport Station. Inside they secured a trip to Taraq and quickly went about their business.

The Throne Building, a place full of bad memories; it seemed that history liked to move in circles often revisiting the same places and bringing together the same people. The man in white robes walked through the tower's many halls in hopes of finding something. Life would soon return to the Tower, he was not sure how or why but he knew that it had to be prevented.

"What have we got here?" a voice echoed down the corridor "You a church goer? One of those crazy cult folks?"

The man in white was somewhat surprised, he had not noticed the man's presence until he had entered the corridor; normally he'd have known about this spelunker far in advance. People had started using chemical enhancements roughly forty years prior to the current time, in some cases the dosages were so extreme that permanent mutation would result. These mutations gave people amazing abilities but their minds suffered irrevocable damage and most became ornery brutes.

"Why aren't you answering, choir boy?" the voice mocked "You got anything good on you?"

Without a word the man in white continued to walk forward, a shadowy figure slipped out from around the corner and approached.

"Maybe I'll just have to take a look." the voice said as the figure came near.

In a sweeping motion the man in white held out his hand and directed the figure to stop. With a laugh the figure continued to approach and halted a hair's length away from the man in white. A sound, barely audible, echoed around the corridor and in the blink of an eye the man in white was standing on the other side of the shadowy figure with his back to it. He continued about his business and disappeared down the dark corridor; the shadowy figure stood transfixed, a high pitched groan flooding out of it's throat. In the darkness all that could be seen was the shadow figure's silhouette falling apart into hundreds of tiny bits, sliced apart by the robed man's lighting fast attack.
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Daren puzzled a moment over the strange call.  "Most ambushes," he said slowly, "rely on the victim being unaware of said ambush.  Whatever your game is, I'll end it."  He hung up the phone and swung his sword over his shoulder again before heading out the door, a slightly confused expression on his face.  He really hadn't expected this to take so little sleuthing.
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The Sniper laughed to himself. Yasipolitz next.

"Hello Kimberly..."
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The phone started to ring.

"...Why do I never unplug that thing... you know what to do, Hub."

"Thank you for calling movie phone, make your selection: 1: CSI: Obano: The Movie..." the robot started after connecting itself to the phone.
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On the whole, Taraq had fared far worse than any of the other cities on Obano. Even before Incident 42 the city had been ravaged by disaster, nearly all of it attributed to the malicious activities of Meta-Humans and Mages. After Incident 42 the OEI declared that magic had been wiped out, magical attacks dropped off almost entirely but the Meta-Humans quickly filled the void. With the proliferation of chemical agents like Alpha-Metatropin and Meta-Booster 'Meta Crimes', as they became known, skyrocketed. Taraq was a magnet for these crimes and life anywhere in the city became hazardous; The OEI and Vigil tried, they put forth a genuine effort to curb the spike in violence but it was too much for any one organization to handle and with the two sides unwilling to join forces Taraq's problems continued to get worse.

A Red Zone, as classified by the OEI Zoning Department, is a place that is unable to support any kind of life naturally. The land is devoid of resources, due in large part to the siphoning off of funds from Obano's maintenance facilities. Crime rates are also factored into the equation and each zone is also given a 'class' rating. Taraq has been labeled as a Class I Red Zone, seventy two percent of it to be exact. The minuscule Taraq Green Zones begin and end at the OEI compound gates and the large Yellow Zones are barely policed by Vigil forces.

Travel in the Taraq Red Zones is risky business, tolls are set up all over and everyone is armed to the teeth. Gangs rule the streets and their leaders are not much different than warlords. At any given time there are at least a few massive bouts of gang warfare that can take up dozens of city blocks. If you don't look tough your chances of survival drop significantly, if you are not armed your chances of survival drop to almost nothing. It has been said that an OEI containment cell is paradise compared to the Taraq Red Zone; there have been no recorded accounts of anyone disputing this statement.

Vincent and Michael stepped out of the OEI-run Teleport Station and into the chaos that was the Taraq Red Zone. The OEI compound gates slammed shut quickly and the pair looked around. Without hesitation Vincent removed his machine pistol and was on guard, there was no mercy in the Taraq Red Zone.
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What ever the sign used to say, Rex was pretty sure it was the name of the area. Now, several decades of dust and mud and other things had obscured the sign so much in that it no longer gave any significant information.

His useless, bottom-of-the-range PDA didn't give him any help. It simply said "Welcome to a Yellow Zone, curtosy of the OEI" in a voice that made clear the message was not ment for the voice technology. Bloody shop keeper. Rex had bought it because the shop keeper said it was an antique, from "before that wacking great island, what ever it's called." Rex bought it cheap, and easily found parts to hook up to the new satallites.

There were people about, but they looked as though they were more focused on what they were doing, rather than answering any questions. After about 10 tries of asking where on Earth he was, he promptly gave up and decided to find out the answer to it himself.
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Darryl had been working for a while, and figured he deserved a little break. He looked around on the OEI intranet, and ended up on the bounty list. This should be interesting, Darryl thought, and started reading.
The Blackscope Sniper. Wanted for attack on OEI Agents. Possible connections to numerous murders around the city. Extremely dangerous, extreme caution advised.
List of suspected crimes: murder of...

"DARRYL!!", shouted Darryl's boss suddenly, startling Darryl and interrupting his reading.

"Oh hello boss, I didn't hear you come in", Darryl replied with a fake smile when he regained his composure, which didn't take him long.

"Cut the surprised-act!", his boss said angrily, "And wipe that grin of your face! You were late again! Even after I warned you last time! This is the last straw, consider yourself demoted!"

"But I..", Darryl tried to defend himself, but was immediately interrupted.

"Shut up, the only thing you can do by saying anything now is make things worse, be glad you still have a job here at all!", his boss snarled. He handed over a small datapad, and added "Here's your first assignment in your new rank, you are to go to Taraq to investigate rumours of a gang trying to infiltrate the OEI Teleport Station there. Dismissed!" And with that, he returned to his office, slamming his door.
Darryl knew OEI Agents were only sent to Taraq if the higher-ups wanted to keep them away from the HQ, so he was rather surprised he got this assignment. Oh well, it's better than sitting behind this desk all day, he decided, and got up to get ready for his little trip.

His first stop was the armoury. Darryl always liked this part of any assignment best: picking out all the equipment, and wearing it while it was still shiny. During most missions the armour quickly got dirty and lost most of its impressive look, but in the armoury it still sparkled impressively. Darryl decided he'd best go with sturdy armour that could easily be worn under normal clothes, so he'd be less conspicuous, and since it was light armour he could move easily too, which could be vital to his survival as he had been frequently saved by his quick reflexes. Because this was an official mission and because Taraq was a Red Zone, he had higher clearance than the last time, so he could get more advanced stuff. The specific armour he chose had a foldable kevlar helmet, it would cover most of the head in case of an emergency or attack, but it would otherwise be nicely retracted in the suit.
His weapon choice was next. First he chose a relatively small but still powerful carbine that fitted nicely in a slot in the back of his suit. With the civilian clothes on over the armour, this had the added effect of making Darryl look more burly than he really was. While the carbine was a hidden weapon for emergencies, he needed a simpler weapon in plain sight, otherwise he wouldn't last very long in Taraq's Red Zone. He chose a machine pistol that used the same ammo as the carbine, and several magazines, some in plain sight and some hidden.

When he was fully outfitted, he went to the teleporter room, and after showing the datapad with the mission details he exited Taraq's teleporter room a few moments later. He figured the best way to go about his mission was to first go to a bar, since bars always seemed the best place to get some information.
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The Sniper was temporarilly at a loss for words. But the number was right. The crafty bitch was trying to trick him.

"What a silly trick Kim. The old Throne building in Taraq. Be there. You might meet some new friends." the sniper chuckled and hung up. Only one more for now...

"Buenos dias Andrew"
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"Indeed it sounds like a threat..." Kim said as the robot played back the recorded message, "But the Throne building... get in contact with my parents, we can't be missing the mark in a red zone."

Collecting up her equipment, Kim checks herself then heads out of the apartment.
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A bent over, feeble old man shuffled out of the main entrance to the Obano International Airport.  A bored looking attendant followed behind, dragging an oversized suitcase.  The old man blinked a few times in the sunlight.

"Ah, Obano!  It's been far too long since I've been here.  I need to check in on some old friends," he said to the teenager behind him.  "Though at my age, I suppose they would all be old friends, eh? Eh?"  He laughed to himself.  The teenager's face didn't move.

"...Yeah.  You got someone coming to pick you up, or you need me to get a cab for you?"

"No, no, I'll be fine from here, you can leave my bag.  What else was there... oh, yes!  They probably don't want you accepting tips," the old man said as he searched through his pockets.  He pulled out a bill and snapped it a few times.  "But I won't tell if you won't tell."  He handed the bill over with a smile and a wink.

The teenager took the bill with a quizzical look, rolled his eyes, and stuffed it in his pocket.  Was this geezer really old enough to still carry around paper money?  He forced a smile and a "Thank you, sir," and went back inside.

The old man looked around for a cab, when his phone suddenly rang.  "Eh? Who would that be?" he said out loud.  After looking around for anyone, he skipped the act of searching through his pockets and answered immediately.

"Buenos dias Andrew"

"Eh? Who is this?  How'd you get this number?"
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After a half hour of searching, he still couldn't find any information. Then he remebered the PDA said something about the OEI. So he started searching for anything sayin 'OEI'.

He quickly found a diplapidated building with a worn 'OEI' sign. He quickly considered whether or not to go in, but the grey clouds forming overhead made his mind up for him. He stepped through the automatic doors.

A bored-looking clerk was sitting at a desk. The rest of the room could be any waiting room in the world. A computerised billboard with notes opened as windows covered one wall. There were all sorts of notes, from contient-wide bounties to simple 'lost cat' notes.

Rex went over to the clerk at the desk. "Excuse, can you tell me where I am?" The clerk probably thought this a silly question, as he considered Rex for three seconds, then went back to his computer. This annoyed Rex, but not as much was going on inside the computer.

Rex had to wait an hour before the clerk got up to do some buisness in another room. He jumped up, knowing he didn't have much time. In about a minute, Rex had the main components of the computer laid out on the floor. It took another minute to locate the problem. Another minute to fix it with the meagure tools he hd in his backpack. Rex knew it would take another minute to reassmble the computer. After 39 seconds, the clerk came back in, to find a half made CPU in front of Rex.

"What the hell did you do to my computer?" Said the clerk, in a rather annoyed manner.

"The fan was running too slowly, and there was a a solder overlap on several of the circuit boards. If you ask me, either it was a shoddy machine that made it, or it was human error. But it's fixed now." Rex was being hopeful that that explanation covered it.

Luckily, the clerk knew it did. The computer was made cheaply in Taiwan in the 2060s. The clerk's pay masters hadn't bothered to upgrade or fix it at all in the past ten or so years, so the clerk had to deal with random crashings and BSODs. But when the computer started up now, it worked perfectly.

The clerk studied Rex for several moments. "What's your name, sir?" he asked.

"Mayfair. Rex Mayfair"

"Do have a seat Mr. Mayfair" He quickly went into the back room and died a number. "Sir," he said into the phone, "we have another one for you."
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"Try checking a newspaper. I would be the one all over the headlines." said the Sniper "and I've heard all about YOU Andrew. I'm throwing a little get together for some very... unique people. I'd be terribly upset if you didn't come. The old Throne building in Taraq. Tonight."
The sniper put down the phone and began to carefully prepare for the coming slaughter.
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Vice had just finished unpacking a crate of briefcases. He knew every one was full to the brim with new gear for one person. As he stacked them on shelves he read the names.




Vice grinned. A peak couldn't hurt, could it?

5 minutes later he was fitting on his new armour and admiring his new gun. It was black and red, the visor was rounded and stretched from his forehead to his chin. It held an incredibly advanced computer with GPS, internet, and various forms of sight including x-ray. There was nowhere on his body that wasn't bulletproof.

One of his superiors burst through the door.

"Hey! What are you doing wearing that? That has to be tested first."

Vice was about to speak, but he interrupted again.

"Nevermind that now, you'll need it. There's a bounty for a guy called he Blackscope Sniper, and we need to pay for this new armour. We've set up a teleport from New Crescent Street. Oh, and disguise your voice. This guy's great at tracking"

Vice grinned, a perfect time to test his gun.

"Get to the Throne Building by at least seven."

"I'll get there by six." Vice's voice surprised him. The suit must have picked up the command when his boss said it because it sounded metallic, like an old style robot.

Vice shrugged his holster and decided to walk to the transport station.
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"That's lovely, but you didn't answer my question.  How'd you get this-" Click.

"Humph."  With a flick of his wrist, the old man switched his phone to internet display mode and brought up an Obano news site.  He scanned through the headlines.  "Hmm... Sniper at large... a massive reward for capture... that must be him.  Ok kid, I'll play along."

The old man sighed.  It seemed his cover had already been blown, but he wasn't planning on keeping up this shriveled old man bit for much longer anyways.  With a loud pop, he straightened out his back and placed a hand on his suitcase.  The oversized case shrank down to a duffel bag, and the old man morphed into a tall, muscular man with short gray hair.  He pulled a pair of sunglasses from a pocket and hailed a cab.

He tossed the bag into the seat next to him and climbed into the cab.  "Where to?" grunted the driver.


"You sure? Taraq-"

"Yeah, I know." He cut in.  "Taraq is dangerous.  No place for tourists.  No place for someone unarmed, for that matter.  Don't worry about me, kid.  Just get me there."

The driver grunted again.  He pushed a button on the dash and the shiny exterior of the cab was replaced by dingy armor plating.  "Taraq it is."  The cab hovered a few feet off the ground and took off into the sky.

The man moved his right arm out of sight of the driver and dug his fingers into his wrist, pulling out a small chip.  He then reached into his bag and pulled out a small, seamless metal case.  It opened with a click, to reveal a row of identical chips.  He placed the chip from his arm in the blank space.  With another click, a second row of chips was revealed, a colored dot placed next to each one.  He took the chip next to the black dot and shoved it into his wrist.
No more hiding, he thought.  Andrew Morris is back on the grid.
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The Sniper pulled his mask over his blonde hair as he strode through Taraq, although he was limping slightly, the OEI checkpoints far behind him. He didn't get much trouble from the resident outlaws, they had long ago learned to respect a certain gait and a certain way in which a person could present themselves. Even with one foot dragging occasionally the Sniper radiated a distinct predatory aura.
A few of the more crazed or suicidally stupid denizens of the red zone city did try to attack the man, for his shiny boots, his warm coat, or the rifle slung across his back, but they found themselves quickly short of their limbs and soon afterward, their lives, as the Sniper demonstrated his proficiency with a blade as well as with a gun.

The Throne building loomed ahead in the early evening sunshine. Time had not been kind to its facade.
Perhaps part of the reason was that at its height, the Throne building was the tallest structure on Obano, not just because of groundbreaking engineering, but also powerful reality bending magics. The events of six decades ago had seen the magic severed at its source. A record number of workplace accidents in the five year period after the conclusion of the troubling magical conflict saw the Throne building condemned, but somehow no-one really got around to demolishing it. So it just slowly fell apart.
The corroded metal framework showed through beneath the now tarnished glass panelling that still  remained. Almost the entire top ten stories had had their glass completely broken away over the years, showing, in some places, faded remnants of what used to be the offices of wealthy men, but in other places simply gaping holes where the floor, or ceiling had caved in.
Such a building would, in any other Red Zone, or similar area, have quickly become the home of all manner of rough sleepers, crackheads and thieves looking for somewhere to stash their ill-gotten gains, but the Throne tower remained definatly empty. Maybe it was something to do with the old Watchman security androids inside which occasionally reactivated, went bezerk and shocked people with antique tazers until they passed out from the pain or went into cardiac arrest, maybe it was the fact that the building was occasionally surrounded by an eldritch corona of flickering lights at night, but mostly it was because if you looked at the tower out of the corner of your eye, for a fleeting moment it looked... well, it looked a lot taller... much, much too tall.
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"Get your ass moving!" Vincent called to Michael who seemed to be lagging behind "I swear I don't remember you being this slo-"

A bullet flew past his head and embedded itself into a nearby wall, Vincent whirled around and pulled the trigger on his pistol. The weapon was set to burst fire and three rounds roared out of the chamber and flew into a dark window a few floors off of the ground. There was a quick gasp and a man tumbled over the window sill and to the ground, his weapon bounced off of an old vehicle and landed at Vincent's feet. He picked it up and with a quick motion of his fingers disassembled it.

"Don't need any of the kids around here stumbling upon this." he said, pocketing the weapon's ammunition "Come on, Throne is just around the corner."

The pair made their way to the end of the block and climbed through the ruins of an old corner deli. A large lane replaced the significantly smaller city streets and ran to the foot of the Throne Building, there were a few scattered cars in the road but aside from that it was a straight shot to the front doors of Throne.

"Damn... I forgot about this..." Vincent said "Come on, hopefully the sniper hasn't made it here yet. Whatever the case, we're going to book it to the front doors... I don't need that candy ass blowing my head off before I get the chance to turn his torso inside out."

Without looking back Vincent rushed into the wide open lane and began making his way toward the Throne HQ.
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Vice grimaced as he felt his atomic structure disentigrate and then reform on the other side of the continent.

//All limbs, organs and possessions present?//

That question always unsettled Vice, maybe it was the casual tone it was asked, or maybe that was just it, that it had to be asked at all.


The attendant chuckled and as a gunshot rang out some blocks away.

"Good luck..." He murmured and returned to his station.

Vice's hand went to his weapon as he left the building. The sun was beating down in the west of the sky, sunset would be in about an hour.  Luckily for him, the street seemed pretty empty. Everyone was indoors, sheltering in their houses or stealing someone elses.

Vice's vsor went back over his face. A transparent map directed him towards the Throne Building.

"Hey, you! That's a nice gun you have!"

Vice sighed. Here we go...
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The cab Daren had taken pulled up two blocks away from where the Taraq red zone officially began and, after a brief argument, Daren paid the exorbitant fee for bring him that close.  As he approached on foot he couldn't help but feel nervous.  His grandfather had never actually been into the throne building, but during later visits to the Custodian base he'd heard rumors about the strange way it was built.  It hadn't been a surprise when it was condemned, and something of a relief that it had never been demolished, things with larger insides had a tendency to explode when their dimensional integrity was disturbed.

As he crossed the border into the official red zone he reached back and eased his Tesla blade in its sheath.  In the direction of the Throne building he heard a gun shot and started running.  He'd hate to miss stopping another criminal.
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"Yeah, I see it... well, at least what's left of it. Thanks mom." Kim said as she made her way through the bad end of a Taraq yellow zone.

"You're welcome, sweetie. Please call when you're back in the green zone." came Sarah's voice from the small robot.

"Alright mom." Kim responded and pressed a button on her robot.

Crossing over into the red zone, Kim noted the streets appeared unusually empty. Taking a deep breath, she made her way towards the ominous shadow of the Throne building.
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Andrew's cab touched down near the edge of a Yellow zone, as far as the driver would take him.  The cab didn't really even touch down, but stayed hovering a foot off the ground.  The driver had mumbled something about bad experience in the past in Taraq.  Andrew jumped down from the cab and slung his duffel bag over his back, as the cab quickly took off again.  He had quite a walk to the Throne Building, but it would be impossible to get lost.  Even in it's crumbling state, the building dominated the Taraq skyline.

Andrew made his way into the Red zone with little trouble and saw few signs of life.  It was too late in the day for people to be out on legit business, and too early for the other, more common kind of business in a red zone. 

But as Andrew walked past a particularly dark alley, he suddenly felt a knife at his neck.  "Drop the bag, old man!"  yelled a teenager in a desperate attempt to sound intimidating. 

"And what happens if I don't?" Andrew calmly responded.  There was a sound of metal against stone, and the would be mugger was left staring at his knife, and at Andrew's throat.  An open-handed strike to the chest sent the teen stumbling back into the alley.

"That was Strike One, kid.  Look, I know it's tough out here, and I don't want to make it worse for you.  Put up the knife and go home.  And don't think about following me." Without a second look, Andrew continued towards the Throne.

But the mugger didn't take his advice.  After taking a few seconds to regain his composure,  He snuck after Andrew and with a lunge stabbed the knife deep into his right shoulder.  Andrew didn't flinch, but let out a sigh.

"That was Strike Two."  He reached back and grabbed the mugger's hand, forcing him to let go of the knife.  He tightened his grip until he felt a slight crunch, then pushed the knife further into his shoulder until it dissapeared.  "I hope you weren't too fond of that knife, it's mine now."  Andrew turned to face his attacker.  Last warning, kid.  Go home."

Confused, scared, and angry, the mugger pulled out a second knife and with a yell and stabbed Andrew in the stomach.  Andrew grabbed the teenager by the wrists with a vice-like grip and lifted him in the air, so that only his toes touched the ground.  "And that, was Strike Three."  Andrew said as he stared down his attacker.  Andrew clasped the teen's hands together, pulled the knife from his gut, and shoved the knife through both of the teen's hands.  The mugger would have let out a scream if Andrew hadn't covered his mouth.  As he writhed in the air, the first knife reappeared in Andrews hand.  He shoved the blade through the mugger's hands from the opposite side.  Andrew removed the covering from the teen's mouth and grabbed him by the neck, forcing him to look into his eyes. 

"Are you going to follow me?"

The mugger sputtered and whimpered, his eyes full of rage.


"No!!" the mugger gasped.  Andrew twisted at the hip and tossed the teen back towards the alley, then continued towards the Throne Building.
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Vincent was about a quarter of the way down the lane when he stopped behind an overturned bus. Years of exposure to the elements and inhabitants had rendered the bus a rusty corpse riddled with bullet wounds; there appeared to be a makeshift shelter in one of the rear sections but traces of a massive blast indicated that its owner was no longer in the vicinity. Taking a moment to look around Vincent noticed that he could no longer see Michael, he cursed under his breath and returned his attention to the path ahead. The overturned bus seemed to be the last safe haven and it was a straight shot all the way to Throne, he took a deep breath and burst out from behind the bus.
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Kim made her way through the red zone.

This is far too quiet... make friends he taunts...

As she got closer to the building, she saw a figure dart from the shadows and towards the Throne Building. Ducking into an alley, she peeks around the corner and watches the figure disappear into the ominous shadow. Exiting out at the far side of the collection of buildings that made up the walls of the alley, she exits and continues cautiously towards the Throne building.
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Without stopping Vincent dashed up the stairs and to the doors of the Throne building. They had long since tarnished and were an ugly brownish green color, he yanked hard and the door popped open. The lobby beyond the door was a mess, the floor was littered with papers and most of the exquisite marble that lined the room had been pried off and carried away. An ominous feeling lingered about the air inside the Throne building, Vincent would have been happy to turn around and leave if he didn't have a prior engagement. Vincent checked his watch, there was still some time left; as he looked around he noticed that Michael was still nowhere to be seen.

"Damnit... where the hell is he." Vincent muttered "He was supposed to stick close."
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"What are we here for again?" asked a thug, looking around uneasily. He and the rest of the gang had decided not to argue when the boss had given them their instructions, but now they were here they wanted answers. "and why do we have to wear these stupid masks?"
There were perhaps three dozen alpha-smack charged and paranoid gang members all standing in a relatively open lobby area on the first floor, all of them were wearing simple black masks in the manner of the Sniper.
"Look" said the one in charge "all he said was wear the masks and bring this package to the first floor of the Throne building and stand around waiting for someone to collect it." He indicated the briefcase handcuffed to his hand. Now shut up and hold still, I think I hear someone.

The Sniper waited and finetuned the coordinates of his teleporter, sure, the margin for error was pretty wide, but he wanted to be pretty close to the fray when all hell broke loose.
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Daren crept around a corner and peered across the street at the Throne building.  On the way there he'd been forced into three fights, all of which had ended with the mugger/madman/gang member twitching on the ground after taking the Tesla blade's stun setting to the chest.  He saw someone run up to the building's entrance and wrench open the door and, deciding that the person seemed to carry enough guns to be the sniper, ran after him.  He rushed through the door, which seemed to have stuck itself open on rusty hinges, and unsheathed his Tesla blade just in time to hear "He was supposed to stick close."  That and the lack of a mask seemed to point to it not being the sniper, but better safe than sorry.  He leveled the sword at the man's neck and said slowly, "Probably not the Black Scope Sniper, but he had an appointment here and it can't hurt to ask."
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Vincent half-turned and looked at the newcomer, he was carrying a blade which made Vincent laugh to himself.

"You're here to see the sniper?" Vincent said "This was supposed to be my party, I invited him here... either our sniper is amazingly arrogant or he's just good at what he does. I'd bank on both if he's been inviting others..."

He turned all the way around and looked at the man before him; Vincent reached out to shake the man's hand and to also slip him a business card, since very few people used business cards any more he felt that it made him more memorable.

"Nice to meet you, the name's Vincent Likely."
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Kim finally made her way up to what could have been once called the back of the building. Trying to open a door, she found it rusted shut and unable to move. Looking at the door again, she notices a sign:

Do Not Block: Fire Exit

"How ironic..." she sighs to herself.

Making her way around to the front, she spots an opened door and looks in. Seeing two people in the middle of a discussion, she sneaks in, and keeps to the shadows and attempts to eavesdrop.
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Daren shook Vincent's hand and took the card before he registered his last name.  "Likely?  I'm Daren Marstems, seems like this kind of thing," he gestured in a way that indicated rogue snipers and red zones were to be expected, "runs in families.  And.."  He thought for a moment, "when the sniper contacted you, did he mention your family?  He seemed like he had a grudge with my grandfather when he called me."
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"Indeed he did... the little twerp managed to break through all of the OEI's security measures and was standing in my grandfather's room." Vincent said "He's very tricky it seems, had it not been for the phone calls I'd have assumed this was the work of the OEI but it seems that he has a grudge against them as well. Probably a lone wolf if I had to wager..."
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Daren worried briefly about whether the Sniper may have gotten to his grandfather.  Then he remembered that misbehavior at granddad's had led to having your arm paralyzed for half an hour and that Greg had continued to take house calls deep into red zones right up until retirement.  He'd be fine, Daren had to worry about himself for now.  "If he called us both he may have called others, the only question is whether we wait for them or go in after him now on our own."
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"For the time being I think we should wait here, at least until the meeting time rolls around. We've got another ten minutes or so." Vincent said "Is the area secure?"

Vincent looked around and walked over to one of the doors, he shook it violently but it remained closed.

"Seems like we're good over here." he said "Might as well make sure nobody can get the slip on us."
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"I suppose there's no need to keep myself hidden any further." Kim said as she stepped out of the shadows, "I heard the name Likely, as in one of you are related to the Richard Likely?"
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Vincent reached for a gun but stopped suddenly, he turned and looked at the eavesdropper.

"That would me, I'm Vincent Likely, Richard Likely's grandson. Who might you be and are you a friend of the family or not?" Vincent asked somewhat defensively, having been subjected to a great amount of prejudice during his life for being a Likely.
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"So the stories are true... yes, I suppose a family friend would be the most appropriate. I am Kimberly Yasipolitz, and my father has told me stories about he and your grandfather were good friends. If there's such thing as fate, this must be it, our families seem almost connected." she finished with a little laugh.
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"Hm..." Vincent sighed and almost laughed out loud "So you mean to tell me that I'm standing in a room with a Marstems and a Yasipolitz? This sniper is beginning to aggravate me, the three of us being on his list can't be a coincidence and I'd ballpark that the next person to walk through this door has some relation to all of us as well."

Vincent slipped his gun out of it's holster and held it at his side, the situation was more than suspicious and he wanted to be ready.
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"That other man is a Marstems? That's another name that popped up in Dad's stories." Kim pauses to shift her pouch and look over at Daren, "Our little crank caller is an odd man for purposefully having us all come here."
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"You would be quite right, Vincent," Andrew said with a chuckle as he appeared from around a corner.  "And this sniper probably has some devious trap waiting for us, but we'll sort that out shortly."

"Vincent Likely, it's been too long since we've worked together.  And it's a pleasure to meet Mr. Marstems and Miss Yasipolitz as well.  Andrew Morris, at your service."

Man, these kids are making me feel old, he thought.
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"Andrew Morris!" Vincent exclaimed, rushing over to shake hands "How the hell did the sniper manage to dig you up?"

Vincent frowned and looked between the different members of the group. He was feeling very uneasy and looking down at his pistol he felt vulnerable.

"No... no this is no good." Vincent said as he looked over his shoulder "How do you suppose this is going to go down?"
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"Morris?! Damnit, this is insane. I can't believe even the clay kid who up and left the OEI forty years ago is here." Kim said as she looks Andrew over, "You don't look all that old after forty years, though. I guess clay powers have other advantages as well."
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"I know somebody's planning to attack the OEI teleport facility, and I'm sure you can tell me who is going to do that!", Darryl said to the barkeeper, while hitting the bar with his fist to emphasize he was serious and conspicuously playing with his pistol with his other hand to signal the barkeeper he shouldn't try anything other than answering. Darryl chose a rather empty bar to do this in, so the bar's customers couldn't gang up on him, but so there would be some witnesses, to tell the right persons he was asking questions.

"I have no idea what you're talking about", the barkeeper answered rather grumpily. Darryl of course expected such an answer, as people rarely share their secret plan at the slightest inquiry. But people with secret plans didn't like other people asking about them, and especially in Red Zones people who ask such questions tend to disappear fast. Darryl counted on that, this way the plotters would come to him, and all he had to do was let them know where he was, and be prepared.

"I'll be back tomorrow, you'd better have a better reply than that by then!", Darryl replied, and walked out of the bar. This was the second bar Darryl visited, and he decided that was enough for today. If nobody has tried to silence me by this time tomorrow, I'll have to visit some other bars, deeper into Taraq's center, Darryl planned, while walking idly but alert around Taraq.

Suddenly he felt a gun barrel being pushed against his lower back, accompanied by the words "I hope for your sake you've got some money on you." That took longer than expected, I thought I would've been mugged a lot sooner, Darryl thought, slightly amused. He promptly ducked sideways, and before his assailant knew what happened Darryl had kicked the gun from his hand, picked it up, and held it against his attacker's chest, pointing it right at his heart. "I suggest you run", Darryl said threateningly. The thug, surprised by the speed this had turned around but not entirely taken aback, took a swing at Darryl, but he easily avoided the punch, grabbed the still moving hand and pulling it forward and downward slammed it against the asphalt, resulting in the goon lying bewildered on the street, with, presumably, a broken hand. "Don't make me shoot you with your own gun, that would be too embarrassing", Darryl said in a tone both angry and mocking, while taking aim at him again. "Embarrassing for you that is, because I could see the irony of it", he added with a slight smile. The thug tried to reach for something in his pocket, but Darryl fired the gun, hitting the ground just besides the guy's hand. "The only limbs you want to use are your legs, specifically to leave. Moving any other body part might be the last thing you'll do", Darryl said menacingly, getting a bit annoyed at the thug's persistence. The guy finally took of in a jog, holding his hurt hand with his other hand.

Darryl chuckled a bit. That was some good practise, I was getting a bit rusty, he thought, pleased with the outcome of the little struggle. Looking around he noticed he ended up close to the Throne Building. He had heard the strange stories about it, but he didn't believe most of them. He knew it used to be a very tall building, the tallest on Obano, but he didn't really know why it ended up in this state of disrepair. Since Darryl didn't really have anything to do, he decided to look around the building. Approaching the entrance, he spotted a group of people standing not too far away. Just as he decided he probably shouldn't go in then, he vaguely recognised the face of one of the people. Didn't I see him around the OEI HQ?, he thought, searching his mind for clues as to when and where. After doubting for a while, his curiosity won from his sense of caution, and he approached the group, the thug's gun still in one hand, and the other hand on his machine pistol, just in case. "E...excuse me, don't I know you from somewhere? From the OEI?", he asked the man when there was a pause in their conversation. Darryl was almost positive now he had seen the man before, but to be on the safe side he made sure he could make a run for the door if he was wrong.
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"Eh...?" Vincent grunted "Yeah I may have been there a bit over the last month, what's it to you?"
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"Oh good", Darryl replied, relieved he didn't stumble on a gang. "I'm Darryl Montana, OEI Agent. I'm gonna assume you're one of the good guys, but what are you doing in a Red Zone? And who are your friends? I thought I was the only Agent currently in the Taraq Red Zone."
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"If you're not supposed to be here I suggest you leave." Vincent said "This part is by invite only. No offense but this is not the time or place to be OEI."
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//Five. Five people.// Vice murmured into his mic.

//Alright. I'm guessing they're OEI, bounty hunters or god forbid, a gang. You either have a right to enter, more rights than they do, or advanced weapons and armour respectively.//

//Alright. Your jobs on the line.//

//So's your life.//

Vice smirked slightly as the Vigil operator disconnected. He leaned closer to listen.

"This part is by invite only. No offense but this is not the time or place to be OEI."

OEI? At least he knew they weren't a gang. Good enough. He stepped around the corner, realizing how stupid thy looked. They were dressed in conventional style clothing, and Vice was there wearing kevlar, a full face helmet and equipped with a voice warper.

"I have as much right to enter as you do, as do they. Why else would you be giving a bounty?"
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"What are you doing?" asked Agent Mallory upon entering Richard's room.

Theodore sat next to the bed and had his hand placed firmly on Richard's forehead.

"Ah... nothing." Theodore said, hurriedly removing his hand "Nothing..."

"Nothing?" she asked.

"Nothing... there's nothing in there." Theodore said with a frown "I've been searching but his mind is inaccessible..."

"Now don't worry, I'm sure he'll come out of it soon enough. You know how these things are." Agent Mallory consoled Theodore "Besides he's had worse."

"Could you leave me alone for a bit?" Theodore asked.

"S-sure..." Agent Mallory said, taken aback.

She left the room somewhat shocked and entered the cafeteria, Agent One stood in the far corner watching the room like he always did; he was a strange man, the best at what he did but strange none-the-less. Agent Mallory walked over to him and saluted before taking up a position to his left.

"Anything of interest out there today?" she asked.

"The Chicken Cosmo is a quick seller... thirty seven point three percent of the lunch patrons have purchased one. Double the amount of people we have checking our food shipments." Agent One said in a distracted tone "How is Century?"

"Not good, he's still broken up over Richard." Agent Mallory responded.

"He is guilty that he was unable to save him." Agent One said "Not only did he fail the ever-important mission, but he failed his best friend. He would never admit to it but he had grown quite close to Richard over the years; seems that he looked upon him as a sort of father figure."

"Really?" Agent Mallory asked.

"So it would seem, granted the man has a bit of a screw loose but he's got a knack for making you feel better about yourself." Agent One said "Nothing ever seemed to make that man unhappy... well except of course the OEI which is really quite ironic if you think about it..."

"Hmm..." Agent Mallory sighed.

"Still, it may be best to let him be for now." Agent One said "Theodore just needs some time."

"Yes... give the poor little boy some time! " cried a voice in Agent Mallory's head "Give him his time and stop being such a nosy bitch! "

Agent Mallory clutched her head and fell against the wall, she slid to the floor writhing in pain, Agent One quickly dropped to a knee and drew his gun. A flurry of activity erupted in the cafeteria as Agents jumped up from their lunch and took up defensive positions. Agent One grabbed Agent Mallory's arm and checked her vitals, they were going through the roof and she seemed to be having a sort of seizure.

"I have plans for that one... " the voice said "Oh have I got plans, until all of the pieces are in order though you would be advised to keep your distance."

All at once Agent Mallory stopped moving and blacked out, Agent One had the other Agents stand down and Mallory was carted off by a medical team. He looked around the cafeteria a few times in an attempt to find something, he could have sword he felt a familiar presence in the room when Mallory had taken ill but he wasn't entirely sure about it.
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Rex had been sitting in the waiting room for hours. The clerk finally stepped out of the back room. He had an unerving smile on his face.

"Ever heard of Taraq?" He said in a voice that almost dripped oil.

"Can't say that I have. Why?"

"Well, I've just called for a taxi to take you there. Seems there's a big hoohah up there they want sorted out. Here, they sent me this data sheet about Taraq for you. And this Blackscope fella."

Rex had of course looked at the digitised wanted posters, and there was one for Blackscope. Soon enough, an OEI vehicle came along and took Rex away to Taraq. It was going to be nightfall by the time he got there, so Rex settled down for some sleep.
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It was time. The Sniper flipped down a specialised sight. Not infrared, but one that allowed him to quite neatly see people through the thin concrete walls. He watched the leader of the gang of masked men get impatient and walk to the stairs leading down.

The people assembled in the lobby looked up. A burly man in a black mask was standing at the top of the stairs with a package.
"you here for the pickup?"
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"Here we go..." Vincent mumbled to the others.

He turned around and looked at the man at the top of the stairs.

"You got the goods?" Vincent asked.
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Andrew took up a position towards the back of the group and braced himself for the unexpected, as a very slight smile crept across his face.  He wasn't too worried personally about this sniper, but he was a bit concerned for the safety of the rest of the group.  Still, he looked forward to seeing what this generation was capable of.
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Daren did his best to hide the Tesla blade, which he had never put away after jumping Vincent, from the man's sight, while at the same time pushing the power up a few notches.  Still well below what it would take to actually cut anything, but a hit anywhere on the body with this much would drop most people into unconsciousness immediately.
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Kim turns towards the new voice and pulls something from her pouch and holds it in her hand as she watches the man with the package.
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"What happened?" Theodore asked as he looked over Agent Mallory.

"She collapsed to the floor, seems that she had a seizure." a nurse replied "There's no history though so we've concluded that it was caused by an outside force. Agent One has backed up this theory, he said he picked up another presence in the room."

Theodore froze as he heard the last part, the nurse didn't notice it but he had suddenly become tense.

"Perhaps it was our unknown assailant..." Theodore mumbled "But that means that he is able to move freely about the OEI."

Without another word Theodore walked out of the room; the nurse, having heard what he said, looked after him with a troubled look. It was no secret within the OEI that there was a mystery villain roaming around causing trouble, everyone had been briefed on it after it was revealed Happy was being controlled. Still, nobody had really thought about whether or not this person was able to infiltrate the OEI; such a compromise in security would put anyone anywhere at risk of being taken by the unknown evildoer.
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The air was still. There was no sound. Then suddenly, an anvil fell! A group of thieves quickly went to the area to check out the sudden noise, but they didn't return. From the shadows walked out a person dressed in red, smiling.

"I sense trouble." The young man said. He then made his way to the Throne Building, carrying a small box on his left hand. A weapon perhaps?
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Vice held up his gun, not shoing any attempt to hide it from the masked man at the top of the stairs. Wasn't this guy supposed to be really clever?

"This has to be to good to be true."
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"Those guys at the alley were quite tense." said the man in red. "I wonder what's wrong with them. It looked like they weren't using drugs or anything."

The man slowly approached the Throne building's calm vicinity, tiptoeing along the way. Somehow, the area of Taraq which contained the building's vicinity was quite different. Usually, he'd be attacked by a dozen or so mobs of RedZoners before he'd reach the relative safety of the Throne building and it's surrounding area, but it seemed as if though there were less encounters today. He looked around the streets and saw a piece of newspaper pinned to the ground by a rusty dagger. Picking it up, the first thing he saw was the news about the so called BlackScope Sniper. He quickly remembered what he saw on TV just a few days ago. Realizing that he might have stumbled upon something, he jumped to the safety of a nearby apartment, taking the half-intact stairs to the rooftop to observe the area from the relative safety of the stairwell.

"I planned on going to the top of the Throne so I could see the entire area from there." whispered the man, making sure he wasn't heard by anyone. "But it seems that someone's already inside."

Just when everything was going fine, his phone rang, on top volume. He took it out from his pocket and answered it with a frustrated tone. "Who is it? Jones?! Sorry, I can't. I've got something to do right now. What?! Ummm... Ask Jack to move the meeting to next week. Alright, thanks."

He quickly turned off his phone and put it back into his pocket. Luckily, no one heard it.
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Vincent watched Vice from the corner of his eye and sighed, seemed that subtlety was not one of his strong points. He reached into his coat and pulled out his sawn off shotgun, the word 'McPherson' was stamped on the side of the weapon meaning that Vincent most likely had taken it off of a thug. McPherson Manufacturing was well known for making quality weapons at bargain prices; the streets were flooded with McPherson weapon and armor systems and many singled them out as the cause for the chaos that ensnared the nation.

"Right... well let's all take our time with this." Vincent said "No need to shoot at each other... yet."
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"The boss said you was to make the pickup on the first floor" said the Thug, backing out back up the stairs, taking the package with him. He knew better than to argue with the boss, even when he gave stupid orders.
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"Well you heard him..." Vincent said slowly "Let's head up."

He walked towards the stairs and began to climb them cautiously.
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The thugs stood around looking embarrased. What were they even here for?
The one with the suitcase made a 'come here' signal as he saw Vincent ascend the stairs.

One story up, the Sniper trained his sight between the figures in the room through the floor.
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Vincent stopped part way up the stairs, he could just barely see the thugs.

"Where's the boss?" Vincent asked "We came here to see the boss."
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"Huh? Boss never comes for drop-offs." said the briefcase holder. "You *are* Vincent Likely, right?"
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"Don't use names stupid." Vincent said as he climbed up the last few stairs "Now, where is he? I know he's here..."

He looked around from ceiling to floor while keeping his weapon trained on the thugs.
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Nothing in the room betrayed anything out of the ordinary as far as Vincent could see.

"Look? You want what's in this case or not?" said one of the thugs "We ain't got all day"
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"Yeah sure... just leave it over there on the floor and get out." Vincent mumbled "Nothing funny either."

He turned and looked at the stairs for a moment.

"Guys, seems decent up here. Get a move on!" he called.
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Vice climbed the short set of stairs.

"You gonna pick that up?" He said, gesturing vaguely to the briefcase.

"He's not here? Dammit! This was all a waste of time."
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Returning her hand to her bag, Kim opens the flap to allow the robot to fly out. Tapping it as it passes by her hand, it keeps close to her and starts to scan the building in verious light wavelengths, starting with infrared. As it revolves around her head, she starts to walk up the stairs.
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Daren followed up the stairs.  "It could be," he replied to Vice, "that he's not showing because it's an ambush.  He did say it was an ambush."  He glanced around nervously, "I probably shouldn't have taken it so lightly."
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"Fine!" said the man with the briefcase, clearly annoyed by the way he was being ignored. "I'll open it!"
Resting the case on his knee the thug popped the latches. As the case opened there was a sudden hissing sound as gas canisters inside discharged. A thick cloud of black smoke billowed out of the suitcase and filled the room in seconds. Though not irritating to the eyes or lungs, the smoke was about as easy to see through as the infamous 'Potroaster' fogs which occasionally plagued the more industrialised and temperate sections of Obano. If a man was lucky he could see his hand a foot from his face.

"Hahaha!" the Sniper took aim at a random thug and fired through the floor. The bullet was slowed slightly by its passage through the porous concrete floor, but still dug a good way into the flesh of the man's chest. He screamed and lashed out wildly in front of him, striking another of the thugs. Within seconds the entire room was in riot as punches were thrown at shadows and bullets zipped unseen through the air. The sniper laughed at the chaos below and took a shot at another of the figures below, outlined in green by the rifle scope.
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Vincent hit the floor and began to roll, he reached the stairway sooner than he thought he would and tumbled down. He lay on the floor staring at the ceiling, the billowing black cloud was flowing through cracks above him and down the stairwell.

"Ugh... what the hell was that!?" he grumbled aloud, pulling himself to his feet.

A drop of blood fell past his eye and Vincent put his hand to his forehead, there was a nice sized cut running across it. He wiped it off and looked around, there was another set of stairs on the other side of the lobby and he climbed them instead.
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The Sniper glimpsed a figure climbing the stairs on the other side of the building and ran over as fast as his limp would allow. As Vincent rounded the staircase to the second floor a throwing knife flew past his face, less than half an inch from the tip of his nose and buried itself up to the hilt in the concrete wall of the stairwell, which had long been stripped of its marble panelling by time and greedy fingers.

"Hello Vince!" said the Sniper, gleefully. "Didn't feel like playing with the other children, hmm?"
Slinging his rifle across his back the sniper unholstered a shotgun from a sling on the other shoulder. It had, of course, been looted from the OEI, who had rceently deemed Jackhammer auto-shotguns to be neccessary in the ever-escalating war on crime.
The Sniper twirled it on his finger and caught it in both hands, firing a succession of shots at the ceiling and sending down a cascade of dust and debris as the buckshot shredded through the flimsy pannelling.
"Lets dance!"
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Vincent rolled to the side and fired a shot at where he had seen the Sniper not a moment before, much to his dismay the shower of lead shot hit empty air. He saw the sniper off to his left and fired a cartridge at the floor causing a small section to collapse into the lobby below.
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"Damn," Daren muttered.  His precognition was sight based and useless in this smoke.  He dropped into a crouch and, pushing the Tesla blade to its highest setting, slashed a few times at the floor in front of him.  There was a thud as the section of floor he'd cut through fell to the ground below.  He stood and took a hesitant step towards it, wondering just how stupid this actually was, before a flailing figure knocked into him as it passed and sent him tumbling down.  Right, he thought as he fell, you've been trained for this.  Just land on your feet, bend your knees and roll-  He swore as he landed and completely forgot to do anything his grandfather had mentioned about landing from a story up.  He staggered to his feet, which seemed to have avoided breaking, and groaned as he put pressure on his right foot.  It wasn't broken, but it hurt like hell every time he took a step as he hobbled towards what he hoped was the way they'd come in.
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The Sniper twisted in the air as he fell through the hole in the floor, grabbing the edge with one hand and flipping himself up with catlike grace.
"Reflex enhancing drugs! Not just for crooked athletes any more!" laughed the sniper firing the remainder of the rounds in his shotgun in Vincent's direction.
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Vincent shot the floor beneath him and dropped through as the swarm of shot flew past him. He landed and looked around, he was in another room and the Sniper was nowhere to be seen. Without pausing Vincent reloaded his shotgun and also pulled out his pistol, he ran out of the room and back into the main lobby.
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The Sniper rolled his eyes and hit the button on his chest. He vanished, leaving a faint green afterimage and reappeared at the lobby entrance.

"Hello Daren!" He said, reholstering his shotgun and flashing him a grin full of malice. "Leaving so soon?"
The Sniper drew his bowie knife from his belt and tossed it from hand to hand, advancing on Daren.
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Smoke and the sound of shotgun blasts filled the air as the group split up.  Andrew had no idea where the Sniper was, so he decided to take out the panicing thugs before they caused any real harm.  He reached through the smoke with extended fingers and latched on to anyone he found.  After checking them for the black masks to make sure they weren't one of the people he came in with, he knocked them out with a quick blow.  One by one the guards dropped, while the remaining ones began to panic even more.
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Daren winced as he raised the Tesla blade and shifted into a fighting stance.  He didn't have as much mobility as he'd like, but at least he'd be able to see what was coming and even a mono-molecular blade couldn't get through a Tesla's magnetic field.  Unfortunately it didn't work the other way either, as the tensile strength of the molecular edge was stronger than the magnetic field could separate.  "Just coming to find you, actually."  He stood still and waited.  He didn't like giving the initiative to someone else, bu he didn't trust his leg enough to lunge.  At least, he thought as he spotted the Sniper's limp, we're just about level in that regard.
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"Looked to me like you were running away" said the Sniper slashing at Daren and grunting as his blows were parried. "What a weird little knife. I'll have to take it after I've killed you!". The Sniper caught Darren's blade with his own and delivered a backhanded blow across the young man's face. He wasn't immensely strong, but certainly packed more punch than the average specced up goon.
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As the smoke filled the air, Kim instinctively went into a duck and clibed back down the stairs. As the robot was still in infrared scanning mode, it continued to relay information of the area obcured by smoke to Kim. Making it back to the entrance they came in from, she could see Daren and the sniper at a far end. Reaching back into her bag, she pulls out a couple spheres to throw at the sniper's feet, causing a few explosions to distract him.

"Seperate!" Kim called out as the she tossed the orbs.

At the command, the robot seperated into its three parts and they all start revolving over her head in unison.
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The Sniper stumbled back a little from the explosions, but managed to keep his composure.
"One at a time please" he sneered, pulling a throwing knife from his belt with his left hand and throwing it with unnerving accuracy toward Kim. The knife span quickly through the air, making little 'fwip-fwip' noises as its monomolecular edge sliced through the air.
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Vincent found another stairway and returned to the second floor, the smoke was still heavy but it was beginning to thin out somewhat. He glimpsed the large form of Andrew and behind him what looked like a grimy window pane.

"Andrew!" Vincent called "Hit the deck... now!"

A volley of lead flew out of the shotgun and pulverized the window pane, the dull light from outside streamed in along with a rush of unsavory air. After only a few moments the smoke had been cleared from the room and Andrew's handiwork could be seen. Vincent stepped over the unconscious thugs and approached Andrew.

"The Sniper is somewhere in the lobby." Vincent said "Bastard has a personal teleporter so watch out... see you down there, I'm taking the elevator."

Vincent walked over to one of the old elevators and pulled out a pry bar which he wedged between the doors; a putrid and dank smell wafted out from between the doors that was the accumulated odor of over sixty years of water, waste, and other material sitting idly by. When the doors were open far enough Vincent slipped his hand in and pushed them open the rest of the way, he gave Andrew a thumbs up and jumped down the shaft.
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Daren reeled back from the strike but managed to keep his composure.  The man was better than you average thug with that knife, but after the duel with the Dark Stranger this didn't seem as bad.  He even thought he could work up some decent banter.  "Ah c'mon, Scopes," Daren said, grinning a bit that he'd managed to make the Sniper that much less threatening with a name change, "you invited us all to this party, it's only fair that you play host properly and play with us all."
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"Ok." said the Sniper. "Catch".
Throwing his Bowie knife into the air above Daren, he took advatage if the momentary distracton and tackled him to the ground, putting him into a headlock and attempting to smash his face into the concrete floor.
Anyone watching the fight with the correct knowhow would recognise the headlock as a stample of OEI hand to hand training, one that relied on pressue points in the neck to cause extreme discomfort to whoever was on the recieving end. One of the more colourful descriptions of the sensation sold it as 'Like ****ing scorpions having an orgy in my spine'.
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Daren gritted his teeth and resisted the urge to bunch the muscles in his neck, which would make it ten times worse.  Instead he twisted his head at an odd angle and flexed one side, which moved enough muscle and nerve around to make the hold far less effective.  "Nice try, but Granddad practically invented that one and was very firm that I know how to avoid it.  And by the way," he said reaching an arm forward from the ground, "never throw things at a precog."  The knife landed in his outstretched hand and his fingers closed around the handle as he bucked a shoulder into the Sniper's face.
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As the knife flew towards Kim, she mumbles a phrase in an incomprehensible language and extends her hand towards the knife. As she finishes, an arc of lightning flies from her fingertips to the knife and knocks it to the ground. The three robots slow their rotation for a few moments after the lightning dissipates and Kim backs off into a corner for the moment.
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"Oh, silly me" said the Sniper, sarcastically, gritting his teeth and shaking his head to stop the flashing lights in front of his eyes.
"Finders keepers" before Daren could react the Sniper had grabbed the Tesla blade off the floor and hammered his free palm against the teleporter strapped to his chest. "Catch me if you can, you ass"
The Sniper vanished from the lobby and rematerialised in a room in another part of the building. looking around quickly he surmised he was on the fifth floor. Walking a little unsteadily over to the lobby area for the floor he found one of the elevator doors open, unstrapping a tiny pen-sized OEI flare from his belt he tossed it down the empty shaft. That should at least give them a clue as to where he was. It cast a sickly green light as it fell.
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A green flare fell past Vincent and landed in a poll of something what could only be described as brown. Vincent looked up, a faint smoke trail stopped at around the fifth floor and the door was open, it seemed a logical place to check. He jumped across the shaft and grabbed onto an old ladder, as he climbed past the second floor door he turned and called to Andrew.

