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Title: [RG] The Orealyianis
Post by: Yuu on September 27, 2008, 06:29:54 pm


     It has been a long time since they left. Wanting to keep in contact with the galaxy, they asked the Orealyians if they would be willing to keep in touch with the galaxy for them. They agreed...

     And so, the Orealyians, once a very schizophrenic lot were transformed into what they are today...

     The Orealyianis.

Data sheet:  Orealyianis

(Section 1 -- Biology)

Type                 : Terrestrial
Appearance           : Otherworldly
Gravity preferences  : 1 - 3 G
Temperature pref.    : 21 to 30 C
Atmosphere breathed  : Carbon-Dioxide
Body cover           : soft-skinned
Body color           : yellowish-white to yellow-green
Hair                 : none
Hair color           : none
Eyes                 : single, large, bulging, luminous, round pupil
Eyes color           : black eyes with green pupil
Body characteristics : tail/mouths, antennae, nipper/mouths
Diet                 : plants, animals and minerals
Sexual reproduction  : asexual
Reproduction method  : eggs
Limbs pair n 1 : arms with two-digit nipper/mouths
Limbs pair n 2 : legs with large, blunt feet
Limbs pair n 3 : legs with large, blunt feet
Mass :  1000 kg
Size :  300 cm

(Section 2 -- Culture)

  Militancy       : 10 (Peacetime), 19 (Wartime)
  Determination   : 18, 5 (Very reasonable when given enough reason.)
  Racial tolerance: 10 (Everyday life.), 20 (Fervently protects ideologies in a very respectful manner.)
  Progressiveness  : 14 (When in peace.), 20 (When in crises.)
  Loyalty         : 19-20 (Loyalty through love, not fear.)
  Social cohesion : 15 (Royalty have greater power in all aspects, but also possess greater responsibility.)
  Art             : 10
  Individualism   : 10 (Everyday life.), 5 (Duty-wise.)
  Body            : 30
  Willpower      : 11-15
  Intelligence   : 20 (Non-royalty.), 40 (Royalty.)
  Speed           : 20
  Lifespan        : 99 years
  Tech level      : 9 (Late Space. Very Efficient FTL Invented. Small, moderately survivable military outposts spread thinly across the galaxy. No fully formed colonies.)

(Section 3 -- Government and Religion)

Government type   : Absolute Monarchy
Religion          : The Universal Law (Terran-Ixian version.)
Devotion          : 99.99% (Deviants usually caused by replication defects.)

(Section 4 -- Extra things you should know)

Special abilities:
Acid Secretion (Through the skin.)
Acute Smelling
Acute Vision
High speed
Light sensitivity
Lightning calculator
Radiation Tolerance
Strange appearance

(Section 5 -- Pictures)

Title: Re: Orealyianis
Post by: Yuu on September 28, 2008, 12:47:17 am
Table of Contents


  • Home System
  • Flag and Emblem
  • The Sector Protection Agency
  • The Homeworlds
  • Variable Armors
  • Variable Armors: VA-1-022
  • VA-1-022: Upgrades
  • Variable Armors: VA-2-014
  • Tanariadne
  • The Chivi Empire
  • The Luzonian Knighthood
  • The Choro Deidalus
  • The Marakiri Republic
  • The Atomna Semi-singularity
  • The Asemi of Sporda
  • Luzonian Variable Armor
  • Variable Fortress: Vara Orealyianis
  • Hovercars
  • Master Naginatsu: April Fools of 2009
  • Variable Armors: VA-3-011
  • Orealyianis Warships: Frigate
  • Orealyianis Warships: Destroyer
  • Orealyianis Warships: Auxiliary Ship
  • Orealyianis Warships: Phase Ship
  • Orealyianis Warships: Carrier
  • Size Comparisons
  • The Pakuweinia
  • The Millgo
  • The Pointy Stick of Doom
  • The Nine Tiers of Choro Deidalus
  • Terran Integrated Experimental Response
  • Orealyianis Sexuality
  • TGIOT Syndrome
  • Another Fact Sheet
  • The Clorvalliet
  • The Shihk
  • The Silafi
  • The Jyunkichi
  • Orealyianis Depth Perception
  • Orealyianis Caste System
  • McCarthyism 101 aka ZOMG COMMIES!
  • Orealyianis Threat Level Classification
  • The ORIST
  • Military Amplification, The Orealyianis Way
  • ? ? ?
  • The Six
  • Specific Applications of TI Nanomachines
  • Anakinostine I
  • The Marakiri Republic: Revisited: Part 1

Title: Re: Orealyianis
Post by: Yuu on September 28, 2008, 01:28:56 am
Home System


     For reasons completely to themselves, the Terran-Ixians left without a single word to the galactic community and were never seen since.

     They did, however, leave behind the still functioning remnants of the late Starship Athanatsu, which the Orealyianis promptly colonized and converted into their home system, with Shudariadne serving as their economic capital, Bisiriadne as their residential and agricultural planet and Tanariadne as their center of government.

     The remnants of the late starship, now known as the Athanatsu System, has been serving a growing variety of purposes since then.

     A few decades after settling in, two new planets and one new moon was added into the system using the abundant resources available in the outskirts of the system. These were Anagnostine IX, a university planet based on the previous Anagnostine projects, and Anakinostine I and II, an ecumenopolis. Both of which are open to all non-enemy races.

     In recent years, it has also become the home system of the "SPA" or "Sector Protection Agency," an intergovernmental organization composed of a variety of races with the mission to protect and maintain peace throughout the local sector.
Title: Re: Orealyianis
Post by: Yuu on September 28, 2008, 02:04:18 am
Flag and Emblem

     Due to their previously antisocial tendencies, the Orealyians didn't really have a flag back then, or any kind of national spirit for that matter.

     But now that they've learned to put their past behind them, they are ready to start anew.


     The red spiral galaxy with a white background located in the middle of the flag represents the "Illuminated Community", all the races who have learned to accept the way of the Terran-Ixian race. The horns on either side of the circle represents the Orealyian race, with the two horns moving outward representing their past, anarchic ways, which they have learned to discard and with the other two, vertical horns, representing the change in their ways and acceptance of the "Universal Law." And finally, the cyan outline on all of the symbols represent the "righteous aura" that they emanate as they interact with all other races in the universe.


     The emblem found in most, if not all Orealyianis buildings and vehicles is completely identical to their flag, except for the change in color, with the spiral galaxy being cyan and the rest of the parts, save the outlines, being chrome.
Title: Re: Orealyianis
Post by: Yuu on September 28, 2008, 02:39:01 am
The Sector Protection Agency


Guarding the neighborhood from the scum of the universe...

     "Friend. If it is not heavy in your main cardiovascular organ to stand by in this galaxy in our stead, please do so. That, is our only request..."

     Those were the last words that the Terran-Ixians said to the Orealyianis before they left the galaxy. And so, keeping to their friends request, the Orealyianis began undergoing a massive, yet simple project that would eventually spread throughout the entire galaxy and protect it from hostile forces, to the best of their abilities...

     The Sector Protection Agency was born.

     Currently composed of several races located in the local sector, it is only capable of protecting a small part of the galaxy.

     But that is soon to change, ( according to the Orealyianis, who are planning to lead the agency to the galactic scene and finally have a reach capable of having a noticeable influence in the galactic level.
Title: Re: Orealyianaris
Post by: Jack Zetter on September 28, 2008, 04:41:59 am

Why did the Terran Ixians leave?

Anyway, love the Orealy... Orealyia... Thingies!  ;)

I'm sure the Shadows are keeping their eyes out for potential Orealyian candidates to join their ranks.  8)
Title: Re: Orealyianis
Post by: Yuu on September 28, 2008, 05:13:13 am
They'd be honored to be of service! 8)

Why did the Terran Ixians leave?
'Tis a secret...

For now. ;)
Title: Re: Orealyianis
Post by: Yuu on October 01, 2008, 06:50:51 am
The Homeworlds


     Shortly after arriving in the Athanatsu system, the Orealyianis quickly established a foothold on the debris turned planet Shudariadne and turned it into their new homeworld. Their old homeworld was destroyed during an encounter between the Terran-Ixian and "Them" forces.


     And so, after a few decades on Shudariadne, the Orealyianis were able to transform the planet-sized chunk of debris into a bustling ecumenopolis and major business center. That is, of course, thanks to the cooperation of several neighboring nations in the local sector.

     It wasn't before long that the Orealyianis decided to build another planet in memory of their old home. Bisiriadne was born.


     Bisiriadne is a complete replica of their old home planet, save for it's mostly mechanical interior and gravity manipulator (the pyramid-like protrusion on the north) that keeps the entire planet intact.


(               (
Above: Examples of traditional Orealyian architecture.

     Unlike the ecumenopolis Shudariadne, Bisiriadne has a more pastoral environment, favoring lush purple forests, clean green rivers and traditional style houses over the extremely dense factories, anti-grav roadways and towering office buildings of Shudariadne.
Title: Re: Orealyianaris
Post by: omegatripod on October 01, 2008, 11:28:02 am
Nice! I like it! ;D
Title: Re: Orealyianaris
Post by: Jack Zetter on October 02, 2008, 06:34:33 am
Very Nice!  :)

Great work Yuu, as always.
Title: Re: Orealyianis
Post by: Yuu on October 05, 2008, 12:22:56 am
Wow, thanks guys! :) Hope you like the next few updates too. :) ;)

Variable Armors


     Variable Armors, or VAs as they are called, are a series of transforming military spacecraft created by the Orealyianis for use in their armed forces.

     Their most common feature is the ability to transform into giant Orealyianis-like robots called "Para Orealyian" or "Orealyianoids." Some also have weapons which can only be effectively used when in previously said form.


     The reason why the Orealyianis developed Variable Armors, and specifically the Orealyianoid form, is to allow soldiers to go toe-to-toe with hostile beings which are considerably larger in size, specifically the "Them" Empire (http://"Them" Empire), whose individuals range from the size of modern skyscrapers to almost the size of minor planets like Pluto or Charon.

     Even though since the time of the VAs' development up until now, there haven't been any encounters with "Them" in the galaxy, the Orealyianis are still steeped in the development of better and better models just incase "They" might actually come knocking at their doorstep.
Title: Re: Orealyianis
Post by: Yuu on October 05, 2008, 06:06:10 am
Variable Armors: VA-1-022

An Orealyianis pilot (far left) and a VA-1-022 in fighter form (left) and Orealyianoid form (right).

     The VA-1-022 is the staple of the Orealyianis fleet and it's common sight in the battlefield since the release of it's first version almost a hundred years ago stands as a testament to it's ability to stand the test of time.

     The model has gone through numerous revisions, but the core philosophy still remains the same: "Just the right speed, just the right power and just the right armor." In line with this, the VA-1 series has always been the most balanced model in the fleet, acting as mainline units for almost all large-scale military operations.

     Equipped with four miniaturized S3 (String Space Strumming) thrusters and powered by a single 5.2x107 Micro-Cylinder Chaos Engine, it has just enough speed to go head-to-head with most present day space superiority fighters. Also note that it is also atmosphere/hydrosphere capable in low to mid-gravity planets.

     Armed with twin SVS (String Vibration Sensor) guided high-powered SEACESSV (String Energy Amplification Through Concentrated Emission of SubSpace Vibration) cannons located on the base of it's wing/antennae and a high-caliber plasma cannon on each of it's arms, it can still compete with the latest fighters in the galaxy in terms of general firepower. Aside from this, the VA-1-022 is also usually armed with one or two packs of MLMs (Micro Laser Missiles) in each of it's six limb compartments. Another thing to note is that it also has a pair of speakers located on the sides of it's head, near the cockpit. These are usually used in order to communicate with the outside in case there is an emergency and the mainline electronics fail to function.

     It's armor created from nanomachines reverse-engineered from Terran-Ixian plating, it is quite hard to spot in most low-range and some mid-range scanners and is quite durable against spread-shot damage. Thanks to it's nanomachine based nature, it is also capable of healing most minor wounds, just like skin, and is proven to be quite resistant to natural wear and tear.

     One of it's major flaws though is that, like most Variable Armors, the computer system must be physically integrated into the pilot's main processor (read: brain) in order to use all of it's functions, especially the full control of the Orealyianoid form which requires the pilot to be "one with the ship." Pretty easy for robotic races, but not so with completely flesh and blood creatures, as the process involves large amounts of needles invading your body through umm... openings... >_> Which translates to a lot of pain if you're not made of metal.

     The computer-generated 360degree view inside the cockpit is pretty nice though.
Title: Re: Orealyianis
Post by: KingAcer on October 06, 2008, 07:33:58 am
Awesome spacecrafts!  :D
Title: Re: Orealyianis
Post by: Yuu on October 08, 2008, 03:12:19 am
Thanks, KA! Glad you like 'em! :)


VA-1-022: Upgrades


     The VA-1-022's long time in service can be attributed partly to it's ability to quickly fill in the roles of most other VAs in the fleet by replacing or modifying it's wings, limb compartments or other parts integral to performing the function of the vehicle it plans to act as a substitute for. Below are some of the more noteworthy upgrades that can be given to the VA-1-022.

VA-1-022: Scanner Upgrade


     It looks strikingly similar to a VA-1-022 with a scanner system attached to the top of it's hull. Well, that's because it is one. Except for the fact that it cannot just detect vehicles from a considerably farther distance, but is also capable of enveloping nearby fighters in a bubble of turbulent sub-space tuned specifically to absorb the signals released by enemy scanners, and in effect make the objects inside the bubble partially invisible to low and mid-level scanners.

VA-1-022: Assault Upgrade


     If Orealyianis fleet commanders come across a large column of hostiles but don't seem to have a sufficient supply of heavy fighters in their fleet, this is what they do. The main theme of this particular upgrade is guns, guns and more guns.

     It is considerably faster than the vanilla VA-1-022 due to it's greater mass both from it's thicker armor and it's large number of weapons. However, that same mass makes it just as much harder to maneuver it, especially when on planets or large moons.

     Good thing space is big. :P

VA-1-022: SEAL Upgrade


     Several decades ago, the local sector saw a huge rise in space pirates using gas giants and ocean worlds as their base of operations. Not expecting this, the Orealyianis suffered a considerable shortage in the all-terrain vehicle department. In order to remedy this, researchers developed the SEAL Upgrade for use in the back then, newly developed VA-1-022.

     The plan was a success and the Orealyianis were able to handle the influx until a proper vehicle was developed specifically for fighting inside gas giants.

     As can be seen on the picture above, the wings have been installed with conventional propellers for greater maneuverability inside gas giants and ocean worlds. Also, a pair of gravity sails have been attached to it's arm compartments to better stabilize the ship, especially when in Orealyianoid form.

VA-1-022: Infiltrator Upgrade


     Thirty years ago, the Orealyianis encountered a back then murderously hostile semi-singularity capable of naturally sensing disturbances in subspace. Not having personally encountered such enemies before, the Orealyianis and the SPA were caught off-guard and their supply of stealth oriented spacecraft far too small in numbers for them to take them all head-on.

     Luckily, researchers were able to develop an quick fix stealth system that was just good enough to neutrale the enemy's ability. The government quickly issued an order to install the system in at least a fourth of all VA-1-022s in every fleet. Using the new system alongside their remaining stealth units, the Orealyianis and other SPA races were able to destroy the vital points of the enemy and neutralize them completely. Though, still at the cost of numerous pilots.

     The Infiltrator is quite superior to regular VA-1-022s in terms of speed, stealth and maneuverability. However, due to it's huge energy consumption, it has weaker armor and a smaller number of weapons, which is partly the reason why the system is seldom used now that the war againts the semi-singularity is finally over.
Title: Re: Orealyianis
Post by: Yuu on October 08, 2008, 10:58:35 pm
Variable Armors: VA-2-014


From left to right: A VA-1-022 and VA-2-014 in fighter form and a VA-1-022 and VA-2-014 in orealyianoid form.

     Nine years after the creation of the first variable armor, the VA-1-001, the Orealyianis began developing variable armors for the Orealyianis nobility. The nobility, unlike normal Orealyianis, were about two times larger and had considerably stronger processing power.

     Using this to their advantage, researchers created a more powerful version of the VA-1-001, the VA-2-001. The VA-2-001 were in most respects quite similar to the VA-1-001. However, the VA-2-001 had more processing power and is capable of being remotely piloted by the pilot, as long as they have the same brain frequencies.

     As time passed, the VA-2 model was continually improved alongside the VA-1 model until it reached it's current reincarnation, the VA-2-014.

     One important thing to note about the VA-2-014 is that it carries the CARS or Cascade Amplification and Redirection System. In the simplest sense, it creates a concentrated wave of vibrations across the entire spectrum, including subspace and hyperspace, and redirects it at the intended target, making it impossible to avoid using phase technology. This proved to be quite effective during the Milika-Supara War, especially in the latter part of the Monarchy's push for Supar.

    However, it is only usable when in orealyianoid form as the ship's chassis is not able to withstand the force released by the device if it is in fighter mode. Also, it is highly recommended that the VA-2-014 bolt itself to a wide and smooth surface before firing, as the force released is usually enough to send the unit flying across the other direction.
Title: Re: Orealyianis
Post by: Silverfish on October 09, 2008, 06:14:04 am
Wow, that's all so...detailed. In a good way, though. ;]
Title: Re: Orealyianis
Post by: Yuu on October 25, 2008, 06:51:11 pm
Thanks, Silverfish! :)



     After the Orealyianis arrived at the Athanatsu system, they discovered the remnant of the starship's Grand Hall floating in the main star's orbit. At first, the Orealyianis constructed a small research lab on the floating debris. But soon, they discovered a large amount of ancient technology buried deep inside it. Taking this into consideration, the government decided to turn the structure into an artificial planet to facilitate better, and not to mention safer, study on the artifact.

     Wasting no time, they invited everyone in the sector to come to the system and help build around the structure. Research continued even through out construction, which caused some problems between the multi-racial research and construction staff, but most of it were just minor incidents with a mobile lab or two getting in the way of some vital machinery. The combined efforts of the sector paid off and they quickly built around the structure to form the Orealyianis capital we know today.

     Due to this combined effort, the sector's inhabitants became closer together as they shared each others' technology, though there were some who were slightly against it. All in all, this mutual partnership gave way to the spread of the SPA.
Title: Re: Orealyianis
Post by: Yuu on October 25, 2008, 07:41:18 pm
The Chivi Empire


     A founding member of the SPA and long time friends of the Orealyianis, the Chivi are a race of limbless space slugs that originated from their homeworld of Salvi. When they first gained sentience during the Communicant War, the Chivi were actually a warmongering race of insectoids. However, due to the wide use of a biological weapon that inhibited them from reproducing properly, the following generations of Chivi were more or less composed completely of physically, and sometimes mentally distorted mutants.

      Eventually, the Chivi, which were now composed totally of mutants, found a virus that can cure the potentially lethal bio weapon. However, the Chivi didn't discover early enough into the distribution program that it had a very dire consequence.

     Two months after the distribution program, their offspring lost all of their limbs. Whats more, their bodies became addicted to the virus and they would die without it. It was something they had to live with...


     The military's robotics division, once focused on producing military power suits, were ordered by the government to mass produce a version compatible with the following, limbless generations.

     Losing their physical prowess, they began to rely more on theirs minds. They also lost interest in firing the first shot after seeing what happened to their kind. It was not long before they finally decided to stick to their new form and relinquish their use of biological weaponry to avoid the same catastrophe from ever happening again.

Data sheet:  Chivi

(Section 1 -- Biology)

Type                 : Terrestrial
Appearance           : Blob
Gravity preferences  : 2 G
Temperature pref.    : 21 to 30 C
Atmosphere breathed  : Nitrogen
Body cover           : soft-skinned
Body color           : Black with a tinge of cyan
Hair                 : none
Hair color           : none
Eyes                 : none
Eyes color           : none
Body characteristics : none
Diet                 : plants
Sexual reproduction  : sexual
Reproduction method  : eggs
Limbs pair n 1 : none
Mass :  15 kg
Size :  30 cm

(Section 2 -- Culture)

  Militancy       : 9
  Determination   : 15, 6 (Very reasonable when given enough reason.)
  Racial tolerance: 16, 0 (Towards abusers of bio-weapon technology.)
  Progressiveness  : 16 (When in peace.), 18 (When in crises.)
  Loyalty         : 17 (Loyalty through patriotism.)
  Social cohesion : 17 (Emperor lives a modest life compared to other alien nobility.)
  Art             : 16 (They love their paintings.)
  Individualism   : 14
  Body            : 1 (Without exo-suits.), 20 (With exo-suits.)
  Willpower      : 10
  Intelligence   : 15
  Speed           : 1 (Without exo-suits.), 15 (With exo-suits.)
  Lifespan        : 80 years
  Tech level      : 8

(Section 3 -- Government and Religion)

Government type   : Federation
Religion          : Monotheism
Devotion          : 75%

(Section 4 -- Extra things you should know)

Special abilities:

Bonus skill
Dependency (The Virus)
Quick maturity
Sound Sensitivity
Strange appearance
Subsonic Communication
Subsonic hearing
Vibration sense
Vulnerability to Disease
Warm blooded biology
Title: Re: Orealyianis
Post by: Yuu on October 25, 2008, 09:54:51 pm
The Luzonian Knighthood


     Another founding member of the SPA and also long time friends of the Orealyianis, the Luzonians are a race of aggressive yet honorable bird-like soldiers that originated from their homeworld of Aguilaria. Gaining sentience at pretty much the same time as the Chivi, the Luzonians are very fond of combat. But unlike the ancient Chivi, they have a very strict code of honor and will never fight dishonorably, even if it means their death.

      Eventually, the Luzonians were united under one king. Technology increased and eventually, space battles became a multi-billion credit sport among Luzonians. Rest assured, these space battles are purely for sport and all the necessary measures are taken to avoid any fatalities.

