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Hey guys, about time I made a thread of my own in here. I got the demo version of the CC recently and been having a ball with it, so I'd like to share my creations so far.


Indigenous to the red planet, Mars, the Yorp is a harmless, mischievous and curious creature of low intelligence that will approach any irregularity around it despite any obvious danger.

My very first creature, based upon the familliar green guys from the first Commander Keen game.


The Yorp's big brother; the Garg is larger, faster, and deadlier. Its two eyes are constantly on the lookout for prey which it will dash towards at the tiniest hint of provocation to satisfy its limitless appetite. To its Yorp brethern it remains docile.

When one makes a Yorp, the obvious next step is to make a Garg as well. Not very accurate (due to the limitations of the demo), but still a nice critter.


Built for combat, the tall Dragomoss towers over smaller foes and consumes them with ease, while having ample defense for creatures of its own size. The pod on its nose can launch corrosive fluids.

A bit of an experiment on making a large creature.


Consisting of two halves each with a seperate personality, the Dicogis is a paradoxical creature in that both sides are rarely aware of the other's existence, yet depend on each other for survival.

One of my favorites. The cool thing is, when looking around, both halves look in opposite directions, which ties in with my description for them.


Similar to the Dicogis, the Twaice consists of two halves each with its own personality, yet contrary to its distant relative both halves are very much aware of each other. The lower half is aggressive while the top half is contemplative.

Another experiment in two-faced creatures. Not much else to say.


A bizarre creature that is believed to be an evolutionary link between a past and future creature. The two halves share a single consciousness, yet it is believed both halves will eventually evolve into seperate beings.

Another favorite of mine. The animations on the lower half are especially hilarious, and having the two mouths gives it a cool double voice.


This eight-legged carnivorous predator is fast, aggressive and very dangerous. When it hunts it relies on its quick feet and brute strength to catch whatever it spots with any of its 9 eyes.

Based loosely on the Racnoss from Doctor Who. I'd been wanting to make a spider-legged creature from day one, so this was one of my first attempts.


A very common and unspectacular creature, yet what makes it fascinating is the mystery surrounding its origins. Some believe the Willosaur race is as old as the universe itself.

Everyone's made one of these, so I might as well join in. Not the most accurate rendition but it gets the job done. The description is an in-joke on the fact that (probably) everyone has made one, and that it was introduced shortly after Spore's announcement.


A sphere-shaped predator that uses its plant-like appearance to camouflage itself when it hunts. It is highly adept at sneaking about undetected. Its many eyes and six legs serve to detect hostile creatures and keep itself at a safe distance from them.

Not much to say about this one. Wanted to try my hand on a plant-like critter, and this is the result.


A half-reptillian, half-insectoid creature, the Baike apparently evolved from a species of housefly into the scavenger it is today. It has ample defense and offense, and its wings allow for quick getaways.

Just a random critter I threw together. The wings were a last-minute addition when I was writing the description.


A bulky creature that is very quick to anger, the Gorulk will use its massive strength to smash anything that gets in its way and/or enrages it (which is pretty much everything other than itself).

An attempt at recreating The Incredible Hulk in Spore, which ended up looking more like a green gorilla, hence the name (portmanteau of gorilla and Hulk). Despite the description, it's fairly weak :P


This sinister looking creature has been nicknamed "the Reaper" for its Grim Reaper-like appearance. It skulks about in the dark, appearing harmless, until it reveals the ferocious double mouth on its back and strikes. Few have seen it and lived.

I felt like making a frightening creature for once, and I have to say this one came out pretty well.

Spore: General / IGN Insider exclusive video
« on: September 11, 2006, 09:24:56 am »

Anyone here have Insider access that might tell what this video entails?

PC Games / The Neverhood
« on: May 15, 2006, 07:08:35 am »
After stumbling upon the game's entry on Wikipedia, I find myself in a somewhat nostalgic mood. For those who are unfamilliar with it, I will explain. The Neverhood features 100% claymation, meaning everything, and I mean EVERYTHING is made out of clay. The game itself is an adventure game a la Myst, where the player takes control of Klaymen, the (so it would appear) sole inhabitant of a mysterious clay world called the Neverhood. By solving puzzles and collecting videodiscs, you'll slowly uncover the story behind the Neverhood's creation and its ultimate fate. Add to the mix some slapstick-ish humor, catchy guitar-based music with absurb vocals, and breath-taking visuals, and you have one unforgettable experience that, despite being out of print for many years, still maintains an averagely sized cult following.

So, anyone else familliar with this game, and have some stories to share? Discuss it here.

Spore: General / Computer-controlled wars?
« on: May 11, 2006, 07:58:35 am »
I was just contemplating a classic scene from The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy (which, if you haven't read yet, is an absolute must-read), in which two alien races on the brink of war are accidentally pushed into centuries of conflict because of a casual remark uttered by one of the main characters ended up in a freak wormhole and drifted across the conference table when the leaders of both races are negotiating terms, and was misinterpreted as being a dreadful insult in the tongue of one of the two. Thus, I then thought this: what if computer-controlled alien races be able to wage war on one another, and if so, would the player be able to influence them somehow, like aiding one side, or watching the battle unfold and exploit it for your own purposes?

Spore: General / Lots of cool new images on Gamespot!
« on: May 10, 2006, 09:26:21 am »
Whole bunch of cool new images here, featuring all sorts of wacky critters, spaceships, vehicles and buildings, AND several ingame screens too:

Spore: General / Powers Of Ten
« on: May 09, 2006, 07:11:34 am »
See the famous short film that served as an inspiration for Spore here on Youtube:

Spore: General / Music on the Spore website
« on: March 31, 2006, 11:56:40 am »
I've heard the music on the official Spore site played after the intro (when it shows the spinning galaxy) was taken from one of the SimCity games; anyone know A) which one and B) the name of the track? Thanks in advance!

Spore: Creation Corner / UFO Design Thread
« on: March 28, 2006, 03:10:31 am »
With all the talk about creatures going on, I feel it's time we discussed something else. Describe and/or show what you plan on making your UFO look like in the game.

I'm thinking of building something similar to Unicron from Transformers in planet mode.

Or the Stardrifter from Noctis (a very cool freeware space exploration "simulator").

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