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Storytelling and Roleplaying / Wovnd
« on: January 06, 2017, 12:44:13 pm »


What happened? Where am I?
Arghh, that ache.. like something clawing at the back of my head.
Or.. a hole, pulling at my mind.
Where am I? I don't remember the last thing that happened.
Oh my, I am thirsty too..
ARghh.. what should I do!?

Music / Music Matrices!
« on: June 21, 2015, 10:34:29 am »
At you can make matrices of album covers, like this:

This is a quick and probably lacking favourite-albums-of-all-time-5x5-matrix that I made. The idea of the thread is that you post your own matrices, whether they showcase music you've been listening to recently, your favourite music or anything really. Discussion and recommendation of music based on peoples matrices is also encouraged. Go!

Console Games / I request Your help!
« on: May 07, 2013, 01:25:21 am »
So I am buying a Nintendo 64 (when I was a kid I sold mine to buy an Xbox *sadface*) and I need to figure out which games to get. The guy who is selling the N64 has the following games:

1080 Snowboarding, 89:-
Aero Gauge, 29:-
Aerofighters Assault 29:-
Airboarder 64, 29:-
Allstar Tennis 99, 39:-
Banjo Kazooie, 169:-
Banjo Tooie, 599:-
Beetle Adventure Racing, 39:-
Bust A Move 2, 99:-
Carmageddon 64, 69:-
Clay Fighter 63, 59:-
Dark Rift, 59:-
Diddy Kong Racing, 169:-
Disney Trazan, 39:-
Donald Duck Quack Attack, 99:-
Dual Heroes, 59:-
Duke Nukem Zero Hour 149:-
Excitebike 64, 69:-
Extreme G, 39:-
F-1 World Grand Prix 2, 29:-
F1 World Grand Prix 39:-
Fighters Destiny, 39:-
Forsaken, 49:-
G.A.S.P, 39:-
Golden Eye 007, 249:-
GT 64, 49:-
Harvest Body, 59:-
Hexen, 69:-
Hydro Thunder, 49:-
International SuperStar Soccer, 49:-
JetForce Gemini, 69:-
Lamborghini, 39:-
Lego Racers, 149:-
Lylat Wars, 159:-
Mario Golf, 149:-
Mario Kart 64, 449:-
Mario Tennis, 299:-
Mission Impossible, 49:-
Nagano Winter Olympics 98 29:-
NBA Hangtime, 99:-
NBA JAM 99, 49:-
NBA Live 2000, 49:-
NHL 99, 29:-
NHL Breakaway 98, 79:-
Paper Mario, 599:-
Perfect Dark, 249:-
Pokemon Snap, 79:-
Pokemon Stadium 2, 299:-
Pokemon Stadium, 249:-
Rayman 2 USA, BUD!
Ready 2 Rumble Boxing, 49:-
San Francisco Rush, 29:-
Shadow Man, 49:-
Star Wars Rougue Squadron, 89:-
Starwars Racers Episode 1, 89:-
Tetrisphere, 99:-
The New Tetris, 129:-
Tiggers Honey Hunt, 99:-
Tonic Trouble, 39:-
Top Gear Hyper Bike, 29:-
Turok 2 149:-
Turok 3, 249:-
Wave Race 64, 99:-
WF No Mercy, 49:-
Wipeout 64, 49:-
Virtual Chess 64, 39:-
V-Rally Edition 99, 59:-
Xena, 69:-
XG 2, 49:-
Yoshis Story, 199:-
Zelda Ocarina Of Time, 349:-

...where the number at the end indicate the price, so low is good. (1 Swedish Krona equals
0.15 US Dollar).

So my question to you nintendo nuts is which of these games are worth getting? The only ones I have decided on are Ocarina of Time and Golden Eye.

Site News / Warning: Dangerous Site
« on: September 09, 2011, 06:49:22 am »
"Warning: Dangerous Site
Are you sure you want to go there? may be risky to visit.

Why were you redirected to this page?

When we visited this site, we found it exhibited one or more risky behaviors."

This is the message I get from my anti-virus software (McAfee sadly) when I visit these forums. Any mod got any idea what this is all about?

It begins...

A new year begins as the snow melts and the rivers start to flow.
Nature awakes from its slumber and life becomes easier.
In some regions however the loss of the winter is mourned
as its mildness is preferred before the hot summers.
While the majority of the human tribes move about the lands as the horses and the buffalo
some humans have lived settled for hundreds of years.
The success of this new lifestyle is prominent
as these tribes grow in population, mind and spirit for each year that passes.

Year 1, Season 1

Storytelling and Roleplaying / A Tale of Civilizations II - OOC
« on: March 19, 2011, 11:25:35 am »

Some of you might remember my old community game A Tale of Civilizations. I never managed to make a game just as good since then, and I have often been thinking about what made AToC special. It was however a growing burden as the systems I had come up with didn't cope with an increasing population in the tribes, it was to complicated to work in the long run. I have long wanted to do a game similar to AToC, and now I think I have come up with a recipe that is not one of disaster.

How does it play?

