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Everything Else / Happy Cosmonaut Day!
« on: April 12, 2008, 08:52:58 pm »

This is Yuri Gagarin.  He was the first human being to go into space, the first person of every person who has ever lived, to see this: Yuri's Earth.

Spore: General / need a new topic? Rubbish!
« on: March 20, 2007, 08:45:23 am »
Really... Trash!  Every species produces waste.  Not just procedural pooping, I'm talking about an entire species pooping at once.  Once a species hits tribal they start producing garbage faster than the environment can break it down.  Once they hit city size the garbage starts to infect the living space (requiring sewers, large dumps, etc.) and once they hit industrialization the garbage issue gets so serious that it actively destroys the things this species needs to live.  Hopefully (though we don't yet have history to judge this one by) once the species reaches space age they discover how to re-use their waste to the extent that no actual waste product is produced, everything consumed is transferred 100% into an energy or resource of some kind...  but surviving the intense trash load of the industrial to space era is a dastardly bastardly challenge.


Spore: General / military occupation
« on: September 12, 2006, 10:25:59 pm »

a) we have the opportunity to land ground units to take out life on a planet
b) we have the opportunity to enslave a species we find
c) we have a weapon that will destroy life and life only

I want to be able to occupy foreign planets.  Not just military style occupation but actually use the buildings the previous owners left behind...  It would be a neat way to introduce a sudden culture shift in your species if they suddenly started living in a very different style city.  Plus it would save you the expenses of rebuilding.

Spore: General / Mary mary, how does your garden grow?
« on: August 26, 2006, 07:01:28 am »
This is a thread all about plants.  I think plants are quite interesting and are taking far too distant a back seat to creatures here.  First, how do plants grow across the planet?  How is the ratio of plant A to plant B determined?  What is the plant density?

First Problem = plant dispersal

There are a few ways they could handle populating plants onto a planet, here are some ways they could do it, not including pollination but just plant engineering.

1)  Easiest (and lamest) way:  When you come out of the plant editor that plant is now populated across your planet at random intervals, and/or it populates unexplored areas.

2)  bad way:  The plants you design can be placed anywhere but won't grow on their own.

3a)  The plants you design can be placed anywhere, after which they will start appearing in random areas.

4a)  Plants you design can be placed anywhere and they begin growing radially out from the mother plant that you placed down.

I seriously think that the editor should allow plants to spread in different ways.  Fruiting plants aren't going to travel far quickly, but flowering seeds (dandelions, thistles) will be able to spread very far when reproducing.

Second Problem = Plant Ratio

Plants compete with each other the same way animals do.  Plants steal resources, hoarde resources and kill other plants.  All plants need sunlight and water, so plants with broader leaves should kill other plants if they're taller than the other, plants that group together will kill plants that grow beneath them (both because they block the sunlight.  Vine plants can choke off branches, stems and leaves to stop the water flow or to kill leaves, hence killing the other plant.  I think that plants, just like animals, should be engaged in a constant survival of the fittest (unless tended by the player so that no "enemy" plants can harm our plant).

Third Problem = Plant Density

I seriously hope that we can have forests and not just random plants here and there.  I want to be able to group large amounts of plants together to create vast brush feilds or canopied jungles.

Anybody else have thoughts on plants, their uses and problems and things they hope will be possible?

Spore: General / I love EA
« on: August 12, 2006, 12:20:17 pm »
There, I said it!

EA is a scapegoat for many of our frustrations... I have to my left several EA games and I love them all... This leads me to say that I love EA.

Here's a quick list of some great hits that EA has given to us (with some of my personal favorites in bold):
Skate or Die
Need for Speed
Ultima Online
Command and Conquer
Medal of Honor
Simcity 2 through 4 (and 5 soon)
Sims and Sims2
Black and White (1 and 2)
Battlefield series

And I love their newest (as of maybe 4 or 5 years ago I think) splash logo... the sudden EA coin flipping onto the screen with the chorus saying "EA games" and then the kid whispering "Challenge EVERYthing"

I like EA because they provide me with stuff I like... a lot! Excellent games with high quality. Bugs, incomplete games, glitches, cancelled games? This kind of stuff happens all the time. The reason we see it more with EA than with most others is because of the sheer quantity of stuff they release. Also, with minor developers we don't see it often for a very simple reason. Why does the rabbit run faster than the fox? The fox is running for his dinner, the rabbit is running for his life. If a small company released a crappy, incomplete or buggy game, they would die quickly... EVERYTHING depends on them releasing a smooth game. It's worth mentioning also that all the bolded games I listed above, I've played them extensively and with the exception of Black and White 1 have never found bugs that interfere with gameplay (and that was only the creature freeze at the totem).

