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PC Games / Time Fcuk
« on: September 20, 2009, 06:52:45 pm »
I'm not good at explaining things, so just check this out your self. It's one of those rare flash games that blows your mind, very challenging, creative, and creepy. If you like chronotron, platforming, or puzzles, you will enjoy this.


After you beat this, check out the level editor. I've only made one good level so far (2365, please check it out if you would be so kind) but the possibilities are endless.

Spore: Sporepedia Exchange / 7 who ate 9's creations
« on: June 20, 2008, 05:15:52 pm »
First attempts:


The eggy is my first attempt at a creature, it walks on its mouths. It is actually a living egg of a creature, when it hatches it becomes the Idky

Sankey Batsrad

One of my favorites, designed to be sneaky.


The Creggy Torp stick together...

Favorite attempts:


Straight up G.


Gerrifed evolved to be plant-like and attract the predators then infect them with a parasite spore when eaten.

Fit-Pahoot (recreation of: )

The Fit-Pahoot is a very social creature. Greed does not exist for the Fit-Pahoot, because they care more about others then thereselfs. This is because on their planet, the fruits can be very poisinous, so the Fit-Pahoots needed to watch what others ate.


Ummm....It floats....



The flo sneaks behind it's prey in the water in the night in the swamp near the meadow....


The Rida is very dependent on other creatures for survival, due to their limp walk. They domesticate them and using them as weapons.


I have more at:

I will post videos and images later.

People are complaining about creatures dissapearing. Will that happen to me when I download the new version?

Spore: Sporepedia Exchange / Seven's Creautures!
« on: June 14, 2008, 12:56:12 am »

Everything Else / The Bible Code
« on: June 10, 2008, 01:16:19 pm »
I posted this in the religion thread, but due to the argument that all ready was going on it was buried quickly.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

The Bible Code is something interesting... I just wanted to post this to see what you guys think of it. (this is the second video)

Everything Else / Determinism Vs. Freewill
« on: April 24, 2008, 05:12:57 pm »
The title pretty much speaks for its self, and I don't really know how to start a discussion.

Do you believe that you have control over your choices? Or do you believe that your choices are caused because of the world around you? What about Quantum Mechanics?

I'll post my thoughts once more people post in this thread.

Spore: Creation Corner / All you Creative people/Programers out there!
« on: March 19, 2008, 08:45:46 pm »
Look I'm not gonna say much, just that we might need some programmers and definitely will need some creativity for the upcoming GS community project.

This would also be a good time for the guys who have great programming or creative skills that never really venger out and get the rest of the forum to know you. So if you can draw, think, write, program, organize, etc., please help us.


I want to buy that...

So, what are opinions on ghost? I really have no idea what to believe when it comes to ghost, I supposes I figure they do exist. I say if you can't explain it that doesn't mean it doesn't exist, it just means you simply can't explain it.

Movies / Charley Barlet
« on: March 12, 2008, 10:15:36 pm »
Anyone else see this? I just saw it like 6 times (no joke, maybe even more) and it is GREAT.

Spore: General / The new trailer and the cell creatures
« on: March 05, 2008, 06:55:44 pm »

This shows that your creatures don't change after you get out of the cell stage, this make me so happy.

Everything Else / Quantum Mechanics and 11 demensions
« on: January 26, 2008, 11:33:00 am »
They hurt my head.

I don't like writing long unnecessary paragraphs, so I'll just get straight my point, I don't get probability. How can nothing in our universe be predicable? I understand that to us 3 dimensional characters the small quantum particles seam random, but if we built some type of amazingly advanced 11 dimensional computer wouldn't it be able to predict the motion of subatomic particles?  I think time is straight line, I know that might not be right but I can't see how else it could be. The site explains it, but it says that because of our free will and probability we create different time lines. But how can we have free will? Our minds are just chemicals and electricity, and those things have definite actions. I know I am wrong, but I don't understand how. If a ball is rolling off of a cliff and about to fall, it will fall. There is no probability.

Then again, I suppose at a quantum level there could be small probability, like the motions of one particle. And then that could effect our motions, and cause a diverting time line. So, if that is what quantum mechanics is trying to explain, then I understand it. I just don't think we have free will, and I don't think things other then small particles have probability.

Spore: General / I have a Mac/Windows Hybrid and a no internet Windows
« on: January 18, 2008, 07:28:28 pm »
Should I buy the mac version, or the PC version?

If I buy the PC version, will it work on my Hybrid?

I want to buy the PC version, but only if it works on my Hybrid, which i think it will. If it doesn't im going to have to wait for the Mac, because my other PC is actually my sisters and I doubt she would like me to go into her room all the time.