"Fifth floor."

With that he continued his ascent and in a minute he was standing just to the side of the fifth floor doorway. Vincent took a moment to catch his breath and to reload, he burst around the door and into the main room.

Elsewhere in the Throne building the man in white was standing in a posh office, it had taken him a while but he had eventually found his way to this hidden place. The white marble floors were highly polished to a mirror shine and great crystal clear window panes, so clear that you would second guess as to whether or not they were actually there, lined the room and showed the disheveled city of Taraq. The man in white walked over to a grand desk and looked it over, a flawless crystal globe sat on it's surface next to a few perfectly stacked pieces of Throne stationary (One of the only indicators that the office had anything to do with Throne). He waved his hand over the globe and it vanished, sent away to a far off place so that it would not fall into the wrong hands. Behind him a massive wall-mounted clock struck the hour with a level of precision that could be considered criminal, he stared at it for a moment before turning and walking to one of the window panes.

The future had always been an elusive thing, it tended to only reveal enough of itself to make a person worry. Something in the fog indicated that Throne, or at least the ideals that it represented, were not as dead as everyone had thought. And while it was a troubling thing to contemplate it was eclipsed by something else, something new that had already begun to move. It was this thing that worried the man in white the most; he knew how to deal with the enemies of the old world, but something new that rivaled his old foes was something that he approached with caution. It was a brave new world filled with brave new heroes and brave new villains; and then there was the man in white who felt out of place and alone, a relic of the past that had outlived it's usefulness.

A small plume of smoke erupted from the side of the Throne building and it caught the man's eye. He was two hundred twenty floors above the ground, not that it mattered all that much, but he contemplated investigating just to be sure.
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Kim shakes her head and reorients herself. Looking up as the sniper dissapears, she reemerges from the shadows.

"You ok, Marstems?"
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As the entire battle was going on, little did they know that a small recording device lying innocently on the bloodstained floor was listening to every word they said.

"That should do it." said a voice. "I guess that's my cue."

From out of nowhere, a gateway appeared in front of Kim and Daren. It was circular in shape with a radius of about five feet. One could clearly see from the other side a dilapidated wall, with a man wearing a white mask leaning against it. He looked like any other person, except for his skin, which was exceptionally white, as white as chalk, some would say. Not soon after the gateway stopped expanding, the man slowly made his way to the two, crossing the gateway while doing so. He then lifted his left arm and snapped his fingers. Within moments, the gateway vanished from sight. When he was about six meters away, he stopped. Taking a small note from his pocket, he recited some kind of introductory speech.

"I am the shadow of the night!
Protector of the weak!
Guardian of the oppressed!
The rival of evildoers!

I am... The White Avenger!"

Obviously, it was a failed attempt at making an introductory remark. The lines didn't even rhyme.

"Need some help?" said the man in red, realizing that he just made himself look awkward a few seconds ago. "As I've said I'm the whi..."

Before he could finish, a thug pointed a railgun at his back. It seemed that The White Avenger was at a disadvantage, not carrying any weapons with him. Just before the assailant could pull the trigger, the mysterious yet awkward man snapped his fingers again. Instantly, a portal opened up on top of the attacker, and from it fell a huge golden coffin, pinning down the thug and rendering him unconscious.

"As I was saying, I'm The White Avenger. Pleased to meet you people!"

He then shifted his eyes to the Throne Building's lobby, revealing a serious expression, different from his normal happy go lucky one. "It seems that your friend's still inside, with the you know who."
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Daren's Tesla blade scythed out at Vincent at head height, the Sniper having turned it to its highest setting, it crackled as he swung it.
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"Ah" Was all Vice could say when tbe room filled with smoke. He turned on heat sensors so he could avoid anyone else and escape the room. He sent a quick status report back to the Vigil HQ, then switched on as many different kind of scanners he could. The room he was in lit up with hundreds of different colurs, and the walls he could swear were suddenly made of glass.

"So that's the room I came from..." He murmured, then looked around. A few floors up there were lowing red human figures. A green line connected one of them with another empty oom on his floor.

"Teleport line." Vice murmured. He quickly called the Vigil again.

"There's someone here with a personal teleport. Lock on to it's signal so we can trace it later."

Then he started climbing the stairs towards the others.
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"Whoa!" Vincent yelled, stumbling backwards into the elevator shaft.

He jumped across the gap, kicked off of the wall, and flew out of the door again; three rounds flew out of the machine pistol and headed towards the Sniper's head with pinpoint accuracy.
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Vice eventually reached a second door to the room. It was covered with debris and boxes and it took him a minute to climb through. He fell out clumsily and watched as the Sniper swung the tesla blade.

//Are you getting this? Switching on exterior microphone.//

Everything the sniper said, every move he made, was being recorded and profiled. This was how the Vigil had created such a huge amount of information on each criminal they encountered. Better safe than sorry.

Vice also swung his gun out, and, knowing he was still unnoticed, readied himself to shoot.
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The Sniper twitched aside at the last second, the third bullet clipped his head just above his temple, leaving a small red gash. The blow caused him to stumble, incidentally avoiding the bullet fired by Vice. He rolled a little way along the ground and then sprang back to his feet, wincing as he landed on his bad leg.
"Pah! I didn't invite any Vigil lapdogs!" he said, simultaneously stowing away the Tesla blade and taking something off his belt and hurling it at Vice. It was about the size and shape of a small coin, an OEI Interference Bug. As it flew toward vice a tiny but ludicrously powerful magnet activated and the little disc landed with a snap on the side of Vice's helmet. It would be a devil to pry off, and would reduce most heads up displays to unworkable static for as long as it remained attatched.
Laughing and unslinging his shotgun again the Sniper let loose another cacophonous series of shots in Vincent's direction.
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"Where the hell did you get all of this stuff?" Vincent asked "Whatever, I've had enough of this."

Vincent reached over his shoulder and grabbed his rifle, he flipped a few switches on the side in a single swift motion and pushed the bolt forward; his expertise with the weapon was apparent with the ease and lightning speed at which he moved. There was a loud blast as the weapon fired and the concussion from it caused all sorts of debris to fall down from the ceiling.
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Kim looks over at the new arrival.

"Elaborate introductions? Odd fellow..."

Kim was interrupted by a glowing green object falling from the ceiling.

"I'll take that as a sign for us to head back up, come on Marstems." Kim said as she grabs Daren by the wrist and starts back up the stairs.
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The Sniper quickly twisted the dial on the perimeter of the device on his chest and hammered the button with his palm a moment before the debris hit, vanishing before harm could come to him. He rematerialised and found himself standing on the edge of a large precipice. He was about ten floors up from where he had been before, but most of what was left of the floors below him had succumbed to time and simply broken away, leaving a huge ten story drop into the hole Vincent had blown in the ceiling of the room he was in. The elevator shafts connecting the floors still seemed to be in tact, as were all the support girders and the odd patch of flooring still left, part of the glass panelling had fallen away here, exposing one wall to the outside.
"Up here bitches!" he yelled, holstering his shotgun and unslinging his rifle and taking aim through floor far below.
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"No... down here." Vincent said as he too took aim through the scope of his rifle.

Two rounds rocketed up through the maze of girders, one aimed at the Sniper and the other aimed at the steel beneath his feet.
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The Sniper rolled sideways, almost falling off the girder but catching his balance just before he toppled over, he avoided both shots and squeezed off three at Vincent in quick sucession. Taking his hand off the trigger for a moment he pulled a smoke bomb from his belt and lobbed it into the hole. It detonated with a hissing pop and quickly filled the room with the same smoke which had permeated the first floor lobby earlier.
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Daren tried to follow but his leg slowed him down.  Hurts, but there's nothing really wrong with it, he thought, and immediately remembered that Greg had expressly forbidden doing something like he was about to.  But there was nothing for it, "hold up," he said stopping suddenly and bending down to wrap both hands around his lower leg.  He felt around for a moment, finding the right nerves.  He didn't have his grandfather's knack for spotting them, but he'd been taught enough to find them by hand if he had a moment.  There, he gripped his leg sharply, digging his fingers into a few spots, and the feeling went out of everything on the leg below his grip.  He stood and put some weight on it, feeling no pain, or anything else for that matter.  Of course, there'd be hell to pay tomorrow, but that was secondary.  "Alright," he said, standing and gripping the knife, "lets go."  He started going up the stairs, slightly impeded by the lack of feeling but much faster than he could have gone with the pain.
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Vincent swore and stumbled over toward the smoke bomb, he picked it up and lobbed it out of the side of the building. Smoke began to spew everywhere along the outside of the building and it was sure to attract attention. He clambered back across the room and tried to reestablish his lock on the target, the smoke was still too thick to see anything. Vincent guessed that the Sniper was still able to see him and so he kept moving around erratically.

"Come on!" Vincent yelled "Throw another one you bastard, I can do this all day!"
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Jordan waited patiently as the blood traced its way up the tube. He removed the syringe from the grungy looking man seated before him.

"Well..." The analyzer buzzed. "It looks like you don't got it." He sighed. "No surprise there."

"Do I get the mod?" The junkie looked rather too eager.

"Yes, just as I promised. One Level I Agility Enhancer coming up." He pulled out a needle with a blue liquid inside, and tapped the side with his finger. "Hold out your arm. And....there we are."

Just as Jordan was about to stow away the genetic analyzer, he heard a series of loud bangs. "The hell?" He turned to their location, an imposing structure some distance away: the throne building.

"Thanks for the mod doc. Anytime you need more blood, the red zone's here for yah." The man stood and shook his rested arm a bit, taking off at a brisk pace back towards an abandoned building complex.

"Sounds like some prime metahumans. Maybe this is what I've been waiting for."

A quick bit of packing up and a trip to his house left him fully stocked and setting out for his new target.
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Andrew climbed up to the fifth floor to find another room full of smoke and an angry Vincent.

"Sorry, I was still taking care of those thugs on the second floor.  Ugh, I'm tired of this smoke."

Andrew moves surprisingly fast to near the open window.  He inhaled deeply and his body ballooned out, then he exhaled out through the window.  The room cleared slightly.

"Any idea where the Sniper went?"
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"Where else?" Vincent said "He went up!"
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Returning to the floor formerly filled with smoke, Kim continued up the stairs stopping only long enough at each floor to see if anyone was there. Finally arriving at the fifth floor she saw Vincent and Andrew.

"What the hell are we running around for? Isn't this exactly what he wants us to do? He did call us out here personally after all."
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Vincent took his eye away from the scope and looked over at Kim.

"Yeah you know you're right..." he said "What do you think? Should we play with him a bit longer or roll out?"
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"I think we should get out of here. Go on ahead, I'll make it so the sniper won't be able to shoot us as we run." Kim said as she takes the smallest of the three robots from over her head, "Unless you have a better idea, I'll be heading to that yellow zone just a little ways west of here after this."

With that, Kim cups the robot in her hands and presses it against her forehead and closes her eyes and starts chanting in the same incomprehensible language as earlier.
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"In a bit..." Vincent said while he tried to find something to shoot at "I may know of a place we can go to... where the hell is this guy?"
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Ralphael was about to go inside the building when some of the sniper's men saw him and decided to take him on. It seems that he'd have to stay there for a while.
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"Damn!" Vice was blinded. The static filled up his sight and he had to turn it off. No doubt at Vigil HQ the technicians would be worried sick.

His visor was still clouded over though, so he was confident he wouldn't be recognized. Vice turned to the stairs and saw a man limping, but still moving quickly, up.

"Wait for me!"
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"Boo!" The Sniper dropped through hole in the ceiling, suspended from the back of his utility laden belt by a thin but immensely strong zipline cable he had tethered to one of the girders. Grabbing Vincent in a two-handed bearhug he activated the telport, and the two of them found themselves on the roof of the Throne building. The air was thin and bitterly cold, and the wind rushed past and made the Sniper's coat billow in a cinematic way. The setting sun cast a blood red light across everything. The Sniper let Vincent go and drew Daren's Tesla blade, falling into a stooping crouch.
"Lets finish this before your friends can get all the way up here! But lets put those guns away. Wheres the challenge?"
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"I'm not a fan of willingly giving up the advantage... but you're annoying." Vincent said, tossing his rifle, shotgun, and pistol aside "Let's do this quickly before we get frostbite. And no fancy tricks."

He pulled out the pry bar and tossed it in the air a few time before walking toward the Sniper.
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The Sniper rushed forward, barging his shoulder into Vincent's stomach and attempting to knife him in the back with the Tesla blade.
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Vincent coughed as the wind was knocked out of him but didn't let it hinder him too much, he wrapped his arms around the Sniper's waist and threw him over his head.
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The Sniper landed on his back with a gasp. Kicking Vincent in the knee from his prone position rolled backward and got to his feet, rushing foward again with the blade raised.
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Vincent was on his knees, he spun around as the Sniper came at him and parried the blade with the pry bar sending sparks everywhere. His hand flew out and latched onto something on the Sniper's belt, he began twisting and pulling it on the off chance that it was important.

Across the roof and out of sight the man in white watched the two fight.
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Finishing her chant, she pulls the robot away from her head and it starts to glow red. It floats out of her hands and moves around signifigantly more slugishly than previously. Looking around, she saw Andrew still standing there.

"What are you still doing here? Did Likely at least get out?"
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The smoke bomb vincent had pulled off the Sniper's belt started streaming black fumes, but they were quickly blown away by the rushing wind. He took advantage of Vincent's surprise and kneed him in the face before he had a chance to get up. Attempting to grab Vincent's wrist with his free hand and bring the tesla blade close to his face.
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Coughing and sputtering Vincent grabbed onto the Sniper's hand which was firmly wrapped around his own wrist, he pulled the Sniper to the ground and bashed him in the diaphragm with the pry bar. The Sniper's blade fell out of his hand and Vincent quickly kicked it off of the roof; he grabbed the Sniper by the collar and pulled him to his feet. With a mighty heave he threw the Sniper over the side of the building.
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"The hell..." Jordan put his hand up to shadow his eyes. Did I just see someone go flying off the...naw...

A series of bangs accompanied by smoke drifting from the windows reminded him of his task. He continued at his previous pace - half running, half skipping towards the throne building. If there was any place that a compatible donor would be, it's here, in the midst of what would seem to be a power struggle. Not the safety of government laboratories or mansion compounds; just open and struggling, and willing to bargain. That was key. Desperation led to opportunity.

Unfortunately, this might be too much, he thought, I can't complete my work if I'm dead. A crumpled bicycle alongside a bullet-hole pocketmarked sidelane only made him more apprehensive. Even the more advanced metahumans were usually kept under control in the green zones. Perhaps this one needed reevaluation.

Jordan mentally sighed. I was hoping to save these for later, but I guess it's best to use them now; just in case. In mid bound he slid out a pair of syringes, one green and the other blue. The prior went into his arm as he landed, and the latter into his leg once he was again alighted upon air. He quickened his pace toward the structure, noticing more details of combat as he approached.

Upon reached the base, he pushed open the front doors and entered the lobby. If he hadn't been more ready to lunge in any direction now than at any point in his life, he'd give himself a pair of claws. His blood pumped as he entered what seemed to be the lobby.
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"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooo!" yelled the Sniper, then laughed and waved at Vincent as he slammed his palm against the teleporter and blinked out.

A few moments later Vincent was aware of sirens blaring in the distance, before he knew what was happening figures clad in black began to teleport around the perimeter of the Throne building and take up tactical positions. With a dull thrumming sound three twin-rotored Thunderbird OEI transport copters took off from a nearby base and made a beeline for the building, floodlights erupted from below and began shining along the building from all directions in an attempt to illuminate anyone who might be inside. As the sun set the night filled with flashes of sirens and floodlights as the OEI grunts advanced on the building.
A voice bellowed out of a megaphone "This is the OEI, all occupants of the Throne building are to surrender immediately" without waiting for an answer the figure called a signal through a radio and dozens of grunts rushed forward to enter the building, some using grappling hooks to infiltrate higher story windows, others simply barging in through the front door hurling flashbangs.
Jordan felt a rifle but come into sharp contact with the back of his head moments after stepping into the lobby. Three men jumped on him and quickly clapped him into a pair of filament cuffs.

The three thunderbirds quickly reached the buildings and troopers dropped down on ropes and surrounded Vincent, their guns pointed at him from all directions.
"DROP YOUR WEAPONS!!!" yelled the squad commander in a heavily distorted and amplified voice.
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At the OEI's announcement Daren hit the floor half way to the fifth floor.  He didn't want to deal with the OEI just now or, preferably, ever.
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Jordan tensed sharply and prepared to spin about as the cool metal came in contact with his head. ****. The warnings should have given me enough time, dammit. Before his arm could even leave his side, though, a sharp pain signified that his wrists had been bound together - tightly.

"I'm just a civilian, I swear! I came to see what was going on! I heard gunshots!"

He tried to snap apart the bindings with his enhanced dice. It was time to run. He shook his jacket until a canister fell out. The soldiers glanced down momentarily. Big mistake. Jordan ducked out and strafed to the side, breaking into a run around the corner in a matter of seconds, right past pockets of OEI grunts. This is bad, this is bad, this is bad. He was still within their sights, his limbs still bound together, running on every last ounce of juice his enhancer provided.
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"Sounds like the sniper will have to wait. Let's get out of here before those OEI goons find us."

The small robot floats over to the nearest window and glowed even brighter from a moment before going dark and falling to the ground. A large fireball bursts out the side of the building. The building continued to defiantly stand and refused to burn in the glow of the fireball. Kim picks up the robot and motions to the others to follow her as she started down the stairs.
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"Yeah yeah... I hear you." Vincent said as he got to the ground "Papers are in my back pocket, don't be dicks. Oh wait... that's right, never mind."
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The OEI teams quickly bundled the people inside the building out, carrying, leading or shoving as neccessary, before finally tearing the bags off their heads. They were standing in a ring of APC's, their headlights casting a sharp light over everything. An officious figure strode... no... limped into the circle and grinned in an alarmingly familiar way at the assembled people.
"Well well" said Myrmer, whith a look of sadistic glee in his eyes. "looks like the very people who took the bounty on the Sniper were actually working to protect him."
He leaned in close to Vincent's face. "Although I can't say I'm surprised given your family history".
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Post by: PatMan33 on January 22, 2008, 08:04:52 pm
"I'm still a better shot than you." Vincent said with a grin "Maybe when I'm released I can give you a few pointers."
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Post by: Inkling on January 22, 2008, 08:31:05 pm
"Excuse me?" Andrew said in a suprised voice.  "Hey, wait, let's not jump to conclusions.  I didn't come back to this country to get arrested.  Andrew Morris, retired OEI.  Call your boss and have him look me up."
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Post by: Yuu on January 23, 2008, 02:26:22 am
"This, is not good." Ralphael said to himself after he heard the eerie buzzing sound of the OEI's Thunderbirds. "Gotta hide! Gotta hide!"

Ralphael quickly opened up a portal beneath his feet, falling straight into the gateway and landing inside a small abandoned warehouse located about a dozen or so blocks away from the Throne building. After closing the portal, he quickly remembered Kim and Daren. Worried for their safety, he opened up a small portal, just enough to let himself look through it. He saw the group surrounded by a couple of APC's and a bunch of OEI personnel. With a wave of his left hand, he opened up a wide portal over the unsuspecting grunts. Before they could react, hundreds upon hundreds of military quality construction bars poured out of the rift, forcing them to scatter and regroup. While they were distracted, Ralphael took the opportunity and opened up a small hole beneath Daren and the others' feet. "C'mon you guys! Jump in!"
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Post by: Krakow Sam on January 23, 2008, 06:15:52 am
"NO ONE GOES NEAR THE PORTAL!!!" roared Myrmer drawing a peculiar gun from his belt and firing a shot. A ray of brilliant green light blasted from the needle on the end of it and into the portal, narrowly missing Raphael as it was refracted by the portal surface and hitting a pile of metal struts. As the beam hit it showered the vicinity with molten droplets of searing metal and filled the air with the smell of burning and ozone. He calmed down slightly. "Frags. NOW!". A few grunts who hadn't been knocked off their feet by the shower of girders hurled a barrage of grenades into the portal mouth.
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Post by: emmet on January 23, 2008, 06:26:38 am
Vice rolled his eyes. "Oh yes, arrest a random bunch of civilians located near the criminal you were looking for, right ater issuing a bounty on him. That's the OEI way."

Vice sneered. "Now untie me! I'm Vigil!"
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Post by: Yuu on January 23, 2008, 07:31:14 am
"Today is a really bad day for me..." said a distressed Ralphael. "Think! Think! That's right! A ja-"

Just before he could finish talking, the explosives detonated, releasing a barrage of razor sharp fragments that would kill an ordinary man in an instant. As the smoke finally cleared, a churchbell about the size of an average person can be seen.  It had numerous scratches, mainly due to the tiny shards that tried to hack their way into it's interiors.

"It still... got me..." a voice said inside the bell. "I gotta... go ba- Ahhh!"

Soon afterwards, a portal formed under the bell and it plunged down into it, promptly disappearing after the bell was gone.
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Post by: Krakow Sam on January 23, 2008, 09:36:06 am
"Oh, you aren't going anywhere, sunshine." said Myrmer, shooting a scornful glance at Vice as the portal on the ground closed up "Well, except back to HQ. All you scum are going to be given the personal attention of the Chief Executive." He turned to his men and barked a few orders. "Load them onto APC's, I'm not risking teleporting them, especially not with Likely's connections. Ha! I suppose that clears up where he got that personal translocator from!"
He turned to leave for a moment and then turned back to his men "and I want as much sensor telemetry on that portal as possible. Oh, and one of you maggots must have got a decent snapshot of that man's face, I want a squad of eliminators on him before he opens up one of those things inside a bank or something. NOW PEOPLE! NOW!!!"
He turned and said a few words into his earpiece, vanishing as he was teleported to HQ.
The Bags went back on everyone's heads and they were shoved into the transports, which rumbled out of the Red zone and made a beeline for the HQ.
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"I sent a short video of him back to my HQ. I'm sure we can conjure up a deal if you GET THIS BAG OFF MY HEAD!!"
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Post by: Krakow Sam on January 23, 2008, 11:18:32 am
"Shut up you!" said a trooper, elbowing Vice in the side, then gasping as the bruise was transferred to him. "What the?! Bah! Damn mutant!"
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Post by: PatMan33 on January 23, 2008, 11:38:19 am
"I think they're called Meta-Humans." Vincent said.

His phone began to ring in his pocket, the team of OEI Agents was serenaded with the theme from Flash Gordon.

"Someone want to hold my phone up to my ear?" Vincent asked.

Theodore sat on a bench in one of the OEI courtyards, a warm breeze blew through the area and the simulated sound of birds chirping could be heard. He was calling Vincent through his communicator and waiting for him to pick up, it was about lunch time and he wanted someone to talk to.
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Post by: emmet on January 23, 2008, 11:53:16 am
Vice switched on his visor again, but it remained static. He quietly murmured something to himself, and hoped that some of the nearby men were of the gullible type.

"Yes, the camera on the side of my helmet... I'll get it all.."
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Post by: Brandonazz on January 23, 2008, 01:46:57 pm
A backwards glance in mid run confirmed to Jordan that he was no longer followed. He came to a stop and fell against the nearest wall, panting rapidly. A tepid second glance, just in case. Still nobody. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply, only to feel the constraints on his wrist tighten against his already sore flesh. Dammit, I want these things off. An idea. He stretched out his hands and, using his fingertips, slowly lifted his jacket until his back pockets were exposed, whence he slid his middle and index finger into one, and emerged with a small, pen sized object. A tap on the end made its counterpart light up. Jordan slid the object up against the filament, and concentrated, holding it in place. Ten seconds passed, eleven, The filament broke and he brought his hands forward, wringing his wrists. An absorption of Jordan's surroundings seemed in order. Some sort of alleyway, probably a red zone. A smattering a grungy clothing hung off a building to his right, from what appeared to be torn elastic. The building's once possibly white paint was peeling, and the ground about it was littered with bits of trash and stone. He turned to face the building upon which he rested, as well as others within his line of sight. All of them exhibited similar states of neglect and disrepair. Jordan noticed the dwindling sunlight. I suppose it would be better if I set out at night. A rest would be nice too.

He made his way towards one of the run down buildings and stepped inside, tossing his coat in the corner and pulling out his small supply pouch. Condensed protein substitute tonight. He peeled open the pouch and began to nip at the chewy bar.
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Andrew sighed and went peacefully, despite the fact that he could slip out of the bag and hand restraints in an instant. 

"Am I supposed to be intimidated by going to see the Chief Executive?  I said I wanted to speak to his boss from the start."
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Post by: Krakow Sam on January 24, 2008, 06:13:23 am
"You're not talkin' to anyone!" said a trooper, confidently elbowing Vince in the side in an attempt to knock the wind out of him. Another voice piped up addressing Vice. "Ha! Like we care, if we act according to orders then you can't touch us". The man resisted the temptation to hit Vice and hit Vincent again instead.

The APCs quickly rumbled through town and pulled up outside HQ. The bags were not removed, and everyone was led through a series of corridors, occasionally stopping at a checkpoint and undergoing security scans. "We've been told to let you keep your weapons. The Chief executive can not be harmed by mere bullets!". The group were finally de-bagged and found themselves in a well-appointed waiting room. A large pair of doors dominated one side, a gold plaque on them reading "Chief Executive". From behind the doors came the muffled sounds of raised voices.
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Post by: emmet on January 24, 2008, 06:40:11 am
"I still can't believe this is happening. It's so utterly unnecessary." Vice murmured to no-one in particular.
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Post by: Yossitaru on January 24, 2008, 07:53:27 am
"Of course it's necessary, we were aiding the sniper's escape." Kim said with a sharp tone of sarcasm as she shakes her head to get her hair out of her eyes.
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Post by: PatMan33 on January 24, 2008, 09:12:38 am
Theodore called Vincent's phone again and still there was no answer, he frowned and walked back inside the OEI building. Seeing as Vincent was missing in action he decided to just head up to the cafeteria and get some food.
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Post by: Neoadept on January 24, 2008, 11:59:07 am
Daren sighed and glared at the mono-molecular blade.  "At least you aren't carrying the Sniper's weapon while yours is either in an evidence locker or in the hands of some red zoner."  He thought a moment before carefully setting the blade down.  "Did anyone catch if he was wearing gloves?  If he wasn't we might be able to convince them to lift some prints and get that bastard locked up."
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Post by: Krakow Sam on January 24, 2008, 12:06:45 pm
"The Chief executive will see you now"
The speakers on the wall played their message and then shut down. The sound of automatic locks and bolts sliding back came from the door, but it remained closed.
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Post by: PatMan33 on January 24, 2008, 12:50:52 pm
"Cool... so we can just walk in?" Vincent asked "Alright whatever."

He walked over to the door and kicked it with his foot a bit.
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Post by: Krakow Sam on January 24, 2008, 01:45:57 pm
"Hello everyone" said Myrmer, grinning behind the desk. He was lounging back in the executive's chair with his feet on the desk. On the desk in front of him sat the mirror visored helmet of the CE hazmat suit. The rest of the suit gleamed under Myrmer's coat, the disk of the stolen teleporter strapped over it. Papers were strewn over the floor and several pot plants had been upset, clearly a struggle had taken place.
"Such a shame the Noel was too paranoid to have security cameras in his office. It would have been much more of a challenge if I had had to knock them out first."
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Post by: PatMan33 on January 24, 2008, 02:09:01 pm
"Really?" Vincent said "Well aren't you clever."

He walked over to one of the windows and peered out at the city.

"So what's the plan then?"
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Post by: Krakow Sam on January 24, 2008, 02:24:56 pm
"Oh, I don't know. Obviously I have to kill you first. Then I guess I'll just work my way through all your stupid self-righteous vigilante friends." replied Myrmer, in a way that suggested he didn't even really care "it really makes me sick, all these people swanning around like they're SO great, 'Saving'..." his fingers shot up to form little quotation marks as he spat the word "...the world. Then I suppose after I've killed all the goody goodies I'll move onto the criminals who think they're so goddamn great... and then I just bask in the glory of being the most amazing guy who ever lived." He yawned and stretched, knocking the helmet off the desk. A man's head tumbled out of it and rolled part way across the floor.
"Oops. I suppose I'll have to clear that up after I've dealt with you. No need for people to get the wrong idea"
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Post by: Inkling on January 24, 2008, 02:47:59 pm
"Ok, that's enough."  Two more arms appeared below Andrew's normal ones, and with a quick motion all four hands were holding a gun of some sort.  Two were aimed at Myrmer's head, and two at the teleporter.

"You better have one hell of an ace up your sleeves, kid.  That, or you're just ****in' insane."
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: Krakow Sam on January 24, 2008, 02:52:57 pm
"Well, that is what my grade school psych evaluation said, but I figure I'm just too clever for such mundane tests" Myrmer leaned back hard and the chair reclined until it flipped over, Myrmer rolled backward across the floor, taking his energy weapon from his belt and firing a dazzling green ray at Andrew as he sprang to his feet.
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Post by: Yossitaru on January 24, 2008, 03:02:04 pm
Kim continued to watch the scene play out with a scowl on her face. Pulling out two orbs, she throws them together, one at the ray in an attempt to deflect or stop the ray and the other at Myrmer in attempt to stop him.
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Post by: Inkling on January 24, 2008, 03:06:26 pm
Andrew fired as he was hit by the green ray, a shotgun blast and a .45 slug narrowly missed Myrmer's head as Andrew's aim was thrown off.  The ray sheared off Andrew's two left arms and sent him flying across the room.
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Post by: PatMan33 on January 24, 2008, 03:12:15 pm
Vincent continued to look out the window as the excitement went on behind him, his phone began to ring once more and he picked it up almost immediately.

"Get your ass up to the Chief Executive's offic-" he was cut off as an explosion filled the room, his phone flew from his hands and bounced behind a bookcase.

Turning around, Vincent saw the Chief Executive's head on the floor laying next to a helmet. He picked the helmet up and thew it at the Sniper but it whizzed past him and left a divot in the window. Seeing as everyone was distracted by one thing or another Vincent grabbed the Chief Executive's head by the hairs and ran towards the Sniper.

"I'll show you to make fun of my family..." He yelled as he bashed the Sniper's face with the Chief Executive's head.
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Post by: Krakow Sam on January 24, 2008, 03:14:03 pm
Myrmer swatted Kim's orb away with a silver-gloved hand, the tough armour of the hazmat suit deflecting the small explosion as the orb detonated. Taken aback momentarilly by being attacked with a severed head he shoved Vincent back and flipped backward, yelling out in pain slightly as he landed on his bad leg. Crouching quickly he grabbed the helmet and rammed it onto his head. His eyes met with a tranluscent HUD on the inner surface of the helmet. "Wow, cool!" he said in a menacingly distorted and amplified voice. He lowered his head and ran toward Kim, attempting to tackle her into the ground, snapping off another green blast at Vincent as he ran.
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Post by: Yossitaru on January 24, 2008, 03:23:20 pm
As Myrmer ran at her, Kim dives back out of the room and slams the door on him. Sitting next to the door, she pulls out her robots and looks them over.

Bookworm: 25% charged.

"Damnit." she hissed as she pulls out the small robot and lets it float into the air.

As it floats over her head, she closes her eyes and concentrates on a chant as she listens for Myrmer to crash through the door.
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Post by: PatMan33 on January 24, 2008, 03:23:32 pm
The blast flew past Vincent and broke through one of the super-strong window panels that lined the office, there was a rush of cold air and blew papers and debris all around the room.

A loud alarm began to blare and Theodore was told of a disturbance in the Chief Executive's office. Since he was already in the elevator on his way up he had a head start over the rest of the Agents in the building and would have a few minutes to try to figure everything out.
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Post by: Krakow Sam on January 24, 2008, 03:25:45 pm
Kim was greeted only with the sound of the personal teleporter activating, and Myrmer appeared in the room near Andrew, he surveyed the scene quickly and then directed a kick at Andrew's head as he lay on the ground.
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Post by: Inkling on January 24, 2008, 03:34:15 pm
"Mmmpf," Andrew grunted as he took a hard blow to the head.  He was still reeling from the ray, but he was still able to reach over and grab Myrmer's foot.  His arm encased the leg and turned to stone, pinning Myrmer to one place on the floor.  Andrew reached up with the other arm and grabbed the hand that held the ray gun.
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Post by: PatMan33 on January 24, 2008, 03:39:36 pm
A sooting tone filled the room as the elevator arrived, the doors swiftly slid open and Theodore burst out with his gun raised.

"Everyone down, now!" he yelled.

Vincent ran up behind the Sniper and raised an odd looking gun, the air around it rippled intensely.

"Theodore! The Sniper is in the suit!' he yelled back "Shoot him!"

Theodore looked from Vincent to the metal suit and to the others in the room; due to the suit's internal mechanisms it blocked all psionic energies so Theodore was unable to tell who was behind the mask.

"All of you just get to the floor or I will open fire!" he ordered.
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Post by: Krakow Sam on January 24, 2008, 03:44:09 pm
Myrmer struggled to free himself for a moment, but quickly gave up and sent his body limp. Before Andrew could grab it he threw the raygun across the room, far from anyone, and slammed the teleporter's button with his free hand. The teleporter stuttered for a moment as it tried to decide whether Andrew was part of Myrmer's clothing, and then compromised by not teleporting the parts of the hazmat suit that Andrew had encased. Myrmer rematerialised on the other side of the room, a few meters from the gun, the boot section of the hazmat suit on his right leg was missing, the edges strangely frayed and tattered.
"Agent century!" he yelled, impersonating the late Noel's manner of speech as best he could (although the helmet's voice filters did a good enough job of that). "Kill these god damn terrorists right NOW!!!"
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Post by: PatMan33 on January 24, 2008, 03:53:11 pm
Theodore looked at the metal suit for a moment before glancing over to Vincent.

"The Chief Executive is not slated to have a personal teleporter installed until it has completed it's field tests." Theodore said "We would never equip him with untested technology."

He turned back to the metal suit and fired a shot into the man's exposed foot. At the same time a bright flash erupted from Vincent's gun and a beam of light flew towards the suit.
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Post by: Krakow Sam on January 24, 2008, 05:05:46 pm
Myrmer yelled in pain as the shot clipped through his leather boot and clipped his leg, but managed to move a little way and grab his own gun off the floor and fire a shot at Theodore. Vincent's laser shot hit the teleporter, partially melting the casing and causing the lights on its surface to flicker slightly.
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Post by: PatMan33 on January 24, 2008, 05:20:10 pm
Theodore jumped to the side and lifted the metal suit off the ground, he forcefully threw it and it's occupant through the wall and back into the Chief Executive's office.

"This is Agent Century." Theodore said into his communicator "We have an unknown assailant in the Chief Executive's office. Noel's status is unknown but the assailant is wearing his body suit and I fear that Noel may be dead. Request immediate backup."
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Post by: Yossitaru on January 24, 2008, 06:10:04 pm
Crawling over to the door, Kim looks back in. Taking in a breath, she points two fingers at Myrmer and finishes her chant. Two spiraling arcs of lightning fly out of her fingers and into the hazmat suit. Sliding back against the wall, she plucks the robot from the air and slides it back inter her bag.
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Post by: Krakow Sam on January 24, 2008, 07:02:28 pm
As the lightning hit Mymer was flung, spinning, into thr air, and the teleporter stuttered into action. Heavily damaged by the previous impacts and venting fuel, for a moment Myrmer flickered oddly, with successive layers of his outer clothing, and at one point even his skin, phasing out as the teleporter tried to distinguish what counted as its target and what didn't. At last with a snap like a thundercrack it finally gave out and Myrmer vanished. There was a clank as the empty hazmat suit fell out of the air and thudded on the ground. The air was silent for a moment, and then came a cross between a gasp of pain and a howl of rage. Myrmer staggered down the hall behind Theodore and grabbed him from behind, holding a wide-bladed knife to his throat.
Myrmer was a terrible site to behold. His clothing tattered and in some places burned, with blood streaming from his ears, nose and mouth, and his blonde hair singed and dripping with blood, sweat and grime. Where his pant leg was torn on his left leg it showed raw red flesh traced with distended blue veins, a last gift from his grandmother on her deathbed.
"NOBODY MOVES! OR PRETTY BOY HERE GETS IT IN THE NECK!!!" he roared, his voice horse and croaking.
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Post by: PatMan33 on January 24, 2008, 07:07:48 pm
"Mymer?" Theodore exclaimed "What the hell is it with OEI employees going crazy lately?"

A bright flash lit the room and Vincent's laser gun cut a clean path through Mymer's knife hand. Theodore elbowed Mymer in the stomach and ducked off to the side, aiming his gun at the man's head.
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Post by: Krakow Sam on January 24, 2008, 07:11:02 pm
Myrmer screamed and dropped the knife, clutching at his injured hand and slumping to the floor, moaning softly.
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Post by: Inkling on January 24, 2008, 07:13:47 pm
Andrew had reattached his two arms and regained his composure.  He had been standing back from the fight, waiting for an opening.  He now leaped forward at Myrmar and slammed him into the ground, grinding his face into the floor and forming stone restraints around his arms and legs.
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: Krakow Sam on January 24, 2008, 07:14:44 pm
Myrmer squirmed under Andrew's grip for a while, but eventually just slumped into unconciouness through trauma and blood loss.
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Post by: PatMan33 on January 24, 2008, 07:31:53 pm
Once more a gentle tone filled the room and the elevator doors opened up. A large team of heavily armed Agents rushed in and looked around in a somewhat confused manner, Agent One stepped out from behind them and surveyed the scene.

"Everything taken care of, Century?" he asked.

"Yes, it would appear that our 'Blackscope Sniper' was actually Mymer." Theodore said "And by the looks of things he murdered Chief Executive Noel and attempted to frame these people."

"Very well..." Agent One said, he turned to the Agents "Take Mr. Mymer down to medical and make sure he lives, then ensure that he finds his way to a holding cell and schedule a trial."

The Agents saluted and carried Mymer out of the office, Agent One walked across the mess and looked around.

"All of you go down to medical and get a checkup. I'm going to have the bounty on the Blackscope Sniper split amongst you all." he said, a faint comm signal caught his attention "Someone's phone is behind the bookcase... make sure you get it before you leave."

With that Agent One left the office and returned to the elevator, it had just arrived and another swarm of Agents began to survey the area. The elevator doors closed and Agent One disappeared back into obscurity. Vincent shuffled over to the bookcase and discreetly picked up his phone, he cleared his throat and walked toward the elevator.

"Well if you'll excuse me... I guess I need to go to medical. And I guess I need to get my weapons out of lockup, they better be there." Vincent said as the elevator arrived once more.

"Alright, let's get a move on then." Theodore said, funneling everyone toward the elevator.
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Post by: Neoadept on January 24, 2008, 08:18:30 pm
Daren, who had been spending most of the fight avoiding getting shot and trying to figure out how to use a short blade, nodded and stepped into the elevator.  He was silently glad to get a portion of the bounty, that Tesla Blade had been expensive, and he doubted it would be returned by some kind hearted red zoner.

The masked man strode down the street towards the Throne building, his snow white hair ruffling slightly in the breeze and his cane rattling against the ground with every step.  Trailing slightly behind him were three men wearing mirrored masks, a retinue most would call suicidally small at night this deep in the Taraq red zone.  He didn't worry in the slightest, he'd been working this continent for nearly a decade and the gangs had learned to avoid slighting him long ago.  They had learned this through the recordings he sent them, which showed in excruciating detail the twenty-four hours it took anyone who raised a hand against him to die.  Any gang leader foolish enough to order retribution was killed in the same fashion, along with every member of their family.

He reached the building and lifted the Tesla blade off the ground, careful not to dirty his hands.  He didn't actually have anything against dirt, but cleanliness fit the idea.  He looked it over briefly before handing it over to one of the masked men, "a sadly primitive example of an elegant weapon.  Nevertheless, return it to his apartment, we cannot have one of our participants failing to appear due to a lack of weaponry."  The follower took the blade and held it carefully.  He wouldn't see to his task until the master was safely returned to his home, because strict discipline was part of the idea as well.

The master stood and looked at the building for some time before turning back the way they'd come.  It was a pity, he'd intended to use that building, but it was too high profile even for his purposes now.  Now he would have to move back to the secondary location.  Still, all was well within the plan's parameters.
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Post by: Inkling on January 24, 2008, 08:40:00 pm
Andrew pulled himself into a normal human shape as his second set of arms dissapeared.  A large briefcase formed in is hand as he walked to the elevator.  He nudged one of the OEI operatives.  "Hey, you heard about the thugs that were knocked out in the Throne building when you hauled us up here?  I took the weapons off them before you all showed up."  He popped open the case to reveal a pile of guns and knives.  "I'm tired of lugging this stuff around.  Think you people can take this off my hands?"
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Post by: Yossitaru on January 24, 2008, 08:43:24 pm
Kim shuffled herself into the elevator. Pulling out her robots, she keeps quiet and starts fiddling with them. As soon as she got her money, she was out of there.
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Post by: PatMan33 on January 24, 2008, 10:45:03 pm
Vincent left the OEI HQ with his meager reward, twenty thousand credits (The rest of the ten million credit bounty was taken by the OEI to cover 'damages') and a promise to have lunch with Theodore some time soon. He grabbed a cab to Taraq and arrived on a small street just as the sun was beginning to set. There were a few buildings on the street, some were made of brick and some had painted facades; one thing each building had in common was that it had seen better days, they were still perfectly livable though. Vincent approached a small one story building that was painted a creamy yellow color, the sidewalk out front was cracked and peppered with small plant growth. A strong iron door stood across the entrance which was set into the building a bit, the letters 'DVB' were printed on a pane of glass that was situated behind four thick bars. Vincent pressed a red button that sat below a small video screen, a heavy steel grate slammed down behind him sealing him in the tiny entranceway.

"DV Bounties; your solution, our problem. This is Diandra speaking, how can we hel-" a red haired woman (Diandra) said somewhat lackadaisically, she stopped when she saw Vincent.

"Hey!" Vincent said, waving his fingers innocently.

"Where in the hell have you been?" Diandra yelled, her face becoming as red as her hair "It's been two days since you checked in!"

A child on a bike had stopped just outside of the grating and was laughing, Vincent waved the kid away.

"Uh... well I had a run in with the OEI and I..." Vincent said slowly.

"Again? You got in trouble again?" she yelled.

"What? Like you haven't ever gotten in trouble with the OEI before?" Vincent blurted out.

"Oh man! Wrong answer Vince!" the kid on the bike said before riding off.

"Wait I mean..." Vincent looked at the screen but the woman was nowhere to be seen.

The steel door flew open and the red haired woman was standing there with a shotgun in her hand. She was short, the top of her head barely reached Vincent's shoulders. Vincent stumbled back against the steel grating and the woman stepped toward him.

"Got anything else to say, smart guy?" the woman said, cocking the shotgun for effect.

"I-I got the bounty on the Blackscope Sniper!" Vincent said triumphantly.

The woman stared at him for a moment before lowering the gun and smiling.

"Nice!" she said with a grin "Another notch in our belt."

"You bet!" Vincent said "Can I come in Dee?"

Dee stepped aside and let Vincent pass, he kissed her on the forehead and entered the building. The inside of the building had neon blue carpeting and eggshell white walls, a long yellow desk with a fake wood veneer sat in the corner and there was a large computer sitting on it. On the opposite side of the room was a brown sofa with a coffee table that had a few old magazines strewn across it; on either side of the sofa were two fake fern plants that had accumulated a good bit of dust. The far wall had a small wooden door in it that lead into a back room.

Vincent laid down on the sofa while the woman took a seat in front of the computer. She stared at the screen for a bit as she entered the data and verified Vincent's claim.

"How much did you get?" she asked.

"Twenty thousand." Vincent said, slapping a check onto the coffee table and kicking up a small cloud of dust.

"Wow... point zero-zero-two percent. Is the OEI becoming generous?" Dee asked sarcastically.

"Maybe, but it probably had something to do with my friend Theodore being there with me." Vincent replied.

"Theodore? He the skinny one... the hot shot OEI Agent?" she asked.

"That'll be Theodore." Vincent said "One of the few good people the OEI has."

"Well that's good, we can add the Blackscope Sniper to our list of completed missions. Just another reason why we're the best!" Dee said, pumping her fist into the air.

"Damn straight!" Vincent said, doing the same "Hey any new jobs in the network?"

"Nah... same old same old. Some idiot is offering a million credits, no strings, to kill Gerald McPherson... hah!" Dee said "Not even gonna touch that one."

"Agreed." Vincent said "Anything else?"

"Small time things... might be worth taking a few just to keep in good form." Dee concluded "Otherwise we've got nothing."

"Sounds good." Vincent said "Alright well, I'm going to go get cleaned up; you and I are going down to Junion for a night on the town."

"Oh a date?" Dee said with a mischievous grin "Looks like you might know your priorities after all..."

Vincent stuck his tongue out at Dee and disappeared into the back room.
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When Daren got home he was pleased and slightly disturbed to find his Tesla Blade there, intact but with no sign of how it had returned.  It was...  Unsettling, but it did mean that in three days time he felt himself prepared to face the Dark Stranger.  As he walked over the border between the town and the forest the access card he'd been given beeped and the TransCorp logo glowed.  Somehow, the trees seemed different.  He'd tried getting through the forest before, but somehow, no matter how straight he walked, he'd come back out exactly where he'd gone in.  Now he was leaving the trees and entering a wide clearing with the Glass Needle dominating its center.  The Needle was a high tower, fifty meters at its base and tapering to a razor point at its peak, and besides the single front door appeared to be wrapped in one solid, seamless, mirror.  It was the islands tallest building, built on its highest hill, and reflected light like a beacon.  This time, Stranger wanted to be seen.

As he approached the Needle he noticed a cloaked man hefting a long thin cylinder and pointing it towards a different part of the forest.  "C'mon," the man muttered, "come and get it."  A human shaped machine, gleaming white and featureless aside from a few seams and panels, came running out of forest faster than a standard human could go.  The cylinder's front opened up to expose a white glow which quickly coalesced into a beam and struck the machine in the chest, slowing it marginally.

"Really, Doombringer," boomed a cold mechanical voice, "is this the best your toy can manage?"

"Not by a long shot," shouted the cloaked man.  The beam intensified and the machine was slowed to a slow walk.  Nevertheless, it continued to advance until it stood directly in front of him, at which point it reached out and tapped his shoulder.

"There," it said, panels across the are which might have been called the head sliding back to reveal a woman's face as the cold mechanical quality of the voice died away.  "I still don't see why I have to be part of these tests, you could manage just as well with a force gauge."

"Really Natalie," he replied, "is it so wrong to want a little companionship once in a while?  We've made enormous leaps in keeping the cadavers thinking properly, but they've still got the personality of a brick.  Besides," he said as he opened up a panel on the cylinder's side, "this is way over their heads.  This thing is supposed to be putting out upwards of fifty thousand Newtons, that was barely breaking five thousand.  Care to take a guess?"

"You're the theoretical physicist, Leonard, I don't know why-"  She glanced up and spotted Daren, "ah, you must be the Marstems kid, was wondering when you'd show up.  Elevator's straight in, he's at the top."  She bent back over the cylinder and the two spoke in hushed tones for a moment before she glanced up at a confused Daren, "go on then, he'll have been alerted by now and he doesn't like waiting."

Daren walked in and found a column of elevators in the buildings center, down a short hallway.  Surprisingly the buildings inside seemed to fit its outside perfectly, he'd expected some kind of dimensional twist like there'd been at Throne.  From the inside the mirror was a clear as glass crystal and he got a full view of the island as the elevator rose.  When the elevator reached the final floor he could see Stranger standing at the wall with his back to the doors, watching the town.  As the doors opened he spoke, "why are you so insistent on my end?  What have I actually done?"

Daren unsheathed the Tesla blade and held it before him, "you did try to wipe out human civilization.  And lets not forget those times you tried to poison half of New York, or any of your other plans that have been stopped over they years."

"Good," Stranger said, "it's not just because I'm your grandfather's enemy, or because I'm the Dark Stranger and you don't need more reason than that.  You're doing this for justice."  He turned to face Daren, "but I wonder if before we go through this again you'll tell me what you see outside that window?"

Daren let the blade drop slightly, uncertain.  "It's the island, Avalon."

Stranger chuckled, "rather provocative name, isn't it?  I could always pick them.  The island sanctuary of myth which evil could never touch upon.  I've used this little naturally occurring pocket dimension to establish a network connecting every major city on earth, and no one off this island knows it.  I've used that network to rescue thousands from every slum and war zone out there, most of them from Obano.  It's barely a fraction of a percent of the population of a single yellow zone, but it's more than most people could manage.  Admittedly," he said, scratching the back of his head, "I've also used it to establish the most efficient shipping company on the planet, but everything needs funding.  Avalon is my redemption, Mr. Marstems, and I hope you'll take that into account before you try to kill me again."

"You said it yourself," Daren said, uncertainty tinging his voice, "it's not that many compared to those you tried to kill."

"And you said it too, tried, tried and failed, thankfully.  The were only a few dozen people actually killed in my plans.  I know, they're still dead, but it's not as bad as it could have been."

Daren shook his head, "why are you trying so hard to convince me?  You beat me effortlessly last time and now we're on you're terms, why bother?"