The new rules mean less work for me, less trying to figure out how to make the cavemen accidentally discover technology for you, and hopefully more fun for all. I will here try to explain the basic rules, so please go on and read.

Just like in the first AToC A Tale of Civilization II is about controlling a civilization through the ruling royal family. This aspect is greatly inspired by Rome: Total War; you have your king and queen and their sons and daughters who have different traits and character. This part is very similar to before, though family members that have not come of age will not be controlled. You also have your cities and regions displayed in stats just like in AToC (though I will not make maps of your cities. This is up to you if you desire this).

The biggest difference from the first game is how you play, how you control your civ. Instead of sending me a PM with things individuals should do there is a simplified system that I will describe later. You post your actions in the thread, with the exceptions of secret actions such as spies actions. This is largely an RP meaning that while you should try to succeed the most important part is to create a civilization with character that you can enjoy playing as. AToC is much more free in the way that you can decide over most things that are not decisive for the raw "stats" of your civilization. For example if you have researched so that you can build structures out of clay and straw you can make a picture or write an RP text of how your houses are designed or built, just as long as it makes sense. This means that I will not draw countless of images for every update, its more like I give the data and you interpret it the way you want. Continuing on this line you no longer need to invent every single tool that you want to use separately, rather you research levels of certain types of tech. If you have level 1 Weapon- and toolmaking I may limit you to simple sharp rocks, while level 2 would allow giving the sharp rocks handles and so forth.


A random event occurs in your city. I tell you: A hurricane sweeps in over City A! It destroys 5 houses and results in the death of 12 citizens.

You might decide to detail this event in an RP post, and as long as it contains the hurricane, 5 houses are destroyed, and 12 people die you are free to turn it into whatever you want.

I hope you understand what I am getting at here. Basically this is an RP with rules and mechanics to make it more rewarding and unpredictable. Now, let's continue on to how you make your actions. At the beginning of each month each player is awarded with Work Points based on population, obedience of the people, health of the people, mindset of the people, climate and anything else that could factor in on the productivity of his Civ. He then needs to organize the productivity by "spending" WP on different activities.


Civ A has got 5500 inhabitants. 500 of these are warriors, meaning their time is taken up by training and patrolling. That leaves 5000. 3700 of these are in a suitable age for labor. The discontent is at 20% and unhealthiness is at 15%. 3700 * 0.8 * 0.85 = 2516 potential WP

The organization of my Civ is messy, and my tech level is not that high, so total WP is reduced to a mere 1200.  I then spend them in the following way:

Expansion 100 WP
Construction [Temple] 100 WP
Maintenance 100 WP
Food production: 850 WP
Health care 25 WP
Culture 10 WP
Research [Agriculture] 15 WP

850 WP food production for 5000 inhabitants will most surely lead to starvation. The main problem here is the inefficiency, with my total WP being only 47.7% of my potential WP. In a situation like this it might also be wise to cut down on the expansion and construction, 200 WP invested in that might be a bit much. The starvation the coming month will probably lead to more discontent which could turn into a downward spiral.

A big part of the game is this balance where you might get the advantage over the other players by micromanaging well.

The research system is another vital feature for your control over your civ. Technologies are grouped in techs such as "Stone lore" and "Pottery". These take different amounts of Tech Points to "discover". One TP is commonly equal to 10 WP, there are different ways to make research more or less efficient though. Not only can a tech be researched for a certain amount of TP, if I have already discovered a tech I can upgrade it by researching it again for the same amount of TP. The level cap of techs differ and are "hidden", meaning you as players do not know them until you have reached the highest level of the tech. One important restriction to remember is that a tech can never have a level twice as high or greater than any of its parent skills, including parent skills of parent skills and so on.


Civ A has recently researched stone block-making for 50 TP. As they have only researched it once it is currently at level 1. Stone block-making level 1 allows them to make crude stone blocks which can be quite helpful for building. I want to build a big palace for myself though, so the crude level 1 blocks will not allow for a big and stable structure. I therefor decide to research at least another level of stone block-making.

After spending WPs on the most necessary stuff I have 150 left to invest in research. Normally this would give me 15/50 TP for level 2, but Civ A has a very strict religion that while helps keeping the people in check hinders research due to conservatism. The WP-TP rate is therefor at 15, meaning I only get 10 potential TP this month. The parent techs for stone block-making (stone lore, mining, wood lore, logging, weapon- and toolmaking) are at high levels though so this gives a +3 TP bonus resulting in a total 13 TP.

Tech can be traded between civilizations, giving potential enemies means to overpower you is something to be careful with though. Close relationship where citizens are allowed to enter the other civs lands will also eventually lead to the tech spreading, meaning a simple trade of wheat for fish might lead to your trade partner learning how to construct the wheel. This is an important thing to consider. It is also possible to send spies to learn the tech of others. This is one of the actions I allow to be secret, meaning it can be done in a PM to me, so that the other player does not know about the spy unless his cover is blown.

Organization is something you control separately from the WP system. It doesn't directly cost you anything to order the introduction of a caste system for example, but it might not happen fully in one turn. If its enforcement is successful at all that is. You also control your troops separately, something that ties in with how the map works. The map plays a more important role in AToC II than it did in AToC.

