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One Drawing A Day # 10 - Battle Royale

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Copy+pasted from previous thread.

Same thing as always. Draw every day for a month (thirty days at least).
Draw one thing, two things, a hundred things, whatever.
Just draw something. If you wanna just take five minutes to draw a dumb face or a tree on a hill just do that.

Here are some fun things to toy around with for ideas. Find something neato and see it through. You might surprise yourself.
Palette Creator
Random idea generator, made for tumblr but still handy
Video game name generator
Seventh Sanctum generators, loads of choices here but I'll highlight a couple
    Magic items
    Adventure sites
A large set of character generators

Have fun, dudes.

yessss dancing text perfect

EDIT: wieu

[just gonna copy-paste this from the last thread since I drew this technically today]

Well I had mad scanner troubles but I'm still counting 2:40 AM as "today". So here's page 2.

Going back to the first page, and then this page, I checked, and assuming the character is my height, the proportions are generally correct. My second floor is in fact a finished attic, by the way. 1.5 story building.

Anyway, feedback! I love it. Thanks guys.

Great Distance:
If I draw more than one thing per day, can I stock up for the future?

I think that's allowed. By the way, I love that.


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