Spore: Creation Corner / The Fit-Pahoot
« on: January 01, 2008, 09:47:41 pm »

So i've had this idea for a creature for a while (I started making it up when i found out about spore in 2005) but i could never post it because I didn't have a scanner. Well, here it is. The Fit-Pahoot.
What is that!?
The Fit-Pahoot is pretty much a... different creature. It would be considered a mammal if humans were to define it, but its hair is more like peach fuzz then fur. The skin is rough, imagine what a crabs shell would feel like if is was rubbery and bendable, that skin is what keeps the Fit-Pahoot warm. Also, the Fit-Pahoot has feathers above and below its four eyes to keep it more warm in that area, like how we have hair to warm our head. Speaking of the eyes, the eyes have slightly different functions then ours. The two main, big eyes are similar to ours, they are able to sense colors. But they can't sense shades that well and the popping colors blend together, so seeing out of their eyes would be like looking at a very colorful watercolored painting that has been splashed with water making it melt together. The smaller eyes our completely different then ours, they have the ability to "hear". The small eyes sense motion and patterns, the Fit-Pahoot our death but if they were to go up to someone playing the drums they would be able to keep the beat. This ability is useful for talking to others and eating (i'll explain later on).

Eating is very, very, very important to these creatures. The digestive track is different then ours, the major difference being that they separate the nutrients from the waste as the first thing (after eating it of coarse).The track goes like these: They either pick up the food with their lower hands or their tongue/hands, use their slimy blue saliva to digest it in their mouths, then keep it in the back of their beak (there is a different compartment to let oxygen through to the lungs) . In the back of their beak they seperat the waste from the nutrients, and spit out the waste. Then the nutrients is moved to the heart to be distributed throughout the body.

Tasting/smelling is the strongest sense due to the fact their is so much poison in the Fit-Pahoot's environment, they smell by keeping there tongues lay out of their beak, that is also needed for letting the waste drip out off the tongue.

Social Evolution
Like I have said before, eating is very important to the Fit-Pahoots, their way of surviving, their culture, and how they base their life. In the creature stage, Fit-Pahoots needed to watch what they ate, anything could be piousness or be an egg of a scary, angry mother. To survive, Fit-Pahoots stuck together. They could smell what others ate to know what was safe for them to eat. Also, they used there small eyes to pay attention to the movements of the tongues, different foods make different waste, different waste need different ways to get rid of.  This was how the first language was born. Any Fit-Pahoot would know that other Fit-Pahoot was watching their tongues closely. So, it was easy to get other members of your pack to do you favors. Over time, these became a language of hand motions and smells.

Sticking together as a pack stayed with the Fit-Pahoot's for the rest of their existence. In the picture, there is an average Pahootien building. These buildings are like houses, but they don't hold familes, they hold large communities, usually 25-30 Fit-Pahoots per building. Each room usually has a desk with personally belongings, food, and the items involved with the individuals Fit-Pahoot's job in their community. The Fit-Pahoots aren't greedy, this is their list of priorities:
1. Make sure i have enough food to survive
2. Find out if close friends have enough food to survive
3. See if you can get more food to survive longer
4. See if others in your community have enough food.
5. Help your community in other ways
6. Socialize
7. Philosophize

Philosophize brings me to religion, but before i say that i want to point out the Fit-Pahoot's written language above the door in the picture. They use long marks of colors and the lengths of these colors to write.


Because the Fit-Pahoots are so social, after they started solving their problems the thing that they loved to do the most was talk to others. Of corse if you talk long enough you get into the bigger questions, like how we got hear and why. Before science was even around, the berry theory was very common and well-known. The Fit-Pahoots realized that the sun had something to do with the growth of plants, and due to their obsession with food they focussed on the sun. They didn't know there was just one sun, they thought different stars and different suns passed across the sky every night, just in the same formation. The berry religion is the idea that all life cam from one plant that billions of berries but never dropped any of the berries. But one day the plant became to full, and exploded, spreading the berries across the land. The Fit-Pahoots believed they all evolved from these berries, they also believed that due to the power of the explosions berries (the moon, sun, and stars) are still flying across the sky. The strongest berry is the yellow berry, it is so rare it only comes once a day and it is so strong it brightness up the sky. But during winter, weaker yellow berries fly through the sky, making it colder and killing some plants. The weak berries are do to the fake that the life giving plant is die to and running out of energy. But by new year, the plant explodes again, giving new life to the land.


These are the 8 colors of the Pahootian language. The different colors represent the different colors of waste the tongues produce (I'll explain why there are different colors later). The reason there are eight colors is because the Fit-Pahoots have 8 finger on their upper hands.