Example picture

As you see the map is divided into an irregular grid. This is to simplify control of land and movement of military and other units. The grid is supposed to represent natural regions based on the landscape and one region is about 3000 km^2. You can move forces between these regions and perform whatever actions that would make sense, such as building a fort or pillaging a village. This part of the game is quite flexible as how you organize your military is up to you.  It is therefor important to remember that the region marked as your land is not all populated by your people, rather their population is concentrated in a small area. The rest encompass land they might hunt in or at least know of and is not controlled by anyone else. The size of these regions also mean that you are not limited to one city or town in each region, even though I will keep stats like population by region, you are free to say all live in one large city or scattered in small villages whichever you prefer, as it does not directly affect the gameplay.

Another point I want to add regarding the map is that the brown areas aren't just plains or anything like that, there are still forests in these areas unless my description of an area says otherwise. The green parts on the map however are parts where there pretty much is only forest, and not the passable type neither.

As you can see it works quite different from the old AToC, and my hope is for this to enable more players and faster progression. Are you interested in participating? The game has started but you can still join! To do this you make a post in this thread with the following information:

Starting out

  • Name of Civilization      (Ex: Rome)
  • Name of People          (Ex: Romans)
  • Adjective                   (Ex Roman)

  • Names and age of family members. You get 500 Age Points that you get to "buy" members for just like in my old game Cunae. Everyone up to the age of 50 is worth 50+(their age) in points, but every year above 50 are subtracted.

    Examples of this to clarify:

    Undatarian, 16 years old. (66 points, 50 + 16)

    Antonius, 75 years old. (75 points, 50 + 50 - 25)

    Herataras 50 years old. (100 points, 50 + 50)

NOTE: Do not write bios for your characters yet, wait until you have been accepted and I have sent you the game sheets with stats and attributes.

  • Starting Technology

    Click picture for larger size

    You get 200 TP to buy your starting Technology. Above you see the starting tech tree. I will build on to this as we move forward, though I think this will do for quite some time. You are free to buy any level of any tech you have access to (see the arrows). The blue technologies are structures, and the green techs are "epics". The dashed arrows are parent skills that are not required, but still add parent bonus.


    Herb lore 1: 10 TP
    Fibremaking 1: 10 TP
    Weaving 1: 25 TP
    Thatching 1: 15 TP
    Soil lore 1: 10 TP
    Pottery 1: 25 TP
    Wood lore 1: 10 TP
    Wood lore 2: 10 TP
    Firemaking 1: 10 TP
    Herbalism 1: 30 TP
    Stone lore 1: 15 TP
    Weapon- and toolmaking 1: 25 TP

    Total: 195 TP

    How you chose these techs is very important as researching is not very fast.

NOTE: The one exception to the rule of needing parent skills to chose a technology is Weapon- and toolmaking. This tech only needs one of its parents researched.

That concludes all the info you MUST include for your application to be valid. You can also request certain features for your characters and your civilization and I will consider them when creating the stat sheets. (This includes if you want your civilization to be located in a specific type of environment.)

Player list

Player name                         Civilization name

Badger Man 22                                 Reigia

Kenotai                                           Iefhuat

Josasa                                           Amorusk

Munchkin5                                   Kestara Olek

Hydromancerx                                Solutrea

Huckbuck's "Design-a-game" Community Thingy!

I want YOU to tell me what to do!

Yes, this has been done before. Specifically by a guy called "Flisch" in a bitchy manner. I saw the possibilities with his project, but I also saw the problems. I am therefore making my own version with a few rules added;

  • A suggestion can be made by ANYONE. It won't make it into the game though unless at least 2 more people support it, and not TOO many openly oppose it.
  • For undoing the rule is that at least 5 people must support it.
  • A suggestion is only considered valid if it includes enough details to actually be used as a guideline for creating the game.
  • A suggestion is only considered valid if it is relevant at that time. Saying "the final boss should be a talking telephone" right at the beginning is useless. Start with the general things, and then at least somewhat go from the start of the game till the end.
  • A suggestion in line with allready decided suggestions or themes do not need 3 supporters, it is accepted immediately as long as no one oppose themselves to it.

Bad example for rule 3: "Make a sidescroller with guns and aliens!"

Good example for rule 3: "Make it so that the main character is in the middle of the screen, viewed top-down, aiming towards the cursor."

Besides that there isn't really anything else to say, start brainstorming!

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Cunae RP
« on: July 11, 2010, 01:43:19 pm »
It was the year of 245 P.F. (Post Founding, year 1 is when most consider Cunae was founded), the first day of the fourth month. The senate elections that had, as allways, been held during the evening of the day of spring equinox was the hot topic of the day. Every aristocrat and most of the middle class discussed the Senates decision to elect the hero soldier Nikos Verdo to this years Annus Una. While many supported Verdo due to his remarkable feats and his daring choice to buy parts of the Cunae docks many also saw him as a false aristocrat doing foolish business in the dirty Outer City.

As usual the coming months were to be dry and hot, with wildfires and burnt crops. The living conditions in Cunae were improving though and the people trusted the Cunae River to deliver plenty of both water and fish. One arising problem following these good conditions though was over-crowding. The prices of appartments went up almost every week and many who could not afford their rents had to move out of the Inner City.

