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Title: Just got over COVID again!
Post by: PatMan33 on November 29, 2020, 11:06:34 am
Feeling pretty good today; got a few days left on quarantine and otherwise I'll be done with my second round of COVID. Was about the same as the first time, which is to say I've had hangovers worse than this. Really looking forward to getting back to work and hoping the morons at the statehouse don't do another unnecessary shutdown.

I've got so many projects at work that are just sitting that I could have had completed a week and a half ago. Remember to take your vitamin D3! And don't let the whore media scare you into hiding. Unless you're in one of the risk categories (old, fat, smoker) you don't have much to worry about. Stand up and be strong! We'll get through this no problem; take it from me, I have had it twice. And if you are fat or a smoker, take the opportunity to better yourself. It's worth it and so are you.
Title: Re: Just got over COVID again!
Post by: Rysworld on November 29, 2020, 04:04:45 pm
I am doing what I can. I think it is okay to be a little scared and take precautions against something that has a 1.7% chance of killing you in America, according to WHO numbers. ( Prefer shutdowns to curfews, which don't reason out to being effective to me.

Ideal scenario is the state stepping in and paying people's rent and food while not working is necessary to flatten the curve, but that's not going to happen, this is America. So I do what I can to be safe, even when I work at a McDonald's, a job that requires me to touch hundreds of people a day. Not just for my own safety, but also my customers, many of whom are old and/or visibly unhealthy. If I get coronavirus, I consider it very likely I will be the vector through which at least one other person dies, at a minimum, because I will need to work until I actually take sick to pay rent. This is an unacceptable outcome to me, so I take precautions. I envy your position of safety and isolation (at least compared to LA) and I am glad you are healthy again, but I do not think I can afford to act with such leisure.

Also it's hard to stop smoking. I'm down to one Black & Mild a day. I'm working on it.
Title: Re: Just got over COVID again!
Post by: PatMan33 on November 29, 2020, 08:44:31 pm
Who says I am acting leisurely? I travel between five hotels in an urban regional hub and am around the traveling public and staff all day. It is only when I get home after an hour long commute that I am able to lock the gate and go into the bunker, so to speak. I've been taking obsessive precautions since early January on top of my usual cleanliness and I make sure the people around me are doing the same to the best of their ability. My previous employer almost fired me because I was badgering them so much and calling corporate about the impending virus from China that nobody wanted to pay attention to. I take it very seriously and have been doing so for a long time. But it's a virus and you can't hide from it. You just have to do your best. Eventually you're going to get sick and taking care of yourself beforehand is the best remedy.

My number is one percent of the population dead; or three million annually from COVID before I begin to worry about things getting out of hand. Given death rates for seasonal cold and flu, heart disease, cancer, accidents, et cetera... I'm not that worried. We do our best and try to protect those with comorbidities. Beyond that though I'm not about to tell people they can't go out and earn a living; that's a bridge too far for me. People disagree with me on that though and that's alright. But I believe that people need a purpose and it is not within the scope of the state (conceptual) to take that purpose away for any reason. Different states (as in US states) can enact different policies if they so desire; in my state I am not in agreement with what the leadership has done. But then again, in my state the Supreme Court has come down on my side of the argument and made shutdowns unconstitutional so I am reasonably pleased so long as the governor doesn't outright ignore the judiciary like is happening in Michigan.

Even at a state-level though, I think it may be too wide a scope for enforcement and shutdown policy should be handled by counties to limit the economic damage of the shutdowns if they are deemed necessary. The recent Supreme Court (national) decision regarding unfair application of COVID restrictions in New York has been especially interesting to watch. I think they came to the correct conclusion on that one. If a standard is going to be set, then at the very least there should be a fair application of said standard and not selective enforcement and variable degrees of enforcement for specific locations. As a sidenote, the vast majority of my angst toward anything anymore usually comes down to the unfair or uneven application and enforcement of a standard for one group versus another. Our friends in the whore media go to great lengths to get us all angry at each other and scared to death of the world around us. But now I'm wandering off topic.

You take your vitamin D3 and your multivitamin and stay hydrated throughout the day and you're going to be sailing way ahead of most people. Wash your hands and stay positive. And talk to people! Maybe you already do, you seem like a nice, talkative person. More people need to talk to people. It really brightens up the day.

Good work getting yourself down to one cigarette per day. It wasn't easy for me to quit either; but I'll tell you it's no joke that you more or less immediately start feeling healthier after about a week of not smoking and it only keeps getting better. If anything, I need to cut McDonald's out of my diet. But I don't think that is going to happen. A cheeseburger with extra pickles and extra onions and a large order of fries is the elixir from God.
Title: Re: Just got over COVID again!
Post by: Great Distance on December 06, 2020, 07:12:39 am
I got a COVID test once, but it was negative.
Title: Re: Just got over COVID again!
Post by: PatMan33 on December 06, 2020, 06:55:43 pm
A positive outcome!
Title: Re: Just got over COVID again!
Post by: Great Distance on December 07, 2020, 08:23:02 am
I pulled a huge amount of mucus down my throat today. Is it COVID?

Last time that I had the same symptoms, it was negative of course.

But what are the symptoms, really? What made you suspect COVID?

I suppose you might know if you had it twice. :U
Title: Re: Just got over COVID again!
Post by: PatMan33 on December 07, 2020, 08:49:36 am
For most of it I had no symptoms and my positive test came during that period. Someone I was in contact with told me they tested positive, so I got tested and it came back positive.

Symptoms only manifested around day five or six. Sore joints, mild sore throat, light congestion, minor fatogue and headache. No difficulty breathing or other respiratory issues. It felt like I had a weak flu and besides being unable to travel or see people I did not alter my routine around the house. The fire still needed to be fed, the chickens needed tending, and the snow had to be removed.

If you have serious symptoms then I would not suggest exerting yourself. But I always try to keep myself physically active when I get sick (unless it is sevwre) because it helps me feel better more quickly.

You probably have normal congestion. Maybe you have COVID, in which case don't freak out if you receive a positive test. Your mental state is vital to your recovery.

Go get tested if you have any other symptoms in addition to congestion. Or get tested anyway if you are curious or want to err on the side of caution.

Hypothetically if you do have it, you have already had it for several days by the time symptoms appear. <3