     As time went on, the Luzonians finally made contact with another race, the Chivi. At first, they were a bit disappointed at the Chivi's appearance, but then they saw the Chivi's power suits. They were greatly impressed and the two races became great friends.

     It was not long after that they received word of another race, the Orealyianis. The Luzonians, as well as the Chivi, gained quite an interest at the technology the Orealyianis were trying to perfect, the Variable Armors. Soon, the Luzonians incorporated VA technology into their fighters, albeit not as smooth as the Orealyianis' physically invasive (the needles) VA system.

     The three races have been great allies ever since.

     Also, Aguilaria is the planet where the flueluvu, known for their habit of doing push-ups, originated.

Data sheet:  Luzonoan

(Section 1 -- Biology)

Type                 : Flying
Appearance           : Avian
Gravity preferences  : 1 G
Temperature pref.    : 24 to 35 C
Atmosphere breathed  : Oxygen
Body cover           : Feathered
Body color           : Yellow with a tinge of white
Hair                 : Feather
Hair color           : Yellow
Eyes                 : Two, large, bulging eyes with round pupils
Eyes color           : Brown to red
Body characteristics : Antennae and claws
Diet                 : Plants and animals
Sexual reproduction  : sexual
Reproduction method  : eggs
Limbs pair n 1 : Arms
Limbs pair n 2 : Wings
Limbs pair n 3 : Legs
Mass :  91 kg
Size :  200 cm

(Section 2 -- Culture)

  Militancy       : 18 (A warrior at birth.)
  Determination   : 18 (Can get a bit too carried away.)
  Racial tolerance: 14 (Everyday life.)
  Progressiveness  : 15 (Civilian ventures.), 19 (Military ventures.)
  Loyalty         : 19 (Honor and discipline.)
  Social cohesion : 14 (Royalty have greater power, but are likewise responsible for it.)
  Art             : 14 (Poems, especially.)
  Individualism   : 8 (We're all in this together.)
  Body            : 30
  Willpower      : 20
  Intelligence   : 11
  Speed           : 17 (on land) 40 (on air)
  Lifespan        : 120 years (Fresh air, good diet and regular exercise.)
  Tech level      : 8

(Section 3 -- Government and Religion)

Government type   : Monarchy
Religion          : Monotheism
Devotion          : 95%

(Section 4 -- Extra things you should know)

Special abilities:

Acute Hearing
Acute Vision
Bonus skills
EM imaging
Field sense
Warm blooded biology
Winged Flight
Title: Re: Orealyianis
Post by: Yuu on October 25, 2008, 10:25:27 pm
The Choro Deidalus


     A second generation member of the SPA and best friend of the Chivi Empire, the Deidalus are a race of scientifically oriented avian insectoids hailing from the planet Chorgata. Just a bit older than the Chivi, the Deidalus are also experts in the field of robotics. But unlike the ancient Chivi that used it for war, they used their machines to further thair efforts in understanding both the physical and sub-physical universe.

      Eventually, the Choro Deidalus met with the Chivi and were surprised at what had happened to them. They gave each other technology that furthered their individual efforts. In the end, this gave birth to the Choro Deidalus' and Chivi Empire's combined robotics research project.

     This event also led to the Choro Deidalus becoming the SPA's main technological provider using decoded Terran-Ixian tech found in the Grand Hall and their own tech.

     Also, the Deidalus love their bread.

Data sheet:  Deidalus

(Section 1 -- Biology)

Type                 : Terrestrial
Appearance           : Avian Insectoid
Gravity preferences  : 0.8 G
Temperature pref.    : 20 to 28 C
Atmosphere breathed  : Nitrogen
Body cover           : Soft-skinned
Body color           : White with a tinge of Red
Hair                 : none
Hair color           : none
Eyes                 : Two, large, bulging eyes with round pupils
Eyes color           : Brown to red
Body characteristics : Antennae, mandibles and claws
Diet                 : Animals
Sexual reproduction  : sexual
Reproduction method  : eggs
Limbs pair n 1 : Arms
Limbs pair n 2 : Wings
Limbs pair n 3 : Wings
Limbs pair n 4 : Legs
Mass :  60 kg
Size :  100 cm

(Section 2 -- Culture)

  Militancy       : 6
  Determination   : 15 (For other stuff.), 20 (For science!)
  Racial tolerance: 18
  Progressiveness  : 18 (There is much work to be done!)
  Loyalty         : 17 (For science, of course!)
  Social cohesion : 14
  Art             : 10 (They love their documentaries.)
  Individualism   : 15
  Body            : 9
  Willpower      : 14
  Intelligence   : 30
  Speed           : 11 (on land) 50 (on air)
  Lifespan        : 65 years (Extreme burnout.)
  Tech level      : 8

(Section 3 -- Government and Religion)

Government type   : Technocracy
Religion          : Deism
Devotion          : 80%

(Section 4 -- Extra things you should know)

Special abilities:

Bonus skills
Cold blooded biology
Lightning calculator
Poor Vision
Vulnerability to Disease
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Post by: Yuu on October 25, 2008, 11:06:25 pm
The Marakiri Republic


     A second generation member of the SPA and friendly rivals of the Luzonian. They hail from the mostly desertificated world of Mortala II. A comparatively young race, the Marakiri are experts in the field of avionics. The Luzonian Knighthood has a very friendly rivalry with the Marakiri Republic in terms of who is the better of the two when it comes to piloting aircraft and spacecraft.

      The Republic's first encounter with aliens was when a Luzonian fighter squadron lost it's way on a mission issued by the SPA and crash landed on the Republic's homeworld. The Republic took them in and, in an act of friendly competition with the soldiers, showcased their own, albeit relatively fledgling aeronautics technology. The Luzonian pilots were astonished at how detailed the Republic's vehicles were, even as much as to rival the Knighthood's own, despite their benefactors' youth and extended isolation.

     Word went out and the intense, yet friendly, rivalry between the two began. Until now, the rivalry has never ended, each race surpassing the other and the other doing the same several months later. Much like car companies on Terra today. That's right, I'm looking at you, Ferrari-Lamborghini! >.>

Data sheet:  Marakiri

(Section 1 -- Biology)

Type                 : Terrestrial
Appearance           : Otherworld
Gravity preferences  : 4 G
Temperature pref.    : 30 to 48 C
Atmosphere breathed  : Nitrogen Trifluoride
Body cover           : Soft-skinned
Body color           : White with a tinge of Red
Hair                 : none
Hair color           : none
Eyes                 : none
Eyes color           : none
Body characteristics : Antennae, fangs and claws
Diet                 : Plants and animals
Sexual reproduction  : sexual
Reproduction method  : eggs
Limbs pair n 1 : Arms
Limbs pair n 2 : Legs
Mass :  30 kg
Size :  50 cm

(Section 2 -- Culture)

  Militancy       : 7
  Determination   : 11 (Varies wildly between individuals.), 19 (Rivalry with Luzonians.)
  Racial tolerance: 17
  Progressiveness  : 15, 19 (Rivalry with Luzonians.)
  Loyalty         : 14
  Social cohesion : 18 (Very stable local business system with almost everyone obtaining the "Marakiri Dream.")
  Art             : 15 (Varies wildly between individuals.)
  Individualism   : 13 (Individuals are very diligent in helping run their government.)
  Body            : 4
  Willpower      : 11
  Intelligence   : 9 (Regular individuals.), 14 (Geniuses.)
  Speed           : 11 (on land) 20 (using propeller pack)
  Lifespan        : 50 years
  Tech level      : 7

(Section 3 -- Government and Religion)

Government type   : Republic
Religion          : Monotheism 50%
                    Multiple Deism 10%
                    Multiple Animism 10%
                    Multiple Polytheism 9%
                    Multiple Leader Worship 8.5%
                    Agnosticism 6.5%
                    Philosophical Atheism 6%
Devotion          : Varies

(Section 4 -- Extra things you should know)

Special abilities:

Acute Smelling
Bonus skills
Light sleeper (Needs sleep 15% or less of the time.)
Perfect balance
Strange appearance
Subsonic Communication
Subsonic hearing
Systemic antidote
Ultrasonic communication
Ultrasonic hearing
Vibration sense
Artificial Winged Flight
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The Atomna Semi-singularity


     A third generation member of the SPA and instigator of the Fold War that claimed a large portion of the SPA's space forces. They hail from the mostly pitch black world of Verog. A strange robotic race shrouded in mystery, the Atomna are capable of subspace communication.

     The SPA first encountered them when a group of cargo ships en route to Shudariadne went missing. When the SPA sent a several VA squadrons to check it out, the Atomna ambushed them and they were quickly slaughtered. A few days later, similar cases started springing out from other parts of the sector. Eventually, an all out war broke out between the SPA and the Semi-singularity.

      It was when almost all hope was lost did researchers develop a new upgrade for the VAs, giving them a chance at fighting back. Two years after the war, the Atomna suddenly surrendered for reasons unknown. Another two years after their surrender, the Semi-singularity pushed a request to join the SPA, and after a dozen failed attempts, they were able to get in.

     To this day, some people in the sector still raise their brows when they see an Atomna. No one knows if everyone will be able to completely understand them eventually.

Data sheet:  Atomna

(Section 1 -- Biology)

Type                 : Space-dwelling
Appearance           : Otherworld
Gravity preferences  : 0-2 G
Temperature pref.    : Varies
Atmosphere breathed  : none
Body cover           : Metallic
Body color           : Black with a tinge of orange
Hair                 : none
Hair color           : none
Eyes                 : Two, large, bulging, luminous, multi-faceted eyes that have no pupils
Eyes color           : Orange
Body characteristics : Bolts
Diet                 : Minerals and starlight
Sexual reproduction  : Unknown
Reproduction method  : Unknown
Limbs pair n 1 : none
Mass :  Varies
Size :  50,000 cm

(Section 2 -- Culture)

  Militancy       : 20 (during war) 12 (after war)
  Determination   : 20 (during war) 14 (after war)
  Racial tolerance: 0 (during war) 15 (after war)
  Progressiveness  : unknown (during war) 8 (after war)
  Loyalty         : 20 (during war) 18 (after war)
  Social cohesion : 20 (during war) 18 (after war)
  Art             : unknown (during war) 13 (after war)
  Individualism   : 0 (during war) 5 (after war)
  Body            : 1000
  Willpower      : 14
  Intelligence   : 40
  Speed           : 3500 (in space) 30 (rolling on land)
  Lifespan        :  unknown
  Tech level      :  unknown

(Section 3 -- Government and Religion)

Government type   : Singularity
Religion          : "ERROR: DOES NOT COMPUTE."
Devotion          : 100%

(Section 4 -- Extra things you should know)

Special abilities:

Acute Hearing
Acute Smelling
Acute Vision
Bonus skills
Cold Tolerance
Dependency (As to what exactly they are dependent on, the data is extremely classified.)
Disease Tolerance
Eidetic memory
Electric Blast
EM imaging
Fast healing
Field sense
Heat Tolerance
Hive mind
Infrared Vision
Language talent
Lightning calculator
Microscopic Sense
Night Vision
Perfect balance
Pressure support
Radiation Tolerance
Radioactive sensing
Radio hearing
Sealed system
Sonic beam
Spatial orientation
Spectrum vision
Strange appearance
Systemic antidote
Time sense
Space Flight
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The Asemi of Sporda


     An observer empire of the SPA since it's conception, the Asemi of Sporda are a race of demon-like creatures from a very distant galaxy. Contrary to their appearance, they are actually pretty kind and get along with almost everyone.

      The sector's first encounter with these creatures was when their shipped crashed on an abandoned star system near the Athanatsu system at much the same time when the Orealyianis were constructing Shudariadne.

     They made contact with the Orealyianis and introduced themselves as the followers of Sporda, which they say is their creator and a being that exists in a higher plane of existence. They also say that Sporda is misunderstood by many. As to the exact meaning of these words, the Asemi do not wish to disclose.

     As time went on and the SPA grew, eventually becoming a part of the much larger GPA, the Asemi continued to act as an observer, not interfering with any of it's activities, except when it comes to relief efforts.

Data sheet:  Asemi

(Section 1 -- Biology)

Type                 : Flying and Space-dwelling
Appearance           : Otherworld
Gravity preferences  : 0-0.1 G
Temperature pref.    : 18 to 28 C
Atmosphere breathed  : Ozone
Body cover           : Feathered
Body color           : Purple with a tinge of black
Hair                 : Feather
Hair color           : Black with a tinge of purple
Eyes                 : Two, small, bulging eyes that have no pupil
Eyes color           : Black
Body characteristics : Horns
Diet                 : Plants
Sexual reproduction  : sexual
Reproduction method  : live
Limbs pair n 1 : Wings
Limbs pair n 2 : Wings
Limbs pair n 3 : Wings
Mass :  40 kg
Size :  90 cm

(Section 2 -- Culture)

  Militancy       : 1 (Only soldiers known are bodyguards and security personnel.)
  Determination   : 19 (For peace.), 0 (For war.)
  Racial tolerance: 17
  Progressiveness  : 4
  Loyalty         : 20
  Social cohesion : 17 (Cast of priests with very little power outside of their rites.)
  Art             : 20 (They love metaphysical art.)
  Individualism   : 14 (Everyone first before yourself.)
  Body            : 3
  Willpower      : 90 (Unwavering faith.)
  Intelligence   : 12
  Speed           : 2 (crawling on land) 70 (in air)
  Lifespan        : unknown
  Tech level      : 9.5 (Apparently lacking in offensive weaponry.)

(Section 3 -- Government and Religion)

Government type   : Theocratic Utopia
Religion          : Monotheism
Devotion          : 100%

(Section 4 -- Extra things you should know)

Special abilities:

Language talent
Strange appearance
Warm blooded biology
Winged Flight
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Luzonian Variable Armor


     Luzonian Variable Armor, or LV-1 is derived from the Orealyianis' then standard VA-1-020 and is used by the Luzonian Knighthood mostly as primary combat vehicles in their airforce and spacenavy. The LV-1, however, is not as advanced as regular Orealyianis VAs, as research is still being conducted regarding the Luzonian neural system's compatibility with Orealyianis neural interfaces.


     Just like the original VAs, the LV-1 also has the ability to change it's form. However, instead of turning into a para orealyian, the LV-1 turns into a robot similar in appearance to a Luzonian wearing standard armor.


     LV-1s can usually be found solo patrolling Luzonian occupied planets, only calling for others when necessary. Unlike Orealyianis VAs which usually go in groups of 4 to 8. While not having the same resilience as the original VAs, a fully armed LV-1 is still quite a worthy adversary, especially in close quarter combat where Luzonian pilots make the best use of their plasma blades.

Any comments would be appreciated. :)

It helps me know what to expand about them. :)
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Variable Fortress: Vara Orealyianis

Left: Vara Orealyianis in carrier form. Right: Vara Orealyianis in orealyianoid form.

               Shortly after the creation of the first variable armors, the Orealyianis started making plans for constructing a carrier with the same idea in mind. That is, where better to station the monarchy's best variable fighter pilots than a giant variable armor?


               And so, the plan for Vara Orealyianis was born. Originally planned to be piloted by King Foriza himself, the position eventually fell into the hands of the king's younger brother, Fleet Admiral Prince Shanara Kazamadariya. Actually, the position was supposed to go to the king's older brother, but he denied the position due to his position at the SPA.

Vara Orealyianis in carrier form.

Vara Orealyianis in orealyianoid form.

               True to it's name, the Variable Fortress is capable of not just switching between carrier mode (it's normal form) and orealyianoid form (it's CQC form), but also storing a large number of variable armors.

Panel-like Structure: Vara Orealyianis's space hangars.

               It stores the majority of it's variable armors inside it's twelve space hangars. Each of the twelve hangars contains ten CSCs, or Compressed Space Catapults, which can sling VAs straight into the battlefield several AU away in a matter of hours.

Vara Orelyianis's two main SEACESSV Cannons.

               The Variable Fortress, especially it's engines and armaments, took in an extensive amount of new technology during the early and middle years of it's construction in order to accommodate new technologies reverse engineered from the Grand Hall. Due to this, the ship's two main cannons, along with it's two multi-staged extending hands equipped with plasma cannons, aren't far from the ones currently used in the fleet's VA-1-022s.

Vara Orelyianis's four large-scale S3 thrusters while docked in a space station.

Close-up view of one of Vara Orelyianis's large-scale S3 thrusters.

               Also, it's four large-scale S3 thrusters and assortment of minor thrusters are easily powered by the ship's three large-scale 6.4x100 Micro-Cylinder Chaos Engines. Other than this, it has recently been refitted with the latest nano-machine armor in order to keep up with ever advancing weapons technology.

               Recently, the Variable Fortress's bridge has been renovated to accommodate a one hundred story tall cockpit for orealyianoid VA-2-013s, VA-2-14s and VA-1-022s. This was done to allow the king, or any high-ranking officer, from piloting the ship without leaving his vehicle, just in case the situation calls for such measures.

More Pictures

Vara Orelyianis after visiting a moon outpost.

From a different angle.

Docking in a space station.

Vara Orelyianis's main SEACESSV Cannons along with a space hangar.

Another picture of Vara Orelyianis's main SEACESSV Cannons.

Ready for battle.

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A common hovercar used in most Orealyianis cities. Central body is where the passengers are mostly seated. Left and right protrusions are loading/unloading units. All machinery hidden in the bottom floor.

     Hovercars are the major form of public transportation in Orealyianis cities. The closest Terran equivalents of these vehicles are buses, ferries and MagLevs.
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How come nobody has commented on the Luzonian Variable Armor? That thing is made of pure WIN!!!  :D

Good to see that you're still active old friend.
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*hugs Jack tightly*

 ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

And next update, the Viri Voltei! ;D
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Post by: omegatripod on March 27, 2009, 10:59:38 pm You've evidently put a lot of time and effort into this. I feel like an a** now for not noticing these guys earlier. Nice job!
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Thanks! :)

Oh, and another one for now. I'll just update the VV by tomorrow.


Left: Domesticated Flueluvu. Right: Wild Flueluvu.

     Flueluvu are Aguilarian creatures whose closest Terran equivalents are ostriches, turkeys and chickens. They are a delicacy in Aguilaria and in most other parts of the Luzonian Knighthood. There are two main types of Flueluvu, the domesticated and the wild. The domesticated ones are raised in farms and are the ones generally sold in the market. They can be as small as a Terran horse or as large as a Terran elephant, depending on the subtype. The other type of flueluvu are the wild ones, which are both usually smaller and substantially more aggressive. The aggressiveness of wild Flueluvu is why some game hunters consider them to be their favorite, especially when the game starts chasing after them like a mad ostrich and trying to rip their guts out.

     They are perhaps well known in the local sector primarily because of their tendency to perform push-ups while not resting or eating. The reason for this behavior is still not fully understood by scientists. However, they do agree that this behavior is a major contributor to Flueluvu's ripped form, which is awesome according to Luzonians. But then again, everything that looks ripped is awesome according to them.
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lol, maybe you should make that your imported creature for the Big game hunting RP. :)

Edit: nm, you already did, still, it sounds like something sutiably dangerous enough.
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I'll just update the VV by tomorrow.

What's the point?  Or are you making them RG?!
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Yup! ;)

Though, sorry for not updating the VV yesterday. Had to attend to some unexpected business. :)
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Master Naginatsu

She be teh centre, yo!

     Master Naginatsu is just so sweet! She's like umm, a goddess. And she's like umm, an exorcist kinda person. And she's like umm, a goddess.


     Heaven or Hell!


     Let's rock!


     But wait!

     Here comes a new challenger!

"For only 100! You naughty, naughty boy!"

Oh noes!



"Hey guys... Aren't you forgetting somethi-"




Or I'll kill you...

"Vote for MOXY! We need our MOXY!"
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lol :)
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[Logical systems malfunction detected: initiating diagnostic.]

[Dianostic Scan indicate mainfraime code curruption.]

[Emergency Shutdown initiated]

[Override: Program; {I AM A HAPPY PENGUIN} Has cancelled Emegency Shutdown]

[Warning; Exposure to April's Fool's Joke has caused los of Synaptic Response]

[#%%$@&%&%.............-------______...... $$@{{@@@@$@$@@$$@${$@@$]

"This is UNSC Shipboard AI; Zack Jetter. I am a monument to All u're Pie's!"

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Master Naginatsu is your best alien yet!
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Variable Armors: VA-3-011


From left to right: A VA-3-011 and VA-1-022 in fighter form and a VA-3-011 and VA-1-022 in orealyianoid form.

     Seeing the need for a highly mobile medium of frontline support, the Orealyianis started developing a new line of VAs centered around quick and efficient mid- and post-battle unit support. Thus, two years after development began on the VA-2 series, the VA-3 series, also known as the "Engineer" series, was born.

     The VA-3-011, the current model used by the Orealyianis space forces, is in all respects somewhat inferior to the VA-1-022, especially when it comes to combat capabilities. However, the VA-3-011 possesses certain functions which the VA-1-022 does not. An example of this is it's large payload of nanopaste which is composed of the same nanomachines as the one used in Orealyianis ship armor. When used to repair ships and other VAs, it can reinforce the armor of the unit in question and/or seal in holes that are too large for the ship armor to repair in itself.

     An interesting thing about this nanopaste is that it can actually be used against enemies by blocking certain ports or orifices in their ships or fighters, though the latter is quite unlikely.
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Orealyianis Warships: Orealyianis Frigate

Left: A VA-1-022 in fighter form. Right: Orealyianis Frigate.

     In the Orealyianis Stellar Navy, frigates are used to protect other warships and merchant-spacecraft, especially as anti-phase warfare (APW) combatants for expeditionary forces, underway replenishment groups, and merchant convoys. Their length ranges from as short as one kilometer (as seen above) to as long as three kilometers.