At the Theatre of Marcelii the gladiators were training for the big show to be held the coming month. Forum Cunae was bustling with merchants and potential buyers even though the last years of peace had lead to a shortage of slaves. As the winter crops were in the process of being harvested right during this time many carts of grain could be seen travelling towards Cunae and the Forum. The city was alive, and so was the people.

The 4th Month

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Cunae OOC and stats
« on: July 11, 2010, 12:35:10 pm »


GM: Huckbuck

Graphical artist providing visual representations of mind boogeling statistics: Brandonazz

Players: Martyk, Little, Josasa, Hydromancerx, Razonatair, Dr. Octagonapus

General Rules:

The game goes like this:

1. You RP the most important events (and other thing as well if you so like) for the coming month. I might RP the NPCs when needed. You PM me and each other if you so like. I can not enforce this, but I encourage the game PMs to be RP'd between you players. When one month is over I post a short post saying just that. Every third month I post an update (see 2.).

2. I post the updated stats of the city and the families, explain the consequenses of actions and events and send PMs if needed. I explain a bit about the news and write some RP here and there.

3. Start over from 1.

You are not allowed to decide the price of something you are about to buy, the outcome of a fight or argument with an NPC or anything else that isn't directly controlled by your family. To get an input on this simply PM me or ask me to join in on the RP to solve the situation.

Concerning military: 1 legion is = 10 cohorts,  1 cohort is = 5 centuries, 1 centuria is = 100 soldiers. I made up these numbers myself, they do not represent the numeric value they had in ancient Rome.

For rating of for example the condition of a unit or a families influence in the senate I use the following scale:

-N/A-   -Horrible-    -Quite Horrible-    -Very Poor-    -Poor-    -Quite Poor-    -Average-    -Quite Good-    -Good-    -Very Good-    -Great-    -Almost Perfect/Total-    -Perfect/Total-
      0           1                   2                     3              4                 5                   6                  7                8                 9             10                  11                              12
Questions and answers regarding the game


Annus Una: Nikos Verdo, Brutus Anucdian, Gangri Zanus Teryth, Yama Yamino

Annus Duo: Marcus Zanus Oranus, Bertrandu Anucdian, Janai Yamino, Jeral Kraetus

Annus Tria: Crustanus Jermens, Tauron Skandalon, Regulus Zanus Oranus, Marnus Kraetus

Annus Quartus: Nicholas Sardina, Antonious Autus, Fabricus Piscae, Picon Skandalon

Consul: Bourgeois Anucdian

Ex-consul: Fenir Kraetus

Senate system:

There are 16 senators, 4 in each Annus. You also have the Consul and the ex-Consul.

A newly elected senator sits in the Annus Una section for the 1st year, then the Annus Duo section for the 2nd year and so on. When his 4th year is over he is automatically one of the nominated for the new Annus Una senators if he does not object. Others aren't offically nominated, but commonly most senators base their votes on social standing or wealth and power, as well as personal reasons.

The senate meets when the Consul calls for a meeting. The senators can also call for a meeting but at least 12 of the total 16 must then apply for such a meeting to the Consul. The same applies for the election of a new consul.

The Consul is obligated to anounce how he spends the tax money, so most meetings are just that, anouncements. He may also propose an important decission that the senators discuss. If 12/16 or more does not oppose the decission the Consul is free to fullfill it. The ex-Consul has got veto though unless 12/16 or more of the senators agree with the decission. (So if 8 are for and 8 are against the ex-Consul can still prevent the decission).

This makes official decissions quite rare and often takes a lot of time before they actually happen, making the aristocrats private business the primary force behind expansion and such.

The City

Consul: Bourgeois Anucdian

Residents: Inner City: 986 Outer City: 1254

Tax level:  Average

Life conditions: Good

Happiness of the people: Quite happy

Produces: Major: Fish, crops, wine, pottery, Minor: weapons, olive oil, tools,

Consumes: Major: Fish, crops, marble, clay, tools, luxury wares, wood, cloth, pottery. Minor: Slaves, metals, weapons,

Imports:International: Spiti (Metals, luxury wares, cloth), Local: Cunae countryside (wood, crops, olive oil, wine), Linum (clay), Sordeo (clay), Fimus (clay), Morus (marble), Lautum (marble)

Exports: International: Spiti (Fish, pottery, wine, olive oil), Local: Cunae countryside (Fish, tools, pottery), Linum (Tools, pottery, wine), Sordeo (Tools, pottery, wine), Fimus (Tools, pottery, wine), Morus (Tools, pottery, wine), Lautum (Tools, pottery, wine)

Points of interest

The Inner City: The Inner City is what most who live there refer to as Cunae, they refuse to include the outer city in this term. It is the major part of the city which is located inside the stone walls and almost all houses are built out of marble or brick with roofs covered with reddish tiles.

Forum Cunae: Forum Cunae is the large square in the middle of the Inner City where most of the trade is conducted. It is located outside the Curia, from which stairs the political decisions and news are shouted out to the public, making Forum Cunae a noisy place.