"Because if I can convince someone who knows the full extent of my crimes and wants to bring me to justice that what I'm doing is right, then it probably is.  I thought I was doing things right last time too, but clearly I can't trust those instincts anymore.  I need an outside observer who doesn't benefit, and that's you."

Daren lowered the blade and gazed levelly at Stranger.  Avalon was a good thing, he couldn't argue that, and Stranger had been clean for nearly six decades...  "Tell me more."
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Once Vice had left the building, he kicked over a trashcan and swore loudly.

//I'm assuming that means you didn't get the bounty?// Vice jumped. He didn't know he was transmitting.

"The OEI reduced it to 20,000 credits anyway"

//Hmmm... Okay, you're off the hook. I'm more worried about you, man. You sure you'll be fine?//

Vice realized Rob, his HQ partner, was worried about his mental health. He didn't exactly have a clean history with that.

"Yeah... I'll take some meds. I'll be fine."

//See you tomrrow then. Over and out.//

An hour later, Vice was arriving back at his apartment. He wasn't feeling too good. He pulled off his visor and set it on his kitchen table. He looked around his apartment. A window covered one wall, revealing the huge building site occupying the previous location of the Vigil HQ. His furniture and walls were all obscured by the wealth of plants dotting his aprtment. He didn't know why, but he always felt oddly comfortable with them around.

Ever wondered why?

Oh no. Not again. Not now.

Allow me to explain.

"No!" Vice shouted gripping the table. Suddenly he felt like he was on fire.

"No..." Were all he said, before slipping out of consciousness.
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Kim finally arrives home. One hour at the OEI, even for a bounty reward, is one hour too much, especially so when the reward was raised only to be cut down for "damage costs". Collapsing one the couch, Kim pulls out the remote and turns on the TV and starts to halfheartedly flip through the channels. Yawning as her arm becomes more limp, she descends into sleep and drops the remote on the floor. On the screen, the shot cuts to a scene outside a Taraq prison. A man with dirty blond hair was being led in.

This was the scene yesterday when the alleged head of the HAMMER gang turned himself over to Vigil forces. We were able to get an interview with a Vigil representative on this latest...

The robot floats over and presses the off button on the television as Kim stirs in her sleep.
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"I like your apartment."

Vice stirred awake. He was on the kitchen floor, and there was a woman standing over him. She helped him up so Vice took the oportunity to look over her. She was tall, and blond, with vivid green hair. She wore light brown robes that were covered in some archaic writing. She grinned and him, and Vice couldn't help but smile back. She was very attractive.

"Oh! You must think I'm breaking in! I'm sorry! My name is Maia." She extended a hand, which Vice instantly shook. "I'm your ancestor."

Vice blinked. "What?"

Maia rolled her eyes. "Allow me to explain."

Suddenly reality glazed over, every feeling stopped and the colours blended into each other. Suddenly everythin moved very fast. As Vice watched the building he was in was dissassembled, as were the othr surrounding buildings. He was standing in a barren rocky place. Suddenly all the rock melted into lava and shot back into a crater, which sank underwater, bringing them and all the land with it. Vice atched as sharks swam backwards and schools of fish rewinded into the distance. Suddenly th land started to raise again, as all the water as pulled back in a reversed tidal wave. Trees reformed from shattered splinters and a forest instantly formed. He was standing in a meadow.

"You just experienced several thousand years in 5 minutes. Darius Miyan, this is the time of the first mage wars."

Her tone made it clear this was important, but for Vice it rang no bells. He knew he should be doubting this experience, but it all felt to real to be a hallucination. He felt the sunshine, for gods sakes!

"Ah. There I am." Maia interrupted his thoughts and directed his eyes to another Maia, wearing the exact same clothes and looking just as pretty. However the fabric was tor and her face was burnt.

"Surrender yourself now!" Shouted a man, appearing in the clearing. With a flick of his arm, a tree uprooted. However, instead of throwing it at her, he just let it topple.

"Did you feel that?" He cackled, as both Maias winced in pain, however, one was only from memory.

All of the grass in the clearing withered and died, and the injured Maia started convulsing on the ground.

"Oops! Did I do that?" He grinned, and kicked her in the head.

"How foolish of me."

The memory Maia was dying with the trees around her. The vison faded, and they rapidly snapped back to Vice's kitchen.

"In order to live, I presered myself in the flow of life. With the last of my energy, I preserved myself in a new family. The Maian family."

She paused.

"The Miyan family, as it's known now. I waited until my power would grow again, so I could awake. I was the sudden tremor in the magical world that jolted me awake. Luckily, I drew my strength from the world around me, not from the magical realm. Technically that means I'm not a mage, but it makes no difference. The point is, you have more power than you know, Darius. I'd like you to know I'm with you, I live in your blood. Darius, you're going to change, as will the world. Try to protect life, if not for their sake..."

Darius jolted awake, he was still on the kitchen floor, had it all been a dream?

for mine.
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A webbed hand wrapped around the top rung of the ladder, and Sparky pulled herself up. It was quiet up on the rooftop, but then the Neros Red Zone alway was. From up here she could see clean across it, deserted vistas and gang hideouts all lit in orange by the fading sunlight, cast in shadow by clouds of pollution from the rest of the city. It had a beauty of its own, far removed from the elite parks and statue near the OEI Headquarters, and it had been her home for seven long years.

She gazed into the sunset and reflected on the moment. Just another day in Obano.

End of Arc II
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The master stood above his collected forces, all standing in awe of him.  It was difficult to breed this kind of awe in people, at least without the power which most leaders who possessed this respect had.  But then, he reflected, there was more than one type of power.  The power to make people believe you had power, for instance.  The cane was part of that, that idea of power.  Even now he leaned on it, but when he walked he would occasionally seem to forget to use it, and people thought to themselves "he doesn't need the cane, it's all just a disguise," never suspecting that if he wanted to appear to need a cane, they would never guess it was a fake.  The cleanliness was part of it as well, people saw the way he worked, the way he moved, and it implied that if they didn't work just as carefully horrible things would happen to them.  Perhaps the strongest part of the idea was the mask.  It was engraved with countless lines and curves, which together suggested countless shapes but never solidified except in peoples minds.  It wasn't magic, it was merely an enhancement of people's tendency to see what they expected to see.  And while he was before them, their expectations were his to command.  A word, a movement,  all he had to do was plant the idea and the mask would make it manifest in their eyes.  Ideas were powerful things.

"My people!"  He called across the wide hall, though he didn't need to.  Those here had been with him for years, they couldn't help but pay attention when he was in the room.  They watched him and each saw their own idea of victory in the strange twisting lines of his mask.  "Our long years of work are nearly over, today we begin to assemble the final pieces of the Plan."  Internally, he added second Plan, but this time there would be no petty distractions to prevent him from his victory.  "Today we begin the purge of this worlds evil, and naught shall stand against us!  The game board is ready, and the pawns are in position.  Today, the world will dance to our words!"  To the idea of our words.  "Prepare yourselves!"  Those gathered reached up and removed their mirrored masks, quickly hanging white cloth masks in their place.  There was a golden wheel embroidered on the forehead of each.  For the first time in six decades, the Brotherhood of The Celestial Wheel would be seen by the world.  And the world would dance to the idea.
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   Mason's Mcloister’s stolen dinghy road the waves with ease as a light wind caressed the sea. The wind, that was the dead give away even for a person such as himself that he was getting close to shore, very close. Then he saw it, a tiny strip of sand just 100 feet away from him. It was the coast of Obano and the end of his 2 month journey at sea.

"Thank god", thought Mason ," That this voyage is finally over. Hopefully MANIAC won't start whining abou-".

   Suddenly without warning the boats keel struck something hard, sending the boats front end through the shallow water and into the sandy bottom. The boat, creaking and moaning as several of the boards along the hull buckled, slowly scrapped the bottom before finally skirting up onto the beach. The dinghy then continued up the shore and was about a third of the way on the beach when suddenly the boat tipped over, spilling Mason and some of his supplies onto the beach. Mason, lying face down a couple feet from the boat groaned as he pulled himself up from the painful fall.

"God damnit", said Mason, pulling up his overcoat and rubbing his chaffed arms.

You should have turned just a little more to the left, Mason. said a voice in a computer-like fashion.

Shut up MANIAC, you said to turn a little bit to the right and that's what I did. thought Mason.

What are you talking about, Mason? I explicitly told you to turn a little bit to the left.

Oh go to hell MANIAC, you can be wrong to sometimes.

   After brushing the sand of his combat khaki's and putting on his sun glasses, he quickly gathered what had fallen off the boat and put it in his weapons harness. Soon he had finished putting everything in its proper place and was about to go back to the boat for the rest of his supplies when suddenly MANIAC chimed in.

Leave those other things there, Mason. We have to get moving to the city.


No buts, Mason. We'll just have to find some food and water along the way. In the meantime, could you please bring up the memory of the map.

Look, thought Mason, I can't just bring up memories like some program or file. I'm a human being, not a computer.

Very well then, I will bring up the memory for you.

   Suddenly thousands of images flashed before Mason's eyes. Suddenly, he saw when he was drinking sake in a bar in Tokyo, he saw when he went to London and visited Buckingham palace. All of his memories were being brought to the surface and reviewed. Suddenly the images focused on one image in particular, a picture of a map on a computer screen.

Ah, here it is. Now then, we should be a quadrant 9.7 right now, a red zone. We have to get to the city in quadrant 43.2. So if we travel at a walking speed of 3.4 miles per hour and take no detours or breaks, it should take approximately... 19 hours to reach our destination.

Nineteen hours?!? I'll be half starved by the end of it, there's probably no food or water for at least 6 miles. There's got to be a faster way.

I really don't care Mason if there's even an express train from here to the city, so long as we get there I will be happy. Now get moving Mason, before I have to move for you.

   Grudgingly, Mason obeyed and started to walk over the crest of the beach and into the Obano interior. He would have to worry about luxuries like food and water later, for when it came to the wishes of MANIAC it always got what it wanted.
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Theodore sat idly in in a waiting room while a teleport was prepared to take him to a Red Zone on the outskirts of Neros. There had been reports of a shadowy figure skulking about and killing people and It was too good to pass up as he currently had no leads whatsoever on the shadow man that had taken control of Happy. A few minutes later Theodore found himself standing in a closet that was situated somewhere around the third floor of an abandoned tenement. He slipped out of the closet and made his way to the ground floor, the most recent murder had taken place about a block away and that was his first destination.
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Jordan blank wearily in the early morning sun, then sat bolt upright. He sighed and let himself relax. Falling asleep in this hovel wasn't exactly his plan, but nothing seems to have come of it. A flipping through the contents of his supply pack made sure. The building was quiet, and a seagull sounded in the distance.

Jordan stood and rubbed his eyes, leaning against the wall. In the light, he could see where he had spent the night. The wallpaper, now peeling, had once been a repeating geometric pattern. A light colored rectangle of floor space showed where a couch had sat. A bit of smashed pottery nearby indicated that the house was at some time decorated and livable. Enough sightseeing. He heaved off the wall and made his way outside, sucking in a lungful of air. Red zone air wasn't always pure, but it had a nice rustic quality to it that reminded Jordan of Seattle, with a dash of Caribbean. I suppose it's for the best to make my way back to the lab. He glanced at his several unused syringes. On second thought, a few more tests couldn't hurt. Just as he looked up, he saw someone disappear around a corner; not avoiding, but quite intent on business. Jordan thought he'd follow, and increased his pace.
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This is it, huh? Ralphael came out from his portal, narrowly missing a nearby puddle. That was close. He then made his way to the scene of the crime, hoping to find anything that might help him in his private investigation. His left hand was still recovering from the incident at the Throne, but it was well enough to hold a gun.

While nearing the corner of a street, he saw Theodore. He also saw another person following him. I might as well tag along. Doesn't hurt having someone else near you in this kind of place.
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  Mason had been walking through the red zone for 4 hours straight and all he had seen was mile after mile of deserted neighborhoods and abandoned industrial parks. He was starting to think that maybe a plague had struck or something as he walked through the desolate landscape. But still he quietly trudged along through the zone, taking in the bleak scenery as it slowly rolled by. Suddenly he saw building and a person down the block, a rare sight considering he had only seen maybe 11 people along his whole trek. Mason then noticed something odd, another person was at the side of the house walking toward the back and he was being trailed by the other figure. It was then MANIAC chimed in with his view.

What an odd scene, Mason. Ignore my first request about no detours and find out what is going on.

It's as if you read my mind. thought Mason.

It was then that Mason began to approach the scene, hoping he could find out what was going on. He reached in his coat and checked the ammo count on his bolter though, should things start to get "dicey".

OCC: Changed a little bit of the post to remedy a little location crisis.
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Theodore stopped and rubbed his head, sometimes he needed to remind himself of the state of things.

Four people following me? Really? What a day...

A gunshot sounded and Theodore's hand flew out in front of him, the incindeary round streaked off to the side and set itself into the ground. Theodore turned and looked at a large apartment building and scanned it, the unknown fourth presence Theodore had detected lingered inside. A brief struggle could be heard within one of the lower rooms before a man came hurtling out of a window; he flew through the air and stopped in front of Theodore, suspended by an unseen force.

"Firing upon an OEI Agent is a crime punishable by ten years in solitary confinement." Theodore said as if he were reciting from a book "Under OEI Code four, Section three you are to be sent back to HQ for processing. However I am willing to let you go if you can tell me anything about a shadow man who has been spotted in this area."

"I ain't telling you anything, pig!" the man yelled "Go on, do your worst!"

"Very well." Theodore said, the man vanished.

It didn't matter anyway, Theodore had already sorted through the man's mind and he knew nothing of the shadow man; he did however have quite a few crimes to answer for and the OEI would see to it that he was punished accordingly. Theodore continued on his way, looking down back allies for any clues; he made sure to keep an close watch on the three who were following him.
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Well, that was quick. Ralphael said in his mind, after witnessing the quick event. Might as well carry on. There isn't much to do for me elsewhere.
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Daren stared at the board.  This should be patently impossible.  He was in check mate and not a single piece had been removed from the game.  He looked up and glared and Stranger, who sat at the other side grinning.  "I thought that little stratagem up after generals started comparing losing men to sacrificing pawns in chess.  It took twenty years of off and on planning, but I think it was worth it to prove a point."  He leaned back, "of course, I've never actually managed to show it to any generals, so I suppose it was a bit of a waste.  Still like it though."

Daren glanced at the small crystal clock on Stranger's desk. which had taken a week for him to understand, and stood.  "Mabey I'll learn it some time, but I've gotta go.  Criminals to take down and all that."  Over the past month he and Stranger had developed...  Not quite a friendship, but a mutual respect.  So far Stranger seemed to be on the straight and narrow, aside from never following the usual border crossing protocols with TransCorp, which according to Stranger was just fine because the physical borders were never actually crossed.  Daren was going to look into that, but he suspected it was right.

The master sat at his desk and removed a small data pad from a drawer.  With a few taps upon its screen the pad beeped and the screen was filled with the words "Transmission Sent."  After ten seconds the device fried its own circuitry.  There was almost no chance of the transmission being traced even if the data pad was intact and they had been waiting for it, but it always paid to be careful.  Besides, it fit the idea.

In a penthouse in Neros city a man in fifties stepped out of his bedroom in a business suit which managed to be both completely sensible and convey that he was undoubtedly better than the person looking at him.  "Good morning Jeremy," he said to the body guard standing by the door, despite that it was early afternoon.  When you were as powerful as he was, you could wake up when you pleased and blame the sun for being early.

"Sir," replied the bodyguard respectfully.  The only personal touch to his clothing was a single ring which, instead of a precious stone, was set with a small mirror.  Just as the man was sitting down to what he would only ever call breakfast, the guard's watch beeped.

As he reached down to turn it off the man glanced back at him.  "Jeremy, what was that?  I don't recall you having an alarm set for...  Ever."

"Change of the guard, sir," Jeremy replied as approached the man.

"I don't recall requesting a-"

"You misunderstand, sir", Jeremy cut him off, taking a canister from his back pocket and spraying its contents into the man's face.  As he drooped forward under the sedative's influence Jeremy continued, "I'm changing who I'm guarding."  He dragged the limp body to a closet which had been mysteriously empty for over a year, not that such an important man would ever notice something so low as a closet.  He shoved the body in, turned the lock which, for whatever reason, was on the inside of the closet, closed the door, and flipped the light switch outside.  There was a brief flash of blinding light from under the door, and the guard turned to leave.  Anyone who opened the closet now would find it empty, though prying off the dry wall would reveal that it concealed a one use point to point teleportation system which had fried the coordinates thoroughly from its circuits.

Across the continent several similar scenes unfolded at exactly the same time.
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Jordan heard a small disturbance behind him and dodged into a side alley. A quick glance confirmed his suspicions; he was being followed. He didn't have time to further ponder the almost amusing situation when a loud bang pierced his thoughts. Jordan spun his head back towards the subject of his skulking, and saw a scorch mark not far off to his right, a wispy smoke trail curving from directly towards him to straight into the ground. A man came hurtling into view. The subject, that increasing unsettled Jordan, spoke too softly to hear at the man who was unwillfully hovering before him. The response revealed that he had been given an inquiry that he had no desire to acquiesce. He vanished abruptly.

Jordan intook breath sharply. He had just noticed something. The syringe wasn't moving. His eyes turned downwards. The syringe wasn't moving. The telekineses was Completely.

He grabbed the syringe and jabbed it into his leg. If running was necessary, he would be ready.

Could he have the gene? I must find out. Do I speak with him? No, too dangerous. Further observation is needed.
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Theodore rounded the street corner and looked up at the remains of an office tower; it stood a few yards away and its higher portions had long since collapsed into the buildings behind it, all that remained was a stub of a structure roughly three stories high. A quick check of the area revealed no life signs and even fewer clues; Theodore sighed and sat down on an old bench, he was beginning to think that he was wasting his time.
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   Mason was walking over to the strange scene when suddenly a large bang echoed through the block. Startled, Mason hearled himself to the ground and threw his hands over his head. After a few seconds of keeping his head down for fear of stray shots, he looked up and saw a that things had drastically changed. A man was walking away from the apartment complex and had just turned down the next street while a streak of smoke was slowly flowing from a dark spot on the sidewalk. The man he wanted to talk to was hiding in a nearby alley way, observing the man as if he had peaked his attention. Mason immediately knew what to do. After getting to his feet he brushed of his coat and began walk toward the man in the alley, knowing that doing so might get him more than just an explanation.
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Wait, my cell's ringing. "Umm... hello? No. I wasn't ordering another pizza. Sorry, but I think you have the wrong number."

While Ralphael was putting his phone back in his pocket, he realized that the man in the front had stopped. The man then sat on a bench. Seems like a normal place to me. I guess I was just wasting my time...

Ralphael, thinking that he just wasted his time following the two, was clearly disappointed. I guess I'll look around somewhere else. But just in case, I'll place a camera right here... There, that should do it. With that, Ralphael took a cab back to the nearest GreenZone, hoping that he'd have a better chance of finding a lead next time. Before he could reach his destination though, he ran across a large group of mobsters. It seems that his work wasn't over yet. Without hesitation, Ralphael wore his mask and jumped out of the vehicle while it was still moving. Taking a second glance at the group, his suspicions were confirmed, they were the ones in the morning news.

"Let's get busy!"
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"Well that was the worst waste of five thousand credits." Kim mumbled as she dropped a charred box into a trash compactor, "Something must be wrong with your sensors." Kim snapped as she turned and plucked the small robot out of the air and clenched it in her hands, "A perfectly fine item can't explode in less than a week." Kim slams the robot on the table and pulls a screw driver out from seemingly nowhere and starts dissembling the robot, "While I'm at this, tell me, anything new in terms of bounties?"

"Actual bounties, there are currently none, however, there are a few reports lead from OEI..--" Hub started but was cut off by Kim.

"Nope, not doing any more from the OEI, we had enough of a mess last time."

Kim pulls over a magnifying glass and looks at the array of wires and chips inside the robot.
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"That was over fairly quickly." Ralphael slighted, before striking down the gang leader with a large globe, knocking him unconscious. "Now you'll think twice before robbing a bank. I'll let the cops handle the rest."

"I'll be taking that." Ralphael grabbed the handle of the gang leader's pyroblade and pulled it from the pavement. "This is so hot I could barely touch it! Good thing I wore my gloves..." One more weapon to add to my arsenal. It's getting large fairly quickly, if I do say so myself.

He was just about to walk away from the scene when he heard gunshots, very loud gunshots. And, from the sound of it, it came from the dilapidated office building. Ralphael sprang into action, hoping for the man's safety. "I hope I'm not late." He quickly grabbed his phone and connected it to his small camera. Nineteen. Guns all of 'em. "I better be careful on this one."
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Vice waved his hand over the biggest potted plant in his apartment, and suddenly he felt stronger. He did it again and he felt the strength suck out of him, hoever the green washed back through the plant as if it had never died.

Then he turned to a new pot, with fresh soil but which only contained one seed. He let one arm hover over the pot, and the other pointed at a nearby plant. As Vice watched, that plant died but, incredibly, a sprout, followed by leaves, followed by an entire adult plant grew out of the soil in seconds.

"I can't believe this is happening to me." Vice slipped on a coat and headed outside for a walk. He'd been in his apartment messing around for over a day now.

As he was walking out he saw a bag of climbing ivy seeds on his hall table. On a whim he grabbed the bag, found a burlap satchel he had never used, and emptied the seeds into it. He slung the bag oer his shoulder and walked outside into the Neros Green Zone.
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Teller was lost... which was impossible, because he had a GPS.
He had been instructed to seek out the people he had helped to take down the weather girl and 'assist' them. The way his father spoke he could have meant anything by that, so Teller had decided to take it literally, unfortunately that meant tracking them down. He had decided to start with Daren, because from what he had read he had a family history of being sensible. There didn't seem to be anything sensible about visiting the same empty wood every week for the last month. A bird laughed at him from a nearby tree, or at least thats how it seemed. Teller was starting to prefer synthetic wildlife.
On the brink of giving up, Teller changed direction one last time in the hopes that this time he might not end up back where he started.
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Daren passed his access card through the air in a small open space in Avalon's forest and stepped through into Obano.  He'd started taking this way because it opened out near the Needle, and after the Tesla blade had shown up in his apartment he wanted to take routes that couldn't be easily followed.  And, he added, it's nice to get out of red and yellow zones once in a while.

The man from the penthouse awoke slowly, his eyes blinking open against grogginess.  Not that it made much difference, there was a bag over his head.  And after an attempt to remove the bag he determined that he was tied to a chair.  A cold steel chair.  For a man who hadn't sat in anything without at least two inches of cushioning for the past twenty years, it was a shock.  After brief consideration he marshaled all of his authority and spoke in a dead calm voice which most employees considered more terrifying than the loudest shout.  "I demand to be released at once.  If you comply, I will press for slightly more lenient charges.  You might even see sunlight in the next thirty years."

"Ah, Mr. Porter," said a voice which proclaimed that his calm voice was amaturish and that he was in the presence of a master, "very impressive.  Most people ask 'where an I?' in this situation.  Your level headedness is commendable.  Incidentally, you are at your trial."

Thoughts flashed through Porter's head.  Bag over head, steel chair, trial?  Those bastards!  He was above the OEI, and they damn well know it!  "The OEI wouldn't dare-"

"No, Mr. Porter, they wouldn't.  That is why I am doing it.  You'll find that I am not so easily swayed by large amounts of money, so I suggest you stop thinking of the right figure to offer me."  There were footsteps as the man stepped closer, "and I suggest you compose yourself, you and your associates will want to look your best for the premier."

"Premier?  Associates?"  Porter asked uncertainly.  This man was unnerving him.

"Television, Mr. Porter.  On your network as it happens."  There was a very deliberate sound of a watch being checked.  "I do apologize, but I only put three minutes between the wake up times for each of you, and the next associate is about to wake.  Good day, Mr. Porter, I will speak with you again soon."  There was the sound of receding footsteps followed by a heavy door being shut.

Anyone watching the Obano News Network at that would have heard the report on six business men across Obano going missing at approximately the same time.  It was admitted that it was too early to declare them missing officially, and that it was unusual for them to know so soon after the event, but they had their sources.  The OEI was yet to release a statement.
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Oh, snap! It was about time he had some luck.
"Hey! Marstems!" Teller called out to Daren. Waving to attract attention and to make sure he wasn't armed. "Long time no see!"
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The hell? Jordan turned around as he heard the clatter of his stalker approaching him. An agent? A lunatic? No matter, it isn't worth the risk. He slid through an old doorway into the near-ruins he was alongside and dodged through the dilapidated halls toward the front of the house - facing the target of his interest. He was about to take out a scanner, slightly less effective at distance, but enough, when his stalker reached the back door of the building, creaking it open. Dammit, I've gotta get out of here. His eyes shifted towards the front door, then back at the subject. He was looking away, apparently lost in thought.

Jordan made a run for it across the street; it took no more than one full second. Hopefully, that was fast enough to not attract attention. He stood frozen alongside the door frame in the second structure.
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Theodore watched out of the corner of his eye as a man dashed across the street,while it was not an odd site in a Red Zone he knew it was one of the men who had been following him. Standing up, Theodore began to walk towards the man but he stopped suddenly.

"Century! " a voice in Theodore's ear said "Change in plans, you're going to a Green Zone across town to check out Gabriel Porter's penthouse. Seems that he up and disappeared. This case is marked as top secret until further notice. Good luck, out."

"Roger." Theodore said "I'll leave momentarily."

Checking his map, Theodore noted that the Green Zone he was headed toward was quite close. While rare, there were some places in which the landscape seemed to change so drastically that Green Zones would run right into Red Zones; for these locales massive walls that could be up to five stories tall were erected to keep the Green Zone occupants safe. By and large these walls were very successful in doing their job. Theodore turned away from the man and walked toward the Green Zone, the top of the wall could just barely be seen over the horizon.
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Jordan exhaled shakily. His breath had been held in tightly as he was approached. I must know why he halted; I must know who this man is. I must know if he has the gene, damn the risks. He stepped outside of the door and clenched his fists tightly, facing the stranger's back and intaking a deep breath.

"Why did you stop?" Jordan winced slightly when he saw the man hear his words.
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Daren spun to see who had called out, this wasn't an area frequented by...  Anyone.  He looked over the man quickly and recalled him from the Happy incident a couple months back.  The one he was still convinced had been at least a little crazy.  "Hi," he called back, "Teller, wasn't it?  What are you doing out here?"

There was the sound of the door being pushed open again and footsteps approaching.  "How are you doing, Mr. Porter?  It's almost time for our big debut."

"Tell me what's going on!"  Porter shouted, he was panicking now, "I am Gabriel Porter, and I will not be-"  He stopped mid sentence and screamed as a needle was plunged into the small of his back and into the spinal column.  The pain intensified for a moment as something was injected before the needle was removed.  "What did you do?!"

"That question is very difficult to answer, Mr. Porter.  I suppose you could call it insurance.  I have injected you with a rather unique slow acting toxin, which will kill you in twelve hours if I do not administer the antidote.  It takes twenty four hours to synthesize one dose of this antidote, even if they could determine the toxin.  And so you see, Mr. Porter, escape is very inadvisable."  There were the footstep receding again, "and now I must prepare the broadcast."  The door closed again, but not before another set of foot steps entered.

"What's going on?  Who's there?"

"Change of the guard, sir."

"Jeremy?  Why are you doing this?  I demand you let me go immediately!"

"You are no longer in charge, sir.  Your corruption will be punished."
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"Um... to be honest. Looking for you. I don't suppose theres anything you need assitence with, in the sphere of... well, superhero stuff?" replied Teller, feeling nervous despite himself. It was more effort than it was worth to turn off emotional simulation.
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Theodore turned around and looked at the man.

"Why did I stop?" he repeated "I have to go elsewhere. If you're going to follow me just walk out in the open, I know you've been trailing me for the better part of an hour now."

He continued walking toward the wall.
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Jordan quickened his pace until he came up alongside the figure. They walked in silence for a few moments before Jordan asked him another question.

"Are you the reason I can't..." He tried to exert telekineses unsuccessfully and induced a slight headache.

The force is even stronger this close. He must have something useful.
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"You're having interference?" Theodore asked "I may be the cause of it however it seems odd, are you sure you haven't suffered any trauma recently? And what is this about me having something useful; if you think you're going to trick me or capture me you're mistaken, I'm the best telepath in the OEI."
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Daren's mind raced, if he's here to find me he was either following me went I went over to Avalon or has been watching long enough to know I'd show up here.  Either way...  "Not at the moment, though I'm sure there's something in a red zone that needs to get done.  Um, speaking of assistance, did you happen to return my Tesla Blade to my apartment about a month ago?  It just showed up and it's been bothering me."
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Damn, he has telepathy as well. Hey! Stop that!

"My telekinesis is based on a mental awareness of the magnetic field of the Earth. It was the most effective way of turning natural human abilities into superhuman abilities without completely changing my genetic makeup. Your field must be disrupting mine. That's terribly impressive considering that I couldn't make anything move in the slightest from quite a distance." He met the strangers eyes. "And I have no intention of trying to capture you. It isn't right to genetically alter people against their will."

Then it hit him. The OEI. Jordan paled slightly.
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Hmmm, thought Mason

Stop thinking about that black patch on the ground and follow that man I told you to follow! He just turned the corner and is getting away!

Looking around, Mason realized MANIAC was right, the man by the door was gone. Not wishing to lose the man, he ran to the street corner and looked around. He saw two men walking to a large wall of in the distance. He quickly surmised that one of them was the man MANIAC wanted tailed and quickly speed up his walk. Then when he was only 35 ft away from the men, he slowed his pace and began to listen intently to the conversation they were having.
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"I'm just going to pretend I didn't hear any of that." Theodore said as the wall neared "I need to go into the Green Zone, if you want I can get you safe passage through."
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"That's most gracious of you."

Jordan looked down and fiddled with his thumbs for a bit.

"Do you know what Antimetisis is?"
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Teller shrugged "Sorry, I've been out of the country for weeks since we put down weather girl, no idea who returned your knife". Something at the back of Tellers mind was bothering him slightly. "Excuse me for a second". Staring into the middle distance, Teller slowly waved his hand in front of his face as if feeling the air, searching for a better signal, scanning the invisible television tranmissions all around him, even out here in the relative wilderness.
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"I can't say that I do." Theodore said, flashing his ID card to the guards at the checkpoint "Is it something that you are allowed to tell me about?"

They stepped out of the checkpoint and were standing in a beautiful plaza surrounded by tall shiny buildings. The penthouse Theodore was supposed to go to was nearby.

"Actually I am interested in hearing more about this, I'm not supposed to do this but you seem capable and might even be helpful. Keep talking, we're going to be heading inside in a moment." Theodore said, leading the man into a massive tower.

They entered a private elevator and began to talk once more, behind them a large television screen was jabbering on about the daily news.
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I'm sure you've heard of people who can't be enhanced, genetically or cybernetically. They have an inherited defect known as Antimetisis. Back before metatechnology became the norm, this was common among the more intelligent of the populace. It increases natural human ability, you see. We now know that was only a secondary effect. It is an algorithmic pattern in a person's DNA that prevents modification. Any modification would change their protein structure and cause them to die. Implants are rejected from the body almost one hundred percent of the time. It prevents millions from reaching their full potential." Jordan straightened. "And I think I've found a cure in metahuman DNA."

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"A cure?" Theodore said "I shudder to think of a world in which everyone has some kind of power, it's hard enough dealing with the bunch of crazies we have right now. Personally I don't think we need everyone picking up cars and igniting trees on a whim, but I'm all for having a way of bringing everyone up tot he same level."
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Mason watched as the two figures disappeared behind a number of guards as a checkpoint neared. It looked like Mason's short chase was at an end.

Mason, we have to continue our chase. We need to get through those guards somehow.

Look MANIAC, we missed our chance. There's absolutely no way we can get through all those guards. We probably look like criminals anyhow with my overcoat and glasses.

But we need to follow them, we need to get in there.

MANIAC for the last time, NO! We are NOT getting in there and theres nothing you can do about it.

I'm sorry Mason but my wants overcomes your need inability to solve a simple task. This will only take a second.

MANIAC, what are you doi-

Suddenly Masons vision suddeny went white. He could no longer hear anything and his body felt weightless. When his vision finally came back, he found that much had changed. All 6 guards at the checkpoint were dead, all with a bolt through there head.

MANIAC! What the hell did you do?

I gave you your solution. Now lets continue on our way. And if you don't, I'll find some nice civilians for me to slaughter.

Disturbed and wishing not to get MANIAC to follow through on his promise, Mason quickly walked through the checkpoint undisturbed, carefully avoiding the bodies and soon was he was looking at the beauty of a green zone.
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"Well there have always been people that can perform amazing feats. Magicians, strong men, and people that have trained in one specific thing all their life to name a few. Some people are even born naturally with enhanced genetic traits. Never as strong as can be given manually, but still useful. Many such people actually suffer from Antimetisis, considering their bettered natural abilities, and some are perfectly normal and able to be modified." He sighed. "Which is why I confronted you. You're obviously carrying strong metahuman genetic traits. Those are the keys to curing this disease. Doing such a thing will cause the betterment of humanity. Just imagine it, everyone with the ability to control their own lives and better themselves." Jordan smiled.
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"Unfortunately not everyone is going to follow that dream." Theodore said "Already we have severe problems with drugs like Alpha-Metatropin and Meta-Booster; they're making people crazy and unpredictable."
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Jordan smile turned into a scowl. "Those drugs aren't true advancement. They only change hormonal levels an enzymes. They don't truly change you. Such things are heroin, opiates, nothing more. What I want is everyone to improve themselves, and pass those improvements onto their children until all of humanity has achieved perfection."
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"Hm... well I'll be interested to see what your results are." Theodore said "By the way my name is Theodore Century."

He extended his hand.
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"Jordan Rates." He shook Theodore's hand.
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The anchor woman at ONN paused in her report to smile and say, "we would like to thank the Obano Institute of Ideas for their generous contribution to the ONN's Green World charity, our corporation's charity for the improvement of Obano's city parks.  By their request we are now broadcasting a live stream from their spokes person."

The screen blanked out for a moment as the feed switched over.  The broadcast now showed a man who was mostly hidden by shadow.   "People of Obano, I have taken this time out of your daily news to say a great many things, which may upset the OEI enough to cut my broadcast and will undoubtedly run over our allocated time.  To that end you will note the web address at the bottom of the screen, which will be nearly impossible to block and which I encourage you to switch to if and when our feed is cut.  There you will once again be watching this program live.  I bring before you tonight six criminals of such proportions that the crimes of most red zone gangs are piddling by comparison.  These criminals have not only avoided capture, but the OEI has actively turned a blind eye to them and, for that reason, I have taken it upon myself to be their judge, jury, and executioner."

He nodded to someone off camera and six screens behind him lit up to show six men strapped to chairs with bags over their heads.  "These men are:  Gabriel Porter, owner of this-"  The feed was suddenly cut and the ONN remained in static for several seconds before the anchor woman appeared and began offering profound apologies.  On the website the broadcast continued unabated.  "-station, which has broadcasted OEI propaganda since its founding, reveling in its victories and barely touching upon failures.  Not to mention that it has never investigated the countless disappearances which occur every year.  Jonathan Mitchels, owner of the Obano Trade Corporation, which employs countless sweatshops across the continent, several of which employ child labor."  The list went on, the bag removed from each man's head as his name was spoken.

When he had finished the list he stepped out of the shadows to reveal a white ceramic mask with a golden wheel emblazoned on its forehead.  Two men wearing cloth versions of the mask stepped in from the sides to stand beside him.  "I am the Grand Master of the Esoteric Brotherhood of the Celestial Wheel.  We were defeated sixty years ago and went into hiding.  Since then this continent has fallen to ruin.  It has become clear that you are incapable of maintaining order within your own land, therefore we will be taking over, starting with this trial.  Over the next hours these men will be tried and will be punished based upon their crimes.  I will now allow them to make their opening statements, as they will be defending themselves."

The screens behind him were unmuted and the men, who had been shouting and struggling more and more with each word, were now heard.  Porter, who had managed to keep the levelest head, roared above the rest of them.  "Five hundred thousand credits to anyone who stops this madman!  Double if you do it before he kills me!"

The master waved a hand and the screens were muted again.  "Mr. Porter brings me to my next point.  Each of those chairs are fitted with explosives which will automatically activate and kill them if any OPF transport or teleportation signal is detected within one mile of our location.  To avoid accidental detonation, I will now reveal our coordinates.  We are in the former Neros museum, though, for obvious reasons, I will not reveal where in the museum I am or where in it each of these men are being kept.  Now, we begin the trial.  The evidence against Gabriel Porter is as follows..."
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Kim continued working on her robot as it beeped. A hatch on top opened and an image projects from it on to the wall. The Wheel's announcement played out.

"The hell? Why are you turning on video feeds without my requesting?"

"This URL has been receiving an extremely large number of hits, and..."

"Since when do you choose websites on the number of hits?"

"This was apparently originally to be shown on the Obano News Network. A declaration of presence from the former Order of the Celestial Wheel, as well as a hostage situation."

The robot quieted itself and allowed the video to explain the remainder itself.
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Sand piled up in drifts near The Wall, blown in from the desert over the long-gone environmental defenses of the Red Zone. It made a good hiding place whenever the Red Zone got busy, like it had today. Busy and violent. Sparky was only there looking for a crack in the wall, to get to the Green Zone's treasure trove of electric fences and expensive garbage, but she'd ended up witnessing a murder with her seventh sense.

But now there no guards at the gate. Her yellow face popped out of the sand, and the rest of her quickly followed. There was just the security camera between her and a few hours in the lap of luxury. She stayed out of its range of vision approaching the gate, until she was close enough to pull off her trick. A little flash of lightning arced into the camera from offscreen, burning out its fuse and leaving only static.

She waited. A few seconds passed, but still no-one had started shooting at her. Satisfied that she had so far gone unnoticed, she drew her hood over her face, tightened her cloak and plunged into civilisation. Electric Utopia.
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As the broadcast began Theodore turned and began listening to it intently.

"Porter..." Theodore mumbled shortly after the broadcast was cut off "We are heading to his penthouse right now..."

The elevator doors opened but Theodore remained in the car, the feed from the website had been patched into his visor. He pressed the button for the ground floor and the car quickly began descending.

"New plan, you and I are heading to the museum." Theodore said, putting the web broadcast on speaker so that Jordan could hear it "Can you handle yourself in a fight? If you can not I suggest you stop following me because the museum is only a few blocks away from here."

They arrived on the ground floor and Theodore dashed out of the elevator and into the street.

The man in white was standing in front of the museum, he was greatly disturbed by the broadcast that had gone over the television but unsure as to what he should do. All of the facts he knew said that what the group had claimed was impossible however the signs had predicted just such an event and it seemed to be coming to pass.
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"I can handle a fight just fine." His voice wasn't as sure as his words. "Here."

Jordan handed Theodore a syringe with a red substance inside, and took out a similar syringe which he plunged into his own neck. He pulled it out a put a dab of congealant on his neck, which quickly healed. "It's an enhancer. It will temporarily increase all of your abilities to a degree. Good for fights, not so good for general use."

He cracked his knuckles and lifted the empty syringes in the air with telekinesis, then let them fall into his supply bag.
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Daren glanced at the card in his hand and back at Teller.  Was it worth it?  He had no idea who this man was associated with, but by the man's tone things were serious.  "Tell me how bad this is and I'll tell you how fast we can get there."
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"Ok... your grandad tells you a lot of stories right, big bads he faught in the old days. Stranger, Doctor Parks, the Cherub's Fist, whatever." spewed Teller urgently "Does the Brotherhood of the Celestial Wheel ring any bells? Because it sure as hell does to me. Seems they aren't quite as dead as everyone thought they were."
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"Do it now."

Jason Wyomissing stood in the lobby of the First National Bank of Obano. There was a single teller on duty, a woman doing business with the teller, and two security guards by the doors. Jason held his other hand out in front of him and flexed his fingers, one of the security guards tapped him on the shoulder.

"Excuse me sir, are you okay?" she asked, her face suddenly contorted in pain and she keeled over.

Four long shining trails of silvery light shot out of the palm of Jason's hand and pierced the chests of the four bank occupants; they each fell to the ground, dead, sapped of every ounce of their energy. A loud alarm went off and a myriad of automated turrets descended from the ceiling, they opened fire but Jason was protected by a mysterious force that caused the bullets to simply ricochet away. He concentrated on the massive vault door in front of him; another silvery stream of light shot out of his hand and hit the door. Despite being made of the strongest metal alloys known to man the vault door crumbled away revealing a wealth of gold bars.

"YES! " cried a dark voice.

Theodore was struck by a familiar and powerful presence, he skidded to a stop and looked around. A faint alarm could be heard in the distance, a message appeared on his visor alerting him to an attack on the First National Bank of Obano which was only a block away.

"This way Jordan!" Theodore yelled "There's another situation that we need to attend to first."

They arrived in front of the bank in no time at all and were greeted by a group of Agents who had been sent to the scene as well.

"What's the word?" Theodore asked.

"Sir! It seems that someone is trying to rob the bank." the Agent said "He's OEI, Jason Wyomissing, the Necromancer."

"What!?" Theodore yelled "Damnit, I knew he was up to no good! Alright what of the automated systems?"

"They're not even scratching him so we turned them off." the Agent said.

"Hm... okay. Hold tight, I'm going in to check it out." Theodore said.

He approached the door slowly and looked inside, Jason could be seen standing in front of the broken vault door. There was a sudden energy burst that blew all of the windows out of the building and sent Theodore flying back into the group of Agents; a piercing scream filled everyone's head and a dark mist flooded the area.

"How nice to see you... Theodore, was it?" the dark voice said, the shadowy form of a man stepped out of the bank with Jason close behind "Again I applaud you for your efforts and once again I will inform you that you are too late."

The shadowy figure waved his hand and everything in the vault vanished.

"And now I bid you all farewell... ah before I forget." the figure placed a hand on the concentration enhancer that Jason was wearing "I'll be taking this little trinket as well."

A small spark arced between the device and Jason's head as the shadow man removed it, it was the only sign that something had just gone horribly wrong. Jason's eyes began bugging out and the shadow man looked at him, it was the first time he ever showed a look of surprise. His mental link with Jason had suddenly broken and it did not take long for him to realize his folly. While Jason was wearing the concentration enhancer his mind was extremely focused, because of this the shadow man was required to exert far more effort in keeping him controlled. When he removed the device he failed to adjust the amount of energy he was using to keep Jason controlled and it caused his mind to pop like a balloon. Any telepath will say that the insane are as easy to control as they are predictable, it now seemed that the shadow man was unable to keep Jason in check.

"Hahhh!" Jason said while he pulled a gold ring out of his pocket. "Yes..."

The ring had a small piece of amber set into it's surface and it seemed to emit an ethereal glow. Theodore found himself able to move and walked up behind Jason with his gun raised. On the other side of Jason the shadow man was looking at him curiously.

"You!" Jason yelled, pointing at the shadow man "I don't like you, you were inside my head! I think I'm going to kill you!"

The shadow man laughed as Jason ranted; Jason joined his hands together and uttered a few words, there was an explosion of energy that knocked the shadow man to the ground leaving him stunned. Jason could be heard chanting in a strange language, the ring was floating in front of him and a silver stream began funneling some of Jason's own energy into it. The ground beneath his feet cracked open and chunks of dirt and rock rose into the air, they swirled around and slowly congealed into a gooey mess. Jason's chanting changed slightly and the mess of rock and dirt took the form of a human body; the ring glowed brightly and then slipped itself onto one of the body's fingers.

"I-impossible! " the shadow man yelled, he waved his hand at Jason but his powers were being blocked.

An immense sense of terror filled everyone and a loud voice could be heard in the air, it spewed vile curses and even though nobody wanted to listen to it the voice was irresistible. The words seemed to take on a physical form and a dark light circled the empty body before disappearing into the amber ring. Everything became silent, the wind had vanished and even the birds ceased to chirp, all that could be heard was a deathly wheezing sound. The shadow man stared at the corpse before him with terror in his eyes, Jason grinned and looked down at him.

"My slave! Tear him apart! Destroy him now!!" he yelled to the corpse which was now very alive.

The corpse stood still for a moment and then turned to face Jason, it's body was slowly healing but there were still gouges and holes here and there. Of interest was the corpse's hands which were criss-crossed with horrible scars and gashes. A look of pure disgust appeared on the corpse's face and he cleared his throat.

"You are the one that has awakened me?" it spoke with an English accent.

"Yes. Now destroy him!" Jason yelled.

"I answer to no man." it replied.

With a quick movement the corpse latched on to Jason's face with one of it's hands and a bright ball of flame scorched Jason's head. Jason fell to the ground without a sound, dead; the shadow man looked at Jason before stumbling to his feet and vanishing in a flurry. Theodore took a few steps back from the corpse and rallied the agents around him, they were all pointing their weapons at the unsightly figure.

"Where has The Wheel gone? Why is its presence absent?" the corpse demanded to know.

The OEI had worked hard to keep the specifics of Incident 42 a secret however everyone knew the important details of the event; any mention of The Wheel was grounds for immediate detainment and questioning as it's followers had caused untold devastation to the country. Without hesitation the Agents and Theodore opened fire, bullets pierced the corpse and tore it apart; unfortunately the damage to the corpse healed almost instantly and it simply laughed.

"I see..." the corpse said, noticing how it's wounds healed "Very well, I shall find my answers elsewhere. In the meantime allow me to introduce myself."

The man in white was just about to enter the museum and confront the terrorists when something in his mind began screaming. He turned abruptly and looked down the street, in the distance he could see the First National Bank of Obano. It was all a coincidence, a cruel and unfortunate coincidence, the event he had hoped to prevent was happening however he had confused it with another similar event. The fates surely had an odd sense of humor; forgetting the museum the man in white dashed down the street with lightning speed toward the bank.

"I am Grandmaster Bernardo Likely, leader of The Esoteric Brotherhood of The Celestial Wheel." he spoke, his scarred hands extended towards the Agents "You will bow to my might or be destroyed."

Massive arcs of electricity flew out of Bernardo's right hand and rushed towards the Agents, Theodore covered his face in an attempt to block the attack. There was a bright flash and the bolt of electricity flew off at an odd angle and into the sky. The man in white was standing between Bernardo and the Agents, he was holding his right hand out and it appeared as if he had blocked the attack.

"You!" Bernardo sneered "The insults never cease…"

A column of flame rushed towards the man in white but it too was deflected harmlessly into the sky. Bernardo let out a cry of rage and joined his hands together, bits of ice ranging from the size of a penny to the size of a softball formed before him. Electricity arced between the bits of ice and all at once the deadly mass rushed towards the Agents. The attack struck the man in white and knocked him to the ground, Bernardo laughed and hit him with a bolt of electricity.

"What do you think you are doing, Librarian?" Bernardo scoffed at the man in white "You never could muster up the courage to face me in a proper battle…"

Bernardo bowed to the Agents and then turned on his heel. A wall flame erupted from the ground, engulfing the glowing white figure and effectively preventing anyone from following him. He walked down the street and disappeared around the corner, Theodore let out a breath and sat down on the ground unsure about what had just happened.
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Daren's eyes widened at the name, both his grandfather and Stranger had mentioned them, and they were definitely bad news.  He spun and went back the way he'd come.  "We can be in the Neros yellow zone in five minutes if we run.  Stick close to me, don't get side tracked by any big shiny towers, and you can assist me by keeping this a secret.  I'll answer what questions I can after we deal with this, but don't expect much."  He waved the card through the air and a section of space seemed to stretch slightly.  "Step on through."

"...  March 16th, 2068, you personally ordered the-"  The master glanced off screen and nodded.  "It would seem we have an interruption.  My second will take over the trial from this moment forward."  He stepped off screen and was quickly replaced by a man in a cloth mask.  He advanced down the corridor to where most of his followers were stationed, thoughts streaming through his head as the meek mage tried to keep up with him.  He couldn't help but detest the mage, even though he had fulfilled his role to watch for magic and raise the alert.

Magic.  Damned magic, again.  He'd woken up to a wonderful world where magic was falling apart at the seams and the world was ripe for his manipulation.  And now it was back and, if the mage was to believed, it was powerful.  He brandished his cane, now he had a weapon.  Now he could crush them like the worms they all were, underneath their false power.  And every follower had a scaled down version.  Every thought was wrought with rage, but on the outside there was only the terrible calm.
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Bernardo walked awkwardly through the streets of Neros, he had already assaulted two businessmen and was now wearing a pair of black pants and a suit jacket. A small corner cafe came into view, the customers stared in shock as the still corpse-like Bernardo walked amongst the tables. There were televisions on the walls and each one was blaring the trial that was taking place, suddenly they all switched to the face of a reporter who began recapping events.

"In a series of shocking events earlier today six high-level executives, one being the owner of this very network, were taken hostage by a group claiming to be The Esoteric Brotherhood of the Celestial Wheel."

Bernardo stopped and turned toward one of the televisions, a rage began to build within him and as it did the people around him were overcome with a crippling fear.

"You may remember The Brotherhood as one of the groups being involved in Incident 42. The Brotherhood and their leader, Grandmaster Godwin Lawson, were soundly defeated by OEI forces sixty years ago. This move also saw the defeat of The Brotherhood's proclaimed god, The Wheel. Could this recent outbreak signal a resurgence of The Brotherhood and has their deity been brought back from beyond to destroy you and your family? Find out tonight at eleven! Right now we return to the continuing coverage of the so-called 'trial' that The Brotherhood is conducting at the Neros museum."

"The insults never cease!" Bernardo yelled, sending his fist through the television set "Where is this museum!? Where is it?!"

"Ah... down the... down the boulevard by the old distillery!" a man yelled as Bernardo violently shook him.

The man went soaring into a rack of imported coffee beans after he told Bernardo what he wanted to hear. As Bernardo left the cafe an antique Corvette pulled up and caught his attention. The driver fumbled with the door handle as Bernardo approached and fell out of the car backwards as the latch released.

"Amazing... it moves without the aid of horses." Bernardo mused "You there, how does this device work?"

Clumsily the car's owner popped the hood and pointed inside, he backed away to a safe distance. Bernardo looked the engine compartment over and mumbled some things to himself, overall he was impressed.

"Quite different than my own design..." Bernardo said "Seems dependent on a finite fuel source... have these people regressed? Regardless it is a fine design. Carry on sir."

Bernardo bowed to the man who simply stood there in an immense amount of confusion, remembering his mission Bernardo set off toward the museum.