 In the picture there is another thing, that thing is the coloring ring. The 8 coloring rings go on the Fit-Pahoot's fingers, and each ring can only hold 1 color. To use the rings all you do is press down, and a black line and a dab of color will appear.

When writing sentences, each "word" is 4 "letters". I used quotations because it isn't like our system of letters, if any thing it is a lot like Japanese. The color set of 4 makes up 1 word, but that word is pronounced in its own way, you don't pronounce each letter differently. When writing, there are 5 lengths the color rod can be (1,2,3,4,5). These lengths represent how much the color is represented in that certain object (also, what order the colors are listed in matters to). So, when writing short sentences you can only write nouns (2,560,000 nouns/words in total). However, the nouns usually explain the adjectives in them, example there isn't a "rock" noun, but there is a "big rock" noun. When writing long sentences (like a book or a paragraph) you start of with all of the verbs in one long word. The set of four colors rule doesn't apply in this word, also you pronounce each letter individually. So a Pahootian sentence usually sounds like:

BigBird YellowGrass SmallMountain Watermellow Mouth.

In a set of sentences the sentence makes more sense:

Goes to,then to,eats,with. BigBird YellowGrass SmallMoutain Watermellon Mouth.

So what that says is:

The Big Bird goes the the grass then to the small mountain and eats the watermelon with its mouth.

The Pahootian Color Wheel

This color wheel is a big symbol of the Pahoots. Basically, it is there sign of equality, because it has all of the colors of the rainbow and all of the Pahootian colors in the middle. It is used in writing a lot, for prepositions. The whole symbol represents "we/us" the middle of symbol represents "me", and the outside represents "you", but a lot of the time it depends on the context.


This is a Pahootian Elder. Being and Elder is considered a completely different stage of life (their 3 life stages are just baby, Fit-Pahoot, and Elder). The way of life is completely different. Elders don't do city work, but they do thinking work. They were their clothes for 3 reasons, to tell that they're elder, to say what tribe they are from, and so other people can "read" them. The upper piece of clothing is just to show they are older, the lower one is so they tell where they are from, and the back one is to tell where they are from and it tells their stories. When you reach the age of elder, you get your beak painted one color of your choice, with black dots. Then you get the 8 rings of color, these are used so you can right down any stories you think of on your beak. At night you wash off the stories, but if they are good (you decide if they are good) you write the stories on your back dress.

To tell where you are from is pretty easy, all you do is where one color. Purple for Nu-Pahoots, Orange for Car-Pahoots, Green for Tok-Pahoot, Grey for Cur-Pahoots, Red for W0to-to-Pahoots,  Blue for W0nu-Pahoot, Yellow for Wo-Pahoots.


This is were the Fit-Pahoots live:

Extremly sorry about the image quality, size, and that big white thing. The truth is, this is a model i made last year for school and i just toke a picture of it with my phone because i wanted to put it to use. Ignore the writing to.
I'm just going to make this up as I go along, I don't even care about land description. But i figured it would take a while for me to make my next pictures so I did this to draw more attention until then.

Wo-tok Roolo

To the east/right is Wo-Tok Roolo, this is where the Fit-Pahoots came from, to be even more exact they originated in that little lake. But because a lot of creatures came from that lake, most Fit-Pahoots went south to the desert or north to the forests. The ones that stayed became the territorial hunter like Wo-Pahoots (still Fit-Pahoots, not a subspecies, just a different ethic group). The ones that went to the desert started dieing due to droughts, but the survivors went to the east coast desert to become the exploring and more common W0nu-Pahoots. And finally, the ones that went into the jungle had higher IQs and became stronger, but they were less friendly and there fore very different then any other Fit-Pahoots, they were called the Tok-Pahoots.

Nu-lu Rolo

Nu-lu Rolo is a long island in the south. The W0nu-Pahoots came here, starting at that big desert shaped island and the desert part of the long island. The ones who went to the small desert island became isolated from other Fit-Pahoots and had very different lifestyles, but still had the same friendly exploring way of life. They were call the W0to-to-Pahoots. The ones who went to the larger desert continued exploring. When they reached the lake and the part of the island were the desert meets the forest they started to grow into a civilization, the first kingdom, they are simply called the  Nu-Pahoots, the most common Fit-Pahoots

Cur Roolo
The Tok-Pahoots eventually migrated into the Cur Roolo. The reason they came to the Crestent shapped muddy mountain area was not just out of pure exploration, but for knowladge and religion. the Tok-Pahoots were the ones to create the Berry Religion, and they thought the great plant came from the North East. This was a mistake though, as the Mountain/cave area was considered to be a  place of death, and the Tok-Pahoots thought it could've been the opposite of the great plant, a place so far away from the great plant no seeds landed there, not even the far traveling star seeds. However, the Tok-Pahoots that stayed started to devolve, becoming vicious and hideous "monsters". These monsters were called the Cur-Pahoots