The Curia

The Curia: The Curia is the seat of the Peoples Senate and the Consul. It stands as the tallest and most impressive building in the middle of Cunae and was finnished just over a year ago to demonstrate the rising power of the Cuneanic People.

The temple of Ammon Victor: Ammon Victor, or just Ammon, is the most important deity in the Cunae pantheology. An impressive temple built in his honour was built in Cunae quite early in it's history and was before the construction of the Curia the largest structure in Cunae. It is easily identified by its round shape and the theme of high archs and Spiti-esque pillars. (The Spiti is a people that the Cuneans have had quite some contact with over the last 100 years through trade and during one period, warfare.)

The Outer City: The Outer City is not much to see. It originated from the small fishing huts the fishermen built to have close access to the Forum Cunae market so that they easily could transport their fish there and sell it fresh. Eventually a lower class society started to evolve outside the walls with the fishermen as the base of the economic system. Many people who live in the brick or wood houses of the Outer City work inside the walls but can't afford to live there or are not even allowed to buy property there due to their low social standing. Due to this most people inside the walls are people of moderate to good social standing (not including slaves), while the lower classes live either directly outside the walls or nearby in small villages.

Theatre of Marcelii The only major theatre of Cunae is the Theatre of Marcelii. Its architechture was heavily inspired by the Spiti odeons. It was recently purchased by the Skandalon family and is one of the most popular destinations for cultural enjoyment.

Gemenons Gambling Hall A hangout considered brutish by most aristocrats, though popular among the middle class. The building also features a restaurant making Gemenons Gambling Hall a popular late-night hangout. It can also house suspisious business though, it is said that every other woman you see at Gemenons are seductresses with a knife hidden in their toga. This is also a place notorious for attracting those requiring the service of an assassin.

The Verdo Docks Just recently the aspiring aristocrat Nikos Verdo bought parts of the Cunae docks. While they still are run down people are interested in seing how a quarter so poor and in bad shape will be affected by this purchase.

The Black Fort The (in)famous Black Clan's quite impressive house is a miniature city while at the same time a military outpost for Cunae. It's courtyard has got it's own market and there are rooms to rent there. Many go there to see the best warriors train, even though Cunae in these times of peace are quite low on soldiers.

International status: Recognised


Property Anucdian (red) Kraetus (yellow) Verdo (blue) The Black Clan (black) Skandalon (navy) Yamino (orange)

The Anucdian-Sardina Family


Head(s) of Family: Bourgeois

Members: Bourgeois Anucdian (-, healthy), Bertrandu Anucdian (-,healthy), Ameila Anucdian (-, healthy),
Brutus Anucdian (-,healthy),Thery Anucdian (-, healthy), Kylre Anucdian (-,healthy), Margret Anucdian (-,healthy)
Harlow Anucdian (-,healthy), Nicholas Sardina (-,healthy),

Wealth: 250 Gold Coins (Aurii) and 150 Silver Coins (Denarii) (each coin weighs 10 grams)

Property: (buildings and land) 2 private villas*, 3 apartment buildings^, 1 centuria headquarters*, 3 nearlying estates including 1000 m^2 land each^


Senate:  great

The upper class: quite good

Middle class: good

The peasants: good

Soldiers: Anucdian I Centuria [poor condition, well equiped, average morale, Centurion: ?]  

Slaves: 7 per villa, + 5 personal slaves, 15 per estate, 3 per apartment building (total: 33)

The Verdo Family


Head(s) of Family: Nikos

Members: Nikos Verdo (-, healthy)

Wealth: 120 Gold Coins (Aurii) and 80 Silver Coins (Denarii) (each coin weighs 10 grams)

Property: (buildings and land) 1 private villa*, 2 dock buildings including 2 jetties^,


Senate: average

The upper class: below average

Middle class: good

The peasants: quite good

Soldiers: - (Though not privately owning an army Nikos would have no problem assembling at least a centuria
due to his reputation in the military).

Slaves: 7 per villa, + 1 personal slave, 4 per dock building

The Kraetus Family


Head(s) of Family: Marnus

Members: Marnus Kraetus (-, healthy), Gracia Kraetus (-,healthy), Lyra Kraetus (-, healthy),
Teran Kraetus (-,healthy),Juni Kraetus (-, healthy), Benilia Kraetus (-,healthy), Fenir Kraetus (-,healthy)
Senicila Kraetus (-,healthy), Jeral Kraetus (-,healthy), Palea Kraetus (-,healthy), Kylis Kraetus (-,healthy),
Morena Kraetus (-,healthy)

Wealth: 300 Gold Coins (Aurii) and 140 Silver Coins (Denarii) (each coin weighs 10 grams)

Property: (buildings and land) 2 private villas*, 6 small apartment buildings^, 1 small centuria headquarters*, 2 nearlying estates including 1500 m^2 land^, 2 nearlying small estates including 500 m^2 land^


Senate: very good

The upper class: quite good

Middle class: very good

The peasants: average

Soldiers: Kraetus I Centuria (NOT FULL CENTURIA, 3/4) [poor condition, well equiped, average morale, Centurion: ?]  