     Since their creation, Orealyianis frigates have gone through numerous revisions, but their main function still remain pretty much the same: "To form the main backbone of the Stellar Navy in much the same way as pawans form the main backbone of a regular army in a game of chisu." In line with this, frigates have always been a staple of the Orealyianis Stellar Navy.

     Kept moving by two full-sized S3 (String Space Strumming) thrusters and powered by a pair of 5.2x109 Micro-Cylinder Chaos Engines, it is capable of slightly above average speed than most present day frigates. However, there have been some complaints about it's maneuverability when it comes to very short distances.

     The front portion of most frigates are equipped with a row of ten to fifteen large-scale, SVS guided, high-powered SEACESSV cannons. Some may even have one or two at the back. All frigates are usually equipped with high-caliber plasma cannons all throughout it's exterior in order to protect against enemy fighters or conventional projectiles. Aside from this, frigates are also usually armed with one or two full-scale salvos of MLMs in each of it's sides.

     Frigates have the same armor as Variable Armors, and is therefore quite hard to spot in most low-range and some mid-range scanners and is quite durable against spread-shot damage. Like VAs, it is also capable of sealing minor breaches and is proven to be quite resistant to natural wear and tear.

     Like most Variable Armors, the ship's AI is also physically integrated into the captain's main processor, allowing far greater control of the ship... *cough*potentially voyeuristic*cough*

     Below are images of OMS Taloza, a typical Orealyianis frigate.



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Orealyianis Warships: Orealyianis Destroyer

Left: Orealyianis Frigate. Right: Orealyianis Destroyer.

     In the Orealyianis Stellar Navy, destroyers are used as fast and maneuverable yet long-endurance warships intended to escort larger vessels in a fleet, convoy or battle group and defend them against smaller, short-range but powerful attackers, like fighters and phase ships. Their length ranges from three (as seen above) to six kilometers. Orealyianis destroyers are the largest warships in common use by the Orealyianis Stellar Navy.

     Kept moving by one up-sized S3 thruster and powered by three 5.2x109 Micro-Cylinder Chaos Engines, it is quite flexible in long-range to semi-close-range combat.

     The front portion of Orealyianis destroyers are equipped with the usual row of ten to fifteen large-scale, SVS guided, high-powered SEACESSV cannons, with one or two at the back. This is complemented by one or two up-sized, SVS guided, high-powered SEACESSV cannons located in front of the ship. All destroyers are also equipped with high-caliber plasma cannons all throughout it's exterior in order to protect against enemy fighters or conventional projectiles. Aside from this, destroyers are also usually armed with three to five full-scale salvos of MLMs in each of it's five MLM ports.

     The AI and armor of destroyers are more or less the same as that of frigates, though the latter may be somewhat thicker.

     Below are images of OMS Tayato, a typical Orealyianis destroyer.





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Orealyianis Warships: Orealyianis Auxiliary Ships

Left: Orealyianis Frigate. Right: Orealyianis Auxiliary Ship.

     In the Orealyianis Stellar Navy, auxiliary ships are used to support other ship types that do the actual combat. Their length ranges from four and a half (as seen above) to seven kilometers.

     Kept moving by a pair of up-sized S3 thrusters and powered by two cargo ship-oriented 5.2x109 Micro-Cylinder Chaos Engines, it is quite flexible when in long-range to semi-close-range maneuvers, with it's payload of supplies being the only thing hindering it's mobility.

     Auxiliaries are rarely armed with anything except a simple array of plasma cannons for close-range defense. Though, some auxiliaries do carry mines. This usally depends on the specific role currently being performed by the ship in question. Below are the different functions that are usually performed by auxiliaries.

     The AI and armor of auxiliaries are more or less the same as that of other ships.

     Below are images of OMS An Gafito, a typical Orealyianis auxiliary.



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Not to criticize, but I think you mislabeled the Destroyer...

If I where you Yuu, I would use a little fewer perspective images of the same ships.

Anyway, they look good and I got to say... when you update. You REALY UPDATE!  :o
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Oops... Thanks for the heads up, Jack! :D

And umm, yeah, about the perspective. I'm deeply sorry. I hope I didn't manage to break anyone's cache. :-X

Fixed. :)

Also, I'm gonna post the rest of the fleet some time today and then the Orealyies will be all set for that awesome RP down at the RP corner. :)
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Orealyianis Warships: Orealyianis Phase Ship

Left: Orealyianis Frigate. Right: Orealyianis Phase Ship.

     Shortly after the Fold War, the Orealyianis Monarchy realized the need for an entirely new type of stellar-naval vehicle. One that is capable of performing fast and sustainable phasing maneuvers during patrol or active combat. Hence, after years of grueling research and countless failed attempts, the Orealyianis Military Research Department, led by the same scientists who developed the stealth upgrade for the VA-1-022, was able to develop, and finally unveil, their new addition to the Orealyianis Stellar Navy: The Orealyianis Phase Ship.

     In the Orealyianis Stellar Navy, phase ships are used as fast and flexible warships intended to accompany other, less flexible vessels in a fleet, convoy or battle group and ambush enemy ships via alternate dimensions (ie. subspace, hyperspace.). Phase ships are able to submerge themselves in these dimensions for long periods of time, allowing them to move mostly unnoticed, as long as the enemy does not posses sensors that are capable of peering into the dimension the phase ship is currently using. Their length ranges from eight (as seen above) to ten kilometers. Orealyianis phase ships are perhaps one of the most costly to maintain warships in the Orealyianis Stellar Navy.

     Due to the nature of phase ships, they are equipped with a specialized version of the regular S3 thruster. One that is focused on reducing excess spatial vibrations that will alert the enemy of the ship's presence. The same goes for it's engines. Fifteen compact versions of the regular 5.2x109 Micro-Cylinder Chaos Engines are used in order to spread out, and therefore, reduce the concentration of spacial distortions within the ship itself, which could also possibly alert the enemy of it's presence.

     Orealyianis phase ships have two to five up-sized, SVS guided, high-powered SEACESSV cannons at the front with a lone one sometimes positioned at the back. They also have a smaller number of plasma cannons, as they do not require a large number of close-range defensive armaments, again due to their nature. They do, however, have fifteen to twenty full-scale salvos of high-powered MLMs in each of it's two MLM ports.

     Aside from the normal weaponry seen in the Stellar Navy, phase ships are also armed with a small number of specialized SEACESSV units that can act as phase jammers when activated. These phase jammers can make nearby space rifts highly unstable, and therefore make it harder for anything, including the ship itself, to jump in to and out of the dimension that the device is currently activated in.

     The AI of phase ships are superior to that of any other ship in the Orealyianis Stellar Navy, with the Vara Orealyianis and certain laboratory ships being the only exceptions. Their armor is the same as that of a destroyer's.

     Below are stolen shots of OMS Katatoni, a typical Orealyianis phase ship.



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Orealyianis Warships: Orealyianis Carrier

Left: Orealyianis Frigate. Right: Orealyianis Carrier.

     In the Orealyianis Stellar Navy, carriers are designed with a primary mission of deploying and recovering small spacecraft, acting as an off-world spaceport. Carriers thus allows the Orealyianis Stellar-Navy to project planet-going forces over great distances without having to depend on on-world bases for staging planetary operations. They are considered the heart of any full-sized Orealyianis Stellar Naval battle group. Their length ranges from twenty four (as seen above) to forty kilometers.

     Kept moving by a pair of quadruple extra-large S3 thrusters and powered by no less than four 5.2x1010 Micro-Cylinder Chaos Engines, it has all the speed and power it needs to maintain it's position as the mobile command centers of the Orealyianis Stellar Navy.

     Carriers are one of the most heavily equipped ships in the Stellar-Navy. Below is a list of all equipment commonly found on an Orealyianis carrier.

     The AI of carriers are only slightly less advanced than that of phase ships. Carriers have the thickest armor of all Orealyianis Stellar Naval ships.

     Below are images of OMS Niyeva, a typical Orealyianis carrier.



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Size Comparisons









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I didn't know those atomma semi-singularity guys were that huge.
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The Pakuweinia


     A veteran member of the SPA and founder of the local sector's largest farming industry, the Pakuweinia are a race of beverage-loving agriculturists from the, ironically, mostly dried up world of Pakwi.

     They are known in the local community for their large-scale agricultural programs which sometimes encompass whole star systems. They are also known for making one of the best, and not to mention healthiest produce in the entire sector.

     Pakuweinia have a knack for chemistry and genetics and devote most of their skill into improving the quality of their harvest.

Data sheet:  Pakuweinia

(Section 1 -- Biology)

Type                 : Terrestrial
Appearance           : Plant
Gravity preferences  : 1 G
Temperature pref.    : 30 to 45 C
Atmosphere breathed  : Oxygen and carbon-dioxide
Body cover           : Soft-skinned
Body color           : Green with red and white stripes
Hair                 : none
Hair color           : none
Eyes                 : Three, small, bulging, eyes with no sclera
Eyes color           : Black with a tinge of red
Body characteristics : Nippermouths and hooves
Diet                 : Light, minerals, plants and animals
Sexual reproduction  : Sexual
Reproduction method  : Suckers
Limbs pair n 1 : Tentacle with nippermouth
Limbs pair n 2 : See above
Limbs pair n 3 : See above
Limbs pair n 4 :  Double-jointed leg with hooves
Mass :  5,500 kg
Size :  500 cm

(Section 2 -- Culture)

  Militancy       : 5
  Determination   : 18
  Racial tolerance: 18
  Progressiveness  : 18
  Loyalty         : 15
  Social cohesion : 17
  Art             : 16
  Individualism   : 17
  Body            : 15
  Willpower      : 30
  Intelligence   : 20
  Speed           : 5
  Lifespan        : 200 years
  Tech level      : 8

(Section 3 -- Government and Religion)

Government type   : Gerentocracy
Religion          : Pantheism
Devotion          : 87%

(Section 4 -- Extra things you should know)

Bonus skills:
Chemical communication
Cold blooded biology
Disease Tolerance
Fast healing
Poor hearing
Poor Vision
Quick maturity
Regeneration (Limbs pairs n 1,2 and 3)
Water dependency
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Cool, although by this: Diet: Light, minerals, plants and animals , do you mean that they have a symbiosis with plants? Since you can't 'eat' light. At least not in a truly physical sense.
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They still possess a small remnant of their photosynthetic ancestry.

They originated as plants, but due to a mutation, those plants began to act more like animals until they became the creatures they are today. So basically, they're kinda like the first animals.
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The Millgo


     The Millgo are a race of enigmatic, yet hospitable philosophers from the local sector. They are close acquaintances of most other races in the sector, though as a race they mostly prefer to keep to themselves in their warm, lush homeworld of Onash.

Data sheet:  Millgo

(Section 1 -- Biology)

Type                 : Amphibious
Appearance           : Mammalian
Gravity preferences  : 1.2 G
Temperature pref.    : 40 to 50 C
Atmosphere breathed  : Oxygen
Body cover           : Furred
Body color           : Chocolate brown
Hair                 : Fur
Hair color           : Chocolate brown with lighter and darker bands
Eyes                 : Six pairs of three, small, bulging, eyes with no sclera
Eyes color           : Black with a tinge of gray
Body characteristics : Webbed hands and feet
Diet                 : Plants and animals
Sexual reproduction  : Sexual
Reproduction method  : Live birth
Limbs pair n 1 : Double-jointed legs with large webbed feet
Limbs pair n 2 : Tentacle-like arms with webbed hands
Limbs pair n 3 : See above
Limbs pair n 4 : Double-jointed leg with large webbed feet
Mass :  1500 kg
Size :  150 cm

(Section 2 -- Culture)

  Militancy       : 1
  Determination   : 12
  Racial tolerance: 19
  Progressiveness  : 13
  Loyalty         : 19
  Social cohesion : 20
  Art             : 20
  Individualism   : 15
  Body            : 12
  Willpower      : 50
  Intelligence   : 30
  Speed           : 7
  Lifespan        : 100 years
  Tech level      : 8

(Section 3 -- Government and Religion)

Government type   : Theocracy
Religion          : Dualism
Devotion          : 99%

(Section 4 -- Extra things you should know)

Acute Hearing
Bonus skills (Race has a knack for certain skills)
Extra heart (For the brain)
Mimicry (Minor)
Poor Vision
Streching (Limbs pair n 2 and 3)
Vibration sense
Warm blooded biology
Water dependency
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The Pointy Stick of Doom

Bow to it! Worship it! Honor it's name!

     The ultimate weapon in an Orealyianis' soldier's arsenal, it's so ultimate, it's ALWAYS used as a last resort! Talk about ultimate! It's just so  lame that it might just be awesome! I mean seriously, enemies will underestimate the simple-looking twig for an average twig found in Bisiriadne's forests, when in fact...

     It's actually just a regular old twig! Oh, dude, yes! That is the power of double-reverse psychology!

     Just when the enemy does a facepalm at the extreme lameness of the weapon, that is when the soldier strikes and stabs the enemy straight in the eye, or in any of it's weak spots (ie. earhole, crotch), for MASSIVE DAMAGE! And because of Orealyianis' acid-spitting capabilities, they can imbue it with "Acidic Aura," for even more MASSIVE DAMAGE!

     With this, the hardships brought by hours upon hours of trying to gather epic loots is a thing of the past!

     Though yeah, in all seriousness, when an Orealyianis soldier has no weapons left, he'll usually just resort to picking up any inanimate object around him and putting some acid on it for use as a melee weapon.
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Might be needed for later in the war.
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It's the Orealyianis equivalent of the tendency of Terran special forces to use improvised melee and throwing weapons when they run out of regular weapons or the indigenous materials are better suited for the job. :)
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That would be very effective against humans.....

I cant believe I havent posted in this thread before. All in here is awesome.
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The Nine Tiers of Choro Deidalus

     Being a civilization of technocrats, it is only natural for Choro Deidalus to classify members of their society into different levels of intellectual achievement, with higher ones gaining certain administrative privileges that lower ones do not normally possess.

     The Choro Deidalus heirarchy is commonly divided into different tiers, with the lowest one being the "Tier Zeroes." This rank is assumed by people who have not yet finished basic education. This is mostly made up of Choro Deidalus who have not yet or just recently hatched from their eggs.

     The next level is the "Tier Ones," Choro Deidalus that have not yet finished their professional degrees and are currently studying under a mentor as one of up to a dozen apprentices. Their mentors are usually Tier Threes that are in the same line of work, though there have been some mentors who were much higher than Tier Threes, albeit quite uncommon. T1s usually include Choro Deidalus between the ages one and ten.

     After they get their professional degree, they then head on to the next level of Choro Deidalus society, the "Tier Twos." T2s are Choro Deidalus that are currently studying their advanced degree and are usually mentored by "Tier Fours." They form the bulk of the Choro Deidalus' teenage population.

     After finishing their advanced degree, Choro Deidalus then become "Tier Threes" and gain the license to teach T1s and enter work. They can also choose to continue their studies and enter a specialization course within their chosen profession, wherein they will usually be mentored by "Tier Fives" of the same specialization. T3s form the bulk of Choro Deidalus' young adults. They are also the lowest tier to have the right to vote.

     If Choro Deidalus finish a specialization course, they will then become Tier Fours. T4s are specialized in a certain sub-field within their chosen profession. They can continue on with their education and try to become a T5, or settle down in T4 and teach T2s. T4s make up the bulk of adult Choro Deidalus.

     Any Choro Deidalus that do carry on with their studies and finish their master's degree will end up as Tier Fives. T5s teach T3s and are usually assigned as the captains and team leaders of minor offices. They are usually made up of middle-aged Choro Deidalus, though there are some exceptions to this.

     T5s who are truly persistent in their search for knowledge and have a track record to prove it are usually entered into a program known as the advanced master's program. It is an extremely difficult, almost unimaginable course for most Choro Deidalus, with a passing rate of only five percent. However, those who do pass the program are welcomed to the highest tier that an everyday Choro Deidalus could possibly ever dream of realizing, "Tier Six."

     T6 is the tier in charge of mentoring tiers four and five. They are usually placed in positions directly above captains and team leaders, more often that not controlling an entire office. They are in turn controlled and mentored by the highly respected, and almost revered T7s.

     "Tier Sevens" are individuals that are directly one step above T6s in almost all aspects of Choro Deidalus society. They can be considered as the Choro Deidalus equivalent of mayors. They usually control an entire metropolitan area or two, depending on their level of experience. Some have even reached a level of skill so advanced that it allows them to manage entire regions at a time. But for all their knowledge and power, there are still two tiers in Choro Deidalus society that pretty much dwarf them in comparison.

     "Tier Eights" are what they called. Choro Deidalus who are cybernetically augmented to such a high degree that it allows them to manage entire planets, or even star systems, at a time. Such power doesn't come without a cost, though. T8s are usually immobile, their biological bodies trapped in the confines of their monolithic mind-enhancing orbital stations, which also act as their office and residence. This doesn't stop them from remotely controlling cybernetic avatars, though, especially when they're called in to attend certain special occasions within their area of governance. For long distance travel, however, they usually bring the entire facility with them. That is, their stations commonly double as FTL spacecraft.

     One usually becomes a T8 by being appointed as such by T9, usually after meeting a very strict set of requirements. This offer can be turned down at any time and T9 will search for someone else who meets the criteria for T8.

     And with that finished, we finally come to our last tier in Choro Deidalus society. The tier that governs all of Choro Deidalus kind. The tier that unites every single Choro Deidalus in the grand ideal of relentless scientific advancement. The one that eclipses all Choro Deidalus who stand before him, both figuratively and literally...

     "Tier Nine," also known as "The Overlord."

     The Overlord is for all matters, the supreme authority of the Choro Deidalus government. T9 is in charge of overseeing every single T8 and their respective planets or systems. T9 is also considered as the Choro Deidalus Military's Commander in Chief. In summary, T9 is the one who calls the shots on anything that's larger than planetary issues.

     No one can argue of T9's political prowess within Choro Deidalus society. His physical form isn't much different. T9's body is, like a T8's, heavily augmented to the point of immobility. But unlike T8s who possess relatively small orbital stations, T9 is a part of something much, much greater...

     Which will be tackled in the next Choro Deidalus update.
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Wow... that twig really is a facepalm, but then you get shot in the face. :D That is a funny way to die! Nice man, high five!
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Glad you liked it, GW! :)

PS. Hopefully, I'll be able to start a new updating season by the end of next week.

See ya guys then! :)
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Warning: this topic has not been posted in for at least 120 days.
Unless you're sure you want to reply, please consider starting a new topic.


Terran Integrated Experimental Response: TIER

The Terran Integrated Experimental Response Corps

     The Terran Integrated Experimental Response Corps or TIER, unlike other military units within the SPA, is a Semi Type-5 Tech, top-secret, special task force established by the current circle of SPA leadership during the wake of the M-S War, which severely devastated the local sector and destroyed a considerable portion of the SPA's central command structure. Known only to the SPA's highest circle of leadership, TIER was designed for highly aggressive counter operations against "Them" and other high level threats. Because of the extreme challenge inherent in their task, TIER is authorized to employ the latest reverse-engineered Terran-Ixian military technologies available to the organization. In line with this, they are capable of tapping the immense potential found within the ancient art of Terran-Ixian Programming.

     Also, due to the highly advanced nature of the corps, only the best of the best within the SPA are ever given the golden opportunity to be a part of the organization. This is partly one of the reasons why TIER, for it's place in the military heirarchy, is one of the smallest organizations in the SPA.

     Another thing to note is that TIER is predominantly Choro Deidalus, due to their races' innate interest and skill in highly advanced technology. They still haven't gotten the hang of eating metallic sandwiches, however, much to their dismay.


Left: TEC Trooper. Right: SPA Standard Choro Deidalus Combat Trooper.

    A highly augmented TIER version of the SPA Standard Choro Deidalus Combat Trooper, the Terran Enhanced Combat Trooper is clad in Program imbued, flight-capable power armor and sporting a large, multi-purpose energy cannon, they are able to storm into the battlefield and take out enemy forces with a high level of precision, power, defense and overall flexibility.

Left: MPCS. Right: MPCS activating it's titular particle cannon system.

    The Mobile Particle Cannon System or MPCS is TIER's main battle tank. As it's name implies, it is a mobile platform for TIER's medium-scale Particle Cannon System or PCS. Run almost completely on Terran Programs, it is one of the most advanced vehicles in the SPA's arsenal. However, it's advancements are completely overshadowed by the other more advanced weapons in the corps technologically centered arsenal.

Left: MPBS. Right: MPBS creating a particle barrier.

    The Mobile Particle Barrier System or MPBS is the defense-oriented counterpart to TIER's main battle tank. When broken down to it's primary components, the MPBS is completely identical to the MPCS, save for it's primary function. The MPBS is equipped with a high-strength, medium-range Particle Barrier System used to shield other units in the battlefield.

     A single MPBS can mean the difference between life and death for a group of TEC Troopers surrounded by extremely thick hostile forces.

Left: Laviuon Multi-purpose Fighter Unit. Right: Laviuon firing it's weapons.

     The Laviuon is TIER's multipurpose fighter unit. It is capable of reaching extreme levels of combat flexibility and is rumored to outmatch even an entire squadron of Orealyianis Variable Armors.

     Named after an Aguilarian avian which performs *controlled self immolation when threatened, the Laviuon's fiery dogfighting skills doesn't disappoint.

     *Just goes to show the lengths Aguilaria's fauna will take to prove to other fauna in the sector how garish they are.

Left: Athanatsu-class Command Carrier. Right: Prototype version.

     Fashioned in the image of the late Starship Athanatsu, the Athanatsu-class Command Carrier is, simply put, a miniature version of a standard Terran-Ixian Starship. Externally, it is more or less ten kilometers in diameter. However, inside the ship's interior, the carrier is more or less ten times as large as that, utilizing Terran-Ixian compression programs to achieve this end. The voluminous space is used to store all kinds of military assets utilized by TIER.