Theodore got to his feet and looked around, amidst all of the excitement he lost track of Jordan. The flames still burned brightly around him preventing any escape, the man in white laid motionless amidst it but it refused to burn. Pulling his eyes away from the body in the flames he began looking for Jordan.
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"Porter better be still alive." Kim mumbled as she made her way through the streets of Neros, "Last thing we need is a decrease in a reward again, right?" Kim said mockingly as she pulled out her robots.

As she made her way through the city, she heard talk of a zombie with an overwhelming presence of character. Keeping to herself more than usual, she kept her ears open to all the zombie talk. The robot chose that moment to chime in again.

"Rumor and leaked reports claim a charismatic zombie yelling about the Brotherhood assaulted the bank."

"Hostages and zombies? What kind of insane cult is this Wheel..."
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Teller stepped wordlessly through the stretched space and stepped out into... a similar but much nicer forest. Here the sun was shining unobscured by oppressive exclusion layers, and the air was without the everpresent noxious tang of airborn crap.
"Wow, am I keen to hear the explanation for this" he said, following closely behind Daren as he ran.
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"Where is that man? When I got here, he was already gone." Ralphael said to himself while sitting on top of one of the thugs. "Well, at least I took care of these guys. Not to mention this hypo-thermal blade I got from one of them. I've got an idea..."

Pyroblade... Hypoblade... This'll be fun! Ralphael made a sigh of relief. Finally, he could rest for a bit after all that running around in the streets. Besides, he obtained two new reasonable good weapons in a single day, a new record to say the least. But before he could take a cab back to his hotel, his phone rang. Overseas. "Annie? Check out this... website... It's very important... that you know." What could this be? And so Ralphael went to the nearest diner. Luckily, this one had internet connection. Sitting near the counter, he flipped open his phone and entered the link. "What the- So many hits! What is this place?!"

"The Esoteric Brotherhood of the Celestial Wheel." said the bartender while wiping some dishes. "Some weird cult thing. You don't seem to know 'em, do you? Here, have a beer." The man said to him, while offering a glassful.

"Sorry, but I have a very bad past with beer..." Ralphael said with a smile, careful not to offend the man. "Have any milk?"

"Here, one glass of milk. That one's on the house, we don't usually get customers like you here."

"Thanks." He seems like a nice guy to me. Ralphael took the warm glass of milk and drank it all in one go. Switching his attention back to the video, he saw Mr. Porter, a somewhat familiar character, being mentioned in one of his father's meetings... "I think I'll be going now. Thanks for the drink." Ralphael placed the empty glass on the counter and put his phone back in his pocket. Just before he could touch the front door's steel handle, he heard the man say something in a low voice. "Take care..."

"Sure." replied Ralphael with a grin. That bartender sure was a very nice guy. Even though he was kinda eerie. "Wait... never mind. Here I go!"

"I can't open up a portal within about one mile from the building, eh. I'll just have to carry my stuff the old fashion way." Ralphael then opened up a rift and took everything he'll need for the battle ahead. Pyro and Hypoblades, a dozen or so mini bombs, a pair of spring boots and electro gloves, a miniature mini-gun, and of course I can't forget my bike. After checking his equipment for the second time, he hopped on to his sturdy, nano-frame bike and set for the Neros museum.
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  Mason had been walking through the green zone for about an hour and it was defiantly larger than he had anticipated. As he strolled through the quaint avenues and boulevards, he finally entered the main section of the zone and he saw a veritable metropolis. People were walking to there work, video screens buzzed with the view of a new product or the local news, cars honked there horns, and buildings that had to be at least 120 stories high towered over him. It was pretty overwhelming considering he had lived in the Alaskan wild for 2 years. As he neared a busy intersection, he stopped to admire the majesty of the towering skyscrapers overhead. Soon however Mason began to walk again and made his way up a couple of blocks, turning once or twice when dead ends were encountered. It was at one of the ends of these blocks that he saw a large stone building. It looked like one of the museums Mason had seen when he visited New York.

Nice building, I wonder whats in there?

Propably some administrative building or something. But please we have to find that man we were following earlier. It is imperative that we-

Oh shut up MANIAC, I've been hearing you talk **** to me all day. Frankly, I've had it with you for today. I'm going to go where I want to go for once and theres nothing you can do to stop me.

But Mason, what about the local police. They sure aren't going to just let you walk away from killing 6 of there personnel.

Ok first off, you killed those 6 cops, not me. Secondly, it's been at least an hour since you killed those men and they still haven't sent anybody to investigate. I doubt they even noticed that 6 of there guys are dead. So if you excuse me, I have a nice neoclassical building I want to vist.

With that Mason started his walk again to the building, not knowing the chaos that was about to unfold inside.
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Vice was sitting in a park, admiring the blue sky, when his phone rang.

"Vice?! Where are you?"

"Uh... Robert? I'm off duty..."

"Where are you?!!"

Vice stood up, he meant business. "Um... Neros City Park, wh-"

"Get to the museam! It's not too far! I'll explain later!" He sounded stressed out, but did he have to take it out on Vice?

Vice brushed himself down and started jogging towards the museam, two blocks down.

Just outside the building, Vice remembered the seeds. The building was locked because it was a weekend, so they would be his only way in.

He stood in the center of a green area beside the museam, and took a breath. The street grayed a little as various forms of plant life wilted.

"I better be getting a raise for this." Vice murmured, and dropped a single seed onto te soil beneath one of the museam windows.

For a moment, silence. Then there was a rumbling and a thick vine sprang out of the soil. With Vice holding on it grew until it reached a second story window, which, much to Vice's relief, was openable from the outside. He swung it open and hopped silently onto the floor inside.
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Stopping behind an old building, Ralphael looked over the other side and saw the museum. "Kinda lightly guarded, actually. I better wait for someone else to arrive."

"I don't plan on taking that guy on with those bomb strapped on those hostages." And if just I waltz right in, I'll get mauled to death by these guys.
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   As Mason approached the neoclassical building he could tell something was wrong. There seamed to be nobody coming in or out of the building, yet he clearly saw motion on the second floor. He walked over to the large glass door that was the entrance and peered inside. Inside the building was a large number of weird looking objects such as staffs and shields all inside large glass cases. There was also what seamed to be a giant replica of a large lizard-like creature which bared remarkable resemblance to a dragon. It was while looking at this odd replica that he happened upon a giant banner in the background which explained everything. It read "The Neros Museum of Arcane History" with a large snake slithering through the letters.

MANIAC, define Arcane.

Arcane. Adjective. Known or understood by few. It also has been commonly associated with alchemy and magic.

Wait, you mean to tell me this is a museum dedicated to magic?

Or alchemy or any other science known and understood by a few.

We have to get in there somehow, the U.S ain't got jack on this stuff. But how do we get in?

Simple, this will only be a second.

Suddenly Masons vision turned white, his hearing went, and he could no longer feel the ground. He felt weightless, like he could float and fly away. And then as suddenly as it began, it ended, leaving Mason dazed and confused. The lock however on the museum door however had been skillfully picked open, leaving room for entry.

You better thank god that you read that book on locks.

Well I am now. thought Mason as he slowly creaked open the door and walked into the museum.
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The master sat, drumming his fingers on his desk for a moment in thought.  This magic user was an interloper, an unknown variable.  It was best to make such variables known very quickly.  He turned to face the mage.  "Intercept this magic user and inform him that he has been granted an audience with the Grand Master of the Brotherhood of the Celestial Wheel."  As he spoke a paper was slid in front of him by a follower, and he scanned over it as he continued, "and take the back exit, it would appear that the first of our guests has arrived, by the front door no less."  He turned to face another follower as the mage scurried out, "send three to meet him, knives drawn.  Deadly force is authorized.  I also want groups of three patrolling the hallways, checking in every minute.  We cannot have surprise visitors, can we?"
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The roof of the museum appeared over the tops of a row of decorative trees, Bernardo stared at it as he moved down the middle of a busy boulevard. Vehicles whizzed past him and horns were blaring. A large transport was flashing it's lights as it sped directly toward Bernardo, there was a thunderclap and a bolt of electricity erupted from Bernardo's hand and knocked the transport into oncoming traffic. The sound of crumpling metal filled the busy boulevard, Bernardo continued toward the museum which was now only about a block away.
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"Alright." Vice whispered into his phone. "I'm in the building."

Suddenly it hit Vice as to what he was doing. He was breaking and entering. A hostage situation. No armor! His job at risk! Vice struggled to maintain a cool head but suddenly the door swung open and three men entered, shining torches. Without thinking, Vice reacted and ducked behind a curtain.
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Sparky wandered the streets, keeping her head down. It didn't take her long to notice the large groups of people heading - youths, mostly - in one particular directions, armed with their satellite cameras and binocular vid-cells. They weren't like the youngsters from her neck of the woods, but they looked like they looked like they were going somewhere interesting - and it looked like brown was in this year.

She trailed along in the wake of one of the groups to their apparent destination, a seemingly anachronistic building nearer the city centre. They came into sight of it and were abruptly stopped by the Government Men: the OEI Civil Control agents were setting up electrocuted barricades and brandishing their tazer guns. You didn't need to be psychic to feel the disappointment of the mob: they'd come to get some cool thermal pictures of big businessmen getting blown up. Good entertainment was hard to come by.

Listening to the exited conversations going on around her and peering at mental images floating in a haze around her, it didn't take long for her to figure out that there was some kind of hostage situation going on in the museum. There were few people moving around over there, but for some reason the OEI was keeping its distance. The agents couldn't go to close, the crowd wanted a show, and Sparky wanted a recharge.

Two out of three won out. Sparky started planning her sprint and warmed up.
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Jordan coughed heavily as he stumbled out of the smoke. It tasted wrong, far too alkaline and nothing like any sort of smoke, exhaust or smog he'd seen before; and he frequented red zones. The entire event made little sense to him. This "Order of the Celestial Wheel" was not anything he'd heard about before, and by all laws of science those silver arcs made no sense. Between coughs he wracked his mind in an attempt to force sense into the situation. Electrostatic charges conducted through telekenetically controlled vapor? Doesn't explain the tactile strength. Several other solutions were struck down the same. And the fire from the hand is more easily explained, but still. Too many factors. He scowled at the arcane museum as he found the smoke clearing. Many strange people had gathered at the incident.

"Theodore, I'm here."
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"Good... alright come on, I think we need to go to the museum." Theodore said, looking at the man in white who was still laying amidst the flames "Yeah let's go."

He began walking toward the museum, making no effort to hurry.
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Jordan mumbled under his breath. "Lousy arcane magic tricks."

He quickened his pace and met up with Theodore.
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"We'll see about answers when this is over," Daren said as they burst out of the trees and into the town.  He went over the closest alley ways to Neros in his head and glanced back at Teller to make sure he wasn't losing track of him.  Another few streets and turns and they had arrived at an Alley opening.  He darted in, passed his card through the air and motioned Teller to go through the stretched section of space before going through himself.

The mage stood at a street corner, quivering under his mask as the corpse looking man approached.  "You, ah, you have received the great honor of an a-audience with the, ah, Grand Master of the Brotherhood.  If, if you would just follow me."  He shrunk back slightly, "please?"
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"Who dares to defile the name of The Brotherhood and its most esteemed Grandmaster?" Bernardo sneered "You do not speak like a Brother... your clothes reek of deception! But I will not act in haste, take me to your leader..."
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"Y-yes, right away."  The mage turned and walked towards the museum at a pace he hoped seemed respectful.  He was one of the very few practitioners of magic outside the OEI, and frankly he wasn't much good.  But he could feel this mans power bearing down on him and it was...  Terrifying.
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Finally arriving at the museum, Kim stuffs her robot away into her bag and attempts to blend in with the crowd that started to form at the OEI perimeter around the museum. Sighing at the barricades, she pushes her way back and then through the group and around the building.
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 Mason was looking at one of the many staffs in the glass cases when suddenly 3 men brandishing daggers burst through one of the upstairs doors. Startled, Mason spun around just in time to see them run down the stairs. Taking out his combat knife, the 3 men surrounded him on all sides and pointed there daggers at his chest. The 3 men were no doubt experts at the art of swordsmanship and the 3 all carried daggers that looked like they had electric current running through them, a deadly combination to say the least. But still, Mason had 2 edges up on them. One, they didn't appear to be wearing any body armor. Second, he had watched Raiders of the Lost Ark at least 12 times. He immediately swung out his combat shotgun at the same time pulling the trigger and filling one of the men with lead. The other 2 immediately pounced, pulling there daggers over there head for a downward strike. Mason however was not phased by this strike and quickly pulled the trigger, sending the remaining 2 men crashing to the floor. Mason put away his shotgun and snatched one of the Tesla daggers for a supplement weapon. He then quickly made his way up the stairs. Hopefully whoever sent those men after him were on the second floor.
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"No problem. No offense, but Its probably best if I went on ahead. I can run faster than you can." replied Teller to the breathless Daren "I owe you one".
Teller put his head down, once again out of habit, its not like it made him any faster, and accelerated ahead of Daren. As he approached he noticed a scarred man in robes being led away by a nervous young mage. Before he dissapeared from view at the back of the building, Teller saw just enough of his face to make a cursory analysis.
"OH! No ****ing WAY!!!" he yelled, his jaw agape. Throwing caution to the wind he pushed himself further. As he sped down the street he began emmiting distinctly mechanical noises, and his gait altered to one which was more suited to speed than the average human run, no-one watching would believe he was human, but he figured it was worth it considering what was at stake.
"Hey!" He yelled, as loud as a man speaking through a megaphone "Grandmaster! Stop... or halt! Parlay! I really think you need to talk to me!"
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Theodore and Jordan arrived at the smoking remains of a transport vehicle and a whole mess of cars. People were standing around in shock trying to figure out what had happened; with a nudge Theodore told Jordan to begin walking somewhat faster.

Bernardo halted and grabbed the young mage by the shoulder.

"It is about time that someone addressed me properly instead of throwing insults in my face." he glared at the mage.

Raising his hand high into the air Bernardo signaled the person who had addressed him to approach.
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As Teller drew level with Bernardo he felt a presence at the back of his... mind... no... processor... whatever. Strange, it seemed to be taking control of him... but... it seemed awfully familiar... welcoming, even.
Let me speak to him
Oh, hello father.
Teller's eyes rolled back in his head, displaying tiny screens on their reverse side, displaying the image of a man wrought in metal, like a statue of a god, one eye shimmering like a diamond. His mouth opened and spoke in a voice which was not his, moving in tandem with that of the metal man displayed in his eyes.
"Bernardo, it has been a long time. It seems things have come full circle. Now I am the master, and you are the one on the streets, spilling the blood of innocents. Your ressurection was not a contingency I had forseen. Know that the world has changed since you walked upon it last. Your god is dead, and I have killed him.
The machine fell silent, awaiting a response.
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"Lazarus, my child... you know not of what you speak." Bernardo said, keeping his composure despite being both delighted to see his old creation and infuriated to hear it defy him "These things that you are saying... they hurt me, your father. Why do you wish to hurt your father so? I have been so good to you in the past. And to claim victory over The Wheel? It is obvious to me that our master is no longer present in this world, but to hear you claim to have destroyed it? What has brought about such a flaw in your thinking, you used to be perfect but it seems that free will has warped you."
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"Perfect? Your arrogance gets the better of you. Lazarus was flawed. Nothing can thrive with naught but wheels in its head. Lazarus came into a union with a powerful magical thinking device, Matci, and I was born. I am not your child, I am much more than a tinkerer could build. Shards of chaos lodged within me worked in concordance with the wheels you forged and lifted me unto veritable godhood. Perhaps its a good thing you appear to be undead, as the revelation I will shortly impart would no doubt stop the heart in your chest, but the one who aided me in the quashing of the tyrant Wheel was none other than your own desecendant. Even now he lives, though brought low by agents of darkness, mocking your foolish designs on the world with his every comatose breath. Know this Bernardo the Tinkerer, your time is long past, depart from the world or be destroyed by the agents of change. Even now they walk the world, perhaps a few names are familiar to you. Marstems, Pleasant, Godwin, DeCaith... aha, Likely. Not that it ends there, there will always be new souls to push back the smut and ignorance of the past, those from the earth, those from the stars, watch them work and know you are nothing but an old man lost in a world that has outgrown him."
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Daren rounded the corner and saw Teller and two others standing in the distance.  It was still too far to make out details, but there didn't seem to be as much activity as he'd expect.  He pushed for a little extra speed and headed their way.

The mage staggered back, terror written across every movement and, although the cloth mask obscured it, his face.  "Grandmaster?!  No, he said this wouldn't happen, h-he...  Excuse me for a moment!"  He turned his back to them and took out a data pad, flicking it on and connecting to the signal from the museum.  There was a short muttered conversation and the mage turned shakily and held the screen up to them, the master's masked face displayed across it.  He quickly took in the two he could see from his end.

Clearing his throat in a manner which proclaimed that attention was not a request, he spoke.  "As interesting as I'm sure this is, I must request that you come immediately."  He glanced at Teller, "perhaps both of you should come.  The streets are far from safe in these troubled times.  Particularly within an OEI blockade."
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Post by: Daxx on January 28, 2008, 06:50:48 pm
"Out! Get out, now! Don't make me come up there!" was the harsh cry of a young but heavily-built OEI agent as people poured down the stairs past him, and out of the store. There they were shepherded along the side of the road and pushed roughly through the perimeter as the area was evacuated.

John, who had finally decided that it was time he disposed of the bottom-of-the-range temporary implants he had been fitted with at the hospital, was one of the mass. Clutching a detailed Exemplar Implants leaflet, he had been deciding which model to get fitted before training that evening.

As the crowd swirled around him, it occurred that this wasn't a regular fire drill. Looking around, he could see no fire-crews, only heavily armed agents. Something was up, and he wanted to find out what it was.

His discarded leaflet getting trampled by the crowds, John forced his way to the front of the steadily growing mob built up at the barriers. A quintet of the most heavily armoured guards were ranged at the centre of the street and either side of them stretched quick-erect electrified fences - though whether this was to protect the crowd from what was within or to protect the area from the crowd was not apparent - he instinctively made his way towards them determined as everyone else was for answers.
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Post by: Krakow Sam on January 28, 2008, 07:03:20 pm
The images suddenly dissapeared from teller's eyes and he fell back into his usual stance.
"Yes, yes, that would probably be best." he said. It had been the first time his father had spoken through him like that, it was unnerving... well, for a machine anyway.
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Post by: PatMan33 on January 28, 2008, 07:05:48 pm
Bernardo stood there with a bit of a grin on his face and said nothing; a stray arc of electricity flashed between the index and middle finger on Bernardo's right hand.

"Take me to your master now." he said calmly "Quickly or I will kill you where you stand."
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Post by: Krakow Sam on January 28, 2008, 07:37:45 pm
"No offense, but you'll have to go through me" said Teller, stepping between Bernardo and the quivering mage "I know you could kill me pretty damn easily, but its the principle of the thing, y'know? Got to stand up to bullies." Teller looked at the expression on Bernardo's face for a moment. "Yeah, thats right old man, your mind tricks don't work on me. No fear."  Teller thumped his chest with his fist and smirked slightly, taking out his shades and slipping them on. "Lead the way lackey"
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Post by: Brandonazz on January 28, 2008, 07:56:00 pm

Jordan tugged lightly at his sleeve and pointed off towards the right. A crowd was getting shoved away by OEI guards, and gates were being hitched up. "They're sealing off the area, and I really don't like being in isolated areas with their sort." He shifted nervously. "It would probably be in our interests to get out of this area and reorient ourselves as well." He twitched towards the shrinking opening.
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Post by: Andrew Ryan on January 28, 2008, 07:56:39 pm
 Mason had been looking around the top floor for near on 30 minutes and he still only found patrols of thugs. He had collected so many Tesla daggers and lose change off the dead that he was beginning to be weighed down by it all. He was also running low on ammo on his shotgun, but really it didn't matter so long as he had his bolter. Still he walked around the top floor for another 5 minutes until he noticed something odd when looking around inside a janitors closet. What he had found seamed to an outline of a small door in the back of the closet. Pushing away the cleaning supplies and mops, Mason walked over and gave a push on the inside of the outline. Slowly but surely the patch began to move until a small opening in the wall was revealed. Crouching to get through the small opening, Mason was greeted by a small backspace behind filled with cobwebs and dust. It appeared like the space stretched throughout the length of the entire of the building. It was when observing this that he noticed that some of the cobwebs had been displaced or torn, something had been back here. It was at that moment that he heard something far back in the space. Wanting to know what was making the sound, he quickly pushed his way through the cobwebs and made his way toward the noise.
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Ralphael, having been forced to not use his powers due to the hostage crisis, had to enter the building via other means. Luckily, he had his Springboots with him, enhancing his ability to jump. Just before the entire perimeter could be sealed, Ralphael leaped into the air with all his strength, barely reaching the second story window, grabbing it by the ledge. Pulling out his Pyroblade from his belt, Ralphael went through the window like a hot knife through butter, melting the old glass with extreme heat, causing tiny droplets of the substance to rain on the concrete floor. Brushing off the still warm shards off his coat, he looked around the room, checking for any signs of human activity. The room was a tad too dusty for his preferences. It probably hasn't been used for a good number of years, since everything was covered in a thick layer of the stuff, not to mention the large cobwebs that dominated the hole filled ceiling. "Man. This place is old."

He was about to leave the room when he heard a group of men who seemed to be patrolling the hallway. Ralphael sank into the back of the door, holding tight both his swords, preparing for a hard fight and whatnot. Just as when the guards neared his location, he noticed a crack on the wall. Upon further inspection, it lead to an old ventilation shaft. Seeing the opportunity, he hid his two weapons and prepared to climb the tunnel up to the top, hopefully discovering the whereabouts of some of the hostages during his ascent. At first it was quite difficult for Ralphael to get a tight grip on the shaft's walls, but soon enough his years in military school served him well and he quickly got a hand of it. Narrowly escaping the guards' detection, Ralphael made his way up the narrow system and reached the top floor's hallway. Much to his disappointment, he didn't find any of the hostages; However, he did notice something odd when he peered into the janitor's closet. "What's this?" Ralphael murmured as he saw a small door on the back of the closet. "Could it also be-"

Ralphael's words were cut short when he heard some guards running across the hallway, towards his direction. No time to think! In an attempt to avoid an unnecessary encounter, Ralphael crawled into the small opening which, much to his amazement, led to a very lengthy passageway, probably another ventilation shaft. What really caught his attention, however, was the man in front of him who seemed to be in a hurry. Not long after, Ralphael heard a strange noise from the other end of the tunnel. Ralphael drew his miniature mini-gun from his belt and went after the figure. He might know about something that I don't.
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Through the crowd Theodore noticed a familiar face, granted he knew most of the Agents so perhaps the face was more unexpected than anything. He tapped Jordan's shoulder and walked towards the man, he was stopped a few times by Agents who quickly recanted and gave him a salute.

"John!" Theodore called "Haven't seen you in a while! How have you been and what's the situation? You part of the OEI full time now?"
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Vice snuck out of the room into he main museam hall after the men left. He was glarin at one exhibition, a huge arc encripted with ruins, when his phone rang, loudly.

"Oh, shi-!" Vice clamed a hand over his mouth then answered the phone. As he spoke he jumped over the fence surrounding the arch and ducked behnd it so he couldn't be seen.

"Not the best time, Robert!"

"You're in? How the hell did you get in?"

"Heh, funny story. Maybe later. Why am I here?"

"Some archaic magic brotherhood called the Esoteric Brotherhood of the Celestial Wheel is holding 6 business men hostage. Ty and find em while I see if we can get Vigil clearance for this place." He hung up quickly.

Well, better start looking.
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"Agent Century, fancy seeing you here! I guess this isn't a regular fire drill after all."

John pushed back as the crowd jostled him, not wanting to get too close to the fences.

"But no, I'm not really sure. I guess I'm on the payroll, but honestly they never let me out of the HQ complex, so it's more like being a prisoner. Apparently I'm a danger to society, whatever that means, and I'm forever being poked at by the medical guys. I'm only here because they gave me special permission to buy some new implants. I have to wear this supression band."

He pointed to what had first looked like a particularly unstylish sweatband, but which was recognisable on closer inspection to be a psychic supressor. He turned back to look beyond the gates at the block beyond.

"Any idea what's happening? These guys," he said, jerking his thumb at the Agents, "won't tell anyone anything."
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Post by: PatMan33 on January 29, 2008, 11:06:19 am
"There is a hostage situation in the museum, a cult group that was supposedly destroyed seems to be responsible. Six high level executives are somewhere in there and we need to rescue them." Theodore said "However something very strange just happened, there was a robbery at the First National Bank of Obano... the person behind it was our shadowy friend who was controlling Happy. Remember all of that? Anyway it seems that there was some kind of unforeseen catastrophe and now there is some magic-using corpse roaming around who also claims to be a part of the group in the museum. I don't know whether it's just some really bad coincidence or not, but it seems like things are going from bad to worse."
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Post by: Brandonazz on January 29, 2008, 12:05:12 pm
Jordan noticed the suppressor and spoke up. "You know, John was it? You know, there are ways around those without taking them off. Nasty little things they are, regressing human ability. Might as well have thrown you in prison if they're going to take your person freedom away."
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Post by: PatMan33 on January 29, 2008, 12:13:59 pm
"Now might not be the best time to be discussing this..." Theodore said dryly "The hostages come first, maybe we should start trying to push our way to the front."

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The master's image on the screen glared at Bernardo.  "Kill either of them and I will ensure you regret being resurrected so close to me."  He reclined slightly and spoke to the mage, "take them to my office by the back way, and stay outside the door."

"Ah, sir, there are things which I, ah, should tell you before you meet with them.  I, ah, didn't quite have time to inform you of everything."

"Very well, but don't ramble, and one stutter and I will have your head.  This is not the time for delays."

"Yes sir," said the mage in a voice loud enough that it was clear he was concentrating very hard on his words, "right away, sir."  He turned and moved as quickly as respect would allow towards the museum.  Leading them into the office by the back way.  He leaned close to the master, whispered a stream of words with blinding speed, and ran out the door.

"Welcome, Teller Utopia and, apparently, the fabled Bernardo Likely.  It would seem that I have you at a disadvantage, Bernardo, titles will not do among equals.  You may call me..."  He seemed to think for a moment, "Bartholomew."
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"Very well Bartholomew." Bernardo said, stepping toward him "You will tell me what the meaning of this defamation of The Brotherhood is about as it is obvious to me that you are not who you claim to be. Choose your words carefully or else I will force them back down your throat."
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"I believe that an enemy of yours once offered you advice," he lifted his cane into view, "on the subject of underestimating men carrying canes.  I suggest you recall him very well the next time you choose to make a threat.  You are here by my invitation, and I will be the one to make demands, though I hope we are civilized enough to avoid such petty things.  We will discuss the business of the Brotherhood after we have dealt with prying eyes and ears."  He turned to Teller, "Mr. Utopia, there is far more to you than my followers could find it would seem.  Perhaps you will elaborate?"
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Kim finally pushed her way out of the crowd. Starting with a jog, she makes her way around the block and to the rear of the museum. Kim's face falls into a frown as she sees a lack of any presence behind the museum. Taking a deep breath, she quickly makes her way to the door and quietly makes her way in. Walking down the hallway, she slowly makes her way through the museum.
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Teller smiled and shook his head.
"Quid pro quo Clarice. First you have to tell me something."
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"Who is this Clarice?" Bernardo demanded to know "I've had enough of these silly little games. You will stop claiming to be The Brotherhood, this little organization of yours may be a  brotherhood but it pales in comparison to The Brotherhood. If you do not cease and desist I unleash horrors upon this you and your followers that are beyond comprehension! You seem to be aware of who I am which is more than I can say about these other fools, however I can not fathom why you so brashly underestimate my capabilities."
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Vice was prowling the 3rd floor when his phone vibrated.

"Vice, take a lift. I just realized something. Most people forget that museums keep the really nice things in vaults and just put out replicas. The hostages have to be there."

"And the vaults are...?"

"In the basement, where else? The door is lockd but I hacked you a wireless key, I'll send you it when you hang up."

"Okay, I'm on my way."


He locked his phone and slipped it back into his pocket. Finding a lift, he pressed the button for the basement. When he hit the floor he checked around to see if the coast was clear. It was. However he could hear voices around the corner.

"Hey, look at me! I'm going to take your hostages!" Vice ran out, flailing his arms wildly. There were two men guarding a "Staff Only" Vault door. Both were already priming their weapons.

But Vice was too quick. He threw a pile of seeds at one's feet, and the man chuckled shaking his head.

"Loony." He said, but Vice was grinning. With a crack the concrete floor exploded open and a huge vine crushed the man against the ceiling. He dropped down again, unconscious. Vice felt fatigued himself, that had suced the life out of him.

Now to balance it out. Vice turned to the other man, who was horrifed, and reaching for a communicator. With a flick of his wrist he fainted to the ground.

//ACTIVATE KEY.// Vice entered into his phone, and after about 5 seconds the vault door swung open.

Note to self - Tell curator how easy it was too break into his museam.
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"Oh, the world has seen much worse than the likes of you" said Teller, by way of answering Bernardo's rant. "Sixty years ago your Wheel felt it was ready to act and had itself summoned into the world by a man called Godwin Lawson. At the same time the Breaker Lords emerged from centuries of dormancy and summoned the Tempest, I'm sure you're familiar with that particular being. Long story short, they destroyed each other, and to be frank, everything has sort of gone downhill from there. Anything else you want to know about the last few hundred years? Oh, it might interest you to discover you're standing on an artificially constructed continent called Obano, which is in the ocean between the New World and what you would have known as Nippon. Feel free to spout the old 'brave new world' stuff any time you want"
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Jordan shoved the syringe back into its pouch and glanced unkindly at Theodore.
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For a brief moment, there was a clear path between Sparky and the barricades. She took off, sprinting along the crowd and leaping at the barricades. The yells of the civil control agents washed past her as her hands wrapped around the top -  and for a moment a few hundred soothing volts passed through her. She though the could feel some familiar minds nearby, but she was in motion and had no time to turn and look for them. With a jolt, she flipped herself over the barricade and hit the ground running, agents firing their tazer guns to bring her down.

//Barricade breached! Repeat, barricade breached!//DO NOT PURSUE. REPEAT, DO NOT PURSUE.//

They only chased her for a few feet before she could sense their defeat. For a moment she hesitated, pulling her hood tight - then stopped, turned, and waved to the cheering crowd. The applause hit her like a drug as she continued towards the museum. Really, it was the only place left to go.
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"I will believe it when I see it myself!" Bernardo cried "The Wheel would know better than to leave when the time was right..."

He turned his back to Bartholomew and looked around the room.

"However I can feel it's absence, something that should not be. Perhaps it is true, there could be no other explanation." Bernardo mumbled "But these things will figured out later. Currently I stand before an impostor who demands compliance and the spawn of one of my malfunction creations who himself seems to be suffering some kind of flaw in its logic. If you have nothing more to offer me I will take my leave of you both and hope that neither of you are around when I come back."

Bernardo began to walk towards the door.
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In the relative quiet of the museum, Kim heard a noise come through the floor. Pulling out her robots, she makes her way to the side of the museum and to a locked door with an employees only sign. Placing a finger over the keyhole, the robots rotate over her head and she starts to quietly chant. The knob beings to glow slightly before Kim pulls away her hand. Waiting a moment, she tries the knob again and it opens easily and the melted inside of the lock slides down the side of the door. As she closes the door, she looks around the room. Noting a trap door, she opens it and slips down onto a flight of stairs. Finding herself in the basement, she notices two bodies on the ground near the open vault door. She slowly makes her way over to the vault and looks in. Seeing a person inside, she quietly walks in and walks towards him.
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Vice instantly reacted and grabbed a handful of seeds, throwing them at her. But before he could act, he noticed she wasn't wearing and kind of uniform, and had just come from the outside.

"You here for the hostages too?"
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Post by: Yossitaru on January 29, 2008, 02:30:05 pm
"So they are down here? Well, that would explain those unconscious guards right outside. If those hostages are going to be saved, we better act fast, if they don't already know we're here, they'll probably notice us on the cameras any time now."
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Jeremy cocked his head to the side, listening.  There was someone out there.  He flipped a switch set on a nearby table and the other five holding cells were alerted to the intruders, and the two dozen elite guards were dispatched to deal with them.

In the vault's main corridor several doors sprang open and two dozen men in armor similar to Vice's former set darted out, leveling guns at the intruders with one hand while the other brandished Tesla Daggers.

Bartholomew sighed in exasperation.  "Very well, Bernardo, have it your way," he tapped a command into the datapad on his desk and the teleporter hidden beneath the floor activated, sending Teller to the steps leading to the museum's entrance.  "There, now sit and act your rank.  I don't know how things were done in your time, but today we have something called civility.  Now you may ask your questions.  And afterwards I expect to hear everything you know about Mr. Utopia."
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"I will hear no more of your filth," Bernardo said "nor will I offer you any clues to that contraption's origins."
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  Mason quietly shuffled along the corridor as he made his way closer and closer to the noise. It was getting louder by the second now and he pushed and pulled his way through the cobwebs faster than ever before. Soon however he came to something very odd, a large jagged hole appeared in the floor ahead of him. When he looked over and into the hole he found that he hole lead down to a space much like the first floor and then down into the earth itself. There was also a rope attached to a nearby beam that was draped into the hole.

   Mason surmised that either the hole and rope was something there leftover from the museums construction or it had something to do with the armed men he had fought on the first and second floors, but in the back of his head thought the latter. Throwing caution and logic to the wind, he tied the rope to his weapons harness and jumped into the long, black hole. Although the fall only lasted for about 3 seconds Mason was still in a lot of pain when he struck the hard bottom. Apparently the rope was about 5 feet too long for the shaft and thus for this reason had crashed onto the bottom of the shaft. Cursing his stupidity and shortsightedness, he felt the ground below him and to his suprise it felt rough and hard like concrete. Then he saw a light coming from the ground just a few feet away. Crawling over to the light, Mason noticed that the light wasn't coming from the ground but a hole that appeared to lead to a lighted space.

   Filled with curiosty, Mason crawled over to the hole and lowered himself down to the ground below. When Mason's feet touched the floor he looked down and to his surprise it wasn't ground that he landed on, it was tile. Looking around him, Mason saw that he was in a large, dusty room covered in cob webs and row after row of cataloged shelves, each organized in alphabetical order.  Walking over to one shelf, he pulled out a drawer on the shelf but all that was inside was dust mites and a couple of old scrolls! Feeling let down that he didn't find something of value, Mason closed the drawer and walked over to the far side of the room were a door was in hoping to get out of the old room . It was then that suddenly he realized that the sound he had heard in the space above him was coming from that very door. Once again filled with excitement, Mason quickly rushed over to the door and turned the dirty knob. Slowly the door creaked open and soon Mason found himself in a long hallway, slowly walking toward the noise.
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Teller shook his head and frowned, but his face lit up as he turned to the sound of someone vaulting over the high gate behind him.
"Strange hooded girl!" he said, beaming and signing a greeting. "How'd you like to help your old pal out?"
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Post by: Neoadept on January 29, 2008, 06:33:32 pm
"Then listen to the truth so that you don't go gallivanting off to ruin the both of us," Bartholomew said in a cold voice which indicated that this was the way things were, and any attempt to change them was foolishly stupid.  "Your Brotherhood died sixty years ago as Utopia described.  There is no possible way that this little charade could make them look worse than the time they nearly destroyed this continent.  In fact, I'd go so far as to say that bringing corrupt business men who are slowly killing the populace to justice will raise your standing in the public eye."  He raised himself from the desk and stared Bernardo down from behind the mask.  "And I want to make two things clear:  I know who you are, I have Norman's reports.  You took the town of Geneva without the world realizing.  You constructed a machine which, centuries later, is still a masterpiece which none could replicate.  You were one of the greatest mages in the world and saved your order from the brink of annihilation.  And, this is the part you don't know, I do not fear you, and I have no reason to."

Daren finally reached the museum and ran up the stairs at its front to see Teller.  "What," he said, out of breath from the run, "was that about?"
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Post by: Krakow Sam on January 29, 2008, 06:39:11 pm
"Umm... your grandfather didn't happen to have any stories about a much much older ancestor of yours did he?" asked Teller, forwning slightly and shrugging a little. "Because if he did then it would save me a lot of explaining"
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Daren shook his head, "granddad said they were probably heroic, but the family archives got burned down in the nineteen fifties.  You can explain later, when I explain the shortcut."  He straightened up and unsheathed his Tesla blade, "for now, let's just deal with the Brotherhood."
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Post by: PatMan33 on January 29, 2008, 07:13:01 pm
"So The Wheel is dead... very well. It is not something I would want to admit to but I cannot deny it." Bernardo said, stepping away from the door "However I did not need The Wheel to unite The Brotherhood under my banner and push it back onto the world stage; No... I achieved that all by myself..."

A grin crept across Bernardo's face, he stared at Bartholomew with a particularly devilish glint in his eyes.

"Now what would be the proper course of action from this point forward?" Bernardo asked "Being the respectable man that I am, I cannot allow one such as yourself to sully that which I once dedicated my life to. However it would seem that none of that really matters any more! I see no reason why I should allow myself to be restricted by a set of rules which can no longer be enforced."

Bernardo let loose a deep laugh that shook the trinkets on the desk across the room.

"The time has come to wash away the world of old, a new world order will rise from the ashes! Creations the likes of which this world has never seen will spread my power, the people will preach my gospel, and I will rule it all..." Bernardo took a step toward Bartholomew "And anyone who stands in my way will be torn asunder and their entrails used to grease the mighty war machine that I will unleash!"

An immensely strong willpower was surging about the museum, its strength was so great that Theodore had to consciously suppress it.

"We have to get in there now... let's go!" Theodore yelled.

He ran past the blockade and up to the doors of the museum, the doors were already broken open so entering the building was not difficult. After a brief search of the area he found some familiar faces.

"Teller! Daren!" Theodore called "What are you guys doing here?"
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Jordan kept up with Theodore, always just behind, observing. So many people he didn't know. Such a strange procession of occurrences, each more contradictory to scientific reasoning than the last.
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"Evil cult, zombies and magic, **** hitting fans" said Teller, breaking into a light sprint behind Theodore as he headed for the museum entrance "The usual."
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"Any idea where the hostages are?" Theodore asked "We need to get them out of here now."
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"No clue. I have a good idea where their boss is but he really doesn't seem like the sort of guy you want to screw with." replied Teller.
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Post by: PatMan33 on January 29, 2008, 07:46:07 pm
"Hostages first then." Theodore said as he brought the building schematic up on his visor "There's a vault downstairs... what do you want to bet that's where are hostages are?"
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Kim took a step back as the guards poured in from the walls.

"It's never too easy..."

As the guards surrounded them, Kim broke into a run. As the two guards start to shoot at her, Kim ducks into a slide and the guards swing their tesla blades as she slides past, cutting the edge of her pants, but just missing her skin. Leaping back to her feet, she turns on her heels and watches as half of the circle turns on her. Throwing down an orb, the explosion kicks up a cloud of dust and Kim runs through it and kicks the closest guard square in the gut. The guard doubles over slightly as the others open fire on Kim. Limping back into the cloud and falling into a roll, Kim makes her way back away from the group. Her three robots split up, the smallest floats over her head and the second smallest starts revolving around her injured foot.
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Post by: Inkling on January 29, 2008, 10:14:20 pm
Andrew drummed his fingers impatiently against the window of his taxi as it sped through the air toward Neros. 

The hostage situation was on every news outlet on Obano, and on many international ones.  Andrew didn't really care about the hostages.  If they were as corrupt as the man in the mask had said, he would have taken them out himselves in different circumstances and for the right price.  But if he played a big part of the rescue mission, maybe he could make some headway with the OEI.  After the incident with Myrmer, the OEI had given him some obligatory recognition, but apparently the powers that be did not want to deal with a high ranking member of the old guard.  But the rescue of six high profile and very rich citizens should get him some respect.  And then, he would be able to-

"This is as close to the Museum as I can get," the driver grunted, interrupting Andrew's thoughts. "They've got restricted airspace above the place.  I'll land as close as I can."

"Wait!"  Andrew looked down at the barriers set up around the building.  He didn't want to deal with all that security. "Just open the door here."

"What?? I can't do that, man!  You can see how high up we are!"

Andrew sighed.  Of course the drive wouldn't open the door here, but he was getting out now.  He distorted his face into a fierce demonic appearance and growled at the driver, as spikes rose from his shoulders.  "Open the door. NOW."

The driver punched a safety override button and Andrew threw himself out the open door.  As he fell he stretched out and flattened his arms into rough wings, slightly slowing his descent.  Andrew skidded across the roof of the Museum and pulled himself together as he started looking for the best way inside.

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Post by: Daxx on January 30, 2008, 04:56:56 am
"I'm all for the least dangerous option." John chimed in. "If we can get the hostages out of there, then we should do it quickly. Heck, I don't even have a weapon."

Though people seem to think I am one, he reminded himself darkly.
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Post by: Yuu on January 30, 2008, 05:07:10 am
"This, is one long tunnel..." Ralphael sighed as he crawled through the old shaft. "It seems like he's going down."

As Ralphael went down the crack, he stumbled upon a very old room, ravaged by the times. Everything in the room was covered with dust. The bookshelves held all manners of books and scrolls, some dating back from the time of the Enlightenment. The old documents sparked the curiosity of the collector inside Ralphael. But before he could reach his hand out to one of the books, Ralphael noticed that the ventilation shaft above him was holding someone inside. Instinctively, Ralphael jumped to the side just before the shaft ripped open revealing two men dressed in white and wielding Tesla blades. Landing on the floor, the two men quickly assumed fighting stances. "Hold intruder!" said the two men. "So you did follow me." replied Ralphael. Without further word, the two rushed towards Ralphael, attempting to get the first strike. Pulling out his mini-gun, Ralphael released a volley of shots before throwing a grenade and leaping towards the nearest exit, ending up in a long hallway. Once again, he can hear the noise, louder than ever before. With no time to waste, he ran towards the end of the hallway, once again seeing the man from before. "Hey... You there!" Ralphael shouted at the man while catching his breath.
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"Some warning would have helped!" Vice couhed. Turning to te men he saw their daggers, and, throwing caution to the wind, he ran forward and let them stab him. He concentated all the damage on one man and blood started dripping from the gaps in his armour. He keeled over.

"Have you got a gun?" He shouted to the woman.
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Post by: Yossitaru on January 30, 2008, 06:51:56 am
"Gun? I'm not some OEI thug who goes around shooting people. If you want a gun, take one of theirs!" Kim replied as the dust settled.

Starting a chant, Kim starts back at the guards, favoring her weight to her left leg. Finishing her chant as she clutches the gun of the closest guard, and he begins to convulse as a charge of electricity flows through him. She pulls the gun from the guard's loosened grip as he falls to the ground.

"Here!" she exclaims as she tosses the gun over.

Chanting as she backed off from the guards, she finishes to create a minor illusion that she was standing in a slightly different location causing bullets to appear they were passing through her with no effect.
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Post by: PatMan33 on January 30, 2008, 11:44:33 am
"Alright well come on then." Theodore prodded "Standing around isn't going to get those hostages freed any faster."

He walked through a doorway and into a smaller back area where a set of stairs spiraled downward into the ground.
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Post by: /lurk on January 30, 2008, 11:55:54 am
Sparky caught up with the group and slid to a halt. Motorcycle Guy and the Government Man were here, with some others, so she took down her hood and gave them a thumbs up.

[What is going on?]
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Post by: PatMan33 on January 30, 2008, 12:06:06 pm
Theodore looked around, the stairs lead to an empty concrete room with a freight elevator on one end and a broken vault door on the other. He cautiously slipped through the broken doorway and into the large vault area. The sounds of a fight were not too far off and he hastened his pace at the prospect of some kind of friendly presence in this place. Just beyond a small doorway Theodore was shocked to see yet another group of familiar faces, a guard was sneaking up behind them. Theodore reached out with his mind and flipped the man onto his back, the man hit the floor with a loud crash; with a flying leap Theodore landed on the man's chest and planted his elbow into one of his eye sockets.

"How're you guys doing?" Theodore asked with a grin "We've got to stop meeting like this."
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Post by: Krakow Sam on January 30, 2008, 12:13:19 pm
Teller ran in after Theodore and jumped into the fray, putting up his hands in an exagerrated boxing position. "Put 'em up!". The nearby guard slashed at Teller wildly, but his swing was quickly dodged and he found a series of lightning fast jabs connect with his face. He staggered back, reeling and drew his gun.
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Post by: Yossitaru on January 30, 2008, 01:03:35 pm
"So, agent, the OEI couldn't keep their hands out of this after all. Let's hope for your sake they don't start killing off the hostages."

Kim pulls out another orb and throws it into a barrage of bullets, exploding and kicking up another cloud of dust. Beginning her chant again, and illusion of her rushes through the smoke and the guards slice their tesla blades through her and she disappears as an explosion appears where her illusion was, and the chanting continued. As it stopped a light glowed through the smoke and quickly revealed itself as a fireball that grazes the guards. Breathing heavily, Kim limps backwards slightly and the medium robot ceases its revolving.

"Major bruises detected, no fractures." the robot reported as it returns to its dock on the larger robot.
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Post by: Neoadept on January 30, 2008, 01:14:35 pm
Bartholomew stared at Bernardo for a few moments longer.  "Oh, you're serious.  No, I'm sorry, but that simply won't do.  I was willing to let you walk out of this building, I would even have allowed you to resurrect your little club, but now your plans are clearly in conflict with my own."  He lifted the cane and held it be fore him, running his hands along it.  "Here's something you didn't hear about the events of sixty years ago:  One Mantar Yasipolitz discovered a frequency of magnetic field which disables the part of the human brain which controls magic.  Here's something you didn't know about the present:  The Tesla blade has been invented, a weapon which is capable of projecting a magnetic field of such intensity that it can cut steel.  Do you perhaps see where this is going?"

With a single motion he gripped the cane's head and pulled, freeing two and a half feet of blade from its casing.  With a thumb he pushed a small dial on the handle to its maximum and the blade crackled to life.  With the adjustment of another dial the crackling changed in a small way, and with the turn of a third the field extended, falling in strength but growing in size.  After a moment the crackling stopped, but the air was filled with a hum of potential.  "So," Bartholomew said as he raised the blade towards Bernardo, "the magic which keeps you among the living is not your own.  Still, I think you'll find your own magic to be quite useless in my presence."

One of the elite guards glanced at the other.  "The girl is using magic, extend fields."  The other guard nodded and passed on the message, each guard executing a series similar that Bartholomew had used.  Soon the air was filled with the same, if slightly lower hum.  Their fields were much smaller than Bartholomew's due to the size of their weapons, but now the girl couldn't pull any magic if the got her within arms reach of the daggers.

Daren ran into the vault after Teller and threw himself to the ground as several guns were trained on him and fired.  He quickly rolled to the side and swung the blade at a guards feet.  The man fell, screaming, as his Achilles tendon was severed.
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Post by: Brandonazz on January 30, 2008, 01:19:53 pm
Jordan came running in at the same time as Daren, just behind Theodore and Teller. Still energized by his enhancer, he fell into a crouching position and launched himself forward, striking one of the gunmen with an uppercut that sent him sprawling backwards. He spun about and, scooping up his beating rod, charged at the figure that had sent -Teller was it?- flying backwards.
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Post by: PatMan33 on January 30, 2008, 01:24:27 pm
Bernardo walked towards Bartholomew and grabbed his arm, he held the blade level and walked into it.

"You are going to have to do better than that," Bernardo said with a smile "I too have improved with time..."

He swung his fist at Bartholomew's head.
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Post by: /lurk on January 30, 2008, 01:24:45 pm
Sparky sprinted through the empty room into the fight. Smoke and dust was swirling around, but that only inhibited her first sight. She knew exactly where the guard had pulled a gun on Teller; with a flying leap, she sailed over the android's head, landing with her hands on the man's face. The weight of the alien toppled the man off his feet, and he landed with a crack as his head hit the concrete floor. Sparky rolled with the momentum, rose and spun to face Teller and look back into the fray. Say what you will about the Brotherhood, they still knew how to throw a good party.
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Post by: Brandonazz on January 30, 2008, 01:32:03 pm
Just as Jordan was about to strike the figure, the blur of a clock knocked him out of the way. He skidded to a halt and looked about, then dropped behind a table that had been knocked over at the room's entry. "Anybody got a gun for me?"
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Post by: Neoadept on January 30, 2008, 01:34:44 pm
Bartholomew swung his head back and then shot it forward, smashing the mask into Bernardo's fist while wrenching the blade out of his chest.  "And I don't use brittle masks."  He swung the blade up at Bernardo's outstretched arm, perhaps dismembering him would work.

Daren scooped the gun from the man he'd toppled from the ground and threw it across the room.  "Catch!"
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Post by: PatMan33 on January 30, 2008, 01:41:54 pm
Bernardo's arm was severed just below the elbow and both he and Bartholomew looked at it for a moment. Pushing himself away and picking up the arm, Bernardo jammed it back into place and it swiftly reattached itself. He laughed a bit and walked over to one of the windows, with a flourish he hurled a heavy oak table toward Bartholomew.

Theodore pushed forward through the guards and tried to clear a path into the next room. He knocked one guard into another and fired a few shots at them, a third guard blindsided him with a kick and Theodore fell to the floor in a daze.
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Post by: Yossitaru on January 30, 2008, 01:49:47 pm
Why does this hum sound so familiar...?

Kim moved away from the battle and leans against a wall for a moment. Pulling out three orbs, Kim focuses on them as she rolls them between her fingers.
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Post by: Neoadept on January 30, 2008, 01:54:44 pm
Bartholomew rolled to the side as the tabled smashed into his desk and toppled it.  He sighed as he stood up and began to walk slowly towards Bernardo.  "I had just put those files in order, too."  He lifted the blade in a terribly efficient way, a way that proclaimed the sword in his hand to be an instrument of death and him to be a master craftsman.  "I think I'll cut you into tiny bits, store them in jars, and watch them squirm."
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Post by: Brandonazz on January 30, 2008, 01:55:29 pm
"Thanks!" Jordan caught the gun and began to fire over the table.
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Post by: PatMan33 on January 30, 2008, 02:05:16 pm
"Perhaps some other time," Bernardo bowed to Bartholomew "at the moment there are things to be done."

He spun around and tore the door from its hinges, being sure to throw it towards Bartholomew as he left the room. Bernardo wandered down a long corridor and in short order found himself standing in the museum's main hall.
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Post by: emmet on January 30, 2008, 02:34:20 pm
"This is so awesome." Vice murmured.