Slaves: 8 per villa, + 6 personal slaves, 20 per estate, 1 per apartment building

The Skandalon Family


Head(s) of Family: Picon

Members: Picon Skandalon (-, healthy), Caprica Skandalon (-, healthy), Tauron Skandalon (-, healthy),
Gemenon Skandalon (-, healthy), Virgus Skandalon (-, healthy), Leonis Skandalon (-, healthy), Aries Skandalon (-, healthy)
Scorpius Skandalon (-, healthy), Canceron Skandalon (-, healthy), Libra Skandalon (-, healthy) ,Ophiuchia Skandalon (-, healthy)
Aquaria Skandalon (-, healthy), Sagittaron Skandalon (-, healthy)

Wealth: 180 Gold Coins (Aurii) and 200 Silver Coins (Denarii) (each coin weighs 10 grams)

Property: (buildings and land) 1 Amphitheatre + gladiator quarters^,  1 gambling hall/ restaurant^, 2 private villas*, 1 estate including 2000 m^2 land^,


Senate: good

The upper class: good

Middle class: quite good

The peasants: average

Soldiers: Skandalon I Centuria (NOT FULL CENTURIA, NO QUARTERS, 1/2) [poor condition, quite good equiped, average morale, Centurion: ?].

Slaves: 8 per villa, + 12 personal slaves, 12 per estate, 10 for the amphitheatre

The Black Clan


Head(s) of Family: Regulus

Members: Sariana Martis Oranus (-, healthy), Regulus Zanus Oranus (-,healthy), Mariana Zanus Oranus (-, healthy),
Darian Zanus Teryth (-,healthy),Janus Zanus Kan (-, healthy), Jana Zanus Kan (-,healthy), Marcus Zanus Oranus (-,healthy)
Perith Lancaster (-,healthy), Anyah Zanus Lancaster (-,healthy), Janule Zanus Lancaster (-,healthy), Marian Zanus Lancaster (-,healthy),
Gangri Zanus Teryth (-,healthy), Ferina Hanover (-,healthy), Farworth Zanus Hanover (-,healthy)

Wealth: 240 Gold Coins (Aurii) and 160 Silver Coins (Denarii) (each coin weighs 10 grams)

Property: (buildings and land) 1 large, fortlike estate including soldier quarters and apartment buildings^


Senate: good

The upper class: average

Middle class: good

The peasants: average

Soldiers: Black Clan I Centuria [good condition, very well equiped, quite good morale, Centurion: ?]
Black Clan II Centuria [good condition, well equiped, quite good morale, Centurion: ?]

Slaves: 0

The Yamino Family


Head(s) of Family: Shino Yamino

Members: Yama Yamino (-, healthy), Shino Yamino (-,healthy), Markus Yamino (-, healthy),
Mushi Yamino (-,healthy),Janai Yamino (-, healthy), Akuno Yamino (-,healthy), Kokoro Yamino (-,healthy)
Hareta Yamino (-,healthy),

Wealth: 200 Gold Coins (Aurii) and 120 Silver Coins (Denarii) (each coin weighs 10 grams)

Property: (buildings and land) 1 private villa (Cunae)*, big quarry^ (Morus), slaves quarters* (Morus), Military headquarters* (Morus), private villa* (Morus)


Senate:  good

The upper class: good

Middle class: very good

The peasants: average

Soldiers: Yamino I Centuria (NOT FULL CENTURIA, 2/4) [good condition, poorly equiped, horrible morale, Centurion: ?]  

Slaves: 8 per villa, + 9 personal slaves, 2 for military hq, 45 working in quarry, 2 at slave quarters

I often think back upon the games I have made on this forum, and "A Tale of Civilizations" really stands out at least for me in terms of quallity and longevity. Lately I have been thinking of a way to take the best parts of AToC and create a new game which requires less work from my side (towards the end of AToC an update took MANY hours), and more freedom for the players. Here is the game idea that I came up with:

- Cunae -

Cunae is a small but fledging centralized soon-to-be empire with a strong aristocracy. Obviously it is very inspired by early Rome, although do not get stuck up on this to much. The land known to the Cuneans is rich of forests and sandy beaches with fertile ground where they grow crops in small villages. The only city of the Cuneanic People is Cunae, so it is truly the power epicenter of the nation. From there the noble families control everything from expansion and trade to military excursions. The official power belongs to "The Peoples Senate", traditionally the noble families hold most senate posts though. This senate elects a leader for the nation once every year who works as the chairman of the senate and the ceremonial leader of Cunae.

You, the players, each control one of these families. You RP their behaviour, you order their personal legions around, you invest their money, you decide who your young ones marry etc. In this way every player both competes and co-op with each other. Might it be worth it to lose some influence over Cunae to support another familiy with troops for taking over a barbarian city? It's all up to you!

Member list:                                                 Family

BagderMan22                                                 Abdullah

Little                                                             Anucdian-Sardina

Martyk                                                           Kraetus

Josasa                                                           Verdo

Razonatair                                                      The Black Clan

Hydromancerx                                                 Skandalon

Dr. Octagonapus                                             Yamino

Now, all things aren't set in stone yet, what technologies are discovered and the like, so I would like to hear feedback before I write down the rules and make the templates and such. You can also start to sign up, and this is how you do it:

Family name.