EA delivers good quality. They mistreat their employees? What? Really? Are there any businesses (governments included) with more than a few hundred people that are fair to all their employees? They monopolize? This is the goal of every business and nation, to get the lion's share of the market and the resources.

Yes... EA gets the four nose salute from the Slug.

Spore: General / new preview, july 31
« on: August 02, 2006, 12:38:32 am »

Spore: General / real life procedural animation
« on: July 11, 2006, 05:19:05 am »
If you think about it, procedural animation could be something on par with true physics in games (and not totally separated from it either).  Real life is totally procedural.  There are no rules about how a horse is supposed to move or how a cat or rabbit is supposed to move.  Instead, there's rules about how muscles work in conjuction with bones and certain kinds of joints (ball/hinge).  I was thinking today, when I saw a cloud shaped like a horse, that it would be a rather nifty test of Spore's procedural animation system to design a horse and see if it moves and sounds like a real horse...  you could do this with loads of animals as a way to test the engine and see how true to life it is.  ;D

I have great faith that games will one day create constantly existing worlds (that exist the same for all people who play, not cut up into a hundred cloned worlds as servers) with characters, MOBs if you will, that fit every definition of life and possibly even intelligent life.  Just like real physics, procedural animation is an important brick in the foundation of these worlds.

Spore: General / Peter and Will
« on: May 22, 2006, 04:45:38 am »
a hastily deleted thread prompted a thought...  I'll open with a cut and paste of my comments in the ghost thread, and then a question.

At the moment these are the only two names (Molyneux and Wright) that I care about in the industry.  And, I think it's rather cool that when Wright was asked who he admires in the games industry Peter Molyneux was one of the first names out of his mouth.

I like Peter for god games...  But I've come to realize that Peter's idea of a 'god game' falls miraculously short of being a god simulation.  But, he's a single man who makes his ideas happen and for that I respect him and think he's an important stepping stone in the growth of games.

But Will Wright...  he's got the juice, and he's not thinking game to game, he's thinking of the industry and the development of the industry, he's thinking of the sociological impact of games and how to nurture an entertainment genre into an art medium.  If Peter Molyneux is a stepping stone in the progress of games then Will Wright is an engine that drives it into the future.

Now the questions.  What do you see happening with games?  And do you see these guys as major inovators in the industry as a whole, as an art form?  What kinds of things do you think they contribute and what direction do you think games are going in?  (I'm not talking about graphics, plots, etc, but more of a philosophical analysis of the gaming industry).

Also, if there are more current names that you think are important to the future of gaming, who are they and why are they important?

I like Lionhead studios, but I've come to recognize quite plainly that Molyneux lets his ambition and desires get the best of him (and he's got incredibly loose lips) and nothing he says about a game till it's viewable in a demo is guaranteed to be in the end product.  What about Will Wright though?  Has anyone followed the development of Sims, Sims2 or Simcity4 before it was released?  Or, followed it enough to know whether Wright is of the habit of mentioning 'hopeful inclusions' or if he only mentions 'concrete features'?

The reason I ask is because there has been a great deal of speculation (based on a lack of any information what-so-ever) about underwater features and flying creatures.  If Will is good for his word then I think we can be assured that flying creatures are in and so are underwater civilizations, no matter how many previews, interviews or demos go by without seeing them.

Spore: General / petition for a spore demo
« on: May 15, 2006, 09:08:17 pm »
I just wanted to warn everyone that at a petition site (don't know the address) there's a petition to have a spore demo released.  I strongly discourage everyone from signing it.  I feel it's pretentious and insulting for the fans to demand that maxis give us a demo.  I definately don't want to appear as an ingrate, and I also don't want maxis to think (though they may be partially right) that we're a bunch of selfish consumers.  I wouldn't call myself a fanboi (since I can be quite fickle, something fanbois are generally immune to) but my appreciation of Wright and Maxis goes far beyond simply 'give us spore'.

I would prefer to leave him at his work.  Sure I would ask for a demo here on the forums, I would almost certainly complain if a demo isn't released, but to sign a petition just smacks of slave and slaver.

my .02$

Spore: General / Spore versus Simcity4
« on: May 13, 2006, 10:33:11 am »
I've been thinking the last couple days about how deep the galactic game will be.  I've been worried that by the time you reach space-age the planet will essentially be a collage of independant cities where the presence/absence of one makes no difference.  And that when you get to the interstellar stage (this is a huge worry still) that there will be no particular reason why we should colonize or keep a certain planet and that every planet, colonized or not, will be unimportant to the overall 'empire'. 