"It's like our own crime-fighting gang!" Vice shot himself in the face and a man across the room died.
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Post by: Krakow Sam on January 30, 2008, 02:43:16 pm
"Yeah, all we're missing is the dog" said Teller, rolling his eyes and tackling a guard to the ground. Wresting the man's gun from him and beating him over the head with it, he grabbed the unconcious goon and swung him by the ankles, hurling him like a hammer tosser would hurl a hammer at another two guards hanging back and firing potshots into the fray. The three collpased into a tangle of limbs.
A couple of stray bullets caught Teller in the chest and he fell to the ground, making a noise like a poorly tuned radio.
"Hmm, I should probably be a little more careful" he said, picking himself up.
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Post by: PatMan33 on January 30, 2008, 02:45:04 pm
Theodore spun himself around on the floor and kicked the feet out from under one of the guards. He grabbed him by the back of his uniform and threw him towards the wall; assisted by Theodore's powers the man's head left a good indent in the concrete.
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Post by: Neoadept on January 30, 2008, 02:54:01 pm
Bartholomew jumped to the side as the door soared past, looking with calm over the ruins of his temporary office.  It didn't matter at this point.  He would have preferred to deal with Bernardo now, but he would have to let things run their own course until his business here was through.  He lifted a small briefcase from the debris and opened it, checking to ensure that the six vials of antidote were intact.  Nodding to himself he closed the briefcase, resheathed the blade in his cane, and plucked a phone from the ground.  "Jeremy," he called into it, "try to inform me that the hostages have been rescued before our guests kill you.  I expect they'll be looking for me."

"Yes, sir," Jeremy replied calmly.  Bartholomew nearly grinned.  Convince a man that it was for the good of humanity and he'd hurl himself off a cliff.
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Post by: Andrew Ryan on January 30, 2008, 03:36:34 pm
"Hey... You there!", said a voice from behind.

Startled, Mason turned around to see a man in a red coat wearing a White mask.

"Who the bloody hell are you?", replied Mason in a surprised tone.

Mason, We shouldn't converse with people we don't know. It could compromise our mission.

Ignoring MANIAC's comment, Mason continued to speak.

"And on top of that, how did you get in here?"

   But before he could answer, several loud shots rang out from the room at the end of the hall. Walking over and bringing his head close to the door it sounded like several people were fighting in the room beyond. Slowly he creaked open the door, forgeting the person behind him, and found that it was chaos in there. Several of the guards he had seen upstairs were battling some men, a woman, a weird alien-like creature, and a nine year old? Mason rubbed his eyes, thinking he must be hallucinating, but found that the weird battle wasn't going away. It was real. Noticing a light switch on the wall nearby he flipped the switch, sending the entire room into darkness, and quickly shut the door and went back into the hallway. He sure didn't want to get into a squabble like that, it was just too weird!

"Now then", said Mason, cracking his stiff knuckles as he strode toward the figure, "Who are you?"
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Post by: /lurk on January 30, 2008, 03:48:37 pm
That guards were choosing other targets over Sparky, only taking the occasional potshot in her direction. Well, she'd show them. With a deep breath and a crackle of static, she readied herself to strike. Following a thrust of her arm, an arc of electricity leapt from her hand into the chest of the nearest guard, and from him continued into the man next to him. The smells of charred flesh and ozone joined the dust in the air as Sparky dived behind the table with Jordan, peeking out, she saw the two collapse. Now she needed to wait for a break in the bullets to strike again.
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Post by: Brandonazz on January 30, 2008, 06:14:53 pm
Click Click Click. Jordan pulled down his gun to reload, and he paused mid movement. A little thing, with a heavy shawl, dropped just beside him. Arcs of electrostatic energy had erupted from -her?- arms moments before, and now two of Jordan's targets lay on the ground; one writhing, one motionless. Just as he  was returning to his task, he made a double take. Her skin was yellow, and her face was flat. Well, not flat entirely, but lacking in protrusions. Definitely the product of some sort of genetic alteration.

I'm not letting this one out of my sight. But now is not the time.

He poked back up over the table, firing a short burst that only struck body armor. He pulled back and tried again.
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Post by: Yossitaru on January 30, 2008, 06:43:09 pm
As her breathing normalized, Kim put away the orbs and pushed herself away from the wall. Walking across the room, and purposely stepping on any bodies in the way, she made her way over to the man strapped to the chair. Kneeling down behind the chair, she starts to free the man.
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Post by: Inkling on January 30, 2008, 08:09:18 pm
There was a loud crash just outside the vault and Andrew jogged into the room, a few switched off Telsa blades sticking out of his arms.

"Well, Damn.  Looks like I'm a bit late."
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Post by: PatMan33 on January 30, 2008, 08:15:03 pm
Theodore rushed into the room with the hostages just behind Kim, he stood on guard while Kim began freeing the hostages.

The front doors of the museum burst out of their frame amidst a wall of fire, there was a loud gasp and the crowd around the building took a collective step back. Bernardo stepped through the smoldering doorway and into the ring of empty space between the OEI barriers, to him it looked strikingly similar to an arena. A group of six OEI Apprehension Agents encircled Bernardo and approached him with their weapons raised. The six Agents were thrown across the clearing and into the electrified barriers by a blast of lightning, all at once the barriers went quiet. With the barriers down a few overzealous (And quite stupid) bounty hunters bolted toward the museum entrance in hopes of saving the executives. Large shards of ice impaled a few of them and the others were burned alive and rendered into smoking heaps of ash. All hell broke loose as the crowd began to flee en masse, Bernardo let out a loud laugh and threw a few stray bolts of electricity into the retreating spectators.

A bright flash lit up the street and the sound of tearing flesh dominated everyone's ears. Bernardo's body broke apart above the waist and at the neck, the three large chunks of him crashing to the ground with a sickening sound. Behind him stood the man in white who was holding two shining crystal blades, with a rush the blades broke apart and disappeared into the man's body. He turned his back to Bernardo's body and began walking up the stairs toward the museum doors, the area had become deathly quiet.

"Librarian..." Bernardo's voice mocked the man in white "Is that the best you can manage?"

The man in white stopped and turned around; Bernardo was standing, three large seams where the blades had hit quickly healing themselves. Bernardo's hand shot out and reached under the man's hood, he tightened his grip around his neck and lifted him off of the ground.

"Are you finally ready to face me?" Bernardo asked with a rage in his voice that would make even the most confident man tremble "Or should I wait for you to sneak in and kill me in my sleep again?"

With a loud yell Bernardo threw the man in white through the immensely thick museum wall, he smiled as a satisfying crash echoed from the inside of the building. Bernardo joined his hands together and cursed the man in white, a sea of fire, ice, and lightning rushed out of his hands and into the museum. The windows on the lower level of the structure swiftly exploded outward, the main lobby of the museum was utterly destroyed.

"You will not meddle in my affairs any further!" Bernardo yelled, turning on his heel and walking away.

Inside the lobby the torrent of flame, ice, and electricity subsided to be replaced with smoke and ash, the marble floors glowed red hot. The crowd outside had dispersed by this point and Bernardo retreated, unhindered, into the city.
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"There's no end to the fun today, is there?" Kim quipped as she started on the bonds of the second hostage.

The man she just untied continued to sit, quiver and mumble incoherently.

"You're OEI aren't you? You guys can usually talk these privileged back to their senses."
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Post by: Daxx on January 31, 2008, 02:07:36 am
John, who had taken up station outside the vault, peered down the corridor nervously, the sounds of twisting metal, plasticrete and melting rock thundering through the building. Discarded or lost during the fighting, he picked up a pistol which had skittered out of the vault and decided that it was perhaps not particularly safe to hang around.

Leaning into the Vault room for a moment, he called, "Did you guys hear... or feel that? I really think it's about time we left!"
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Post by: Krakow Sam on January 31, 2008, 06:00:51 am
"I'm with Johnny on this one" said Teller, slitting through the ropes binding a couple of hostages with a Tesla blade and slinging both struggling men across his shoulders, not bothering to reomve their gags. "Everyone grab a fatcat and lets beat feet". Teller broke into a stooping trot back toward the museum entrance. The lobby had been totally devastated, with ash and fragments of ice and masonry covering everything, and even patches of still molten metal where internal support structures had been melted by the intense blast of fire. A section of the upper floor broke away and came crashing to the ground in front of Teller, once again shaking the whole building. The men slung across Tellers shoulders gave out a variety of terrified muffled sounds and squirmed in his grip.
"Hey Ted!" he called out "We're gonna need some of your telekinetic mojo up here or the front door just isn't a viable escape route!"
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Post by: emmet on January 31, 2008, 06:14:37 am
Vice untied one of the hostages and then ran after Teller, the rich businessman waddling along behind him.
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Post by: Yuu on January 31, 2008, 07:01:08 am
"You can just call me... the Masked Avenger." Ralphael replied to the man. "And you are?"

Ralphael reached his hand out to the man, in an attempt to shake his hand. But before he could do so, he felt the ground shaking beneath him, which was not a very good sign. Expecting the worst, Ralphael suggested to the man that they leave as soon as possible, lest it be too late for them. "I dunno about you, but this place is starting to fall apart. Maybe we should continue this outsi-". "Halt in the name of The Brotherhood!" yelled a voice in the distance. It was the two elite guards that were following Ralphael. "Man. Their persistent... You up for a round?" Ralphael suggested to the man beside him, readying his two blades. "After we take care of this, you go ahead. I have to get to those hostages."
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Post by: /lurk on January 31, 2008, 07:02:49 am
Sparky glanced back at the other man. He was suspicious of her, but she couldn't see deeply enough into his mind to see why, beyond the obvious. She started towards the remaining hostages, but something caught her eye. A Tesla dagger was still switched on in the grip of one of the downed guards, and she felt its magnetic field. Gingerly, she lifted it out of the man's hand by the tip and felt the charge flow through her.

It was just what she needed. Tucking it into the deep inner pocket of her robe, she quickly set about collecting the remainder of the scattered Tesla blades until an audible hum emanated from her pocket.
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Kim finishes untying the last hostage and take two by the collars and drags them out following the others.
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Post by: PatMan33 on January 31, 2008, 09:14:11 am
"Sure thing, just a second." Theodore looked around.

The railing that ran along the second floor walkway were quickly torn away and settled on the cooling marble floor. They made a perfect path to the front door and Theodore quickly waved everyone across. After everyone had crossed Theodore broke the path apart to prevent anyone from following.
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Post by: Brandonazz on January 31, 2008, 12:59:10 pm
Jordan let the aging executive drop from his shoulder as he wiped his forehead. The lobby has been like an oven. He turned about. Where did she go? His hand silently moved to his testing set.
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Post by: Neoadept on January 31, 2008, 01:02:45 pm
Bartholomew stood calmly in the middle of the office as the rumbling from the entrance rose.  It didn't cause him undue concern, even if the collapse did spread he had an escape route that couldn't be cut off.  All he had to do was wait.

His phone buzzed to life and he put it to his ear just in time to hear a weak Jeremy, "Sir, they have the hostages..."

"Excellent, and how are you?  I had hoped that at least one of our Elite would survive."

"My apologies, sir, I'm stranded in the middle of the disaster area.  Good luck, sir."

"I don't need luck."  Bartholomew took the phone from his ear just as there was a crash and a scream from the other end.

Porter shook himself free from the girl dragging him, "I can walk on my own, thank you!"  He cleared his throat and continued in a calmer voice.  "I mean, thank you, really.  Now where is the Grandmaster?"  He glanced among them, "You did capture him, didn't you?"
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Post by: PatMan33 on January 31, 2008, 02:14:16 pm
"He is still at large." Theodore said "Don't worry we should have him soon enough... for the time being we need to get you somewhere safe."
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Post by: Neoadept on January 31, 2008, 02:26:39 pm
"Safe?  Safe!"  Porter shouted, "he poisoned us, we have ours to live if you don't get the antidote off of him."  He gazed levelly at everyone present, "and I'll make sure I cancel the reward on my deathbed if if you don't get in time, and have my company ruin you all!"
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: Brandonazz on January 31, 2008, 02:43:15 pm
"Poison? Maybe there's something I can do." He pulled out the genetic testing set. "If you'd be so kind?"
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Post by: PatMan33 on January 31, 2008, 03:00:47 pm
"Please shut up Mr. Porter." Theodore said, grabbing him and roughly slapping a pair of handcuffs on him "These are for your safety, if your system has been compromised like you claim then we can not risk any ill effects causing you to harm those around you. A team will be here soon enough to watch over you."

The hum of OEI transports could be heard in the distance.

"Let's get back in there and see if we can't find this guy." Theodore said, heading back toward the museum.
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Post by: Andrew Ryan on January 31, 2008, 03:02:07 pm
"Man. Their persistent... You up for a round", said the Masked Avenger as two elite guards appeared,
"After we take care of this, you go ahead. I have to get to those hostages."

"Hostages? That's must be what all the fuss is about", said Mason as he sung out his bolter,"I'll cover you, MA. Go and take them out."

It was then that Mason pulled the trigger on his bolter, letting several bolts fly at the oncoming attackers.
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Post by: Yossitaru on January 31, 2008, 03:11:57 pm
Kim sighed and turned around.

"Lousy technicalities..." Kim mumbled as she followed Theodore.
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Post by: Brandonazz on January 31, 2008, 03:15:44 pm
"Now if you'll hold still." Jordan took one of Porter's arms and placed a needle into it; he winced. A trickle of red looped around the small tube to the compact bit of technology. "And," He tapped the keyboard. Damn. "Those bastards knew what they were doing. This stuff is lethal within twelve hours." He looked back at the group and made a worries look. "It takes 24 hours to make a cure. Take this." Jordan put a small green tablet in Porter's hand. "It's for the pain...later."

"If we're going to cure them, we need a presynthesized cure."
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Post by: Neoadept on January 31, 2008, 05:55:26 pm
"Then lets go get one," Daren said as he followed Theodore back towards the museum.
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: Brandonazz on January 31, 2008, 05:57:03 pm
Jordan stowed away the compact kit in his jacket and run up alongside Theodore.

"Whoever did this won't let you just have them, or probably even keep them nearby. There's going to be some sort of catch."
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: Krakow Sam on January 31, 2008, 05:58:52 pm
Teller nodded and wordlessly ran back into the museum, heading for where he suspected the grandmaster's office to be...
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: Inkling on January 31, 2008, 06:26:44 pm
Andrew took off after Teller as stone armor covered his body to protect him from the heat of the room.
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: PatMan33 on January 31, 2008, 06:34:56 pm
Theodore made his way up to the second floor of the building and looked out across the main lobby. He had just realized that he had no idea who they were looking for or what that person was capable of.
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: Daxx on February 01, 2008, 05:22:29 am
Breaking across the plaza towards what remained of the barricades along with the executives, John noticed that weapons were being trained upon them from nearby buildings, each of which had an OEI transport ticking over on its roof. Dropping his pistol very visibly and throwing up his hands, he shouted.

"We've got them, they're here and safe!" At this, a trio of OEI agents burst from a doorway across from the Museum and ran towards them.

"Safe?!" One of the executives had nearly broken into hysterics. "I'm going to be dead within 12 hours! I don't call that 'safe'!"

"Keep them here," John instructed the agents as they shepherded the execs away, "They've been poisoned. Apparently the cure is still in there, Agent Century has gone back for it."

One of the agents grabbed his communicator. "Med Team Beta on my locator, ASAP. We have the hostages, possible poisoning." The executives and John were herded back by the agents; wordlessly a signal was given and a team of agents sprinted across the plaza, fanning out around the entrance to the museum. Negative entry, environmental hazards extreme.
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: /lurk on February 01, 2008, 09:21:17 am
Sparky slipped back into the museum. The OEI still weren't keep on entering, and that suited her fine. Standing in the rapidly-cooling lobby, she looked up at Theodore and thought very hard.

I want to help. What are we looking for?
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: PatMan33 on February 01, 2008, 10:25:13 am
Those guys outside have been poisoned, we need to find the man who has the antidote. Unfortunately we have no idea what he looks like, just knock out anyone you see.

Theodore mentally said to the cloaked figure with a smile and a thumbs up.
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: Yossitaru on February 01, 2008, 07:18:41 pm
"Strange friends the OEI keep..." Kim mumbled to herself as her robot floats over her head.

Entering into scanning mode, the robot investigates the remainder of the museum for anyone else.
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: Neoadept on February 04, 2008, 12:36:13 pm
Bartholomew sighed and set his desk upright.  It was becoming apparent that these so called heroes would need help finding him.  He pulled open one of the bottom drawers and removed a pistol which was ancient by Obano's standards.  It even used gunpowder to fire.  He kept it for something like sentimental purposes.  And, on the upshot, it was quite loud enough to be heard on the other side of the building.  He raised it above his head and fired into the ceiling three times, the sound echoing through the halls.
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: PatMan33 on February 04, 2008, 12:54:08 pm
Theodore dashed down the hall in the direction of the gunshot and found himself at what remained of a stately doorway. He peered inside and saw a man standing there as if he were waiting for someone to show up, he held a briefcase in one of his hands.

"You the Grandmaster we're supposed to be looking for," Theodore asked "and is that the antidote?"
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: Brandonazz on February 04, 2008, 12:57:13 pm
Jordan ran alongside Theodore and stood just behind him in the doorway. He fidgeted when his companion suggested the antidote might be in the briefcase. It could be of value, assuming there was any left after it saved the lives of the fat cats. Jordan let his hand rest on the small pistol he has taken from a guard.
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: Yossitaru on February 04, 2008, 01:14:42 pm
Kim turned with a start as the sound of the gun echoed through the building. Exiting the robot from its scanning, she follows Theodore at a more leisurely pace.

"Primitive technology and calling attention to himself... what wrong with these bounties?"
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: Neoadept on February 04, 2008, 01:54:30 pm
"Yes, I am, and yes, it is," Bartholomew replied as he lowered the gun towards Theodore.  "And you must be Mr. Century and..."  He let his glance slip over Jordan, "I don't know you, but I'm sure we'll be acquainted in no time at all.  Now I would suggest dodging, this may be an antique but the bullets move quite quickly."  He pulled the trigger three times in rapid succession in a spread which covered both Jordan and Theodore.

Darren bolted after Theodore, but had to stop for breath less than halfway there.  It had been a long time since he'd such a long ways in the course of an hour, and that hadn't involved searing flames, people with guns, or the threat of an ancient cult.
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: Brandonazz on February 04, 2008, 02:06:58 pm
Jordan twitched just in time to hear a bullet crack through the air where his head had been. He pulled out the pistol and fired two shots, sliding behind the edge of the door frame.
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: PatMan33 on February 04, 2008, 06:30:35 pm
With a wide wave of his hand Theodore knocked the bullets off to the side; he brought his hand back down and pulled a telescoping baton out from a small pocket on his side. Theodore flicked his wrist and the baton extended, he rushed toward the so-called Grandmaster and took a swing at his head.
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: Neoadept on February 04, 2008, 06:50:24 pm
Bartholomew spun to the side, avoiding the bullets and in the process lifting the briefcase to knock the baton aside.  As the two met there was a muffled clink from within.  "Do be careful, Mr. Century, I've done my best to pad the briefcase and its contents, but there's no way to be sure how much of a beating either can take.  You see, despite your interference, the hostages are are still my hostages.  Do keep that in mind."  He took another shot at Jordan before twirling the pistol in his hand to catch it by the barrel and swing the improvised club at Theodore's face.
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: PatMan33 on February 04, 2008, 07:03:32 pm
Theodore dropped to the ground and rolled a few yards away, he collapsed the baton and slid it back into its holster.

"Fine, I'll do it the easy way then." he said with a smile.

With another wave of his hand Theodore grabbed onto the briefcase and yanked it towards him.
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Post by: Yossitaru on February 04, 2008, 07:06:45 pm
Arriving at the office as another shot is fired, Kim continues her pace and walks straight into the room. As Theodore starts pulling the briefcase away from Batholomew, Kim throws a punch straight for Bartholomew's face.
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: Brandonazz on February 04, 2008, 07:19:22 pm
Jordan fumbled hurriedly with his pack. Where did I put that? Ah!

He pulled out a small plastic bag with a blood sample inside, jamming a syringe into the liquid and pulling on the plunger. The crimson substance reached the uppermost marking and Jordan set down the needle on the floor. Sweating from the heat and adrenaline, he wiped his forehead. Further inspection of his almost depleted supply bag showed that only one agility booster remained. It coursed through his legs as he pressed the plunger. I'm going to need it.

Jordan pivoted around the door frame and, head bowed, ran towards Batholomew's legs. He swung out the syringe at his side, jabbing at the creator of the poison it contained.
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Post by: Krakow Sam on February 05, 2008, 05:03:14 am
Teller ran into the room and made a beeline for Bartholemew and the briefcase. Tugging on the case in tandem with Theodore's telekinetic pulling.
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: Neoadept on February 05, 2008, 01:32:28 pm
Bartholomew twirled the gun back into position and fired the rest of the gun's ammo at Teller and Theodore, squeezing the handle to let the spent clip fall to the floor.  "Ah, the enigmatic Mr. Utopia has deigned to join us," he said as Kim's fist struck his mask with a slight ring, bouncing off the white ceramic, "and Miss Yasipolitz as well!  And," he continued as he glanced in Jordan's direction and planted a foot in his chest, kicking him towards Kim, "you really must tell me your name so we can speak properly."  He knocked the syringe out unconcernedly as he reached for another clip from his pocket.  The toxin was unique and powerful, but it took twelve hours at a full dose through the spinal column.  He had days before the trace amounts in the blood could affect him.
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: PatMan33 on February 05, 2008, 01:52:15 pm
The bullets haphazardly flew across the room, one nicked Theodore's armor but caused no damage. With a heave Theodore started pushing instead of pulling and ran into the man at full force making sure not to jar the briefcase too much.
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: Yossitaru on February 05, 2008, 03:10:46 pm
Kim held her hand as Jordan slammed into her, knocking her down. Pushing herself back to her feet with her other hand, she slowly approaches Bartholomew while watching Theodore closely for an opening.
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: Brandonazz on February 05, 2008, 03:20:44 pm
Jordan heaved himself off the ground. "Sorry about that."

He pulled out his gun and fired a few aimed shots at Batholomew, being careful not to strike any of the myriad allies swarming about the target.
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Post by: Neoadept on February 05, 2008, 07:18:34 pm
Bartholomew literally rolled with Theodore's push, collapsing himself onto his back and, simultaneously allowing the bullets to sail over him, used the momentum to throw Theodore back and onto the floor behind him.  At the same time he placed both feet on Teller's chest and kicked out while tightening his grip on the briefcase.  With his other hand he managed to fish out another magazine from his pocket and slotted it into the gun, bringing it around to fire on Jordan and Kim.
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: Yossitaru on February 05, 2008, 07:23:06 pm
As Bartholomew pulls up the gun, Kim's robot flies over her head and she starts to quickly chant. Pulling up her hand as she finishes, a small fireball flies from her hand towards the gun.
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: PatMan33 on February 05, 2008, 07:31:10 pm
Brandishing the baton once more Theodore brought it down on the arm that was holding the briefcase in hopes of knocking it loose.
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: Krakow Sam on February 06, 2008, 02:38:43 am
Teller lost his grip on the case, succeeding only in tearing away a strip of leather. He fell over on  the ground and rolled backward. Getting to his feet he noticed an old-fashioned water-based radiator set on one wall. With a mighty pull he wrenched part of the pipe which fed into it from the wall and brandished it like a club, swinging it down across Bartholemew's mask.
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: Neoadept on February 06, 2008, 12:18:03 pm
Bartholomew jerked the hand with the briefcase aside, the baton connecting with the ground where his wrist had been a moment before.  He glanced at the fireball before shifting his grip on the gun, allowing the spell to hit before he threw the now red-hot firearm at Theodore.  With both arms free he planted his elbows and launched himself upwards and into Teller's strike, twisting his face so that the mask would deflect the blow to the side.  There was a clang as the bar connected with the mask and Bartholomew's head rocked back as the mask shattered, its pieces making disconcertingly gentle pings as they struck the ground.  As Teller's blow continued to the ground Bartholomew leaped past him and to his desk, where he plucked up his cane and turned to face them.

Despite the small cuts and bruises caused by Teller's strike, his face was mostly undamaged.  Heavily in contrast with his snow white hair, his face looked relatively young, as though he were only in his mid thirties.  His eyes, whose irises were pale nearly to white and a milky pink around the edge, moved slowly over those present, seeming to measure them.  His face was expressionless aside from a slight upturn of the corners of his mouth and deathly pale.  It was a face that radiated authority.  He blinked a few times before sliding a pair of sunglasses nearly as old as the gun out of a pocket and slipping them over his eyes.  "Albino," he said as though someone had asked, "the glasses help with the light, and I think they compliment the suit, don't you?"
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Post by: PatMan33 on February 06, 2008, 12:31:46 pm
Theodore yelped as the gun contacted the skin on his hand, he jumped back and took a moment to compose himself. The sunglasses flew off of the albino man's face and landed at Theodore's feet, he stepped on them with a satisfying crunch. He held a hand out in front of him and pulled toward the ground, the ceiling began to break apart allowing a flood of bright sunlight into the room.
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: Brandonazz on February 06, 2008, 12:41:49 pm
The room shook violently for a moment when the ceiling split open. Jordan took advantage of the change in lighting to fire off a round of shots at the demasked Albino.
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: Yossitaru on February 06, 2008, 03:22:27 pm
Kim falls back as the ceiling rips open. Starting her chant again she keeps an eye on Bartholomew for any sudden movements.
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: Inkling on February 06, 2008, 05:34:36 pm
Andrew had been standing at the side of the fight, unable to get at Bartholomew due to the number of people in the small room.  But as the ceiling gave way he felt that the situation was escalating quickly, and he was eager to get in on the action.  He whipped one hand forward at the albino's feet, and the other at the briefcase.
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: Neoadept on February 06, 2008, 06:43:47 pm
Bartholomew squinted once the light hit his eyes and dove to the side as he heard the gun go off.  "Those," he said as he hit the ground and rolled, "were antiques.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to find something tasteful in this day and age?"  As he rose again his sight began to acclimate and he could make out Andrew's attack and Kim's spell building.  I may as well kill two birds with one stone, he thought as he gripped the cane's base by wrapping the fingers holding the briefcase around both it and the handle, and pulled to reveal the Tesla blade.  With a push of his thumb the room was filled with that same hum of potential and he brought the blade around in an arc which would go through both of Andrew's wrists.
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: Yossitaru on February 06, 2008, 06:58:46 pm
Kim recoiled as her magic was interrupted.

"Now I recall that frequency, it's the anti-magic frequency. Clever of you to modify your blade to that level." Kim said as she stepped back to assess the new situation.
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: Inkling on February 06, 2008, 07:12:51 pm
Andrew saw the blade coming and tried to pull back, but still got his hands sliced off.  He let out a quick yell as his arms snapped back into place and he fell on the floor, his body and hands twitching from the shock.

"Y-y-you-ll p-pay for that!" he stammered loudly as he formed new pair of hands and shakily stood up.
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Post by: PatMan33 on February 06, 2008, 11:36:21 pm
"Enough of this!" Theodore yelled.

The albino man was lifted into the air and hovered for a moment, with a jerk the suitcase pulled toward Theodore while the man was pushed in the opposite direction.

"The time for games is over." Theodore said in an unreserved and wholly uncaring tone "Release the antidote now or I will tear you apart."
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Post by: Neoadept on February 07, 2008, 01:58:48 pm
Bartholomew sighed, "is it so hard to say 'please?'  Very well, Mr. Century."  He released his grip on the briefcase and felt himself launched backwards by the sudden shift in force.  As Theodore's attention shifted away and ceased to hold Bartholomew so rigidly, he twisted in the air so his feet met the wall behind him first.  He used the remaining momentum to settle onto the wall before kicking out and launching himself at Theodore, sword extended.  "Now face the consequences, both immediate and eventual.  The crimes I listed are entirely true, and not likely to stop soon."

Daren rounded the corner and leaned in the doorway, watching the scene unfold before him and having no idea what he should do.
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: PatMan33 on February 07, 2008, 02:17:21 pm
Theodore grasped the albino man's free hand and pushed up against his other shoulder as he flew towards him, the sword sliced through the side of his armor and nicked the side of his torso. With a gasp Theodore stepped back but kept his hold on the albino man.

"My job comes first, personal feelings second; surely you can understand this." Theodore replied with a shove "Now are you going to come quietly or what?"
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Post by: Yossitaru on February 07, 2008, 02:42:10 pm
As Theodore and Bartholomew clashed again, Kim ran in and grabbed the briefcase. Making a sharp turn, she ran back towards the exit with the case in tow.

"Keep him distracted, agent." Kim said as she passed Theodore.
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: Brandonazz on February 07, 2008, 02:48:42 pm
Jordan watched the suitcase vacate the room. He glanced back at Theodore.

He followed Kim.
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Post by: Krakow Sam on February 07, 2008, 02:51:28 pm
"I'm not going to bet he'll want to come quietly" said Teller, grabbing Bartholemew from behind in a bearhug and attempting to pull him away from Theodore.
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: Inkling on February 07, 2008, 04:15:10 pm
Andrew shook himself, getting rid of the last effects of the shock from the Telsa blade.  Unnoticed by the other people in the room, his two severed hands had twisted themselves together into a ball shaped lump on the floor.  Andrew's eyes twitched slightly and the lump leapt off the floor and wrapped tightly around Bartholomew's neck. He quickly stretched out his arm and joined it to his hand.

"Well, I would suggest that he does go quietly," he said, as sharp spikes pressed in slightly on Bartholomew's neck.
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: Neoadept on February 07, 2008, 06:45:22 pm
"And I would suggest," Bartholomew replied calmly, wrapping his sword arm around so that the blade ran across Theodore's back, just short of piercing the armor, "that you all release me before Mr. Century dies.  And," he continued as though he'd just remembered something, "since the last of our guests have arrived, initiate scan."  A small picture behind where the desk had been fell off the wall with a mechanical click to reveal a series of lenses.  They began emitting a succession of high beeps, soon leading to a dark red light which grew brighter flashing in unison.  the light soon lit to green, followed by blue before ascending into the ultraviolet and beyond.  After a moment it had run through the portion of the spectrum it was capable of and shut down, a small crackle could be heard as it sent the data to an off-site computer and fried its own circuits.
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: Krakow Sam on February 07, 2008, 06:50:22 pm
"Hey what the!?" yelled Teller as the scan initiated. His eyes grew wide with panick and he dropped Bartholemew and ran to the scanner. "God dammit!" He yelled, ripping the useless device from the wall and crushing it in his hand. 
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Post by: Yossitaru on February 07, 2008, 07:00:52 pm
Kim bolted out the door as voices started behind her. Running through the building, she makes her way out and back to where the hostages were left. Prying open the case, she pulls out the doses of cure one at a time and hands them to the hostages.
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: Brandonazz on February 07, 2008, 07:14:17 pm
Jordan leaned over next to Kim and pulled out several of the antidotes, bringing them over to the former hostages. He covertly slid one into his coat when his back was turned. As soon as that's tested, I'll slip it back. No harm no foul.
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: Krakow Sam on February 07, 2008, 07:17:59 pm
Teller threw down the shattered sensor and turned back to Bartholemew, his face flushed through simulated anger and artificial fear.
"Where did that signal go!? TELL ME!!!" he walked slowly toward the albino, ignoring Theodore's situation for the moment, there were more important things at stake. "Tell me or so help me I'll tear you in half like a sheet of paper!"
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: PatMan33 on February 07, 2008, 07:21:27 pm
"It's going to be harder than that." Theodore said, bashing his head into the man's face.
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: Neoadept on February 08, 2008, 12:29:56 pm
Free of Teller's grip, Bartholomew jerked his caught arm into a new position and spun, swinging the Tesla blade through Andrew's arms and bringing the blade around to cut through the circle around his neck with a precision that left him unscathed.  He threw the collar off and rounded on Teller, nose twisted to an off angle and bleeding profusely.  "It has gone where you cannot follow, Mr. Utopia," he said as he pointed the blade toward Teller's chest.  "I wonder why is that scan so important to you?  Is there something you would like to tell the rest of us, perhaps regarding your relation to one Bernardo?"
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: Krakow Sam on February 08, 2008, 01:22:05 pm
Teller grabbed the sword and wrenched it from Bartholemew's hands. The humming magnetic blade cut through the synthetic skin on Teller's hands, but stopped suddenly as they hit the endoskeleton underneath. He threw the blade across the room and moved to grab Bartholemew by the throat.
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: Brandonazz on February 08, 2008, 01:53:23 pm
The inside of Jordan's jacket pinged quietly. He reached in and removed the syringe from the processor, handing it to one of the businessmen. He straightened and looked down the hall. "Time to check up."

His foot steps were drowned by the action in the room.
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: Neoadept on February 08, 2008, 06:13:34 pm
Bartholomew sighed and raised his hands above his head.  "It would seem you have me at a disadvantage," he said simply, "very well, I will go quietly."  He spun and walked toward the door, coming close enough to Daren to speak without the others hearing.  "Tell your friend in the fedora that his file is open, and that I eagerly await his response to the test."

Daren raised his blade and tried to speak, "how did-"

Bartholomew, now speaking so all could hear, cut him off.  "Yes, I will go quietly.  Though not, of course, with you.  Initiate exit."  The teleporter beneath the floor buzzed to life and Bartholomew vanished in a flash of light.  There was a low crackle as it fried its circuits.
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Post by: PatMan33 on February 10, 2008, 02:13:48 pm
"Damnit!" Theodore cursed as the man vanished "We need to start cracking down on these teleporters..."

He looked over at Andrew and sent a status report back to HQ.

"How'd you manage to control those arms of yours after they were detached? That was impressive." Theodore praised, he received a message on his communicator "Seems that the antidotes are being administered, let's get out of this place."
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: Inkling on February 10, 2008, 06:53:03 pm
Andrew was pulling himself together after his last dismemberment from Bartholomew.

"Oh, that?" he scratched his head and looked off to the side.  "Oh, just, ah, a trick I've picked up over the years."  Andrew looked at Theodore for a bit and frowned, as if thinking hard about something.  "Maybe I'll tell you more about it later.  But yeah, let's get out of here and check on those hostages."
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Post by: PatMan33 on February 10, 2008, 09:45:10 pm
With the situation under control Theodore stepped outside and was quickly hailed by an Agent.

"Chief Executive wants to see you." the Agent said "Better get a move on."

"Alright, thanks." Theodore replied, unsure if he should be happy or not.

He teleported to the HQ and quickly caught an elevator to the Chief Executive's office. It had been a while since he'd been up to the office, the last time he was there was when Noel had been killed. As he thought about it more Theodore realized that he had never even spoken with the new Chief Executive at length. A soothing tone signaled Theodore's arrival at the office and he pushed the thoughts from his mind, he was led into the newly repaired office and greeted by the back of what he could only describe as a perfect hourglass figure.

"You must be Theodore Century." said a sweet feminine voice "Please have a seat and make yourself comfortable."

Somewhat dumbstruck, Theodore sat down in front of the desk and waited for further instructions.

"I do not believe we've had the pleasure of meeting one another, my name is Jeanette Beaupre and I am the new Chief Executive of the Obano Enforcement Initiative." Jeanette's bubbly voice sang "Ah, the final guest has arrived. I am sure you two know one another quite well."

Agent One stepped into the room and saluted, Jeanette giggled as he did and curtsied.

"Alright, it seems that everyone is here." Jeanette smiled brightly as she spoke "Theodore, it has come to my attention that you were quite rough with Gabriel Porter today, you put him into a pair of zip-cuffs did you not?"

"Yes that is correct." Theodore said.

"And what of his accusation of unnecessary roughness? You are aware who he is, yes? He had a few choice words for your actions as soon as the evacuation teams arrived." Jeanette asked.

"His demeanor was bordering on hysteria, I cuffed him to prevent him from harming himself and those around him until the antidote could be found." Theodore replied "It is standard protocol."

"Agent One?" she asked, turning and fluttering her eyelids.

"Zip-cuffing hysterical persons has been standard protocol even before Obano was created. As well, every non-Agent is to be zip-cuffed until their affiliations can be ascertained so as to eliminate any risk to our Agents in the field." Agent One answered, unphased by Jeanette's mannerisms.

"Very well, thank you for your wisdom Agent One." Jeanette said with a slightly less starry expression "Theodore Century, you are hereby stripped of your Full Agent status and are demoted to Agent; also your access to the teleport network is suspended. When not on assignment outside of the OEI HQ you will be guarding Richard Likely's room."

"With all due respect, Chief Executive Beaupre..." Agent One began to say.

"What is it?" she said in a sing-song voice.

"Agent Century is our best Agent and the most accomplished Telepath we have ever had. To assign him to guard duty is a waste of his talents and only serves to hurt the OEI." Agent One said.

"Hm..." Jeanette clicked her tongue "I understand your plight, you simply cannot fathom the tribulations that I go through on a daily basis in order to keep this organization running; I am going to have to respectfully ask you to keep your nose out of the important people's business. You are dismissed Agent One."

Agent One saluted and turned toward Theodore, he frowned and walked out of the office. Theodore stood in place for a bit and waited to be dismissed.

"Yes I think that will be all." Jeanette said "You may leave now and be sure to learn how an Agent is supposed to act, Theodore."

Wordlessly Theodore left the office and stepped into the elevator, the doors seemed to slam shut far harder than they had in the past and he felt a pain in the pit of his stomach. It seemed that as bad as things had been, they were only going to get worse from here on out.
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Post by: Krakow Sam on February 11, 2008, 03:44:00 am
Teller had slunk wordlessly out of the hostage situation and gone through the motions of debriefing as quickly as possible. The events in that room had shaken him, he didn't like being exposed, he had been built to hide who he was and he had failed. He had a goal now. Find Bartholemew before he did any more damage.
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Post by: Yossitaru on February 11, 2008, 11:07:45 am
As the last of the cures were administered, Kim closes the suitcase and confronts Porter.

"You have been rescued, and that fulfills the hostage aspect of this, and as per your claims, I am expecting the double payment for your safety here."
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: Neoadept on February 11, 2008, 03:27:24 pm
Porter gazed levelly at Kim for a moment before reaching for his check book.  Normally he would have made a show of giving the heroes their reward on a national broadcast, for publicity purposes, but he'd been kidnapped, humiliated and then manhandled by his so-called rescuers.  He was in no mood for handouts.  "If you'll recall," he began in a tone full of barely contained fury, "I promised double if you stopped the Grandmaster.  While I may not have had time to be clear, I did want him either captured or dead, so you will take your share of the bounty and be damn happy that I'm giving you that."  He quickly signed the check with a share of the five hundred thousand and handed it over.  Some people thought that checks were too old fashioned.  Some people weren't rich enough not to care.  "Put your name on it and go to a bank, I don't want to see you again."  He turned away and began to write out more checks, wanting to leave as soon as possible.
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Jordan wordlessly made his way to Porter and took the check, sliding it into his pocket and walking away.

He dislikes handouts, but with the chemicals he was buzzing through, he needs it.
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Holding the check for a moment, only at the corner with her thumb and index finger, as if the check was disgusting, Kim stared at Porter. Stuffing the check into her pouch, she made her way back to the streets.

"Just what you'd expect from a tycoon... save his ass and you still don't do enough."

"Hopefully the next bounty will go better---"

"It better, these large reward ones have been nothing but trouble lately."
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Bartholomew appeared in his office.  That is to say his actual office, not some ramshackle piece of bait.  It was much nicer than the one in the museum.  Silently, he reached up to his face, gripped his nose, and twisted sharply, resetting it with a sickening crack.  His face didn't even twitch.  He reached into a desk drawer, removed a box of disinfected bio-sealant pads, and began applying them calmly to the cuts on his face.  After some time he reached into another drawer and lifted out his metal mask, slipping it on before turning to the holograph projector occupying the center of his office.  With a few taps to a data pad he called up the scan from the museum and zoomed in on the semi-transparent figure of Teller Utopia.

The others had interesting qualities, and he would review them eventually, but Teller was elusive.  Elusive people were hiding, people who were hiding had secrets, and secrets were useful.  Teller's secret appeared to be that there wasn't a single biological component in his body.  Bartholomew knew someone who would be very interested in that.  He tapped the intercom on his desk and spoke to one of the followers who remained outside his office at all times.  "Inform our benefactor that I request a meeting as soon as possible.  And," he added, "bring the mage to my office."  The mage was a rat, Bartholomew reflected, and rats had a tendency to get away just as things got too rough for them.  And they always came back home, if you left the right bait.

Daren hurried through the debriefing, took his check without a word, and headed for the nearest Alley.  Whoever this Bartholomew was, he knew way more than he should.  He made a mental note to find Teller, who after the scan seemed to agree.
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Andrew took the check and stuffed it in a pocket without looking to see what it was worth.

"Ah, Mr. Porter, I see you like old fashioned things.  So do I."  He flicked his fingers and a small case appeared in his hand, from which he pulled a business card with nothing but an email adress on it.  "If you ever need to hire someone for this type of thing, on or off the books, just contact me.
....You know what, now probably isn't the best time.  I'll just let you think about it"

Andrew slipped the card into Porter's pocket and walked off.

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John looked at the cheque, puzzled. Never having even seen one before, he had no idea how it was supposed to work. He knew better, however, than to demand a direct account transfer. The number on the cheque was larger than everything the OEI had paid him thus far and he wasn't about to jeopardise that.

He sidled off to ask a nearby agent when the shops would be open again.
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The projector buzzed to life before Bartholomew and the blurred image of a cloaked figure appeared above it.  "I understand you've requested a meeting, Bartholomew," a mechanically filtered voice said, "I should only hope it will be worth my time."

"Yes," Bartholomew said in a tone which suggested that they were equals only for te purposes of this conversation, "I should think it is."  He tapped a command into his data pad and the scan of Teller appeared next to the figure.  "What do you make of this?"

The figure turned to the image, which began to take itself apart and spread its components across the air.  The figure glanced at Bartholomew before speaking, "is this some kind of joke?  Half of these are entirely theoretical, and several seem to be beyond even that.  Where did you find such a thing?"

"That," Bartholomew responded flatly, "is my business.  I thank you for your input, but I called you here to discuss our agreement."  The image of Teller blinked out and Bartholomew silently affirmed his initial thoughts on the subject.  "I will require twice the number of Tesla blades offered last time, and quadruple the armor systems.  Teleporters can be arranged as we find a need for them."

The figure looked taken aback, "impossible, it was difficult enough to produce what you requested this time.  Eventually someone will become suspicious."

"You misunderstand.  This time, we will provide production facilities.  All you must provide is your expertise."

"...  I will consider your offer."

Daren hurried through the Needle's lobby to the elevator and fidgeted impatiently as it rose.  As the doors opened to the top floor Stranger put down a newspaper printed in Japanese.  "Ah, Daren.  Back again so soon, and anxious.  Something to do with the bounty?"  He glanced at Daren's surprised expression.  "Please, you think I wouldn't have someone on the scene."

Daren shook his head, "it wasn't the bounty exactly, it was the kidnapper.  He knew about you.  That I was meeting with you.  He gave me a message before he got away."

Stranger sighed, "Avalon isn't foolproof, there was always the possibility of spies.  Well, go on, out with it."

"He...  He said that your file was open, and that he awaited your reactions to the test."

Stranger's hand reflexively balled into a fist and he unconsciously shifted into think space.  He tried to press the intercom, but his hand passed through and he stared at it for a moment before realizing to switch in real space.  Slamming the button, he nearly shouted "Convene the department heads, now!"

Daren turned to leave, Stranger still didn't trust him enough to be included in company policy, but stopped as Stranger called after him, "no, you stay for this one.  We must hear every detail, no matter how mundane you think it is.  This is vital."

Some hours later, Bartholomew entered a code into his data pad, which beeped as the screen filled with "Transmission Sent."  He grinned as six boxes across the screen filled with text, the successful completion of this stage of the plan was worth a show of emotion.  The six most powerful men on the continent, he mused, and I control them completely.  And now he had scans of the people most capable of stopping him in the long run.

Within each dose of toxin had been a group of nanites, programmed to migrate to the brain and stay there, which had necessitated injection into the spinal column.  By the time the "heroes" arrived, the only way to spot them would be a brain biopsy, which such men would never submit to.  And you never checked for such things when you were evaluating poison, and any strange behavior would be chalked up to trauma and the business difficulties brought about by the hostage situation.  Oh, they weren't the best nanites, he couldn't actually control them.  But he could plant thoughts, ideas.

And ideas were powerful, in the right hands.
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Jordan sat on the museum steps and surveyed the scene; scorched Earth and wisps of lingering smoke. Bricks and twisted bits of metal spread around the entrance. Such things used to be impossible in the center of a green zone, unthinkable. A worker obliviously stepped past him into the ashen lobby. Wizards had stood here, but wizards do not exist, and the laws of science were defied. People with incredible abilities has clashed, and tyrants had been subjugated by the unknown. Secrets of the past had resurfaced, and old scars torn open. 

He shifted on the worn marble and looked up. Most people were gone now, save the occasional onlooker and OEI crowd controller. They scuttled around the edges of the pocketmarked square.

Somewhere in the distance a gun discharged.

Somewhere in the distance a bird sang.

Somewhere in the distance a baby cried.

Jordan stood up. Obano was one puzzle that would never be solved. He made his way down the road to his home. The wind rustled his hair.
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Arc IV
Eight months later...

The clock struck two.

Bernardo sat pensively in a sprawling workshop in the deepest and most remote basement of the Throne building. Behind him were rows of simple machines endlessly repeating the same few motions; they each had a task to complete, a vital part of the whole, and their combined efforts produced a shining member of Bernardo's army. It was a simple and efficient process; using the ample materials that were left behind in Throne's secret rooms Bernardo was able to construct the first of the Assemblers. From there it became a matter of the Assembler replicating itself and so on down the line until there were exactly one thousand Assemblers arranged in twenty rows of fifty. The initial creations were called Transporters, twenty of these large four legged, twelve armed, flat topped machines were built; their purpose to carry supplies from the store rooms to the Assemblers so that the next phase of construction would be able to proceed smoothly. Rippers, as they were called, made up the rest of Bernardo's army; they were not agile and they knew nothing of the martial arts or combat like some of the Grandmaster's other, more dignified inventions.

The Rippers walked on three legs, were nearly as tall as a normal man, and many times stronger; they wielded two massive cutting implements whose purpose was to slice and dice solid steel as if it were bread. They were deadly and without the flaws of intelligence or reason; Rippers bore no printed circuits, no central processing units, nothing that could be remotely or locally manipulated. Bernardo had seen the capabilities of modern technology over the months he had been back and while impressed, felt that the old ways were best and offered him more control and less room for unintended surprises. Of course Bernardo had been doing more with his time than overseeing a measly automaton construction line, much more.

Before him sat what could only be described as a man's body crafted from solid steel. Tiny symbols stretched uninterrupted around it's outside, each one a work of art and flowing with raw power. On the steel husk's "chest" was a large open hatch through which hundreds, no, thousands of cogs could be seen. Again tiny symbols were etched onto every surface of every cog so as to form a grand tapestry proclaiming the device's superiority over everything around it. When complete, it would be the ultimate weapon, an improvement over the flawed Lazarus design. There would be no chance for error this time, upon completion this new soldier would be without equal. But Bernardo could not get ahead of himself, there were still things to do before everything came together, one of these things was about to come to a head.

The clock struck two thirty.

Over the last few months crime in Taraq and other Red Zones, but specifically Taraq, had decreased noticeably. Some attributed to good policing (despite there being almost no police presence in any  Red Zone) while others cited a general decrease in Red Zone populations around the country. The truth, however, was slightly more unnerving; Red Zone populations were on the decline everywhere but Taraq, there had been a secret rallying call and people began flocking to the city to be a part of something new and big. 'Throne' was all most people had heard, some were given a specific time, three o'clock, so the people gathered at Throne; over the past two months a shantytown had sprung up in the sprawling lane and clearing that surrounded the tower. It had a carnival atmosphere about it, people were empowered and almost happy to be a part of something; subsequently crime had all but dropped off and pride had swelled. This radical change had not gone unnoticed and had drawn the ire of both the OEI and Vigil. They had worried for years about a Red Zone uprising; the OEI wanted to crush the gathering (Literally if possible) but Vigil, perhaps using every ounce of their influence, cited the non-violent nature of the crowd and so both organizations stood back and watched.

The clock struck three and silence reigned.

For a moment fear and apprehension gripped all those present but it was quickly replaced with a sense of unity and purpose; a show the likes of which had not been seen for centuries was about to begin.
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Teller strolled glumly through the streets outside Throne, not much heartened by the reverie around him. A band had set up a small stage and were playing for tips, the lead singer looked familiar, so did the guitarist. Teller was sure he had seen him on one of his trips to the OPF. He wandered briefly if the OPF knew one of their agents... or maybe former agents, was providing free entertainment to this weird red-zone love-in. Teller found himself tapping his foot despite his glum mood. In eight months he hadn't managed to get a single lead on Bartholemew, the man was like some sort of albino ghost.
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A man hurried away from the site and towards an alley a long ways off.  Shortly after these gatherings had begun, Stranger had ordered all Alleys near the Throne building to be sealed off.  There hadn't been many to begin with, but he wasn't taking chances with one of the people there stumbling through and reporting Avalon to whoever was in charge.

A little later another man hurried to the same Alley a little faster than the first.  His haste was understandable considering how angry Bartholomew had been recently.  The red zoner's were dancing to the ideas of another, of someone just as good at manipulating minds, of an equal.  Bartholomew hated equals.

Daren ducked the blow as it swung at his head and plunged his own blade forward, glancing around wildly for his opponent when it only met air.  There was a polite cough from behind him before he felt the blade smash into his back.  He winced, it may have only been bound bamboo, but it still left a welt.  Stranger walked past him and hung his training blade on the wall as he spoke, "never lose track of an opponent, I should think that one is self explanatory."

For the past few months Daren had been taking lessons from him, after finally tiring of the quips about his lack of ability.  This was their first sparring session, and he'd quickly learned that his grandfather had not only gone easy on him, but had a fundamental lack of knowledge of the way to use a sword.  He went to hang up his own practice sword as he responded, "somehow, I thought you were only good with the short blade."

"I've dabbled in just about everything," Stranger replied with a shrug, "they say that wisdom comes with age, but so does the ability to fight properly.  Some of those ages were rough."  He glanced at the old mechanical watch he'd taken to keeping on his wrist these days, "and the three O'clock report is coming in from Taraq any time now."  He sighed, "I wish I could risk a man being there on the hour, but there's too much we don't know.  Anyway, you should be away when he gets here.  Non company men make the recruits nervous."