     Using one of it's three Athanatsu-class Command Carriers, TIER can quickly project it's power wherever it is needed in the sector, and if necessary, beyond it.

     Despite it's massive potential, the Athanatsu-class Command Carriers have never been fielded in actual combat due to the lack of targets with a high enough threat level.

Left: The Illuminator. Right: Prototype version.

     The crowning glory of TIER. The physical manifestation of their very purpose. The Illuminator.

     Named after the pivotal metaphysical process of enlightenment in Terran-Ixian philosophy, the Illuminator is the ultimate means of unrivaled power within the SPA's arsenal of weaponry.

     Sporting five processor-embedded legs capable of calling forth wave upon wave of devastating programs with each of it's massive steps, it leaves in it's wake a battlefield littered with whatever may remain of surface-based opposition. With it's three massive articulated hands, it welcomes airborne threats with a flurry of destruction, wiping them off the skies from whence they came.

     For those who were lucky enough to escape, there is little reprieve for them as the machine is also capable of short to medium-distance Hyperlinking.

     However, it's most devastating instrument of all does not come from it's colossal feet nor it's monstrous arms. It comes, of all places, from it's "eye". The Illuminator's "eye" is actually but a minor protrusion of it's massive central processing unit. A data processing matrix that is phased out and compressed by a multistage system of programs to allow the machine a much more stable frame while retaining it's devastating combat capabilities.

     For all of it's greatness, however, there is one kink in the system which has yet to be resolved by even the greatest minds of the sector: The machine chooses it's pilots...

     The Illuminator's main control system was reverse-engineered from Terran-Ixian mind-operated consoles. It is the only known way for a biological organism to be able to pilot such a complex machine. Whether the selective nature of the system is due to Terran-Ixians being the only ones suitable for it or for some other reason is still quite unclear. Regardless, there seems to be a trend for people following philosophies bearing great resemblance to the Terran-Ixian Universal Law to have a higher level of compatibility with he system. Unfortunately, even for those within the plausible criteria of pilots, only a select few are capable of reaching a level of compatibility over ninety-five percent, the minimum level of required compatibility. This small pool of fortunate pilots are the ones tasked with piloting TIER's pride and glory.

     TIER only produced one Illuminator, for fear of the device causing untold destruction if not kept in check. In line with this, the Illuminator's complete blueprints and lone prototype are stored within the deepest confines of the SPA's labyrinthine arsenal.

     That's about it, for now, I guess.

     If you have a question with any of the stuff, feel free to ask or PM me. :)
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one word.

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Orealyianis Sexuality

     All Orealyianis may have the same sex, but this does not mean that they have the same gender. You see, an Orealyianis, at any single time, can either be a masculine type or a feminine type.

     In a relationship, the masculine type is usually the one who fills in the role of the male in most other societies. They are the ones who do most of the heavy labor and is generally the one who goes to work the most in the family. In the family, they are usually called by the Orealyianis analog of the word "father" and it's derivatives.

     On the other hand, the feminine type is usually the one who fills in the role of the female. That is, they are the ones who take care of the home, lays eggs and is generally the one who takes care of the children the most. In the family, they are usually called by the Orealyianis analog of the word "mother" and it's derivatives.

     It must be noted, however, that unlike most races, Orealyianis gender differences aren't as contrasting compared to others. Actually, most couples of today have also started taking on more of their partner's work than was usual back then.

     Another important thing to note is that Orealyianis usually don't stick to just a single gender. They can fill the role of one of the two genders for every relationship that they have. For example, they may be feminine the first time but masculine in the second. Remember, however, they may also stick to just one gender for their entire lives, if they ever so wish.

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Isn't it funny how requests in some topics carry over to others?

Anyway, interesting approach, I like  ;)
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Thanks! ;D

And yeah, I figured I might as well give it a try. :D

Glad you liked it! :)

Trans-Generational Imperial Occupation Trauma Syndrome

     The Trans-Generational Imperial Occupation Trauma Syndrome, or TGIOTS, is a genetically transmitted mental disorder that was prevalent during the Great Nomadic Era, when most of the Orealyian race was still scattered across the universe and the reunificatio was just in it's beginnings. Thankfully, with most of the Orealyian race united by a single government and hsave subsequently been converted into the Orealyianis of today, the disease has all but vanished into the background.

     As for the disease itself...


     The Orealyians suffered long ages of torment by "The" Empire. The extremely high levels of psycho-manipulation technology that were used to keep them obedient scarred the majority of the species at a genetic level, causing many abnormalities to arise, one of which became the precursor of the. This precursor disease caused the affected to exhibit high levels of depression.

     Via the intergalactic slave trade, many Orealyianis were sold to different parts of the galaxy cluster. Some, however, managed to escape either accidentally or on purpose. These runaways started forming their own little communities where the precursor's effects started to bury itself into the dilapidated state of most of these communities, causing paranoia, depression and anger, among others.

     At the start, Orealyians exhibited these symptoms only when they were pushed to their limits. However, as eons passed, the condition started to affect the evolution of these societies by causing the aforementioned symptoms to ingrain themselves into the Orealyians' primordial instincts, thus TGIOTS was formed.

     Examples of it's symptoms are schizophrenia, OCD, depression, anger and satyriasis, among others.

     For prevention, an affected one is usually made to undergo genetic alteration therapy to correct his genes and prevent his offspring from contracting it.

     As for treatment, the affected one must be made to undergo a preliminary stage of genetic alteration therapy to remove the cause of the condition from his genetics and prevent it's reappearance after the main procedure is done. Afterward, the main procedure, which is called Direct Mind Alteration, is done. In this procedure, the physician alters the patient's mind directly using mind altering programs, erasing the syndrome completely.

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Another Fact Sheet

     So, umm, yeah... >_> <_<

Race name: Orealyianis

Reason or meaning of name: Originally called "Orealyians", after the "ORly?" meme, but was changed to "Orealyianis" to differentiate them from their previous form.

Nicknames given to the race by other races or groups: By "The" Empire: Crud, garbage, muck, "(an) Owned", pets, property, among other derogatory terms used to define things of extremely low rank.

Reasons or meanings of nicknames: By "The" Empire: Used to denote their perceived to be "inferior" state.

Where does this race live?: Their true origin is unknown, as far as currently available data is concerned. However, according to records that are available, they were first seen living on a long gone planet in a galaxy far away. Since the reunification and reestablishment of the nation, they have taken to living on artificial planets within the Athanatsu Star System.

What is the environment around them like?: Their original home's environment was quite bland. Entire landscapes filled with nothing but purple vegetation, with some green grassland-like areas. Some small creatures, but nothing larger than a hamster. Their current residence is purely artificial. However, they have, since settling down in Athanatsu, constructed a planet which is as accurate a replica of their original home as they can make.

How have they adapted to it?: It seems that they have been at the top of their homeworld's foodchain right from the get go. This might be tied to their unknown origin.

How does it affect them?: They were originally docile, benevolent and extremely gullible, but has since toughened up due to the adversities that they have faced since their world was subjugated.

How is their society organized?: Their government is a monarchy ruled by a family that is seemingly of a different breed, with greater size, strength, intelligence and overall capacity. This, however, is offset by their greater degree of responsibility.

If there is a hierarchy, what is it based on?: Hierarchy is based on a mix of merit and level of life experience.

How do these people govern themselves?: The monarchy controls most of the economy through government-run companies, though small private-run companies are also present. Citizens are mostly, if not all, law-abiding, with extreme congenital disorders being the only cause of criminal deviance.

Do they live in an empire?: No.

A league of nations?: No. They have always been a single nation, with the nomadic era being the only exception.

How are leaders chosen?: Leaders are chosen through lineage.

How large is the society?: Sprawling. It includes every single Orealyianis in the galaxy and all Orealyian refugees that are still making their way to Athanatsu from other galaxies.

Is this race the only intelligent species on their world?: Yes.

If so, how do they feel about this?: Not much of an issue for them.

===Biological Anatomy===

Is the race unicellular or multicellular?: Multicellular.

How does the race breathe?: They breath through their skin.

What is the circulatory system like?: The usual, but with gas entering and leaving the bloodstream directly from the skin.

What and how does the race eat?: They eat plants, animals and a good chink of minerals. They eat through their two nipper-mouths and one tail-mouth.

How does the race grow/mature?: They begin life as eggs, which then hatch to reveal a child which in all respects is exactly like an adult, only a lot smaller. Maturity takes about twenty years.

How do they reproduce?: One person impregnates another person, which then lays an egg.

Are they warm or cold-blooded?: By Terran standards, they will be classified as warmblooded.

What kind of symmetry does this race possess?: Bilateral symmetry.

Where are their sense organs located?: They have an eye on their heads, a pair of antennae on top of their heads, taste and smell receptors in their nipper- and tail-mouths and smell, touch and sound sensors located throughout their body.

How are bodily wastes eliminated?: Solids and liquids are excreted via their tail-mouths. Gases are released via the skin.

What is the body cavity like? Are the organs specialized or highly developed?: Most organs are located in the middle section of their snake-like torso. Most organs are pretty basic but very strong and resilient at the same time.

What kind of structural support does the race have?: Aside from bone-like internal support, their inner skin layers are also very resilient to stresses.

How does your race move?: Quadrupedal locomotion.

Does it move?: Yes.

How does it grip things?: With it's nipper-mouths.

Does it have opposable thumbs?: No. Though, the nippers are opposed.

Or prehensile tails or limbs like an elephant or octopus?: Nada.

From where did the races "hands" develop?: From it's mouth.

What kind of opposable thumb do they have?: Not applicable.

Could the hands have evolved from something other than the forefeet?: Uh, yeah.

What is the nervous system like?: The brain is located in the head while the spinal cord is located along the torso. Peripheral nervous system is spread throughout the body.

Does the race have a central nervous system?: Yes.

Is the race intelligent?: Yes.

Do they operate on instinct alone?: No.

Physical Appearance and Physiology: My fingers are getting tired. Just check this on the other sections, mmkay?


Are there subraces or subcultures?: They have two subraces, the common Orealyianis and the royal Orealyianis. They do not have subcultures.

What are the rules of the society as far as gender is concerned?: This. (

How are children treated?: With all the wuv in the world. :3 Though, seriously, they are raised with love, discipline, knowledge and respect.

Is there some kind of coming of age ceremony?: Not really.

How does this society educate its children?: Children are both schooled at home and at educational institutions. This fosters strong familial ties, exemplary discipline and satisfactory self-esteem while still maintaining a high level of conventional knowledge.

Are children taught by their elders?: Yes.

Is there a state-supported system of public schools, open to all citizens or are there private institutions open only to certain classes or groups?: Public education is free, though you can seek for a personal mentor.

What sorts of knowledge are not allowed?: None. Children, however, are closely guided by society so as not to abuse pieces of knowledge with great destructive potential.

How severe are the penalties for breaking these laws for the teacher?: They are stripped of their license either temporarily or permanently. Some fare worse in extremely dire cases.

For the student?: If done out of negligence, they will be punished accordingly.

Do certain professions require different schooling?: Yes. This is especially apparent later in life, when professions start to split. Some might even require one-on-one tutorship.

What is considered the minimum level of education necessary to be a successful adult?: None. Knowledge is just one piece of the great pie that is success.

How are pregnant people treated?: With utmost respect and care.

How are the elderly treated?: With great respect, especially regarding the wiser ones.

How does this affect the raising of children?: Children are respectful of advice given by people that are more experienced than them.

The transmission of knowledge?: OREALYIAN, MOTHERLOVER! IS YOU TALKING THE IT?! Formal in school, though, may vary at home. Telling of life experiences and it's lessons are encouraged.

The concept of lineage and family?: Family is to be treasured, as well as lineage. However, parasitism is greatly frowned upon.

How does this race view the physically, mentally and emotionally disabled?: They are people, just like everyone else. They just need a hand to guide them and help them achieve their dreams using their own efforts. Spoon feeding them, especially in unnecessary circumstances, is discouraged as it promotes overdependence. As the old saying goes: "Give a dude a..."

Who are considered to be disabled?: People who are unable to independently perform activities of daily living.

What are racial views on intoxication?: Getting intoxicated distorts the senses and causes many a patron of taverns to wake up in the hospital, or not at all.

Is there a stigma associated with being intoxicated or is it just part of life or is it viewed as part of a religious ceremony?: See above.

What makes people intoxicated?: Almost anything that is in excess.

What does this race consider to be deviant behavior?: Disregard for others' rights and responsibilities.

Why are these people considered deviant and is the label fair or not?: The deviants do not respect the law of equivalence, and thus disrupts the balance of society. It is fair since they willfully took other people's rights, knowing that they simultaneously discarded theirs'.

What is considered criminal behavior?: Anything that breaks the Universal Law willfully.

How is crime detected and how is it punished?: Security measures are pretty much everywhere. People are punished in such a way that they learn to be better citizens after serving their sentence and pay the complete price for what they did to their victims. This varies from case to case.

How is marriage arranged?: There are no arranged marriages.

What type of marriage civil union is common?: Not applicable.

Where do married, unified couples live?: They usually move out of their parents to prove their independence and to not be a burden. When their parents are finally retired, the couple usually takes them in and supports them. It's not rare to see an entire clan living in the same neighborhood.

What is a marriage ceremony like?: They are solemnly united by a priest. They then go to a specially prepared venue where they party to the night.

What other ceremonies are important and why?: Reunification Day (The day the Orealyian nation was reestablished.), Liberation Day (The day "The" Empire's occupation of their old homeworld ended.), The Week of Mourning (The week following their old homeworld's destruction.), New Year's Celebration, Bisiriadne Day (The day the replica of their homeworld was completed.), among others.

How is death viewed?: Tragic. Though, there is some joy in that the deceased will one day be reunited with the ancient ones.

What is the funeral ritual?: The deceased is viewed one last time before being laid to rest in a complex that houses all deceased Orealyianis. So that one day...

How is grieving handled?: Through silence and general solemnity.

How long do they last?: About a week or so.

How is inheritance determined?: By the dying person's will. Not having that, it is divided equally amongst the recipients. However, people dying without a will is quite uncommon in Orealyianis society.

How important is birth order?: Not really. However, older ones should help guide their younger siblings. While younger ones give regard to their elder siblings' experience.

How is the family organized?: In any order they wish, but with children taught and under the authority of their elders.

Who is in charge?: The one who is more reliable at the task.

How are children named?: First name is given by their parents. Surnames are taken from either couple's surnames.

Is there some kind of ritual to it?: Nah.

Does a persons name change through time?: They can apply for a name change once they're old enough. Also, one may acquire a title through his works.

Are names considered powerful?: In themselves, no.

Does a person have a private name and a public name?: No.

How does this race relate to other sentient beings?: They generally want to stay peaceful with everyone, though, will step up to defend themselves and others.

Do they recognize other beings as sentient?: Yes.

How is this race perceived by its enemies and/or allies?: To their allies, very polite, orderly, compassionate and disciplined, though a bit too emotional for some people's tastes. As for their enemies, the Orealyianis is considered jackshiz by "The" Empire and overly intrusive by other adversaries.

Why are these groups enemies or allies?: They just wanna generally help out everyone. "They", however, consider them as trash, since they were once an Imperial colony, and to "Their" eyes, always will be.

Have these alliances changed over the years?: Not enough time has passed to give a definite answer.

What does the race consider to be the ideals of their society?: The virtue of the Universal Law accepted by people under their own volition and for the betterment of all.

What is the worst thing you could do if you were a member of this race?: Omnicide.

What is the best and most noble thing you could do if you were a member of this race?: Follow the Law with all your mind, body and heart.

What personality traits does this race admire?: Discipline, courteousness, sympathy, justice, wisdom and, most of all, love.

What personality traits does this race despise?: Chaos, disregard, apathy, injustice, foolishness and, most of all, hate.

Who or what does this race consider beautiful?: Peace, love and wisdom.

What is valuable to this race?: The Universal Law and all virtues therein.

Do they like pie?: Hell yeah!

Well, that took a while. Questions and comments are always appreciated. :)

Title: Re: [RG] Orealyianis
Post by: Yuu on December 27, 2009, 10:01:36 pm

The Clorvalliet

     The Clorvalliet are semi-aquatic race of generalists living somewhere in D3. They are one of the many races which just act as filler ( for the galaxy.

Data sheet:  Clorvalliet

(Section 1 -- Biology)

Type                 : Amphibian
Appearance           : Mammalian
Gravity preferences  : 0.8 G
Temperature pref.    : 21 to 30 C
Atmosphere breathed  : Oxygen
Body cover           : Skin
Body color           : Variable, Base is blue
Hair                 : None
Hair color           : None
Eyes                 : One pair
Eyes color           : Brown
Body characteristics : Absurdly long tails
Diet                 : Plants
Sexual reproduction  : Sexual
Reproduction method  : Live birth
Limbs pair n 1 : Flippers
Limbs pair n 2 : Hydrodynamic arms with flipper-like hands
Limbs pair n 3 : Hydrodynamic arms with flipper-like hands
Limbs pair n 4 : Hydrodynamic arms with flipper-like hands
Limbs pair n 5 : Hydrodynamic legs with flipper-like feet
Mass :  2000 kg
Size :  300 cm

(Section 2 -- Culture)

  Militancy       : 10
  Determination   : 14
  Racial tolerance: 15
  Progressiveness  : 16
  Loyalty         : 13
  Social cohesion : 13
  Art             : 13
  Individualism   : 18
  Body            : 25
  Willpower      : 10
  Intelligence   : 10
  Speed           : 6 (land), 20 (water)
  Lifespan        : 130 years
  Tech level      : 8

(Section 3 -- Government and Religion)

Government type   : Democracy
Religion          : Agnosticism (45%), Dualism 42%), Other (13%)
Devotion          : 86%

(Section 4 -- Extra things you should know)

Foul odor
Regeneration (Partial)
Skin color change
Subsonic Communication
Subsonic hearing
Vulnerability to Disease
Warm blooded biology
Water dependency

Title: Re: [RG] Orealyianis
Post by: Yuu on December 27, 2009, 10:16:47 pm

The Shihk

     The Shihk are a species of eight foot tall, turtle-like creatures living somewhere in E8. They are one of the many races which just act as filler ( for the galaxy.

Data sheet:  Shihk

(Section 1 -- Biology)

Type                 : Terrestrial
Appearance           : Reptillian
Gravity preferences  : 2.7 G
Temperature pref.    : 31 to 47 C
Atmosphere breathed  : Oxygen
Body cover           : Scales
Body color           : Gray
Hair                 : None
Hair color           : None
Eyes                 : Seven pairs
Eyes color           : Brown, blue, gray or violet, or a mix
Body characteristics : Shell on the back
Diet                 : Plants
Sexual reproduction  : Sexual, Assexual
Reproduction method  : Eggs
Limbs pair n 1 : Arms with three-fingered hands
Limbs pair n 2 : Arms with three-fingered hands
Limbs pair n 3 : Legs with three-toed feet
Mass :  2500 kg
Size :  180 cm

(Section 2 -- Culture)

  Militancy       : 16
  Determination   : 20
  Racial tolerance: 11
  Progressiveness  : 10
  Loyalty         : 19
  Social cohesion : 19
  Art             : 20
  Individualism   : 5
  Body            : 38
  Willpower      : 25
  Intelligence   : 8
  Speed           : 6 (walking), 20 (rolling)
  Lifespan        : 180 years
  Tech level      : 7

(Section 3 -- Government and Religion)

Government type   : Community
Religion          : Leader Worship (99%), Other (1%)
Devotion          : 99%

(Section 4 -- Extra things you should know)

Cold blooded biology
Poor Vision
Stretching (Neck)
Time sense

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Post by: Yuu on December 27, 2009, 10:47:52 pm

The Silafi

     The Silafi are a species of tentacled, blob-like creatures living somewhere in E9. They are one of the many races which just act as filler ( for the galaxy.

Data sheet:  Silafi

(Section 1 -- Biology)

Type                 : Terrestrial, Floating
Appearance           : Otherworld
Gravity preferences  : 2.0 G
Temperature pref.    : 40 to 62 C
Atmosphere breathed  : Oxygen
Body cover           : Soft-skinned
Body color           : Green
Hair                 : None
Hair color           : None
Eyes                 : Forty-seven pairs
Eyes color           : Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet, Gray
Body characteristics : Lots and lots of tentacles
Diet                 : Plants
Sexual reproduction  : Sexual
Reproduction method  : Live birth
Limbs pair n 1 : Tentacles
Limbs pair n 2 : Tentacles
Limbs pair n 3 : Tentacles
Limbs pair n 4 : Tentacles
Limbs pair n 5 : Tentacles
Limbs pair n 6 : Tentacles
Limbs pair n 7 : Tentacles
Limbs pair n 8 : Tentacles
Limbs pair n 9 : Tentacles
Limbs pair n 10 : Tentacles
Limbs pair n 11 : Tentacles
Limbs pair n 12 : Tentacles
Limbs pair n 13 : Tentacles
Mass :  500 kg
Size :  600 cm

(Section 2 -- Culture)

  Militancy       : 6
  Determination   : 10
  Racial tolerance: 18
  Progressiveness  : 17
  Loyalty         : 19
  Social cohesion : 8
  Art             : 15
  Individualism   : 15
  Body            : 20
  Willpower      : 7
  Intelligence   : 7
  Speed           : 5 (floating)
  Lifespan        : 80 years
  Tech level      : 8

(Section 3 -- Government and Religion)

Government type   : Unified Multiple Commonwealths
Religion          : Polytheism (95%), Agnosticism (4%), Other (1%)
Devotion          : 95%

(Section 4 -- Extra things you should know)

360 Vision
Field sense
Independent eyes
Pressure support (Can withstand heavy atmospheres.)
Strange appearance (Tentacles!)
Stretching (And NO, they do not use their tentacles to do what you're thinking they would!)