Car Rolo
The Tok-Pahoots decided to travel west (remember the planet is round) and found Car Rolo. Car Rolo is that circler island connected to Cur Roolo. The toks were the first to find out their world was round, and they found out the hard way. They came to Car Rolo to escape from Cur Roolo and they found out it was connected to Cur Roolo. They still stayed in Car Rolo due to the ammount of food, but they needed to compete for the food with the Cur-Pahoots. The inhabitants of Car Rolo are the Car-Pahoots

Yo-do Rlo

These two small islands are tropical, and almost  placed in the middle of the planet. Because these islands are placed between Car Rolo and Nu-lu Roolo, the Car-Pahoots, Cur-Pahoots, and the Nu-Pahoots meet here. The cultures would usually clash, but do to the Nu-Pahoots kind ways they formed the Yo-Pahoots.

I'm not sure how much sense that made. I'm going to make a time line soon and a drawn map.

Ethic Groups

(Listed in order of Creation)
Stereotyped Color: Yellow
Tribal Colors: Yellow, Dark Yellow
Location of Origin: Nu-lo Rolo
Back-Story/ Origin: The first Fit Pahoots evolved into this
Behavior: Territorial, War-like, Control/Family based community

Stereotyped Color: Blue
Tribal Colors: Blue, Orange
Location of Origin: Nu-lo Rolo
Back-Story/ Origin: Due to the territorial Wo-Pahoots, the W0to-to migrated East
Behavior: Explorers, Friendly, Family based community

Stereotyped Color: Green
Tribal Colors: Green, Blue
Location of Origin: Wo-tok Roolo, East Forest
Back-Story/ Origin: Due to the territorial Wo-Pahoots, the Toks migrated East. They devolved higher Iqs in order to survive their predators
Behavior: Explorers, Thirst for knowledge, Some what war-like, Self survival based community

Stereotyped Color: Red
Tribal Colors: Red, Purple
Location of Origin: Nu-lo Rolo
Back-Story/ Origin: The W0nus came to Nu-lo Rolo for exploration, creation the W0to-tos
Behavior: Explorers, Curious, Friendly, Leaders, Family based community

Stereotyped Color: Purple
Tribal Colors: Purple, DarkBlue
Location of Origin: Nu-Lu Rolo, Where the desert meets the forest
Back-Story/ Origin: When the W0nu-Pahoots decided to go exploring, most of them came here, building the first kingdom.
Behavior: Explorers, Curious, Friendly, Leaders, Family based community

Stereotyped Color: Grey
Tribal Colors: Grey, Black
Location of Origin: Cur Roolo
Back-Story/ Origin: The toks came to Cur roolo looking for the holy land, but what they found was hell like place, with mud, mountains, and vicious creatures. Some got stuck in Cur Roolo, and evolved to be "monster" like to.
Behavior: Fighters, Hungry, War-Like, Hardly any community

Car-Pahoots Orange
Stereotyped Color: Orange
Tribal Colors: Orange, Dark Yellow, Light Green
Location of Origin: Car-Rolo
Back-Story/ Origin: In search for the holy religious berry land, the Tok Pahoots traveled to Cur-Rolo. After seeing Cur-Rolo was a place for death, they went the other way. But due to their round Planet, they came to Car-Rolo which is connected to Cur-Rolo
Behavior: Explorers, Thirst for knowledge, All ways working for more, Working based community

Yo-Do Pahoots
The Yo-Dos are a modern age mixture of cultures on the islands of Yo-do Rlo, but the name Yo-Do began to describe any one with a multicultural background, and near the space age everyone began to be Yo-Do

This is a picture of a Tok-Pahoot. I'm not going draw any other race (at least not right now) because they either look like this, or like the other Fit-Pahoots, just with different colors.

Spore: General / Could I....? Yes, it farted!!
« on: December 16, 2007, 08:39:18 pm »
Could I make a thing that talks using smells and farts?

Could I make a thing that hears using its eyes?

Could I make a thing that uses its tongue as a tentacle?

Could I make a thing that give milk?

Could I make a thing with a tongue in its beak?

Could I make a thing with a arm that it uses as a leg?

Console Games / Oh please let this more then a rumour
« on: October 23, 2007, 07:57:53 pm »
 Click this:

Psu thinks it means a new game, but im not sure. It could be something else, but im not sure what that something else is.

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