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The Grob (updated with story)
« on: September 16, 2008, 01:32:12 am »
Here are the Grox (without their armor) a.k.a. the Grob.
I had to, however, delete their eyes, as their eyes were special parts.

But it's the grox--err---grob!

The Grob:

The Grox

See the resemblance?

Back in the Days when the universe was lifeless, something happened.
Something mysterious. Life began, in the form of 5 cells.
These cells began as herbivores and ate what the planet of Maklan
had to offer.
These 5 cells evolved into different species, one of them, the Grob.
The Grob were simple yet intelligent creatures, and remained the top of the food chain.
They soon began to realize that they needed weapons, and shelter.
They made the first hut. These Grob were powerful with weapons, and their
powerful special-made spears made the grob the best of all tribes.
After 1000 years, They started building a civilization, and dominated all
who opposed them.
The going went good... That is, until a group of 100 Grob otcasts used forbidden magic
and techniques in engineering, such as converting other grob into energy that could
power machines.
This group of outcasts grew, and quickly developed a ufo.
They claimed that they were no longer part of the grob, and would now be called
the Grox.
Using their Forbidden techniques they advanced to ufo's 1100 years before the other
Grob did.

By the time the grob had developed ufos, the Grox were a powerful empire, and hundreds of
more species had sprung up.
However, the Grox's forbidden techniques gave them a weakness...
They could only live on planets with low atmosphere, and could never survive on lush planets,
thus doomed to a life of living on cold icelands, or fiery magma planets.
The Grox were unstoppable.

The Grob feared these Grox, and got angry whenever they heard the name of
the filthy Outcasts.

The Grob managed to be able to conquer planets faster however, and after 200 years,
they actually had a tiny fighting chance against the Grox.

Stories were passed on, generation to generation, of the outcasts, and now, it has become a story which
makes you wonder... "Myth of Truth"?
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