But then I thought of Simcity4.  The cities you can make are HUGE and complex.  True enough that the absence/presence of a single building doesn't really matter, but the whole city can be damn awesome (using this as a comparison to the planet in Spore).  Then there's the Simcity4 regions.  You can build multiple cities in a region that if connected to each other will share employees, resources and wastes.  I hope (and almost expect now that I think about it) that Maxis will incorporate the same kind of thing into Spore, where you can choose the focus of a planet (produce fuel resource or food products, etc.) and set up a galactic ecosystem so that if one planet falls into danger, there's a good reason you would need to protect it.

After all, if my planets amount to little more than colonies then when planet Pluto sends me a message that it's under attack, if I don't feel like fighting at the time then why should I fight?  I don't need the planet, I have copies of all the creatures in my Sporepedia...  it's just no relevant, besides I'm busy playing with this comet.  But if each planet has a reason to feel important, then even as I'm on the verge of finding a cool new upgrade for my UFO, I get the message 'Arrakis is under attack' then I'll forget all about the upgrade...  'No!!!  The Spice!!!' and run off quickly in defense of my drugs.

Spore: General / o.0 can other players pollinate MY content?
« on: May 12, 2006, 10:15:43 am »
I just thought of this now...  I fully plan on making a few 'unsuitable' creatures (such as everyone's favorite reference, the penis monster, for example) and not allowing them to be uploaded to the database.  But what if I have somebody on IM or a forum somewhere who likes the monster, thinks it's cool, funny, whatever, and asks me for it.  Will they be able to 'uncheck' it, pollinate it and it still have my name???   I don't plan on spending all my spore time making retarded kid stuff, but at the same time I don't want to be restricted.

Bottom line question, if I get someone else's creatures via mail or website downloads, can these things be uploaded from my computer?

Spore: General / It's may 9th!! Happy Spore Day!
« on: May 08, 2006, 08:56:26 am »
:)  well... okay...  it's may 9th for me cuz I'm in Asia... but most of you chaps have to wait another 12 hours (more or less) for the 9th to roll around... and still yet another 12-20 hours for the Spore presentation at E3 to finish and for the info to start coming in...  :)

But I figured we'd start the celebration a bit early.  Consider it like a gallery opening and we're just hanging out and waiting for the curator to show up and pull the curtains off the masterpieces.  ;D   Have some champagne...  some ceylon tea over there in the corner if you don't drink.  :D  me and a few of the boys are meeting in the back for some herbs before the show starts.

a toast to Hydro for being on his way to where we'd all like to be, and an anxious clink of the glasses for the info, videos, interviews and screens that are coming our way tomorrow  (later today for me  ;) )

Spore: General / meet your maker
« on: May 07, 2006, 07:01:41 am »
no, not Will Wright, the other one.

Let's go off on a bit of a speculative tangent for a minute.  And please remember (for the duration of the thread) that I'm talking about the game, not real life and I don't want to go off on a tangent for the same question about real life.

Where did we come from?

At some point, we'll be able to put life on other planets (in fact, it's one of the clearly mentioned goals) and actually create life for other planets.  We'll be able to raise life to sentience (sapience) on other planets.  So, were we made by a greater species?  Was our first bacteria sparked to life by an alien ship passing over our planet?  And the most important question, will we meet them?  How cool would that be for an end-game storyline quest and a 'welcome' to the full sandbox mode?  We finally meet the species that created us, and we are now as powerful as they are, they tell us they'd been watching us for millenia.  They had been monitoring us as a personal project.  Perhaps they're hidden somewhere in the galaxy and we can stumble across them by accident, or find clues such as a monolith on a planet that we didn't place.


Spore: General / give your planets theme music
« on: May 04, 2006, 05:11:18 am »
I know it's a WAY WAY WAY far off shot, but I think it would be great if we could select a theme musical style to go with our planets if the whole planet is pollinated.  We could just open up the planet options and then select the tracks that we want to go with the planet.  It would make all the difference in the world.  I once watched a Disney special about music in cartoons and it showed a picture of a crocodile walking along the grass.  It showed it once with circus kind of music and it made it look very funny, almost cute.  Then it showed the same crocodile again with low grumbling music and lots of bass, and it made the creature look so sinister and dangerous.

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