Daren nodded and made for the elevator.
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Three o'clock. Teller took a swig from the mug of grain alcohol he had managed to buy from an enterprising soul who had set up a ramshackle moonshine still on a street corner and looked toward the Throne tower. People were heading toward it en mass and the atmosphere was one of pent up anticipation. He wasn't entirely sure what was supposed to happen, but the word on the street was very promising. The Greatest Show on Earth had been promised. Ha! he'd be the judge of that.
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Jordan got into the elevator and tapped a button. The "1" above the door lit up and he compartment began to descend.

"And the time is now one-five-zero-zero. Stay tuned for further reports on the recent Red Zone phenomenons after the weather forecast." A high definition image of Obano and its cloud cover came on while a meteorologist spoke.

The elevator pinged an the doors opened.

Jordan turned away from the wall screen and stepped into the company lobby. He didn't need the money, but Porter provided him with a clean slate in return for his abilities. Of course he never gave up his full knowledge to the capitalist, but he was willing to stomach a bit of regular work.

He made his way toward the nearby Red Zone checkpoint. A new theory about curing Antimetisis had come up. It involved less expirementation on metahumans and mre genetic sampling. Far more ethical. A final tug unraveled the tie, and it was stowed in his longcoat.
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Andrew Morris mingled through the outskirts of the crowd around the Throne building, disguised as no one in particular.  Anyone who looked knew that something was up in this Red Zone, and it wasn't hard to find out the specific time.  He had no idea what to expect, but at the least it would provide some entertainment for the day and the possibility to pick up some people on the OEI's wanted list.

Andrew's phone vibrated quietly as the alarm went off.  Three o'clock.
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Kim Sits in front of her work table with various tools at hand and works away at various objects as the television makes noise in the background.

Less than a year after the voluntary surrender of the HAMMER leader, various reports have been coming in of new attacks from the gang. Vigil has confirmed that the leader is still behind bars and currently speculate that a new leader had risen to take his place. Also, with the new leader has come increased members and the gang has reached into more Zones than previously. Due to the increased danger of Taraq Yellow Zones with the reappearance of this gang, Vigil would like to inform any who have business in the Yellow Zones to get a personal protection escort. After the commercial break, "Obano Energy Crisis?", what a representative from the OEI has to say about the increased power of the lawless villains creeping into Green Zones.
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A loud screeching sound echoed over the massive crowd as one of the weather-worn doors of the Throne building was jerked open. A pair of heavy black boots with shining gold buckles carried a man clad in tight white pants and a white shirt that peeked out from behind a crimson vest adorned with heavy straps and gold clasps. Behind him flowed a matching crimson cape that was intensified by his long silvery hair and spotless white gloves. He stood at the top of the stairs that lead into the Throne building and shone like a beacon, his immaculate attire collecting what little sunlight was able to penetrate the choking Red Zone mist.

The man gazed at the people gathered with a foreign expression on his face, a look of admiration; all those present found an odd sense of warmth in the man’s expression making him even more irresistible. After standing still for a moment the man began to descend the stairs and approach the mesmerized crowd. As he went he made sure to scan his congregation in such a manner that made each person feel as if he had looked directly at them. The last stair came and went and the man stood toe to toe with the people in the front row, he greeted them with a warm smile and tipped his head.

"Thank you all for showing up here today." The man announced in a modern and appropriate tone that he had been practicing for the last three months "I know the journey has been difficult. You have faced many dangers and many injustices to see me here today but I can assure you that you will be glad you came."

Across the crowd heads nodded, the man’s voice carried like a siren’s song.

"My name is Bernardo; please call me Bernardo, there is no need for fancy titles. We are all people here." Bernardo spoke as he moved amongst the crowd "I will not lie, my mission is not an easy one and may cost the lives of many but it will bring hope to our brothers and sisters who are forced to live a sub-par existence in what has so disrespectfully been labeled a 'Red Zone'. Why is it that a select few should rule over us, the repressed and ignored bastard children of the world? Why should we have to pay for their mistakes and misfortune? And why… above all else, should we allow them to poison our land with their filth? This is our land, these oppressors are invading our  land! Be proud of what you have and fight till the last breath to see that it remains free!"

A few scattered cheers rang out, Bernardo was deep into the crowd now and people were reaching out to touch him.

"But of course pride in our land is not going to cure our problems… not by a long shot. We must look to one another for a solution, to our brothers and sisters in the Yellow Zones, and even those few saints in the Green Zones who wish to help. It must be understood that not all outsiders are bad, we must form alliances and work together!" Bernardo finished with a flourish and stopped, he was near the dead center of the crowd and everything was going according to plan.

"The violence must end!" he yelled loudly, many cheers could be heard "Right now we are our own worst enemy but with my guidance that can change overnight!"

"Why should we listen to anything you have to say?" a woman nearby yelled out.

Bernardo smiled, he was renowned as a master at working a crowd and everything he had said up to that point was to evoke that very question.

"Why should you listen to me?" Bernardo questioned "Why should you?"

There was a silence and people looked around, suddenly Bernardo ripped his cape off and threw it high into the air. With a single swift motion he tore through the heavy straps on his vest and it too took to the sky, his shirt following shortly thereafter.

"I am but a man," Bernardo announced, laughing inwardly at the statement "I do not pretend to be anything more. The suffering in the Red Zones, it is something that I am no stranger to. My hands…"

He slipped his gloves off and held his horribly scarred hands aloft; there was a low murmur and a few hushed gasps. The people were ignorant, they had no idea that the "scars" were actually magical runes and that he had the power to slaughter each and every one of them like the pigs that they were. To the people he was just what he claimed to be: a man who had been scarred by the same misfortune that had befallen everyone in the Red Zones.

"Are these the hands of one who has not suffered? This body, is it not the body of one who has bled for what he believes in?" Bernardo proclaimed "Say it isn’t, say it isn’t and go back to your homes. Return to your lives of pain, of father giving the last bit of food to the children so that they do not have to go to bed hungry. Go back to the alley where brother has killed brother, where sister has shamed mother… go back and give up on hope."

Silence dominated the crowd once more; everyone had shriveled back at Bernardo’s words. He began to walk again, a man stopping him briefly and placing a tattered coat on his bare back; hook, line, and sinker, Bernardo was beginning to think that he had outdone himself.

"And so I say once more, the violence must stop! Only through order and discipline will we be able to overcome. Focus your energy on helping one another, begin appealing to those who can help out our just cause. Spread the word of hope… and leave the force to me." Bernardo’s tone began to change "Our oppressors will be punished, of that I can assure you. Their crimes cannot be forgiven… five cities worth of pain and sorrow; my promise to you is that justice will be served and I will see to it personally so that none of your precious blood has to be spilled. The Obano Enforcement Initiative…"

A loud murmur swept across the crowd, every soul present despised the OEI with every single solitary fiber of their being.

"The Obano Enforcement Initiative has systematically tried to keep us down while at the same time pushing us and our families into obscurity. The cost for them will be dear. Tonight one of their precious cities will be wiped off of the face of this planet, a display of our power and the beginning of their long-deserved punishment. It will become what they so callously refer to as a 'Red Zone'. This is my way of proving to you that I am sincere. Tomorrow will bring the news of my deed and then you will know that I am here for you. So until then I ask that everyone spend time with their family and friends, become better acquainted with your neighbors… because after tomorrow it will be that unity that will deliver unto us a brighter future. And to any persons out there who feel that what I have said today is wrong or unjust, that the good people before me do not deserve peace and happiness... confront me and I will exact upon you the combined will of the people and you will feel all of their pain and suffering. Today marks the end of your pain, give me your allegiance and I will give you the world."

The crowd began to cheer wildly and Bernardo was lifted into the air. For nearly ten minutes he was carried by the people, his people, until he was gently set down back at the stairs. Without another word Bernardo climbed back up and disappeared into the Throne building, any OEI stooges that planned on following him would be signing their death warrants.

Everything had come together flawlessly; the ignorant Red Zoners would soon be putty in Bernardo’s hand, his army was nearing completion, and there was not a soul alive who could stop him. With a smile on his face Bernardo returned to his workshop to finalize his plans, after sacking the city of New Wayward and extracting raw building materials from it he would finish constructing his ultimate weapon. Turning his mind to the weapon he began to carefully mull over his thoughts; while he could give life to his automaton with a technology known as the Xeno Reactor, Bernardo surmised that a human heart would be the only true way of ensuring his creation’s longevity. Finding the right heart though… had actually not taken Bernardo much time at all, mere minutes. If his research was accurate, and there was no reason why it shouldn’t be, getting the heart he required would be as simple as snatching it from its incoherent and incapacitated owner.
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Teller frowned deeply and watched as Bernardo was carried off. The air was thick with the sounds of hoots and cheers. No-one seemed to peg to the fact that his intentions were just... insane. He concentrated for a moment and began to feel the air around him for familiar transmissions. There, Andrew Morris's phone. Looks like he lucked out. Teller pushed his way through the crowd and made his way to the man.
"Mr Morris" he said "Long time no see."
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A light beep came from Jordan's right ear. He put up his right hand, tapping the small device within.


"Jordan?" It was Rashni's voice. She was his head lab assistant.

"Yes, what is it?"

"You told me to be on the look out for anything that seemed like 'magic,' right?" A hint of incredulity.

Jordan slowed his pace. "Tell me."

"I'm sending it to your infopad now."


Jordan tapped his ear again and the line went quiet. He pulled out a small plastic sheet and tapped an image of a letter. A screen came up with a video; recorded by a mini camera, apparently. Jordan watched, captivated, then tapped it quickly part way through, freezing the frame. A hand was outstretched, markings etched in the skin. To the right of the image his assistant had tapped away.

The markings were some king of 'magical' runes. A number of wikibase articles were referenced. Jordan continued his walk while reading, and he noted, the number in  the corner of the panel turned. It was now 1502.
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"Morris?" The man grunted.  "No, you've got the wrong...wait, Mr. Utopia, right?  How did you find me?"
Andew's voice changed back to normal, but his appearance remained disguised.

"You trace my phone or something?  I was guessing you had some add-ons. So..." 
His voice dropped a bit.  "What do you make of all that?"
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"Bad" said Teller. "The man is bad news and I'm not sure if theres anything we can do to stop him."
Teller thought for a moment.
"I think we should sneak into the Throne building and have a look around. Theres no sense confronting Bernardo head on. Its suicide"
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Kim sat in front of the television with sandwich in hand, and taking a break from her work.

Live from the perimeter of the Throne building.

An unkempt man said into a low-quality camera. Kim continued eating as the man went into a long winded monologue, only to be interrupted by Bernardo's commanding voice. The event was further exemplified by the rapid rotation of the view to the entrance of the Throne building. Kim coughed loudly as she partially choked on a bite of her sandwich.

"Gah.... That zombie!" Kim exclaimed as she set aside her sandwich and watched the broadcast more closely.
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Stranger waited patiently as the report was delivered by the still addled scout.  "So what you're saying," he said at its conclusion, "is that its the same as yesterday but a bit more excitable.  Really, when I say 'thorough report,' I only want new developments."

"Right, sir, I'll keep that in mind," said the man who had said the same thing for the last week as he stood and moved toward the door.

Just as he was at the door he was bowled over by someone go very fast in the other direction.  "Sir," the newcomer shouted, "someone got a live feed from the event online, and we've got it recorded!"

Stranger quickly took his data pad out from his desk and tapped his way to the TransCorp server and opened the file.  After watching it loop a couple of times he froze frame on the scars and stared at them intently for a few moments.  "Another rune mage..."  He muttered, "aligned with order before 42 if I'm any judge.  Let's see..."  He squinted and his fingers traced patterns on the desk for a moment, "Fire...  Ice...  Lightning...  And look at that jawline, I know that jawline.  Hell, cut the hair and he's the spitting image of-"  He jumped up and darted to the small bookshelf he kept by his desk, which didn't seem so small if you saw it out of the corner of your eye, "or the other way around!"  He ran his hand over the book's spines for a moment before realizing that he'd expressly chosen not to take any books on the Brotherhood or the Breakers because they were better off forgotten.  "Bernardo Likely..."  He said softly, "and that's as far as I can get, aside from his involvement in Lazarus, and-"  His eyes widened and he pulled a cell phone out of his pocket, "a certain amount of difficulty with a blind man."  He swiftly dialed Daren's cell and held the phone to his ear, "Daren, are you still on Avalon?"

"Yeah," Daren replied, "I thought I'd stop in the Bar and-"

"Good, you know the trouble in Taraq, the gathering?"

"Well, of course, why?"

"As it turns out, you are uniquely suited to dealing with it."

"Wait, why me, why now?  That thing's been going on for months!"

"Because the big guy just threatened to destroy a city.  And, as for why you, just mention your name and he should get into a nice rant, or at least be put off.  Mentioning that he shouldn't underestimate a kid with a sword will work wonders too, I should think."  Stranger replied offhand.

"If it's so big, why don't you handle it?"  Daren asked, though Stranger could hear him hurrying out the Bar's door and towards the Taraq Alley through the line.

"With those cameras?  The OEI would carpet bomb the place to get at me, and TransCorp's armed division should remain under wraps for awhile longer."

"Fine, I'm on my way."  Daren said and immediately closed the line.
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"Sneaking in might be suicide, too.  But hey, I'm up for it."

Andrew started making his way through the crowd towards the Throne, being careful to go unnoticed.
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"...incent! Vin...nt!" Vincent vaguely heard someone calling him through his thin veil of slumber "Wake up Vince!"

A boot sailed through the air and nailed Vincent in the head, he jumped up and cursed.

"Augh... what the hell Dee?" Vincent yelled "I need my sleep!"

"It's four in the afternoon Vince." Dee said, popping her head into the back room where the bed was "Besides a bunch of bounties just popped up for this guy named Bernardo. Seems that he's made the top of the most wanted list."

"Yeah?" Vincent asked, walking out of the back room in nothing but his boxers "What's the bounty?"

"Ugh... put some pants on will you?" Dee dejectedly sighed.

"Yeah Vince, have mercy on your neighbors!" the muffled voice of the kid on a bike said from just outside the building's window.

"Get out of here Ricky!" Vincent hollered at the kid "Come on what's the bounty?"

"There's a few, OEI has a million credits, Vigil has five hundred thousand penalty free, and there are also some out there by private interest groups... McPherson is offering five million no questions asked but I'm not so sure about that one. And the rest are all below a hundred thousand." Dee read from the screen "Also your pants are over on the gun cabinet."

"Ah... right." Vincent spoke absentmindedly as he put his pants on "Right okay, well let's go for the gold. Take the McPherson bounty."

"Okay, done." Dee replied as she submitted the information "They'll send us more info as soon as the forms are processed."

Dee got up from the computer and put her hands around Vincent's waist, she kissed him and pushed him into the back room.

"Go get a shower will you?" she yelled, slamming the door shut.

Vincent stared at the closed door for a few seconds then exhaled and shook his head. He walked over to a small stand up shower in the corner and stepped in. About fifteen minutes later he was out in the main office all clean and ready to go. Dee was sitting at the computer but had a book in her hands, she was looking up a schematic for one of their weapons that had been damaged a few days prior.

"What's the word?" Vincent asked.

"Seems that the guy is based out of Throne and he made a speech today where he promised to destroy an entire city tonight." Dee answered.

"Sounds serious..." Vincent mumbled.

"Of course," Dee said as she opened up a drawer "that's why I'm coming with you."

"Eh? You're coming with me?" Vincent asked worriedly.

"Yeah, we haven't done a big case together in a while." Dee said "So I'm coming along."

"Alright... well... I guess this will be interesting then!" Vincent smiled "What're you bringing?"

Dee reached into the drawer and pulled out a harness that had a large pistol modified to fire fifty caliber rounds as well as a menacing hunting knife. She fitted the harness on and gave Vincent a thumbs up, Dee left the desk and walked into the back room to get something else. A large gun cabinet dominated the rear wall and Dee rushed towards it like it was the biggest gift under the Christmas tree. With care she removed a machine gun fitted with a grenade launcher and tucked it under her arm for a moment; to be safe she also grabbed an ammo belt and a bulletproof vest. Dee returned to the front of the building after getting fitted with everything and slapped Vincent on the ass.

"Come on, let's go." she said, walking past him.
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Andrew looked over the Throne, trying to find a good way in.

"Hmm... I think our best approach might be to go around to the side and climb up to a busted out window.  Now if we can just get through without being noticed, we-"

Andrew felt his phone go off again and checked to see who was calling.  "Oh.. Teller, I have to go.  We can go on our suicide mission later tonight.  We'd probably have better luck at night, anyways."
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The rest of the day passed without incident and soon Obano was covered in a veil of darkness, an unusually large full moon hung in the sky casting an eerie and ominous glow over every corner of the country. Obano's night life had all but vanished as everyone was inside, afraid that their city would be the one what was attacked. Despite their best efforts the OEI and Vigil could not contain the threat that Bernardo had issued and eventually they refocused their efforts to getting everyone indoors. Bernardo stood in his workshop and looked out over the assembly lines, the last of his troops were filing into position near a large outline of a door that was painted onto a wall. He was once again clad in his crimson cape, vest, and white pants. Ten thousand Rippers stood in perfect rows and columns, many of them would not be coming back but more could be made and more would be made once materials were gathered.

"In exactly ten minutes you are to proceed through the gate and begin extracting raw materials from the city of New Wayward. Take what you want but do not set foot in any Red Zones, they must be left untouched." Bernardo announced "The mission will end at exactly five AM, no sooner and no later. I will go on ahead and prepare the area for your arrival."

The Rippers all stamped a leg to the ground in acknowledgment and the countdown began. Bernardo turned back to his workbench and grabbed a suitcase that was sitting on it, in addition he also threw on a heavy brown cloak to mask his appearance. He walked down to the assembly floor and up to the large painted doorway, a control panel sat nearby and with the flip of a switch an image of the OEI's New Wayward HQ appeared. Bernardo stepped through and vanished from the assembly floor only to reemerge in New Wayward directly in front of the HQ.

It was not a tall building, only thirty stories, but it was considered the OEI's secondary HQ and was well fortified. Of course it was open to the public and so Bernardo was able to walk right into the lobby. He ambled into the front reception area and sat down on one of the many rows of plush seats; after taking a quick glance around Bernardo opened up the suitcase. The suitcase contained three things: a small spherical device with a large screw on one side, a screw driver, and a pistol. The other people in the reception area paid him no attention as everyone was stressed out about the city being attacked. Bernardo removed the small spherical device and the screw driver and began turning the screw slowly. As he turned the screw there were several clicks that became higher and higher in pitch, as if something was tightening. With one final turn there was a loud click and the receptionist looked up.

"Excuse me sir?" she asked "What is your business here today?"

"One moment... I'll be right with you." Bernardo mumbled, he slipped the screwdriver into his vest and grabbed the pistol.

"Sir if you do not have any business here I am going to have to ask you to leave." the woman responded.

Bernardo stood up and walked over to the receptionist, the gun was concealed under one of the cloak's long sleeves. He placed the spherical device on the desk and looked at the woman.

"I think I have some information about the attacks that are supposed to happen tonight." he mumbled once more.

"What? Oh alright, let me get an administrator and you can tell him everything you know." she said, becoming quite excited.

"No." Bernardo said firmly, he snapped his fingers.

The spherical device sprang to life and began emitting a humming sound, it lifted off of the desk's surface and hovered at eye level. Everything in the room was slightly tugged toward the odd sphere; the lights began to flicker and all of the computer systems nearby shut off. Bernardo ripped the cloak off and smiled at the receptionist who began to scream, he twirled around and walked back out of the front doors. Alarms began to blare and a few Agents scrambled into the lobby, Bernardo stood outside with the pistol raised.

"In a past life I once stopped a man from doing what I am about to do. But to learn from one's enemies is to become stronger; consider this a confirmation of that statement." Bernardo proclaimed.

He fired three shots through the doors of the HQ and toward the spherical device, all three missed. With a frown he fired once more, again he missed; cursing, Bernardo fired again and connected his shot perfectly. The device exploded outwards discharging a huge amount of energy, the lobby was blown to smithereens and all thirty floors of the HQ pancaked downwards. In seconds the HQ was no more and from the massive plume of electrically charged dust stepped Bernardo with a look of satisfaction on his face. All around him the lights in buildings began to pop on as people were awakened by the explosion; as if on cue hundreds of Rippers began pouring into the streets from the direction of the HQ and flooding into the city proper. Bernardo spied five main targets, the five tallest and most lauded buildings in the city; each were in excess of one hundred stories and they were clustered toward the center.

"Bring them down!" Bernardo yelled "I want this city to be crushed beneath its own effulgence!"

The Rippers darted off into the city toward the tallest of the five buildings, they burst through the lower windows and doors and frantically began tearing through the building's supports. Another group of Rippers began scaling the inside of the building, propelling themselves upwards through several floors of steel and wood and carpeting at a time. They stopped about half way up the building and, like their counterparts on the ground, swiftly began tearing the building apart. A loud groan sounded and the building began to list heavily to one side. A Transporter walked up to the teetering skyscraper and thrust one of its massive claws inside, it retracted it and triumphantly held a huge steel beam aloft. The lower levels of the building buckled and crashed to the ground, because of the list the structure began falling like a tree; death cascaded down from the sky as the once mighty skyscraper fell into the city below. Amidst the choking cloud of dust that had ensnared a good portion of the city the Transporters began to unceremoniously retrieve raw metals from the twisted mess of concrete and flesh.

"The walls!" Bernardo called out "Tear down the walls!"

The walls that Bernardo had referred to were the ones that separated the Red Zones from the Yellow and Green Zones. In mere minutes the imposing barriers were falling left and right. From the Red Zones a few cheers could be heard and gunshots rang out as people fired their weapons into the air. A group of four heavy transports dispatched directly from the OEI HQ appeared on the horizon, Bernardo threw a ball of flame into the air to guide them to his location. As the transports neared an arc of lightning pierced the group, two of the transports went spiraling into nearby buildings while the other two remained on course. The side doors of the remaining transports flew open and gunfire erupted from within; bullets rained down on Bernardo but inflicted no damage, he simply stood there and mocked the attempt to kill him. A rocket flew up from behind Bernardo and blew one of the transports out of the sky, Bernardo wheeled around and saw a group of Red Zoners crouched behind a bit of rubble.

"Yeah man!" one of the Red Zoners yelled "Takin' the fight back to those pigs! We're here for you!"

A loud bang filled the air as one of the heavy guns on the side of the last remaining transport fired a shot at Bernardo. The Red Zoners gasped as the shot hit their new leader, a massive hole had appeared in the center of Bernardo's chest. He looked at the Red Zoners and smiled, the hole in his chest closed and Bernardo hurled a shard of ice towards the transport. As the shard moved through the air it grew bigger and bigger until it was about the size of a compact car. It struck the transport and ran it through, the wounded machine fluttered for a few moments before being carried backwards by the shard's momentum and crashing into a building.

"Whoa..." one of the Red Zoners managed to say "... whoa..."

Bernardo bowed to the Red Zoners and walked off into the city; while he had not intended to see any Red Zoners the meeting would no doubt cause quite a few fantastical rumors to be spread over the next few days that would ensure his place of power. The siege of New Wayward continued on uninterrupted; sure the OEI and Vigil tried as hard as they could to stop Bernardo but they were trounced by him and the newly empowered Red Zoners. Working together and with a sense of unity and purpose the Red Zoners made an effective fighting force, able to take out most targets without being seen and slipping away into the night.

And so New Wayward fell, just as Bernardo had promised; nearly everything in the Green and Yellow Zones had been reduced to rubble and picked clean by the Transporters. No buildings above two or three stories remained intact, the death tolls climbed up into hundreds of thousands. When the light of day finally reached what remained of the once great city Bernardo and his forces were nowhere to be seen; all that remained was a pole with Bernardo's shining crimson cape that had been placed at the top of the largest pile of rubble, a statement that the city now belonged to the Red Zoners.

Phase one had been completed and an important message had been sent. The next phase would begin after things had settled down and after people had been given enough time to let their imaginations run wild. Bernardo sat quietly in his workshop as stared at the lifeless husk of his ultimate weapon; soon it would live and walk amongst men, one way or another.
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Bartholomew sat at his desk, drumming his fingers across its surface.  Several subordinates were huddled against the walls of his office, because what was a sign of boredom or annoyance in others was a sign seething rage in their master.  The last time he'd done it someone had been decapitated.  Not a follower, but only because there were prisoners handy at the time, and now a trio had been sent out by his second to collect an uppity red zoner.  Just in case.

I should have killed him when I had the chance, Bartholomew's mind raged, ten years of careful manipulation, and he walks in and decides to level a city.  It's so STUPID, so so...  Inelegant.  The man has no sense of subtlety.  Bartholomew's head whirred through options, trying to find ways to mitigate the damage.  It couldn't happen, it would take another decade to just to get to where he'd started.  It wasn't that he was impatient, he was patience made manifest, it was that there was another plan, one where Obano was only a stepping stone to the real target, one he could achieve inside a year.  Oh, there were unknowns, but they could be mitigated.  Yes, a change in plan was in order.  And he could even spin it to look like he changed them for reasons not at all related to Bernardo.

Ah, but Bernardo was still a problem, wasn't he?  A problem somebody else could solve.  He quickly took out a pad of paper and wrote out an order on it, tearing off the sheet and thrusting it at a follower.  "Go and buy this, and have delivered to Mr. Marstems." 
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A young man watched the carnage in New Wayward with his mouth agape... while everyone else's mind was awash with the horror, or sorrow at the loss of life, his only thought was "I could do better than that...". He smiled quietly, and picking up his phone, dialled three numbers...


Teller's mind was likewise not dwelling on horror or sorrow, because he had sensibly disabled those emotions in favour of anger and lust for revenge. Apparently his father's warnings weren't enough for Bernardo. Perhaps a more direct method of putting a stop to his designs was in order. He silently sent a message to the inbox and phone of everyone who had faught alongside him at the hostage situation.

"Midnight. Throne. Payback.
- Teller"

Hopefully that would be clear enough.
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The door to Richard's room burst open and Theodore jumped out of his chair. Agent One approached him and grabbed him by the shoulder.

"They are moving me to New Wayward to oversee security and reconstruction." Agent One grumbled "An obvious ploy to get me out of the headquarters... I am not going to be around any more to keep you and the other Agents like you safe so you are going to have to be on guard."

Agent One walked over to Richard's bedside and frowned.

"Do not let anything happen to him. If he dies the whole of JLR Enterprise and all of it's subsidiaries falls under OEI control..." Agent One mumbled "I don't trust the OEI to do everything they can to ensure that he stays safe... nobody enters this room without first meeting with you."

"Yes sir." Theodore saluted.

"Keep your wits about you Theodore, hard times are coming for everyone." Agent One saluted and left the room.

Theodore returned to his seat and looked at Richard for a moment, he suddenly felt very alone.

Vincent and Dee had rushed to New Wayward as soon as they had heard the news in hopes of picking up on Bernardo's trail. Upon arriving at the mess of a city they found that the law had all but vanished, the OEI was building up a force to reestablish control but from the looks of things it was a long way off. Unable to penetrate very far into the city the pair turned towards the Heron Desert and headed for the village known as Heron's Refuge. There they were able to find themselves a small room from which to begin planning their next move.

"What do you think?" Dee asked "We can go back to Taraq, Bernardo seems to be located there."

"No way... I don't want to take that guy on that close to his center of power. Even if it is our home turf that guy leveled a city on a whim, I wouldn't want to risk our family and friends." Vincent replied.

"Yeah but if we don't do anything he'll probably just kill them anyway eventually." Dee retorted.

"You're right on that point." Vincent said "Honestly I think we may be in over our heads on this one, I mean did you hear the rumors? They were saying that the guy got shot by a heavy transport and walked away. My grandfather built those transports, the HTDS-03 was built specifically to tear flesh from bone... you don't just walk away from something like that."

Dee looked at Vincent for a moment as if she wanted to say something but nothing came to her. With a sigh she laid down on the floor and stared at the ceiling.
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The robot beeps to life and flies over to Kim, who is asleep on her workbench. Nudging her awake, it settles itself next to a pile of multicolored orbs.

"Message from Mr. Utopia."

"Ah, what..." Kim grunted as she woke, "Utopia? Isn't he OEI? Did they finally send someone after me?"

"All the message says is 'Midnight. Throne. Revenge.'"

"Throne... revenge?" Kim mumbled as she pushes herself off the desk, "Wait, Throne? He wants revenge on that zombie guy?"

"News is that he destroyed all of the city of New Wayward."

"He... what? Well, it's a good thing I got dad's old arrow schematics. If this guy is at all like the zombies he faced, I should be ready. Though this ability to destroy a city overnight... damnit..."
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Daren woke up the next morning to a knock on his door.  He'd gone home the night before after figuring out that there was no way he could get in without red zoners seeing him and tearing him apart.  After a few moments spent getting dressed he opened the door to see a box set out in the hallway.  He brought it inside and opened it, staring at it blearily for a few moments before he'd woken up enough to recognize it, at which point he tore it out of the box and looked at it more closely.  It was an oval of metal wit a few panels over it, underneath which were a series of knobs.  It had a pair of straps designed to loop over the shoulders and a cord a meter and a half long extending from one side with a complicated plug on one side.  He recognized it immediately as a modulator pack, which could be plugged into a standard Tesla blade to modulate its frequency and even temporarily boost its power.

He looked back in the box and saw a note on the bottom.  It read, This should be useful in the day to come.  There is a particular frequency you should find particularly useful when dealing with a mage.  Ask Miss Kim about it.

The day ahead?  Daren thought confusedly before remembering the night before.  He flipped his television to the news and sat dumbfounded at the reports of New Wayward's destruction.  As he rose to bolt for the door he scooped up his cell phone and beeped softly to inform him of a message.  Thinking that it must be Stranger calling about the nights attack he put it to his ear.  "Midnight.  Throne.  Revenge," came Teller's voice.  Daren sat back on his bed.  It appeared he had some time, and he needed to figure out what to do.
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Darkness once more rolled over Obano, it was the first night since the attack and things were deathly quiet. The citizens of the Green and Yellow Zones had been confined to their houses and whittled away the hours jumping at the slightest knock. Conversely the citizens in the Red Zones walked the streets confidently and with a sense of purpose, the fear of catching a stray bullet was gone and everyone was merry. Around the Throne building the makeshift town was a hive of activity, people were scurrying about peddling goods, seeing friends, and just being people, something that had often dreamed of.

"Send those Red Zoners a sacrifice." Jeanette Beaupre said to Agent One's scrawny and rat-like replacement "Three detachments of Apprehension Agents will do the trick, lethal force is encouraged."

"Yes ma'am!" the man said with with a smile.

"And Miles..." Jeanette said with a smile "After the Apprehension Agents have been slaughtered by those Red Zone pigs use the ensuing chaos as a cover to sneak a few biological agents into the area."

"Absolutely!" Miles responded with a haphazard salute.

"How're you doing Chuck?" a large man in a scruffy vest called out.

"Eddie!" a man tending a small fire yelled "It's been years! Sit down, sit down!"

Eddie, the large man in the scruffy vest, sat down by the fire and smiled at his old friend. They talked for a while about the old days and the events of the last few hours; they talked well into the night until they were interrupted by the sound of OEI heavy transports.

"Eh? It's eleven thirty, yeah?" Eddie asked.

"Give or take, why?" Chuck responded.

"The OEI has been doing flybys every two hours, they're not supposed to be around for another thirty minutes." Eddie said dryly.

"Well that can't be good..." Chuck murmured as he got to his feet.

Three heavy transports appeared from behind the Throne building and dropped toward the ground. They crashed through a few makeshift structures and a flood of fully equipped Apprehension Agents exited the vehicles. Without any provocation they began hitting people with the butts of their rifles and lining them up in rows. For a moment nobody knew what to do and the old memories of running and hiding resurfaced. Suddenly though, loud gunshot rang out and one of the Agents fell to the ground, his armor unable to stop the large caliber round. With that single shot the Red Zoners were empowered and began pushing towards the Apprehension Agents.

"Hah!" Eddie yelled "Got one!"

"Yeah well you used my gun!" Chuck called back.

Over the next twenty minutes or so the chaos that ensnared the area made things so hectic that nobody noticed the small detachment of disguised OEI Agents planting several Sarin gas dispensers about the town.
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Jordan was covered in dust. Thickly.

That is to say, he was on his way back to the corporate skyscraper when it came crashing down.

Since the incident he had been locked up in his secluded home, trying to pat off the mess in lieu of the water and electricity being out. Just then, he felt a slight buzzing.

He kicked up a cloud running his hand along his coat until he pulled out the dirt-caked infopad. The mail symbol was blinking. He clicked it, and three words appeared on the screen.

"Midnight. Throne. Revenge."

He looked at the corner of the pad, 2301. I guess it's time to find out what's going on.

His clothes looking convincingly red-zoner, he made his way toward the throne, strutting as if one of the same.
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Teller crept through the alleys and potholes of the red zone, trying to avoid the newly empowered locals and the skirmishes with the OEI... it looked like some of the apprehension agents were even siding with the red zoners... no doubt in a combination of preservation instinct and belief in Bernardo's demented cause. One of them nodded to Teller in a 'you didn't see anything' sort of way as he passed and kicked the body of a former team-mate down an open manhole before tearing off his badge, incinerating it in a flash of implant-generated lightning and dissapearing into the night so fast the wind of his passage kicked up clouds of dust.
Teller mused for a moment on how chaos always seemed to pull through in one form or another, no matter what anyone tried, and continued to the Throne building, trying to find a relatively quite spot in its shadow where he could meet with the others.
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Andrew's earlier phone call had been about a meeting with an old friend, but that had been postponed by the attack on New Wayward.  He quickly made his way to the destroyed city and did what he could to pull survivors out of the rubble.  After receiving Teller's message, he continued to help before heading back to Taraq.

He again disguised himself as a Red Zoner and slowly made his way through the jovial crowd.  Part of him could understand their joy after being repressed for so long, but he was mostly disgusted by them celebrating the destruction of countless lives and livelyhoods.  Doing his best to avoid too much contact with the locals, Andrew pressed on to the Throne.
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Bernardo stood in the lobby of the Throne building watching the chaos outside. The OEI's persistence was admirable and infuriating, they would have to be stopped eventually. Keeping the thought of continued OEI interference in mind Bernardo decided to move the next part of his plan ahead. He walked down a flight of stairs to the first basement level and up to a blank patch of wall. Feeling around, Bernardo found a small switch and pressed it; the wall lit up and a portal to his workshop opened, he stepped through and the portal closed behind him. The sound of Assemblers at work was deafening and the mass of raw materials taken from New Wayward was becoming smaller by the hour. Bernardo hovered over the now-complete form of his ultimate weapon, even inactive its empty stare was menacing. A small opening was all that interrupted the weapon's polished and clean surface, inside the opening was a black steel cage with rune etched into it that was immensely complicated. Next to the cage was something different though, something that Bernardo had added as an insurance policy.

"Soon my child." he murmured, patting the weapon's surface "Soon I will give you life."
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Aside from a scuffle with some drunken red-zones, the journey to the throne had been moderately easy.

Jordan hid in the shadows across the street, waiting for any sign of stranger -stranger- activity.
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"Good evening Doctor" said Teller stepping out behind him "ah, and Mr Morris" as Andrew approached.
"I'm sorry about the message, I didn't want to risk any more information than was necessary"
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Jordan spun on the spot and tensed. A pause. He let out a shuddered breath and stood up straight.

"I wouldn't go so far as to call it good, my friend." He smiled weakly.

It was the not-quite-right looking person from the last great cataclysm. To call it anything more than a wet match, though, now seemed like exaggeration, in light of recent events.

"How many are coming?"
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"Guess I'm going to have to be late to the party..." Kim murmured as she poured the orbs into her bag.

Exiting from her building, she makes her way to the nearest manhole and climbs down into the sewer system. Opening a hidden door, she pulls out a personal hovercraft and places it on the river of sewage. It's been a few years since she last used her father's sewer personal transport device, but it still worked in a pinch. Quickly following old access tunnels, she quickly arrived at the edge of Taraq. Sliding the transport away into another hidden section, she made her way towards the surface, and quickly, but subtly makes her way towards the Throne building.
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"No problem, you don't want to put out too much information about something like this." Andrew said.  "So, what's the plan?"
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Daren emerged from the Taraq alley and hurried toward the Throne building, the modulator strapped to his back and disguised as a backpack.  He'd expected more trouble from red zoners on the way, but so far they'd seemed too elated by the days events to attack him.  Though, judging by the looks he got, they probably wouldn't be so nice about it if he'd dressed just a little better.  He approached the group in front of the building, but decided to wait to hear a plan before introducing himself.
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"Plan?" said Teller, looking up at the forbidding tower as it loomed into the burning night sky. "Run in and send that zombie back to hell".
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"Surely that's too simple."  Kim said as she approached the others, "If he has the ability to level a town overnight, we're not going to be able to do it that easily."
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"Well, historical precedent is on our side... and we have SOME of the right people..." said Teller, allowing a little doubt into his tone "but going on that basis our best bet would be to bust the Blackscope Sniper out of jail and ask him what to do, which doesn't seem like a solid gold plan in my opinion."

Teller thought for a while longer.
"Anyway, those things he used on the town were designed for demolition, not combat, and I don't really see anything that big posing a threat inside a building"
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"Unless of course he would destroy his own headquarters to kill us."

The prospect was unsettling.
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"It wouldn't be so easy to pull the Throne building down. It was built by the finest architects and mages of the last century." reassured Teller.
"We should go before Bernardo realises what we're up to"
Teller ran lightly through the doors of the building, raising an arm to signal the others to follow.
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Jordan moved casually first, they approached one at a time to avoid notice.

He turned into the entrance and waited in the shadows.

Teller motioned again.
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Closing her eyes and taking a breath, Kim ran through the night. Opening her eyes again at the entrance to the building, she looked back to see the moving figure of the next person.
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Daren ran into the building and unslung his Tesla blade, the cord dangling from the handle and disappearing into the back pack.  He glanced at Kim and remembered the note which had come with the modulator.  "Hey," he said in a whisper he wasn't entirely sure was necessary, "I've gotten a hold of a modulator for my Tesla blade.  I was told you knew about a frequency that could make taking down mages easier, care to share so that we all have that little extra chance at not getting killed?"
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In through the front door?  It's been a while since I did something this crazy...

Andrew smiled and walked calmly into the Throne, as if he was supposed to be there.
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"Eh? Oh, that..." Kim paused to look out at the horizon for a moment, "What was that number dad said... fifteen thousand... something..."

The robot flies out of Kim's bag and addresses Daren.

"The anti-magic frequency is one, five, six, three, eight; 15,638 Hz."

"Yes, that's it... thank you..." Kim said with a slight hint of annoyance in her voice, "Anyway, you better warn me before you switch to that frequency, getting hit by that in the middle of casting isn't exactly the most pleasant thing."
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"Don't worry about it," Daren said as he dialed the frequency in, "I'll only be using it on him when I'm in range, and any casting you do will probably be well outside of that."  Closing the panel, he slung the modulator over his back.  Before turning it on, he detached the cord from the blade's hilt.  "But just to be safe, I won't turn the modulator on 'till we meet the man himself."
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"You will have to stay in range, though, the effects from those blades don't last long, as I learned first hand a few months ago..." Kim pauses to turn to their host, "So, we're still rushing into his office?"
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"That works for me," Andrew said as he lost the Red Zoner persona and prepared for battle, stone plating appearing across his body.

"One problem, though.  This place is huge.  How do we find his office, again?  If those machines are here, they must be on the lower levels somewhere; the higher floors couldn't support the big ones.  And if we can find those, maybe we can find their maker."
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"They're probably in the underground levels, we need to find a staircase; an elevator would alert him.

But first things first. Anyone need some enhancement?"

He pulled out a pair of syringes and injected one into his lower inner arm.
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"No thanks..." said Teller, frowning a little "I'm good".
Walking carefully through the lobby he headed down a flight of stairs leading to the basement levels, his footsteps echoing on the cold cement floors.
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With equally disapproving glances from the others, Jordan stowed the remaining syringe with a scowl.

He followed a few meters behind Teller as he descended the stairs.
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Bernardo stood in front of a tall metal shelf and was running his finger along its edge. On the shelf were rows and rows of spherical devices, the same that he had used to destroy the OEI HQ in New Wayward. The devices were known as electrospheres and had the ability to produce huge amounts of electricity for five to ten minutes depending on how tightly they were wound. They were one of Bernardo's older inventions, predating the first electrical generators by a few centuries. Pulling one off of the shelf and winding it tight, Bernardo headed toward the portal door. He slipped the electrosphere into his pocket and prepared to leave the workshop.
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Teller quietly reached the bottom stair and stepped off. The basement was quiet, dark, and above all, empty.

"Looks like theres nothing he..."
Teller was cut off as the room was suddenly bathed in a soft glow. A nearby stretch of blank wall, treated with peeling and yellowed paint, was suddenly host to a shimmering portal.

"Never mind" said Teller, picking up a piece of rubble from the floor and hurling it overarm toward the portal door.
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Bernardo stepped out from the portal holding the bit or concrete in his hand.

"Who do we have her-" he looked at the group for a few seconds and corrected himself "Ah yes,it is you... Lazarus' filthy spawn. And you've brought your friends I assume. What is it that you wanted, hoping to catch me off guard?"
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Jordan was about to ask Teller what the hell he was doing when his voice was caught in his throat.

He regained his composure and placed his hand on a sidearm.
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"I suppose that I should welcome you to my home properly." Bernardo smiled.

The chunk of concrete in Bernardo's hand began to glow red hot and rapidly vaporized as a ball of fire formed.
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Daren hefted the Tesla blade and flicked it on, but, with a wary glance back at Kim, didn't hook up the modulator yet.
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The burgeoning ball of flame exploded out of Bernardo's hand and rushed towards the group of interlopers. It curved towards the ground and began spreading across the floor, encircling the group.

"Welcome!" Bernardo called "Please come in, there is much to see!"

He turned around and walked back through the portal.
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Teller frowned and stamped out the flames blocking the group off from the portal. Pausing only to wrench an inch-thick strip of marble siding from the wall and brandishing it like a club, he gingerly stepped through the portal, sticking his hand back through to signal to the others that it was safe.
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Jordan followed tepidly behind, gun at the ready.
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Daren stepped through, somewhat distracted.  He was trying to remember just what Stranger had told him to say.  Tell him my name, and something about not ignoring a sword?  No, there was another bit...
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"Forgive me if I do not remember your names, I have been so busy lately that such trivial things have simply slipped my mind." Bernardo spoke from the other side of a large table that held the ominous form of his ultimate weapon "Is there something you wish to ask me? Why have you come here today?"
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"Don't play dumb with me you zombie bastard." growled Teller, striding forward and swinging his bmakeshift weapon through the air a few times to get a feel for its weight. "I know all about the atrocities you had commited in the past, but this just takes the cake. I know this continent isn't perfect, but you just destroyed the lives of tens of thousands of innocent people."
Teller suddenly rushed forward and caught Bernardo on the chin with an upward swing of the marble slab with so much force that splinters chipped off it and skittered across the floor.
"Now go back to hell!"
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Bernardo grabbed the odd man and pulled him close, his grip was strong.

"Take a good look at this..." he sneered, shoving the man into the weapon's empty face "Does it look familiar? It should. Your 'father' was once nothing more but a pile of scrap metal on my workbench as well."

With a heave Bernardo threw the man back towards his friends.

"Lazarus' power is as nothing before the might of his brother and when he awakens you will both beg for mercy." Bernardo proclaimed.

At that Bernardo threw a bolt of electricity at the odd man.
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"Thanks. I was running a little low." sneered Teller as the electric charge flowed into his power reserves. "Looks like you still aren't totally up to speed on whats been happening in the world since you took your dirt nap."
Teller sprang to his feet fell into a defensive stance, waiting for Bernardo to make another move.
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Ice began to materialize in the air around Bernardo, hundreds of chunks of varying sizes and shapes; some were blunt while others were razor sharp and they all followed the motions of his hands. He extended one hand in the direction of the group while bringing the other hand around toward their side. The storm of ice split into two masses, one part heading straight at the trespassers while the other moved around and flanked them.
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Watching the ice arc around, Kim dives her hand into her pouch and dives towards the flanking ice and simultaneously pulls out her hand to release a couple orbs at the sharps, exploding them on contact. Rolling to her feet, she pulls out a few more orbs and watches the other set of ice for a moment.
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Daren, seeing Kim go for the shards to the side, darted to the front and brought his blade through the air where the shards were going to be just as they got there, the magnetic field shredding them to a harmless mist.  "I don't think we've met," he said as he rounded on Bernardo, "but I'm Daren Marstems," there was a click as the modulator's cord was attached to the blade's hilt and the room was filled with the strange hum, "and you probably shouldn't have ignored the kid with the sword."
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"A Marstems!?" Bernardo said with a start "Do these filthy bloodlines ever die out? No matter, you do not seem to be half as proficient as your ancestor."

He moved to hit the Marstems boy with a bolt of lightning but found that his powers no longer worked.

"Hmm... fine, have it your way, boy." Bernardo spat, he snapped his fingers and called out "Ico! "

From down below the Assemblers stopped abruptly and began loading large pieces of steel and half-built Rippers into their mighty claws. With another snap of Bernardo's fingers the Assemblers began hurling the heavy materials. Bernardo stepped aside casually, narrowly avoiding a twisted I-beam, and watched.
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Teller dove in front of Daren and knocked away the hunk of cement that was heading toward him. Landing with a roll he snatched up the beam which Bernardo had avoided and swung it round to bat away an old steel boiler which was tumbling towards Jordan. Running forward and weaving between the pieces of flyign debris he leaped onto the side of one of the Assemblers, his fingers digging deep into their steel casings as he clambered up the side and mounted the machine, swinging from side to side and kicking away at the giant mechanical arms as they tried to grab him.
Boosting himself up on a final flailing arm he mounted the metal monstrosity and brought the I-beam down with a resounding clang on its casing, hammering a deep dent into it. Turning the beam on its end he pounded on the dent a few more times, the metal caving in under the onslaught and finally giving out, exposing thousands of churning mechanical components inside.
"Nice toys old man!" he yelled above the noise "its almost a shame to break them!"
He rammed the beam into the machine's innards and waited for the inevitable sound of screeching metal and stuck gears.
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Andrew followed Teller's example and ran at one of the Assemblers, dodging chunks of cement and metal as he went.  He jumped forward and rolled across the floor as a large metal claw swung down to crush him.  He jumped up on the arm and quickly climbed to the main body of the machine.  As Andrew jumped around on the body of the Assembler to dodge the many arms swinging at him, he looked and felt around for any weak spot in the machine's armor.
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"Haha!" Bernardo laughed, he had turned to watch the fight "Yes! Fight!"

Another loud snap sounded and Bernardo moved his gaze to a group of two dozen Rippers.

"Oppugno! " Bernardo ordered the Rippers to attack, he returned his icy stare to the Assemblers and snapped once more "Decido! "

One of the Assemblers near the odd man and the large man abruptly stopped moving and wrenched its legs out of the ground. It pushed off of its neighbor and fell like a tree towards the two men. All the while, the Rippers had begun moving in on them and were preparing to attack; a small contingent of Rippers had broken off and launched themselves up onto the raised platform with Bernardo and the other intruders ready to fight them off.
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Teller whooped and jumped down hard onto the side of the Assembler he had just deactivated, causing it to list and tip toward the one that Bernardo had ordered to fall down. The two clashed and began to tip sideways, away from the others. Yanking the I-beam out of the toppling hulk, teller slid down its slick flank and landed hard on top of one of the rippers, swinging the now quite badly chewed up beam at another one nearby, knocking it flat on the floor.
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During the storm of Debris Jordan had tried to shoot at Bernado.

Seeing as the bullets never touched him, he dropped the weapon and searched for a new one. A small metal beam did the trick.

Teller had gone flying in front of him, and so Jordan thanked the strange man. I doubt he heard me.

Jordan jumped down into the mass of automotons and used the beam to shove two colliding robots over onto their sides.
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Daren ran at the rippers and swung at the first one he could get to.  One of its arms and a large portion of its upper chassis fell off as the modulator enhanced blade went through their metal like a knife through butter.  Inside, gears continued to spin madly and the legs and remaining arm continued for a moment before shuddering to a stop.  Daren charged another as the first collapsed to the ground.
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Kim continued to watch as the others started to engage the robots. Turning her sight over to Bernardo, she throws three orbs at him with sharp curves. In mid flight, the orbs split apart and continue to spin while connected by thin pieces of wire. Visible arcs of electricity go across the wires as two of the orbs connect with two constructs and the third continues towards Bernardo.
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"How adorable!" Bernardo mused, watching the orbs fly towards him.

He rolled to the side and the orbs flew past him, as they turned to make another pass Bernardo removed an electrosphere from his pocket.

"I think you and I will be fast friends." Bernardo smiled as he turned the screw on the electrosphere until it clicked and tossed it.

With a snap of his fingers the electrosphere began hovering and the orbs that the girl had thrown were sapped of their energy. Bernardo felt a surge of energy within him, it seemed that the electrosphere was interrupting the Marstems boy's device.

"Since you appear to be a fellow inventor I will make this quick..." Bernardo sneered.

A bolt of lighting shot out of his hand and into the electrosphere where it was powered up and released toward the girl. It struck her and coursed along her skin and clothing, Bernardo frowned as the shock seemed to have zero effect. Despite being able to use his powers all he was able to muster was something less harmful than a static charge.

"Hmph..." he mumbled "Very well. This is... how do you say it in this age? Ah, this is cool!"

Bernardo reached out across his workbench and mumbled a few words, a small compartment in his ultimate weapon's arm opened and gun-like device extended. It had beautiful symbols scrawled all over it and Bernardo twirled it proudly in his hand.

"These guns that you are all so accustomed to nowadays... I did not think they would catch on." Bernardo laughed "However they have and so I took the initiative of solving some of the major flaws in the device."

He grasped a bar that was sticking out of the side and pulled it down the length of the gun, much like a bolt. With a flick of his wrist and a few more code words the writing on the gun's surface began to glow brightly, illuminating Bernardo's face with an eerie glow and giving everything around him a candlelit look. Loud and rapid blasts echoed around the workshop, overpowering even the drone of the Assemblers; the device in Bernardo's hands exerted no recoil and fired with precision and strength. Of course Bernardo's aim was quite poor so it took him a while to adjust his aim properly; all around the girl the thick marble walls were peeled away like tissue and the heavy steel floors sheared apart.
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Teller struggled out of a ripper's grasp and stabbed backward with the jagged end of the beam. He was rewarded with the sound of buckling metal and the screeching of stuck gears and breaking springs. His eyes narrowed as he saw Bernardo brandish the gun and he began to move toward him, ducking between the flailing arms of the assemblers and occasionally kicking over a Ripper which got too near. Eventually he made his way around behind the dais on which Bernardo was standing and quickly leaped onto it, runing toward Bernardo, holding the metal beam like a spear and moving to impale the undead master from behind.
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Jordan saw Teller's movements and quickly followed.