Family members:  I have a system for this to be somewhat ballanced;

You get 1000 "age points" that you get to "buy" members for. Everyone up to the age of 50 is worth 50+(their age) in points, but every year above 50 are subtracted.

Examples of this to clarify:

Undatarian, 16 years old. (66 points, 50 + 16)

Antonius, 75 years old. (75 points, 50 + 50 - 25)

Herataras 50 years old. (100 points, 50 + 50)

You should also write a bio to each person, the less important ones can have short bios but you should have some people of greater importance with longer bios. You may not give your members any significant power through this bio however as that is handled by me, the GM. (Example: Antonius has since last month been the Consul of the senate. <- NOT ALLOWED)

I also recommend you to write a bio about your familiy in general, maybe a bit about their history and such. If you show by your application that you can RP in a way that a game like this benefit from, then you are in! (I might limit the amount of players though based on interest, I doubt this will be a problem though.)

Enough of me talking, please give feedback! I take inspiration from AToC and Rome: Total War, is there something else I should check out before we start?

PC Games / Shogun 2: TW! Finally one without guns!
« on: June 01, 2010, 02:18:21 pm »

Sounds interesting. It isn't Rome 2, but still. :) I never played Shogun 1 so I am not sure if I like the setting, but everything must be better than the "lulz 1000 0000 gunmen in a line and 1 000 horsemen flanking" of Empire: Total War.

PC Games / Drupe (Huck's RPG/sandbox game in early alpha)
« on: May 08, 2010, 02:16:27 am »
Ok, I decided to do as dnd adviced and make a seperate thread for this. Here is the latest version;

Version 0.3.0

Another non-features patch, rather I dedicated most of my time to fixing issues.


A huge rework of how items work in the bag and the bag in general. Try it out and see if it works better than before. Bugs fixed in the progress: Opening the bag over an item will no longer put it in your bag. Items should not dissappear as often now, report if you are still experiencing this and see if you can figure out the circumstances for when this occurs. To ease the testing experience I added extra tools on the ground so you have at least 2 of each tool. This bug will not be as severe when you can actually craft your own tools.

Character customisatons 1.0! Change your face type, your skin color and your name before starting.

New UI in the bottom right with buttons for save/load to directory, resize screen, and start new game.

Expanded the world to the south and the east a bit to see how well the game handles it performance-wise.

Added something of an LOD system for events rather than graphics, increasing performance. Please report if something causes performance drop.

The making of traps! Or rather the very humble beginings of it. Dig a hole. Cover it with thatch (build with reed) and chase a rabbit onto it. There's no bait at the moment, so the trap is not very useful yet. Baits for rabbits will come with farming, something I hope to add soon.

And as allways; bug fixes.

Basic Controlls:

Movement keys are used for moving around (Might change)

You use the mouse to move items (that are close to you). Right clicking equips an item in your bag.

P - Your pack. You can not walk when having your pack open. Some items can stack, others might however bug if you put them right on top of each other or grab them both at once.

A - View attributes and status.

You have different types of targeting, they are the following;

C - The "use" target. Allows activation of the non-combat function of the equiped tool when CTRL is pressed.

B - The "build" target. Drag material to the target to build there. This targets color changes based on what the result will be. Purple is a normal block. Tan is a block on top of another block. Red is a block built on water that function as a bridge or the like.

X - the attack target.

CTRL - Activate. Attack when X is active, use when C is active etc. When a bow and arrow is equiped it is shoot. Holding CTRL makes you walk 1 pixel when you tap the movement keys, and it doesn't change the direction of your aim. This allows for much more accurate "aiming" when building.

R - Rest. Regen stamina and health faster.

SHIFT - Sprint.

HOME - Restarts the game.

Click the "buttons" on the status bars to toggle showing the exact numbers on the bar or hiding them.

(I will update the game guide when I feel like it to be more helpful.)

Hope you try it out and enjoy it!

After quite a long break I decided to try to get back to making community games. This is just an experiment with the game concept and I hope the concept will work. If it does I will probably continue with this game, if not I will go back to the planning stage, analyzing what went wrong. As most of you know I have made many games before, and I have it pretty clear to myself what went wrong with those. I have tried to adjust this game from that.

This will NOT have individual players as A Tale of Civilization had. Instead you post and discuss what should be done and what is wanted by the majority is what is aimed for to happen. At first each update will be one month of in-game time but as our tribe expands intro a civilization and maybe even an empire this will, as a lot of things change. Now, let's get going!


Certus is Latin for "settled"

You have a camp of 50 people who, by the initiative of a prominent and authoritarian young woman. Convinced of the benefits of a settled life with a safe production of food the tribe sets up a small camp and starts to discuss what must be done.