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The Jyunkichi

     The Jyunkichi are mosquito-like creatures known for their seemingly prescient level of tactical prowess. They are few in number and most, if not all, are wanted criminals. Their long since abandoned home world is located in the center of D5. They are one of the many races which just act as filler ( for the galaxy.

Data sheet:  Jyunkichi

(Section 1 -- Biology)

Type                 : Terrestrial, Flying
Appearance           : Insectoid
Gravity preferences  : 1 G
Temperature pref.    : 20 to 50 C
Atmosphere breathed  : Oxygen
Body cover           : Hard shells
Body color           : Black
Hair                 : None
Hair color           : None
Eyes                 : Three pairs
Eyes color           : Black
Body characteristics : Corer-like proboscis
Diet                 : Omnivore
Sexual reproduction  : Sexual
Reproduction method  : Eggs
Limbs pair n 1 : Membranous wings
Limbs pair n 2 : Arms with for-fingered hands
Limbs pair n 3 : Legs with two-toed feet
Limbs pair n 4 : Legs with two-toed feet
Mass :  50 kg
Size :  80 cm

(Section 2 -- Culture)

  Militancy       : 20
  Determination   : 20
  Racial tolerance: 1
  Progressiveness  : 3
  Loyalty         : 0
  Social cohesion : 0
  Art             : 19
  Individualism   : 20
  Body            : 20
  Willpower      : 50
  Intelligence   : 50
  Speed           : 15 (running), 25 (flying)
  Lifespan        : 50 years
  Tech level      : Varies

(Section 3 -- Government and Religion)

Government type   : Anarchy
Religion          : Rational Atheism (99%), Other (1%)
Devotion          : 100%

(Section 4 -- Extra things you should know)


Bonus skills: Assassin, Strategist
Cold blooded biology
Quick maturity
Winged Flight

Through Intense Training

Acute Hearing
Acute Smelling
Acute Vision
Cold Tolerance
Eidetic memory
Heat Tolerance
Light sleeper
Lightning calculator
Perfect balance
Polarized sense
Slow motion
Subsonic hearing
Time sense
Ultrasonic hearing

Title: Re: [RG] Orealyianis
Post by: UFO King on December 27, 2009, 11:39:56 pm
Kudos to Yuu as well! The whole filler race thing really gives the galaxy a feel like Star Trek/Wars. I think that we should revive the galaxy map thread, but this time without dead species and with government territories, like the Beyon Confederacy and the USSS.

I'm looking forward to more. Keep up the excellent work!
Title: Re: [RG] Orealyianis
Post by: Yuu on December 27, 2009, 11:48:20 pm
Thanks a bunch, UFO! ;D

It helps me a lot! :)

Also, I agree with reviving the map. We could use it for plotting stories and RPs that involve different parts of the galaxy. 8)
Title: Re: [RG] Orealyianis
Post by: Yuu on March 02, 2010, 01:17:24 am

Orealyianis Depth Perception

     With only a single eye, Orealyianis must have difficulty trying to visually judge distances, yes?

     Well, yes and no.

     To get around their lack of multiple eyes, the Orealyianis instinctively nod their heads by a fixed, barely noticeable amount, every so often. Using the new point of view as a second visual reference, they subconsciously triangulate the position of the object they are looking at.

     For tasks which require more accurate depth perception, they simply use portable triangulation equipment.

     All the information above is also applicable for the their predecessors, the Orealyians.

Title: Re: [RG] Orealyianis
Post by: Yuu on March 09, 2010, 12:49:52 am

Orealyianis Caste System

     All Orealyianis are, by principle, equal. However, this does not specifically mean that caste systems are completely nonexistent in Orealyianis society.

     In fact, within Orealyianis society, there exists two different castes: The Worker Caste, commonly called the Citizenry, and the Administrative Caste, which also goes by the name of the Royals. Without sufficient knowledge regarding the facts surrounding these castes, one could easily misinterpret the true nature of Orealyianis society.

     Unlike other "Non-Hive Race" monarchies, the Orealyianis Administrative Caste does, in fact, possess distinct biological variations compared to the Worker Caste...

     Physically, they possess the following deviations: Orange antennae, compared to the Workers' green antennae; Twice the overall body size; Several times the strength; And, two to three times the agility.

     Mentally, they possess the following deviations: Twice the overall natural brain capacity; Two to three times the ease, speed and quality of reflexes; Two to four times the sensual acuity; Three to eight times the mental processing speed; And, an extremely strong "nursing instinct" which leads to supernaturally high levels of empathy for other members of the species.

     These variations from the Worker Caste culminate in the creation of an Administrative Caste possessing all the necessary traits of a biologically tailored leader. They are, quite literally, born into their jobs as the uppermost administrators of society.

     As for matters concerning "interbreeding" between the two caste, they can, in actuality, procreate with one another. As for the result of their union, the offspring's caste is determined by the color of the hatchling's antennae, as the biological marker for the orange tinge always coincides with the biological markers of the Administrative Caste's other characteristics, never the other way around.

Title: Re: [RG] Orealyianis
Post by: UFO King on March 09, 2010, 05:16:28 pm
If it could, the PSR would probably overthrow the Orealyianis government and tamper with them biologically to create an equal Orealyian species. You know, socialism and equality and all.
Title: Re: [RG] Orealyianis
Post by: Yuu on March 10, 2010, 04:09:50 am
Hmm... That would be quite interesting. ;D

It'll be kinda like a World War 2 Era "Eastern Allies - Western Allies" kinda relationship, eh? :)
Title: Re: [RG] Orealyianis
Post by: UFO King on March 10, 2010, 03:03:50 pm
Yeah, except the USSR was a totalitarian dictatorship that merely claimed to be communist, while the PSR is a genuinely socialist state with democratically elected officials and complete freedom of expression.
Title: Re: [RG] Orealyianis
Post by: Yuu on March 10, 2010, 10:24:00 pm

And that the monarchies within the Western Allies chose leaders through a royal lineage which was only different from other bloodlines by virtue of social recognition, unlike the Orealyianis Monarchy which chooses leaders through a genetic tree which is truly genetically different from the rest of the population.


Once most current issues are finally resolved, care to do a little Cold War-esque arc between the OM and PSR?

It'll be interesting how the galaxy will react to such a thing, especially once the catalyst that is the Talsenreave Station is finally completed.
Title: Re: [RG] Orealyianis
Post by: Yuu on April 01, 2010, 09:33:32 pm

Orealyianis Interspecies Relations: The Perrachi Zocilist ☭epublik

     All Orealyianis, especially the royalty, secretly have an immense loathing for the Perrachi Zocilist epublik which transcends all known forms of forgiveness. In the wise words of a highly esteemed Orealyianis academic, "Them purple varmints er nothin' but trubble!", or as soon to be King Folizi stated himself during his final speech as GPA Director, "Better DEAD than RED! D :", after which several high-ranking Choro Deidalus a.k.a. "reddie" officers promptly submitted their own resignation.

     To prove their immense hatred for the communist threat, they even have a clandestine branch of the military specifically designed to combat the red and purple menace. Most of their weapons specialize on fighting against avian opponents and things that have the words "Perrachi" and "Zocilist" on them.

     This goes all the way back to the Orealyian Refugee Era, when small pockets of Orealyians were usually picked up by Terran-Ixian fleets while evacuating civilians from battle zones. It was a much simpler time back then, when not being a dictator means you were being crushed under the boots of one.

     While on board the vessels, the Anti-Imperial Coalition provided refugees with a wealth of recreational activities. There were the bars, the beaches, and even a coliseum for those who want to test their strength against fellow life forms. But no, the Orealyians would not have any of this frivolous trash. Such activities would only aggravate their obsessive-compulsive nature. So instead of hanging out in the urban centers, they spread throughout the fleets' many on board training facilities, playing Counter-Slice, and preparing tea for each other like a bunch of hyperactive ten year olds, to their heart's content.

     As the wars went on and they sank deeper and deeper into an endless cycle of paranoia and depression, the Orealyianis turned away from drugs and turned toward strategy games to realize their hatred for the Empire. One game in particular, they liked the most...

     "Red Alarm 2".

     Red Alarm 2 was a strategy game set in a galaxy where the communist menace, which had a flag that looked conveniently like a star wrapped in red, threatened to absorb all of civilization. The story revolved around commanding different royal powers in a battle against the vermilion horde. By the end of the game's campaign mode, the royals were victorious and the communist scum banished to the galaxy's super-massive black hole, where they all got crushed and died a karmic death.

     After playing the game, many Orealyianis were driven to play it over and over again, like a bunch of test subjects addicted to the promise of sweet moist cake. They became 1337 haxx0rz and experts in absolutely loathing the idea of communism. Life was good.

     And that, is why the Orealyianis hate communism...

     The End.

Title: Re: [RG] Orealyianis
Post by: UFO King on April 01, 2010, 09:36:15 pm
You win my seal of approval. That's the funniest thing anybody's ever done with the Perrachi. Well, maybe not as funny as omegatripod's Saturday Night Live parody... But that was with multiple species. McCarthyism is just so hilarious when you take a look at it. By the way, the PSR (or perhaps the PZ☭) isn't actually full of dirty commies. There's a Communist Party, but it isn't nearly as influential as the Democratic Socialist Party. Remember: All commies are socialists, but not all socialists are commies.

No, I didn't link to the TV Tropes page for "Dirty Commies" because that would be a link to a black hole which would pull in and destroy the lives of everybody who views this topic.
Title: Re: [RG] Orealyianis
Post by: Yuu on April 01, 2010, 09:49:00 pm
Thank you very much!  :)

I wanted to make an April Fools article and decided to do that socialist stigma parody I've been brewing up for a while, seeing as the issue's been flying around lately, what with the HCB and all.  ;)

Anyways, jokes aside, I really love those guys (the Perrachi, not the Obama conspirators). The PSR would be one of my top choices for settling down in, if ever I wake up in the RG.  :)

No, I didn't link to the TV Tropes page for "Dirty Commies" because that would be a link to a black hole which would pull in and destroy the lives of everybody who views this topic.

Wise decision indeed.  :)
Title: Re: [RG] Orealyianis
Post by: UFO King on April 01, 2010, 10:21:38 pm
Thanks for the compliment. To tell the truth, I'd settle there too. But what's HCB?
Title: Re: [RG] Orealyianis
Post by: Yuu on April 01, 2010, 10:35:55 pm
The Health Care Bill.  :)
Title: Re: [RG] Orealyianis
Post by: GroxGlitch on April 03, 2010, 02:48:45 pm
AAAGH. MY EYES...wait, you didn't post the link.   :P
Title: Re: [RG] Orealyianis
Post by: UFO King on April 03, 2010, 04:02:09 pm
Yup, I'm helping my community. That's what ☭eal ZociⒶlists like me do.
Title: Re: [RG] Orealyianis
Post by: Yuu on July 03, 2010, 06:31:05 am
Orealyianis Threat Level Classification

     The Orealyianis Monarchy utilizes a hierarchy of threat levels used to measure the armed forces' current level of alertness during a given situation. The system is made up of different colors, each signifying either the type of civilization responsible or the overall scale of the situation, or sometimes both.




















Peacetime. The armed forces are at its lowest level of alertness. Active forces are merely sufficient to stop everyday criminal activity.

Heightened alert. There is increased military activity in response to specific occasions or incidents. Example: Major occasions, increased terrorist activities.

Potential or actual threat from a very low-level Type-3, or alternatively, a mono-galactic civilization. Example: The majority of conflicts participated in by the Galactic Protection Agency.

Potential or actual threat from a low-level Type-3, or alternatively, a multi-galactic civilization. There are no examples of this, as of the moment.

Potential or actual threat from a mid-level Type-3, or alternatively, a mono-cluster civilization. Example: The majority of conflicts participated in by the Galactic Protection Agency.

Potential or actual threat from a high-level Type-3, or alternatively, a multi-cluster civilization. There are no examples of this, as of the moment.

Potential or actual threat from a partially ascended Type-4 civilization. There are no examples of this, as of the moment.

Potential or actual threat from a fully ascended Type-4 civilization. Example: The "Beyon Incident" with the Aii'ethyr.

Potential or actual threat from a partially ascended Type-5 civilization. Example: "Them."

Potential or actual threat from a fully ascended Type-5 civilization. There are no examples of this, as of the moment.

Potential or actual threat from a being of "vastly superior existence." There are no examples of this, as of the moment.

     When the need arises, a situation can be assigned two colors; One for the type of civilization responsible, and another for the overall scale of the situation. An example of this would be CODE RED - GREEN, which is a potential or actual threat coming from a high-level Type-3 civilization isolated in a single galaxy.
Title: Re: [RG] Orealyianis
Post by: Gnoll on July 03, 2010, 09:59:15 am
Is there a code for planetary wildlife being hostile?
Title: Re: [RG] Orealyianis
Post by: Kitkat on July 03, 2010, 10:04:20 am
I recommend that Code Yellow's tag be change to the gold color tag, it's easier to see on the Forum's background. Otherwise, it's pretty neat!
Title: Re: [RG] Orealyianis
Post by: Yuu on July 03, 2010, 08:03:39 pm
Thanks guys, glad you liked it! :)

Change the tag to gold, by the way, as per Kitkat's suggestion. Indeed it is much more visible after the change.
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Post by: Yuu on July 10, 2010, 04:11:59 am

The Orealyianis Royal Institute of Science and Technology

     "To lead the advancement of science and technology; to promote the nation's health, prosperity, and welfare; and to maintain the technological integrity of the national defense..."

     And so, the Orealyianis Royal Institute of Science and Technology was born.

     The Orealyianis Royal Institute of Science and Technology, or ORIST, is the foremost and largest scientific and technological agency in the Orealyianis Monarchy. Supporting fundamental research and education in all the physical sciences, it is one of the most technologically advanced institutions in the current Galactic Era.

     With forty percent of the government's overt portion of the annual budget devoted to the ORIST alone, and with an untold percentage allocated to it from its many covert divisions, the institute funds almost all government supported research conducted by the colleges and universities within the Athanatsu System, including the many experiments continuously conducted on the academic city-world of Anagnostine IX. In certain fields such as physics, robotics, computer science and astronomy, the ORIST is the major source of government backing.

     The ORIST's director, deputy director, and the nine members of its board are appointed and confirmed by the Orealyianis Monarch. The director and deputy director are responsible for administration, planning, budgeting and everyday operations of the institute, while the board convenes once a month to establish its overall policies.

     The ORIST was created shortly after the establishment of the current Oreaylianis nation. Founded and initially headed by the Orealyianis queen, king Foriza's late mother and one of the nation's foremost scientific figures, the position of director was relegated to appointed officials after the end of his term.

     Throughout the overt galactic community, the ORIST is best known for its relatively successful efforts in reverse-engineering Terran-Ixian technology. One of their most well known, yet commonly overlooked achievements would be the successful control, and eventual reproduction, of the artificial nano-mechanical atmospheres now found in most Orealyianis worlds, outposts and space vessels. In the more covert parts of galactic society, the ORIST is far more known for its advancements in the field of warfare, having made extensive contributions to TIER's efforts in replicating Terran-Ixian Programming.
Title: Re: [RG] Orealyianis
Post by: Lush City on July 11, 2010, 02:11:40 pm
Question, how does the OM maintain there huge military if so much money go to ORITS?
Title: Re: [RG] Orealyianis
Post by: Plank of Wood on July 11, 2010, 02:21:21 pm
Title: Re: [RG] Orealyianis
Post by: Yuu on July 12, 2010, 04:41:50 am
Is there a code for planetary wildlife being hostile?

That would perhaps fall into the realm of Code Green.  :)

Question, how does the OM maintain there huge military if so much money go to ORITS?

Interesting question that, so I might as well make it a full-blown update.  ;D

Thanks for inspiring me, Lush!  ;)

Brain Over Brawn: Military Amplification, The Orealyianis Way

     Statistically speaking, the Orealyianis Armed Forces has one of the smallest standing armies of any major galactic power. However, in application, their extensive use of different forms of force multipliers more than make up for it. These force multipliers are...

     Technology, Strategy and Diplomacy.

     Technology is by far one of the two, if not the greatest force multiplier available to the Monarchy. Due to the massive amount of funds being siphoned into ORIST, whose budget can be considered as bordering the level of a full-blown techno-cult, it is in possession of massive financial leverage. This purchasing power is then given actual form through the Institute's numerous scientific advancements, which in turn gives birth to a plethora of experimental weaponry, most of which have since been approved for full-time use in the Orealyianis Armed Forces; The greatest example of which would probably be the Super-Dimensional Fortress OMS Vara Orealyianis.

     Additionally, the Orealyianis Monarchy's primary exports are almost universally of technological nature, almost all of which are, in fact, mostly developed by ORIST. This has made Bisiriadne one of the primary go-to places for the latest in gadgets and consumer technology, ( which in turn rake in more money for the military to spend in their continued operation.

     In summary, the cash flowing into ORIST eventually end up either in the lavishly tech-boosted military, or the thriving technological division of the Orealyianis business sector, which pretty much translates into more money.

     Strategy also plays a major role in the function of the Military. The Armed Forces is not alien to the idea of constantly redistributing overseas forces between different parts of the galaxy, ensuring that no tax is wasted by stationing soldiers in overly-guarded territory. This partially self-imposed need to extensively manage entire strategic formations has lead to a military that is extremely well versed in swift and agile reorganization of troops across vast swaths of space, lessening the need for additional standing forces, which then translates to more money being saved, which can in turn be used on ORIST to further advance the gear of the both the common, and elite, Orealyianis soldier or pilot.

     An interesting thing to note about the Orealyianis Monarchy is that, unlike most powers who have a large number of high-priority military targets, the nation only has but one primary weak-point, Athanatsu. This has lessened the strain a bit on the Orealyianis Military as it meant that most extra-system losses would only constitute partially terraformed military outposts, at best. This has created an interesting balancing act between the Military projecting its power across the galaxy, and protecting Athanatsu, the only place that they could collectively call their home.

     Diplomacy is perhaps the most well known trait of the Orealyianis Armed Forces. Having a large network of both official, and unofficial, allies, it has more than routinely used this to its advantage by coordinating with foreign military forces to defeat a large number of its adversaries, one of the most recent examples of which would be the Core-Combine First Contact War.

     The most obvious contemporary military alliance that the Monarchy has would have to be none other than the Galactic Protection Agency. This however, is not the best example of the nation's way of creating strong, seemingly unbreakable bonds with its allies, which would have to be the Sector Protection Agency, a more local organization with a network of ties consistently proven to be far tighter than that of its larger, galactic cousin.

     Despite all of this compensation, it does not mean that, when challenged alone, the Orealyianis Armed Forces is never a match for any other galactic armed force. The Orealyianis Monarchy is more than capable of holding its own against another power; Though admittedly, not nearly as effectively as if the nation and its brethren were to, hand-in-hand, stand their ground together.

Title: Re: [RG] Orealyianis
Post by: GroxGlitch on August 14, 2010, 07:38:17 pm
If we're going to be going to war with the infamous "Them", could we get some ships and stoof so we know what we're up against?
Title: Re: [RG] Orealyianis
Post by: Yuu on August 14, 2010, 10:54:38 pm
Sure. I'll have 'em up some time soon.
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Post by: Lush City on September 14, 2010, 04:41:14 pm
A question ont the race. How does a group that worships a law of equality come to terms with having a monarchy, an enherently unequal.
Title: Re: [RG] Orealyianis
Post by: Kitkat on September 14, 2010, 08:12:05 pm
Maybe they don't have interest in running a democracy? A monarchy isn't a bad thing at all if the ruler isn't a tyrant.
Title: Re: [RG] Orealyianis
Post by: SimplyNecro on September 14, 2010, 08:16:09 pm
I think Yuu said that Orealyianis are biologically designed to be a monarchy.
Title: Re: [RG] Orealyianis
Post by: Yuu on September 18, 2010, 07:58:00 pm

Orealyianis usually define equality as the equilibrium between a creature's rights and responsibilities.
Title: Re: [RG] Orealyianis
Post by: GroxGlitch on September 20, 2010, 07:42:26 pm
Not to blow open a plot hole, But I have a very strong feeling the Orealanis are some deep-seeded, long in the works slave race of the Nameless. Which, in all honesty, would be completely and totally awesome beyond all explanation.
Title: Re: [RG] Orealyianis
Post by: Galactic-Warrior on September 20, 2010, 07:51:41 pm
Probably are.
Title: Re: [RG] Orealyianis
Post by: Lush City on September 20, 2010, 09:41:28 pm
Oh my god that explains SO MUCH!
Title: Re: [RG] Orealyianis
Post by: Yuu on September 21, 2010, 05:54:08 am

? ? ?


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Post by: Galactic-Warrior on September 21, 2010, 07:18:19 am
And that is...?
Title: Re: [RG] Orealyianis
Post by: Yuu on September 21, 2010, 10:36:19 pm
Try imagining who could be the ones behind the silhouettes.
Title: Re: [RG] Orealyianis
Post by: GroxGlitch on September 22, 2010, 01:56:39 pm
I don't think I need to think about it. I think... ???
Title: Re: [RG] Orealyianis
Post by: Yuu on September 22, 2010, 11:41:49 pm
That was, mildly confusing...
Title: Re: [RG] Orealyianis
Post by: Gnoll on September 23, 2010, 02:32:31 pm
It's the Orealyianis that were corrupted by THEM! It's got to be!
Title: Re: [RG] Orealyianis
Post by: Yuu on October 14, 2010, 02:36:16 am
I think it's kind of cool how each creature, especially nowadays, seems to have their language rooted in a language from Earth.