Just as the aforementioned made his way behind the undead terror, Jordan took his beam and went running at Bernardo, thrusting it against him.
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Kim looks behind herself and momentarily tenses into a posture of shock. Quickly recovering, she turns back to Bernado and starts moving sporadicly to confuse Bernardo's aim.

"Neat gun, but your aim is like that of a Likely's!"
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The two beams tore through Bernardo's lower torso and caused him to jerk sideways and tear a large hole into the floor with the gun. He grunted and grabbed one of the beams tightly with his free hand, neither beam was going to move very easily. Bernardo leaned hard to the side and tumbled down through the large hole bringing the beams with him, he was unsure if the odd man had followed. The beams were jerked loose and Bernardo rolled to the side, taking a moment to let the massive wound heal. Having had about enough of the fight, Bernardo prepared to end things; despite the incursion into his own workshop he was still very much in control of the situation.

Bernardo grabbed a Ripper that was passing by and tore it's side open, he thrust his hand into its innards and removed an electrosphere that was nestled deep in its core. The device fell to the ground, dead, and Bernardo walked toward the larger portal door. He approached the console and moved a few dials around, the doorway lit up and a hazy image of a desert appeared. Another unique sounding snap came from Bernardo's direction and he called out.

"Amoveo! "

From somewhere far off in the back of the cavernous basement a low rumbling could be heard slowly drawing nearer.
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Teller thought for a minute and then shrugged and jumped down the hole afer Bernardo, landing with a roll and springing to his feet immediately. He saw the metal beam, now totally bent out of shape, lying nearby and picked it up, casually straightening it like it was a wire coathanger and surveying his new surroundings.

"What now old man? Another giant robot death machine?"
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Jordan glanced at Teller with a smile before he too jumped down.

He picked up his disfigured beam and called back to the others.

"Destroy that abomination so we can get out of here!"

He turned back and stood next to Teller as he straightened his beam.

The ground shook again.
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"That is the sound of you leaving my workshop." Bernardo said "Meet the Transporter, I do not think you will find this one as easy to incapacitate as the others."

Bernardo extended his hand toward a large doorway, within it was the slow-moving shape of a Transporter making its way toward into the main area. He pointed at the two men standing in front of him and clicked his tongue. The steel beam was ripped from the odd man's hands and flew onto the back of the mighty Transporter. Amidst the confusion Bernardo reached out and grabbed both men by the neck, he lifted them off of their feet and grinned.

"I'll be seeing you." he said to the odd man, turning to the other man "It may be better, for your sake, that I do not know who you are..."

Bernardo threw the two men through the large portal and turned to see who else was dawdling about. The girl, the large man, and the Marstems boy remained.

On the other side of the portal the two men were greeted by a harsh wind and searing temperatures. They had been tossed into a random part of the Heron Desert; perhaps by a miscalculation on Bernardo's part however, the town of Heron's Refuge was only about a mile away and clearly visible on the horizon.
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Jordan hid the orange dust with a thud.

He stood up and brushed himself off, turning to Teller.

"We've got to get the hell out of here."
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"God dammit!" Yelled Teller in a tone that conveyed more annoyance than anger. He sought through the air for a moment trying to locate the portal exit, but it appeared it was a one-way affair.
"Don't worry..." he reassured Jordan "... we're only a couple of miles away from civilisation..."
"Unless that giant magnet fried my GPS" he muttered under his breath.
"This way" he said, turning in a seemingly random direction and striding forward confindently "Oh, and take these" he said, taking off his sunglasses and handing them to Jordan. "Can't have you going blind from the sun... you'd probably better wrap something round your head too, come to think of it"
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Jordan received the glasses and put them on, taking off his jacket and wrapping it around his head. The belt followed, wrapping around to hold the makeshift headpiece in place.

"So," Jordan intoned as he began to follow, "Some sort of android?"
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Teller said nothing, and just smiled faintly has he walked through the baking sand.
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Kim walks over to the hole and peers in, then looks back at the gun. Walking over and reaching in past the trigger, she pulls out a couple of the inner components and stuffs them into her pouch.

"So, what do you say we follow them?"
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Andrew jumped down off a pile of mangled Assemblers and came over to Kim.

"Yeah, we should follow them, but I think we should do something with this thing first," he said, pointing at the unfinished robot.  "The zombie seemed really proud of it, so we probably don't want to see the finished product."

Andrew walked over to the table holding the robot.  He clasped his hands together and pulled extra mass into them, forming something like a large stone sledgehammer.  He swung his arms back and with a grunt pounded the machine in the chest, leaving a noticeable dent.  He struck the machine in the chest one more time, then smashed in it's head for good measure.

"Ok, enough of these robots," Andrew said, turning back to Kim and the hole in the floor.  "Let's go get that-"

Andrew paused at the sound of rapidly spinning gears.  He turned back to look at the broken machine as the sound stopped.  He stood motionless, waiting to see if somehting would happen.  There were a few clicks, then the gears started turning even faster.

"Crap, there's a bomb in that thing!"

Andrew whipped out his arms, grabbing Kim and Daren.  He yanked them back to himself and jumped down into the hole.
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Bernardo turned at the sound of whirring gears, he saw the caved-in chest of his weapon and frowned slightly.

"You!" he yelled at the big man "You just signed your life away for doing that."

A final loud snap signaled the Transporter to move, it grabbed the big man with one of its claws and squeezed him tightly. Small chunks of the man broke away and fell to the ground. Satisfied, Bernardo waved his hand and pointed to the portal; the Transporter launched them through the shimmering doorway at high speed and Bernardo slammed his fist down onto the console to close it off after they were gone.

After taking a moment to issue some clean up orders Bernardo walked back up to his main work area and looked over the remains of his weapon. He frowned deeply and held his hand over it; searing flames devoured the broken husk and in a few moments the entire thing had become a glowing pool on the floor.

"Do not worry my child." Bernardo said softly "Your siblings will avenge you..."

With a sigh Bernardo walked back down to the portal door and turned the dials to a new setting. On the wall a hazy image of the OEI HQ appeared and Bernardo stepped through. Despite the small setback things would still be able to proceed on schedule.
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Kim squirmed in Andrew's arms the whole way.

"Ok, I think we're safe, can you let go of me now?" Kim said in an annoyed tone.
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"Mmph... sorry" Andrew grunted.

He let go of Kim and Daren and the two got up off him.  Andrew had landed on his back and broke the fall of the other two.  He shook the sand off his back as he stood up.  He frowned when he noticed that the large machine had chipped off some of his stone armor, and returned to a more normal appearance.

"So, any idea where we are?"
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"...eeeEEEHY! ....uuuYYYS!" came a call from the distance, just about audible above the wind. Turning they saw the waving form of Teller about half a mile away, with Jordan.
"....veR eRE!"
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"Well, at least we all got sent to the same place." Kim sighed as she started to walk towards Teller and Jordan and motion at Andrew and Daren.
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Bernardo burst through the front doors of the OEI HQ amidst the sound of blaring alarms. He was greeted by a swarm of Agents who had opened fire almost immediately. The air exploded into flames, roasting the Agents beyond recognition and sending the rest of the security teams into defensive positions. With a smile Bernardo stepped into the middle of the lobby and looked around.

"I am here for Richard Likely!" Bernardo yelled "Bring him to me now!"

A few seconds went by and a gentle ping came from one of the elevators, Bernardo eyed it curiously and waited. The doors slid open slowly and the small form of Jeanette Beaupre sauntered out. She stood a short distance away from Bernardo and smiled at him.

"What can I do for you?" she asked timidly.

"I am here for Richard Likely. As a sign of my respect for your power I am allowing you to hand him over to me with minimal difficulty. But know that if you refuse my offer I will destroy this place." Bernardo said sternly.

"Ah... I am afraid that I cannot do that for you... what was your name?" Jeanette teased him.

"My name is Bernardo and you will not soon forget it!" he raged.

Dozens of bolts of electricity shot out of Bernardo's hand and hit Jeanette sending millions upon millions of deadly volts through her. Bernardo laughed maniacally for a moment as she was consumed by the bright light. However he quickly stopped, his expression turning to shock, and stepped back. Jeanette stood there smiling, mocking Bernardo with her eyes.

"Impossible!" Bernardo exclaimed.

"Nothing is impossible, Bernardo., not anymore." Jeanette spat "You will get Richard Likely over my dead body; if anyone is to kill that bastard it will be me, not you. Now get out!"

Jeanette pointed at Bernardo and electricity now shot out of her hand. Bernardo's previous attack had seemingly been absorbed by Jeanette and then turned back on its caster, it also appeared to have become stronger in the process. Swiftly and soundly Bernardo was lifted off of the ground and thrown backwards through the front doors of the HQ. He slid across the ground for a few yards before rolling to his feet and looking around in a daze. The large burn marks on his skin healed quickly but Bernardo was in a bit of shock after what had happened. Regaining his composure, Bernardo cursed the woman and disappeared back through another portal. Jeanette stood at the front doors of the HQ and frowned; she was picking at a small burn mark in her violet jacket with dismay.

"Miles!" she yelled angrily.

"Y-yes ma'am!" Miles stammered as he ran up behind her.

"Gas those... those uncivilized freaks  now!"

Outside of the Throne building an invisible cloud began sweeping over the sleeping masses. Upon waking the next morning the vast majority of Red Zoners would feel as if they were getting a bit of a cold. Days later the simple runny noses would lead to far worse symptoms like vomiting and diarrhea with the eventual death of all those infected. For now though, things were still good.
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"Yeah," Daren said, flicking the blade off and sheathing it, "unfortunately that place is hot as hell."  He wiped his forehead with the back of his hand and trudged after Teller.
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Post by: PatMan33 on February 25, 2008, 10:02:00 pm
Gunshots pierced the endless drone of the harsh desert wind. A short distance away Diandra and Vincent stood behind a large sand dune, the low light of the small town of Heron's Refuge clearly visible behind them. Diandra reached into a large duffel bag and pulled out a clay disk, she twirled it on her finger for a bit while Vincent reloaded his rifle.

"Alright... let's do three second intervals. Ready when you are." Vincent mumbled.

With a nod Diandra wound up and sent the clay disk flying into the air, three seconds later she threw another and so on. Vincent held the rifle up and, without looking through the scope, began firing into the air, each hit releasing a small red shimmer as a trace amount of phosphorous was ignited. Ten disks and ten hits later Diandra slapped Vincent on the back and laughed.

"Still got it!" she exclaimed.

"Seems so..." Vincent said, adjusting his collar "Right, you're up."

They traded places and Diandra pulled out her pistol, she nodded and Vincent began lobbing the disks into the sky. Eight loud shots rang out and seven wisps of red light appeared. Diandra grinned and slid the pistol back into its holster.

"Well... it's dark out," she laughed "and I'm better at making the disks than I am at shooting them."
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Jordan looked off to his left.

"What was that?"
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Post by: Yossitaru on February 26, 2008, 11:51:55 am
"Maybe some one's making a ruckus in Junion, if we're even still on Obano." Kim responded distractedly as she picks up a handful of sand.
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Post by: Krakow Sam on February 26, 2008, 11:57:42 am
"Still in Obano" said Teller "The Heron desert, If I'm not mistaken. Of course, it wasn't always a desert."
Teller turned to home in on the source of the noise and saw two figures standing some distance away. One of them seemed to be armed. He raised his arms above his head and walked toward them.
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Post by: PatMan33 on February 26, 2008, 12:18:44 pm
"The hell was that?" Diandra grumbled, pulling out a pair of binoculars with night vision "Vince take a look at this, seems like a bunch of folks went and got lost in the desert."

Vincent hoisted his rifle up and looked through the scope which was also able to pierce through the darkness, he looked at the man waving his arms in the air and sighed.

"How do they always find me? I'm in the middle of nowhere..." he mumbled "Don't worry Dee, they're good."

Placing his rifle across his back and pulling out his shotgun, Vincent picked up the duffel bag and started walking toward the travelers.
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Post by: Krakow Sam on February 26, 2008, 03:18:41 pm
"Well, if this isn't a night for coincidences" said Teller as he drew near the couple. "If it goes on like this I'm going to have to cease being surprised. Look, I'd love to chit-chat and all that, but can you get us all out of here? We just pissed off the revenant of your great great about a dozen times grandaddy and I for one am itching to finish the job before he can level another city."
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Jordan stood next to Teller.

"There is so much behind all this that is beyond me. My degree doesn't exactly cover 'zombies' and 'magic.'"

"The name's Rates, if you're wondering." This was directed at the strangers.
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Post by: PatMan33 on February 26, 2008, 06:04:09 pm
"So you're after him too?" Vincent said "Well that's encouraging. Oh, I'm Vincent and that's Diandra."

"Call me Dee." she added "What do you think Vince?"

"I think we take them back into town." Vincent responded "We'll catch up on everything there and move out in the morning. They know more than we do."

With that Vincent and Diandra began leading the group back to Heron's Refuge.

"Damn that woman..." Bernardo seethed as he stood in his workshop "I will crush her into... into a jelly."

He stormed over to a large sliding metal door and threw it open.

"Fools... thinking they can stop me so easily." Bernardo murmured to himself.

From beyond the metal door Bernardo removed a hovering man-sized case and slid it out onto the floor. He flipped the top open and smiled as he looked over its contents.

"They insult me by assuming I'd build just one." he grumbled "You will be accompanying me on this trip my child... my research has shown me the location of another power source that will suffice."

The portal down below lit up and displayed an odd scene filled with twisted and jagged bits of steel stretching high into the dark sky.
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"What would compel you to come to the desert to be 'after him' if he's already announced himself from the Throne Ruins? I can't imagine there's too much business to be had in the desert for a bounty hunter."
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"New Wayward is just a stones throw away from here... we figured we'd search the area for clues but couldn't get into what remained of the city." Vincent was saying "Instead we came here to regroup and try to think of something else; Throne is in our back yard but this guy obviously wants people to gravitate around Throne..."

The group had arrived in the small town and was walking down a small avenue flanked by a general store and a motel. A flash of lightning lit up the sky in the distance but no audible rumble reached the town.

"Uh... anyway, so for the night you guys can probably get a room in the motel and tomorrow we can all roll out." Vincent continued, having paused to look at the lightning "Maybe Throne is the way to go..."

Bernardo stood in a cavernous room with heavy steel walls and massive beams that ran across the ceiling. The entire room was tilted on its side so the "floor" he was standing on was actually a wall; sand had poured in from holes in the "ceiling" and formed large piles here and there. Behind Bernardo was a massive doorway that had been ripped open and all around the hallway beyond it were the remains of scores of broken androids. An absolutely enormous steel chamber the size of a house was secured to one of the "walls" and the following was printed along its side in faded blue letters...

Twin Hyperflux

After pensively looking the large steel chamber over, Bernardo approached it. Along its side and very close to the "floor" was a smaller chamber; from the looks of things every wire that was running into the larger chamber had been severed and rerouted into the smaller box. Bernardo placed a hand on the smaller chamber and felt around until he found a small seam. Flames burst from his hand and the chamber began glowing red hot, Bernardo tore the chamber open after it had been heated sufficiently and peered inside. Deep within the chamber was a small blue cube with the letters "JLR" stamped into the side. Bernardo grasped the small blue cube and yanked it out of the machine; a massive blue light filled the room for a moment that spread unhindered through the strange structure. When the light finally reached the surface it took on a look like lightning and spread for miles and miles. Along with the light traveled a unique energy signature that, to the right people, would be instantly recognizable. With a grin, Bernardo carried the small cube over to the hovering man-sized box and patted its surface.

"Prepare yourself, my child..."
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"Tomorrow!?" asked Teller, idignantly "Ooooh no, we have to go NOW. The last time we left things for the night a whole city got demolished! Also, I don't supopose you noticed something unsual about that lightning... something familiar, maybe something you noticed while you were taking a tour of grandpappy's lab all those years ago? I mean, I'm no expert, but I know when to recognise when people are tampering with xeno-energy. Either the OEI are being extremely reckless in their handling of this issue or Bernardo has just managed to grab ANOTHER weapon he can use against us."
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Post by: PatMan33 on February 29, 2008, 06:34:09 am
Vincent sighed and looked out across the desert.

"I was kind of hoping nobody else had noticed that... the locals warned us not to go in that particular direction." Vincent trailed off "Seems that it is where The Golden Heron crashed all those years ago, the area is still swarming with hyper-aggressive androids that kill anything on sight."

A few decades prior, The Golden Heron was the premier means of traveling to Obano. It was a massive airship, designed to hover above the ground via a complicated and revolutionary system of rare-earth magnets and extremely high amounts of electrical energy. The lavish ship flew like a zeppelin through the air and featured the best the world had to offer. It's prominence as one of Obano's landmarks made it a prime target for Red Zone terrorists, especially since The Heron was operated by the OEI. The exact details of The Heron's demise are unknown but somehow a malicious program was uploaded into the ship's maintenance droids causing them to go berserk, killing passengers and tearing everything apart. For a few fleeting hours the passengers fought the malfunctioning androids until somehow The Heron's navigational systems were damaged. The Heron, unable to keep its equilibrium, began behaving erratically before crash landing deep into the desert that had been slowly consuming Obano. Most on board were killed and the survivors were either picked apart by the remaining androids of died of exposure.

Rescue teams were dispatched but a combination of the heavy android presence and the fact that most of The Heron had sunk deep into the desert sand made the attempts futile. The OEI condemned the area and flagged it as extremely dangerous, willing to offer no help to any persons stranded there. For the most part people have forgotten about The Golden Heron and its demise, moreover people are afraid to visit the area as countless horror stories have been spread by the few who have visited the site and survived.

"Nobody is going to take us out there, I can assure you of that," Vincent sighed "and it would take hours on foot."
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"I imagine that most of us," Jordan glanced at Teller, "Are tired enough. We should at least rest for a few hours."

"I doubt that Bernardo cares as much about killing innocents as us right now, and I haven't slept since before the initial attack."
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Post by: Krakow Sam on February 29, 2008, 06:33:58 pm
"Oh, stop being such a whiny bi..."
Teller's reply was cut short by the deafening roar of an OEI transport vessel flying overhead, so low the wind of its passage kicked up great clouds of grit and dust into the air. Its huge searchbeams momentarilly focusing on the group before it dissapeared into the distance, the sound of its engines dopplering into nothing.
Teller cocked his head to one side and raised an eyebrow.


"/negative, non-hostile civilians, continue to primary objective/"
The captain of the OEI apprehension team nodded behind his reflective helmet and leaned forward in his seat. The transport landed in great clouds of billowing dust a few hundred yards from the heron and thirteen agents jumped out and sprinted to the nearest opening. One took point with an assault rifle modified with a metal-melter breaching device, while two behind him carried a large bulky piece of equipment between them. Occasionally it emmited strange noises as it took telemetry from the surroundings and beamed it directly to the team's heads up displays. As soon as the team entered their visors lit up with a detailed map of the quickest route to the unstable readings.
"/we've got our target. 262 fore. Dobson, take point. log root zero niner phi./"
The team silently moved forward through the wrecked corridors and overturned banquet halls, converging by different roots on Bernardo's position.
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Bernardo threw the door to the hovering container open and looked over the blue cube carefully. He lowered it slowly into the chest of his weapon, setting it gingerly into a small indent located next to the black cage. A bright light ran across the weapon's surface, the writing that wrapped around it shone like the sun. The hole in the weapon's chest began emitting sparks and it swiftly welded itself back together. As the light faded Bernardo looked over the weapon and smiled.

"Stand." he ordered.

The weapon lifted itself out of the container and stood before Bernardo.

"Armament check." he ordered again.

The weapon quickly cycled through its weapons, a heavy gun appeared in one hand while an odd looking sword appeared in the other. Along the sword's surface was more of Bernardo's elaborate writing; a few sparks ran down the length of it before the entire thing lit up, heat poured off of the surface of the sword causing the air to ripple around it. After Bernardo had examined everything he waved his hand and the weapon replaced the weapons.

"Who is your master?" Bernardo asked.

"Bernardo Likely is my master." the weapon replied.

"And who are you?" Bernardo asked.

"I am Cain." it responded.

A strong force hit Bernardo from behind and he was thrown to the ground. Three Apprehension Agents stormed into the room and opened fire. One of them moved at super speed and made his way around to the other side of the room.

"Intruders!" Cain yelled "Drop your weapons!"

The Agent with super speed rounded on Cain and fired a few shots into his head, the bullets simply bounced off and rolled across the floor. Cain nimbly dashed toward the Agent and effortlessly outmaneuvered him, grabbing him from behind and driving his bare fist through the Agent's chest. Seeing their comrade fall, the two Agents who had Bernardo turned their attention to Cain for just a moment. In that moment Bernardo sprang up and grabbed the Agents by the necks; ice began forming and in a few moments they were frozen solid. With a sneer Bernardo smashed the two frozen Agents together causing them to shatter into pieces.

"Cain!" Bernardo ordered "Disguise yourself."

Cain's form shimmered and wavered for a moment and his form became that of a young human male in a smart-looking business suit. The remaining ten Agents burst into the room yelling and firing their weapons. A bolt of electricity much like Bernardo's flew through the air and struck Cain; in response, Cain ran forward and grabbed onto one of the other Agents, discharging the electrical energy and killing him. Two more Agents ran at Bernardo and jumped on him, pinning him to the ground. They wrestled for a bit, one of the Agents catching a blow and shattering his jaw; the remaining Agent latched onto Bernardo and attempted to drain him of his energy. The Agent roared in pain as Bernardo pushed more energy than he could handle into his body, within seconds the Agent lay on the ground, dead. Loud shots rang out as Cain brandished the gun, he blew holes clean through two more Agents and sent the remaining five into cover.

Another bolt of lighting flew across the room as the Agent tried once more to kill Cain. Bernardo fired a bolt of his own back at the Agent turning his torso into a charred heap. A shotgun blast filled the air and Bernardo stumbled backwards and onto the floor, he laid there and looked down at his chest which now sported a massive hole. Using the break in the action, the four remaining Agents rushed at Cain; one of them was impaled by the long glowing sword which cut through him like a welding implement through butter. Cain fell to the ground as the three Agents piled on top of him, one jammed a large knife into his chest which sent out a shower of sparks. The hole in Cain's chest tried to heal itself but the knife had been jammed in too far to make a quick fix. With sparks showing the area, the Agents relentlessly hammered away at Cain's body hoping to destroy him. As they did, they failed to notice a small winding sound that was steadily growing louder and louder.

ticktickticktick TAPtickticktickticktick TAP...

ticktickticktick TAPtickticktickticktick THUMP...

Cain's chest exploded outward sending the three Agents flying through the air. One smashed into the wall, most of his bones breaking on contact; the two others landed on the floor in heaps, cogs of all sizes peppering their bodies. The dust settled and the echo subsided, Cain hoisted himself back to his feet as the last few bits of damage to his body healed. He walked over to Bernardo who was standing off to the side surveying the carnage.

"Very good my son!" Bernardo said proudly.

A groan seeped out of the throat of the Agent with the broken jaw, she rolled onto her back and looked at Bernardo and tried to aim her gun at him. Bernardo and Cain turned to her and stared, Cain pulled out his gun and in a single swift motion fired a shot that blew the upper part of the female Agent's body into vapor.


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Teller was detecting familiar signals from the direction of the ruins, namely, the identification transimissions of the OEI transport he had hacked during the Happy Vales incident. Better yet, there was no-one aboard.
"Well, if this isn't a happy coincidence!" he said, grinning as he broadcast the ship an order to take off and land nearby. The AI hadn't been serviced since the last time, and it was the work of a moment to get it to comply. A few seconds later the sleek shape of the transport appeared on the horizon and landed near the group, its engines throwing up a heat haze which made the cool night air quiver. The gangway slid down seamlessly and Teller bounded up it, laughing and whooping.
"All aboard for the Golden Heron, making local stops at kicking zombie ass!"
"/We hope you enjoy flying Utopia airways, please fasten your seatbelts/" trilled the craft's AI as he entered the passenger bay and sat in the squad leader's seat.
"What are you waiting for guys?" he yelled, sticking his head out of the door again.
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Post by: PatMan33 on February 29, 2008, 07:41:14 pm
"Right! Let's go Vince." Diandra said, hopping into the transport.

"Every part of me is saying that this is a bad idea." Vincent murmured before hopping into the transport and smiling brightly "Not like that's ever stopped me before though!"
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Jordan hauled into the transport, sat down, and leaned back.

"How long will it take to get wherever we're going?"
Title: Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
Post by: Neoadept on February 29, 2008, 08:10:11 pm
"If the time it took to get here is any indication," Daren said as he boarded the ship, "not long."
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"We're digging out this relic of nearly a century ago? I can't say this a is a good idea..." Kim mumbled as she dragged herself onboard.
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"The Golden Heron?  I haven't seen her in ages," Andrew said as he climbed aboard the transport.  "Isn't the wreck supposed to be crawling with crazed robots that kill you on sight?  Your great-great-grandaddy sure can pick places to hide, Vincent," he said as a smile crept across his face.
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Post by: Krakow Sam on March 01, 2008, 03:32:39 pm
"I think I may be able to take care of the robots" said Teller, grinning as the ship slowly took off. The roar of the engines steadily rose in pitch, and a split second later, momentum pressed everyone back in their seat. Another momnet later and it was all over.

"/Thank you for flying Utopia airways. We hope you enjoyed your trip/"

Teller picked himself up from the floor and released the gangway.
"Lets roll!"
The pale desert moonlight shone down on the protruding bulk of the Heron, almost totally buried in the drifts over the years. A section of hull had recently been cut away. It seemed as good an entry point as any.
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Post by: PatMan33 on March 01, 2008, 03:54:43 pm
With their weapons in hand, Vincent and Diandra walked toward the hole in the steel protrusion. The steel was still warm from the daytime sun and the whole thing acted like a giant seashell, catching the wind and releasing a deep bass sound into the air.

"What do you think?" Vincent asked, it was a common question when he and Diandra were on a job together.

"There were a lot of maintenance bots on this thing..." Diandra said "I think we've got our work cut out for us."

They stood just outside of the hole and paused for a few moments. Diandra raised her hand and counted down from three, on zero they both jumped through the hole with their weapons raise. Almost immediately though they lowered their guns and turned back to the rest of the group outside.

"Hey guys!" Vincent called "Someone beat us to it... all that's left is spare parts."
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Andrew stepped inside and looked down at the robot carnage strewn across the floor.  With a kick he sent a service droid's head skidding down the hallway.

"Looks like whoever got here first left us a trail to follow."  The broken machinery seemed to be mainly along one hall, with little to the side passages.  Andrew motioned to the group to follow him and cautiously walked down the hallway, with Vincent and Diandra close behind.  The hall seemed to be clear until a beeping sound came from a dark doorway and a damaged service droid lunged out at Andrew.

The robot appeared to have had one arm blasted off, but in the other it held a large kitchen knife.  It swung at Andrew and missed, as he leaned backwards in a way that shouldn't be possible for a person with a normal spine.  Not stopping for a moment, the droid stabbed forward again, and the blade sank into Andrew's abdomen.  With an irritated look on his face, Andrew grabbed the droid's narrow chest with his right hand and slammed it against a wall, then punched it in the head with a hardened left fist.  The droid made a few more pathetic beeps as it crumpled to the floor.  Andrew pulled the knife from his torso and turned back to the group.

"Stay on guard, looks like the last person didn't finish all of these robots off."
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Kim followed behind Andrew. As she passed each robot, she knelt next to it and took pieces from it she felt she would be able to use. Kim notices some odd looks from the others as she went between robots.

"What? Free scrap of this quality isn't exactly easy to come by."
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"I think my grandfather would like you." Vincent mumbled to Kim "How far do you think we'll have to go?"
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"Not far, I imagine." Jordan rubbed his temples and stepped up his pace, moving ahead of the others.

Fzzt! A bodiless robotic arm on the ground emitted a shower of sparks, momentarily lighting the hall. Jagged shards from a haphazardly torn hole in the charred metal cast a shadow upon the wall.


The passageway returned to darkness. Jordan inched forward, rifle in hand. He glanced inside and paled.

Carnage stewed the ground, and in those former OEI agents stood two figures. His eyes traced upward until...

"They're here," he croaked.

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"They have arrived." Bernardo said to Cain.

Bernardo stepped toward the doorway that the group stood behind and raised his arms into the air.

"So nice of you to finally show yourselves!" Bernardo laughed "Please come in, I would like to introduce you all to the newest member of my family!"
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"Have you made another glowing automaton? Enough of this 'magic!'"

Bernardo could not be killed, Jordan knew that.

He spun to the companion and unleashed a volley of lead.
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The bullets passed straight through Cain opening a few small holes that, for a fleeting instant, revealed his true form and showed the spinning mass of gears within. Cain's disguise had only flickered for an inconceivably small moment but it was long enough for those in the room to have noticed something odd. A few small sparks arced across the bullet holes and they sealed up.

"I am terribly sorry," Bernardo began "but as I am sure you have just realized, Cain is not that easy to incapacitate. You however... Cain, attack."

"Yes my master." Cain spoke.

Bernardo jumped backwards and grabbed onto the side of an old scaffold that was bolted to one of the "walls"; he hoisted himself up and stood on its side, surveying the scene that was unfolding. Cain smiled at the man before him and pulled the gun out of his hand, he closed his hand around it causing the weapon to break into two pieces and fall to the floor. Taking aim with his own gun, Cain eyed the group before him with contempt; a yellow candle-like light rose up around him as the weapon began its brief power-up sequence.
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Jordan hauled up a discarded sheet of metal and hurled it at the two.

In that moment he fell back among his comrades and jabbed an enhancer into his arm.
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Cain grabbed the wayward piece of steel with lightning speed and a vice grip. He slammed it down into the ground at his feet leaving a deep divot. The light around him faded and he raised the gun, without pause he fired a deadly volley toward the group.
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Teller grabbed the nearest person, who happened to be Vincent, and dived sideways as Cain opened fire. Rolling to his feet he sprang up again and ran toward the automaton, leaping into the air and delivering a flying kick to the thing's chest. There was a clunk of metal meeting metal and Cain was knocked down.
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"Come now, Mr. Teller," Bernardo called "what do you suppose is going to come of this?"

Cain flipped himself up to his feet and nonchalantly brushed off his shoulder.
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"Pff, your machines are certainly clever, but they've been beaten before, and they'll be beaten again until you learn not to be an evil bastard" said Teller, ducking a couple of blows from Cain and responding with a flurry of punches to its casing. "But, yeah, you're right, I'm not getting anywhere with my bare hands".
Teller laughed and jumped backward over the body of an unfortunate Apprehension agent and kicked up her combat knife, catching it deftly.
"Mono-edge old man!" He laughed, ducking another blow from Cain and plunging the knife into the machine's side "But you wouldn't know about it because you didn't invent it, and god knows, nothing anyone else built can ever be any good". The razor edge of the knife sheared a long gash in the side of Cain, which healed almost instantly.
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With a grin, Cain waved his hand through the air causing his sword to burst out from his arm. He twirled it for a moment and brought it to a stop in front of Teller's face. The blade was surrounded by a bright light and ripples of heat poured off of it. Cain deftly thrust the blade forward toward his opponent.
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The enhancer did its work.

Jordan swiftly brought down the metal bar, knocking the blade out of the air.

He spun about and jabbed it into Cain's neck, pushing it down for leverage, then brought up his leg to shove him in the chest. He thrusted it forward.
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Cain grabbed onto the man's leg and threw him up over his head. He removed the large beam from his chest and launched it at Teller before getting to his feet and retaking his fighting stance.
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"Don't bother with cosmetic damage, just try to rip things out of it!" yelled Teller, raking the knife across Cain's chest. In the brief period before the wound healed he thrust his hand into the hole and faught to tear out some of the components as they span inside. Forced to drop the knife to catch an incoming blow from the machine and kicking out with his legs in a desperate attempt to maintain stability he finally tore something free from inside.
"Booyah!" he yelled, tossing an intricate bundle of minutely etched flywheels and pistons over his head. "Oh... crap"
The rubber dermis had been totally shredded off the outside of his hand, revealing cold steel beneath. The workmanship of the hand was almost as good as anything Bernardo could make, but seemingly wasn't as constrained by stubborn reliance on antiquated principles. Pneumatic tubes the thickness of hairs wound alongside shimmering fibre-optic relays and tiny pistons pulsing with each minute hand movement. It bunched into a fist.
"Thinking about it, I guess you would be my uncle or something" he said, slamming his hand into Cain's faceplate. 
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Cain froze for a brief moment as the parts were ripped out, until he had a proper power source such blows would cause mild, albeit temporary, damage. He shoved Teller away and came at him once more with his sword.

Meanwhile Vincent had made his way across the large room, after being snatched by Teller, and taken up a position behind a few steel containers. Diandra had nimbly dodges the blast from Cain's gun and was next to Vincent.

"Okay head to the left and let me take the right. Close in on the thing and just shoot, seems that your friend Teller won't be stopped by a few bullets anyway." Diandra said "You think we should go after Bernardo?"

"Not sure... he's just watching us.' Vincent responded "I think it'd be best if we left him alone."

They nodded to one another and took off around either side of the box. Vincent ran around Cain's back side and fired a few loud shots with his rifle, leaving massive holes in his torso and knocking a few parts out here and there. Diandra came around front and after waiting for Vincent to get his shots off fired a few of her own into the odd contraption.

Cain slowed down to a near-stop and wavered for a few moments as the holes rapidly closed up. Up on the scaffold Bernardo frowned for a moment but quickly regained his prideful look as Cain recovered and continued toward Teller.
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Kim watched in awe as the two robots clashed. She was snapped out of her trance like state as the sound of Vincent's gun echoed through the room. Looking up, she saw Bernardo looking over them all. Reaching into her bag, she pulls out four orbs. Holding two in each hand, she throws two directly at Bernardo and the other to to either side. The first threee orbs break open and the explosive orb continues straight on behind the middle electric orb. Looking back at Cain, she say as another of its openings closed up itself.

"Wait a second..." she muttered nearly to herself before raising her voice, "Utopia! Open another hole!"

Kim ran across the room and drew some more orbs and thrw them towards Cain at an area within Teller's reach.
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Jordan spun about and recovered his metal bar. He charged at Cain.

The bar broke into what appeared to be his arm, and subsequently knocked loose a few insignificant screws, where Jordan then pulled back and jabbed the object into Cain's chest, his intent to distract.
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The area around Bernardo lit up as the explosion and whatever else the girl had sent towards him was unleashed. He fell to the ground, landing hard on his back, then sprung to his feet and pointed at his attacker.

"You'll pay for that, girl." he spat.

Bernardo reached into his vest and removed something unexpected, an elegant crimson red paintbrush criss-crossed with gold lines. The bristles were made from fine white strands of hair, each one perfect in every way.

"It took me quite some time but I finally managed to track my brush down. Just another of my many creations..." Bernardo announced "With it I can craft your greatest desires or your most feared nightmares. Fluo! "

A light spread along the gold pattern that wrapped around the brush, the bristles turned black as if covered by ink. Bernardo turned his back to the group and scrawled a familiar symbol onto the wall. He stepped aside as a column of flame shot out of it and stretched, uninterrupted, across the room. The column effectively making travel across the room hazardous and limiting the space with which the group had to fight.

Cain, meanwhile, grabbed onto the odd man's arm and moved to crush it. Unfortunately at that very moment Cain's systems seized up and he was unable to move once more, the man escaped his grasp for the time being. Regaining his movement capabilities, Cain spun around rapidly, knocking anyone nearby out of the way and throwing Teller toward the column of searing flame.
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Teller tumbled through the flames and hit the ground rolling, slamming into the wall, his clothing and parts of his skin smouldering. The corpse of another apprehension agent lay nearby. Teller grabbed the mono-blade from his belt and looped it into his own for safekeeping, then picked up the agent's two assault rifles, hefting one in each hand effortlessly. Stepping through the flames again he raised the weapons and opened fire on Bernardo, strafing him as he ran back toward Cain.
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Kim dove into a roll as the flame split the room in two.

"Not the response I had expected..." she mumbled as she fell back away from the flame.
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Bernardo ducked and ran to the side, a few bullets clipped his legs causing him to stumble but he was no worse for wear.

"Mr. Teller! Did your father ever tell you about me I wonder?" Bernardo called "There are quite a few things about me that not even he knew!"

With another swipe of the brush Bernardo crafted a fanciful design on the side of the massive steel container that was bolted to the "wall". It began to glow odd colors for a few moments and slowly began crumbling away revealing an enormous gyroscopic device.

"I believe inspiration has just struck!" Bernardo laughed as he looked at the gyroscope "Give me just a minute my little playthings!"

He jumped into the air and grabbed on to one of the motionless rings on the device. Bernardo climbed up into the device, feeling around and analyzing the various components. With a smile and a nod he began scrawling symbols on various parts of the machine, all the while humming an anthem from his previous life.
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Andrew had been waiting towards the back of the fight, ready to pull anyone out of harm's way and waiting for an opening to get in on the action.  Now that Teller was attacking on Bernardo, Andrew made his move.  With Cain focused on Jordan, Andrew was able to charge him from behind and slammed his shoulder into the robot's back, sending him sprawling into the pillar of fire.

"Teller, stop him from firing up that machine!" he yelled across the room.
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Cain stood amidst the flames for a few seconds; his disguise had vanished and his metal body was glowing brightly causing the thousand of tiny rules etched into his torso to appear. A glowing finger pointed at the clay man and Cain rushed forward, sheathing his blade and grabbing the man's hands. The two stood there, locked in a sort of dance.
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Jordan charged forward again with a scavenged blade, jumping through the flame and swinging at the arm with which Bernardo had just began to scrawl runes.
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Still humming his tune, Bernardo kicked the odd man in time with the melody and went on about his business. The large gyroscopic device began groaning and a few of the smaller rings toward its center began spinning slowly.
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Daren saw his chance and darted at Bernardo, plugging the Modulator back into the blade and flicking it on.  "Can't undo what you've already written, but this should stop you from writing any more.  Oh, and this sword," he continued as he slashed through the machine's base, "goes through metal really easily."
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Teller quickly weighed up the situation... Bernardo seemed busy, the room was full of fire, Cain seemed to be having troubles.
"Lets have a change of scenary" he said, addressing Cain. Standing next to the automaton he brought the two assault rifles in and tight circle around them, scoring perforations in the floor as the bullets zipped through the metal of the bulkhead and into the room below. With a heavy stamp of his foot, Teller sent the floor, and Cain plummeting downward. Grabbing a grenade from the belt of the nearby apprehension agent he pulled the pin and tossed it casually into the hole.
"That should slow him down!" he yelled turning back to Bernardo and pulling the knife from his belt, swishing it idly through the air as he advanced.
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One final rune burst to life as the Marstems boy activated his machine. One of the larger rings on the device began to spin, the rings in the middle were already a blur and everything in the room was being gently tugged towards them. Bernardo jumped down from the strange device, past the Marstems boy, and landed on the floor below. Teller was running up from behind but there was still enough time to get a word in.

"Well then, Mr. Marstems, it would seem that you have be at a bit of a disadvantage." Bernardo proclaimed.

Vincent and Diandra ran up along either side of Bernardo with their weapons drawn.

"Not so fast!" Vincent yelled.

"Better stop now while you're ahead!" Dee added.

Bernardo looked around, a gun pointed at him on either side, the Marstems boy keeping him from using his powers, Teller running towards him with a sword, and those other three taking pot shots at him.

"No... no I think I'll keep going..." Bernardo mumbled "And you're coming with me!"

One of Bernardo's hands shot out and grabbed Diandra's bulletproof vest. As he pulled her towards him her gun fired, sending a bullet whizzing towards the Marstems boy and clipping the device on his back. Vincent stumbled backwards as a spark shot out of the device and he collided with Teller, knocking both of them to the floor.

"Your scent..." Bernardo growled at Diandra "Your scent is familiar... and vile, like refuse in the street."

"Get your hands off of me!" Diandra yelled, flipping herself up off of the floor and onto Bernardo's shoulders "You messed with the wrong girl."

A loud cracking sound came from Bernardo's neck as Diandra crushed it between her legs. Bernardo stumbled backwards but stayed on his feet, he pulled Diandra down and twisted arm and snapping her wrist. Diandra's gun fell to the floor and she cried out slightly. Gritting her teeth she threw a punch with her other hand and bashed her head into Bernardo's face. Bernardo laughed and wrapped one of his arms around Diandra's neck, then dragged her across the room. A small spark shot between Bernardo's fingers and he smiled, it seemed that he was either out of the effective range of the Marstems boy's machine or it was malfunctioning. Whatever the case, Bernardo raised his hand and sent a blanket of flames across the large wall before him. The wall slowly buckled inward and in a few moments sand began pouring into the room. Some of the sand solidified into large chunks of glass which skidded across the floor. As the sand slowly poured into the room a bit of pale moonlight could be seen at the top of the hole.

Bernardo adjusted his aim and drew his blanket of fire over the sand. The flowing sand hardened into a single slick sheet of hot glass. He took off up the still cooling mass and disappeared out into the desert with Diandra.
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Daren cursed as the hum from his blade began to violently oscillate and tore the plug from the Tesla's base.  "Unless somebody has experience repairing complicated electronics on the fly," he said as he unshouldered the pack and threw it to the ground, "we just lost our advantage against magic."
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Vincent, bleary eyed, looked around for a moment.

"Actually I might be able to hel-" he stopped when he noticed that Diandra was nowhere to be seen.

Noticing her gun laying on the ground Vincent jumped to his feet and rushed towards it. A loud crash filled the room as part of the large glass sheet fractured and broke apart. Bernardo's footprints could be seen leading up and out of the ship's interior, Vincent wheeled around.

"B-bring that backpack thing with you..." he stammered "Come on we have to go!"

Without waiting for the others Vincent ran up the sheet of splintering glass and disappeared over the top.
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Kim walks past Daren and scoops up the pack and slings it over her shoulder. Positioning it awkwardly on herself; like wearing a backpack backwards and upside down, she examines the area that was damaged.

"I can't imagine he was able to do too much damage. I'll take a look as we walk." Kim said as she made her way up the glass behind Vincent.
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"Walk?!  Maybe you didn't notice, but Bernardo just ran off with Diandra!  Fix your battery later, we've gotta go after them!"

Andrew sprinted up the glass, then paused at the top.

"Get out of here before that robot climbs out of the hole!" he called back to the group, then took off after Vincent.
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Jordan ran and slid along the glass, jumping through the hole and rolling along the sand.

"The man's right, we've gotta move it."

He began rapidly sprinting after the figures fading from view, enhancers flowing in his legs.
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Vincent was well ahead of the group and had already come to a stop, Bernardo was standing with his back facing him.

"Who is she? Why does she seem so familiar?" Bernardo asked.

"You let her go! Leave her alone!" Vincent yelled, aiming his powerful rifle at Bernardo's head.

"Perhaps I should just kill her now then." Bernardo laughed, tightening his grip around Diandra's neck.

Diandra's breathing turned to a harsh wheeze and she began clawing at Bernardo's hand.

"Stop!" Vincent yelled "What do you want with her?"

"Just a name... just a name..." Bernardo said mysteriously "Come my child... hmm, seems that there is much more to that statement than meets the eye. Give me her name, my son."

"Diandra Marie Acevedo." Vincent curtly responded.

"What did you say?" Bernardo gasped, releasing his grip and stepping back.

Diandra rolled for a bit along the sand and got to her hands and knees. She coughed up a bit of blood and looked over at Vincent.

"What are you waiting for?" she coughed "Shoot that bastard!"

Not needing to hear anything more, Vincent fired a round into Bernardo's head causing it to blow apart. He rushed over to Diandra and knelt down beside her to check on her condition, aside from her wrist she was in decent shape and got right to her feet. The couple kissed each other, and would have continued doing so if a a fit of laughter hadn't arisen from behind them. Bernardo sat there on his knees, one hand reaching out as if to capture Diandra and Vincent within its grasp. His head, or at least half of it, hung onto the rest of his body by only a few tattered bits of skin but that was slowly repairing itself.

"You call yourself a Likely..." Bernardo slurred, his voice taking on a monstrous tone "Do you not know of the blood that flows within this vile... creature's  veins? It is the blood of the Acevedo clan, the blood of the traitor..."

Bernardo lurched forward and laughed some more.

"I made it my purpose in life to destroy the vile spawn of that treacherous woman... as a Likely you too would be wise to do the same. But no..." Bernardo murmured, his expression becoming dark and serious "Instead you soil your superior blood with that of the traitor and forever pollute the bloodline. You are no child of mine! You are no heir to my name! You are scum! Lower than the ass that pulls the cart! A traitor to your own lineage! DIE!!"

The air in front of Bernardo exploded into a massive ball of light; a star-like ball of flame appeared, lightning danced along it's surface, and around it swirled bits of ice that were as sharp as could be. Without pause the mass rushed towards Diandra and Vincent; the pair broke apart, each running in opposite directions. As the ball flew past Vincent looked back to make sure Diandra was okay, in that instant he caught a shard of ice in his left eye and he dropped to the ground in utter agony. The ball continued onward, colliding with the side of The Golden Heron, vaporizing the exposed section, and all but removing any visible trace that the once-great ship was there.

Diandra ran back around and dove on top of Vincent, turning him over and looking at his face. She gasped and tore a long stretch of fabric from her shirt, using it to wrap Vincent's face.

"It is futile you know." Bernardo chimed in, his body and composure fully restored "Take my advice and stop fighting back. Being the merciful man that I am, I will not only kill you quick, but allow the two of you to die together."

"..." Diandra tore herself away from Vincent and stood up.

"I regret to inform you, but I have no more time for a treacherous bitch such as yourself" Bernardo said with his head intentionally turned so he would not have to look at her "People such as myself need not wast-"

Bernardo was cut off, for while he was busy mockingly ignoring Diandra she was advancing on him with her hunting knife drawn. With a single motion she dug it deep into Bernardo's stomach and ran it up into the lower part of his face. Diandra walked forward, holding the entire weight of Bernardo's body on her knife, she glared at him.

"I'm going to enjoy this..." she seethed, from behind Bernardo she saw the rest of the group catching up and held his body up as a target.
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Never mind the old man for now... take care of the machine... see to it that not a single compontent remains!
The command filled Teller's head. He knew there were lives at stake, but he was unable to resist. Mumbling some sort of excuse he wheeled around and ran back into the wrecked Heron, grabbing a knife from the floor and leaping into the blackness of the hole he had cut. If what he knew about it was correct, even a grenade explosion at that distance wouldn't have destroyed it for long.
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Jordan stood up coughing dust, having plummeted into the sand to avoid Bernardo's 'star'. Just moments before he had seen the monster's head explode into a cloud of red sawdust, only to continue moving in speech as if nothing had gone. Jordan's head ached at the lack of logic in it all.

He ran up to Diandra and Vincent, leaning in their respective directions, scavenged OEI blade in hand.

"Would either of you like a more appropriate weapon? We don't have the luxury of fighting with daggers alone."
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Diandra glared at the man who had just arrived as if to ask why he was talking and not fighting. Bernardo took that moment to kick her in the stomach and free himself from her grasp. Falling to one knee, Diandra gasped for air and watched as Bernardo began walking toward Vincent.

A clatter arose from the area below The Golden Heron's engine room. Cain had pulled himself across the floor and taken up shelter behind a pile of upturned crates while he waited for his legs to become operable again. From somewhere nearby he heard another person enter the dark room. Cain hoisted himself up onto his feet and surveyed the area for his assailant.
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Teller reached out and tore a section of piping off the wall. It was heavy and slick, and the inside was stained a series of vibrant and unnatural hues, betraying its original purpose as a conduit for the tremendous power egenrated by the Heron's mighty xeno engines.
"Hey unk!" said Teller, swigning the pipe round in a complex set of arcs, then rushing forward and bringing it across Cain's head with a force that would shatter concrete. "Isn't it a bitch when families fall out like this?"
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Cain rolled across the floor, his legs still useless. He spun himself around with his gun drawn and opened fire on Teller.
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Teller was blown backward as a shot clipped his side and sent his body spinning. Stablising himself on the pipe section he sprang forward and knocked aside Cain's gun barrel a second before another shot was fired, blowing a hole through a nearby bulkhead. Raising his foot Teller stamped down hard on one of Cain's trailing legs and brought the pipe back round for another blow to its head.
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Cain's head jerked to the side ad an odd angle and snapped clean off. His torso fell to the floor with a crash and went silent. A loud discharge burst from Cain's gun and it detached itself from his hand.
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Finish it. Remove the power source. Destroy this pretender.

Bending over and reaching into the shattered torso, Teller groped around inside for the power source and tore it out in a shower of tiny components and sparks of strange hues.
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Daren stepped between Bernardo and Vincent, thumbing the blade to full intensity and silently wishing he still had the modulator.  "If you're planning on killing descendants," he said, finally gathering that there was something his ancestor had done to Bernardo at some point, "you probably shouldn't start with your own."
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Teller turned the humming xeno-reactor over in his hands a few times as he walked back up to the opening Bernardo had made. Finding what he was looking for he flicked the emergency override switches and the box shut down, slowly venting the stored excess and cycling down into silence. Teller carefully removed one of the control chips from its outer casing and stowed it in his pocket, then idly tossed the now useless generator inamongst the other rubble.
"That takes care of that"
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Kim had ducked down into the sand as the battle re-ignited, and focused her attention on to the modulator. Using parts of the robot scrap she collected, she quickly started to patch up the disabled portion of the machine. It was not not a pretty fix by any means but the wires no longer sparked and the hole was crudely covered by a sheet of metal. Standing back up, she walks over to Daren as he spoke and she sets the modulator down next to him.

"I don't know why I keep agreeing to these insane bounties." she commented as she opens her bags and the three robots fly out individually, "Let's blast him back to his own time period."
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Fools, not taking a perfectly useful blade.

"Allow me."

Jordan lunged out in front of Daren and slid rapidly through the air towards Bernardo, monoblade swinging upwards. In full swing it came against Bernardo's arm, sliding through and severing cleanly everything past his elbow. But a moment's distraction, Jordan knew, and in that moment he spun about Bernardo, tearing off his chemical laden belt and hurling it at Bernardo. As it left his hand he slipped the blade through its center.

Those chemicals could be temperamental, to say the least, when mixed.

He turned and shielded himself with the blade.