Unnamed Tribe

Year: 1 Month: 3

Political system: none
Political characteristics: tribal, anarchy
Political leader: none
Political unity: great

Organisation system: consensual labouring
Organisation characteristics: Men hunt, women gather or grow crops

General mindset: curious, collective
Direction of culture: mysticism
Religious system: shamanism
Religious characteristics: totem worship, sacrificing (nonhuman)

Population: 50
Men/women ratio: 1:1
Food and water supply: average
Population health: good


Basic wooden weaponry
Basic stone weaponry
Basic archery and Bowery
Basic hut making
Basic resource gathering
Basic growing
Basic fire making

Post suggestions and questions, let's make this tribe evolve!

Also, we need a name for the tribe.

Storytelling and Roleplaying / A&Ω - Yet another Hydro'd game -
« on: October 17, 2009, 05:05:06 am »
You are not A god, you are THE GOD. You are Alpha and Omega. You are all powerful and all exploitable.

One day (not really a day because you haven't created time yet) you decide that it might be a good idea to create the world and start by creating space.

What should you do next, oh mighty one?


Cityscape Zombie Survivor


As you understand from the title this game plays out in a city infested with zombies. The way the game is controlled is by people posting suggestions for actions and each post that purpose a certain action counts as a vote for that action to be performed. You might wonder how much can be done in one turn, a normal turn lasts for a not so long while mostly. In intense moments like a fight a turn might be shorter and when doing something that takes a long time a turn might be longer. The point of the game is to survive, you may do ANYTHING the character is able to do to survive, but you still don't loose if he/she dies. When one character dies it is lost forever, but the timeline continues and the actions performed by the old character remains, we just start controlling another survivor (which is not decided by the players).

The game is designed to require only one simple picture each update just so you can get a picture of how things the character sees are placed. It is mostly written sort of like a MUD. This will make updating something that goes fast most of the time. Questions? Just post.

Now lets begin;

Your name is Paul DiMaggio, you have short, brown hair and brown eyes. You come from a working class family but got a good education and you used to work extra at a library. You moved to Acacia City 4 months ago to study to become a librarian. 3 months ago, when the Disease was declared an epidemic the school shut down however and you stayed in your apartment with the door locked and the windows covered, as recommended by the Specialist you saw on TV after spending the money you had left on food. 2 months ago the electricity was turned off in the building you live in for unknown reasons, soon after that the caretaker contracted the disease. Now, what you think is the 14th or maybe the 15th of June you decide to leave your apartment for the first time in 3 months as the tap water in the building has gotten so bad it is almost not drinkable and you emptied the last can of food this morning.

Determined to find water and food you carefully step out the door and lock it behind you. After a quick look around in the bad-smelling flight of stairs, and after noticing several traces of vomit, you walk downwards as quiet as you can. As you live on the 2nd floor the ground floor is reached quite fast and you exit through the entrance. The entrance doors window is broken and it lets out a screeching noise as it swings outwards on its hinges. The door closer is broken and barely manage to move the door at all. You close the door slowly, trying to prevent it from making any more noise. Outside distant voices can be heard, but appart from that it is mostly silent. You think about what you know about the disease; It spreads through blood and saliva, it transforms the bearer into a mindless drone in a matter of days, the origin of the disease is unknown, but the first case was reported in this state. You shrug when you think about the drones, the zombies. You have not yet seen one except on TV, but they are easily distinguishable as the disease affects the melanin, causing it to react and create some sort of green pigment. You also heard the zombies are cannibals, their skin is sensitive to sunlight and they have deteriorated senses appart from their olfactory, which is stronger than normal humans.

As you think about this you slowly walk along the wall towards the street with your bag over your shoulder. As you approach the end of the wall, passing by all the garbage that is scattered on the ground, the distant voices become increasingly distinguishable and you hear that they are more of grunts than voices.

looking around the corner you are astonished as you see three zombies feasting on what appears to have been a human. The hunger seems to have driven out other than himself in search of food, these zombies do not seem to be bothered by the sun, something which is understandable as you notice it is quite cloudy outside. What do you do?


Name: Paul DiMaggio
Age: 34
Sex: Male
Length: 183 cm
Weight: 78 kilos
Other: Hyperopia

HP: 70/70
Stamina: 60/60
Energy: 100/100
Hunger: not very hungry
Thirst: not very thirsty
Moral: shaken

Physical fitness: Quite good
Physical traits: high aerobic capacity, average anaerobic capacity, quite fast
Mental strength: Avarage
Mental traits: quite bad confidence, spontaneously egocentric, easy to learn, smart

Other traits: Not very charismatic


Total weight: 7.5
Max total weight: 25

Equipped weight: 3.5
Max equipped weight: 15

Shirt .5 kg
Pants 1 kg
Underwear >.5 kg
Socks >.5 kg
Worn shoes 1.5 kg
Glasses >.5 kg


 Bag .5 kg___________
|Sleepingroll  2 kg         |
|Kitchen knife ~.5 kg     |
|Jacket  1 kg                |
|Apartment key             |

As you might understand this first update includes more text and actions than most updates will do as it includes what has happened up until this point. In the picture: the pink stuff are buildings, the dark grey stuff are roads and the gray ground is concrete/asphalt, the green is grass and the gray things are streetlights. You see what you have noticed, so there might be more objects in your field of view that you haven't noticed yet.

Now post!

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