Though, to add, the Orealyianis and Choro also have a mix of Italian and Malayo-Polynesian in them.

As for the Luzonians, well, aside from some Spanish, the rest's pretty much in their name.  ;)
Title: Re: [RG] Orealyianis
Post by: Yuu on November 04, 2010, 01:59:25 am

The Six


     Members, clockwise from top...

     Kanenatsu of the Terran-Ixians- A high-spirited Terran-Ixian with a bleak and sinister past, he has since turned a new leaf after an as of yet unknown series of events.

     He has a tendency to make horribly lame puns and thinks most things are funny, much to the other members' chagrin.

     Despite this, he is considered as the group's de facto leader and is more than capable of proving himself in the field.

          First Appearance: A Long Way From Home: The Lahktoa Frontier
          First Mentioned: A Long Way From Home: The Lahktoa Frontier

     King Harous of the Luzonians- the overly-zealous monarch of the Luzonian Knighthood, he enjoys close ties with Ragansa and Folizi, of the Choro and Orealyianis, respectively.

     While not as skilled in programming as the two mentioned above, he more than makes up for it with his iron will and determination in the face of whatever adversities the group might encounter.

     Preferring to act as the team's vanguard, Harous reluctantly concedes the task to Kanenatsu since the latter is a freakin' tank on legs, literally. The same can't be said when he's leading his own nation into battle, however, hoo boy...

          First Appearance: Rise of Powers Part II
          First Mentioned: The Galactic Protection Agency

     Overlord Ragansa of the Choro Deidalus- Literally the smartest guy on his planet, he occupies the much desired Tier Nine of the Choro Deidalus Technocracy. Also known officially as the Overlord, he is the highest-ranking member of the entire hierarchy, charged with establishing national policy and directly governing the home planet, to which he is cybernetically integrated to.

     His disappearance marks the first time he has left the confines of his office since he first ascended to the highly esteemed position.

     Despite having been disconnected from the data processing powerhouse that is the Choro's home planet, Ragansa is still more than capable of performing programs due to the modified TIER bodysuit he is currently using for improved defense and locomotion.

          First Appearance: They Who Cannot Be Named: The Battle for Origin
          First Mentioned: GalactiNews and Current Events:

     Haraia Hiraoto of the Jyunkichi- An elite mercenary purportedly involved in the assassination of several high-ranking government officials all across the galaxy, according to records obtained from the Galactic Protection Agency, among others. No one knows for certain why he seems to be working quite well alongside what should be his enemies, though it does seem that there is more to his past than what the governments let on.

     Regardless of the truth behind his affiliation, Hiraoto is an exceptionally skilled fighter and programmer, especially for a flesh-and-blood being. Due to his Jyunkichi heritage, his mind is capable of processing programs with relative ease compared to other, less endowed biological organisms, allowing for a faster, more direct method of execution.

     He prefers swift, indirect, and stealthy combat due to his small frame, acting primarily as team support. He is not entirely incapable of head-on engagements, however, and is quite willing to correct anyone who thinks otherwise.

          First Appearance: They Who Cannot Be Named: The Battle for Origin
          First Mentioned: Top Ten Fugitives of the Galactic Protection Agency

     Minister Kurefa of the Marakiri- Not much is known about him other than that he is a relatively new member, joining the group after being elected as Prime Minister in the previous elections.

     He is particularly average in all respects.

          First Appearance: They Who Cannot Be Named: The Battle for Origin
          First Mentioned: GalactiNews and Current Events:

     Crown Prince Folizi of the Orealyianis- The eldest of the Kazamadariya siblings, the former GPA director is officially the first in line in inheriting the Orealyianis Throne. A born leader, he possesses a calm and emphatic exterior which houses an exceedingly fiery passion which he has for his line of work.

     A veteran of programming, he began studying the art at a very young age, receiving detailed lessons directly from his Terran-Ixian mentor, eventually practicing on his own after the latter's exodus. He is by far the most learned of the group when it comes to the technicalities of programs, even surpassing their de facto leader, Kanenatsu.

     Despite this, his soft-bodied nature still holds him back in the actual field, unable to withstand the same level of punishment that a truly mechanical being is capable of sustaining.

          First Appearance: The Galactic Protection Agency
          First Mentioned: The Galactic Protection Agency
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Post by: Yuu on November 19, 2010, 07:14:24 am

Specific Applications of Terran-Ixian Nanomachines

     Reverse-engineered Terran-Ixian nanomachines aren't merely used to sustain the special atmosphere which allows different races to coexist on Tanariadne's surface. Far more than that, it serves a wide variety of applications, from things as simple as repairing electronics to something as complex as open body surgeries.

     Below is but a small sample of the many applications of Terran-Ixian nanomachines:

     Power Transmission- Power from generators can easily be transmitted directly to one's electronics systems using a nanomechanical atmosphere. As long as there is a continuous and thick enough line of the substance between the sender and receiver of power, a relatively stable line is more than readily assured.

     Electrical Repair- There are a wide variety of commercially available nanomachine packs used to repair severely damaged electroncis [dents, scratches and other minor damages are usually repaired automatically by the built-in repair system available in most products]. One simply needs to select from a set of products which device is in need of repair and then apply the, usually paste-like, substance directly onto the equipment in order for the nanomachines to slowly fall into place and fix any major damages wrought to the device.

     Surgery- Nanomachines have been used extensively in surgical procedures, from maintaining hemostasis to outright performing even major procedures single-handedly [though, of course, still under the supervision of a trained and licensed professional].

     Intensive emergency Life Support- Almost anything can now be synthesized using nanomachines. From drugs to organs to even entire bodies, nanotechnology, coupled with advanced-planning and quick intervention, makes it possible to sustain a client's life even amidst the most dire of predicaments.

     Pharmacotherapy- In most cases, drugs can be synthesized directly inside the client's bloodstream or other such equivalent, allowing people to enjoy long-duration travels without the need to worry about their meds. Physicians can even adjust the dose of the drugs synthesized, or even assign specific locations in the body where the substances shall be applied.

     Adult Genetic Manipulation- Adult Genetic Manipulation, or the act of genetically, and subsequently physically, altering a fully grown being can be achieved via a well-coordinated program of bodily stasis and exhaustive cellular manipulation. Though still highly experimental and prohibitively expensive, it is slowly becoming an option for those who seek a cure for extensive, unintentional and detrimental genetic mutations.
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Post by: Yuu on April 02, 2011, 04:11:48 am
The Galactic Ponyfication Agency

Source (

Original version moved to here because a certain someone is such a silly gryphon... ^^ (

     Aww yeah!


Ps. Yes, all of those are named characters.
Title: Re: [RG] Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!
Post by: Plank of Wood on April 02, 2011, 06:00:49 am
Yuu are a bad person. :'(
Title: Re: Pony power
Post by: Crazen on April 02, 2011, 06:15:45 am
ponies sorta rock, actualy.

right , I get most of of em but then the guy with the
I give up, can you just tell me who's who an what is what?
Title: Re: [RG] Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!
Post by: Kenotai on April 02, 2011, 06:36:08 am
I don't see no Milikaaaaaaaa!
Title: Re: [RG] Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!
Post by: GroxGlitch on April 02, 2011, 07:18:33 am
That...that's just scary.
Title: Re: [RG] Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!
Post by: Yuu on April 02, 2011, 08:06:19 am
I don't see no Milikaaaaaaaa!

I tried, but then my mind exploded after I realized it was dark already (I started at about 9 in the morning.).

I was actually aiming to include the Milika, the SPA guys, as well some other races like the Nauceans and Wexxians, but that shouldn't be too hard to fix.   ;)

I'll probably turn an Urshan into an "Ursha Minor".  :7

right , I get most of of em but then the guy with the
I give up, can you just tell me who's who an what is what?

Most of them can be identified from their outfits, poses, or marks on their flanks.  :)

So, from left to right...

Professor Sarelka Karlan Talsenreave [Talsenreave Station], Former GPA Director Folizi Kazamadariya [Simplified GPA Logo], Photos General Lakis Duavon [Villainous Disguise Attire and Old Model Cybernetic Eye], Gradient Greater Senator Kurheac [Or at least how I always pictured him in my mind, as a Fully Armored Dragon], (Former?) PSR President Dimikos Talin [Perrachi Flag Themed Hat], Bureau Chief Dashira Kharajev [Outfit and Primary Tattoo], and last but not least, Directress Hatena Rolu [Dat Smile].
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Post by: Yuu on April 03, 2011, 05:18:32 am

The Galactic Ponyfication Agency v2.0

Source (

Original version moved to here because a certain someone is such a silly gryphon... ^^ (

     ... aka Oh! My! Goodness! Atomnasprites are MASSIVE!


     In any case, welcome to the club, Officer Loxili, Bureau Chief Valgu-110 and Bureau Chief Valgu-246A!  : )
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Post by: Kenotai on April 03, 2011, 06:02:24 am
Omigoodness! Can I have an avatar of it like yours?
Title: Re: [RG] Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!
Post by: Yuu on April 03, 2011, 06:58:47 am
'Course!   :)

Y'all just follow these links 'ere:

Full-size Version... (

Avatar Facing Left... (

Avatar Facing Right... (


Stupid me, I just realized some glaring flaws in the shading.

Let me fix those up.


The links above should be showing the corrected versions now.
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Post by: GroxGlitch on April 03, 2011, 07:14:28 am
Lakis (with british sounding voice): Oh dear, it appears I've dropped my staff. I spent an hour and a half getting it the way I wanted! do I pick this thing up without fingers.....?
Title: Re: [RG] Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!
Post by: Yuu on April 03, 2011, 07:35:30 am
Fillyzi Kazamadariya: Try using your mouth. It always works for me.  ^_^

Hatena Rohoof: Your front hooves are ... uh ... nippers.  -_-'

Fillyzi Kazamadariya: Oh, right...  >_>
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Post by: Kitkat on April 03, 2011, 11:05:45 am
Ha! You even kept the Ni'Calls "Are you serious" stare!

Which fits for this occasion :P
Title: Re: [RG] Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!
Post by: Crazen on April 18, 2011, 01:26:48 am
fingers? who uses fingers?

(EDIT: watched the show. now I get it)

(and if I was gonna nitpick, I would say he should be less bright blue and have a white ponytail, but I'm not  :-X)

does anyone else think the perrachi looks like a sphinx? in a good way.
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Post by: Gnoll on April 18, 2011, 11:02:24 am
This is... madness.

I can has one, too, please?

Just... madness.
Title: Re: [RG] Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!
Post by: Yuu on April 20, 2011, 02:37:03 am

does anyone else think the perrachi looks like a sphinx? in a good way.

I was going for a griffon, actually, but I guess that also fits well!  :)
Title: Re: HOLEY!
Post by: Yuu on June 11, 2011, 11:32:01 pm

a.k.a. putting things into scale is absolutely horrifying.

Volume of water found in all of Earth's oceans combined = 1.4 1018 m3

Volume of all active ships in the Stellar Navy combined = 9.90222975 1018 m3


Now, think about the Combine and Photos' navies, which should probably be at least two orders of magnitude larger larger. Not to mention all the other older countries that have just been chilling out due to peacetime/stagnation.

If we could bolt together every single ship in all of the galaxy's navies, we could probably form a full-sized planet made completely out of dakka!   :o

What's crazy is that this is during peacetime, or something to that effect.

This is a galaxy where, in a span of two decades, a single race can build constructs the size of full-blown planets, at the least.

I shudder to think what would happen if every single drydock and warfactory were ever to simultaneously go into overdrive.

If I were a spacepilot I do not want to be flying in the middle of any two fleets that are about to engage each other.
Title: Re: [RG] We are not amused.
Post by: UFO King on June 12, 2011, 10:19:54 pm
F*ck, you made a goddamn pony Perrachi? I hate that annoying show! I demand you eradicate that unholy image this very instant! Seriously, it's my intellectual property, or something like that! It would be very nice of you to do that.

Title: Re: [RG] HOLEY!
Post by: Yuu on June 13, 2011, 03:51:39 am
It's actually pretty good, unlike the infuriatingly saccharine brain poison that was the previous iterations.  :)

Also, I think this particular work falls into parody.  :)

Also, Talin's a griffon, not a pony.  ;)
Title: Re: [RG] HOLEY!
Post by: GroxGlitch on June 13, 2011, 06:00:25 am
And I semi-quote somebody from the past...
It's a show about pink-coloured PONIES. I don't give a flying-fickled-finger HOW GOOD the plot is.
Title: Re: [RG] HOLEY!
Post by: UFO King on June 13, 2011, 06:34:25 am
Many thanks, GG. Now, if Yuu would please remove that abomination.
Title: Re: [RG] HOLEY!
Post by: Yuu on June 13, 2011, 10:11:57 am
Try and forget the fact that it's about ponies. Don't let that childhood-ingrained stigma blind you into missing out on good things.   :)

Criticizing MLP:FiM just because it's about "teh PINK-PONEZ" is logically no different than prepubescents afraid of girls because they have "cooties."   :-\

Seriously, have you guys even watched it?

The show is totally unlike the previous iterations.

The previous iterations were sugary pieces of ****ing bull****, I agree. But this new one? Totally different. Think of it as a separate franchise altogether, since that's basically what the creator of the show herself wants to do. She grew up despising the notion that girls should always be "pink", "flawless", "glittery", and stuff like that.

MLP:FiM even has better story, and animation, compared to most top-tier cartoons today.

Just give it a try, if for the spirit of the scientific principle.

Also, before you do, keep in mind that the two-part pilot is in no way an indication of the show's average plot quality, the succeeding episodes are way better since most of the pilot's time is consumed establishing the story's universe.

I suggest you watch either Fall Weather Friends or A Bird in the Hoof before anything else, since those two are the easiest to just dive into and give a great summary as to the show's general feel.

Also, again UFO, my group pic falls as parody, so it's not necessarily breaking the law.   ;)
Title: Re: [RG] HOLEY!
Post by: SimplyNecro on June 13, 2011, 10:30:46 am
I have watched the show before. I liked it. I think I'm going to go watch it now...

I demand a Skrall pony. With a look of blood-lust. Now. please?
Title: Re: [RG] HOLEY!
Post by: Yuu on June 13, 2011, 10:35:54 am

Okay.  :)

Though, I'll have to release it as a solo, since the .ppt file for the group pic was long lost to the dreaded data vampires.
Title: Re: [RG] HOLEY!
Post by: SimplyNecro on June 13, 2011, 10:37:48 am

Okay.  :)

Though, I'll have to release it as a solo, since the .ppt file for the group pic was long lost to the dreaded data vampires.


Title: Re: [RG] HOLEY!
Post by: Gnoll on June 13, 2011, 05:28:11 pm

Okay.  :)

Though, I'll have to release it as a solo, since the .ppt file for the group pic was long lost to the dreaded data vampires.




Title: Re: [RG] HOLEY!
Post by: UFO King on June 14, 2011, 01:00:55 am
I already saw the show. It was vomit-inducing and unfunny.
Title: Re: [RG] HOLEY!
Post by: Cyst on June 14, 2011, 01:02:10 am
that is the point
Title: Re: [RG] HOLEY!
Post by: Yuu on June 14, 2011, 05:16:58 am
I already saw the show. It was vomit-inducing and unfunny.

Well, sorry to say, but I have my own opinion of things.   :P

Also, was the one you watched this?

Cause if it was...

On a totally unrelated note...

Title: Re: [RG] HOLEY!
Post by: UFO King on June 14, 2011, 10:31:08 am
No, I watched the newer version. Yes, I hated it. It's not the messiah here, not everyone worships it.
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To each his own, I suppose.
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No, I watched the newer version. Yes, I hated it. It's not the messiah here, not everyone worships it.

Well, you don't have to throw up in my face either.   :P

*gives UFO a paper bag*

That's better.   :)
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Guh... Thanks. What program do you use to make these pics, and how on Earth did you come up with the designs? And the names, for that matter?
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What program do you use to make these pics,

Micro$oft Powerpoint 2007.   :)

and how on Earth did you come up with the designs?

Most of the stuff I make are just stray tangents in my mind that I collect during the day, which I then put on paper when I get back home.

Orealyianis = Orealyian ( + Steroids

Orealyian = former one-shot ORly? pun + worm torso + cyclops + crab claws + grasshopper legs + skin respiration + salamander slime, which I made acidic on a whim + Emperor Sea Strider (kinda) mouths + Lu Bu's badass helmet (

Variable Armor = Anubis' head ( + canards are awesome ( + Sagittarius' body ( + form, arsenal and function of the VF-1 Valkyrie ( and OF Jehuty ( (kinda)

And the names, for that matter?

They're all actually deeply rooted in Indo-European and Austronesian languages, if you trace them back far enough.   ;)
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Anakinostine I

Pictured: Sunrise in Anakinostine I. Clockwise from top: Anakinostine II, the Office of Planetary Affairs, Tahanavamaya Embassy District, Lake Terawa, Kagalanamaya Tourism District, Ilakamanaya Office District, Meriya Park.

     The early years of Athanatsu's settlement saw a huge spike in immigration as people from across the sector saw the frontier system as a stepping stone towards a brighter future. Not long after, the Orealyianis Monarchy woke up to entire foreign governments requesting to negotiate a stake on the vast, unexploited system. Seeing this as an opportunity to bolster socio-economic ties within the entire sector, then Crown Prince Foriza Kazamadariya set in motion a project which will eventually grow into what is now known as Anakinostine I.

     Anakinostine I is a re-purposed superstructure remnant retrofitted to fulfill the nation's ever growing economic needs. Based, at least in spirit, on the older Terran-Ixian Anagnostine model, it is an artificially sustained pseudo-spherical swarm of multiple overlapping and interlocking platforms which serve as the foundation for a quasi-terrestrial urban environment. At present, most of its surface is covered by sprawling economic districts and large-scale high-tech industries. As demand for space grows, the city can expand indefinitely as its diameter increases and new platforms are added both beside and beneath existing sections.

     The city maintains a very liberal business policy, practically corruption-free and transparent, stable prices, and one of the lowest tax rates in the galaxy. It juggles meticulous application of micromanagement with as free a market as possible. Exports in the form of high-tech goods and super-large-scale prefabrication comprise the majority of its revenue. Imports take the form of raw materials needed to sustain the immense multinational industry and workforce which make it all possible.

     The Spaceports of Anakinostine I are one of the busiest in the galaxy, in the same tier of activity as Ralston and Beyon. In addition, Anakinostine I's highly developed space infrastructure and skilled workforce are also fundamental as they provide greater access to foreign markets both for importing and exporting goods and services, and also provide the assets necessary for refining raw materials into high-end products.
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Just wanted to share a little sample of a project that I've held off for the time being.

Hope I get to finish the real one some time.
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you put a lot of time in this

but its awesome!!!!! :D
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Thanks.   :)
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I'm lost.

Guys, what should I do?

I hope this doesn't mean you'll treat me as some kind of permanently lower caste because of this. I'm genuinely trying to get along, it's just that I'm not a freaking saint.
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Well, it appears you've made a new civilization. I know that as much as I try, I've kind of hit a wall with the Bino. Try woking on that new race a bit. Just let your mind run with the idea! Eventually you'll get more ideas! Just don't give up!
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Tone it down a bit. Keep your technological boundaries clearly defined, and work within them. Make sure you know exactly what the culture, politics, economy, and all that are like. Big names and big structures aren't everything. Why not give us a slice of everyday life for an ordinary person in those big unpronounceable cities?
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good good.
this is more just my general advice I've been working on. I do go through these things every once in a while to make sure I'm keeping up.

despite what I said, I do appreciate the occasional cool over the top god or machine thing as much as the next guy (I made Hnangha liquefies planets after all, and Thuli more or less a sleeping elder god).
the important thing is to give them presence; narrative impact in every form. otherwise they don't get the respect they deserve as a force of nature. (sorry if thats a bit ambiguous wording, I'm doing my best to communicate feel)

moving on to people, one thing I do is make them human, then check what I get. this takes off the 'bells and whistles' (which I love and are tons of fun) and then I see how well they stand on their culture. judge them not on their rail guns and Semi-organic exoskeletons, but on their hearts and minds. (this applies to individual characters as well, of course.)

and you do put a lot of effort into this. we like you for that.
and thats all I could think of. it's a little rushed and tailored to my specific tastes, but what.
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You guys are right, I really shouldn't have been too harsh and tight on myself. -_-

I just experienced a similar breaking down just yesterday, and well, it was kinda... refreshing, surprisingly.

That, and seeing the smile on every patient's face on our last day at the NCMH. ( As a student, fortunately.  :P

*sigh of relief*

Umm, let's see...

Oh yeah, about the Isi. I was basically using a template similar to what I planned for the Furen Tze. Though, with Furen Tze it was more like a Post-Dark Age of Technology diaspora affair. This one is more like Earth IN SPACE, including the lack of a truly unified government. The UN, or in this case, the UP, technically doesn't count.

Why not give us a slice of everyday life for an ordinary person in those big unpronounceable cities?

Interesting. I never have done that yet other than with the Talsenreave staff, or several minor snippets during RPs.

What my first idea was about a bunch of uni students on Anakinostine, though I really haven't gotten far since then.

Buuuuut, after watching this, ( I might take a shot at it.