A flash. A bang. A blast of heat.

The container was gone, and in its place a wave of intense heat energy struck Bernardo's back. The massive column only narrowly missed the others gathered about, and what remained of the creature was yet to be seen. If a mono blade can cut his flesh, that inferno should have surely destroyed him.

God, I hope so.

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Bernardo was enveloped by the blast and a loud cry of rage filled the air. As the smoke cleared Bernardo's charred body came into view, he was standing defiantly and frowning at the odd man. He awkwardly ran towards the odd man and jammed the stump of his arm into his face while stealing the blade with his free hand. Bernardo jumped backwards and looked around for his arm, it was a ways off and he decided to get it later. With the blade in hand Bernardo twirled it artfully and locked his sights on the odd man.

"Your stance was all wrong, my boy." Bernardo said to the odd man in a raspy voice "Allow me to show you how to properly handle a sword."

He balanced the sword in his hand and rushed toward the odd man, bringing the blade up along his side and thrusting it towards the man's chest.
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Only one word slipped free as the blade was wrenched from his hands.


The blade plummeted towards him, and he tightened his muscles. He spun on his heel.

The sound of shredding fabric.

Where Jordan had been a moment before, his jacket was spinning through the air. A tear had neatly torn off a good portion of the front, and the rest was pulled from his body.

Jordan lunged out and grabbed Bernardo's arm, then pushing off the ground, landed on his curved back, form still in mid thrust. He not so much as slid, but fell to the ground directly below, shoving out his hands behind himself, wrapping them around the monster's legs, and pulling forcefully forward.
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Bernardo fell to the ground, still in his fighting stance. With a thud Bernardo landed on his chest and quickly flipped himself over. He twirled the blade in his hands once more and swung the blade across his attacker's back. The distance was not optimal, but if by chance he landed the hit the man would have a bothersome laceration.
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Jordan had begun arching forward in anticipation, but while on his knees he wasn't able to do it quickly enough. The tip of the infinitely sharp blade slid along the edge of his upper, peeling away a thin layer of skin. He screamed and lurched forward, away from the attacker. Being the relatively minor wound that it was, it took only a moment to recover.

I'll be damned if I don't get back that weapon.

He again ran at Bernardo, hands lunging at the creature's sword arm and knees aimed towards his charred chest.
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A plume of dust filled the air as the odd man hit Bernardo's chest. He brought the sword around once more and aimed to remove the man's arms that were exposed.
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Jordan realized his blunder too late, and had no intention of losing his arms.

In his last exertion he reversed the thrust against Bernardo's chest, and sent himself hurling backwards.

He landed among his assembled comrades.

"Your good buddy Jordan," he panted "Has had his share. Mind jumping in?"

I've done a good deal of damage, I hope its enough to help kill that bastard.
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"You got it."

Andrew leaped from behind Jordan and landed a few feet in front of Bernardo, kicking up a small cloud of dust.  An arm shot out of the cloud and landed a powerful punch to the chest.  Andrew pulled his arm back and slowly walked towards Bernardo in a defensive posture.
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Bernardo stepped forward in tune with the clay man's motions. Of all of the combatants he knew that this one in particular was probably the most competent. Judging his next move carefully, Bernardo swung at the man's bulky arms to see what would happen.
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Andrew was expecting an attack with the knife and blocked with his right arm.  It was neatly severed at the elbow, but Andrew caught it with his left hand before it hit the ground.  In an instant his forearm was hard as bone, and he smacked Bernardo in the head with it as his right arm appeared to regrow.
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Stumbling backwards, Bernardo looked up at the clay man and smiled.

"It seems like you and I are not so different." he mocked "Well... perhaps not."

A wave of fire surrounded the clay man and began pulsing as it became hotter and hotter.
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As Andrew confronted Bernardo, the robots take up a formation over Kim's head and she begins chanting. Quickly finishing, a wall of fire encases itself around the fire.

"Morris, quick! That ice won't last!" she said before starting another chant.

Raising her hand to to Bernardo, she finishes and a bolt of lightning flies from her hand.
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Post by: Inkling on March 12, 2008, 07:15:24 pm
Andrew threw himself through the walls of fire and ice and landed on all four, smoke and steam rising from his back.  After catching his breath, he grabbed a large chunk of ice and whipped it at Bernardo's chest.
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Another ball of flame flew out of Bernardo's hand and melted the ice away. He waved his hand and lighting arced through the air and struck the clay man and the girl's robots.
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Jordan raised his right hand to cover his face, bits of metal had gone whistling through the air.

"We're not all indestructible, dammit," He said to nobody in particular.
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Andrew fell to the ground and rolled to his stomach, his arm charred and smoking.  He struggled to pull himself up on his hands and knees.

"This... isn't... working.." He grunted.  "Any ideas?"
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Post by: Yossitaru on March 12, 2008, 09:19:16 pm
Kim grabbed the robots as they fell out of the air. Docking them on the largest one, it takes back to flight, but stays around hip level.

"You've dealt with zombies before haven't you? I remember my dad talking about a necromancer."
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Post by: Inkling on March 12, 2008, 09:38:12 pm
"Necromancer... Yeah, that was one of the monsters we fought in 42.  But those were just walking corpses.  This bastard is a zombified mage or something.  We blew his ****** head off and he didn't flinch."  Andrew let out another grunt as he got up to his knees.
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"I grow tired of this..." Bernardo growled "Prepare to die, filthy mortals."

He raised both of his hands into the air and joined his fingers together, connecting the runes in an odd three dimensional patter. Orbs of flame appeared at several points around Bernardo and the group. The orbs began revolving around their master with an ever-quickening pace, they simultaneously began closing in toward the group. After only a few seconds the orbs were a blur in the air forming an impenetrable field of flame that threatened to shred everyone apart.

"Enjoy your last few moments of life!" Bernardo mocked.

In an instant the orbs rushed inward at an amazing speed.
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Andrew swore loudly as the swirling wall of fire began to close in on the group.  A large pistol had appeared in his hand, but he quickly put it away as it was useless now.  His mind was frantically trying to find a way out of the situation, as his eyes darted around the group.

"Kim, that modulator puts out a frequency that cancels magic, right?"  He grabbed it from her before she could answer.  He looked over the modulator in hopes of making sure it worked and to find the on button, but realizing the tech was out of his range, smacked the machine on the side in exasperation.  The modulator hummed to life and the flames sputtered out just as the heat became unbearable.  Andrew laughed with triumph and relief.

"Last moments of life, eh?!" He shouted at Bernardo.  "No more spells, no more robots, no more gyroscopes falling out of the walls.  I'm gonna personally turn you into a greasy spot in the sand, you undead son of a... of a.."

Andrew paused as the air seemed to ripple with energy, rapidly building in intensity.

"Oh, Shi-"
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Post by: PatMan33 on March 12, 2008, 10:46:30 pm
Bernardo's eyes widened and his hands dropped to his sides. A large distortion hovered in the air between himself and the group where his spell had been moments before.

"AAAGH!" he yelled as the distortion sheared apart.

The resulting explosion catapulted Bernardo a good distance away from The Golden Heron and more than likely did the same for the group he was facing. He landed face down in the sand a slid for a few yards, causing a pile to form on top of his body. With a stagger Bernardo pulled himself out of the sand and looked around with a hand to his head. The group was nowhere to be seen, all that was around was a small rocky outcropping. He removed the brush from his tattered clothes and drew a pattern on the rock. A dull light appeared and expanded into a sort of portal. Without a second glance Bernardo stepped through and vanished.
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Post by: Krakow Sam on March 13, 2008, 05:49:12 am
Teller stepped out of the ship onto the flat glass area. The desert was silent. All that remained were a few small smouldering areas ad some scraps of tattered clothing and shards of glass and metal.

"Uh... guys?"
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Post by: Brandonazz on March 13, 2008, 04:13:51 pm
Jordan had covered his mouth and was coughing loudly.

He leaned over onto his side. "The hell was that? Nevermind, I don't want to know. Probably more magic."

He pushed himself off the ground and stood up, surveying the surrounding area.

"I hope he can regrow that limb on his own." Jordan kicked the charred bit of forearm at his feet.
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Post by: Neoadept on March 13, 2008, 06:52:50 pm
Daren groaned as as he stood and glanced around for his Tesla Blade.  "If he can't, the bastard'll probably steal an antique clock and make a new one."  He crouched and pulled the blade from the sand, where its magnetic field had been digging it steadily deeper, and flicked it off.
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Post by: PatMan33 on March 13, 2008, 07:24:01 pm
Diandra slowly appeared from around the side of what remained of the exposed portion of The Heron. She was propping Vincent up who looked worse for the wear. The strip of Diandra's shirt that she had wrapped around his head was soaked and dripping with blood and Vincent's clothing had splatters all over it. Vincent's rifle was in Diandra's free hand along with her own pistol that has somehow found its way out of the ship. The pair had somehow been launched over the wreck of The Heron and so they had been walking for a little bit, they walked toward the few members of their party that had begun to regroup. Diandra waved her hand in the air as they approached and upon arriving she helped Vincent down to the ground.

"Did he get away?" she asked the others.

While Diandra spoke Vincent spotted a charred hand on the ground. Despite his vision being extremely blurry he noticed something odd on one of the hand's fingers. A small raised portion that had been covered in soot sat part way down the ring finger and was probably overlooked by the others. Vincent reached out slowly and pulled the hand towards him, he slipped the ring off and dropped it into one of his pockets. He wasn't sure if any of the others had seen him but he decided not to say anything anyway. The pain along the side of his head had melted into a numbness but was still confused as to why is other eye was having so much trouble focusing.

"Is everyone else alright?" Vincent asked after nobody answered Diandra right away.
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Jordan recovered from a second bout of coughs.

"We're not dead, though you look it," he turned to Diandra "And I have no idea where he's gone."

He leaned against a charred metal wall.

"Now what? We're in no shape to pursue."
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"I'll let you know if I'm ok in a second," said Andrew's voice from the other side of the hole in the Heron.  What seemed to be a rock wedged between the ship and the sand revealed itself to be Andrew.  Or at least, Andrew from the waist up.

"Has anyone seen my- Oh, there they are."  A pair of legs jumped down from the top of the wrecked craft and walked over to Andrew, and he put himself back together.  He patted himself down and spat out a bit of sand.  Charred flakes of his body that couldn't be reabsorbed covered him like scales.

"Good, I think everything's still here.  Jordan, I think I saw Bernardo get blown back, too.  Looked like he took a bigger hit than us, actually.  Anybody see Kim?"
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Post by: Yossitaru on March 13, 2008, 09:57:31 pm
The robot flies out from the sand addresses the group.

"A little assistance would be appreciated."

Getting the help it could, Kim was quickly dug out of the sand. Spitting out sand and sitting up, the robot starts revolving around her.

"That was unpleasant." she coughed.

"Minor fractures detected, and minor burns." The robot reported as Kim unsteadily rises to her feet.

With a wave of her hand, the robots goes to each person in turn and reports on each of their injuries, then she proceeds to clean herself of the sand.

Attempting to regain her composure, she kept herself silent.
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Post by: PatMan33 on March 13, 2008, 10:21:10 pm
"Well he's hurt and he's probably gone." Diandra said "So what do you think?"

"I think he went where any of us would go, he went back home." Vincent said in a pained voice "Whatever the case, he's down a limb and a killer robot. I bet he keeps quiet for a while or does something drastic."

Vincent tossed the severed limb into the center of the group and groaned.

"Perhaps some of us could use a breather or maybe a doctor... would anyone be opposed to returning to town and at the very least getting a drink?" Vincent asked as he tried to smile.
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Teller sprinted over to where the group had reformed and looked them over.

"Wow... looks like you guys took a beating" he said, before looking down at his own state. Bits of clothing and skin had been burned or torn away. Underneat, mechanical components glittered and danced. "Hmmm. I'm trusting you guys to keep schtum about this for the moment. Consider it payment for me taking out Bernardo's toy."

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Post by: Brandonazz on March 14, 2008, 11:48:19 am
Jordan saw Teller and smirked ever so slightly.

He turned back to Vincent.

"Sounds good. We could drop back to my place, if you'd like. I've got a bar near the lab."
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Post by: PatMan33 on March 14, 2008, 12:09:39 pm
"Unless your lab is in Heron's Refuge," Diandra mumbled "Vincent and I will have to catch up with the rest of you. He needs a doctor ASAP."
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"Well, uh..."

Jordan shoved his hand in his right pocket and fished around.


He withdrew and put his hand into his other pocket. A small leather bag emerged.

"I may have kicked the enhancers, but I always keep a bit of medicine handy."

He loosened the fastener, pulling out a pair of pills and a thin plastic dermojet.

"These," he hefted the pills "Will reduce the pain. This," he raised the dermojet, "Will increase red blood cell and platelet production. Take 'em and we'll have the time to get you to the lab. I could call in a specialist colleague of mine, assuming one is still alive. I could treat minor complications as they arise, but again, we need someone more skilled before you can go back into action."

"Unless you have a better idea."
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Post by: PatMan33 on March 14, 2008, 02:59:15 pm
Vincent eyed the pills warily.

"These things aren't another one of your crazy enhancers are they?" he asked "Because I'm not exactly a fan of that kind of thing."

"Just take them and we can get on our way." Diandra yelled, grabbing the pills and throwing them into Vincent's mouth.

"Thanks..." Vincent coughed "As for getting back into action, let's hold off on that until we get a proper analysis. I guess we can go now."
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Post by: Brandonazz on March 14, 2008, 04:05:22 pm
Jordan took that as a go-ahead for the dermojet injection as well. He'd need the extra blood production.

Click. "There, that was quick." He tossed the piece of plastic off to the side.

"Now, how shall we get back to the city? We could walk, but if there's any other way..."
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Post by: Krakow Sam on March 14, 2008, 06:24:42 pm
"Way ahead OF YOU!" said Teller, his voice raising into a yell as the transport ship landed nearby, its engines drowning out the silence of the desert and kicking up a small maelstrom of sand. Bounding up the gangplank as before Teller planet himself into one of the seats and put his feet up on a console.
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Kim slowly made her way towards the ship and held her arm in front of her face to guard her eyes from the flying sand.
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Jordan came up to Diandra, and the two of them put Vincent's arms over their shoulders.

They steadily made their way into the transport and set him in one of the seats, then taking their own.
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Andrew made his way onto the transport, offering to help Kim take a seat.
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"Lets roll!"
The transport once again took off, and within a few minutes of lightning-fast travel it was setting down outside the battered exterior of Jordan's building.
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Post by: Brandonazz on March 14, 2008, 07:54:16 pm
"Ah, home sweet prison."

Jordan jumped off the transport into the swirling dust, and motioned for his companions to follow.

The group made their way along the concrete path to the modern, geometric structure.

As he led them through the front door -tapping in a code to its left- he placed his palm on a square, inlaid on the interior wall.

"Welcome Jordan Rates, please submit voice identification."


There was a buzz and click that signified the unlocking of a second door.

"Can't be too safe nowadays," he smirked at those gathered, then made his way into the hall and pointed towards a wooden door. "There's the bar. Some food's under the counter if you're hungry." He walked over to a metal door across the hall and pressed the panel on its side. It slid open smoothly. "Diandra, the lab is down there; you should help Vincent to one of the seats." She nodded and walked with her companion down the sterile steps.

"Now if you'll excuse me, I need to see which doctors from my company are still alive."

Jordan made his way into an open room which closely resembled an office.

"Oh, and one last thing," he called as he entered, "The big black cabinet in the bar room has some old OEI weapons. I'm something of a collector."
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"Hmmmm" Teller raised an eyebrow and went to inspect the weapon cabinet... mostly outmoded stuff... a few assault rifles, some early experiments with monomolecular blades... "Oh-ho! What's this?"
The gun shone under the neon strip lighting, like a relic forged by the gods themselves. It was long and sleek, and beautifully engraved with twining golden runes. Its barrel was molded into the shape of a dragon of the eastern variety.
Teller picked it up and held it reverently. The Yang Clique's gift to Chief Executive Smith, probably the last time the OEI... or OPF as it was then, had ever seen eye to eye with a foreign agency.
"Hmmm... low on power" Teller muttered as he experimentally tensed the trigger and was greeted with a pathetic stream of feeble flame from the mouth of the dragon. "Hey Jordan... mind if I borrow this?"
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Jordan walked back into the hall.

"We've got a doctor on the way here," he turned to Teller.

"Ah, that's one of my favorites. Never quite figured out how it works, though."

He shrugged.

"I suppose any use you could put to it is more important than looking pretty. Go right ahead."

He made his way down the staircase to tell Vincent that his colleague would soon arrive.
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"I don't trust this guy..." Diandra mumbled as she paced around the table Vincent was lying on "The hell did he inject you with? He didn't even ask."

"Don't worry too much about it..." Vincent replied "I'm sure he can't be all bad."

"And what about this 'doctor' friend of his?" she continued "There's no way I'm letting some stranger poke around your head."

"Dee... just let them do their thing. He's been working with us, he wouldn't turn on us now." Vincent assured her "Plus he knows you'd spray his insides all over the room if he did anything funny."

"It's just the way he talks, he's one of those types who thinks he can just go about improving everything without worrying about everyone else." Diandra spat.

"He sounds a lot like my grandfather, I bet they'd get along just fine." Vincent mumbled.

"Don't mention that man around me, Vincent." Diandra responded harshly "You know how I feel about... him."

Vincent frowned and turned away from Diandra, occupying his time with staring at the wall. Meanwhile Diandra had pulled out her phone and was dialing a number.

"Who are you calling?" Vincent asked vacantly.

"I'm calling your hotshot friend." she replied, equally as vacant "You know, that OEI pretty boy."
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Kim stepped carefully as she followed Jordan down the stairs.

"Do you have any balm or something? I don't really think I can stand this much longer..." She queried as she started poking around various cabinets.
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"Oh, uh, here." Jordan handed Kim a small cylindrical container from a nearby cabinet.

He turned from the bottom of the stairs to face the pair. "The doctor is on his way."

A hostile glance from Diandra as she placed a phone to her ear.

"Don't worry, I know him well. He'll have Vincent patched up and be gone like that."

He paused.

"Now if you'll excuse me, I should wait out front to greet him."

Jordan quickly made his way back up the stairs.
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Kim looked over the jar for a moment before looks back up.

"Either of you need a snack? A little something might help when the... doctor, arrives." She said as she absentmindedly opens the jar and smells the cream inside.
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Vincent smiled and declined while Diandra glanced at Kim and shook her head. She was dejectedly tapping her fingers on Vincent's table while she waited for someone to answer her call.

Theodore stood by Richard's bedside, since being demoted (again) his shifts had more or less become twelve hour marathons of standing and staring across an empty room that nobody was every going to visit. He had caught word that the latest super-criminal, Bernardo, tried to get to Richard but Chief Executive Beaupre made sure to ruin his only chance at action by not even allowing the intruder to get to an elevator. A symphony orchestra began playing in Theodore's head as someone tried to call him, he scanned the call and sighed.

"Diandra Acevedo... shi..." he took the call "Theodore Century speaking."

"Hey hot shot!" Diandra said enthusiastically "It's been a while, look I can't really explain things but Vincent got hurt pretty good and needs a proper medical examination, you think you can come here with one of your guys and patch him up?"

"Uh... hey Diandra." Theodore trailed off "Unfortunately I've been reassigned and can't do house calls anymore."

"The hot shot got demoted, did he?" Diandra said, everyone standing near her saw a wide smile creep across her face "Get caught doing the right thing? Come on, you know better than to appeal to your nobler motives when the OEI heavyweights are watching you."

"Indeed..." Theodore trailed off once more "Look is there anything else you need or was this all?"

"Hey your friend is hurt here, isn't there anything you can do?" Diandra asked in a more serious tone.

"Ehh... I'm not sure if they'll even let me out of the HQ. Where are you" he asked.

"I think we're in Taraq... you know, just trace the call." Diandra sighed "Although if you're just going to come by yourself you might as well stay put."

"We'll see." Theodore ended the call.

He looked over at Richard and patted his shoulder.

"Looks like I've got to head out, I'll see you later." Theodore said to the unconscious man.

Theodore left the room and headed toward the nearest command post to request leave. Lately things had been bad at the OEI, not only were people scared to death of another attack, but they were also fearful for their jobs. Since Agent One had been moved out of the HQ the corruption of the OEI administrators no longer needed to remain hidden. Every single one of the half-decent Agents had been demoted and all of the wrong people had been given the important jobs. It was as if the whole organization had been split, an "us and them" mentality had taken over driving a wedge between the honest hard working people and the dirty rotten thieves who were choking the OEI and Obano to death.

"Yeah what do you want?" someone from behind a mess of cabinets asked dryly.

"Requesting leave." Theodore answered.

"Purpose?" the person asked once more.

"A friend is sick." Theodore answered.

"Name?" the person asked yet another question.

"Theodore Century." Theodore answered.

"... oh you..." a young woman slid out from behind the cabinets on a swivel chair "The Chief Executive said you're welcome to spend as much time outside of the HQ as you want. Didn't you get the memo?"

"... No." Theodore spat.

"Well... uh yeah." the woman laughed "As soon as you leave the building though you pretty much clock out though and won't earn any pay until you come back. Actually as I look at your form it seems that you only earn pay if you're in room 2583. So you're off the clock right now."

"Eh... that's..." Theodore began, shaking his head as he began to think about it "Never mind. Thank you, have a nice day."

"Back at ya!" the woman said, clicking her tongue and disappearing back behind the cabinets.

Theodore stared at the empty command post for a second before turning around and heading toward the lobby. He wasn't quite sure what Jeanette Beaupre was trying to accomplish and the more he thought about it the less intelligent he figured he was making himself. Moving the thought from his mind Theodore left the HQ and boarded the nearest bus. As a lowly "Agent in Training" he had no teleport privileges and would have to take the bus to the nearest public teleport and then catch a ride to the lab which appeared to be somewhere in a Taraq Red Zone.

"Hot shot hung up on me." Diandra grumbled "Nobody hangs up on me."

"Looks like Theodore does." Vincent laughed "What's he up to?"

"I think he got demoted, said he can't send out a proper medical team." Diandra answered "Told him he didn't need to bother coming over and then he hung up."

"Ah good... well we'll be seeing him soon then." Vincent said "Better go tell Jordan so he doesn't freak out."

"Right..." Diandra mumbled, heading up the stairs where Jordan had disappeared to tell him of Theodore.
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Jordan fiddled with a broken bit of concrete on his front step, then tossed it off to the side with a sigh.

"Such waste."

The front door slid open behind him, and Diandra walked out.

"The doctor isn't here yet." He watched her for a moment. "Is there something else?"
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"A friend of ours is coming over." Diandra said gruffly "He's OEI but he's good. I think you may have met him before, I'm really not sure."

She looked around the street for a second.

"Don't shoot him or anything, he can make your brains squirt out your nose if provoked." Diandra finished bluntly and headed back inside.
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Jordan frowned at the closed door. That Diandra was too aggressive for his liking.

But that was neither here nor there.

The old car went silent as Abel tapped the controls and opened the door.

He stood and brushed his coat, scattering dust.



"Ah, Abel my friend."

Jordan stood and made his way down the pathway, meeting the doctor near the middle.

"It's good to see you doctor. Not many of us made it out."

Jordan's dark haired associate nodded. "The only others I know of are DeSalle and Clint. The former was sick and in the company clinic, the latter was delivering some test results personally."

"It's too much to dwell on," intoned Jordan, "And your expertise is needed. Please come with me."

The two made their way back towards the house.

The doors slid open; the security system disabled. I should make sure to remember about that.

Jordan leaned into the bar room. "The doctor is here," -said person nodded towards those assembled- "and we'll be in the lab if you need us." He motioned for Abel to follow and they descended into the basement.

"Here he is, Vincent. And Diandra." He glanced at her.

"My name is Doctor Abel Vega." He noted the bloody head bandages. "If you'd let me examine...?"
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Vincent waved to the doctor and smiled, Diandra leaned up against a cabinet and watched.

"I'm as ready as I'll ever be." Vincent said "Let's get this over with."

He slipped the bandage off of his head and set it down on the table. The side of his head, from the eye to his ear, had been sliced open like a piece of fruit. Where his upper eyelid would have normally connected to his lower eyelid was now just one giant opening, giving him the appearance of having a hole from his nose to his ear. Of course the wound was not as bad as it looked, it was only on the outer layers of his skin and nothing had punctured his skull, although the bone was visibly scratched showing how close he came to losing his head. The damage was still extensive around his eye; while the eyeball was still intact, although it was blood red, much of the optical nerve had been ripped away or damaged rendering the eye useless. Moreover, his other eye had been burnt by the intense heat of the attack that had hit him and thus it caused Vincent to see a heavy haze. All signs pointed to the blindness in one eye and the haze in the other being permanent and irreversible save for an eye transplant and/or the use of optical implants.
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"Right, that's my cue to leave." Kim muttered as the bandages started coming off.

Leaving with jar in hand, she made he way back up and to the cafeteria. Seeing the other members of the group, Kim made her way over to the counter a pokes around for food.

"So, how's everyone else holding up?"
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Abel rubbed his hands together and sighed.

"What happened? No, wait. I don't want to know."

He turned back to Jordan.

"Where do you keep the surgical supplies?"

"They're in the OR along the back wall. Let me boot up the surgical robotic system."

Jordan moved to a station on the wall and tapped in a code. Out of the view of the group, in the operations room, a series of mechanical arms moved around a central table.

Abel moved to the side of Vincent. "Jordan, if you would?"

The two of them lifted the man gently off the table, and carried him into the OR.

Jordan returned, closing the door with a click.

"Don't worry, he knows what he's doing."

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Andrew was sitting at a table, drinking a large glass of water and fiddling with his phone.

"I'm fine, I just got a bit dehydrated out there.  Are you ok?"
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After the door shut Diandra slammed her fist down onto one of the tables leaving a small dent. She cursed and moved up the steps, past the others, and out the front door to get some air. Outside she leaned up against the building and slid down to the ground, she picked up a small hunk of rock and hurled at the building across the street.
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Andrew watched Diandra stomp out the door and sighed.

"Well, that answers how Vincent is doing."
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Looking up from the food, Kim unscrewed the lid again.

"Analyze." she ordered to her robot.

She returns to the food as the robot revolves around the container.

"I guess I could be worse off. I really don't want to see what happened to our Likely."
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Jordan stepped away from the wall station's blue screen.

"Vincent's all cleaned up."

He moved to the OR door and pressed the control pad. It slid open, revealing Dr. Vega and his patient.

The aforementioned emerged, Vincent laying out on the wheeled table.

Where his reddened left eye had been, a tawny medicinal patch stretched from his eyebrow to upper cheek. The gash from eye to ear had been pressed together, and in its place was now a large red streak with stretched, darkened skin on either side. This, though, couldn't be seen, as a thin strip of similar color to the patch now covered it. His other, still useful eye was covered with some easily removable gauze. The clotted blood has been cleaned from most of his head.

"His left eye is...irreparable. If he ever sees shadows from it he'll be lucky. His other eye should be fine; the patch was only to prevent further damage during surgery. The trauma to the head was minor, and he seems to have quite the resilient skull. It should heal up neatly if left to its a designs."

He sighed.

"I hope he doesn't need to use that eye."

Vincent twitched slightly as the anesthesia wore off.

Jordan pursed his lips.

"I'll get Diandra."



Jordan stepped out of the door.

"Oh, there you are."

He turned to see her on the ground along the wall.

"Vincent's out of surgery, you might want to come see."
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Diandra pulled herself up from the ground and followed Jordan inside and to the basement. As they arrived she brushed past Jordan and stood next to Vincent, a chair had been pulled up but she didn't sit. Looking over his face carefully, Diandra frowned.

"How's he supposed to shoot if his eyes are covered?" Diandra asked "That's what he does, he's the best."

Vincent's hand slowly moved up to the temporary patch and he tapped it.

"This one..." he mumbled "They said... it comes off."

Hearing that, Diandra reached down and pulled the patch off. She looked at his eye which was visibly clouded and sighed. Smiling, Vincent grabbed her hand and ran his thumb across the back of it. Diandra sat down in the chair and rested her head on Vincent's chest, for the first time all day she looked exhausted.

"You're never supposed to look back." she cried "What are we going to do now?"

"Don't worry..." Vincent said as he stroked her hair "we'll be just fine."

Theodore appeared in the street near Jordan's lab. He looked around a bit and rubbed his head. Seeing as he was not on the job he had taken a few minutes to stop at his apartment and get changed. When he had been second in command of the OEI Apprehension department he had a special set of clothes made just for him. It offered him every luxury of an OEI suit with the added bonus of not having a single OEI marking. A somewhat unfamiliar man stood in the street outside of Jordan's lab; Theodore wore a pair of khaki pants with a blue button-down shirt and a tie. His shoes were somewhat ratty-looking but were amazingly comfortable. He still had his visor system on though but all that was visible was a small piece of plastic over one of his eyes that was tinted green. After taking a brief look around he walked into the building, which was unlocked for some reason, and stepped into a room full of familiar people.

"Ah... hey... guys..." Theodore stuttered "What exactly am I walking into here?"
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"I think this is, like, good guy HQ now" said Teller, twirling the golden gun on his finger "The meatbags are just taking a break before we go after magic zombie ******* again. Care to join us?"
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"We'll see." Theodore replied, somewhat concerned about the group's undertaking "Forgive my rush, I'm here to check on Vincent at the moment."

He turned and continued down the hall toward the sound of a familiar voice. As he reached the bottom of the stairs he saw Vincent lying on a table next to Diandra. There were also two other men in the room and he nodded to them, one was familiar. Theodore approached and smiled at Diandra before looking at Vincent.

"How're you feeling?" he asked with a grin.

"I've had worse." Vincent said firmly.

"Yeah remember the Geraldo bounty?" Diandra laughed nervously.

"Well good, you'll be back on your feet in no time then." Theodore assured him.

"Yeah, we'll kick that Bernardo guy back to hell." Vincent said.

"Ah... we will." Diandra cut in "You won't, you have to rest."

"But... agh, fine." Vincent sighed.

Diandra glanced at Theodore who looked somewhat surprised, she kicked him in the shin.

"Er... uh, yeah!" Theodore stuttered "I'll make sure to hit him a few times for you!"

They chatted for a few minutes until Vincent fell asleep from exhaustion. Theodore glared at Diandra and turned around to face the other two men in the room. He was none too happy that he had been dragged into the Bernardo situation and wanted answers.

"Jordan Rates, yes?" Theodore asked "Perhaps you can give me a proper assessment of just what you bunch managed to get yourselves involved in?"
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"We were pursuing Bernardo. There was some sort of accident, and he got away. The same accident injured Vincent here; he won't be able to use his left eye anymore. This is my home and laboratory, and I've brought everyone here to recuperate before we set out after the zombie again."

Terse and informative. A doctor's assessment.

"I assume you're the OEI agent Diandra spoke of. Theodore, was it? Might you recommend our next course of action?"
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Post by: PatMan33 on March 17, 2008, 07:34:42 pm
"Yeah, stop chasing Bernardo if you value your lives." Theodore said in a 'you should really know better' kind of tone "The Chief Executive will deal with him... literally, she will, and can, do it herself if need be. I'd pity the poor bastards who are anywhere near the place where those two powerhouses clash."

Theodore looked over at his friends Diandra and Vincent and sighed.

"But I doubt that anything I say will stop you, especially now." Theodore mumbled, glancing at Vincent's face "If you guys had a clash and actually lived to talk about it that must mean that you roughed him up pretty good. He has more than likely gone back to his home at Throne. That is where we will go should you choose to pursue him. Yes, I am coming with you, you'll need someone to replace Vincent while he's out of commission."

Diandra jumped up and hugged Theodore, then quickly retreated to her chair.
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"Ah, I think it's time to start off. We need to eliminate this impediment to humanity's advance."

Jordan walked to the base of the stairs. "I'll assemble the others. Determine who's coming amongst yourselves."

"I think it's about time I made my way home," Abel piped up "I'm glad I did what I could."

The two nodded and the surgeon made his way outside. He had no intention of coming into conflict.

Jordan followed him upwards, and into the bar room.

"Is everyone prepared for another excursion against the beast?"
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Andrew snorted water up his nose.  "If by the beast, you mean Bernardo, then sure."  He coughed.
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"Already? Your doctor friend must do fast work." Kim said distractedly as one hand stuffed her mouth and the other rubbed cream into her skin.
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"He wants to leave now?" Theodore asked, alarmed "Do these people want to die?"

"They want to do what is right..." Diandra answered, picking up her gun "and to punish that vile man for what he has done."

"It's just that you guys don't know what I know." Theodore cried "Jeanette Beaupre is sending in the cavalry to take care of him, the rumor is that she will be there to personally oversee operations. This is neither the time nor the place for a bunch of vigilantes to be seen defying OEI law and wreaking havoc around the city!"

"Fools!" Bernardo yelled "I will crush them all!"

He stood at his workbench, once again wearing his brilliant costume, feverishly writing runes on an electrosphere. Sparks flew out in all directions as he pushed the device to its limits. With a bright flash the sphere sprang to life without having to be wound and energy poured out into room. Showing no elegance or grace, Bernardo ripped open the chest of the remaining Cain automaton and jammed the power source inside. The automaton sprang to life and jumped to its feet, Bernardo regarded it with subdued interest and walked past it.

"They will not have such an easy fight this time." Bernardo raged "I will enter this battle prepared to fight them off. They will tremble beneath my might!"

Behind Bernardo on a table sat a full set of plate armor, each piece painstakingly enhanced with runes. Next to the set of armor sat the gun from his previous Cain automaton; contrary to what the group believed Bernardo had sent himself back into the bowels of The Heron and scavenged his creation. In the short time that he had been back he made a slight modification to the gun that would allow him to carry it much like his automatons did. Bernardo put his armor on and drew the stump of his arm near the gun, a new rune on its surface lit up and the weapon began to hover. On the end of his arm, where it had been severed, an opposing rune also lit up with a flash the two joined together binding the gun to his arm. Bernardo spun around and fired a few shots toward Cain who was blown backwards by a direct hit. Cain got to his feet and bowed to his master, the wounds in his chest had healed instantaneously signifying that he was operating at peak levels.

"These interlopers will know true fear," Bernardo murmured, picking up the sword he had taken from his deceased creation "and when this day is through the new world order will prevail."

"Miles!" Jeanette called "Status report."

"Ma'am!" Miles reported, jumping into the air and spinning to address his superior "The Apprehension Agents are in position near Throne, they've reported that most of the Red Zoners are either dead or in the last throws. Clearance has been given to begin exterminating any non-essential personnel and this order is being executed as we speak. Your personal craft is ready, at your command we can begin moving."

"Wonderful." Jeanette replied, pleased "And what of the incident in the desert?"

"Seems that a few people confronted Bernardo Likely and tried to do away with him. Their chance of success was calculated to be zero percent so we are still a go." Miles said.

"Very well." Jeanette said with a grin "Let's begin moving toward the scene. It seems that Agent Century has left Richard Likely unattended... have an Agent up his medication dosage a few time, with any luck we can rid the world of two Likelys in a single day."
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"No offense, but the OEI sucks." said Teller shifting from foot to foot impatiently "Those apprehension agents are great at taking out small fry and cowering innocents, but they can't take on Bernardo and win... they'll be walking into a massacre just like they did at the Heron. Not to mention the consequences if the OEi actualy DID win and got their greasy mitts on some of Bernardo's toys. You really want every grunt armed with one of those damn enchanted particle cannons?" Teller ran his hand over the gaping wound in his side, a few fiber optic cables and wires trailed from it, and it was slowly dripping some sort of strange ichorous fluid.
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"I don't really care what you say about them because you're just blathering useless nothings like everyone else." Theodore responded "If they are as incompetent as people say and so easy to take down then why hasn't it happened? Face it, even thought you or I may not like them, they are not a force to be taken lightly. You must respect your enemy's abilities, even if their actions deserve none. And so you know, if you see a woman in a violet jacket I'd advise that you run... she's the worst of them all."

"Let's argue about this on the way." Diandra said, annoyed "We're wasting time here."

"Right..." Theodore stopped "I don't have teleport access any more so someone else will have to do the honors... or we can take the bus."
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Jordan made his way back down to the lab in time to hear the last bit of the conversation.

"It doesn't look like they're eager to leave just yet, but we need to get out of here."

"And unless you can contort yourself into a small box, I can't help with the teleportation."
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"I don't suppose you noticed your old transport parked outside then?" said Teller, sarcastically. "If you recall she was quite useful in that Jolly Vales affair"
Teller twirled the golden gun on his finger and sauntered to the exit. "Lets rock and roll!"
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"Hopefully nobody goes looking for that transport..." Theodore mumbled as he followed Teller, Diandra was close behind.

A massive transport hovered over the area surrounding the Throne building. It was at least the size of a small ocean liner and was able to accommodate hundreds of people easily. Jeanette Beaupre looked out from a large window pane and toward the ground. Down below smaller transports littered the scene and Apprehension Agents were bust eliminating any and all civilians they came into contact with. Reports had already come in that ninety percent of the people on site were dead from the poisoning or the subsequent extermination. They would wait for Bernardo to come out of hiding before making any moves; Jeanette watched with a smile on her face as the Agents did her bidding. From the direction of the Throne building came a flash and Jeanette chuckled.

"Begin the final preparations." she ordered.

Bernardo threw a bolt of electricity through the front doors of the Throne building and into one of the OEI Agents. The Agent stood frozen in the air for a moment as his body seized up, as soon as Bernardo released the Agent his eyes exploded and he collapsed to the ground.

"Come to me!" Bernardo yelled "I am here to free you all!"

He walked down the Throne building's front stairs, his armor making an ominous clanking sound as it hit each step. From up above him the loud sound of machinery could be heard, Bernardo looked up and gazed upon the Chief Executive's transport.

"What say you?" he called upwards at the craft "Do not take me for a fool. I know you are up there, vile woman. Show your mettle and face me!"

A few fireballs flew up through the sky and toward the massive transport. They were absorbed into a large translucent shield that surrounded the craft, Bernardo cursed loudly. He turned around and snapped his fingers, Cain appeared at the top of the stairs and began scaling the side of the Throne building so that he could hop aboard the low-flying craft.

"Pugna! " Bernardo yelled as Cain began his ascent.

From deep inside the Throne building came a rumbling sound, after a few moments the doors on the ground level exploded outward as Rippers began to pour out. Bernardo turned back around and looked up at the craft with a smile on his face.

"Damn..." Jeanette mumbled inaudibly, Bernardo was smiling right at her "Faster! Work faster!!"
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Teller's stolen transport tore toward the Throne building. Everyone had been bustled aboard as soon as reports of fighting around the Throne building had come in.
"Arm autocannons please Camille." ordered Teller. The ship responded with a soft ringing tone as the weapons retracted from its base. "Yes, I gave her a name." explained Teller, peering through thewindshield at the rapidly approaching Throne building and the battle raging around it.


Four figures stood opposite the Throne building and watched events unfold. They were all clad in generally cheap-looking clothes, like college students, except one, who was wearing a suit which had probably been purchased at a second hand store.
"Whaddaya think guys?" said the young man standing at the front of the group. He was fresh-faced, with immaculate teeth and a head topped with a crop of expertly styled dark blonde hair. "Think we can do better?"
A woman of about the same age with a slender build and long jet-black hair smiled with the corner of her mouth and nodded.
"Oh, I should think so." said the man in the suit. He was as young as the other two, and deeply tanned. He spoke with a clipped, polite tone. A well-built man with a shock of white-blonde hair and rippling muscles to his left, the final member of the group, grinned and moved to step forward.
"Yeah! Lets raise hell!"
The first man stuck out his arm to stop his advance. "Not yet. Can't rush into these things. Gotta take it slow. Just chill. Watch and learn."
The well-built man nodded and leaned against a wall, and the group just stood there, watching the carnage as it unfolded.
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Daren leaned forward and watched the fighting break out.  He felt along his blade's handle nervously, "if anyone has a plan, I'd be glad to hear it."

A figure wrapped in a concealing cloak strode through the desert towards the Heron, each step sinking its feet into the sand as though it were weighed down, but lifting itself out effortlessly.  It stepped into the burnt out husk that remained and glanced momentarily at the depression in the sand where Cain had been.  It's absence didn't matter, the reports on the Geneva Automaton indicated that you had to see it up and running to understand anything about it, and even then you had to get to it before its repair systems twisted it's insides beyond recognition.  And although the machine had definitely been damaged beyond hope of repair, there was a way to see it in action.

The figure plunged a hand deep into the sand and dragged out the broken remains of a repair drone, it's broken joints swiveling uselessly towards it's captor in an attempt to disembowel something.  The figure absentmindedly tore off the limbs and opened a panel.  After a few minutes of tinkering it threw the machine aside and strode back into the desert.  Some time later there was a faint crackle as the circuitry of every drone fried itself in unison.
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Cain ran along the top of the Chief Executive's craft ripping bits and pieces of it off when he could. He jumped over the side, grabbing onto the edge at the last moment and flinging himself up against a heavy translucent pane. From the other side of the pane Jeanette sneered at the automation and began barking orders to the people behind her. From outside Cain could hear nothing but he didn't need to, with a smile he began pounding on the pane causing it to spiderweb with each strike. After damaging the pane sufficiently Cain drew his gun and lined up a shot. Jeanette dove to the ground as a single shot blew the pane to pieces. Loud alarms began to blare as Cain stepped in through the broken pane, he reached down and picked Jeanette up by her violet jacket.

"Y-you drop her now!" yelled a weak voice from nearby.

"Miles, stay back, you're dealing with things that are above your pay grade." Jeanette mumbled, keeping her steely gaze on Cain.

"No! I'll s-save you ma'am!" Miles called.

Miles ran up to Cain with his arms in the air; Cain, meanwhile, raised his gun and fired a shot through Mile's torso. The man stumbled a few times before slumping to his knees by the broken pane. With a gentle kick, Cain pushed Miles' body out of the opening.

"Idiot..." Jeanette mumbled, wiping a bit of Miles' blood from her face "Come on, try me out for size."

Cain pointed his gun at Jeanette's head and smiled. Jeanette threw her hand out toward an incapacitated Agent, for a moment a thin strand of light connected the two. A loud blast erupted from Cain's gun but the shot bounced off of its intended target and instead rebounded. Cain was thrown backwards out of the hole in the side of the craft and tumbled down toward the ground. Jeanette walked over to the hole and watched Cain hit the ground, she brushed herself off and turned around.

"Are we ready yet?"

Cain hurtled downwards and crashed into the ground very close to Bernardo. He pulled himself out of a small hole that had formed, stepping over the mangled body of Miles, he made his way over to his master.

"Do not worry..." Bernardo mumbled "Mind the Rippers and destroy anyone who dare approaches the building. Alert me if that woman leaves her fortress."

Bernardo walked away from Cain and towards a group of four people who he did not recognize as belonging to any of the involved factions.
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The young man with the stylish hair watched Bernardo approach and then winked and shot him a grin out of a movie. When he exposed his teeth, there was actually a tiny flash of light and accompanying 'ting' sound.
"Bernie!" said the one with the million dollar smile "Big fans of your work. Love to stay and chat, but you'd probably try to kill us."
He cut a heavy metal salute. "PEACE!"
With that a wall of flames erupted over the group, and they were gone.


The ship's autocannons whirred into life as Teller ran his hand across a control pad, the guns tearing into nearby rippers and carefully cutting around OEI agents. Peering at a viewscreen he cursed under his breath.
"Great, looks like Bernardo built at least three of those damn pretenders. Anyone who knows something about machines should come with me and take it out, everyone else just whale on Bernardo and hope you hack off another arm or something." he sprang to his feet and headed for the gangplank.
"Camille, lay down suppressing fire"
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"Ah damnit..." Kim muttered as she hopped up and ran after Teller, "Ok, what's your plan? I should be able to disable them when a few quick cuts if you can get in under their shells."
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"That transport! Why is it behaving so erratically?" Jeanette yelled "Commence the bombardment and spare a few batteries for that transport!"

She smashed her fist against a control console and spun around.

"We are moving in ten minutes!" Jeanette called "Begin loading the bombs for transport."

The bottom side of the Chief Executive's transport lit up as hundreds of powerful weapons systems activated. They indiscriminately began pounding the Red Zoner's camp with laser fire. Nearby buildings were ripped apart and the ground was scorched beyond recognition. As the fire continued Jeanette, along with a team of Agents and four duffel bags slipped down from the transport and into the Throne building undetected.

Bernardo cringed as the blasts from the lasers tore through his Rippers and annihilated what little remained of his followers. He did not have enough time bother thinking about the four strangers that had vanished out of thin air; instead he rushed back across the battlefield toward Cain. Mid way there he noticed the large OEI craft firing upon one of their own transports, he smiled and directed his attention to the transport. With a wave of his hand a large shard of ice flew toward it, using his other "hand" he fired a couple dozen shots.
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Teller swore as the Transport took heavy damage from the incoming fire.
"Camille! Get out of here."

The ship slowly lurched off the ground and began to move away, occasionally grazing the sides of buildings as it retreated. Teller heaved a sigh of relief and ducked the attack of an incoming Ripper, rolling under its carapace and planting both feet on its belly, flipping it over in one graceful movement.
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Jordan jumped off the transport and joined Teller in the fray, hacking through the automatons with a charred ripper arm.
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Diandra and Theodore rushed away from the transport and looked around.

"The Chief Executive is here..." Theodore said, pointing at the massive craft in the sky "We really should get as far away as possible."

"Not going to happen, hot shot!" Diandra yelled "Come on!"

"I'll take Bernardo's creatures, I can't lose my job just yet." Theodore sighed, picking up a pair of Rippers and smashing them into one another.

Diandra took up a position behind Jordan and began firing shots into anything that tried to approach him from behind.

Meanwhile Bernardo grinned to himself as he saw his adversaries from before pile out of the transport. He pulled the sword from his belt and it lit up brightly, with his gun raised and sword at the ready Bernardo walked toward the heroes.
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As Bernardo approached the group the eyes of the dragon gun looped through Teller's belt lit up as magic once again flowed into power cell which had been dry for decades. Teller unhooked it from his belt and raised it into firing position, eying Bernardo warily... his finger twitching on the finely molded trigger.
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"Could it be that Lazarus' son has learned some restraint?" Bernardo asked loudly "At last, I will be able to have a proper duel with you then."

The sword in Bernardo's hands flickered off and he returned it to his belt. He held the gun at his side and bowed to Teller.

"On your mark, my boy!"
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Teller rolled his eyes and pulled the trigger, immediately throwing himself to the floor in case of retaliation. A stream of bright white flame full of tiny sparkling motes burst from the end of the dragon's mouth and the smell of incense filled the air as the fire licked Bernardo's armour.
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Leaping to the opposite side of the Ripper as the attack flew, Kim grabbed a leg and re-oriented her momentum towards Teller. Pulling her hand back, she dives it into her bag and searches through it as she comes to a halt as she sees Teller stop.

"I'll take that as a change of plans." Kim muttered as she fell back to the Ripper she just passed.

Pulling out her hand, she tosses up a few electric orbs at the robot's legs, then dives out and quickly chants and releases a fireball towards it.
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A shot flew from Bernardo's gun at the same moment that Teller fired. It rushed over Teller's head as he dropped to the ground and Bernardo was engulfed with flames. He grunted as the flames scorched his skin, his armor absorbed most of the blast though. Still in flames, Bernardo readjusted his aim and fired another shot at Teller.

"The hell is that!?" Theodore yelled, looking at the flaming form of Bernardo "That's him isn't it?"

"Yeah it is!" Diandra yelled from a ways away "Why don't you melt his skin or whatever it is that you do?"
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Jordan had just knocked a ripper to the ground when the loud creaking of metal filled his ears.

He spun around to see one of their number standing over him.


The towering machine tumbled to the ground, a smoldering hole in its chest.

Jordan nodded to Diandra, the woman standing a few yards off with her gun raised.

A sudden, bright light caught his attention; Bernardo erupted into flame.

"Guys," he called "Some of us need to get in the structure. We must eliminate his resources."

He undercut the legs of an attacking ripper, sending it crashing to Earth
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"Agreed." Theodore replied "Stay tight and be sure to avoid that laser fire, they do not appear to be firing upon the Throne building but don't assume that they haven't already put some plan into motion that involves that structure. Let's work our way to the main entrance, I think Teller can handle the big guy for a while."
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The shot hit Teller in the side and sent him spinning to the ground, making a noise like a cross between a yell of pain and a screech of feedback from a cheap speaker system. Hauling himself back onto his feet he let loose another gout of flame in Bernardo's direction and kicked up a piece of rubble at his face with precision accuracy.
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Bernardo lurched backwards as the rubble hit his head, he fell for a moment but caught himself. The flames around him continued to burn causing no end of annoyance. Lowering his gun and removing his sword once more, Bernardo began moving toward Teller with the intent to finish the job.

A large group of Ripper were thrown into the air as Theodore began moving toward the Throne building. They were roughly thirty yards away and the trek to the doors would not be easy.

"Got it." an Agent reported.

"Good. Open it up." Jeanette ordered.

The Agent pressed a small invisible button on the wall causing the door to Bernardo's lab to open up.

"This lab is located at the bottom of the structure, there are four main support pillars down here that hold the entire thing up." Jeanette spoke "We will plant the bombs on each pillar and detonate them as soon as Bernardo retreats back inside. The old reports have stated that most of the building's dimensional distortions are located underground meaning that Bernardo will be pulverized beyond recognition by the sheer force. But that is enough talk, follow me."

Silently, Jeanette and her team of Agents entered Bernardo's laboratory.
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"Catch!" said teller, throwing the golden gun to Jordan. As Bernardo bore down on him he kicked a nearby ripper claw into the air and caught it deftly, just in time to parry the mage's first strike.
"Hah, have a taste of your own medicine you asshat!" he yelled as he brought the unwieldy but razor sharp claw against Bernardo's shoulder.
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"Mind your tongue." Bernardo yelled, taking the hit and smashing the butt of his sword into Teller's head

He clutched his shoulder and moved away from Teller, toward the Throne building. The cut was deep but it would heal in time. Cain was standing nearby cutting down a few stray Agents. As Bernardo approached him a laser blast landed between them sending each one flying in a different direction. Bernardo slid across the ground and into a curb while Cain was thrown into the stairs of the Throne building. A tiny sound of something bouncing, one that Bernardo could not hear, was made as his brush fell from his person. It rolled a short distance before dropping down through a sewer grating and being lost to darkness. Bernardo pulled himself up and stomped over to the stairs of the Throne building.

"Guard the entrances." Bernardo commanded &quo