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Spore: General / Creature Creator + Graphics Tablet = Win!
« on: June 17, 2008, 06:57:41 pm »
Just got to say how impressed I am that someone has finally made a game that I can use my graphics tablet with. I felt that this deserved some kind of post because aside from maybe simple flash games, there has never been a game that has been this graphics tablet compatable. I find that with a tablet the attention to detail I can put on my creatures is for the most part better (however increasing / decreasing the size of things is best done with the mouse).

It strikes me as being somewhat revolutionary that this works so well, and I thought that if any other artists out there have not thought of doing this yet, to give it a go!

All I need now is painting / texture support in the game and I'm away - the thought of using my tablet to paint on textures is awsome and if there was any way to mod the game (I understand that the textures / colour use programmed things) this would be a good first step towards it.

Sorry, don't mind me - just suprised and happy that it works seeing as it's never worked before! Haha!

They were not telling fibs when they said they wanted this game to help expand creativity. :)

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