Continued from the Photos thread, ( since if I'm gonna post a somewhat off-topic discussion, it might as well be on my thread, am i rite? ^^ Swimming through posts to archive things can be hard with just the bare bones entries, let alone with all the resulting discussions included, which usually results in a page number increase of up to 500% from what I can tell.

not necessarily this, ( but more like this ( and this. (
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more like this (
I have the same (or a similar) problem myself. My brain is always zooming along at Mach 9 (as a teacher of mine so eloquently put it years ago), and I tend to expend a lot of that energy overthinking things. It has led to many embarrassing fits of rage directed at a person who had long since forgotten about some minor incident where they inadvertently insulted me. Fortunately, I have gotten better in the years past, and much better in recent years. My psychiatric treatment, therapy, and medication have helped me enormously. Without them, I probably would not be able to function properly as a member of society. My advice to you is: identify whatever you're doing that's causing trouble, be it overthinking, overgeneralization, jumping to conclusions, or whatever it is, and then work towards stopping that behavior. Willpower ( is key. Don't be shy about talking to friends for help. And above all, never take bad advice seriously. I can only hope that my advice isn't.

tl;dr: Take initiative and get help. Don't let the problem fester and eat away at your health.

and this. (
Quote from: Rene Descartes
Cogito, ergo sum.
The belief that you are the only person who exists relies on a lot of improbable underlying assumptions and contains gigantic chasms in logic. Applying Occam's Razor a few times, it's most likely that we all actually exist and have a tendency to question our existences. However, for the sake of demonstration, let's say that nobody else exists. You're the only real person in existence. Everything else is a simulation. If so, then why should you be sad about it? The people may not exist as flesh-and-blood humans, but they still exist as astonishingly sophisticated programs that can simulate emotion and sentience. One can become attached to a robot, as works like WALL-E have shown. Why not forge emotional bonds with the programs? They still think and have feelings. I could be a program for all I know. Heck, you could be a program. Should that stop anybody from enjoying life? If life is a game, then it's not a bad game. It gives you the chance to pursue happiness. You have to take initiative, that's all.

tl;dr: Everyone exists, especially you and I. Even if we were programs, we'd still exist. Nothing's hollow and joyless about that.

Take it easy, Yuu. Hope life gets easier for you soon.
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Thanks. :)

And off to an updating marathon once again...

The Marakiri Republic: Revisited: Part 1

     There is much to say about the Marakiri Republic. So much so that one or two reports may not be enough to convey all the details, though that may be the case, a quick run down of pertinent information would greatly aid anyone hoping to know more about these protegees of aeroastronautics, and dispel any rumors of them being a mere shadow beneath the larger Luzonian Knighthood.


     Marakiri were originally hunter gatherers situated at the heart of the global desert, traveling from oases to oases as the food items were gradually exhausted from each one. It was with the advent of agriculture, and soon after animal domestication, that the first permanent settlements finally took hold.

     Early Marakiri settlements, like their nomadic predecessors, relied on existing potable water sources and, depending on their lifestyle, the proximity of wild prey items and arable land for agriculture and animal husbandry. This led most groups to settle around oases, and later on, at the banks of large rivers in the periphery of the global desert.

     However, like most other sentient species, Marakiri have a knack for altering the environment, which in their case was primarily expressed via the diversion of rivers and creation of artificial lakes. The scale and level of success of these efforts often determined the maximum viable population of a given settlement.

     Eventually, technology allowed Marakiri to spread across the planet and colonize every single continent, adapting to virtually all terrestrial environments that they came across.

     Habitation within artificial closed systems in extremely hostile environments, such as in the middle of the super oceans or in outer space, was the next step in Marakiri expansion. These efforts, however, were initially expensive, typically limited in duration, restricted to scientific, military, and industrial expeditions, and most of all, of high risk to personal safety.

     It was only with the advent of advanced hydroponics, relatively cheap metamaterials, and most importantly, compact fusion technology, did the Marakiri truly expand beyond its traditional habitat.

     Within the final centuries before first contact, Marakiri have heavily colonized the oceans, orbital space, Mortala II's natural satellites and several of its Lagrange points, and even the first and second asteroid belts, although large-scale colonization of the outer celestial bodies was not yet feasible due to the lack of an FTL drive.

     With by then a population of approximately one hundred and forty billion, Marakiri were undoubtedly one of the most successful species in the history of the entire system. By this time, only about eighty six percent of the population, still resided on Mortala II.

     For the remainder of the pre-contact years, these outer bodies would only be visited by remotely controlled drones, and at one time, a highly ambitious multi-personnel expedition which... ended in the team getting stuck on a distant moon, just in time for a massive civil war to break out back on Mortala II. Fun times.

     The civil war, which nearly halved the population of several nations on Mortala II, resulted in extensive ecological devastation which accelerated the ongoing natural desertification of the planet, making it even more difficult to survive in the natural environment. As the Marakiri began to rebuild, however, the harrowing loss of people was quickly replaced as a massive population boom began to take hold. This boom in population will persist right up to the Marakiri's first contact with an alien civilization.

     The widespread adoption of Luzonian FTL drives saw a massive paradigm shift in the way the Marakiri expanded, both within and outside their home system. The outer planets saw the arrival of entire emigration fleets, the already existing settlements in the belt and Lagrange points only grew in population, hundreds of unclaimed systems were quickly colonized and marked for further development. And for the first few decades at least, multiple, albeit ultimately failed, expeditions were sent out to scour the sector for fluoride-rich worlds and prepare them for potential terraformation.

     The introduction of the by now unified Marakiri Republic to the Local Sector's spacefaring communities also aided in the Marakiri's expansions, giving birth to the first batch of off-system Marakiri diaspora.

     Today, the Marakiri possess several thousand sparsely inhabited systems and a handful of core worlds, most of which are currently being terraformed through joint efforts between the Marakiri and its allies.

     The Marakiri currently possess an approximate overall population of six hundred and forty billion, inclusive of ex-patriots and diaspora.


     Marakiri are primarily terrestrial beings, though they are also capable of traversing water, and with the advent of personal flight packs, the air as well. Naturally, they possess one pair of arms at the front of their torso, one pair of legs at the rear, and a stubby tail at the end for balance, especially while the hands are being used to manipulate objects.

     Marakiri possess a very stocky build, with an average mass of thirty kilograms and a height of fifty centimeters. Clearly, they are of comparatively minor stature compared to others. This is largely due to the vastly higher gravity on Mortala II, a staggering four gs compared to the common one or two gs of most other inhabited worlds. The Marakiri have also successfully adapted to the thick hot atmosphere retained by their planet's high gravity, their bodies functioning best at temperatures between thirty to forty eight degrees Celsius.

     Their white skin is specifically designed to maximize albedo, as well as blend in with the environment, especially in areas with high concentrations of white sand and red shrubbery, the latter being the leading explanation for the red pigmentation on the Marakiri's back. The skin is also extremely water tight, greatly reducing insensible water loss.

     Like most other creatures on the planet, the Marakiri are blind due to the relative inefficiency that eyesight would provide in such a thick atmosphere. They more than readily compensate for this using built-in biological sonar systems located throughout the length of their body, at varying heights, to allow for three-dimensional hearing. These organs are so precise that it can detect minute activity from tens of miles away. They are also sensitive enough to allow Marakiri to perform infrasonic communication, over distances of up to hundreds of miles in optimal conditions.

     The Marakiri also possess an astonishing sense of balance, a byproduct of the creature's already acute equilibrioreceptors working in concert with the creature's sonar system.

     Additionally, the Marakiri also has an acute sense of smell, which helps them detect and avoid hazardous agents long before they have a chance of causing real harm to the Marakiri, as well as locate distant sources of water.

     Poisonous substances are a common offensive and defensive mechanism on Mortala II. And while the Marakiri have no poisons themselves, they do possess one of the most efficient detoxification systems and pound for pound most powerful immune systems of any complex creature on the planet.

     Before the first major civilizations, the Marakiri mainly depended on their superior intellect to survive in their environment. This is reflected in their extremely high brain density and their large brain-to-body mass ratio, the latter being one of the highest on the planet.

     Additionally, unlike most other creatures on their world, Marakiri are capable of fully bipedal locomotion, thus leaving their arms available for manipulating objects using their hands which possess opposable thumbs.

     Marakiri possess a phosphorus-nitrogen biochemistry, and use Nitrogen Trifluoride for respiration. The mind-boggling rarity of a Nitrogen Trifluoride atmosphere makes it extremely difficult for Marakiri to afford living on other worlds, which is further aggravated by the fact that rudimentary breathing masks available in most markets are unable to synthesize compounds, but merely change the concentration of locally available gases.

     Thankfully, the tremendous blow this had on Marakiri expansion was somewhat softened by the presence of foreign aid in the form of moderately affordable super-compact respiration systems courtesy of a joint scientific venture between the Choro Deidalus government and the ORIST. As expected, despite this display of good will, the Marakiri still find it difficult to expand compared to other species, which is why the largest concentration of Marakiri diaspora can still be found in the universally hospitable Athanatsu System.

     Marakiri can be considered a eukaryotic species. Each normal cell has two sets of forty five chromosome-analogues, each set received from one parent. There are forty four unisexual pairs and a lone pair of sexual ones. By current estimates, Marakiri possess approximately fifty thousand to sixty five thousand genes. Like most other species, Marakiri have a binary sex-determination system, so that females have the sex chromosome-analogues 00 and males have 01. The 1 chromosome-analogues possess less information compared to its counterpart, resulting in higher rates of recessive diseases in males compared to females.

     Marakiri are oviparous creatures. Fecundation is internal, and the female lays the resulting zygotes as physiologically independent, albeit extremely vulnerable, eggs. They usually incubate their eggs either under the sand or in a nest made of assorted materials with the mother, or father, laying on top. While these methods are still practiced to this day by several tribal populations, it is now more common for Marakiri to keep their eggs in specifically designed incubators, though quality-regulated incubation beds do exist for parents who want to personally take care of their eggs.

     Marakiri are omnivorous, and have one of the strongest digestive systems of any complex creature on Mortala II. As such, cooking only really aided the Marakiri by making it easier to consume. On the other hand, the unintentional neutralization of some harmful agents during the cooking process has slightly reduced the resilience of the Marakiri's digestive system, especially in highly urbanized communities, though still not enough to warrant much concern.

     Marakiri are relatively light sleepers, requiring only six and a half hours of sleep to maintain optimal function. They can also go for up to three days without sleep and suffer no permanent damage to their mind and body, though this tends to weaken their overall functioning and prevent the body from effectively repairing damaged tissue.

Next time, we'll be tackling HISTORY and SOCIETY and CULTURE.

Stay tuned.
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I wasn't sure if the text limit could hold all the text for part to, so I decided to split part two into manageable portions.

Stay tuned for the rest.


It really did!  :o

And I thought the culture portion as a whole was small enough. :P

The Marakiri Republic: Revisited: Part 2


     Marakiri are social creatures. They are skilled at utilizing systems of communication for self-expression, exchange of ideas, and organization, and as such have created complex social structures composed of many cooperating and competing groups, ranging from families to states to the current all-encompassing Republic. Social interactions between different groups of Marakiri have established an extremely wide variety of values, social norms, and rituals, which together form the basis of their society and culture.

     Before the advent of industry, procurement of both food and water, which were performed via manual and animal labor, were the main forms of economic activity, especially the former. These societies were subdivided, according to their method of food production, and to a lesser extent, the way by which they collected water.

     Concerning food production, these subdivisions were the hunter-scavenger-gatherers, pastors, horticulturalists, and agriculturalists.

     Hunter-scavenger-gatherers produced food through the daily collection of wild plants, tubers in the dry expanse and fruits in the oases, and the hunting and scavenging of wild animals, which range from small underground worms to large herbivores. Hunter-scavenger-gatherers travel constantly from oases to oases in constant search for food. Because of this, they build neither permanent villages nor create much artifacts, and usually exist either as small bands or tribes, numbering less than a dozen or never above a hundred, respectively. However, in later times, some societies managed to stumble upon areas with particularly abundant resources, such as in the coastal mountain ranges. These groups began to live in larger groups and form complex social structures, the largest of them becoming what Modern Era sociologists considered Nomadic Kingdoms. Mobility and carrying capacity also limit the size of a hunter-scavenger-gatherer society. The presence of stratification within most tribes was relatively subdued, and decisions were made via basis of majority opinion. Leadership was in most cases informal, with varying individuals stepping up to the task depending on the group's current predicament. The family is the main and usually tightest social unit, with most members of society being related through birth or marriage, or in some societies, even both. This type of arrangement requires that the family as the premier social tool, whether it be for production, protection or education.

     Pastors used a more efficient form of subsistence. Instead of hunting or scavenging for food, members of this type of society domesticated certain animal species to meet their dietary needs. Pastors were still nomadic, a consequence of moving their cattle from one water source to another. Because their food supply was far more reliable, pastors can support larger populations. Eventually, food surpluses became common, and with fewer people needed to produce food, some managed to divert their efforts towards more complex activities. This gave birth to dedicated artisans, who crafted tools, weapons, and clothing. Healers and other formerly part-time workers were also allowed to spend more time refining their practice.  The production of goods and services encouraged trade within, and sometimes without, the group. This economic cycle helped create inequality, as some families acquired more goods than others did. These families then gained power through their purchasing power. The passing on of property from one generation to another helped centralize wealth and power even further. Over time, hereditary systems of leadership began to form, which managed to eventually supplant informal leadership as the primary form of government.

     Horticulturalists utilized fruits and vegetables grown in gardens as their main form of sustenance. The plots of land are usually obtained by clearing portions of forest commonly found in oases. Most horticulturalists use a slash-and-burn method of raising crops, though the specific degree of deforestation is subject to each group's preference. The wild vegetation is cut and burned, and the ashes used as fertilizers. Horticulturists use manual labor and rudimentary tools to cultivate the land, which usually remains viable for two to three harvesting cycles. When the land loses its nutrients, it is abandoned and a new plot is made. Some group manage to exhaust large portions of a specific oases, only to return several years later to repeat the process. More experienced groups eventually began rotating their garden plots, making each garden last longer, and in effect allows them to stay in one area for a fairly long span of time. Even more experienced groups have managed to replace the slash-and-burn method with a multi-tier method of farming which allows the cultivation of multiple levels of the forest canopy, giving them even longer loitering time than others of their kind. This has allowed them to set up mid- to long-term habitations, resulting in the first villages. The size of a given village's population usually depends on the amount of land available for farming, thus village sizes can range from as small as sixty people to as large as four thousand. These societies have a level of technology and complexity similar to pastors. However, the horticulturalists' far more static nature allows them stay in a given area for longer periods of time, which in turn allows them to trade more often with passing groups. This has led some groups to adopt barter as a semi-frequent method of acquiring certain types of food and goods, including the highly sought out meat products produced by certain pastors.

     But it was the agriculturalists which truly jump-started the development of advanced society. Using technological breakthroughs like the plow and scythe to cultivate crops over a far larger area than horticulturalists could ever hope to maintain, agriculturalists managed to create a greater surplus, which resulted in the very first towns. These towns became centers of trade supporting various leaders, scholars, artisans, traders, and religious leaders who did not have to worry about locating nourishment. The Agricultural Singularity was the term coined by Modern Era sociologists to refer to the technological leap that led most groups to adapt the practice of cultivating crops and raising farm animals. The massive increase in food supply resulting from this movement led to an unprecedented population increase. Greater levels of social stratification soon followed. As villages and towns began to occupy the limited number of water sources, conflicts with other communities inevitably occurred. Farmers gained a habit of hiring warriors for food in exchange for protection against enemies. Officially recognized systems of leadership began to take form in the most advanced of agriculturalist societies. These leaders began to hire warriors by the hundreds to protect the town from opposing factions. The rest of society would in turn pay tribute to these leaders, which they would then use to maintain themselves and their band of warriors. In this way, the leadership managed to indirectly "farm" the people for resources.

     Society followed a similar trend of development when it came to matters of obtaining water. Here, society was subdivided into water carriers, mist catcher, dam builders and canal builders.

     Water carriers obtained water by extracting it from natural sources and storing it in prepared containers. The first containers were made from eggshells and hollowed out roots. Leather canteens and clay pots soon followed. Later on, the use of glass bottles, usually covered in fiber and sealed with a soft wooden plug, became a common site in the more affluent members of nomadic society. Despite advancements which lead to increased carrying capacity, water carriers were still ultimately subject to natural sources for replenishment, putting a strict limit on a group's range of travel.

     Mist catchers, on the other hand, were not as tightly bound. Certain fabrics were discovered to be capable of catching the desert's morning mist, condensing them into small droplets which could then be stored in containers. By using enough of these fabrics, groups were capable of traveling the open desert indefinitely, allowing access to areas previously inaccessible due to distance, some even managing to discover new oases. This development also led to wider use of persistence hunting, even allowing some groups to hunt down certain prey which would have been otherwise impossible to sufficiently exhaust.

     Dam builders were the next type of society to emerge. As people began to create permanent settlements, it soon became clear that the dry season caused certain water sources to drop below the level necessary to maintain adequate irrigation for crops. This greatly limited the maximum capacity of any given oases, curtailing further development. To get around this limitation, certain groups built barriers upstream, forming artificial lakes in the process. The very first dams were made from wood and other plant matter compressed into a thick interwoven mass which prevented water from seeping through. As technology advanced, more and more groups transitioned to a mix of rock and plant matter. Even further down the line, groups abandoned plant matter altogether, using cement-like materials instead. While this allowed the society to flourish despite the dry seasons, this also has the unfortunate effect of reducing flow downstream, which lead downstream societies to condemn, if not outright declare war, on the dam builders in question.

     Canal builders provided a solution to a different but related matter. While dam builders managed to increase a given area's capacity for water, the problem of distributing this water efficiently still remained an issue. Canal builders solved this problem by building vast networks of canals leading to, or near, the crops themselves, facilitating ease of irrigation as well as increasing the size of arable land. Coupled with dams, this allowed canal builders to maintain larger farmland compared to other societies, which in turn lead to larger populations. Water diversion via canals also created the same set of trans-societal issues presented by damming, however.

     For several thousand years, these Pre-Modern societies, as they were called, flourished in small pockets throughout the global desert, and in some instances, the vast coastal mountain ranges which encircled the region.
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The Marakiri Republic: Revisited: Part 3


     Eventually, another technological leap would once again change the face of society. With the invention of the gear system, technologies like windmills and waterwheels, and later on fossil fuel-powered engines, became a possibility. These breakthroughs allowed people to complete more work with a vastly smaller labor pool. This caused an exponential increase in the rate and scale at which goods were produced. The production of food quickly shifted to large commercial plantations where tractors, mechanical mills and other newly developed tools are used to decrease needed labor while still increasing production. As a rather, the large numbers of former farm workers were shifted to facilities where the very machines which took away their jobs were being produced, further increasing both efficiency, resentment and, most importantly, irony. As populations exploded, yet again, and machines became more and more refined, sometimes to the point of complete automation, many workers saw their future in the quickly expanding service industries. The more enterprising members of society even began setting up their own businesses, becoming leaders in their own right, some even managing to pose a credible threat to already established powers, something which the common people viewed with a strange mix of fear and anticipation. It was also during this time that technologies such as firearms, cannons, airships, and motorized land vehicles, were born. These developments changed the way societies competed with each other, both militarily and economically. Altogether, this period of massive technological development became known as the Mechanical Revolution.

     Several centuries later, electricity would be discovered and harnessed as a resource to power a new breed of machines, ones which ran on electricity rather than kinetic or chemical energy. This development allowed societies to greatly reduce the physical machinery needed to transmit energy over long distances while at the same time making the entire process exponentially more efficient by reducing energy loss associated with friction. Electricity also fostered the creation of a large number of previously unfeasible inventions, such as illuminating filaments, ( shock barriers, ( wireless telegraphs, ( and the very first chemical batteries. ( On the other hand, the demand for electricity caused a considerable increase in fossil fuel consumption, leading to increased pollution and prevalence of associated diseases. Less than two centuries after the advent of electricity, numerous mechanical societies have already evolved into mature electrical societies.

     As time went on, more and more technologies were developed, refined, and ultimately, combined. There came a point when the fruits of technology became so ubiquitous, so unified, as to render previous societies unable to compete. This marked the birth of the first modern societies. It was during this time that the field of Modern Microphysics rapidly took form. Efforts to further the field culminated in the creation and application of thermonuclear devices, thereby marking the birth of the first Nuclear societies. It was also during this time that the very first motorized heavier-than-air aircraft was born, though the idea never really took off quite yet due to the prevalence of aerial ships.

     Nuclear societies were far more efficient than their predecessors. Possessing technologies capable of providing large amounts of power with, if handled properly, relatively little environmental impact, they were also significantly cleaner than fossil fuel societies. With the creation, and proliferation, of increasingly efficient energy storage methods, the notion of non-fossil fuel-based vehicular travel became more than just a dream for Nuclear societies. Most mistakes made by the very first Nuclear societies only served to enforce higher standards in later societies. It was during this time that motorized heavier-than-air aircraft finally spread its wings, seeing much service in the interception of both traditional and nuclear-capable forces during the Third Global War. Research into the power of the atom continued until yet another breakthrough was achieved: Controlled nuclear fusion.

     Fusion societies possessed all of the qualities of Nuclear societies, but had power far greater than was previously available to those who came before it. The vastly increased levels of industrial automation in fusion societies were for the most part counteracted by their constant seaward expansion resulting from rising populations. Miniaturization of existing technologies became a rising trend in these societies thanks to continuing breakthroughs in energy storage technology. This led to the creation of the very first batch of affordable low-altitude flight-packs. Not long after the birth of the first fusion societies, research into space technology experienced a massive boost in funding due to previously unforeseen circumstances which threaten the survival of Mortala II's inhabitants. It soon became possible for the Marakiri to maintain primitive habitations in orbit.
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The Marakiri Republic: Revisited: Part 4


     Orbital societies started out as small habitats numbering less than a hundred individuals at any given time. These very first orbital societies relied primarily on ring mining, research and development, advanced textile manufacturing and spacecraft construction in order to maintain their economy, with workers spending month-long shifts on board the habitats before orienting the next batch and returning to the planet to recuperate. Life was stressful, highly restricted, and most of all, dangerous. It was with the development of advanced hydroponics, relatively cheap metamaterials and compact fusion technology did life on board become tolerable enough to the common civilian. These developments also allowed for the construction of far larger habitats, making way for the first full-fledged city in space.

     Eventually, it became possible for Marakiri to erect a permanent presence beyond Mortala II. Permanent habitats were constructed on Mortala II's natural satellites and in several of its Lagrange points. The societies which formed in these locales were known to most people as "moon" and "deep-space" societies, respectively. They were fairly similar to traditiona orbital societies, but far more independent from the surface governments. They usually preferred to trade with each other instead of with the surface, primarily due to the difficulties presented by latter existing on the bottom end of Mortala II's powerful gravity well. Industry-wise, moon societies tended to be generalists compared to the deep-space societies' primarily manufacturing-oriented industry.

     As civilization continued to expand, the Marakiri eventually spread to occupy the Mortala System's system's first and second asteroid belts, though colonization of Mortala I proved to be highly impractical due to its exceedingly volcanic and corrosive environment. Like Mortala I, the other, outer, parts of the system remained untouched, primarily due to the immense distances involved, making large-scale colonization extremely unfeasible. It would take an unlikely visitor to Mortala II for the Marakiri to finally colonization of the outer bodies, and beyond.

     Contemporary Marakiri society formed shortly after the civilization's first fluke of a contact with an alien civilization: The Luzonians. It was with the reverse-engineering of Luzonian FTL technology, as well as the realization that an entire intra-galactic society was waiting for them beyond the confines of Mortala, that pushed the Marakiri to unite under a single all-encompassing government: The Marakiri Republic. Current Marakiri society is generally characterized by a strong sense of unity between members of the race, as well as a powerful urge to expand despite, or perhaps because, of their need to search for other Fluoride-rich worlds. Several other inhabitants of the Local Sector took notice of this and began assisting the Marakiri in their search, with some going one step further and actually assisting in terraforming efforts aimed at select planets in the Marakiri core systems. In an effort to display their gratitude to their neighbors, as well as a display of friendly economic and technological competition with the Luzonians, the Marakiri dedicated themselves to honing, and expanding, their aerospace industry. Today, Marakiri society is the largest producer of public aerospace craft in the Local Sector, as well as the third most advanced in terms of military aerospace craft, locked in a perpetual tie with the Luzonian Knighthood.

     Despite all of this, old grudges die hard and certain portions of contemporary Marakiri society tend to drag down the civilization's overall loyalty rating. It is yet to be seen whether this is merely the death throes of the older generations' nationalistic ideologies, or a sign of bad blood just waiting to explode and cause contemporary Marakiri to fracture into its millions of constituent pieces.
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Beautiful. (

Mortala II is a very magnetically active planet. Makes you think how beautiful its Aurora would look like in contrast to the vast desert beneath it which happen to be dotted with lights from the oases-centered cities.

It's like a funky disco ball / Xmas tree hybrid that's inhabited by really freaky elves.

On the other hand, when you think about it, Marakiri are for closer to what Elves generally look like compared to those extremely ripped Blood Elves from Warcraft, don't they?
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So they're dwarves, then. Diggy diggy hole...

Also, excellent work. I think you got it all covered extremely well. I can't think of any questions that haven't already been answered. Perfect reference source! Well done!
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So they're dwarves, then. Diggy diggy hole...

Really freaky dwarves.  ;)

Also, excellent work. I think you got it all covered extremely well. I can't think of any questions that haven't already been answered. Perfect reference source! Well done!

There's still how they "see" and maneuver when supersonice or in space, which I'll get to some time.

Oh, and, yeah, why they're good at aerospace technology.
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The Marakiri Republic: Revisited: Part 5


     Desert Culture refers to the cultural group encompassing the majority of the global desert's inhabitants. It may also include cultures not necessarily based on the global desert but nevertheless borrow heavily from it. Desert Culture is by far the largest of all Marakiri cultural groups. Intensive studies conducted by Modern Marakirologists suggests that early on, each Desert-based band or tribe had its own unique culture due to their relative isolation from each other. However, as time passed and groups became more and more connected, the resulting mix of material and customs gave way to a smaller number of amalgamated cultures.

     Desert Culture has always held an appreciation for the Fine Arts.

     Gastronomy, in particular, is a vital component of Desert Culture. The acquisition of sufficient food in a region as sparse as the global desert has lead people to formulate ways of preserving portions of their hunt, especially during exceptionally lean times. As society advanced and the fear of starvation became less and less of an issue, the focus shifted towards satisfying one's palette. The methods and concoctions once used to preserve one's quarry were now sought by people for the flavor, aroma or texture which they manage to bring out. In particular, the sugary substance, known as "Kora," stored in the trunks of certain plants, once used primarily to prevent spoilage, were now being harvested to satisfy the Marakiri's innate attraction towards sweets.

     Some substances, while not particularly useful for preservation, also saw greater use. While the dew of certain animals have always been vital to pastors, the not as nutritious bodily fluids produced by certain animals were by now also seeing use in a wide variety of dishes in a wide variety of manners, including but not limited to sauces, marination, and maceration. It has also become common for Marakiri to create juices by extracting the fluid of different plants and animals, with "Korai," a small sweet grape-like fruit, and "Tortala," a prolific sand-dwelling worm, being some of the more well known flavors due to its relative abundance and year round availability.

     Unlike most other cultures, cooking took a primarily back seat approach in the desert, with the consumption of raw food being the norm rather than the other way around. Still, it is by no means an abandoned art as the many Desert-based cooking manuals would attest to.

     When it comes to the actual consumption of food products, people of the desert initially used the leaves of the fan-like Tofu tree, though later generations switched to glass or ceramic plates. Food was brought to the mouth by hand, though in cases of skewer-roasted food items it was eaten right off of the stick. Later on, one-handed utensils like forks and chopsticks were put to wide use, with the free hand holding the plate.

     Desert Literature is heavily based on poetry and has a strong leaning towards the oral form. It mainly focuses on the robots, robots everywhere on harmony with the environment, society and the ethereal. It is divided into the Mundane, Fictional and Ethereal.

     Mundane Literature includes anything that is not based on fiction. Examples of the mundane include travel literature, essays and technical manuals.

     Fictional Literature covers anything that is based on non-factual information, and are mainly used for entertainment, speculation, ethical instruction, and generally to exercise one's perspective and imagination. Examples include science fiction, fantasy and alternate history.

     Ethereal Literature is the last, and arguably most complicated, of the three divisions. It comprises of all literature concerning spiritual, cosmological and philosophical matters. While the majority of Marakiri consider it as a legitimate category, a small percentage prefer to divide its contents between the other two divisions.

     Before the advent of voice recording technology, literature was mostly disseminated via oral means, and later on, through etching on mud tablets or tree trunks.

     Despite their inability to see light, Desert Culture is also quite versed in most of the Visual Arts, appreciating it through their keen sense of vibrolocation.

     Desert Architecture, in general, takes an exceedingly pragmatic approach. During nomadic times, structures were tents made primarily from heat resistant hide that were held up using bone or light tree trunks. As people settled down, structures were designed to maximize the use of arable land. Homes were mostly made of interconnected underground tunnels and caves located on the very edge of oases, the surface used to cultivate a variety of hardy crops in the case of agriculturists. Community fences and walls made of bone and plant matter also became common, mostly to discourage scavengers and predators but also to mark territorial boundaries.

     Later, more advanced housing designs took advantage of newly developed irrigation techniques, sporting multiple tiers of personal overground gardens in most cases. In the more larger cities, large-scale vertical farming projects became a very common sight and was mostly seen as a powerful display of prosperity and technological and industrial superiority. Likewise, large fortifications, commonly stretching deep underground to prevent burrowing invaders, were seen as a symbol of wealth and military might. However, perhaps the most formidable displays were the large-scale damming and diversion projects conducted by the greatest of desert-dwelling societies. Nothing held as much sway in the desert people as the power to tame life-giving water itself, something which a number of nations were not shy of using as a form of defense, and in rare cases, offense.

     The only moment when pragmatism is eschewed for aesthetics is in the case of theaters, statues and other structures designed primarily for aesthetics or posterity reasons. These are usually situated in the outskirts, in positions where it would not deprive currently existing plantations of much needed sunlight.

     Desert Crafting was traditionally done by individuals to support the group, whether it be spear making, net weaving, or any other forms of tool creation. As some people were freed from subsistence food acquisition, people began to create a career out of crafting. Artisans, as professional craftspeople were called, usually focused on a particular craft or category of crafts. Some entered weapon crafting, others pot making, with many other doing something else. Of all the different artisans sought by the more prominent societies, it could be said that a skilled scribe, also known as a record crafter, was the most sought after of them all.

     Drawing and Sculpting are one and the same, even having the same word, in Desert Culture, something which holds true for all other cultural groups. Desert Drawing and Sculpting shaping a given substance, usually clay, into a desired form. While once done by hand, it later employed a variety of tools to achieve greater accuracy.

     Painting also existed in Desert Culture, though it was appreciated not through sight but through the combination of texture and aroma produced by the pigments. Early paintings consisted of thick, usually aromatic, pigments applied on wood, stone or clay tablet, which were all smoothed out unless the artist deliberately did not want to. While initially applied using the hands, brushes made of plant fiber eventually took over.

     The Performing Arts is where Marakiri truly shine.

     Dancing encompasses a wide variety of styles, though there are some things which are common to most of them, such as smoothness of flow, fast movement and repeated circular patterns. Dancing is performed before, during or after most important events, including a successful hunt, a bountiful harvest, a particularly good transaction, victory over rival groups, the construction of a new home or the birth, marriage, adulthood or death of an individual.

     Music is a very vital branch of culture for the auditory Marakiri. In Desert Culture, this usually takes the form of verbal sounds or musical instruments mimicking the desert environment. The desert wind and the chirping of certain animals are replicated by whistling lips and flutes, known as "Fuhofu," the latter being initially made of leaves and eventually wood and metal. The rustling of shrubbery is copied by, Tesaga, purposely made half-weaved fiber mats which are waved across the air. The sound of digging animals are mimicked using the maracas-like "Taratara." And so on. Music often takes the form of fast paced auditory reenactments of major meteorological events, such a sandstorms, thunderstorms, flash floods or earthquakes. They are usually accompanied by dance or song, both of which serve to further accentuate its mimicry of nature. Musical pieces were once thought directly by musicians to their students. However, with the development of musical symbols, it became possible for musicians to spread their work through the written word, primarily via clay slabs.

     Puppetry, and by extension Clockwork Animatronics, is another major branch of the Performing Arts. Puppetry has its roots in the stuffed trophies which some groups carried with them. They were usually used to reinforce the oral retelling of the hunts in which the trophies were acquired. As people became less nomadic and began to tell a larger variety of stories, these symbols became more articulate, intricate and varied, with some rare societies even using the dried husks of once living people. There was even one particular group which used live people, whose consent may or may not have been taken, and tied them to ropes before lowering them onto stage. Today, those who practice this have relinquished the use of non-consenting individuals.

     During the Mechanical Revolution, clockwork automatons saw great use by people who applied them in their puppet shows, sometimes to the point of creating "fully automated puppet shows" which brought several of them to such fame that some societies commissioned for the creation of animatronic theaters.

     Theatrical Arts encompasses all performances concerned with acting out stories in front of an audience using combinations of speech, gesture, sound, puppetry, music, dance, or any of the lesser known performing arts. Initially used to relive important events, it also became a medium by which fictional stories were told. Desert-based theatrics usually concerned themselves with major historical events in their particular society, as well as matters of social, environmental, philosophical and spiritual importance.

     Festivals are an important part of Desert Culture, especially for the horticulturalists, agriculturalists and certain pastoralists. Festivals are used to celebrate major events such as harvest time, the seasonal slaughtering of animals, the creation of a new farming plot, the birth of a new generation of cattle, and in the case of hunters, the success of a particularly memorable hunt. It can also be used by societies to celebrate their conquest, alliance, union or any other significant relation with neighboring societies. Minor, more personal, events are also celebrated, such as birth and marriage anniversaries. Owing to their blind nature, the Marakiri calendar is incomplete, and as such only capable of distinguishing between the years and seasons. It is for this reason that festivals are usually clumped together into a single day at the start of a given season. These four days were soon known as "Toharu," or "Festive Days." The alternative was to celebrate the event at an arbitrary day within the season that it belongs to, which was usually the case for most personal matters. It was only with the combination of visual-auditory conversion systems and telescopes did it become possible for celebrations to get assigned to specific days, though the majority of society-wide celebrations are still placed in Toharu.

     Desert Cultures had a variety of ways by which they entertained themselves. Storytelling was a primary form of passing the time for the very early Marakiri. It was mostly a communal activity done in the middle of a campfire, with adults sharing their experiences to the group's children. Stories with spiritual and philosophical themes were also quite common, even for very young audiences. After the story, listeners of all ages are encouraged to critique the storyteller and the stories they tell. As communities grew, it became more and more of a household activity, though elders who mentor the community's children as a whole still continued to do it at times. This task eventually passed on to professional storytellers and writers in the more urbanized communities.

     The Arts in general was considered as a form of Entertainment. Music, dance, puppetry, and all others were used by most communities.

     Games are quite prevalent in the desert peoples' culture. Most games for children were simplified versions of daily activities performed by adults. Examples include "Tarasi," a blanket term for twig throwing games, Siriro, a group-based game of tugging, and Kurela, which means foot-racing. Adults, on the other hand, preferred more serious competitions like, "Taralo," or spear darting, "Kureha," which means sparring, and "Sepata," competitive tree-climbing. Highly competitive games were even used by certain societies as a form of proxy warfare.

     Desert Culture initially encompassed a staggering variety of languages. However, due to increased interconnections brought about by trade, alliances, unions and conquest, this has slowly been whittled down via process of fusion and outright extinction. Today, Hakiri serves as the main language of Desert Culture and Marakiri civilization as a whole. There are other, smaller languages that are still heavily used in some regions. The remaining ninety eight percent of the original desert languages merely survive either as dialects of the more successful languages or as sole possessions of extremely obscure tribal groups.

     Politics in the global desert was initially dominated by anarchic tribes. However, with the advent of agriculture, the majority of societies adopted monarchies, whether it be in the form of patriarchies, matriarchies, plutocracies or theocracies. It was with the Mechanical Revolution that most societies finally saw a change of leadership as a large number of monarchies were overthrown or graciously backed down in the face of corporations, communism and fledgling democracies.

     There existed a certain political etiquette known as "Jonari" between the more advanced and environmentally aware desert-based cultures. This mostly manifested in times of inter-societal competition. Created with the intention of reducing the damage incurred to the environment as much as possible, those found not obeying this ruleset may find themselves at war with all other nations bounded by the rule.

     Religion in the desert was initially characterized as vastly, if not purely, Monotheistic. Additionally, the stories and characters mentioned by these Monotheistic groups were so similar as to be completely interchangeable at times. This has, throughout history, driven certain societies to unite the Monotheistic groups under a single body. Most achieve this through peaceful means, even serving as the bridge for their respective societies to form alliances or in extreme cases actually unite. More aggressive groups, on the other hand, rode through the wars conducted by their nations. Ultimately, the vast majority of followers were peacefully assimilated into a single group by the time of the first Electrical Societies, the rest being assimilated into Polytheism, Animism and Deism.

     It was during the rise of the first large settlements did some societies began to lean towards Polytheism and Animism. Some societies which managed to spread their beliefs to their neighbors began to specialize on serving specific entities in their shared mythology. Some political leaders even managed to make their citizens worship them, giving rise to the first examples of institutionalized Leader Worship. By the time of the Mechanical Revolution, several groups managed to independently developed and convert to Deism and Agnosticism. Leader Worship also grew, mostly in communist and corporate rule societies. Eventually, Agnosticism gave rise to Philosophical Atheism by the time of the first Electrical Societies.

     Despite all other types of beliefs, Monotheism still dominates the vast majority of Desert Culture at ninety seven percent, and is slowly rising.
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Chivi Silent Ops - Armor

     A quick post to get people oriented about this particular piece of Chivi technology employed by the Chivi Silent Ops, the Empire's Premier Special Forces.

     Chivi, being small legless stumps and all, aren't necessarily the most physically capable of people, something which would really wreck the Chivi Silent Ops' chances at fielding their own non-robotic field personnel. Thankfully enough, the same mastery of cybernetics that allowed them to survive the great bio-disaster of the past has also been successfully harnessed to create the Chivi Silent Ops' Standard Issue Armor.

     Silent Ops' Armor possess a multitude of functions, including some not present in standard civilian suits. These functions are divided into several suites, each one enhancing a certain aspect of the operative's natural ability. While more experienced agents are more capable of controlling their suits compared to rookies, allowing them to install more functions, the basic setup each new operative gets is as follows:

Electronic Warfare Suite

Mental HUD - Displays general status of armor and user. Tracks energy and ammunition usage, among other things.

Command Uplink - Allows mental access to off-site friendly installations.

Mental Communication - Allows mental deliberation of thoughts.

Radar System - Built-in radar system. Can be connected directly to mind to paint over user's natural senses.

Electromagnetic Caging - Provides immunity against EMP weaponry.

Remote Hacking Console - Allows remote access to electronic devices.

Stealth Suite

Dermal Cloaking System - Alters external texture and color to meld into surroundings.

Radar Absorbent Armor - Reduces visibility to radar.

Shock Dampener - Softens kinetic impacts. Reduces movement noise and increases safe landing height.

Combat Suite

Advanced Armor - Increases solid ammunition resistance.

Strength Booster - Increases lifting capacity and striking force.

High Voltage Retractable Blades - Variable shock settings. Penetrates light plating.

Reflex Enhancer - Accelerates base reflexes.

Aim Bot - Enhances aim.

Recoil Dump - Diverts firing recoil to support recoil-heavy weapons.

Thermal Dump - Siphons away excess heat for a limited time. Thermal Packs needed.

Self Destruct System - Purges suit and ejects user capsule.

Tracking Suite

GPS Tracking System - Allows tracking and marking on a GPS-supporting planet.

Sonar System - Increases natural sonar ability.

Chemical Analyzer - Determines chemical properties of samples.

Full-Spectrum Camera Array - All around vision. Runs throughout EM Spectrum.

Air Scrubber - Maintains long-term survival in sealed system.

Auxiliary Power Supply - Back up batteries.

Charging Kit - Portable renewable energy system.

Grappling Hooks - Compressor launched. Retractable.

Static Cling - Allows vertical crawling on certain surfaces.

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I hereby demand... A day in the life!
Chivi or Marakiri, it doesn't matter.
Title: Re: [RG] The Orealyianis
Post by: Yuu on November 26, 2011, 04:58:45 pm
Just wanted to clear some stuff up.

Tie up loose ends, so to speak...

Keep your technological boundaries clearly defined, and work within them.

I... was actually doing just that.

Or is the Extended Yuuniverse [EY] thread simply too illusive?

Big names and big structures aren't everything.

It was epic-themed. It wasn't meant to be subtle.

That, and scale is one of that particular title's traits.

If you could visit a messageboard named Worldrealms, you could see a sample of one of my more common works.

Why not give us a slice of everyday life for an ordinary person in those big unpronounceable cities?

I wouldn't really mind it if I had the spare time. But as it was, that RP took several years of planning.

Also, are Greco-Indo-Austronesian sounding words really that hard to pronounce?  :-\

To put an end to this, I'll make it a note to include phonetics at the beginning of future entries.  :P ;)

Make sure you know exactly what the culture, politics, economy, and all that are like.

I do.

I just seem to have an extremely, almost magically awful streak when it comes to exposition, which is probably why people think that I don't know these stuff.

At one hand, I want people to know about it, on the other I don't want RPs to look more like encyclopedias due to infodumps.

Mind, this is all in good gesture, so sorry if I offend anyone.
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Well, longwinded names can get old after a while in most cases.
Title: Re: [RG] The Orealyianis
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I just noticed it now, but most other active civs actually use names and terms that are at most four syllables long.

Title: Re: [RG] The Orealyianis
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But Shudariadne and Bisiriadne and Tanariadne all sound quite similar, so that gets confusing.
Title: Re: [RG] The Orealyianis
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Just think of them as Shudar, Bisir, and Tanar. Is -iadne an actual prefix, by the way? If so, what does it mean?
Title: Re: [RG] The Orealyianis
Post by: Yuu on November 28, 2011, 06:52:29 am
-riadne (ˈriɑd-ˌneɪ)

A Terran suffix which means "planet" or "world".


Shuda (ʃu-ˈd) is a Terran term for "city".

Bisi (bi-ˈsi) means "capital", or in this particular case "historical capital".

Tana (ˈt-n) means "government", but in this context it primarily means "administrative capital".


I should really make a basic word sheet, huh?
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What's up with the Terran part? Is Earth involved somehow? What am I missing?
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Terran-ixians. I can fill this part in, I kept up to speed with the EY.
The Terran-Ixians were one of the Nameless' vassal races that broke free, Terran being a suffix for slave or something like that in Nameless tongue if I recall correctly.
Terran-Ixians then either created or somehow got involved with the Orealyans, which when the Ixians left became the Orealyanis.
Sorry, Yuu, if any of this is off, I'm working off of memory. Trying to save you a bit of work :)
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Post by: Yuu on November 28, 2011, 06:37:34 pm

That summed it up pretty well.

For anyone that's wondering how the Orealyians became Orealyianis, their genetic data was basically modified to incorporate a semblance of Terran-Ixian anatomy and physiology.






*Terran-Ixian art courtesy of FROMAN.
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Very nice! I love how simply alien it is. It sort of reminds me of Larry Niven and Alien Planet. Like a gw'oth and a sea strider? I dunno. Speaking of Niven, a very ancient precursor race was commonly known as the Slavers (really Thrintun), so this is a reversal: The advanced precursor guys are the slavees, not the slavers.

...Just a little something I thought of.